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With Commercial Design

our business has a story to tell and a vision to share — two important things you want to communicate to everyone who walks through the door. Whether you’re trying to retain and engage customers, or energize and inspire employees, the design and feel of your commercial space should tell your story in a way that allows people to connect with the brand and vision.

Representing your brand through design

At Metric, we have a strong focus on our commercial clients and we have an appreciation that every business is unique, with their own niche, audience and history. The physical presentation of your business has a significant role to play in conveying that story.



Businesses are becoming more cognizant of the way their space represents their brand. Working to tailor the design and renovation of a space to fit the business’s brand means the space can then serve their audience in the most effective way possible. Whether it’s a retail space, a restaurant, or an office, both customers and employees need to buy into the story and brand through the space they’re surrounded by to ensure the business runs smoothly.

Key elements of commercial design

When you think of your business’s brand and story, what materials, decor or natural elements best align with the message you want to communicate? It’s crucial to make sure the materials that people see and interact with coincide with the business’s identity. Elements such as lighting impact the mood and tone, and even productivity.

For instance, natural and artificial daylight can keep people alert. If you don’t have a lot of direct sunlight, don’t be afraid to flood the space with the warm hues of natural light, or add artificial daylight with LED lights. Your brand and message can be recognizable through the materials you choose as well, whether it’s a certain colour

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REFINED Saskatoon Vol4 Iss2  

REFINED Saskatoon Vol4 Iss2