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NEW Lasik Centre trusted choice for laser vision correction in Saskatoon. Founder and Medical Director Dr. M. Ronan Conlon brings a wealth of surgical expertise to his practice, having performed over 20,000 refractive procedures to date. He specializes in refractive laser surgery (LASIK and PRK), refractive lens exchange (RLE), premium laser cataract surgery, cosmetic eyelid surgery, and eyelid reconstruction.

Stay tuned for our Grand Opening Event this September. The Conlon Eye Institute is Saskatoon’s first comprehensive laser eye centre, offering both cornealbased (LASIK and PRK) and lens-based (Laser Assisted Refractive Lens Removal with high technology lens implantation) options, to eliminate the need for both distance and reading glasses. Dedicated to providing the highest quality of care, with the most innovative and advanced technology, the Conlon Eye Institute is the

“Situations are different, whether it is a 20-yearold wanting to eliminate the need for contact lenses or a 50-year-old who does not want to wear reading glasses. We have customized solutions.” Dr. Conlon is one of Canada’s preeminent refractive laser surgeons. Recognized as an innovative leader in his field, he was the first surgeon in Saskatchewan to perform Lasik Laser Flap (Intralase) Creation and Laser Cataract Surgery. Conveniently located in the heart of Saskatoon’s downtown core, be sure to visit the Conlon Eye Institute for their Lasik Center’s grand opening, September 2019!

Book your FREE CONSULTATION today to learn more about LASIK surgery


Phone: 1.306.986.2590

Refined palette. Specialty pricing. Best of the best brands.

Outstanding customer service.

The office. Your abode. A unique & orginal space.

Saskatoon’s exclusive Herman Miller dealer. Partner brands: HAY, naughtone, Design Within Reach, Framery, Partition Systems Ltd & more.

Allspace 332 - 20th Street West Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7M 0X2 306.956.6767 | |


WORD elcome to the Saskatoon side of our first-ever “flip” book that combines the best of Saskatoon, Regina and Moose Jaw businesses and community happenings. We love our Saskatchewan cities, and encourage you to explore everything they have to offer. This past spring, we polled our readers and followers online to discover who you believe are the best businesses in several categories. You will find the top three winners in each category on page 36, followed by an impressive Best of the Best section in the pages that follow. We are also pleased to profile on our cover Dr. Rick Jaggi, owner of the Face Institute, an aesthetics clinic and surgical centre that opened in Saskatoon just a few years ago. At Refined, we focus on local businesses, people, events and organizations, and we do this to promote the strength and growth of our communities. Our goal is to remain that magazine you can’t wait to pick up and read, so please send your feedback and ideas our way. Saskatoon is a city that shines, and it definitely lights up in the summer. Have a memorable one!


Summer often means road trips and family adventures or extended weekends at the cottage. For those who use it to explore our city’s food and drink scene, shops, festivals, river, dog parks and beaches, this issue of Refined features our “best of local” to make your planning easier. These businesses focus on customer experience, creativity and continuous innovation and improvement. If our cover is a face you don’t recognize, that’s because The Face Institute is still a relatively new private plastic surgery clinic in Saskatoon. However, Dr. Rick Jaggi’s training and experience is extensive and global. He believes that beauty should be timeless and his approach is to naturally enhance a patient’s own facial features. While he may be a skilled surgeon and perfectionist, his warm and relatable qualities leave a lasting impression. Whether summer is an active time for you to go, see, do and experience, or it’s your lazy time to enjoy schedule free days, be sure to do what you love with the ones you love.


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Crystal Reich 306.222.7102 Crystal and Abby photo by High Four Pet Photography

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FEATURES 36 Best of the Best 2019





MEGAN WAWRYK Photographer (Cover)

Owner of Wawryk Photography, Megan has more than 10 years’ experience specializing in fashion, lifestyle and product photography. An artist with an entrepreneurial spirit, she wears many hats. You may also find her modelling and teaching meditation as counterparts to her photography career.


Nicole is a commercial fashion and portrait photographer based in Saskatoon. Her image style is polished and feminine with a clean editorial fashion vibe. Nicole has done commercial fashion projects across North America with her work appearing in international publications.


NIKI HARTMANN Photographer

Marketer/Entrepreneur Jacqueline is an award-winning marketer living in Saskatoon. Co-producing the largest outdoor fashion festival in Western Canada has helped her become a sought-after entrepreneur. Her creative agency, TrendBlazer Studio, helps entrepreneurs and non-profits, most notably the Nutrien WonderHub, look good online, in the media and in person.

A professional photographer and owner of Raw Photography in Saskatoon, Niki’s passion for photography was fostered travelling to Mexico and capturing musicians and beautiful views. Shooting David Wilcox, The Glorious Sons, Trooper and Danko Jones are among her career highlights. Outside of work she enjoys playing pickleball, the music scene, travelling and being a grandma.



Naomi is a freelance writer, editor and researcher based out of Saskatoon. Former Editor-in-Chief of the Sheaf, her past work has included Flow magazine, Eagle Feather News, Saskatchewan History & Folklore magazine, Narcity Media, and The Canadian Journal of History. When she’s not writing, she loves to read, bike, cook and sip on red wine or coffee.




Amber is an award winning Canadian designer who specializes in print design. She has over 19 years of creative experience in the industry, and has designed everything from package creative and store signage, athletic performance gear to wallpaper and everything in between.

With more than 15 years of corporate and government writing experience, Elizabeth thrives on meeting new people and experiencing new things. She believes the best stories come from immersing herself in the subject matter, whether she’s underground at a mine or attending a gala event.







TAMARA FutureWisequys Design Mattress MetricBOWMAN Design Jennifer is an experienced Metric Design Coaching Services Mark Stevens is owner of Tamara is owner & Creative stylist and hair loss TamaraDirector is ownerof&Metric Creative Director Design Coaching Services, Mattress, the No. 1 Design specialist. She has aOwner of Future Wiseguys of Metric Design is a Certified Coach (CCP)retailer Saskatoon mattress Centre, whichCentre, openedwhich in passion for hair and Brett Skrupskirated openedFall in Fall By 2015, Metric through the Certified Coaches on Google. HeFederation opened shop 2011.2011. By 2015, Metric believes everyone deserves multiplied in size and relocated (CCF) helping individuals and businesses in 2007, providing pricing and multiplied in size and relocated to feel their best, especially to its location in the old across Saskatchewan. Possessing a passion product that chain storesfor can’t to current its current location in the during those difficult Ens building on Venture Crescent. exploring habits, self-limiting belief, and the match. His independent store old Ens building on Venture times. Outside of work, When Tamara’sWhen not busy consulting neuroscience behind Brett is coach, offers them, a selection ofahandpicked Crescent. Tamara’s not Jennifer loves to spend and creating, she’s volunteering, speaker and educator. He contributes to mattresses, providing the best busy consulting and creating, time with her family, is an dancing, being a foodie, through his Mindset value for the dollar. Mark is a she’s traveling, volunteering, dancing, avid reader, ball player others’ and transformation andtraveling, spendingbeing time travelling with Coaching and by training new coaches in proud Saskatoon resident, having a foodie, and fitness lover. family. Saskatchewan fornow-grown CCF. raised two children spendingher time travelling with here. He has enjoyed watching the her family. city grow and can’t picture living anywhere else.

GEORGE LUKIWSKI The Maxim Group/ CustomPlan Financial

George is a Financial and Investment Fund Advisor with 25 years of experience. Originally from Yorkton, he is passionate about mentoring and training young professionals, and teaching people about financial literacy and independence. He loves to spend time with his wife and three daughters, and is a huge horse enthusiast.



With a background in nursing, Vivienne has worked for more than three decades in hands-on senior care at LutherCare, including patients with various forms of dementia and their families. Originally from England, she calls Saskatoon home and has been living here for more than 30 years. Vivienne is a wife, a mother of three and a grandmother of four, and enjoys cooking and entertaining with friends.


Lubrication Station

Century21 Fusion

Jerry is the owner of Lubrication Station and prides himself on having Saskatoon’s only 100 percent locally-owned and family-operated quick oil change. With a focus on honest and quality service, Jerry is passionate about his customers, his family, and everything automotive.

Lisa is an established real estate agent in Saskatoon. She is passionate about helping others with their real estate needs and giving back to the community through her work. Outside of real estate, Lisa loves to spend time with her family, travel, explore her love for food and wine, and entertain friends.





Warm nights and warmer days give us the license to experiment with our style. I, for one, have always loved the freedom that summer brings. Without the constraints of wind chill, suddenly the entire fashion gamut is available; nothing is off limits. Designer Laura Crossman of Whiskey Teacup created custom looks with our leading lady, the presently Milan-based, Hannah Audette. Let us present to you our Summer Play: the Damsel, the Ingenue, the Siren. We'll let you decide who's who, but more importantly, let this summer season bring out your inner characters vying to be seen. View the complete editorial at



Photographer Nicole Romanoff Hair Jenna Storozynski of Capelli Salon Studio Makeup Lisa Hallam Makeup Artistry Model Hannah Audette of Edge Agency Designer Laura Crossman of Whiskey Teacup Wardrobe Stylist Jacqueline Conway






When I was at the peak of my busy-ness, I had little time for behaviours that led to relaxation. However, it’s important to know there are behaviours which can have a profound effect on the quality of your life. Aside from the obvious avoidance of smoking and substance abuse, there are positive actions that take very little time to incorporate into your daily life once you understand them. The payback is worth it!



1. Feed Your Microbiome An Amazing Diet. I wrote a previous article about this which outlined how eating a proper diet can have a profound effect on your health. The website www. has an excellent article, 10 Ways to Improve Your Gut Bacteria, Based on Science. You can prevent many chronic diseases such as heart disease, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and some cancers by following these recommendations. 2. High Intensity Interval Training. Although all exercise has measurable health benefits, doing high intensity interval training has different effects on your genetic material. HIIT involves short bursts of maximal effort followed by rest. Just doing 10 to 15 minutes of vigorous exercise over half an hour, three times a week has been found to have a positive effect on 400 genes. It improves the function of the mitochondria, the energy source in cells. It prevents shortening of your telomeres, genetic material that shortens with age. 3. Mindfulness. This means providing non-judgmental attention to experiencing life in the present moment (thoughts, emotions, sensations). The two important components are physical and mental training with the goal of achieving restful alertness. Mindfulness is an active area of research worldwide. Studies on long term meditation show not only better concentration, working memory and emotional regulation, but lowered blood pressure and improvement of depression. Dr. Tang from Texas Tech is a researcher who has studied the use of integrated bodymind training in brief training sessions to increase attention, self control, cognition and emotional behaviour. He has used very sophisticated measures such as saliva cortisol to assess stress, neuroimaging and EEG to assess influences on different areas of the brain, assessments of immune function and physiologic measures. There are proven benefits to this therapy. After just 10 hours of sessions, participants found they had better conflict resolution, working memory, problem solving, orienting, immune function, cognitive function and emotional improvement. They were able to handle stress better. The improvements are more impressive the longer you do the mindfulness practice. Dr. Tang was even able to show that the density of fibres increase in areas of the brain involved with selfcontrol, emotional and cognitive regulation. This means you can actually change your brain for better learning and emotional health, improving neuroplasticity.

Dr. Vicki Holmes is a retired family physician who has been active in obstetrics, palliative care and administration before becoming part of the group that created the Women’s Midlife Health Program, now situated at Saskatoon City Hospital. She is a teacher and a public speaker and is passionate about helping people find a way to better health.

Advantages of having an “attitude of gratitude:” • Your health improves. People report reduced level of pain and they take better care of their health. You can even lower your blood pressure and reduce your cortisol level, a measure of stress. One study reported that it increases happiness and decreases depression by 30 per cent! • Reviewing things you’re grateful for before going to bed improves quality of sleep. • It opens the door to more meaningful relationships by making us more trusting and appreciative. • It reduces toxic emotions such as envy, resentment frustration and regret. It enhances empathy and reduces aggression. • It improves self-esteem and reduces social comparisons. • All this can lead to becoming more effective at work, more decisive, increasing your ability to get along with co-workers and becoming a better mentor. You are more likely to give effective praise rather than criticism. Gratitude correlates with optimism and reduced materialism. • It increases mental strength and resilience in the face of physical and emotional trauma.

Dr. Tang describes an interesting study that included smokers. The goal was to reduce stress and improve attention in five hour sessions. Smoking cessation was not part of the goal. The surprising results were that 60 per cent reduced the amount of cigarettes and 30 per cent stopped smoking. Their imaging had shown a deficit in the self control area of the brain that was improved with the IBMT.

Feeling grateful achieves all this by increasing a neurochemical called dopamine, one of the “feel good” hormones. Our hypothalamus — the area of the brain responsible for appetite, sleep, temperature regulation, metabolism and growth — is activated when we feel gratitude. No wonder people experience higher energy levels, are more relaxed and feel happier.

4. Developing an Attitude of Gratitude and Reverence for Life. This has proven benefits. The literature to support this notion is extensive and credible. Some suggest keeping a gratitude journal. Some families make it a practice to check in with their kids at dinner, asking them what they are grateful for that day. Others simply review this during a yoga class or just before sleep. They all work.

So think about all these advantages. You can do it! All it takes is 30 minutes three times each week of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), 10 to 20 minutes each day of mindfulness practice and five minutes of gratitude before bed. Eating better doesn’t add any extra time. Even for the busiest, it is within your power to incorporate these behaviours and change your life.





id you know that per calorie, dark leafy greens are among the most nutritionally dense foods, , in the world? The bulk of our closest living relative’s diet, the bonobo — otherwise known as the pygmy chimpanzee — is made up of fruit and lots and lots of leafy greens! This quick and easy "Presto Pesto" is a deliciously great way to consume an abundance of young and tender dark leafy greens. Jam packed with tons of alkaline minerals, vitamin A and folate, as well as a large amount of Vitamin C to help with calcium and iron absorption, this delicious thick and creamy (or chunky) pesto is great served over veggie noodles, is perfect as a dip, and is lovely over cubed tomatoes, zucchini and mushrooms as a stew. It is best served after a simple juicy fruit smoothie or fruit soup to get your sweet fix and to help you meet your caloric needs together with a savoury main course! So, ditch dessert and eat fruit first for optimal digestion. I hope you love it!

Presto Pesto (makes one large serving) Ingredients 3 - 4 medium zucchini (1 lb/460 g) 3 - 4 Roma tomatoes (1 lb/460 g) 1/3 cup sun dried tomatoes (20 g) Large handfuls of basil, arugula & spinach (1/3-1/2 lb./140-230 g each) Pine nuts or hulled hemp hearts (1/4 cup /35 g) Optional: 1 clove garlic Directions • Using a vegetable noodle making tool such as a spiralizer, mandoline, julienne peeler or a grater, noodle or shred the zucchini into thin noodles and place in a bowl. • Dice 1/4 of the tomatoes and loosely mix into the noodles or set aside for garnish. • Blend the remaining tomato with the sun dried tomatoes and optional garlic. • If you want a smoothy creamy sauce, add the optional seeds now and blend well; otherwise you can add them after the greens and pulse for a chunky pesto. • Add the greens, pulse-blending just enough at slow speed for thicker chunkier pesto, or at faster speeds for smooth sauce. You may need to use a few stalks of celery, or the Vitamix tamper to get thick sauce thick and chunky. • Add this thick sauce on top of the noodles, stir in, and presto — enjoy this savoury pesto! (approx. 450 - 550 calories, 35.5 - 43.2 g protein)

* This recipe is from Chris’s eBook 101 Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes. Get your copy online Chris Kendall earns his “bananas” flowing as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), 100 per cent Raw and Transitional Lifestyle Coach, Kendalini Yoga Creator and Raw Food Chef. A 14-year raw vegan, Chris shares the abundance he has found through running retreats, via in-person/online consultation services, sharing/ chefing/teaching yoga at festivals, raw recipe e-books and his free raw recipes app. His budding vision — the TRA Dream, a non-profit 501 c(3) charity — is focused on creating donationbased holistic healing, yoga, permaculture, and educational retreat centres around the world. Paying it forward, Chris offers the bulk of his e-books and services on a by-donation basis. Learn more at



Free to be Seen is for you if: • Your business or career is floundering because you’re afraid to "put yourself out there." • You long to express yourself more freely and fully in your work and relationships. • You worry about making others feel small when you share your achievements and accomplishments. • You struggle to receive praise and celebration with grace, comfort and ease.


• You sometimes experience disappointment, discouragement or envy in response to the successes of others.


• You shudder at the thought of negative feedback, criticism, and internet trolls.

An enlightened crash course in connection, vitality & visibility with Jami Young

• You consider vulnerability and authenticity to be among your greatest assets.

Take your life, business and relationships to the next level this summer with one of Saskatchewan’s most notable female leaders and creator of the wildly popular Rise by Design, The Feminine LeaderShift, and Soul Stretch. For a limited time, Jami Young is accepting a select number of private clients for a unique and powerful 4-session experience of targeted one-onone mentorship and guidance that will deepen your leadership capacity, spark your creativity and inspire aligned action. Are you a corporate, creative, change-maker or conscious entrepreneur? Expand, enhance and elevate your personal and professional development this summer with Free to Be Seen!

Following Free to be Seen: • You unapologetically share your ideas, opinions, gifts, skills and talents with more enthusiasm and energy.

• You routinely speak more freely with courage, confidence and conviction. • You actively seek out opportunities to grow your network, promote your business, increase your impact and expand your influence. • You openly applaud, share, and celebrate the successes of others. • You are seated firmly in your worthiness as a strong, smart and powerful woman. Now is the time to uncover your brilliance, unlock your power, and unleash your voice! To learn more and to apply for your spot in Free to be Seen, book your complimentary consultation at

@stilljami @jamiyoungleadership @saysjami




Stay Hydrated

Staying well hydrated with water is also very important in hair growth. Happy hair grows in a moist environment and if you are dehydrated, this is not optimal for your hair or your skin.

My Top 5 Favourite Foods that Promote Hair Growth Eggs - high in biotin and great source of protein



Spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables - contains folate, iron, Vitamins A & C


ks Wor


air follicle cells are some of the fastest reproducing cells in our body and they are in constant activity. It is critical to follow a good diet plan or healthy eating strategy to keep them working at an optimal level. Hair is mostly made up of keratin, a protein that our body makes from the food we eat. Without the proper amount of protein, our hair is one of the first things to take a hit. If you are already experiencing hair loss, this can compound your issue. Many people follow trendy fad diets because it’s the latest weight loss strategy, when in fact, research shows these extreme diets over long periods of time can have devastating effects on the body. It is always best to try and eat from all four food groups. This is not to say you should start eating and drinking those foods if you are dairy or gluten-intolerant. A food allergy or intolerance requires a specific diet. However, it is critical to find options that will best suit your body and allow you to get sufficient protein.

Salmon, Herring and Mackerel - fresh is best, contains Omega 3, 6 and antioxidants Sweet Potatoes - high in beta carotene which converts to Vitamin A If you are not sure what is best for your body and would like to know more, Hope Hair Recovery offers a hair analysis test of forensic quality to establish any food/drink intolerances, bacteria, parasites, and heavy metals within your body that could be contributing to your hair loss. Many of my clients often experience more energy, weight loss, fewer aches and pains, and an elevated mood. To help you detox, you will be given a list of supplements with exact dosages that you can source from your local health food store at your convenience. You will also be supplied with a list of foods that you can and cannot eat — your own chart of foods that will give your body its optimal nutrition.

Avocados - high in Vitamin E and EFAs


When to Eat?

To get all of the benefits from your diet, it is best to eat small meals or snacks every two or three hours. Remember, hair follicles (where your hair grows from), contain cells that are constantly metabolizing or creating new energy for the hair, so eating more meals more frequently keeps you from going hungry and also allows those cells to have a constant source of energy. Permission to snack!

Jennifer McCowan

2019 YWCA Woman of Distinction Nominee Owner at Hope Hair Recovery Inc. National Hair Loss Affiliate Hope Hair Recovery Inc. 306. 203.0389 HopeHairRecovery Hope Hair Recovery & Alopecia Awareness Saskatchewan

owner Jennifer McCowan's photo by RAW Photo


JULY 3-AUGUST 18 Shakespeare on The Saskatchewan White Tents off Spadina Crescent JULY 6 Kiefer Sutherland Broadway Theatre JULY 10 Bryan Adams SaskTel Centre JULY 16-21 A Taste of Saskatchewan SaskTel Centre JULY 20 Whose Live Anyway Dakota Dunes Casino JULY 27 Def Leppard SaskTel Centre AUGUST 6 Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson SaskTel Centre AUGUST 20-21 RENT: The Musical TCU PLACE SEPTEMBER 6-8 YMCA 50th Anniversary Community Celebration YMCA SEPTEMBER 14 Stone Brigate Big Band The Bassment SEPTEMBER 26-29 Little Shop Of Horrors Broadway Theatre

Model Rhiana Long Agency Edge Agency Photography & Styling Peter Liumax

OCTOBER 1-2 Elton John, Farewell Yellow Brick Road SaskTel Centre


he Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra is widely known throughout the country for debuting new works, featuring home-grown talent and taking risks. “When we sit to sit down to plan out our concert season, top of mind is always the audience,” says Mark Turner. “We listen to the direct feedback from our audience. Those conversations that happen in the lobby after our shows allow us to find new ways to thrill the audience young and old.” The 2019/2020 season features pieces that give people a musical escape and allow them to feel something extraordinary. “We want to be the change we want to see in the classical music scene,” says SSO executive director Mark Turner. “Historically, there was a very long time where women were not allowed to compose. They had to publish their works under their husband or brother’s names. There are some incredible female voices out there and the quality only gets better when we encourage those voices.” The SSO didn’t have to look far for the top female talent. Opening night will feature Dóchas by Regina composer



Laura Pettigrew, sharing the stage with performances of cellist Stéphane Tétreault. Gravelbourg-born composer, Nicole Lizée, will have her Behind the Sound of Music featured in February’s offering that also highlights the talents of Saskatoon pianist Thomas Yu. The SSO is proud to be presenting the North American premiere of Rebecca Dale’s Materna Requiem and Dale herself will be in the audience for the March performance. This year’s lineup continues the SSO’s long-standing tradition of fostering local talent. November’s Homecoming will feature violinist Carissa Klopoushak and trumpeter Ryan Cole in his debut with the orchestra. “In December we’ve assembled our dream team for Handel’s Messiah,” says Turner. “We are adding movements never done here in Saskatoon. Local artists such as Danika Lorén, Spencer McKnight and Lisa Hornung along with Adam Harris and the Saskatoon Symphony Chorus will make it unforgettable.” Speaking of the holidays, the SSO will once again delight with its annual holiday review in December featuring Elly Thorn, Dean McNeill, The Greystone Singers and the University Chorus.



SSO 2019/2020


September 21 Opening Night Feat. Stéphane Tétreault October 5 Vivaldi's Four Seasons Feat. Véronique Mathieu 19 The Planets November 9 Jeremy Dutcher 16 Homecoming Feat. Carissa Klopoushak & Ryan Cole December 7 Christmas with the SSO Feat. Elly Thorn 13 Handel's Messiah Feat. Danika Loren, Lisa Hornung, Spencer McKnight & Adam Harris 14 Sing-Along Messiah January 19 Sunday Chamber 25 The Little Mermaid February 8 Thomas Yu 16 Sunday Chamber Czech Romance March 7 Requiem Feat. Spencer McKnight & Chelsea Mahan 21 Accent April 4 Mozart's Flute Feat. Naomi Ford May 2 Beethover 250 Feat. Jane Coop 10 Sunday Chamber Beethoven Septet

There’s plenty of sure-fire sellouts this season and audiences won’t want to miss Jeremy Dutcher. In November, this Polaris Prize and Juno Award winner will join the SSO to show why he’s the most talked about vocalist in Canada right now. “Jeremy is creating an entirely new style and sound to his work,” says Turner. “His music is two worlds colliding as he blends classical music with his Indigenous roots.” The orchestra hasn’t forgotten about the little ones in its plans. Families will delight in the presentation of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. The SSO will voyage under the sea as they play along with the original film. It’s an amazing way for parents to introduce their children to the power of live performance. Internationally acclaimed vocal jazz group Accent will team up with the orchestra to develop the group’s first symphony show in March. “It’s a great opportunity for these guys to develop a new show within the comforts of a home town audience,” says Turner. Members Danny Fong and Andrew Kesler hail from Saskatoon. left Eric Paetkau photo by Julie Isaac Photography from top Rebecca Dale photo byJake Turney, Danika Lorén photo by Sam Gaetz, Jeremy Dutcher photo by Feldman Agency, Accent photo by Rebecca Need-Menear.jpg

“This season is going to be epic,” exclaims Turner. “We can’t wait for our audience to join us for some amazing music!”



s k n i r D Best Summer

Rhymes with Orange (Blood Orange Fizz) - In a dry shaker add 1 oz. blood orange vodka, 1 oz. guava syrup, 1 oz. egg whites, scoop of meringue, 1 lemon squeeze, dry shake, add ice. then wet shake, pour into Collins glass, add a little ice, top with soda, stir well.

Paradise Punch In a tulip glass add ice, 1 oz. blood orange vodka, half the glass with soda, then ¼ cranberry juice, ¼ orange juice, squeeze in 1 lime segment, stir well. .

Bloodhound In a double rocks glass, rim 1 side of the glass with salt, add ice, ½ oz. of blood orange vodka, ½ oz. tequila, 1 oz. grapefruit syrup, top with soda, fresh squeeze half a lime, stir well.

Cheeky Flamingo In a red wine glass, add ice, assorted fruit, 1 oz. of blood orange vodka, 4 oz. rosé, top with ginger ale, stir well.

814 47th Street East, Saskatoon | 306.979.7280 | |




eidi Munro is a respected multi-genre singer-songwriter, recording artist and performer with a self-managed career that spans decades in western Canada. Heidi was raised on a farm in southern Saskatchewan and has made Saskatoon her home base for the past six years. She has “fallen in love” with the city, its beauty and her continued fan support.


As the mother of three adult children, Heidi always put family first so, despite many offers, she remained in Saskatchewan. Heidi is described by her promotions manager Cindy Stark as a “one woman army!” Her musical versatility ranges from country to blues, jazz and everything in between. Over drinks at Heidi’s favourite d'Lish by Tish Café in Saskatoon, she is a whirlwind and it’s easy to see that her musical career will be going strong for the next 30 years. Heidi currently performs about 50 to 60 live dates a year. In late February, Heidi produced and performed Back to Black – The Passion of Amy Winehouse. Almost a year in the making, her sold-out performance was a tribute to the late British singer to raise mental health awareness. Held at the Broadway Theatre, the show included “extraordinary” Canadian musicians like Sheldon Corbett, Jack Semple, Scott Patrick and Dave Chobot. Back to Black was proudly sponsored by the Discovery Group of Companies and its Prairie Pay It Forward Fund for mental heath awareness. It was described by the AFM 553 musicians’ union as a “breakthrough performance!” “My intent is for mental health to be looked at on a very real level and be treated with compassion and acceptance for every walk of life. Because mental health challenges are also prevalent in the performing arts community, this is an area I’m very passionate about,” says Heidi. Does she feel connected to Amy Winehouse? “I think of my own late 20s as a performer with that pressure to work and not let my musicians, buyers and fans down, despite whatever I was dealing with in my personal life. I absolutely still feel that pressure today, but with age comes versatility and the ability to challenge myself and work at my craft.” Heidi has multiple projects on the go. The duo with Scott Patrick featuring new original material and unique arrangements of covers has been described as “collective star power.” Scott is the lead singer, guitar player and songwriter of the successful Saskatchewan country group, Wyatt. During this summer’s SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, her solo project Heidi Munro and the Real Groovy Band played the Bessborough Gardens on June 26. She calls the evening’s genre “Americana, blues big horn sounds. It was great.” How does Heidi describe the Saskatoon music scene? “Fantastic, I’ve never played a gig here where the room isn’t full. In terms of the city’s nightlife, I support venues that support live music. It’s important for feeding my soul! My favorite live, intimate music venue is the Bassment.” Find out more about Heidi and her show dates with affiliated bands at




or most of the year, we Saskatonians are waiting for warm weather, so when it finally hits, our pact is that we make the most of it. This summer in YXE, I encourage you to do just that with your whole family in tow and to help you hit the outdoor hot spots, I’ve got your bucket list hookup. Here’s the 411 on where to go and what to do with your little ones this summer.




Hit the beach. Whether you stay in town and laze on sandy beaches like Spadina and the Off-Leash Recreation Park or you take a short drive to Fred Heal, Paradise Beach, Pike Lake or Cranberry Flats (Warning: that one’s a hike from the parking lot — don’t take a stroller), pack a picnic, load up the sand toys, and enjoy the sun. Few things beat a day of R&R along our beautiful South Saskatchewan River.

Get festive. Saskatoon and area plays host to a multitude of family-friendly festivals and although Nutrien Children’s Festival, SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival and Canada Day are under our belts, there are still so many to check off the list: Louis Riel Relay and Kidsfest at Batoche (July 6), Nutrien Fringe Theatre Festival (Aug 1-10), Folk Fest (Aug 15-17), and Rock 102’s Show & Shine (Aug 16-19). Make a splash. Lathey, George Ward, Riversdale, and Mayfair pools are all sure-fire winners with kids and as for spray parks, my family’s favourite is River Landing because it’s hard to beat the scenery, ice cream shack, and downtown vibe. Why not find the full list on and hit them up as you’re able, blackout bingo style? Active amusements. All within walking distance, you can get your golf on at Putt ‘n’ Bounce, take a few swings at the Grand Slam Batting Cages, and scale a giant climbing wall called The Rock. Want a five minute road trip? Head to Crickle Creek for their mini golf and then let the kids climb the coolest inflatables north of the 49th. For ride lovers, our awesome Saskatoon Exhibition is August 6 to 11, but for an anytime treat, check out the classic trio at Nutrien Playland. And don’t overlook the humble playground! Make it a treat by biking or driving to one you don’t normally frequent (we love the big bear park at Brighton). Many playgrounds also have drop-in programming for kids two to 12; check out the interactive “Where to Play” map on the city site. Be entertained. SUM Theatre brings professional productions to a park near you all summer long and if you arrive early, you can even do a craft with the Nutrien Wonderhub crew (consult the SUM site for dates and locations). Other spectacles your kids will enjoy are Fairy Door Tours at Kinsmen Park (fairydoortours. com), horse races at Marquis Downs, car racing at Wyant Group Raceway, and the Exhibition Parade on August 6. Learn. Step back in time via a wagon ride at the Western Development Museum (weekends only), look at stars at the University of Saskatchewan observatory (Saturday nights are free and open to the public), or foster their love of animals with a visit to the Saskatoon Zoo. There’s so much to do in this city, you may not hear the whine of “I’m bored” all summer long. Well, you probably will, but that can be your cue to whip out this list! See you on the playground.

Hike the Meewasin Trails. Lace up your sneakers and get the whole family moving along our stunning riverside Meewasin Trails whether you start downtown, at the University, by the weir, or head out toward the classic paths of Beaver Creek where you can (and should!) feed the chickadees. And have you been to Wanuskewin lately? It offers both majestic hiking and an opportunity to learn about the sacred bond between this land and the First Nations people.

For more than a decade, Maygen Kardash has been a wardrobe stylist for television, music videos, print, and both artist and personal consults. She is also a musician, frequent guest on Global Morning, freelance writer, Brownie leader, and most important, loving mama to 4-year-old daughter Petra and baby boy Paris. Sneakers & Lipstick is Maygen’s personal blog on which you’ll find honest posts about motherhood, style and anything in life that piques her interest. Follow along at




LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS At Refined, we recognize the importance of local businesses in our community. They are the engine that makes our economy run — employing people, taking risks, meeting market needs, and supporting important causes. So often, we only see the business — the storefront, the products, the services — and never really get to know the business owner behind the scenes making everything happen. Refined is proud to profile two business owners who are winning at their game, and help you get to know them better with some personal and fun questions.

started the business a few months later. What do you love most about your business? I love the result of our work when a kid comes to us with a low self-confidence because of their struggles in math and through a process of time, patience and learning, they become confident and excited for their future. What is your most important characteristic? Steady determination.



here did you grow up/ which schools did you attend? I grew up in Saskatoon and received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. I completed my Masters in Electrical Engineering while earning my teaching certification. What led you into this business/career? On my way to work one day, I was listening to a podcast and heard them briefly mention Mathnasium. I looked it up immediately because I thought it could help me teach math more effectively. Long story short —I flew to LA to attend their open house and 24


How do you support the community/social causes? We appreciate the amazing teachers in our schools and try our best to show them we recognize their hard work and care. A variety of ways we try to be involved in the community for kids includes collecting winter coats, disability fundraisers and hosting family fun nights in our schools. When time permits, l attend our students’ extracurricular events to support them in all areas where they show interest. What do you value in your friends? Energy, ambition and a growth mindset. Who is the living person you admire most? My dad. He's given of himself more than anyone I know. His work has given hope and success to a greatly important cause. He laid the foundation in my life for me to be able to start Mathnasium in the first place. What's one piece of advice would you give your younger self? Everything will be okay! Aim for something. You’ll likely miss, but don’t let that paralyze you from trying. Let’s talk favourites: Vacation – I have yet to find out! I’m sure

one day yet I’ll have a great one. Book – How To Win Friends And Influence People. It has changed how I interact with people for the better. Movie – Megamind Song – Thunder by Imagine Dragons Food – My father-in-law’s prime rib. Dessert – Cheesecake Vehicle – I would like to own a Tesla one day. Way to relax – Hiking and mountain biking Friday night – Family night! What is your motto? “If you think you're beaten, you are. If you think you dare not, you don't. If you'd like to win, but think you can't, it's almost a cinch you won't.” What talent would you like to have? I think it would be fun to be a stunt driver! What would your friends say are your best/worst traits? Best: Putting people before policy, thinking outside the box, confident to try new things and not taking “no”' for an answer, willing to listen. Worst: Strengths overextended have put me into many difficult situations. When did you make a difference? I believe Mathnasium continually makes a difference in students’ lives. When a mom comes to me with tears in her eyes and says, "I don't know what you’re doing, but keep doing it.” That’s when you know you’ve made a difference. What brings you joy? Something most teachers will identify with — when the lightbulb comes on for a student. Do you ever consider closing your doors? What business advice would you give to others? I think everyone has self-doubt to some extent. But no, not unless I find something that can have a bigger impact than what I do now. Business advice? I’m hardly the person to ask.


ear, or bringing their body or skin into an increased state of wellbeing. What is your most important characteristic? Vision. I can see possibilities for myself and others.



here did you grow up/which schools did you attend? Growing up, my family was transferred to various communit ies throughout Saskatchewan due to my dad’s job with the bank. After high school, I studied accounting at SBC and psychology at the U of S. In my 30s, I found my passions with studying aromatherapy, facial reflexology, holistic facial training and botanical perfumery. What led you into this business/career? Fourteen years ago, I started my first business of custom made bath and body products. When I became pregnant, I started to investigate what natural alternatives were available for scent and was introduced to aromatherapy. A series of events and educational opportunities brought me to create Bōbé Beauty. What do you love most about your business? Helping people feel good from the inside out, whether that is through my service offerings or the products they find here. It could mean creating a safe space of comfort and relaxation, lending a listening

How do you support the community/social causes? This is one area where I will be increasing my involvement, such as opening dialogue or bringing awareness to community/social causes and volunteering. Mental health is an area close to my heart. What do you value in your friends? Authenticity and kindness. What living person do you admire most? There are so many amazing people I have found inspiration from over the years, so to choose only one seems unfair. Any person can be inspirational because impact happens through words, listening or action. What one piece of advice would you give your younger self? Do not do things for the approval of others. Let’s talk favourites: Vacation – New York City (we try to go yearly) Book – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho Movie – This is Spinal Tap Song – Any song by The Beatles Food – Pizza (A Neapolitan style Margherita is the best!) Dessert – Crème brulé or Panna Cotta Way to relax – Being in nature What is your motto? Everything is important and nothing is important. What talent would you like to have? I wish I could dance. I feel a bit like Elaine from Seinfeld and can do a pretty stellar rendition. What would your friends say are your best/worst traits? Best: Great listener. Worst: Sensitivity (which in itself isn’t bad, but I can take things personally). I’m learning to be more objective.

When did you make a difference? While I’ve seen the positive impact of my work, it really is the idea of every day being our opportunity. It doesn’t have to be a grandiose gesture. Do better for ourselves, to lend a hand and offer a smile. What brings you joy? Laughter and moments with the special people in my life. How did you know you were on the right path? When I received notice of corporate restructuring and that my position was being made redundant. Everything that felt like a mismatched pile of puzzle pieces suddenly started to rearrange into a clear picture. I could bring this dream to life. The connections with clients and fellow entrepreneurs I’ve made since then reinforce that this is the right path; it chose me. Do you ever consider closing your doors? What business advice would you give to others? No, but there have been times of challenge and second-guessing myself or an idea. Thankfully, I’ve had voices of reason (internally and externally) snap me back to seeing this is part of the ebb and flow. I signed up for this and to not put the effort into seeing it through good times and the less than good is not an option. Resiliency provides a lot of satisfaction. Words of advice: Rest and patience are your friends. I have found almost everything takes longer than anticipated. Also, being able to step away from your business, even in small segments, can do wonders for providing a blank slate for creativity or insight.





TEACHING FINANCIAL SECURITY Life Insurance, Critical Illness & Disability hen it comes to your money and future, you want the certainty of knowing your family and assets are safe and secure, even in a time of crisis or illness. Over the years I’ve sold a lot of life, critical illness, and disability insurance, and every time I sit down with a client I educate them about these areas. A critical illness or unexpected loss can be devastating, which is why I know what a difference having coverage can make for you and your family. I’ve been in the finance business for 25 years, and was born and raised in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Maxim Financial Group is my personal business, and then I began working with CustomPlan Financial Advisors Inc., which has offices across Canada, including Saskatoon and Regina. I’m very passionate about educating people about financial security, whether its clients or young advisors. We have two core principles: to form long-term relationships with our clients and make sure all of their needs are met, and secondly, to focus on mentorship for young advisors. Education is at the heart of both of our core principles. The very first critical illness policy I sold was to a farmer. When I first went out to see him, I told him it would cover cancer, heart attack and other major illnesses, but he didn’t want it because he said, “I won’t get cancer, I’m 34.” A couple days later, his wife called me and asked me to come out again, because he had changed his mind. We put $300,000 worth of critical illness coverage on him. A year later, I got a phone call, and he had experienced a massive heart attack. When the insurance cheque



arrived 30 days later, I delivered it to him. Many years ago, my mentor told me: “Don’t forget that we deliver the cheques to the person fighting cancer or to the surviving spouse, and that’s a very important part of our business.” But before a cheque is delivered, people need to be educated about what coverage they have, what they need, and what various insurance policies can do for them and their families.

Knowing your life insurance coverage

When I sit down with clients and ask about life insurance, I often hear them say, “The mortgage is taken care of.” But that’s just the starting point. It’s good to have mortgage coverage, but if you have a partner and kids, what happens if your partner dies? If you and your partner both earn $80,000 per year, and one person passes away, your mortgage insurance will end up getting the house paid for, but now you’ve lost $80,000 of income per year that supported the family unit. Coverage for this kind of loss is called wage loss insurance. When you work with a financial advisor who has experience and training, they will be able to tell you it’s not just about mortgage insurance. There are different options for life insurance that an advisor can offer, including life insurance for lost wages, taxation purposes, burial purposes and more.

There’s also term life insurance or permanent life insurance. Term insurance is something you buy for a 10, 20 or 30 year period, and the premium is guaranteed for that period of time. Permanent insurance is guaranteed for your lifetime, and you get a return on investment either through a cash benefit back in terms of dividends, or your money is put into the market and has returns. I have sold both term and permanent insurance over the years, but it’s important to make sure that if you’re buying term life insurance, that it’s convertible to permanent insurance. If you buy a 10-year term insurance plan, for example, and in your ninth year you become ill and can’t reinsure yourself, you’re stuck because you can’t get rid of it and the rollover cost may be high. I sell term insurance that’s convertible, because I believe strongly in it and it’s an important thing for your advisor to highlight when you’re looking at life insurance.

The dangers of robo advisors

I usually see five people in any given year who went online and bought something that wasn’t what they thought it was. If you’re getting a product online for much cheaper, that should raise questions. I’ve even had clients who were looking at insurance on American websites. With robo advising and online insurance packages, there’s a lot of confusion and misinformation. When you work with an advisor, they understand your family and needs through analysis. When you develop a trusting relationship, you can turn to them with questions or advice.

Teaching financial security

Several years ago, I promised myself that if I ever got into this position, I would teach young people this business. Here I am with a number of years of experience, and over time, I’ve realized that to be successful, it comes down to training and mentoring. I sit down on a daily basis with our young advisors to talk about how they’re doing, and we share information. Young advisors need to be supported, and I do that by giving them the knowledge they need, so they have the courage to be successful. I always say that the key to success is failure. We don’t compete here, because then failure is not appreciated. Failure is a key learning tool that helps us do better in the future. The back of my business cards say “Teaching Financial Security,” and I’m teaching young advisors how to be successful, but I’m also teaching my clients about finances through advising. The secret to this business is that when someone comes in with a problem or a need, I offer a solution. It often starts with a simple, “How can I help?”

Understanding critical illness & disability

I often hear many people say that they’re covered for critical illness and disability, but then after asking questions, I find out they only have one. Disability and critical illness insurance are not the same. Critical illness insurance is important for young professionals because it guarantees your lifestyle and covers a range of illnesses including cancer, heart disease, kidney replacement, loss of vision, speech and more. If you or your partner are recovering from an illness, there has to be income and critical illness will pay that out. With disability insurance, 60 per cent of your income will be replaced for a period of time if you have an accident. But disability insurance is very complicated and can depend on your occupation. Having both is an option. For example, disability insurance can cover your income, and then critical illness can be used to pay off debt or renovate your house due to the needs of your illness.

George Lukiwski

The Maxim Group / CustomPlan Financial 1302 8th Street E. Saskatoon 306.668.8831




LIVING ONE’S BEST LIFE PHYSICIAN DR. ANITA CHAKRAVARTI indfulnessb a s e d wellness, selfc o mp a s s i o n and life-work balance are au courant topics that women today contemplate and want to know more about. These are also all topics that Dr. Anita Chakravarti is passionate about. Born in India, Anita moved to Saskatoon as a child when her father began work as a geography professor at the University of Saskatchewan (U of S). She went on to graduate from the College of Medicine at the U of S and completed her Anesthesiology Fellowship at the University of Alberta in 1987. The focus of her medical career became clinical anesthesiology and intensive care. To add even more medicine to the equation, Anita married an orthodontist. The couple now has two grown children (and the recent additions of a son-in-law and a daughter-in-law). “Growing up, I was a big fan of Dr. McCoy on the Star Trek television series and his desire to heal everyone even if it put himself at risk,” says Anita. She is a calming presence in person and one can imagine her professional and compassionate bedside manner with patients. Twenty years ago, Anita was in a horseback



riding accident that left her with chronic pain. The direction of her career, and her life, changed and pain medicine became her professional specialty. Notably, she was the first medical director of the regional Chronic Pain Centre and helped to establish pain medicine as a recognized Canadian subspecialty. Her work has now shifted focus towards promoting health and wellness through mindful practice. Anita continues to be a member of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, Department of Anesthesiology, a professor at the College of Medicine and she facilitates wellness programming with the U of S. It sounds like a very busy life — physician, professor, wife and mother — all while managing chronic pain. “To live your best life, it’s about self-care and community care. Resilience is not just about bouncing back from life events; it’s about finding meaning and purpose and also connecting to yourself and others.” Anita’s daughter, Sonya Lalli, recently debuted her novel The Matchmaker’s List. As well as being a published author, Sonya is a lawyer and lives in Toronto with her husband. Anita’s son Jay has followed the family’s medical path and is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Saskatoon. She is visibly happy to have her son back in Saskatoon with his family.

What’s next for a woman with so many accomplishments? “Several years ago, I made a decision to be free from fear, guilt and self-doubt and to own my power with compassion and courage — reframing my vulnerabilities as strengths.” “Through my business [M]POWER Mindful Professional Practice, I offer keynote speeches, seminars and corporate retreats. These are based on mindful practice as a catalyst for individual, organizational and global change.” Dedicated to Anita's two best female physician friends — trailblazers in their own right — who died from cancer while she was going through her breast cancer treatments: Dr. Thirza Smith and Dr. Joan Stevenson.

There is a unique generation of women in our midst. These women did it all — studied, raised families, volunteered, made their professional mark and took care of aging parents — and they did it quietly and progressively, without social media to document every moment of their journeys. These remarkable women set the stage for the younger generation of successful entrepreneurs and professionals we see today. It’s time to celebrate their quiet accomplishments and the trails they blazed in our province!

SILVIA MARTINI LIVES & LEADS WITH INTEGRITY ilvia Martini compares her personal journey to how a river carves a riverbank over time. Whether she is leading a board of directors or running her own company, Silvia is a visionary who focuses on a collaborative approach and bringing out the best in each team member. Silvia grew up in the Toronto area as a first generation Italian-Canadian. She discovered her love for the business world while working part-time at the tender age of 14. Her family instilled in her “integrity, resilience and a sense of no gender boundaries in terms of what I could achieve.” Silvia’s early career as a director of convention marketing with the Housing and Urban Development Association of Canada (HUDAC) led to meeting her husband Rick at a convention and then moving to Saskatoon in 1982. Rick had founded his own ventilation company called Conservation Energy Systems and Silvia was able to bring her core values, marketing and strategic business background to help facilitate the company’s growth while pioneering a new industry. The couple built the company up to eventually employ 100 people in Saskatoon, with distribution throughout North America. In 1993, Rick and Silvia sold it to Venmar CES and the vanEE brand continues to be recognized and respected.

The couple then entered the local property market. Silvia became vice president, strategy & marketing development of Interlink Research Inc. The company focuses on new building technologies, providing desirable, quality re s i d e nt i a l l e a s i ng properties, all while incorporating sustainable bui lding prac t ices. “Success is so often based on q uality effort over dedicated time.. I search for the strength in people, and focus on positive and meaningful outcomes,” observes Silvia. As a leader and mentor, Silvia is currently chair of SaskWater’s board of directors. SaskWater is our province’s commercial Crown water utility and based out of Moose Jaw. Other boards where Silvia has served in various leadership capacities include the Raj Manek Mentorship Program, the Word on the Street Festival, the Princess Shop, and the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. “I’m so honoured to serve my province and community, and assist others in success,” Silvia adds. What is Silvia’s advice for her beautiful and ambitious daughter, and for young women today beginning their careers and families? “The years are going to pass anyway, so my guiding force has always been to live very consciously and know what I value. Life is but a whisper. Enjoy each moment, and see your life as a building block of valuable

experiences. Each step in life has a purpose and value, so be fully in the moment of each occasion, for each has a lesson.” Silvia’s more recent advocacy is leading toward health system optimization. This quest is influenced by caring for aging parents, as well as losing her youngest daughter and the “complicated grief ” with which she was left. Silvia’s third company, Martini Consulting, provides services to support select organizations to success through meaningful strategy design, effective governance, and customized leadership excellence. Martini Consulting 306.281.9019 photo by Milton B. Taylor MPA, Imagery Photography







The Lubrication Station is proud of our loyalty program, the first oil change program in the city — six oil changes with us and the seventh is free (excluding taxes). Once a year, the completed cards are entered in a draw for a trip for two anywhere in North America. The drawing is only between the completed cards of our two stores, not province-wide, and not nation-wide, which make the odds oh so sweet.

THE BASICS ON SUMMER CAR CARE appy summer, Refined readers! After this past winter, we are ecstatic to have the heat back. Just like you, your car needs to stay cool in the summer. The best way to combat overheating is to get your coolant and air conditioning checked out to make summer drives better. Coolant, also known as anti-freeze during winter, keeps your car’s engine temperature steady. The fluid keeps internal parts cool in sort of the same way your blood does in your body; it circulates around engine components with cooler fluid, which in turn takes away heat. The radiator, the big accordion-folded metal at the very front of your engine, is how the heat dissipates, so keeping it free of bugs and mud is essential. All engines create a lot of heat, which can become scalding very quickly in the summer heat, but new coolant lessens the chance of overheating. Just ask our techs for a tour of the burn marks on their arms.



Air conditioning is similar, except instead of cooling the engine bits, it cools you. The refrigerant that does that job breaks down after a while and so a recharge is needed. Saskatchewan has a lot of dust in the air, most of which is collected by the engine’s air filter and the cabin filter. These filters get clogged a lot more often here than in a nonfarming area and can affect the efficiency of the air conditioning, so have the cabin air filter checked regularly (which we do at every Lubrication Station oil change)! Changing them out twice a year is not excessive. A good vacuum of the car helps, or you can go crazy with a popsicle stick and dust-attracting rag to get in between each and every vent, nook and cranny in your car. I am going to quickly rehash the old road-trip prep checklist — tires, oil and fluids, wipers, lights and emergency kit (especially if you’re going out of cell phone range). Add polarised sunglasses; they may be more expensive, but they are vital when driving. If you rely on map apps, make sure you have saved them to offline mode. It can’t hurt to tell someone you trust what your plans are so that someone is looking out for you.

Come by Lubrication Station for a free inspection anytime, even if you are all packed and on your way out of town. Now, get out there and enjoy the summer. Its only here for a short time.

Jerry Lupul owner

Lubrication Station on 8th 1-3401 8th Street Lubrication Station on Circle 614 Circle Drive East Saskatoon

Advice Advice


a customer has with your business, so it’s important to make sure it’s a positive one. a customer has with your business, so it’s Since Google My Business is free, it’s worth important to make sure it’s a positive one. taking the time to set up properly. This service Since Google My Business is free, it’s worth is also something that is included in all of taking the time to set up properly. This service Project Pi’s consulting packages because it’s is also something that is included in all of such an important digital tool. Project Pi’s consulting packages because it’s such an important digital tool. Paid Ads

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Devin Howell-Shiplack Project Pi

Devin Howell-Shiplack Project Pi 306.737.6281 306.737.6281

Google is often the first touch-point that




SEATING 3 Kitchen Banquette Styles to Embrace B Y COURTNEY TAIT

Casual, intimate and inviting, the kitchen banquette is making a comeback — with modern elements that bring it into 2019. If you’re looking to update your eat-in area, here are three ways to embrace the built-in bench trend.

ut first, what exactly is a banquette? Like so many aspects of popular design, the seating style originates from Europe, where French aristocracy had benches covered with tapestry cushions and placed in their dining rooms. In America, the design evolved to become less formal, used in bungalow breakfast nooks and doubling as a storage solution. Today’s banquettes range from cute corner alcoves to dramatic dining benches paired with upscale chairs. Whatever design you choose, it’s sure to add extra style to your space.

The Eat-in Nook

Part of what makes the kitchen banquette a smart choice is its efficient use of space. For smaller kitchens where you want room to dine without feeling cramped, a corner eat-in nook is ideal. For a contemporary look, incorporate a built-in bench along the corner walls (or against just one wall if space is limited) and combine it with a round table and one or two chairs. If possible, choose a corner next to a window, as the natural light will enhance both the look of the banquette and the experience of sitting at it.



make the piece stand out and add a bit of glam to your dinner party. Of course, a long banquette works with more rustic materials as well; you might want the wood to be front and centre, using simple seat cushions instead of complete upholstery. A rectangular or oval table work best with this style. As we suggested with the eat-in nook, pair with chairs along the opposite side. (Hint: mismatched chairs make for great conversation.) You can create a more casual or refined feel through the styling. Try tapered candles and layered dinnerware for evening; cut flowers and a patterned table runner for weekend brunch. PRO TIP: If your bench is really long, pair it with two smaller matching tables, leaving room to walk between them. This will prevent people on the bench side from having to scoot down to the centre.

The Classic Booth

You know the kind: bench seats on both sides, reminiscent of diners and RV trailers. Sure, booth seating can sometimes cross the line from quaint to kooky, but with elevated materials, this style retains a lot of charm. It’s important to note that if the banquette is to be your only dining space, avoid doing a booth. The intimate nature of the seating makes it more limiting when hosting guests or sharing an extensive meal. There tends to be less leg and elbow room, so it’s best used as a breakfast spot.

Depending on your home’s style, you might opt for a sleek tulip-style table, a wooden antique piece, or a simple minimalist design. For a pop of personality, consider upholstering the bench with fabric that’s patterned or a bright colour. Done well, this can give your banquette a luxe, hotel-like feel. If you prefer subdued shades for your upholstery, add interest with chairs that have a contrasting material or style from your table. This is not the place to opt for a perfectly matching dining set; save that for a formal dining room. PRO TIP: A couple throw pillows will add texture and softness (and pattern, if you choose) to the design, but don’t overdo it. A row of pillows will look and feel crowded — the opposite of what you’re going for.

The Elegant Dining Banquette

If you have a spacious kitchen or a separate dining room, consider a long, streamlined banquette that can seat larger groups. Upholstering in an upscale material like leather, velvet or anything with channel tufting will

That said, a booth will give your kitchen instant charac ter. G enera l ly speaking, the higher the backs of the banquette, the more formal or upscale it becomes. If your booth is positioned with benches against two walls without windows (ideally there will be a window on the third side), consider going with high upholstered backs. Your fabric choice will determine what kind of statement it makes; a solid grey, for example, will read as classy and understated, whereas a bold stripe or colourful floral will make the booth the focal point of the room. Want to bring a cabin vibe into your kitchen? Opt for a reclaimed-wood booth surrounded by windows. Add a metallic pendant light and a few cushions for contrast, and your morning coffee just got a whole lot cozier. PRO TIP: A banquette is a great spot to stash extra linens or kids’ toys and books. Drawers along the bottom and/or a hollowed-out space beneath seats that doubles as “lids” create easy, out-of-sight storage.



BEFORE Show this ad and earn

Changing Spaces by Design specializes in:

$50 OFF

an interior colour consultation.

• Paint colour selection • Furniture placement and purchase suggestions • Window treatment suggestions • Suggestions on creative wall treatments, focal walls and features • Built-ins, proportions, scale and balance discussions • Rugs and flooring colours and dimension suggestions • Accessories and staging placement suggestions • Renovations and construction advice • Professional move management

Offer expires July 30.

Change Your Space to Suit Your Lifestyle True comfort and luxury is about how you feel about your surroundings. Changing Spaces by Design considers your lifestyle, personality and what you do when considering your design.

Janet Parkinson, owner 306 381 5141

At Furbaby, we believe every pet deserves the royal treatment. Our pet services are a cut above and a step beyond other pet service providers. Furbaby truly cares about the overall wellbeing of your pets, so we ensure we treat them like the valued family member they are. Next time your pet needs some tender loving care, call Furbaby and we will roll out the red carpet.


Book your Professional Pet Care Service before August 30, 2019 and be entered to win a Furbaby Pet Care Pampering Package. Package includes: a professional Pet Assessment Walk, a one-hour Therapeutic Pet Massage, a follow-up Assessment Walk, treats for the pet and treats for the humans (there's wine!). Package valued at $150.

(306) 281-4484 |



we can anticipate continued growth in this category (especially among 20somethings on the move). Always remember — never purchase a mattress without trying it first! At the end of the day, your mattress choice boils done to comfort and where you’ll have the best night’s sleep. As with any mattress, a bed in a box should be replaced every eight to 10 years. At Wiseguys Mattresses we carry an impressive display of mattresses in-store, as well as pillows and bedroom furniture. Come meet our sleep experts and experience your ideal mattress today.




f you are in the market Here’s a atip: you a cabin f you are the market Winnipeg. As result, canhave confident ed in a box, mattress in ainbox, Here’s aIfyou tip: Ifbeyou have a cabin for a new mattress, there or RV mattress that’s nearing the end of newportable mattress, there in these Canadian-made mattress to gofor—athe or RV mattressproducts. that’s nearing the end of is really no better place its lifespan, and your current bedroom is really better place mattress concept hasnoreally lifespan, andbest your current Who is aitsbed in a box suited for? bedroom I to stop than Wiseguys mattress needs replacing, why not move stop than hit its stride to recently. You’veWiseguys mattress needs replacing, why not move think it is a great option for university Mattresses. As the owner, your bedroom mattress to the cabin to As in the owner, probably seenMattresses. ads for a bed bedroom mattress to the studentsyour or young people settling intocabin to I’ve made it my mission extend its usability? Then you can purchase I’ve made it my mission a box on television or online. its usability? Then youfoam can purchase their firstextend apartment. The memory to educate the public to foam educate the public a new mattress for your bedroom. This This type of a newfits mattress for your bedroom. mattress into a surprisingly small This on the importance of a on the importance of could a be a better for you instead of mattress comes boxbesooption it’s easy to maneuver could a better option for you instead of comfortable mattress. compressed into a comfortable mattress. purchasing two newthrow mattresses. and into the trunk purchasing two new mattresses. There’s no need to break There’s no need to break neat package and of your vehicle. And, with I often hear RV owners complain about the bank; Wiseguys Mattresses can I often hear RV owners complain about the bank; Wiseguys Mattresses can can be conveniently bed how difficult entry-level it is to find pricing, the rightasized accommodate everyone, from the budget how difficult it is to find the right sized accommodate transported home everyone, from the budget boxcozy is also a good option mattress to fitin their space. Well, here conscious student to the luxury loving mattress to fit their cozy space. Well, here right afterconscious purchase. student to the luxury loving a guest room,Mattresses a summer is some good for news: Wiseguys professional. is some goodornews: Wiseguys Mattresses professional. At Wis e g uy s cottage cabin. carries a large assortment of mattresses carries a large assortment of mattresses With summer quickly approaching, it’s Mattresses we summer have With quickly approaching, it’s in a variety ofOnce sizes that are guaranteed to get that homeareand the in a variety you of sizes guaranteed to that time of year where we start planning two bed that in time a box of year where we start planning work perfectlywrapping in your RV. is removed, the bed work perfectly in your RV. to get the cabin ready for weekend retreats lines (and to get three the cabin ready for weekend retreats in questions a box mattress the If you have any aboutregains your RV and to clean out the RV for those muchmodels) on If youvolume have any questions aboutityour RV andthe to floor clean out the RV for those muchthat was lost when or cabin mattress longevity, or inquiries loved road and to camping trips. During for customers or cabin mattress longevity, or inquiries loved road and camping trips. During wasbest compressed about what the options for areshipment. for your thisout: process, you may come to realize try Dreamstar aboutItwhat the abest this process, you may come to realize can take fewoptions minutesare to afor your Mark Stevens individual sleep needs, call or stop in and that yourand old Serta’s RV or cabin mattress needs Bedding owner Mark Stevens individual sleepfor needs, call or stop that your old RV or cabin mattress needs few hours the mattress to in and owner see us. We carry an impressive display replacing. Sleeper® It’s important to note that every Perfect see us. We its carry an impressive display replacing. It’s important to note that every regain full volume. 6-805 Circle Drive of mattresses in-store, as well as pillows, 10 years a mattress should be replaced 6-805 Circle Drive Express. Dreamstar is of mattresses in-store, as well as pillows, 10 years a mattress should be replaced Saskatoon Beds in a box represent just Saskatoon comforters and sheets to dress up your to ensure optimum comfort and proper manufactured outside 306.652.1212 comforters and sheets to dress up your to ensure optimum comfort and proper 306.652.1212 a small partsleep of the mattress new purchase. Let the experts at support ofback Toronto and while Serta sleeping. Purchasing new purchase. Let the sleep experts at back support while sleeping. Purchasing world today, but I think isa manufactured in Wiseguys Mattresses help! mattress is an investment in your sleep. Wiseguys Mattresses help! a mattress is an investment in your sleep.



READERS' CHOICE At Refined, we support local business, and in our view, every business is a courageous success. This past spring, we decided to see what our readers and followers think, and we were overwhelmed with the response. We are pleased to present the top three winners in each category as selected by our Refined readers: Bakery Little Bird Patisserie COBS Bread Bakery The Griffin Takeaway

Home Builder Decora Homes Ltd. Maison Design & Build D & S Homes Ltd.

Car Dealership Ens Lexus Infiniti Saskatoon Mercedes-Benz Saskatoon

Kitchen Cabinetry Redl Kitchens Bella Vista Developments Superior Cabinets

Coffee House City Perks D'Lish by Tish Café Prairie Ink Restaurant & Bakery

Lash Extension Studio Londin Lash Studio Sage the Beauty Bar Prairie Bliss

Cosmetic Clinic Prairie Bliss Midwest Laser Bella Sante

Men’s Fashion Caswell’s Anthony’s Fashion David’s Apparel

Dance Studio Dance Ink Pure Energy Dance Co. Saskatoon Pole & Dance Studio

Mortgage Broker Shawna McDonald, The Mortgage Associates Sarah Schiess, TMG Mint Mortgage Tammy Wundzura, The Mortgage Group

Flooring Braid Flooring Western Carpet One Flooring Superstore Florist Bill’s House of Flowers Twig & Bloom Michelle’s Flowers Hair Salon Capelli Salon Studio The Lemon Tree Visions Salon and Spa



Women’s Fashion The Sandbox in the City Two Fifty Two Boutique Saskatoon Spank

READ ON for more of Refined’s Best of the Best 2019!



Aesthetics & Surgical Centre


Approachable, trustworthy and skilled — these are just some of the ways that Dr. Rick Jaggi’s clients describe him. Dr. Jaggi is also a sought-after speaker for national and international medical conferences. After addressing a group of women at the Women’s Health and Lifestyle Summit in Saskatoon about facial cosmetic surgery, audience members were quick to approach him with their questions. This response is a testament to Dr. Jaggi’s ability to put his clients, and potential clients, quickly at ease. rom Nefertiti in ancient Egypt to Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively today, the ideal face and what is considered beautiful has stayed pretty constant. The ideal female body has changed, but not the components that we perceive to form a beautiful face — it’s timeless,” explains Dr. Jaggi. Born in the Maritimes, Dr. Jaggi completed his medical degree and residency training in Otolaryngology — Head & Neck Surgery at Dalhousie University in Halifax. He went on to complete a fellowship in Facial Plastics,



The Face Institute offers the following services: Facial surgery: face lift, neck lift, fat transfer, forehead and brow lift, otoplasty, rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery. Medical aesthetics: Botox, lip filler, skin care, chemical peels, micro-needling, facial injections and hair loss treatment. Private and confidential booking is available online.

In terms of facial surgery, the top three procedures that Dr. Jaggi performs are rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and face lifts. In fact, he recently performed the first endoscopic brow lift in Saskatchewan. With a welcoming and stylish atmosphere, the Face Institute opened two years ago and serves as both an aesthetics clinic and a surgical centre. Dr. Jaggi consults with his medical and cosmetic surgery clients out of his office at the Face Institute. Amenities include a private waiting area, two plush recovery beds and a fully accredited operating room.

Head & Neck oncology, microvascular reconstruction and endocrine surgery at Auckland City Hospital in New Zealand. Six years ago, Dr. Jaggi was recruited by the Saskatchewan Health Authority, and since then, his wife, two children and dog have also made Saskatoon home.



“Essentially, I practice in the area where facial reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery intersect. I’m really interested in the face and its functions. Beyond surgery, the Face Institute also offers injectables — medical aesthetics that serve to subtly tweak a client’s appearance to look more awake and refreshed,” says Dr. Jaggi.

Another area that Dr. Jaggi works in is facial feminization surgery. This is a set of cosmetic procedures that alter male facial features to bring them closer to typical female facial features. For example, a tracheal shave reduces the appearance of an individual’s Adam’s apple. “Previously, most transgender patients would have to travel out of province for facial feminization surgery. We are hoping to make this care much more accessible here in Saskatchewan,” says Dr. Jaggi. Finally, what is the number one concern of individuals considering cosmetic surgery? Believe it or not, the top concern is surgery that results in an unnatural appearance. Dr. Jaggi is entirely in favour of procedures that

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Jaggi’s for over six years. He is a consummate professional. He is extremely knowledgeable and I’m confident that he always has my best interests in mind. Dr. Jaggi upholds the highest standards of excellence and the attention to detail that I expect of a surgeon in his area of practice. On top of all of that, he is a really great guy! I take pride in recommending Dr. Jaggi to my family, friends and colleagues.” —Mae Wurtz

Calling All Men – Be Confident in Your Own Skin! The time has come for the everyday man to put his best face forward. In Western Canada, the male cosmetic surgery market is fairly underserviced and Dr. Jaggi wants to let men know that they too can be confident in their own skin. The three most common procedures that men come to the Face Institute for are: Botox injections, rhinoplasty and chin implants (creating a stronger, more defined chin). As with his women clients, Dr. Jaggi believes in a natural look with the end goal of looking less tired and more refined. Contact The Face Institute to find out more!

look natural and are in line with the client’s overall look. His goal is always to enhance the client’s own facial features. As a father, Dr. Jaggi is also very aware of the negative influence of apps such as Instagram and Snapchat on beauty ideals. He is concerned about dysmorphia and pursuit of an ideal that doesn’t exist. Dr. Jaggi concludes: “Look good, not done!” @thefaceinstituteyxe Private & Confidential Booking Available Online

The Face Institute 340 3rd Avenue North Saskatoon 306.934.FACE Instagram: @thefaceinstituteyxe








ake one look at a custom home, kitchen or renovation done by Bella Vista — an innovative design and construction firm owned by Sheena and Jeremy Sinclair —and you’ll see why clients sing their praises. Stunning hand-finished cabinetry, flowing layouts, unique details and an overall sense of sophistication makes Bella Vista designs stand out. But there’s another facet of their business that’s integral to its success —exceptional communication tailored to each client. ”We spend a lot of time getting to know our clients and what they’re looking for,” says Sheena. “We consider client personalities and customize our approach to best suit them.” Bella Vista has been helping people bring their home and kitchen visions to life since 2009. Their initial client consultation establishes home goals, lifestyles and budgets. Following that meeting, Jeremy and Sheena pull together a detailed quote, offering construction and design suggestions and sharing their vast knowledge of

are choosing unique, personal elements. “They’ll say, ‘I want to do a sage green island or something a bit unique,’ ” says Sheena. Because buyers are also looking for more creative details in the current housing market, Sheena says clients feel freer to make innovative design choices. Following completion, Sheena and Jeremy equip clients with everything they need to know to maintain the materials and finishes used in their project. The final walkthrough is one of the most fulfilling parts, as they see the joy in clients’ reactions. “There’s often a hug and tears,” she says. “You really develop a relationship, as people’s homes are such an intimate part of their life. We have amazing clients that we keep in contact with years later. That’s really special.”

Bella Vista 9-3342 Millar Ave. Saskatoon 306.979.9944

products and materials. At the Bella Vista showroom, clients can view curated selections, saving them the time of visiting various suppliers. In addition to using project management software to manage selections, budgets and schedules, Sheena and Jeremy ensure clients are kept informed in a way that works for them. Sheena says that while some people like a weekly recap, others require more onsite meetings and project walk-throughs. Bella Vista accommodates each client as needed. “People tell us how much they love the process and appreciate the communication,” says Sheena. “They never feel like they don’t know what’s going on or where they are budget wise.” Central to each Bella Vista project is the company’s lifetime quality custom cabinetry — a full product line with options ranging from stained wood to laquered MDF to textured laminate. “Cabinetry is a key element whether you’re building new or renovating,” says Sheena. “The quality is important across the board, so having our own product line allows us to control the creative elements, manufacturing and installation.” The Bella Vista team — which includes designers, carpenters and a project coordinator — creates homes and kitchens across the province in virtually every style. Whether your vision is a rustic farmhouse kitchen, a craftsman contemporary design or an ultramodern renovation or new build, Bella Vista delivers. “Anything we can dream or draw and install, we can build,” says Sheena. Over the last five years, Sheena has seen a trend of people allowing themselves to be more creative with home and kitchen design. Rather than playing it “safe” (out of concern for future resale appeal), clients



Mortgage Broker

Cosmetic Clinic

AWARD WINNING CLINIC We are truly humbled by this great honour and are forever grateful for the love our clients have shown us. We will strive to be your continued Best of Saskatoon for years to come, working hard to ensure every client has a personalized, blissful experience.

Saskatoon’s top rated laser and cosmetic services including: // // // // // // //

laser hair removal body contouring skin rejuvenation medical laser for acne/scarring cosmetic injectables locally made organic skin care hydrafacial MD and more.

Book your laser or cosmetic appointment today. | 306.652.0858 |


Tammy Wandzura, Mortgage Broker AMP Lic #315782



Want to know what makes us the Best in the Industry? Visit our showroom to meet our incredible staff and view our wide selection of new and premium pre-owned inventory.



631 Brand Rd Saskatoon


Kitchen Cabinetry

CREATE THE HEART OF YOUR HOME At Redl World Class Kitchens, we believe the kitchen is the main feature and focal point of the home. Kitchens are where we gather, feast, share, play, learn and entertain. Since 1987, Redl World Class Kitchens has been a family owned and operated manufacturer of hand-crafted custom cabinetry throughout Western Canada. Redl’s design team has a combined experience of more than 60 years in premium kitchen design. They work closely with each client to create the perfect balance of function and beauty that can be enjoyed for years to come. Every project is manufactured in onemillimetre increments, ensuring an exceptional fit for each individual space. Visit our showroom today to let us help you create the heart of your home that can be enjoyed and remembered by your family and friends.

Redl World Class Kitchens 156 Jessop Ave, Saskatoon, 306.665.0806


Builder To all our clients and partners… thank you for recognizing Decora and trusting us with one of your substantial life decisions. Decora specializes in homes built to meet your custom requirements. With many years of experience in the construction industry, we take pride in working with you to design a home which best suits you and your family. Your home will be built to reflect your personality and lifestyle. Contact us today to find out how we can help you! Proud Winner of 2019 Sabex Award in Marketing.

826 47th Street E Saskatoon 306.651.1750


Coffee House C E L E B R AT I N G 1 2 Y E A R S O F

Family, Community &F


We are your friendly neighbourhood coffee house. Enjoy our warm and inviting atmosphere, creative, fresh food and baked goods, skilled and artisitic baristas. The patio is open for the season. We can’t wait to see you! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

CITY PERKS COFFEEHOUSE 801 7 Ave N Saskatoon |


Dance Studio





Thank you to all our dancers, supporters, friends, family and the community for an amazing 1st year at VIBE YXE! On-line Registration Underway for the 2019/2020 dance season 306.652.1015 | BALLET JAZZ TAP HIP HOP LYRICAL CONTEMPORARY POINTE ALEGRO ACROBATIC ARTS MOVEMENT FLEXIBILITY PROGRESSIONS


With Commercial Design

our business has a story to tell and a vision to share — two important things you want to communicate to everyone who walks through the door. Whether you’re trying to retain and engage customers, or energize and inspire employees, the design and feel of your commercial space should tell your story in a way that allows people to connect with the brand and vision.

Representing your brand through design

At Metric, we have a strong focus on our commercial clients and we have an appreciation that every business is unique, with their own niche, audience and history. The physical presentation of your business has a significant role to play in conveying that story.



Businesses are becoming more cognizant of the way their space represents their brand. Working to tailor the design and renovation of a space to fit the business’s brand means the space can then serve their audience in the most effective way possible. Whether it’s a retail space, a restaurant, or an office, both customers and employees need to buy into the story and brand through the space they’re surrounded by to ensure the business runs smoothly.

Key elements of commercial design

When you think of your business’s brand and story, what materials, decor or natural elements best align with the message you want to communicate? It’s crucial to make sure the materials that people see and interact with coincide with the business’s identity. Elements such as lighting impact the mood and tone, and even productivity.

For instance, natural and artificial daylight can keep people alert. If you don’t have a lot of direct sunlight, don’t be afraid to flood the space with the warm hues of natural light, or add artificial daylight with LED lights. Your brand and message can be recognizable through the materials you choose as well, whether it’s a certain colour




Metric Takes Fresh Approach to Design through Collaboration & Community

The Metric Design team understands the subtle yetCHOICE impactf PUBLISHER'S ultra-whimsical to max modern, with some in-between sto Interior Design take on bringing together or highlighting the masculine and

Renovating and designing your space, whether it’s residential or commercial, is a personal and significant process. At Saskatoon’s Metric Design Centre, their philosophy is to take care of everything from the vision to the construction, and all the little details in between. What makes Metric unique? It’s the uniqueness of their clients! “At Metric, our understanding is that no two people or businesses are alike, and each one has its own audience,” says Brandon Gay, Metric’s sales director. “You’ll never see any two spaces from us that look exactly the same. We want the spaces to be representations of our clients, not of us.”



From initial consultations to the final result, clients generally work with the entire team, and have the opportunity to experience the positivity and creative energy that flows through Metric. “Our strength is in our culture, our values and our team. We find we’re very engaged with our clients and I think that’s a result of being very engaged with each other. We spend time as aCREATING team together, and with our community,” he WELLNESS Brandon adds.





The Metric Design team understands ultra-whimsical to max modern, with Tamara Bowman bringing together or highlightin or a pattern that take peopleon associate with&your business. Owner Creative DirectorWe

always consider the audience in design, because the feel of the space should match the target audience; whether it’s contemporary and modern, or elegant and glamorous, the tone will attract a certain clientele. If your business is geared to artistic professionals like mine is, you want the space to evoke feelings of inspiration, creativity and individuality through its might design.resonate with those homeowners who This renovation

PROJECT 2 Modern Fur-Friendly Kitchen Reno

With specialized and innovative team members, headed by owner and ENVIRONMENT have four legged house mates and are constantly fighting the Design’s impact on commercial spaces creative director Tamara Bowman, Metric is a close-knit group that battle of the floor fur. Aside from being an open concept, One of the reasons we love doing commercial design and build excels at collaboration. “We’re very focused on growth and learning, contemporary kitchen masterpiece, Metric’s design team welling in an environment that you enjoy projects is its far-reaching impact. Effectively executed business and we love to appreciate the individual talents of every team member. opted for materials that were not only durable and sustainable, and that promotes health is an important spaces impact not only the business owner, but their employees, This methodology is embraced throughout the design process,” Gay butTAMARA were also pet-friendly and fur sighting adverse. of the thriving yourand home clients and even our economy. A customer’sKAREN experience can be says. For Metric, it’s important to stay part true to initialin goals ideasor work space. Where we place our bodies is Creating dimension room and sourcing findmental — MYSTERY MEETS a direct reflectionin ofathe employee’ s, andWHIPPED vicehard versa.toOur the client brings forward, and ensure these concepts are represented in just as important as how we care for or rather, hard to imagine — furniture and finishing pieces state of mind is heavily impacted by the space we’re surrounded the final product. ROMANCE IN WHIMSICAL Tama them, and being in a space that evokesare simple forper Tamara her team. “Individually by. Forpleasures example, 80 cent ofand employees are more productive Owner & “The one thing we always hear is feelings that clients feel atcalmness ease when of comfort, andlove tranquility cansothey’re M I just this combination While Tamara very much there are manyable elements in this kitchen thatwas stand out ondue when to change locations throughout the day renovating through us, knowing they can be a lot more hands-off profoundly impact our personal wellbeing. their own, to bring it all together and make it flow is where to a flexible workplace design. w of design elements because about finding balance, my fun working closely with if they were doing it themselves or working with an independent our team’s expertise and experience comes into play,” states ourthan client bringing elements an itand showcases femininity and has combination celebrates femininity Positive space impacts both our physical mental wellbeing. Your company a story to tell, and you want to ensure ” Gay “Our ultimate focus with any project is the Tamara. Unique features such in asathe quartz island with way. a I've to acontractor, work space thatadds. weren’t th masculinity in a bold way that whimsical yet mature Imagine living or working in a space that allows for the freedom customers and employees are engaged with that story. An result. Everything that we do throughout a project is focused on the staggered caribou wood platform, high gloss black lacquered traditional, like the fireplace to grow individually, take on new challenges and focus on what is co doesn't compromise on style. Th e included soft er colour palettes with effective commercial space can be a powerful indicator of best outcome for our clients.” pantry and large subway wall tiles will forever be conversation andabsolute resin antler chandelier. most important to us. Having BEFORE a space thatoverall aligns with ourhas values your business and its success by pastel increasing innovation and d theme some intriguing pink hues, a nod to Kate in this home. Everything came together— whether that is for family, work, self-care, creative pieces orthe spiritual renovation might resonate productivity of employees,This the happiness and satisfaction ofwith those ho to depth, while brushed metallics Spade with a demure polka dot perfectly, creating a work environment feelswe like pursuits —that means arehome. able toIt’s liveinviting, our best lives! Keeping the space airy meant ditching traditional have four legged house mates and are constan customers, andopen betterand brand recognition through design. Ee off er a soft contrast and some print, and lighter tiles to create an dinner is easyfrom because youan inspiring and extremely unique,” explains Tamara. cabinetry in favour of more creative ideas. A distinct battle storage of the floor fur. Aside being Being surrounded by materials and products that cl brightness. I love using striking open and airy space… of course atmosphere of your kitchen industrial vibe is certainly felt with the steel appliances, contemporary kitchen masterpiece, Metric Creating dimension using different Metric built makes upon the promotematerials, a healthy environment uselements healthierthat its spot, there’s enough stor balance both sharp fl owers, because what woman usefor ofmaterials metal Bowman and wood opted that were not only durableca original the space. The design recovered the heavy Tamara overall. Products that are and have lighting, copper handles, and “Our elements experienceofworking with youteam's and with Metric was natural excellent. proud of the w and curvedmaterials. lines, which creates doesn't love aDirector fresh cutbench bouquet Bonus features in thisbut space include the mini were also pet-friendly and space. fur sighting adv window arches facademinimal and exposed originaltight interior brick TAMARA Creative chemical components not only We knew we on hadthe a difficult project with anthe extremely timeline, akeep uo interest for the eye while keeping a in the kitchen? Th ere is still a mix seating space and fur-friendly floor tile highlighted with toe The first visualization creates feelings wall, then mixed in the new modern elements such as tile, stacked air webasically breathefrom clean, but tend to support Creating dimension in a room and sourcing lot of decision-makers andthe starting scratch without even MYSTERY MEETS W A, 285 Venture Crescent kick lighting, which is actually considered to be a night light A soft er touch. We see an eclectic mix of textures and materials, which negativity, while the second evokes an stone, commercial glass modular walls, and trunk tables. a clean aesthetic as level well. of Bring nature or rather, hard to imagine — furniture and a brand or name for our store. To design have pulled off the quality Saskatoon ROMANCE IN W for the pups! free feeling, simply based on how a spac p of eras such as the celebration of art creates interest for a more refi ned 306.974.0190 into your space because research shows are simple pleasures for Tamara and her team you didlove withgoing thoseinto factors play is work truly amazing. It looked like With soguys much thein modern space, Tamara admits deco and baroque while still staying palette that remains pretty and that spaces with natural light and plant life To learn more about Metric Design Centre, their creative I just love this combination While Tamar there are so many elements in this kitchen th months were spent working on this and you nailed exactly what we were Changing your space to ensure it is bd her favourite feature is the unique focal point that catches more than decrease anxiety improve motivation. Just balanced teaminand stay upofto their design visit their own, tohave bring all favourite together and looking for incomments. roughly 17 If days. We know you and your team went above m very thattomasculine todate with feminine — oneprojects ofitthe life will amazing effects on your w a few eyes and you guessed theand white antler chandelier design elements because about fimake nding fun working closely with think what that could mean for your business, themspectrum. online. our team’s expertise and experience comes and beyond to make space, this happen, and even within our initial budget too. process itself can be quite enlightening. hanging in the meeting you correct! ourare client bringing elements feminine style things I love in a space. it showcases femininity and combinationi and simple design canofimprove Tamara. Unique features such asathe quartw Our team was extremely happy everything andelements as a result this you begin by conducting a self-inventory to how awith work space that weren’t masculinity in a bold way that in whimsic your employees’ andthe clients’ experience. staggered caribou wood platform, high gloss experience, we would not hesitate to recommend your services and to your values and determine the most importan traditional, like fireplace doesn't compromise on style. The included soft GOOGLE 5★ OF REVIEWS pantry and large subway wall tiles will forever work with you7 again. ” life. From here, you can evaluate your space and and resinand antler BEFORE Our homes workchandelier. spaces impact our social lives, as overall theme hasinsome intriguing pink pastel h FACEBOOK 4.9 ★ of 41 REVIEWSEverything came together pieces this home. and you will be able to clearly see what either suppor Metric When we & areCommunications, not proud of where we live or work, we —Kristy Jackson, Directorwell. of Marketing depth, while the brushed metallics Spade A, with a detracts from them. creating work environment that feels likeToday, home.when It’s inviting, 285 areperfectly, discouraged fromainviting others into those spaces. Keeping the space open and airy meant ditch Athabasca Basin Development off er a soft contrast and some print, and lig A, 285 Venture Crescent Saskatoon ” explains 306.9 soinspiring much of and our extremely interactionunique, happens virtually,Tamara. maintaining human cabinetry favour of more creative storage If you’re unsure of in how to proceed with creating ai 306.974.0190 | | | brightness.industrial I love using striking open and interaction is so important to our wellbeing. Our environments vibe is certainly felt with theair st often Creating dimension using different materials, Metric built upon theconsider consulting a processional. At Metric, wemetric elements that balance both sharp fl owers, beca should encourage a happy, comfortable feeling that you want to lighting, copper handles, and use of me about how proud and excited they are to show off the original elements of the space. The team's design recovered the heavy REFINEDSASKATOON& AREA 47 and curved lines,and which creates doesn't love a welcome others into. materials. Bonus features thiscreating space include friends, family clients. When in we’re a spa window arches on the facade and exposed the original interior brick

PROJECT 2 Modern FurKitchen Reno

What Metric Clients Are Saying:


Float Wellness



The topic of mental health has been a growing concern as we see and experience staggering rates of depression, anxiety, PTSD and addiction in our community and around the world. We are all too familiar with the constant demands of trying to juggle life (successfully) — often at the cost of our mental and emotional health. Who has time to just turn off and tune into themselves anymore? Theta owner/operator Jonathan Daku knows how easy it is to fall victim to “the grind” and become exhausted by a busy

schedule. Leaving a high-stress job as a manager in the oil field, he created Theta Wave Float & Wellness out of his own quest to find a service and experience that would offer him the ability to fully relax and tune into his mind and body. Daku has a personal understanding of mental health, so it was a priority to create an environment that was suited to a multitude of calming sensory requirements. “People need an environment where they are able to focus on all things involving the mind and body — a luxurious break from a world that doesn’t stop. So I built one,” explains Daku. Owner/operator Jonathan Daku



“After the Bronco’s bus accident I suffered from PTSD symptoms. The float at Theta Wave has helped me as I continue to work through my symptoms. Having a place to shut my mind off and process my thoughts has given me a deeper understanding of what was going on in my mind.” —Chris Beaudry, Former Assistant Coach for the Humboldt Broncos

Discovering that traditional sensory float tanks did not ease him into a meditative and calming state, Daku did some further digging and found others struggled with the same issue. A unique method with large open pools, Theta Wave’s process guides individuals through a one-of-a-kind experience that breaks through the noise of the world in a gentle and soothing way. “I knew from the beginning this would be a progression — almost like peeling off the layers of stress. The process starts with a customized muscle tension release in our state-of-the-art massage units. This helps the mind and body relax, especially after a long day at the office. The next step is the actual float, which can be done solo or with a friend or partner in our large open pools. Our touch screen controls allow people to customize both sound and lighting. How people relax is deeply personal, so we wanted to accommodate as many different needs as possible. If people are looking for a more sensory experience, the underwater sound technology can guide them through a meditation or take them to the tropics with therapeutic sounds of nature,” explains Daku about Theta’s unique float process. Post-float, guests are invited to retreat in an infrared sauna to slowly bring them out of their relaxed state and reconnect with the world around them. For couples, this is also a great moment to reflect on the experience together. Before they leave, guests are encouraged to move around and get the blood circulating in the stretching area or to sit and relax with a refreshment.

Since opening to the public in December 2018, Daku has made an effort to reach out to industries with typically high-stress work environments. Understanding what this type of work environment can do to a person’s overall health, Daku plans to grow and evolve his services to create more opportunities to combat stress and promote mental health. To learn more about Theta Wave Float & Wellness, their meditation and float programs or to book your first float experience, visit their website or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Theta Wave Float & Wellness 100 - 1222 Quebec Ave. Saskatoon 306.249.9283 thetawavefloat thetawavefloat



ost young people d o n’ t dream about growing up to become an audiologist. So when I first asked Dr. Karen Sharpe about her journey and commitment to audiology, which included earning her doctorate, she simply stated she “always had a desire to help people.” Her original path started with an interest in speech-language pathology, which drew her into audiology. “Helping people communicate is what gives me ultimate gratification and motivates me,” she says. “I grew up in Saskatchewan, but school and my career took me initially to the United States where I earned my Doctorate in Audiology." She returned home to

work at the Hearing Aid Plan in 2009, and following the budget changes to the program in 2017, the opportunity to build a new, customer-focused business arose: Thrive Hearing Solutions. This choice has helped many people alleviate frustrations and limitations they’ve experienced while trying to regain the connection created by the ability to hear. “What most people do not understand about hearing loss is how isolated those with hearing loss can become. It most often begins with subtle changes such as not being able to hear conversations clearly or needing the television to be louder than others want. The result is that the person experiencing loss begins to withdraw into themselves,” Dr. Sharpe adds.

Dr. Karen Sharpe make up by Tori Sarich

photo by Lisa Landrie




Hearing Services

photo by Lisa Landrie

Thrive Hearing Solutions strives to be the ultimate concierge service in providing hearing solutions to their clientele. “We differentiate ourselves on many levels —from the intimate boutique experience to being your communication partner,” says Dr. Sharpe. Thrive Hearing Solutions takes more than 20 years of audiology experience, connection and relationships with their clients, alongside their professional experience and approach, to differentiate themselves from other providers to ensure you have the right hearing solution that truly enhances your quality of life. "When it comes to hearing aids, one size does not fit all; it takes individualized care and attention," says Dr. Sharpe. "Every client who lives with a hearing loss has a unique experience, as do their friends and family members who also live that journey with them." She adds: “Our clients often require ongoing adjustments, which is provided as part of our services, until the device is working perfectly for you and throughout the life of the hearing instruments. With accurate, reliable testing, many years of experience, and our commitment to giving each individual the best solution for their needs, Thrive Hearing is truly passionate about helping you hear your best." If you suspect you or a loved one is having a hearing issue, please contact the clinic to set up a consultation and evaluation. Thrive Hearing Solutions 9-410 Ludlow Street Saskatoon 1.306.700.3446






Before Hiring

ave you decided to sell your current home? While the process can be both exciting and overwhelming, there’s one thing you can do to help it go smoothly: hire the right REALTOR®. Ask any REALTOR® you’re considering working with these six key questions, and you’ll be able to determine their specific strengths and approach — and whether they’re the right match for you.

What is your professional experience?

Knowing a REALTOR’s® job history is important in understanding how well they will handle situations that can arise in buying and selling properties. For example, I have administrative, event planning and



customer service experience, and I also worked with a startup company. The time management, active listening and leadership skills developed in each of these professions translate to my work as a REALTOR®. Previous sales experience or any jobs that require strong problem solving skills are an asset for a REALTOR®. Someone who has run their own business is likely very selfmotivated, an essential trait for real estate.

Is this your full time job?

Being committed to your profession makes you a better REALTOR®. Having time to conduct market research, view new listings and allowing for flexibility in your schedule creates conditions for success. As a full-time REALTOR®, my mindset is always focused on real estate and I’m available for enquiries and showings as needed. This streamlines the process for my clients.

How many homes did you sell last year?

The answer to this question will give you an idea of the volume of real estate a REALTOR® is taking on. While the number alone isn’t enough to base your decision on, it’s a starting point for understanding a REALTOR®’s success rate. Additional questions along this line: average days on market for your listings, the list to sale ratio, and have you sold many homes in my area?

How will you market my home?

Hiring a REALTOR® with connections to reputable service providers that can help with repairs, renovations, cleaning, staging and professional photos is key in the preparation to market your home. A REALTOR® with a strongly performing website, social media accounts and extensive database will increase the amount of views your listing receives. Having a social media marketing manager helps me create a strong social media platform, which then drives my target audience to my website to view active listings. Another great marketing question to ask is


Lisa Kloeble: A REALTOR® With Heart

Real Estate

As a REALTOR® who is passionate about her work, Lisa Kloeble has built a notable reputation doing what she loves. Known for her exceptional communication and guidance throughout the home buying and selling process, Lisa helps her clients successfully reach their goals. While every sale is cause for celebration, Lisa takes the process a step further, donating a percentage of each commission to a charity or cause of her clients’ choice. “I am delighted to support so many great causes,” says Lisa. “Together we can make a difference to those that are closest to our hearts!”

What My Clients Are Saying: “Lisa is the REALTOR® with heart. Thank you, Lisa, for your kind interest in our needs and for making the buying process comfortable and smooth. You understood what our values and priorities were and were generous in accommodating our needs. We truly felt you had our best interests at heart. Good knowledge, guidance, great customer care! We will be recommending you to our family and friends.” —Eric (Buyer) “Lisa was knowledgeable, personable, understood my needs and communication was exceptional. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in buying or selling their home. I felt that I was given ongoing information pertaining to the market and sales. She always replied to any and all questions. She explained all processes, leaving me confident in her and her abilities. She demonstrated all of the above qualities, leaving me with a positive experience. Should I have any further real estate needs, I would only use Lisa.” —Dawna (Seller) “I was referred to Lisa by a friend/mortgage broker. Lisa was excellent and met the requirements of a good REALTOR® before I even knew what I needed in one! I couldn’t have asked for more. Lisa went above and beyond to guide me through buying a first time home, was knowledgeable, professional and at the same time friendly/approachable. Lisa was truly excellent.”

“Will you hold open houses?” If yes, “How will you generate traffic?” Ask for details and see if they have any creative strategies that set them apart.

How will you keep me informed about the progress on my house?

Clear, consistent communication goes a long way in the client/ REALTOR® relationship. In my case, every Friday I provide my clients with an online statistics update which shows any activity the listing has received online throughout the week. I also report back to my clients after viewings and open houses so they are informed of any potential buyers or important feedback. Ask REALTORS® their specific approach to keeping you up to date.

Can I see your references and testimonials?

Testimonials help you understand what type of REALTOR® you may be hiring. It is always good to ask for a reference when hiring someone, especially for a big transaction such as the sale of your home.

Lisa Kloeble REALTOR®

Century 21 Fusion 210-310 Wellman Lane Saskatoon 306.341.1067

—Jane (Buyer)




Spa& Spa Beauty


Community Builder Award from the North Saskatoon Business Association (NSBA) Business Builder Awards. “The big one for me was the WESK Woman of Achievement Award. The evening was a chance to recognize and appreciate my team, and our collective commitment to our community. It was really our award,” says Jess. Finally, when asked about further expansions to her business, Jess smiles coyly. “Likely” is all she’ll say.

his is not a oneperson job,” explains entrepreneur, public speaker, philanthropist and Top 40 under 40 recipient Jess Tetu. She is the sole owner of four Just For You Day Spas in Saskatchewan and Alberta, as well as the founder and CEO of the beauty line Lia Reese Canada. These days, Jess is thrilled to celebrate the 128 members of her team, particularly after their recent journey to the Daytime Emmy Awards. Her team’s commitment to hard work and customer service have made Just For You Day Spas, its aestheticians and its massage therapists, consistently number one in the province year after year.



“I believe that working at one of our spas is a career and not just a job. In this industry, the work is physically demanding, and most people do their position until their bodies quit. As an alternative, Just For You has created Senior Therapist positions for those employees who show leadership skills and excel in their department. I choose each Senior Therapist directly; across the organization there are now 12. We want to change how jobs in the spa industry are viewed,” says Jess. 2019 has brought a slew of awards for Jess and her team. These include the Woman of Achievement Award from the Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan (WESK) Celebration of Achievement Awards; the Communications & Leadership Award from Toastmasters Canada; and the

Saskatoon east location: 2414 D 8th Street East 306.955.7546 Saskatoon west location: 74 33rd Street East 306.934.7546 @jfyspa



Lia Reese Canada had the tremendous honour of being the Official Gift Lounge Sponsor of the 46th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. The event occurred on May 5, 2019 at the Pasadena Civic Center in Los Angeles and Lia Reese was the only Canadian brand to have this opportunity. Lia Reese Canada’s founder and CEO Jess Tetu and her team got to meet celebrities such as Amy Poehler, Judge Judy, Mario Lopez and Alex Trebek. “The moment that really stood out for me at the Emmys was meeting the producers of the Ellen DeGeneres Show. They had me in tears. My community focus on mental health and addiction was very well received by the Ellen team. That meeting in particular gave me the confidence to continue, to recognize how far I’ve come and the whirlwind that building my businesses has been,” says Jess. The cosmetics line created a limited-edition Hollywood Collection lip kit especially for the Daytime Emmy Awards Golden Gift Lounge. Each lip kit contains three extreme pigment and full coverage products: Red Carpet, Lights Camera Action and Vitamin E. A portion of the proceeds for the Hollywood Collection will go towards programs supporting victims of sexual assault. “Since our Emmy sponsorship, our Canadian cosmetics sales have increased, even though the event was in California,” says Jess. Also since the Daytime Emmys, even more high-profile sponsorship opportunities have materialized. These include sending products to be gifted to the winners and finalists at the Primetime Emmys in September, plus gifts for the annual ESPY Awards (often referred to as the Oscars of sports) and pre-MTV Video Music Awards party. Does Jess have any final thoughts on the Emmys? “I’d change nothing. At this point in my journey, my focus is learning to open my eyes and enjoy what’s happening in the moment.”

Here’s what other members of the Lia Reese team had to say about their amazing time in Tinseltown: “The experience was once-in-a-lifetime. I never thought we would be there. I was awestruck!” —Jessica White, Regional Director of Just For You Day Spas “It went so smoothly; we were very prepared. I was grinning and the time just flew by. I kept asking myself: is this happening?” —Whitney Jones, Marketing Director “I felt like I had to pinch myself everyday there! Such a surreal experience. Made me so inspired as a makeup artist. It got those creative juices flowing!” —Leslie MacLean, Lead Makeup Artist with Lia Reese Canada “The whole experience was such an honor to be involved in. I left feeling inspired and grateful. An opportunity I will definitely never forget!” —Kayla Lindskog, Spa Director, Alberta




or an injury. Having proper care has a big impact on healing and quality of life. Many of our employees are long-term and get to know the residents very well. These kinds of relationships are critical for making sure residents know who to turn to if extra support is needed.

Ask about the activities offered

Organizations should have activities and programs for residents to take part in so they stay active and have opportunities to interact with others. Our proven Continuum of Living Model ensures residents have the ability to make their own choices and stay engaged in the community.


he decision to move into a seniors residence can be much simpler if you know what to look for and what questions to ask. Whether you’re looking for a seniors residence for yourself or for a loved one, asking the right questions can make all the difference in ensuring you have the information you need to make an educated choice.

Check the organization’s credentials and reputation

One of the most important things to consider is the organization’s reputation, history and credentials, which are a good indicator of the residents’ experience living there. We often hear that people choose LutherCare because of our strong history and our reputation for providing



excellent service. We’ve been a proud local organization for the past 65 years, with our head offices located in Saskatoon. Our organization is also the only fully accredited seniors’ housing organization in the province, based on international standards.

Check the organization’s care and support options

Residents need to know what care options are available to them, especially if they may need a higher level of care in the future. At LutherCare, our residents are guaranteed first priority in our intermediate care home when the space is available. We know that moving into seniors’ housing can be difficult in the first place, so you only want to do it once. Another question to ask is what kind of support they offer if someone has a fall


Senior Care Living

Some of our programs include walking challenges on our indoor walking paths, gentle yoga, and monthly themed wellness activities, such as diabetes or heart health month. These programs are offered at all of our LutherCare facilities to ensure we provide consistent delivery of services.

Ask about the meal plans

Walter Botting and Fran Opsahl-Botting

Couple Flourishes at LutherCare’s

The Village

Walter Botting and his wife, Fran Opsahl-Botting, are a lively couple, always joking and laughing with each other. Now in their late 80s, they knew they didn’t want to move into a “care home,” but when Walter went for lunch one day to The Village Bistro at LutherCare’s The Village, he was impressed by the food, and asked for a tour of the residence. A couple days later, Walter called back, wanting to know more. Within a week, Walter and Fran had moved into The Village, and have been enjoying life there ever since. “I never thought I’d be able to live in a place like this in Saskatoon,” Walter says. “I don’t have to do anything — it’s all inclusive. For people our age, I can’t think of anything better.” Fran adds: “They’re spoiling us. Everyone treats you so nice.”

The quality and type of food an organization offers can have a big impact on residents’ health, happiness and autonomy. Ask about how the organization ensures residents get proper nutrition, and whether they can cook in their own suites. LutherCare provides table service, which engages residents in making choices. The ability to make choices is a small observation and for staff, a good indicator of how well a person is doing. At LutherCare’s The Village, we also have The Village Bistro, a licensed restaurant which is also open to the public, where residents can order a meal or dine with guests.


If family members want an accessible place to visit or will be coming from out of town, the location might be something to consider. The location can also be an important part of feeling connected and avoiding isolation if someone wants to be close to a certain area of the city or to their family members. Choosing a seniors residence that meets all of you or your loved one’s needs is a key part of the process. By asking the right questions, you’ll ensure you have all the right information — before moving in!

The couple had recently moved back to Saskatoon from Calgary, and was living in a condo in the city. They didn’t want to give up their autonomy, but felt weighed down by cooking and household tasks. Now, they enjoy the best of both worlds. With no set meal times, and a full kitchen in their condo, they are able to cook or eat when they please. “The meals are good, and that was one of the reasons we came, because we didn’t want to cook. I like that you can sit and talk to people, and I’m proud to show people we live here, because it’s so nice,” Walter adds. Walter and Fran like to relax with a glass of wine before dinner, and have family and friends for dinner at The Bistro, which is The Village’s fully licensed restaurant where residents can go out for a meal, on-site. Since moving in, Walter and Fran have flourished. Fran has her hair done on Fridays, and the couple usually goes on a dinner date to The Bistro after. They like to take in The Village’s entertainment, such as piano at Sunday brunch and the movie nights in the full-screen theatre. Always cracking jokes, Walter notes: “I really enjoyed the winter this year because I had no reason to go outside! But we’re not young anymore; we’re close to 90, and this is just a damn good place to be.”

Vivienne Hauck

LutherCare Communities The Village at Stonebridge



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and take pride in our work. All our work is backed with our material and labour warranties to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Our team is professional, experienced and reliable to get the work completed on time and on budget. • • • • • •

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