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Attention Homeowners: Attention Homeowners: Imagine a durable, versatile and attractive patio cover. One that delivers shade on hot days, protects your family fromand harmful UV patio rays and yourdelivers deck and outdoor Imagine a durable, versatile attractive cover.keeps One that shade on hot furniture during a rainstorm. Suncoast willkeeps custom build your days, dry protects your family from harmfulEnclosures UV rays and your deck andlouvered outdoor rooffurniture as an addition to your home/business or Enclosures as its own will free-standing patio cover. Our dry during a rainstorm. Suncoast custom build your louvered built-in system effectively channels or away rain runoff to preventpatio flooding roof guttering as an addition to your home/business as its own free-standing cover.and Our Imagine a durable, versatile and attractive patio cover. One that delivers shade on hot structural The louvers are channels operatedaway rain runoff to prevent flooding and built-in damage. guttering system effectively days, protects your family from harmful UV rays and keeps your deck and outdoor damage. louvers are operated by astructural hand-held remote The which is charged by an furniture dry during a rainstorm. Suncoast Enclosures will custom build your louvered by a solar hand-held which is charged efficient panel.remote Open the louvers slightlybytoan roof as an addition to your home/business or as its own free-standing patio cover. Our efficient solar panel. the louversallowing slightly to increase ventilation, or a Open full 180 degrees built-in guttering system effectively channels away rain runoff to prevent flooding and increasesunlight ventilation, a full 180 degrees allowing maximum intoor your home. structural damage. are operated maximum sunlightThe intolouvers your home. by a hand-held remote which is charged by an Suncoast Enclosures offers a screened-in, efficient solar panel. Openyou the slightly to Suncoast Enclosures offers a your screened-in, outdoor area that allows tolouvers enjoy deck, outdoor area that allows you to enjoy your deck, increase ventilation, or a full 180 degrees allowing pool, spa or patio without the sense of being pool, spa patio without the sense of being maximum intospace. your home. enclosed insunlight anorindoor The Suncoast Enclosures Team enclosed in an indoor space. The Suncoast Enclosures Team Suncoast Enclosures offers a screened-in, outdoor area that allows you to enjoy your deck, pool, spa or patio without the sense of being 306.761.1801 | Toll Free 1.877.449.5106 enclosed in an indoor space.

Attention Homeowners:

NEW LOCATION! NEW Suite A LOCATION! 3401Suite Pasqua A St. 3401Regina Pasqua St. Regina NEW LOCATION! Suite A 3401 Pasqua St. Regina

306.761.1801 | TollTheFree 1.877.449.5106 Suncoast Enclosures Team| |

There’s a story behind There’s a story behind every fist pump... every fist pump... Every catch has a story

With two kids in hockey, they needed their car back fast. We were able toin provide a vehicle while there vehicle under went With two kids infootball, hockey, they needed their car fast. We With two kids they needed their carback back fast. Weour were RESIDENTIAL • FARM • INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL • LEASED 7 step process of repair. We were able to fix it right on time were able to provide a vehicle while there vehicle under went able to provide a vehicle while their vehicle underwent our for 7our step the hockey tournament. #fistpump RESIDENTIAL • FARM • INDUSTRIAL/COMMERCIAL • the LEASED 7 step of repair. We were able to fix itonright onfor time forfootball process ofprocess repair. We wereBroad able to fix it right time REGINA 300-1118 Street 306.206.0383 | the hockey tournament. #fistpump game. #catchit #theproofisinourprocess So whatever the story may be...We’d like to be a |part of yours. REGINA 300-1118 Broad Street 306.206.0383 So whateverthe the story story may be...We’d likelike to be parta of yours. So whatever may be, we’d toabe part of yours.

3910 Rochdale Boulevard, Regina Rochdale P |3910 306 525 6000 Boulevard, F | 306 543Regina 9822 P | 306 525 6000 F | 306 543 9822


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elcome to the inaugural issue of REFINED Lifestyles serving Regina and area. Focused on tasteful, local living, we deliver content that performs! We are excited to present a mix of local and national columnists which you are sure to enjoy. From glamour to health and fitness to business and beyond, our editorial is meant to inform and entertain you. the next revolution

LIFESTYLES Volume 1 Issue 1 2016

FineHomes FIRST WORD Editor Sherry Lee


Design Amber Moon

Cover Photography Iatridis By SHERRY LEE,Kiriako Associate EditorPhotography


Stylist elcome to our Best of theStudio Best Sara Lindsay Makeup

Fine Homes issue! Regina and area is simply brimming with Photography businesses to help 20th Century Foxwith your building, renovating, restoring, relocating, Andy Hamilton design and decorating Calvin needs, Fehr and inside you will find some of DeAnne the best. Bell

One of these businesses is Frametech, which Erin Crooks you will find on our cover. Iatridis Based out of Estevan, Kiriako Frametech excelsMichael in steel Lasko frame construction, in building. Their story is another example of Saskatchewan entrepreneurial ingenuity and innovation, this time in Contributing of light-gauge steel framing technology Writers for all types of findtheaadaptation variety of construction. The earth-friendly spin makes it even more intriguing.

Inside, you will also Amanda Forrest local businesses ready to serve you with Once again, we bring you engaging editorials, including some of the most Brook Thalgott quality products and services. thatin the world, high tech bathrooms, beautifulOn condos Courtneyand Taitthe fashionable, theme, check out our special feature,and aptly functional fabulous world of kitchen countertops and cabinetry. We Dean Renwick all love the finerofthings of life, and fine accessories add a special touch named Let’s Shop! It highlights some Dr. Julie Zepp Rutledge to your surroundings. Then, there is the ever-changing technology in our the impressive options available in Regina Erin Legg increasingly smart homes. and Moose Jaw. Jill Poulton HGTV’s Scott McGillivray brings great advice on maximizing the ROI of Ken Beattie your appliances. Ken Beattie weighs in with some of this top picks for the

coolest of 2015 and we learn more about decking. Alair Homes graces the cover of plants our new Distribution & Subscriptions magazine. This progressive Spring,company summer and fall are busy seasons for moving and for building or upgrading our homes. focused on building and renovating stylish homes is making its mark in Enjoy the season and keep this issue handy as you continue to make your home surroundingsMarketing the best! Consultants Regina and area. You’ll love the shots of the renovated Regina home you see inside; it’s beyond dazzling in real life.


We have titled this the Bucket List edition, soliciting from a variety of community members their completed, planned or desired “bucket lists” or both. Everyone has a bucket list — those special heart desires you hope to experience during your lifetime — and we would like to know about yours. We’ll be displaying more personal bucket lists in our print magazine and on our soon-to-be-launched website, so get engaged. We’d loveADVERTISING to hear from & SALES MANAGER you at

Associate Editor Sherry Lee Art Direction

Regina Jazz Society Lisa Redden, Associate Regina Symphony Design Orchestra Candace Haiko, Deanne Bell, Ghislaine Moffitt, Shanna Joudrey Robert Gardikiotis family Staff Writers Saskatoon SPCA Courtney Tait, Henny Buffinga, Kevin Hall, Melanie Furlong, Shawn Fulton Tobie Hainstock, Tonya Lambert, Tori Stafford, Trina Annand Wes Tollefson Cover Photography by M2D2 Photography Frametech Systems L-R Brad & Tenille Wilhelm, owners

Kevin Hall Photography Libertee (she and her) Adjile and Amira Homes Ltd., Blum Canada, Calvin Fehr, Rowena List Currey & Company, DeAnne Bell, DuPont Evan Joseph - Urban Tobie Hainstock Compass, Harrods Estates Henry Godnitz, Kohler, M2D2 Photography, Tommy Europe Michael Lasko, Richard Sibbald, Shercom Industries, Southerby’s International Realty, The Designer Pad Tonya Lambert Thom Filicia, Troy Landscape Lighting Tori Stafford Trina AnnandWriters Contributing Apolline Lucyk, Brook Thalgott, Ken Beattie, Kevin Hall, Subi Vaid Distribution & Subscriptions finemags


Brooke Ward 306.551.4789


Blair Arn Fine Homes Regina is published by the Group of Fine Magazines Ltd. Fine Magazines is independently owned. Opinions expressed in Fine Magazines are those of the 306.539.1027 authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or advertisers. Fine Magazines does not assume liability for content. All rights reserved. ©Fine Magazines Ltd. Reproduction in whole or in part without

Be sure to follow Refined Lifestyles Magazine on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll be seeing more of us in the community in the months to come — delivering content that performs. Sandy Zielinski 306.563.7815 Volume 6, Issue 2, 2015

permission is prohibited. For reproduction requests, please call 306.540.3320. Randy Glascock Canada Post Publication Agreement #41818060. Return undeliverables to 3440 Balsam Grove, Regina, Sk, S4V 1H1 306.526.4957 Brooke Watson 306.551.4789

Randy Glascock 306.526.4957

Trevor Folgering Greg Hillmer 306.580.4214 306.550.3853

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REFINED Lifestyles is published by 101296212 Saskatchewan Ltd. Operating as REFINED Lifestyles Publishing. REFINED Lifestyles Publishing makes extensive efforts to maintain accuracy and authenticity. Any errors or misrepresentation of any type are unintentional. All information is accurate at the time of printing. Opinions expressed in the magazine are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or advertisers. REFINED Lifestyles Publishing assumes no liability arising from any such content. All rights reserved. Reproduction in part or in whole is prohibited. For production requests, email

From smelly dog to

heart throb \\ 306.533.9155 \\ \\ 1180 Winnipeg Street Regina





10 Glamour 47 Wellbeing 76 City Life 86 Indulge 103 Action 108 Explore 110 Life with Pets 120 At Home 149 Enterprise 162 Cruise

FEATURES 19 Let’s Shop! 66 Bucket List 114 COVER FEATURE: ALAIR HOMES, Building & Renovating Stylish Homes


New patients welcome N

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KiriaKo iatridis Photography (Cover Feature) Kiriako opened his Regina studio in 2010 with the mandate — above all else, quality first. He has worked with local organizations such as SaskTel, Hillberg & Berk, SGI and Brandt Industries. He has collaborated with national and international organizations and individuals, including Serena Ryder (Juno Award winning & multiplatinum Canadian recording artist), National Geographic, Canadian Pacific Rail, Tornado Hunters (CMT Canada), Red Bull Media House, SportsNet, Chatelaine, Canadian Living and Toronto Raptors.



amber moon Design

deanne bell Photography

Amber is an award winning Canadian designer who loves a solid challenge. Specializing in print design, she has over 17 years of experience in the agency world, and has designed everything from package creative and store signage, athletic performance gear to wallpaper and everything in between. She has truly seen and done it all.

DeAnne Bell (Wood) is a freelance photographer and designer in Regina. A 2012 graduate of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Graphic Communication course, she is now employed there as a part-time instructor. She specializes in real estate, editorial, commercial and food photography.

Calvin Fehr Photography

shawn Fulton Photography

Calvin Fehr is an established Regina based photographer. He has extensive experience working for government, charities, advertising agencies, as well as the film and television industry. An avid cycler, canoeist and cross country skier, Calvin spends much of his personal time enjoying nature and the outdoors.

Shawn Fulton Photography provides commercial, special event and portrait services to the Regina area. Since 2009, Shawn has photographed everything from weddings and conventions to real estate and construction. A master portrait maker, he can bring out the beauty and add creative flare to any subject.

brooK thalgott Writer

tobie hainstoCK Writer

Brook is a freelance writer and consultant with 15 years’ experience in writing, communications and marketing. A graduate of the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University in B.C., she has been writing for various companies and publications since 2012.

Tobie has a lengthy background working in the world of media, including newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and film production. Involved in the community, she currently freelances for various Saskatchewan newspapers, magazines and businesses.

See Veil at your nearest EMCO showroom, The Ensuite Regina.

678 Cornwall St. Regina, SK S4R 1J4 306-352-3626

Spring and Summer


Get to Work! By Dean Renwick

One of the greatest things about living on the Prairies is the changing seasons. Spring and summer are great times to brighten up our wardrobe, which helps brighten our outlooks as well. This season has some great looks happening for office wear for both women and men.




The big colourS For ThiS SeaSon are roSe quarTz and SereniTy blue.

colours can add B ot h of t hmesode er n trend t o a t ouch of ensemble. your wor k

Image Source: Getty / Edward Berthelot

Above Getty | Christian Vierig. Right | A model walks the runway wearing Ralph Lauren Spring 2016 during New York Fashion Week: The Shows at Skylight Clarkson Sq on September 17, 2015 in New York City.

Looks for the Ladies

want it to look too ruffly and bedroomy.

ith a modern take on clean and casual, the 70s look is still going strong. Rich neutrals (brown, black, beige, grey and navy) are definitely in. This works well with other pattern pieces in your wardrobe such as a lovely print blouse. This season, think long and lean — not disco and mean!

Robe dressing has also made its way onto the runway. This is about satin pajamas and robes being worn as street clothes. If you must take on this look, I would suggest a neutral, robe-style maxi coat to wear over your sharply tailored separates and suits. Otherwise, this look is best left for the bedroom.


This season, everyone is talking about rich, beautiful suede. Picture a stunning tan suede outfit with a bright patterned blouse. Simply stunning with the 70s influence, but stay away from those overly exaggerated collars and cuffs; leave that to a minimum. The Victorian look is also making a return. There have been many nods towards the lace and ruffles. The best way to incorporate this look is through blouses and tops. You can have the really high necks, sheer lace sleeves and touches of lace here and there. Don’t go overboard with this look though; you don’t

Prints and florals are always in for spring and summer. This is great daytime attire. Stick with one piece at a time and mix it with solids, neutrals and colours. Let your print be the main focus of your office wear. Try a striped skirt with the rest of your outfit as solids. The big colours for this season are rose quartz and serenity blue. Both of these colours can add a touch of modern trend to your work ensemble. They work beautifully with any neutrals. If stumped, check out Pantone’s website for their spring colour report and see what they are offering. Find out which other colours are great for pairing with these ones.



oFFice FaShion


Whether at home or work, we all want to look stylish and trendy. When at the office, we also want to add professional to that list. How do you choose appropriate yet fashionable business attire? Following are a few guidelines to help you pick out an office wardrobe that will look spectacular. • Avoid clothes that are too tight or too skimpy. If your clothing is too revealing, you may have trouble getting attention for your ideas. Alternatively, avoid clothing that’s too baggy. If your clothing is shapeless, you could end up looking sloppy. • Add pops of colour such as tangerine and yellow to update outfits for spring without overdoing it. • Don’t interpret business casual as dressing for Saturday afternoon. Limit the jeans to Fridays and make sure they’re neatly pressed. Remember, you never know when a meeting with a client or an unexpected event will occur. • Wearing overly trendy clothing can overshadow your work; try to incorporate the flavour of the trend without going overboard. With such an excellent variety of colour and style, it won’t be hard for you to get your groove on in a tasteful and fashionable way this season.

offiCe Wear for hiM This season, bomber jackets are huge. Keep your look clean and classic rather than sporty. These jackets will look smashing with a shirt and tie and slender trouser. Try them in leather or a nylon fabric, but avoid anything too shiny.

Custom couture is how Dean Renwick became ‘Dean Renwick.’ Since returning home to Regina from designing for the stars in Los Angeles, Dean has opened his studio and his heart, turning out sexy, sophisticated styles for the stage, screen and women of all ages. Always giving back to the community and mentoring the next generation of creative couturiers, Dean is a respected member of the fashion industry.

White Chenios and trousers can be a sweet look for summer. They are best worn with deep navy and pops of bright colours. For a casual day at the office, try pairing them with brown accessories. They are also great with chambray pieces such as denim jackets or shirts. Just like every summer, the beige blazer is in — surprise! The simplicity of the colour can be worn with everything you own. It’s great with complimentary pastel colours. Subtle dashes of colour are best added with pocket squares and slim ties. And then there’s the double-breasted blazer. Look for it in a range of contemporary colours that will refresh your old neutrals when paired together. You could also wear it with a white shirt and slender trousers or even with white pants. A fitted silhouette will give you a modern edge.

Above Dean Renwick






, otherwise known as Libertee and Lecina. About 31 years ago, she and her started their relationship when Lecina came home from the hospital; we’ve been sisters by blood and besties by choice ever since. About a year ago, we started a blog to fill a palpable void in the blogosphere, precisely, fashion advice regular people with regular incomes and actual, real-life bodies could relate to. We have a profound appreciation for all things fashion and an unabashed commitment to making style and beauty more accessible and relatable to every woman. Libertee is a make-up artist and photographer who has made her mark in the city of Calgary beauty industry. Lecina calls Saskatoon home and has a knack for the written word. We are excited to bring you our very first printed-in-a-magazine beauty column.



a Red



nce you get to know us a little better, you’ll learn our respect, admiration and reliance for and on the red lip. We love red lips for their ability to make a statement, to instantly dress up an outfit and compensate for the fact we actually had four minutes to get ready in the morning. “If beds are made for sleeping and I am presently in a bed, shouldn’t I keep sleeping?” There are some things you should know before getting started.

Not all reds are created equally! Buying a shade of red lipstick starts with knowing a bit about yourself — specifically, where you fall on the warm versus cool girl spectrum. Ladies with warm qualities will typically have brown to reddish hair, underlying yellow skin tones and brown eyes. Lipstick colours for this skin tone will have orange qualities; think of a brick red. Ladies with cool qualities will have black to ash blonde hair, underlying blue or red skin tones and, green or blue eyes. Ladies in the cool club should look for blue hues of red; think of a ripe cherry.

What you’ll need: 1. A lip exfoliant to soften chapped lips and remove dead skin. We highly recommend integrating this into your nightly regime, because... its’ Saskatchewan. 2. A waterproof lip liner and matching lipstick in a shade complimentary to your skin tone. 3. Guts.

Let’s do this! 14



1 1. Dull tips wreck lips. The most important tool a girl has in pristine lip liner application is a sharpener. Lining a lip with an unsharpened pencil would be the equivalent of signing a cheque with a crayon — not effective. 2. Close your mouth, dear. When lining your lips, you want to ensure you line their natural shape, not what your lips look like catching snowflakes. Additionally, don’t exceed the boundaries of your natural lip line; you’re not fooling anyone. 3. As above, so below. The name of the game is symmetry. Begin in the middle of your top lip and line to its outer corner; follow this same process on the same side of your bottom lip. Repeat on the other side of your lip… beautiful.

2 2

4 4

3 3

4. Too much of good thing. As the day wears on, chances are, you’ll have to reapply; doing so too often can lead to cakey looking kissers. To avoid product buildup, we 4. recommend Too much offilling goodin thing. thewith day awears chances yourAs lips lineron, only in the are, you’ll toyour reapply; doing often can lead corners andhave using lipstick to so filltoo in the pout. to cakey looking kissers. To avoid product buildup, we 5. The finishingfilling touch. We lips highly using recommend in your withrecommend a liner only in the your waterproof liner to fill the crease of your corners and using your lipstick to fill in the pout. lips. Don’t go overboard, but do your best to fill this space to 5. complete The finishing touch. Welip. highly recommend using the look of a full your waterproof liner to fill the crease of your lips. Don’t go overboard, but do your best to fill this space to Before you go! complete the look of a full lip. Once you’ve applied your lip liner and lipstick, smile as hard as you can three go! times. Now look at your teeth. Fix Before you that. You’re welcome. Second, you’ll have to reapply, so Once you’ve applied your lip liner and lipstick, smile as don’t leave your lipstick at home! Finally, if you’re eating, hard as you can three times. Now look at your teeth. Fix we recommend slipping away to the bathroom to take that. You’re welcome. Second, you’ll have to reapply, so your lipstick off; you can always reapply post-meal. don’t leave your lipstick at home! Finally, if you’re eating, we recommend slipping away to the bathroom to take It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance! your lipstick off; you can always reapply post-meal. lipstick! It was Nice a pleasure to make your acquaintance! P.S.


Follow she her on Niceand lipstick! libertee.she lecina.her Follow she and her on libertee.she lecina.her

5 5



PURPOSE By Tobie Hainstock & Sherry Lee



Photos Wes Tollefson



isitors to the opening day of the 2016 What Women Want Show in Regina were treated to the preliminary round of this year’s Mrs. Canada Globe Pageant. Fourteen beautiful women from across the country graced the main stage for an exciting evening full of elegant gowns, stylish swimsuits and introductory comments from each competing delegate. The Mrs. Canada Globe (MCG) pageant is an exciting opportunity for married women or women 26 years of age or older to realize their dream of being in a pageant. Never before held in Canada, the event was organized by Mrs. Canada Globe 2015, Kimberly Castle. As a two-time pageant title holder, Castle had been to the Mrs. Globe Pageant in China and experienced the thrill of the competition. It was at that time she “got the bug” and expressed an interest in becoming the director for the pageant in Canada. “This is the first year we’ve held the pageant in Canada and because I was born and raised in Regina, I wanted to bring it home to the Queen City.” Castle extends appreciation to the What Women Want Show for their partnership and vision. She also thanks Eye Inspire Events: “This pageant wouldn’t be happening without them.” The MCG pageant has entry criteria, and beautiful, healthy women who display grace and confidence are welcome to take part. Interested women can apply on the website ( “We have them submit photos and we do Skype interviews. Then we make a selection and choose delegates,” says Castle. Those delegates, selected from all backgrounds, shapes and sizes, then participate in the pageant. Castle makes it clear this is no ordinary

pageant. “Yes, it has the typical pageant things like evening gowns, swimwear and an interview portion, but there’s a really strong focus on charity.” The ladies are actually required to host at least one charitable fundraising event every year they hold their titles. Funds raised by the 2016 delegates have been donated directly to Regina’s Sophia House — in excess of $40,000. “We are proud of what we are doing in the community,” comments Castle. She adds the charitable nature of the pageant carries on through to the Mrs. Globe pageant, which is a strong supporter of the WIN Foundation (Women in Need Foundation). The Saturday evening pageant again featured all the delegates in their gowns, swimsuits and two special awards prior to the crowning of this year’s winner. The Delegates Choice Award went to Ms. British Columbia Globe, Shannon Terleski. The People’s Choice Award was awarded to Ms. Regina Globe, Chrisinda Tkatch. Canadian country music singer, Amy Nelson of Regina, and Saskatchewanbased hoop dancer, Terrence Littletent, provided entertainment during the evening. E xcitement mounte d wit h t he announcement of the top 10 finalists, who were all interviewed prior to the judges’ final decision. The hometown crowd received a special treat with the crowning of Ms. Regina Globe, Chrisinda Tkatch as Mrs. Canada Globe 2016. Tkatch will have a busy year ahead as she represents her country and her city at numerous public functions. She will also go on to China in November for the Mrs. Globe pageant. Regina and all of Canada will be cheering her on.

Opposite Chrisinda Tkatch, Mrs. Canada Globe 2016 This page Kimberly Castle, Mrs. Canada Globe 2015, pageant judges, pageant delegates



Wedding Gown

CLEANING PRESERVATION RESTORATION. Busy Bee Cleaners is proud to be Saskatchewan's only certified Wedding Gown specialist. We are accredited by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, and endorsed by the Association of Bridal Consultants. With over 30 years of experience, you can trust that your wedding gown will receive the finest care to ensure it's protected and preserved for the future.

Preserving treasured memories, one dress at a time . . . We hand-clean all of our gowns individually, using the exclusive MuseumCare™ process, taking care to protect delicate beads, embroidery and lace in the process. We ensure the longevity of your gown with our patented anti-sugar stain treatment, which ensures that all stains (both visible and invisible) are removed, using special black light testing. This allows us to accurately pinpoint invisible stains, which if not treated properly, can caramelize over time, causing brown stains. Personal inspection is available after cleaning to ensure satisfaction. We preserve and store all of our gowns using acid-neutral MuseumCare™ tissue paper, and archival quality wedding chests. (A neutral pH protects against damage during long-term storage and prevents yellowing) We offer a 100% International Guarantee backed by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists in over 500 cities around the world. Should you decide to wear your gown again, we will inspect and press it at no charge.

Call Wendy at (306) 789-9666 to arrange your consultation free of charge! 2573 E QUANCE STREET, REGINA, SK


(306) 789 - 9666

LET’S SHOP! “If the shoe fits, buy it in every colour!” — Author Unknown

Every deck is built for standing on. Only one is known for standing out. When it comes to life outdoors, nothing outperforms the world’s #1 decking brand. Only Trex is engineered to eliminate time-consuming maintenance while providing superior scratch, fade and stain resistance. So when the time comes to build your next deck, make sure it’s Trex. To learn more about how Trex is making the most in outdoor living, contact Fries Tallman Lumber. Serving Southern Saskatchewan since 1956 1737 Dewdney Avenue Regina | 305.525.2791 197 Victoria Avenue Fort Qu’Appelle | 306.332.2833



CITY Shopping in Regina has never been more fun. Areas such as Rochdale Boulevard, Harbour Landing and the city’s east end continue to expand, and with this growth, an amazing range of one-of-a-kind shops, eateries and boutiques have emerged.

The Thrill of Downtown With more than 60 retailers, The Cornwall Centre always activates your inner fashionista. The entire downtown area offers an amazing variety of boutiques, restaurants, bistros, hotels and entertainment. Don’t miss the Regina Farmers’ Market running Wednesdays and Saturdays outdoors in the downtown plaza from May 7 to October 8, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Chilled-out Cathedral Village

Enriched with a unique charm and ambience, the Cathedral Village features a special vintage feel and appeal. Whether you are a foodie or just a lover of fine quality unique fashions, the Cathedral Village offers a variety of specialty shops. Wander this charming area, “shop ‘til you drop,” and then enjoy the many restaurants, cafes, bakeries and coffee shops. Shop the Village!

Trendy New Canterbury Park The Canterbury Park area is attracting a lot of attention these days. Located in the heritage area of Broad Street and College Avenue, this trendy new area boasts some fabulous shopping tucked in and around beautiful new buildings and housing with a heritage feel. While away the hours shopping for everything from the latest fashions to your favourite music. When you need a break, stop into one of the coffee shops or unwind at The Lobby. To top it off, try a new hairstyle or treatment at the Style Academy. Canterbury Park caters to you!

The Very BesT in essenTial Oils

Discover the

Benefits By Brook Thalgott Photos DeAnne Bell



Let’s Shop Regina!


ssential oils are all the rage these days, with people enjoying the benefits these all-natural products can provide. Regina is now home to Escents, a company committed to bringing its customers the very best in essential oils, wellness and bath and body products. Leane Zborosky opened Saskatchewan’s first Escents location in Southland Mall in November, 2015. Leane has a personal connection to Escents, as the company was founded in Vancouver 24 years ago by her cousin, Jacqui MacNeill. “When Jacqui offered the chance for me to open a location in Regina, I grabbed it,” says Leane. “I have enjoyed and benefited from

Leane Zborosky, owner

products abound, including kits with the most popular oils. You can even make your own blends, customized to your needs in the form that works best for you — diffusers, lotion, facial serum, bath oil, room spray — you name it! Whatever your needs are, Escents can find the oil and product that works best for you.

AromAtherApy cAn provide relief And heAling for All kinds of issues — from relieving stress to AlleviAting heAdAches, breAthing issues And skin conditions. Escents products and I am so happy to share Escents with the city.” So, what is aromatherapy? It’s been defined by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy as the “the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.” Aromatherapy can provide relief and healing for all kinds of issues — from relieving stress to alleviating headaches, breathing issues and skin conditions. Escents provides the essentials oils and products to practice this art and science. “Essential oils can help relieve issues or prevent them from occurring,” says Leane. “If you’re looking for relief from something physical or mental, we can help

find you the oil or product that may help ease away the problem.” Aromatherapy uses nature’s pharmacy — plant extracts — to provide comfort and well-being. Eucalyptus helps combat the effects of colds and the flu; peppermint is great for headache relief; and rosemary can help with concentration and alertness. In addition to many essential oils, you’ll also find an array of all natural skin care, bath and body products, as well as home scent goods. There are lovely shea milled soaps, fizz bath bombs, body butters, hand lotions, shower gels, body scrubs… and the list goes on. And, of course, all are made with Escents 100 per cent therapeutic, natural essential oils. For home fragrance, there are diffusers, candles and sprays — all naturally scented. Wellness

Because Escents is a Canadian company, you can also enjoy competitive pricing on everything in-store. “We’re better priced than our U.S. counterparts, and you don’t have to pay for shipping on top of your purchase,” says Leane. “Plus, we’re local; there’s no waiting for a parcel to come in the mail. You can just stop by and check us out and purchase on the spot. You can’t get more convenient than that!” Open Monday and Tuesday from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesday through Friday until 9 p.m., Saturdays 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m., now is the time to see what Escents can do for you. Learn more at

Southland Mall 2965 Gordon Road Regina 306.545.0051



Don’t be afraid of the dark‌

AuNoir is a shirt line made from the finest luxury cottons. With its flattering fit and lavish size range, seeing is believing and wearing is knowing.

D E N I M , S U I T S , S H O E S , TA I L O R I N G A N D S O M U C H M O R E E a s t L a n d i n g M a l l | 2 4 4 5 Q u a n c e S t r e e t | 3 0 6 . 5 2 2 . 4 6 6 7 | t r i n o s m e n s w e a r. c o m |



A Treasure Chest of Style

Trina Fader, owner

A treasure is hard to find, but it’s always worth the search. Look to Trino’s in the East Landing Mall for treasures in styles that are modern and cutting-edge; we have everything from formal suits to weekend wear. We’ve been preparing for the spring season, and have everything for those special men in your lives. Owner and Paragon winner, Trina Fader, and her staff can outfit men of any age and size. They even keep client sizes on file to make future visits and gift shopping easy.

Bring in this ad for 15% off your purchase of original priced merchandise. One time use only.

25% off for high school grads purchasing a suit, shirt and tie.

East Landing Mall | 2445 Quance Street 306.522.4667 | | |

The Innovators of Comfort

When Comfort is of the Essence You’re the only one who knows what feels best for you. That is why we encourage all of our customers to try a Stressless®. This ensures that you will find a recliner with the right size and firmness. We can guarantee that it will be time well spent. A Stressless® recliner is after all an investment for many years to come.

SAVE UP TO 20% on select Stressless sofas and loveseats and select in-stock Recliners

Come Try Your Stressless® Exclusively at

Furniture “Come Discover The Difference”

1601–6th Avenue, Regina | 306.525.5428 |

More than a

Bead Store!




A new development nestled in the heart of Regina, Canterbury Park offers charming living and trendy shops. Located next to the heritage buildings on the corner of College Avenue and Broad Street and across the street from Regina’s beautiful Wascana Park, this area boasts upscale shopping in a heritage setting. Wander south on Broad Street or dip into Badham Boulevard, and you will find a charming array of businesses just waiting for you. Women’s clothing, hair and esthetic services, unique boutiques, coffee shops… the list goes on. Many of the locals enjoy The Lobby Kitchen & Bar for lunch or to wind down at the end of the day. Whether it’s just for an hour or a long-awaited afternoon out with the girls, the intimate world of Canterbury Park is ready and waiting to pamper you!

For those looking for alternatives to traditional healing methods, Beadplus offers soothing massage therapy and innovative Crystal Light Healing® technology. Crystal Light Healing® incorporates elements of light, colour, sound and crystals. This method holds clear energetic space and works with the spirits at the casa. This is one of the most complete therapeutic experiences offered today. Embark on your healing journey in our state-of-the-art massage room. Appointments for treatments can easily be made by phone or online.

1721 Badham Blvd. Regina 306.757.2323







STATEMENT By Brook Thalgott Photos Calvin Fehr


egina is home to many hidden gems waiting to be discovered, and Bib & Tucker Clothing is one of them. Tucked away in the city’s Canterbury Place neighbourhood — a growing hub of interesting shops and restaurants just south of downtown on Broad Street — it’s a must-see stop for any fashionista. Owner Gaynor Novak has created a relaxed place to find the perfect outfit or accessory. The shop carries a mix of the emerging designers and perennial favorites, plus fashion brands that can’t be found anywhere else in the city — making it the place to find something unique. You’ll find beautiful clothing by brands such as Skunkfunk from Spain, which offers unique style with a focus on sustainability. You can also check out Miik, a Canadian brand made in Toronto to minimize their carbon footprint, plus Crazy About Black and Crazy Print — a new Canadian brand that expresses a unique feminine style without revealing too much. Plus, the store carries clothing for every body type. You know that feeling you get when you stand in front of the mirror and say “I love it.” That’s the joy Bib & Tucker hopes every customer experiences in their store. “We work hard to make sure our customers find pieces that suit them and take their style to the next level,” says Gaynor. “We are happiest when we make people happy and make them feel good in what they’re wearing.” Bib & Tucker is open from 11 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. Monday to Saturday. Make this unique store a fashion destination. Bib & Tucker Clothing 2535 Broad Street Regina 306.569.3733



The Thrill of the


tylish, professional, chic, original, friendly and sometimes just a little bit sassy — you embrace life and all that it has to offer. For you, life is about full and rich experiences. That’s why you love shopping at Bonnie’s of Course. Not only are the fashions stunning and high quality, but the shopping experience is second to none. Bonnie Schweitzer has been helping women from across Canada look and feel amazing for more than 25 years. Carrying a variety of top fashion brand names such as Simon Chang Collection, Cartise, Banana Blue, Koko Marina and Link, Bonnie’s offers a lovely selection of high quality fashions for the woman who loves to look as fabulous as she feels. Because she prides herself in supplying only the best quality fashions that look, feel and fit great, everything in the store has been specially selected by Schweitzer herself. “I would never buy a garment for this store if I can’t look at it and touch it first,” Schweitzer says. Whether shopping for a wedding, travelling, a special event or looking to update your work or casual wardrobe, Schweitzer and her staff are ready to assist you in finding that perfect look.

“We’re here to help our customers find something great!” says Schweitzer. That’s not always as easy as it may seem because sometimes the client comes in feeling unsure about what she wants. The team at Bonnie’s has a wealth of experience in fashion and are ready to serve. “Helping ladies find what they are looking for is probably what we do best. Sometimes that happens right away and sometimes it might take a couple of hours, but that’s okay; we are here to make sure they leave the store looking and feeling spectacular,” she adds. Schweitzer explains the entire shopping experience is really about trusting your sales associates. At Bonnie’s, you can count on receiving fashion wisdom and expertise. Sometimes that might mean being nudged a bit to step “outside the box” and try something completely new. “When that happens, the client will discover a lot of people giving compliments on the fresh new look. The next time the client comes back, she will say, “Okay, I’m here — just pick something,” chuckles Schweitzer. “Too many people are in a hurry,” Schweizter notes. “Never rush through it. Take your time and enjoy your shopping experience.” In this fast paced world where we are bombarded by promotional emails and trade show frenzies, wouldn’t it be a nice experience to grab lunch or a coffee and just shop, relax and have fun? Husbands and boyfriends — are you looking for that perfect gift for your special lady? Drop into Bonnie’s and let them help you find something she’ll absolutely adore. Where can you go to experience the thrill of high quality fashion? Bonnie’s of Course! Bonnie’s of Course 1728 Badham Blvd Regina 306.586.7555

Above Bonnie Schweitzer. Photo by Calvin Fehr.



Let’s Shop Cantebury!

Designer Cartise

Visit us at our

NEW LOCATION Bonnie’s of Course

Designs available in store now Designer Tricotto

Designer Cartise

Designer Joseph Ribkoff



“Proudly inventing fine jewellery for over 35 years” — Scott Olson

Preserving Your Memories • • • • • • • •

2529 Broad St Regina 306.352.6811

All the visits are free. No obligation. Compliments of local businesses.



to receive your free gifts and information

For more information call or visit:


Digital cameras, binoculars, microscopes Full digital print & poster services Prints, slides & negatives digitized Passport photos while you wait Video transfer to DVD Photo restoration & retouching Canvas gallery wraps & metal prints Full in-house photo gifting services

1720 Badham Blvd. 306.586.0311 |

Whatever Your Size Fun & Sexy Lingerie —

2015 BBB of Saskatchewan

Torch award For Business Excellence, Integrity, and Honesty

PrimaDeanna offers beautiful lingerie from all over the world in specialty sizes. Our philosophy is no matter what size bra you require, you deserve to have the most fun, sexy lingerie available for a reasonable price.

Bras & Lingerie

• Exclusive brands include Heidi Klum, Fayreform, Evollove, Corin, Montelle, Curvy Couture, Corin, Elila, Wacoal, b.tempt’d, Sassa, Parfait, Curvy Kate, Creme Bralee and Knixwear • Bras stocked in band sizes 30-42 bands and A-I cups (DDDDDD cup) • Strapless bras in sizes 30-42 bands and A-H cups



• Gorgeous bridal lingerie in sizes S- 3XL

• Specially selected styles and brands for the large busted woman

• Regina’s exclusive retailer of Lil in the Middle waist training corsets

• Cherry Velvet dresses — retro sass and modern class

We stock the best selection of shapewear in the city for under gowns, waist training or just every day.

We offer separates and dresses that take you from casual to the office.

• Free alterations on new bras; warranty on all bras; fittings included

Stop in and enjoy the PrimaDeanna boutique experience.

3104-13th Ave. Regina 306.531.6750 |

oY ur C up of Tea

We are a unique family owned and operated business located in historic downtown Moose Jaw. We are proud to provide a selection of premium organic loose leaf tea blends sealed and ready for purchase. Our collection showcases tea from around the world. Whether you visit us to pick your favourite blend, attend one of our “specialtea� charity tea parties, or book our tea room to host a special event,we are sure you will enjoy your visit to Simplicitea.

Organic Boutique and Tea Room 50 Stradacona St W Moose Jaw 306.693.6060 |

Urban Illusions




There’s nothing like a great shopping excursion! Why not make a day of it in Moose Jaw for your next session of retail therapy? The Town ’n Country Mall offers a variety of shops and restaurants; whether you are looking for retailers, eating out or catching a movie, there’s definitely something for everyone. Downtown Moose Jaw features many intriguing shops sure to spike your interest and flame your purchasing fire. Looking for unique fashions and home décor items? Visit the impressive array of boutiques nestled in and around historic buildings that continue to charm local residents and attract visitors with their nostalgic warmth. Moose Jaw provides a number of excellent eateries. Savour lunch at the Yvette Moore Art Gallery or enjoy the authentic flavours of Bobby’s Place, Mitsu Sweet Café or Nit’s Thai Food. For a sweet treat, visit the Common Café and Bakery or the Chocolate Moose Fudge Factory. Excellent fine dining and licensed establishments such as Grant Hall Dining Room and Lounge, and Hopkins Dining Parlour will take you on a culinary journey sure to satisfy your palate.

Featuring hair artist, Lana Weatherby, who comes to Moose Jaw with 26 years’ experience. Educator/Master Colourist with ISO/JOICO for 10 years, Lana worked with some of North America’s top stylists. She specializes in trendy up-and-coming colouring techniques. As a certified image consultant, she uses “your fashion personality” to pick the perfect colour and style. Reasonable prices!

What our clients are saying about Lana:

She is the definition of a colour expert! A very talented hairdresser, Lana has a pure natural art with hair. She can offer you a unique designed hairstyle.

Moose Jaw abounds with amenities and events. Sidewalk Days, which takes place this year from June 16 to 18, brings in vendors from near and far with countless specialty items and collectibles. Enjoy delicious food and entertainment as you make your way from one shopping attraction to the other. “Christmas in October” is another much anticipated annual event that is a delightful way to kick off the holiday shopping season. Moose Jaw retailers offer special events to assist you with your Christmas gift purchasing. No matter what time of year, Moose Jaw provides a great escape for those seeking something a little out of the ordinary on their shopping list. Discover the many delights this city has to offer.

48 Stradacona Street West Moose Jaw 306.631.4247 (HAIR)

Design is a

Journey of



ith days getting longer and warmer and spring upon us, it’s time to shed our heavy winter layers and embrace the season. It’s not just swapping out sweaters for sandals, but also freshening up our homes with new décor with spring and summer in mind. Jillian’s Design Elements, located in Moose Jaw’s historic downtown, is the place to put some spring in your step and your home. Owner Jillian Bilawchuk — born and raised in Moose Jaw — has created



By Brook Thalgott Photos Erin Crooks

a boutique and showroom filled with beautiful and stylish home décor and gifts ready to make your home come alive. “Our store is filled with everything from art, home decor and furniture to purses, jewellery and giftware,” says Jillian. “Our in-house design service can guide your home decorating project with consultations on everything from paint colour to major home renovations.” This spring, Jillian suggests freshening up your space by adding faux grasses and greenery to existing vases and succulents to

Let’s Shop MOOSE JAW!

Jillian Bilawchuk, owner

oversized bowls. You can lighten the textures in your space by changing out your heavy drapery side panels and fur toss cushions with something in a linen or cotton fabric. And, change out your table runner to something a little lighter or brighter in colour. “Remember not every home decorating project needs to be big,” says Jillian. “Changing out light fixtures and paint colour can make a tremendous transformation to your space.” If you’re considering more drastic changes, Jillian is seeing many great trends in 2016. Gold and black are the latest finishes for fixtures, hardware and accessories. She strives to bring the latest and greatest in design trends to her customers, always staying on top of what’s hot and new for the upcoming season. Much of the furniture is made in Canada, so it’s wellbuilt and reasonably priced. “Because our showroom floor isn’t that large, people don’t realize how much furniture we offer,” says Jillian. “Our options are vast, so you can truly design the perfect room for your home.” Jillian and her team also work hard to provide an exceptional shopping experience with superior service to every customer who walks through the door. Lana, Tracy, Lauren and Marcie keep the store running and go above and beyond to provide every customer with a great experience. “Many of the relationships we create with our customers have evolved into friendships,” says Jillian.

It’s also a family affair, with Jillian’s husband, two young children and her parents spending plenty of time at the store. “My cousin Karrin also opened her business under mine, JDE Drafting and Design,” says Jillian. “She joins me in all my consultations and offers drafting and project management services.” Serving customers in Moose Jaw and area since 2007, Jillian’s Design Elements is a place to come and be inspired. You can sign up for a monthly newsletter on the latest design topics, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay current on new arrivals, projects and promotions.

Jillian’s Design Elements 621 Main St N., Moose Jaw 306.693.0673 jilliansdesignelements Jillians-Design-Elements



#FACstyledestination Between February 1 and December 31, 2016, we are giving away



in travel vouchers each month —

$1,500 to the winning jewellery stylist and $1,500 to the winning customer.

Your Full Service Kitchen Store

All entries will be entered into a grand prize draw at the end of December for a hosted, all-inclusive trip for two to the company president’s private villa in Huatulco, Mexico!

After years of watching people look for a cabinet and countertop shop, I searched out a high quality affordable cabinet supplier and a full service countertop supplier — partnering with them to open a full service kitchen store in Moose Jaw.We have numerous door styles, wood species and colours to choose from, as well as many options for your cabinets and countertops.

Fine Fashion Jewellery Fifth Avenue Collection is a dynamic international direct sales company selling one of the most comprehensive collections of high-line fashion jewellery for men, women and children. With exquisite designs for your style and budget, it is the brand of choice for millions of fashion-conscious women around the world. We offer you an exciting, flexible career to enrich your life with fun, fashion, new friends, increased finances and freedom! Beauty, glamour and success await you! #FACstyle

When planning a renovation, you should be able to find all the right people in one place. We offer a full service solution — from “supply only” to complete renovation of your kitchen and/ or bathroom — including finishing carpenters, flooring, drywallers, electricians and plumbers. - Randy Logan, owner

468 High St. W. Moose Jaw 306.694.1299 |

Member Regina & Region Home Builders’ Regina & Region Association Home Builders’ Association

Regina & Region Home Builders’ Association




Heather Teriann

Rowan Clothing Co. opened its doors in October 2014 and has received love and support from the community ever since then. We are locally owned and our style stands alone in Moose Jaw. We offer timeless and trendy clothing, footwear, and accessories for men and women. We love listening to our customers’ style needs, then tracking down the “in” styles and bringing them to our city. Some examples include Brunette Label, Sincerely Jules, Zanerobe and Publish. We also offer Canadian-made home and body products. We are located on Moose Jaw’s historic River Street, so when designing the shop, we used old Saskatchewan barn woods and Canadian white pine to bring that old-school, warm, inviting vibe. We update our social media daily to ensure you are always on top of new and trending goods!

Rowan Clothing Co. Unit B 11 River St. W Moose Jaw | Rowan Clothing Co | rowanclothingco

The Dealership Where Customers Become Friends Scott Evans, owner

At our deAlership, we have devoted ourselves to helping and serving our customers to the best of our ability. We believe the cars we offer are the highest quality and ideal for your life needs. We made your Ford the superior vehicle it is today and we want to ensure it remains that way - whether it's taken you 10,000 miles or 100,000 miles. That's why Moose Jaw Ford offers Ford service and repair, so you have access to the latest specialized technology and precise analysis from Ford trained technicians who undergo regular, frequent training so they're always up-to-date on every component of your vehicle. By bringing your Ford vehicle to Moose Jaw Ford for all your service and repair needs - from regularly scheduled appointments to major repairs - you can count on a continued driving experience unlike any other - for every single mile of your lease or ownership.

Come & see us At your new loCAtion!

Working out of our state-of-the-art service department, Moose Jaw Ford technicians are highly trained and certified to perform whatever work you may need on your vehicle including: General Automotive Repair Preventative Car Maintenance Air Conditioning and Heater Service Cooling System and Radiator Repair Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement Oil Filter Replacement Brake Repair Engine Diagnostic Tune-Up Belts, Hoses, Fluids Air Filters Alternators Batteries Headlights Starters Transmission Services Struts All Fluid Level Checks & Corrections


For the 13th year in a row, Ford of Canada has honored Moose Jaw Ford with the President's Award. Moose Jaw Ford has gained a well-earned reputation as a top dealership. Come see us and become a member of the Moose Jaw Ford Family and see what our customers and the Ford Motor Company sees in us.

Moose Jaw Ford 1010 North Service Road, Moose Jaw 1.844.724.3673

Experience Inner Peace at Sahara Spa Sahara Spa is located in the historic CNR Station nestled in downtown Moose Jaw. Luxurious ambiance and a warm atmosphere will calm your mind and refresh your senses. Prairie hospitality beckons — sit back, sip a cup of herbal tea and experience inner peace. Our rejuvenating spa services are delivered by highly experienced, five-star educated professionals who train extensively on products, services and customer service. Our unique and flavourful menu includes spa services from around the world. Relax with our Balinese Massage that relieves tension and increases blood flow, leaving you refreshed and renewed. Drift away during a Canadian Rosehip Stone Massage that uses organically grown Canadian rose hip oil to melt stress away. Experience our exclusive Primavera certified natural and organic skincare and aromatherapy products — a new German product line. And there is much more. For information on our full array of spa services, visit Your connection to world class spa services.

Sahara Spa 341 Stadcona Street East Moose Jaw 1.306.692.1012

Bucket lists are often equated with our measure of personal success.They represent the challenges we overcome and the magnitude of our dreams. Above all, they celebrate the human capacity to dream big and achieve those callings deep within our hearts. We hope you enjoy the first group of “bucket lists” in this issue. We will be doing many more, and would love to hear yours. Email your bucket list story to, and you could be featured in our annual Bucket List issue in Spring 2017 or on our website,, coming soon!

Yvette Moore, owner

Art, Shopping & Lunch — Prairie Style in a Heritage Setting An artist’s gift is the ability to see the world through a lens of exquisite detail. With a keen eye, opportunity is created with things that may have otherwise been missed. Fortunately, no detail was overlooked when artist, owner and entrepreneur, Yvette Moore reclaimed one of Moose Jaw’s finest pieces of architecture — the former 1910 Land Titles Building. This landmark of history houses an art gallery, shopping and lunch destination. Completely restored and elegantly detailed, the Yvette Moore Gallery will take your breath away. Journey through the Prairies with the captivating detail of Yvette’s own artwork and the hand-crafted works of artisans from across Western Canada. There are no souvenirs quite like the ones inspired entirely by the natural beauty and resources of a province. Take the Prairies with you or share its finest gifts that can be treasured forever.





76 Fairford St. West, Moose Jaw | 306.693.7600 | Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. | Serving lunch 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. | Closed stat holidays

Make the Right Decision...

GO WITH TRUST! Photos Andy Hamilton

It Is ImperatIve to choose a knowledgeable, honest agent who wIll skIllfully represent your best Interests throughout the entIre real estate transactIon process.


n a world where your real estate decisions can quickly become a life learning experience, buying and selling real estate is complex. It is imperative to choose a knowledgeable, honest agent who will skillfully represent your best interests throughout the entire real estate transaction process. The importance of selecting the right REALTOR® is your No. 1 responsibility. “While it’s your choice to buy or sell, you empower your agent with trust to help gain better market awareness to make well informed decisions, support your final choice and control the negotiations,” explains Vicki Pantelopoulos, REALTOR ®/Owner of Global Direct Realty Inc. As an agent, Vicki believes it is paramount to recognize that this relation of confidence must be nurtured and maintained at all cost. Vicki has built a successful professional career and her reputation speaks for itself. Having been awarded

with consecutive corporate achievements, nothing — absolutely nothing — inspires her more than being referred to new clients. Referrals from past clients have been a major contributor to her accomplishments. Says Vicki: “I guarantee your trust will not be fruitless as I endeavour to make your real estate experience with me the best you ever had by keeping you the most informed in the market place and to ensure your goals are met every time.” As an owner of Global Direct Realty Inc., Vicki has been able to expand her marketing capabilities and services. “I felt very restricted before. Leading the marketing for Global Direct Realty has allowed me to offer digital marketing tools that are second to none. I had craved to become a virtual agent and office, and being on the cutting edge is very exciting for me. With the way buyers and sellers are searching for real estate, I can work from anywhere anytime. Knowing I can help make a difference is very rewarding.”

Left Vicki Pantelopoulos, REALTOR ®/Owner of Global Direct Realty Inc.



“It’s my job to know the market and my clIents’ goals and help guIde them to success. I prIde myself In developIng carefully crafted market strategIes that produce results.” Vicki is a top producer* and she believes proven results are ultimately driven by how effectively one can use the tools at their disposal to achieve the best possible outcome. It requires constant diligence and efforts to develop and promote all available avenues to expose a client’s investment to as many customers as possible. “It’s my job to know the market and my clients’ goals and help guide them to success. I pride myself in developing carefully crafted market strategies that produce results.” Market awareness combined with strong work ethics is key!

Let Vicki’s trust, knowledge and marketing tools go to work for you. With offices in Moose Jaw and Regina, Vicki can be reached at 306.690.9268. She adds: “I look forward to meeting you on your next real estate transaction.” Global Direct Realty Inc.* 2013-2016 138 Fairford St. W, Moose Jaw 2361 1st Avenue, Regina 306.690.9268



Hanover Cabinets GRAND OPENING En Fleek Permanent Makeup Clinic Moose Jaw’s Premier Permanent Makeup Clinic

O P E N I N G S P R I N G 201 6

• Custom Kitchen Cabinets & Vanities • Counter Tops in Laminate, Granite & Quartz • 3-D Computer Design Service Certified Journeyman Cabinetmakers Sid Hanover (306) 631-8727 Jason Cushway (306) 631-0556 Joseph Cushway (306) 631-0153 Email Fax (306) 692-6004

Locally owned and operated, En Fleek is set to open in Spring 2016 in the beautiful and historic Hammond Building in downtown Moose Jaw. Makeup artist/owner/proprietor, Robyn Geres, has 15-plus years of experience in the field of aesthetics. In addition to permanent makeup, En Fleek will offer Skin Revision®, an up and coming method of removing skin blemishes such as varicose veins, moles, skin tags and even tattoos.

En Fleek Permanent Makeup Clinic 407-310 Main St. N. Moose Jaw 306.704.0016 & 1.888.596.0212 | | COMING SOON



100 CALORIES By Tommy Europe


he weather is changing and as each day gets longer, we are presented with greater opportunities to burn excess calories. Regardless of what you may think, burning a few extra calories doesn’t have to be hard work! I’m going to share eight ways to burn 100 calories while smiling and having fun in the process. I’ll also share some additional ways to get a little bit extra calorie burn by putting a bit of “oomph” in the process.

1. BURN: BikiNg

Take advantage of the warm weather with one of the most fun modes of transportation. Biking lets you feel the wind and experience the world around you in ways not possible when driving a car or sitting on a bus. Hop on your beloved two-wheeler for 15 minutes keep the pedals moving and you’ll cut 100 calories from your waistline. You can also “double down” for 30 minutes for that extra burn.


A round of miniature golf may not seem intense, but it’s enough to get rid of 100 calories. Act goofy the whole time to embarrass your kids and you’ll burn even more! If you have more time, why not try walking an entire 18-hole golf course? It’s a fantastic way to burn a lot of calories — approximately 2,000 to 2,700 calories. Yup, that’s right — and it’s also a great way to get some social time in with friends.

3. BURN: ClimB ON

Feeling particularly adventurous or ready to try something new? Slip on some climbing shoes and hit your local climbing wall. And don’t worry — you don’t have to climb hundreds of feet to drop 100 calories. You’ll get rid of that many calories in less than 10 minutes. Just be careful; climbing is an effective workout that is highly addictive and fun. You can even up the ante with a great hike. Just grab your water and burn baby burn.

4. BURN: STANd TAll (ANd geT WeT)

Want to stay cool while you burn 100 calories? Hop in the boat for an afternoon of water skiing or wake boarding. You’ll leave 100 calories in your wake after just Left Tommy Europe




15 minutes of skiing and every minute after that gets rid of even more — all while you don’t break a sweat.

5. BURN: BANg The dRUm

By far one of the most fun instruments out there to play, the drums can also be physically demanding. Bang around on them vigorously for half an hour and you’ll meet your goal of burning 100 calories and leave with a smile.

6. BURN: geT SOiled

You want to eat better and get fit at the same time. Well, here’s the good news: you can do both by planting your own garden. Within the first 25 minutes of digging and planting, 100 calories will go out the window, and when your veggies peek out of the ground, your diet will take a giant step in the right direction. Maybe this is the perfect time to move or adjust your outdoor furniture as well. Every time I’m outside, I love to make a workout out of my movements. That way I burn more calories, while getting a lean, toned physique.


Even people who hate dancing in public smile while dancing at home with a loved one. Bring out the kid inside you and release your “Weird Al” Yankovic, lol. You’ll be surprised how sweaty you’ll be after just 15 to 20 minutes, and you can have peace of mind knowing you just shook 100 calories from your shrinking frame. To burn even more calories, step up the pace and join a Zumba class; now that’s something to dance about!

8. BURN: FlY high

Trampolines aren’t just for kids. They’re for anyone who wants to burn 100 calories in half an hour. Does it sound too good to be true? Start jumping for joy every day and watch the changes in your body. If you want to really expedite your results, consider working with me on an online fitness plan that will turn you into a fat burning machine. Visit for training options. Now get out there and SHRED those calories. I look forward to hearing from you. May the SHRED be with you!

Best known as the tough love television host of the The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp and Bulging Brides, Tommy Europe is Canada’s most recognized and sought-after fitness coach. Founder of Tommy Europe Fitness, Tommy is an entrepreneur, award-winning fitness coach, best-selling author, keynote speaker and creator of the SHRED Training Philosophy. Tommy earned his fitness credentials in the school of very hard knocks — as a professional football player. An 11 year veteran, Tommy was a two-time all-star defensive back in the Canadian Football League (CFL), playing with the Montreal Alouettes, Winnipeg Blue Bombers and B.C. Lions. His football career included winning the Grey Cup in 1994, and earning a shot in the NFL with the New Orleans Saints. Tommy is also an honoured member of the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame, B.C. Lions Wall of Fame, and B.C. Football Hall of Fame.






Keeping Your Adrenal Glands

HealtHy By Dr. Julie Zepp Rutledge BSc ND

Over the last 10 years practicing as a naturopathic doctor, I’ve come to recognize, respect and work with the impact of stress in our lives. Many disorders, conditions and diseases are now being shown to be the result of stress. So what can we do?




Ask yourself whAt Activities or commitments don’t nourish you. delegAte them or simply eliminAte them from your life.

• Get more sleep — eight to 10 hours a night. If you have sleep difficulties, seek assistance from a natural health care provider.

or toast and instead try a protein rich smoothie, eggs or a bowl of oatmeal loaded with protein rich hemp seeds, chia and other raw nuts or seeds.

• Seek assistance even if you don’t have sleep difficulties. We cannot go through life alone, and friends and family are not good enough resources, no matter how wonderful they are. Be sure you resonate with your helpers in your resource network. If you find someone who is not a good fit for you, find someone else.

• Don’t avoid carbs. Though the adrenals like protein, they do not love a low carb diet. The mood boosting benefits of complex carbs such as quinoa, rice, squash and sweet potato are imperative to keep your nervous system calm and promote good sleep.

• Learn how to breathe. Take a meditation class or yoga class or find a good website with breathing exercises. When we change our breath and lengthen and deepen it, this can relax our entire system. Breathing in activates the fight or flight and breathing out activates the relaxation part of the nervous system. • Eat more protein. The adrenals love protein, especially in the morning. They really benefit by steady blood sugar, so avoid straight up fruit, cereal

• Take your vitamins. B complex, Magnesium, Vitamin C and fish oils are the key nutrients for adrenal gland function. • Consider a herbal adrenal support. In many cultures, people use teas or soups that contain adrenal tonics (such as Reishi mushroom, ginseng root, Maca root, astragalus and so on) as part of their daily nutrition regime. Here, we tend to deplete ourselves further with caffeine and alcohol, thinking we don’t need to take supplements and that we can support ourselves through our food. I am much more resilient when I consume my



herbs for my adrenals. Th ere are many commercially available options and if you are at all concerned about “self-prescribing,” seek professional counsel. • Cut the caff eine (from black tea and coff ee; caff eine from green tea is much gentler and has some benefi ts) and the alcohol. Try replacing these with herbal teas or more water. • Exercise, but don’t overdo it. Ideally (work up to it) aim for 30 to 45 minutes of high intensity interval training three to fi ve times per week. If you are just starting off high intensity, make it a fast walk or climbing the stairs. If you have been at it awhile, but are feeling burned out, maybe it is time to cut back and start shortening your workouts and alternating days with activities like yoga. • Learn to say no. One of our biggest stressors is how much we put on our plates. Ask yourself what activities or commitments don’t nourish you. Delegate them or simply eliminate them from your life. • Watch your thoughts. See how often your own thoughts provoke angst within you, knowing it results in a body-wide reaction that might leave you with

physical problems. Our brains get conditioned to habitual responses and new brain research shows work with the brain can help us change those patterns and free us. Ensure your newly developed resource network includes individuals trained in working with mindfulness, one of the most eff ective techniques that allow brain patterns to change. Beyond anything else, practice self-compassion. I love to talk about “gentle discipline,” the concept of being disciplined in your self-care or health regime, yet being gentle with yourself as you make the changes. Th ere is now actual evidence to back up the importance of selfcompassion when it comes to making changes in your habits and life. Visit for some great information by Kristin Neff , self-compassion PhD. So, take a deep breath and don’t forget the big exhale, sit up a little straighter in your seat, take a sip of water and pick some strategy that may seem small, but where you know you can succeed. It’s worth the eff ort; the only thing you risk by working on reducing the impact of stress in your life is a little more joy. Go for it! Dr. Julie Zepp Rutledge BSc ND has been practicing naturopathic medicine in her home town of Regina since 2005 after graduating from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Dr. Julie enjoys practicing and promoting the principles of healthy living in her own life, with her family and in our community.






of progression by approximately 50 per cent in most cases. This means glaucoma cannot be cured by any therapy, but must be managed with ongoing therapy to push back any possible vision loss as far as possible.

The most common type of glaucoma, called Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG), is asymptomatic until very late stages of the disease. For this reason, glaucoma has been referred to as “the silent thief of sight.� The asymptomatic nature of glaucoma makes routine eye examinations to test for the disease critical; your optometrist will see signs of POAG well before you experience any symptoms.

Diagnosis of glaucoma is a complex process involving assessment of the patient's optic nerves, intraocular pressures (IOP), visual fields (peripheral vision), systemic or familial risk factors, and corneal thickness. Changes in the optic nerves, visual fields or IOPs are one of the most important signs of glaucoma. Optometrists are especially well-suited to assess, diagnose and treat glaucoma because we are the primary care physicians of your eyes. We are the ones who see you most regularly and will be able to monitor for any signs of these changes from visit to visit.

The pathology of glaucoma results from the pressure inside the eye exerting force on the nerve fibres of the optic nerve and killing them. The death of these fibres results in a loss of the peripheral vision. The vision loss in most cases of POAG tends to be a slow gradual process. The pressure inside the eye may be either elevated or normal in POAG, but in either case, treatment of glaucoma remains the same. Therapy is aimed at lowering the IOP because this has been shown to reduce the rate

As of January 2016, updated provincial legislation allows optometrists in Saskatchewan to diagnose and treat glaucoma, putting us on par with six other provinces. This legislation will allow significantly increased access to glaucoma care and diagnosis for Saskatchewan residents who will no longer need to wait six to 18 months to be referred to an ophthalmologist. This will also help shorten wait times to see ophthalmologists, allowing those in need of that care to be seen sooner.

laucoma is the second leading cause of irreversible blindness, affecting approximately 3.54 per cent of the population globally. The prevalence increases significantly over the age of 65. Glaucoma is actually a group of diseases causing damage to the fibres of the optic nerve and resulting in vision loss.

Glaucoma: The Silent Thief of Sight

Your routine eye examination tests for glaucoma and more than 1,500 different eye diseases. Make an appointment today and protect your sight. The optometrists at Advance Eye Care Center are accepting new patients at our Regina, Lumsden and Grenfell locations. Call 306.586.7036 to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Myles Bokinac

owner / optometrist

Advance Eye Care Center 500-4010 Pasqua Street, Regina 306.586.7036



Expert Advice

Is Anxiety Controlling Your Life? to judge, to predict the worst, to tell us scary stories about the future and to dredge up painful memories of the past — all of which can lead to feelings of anxiety. Western models of psychology still believe when our minds do these things it’s somehow abnormal or unnatural, that there’s something wrong that needs to be fixed. There’s a better way. First, let’s shatter the illusion of control. Stop trying to control your thoughts and feelings. Consider the alternative; change the context of your thoughts instead by changing your relationship to the thoughts and feelings so they no longer control you.

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “Why do I suffer like this? How did a regular person like me get so stuck that I ended up anxious, depressed, addicted or isolated?”


ou are not broken. You don’t need to be “fixed.” The answer to “why” lies in two learned patterns responsible for most of our emotional suffering — letting our thoughts run our life and avoiding what we fear. It’s raining outside? You avoid it by taking shelter or opening an umbrella, right? Problem solving is great for the outside world, but unfortunately, our minds try to do the same with our inner world and it ends up only increasing the hurt we’re attempting to eliminate. Let’s say I feel anxious in social situations. To avoid those feelings of anxiety, I stop socializing. The short-term benefit is comforting; my feelings



of anxiety have subsided. However, this is outweighed by the long term detriment. I become isolated, alone and not engaging fully in life. The moment I cancel that social engagement there is instant relief. The anxiety, the dread and the worry all dissipate. That relief, although brief, is reinforcing and increases my chances of withdrawing from a future social event.

I know because I suffered from social anxiety for more than 20 years. I want to share with you the exact same seven-step system I used to overcome my anxiety and have used to help hundreds of clients to achieve freedom from anxiety — freedom to be who they are and live the lives they want to live. Visit to register for my 7-Day Introductory Anxiety Course to take your first step towards freedom from anxiety.

Perhaps I take Valium or some other medication to get rid of my anxiety. Again, the short-term benefit is obvious — less anxiety. The long-term costs, though, may include psychological dependence on the medication and maybe even a physical addiction, not to mention the side effects and monetary costs. So how do you stop letting your thoughts control you and avoid avoidance? Most of us have been brainwashed about positive thinking. We’ve been taught to try to manipulate the content of our thoughts — that if we challenge our negative thoughts and fill our head with positive thoughts, we’ll become happy. The truth is… the negative thoughts keep coming back. That’s because the human mind is not naturally positive. Eastern models of psychology such as Zen and Taoism have recognized this fact for thousands of years — that our minds have a natural tendency


Dr. Candice Esposito Naturopathic Doctor

Wellness Blueprint Health Centre 2nd floor - 34C Great Plains Road, Emerald Park 306.781.2222

Expert Advice

Points of Impact The Making of PTSD For 25 years, PTSD was allowed to settle into my life by daily anxiety attacks of worrying my heart would stop, but having no conscious idea why. One of my teachers sexually abused me. My mentally ill mother abused me. Two of my partners physically abused me. My dad died suddenly. My mom committed suicide. Another medical mistake at 36 years old that went undetected for six days resulted in being told I would either die in a couple of hours or most likely in the emergency surgery I was being taken into. Points of Impact. My mission is to increase awareness and understanding by sharing my story and how I’ve managed to find resiliency in the face of such trauma and loss. For more information visit


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

ords spoken by my physician that finally offered an explanation to the feelings and behaviours I was experiencing after a near-death trauma I suffered from a surgical medical error. Unfortunately, his solution was to suggest further exposing me to the source of my medical trauma in the hopes my anxiety might disappear after I had been exposed sufficient times. Now, good and common sense told every part of my traumatized self that exposing my nervous system to further intense anxiety and terror made no good common sense at all. At least not to me it didn't. Avoidance of things that “trigger” one's anxiety is a major symptom of living with PTSD. So I recognize a large part of resistance to “exposure therapy” was simply coming from that fact. But there was also a sense of knowing my nervous system was already in a charged or alarmed state and that consciously deciding to re-expose it time and time again in this manner would actually keep my nervous system in it's now naturally

Tracy Kydd is the vice-president/owner of the Wellness Blueprint Health Centre and is available for speaking or consultative services. She may be reached at 306.781.2222.

heightened state. It felt counterproductive to what I believed my nervous system truly needed — to learn to relax. I have since been on a very purposeful journey to heal myself from the effects of living with PTSD. Part of my journey has included wanting to understand how someone like me could end up with suffering from PTSD in the first place. After all, I was an athlete and healthy with a good support network. Other people have survived traumatic events without developing PTSD. So why me? It's in seeking this understanding that I remembered and started to unravel all the “Points of Impact” in my life. In fact, my first escape from death was when I was three months old. I weighed six pounds when I was born and at three months of age I was still at that weight. I was allergic to milk and the doctor wasn't sure I would live because I was literally starving to death. At 11 years old, I had a ruptured appendix that went undetected for almost five days. In surgery, the doctors let the oxygen run out and I went into cardiac arrest; nobody informed my parents.

Tracy Kydd CHRP

Wellness Blueprint Health Centre 2nd floor - 34C Great Plains Road, Emerald Park 306.781.2222



Margaret Trudeau

By Sherry Lee

to Keynote AnnuAl MAyor’s luncheon

Fundraiser to support the Caring plaCe By Sherry Lee

The Caring Place: Building Pathways to Comfort and Hope


ocated in Cathedral Village, The Caring Place is a mental health and wellness counselling centre that has served Regina and southern Saskatchewan for a quarter century. It provides more than 4,000 hours of counselling annually to individuals, children, couples, families and groups of all backgrounds and ages who are struggling with personal or relational issues. Free weekly drop-in clinics are also provided for people experiencing anxiety and depression. Executive Director, Gwen Friedrich, is passionate about the work carried out by The Caring Place. “For 25 years, we’ve reached into the community, taken hurting lives and rebuilt them full of passion and purpose. That’s what we’re all about,” she says. “We’re like a rare beacon, a lighthouse in the heart of Regina. We reach out to the community and say, ‘We’re here to help you.’ ” Friedrich shares some impressive statistics. “By the age of 40, 50 per cent of all people will have experienced one or more bouts of severe depression or mental illness. If you are with a group of four people, look around; two of you will have suffered from it. The exciting news is if we can help you the first time you experience depression — before those neuroplastic changes occur in your brain — your chances of being well and never experiencing another bout of depression are 80 per cent or better.” Because of their mission to enable people to live their dreams and flourish, this non-profit organization offers a sliding fee structure and turns nobody away — regardless of their ability to pay. Walk-ins are always welcome. Friedrich notes




the standard rate in the province for these types of services ranges from $160 to 250 per hour — significantly higher than the average hourly rate charged by The Caring Place, whose professional counsellors all have postgraduate degrees in counselling, plus each one has postgraduate training in a specialty area.“We just really believe in a Creator who loves everyone, and we believe we’re here today despite being a business model that most people wouldn’t embrace. When we double our business, we double our debt.” To keep their vision alive and offer these very important services, The Caring Place relies on awareness building, community engagement and fundraising.

The Annual Mayor’s Luncheon in Support of Mental Health & Wellness Fundraisers like the Annual Mayor’s Luncheon in support of Mental Health and Wellness are critical to the Caring Place being able to carry out its mission. The first week of May is Mental Health Week in Canada, and Mayor Fougere will once again host the luncheon to raise awareness about and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. This 4th annual luncheon is drawing special

attention. Margaret Trudeau — a notable Canadian woman who was previously married to Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and whose son, Justin Trudeau, is the current Prime Minister — will be the keynote speaker. The Caring Place board chairman, Abe Toews expresses: “We are excited to host Margaret Trudeau and to hear her story of turning her public mental health challenges into new hope. Her story will inspire others to rebuild their lives and turn sadness into passion and purpose.” Friedrich says mental health is an area very few people know much about, and that this is a unique opportunity to share Margaret’s story with the City of Regina. “Margaret had a very public mental health struggle. We [Canadians] didn’t understand what Margaret was going through… she struggled with manic depression… experienced feelings of uselessness, unworthiness and fear.” Margaret has since written and spoken about her struggles and journey back to a place of equilibrium, purpose and joy. Her latest book, titled Changing My Mind, talks about the role of her son, Justin, in her recovery journey. Tickets will be at a premium for this memorable event. Contact The Caring Place at or call 306.347.2273.

The Caring Place serves individuals, couples and families with issues such as: • Abuse or Trauma • Addictions • Depression & Anxiety Disorders • Eating, Personality & Mood Disorders • Family Challenges including Fostering & Adoption • Grief or Crisis • Professional Coaching • Relationship, Family & Couple Counselling • And more

Left Margaret Trudeau, photo by Sian Richards Above Mayor Michael Fougere; Gwen Friedrich, photo by Kiriako Iatridis



Beyond PamPering: The Health Benefits of Spa Treatments


Before going into the health benefits of spa services, there are few important things to think about when booking spa services. You may have noticed lately there have been more reports of spa injuries. There are some essential factors to consider when booking spa services.


he spa industry is currently not legislated; that means anyone can decide to open a spa/nail bar or similar establishment. They are not required to have any certification, and there is no government agency to ensure spa services are provided in a safe manner. The only time a health inspector will visit a spa is when an injury is reported. This can’t be stated strongly enough — spa services can seriously harm you if they are not provided safely. It is up to you to be diligent and to ensure you receive your services in a safe manner. Check out the En Vogue Day Spa website for questions to ask and what to look for so you can relax and enjoy your spa treatments. Now, let’s talk about the wellness benefits of spa treatments. In a world becoming increasingly stressful — between work, family and a cell phone that is beeping and ringing all day long — it is hard to find time for uninterrupted peace and quiet. In times of urgent need, how do you unplug from the outside world? Stay calm and have a spa treatment. Regardless of the spa treatment you select, you will get the opportunity to relax and disconnect from commitments in your daily life. Even an hour once a month of uninterrupted “me” time can have a big impact on



“Many people consider a trip to the spa an extravagance or just self-pampering, but there is scientific proof that professional spa services provided by licensed professionals provide positive health benefits,” says Patricia Cassell-Ogilvie, owner of En Vogue. “We are

environment to receive care. So what are the2015 options? While all of the treatments on En Vogue’s extensive spa menu are relaxing, theSPA four highlighted here focus specifically on healing and releasing stress.

ABOVE L-R Patricia Cassell-Ogilvie & Kim Cassell, owners of En Vogue Day Spa

your personal wellbeing and peace of mind. Stress is a major factor in a number of mental and physical health issues. Stress can manifest itself in different ways for different people and can arise out of a number of life events. Chronic stress, aches and pains, health problems and other issues can all affect how we feel in our daily life. Elements in our environment such as air pollution, along with chemicals and toxins in the food we eat, can decrease our body’s ability to maintain good health. The gradual buildup of these environmental factors can lead to illness down the road. Spa treatments including body wraps, body scrubs, relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, facials and yes, even pedicures, help your body repair itself and detoxify. Allowing yourself the opportunity to relax is critical to keeping stress and anxiety levels under control. Quick and relatively affordable spa treatments and massage therapies promote both mental and physical health benefits. In fact, studies show the frequency of visiting a spa directly correlates with better quality sleep, fewer sick days, reduced absenteeism from work and fewer hospitalizations. Spa treatments stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system and help your body flush out harmful toxins. Circulation improves, reducing health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

Muscle and joint flexibility improve when muscles are relaxed, and less stress in the neck and head means fewer headaches. Scientific research has proven touch therapy involved in spa treatments releases the hormone serotonin, enhancing the “feel good” state of the body and mind. Spa treatments can help with pain management associated with chronic conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia and muscle spasms; these treatments can also help improve your ability to sleep so your body can work to keep you healthy.

New Wellness Treatments from

REGINA’S LEADING SP The majority of spa treatments can help people feel physically and emotionally better. When you feel rejuvenated and stress-free, the feel-good factor can reverberate and improve the quality of everyday life, allowing you to carry on with By Courtney Tait your busy life. In today’s stressful world, it is important for everyone to find a way to relax and relieve stress.


elebrating its 17th year in

continuously searching for tre

Grab someone you love andbusiness, enjoy wellness together. stress in life can En Vogue DaySome Spa of the benefit the wellness of our clients be due to trying to find timeistoproud care for toothers. offer Enjoying a range aofspa treatment with that someone not only helps relieve somethat of the pressure, but your body can enjoy treatments focus on wellness En Vogue is Quality Assured by L relaxation and wellness while caring for them. for the body and mind. Designated as one of of Canada which ensures proper

theisLeading Canada, Vogue The time to relax when Spas you of don’t haveEntime forisit.onRelax,protocols enjoy and are inlove place. The spa use the forefront of information, products and yourself, too! autoclave to thoroughly steriliz services in the spa industry.

that clients can trust they are environment to receive care.

“Many people consider a trip to the spa an extravagance or just self-pampering, but So what are the options? Whil there is scientific proof that professional spa treatments on En Vogue’s extensiv services provided by licensed professionals are relaxing, the four highlighted provide positive health benefits,” says Patricia specifically on healing and releasin Cassell-Ogilvie, owner of En Vogue. “We are 2340 Cornwall Street 306.584.7272 ABOVE L-R Patricia Cassell-Ogilvie & Kim Cassell, owners of En Vogue Day Spa




We’re bringing the season to life at our Spring Open House.

Join us any time between 1pm & 4pm on Sunday, May 15th for some springtime gardening. Come and experience what retirement living is all about. You can enjoy a little gardening, meet our friendly staff and residents and enjoy some seasonally inspired refreshments. Visit for more information.

Marian Chateau


The Bentley

3651 Albert St. 306-584-3030

1801 McIntyre St. 306-525-8686

3105 Hillsdale St. 306-584-3333

Active Body, Active


By Erin Legg


he evolution of the body and mind throughout a lifetime is remarkable. Healthy aging requires a commitment to mental stimulation, socialization, nutrition and physical activity. A lifetime of investing in healthy habits and wellness can have large reward later in life. Regardless of age, physical activity contributes to overall health in a number of ways. Exercise releases endorphins — chemicals acting like morphine — that communicate with the brain. People with chronic pain (common in older adults) report a diminished perception of that pain following a session of physical activity, allowing for better management of certain diseases or conditions. The endorphins from physical activity also help boost moods and reduce stress and anxiety. Older adults exercise for a variety of reasons: strength building, cardiovascular health and improved flexibility and balance. Depending on goals, skills and capabilities there are a number of suitable workouts to try. For example, yoga and Tai Chi are great for both the body and soul because of their focus on meditation and strength building. Swimming is an effective cardiovascular choice, and because it is low impact, people with join pain can still benefit from the full body workout. Weight lifting is essential for maintaining or building muscles and a good choice for older adults as muscle mass decreases significantly with aging.



Virginia Dakiniewich, community engagement coordinator for the Saskatoon Council on Aging (SCOA), points to the non-profit organization’s website ( or office (306.652.2255) as a valuable resource. She also suggests SCOA’s Seniors’ Globe Walk, a fitness and social activity for those age 50 and above. Other online sites to consult include Forever in Motion ( and the City of Saskatoon’s Fit over 50 ( For older adults living in the Regina area, the Regina Senior Citizens’ Centre website ( lists a schedule of different exercise options for various levels of fitness. Fuelling the body changes as one grows olders. The nutrients needed for a 65-year-old body are much different than those needed for a 16-year-old body. The way the body processes nutrients changes over time, and the older one is, the greater the probability for disease or chronic conditions to manifest — two factors that affect the nutrients required by the body. Health practitioners can take a closer look at a diet and overall health and assess what is missing, what needs to be supplemented, or what needs to be cut. So what are a couple of key nutrients for an older body? Bone health is essential, so diets rich with calcium and vitamin D help promote strong bones and can prevent osteoporosis. Vitamin B12 is an integral component of healthy cognition, plus it gives the body energy to perform physical activity.


Cognition is one of those things we seem to take for granted. People age 60 and older are at a higher risk of cognitive impairment (decreased concentration, difficulty with memory or neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s). The brain’s “fitness” is affected by a variety of factors — overall health, genetic pre-disposal, diet, activity levels and more. Brain “workouts” encourage cell growth and expand problem solving abilities. In addition, the experience of pursuing knowledge and skills has a positive effect because of its socialization process. Getting out and learning/trying new things improves self-confidence, gives a feeling of accomplishment and provides the opportunity to meet new people.

university, regional colleges or neighbourhood associations. Dakiniewich suggests visiting the SCOA website. “Lifelong learning supports active aging and is a crucial component of SCOA’s programs,” she explains. “We offer a variety of learning opportunities for older adults including technology, art classes, workshops to build independence and skills, and free programs for education and social opportunities.” SCOA offers classes throughout the year and older adults are encouraged to consult the website for current offerings. Regina residents can refer to the Regina Senior Citizens’ Centre website for a list of artistic, educational and social activities around the Queen City.

Keeping the mind sharp can be done in a variety of ways, from reading daily to word or math games with the grandchildren. It’s also never too late to seek an educational opportunity. Whether it’s learning a new language or earning a certificate in a new field, gathering knowledge about any subject can improve one’s cognitive abilities and keep the memory sharp. Participating in a new hobby is also beneficial. For example, music lessons have shown an increase in creativity, awareness and communication amongst older adults. Art is as beneficial. Dakiniewich notes, “As well as reducing stress and being a relaxing pastime, art is also a means for self-expression and creativity.”

Many older adults seek employment or volunteer opportunities following retirement. Dakiniewich says, “The best options for older adults seeking employment would include keeping skills current — particularly with technology — and networking in the community. Volunteering would definitely assist in both areas: building skills and meeting new people.” She suggests calling the SCOA office at 306.652.2255 to discuss volunteer opportunities, or visit the organization online for more information. Additional opportunities can be found on the United Way of Saskatoon Volunteer Database ( and Volunteer Canada ( Regina seniors can consult with the Regina Senior Citizens’ Centre for opportunities in their city.

Educational and recreational classes can be sought through the



MouSTacHe BaSH 2015:


Noble PuRPose

with a

By Tobie Hainstock Photos Shawn Fulton


egina-based Fashion designer Dean Renwick really knows how to throw a party! From valet parking to a glamorous Hollywood theme, the 2015 Moustache Bash was truly one of Regina’s most memorable events of the year

Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Renwick’s fascination with these two women had the entire audience captivated as local street artist Jarus created sketched images of each star on stage during the show. The first half of the show was dedicated to the innocence of Hepburn’s character in the 1953 classic Roman Holiday.

This year’s Moustache Bash once again supported the Prostate Assessment Centre (PAC) through the Hospitals of Regina Foundation. As a leading-edge diagnostic centre for prostate cancer equipped with sophisticated diagnostic technology, the PAC generates more accurate test results and detects cancer earlier. Although there have been many upgrades made to the PAC, continued support is still greatly needed. With the help of a superb team and a generous crowd, the Moustache Bash was able to raise approximately $25,000 this year.

The second half of the show depicted the allure of Munroe with garments that accented the natural shape of the more mature female. “I really wanted to pay tribute to ladies who are 35 or older. I don’t think little girls are sexy; women are sexy and that’s what I was celebrating.” Look for Renwick’s 2016 Spring Collection at The Vintage Vault in Yorkton and Studio S in Regina.


Moustache Bash 2015 took over the showroom of Mercedes Benz at 777 Broad Street on November 21. The evening began at 7 p.m. with male guests choosing a complimentary Dean Renwick bowtie and female guests selecting a complimentary Dean Renwick scarf. “However… some ladies opted for bowties instead of scarves,” smiles Renwick. The fundraiser was hosted by the popular Johnny English of 104.9 The Wolf and launched the much anticipated Spring 2016 collections of Year of the Ram by Saskatchewan Fashion Week 2015’s Emerging Designer, Christina Mc Faddin, along with Colin O’Brian Man’s Shoppe and Dean Renwick Design Studios.

A live auction followed the fashion show and featured a variety of thrilling items for guests to bid on. Items included generous contributions from Douglas Somerville of LloydBruce Home Collections in Vancouver featuring a stunning pair of elegant chairs. Mercedes Benz dazzled attendees with two exclusive tickets for a thrilling F1 Formula Racing package. Renwick expresses sincere gratitude for the generosity and thoughtfulness of all the sponsors and contributors such as Dr. Roberta McKay, Eye Inspire Events, Elmer Brenner, Douglas Somerville, Mercedes Benz, Studio S, Cindy-Rella’s Sewing and Quilting and more. “They all really helped make the night a great success,” Renwick adds. The 2015 Moustache Bash was an exotic evening for a worthy cause enjoyed by many. Don’t miss the excitement next year!

This year’s high entertaining fashion show revealed Renwick’s line inspired by two great ladies of the silver screen: Audrey




1 Host Dean Renwick poses with event staff 2 Dino Sophocleous, CEO, Hospitals of Regina Foundation 3 (L-R) Denny Hoff & Douglas Somerville 4 Dr. Goyal, Regina Prostate Assessment Centre 5 Dean Renwick (centre) hams it up with models from Edge Agency







Sherry Lee Editor



year or so ago, I read the book that inspired and challenged me to make a list of 100 dreams — things I want to do during my lifetime, whether just out my back door or across the world. I sat at my keyboard and the ideas flowed. When I stopped, I realized I had repeated myself throughout, so my next task was to group my list of 100 into major themes. It was invigorating to stare at that list. The items ranged from travelling to all the continents to writing a book to helping find a solution for poverty and homelessness. I realized I’ve already accomplished a lot and experienced many amazing things during my life, but I have much more to do. Bucket lists are often equated with our measure of personal success. They represent the challenges we overcome and the magnitude of our dreams. Above all, they celebrate the human capacity to dream big and achieve those callings deep within our hearts. REFINED Lifestyles recently asked nine people in the community of Regina to share some items they have checked off their bucket lists and items they still want to accomplish. The response was overwhelming and a reminder that even though our lives have a finite timeline, the possibilities are limitless to live our lives well. We hope you enjoy this group of bucket lists that follow. We will be doing many more, and would love to hear yours. Email If you choose not to share, we hope these stories will still inspire you to jump out of your comfort zone (and maybe even an airplane — with a parachute on!) and live a memorable, meaningful and fulfilled life. There is no better time to start than now!




George Maxim Semi-Retired Financial Services Representative



eorge Maxim has been getting through his bucket list since 1973. An avid traveller with his wife Bev, it all started with camping trips on the Prairies not long after they got married. “Our first ‘real’ trip was to Hawaii, and we haven’t looked back since,” says George. Since then, George and Bev travelled to six of the seven continents, hitting 60 countries over 40 years. “We’re planning on Egypt and the Middle East in the next couple of years,” he says. For George, travel is more than just the sights. While he’s seen many — Machu Picchu, the Great Wall of China and Angkor Wat to name a few — it’s about experiencing the culture. “We’ve been fortunate to travel and volunteer in many places,” says George. “Living and working among the locals gives you a perspective you can’t get with tourist-style travel.” Through Bev’s work with the Canadian Co-operative Association, they have lived and worked in places such as Mozambique, Mongolia and several different African and Asian countries. For anyone with travel on their bucket list, George advises: “Don’t wait to travel. Go now. Too many people save up their travel for retirement and then may not be able to go because of health or other reasons. Bucket lists shouldn’t be about what to get done at the end, but what to do throughout your life. Life is for living — so go do it!”



John Thimothy Registered Nurse & Founder, Regina International Film Festival



have three main things on my bucket list that I want to achieve,” smiles John Thimothy, registered nurse and founder of the Regina International Film Festival and Awards (RIFFA). The first is to have an international film festival in Regina recognized as tourist destination. The first event in October 2015 received a lot of positive feedback. With any new venture, there are always ways to improve and new directions to grow. John’s goal is to create an event that will be just as esteemed as the festivals in Toronto and Vancouver. His second item is to be a strong advocate for mental health. As a social-minded person and someone who has worked in the field, it’s John’s dream to serve as an activist to increase awareness about mental health issues. He has some very specific plans to launch a program that will provide training and education as well as hope and opportunity for those suffering with mental health issues. The third goal on John’s list is to reawaken his acting and directing. During his time in nursing school, Thimothy had to set aside his theatrical interests. Now that his nursing career is underway, he feels he can now take some time to pursue his passion. John says all three goals are ongoing commitments he plans to work at throughout his lifetime. “Day by day, I can see the aspiration and inspiration from the things I have started.”




Niki Haritos Sous Chef, Breakfast Bistro



iki Haritos dreamed of flying planes, but her bucket list took her back to where she started — into the restaurant business. She moved to Saskatoon to earn her pilot’s license with hopes of becoming a commercial pilot, when her dad called with an idea. “I grew up in the restaurant business and my dad spotted a great location for a restaurant,” says Niki. “I agreed to see it with him, and the space sparked an idea.” Niki envisioned a hip breakfast place in the space, and she began to make her vision a reality. Two years later, Breakfast Bistro is thriving and the team of four has expanded to 10. “It’s now my home away from home, and the Bistro staff is just like family,” says Niki. “And, we treat every customer we serve like they’re family coming to eat at our home.” If running a business is on your bucket list, Niki has some sage advice. “Make sure the people you work with are as committed to your vision as you are,” Niki advises. “Otherwise, it’s not worth putting yourself through it. With the right team, you can make amazing things happen.” As for the next thing on her bucket list, Niki has a few ideas. “A second location is a definite possibility, and I do have that pilot’s license… there’s plenty in store for the bistro and for me.” Niki Haritos & her father, Bill Haritos; photo DeAnne Bell



Gwen Friedrich Executive Director, The Caring Place



wen has been ticking off her bucket list for years. The granddaughter of one of the first motorcyclists in Canada and the daughter of a pilot, she was born with a sense of adventure and curiosity. Gwen’s bucket list has many check marks, as her travels have taken her around the world. She’s spent time on rancheros in El Salvador, in the high mountains of Guatamala, the shores of the Dominican Republic, plus many stops in Europe and Australia. And her bucket list isn’t about tourism — it’s about leaving a place better than how you found it. Gwen has volunteered with the Canadian International Development Agency, helping people while travelling and absorbing their culture. Along the way, she’s had a few tense experiences, including once in Guatamala, where she had to beg for a room for the night because it wasn’t safe for her and her co-worker to be out at night. But Gwen’s work on that trip helped a young man living on the streets to help other street children. “In all my travels, I have learned to pour my best into others, and have others pour their best in me,” she says. Gwen is now embarking on a new adventure as a grandmother in May. “Soon, I am going to have a brand new grandchild to pass onto, the way my grandparents and parents did for me,” says Gwen. “It’s definitely another tick box on my list.”

Gwen Friedrich photo by Kiriako Iatridis Photography




Frances Olson Retired REALTOR®



don’t think I ever had a bucket list, to speak of. Opportunities came up, and I took them,” smiles Frances Olson. Quality of life for her husband, children and herself was always her aim. With the encouragement and motivation of her husband Ralph, Frances completed whatever she set out to do. As a woman who played a major role in breaking the gender boundaries in real estate in the 1960s, Frances had to overcome many obstacles. Despite adversity, Frances recalled a childhood dream to own 2326 College Avenue in Regina, and years later, she purchased it, creating a stunning work location for her real estate team. Frances Olson Realty grew to be one of the top producing real estate agencies in North America. Public speaking was another accomplishment. Although nervous at her first speaking engagement with business students at the University of Saskatchewan, Frances became so popular the university eventually made her a honourary professor. She later went on to speak more than 250 times at public engagements around the world. After surviving a devastating car accident at age 57, medical professionals projected Frances would likely never speak or walk again, but through tenacity and remaining positive, she overcame her injuries. Frances is extremely proud of her children and their accomplishments. “Now my bucket list is all about them and watching them achieve even more in their lives.”



Bonnie Schweitzer owner of Bonnie’s of Course, Regina



onnie Schweitzer has already accomplished the top item on her bucket list: opening a women’s clothing store. The dedication required to run Bonnie’s of Course for the past 25 years has meant putting her other bucket list goals on hold. “I picked the big item first,” she says, “and it’s a big commitment.” Bonnie hopes to fulfill her bucket list goals when she retires, and has highlighted the following three adventures: 1. Fashion Week in Paris. With a passion for designers such as Chanel and John Galliano, experiencing the runway shows of fashion week would be a dream come true for Bonnie. “I’ve had a love of clothes all my life,” she says. “I would love to go with a group of girls, meet the designers and see it all up close. We don’t get that kind of fashion here.” 2. Travel to Italy. Touring ruins, visiting Rome and seeing the Venice canals are just some of the highlights Bonnie envisions. “A friend and her husband were in Milan,” she says, “and noticing all the fashion there, my friend told me she said to her husband, ‘This is where Bonnie belongs.’ ” 3. Fly First Class on Emirates. In the movie Sex and the City 2, Carrie Bradshaw and her friends travel to Abu Dhabi on a luxury plane modeled after the real-life Emirates airline. “Everyone has their own compartment,” says Bonnie. “It’s unbelievable.” Bonnie dreams of flying first class to the United Arab Emirates, seeing the fireworks in Dubai and touring Abu Dhabi.

Bonnie Schweitzer photo by Calvin Fehr




Femi Ogunrinde Pastor, Lighthouse to All Nations Church



riginally from Nigeria, Pastor Femi Ogunrinde has an inspiring story of what hard work, determination and faith can accomplish. Femi arrived in Canada 26 years ago after winning a fellowship with the International Atomic Agency to do post-graduate training in uranium exploration and geology. He has remained in Regina and, through the twists and turns of life, is now pastoring at Lighthouse to All Nations Church. Femi’s bucket list has included faith, family and profession. Education has always been important and he has attained bachelors and master’s degrees, as well as a PhD. “I had to work very hard and fend for myself,” he recalls. His passion for his field of study helped get him through and he became one of the few Nigerians trained in uranium exploration. “I was thrilled to my bones!” Yet, Femi felt there was something more he had to do. Pastoring has been fulfilling; his goal was to see his church grow into a vibrant multicultural association based on values of faith. Femi is a true family man. His marriage to wife Remi was additionally blessed with three beautiful daughters — especially heart-warming because the couple had been told they wouldn’t have any children. Future items on Femi’s bucket list include becoming fluent in French so he can better serve his beloved country of Canada.



Scott Aspelieter Owner, Fireside Bistro



he loudest sound Scott Aspelieter has ever heard is the wind in his ears. For 30 seconds after jumping out of a plane in Belize, he free-fell for a mile, strapped to his skydiving instructor. “It’s extremely loud,” says Scott, owner of Regina’s Fireside Bistro. “But once you pull the chute, it’s the quietest thing you’ve ever experienced.” For Scott, skydiving was a bucket-list dream he knew he’d check off if the opportunity arose. What better way to face his fear of heights? While on vacation in Belize in 2011, he met a group of skydivers planning a skydiving trip for the next day. The money raised would go to a local orphanage. Scott and a friend decided to join. “I was excited but anxious,” he says. “The more you think about it, you ask if you’re doing the right thing, and you just want to get it over with.” “I think I was in shock,” he says about the jump. “You’re falling and trying to grab onto something, even though there’s nothing to hold onto.” Scott’s instructor showed him how to steer, swoop and do circles. “It was amazing,” he says. “I could see large fish swimming and all the different colours of blue in the water.” While skydiving didn’t eliminate his fear of heights, Scott highly recommends it. “If you get the opportunity, do it. It’s the scariest and most exciting thing.”




Rosanna Thompson Marketing Analyst



s the daughter of Italian immigrants, Rosanna Thompson travelled to Italy several times in her youth, visiting relatives with her parents. “It’s my second home,” says the SaskTel marketing analyst and mother of two. One of her bucket list goals was to return to Italy with her husband and children, and in 2012, after a 23-year absence, she did. “It was important to me that my kids meet my relatives and experience their heritage,” says Rosanna. The family spent a month there, taking in cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice, as well as Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast. “It’s the most stunning coast,” she says. “Everywhere there were lemons growing and limoncello liqueur.” For eight days, they reunited with Rosanna’s relatives in and around Rossano Veneto, a town in Northern Italy. Another highlight happened in Venice, where Rosanna’s daughter celebrated her 22nd birthday. “We took a gondola ride and the gondolier and bystanders sang Happy Birthday in Italian as we rode under the bridges.” Rosanna says the Italian way of life — such as sitting at outdoor cafes, indulging in red wine and delicious cuisine — can be summarized with an Italian phrase that she lives by: “La Dolce Vita.” “It means the sweet life,” she says, ”and is about taking time to enjoy the good and simple things in life. Our trip allowed us to do that and we will never forget it.”



IsaIah TooToosIs sTars wITh Leonardo dICaprIo In

The RevenanT By Tonya Lambert

Earlier this winter, when the red carpet was laid out for the premiere of The Revenant, sevenyear-old Isaiah Tootoosis of Poundmaker First Nation and his proud parents, Jaired Tootoosis and Rachel Berland, were there alongside notable Hollywood names such as Leondaro DiCaprio, Tom Hardy and Alejandro González Iñárritu.




he Revenant is the young Saskatchewan actor’s first film. Isaiah, who plays DiCaprio’s son Young Hawk in the movie, says he hopes to be a famous actor when he grows up and live in a big house in Los Angeles.

Isaiah is following in the footsteps of his late great-grandfather, Gordon Tootoosis (1941-2011) to whom he bears a startling resemblance. A well-known Cree actor and member of the Order of Canada, the elder Tootoosis starred in numerous movies and television shows, playing the role of Albert Golo on North of 60 and the voice of Kekata for Disney’s Pocahontas.


OPPOSITE Leonardo DiCaprio and Isaiah Tootoosis in The Revenant. Courtesy of 20th Century Fox/trailer. ABOVE Isaiah Tootoosis and his aunt, Barb Tootoosis, pose with Leonardo DiCaprio during filming of The Revenant.

Isaiah’s acting career began with a 15-minute audition in front of a casting crew in Calgary. A few days later, his family received a phone call offering Isaiah the part. “That’s when they told us it was for a Leonardo DiCaprio movie,” says Isaiah’s mother Rachel Berland, a life-long DiCaprio fan. “I was speechless and happy. I couldn’t believe it.” On his trip to Hollywood, Isaiah got to fly on a plane for the first time. His aunt, Barb Tootoosis, accompanied him on his nine days of filming as his mother stayed home to care for his four younger sisters. Isaiah was able to Skype every night with his family back home on the phone provided by the production company. When Isaiah arrived in Hollywood, he met the director, Alejandro González Iñárritu, who won an Academy Award for Birdman (2015). González Iñárritu arranged for Isaiah to work with an acting coach. Isaiah enjoyed working with him, referring to González Iñárritu as “my new best friend,” adding he was very nice. Isaiah had a good experience working with DiCaprio. “My fake dad was nice too,” says Isaiah, who did not realize DiCaprio was famous actor until he saw him perform in another movie upon his return from Hollywood. “It felt weird pretending he was my dad, but I closed my eyes and thought of my dad at home.” At the end of filming, Isaiah presented DiCaprio with a gift,

a vest designed and sewn by his great-aunt Disa Tootoosis, a fashion designer who was inspired to pursue her career after watching the costume designers on the many sets where her father Gordon worked when she was a child. The days in Hollywood were long and exhausting, beginning at the crack of dawn. “I had to wake up early to film,” explains Isaiah. “I didn’t like waking up early because I got tired during filming.” Nevertheless, he persevered with some help from his Aunt Barb, who would bring him a new toy dinosaur each day to get him to sit still for the more than two hours it took to get his hair and make-up ready for filming each morning. He was also able to go for a swim to unwind every day after work. Isaiah is back home with his friends and family, including sister Shanti who also hopes to take up acting someday. “I have lots of friends,” says Isaiah. “I play hockey. I dance pow wow. I like to go to my Aunty Barb’s and visit my best cousin Oskiya — he’s my other best friend. We do everything together.” Isaiah now has his own acting agent to help him secure more roles in the future. He began Grade Two in the fall. The Revenant was inspired by the true story of Hugh Glass (Leonardo di Caprio), a 19thcentury trapper and explorer in the Dakota Territory. Glass was viciously attacked by a bear and buried alive. He survives only to discover

his young son (Isaiah Tootoosis) has been killed and he has been abandoned in the uncharted wilderness by his hunting team, including John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) — a man he thought was his friend. Glass overcomes numerous obstacles and endures many hardships as he struggles to last the winter and find the men who murdered his son and left him for dead. Open in all theatres since January 2016, The Revenant has become a memorable award winner — and Tootoosis’ star is rising.



The Allure of in Regina Jazz By Tobie Hainstock Photos Regina Jazz Society

Whether it’s the tinkle of the ivories, the cry of the horn, steady beat of the drums or the smooth vocals, jazz music has a special allure to music lovers from all walks of life.




Clockwise from top left Chris Potter, Kaitlyn Semple, Jason Marsalis; Peter Champagne, Regina Jazz Society President; Jon Nehr, Lorraine Klassen


ccording to Peter Champagne, president of the Regina Jazz Society and executive producer of JazzFest Regina, Regina has had a love affair with jazz for close to a century. All the big names have come to our fair city including Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Count Basie and more. The Regina Jazz Society was formed in 1977 and later incorporated in 1989. In 2005, they published a book about jazz music in Saskatchewan titled The Jazz Promise as a provincial centennial project. Written by Ken Mitchell, the book details the history of jazz music in our province. Following the publication, Regina Jazz put on a major concert in 2006. That concert hosted a wide array of musicians from all over the world, including Barb Hamilton and John Ballantyne. Held at Casino Regina, it was a huge success and included feature performers such as Jack Semple, who played an incredible tribute to Lenny Breau. Some of the players also stayed over the weekend for workshops hosted at Campbell Collegiate. “After that, there was really no place left to go. The next thing really was to do a festival,” says Champagne. Regina Jazz Society had been participating in the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival in Saskatoon for many years, and in 2009, it was determined to be feasible for the Regina group to try their own festival. “We decided to start out nice and simple and keep things focused on a lot of local performers and build from there,” Champagne says. JazzFest has been running every year since. After three highly successful festivals, the Regina Jazz Society joined Jazz Festivals Canada. “Being

able to network and work with other festivals and artists has really made a difference for us over the last couple of years,” comments Champagne. Three major elements of the Regina Jazz Festival make it a great experience for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. 1. The headliners. Headliners perform Wednesday to Sunday, including the Father’s Day Brunch concert and the Multicultural Day on Sunday afternoon. 2. The Clubs. The festival also occurs in about 10 to 12 clubs for those who love the live band sound. 3. The Free sTages. The festival offers more than 40 free stages throughout the event so everyone can get a taste of excellent jazz music.

This year’s JazzFest Reginal takes place June 15 to 19, promising to be an incredible week of fabulous music. “We have a lot of great things for you to enjoy. Come and sit in the park for the free performances or party into the evening at one of the many clubs. You can hear a lot of truly great music in some fantastic venues,” Champagne says. Take in the Piano series at Darke Hall that begins Wednesday. Experience the talented high school bands on Thursday. Among this year’s headliners are Blue Moon Marquee and the Marianne Trudel Trio. You won’t want to miss JazzFest Regina 2016. Regina Jazz Society 2202 Broad Street Regina



Fa R e w e l l T O T H e P e O P l e ’ S M a e S T R O

VICTOR S awa By Tobie Hainstock Photos Regina Symphony Orchestra

With the wrap-up of the Regina Symphony Orchestra’s 2015/16 concert season, music lovers from across southern Saskatchewan bid adieu to beloved music director and conductor, Maestro Victor Sawa.





awa, a native of Montreal, has been with the Regina Symphony Orchestra (RSO) since 1997. Before coming Regina, the RSO’s 14th music director held several positions including resident conductor with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra from 1993 to 1997, and music director with the North Bay Symphony, the Guelph Youth Orchestra and the Kitchener-Waterloo Orchestra. Sawa has also been principal clarinet with the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony and served as guest conductor for orchestras across the country. A highly talented and richly experienced leader in the music industry, Maestro Sawa has deservedly earned several awards, honours and recognitions. He has received three Canada Council awards for Conducting, a Grand Prix du Disque for Best Chamber Music Recording with the Canadian Chamber Ensemble, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Saskatchewan Centennial Medal, a Grammy award with the New England Ragtime Ensemble, plus the Tanglewood Festival award for Outstanding Musician. Since being appointed as RSO music director, Sawa has worked hard to ensure live orchestral

music is available to all music lovers in Saskatchewan, regardless of age or background. “Victor will be remembered as a conductor who brought the music to the people of Regina and the people have greatly appreciated him for that,” comments Tanya Derksen, executive director of the RSO. During his time in Regina, Sawa developed many concerts and concert series that would draw people to the symphony to experience this wonderful musical art form. His first concert with the RSO was Mozart at Mission Ridge, an outdoor concert in the Qu’Appelle Valley where the entire orchestra presented a classical and Broadway music show which closed with fireworks accompanying the 1812 Overture. This popular event was followed by other similar concerts such as Beethoven at Buffalo Pound, and Symphony Under the Sky in Wascana Park and more recently at Motherwell Homestead near Abernethy. Sawa also established the popular Wascana Pops concert series and later the Baroque series, performed in a variety of churches throughout the city. Derksen recalls Maestro Sawa’s love of the movies and how he took that love for film and combined it with his passion for music. Out of that emerged

one of the most popular concerts of the season — The Oscars, part of the Shumiatcher Pops Series. Sawa’s personable demeanour endears him to audiences as he sprinkles humorous stories, catchy insights and other anecdotes into performances. His sense of humour and willingness to explain pieces allow first-time RSO audience members to feel at ease. Unlike most past RSO conductors, Sawa and his family reside in Regina. His wife, Lesley, is a veterinarian who lives and works in Regina, along with the couple’s three children Jake, Mariko and Michiko. Says Derkson: “He is very much a part of our community. It’s not uncommon to see him having lunch at Earl’s on South Albert, golfing at the Wascana Golf Club or enjoying a coffee at Starbucks in Chapters. Regina is his home.” Although it is sad to see Sawa’s time as RSO music director come to a close, we are grateful for his dedication and service to the community. Thank you, Maestro Sawa, for bringing beautiful music to the people!



RSO Announces 2016 – 2017 Season

ExpEriEncE the


of a new era. Rediscover your symphony orchestra and reimagine the Regina Symphony Orchestra (RSO) like never before.


ith world-renowned James Ehnes back to perform Beethoven’s Violin Concerto for Maestro Gerrard’s inaugural concert, the season promises brilliance and quality. The eight-concert Masterwork series will launch an electrifying concert opera, Bernstein’s Candide — a wacky and wonderful spectacle! There is so much happening at the RSO next season. Reimagine popular music and get carried away by the powerful tunes that have become the soundtrack to our lives with the fiveconcert Shumiatcher Pops series. Enjoy dynamic vocals from A Celtic Tenors Christmas as well as iconic tunes from Fifty Years of Bond… James Bond including Live and Let Die, Diamonds are Forever, Skyfall and many more! Played with passion, the six-concert Government House series combines intimate chamber classics with the elegance of Saskatchewan’s historic Government House. This season the Regina Symphony Chamber Players will astound you in Schubert’s Trout Quintet which includes a special performance by Gordon Gerrard on piano. You will also enjoy Beethoven’s String Quartet Op. 127 and inspiring Canadian music as part of Canada’s 150th anniversary. The Great-West Life, London Life & Canada Life Kids series is expanding to three concerts this season. The series will kick-off with Juno-Award winner entertainer Al Simmons with his Symphonic Shenanigans. The series continues with the classic film, The Snowman screened with live orchestra music that promises to engage kids of all ages, and the timeless tale of Peter and the Wolf reimagined with modern day props and humour.



We are bringing back Regina’s favourite holiday tradition, Handel’s Messiah and Handel’s Messiah Sing-Along, as well as returning to Motherwell Homestead for Symphony under the Sky Festival. With the addition of a holiday concert called A Candlelight Christmas, the RSO Special concerts completes the 2016-2017 season. The Regina Symphony Orchestra is grateful to its series sponsors of 2016-2017: Drs. Morris C. and Jacqui Shumiatcher for sponsoring the Shumiatcher Pops Concert Series, and Great-West Life, London Life & Canada Life for sponsoring the Kids Series. Through TD’s sponsorship, students can continue to have


greater accessibility to the excitement a new season brings. With the TD Soundcheck Program, students can purchase tickets for only $10 and patrons under the age of 30 for only $15. The RSO acknowledges its granting agencies: The Canada Council for the Arts, The Saskatchewan Arts Board and The City of Regina for their dedication and support. 2016-2017 season subscription renewals and purchases are on sale now! Patrons can contact the RSO Box Office at 306.586.9555 or visit 2424 College Avenue. For complete concert listing and further details about each concert, please visit



Music Director

Gordon Gerrard Music Director

Be part of Gordon Gerrard’s inaugural season!




Introducing a few fabulous album releases by Saskatchewan artists, available on iTunes and through your favourite online music sources. SaskMusic is a member-based, non-profit association that represents, promotes and develops Saskatchewan’s music industry, offering artist referrals and information, workshops, marketing, networking opportunities and more. Our artists and music professionals hail from across the province, and work in pretty much every genre you can imagine. If you have questions, call us!

ALEX RUNIONS: South of the City

Hard-working country singer/songwriter Runions’ 7-song sophomore release is a heady mix of love songs, break up songs and all of the feelings that go between. Alex delivers clean, strong vocals over radio-friendly contemporary country, and has garnered many accomplishments including winning the 2013 Big Dog 92.7/SaskMusic “Next Big Thing” title, showcasing at Nashville’s Americana Music Awards, and multiple Saskatchewan Country Music Award nominations.


This high-energy and versatile album combines The Andrews Sisters’ vintage vocal treatment with Mahalia Jackson’s soul and the sweetness of The Good Lovelies. The tunes explore over-arching values like love, harmony and gratitude with charm and sass. 12 original songs that explore everything from the Riveters’ deep love of thrift store shopping, to post-apocalyptic visions of the melting of the ice caps, to dancing angels.


This trio of rock n’ roll heat scores from Moose Jaw defies the odds, using what they’ve got to deliver a loud, weird and woolly performance. “(They) take their cues from southern-fried boogie rock and infuse it with a boozy belt of punk rock for good measure.” Chris Morin, Ominocity. The name of their sophomore album is a tribute to Dan McMillan, the man who created the prototype of a pick prosthetic for lead singer/guitarist Johnny 2 Fingers.


The K Bros’ third full-length release, 11 original tracks, was recorded live over the span of two days in the band’s hometown, Saskatoon. It is weighted with songs of forgiveness, acceptance, and understanding. “There are two very distinct personalities between us two brothers,” says Shawn Karpinka, lead vocals, guitar and banjo. “This is our first album to truly reflect that.” Their songwriting and delivery is honest, blunt, and heartwarming.

ENTER TO WIN A MUSIC SAMPLER PACK! No purchase necessary. Enter online at


Celebrated as the first female Canadian country solo artist to achieve gold record status since Shania Twain, and the Canadian Country Music Association “Female Artist of the Year” (2014 & 2015), Jess had raised her own bar with the release of Kiss Me Quiet. Talk about on point: 6 brand new tracks (plus 2 acoustic versions) featuring Jess’ powerhouse vocals, crisp production, and clever, memorable writing. It’s already generated radio singles Kiss Me Quiet and the current hit, Take Me Home.

JEN LANE: This Life of Mine

Lane is a veteran singer-songwriter, Prairie Music Award and double Western Canadian Music Award nominee. Her music effortlessly spans the genres of country, roots, folk and Americana. Her fifth studio album, “This Life of Mine” is a strong statement by an artist able to honestly, and with great passion and depth, sing about the ups and downs of life – and in the process attract music lovers who appreciate heartfelt emotion, beautiful songs, and words that inspire and affirm.

BELLE PLAINE: The Unrequited Love

Belle’s new 11-song album is a live, full-band recording that she conceived to capture the blend of genres and personalities that she presents out on tour; a heartfelt blend of country, folk, and jazz, with honesty. “Belle’s voice is old timey and jazzy. It has twang, crystal bells and swing. You listen to this voice, and all of a sudden your cheatin’ heart has a very dry martini in hand, and you’re hearing something both timeless and brand new.” – Kelley Jo Burke, CBC.

KACY & CLAYTON: Strange Country

This duo interprets and composes music inspired by forms of traditional music from Southern Appalachia and the British Isles; much of their repertoire could easily be mistaken for hidden gems of decades past. They describe the new album as a collection of songs that shows off a “darker and more worldly side of life.” These stories are told through “the imagery and language of the old folk forms,” but manage to bring a fresh perspective and sound to Canadian folk music that is all their own.

SaskMusic, 1-800-347-0676

APRIL 29 Jeffery Straker with the RSO Moose Jaw Cultural Centre

events REGINA & AREA

MAY 6 Hedley #helloworld Tour with guests Carly Rae Jepsen & Francesco Yates Brandt Centre MAY 6-7 A Taste of Spring Evraz Place MAY 7 RSO presents Mosaic Masterworks Farewell to Victor Conexus Arts Centre MAY 12 – 14 Saskatchewan Fashion Week 1831 College Ave, Regina MAY 25 – JUNE 12 The Ladies Foursome Globe Theatre MAY 27 The Northern Pikes and Barney Bentall & The Legendary Hearts Casino Regina JUNE 1-2 Burton Cummings & Band Casino Regina JUNE 2-4 Mosaic, a Festival of Cultures Various venues JUNE 9-18 A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline Casino Regina JUNE 15-17 Canada Farm Progress Show Evraz Place


David Straub

Executive Chef/Owner, Flip Eatery and Drink



or David Straub, owner and executive chef at Flip Eatery and Drink, having the opportunity to experiment with food every day is like being a kid in a candy store. “It’s always been exciting to me,” he says. “I have an incessant need to be creative and push myself to be one dish better and one idea better than the day before.” Straub credits his mother and grandmother as early influences in the kitchen, infusing in him a love for cooking at a young age. He trained at Camosun College in Victoria, B.C. and apprenticed at Danbry’s in Regina. Opened in 2011, Flip encompasses a range of dishes and flavours that Straub refers to as “Canadian comfort cuisine.” Sustainability is emphasized (as well as at Salt Food Boutique, a local deli also owned by Straub) with locally farmed and foraged ingredients used whenever possible, along with sustainable seafood and economical cuts of meat. A basket of foraged items is delivered to the restaurant each week, inspiring such innovative dishes as The Marsh — duck served with cattails caramelized in birch syrup. While creativity is at the forefront of Straub’s passion, he is most fulfilled by the enjoyment others experience from his cooking, “People paying to eat my food is a concept that’s humbling and exciting at the same time,” he says. “Seeing the smiles on customers’ faces is awesome.”



Ingredients 4 steaks 10-12 oz. about 3/4 to 1 inch thick either ribeye, striploin, sirloin or hanger (we use hanger steak at the restaurant) 1/2 cup coffee rub (recipe follows) 4 cloves garlic 8 sprigs thyme 2 sprigs rosemary 2 Tbsp. canola oil 2 Tbsp. butter 1/2 cup red wine 1/2 cup stock (beef or chicken) For the coffee rub 1/3 cup fresh ground coffee beans 2 Tbsp.ground cumin 1 Tbsp. ground cinnamon 1 Tbsp. black pepper 2 Tbsp. chili flakes 2 Tbsp. dried thyme 2 Tbsp. dried oregano 1/2 cup paprika 2 Tbsp. raw sugar 1/4 cup garlic powder

NOTE: This will make a lot of spice rub, a great, versatile pantry seasoning. Directions: Pull steaks from fridge and allow to warm at room temperature for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, heat cast iron skillet over medium-high heat for 10 minutes. Pat steak dry of any excess liquid and sprinkle 1/2 cup of coffee rub on a plate or sheet pan. Coat each steak liberally with spice, allowing them to absorb the rub for about 5 minutes. When the skillet is hot, add half the oil, thyme, garlic and rosemary. Sear steaks for about 4 to 5 minutes each side for medium rare; when finished, cover and allow to rest for 4 to 5 minutes. Meanwhile, deglaze pan with red wine and stock. Boil liquid for 2 to 3 minutes or until reduced by half. Remove skillet from heat and swirl in cold butter. Serve steaks on their own with some sauce spooned over top or with sides of your choice!

The Finest in Ukrainian Cuisine Hours Tuesday: 11a.m. – 6p.m. Wednesday to Friday: 11a.m. – 9p.m. Saturday: 3p.m. – 9p.m. Lunch Special Tuesday to Friday: 11a.m. – 2p.m.

The Shynok Restaurant

2237 Broad Street, Regina






BBQ By Brook Thalgott Photos DeAnne Bell





f you’re in Regina and you’re thinking BBQ, there’s only one place you need to know — Jack Keaton’s BBQ & Bar. Originally located on Rochdale Boulevard in Regina’s Northwest, Jack Keaton’s has made the move to the city’s Dewdney strip, putting itself in the middle of the action and easily accessible for everyone in Regina. The new location has been open since March 10, and it’s making its mark in the entertainment district. “We’re still all about great BBQ, but now we also offer a fantastic bar too,” says Kristi Huber, co-owner. “Jack Keaton’s is the place to come for a lunch meeting, a drink after work or an evening with friends.” Jack Keaton’s is now home to a massive bar with a custom-built top and six draught lines, each featuring a Saskatchewan-made beer. There’s a gorgeous barnwood wall and plenty of seating with five TVs to catch a game — and soon, an outdoor patio to enjoy the long summer evenings with a drink and some delicious BBQ. “We have plenty of parking and we’re close to downtown and the city’s nightclub strip,” says Kristi. “Whether you’re looking for a happy hour drink after work or dinner and drinks out before heading out, we’re here with great food and great beverages to get your evening started.” The BBQ that has made Jack Keaton’s the go-to BBQ place in the city is still as good as ever. You’ll find all their famous favourites on the menu, plus some great additions on the appetizer menu. “Our new appetizer menu is a must-try,” says Brett Huber, co-owner and head chef. “The Soul Roll is an egg roll stuffed with mac and cheese and bacon, and you’ve got to try our new Buffalo Cauliflower, roasted and finished with buffalo sauce and served with blue cheese dressing.” If you’re in the mood for a meal, don’t miss their new St. Louis-side ribs, available in half slab, full slab, or half slab served with a quarter chicken. If you’re heading home from work and need takeout, they still do that too. Grab a smoked chicken at 5 p.m. — available every day for takeout. While Jack Keaton’s has moved, expect the same great food and great service — that hasn’t changed at all. “We’re still the Jack Keaton’s Regina has come to know and love,” says Kristi. “Now, we’re even better with our new bar and central location, easy for everyone in the city to visit.” They still cater events big and small, and can provide lunch catering to downtown quickly and easily. Visit Jack Keaton’s BBQ & Bar to enjoy their famous BBQ in a brand-new location. Let the Jack Keaton’s team serve up a great meal, a great drink or both. Open late, it’s the perfect place to start or end an evening on the town. Jack Keaton’s BBQ & Bar 2410 Dewdney Ave. Regina 306.522.7227 /Jack-Keatons-BBQ-BAR Left Brett Huber, co-owner of Jack Keaton’s BBQ & Bar

The exquisiTe experience of

True IndIan CuIsIne

By Tobie Hainstock Photos DeAnne Bell

The minute you walk through the door, you are greeted with the rich fragrances of delicious authentic Indian cooking — and friendly and experienced wait staff who know what quality customer service is. 90



ince opening in August, 2014, Dawat India has been delighting guests with the beautiful rich taste of Indian cuisine. “We serve both north and south Indian dishes,” says Geeta Verma. She explains there are distinct differences in the types of dishes prepared in the two regions. “There are different spices used in each location. In the south, food tends to contain a lot of curry leaves, but northern dishes don’t contain curry leaves at all. Southern food also includes more rice, while in the north they use wheat.” Preparation is different as well; food in the north is more rich and cooked in oil, whereas southern dishes are steamed. This variety creates a mouth-watering array of delicious recipes from all over India that Dawat India patrons can enjoy. Featuring a full menu of more than 100 items, guests are able to choose appetizers such as Tandoori Chicken, main dishes such as Vegetable Madras, Chicken Tikka Masala or Lamb Curry, and desserts including Rice Pudding and Amra khand (Mango Pudding). Love your bread? Dawat India serves delicious fresh clay oven baked naan breads that melt in your mouth. “We make everything according to our traditional recipes,” says Verma. “You can really feel the spices and flavours come through as you eat.” Because everyone’s tastes are different, guests can choose the level of spice used in their orders. “Most of our customers like the flavourful spices and that’s what they come for,” she adds. Guests are welcome to order from the menu or enjoy the convenience and variety of their buffets. Served twice daily Tuesday to Saturday and once on Sunday, the buffets offer a selection of fresh and delicious dishes that will satisfy your cravings for outstanding Indian cuisine. “We serve our lunch buffet from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and our dinner buffet from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. On Sunday, we have a buffet from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.,” she explains. When throwing a special event, Dawat India is pleased to cater and host your party, reception or meeting. As a fully licensed venue, they are able to offer a lovely selection of wines and spirits for guests to enjoy with their meals. Dawat India is conveniently located on the corner of Prince of Wales and Victoria Avenue East. They offer plenty of free parking for patrons to relax and enjoy beautifully prepared food without the frustration of hunting for a parking space or plugging parking metres. Dawat India has served hundreds of satisfied customers since it opened. “We maintain a high standard of excellence for the quality of food we serve and our customer service. We have a lot of regular customers who like to come back for the experience,” says Verma. Visit Dawat India for an exquisite experience of true Indian cuisine. Dawat India 1908 Prince of Wales Drive 306.206.3438




MOVE YOU By Tobie Hainstock Photos Calvin Fehr





e are a piano bar that also serves great food,” says Erin Dunn, owner/ operator of The Nest Piano Bar and Good Eats. In the short time they’ve been open, the business has become well-known as a stylish and distinctive place for patrons to enjoy a relaxing ambience. Dunn points out their spectacular food and dedicated customer service. Open from 11 a.m. to closing, the Nest serves a variety of tasty dishes such as crisp salads, savoury appetizers, juicy burgers, tender steaks and decadent desserts. “Typically, an evening dining experience lasts two or more hours,” comments Dunn. “Customers come out to enjoy delicious food and drinks accompanied by fantastic entertainment and before they know it, they realize they have been here all night.” Don’t forget to drop in for Happy Hour which takes place daily from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Guests are encouraged to come out and enjoy a variety of food and drink specials to get their evening off to an excellent start. The Nest is also pleased to feature great nightly specials including Jazzy Tuesday Blues Day, Wednesday Ladies Night, Mexican Thursday and more! Open since June 2015, Dunn admits The Nest has experienced some growing pains as a new business, but these situations have been turned into learning experiences.“Even though we’ve had our hiccups, we still strive to give an unforgettable experience by serving good quality products to our customers.” Dunn’s appreciation for their clientele is shared by the entire staff at The Nest. “We owe everything to our regular customers who support us a few times a week. A restaurant’s

regulars are what keeps any business going. Knowing these loyal customers understand you have a good thing — that’s what keeps a business motivated to do what they do best.” She adds guests frequently offer positive comments such as: “outstanding,” “fantastic,” “an incredible dining experience,” “it feels like I’m not even in Regina,” “Regina needed this.” Dunn adds: “It really inspires us to keep up the good work!” The arrival of spring means there’s a thrilling new menu to accommodate the changing seasons. Enjoy new lunch and dinner features as well as additions to the wine and cocktail list to enhance the experience. The warmer weather also means The Nest will be digging out their tools and getting their deck built for patrons to enjoy throughout spring, summer and fall. Have an event coming up? The Nest is thrilled to accommodate birthdays, stags/stagettes, retirements, anniversaries, staff parties, social banquets, divorce parties or whatever you want to celebrate. Book your event on a day from Sunday to Thursday and they will close for your party of 60 to 100 people, complete with a special limited menu or buffet style dining. As Regina’s only piano bar, the Nest offers a unique dining experience in an unforgettable ambience. “We are excited and proud of the experience we are offering our customers,” smiles Dunn. Dress up or come as you are; you are always welcome at the Nest! The Nest Piano Bar and Good Eats 4440 Albert Street Regina 306.586.6378



CHEFPROFILE KOREAN LETTUCE WRAPS INGREDIENTS: SAUTÉ PAN 2 Tbsp. canola oil 2 Tbsp. scallions (diced fine) 1/2 red peppers (diced) 1 small can water chestnuts (drained) Approx. 15 slivers Red onion 2 raw chicken breast (sliced) 1 Tbsp. fresh ginger (diced fine)

Lloyd Frank

Executive Chef, Rock Creek Tap and Grill



s the executive chef at Rock Creek Tap and Grill, Lloyd Frank looks at ingredients differently than most people. “You have to be innovative,” he says, “and think of a dish from the guest’s perspective, as well as employees and shareholders. It’s three dimensional thinking — not just about flavour and taste, but so many perspectives.” Born in Saskatchewan, Frank grew up in the restaurant industry in Regina, becoming inspired at a young age watching his mother cook at a private German club. He completed his professional cooking diploma at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary and achieved his Certified Chef De Cuisine (CCC) distinction from the Canadian Culinary Institute. With many years in the industry, Frank has worked at a range of restaurants, clubs and hotels in Alberta and Saskatchewan, coming on board at Rock Creek in 2013. He has also competed in several World Culinary Championships as a member of Culinary Team Alberta and as a support member for Team Canada, which won gold in 1997. Frank sums up his approach to food as simple, elegant, tasty and approachable. “I base a dish on one or two ingredients and think of a theme to go with it,” he says. “To me, less is more. The quality of the ingredients I use are what is reflected in the finished product.”



Heat sauté pan until fairly hot. Add canola oil and swirl to heat. Add the sliced raw chicken breast and sauté for about two minutes. Add the scallions, red peppers, water chestnuts and red onions. Swirl and cook a bit more.

INGREDIENTS: SAUCE 2 fl. oz. soy sauce 2 Tbsp. Gochu Jang 1 orange juice & zest 1 tsp. sesame seeds 1 Tbsp. rice wine vinegar 1 Tbsp. brown sugar 1 pinch black pepper 2 Tbsp. cornstarch 2 Tbsp. cold water

Mix all ingredients except water and cornstarch in a bowl. Add liquid to the pan of chicken all at once and bring to quick boil. Let it reduce for a minute to let the flavours distribute. Make a slurry with the cornstarch and water and add to pan. It must come to boil; if not thick enough, add more slurry and boil again. Keep this hot while plating up ingredients below.

INGREDIENTS: PLATING 1 head butterleaf lettuce (washed) 1/2 carrot (shredded) 1/2 cup crispy noodles 2 fl. oz. sriracha sauce 1 piece for garnish Banana leaf (chopped) 2 Tbsp. peanuts Cut a banana leaf to fit the plate and lay on bottom. Lay lettuce leaves on plate at “12 o’clock.” Mound the freshly grated carrots in front of lettuce. Lay the sauté pan of ingredients on top of banana leaf at bottom of plate in a mound. Sprinkle the top of hot ingredients with chopped peanuts. Lastly, sprinkle with crispy noodles. Serve with a side of sriracha sauce and chopsticks. Enjoy with a glass of your favourite wine!

Colourful, Creative, Healthy


Keeping with tradition, Cora has created a new menu full of flavour, colour and creativity. In addition to the beautiful dishes overflowing with fresh fruit for which her brand is known, a myriad of new plates is now available, including a new 13 plate Early Bird menu served every day until 8 a.m. Starting at $4.95, including coffee.

Darcy Furber, owner

Cora Breakfast and Lunch 4634 Gordon Rd., Regina 306.585.2672 OPEN Mon-Fri 6 a.m.-3 p.m. Sat 6 a.m. - 4 p.m. Sun 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.



BEST By Brook Thalgott





egina’s Turvey Centre is a city institution and home to events big and small, from team windups to Christmas parties and weddings. The Turvey Centre is also more than just a place for an event — it’s a great place for breakfast or lunch, and a fabulous destination for a Thursday or Friday night. Heather Gaber — owner of Prestige One Catering, the in-house caterer — is proud to call the Turvey Centre home. “We have been catering at the Turvey Centre since 2014, and it’s been great,” says Heather. “We’re quite busy with events and weddings, and keeping all customers well fed and entertained.” Prestige One should be on your list when planning an event. Weddings are their specialty, and Prestige One Catering prides itself on being more than just a caterer. “We offer catering and event space, of course,” says Heather. “But we’re also a one-stop shop for wedding décor, sound, lighting and AV equipment.” Prestige One’s one-stop shop service can take away much of the stress on any busy bride. You can source your venue, caterer, bar, entertainment, décor and AV all in one place — no need for many vendors. The Turvey Centre offers up to 10,000 square feet of space in its ballroom and can accommodate weddings ranging from 50 people to 600. Prestige One can also cater a wedding at the venue of your choosing; they are totally mobile. The company, with two Red Seal chefs and more than 50 support staff, can create a wedding menu for every taste and budget. Event manager and owner Elaine Stang and the chefs work with every couple to help plan the menu for their special day. Prestige One’s chefs have created a wonderful selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner options as well as numerous appetizers, salads and late snacks. Your guests can sit down to Herb and Apple Stuffed Pork Loin or Fresh Salmon with Lemon Dill Cream Sauce. The popular Baron of Beef with Pan Gravy is a classic choice, and made with 100 per cent Grade A beef. The Prestige One menu options also include delightful culinary creations for those on a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or other special diets. Every one of your guests can get a great meal. They’re also on top of all the latest trends in weddings. “Late night food bars are becoming more and more popular,” says Heather. “You can treat your guests to a fun and delicious late-night poutine or nacho bar. It’s not the midnight lunch of yesteryear anymore.” Prestige One can also manage events for corporate occasions and other special events. Whether you’re in need of a boardroom for an off-site meeting or training session, or a place to wind-up another successful Above Michael Kehler, head chef & James Rogoza, sous chef. Photo by DeAnne Bell



sports season, they can help. The Turvey Centre also has smaller spaces and board rooms for meetings, seminars and other corporate functions. Prestige One can also help plan and cater holiday parties, recognition events and family celebrations — from venue space to menu to sound and AV. The company also operates the Turvey Centre grill and lounge, open Monday to Wednesday for breakfast and lunch. Thursday to Saturday, they offer later hours into the evening in the lounge, with live entertainment every Friday night. The menu features a great selection of breakfast options, sandwiches, burgers and entrees, from comfort food to jambalaya, stir-fry and build your own pasta. It’s the place for a filling meal or a great night out with friends. You can stay in the know on upcoming bands and entertainers on Facebook. Whatever your event planning needs, Prestige One can guide you every step of the way. Whether you need a boardroom and lunch for 20 or you’re planning a wedding for 300 or more, they can do it all. To learn more about Prestige One, visit them at the Turvey Centre on Armour Road. With ample free parking, they are open Monday to Wednesday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Thursday and Friday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. or later. Saturdays are saved for special events. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay current on upcoming events.

Prestige One Catering 100 Armour Road Regina 306.924.7599 The-Turvey-Convention-Center-and-Lounge TurveyCenter Right Heather Gaber & Elaine Stang. Photo by DeAnne Bell



TasTe You Will Never Forget

India Palace boasts a spacious restaurant with room for couples out for an intimate evening of dining. A dance floor makes India Palace a unique place to bring the gang for celebrating reunions, office parties or any gathering that needs space for everyone. Lunch and Dinner Buffet Full East Indian Menu Open daily 11 a.m.-3 p.m. for lunch and 4:30-9:30 p.m. for dinner

india palace 4030 Albert Atreet


A True TasTe of AfghAn Authenticity By Tori Stafford Photos Calvin Fehr

Nestled in the heart of the downtown core, a small family restaurant promises to deliver a dining experience unlike any other in Regina.


fghan Cuisine Family Restaurant offers an authentic taste of the Middle East as the Hafizi family shares the traditional foods of their native country with those in the city they now call home. Abdullah Hafizi and his wife, Zahra, fled the dangers of their native Afghanistan and moved to Canada with their daughter, Manijeh, and son, Arian, with the hope of a better life. What they found was a country that welcomed them, and a chance to share some of the



delectable and vibrant foods of their homeland with their new friends and neighbours. “My mom has always been an aspiring chef,” says Manijeh, manager at Afghan Cuisine. “She decided this is what she wanted to do. She wanted to open a restaurant — a family restaurant — and show everyone what Afghan food is all about.” In 2007, Afghan Cuisine opened its doors to Regina, a city that had no other restaurants


serving Halal foods. And while the restaurant was an obvious success with the Muslim community of Regina, who were now able to dine out without being limited to vegetarian options, the larger community as a whole seemed to immediately embrace Afghan Cuisine. With no other eatery like it in the area, the rich-yet-delicate flavours and unique combinations associated with Afghanistan fare have quickly become a favourite option for many in Regina.

“People seemed to really, really like the food,” Manijeh says introducing the aromatic and carefully spiced Afghan dishes to the area. “We’ve had a lot of people say they think our food is so flavourful and so different and now they come all the time.” Flavours of saffron, turmeric and coriander highlight many of the dishes at Afghan Cuisine. Hailing from the Afghan city of Herat, the Hafizi family prepares cuisine based on the traditional foods of northwestern regions of Afghanistan — dishes known for including a number of spices without being spicy, Manijeh explains. Customer favourites at Afghan Cuisine include kabobs, especially the tikka chicken kabob of marinated chicken grilled over open flame and the shamie kabob of spiced ground beef. Another favourite is the rice pilaf, qabuli, comprised of brown rice, raisins and carrots — a unique medley of flavours that is the national dish of Afghanistan. The recently renovated space welcomes guests in and persuades them to stay awhile, with an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Regulars have come to enjoy chatting with the Hafizi family after joining them for their ever-changing lunch or supper buffets, and continue to return for their flavoursome meals made with fresh, local ingredients. Those with a sweet tooth will be happy to learn custom cake orders have returned at Afghan Cuisine, with Manijeh taking over the role of baker while her mother is busy creating authentic delicacies for lunch and dinner guests. “I learned everything I know about making the cakes from my mother. I really, really love baking,” Manijeh explains with passionate enthusiasm. “We want our customers to feel at home. It really is a family restaurant here, and it likely always will be.” Afghan Cuisine Family Restaurant 832 Albert St. Regina 306.949.0800

L–R Rashid, Arian, Zahra, Armaan, Abdollah, Manijeh, Anisa



Ghizlane Erriha & daughter

Moroccan Theme Pastries We have a large variety of specialty crepes including our very popular Moroccan Sausage Crepe. Try our lattes, pastries and Moroccan tea with fresh mint. 350 University Park Drive Regina

306.585.9727 | | OPEN 9 a.m - 9 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday | 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sunday

Living Large,




Some of the best memories people make are during the summer months. With endless dreams of road trips, water sports and backroad adventures, there is a lot to get accomplished before autumn appears. Make the most of it!

Power up Your Water Fun


here are more than 100,000 lakes in Saskatchewan. That’s a lot of water to visit — might as well do it style. From practical fishing boats to high-performing speed boats to family-friendly pontoons, Saskatchewan boaters have many top-of-the-line options to choose from. Boating Industry predicts the 2016 sales of pontoon boats to increase 74 per cent over 2015 numbers. Why are these boats such a popular choice? Pontoons are versatile, spacious and easy operate — all qualities that attract buyers young and old. From fishing to family time to hosting a party, this watercraft investment is well worth it. Entertainment value aside, buyers are seeking highperforming outboard engines to power them through the summer months. Cleaner-burning engines are gaining in popularity as the technology allows for low emissions, powerful performance and easy




maintenance. Depending on the use for your boat engine, options range from two to 300 hp, so consult with your dealer on which outboard is best suited for your craft. The adage, “You get what you pay for,” is certainly applicable when shopping the vast array of outboard motors.

Hit the Road in Luxury An RV is a comfortable way to make those spontaneous road trips you’ve always dreamed of. A “home on wheels” takes you to the adventure — without having to give up the modern amenities you are fond of. According to a 2012 study conducted by Go RVing Canada, there were more than one million RVs on Canadian roads. The same study also indicated that sales of RVs were rapidly expanding. Reasons for the surge in popularity are many, but an influential factor is the improved luxury offered in RVs, features that mimic the feeling of home when out on the open road.

Both motorized and towable RV models have evolved into luxurious travel “housing” to accommodate even the most adventurous among us. Toy haulers make it possible for a garage on wheels so your ATV isn’t left at home. Investing in an RV can literally introduce you to a whole new world. And one need not fear rustic, primitive living conditions while on the open road; today’s models feature elements that rival our own home. With comfort at the top of everyone’s list, RV designers have really focused on developing the features that lend to this convenience. Trends include push-button slide outs, remote awnings, automatic levellers, top-of-theline appliances, electric fireplaces, high-end finishings such as tile and granite, and furniture specifically designed for tighter living quarters, such as murphy beds and tables that rise from the floor when needed. RV owners aren’t required to leave their gadgets and technology at home. Today’s RVs are a lot “smarter” than previous years, as the integration of wireless technology and smartphone abilities has taken off. Apps to control heating, lighting and security (much like our systems at home) create a whole new dimension to travelling. And the entertainment system for those rainy days stuck inside come complete with large screen televisions and surround sound systems that rival the media room at home.

Discover Trail Adventures Many outdoor enthusiasts will argue a summer well spent includes quad rides under the endless Saskatchewan sky. The trails to discover wind across the prairie landscape, making it difficult to have the same ride twice. ATV manufacturers have invested a lot of energy in attracting new riders by making machines more appealing and versatile. Utility machines have made a large impact on rural residents, but it’s the sale of sports quads that have been taking off. Riders of any skill have confidence tackling any terrain they find beckoning with the assurance of the machine they’re on. As with any recreational vehicle, the engine has the largest effect on the

performance and the enjoyment you can get out of a machine. The size and experience of the rider affects which ATV is most suitable, so your most reliable resource is to contact a local dealer to assess your wish list.

Want to know where to ride? Visit the Saskatchewan All Terrain Vehicle Association (SATVA) website ( Through the site, visitors can also learn more about the safety for Saskatchewan riders and register for safe ATV training.



We’ll Float Your


By Tonya Lambert


onrad Rippert has always been passionate about boating. As a young man, he enjoyed boat racing for competition and fun. As his knowledge of boating and boat racing grew, he decided to turn his pastime pleasure into a business, opening Marine Services Ltd. in Fort Qu’Appelle in 1966. Since then, the business has grown and evolved. Today, Marine Services enters its 50th year in business. Located just west of Fort Qu’Appelle on Highway 10, it continues to offer top quality customized track, dolly and winch systems, along with Lake Edge aluminum docks to boat owners across western Canada. A boat dolly system makes it easy to launch and remove your boat. Each steel dolly is custom made Above photo by Michael Lasko




props, oils, lubricants and filters, anchor and power winches, tie downs and trailer accessories, towing ropes and much more. They have personal floatation devices (PFDs) to fit the whole family. In addition, they repair boat motors and store boats and RVs on a daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal basis. Spring is finally here and the beautiful, sunny days of summer are just around the corner. It’s time to prepare for many hours of fun-filled adventures on the water. Talk with Konrad or Vonnie and their staff at Marine Services Ltd. They will set you up with the ideal boat dolly system and dock for your needs.

to fit your boat — from PWC to 28 feet Wakeboard, in any configuration. Marine Services builds the aluminum track system to handle any terrain or grade, from the mountainous landscape of British Columbia to the flat prairies of Saskatchewan. Says one satisfied customer who had a system installed, “We are very pleased with the dolly and track. It works flawlessly.” Marine Services makes it incredibly easy to get a customized track, dolly and dock system built. Simply let them know what you would like and where you want it and they will take care of the rest — from taking the measurements and manufacturing, to installing the entire system. The friendly and skilled staff at Marine Services takes care of it all.

Using your new track, dolly and winch system is just as simple. The high torque setup of the electric winch is a pre-wired reversing switch or remote to ensure safety and control. It is available in 1 HP, 1.5 HP or 2 HP, and for 110 volt or 220 volt power supply.

Marine Services Ltd. 5 km west of Fort Qu’Appelle on Highway 10 306.332.5747

Marine Services also manufactures aluminum docks in widths of 32 or 48 inches, both in eight-foot lengths, up to a 32-foot roll-in model. The docks are designed so you do not go into the water, whether you’re installing or removing them. Docks are available in all configurations, from 4 feet wide to any size of deck that is over the water. Marine Services also sells boating supplies, parts and accessories. They can order custom tarps and covers and also carry pumps and

Top photo by Michael Lasko



Days F Down UnDer

Drive the Great Ocean Road

rom the limestone rock stacks known as The Twelve Apostles to legendary surf breaks and seaside villages, the Great Ocean Road features the kind of spectacular scenery designed for road-trip loving travellers. Stretching 300 km along Australia’s southeast coast, the road offers dramatic views of the southern ocean and an array of activities. Explore the dormant volcano of Tower Hill, a wildlife haven with free-roaming koalas, emus, black swans and other species. Surf, dive and sea kayak all along the coast, replenishing with some of the country’s finest dining.

Top 5 Ways to Discover Australia

Prefer walking to driving? The Great Ocean Walk shadows the Great Ocean Road, passing through lush national parks and coastal landscape. Guided walking tours offer single or multi-day hikes, complete with historic shipwreck sites, deserted beaches, and from June through September, the chance of spotting whales.

By Courtney Tait

Watch the Sunset Over Uluru

While Australia’s cities are rich with culture and cuisine, exploring the country’s spectacular nature — from rainforests that grow out of sand to a sacred sandstone monolith — is an essential part of any trip down under. Here we share five highlights, including a tour that blends sipping with scenery. 108



Rising 348 metres out of flat desert, this monolith sandstone formation is one of the most photographed sites in Australia, drawing people from around the world to capture its stunning beauty and shifting colours. Located close to the centre of the country, Uluru is a deeply sacred place to the local Anangu people, who consider it home of the Earth Mother. The best way to tour the site is with an Aboriginal guide, viewing caves at the base with petroglyphs taken over tens of thousands of years. At sunset, the rock transforms in colour as the light shifts, creating a dazzling natural display. Uluru is a World Heritage Site and the centrepiece of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, which also features spectacular dome-shaped rocks.

Explore the World’s Largest Sand Island Massive dunes, towering rainforests and more than 100 freshwater lakes make World Heritage Site Fraser Island a must-see Australian destination. The world’s largest sand island, Fraser spans 120 kms along the coast of Queensland and is home to an incredibly diverse range of wildlife, including dingoes, snakes, bats, wild horses, sugar gliders and more than 300 bird species. Named for its length, 75 Mile Beach features coloured sandstone cliffs, the famous Maheno shipwreck and Champagne pools, bubbling rock pools that, unlike the ocean, are safe for swimming. Rocky outcrop Indian Head is a popular viewing spot for seeing turtles, dolphins, sharks and other sea life. Inland, explore freshwater lakes, creeks and rainforests that grow on sand dunes. With no sealed roads, island excursions must be done with a 4WD, either on your own or with a guided tour.

Above Uluru

Take a Wilderness Safari in Daintree National Park One of the most ancient ecosystems on the planet, Daintree National Park is in the far north of Queensland, and like Uluru, sacred to the local Aboriginal people. With more than 18,000 plant species and a variety of animal species — including the Bennett’s tree kangaroo, cassowary, crocodile, giant blue Ulysses butterfly and the eastern water dragon — Daintree draws nature lovers to its astounding biodiversity year round. The park features two main sections: Cape Tribulation, where rainforest meets white sandy beaches, and Mossman Gorge, where rock pools, granite boulders and the clear waters of the Mossman River are surrounded by lush forest. Guided safari tours are the best way to experience Daintree, as your guide can share details of the park’s significance, both biologically and culturally.

Tour the Wineries South Australia’s wineries produce more than half of the country’s wine, with a wide range of varieties made possible by the area’s diverse climate and geography. With 18 wine regions and a multitude of vineyards accessible from Adelaide, wine touring is an excellent way to discover what makes these wines world famous while experiencing the beauty of the south. Vineyards such as Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale and Coonawarra are highlights of South Australia, as well as the Barossa Valley, which boasts some of the world’s best Shiraz, and the Clare Valley, where you can follow the ‘Riesling trail’ by bike.



Keep Your pet HealtHY Without Breaking the Bank By Erin Legg Photos courtesy Saskatoon SPCA




We all know how valuable prevention is when it comes to our own wellbeing, and this principle holds true for our favourite furry friends as well. The Regina Humane Society’s executive director Lisa Koch and Saskatoon SPCA’s executive director Patricia Cameron offer tips on proactive pet care.

Your Vet is Your Ally


ne of the best things a pet owner can do is establish regular veterinarian care. Frequency depends on breed, age and lifestyle; after your initial visit your vet will advise on an appropriate schedule. Don’t be overwhelmed when selecting your vet. Ask friends, family and neighbours for referrals. Or, suggests Patricia, “Do a wellness visit and see if the veterinarian and clinic staff are a good match.” Lisa agrees, “Do some research ahead of time and prepare a list of questions about meeting you and your pet’s needs.” Both Patricia and Lisa stress the importance of regular vet visits, noting that pets age much faster than humans and are capable of concealing pain or illness. “Catching illness early is important not only for your pet’s health but also your pocketbook when an untreated disease or illness may end up requiring more costly treatment,” advises Lisa.

Vaccinations are a Must

Even house pets with no interaction with other animals are susceptible to communicable disease. “Canine disease such as parvovirus can be transported on the bottom of your shoes into your home,” warns Lisa. Furthermore, “Encounters with wildlife both outside your home or those that make it into the house can expose your pet to diseases like rabies.” Even the most stringent of measures put in place won’t protect your pet as fully as vaccinations. “Statistically speaking,” says Patricia, “your pet is likely to have at least one ‘loss’ incident in its lifetime — that is, he or she escapes your house for a period of time during which they have no vaccination protection. Regular vaccinations are part of being a responsible pet owner.”

Choose Healthy Food & Treats

You may think those extra inches around Fido’s middle are cute and huggable, but just as with humans, obesity is a major health problem for pets. No motivation to exercise, compromised bone and joint health, breathing issues, digestive problems, high blood pressure, poor immune health, increased risk of diabetes and cancer, and a shortened life span are just a few of the dangerous outcomes of carrying too much weight. “Your veterinarian can provide advice on pet nutrition and how much and when to feed your pet,” says Lisa. And you know those little treats we love to give our pets? “A treat that has 10 calories to it doesn’t seem like much in a human diet, but your pet is far smaller than a person,” explains Patricia. “All those little bits can add up.” Those sugary little treats may lead to a problem both Lisa and Patricia advise to be on the lookout for: dental disease. Signs to watch for include bad breath, increased salivation, swollen or bleeding gums, difficulty chewing, discoloured teeth or difficulty eating. “Tooth and gum disease can lead to other health concerns



Pets do not show the extent of their Pain and suffering, but rather disPlay it through not wanting to eat, trying to sPend more time alone, or even getting aggressive. including liver, heart and kidney failure,” Lisa warns. “Dental disease can cause incredible pain and harm your pet’s overall health,” Patricia adds. “Pets do not show the extent of their pain and suffering, but rather display it through not wanting to eat, trying to spend more time alone, or even getting aggressive.” Keep your eye on your pet’s teeth with regular monitoring of teeth, teeth brushing and appropriate healthy treats.


Playing with your pet is good for not only their physical health but their socialization skills as well. Besides, “Indoor games and outdoor play contribute to your pet’s health and yours!” says Patricia. Fun play ideas include laser pointer games, teaching tricks, hide ’n seek with healthy treats, tug-of-war, fetch, and good quality chew toys.




Playtime with your pet is an opportune time to check his or her nails. Failing to keep your pet’s nails trimmed can have major consequences, “causing difficulties with walking, and may even grow into the pad of the foot. These conditions cause the pet suffering and hamper their natural movements,” says Patricia. “If you do not feel confident trimming your pet’s nails regularly, a good pet grooming service or staff at your veterinarian’s office can help.” Lisa also suggests pet owners “check regularly for cuts, sores, burns, objects stuck between the pads, or cracked pads. One common oversight is the seasonal risks to your pet’s paws including hot sidewalks in the summer or frozen pads in the winter.” She advises building up your pet’s pads, minimizing wear and tear on their feet.

Proactive Pet Care

Proactive pet care contributes to a long and healthy life. Just as we consider healthy diets, plenty of exercise and regular physician appointments paramount to our own health, these habits establish strong building blocks for our pets’ overall wellbeing.



re you thinking of going away on vacation? Cat owners who love to travel face a difficult choice when vacation time rolls around. Should the cat come along on the trip? Should we hire a pet sitter? Should we board the cat? These are all important questions to consider. One of the most popular options for travellers is to send their cat to a trusted and qualified cat boarding facility.

Advantages of Cat Boarding • Professional attention. Your feline is in the hands of true “cat professionals” who are trained in cat behaviour, health and medical care.

Going on Vacation? Never Leave Your Cat Alone!

(if requested), toys, scratching posts and even cat wheels, allow the kitty to feed its curiosity and its physical needs. • Your cat is constantly in a secure environment. Cat boarding has come a long way. Separate boarding facilities apart from dog boarding are a benefit to the cat with dog issues. The condos now have many levels to make the cats feel secure and allow them to climb. Many are equipped with separate bathroom, dining and sleep areas. Temperature control and private, filtered air can significantly aid in avoiding transferrence of disease or viruses.

• Medical care. If your pet requires medication daily, trained employees administer medication on the cat’s personal schedule.

• Routine. Cats thrive on routine. A well-run facility will adhere closely to the cat’s home routines. Keeping the cat on a schedule with food, fresh water and treats aids the kitty in adjusting to its “home away from home.”

• Proper exercise and human interaction. Cats require interaction. Being around staff that is passionate about cats is a definite benefit. Play time and stimuli such as aquariums to watch, play areas

• Most of all — you can confidently enjoy your trip with peace of mind. There is great comfort knowing a loving, well-run cat boarding facility will do everything possible to keep your kitty safe, happy and healthy.

Connie Buchanan BEd, Certified Canine Pet Stylist, Certified Feline Master Groomer Owner, Zoom Zoom Groom, PreZoomably Cats: Feline Groomz & Roomz & Apex Academy of Professional Grooming & Animal Arts 306.533.9155




B u i l d i n g & R e n o vat i n g

STYLISH HOMES By Brook Thalgott Photos Kiriako Iatridis


ome renovations can be a stressful experience, whether you’re tackling one room or an entire house. Rob and Tanya Cameron know firsthand about living through a major home renovation. They embarked on the biggest project of their lives with the help of Regina’s Alair Homes last year. The Camerons purchased their home on Regina’s Hanna Bay back in 2004 knowing the home needed some serious updates. “The house was definitely stuck in the 1980s,” says Tanya. “There were dated features like a sunken living room, a formal dining room and oak absolutely everywhere.” The Camerons started with some landscaping projects and then stopped. Tanya and Rob were hesitant to work on the interior because they knew they weren’t handy enough for the job and were afraid of being ripped off by contractors. By 2015, the Camerons reached the end of their rope when it came to their home. It was time to sell it and move or renovate. It all came to a head last Easter when they had family over for dinner. “My mother-in-law could tell I was unhappy, and I told her why. I hated entertaining in the house,” says Tanya. “We knew we had to do something.”






After checking out their options, Rob and Tanya realized they loved their Albert Park neighbourhood and wanted to stay. It was time to find a contractor to renovate. The Camerons knew they needed some serious expertise. “We knew the house would have to be gutted. If we were doing this renovation, we had to make sure we got everything we wanted,” says Tanya. “The house was going to get a complete overhaul, inside and out.” The Camerons met with Robinson Residential to get their ideas down on paper and to learn what was and wasn’t possible. Rob and Tanya made plans to move walls, reconfigure rooms, eliminate wasted space, add a much needed bathroom… the list went on and on. They also began to form ideas on the interior design of the house. “I knew I wanted an English farmhouse feel, with a touch of flair. I always loved my grandmother’s house too, and I wanted to incorporate some of her style in the house,” says Tanya. The interior design was kicked off by the purchase of a stove — an Aga Legacy — and from there, Tanya’s imagination was off and running. Rob and Tanya started meeting with contractors as their plans took shape and found one they were happy with. Someone suggested they check out the Amazing Spaces Tour before making a final decision. It was on that tour the Camerons ran into Mikhail Polischuk from Alair Homes, an old friend and their son’s former coach. They got talking and were impressed by what they heard from Mikhail. Mikhail and Dallas Willness sat down with Rob and Tanya to discuss their plans, and that was it. “We knew we’d found the contractor,” says Tanya. “We were so impressed — we had to have Alair Homes handle the renovation.”




From the planning stages through to completion, clients are involved with every step. That was May 2015 and the goal date to start was September. Their Alair Homes project manager, Joel Switzer, stick-handled the project from the beginning. “Joel was fantastic,” says Tanya. “We knew immediately he grasped our vision and we were in for the long haul.” The Camerons were also put in touch with Holly Applequist, the chair of the Amazing Spaces Tour; she would become their interior decorator. “We instantly clicked with Holly,” says Tanya. “I knew right away she understood my vision and we would have a lot of fun together.” Because the project was such a huge undertaking and the house was being gutted, Rob, Tanya, their son, daughter and dog had to move out. Alair Homes helped them find a nearby rental to keep them comfortable during the renovation. “That was just so helpful. Alair’s help made our temporary move so much less stressful,” says Tanya. The work began with the exterior being completely redone as the inside was gutted. The house got a new roof, shingles, eaves, soffits, fascia, stucco, siding, doors and windows. “We even had fun with the demolition. The demo crew let me work out some frustration,” laughs Tanya. The interior of the house got a complete remodelling, with new walls and room configurations. No space was left untouched. Holly helped guide Tanya through all the decorating choices including cabinets, countertops, paint colours, flooring, tiles, lighting and faucets. “Holly helped us get the most out of our money while still keeping our design aesthetic,” says Tanya. “She really knows where best to spend money on showpieces and where to stay with classic elements.” During the entire process, Joel and the Alair Homes team kept the project running smoothly and removed any speed bumps that came along. Even the job site remained a tidy place. “We were so impressed with every crew member and tradesperson that was on our project,” says Tanya. “We couldn’t believe how they worked to keep the site clean during the whole process.” Plus, Alair Homes made sure any materials that could be salvaged were put to use. “Our




old cupboards found a new home and family,” says Tanya. “That really impressed us as so many times perfectly good materials end up in the garbage without another thought.” The months passed and by the end of February 2016, it was time for the Camerons to move back in. Their vision was now a reality. Their oncedated home is now a gorgeous masterpiece, designed with their family in mind. Where



there once was wasted space and too much oak, there’s now functional, livable rooms with stylish features that make the home truly unique. Alair Homes has created life-long fans out of the Camerons. “Our home is truly a testament to the great work Alair does,” says Tanya. “You don’t often hear people say their home renovation was a great experience, but ours was. It really was — because of everyone at Alair.”


As the Camerons can attest, Alair Homes sets itself apart in the home construction industry because of its reliable, honest and trustworthy way of doing business with every client they work with. It shows in every project they build. “When we started in this business four years ago, we decided to become a franchise for Alair Homes,” says Dallas Willness, partner. “Alair Homes has a longstanding reputation for reliability and that is something I value very

much.” And with trustworthiness also comes transparency — another Alair Homes company value. Transparency is essential to the work they do, and you’ll see it in their commitment to you as soon as you meet with them. Whether you have concrete ideas for your project or just a handful of “blue-sky” plans, Alair Homes can guide you through the home construction maze. The Alair Homes team can take your ideas and match them to the designers that work best for your needs. They provide flexible, thoughtful expertise at every stage of the process. If you’re still dreaming about your future home or home renovation or you’re ready to get started on it, they can help. Alair Homes works with designers and contractors that can make your vision become reality. When working with Alair, every client enjoys a level of control and transparency about their project that is second to none. From the planning stages through to completion, clients are involved with every step. Every invoice and expense is shown to clients, so they can see exactly where their money is going. “We manage our company so our clients get the treatment we would want to get,” says Mikhail, partner. Every client has access to the project documents and invoices showing mark-ups and discounts. “If you don’t get to see invoices, you don’t know what you’re paying for,” says Lee Forsberg, partner. “You see everything with us.” Clients are given the tools to have control over their project so they can stay informed and make decisions that best meet the needs of their project. Every Alair Homes client receives daily email updates and access to a portal detailing their project with photo galleries, budgets and schedules — all kept up-to-date. “Complete transparency and daily communication with our clients is the only way to ensure the entire design and construction experience is enjoyable,” says Samuel Park, partner. “We want them to be excited throughout the entire process, not just at the end when they are moving into their new home or renovated space.” Being a part of the Alair Homes group of franchises offers the Regina team and their clients more than just a great reputation. It also reduces overhead, administration and research costs, which allows them to provide more

efficient service to their clients. “Because Alair cuts down on the backend costs, we can pass those savings on to our customers,” says Keenan George, partner. “And, it allows us to use less time managing our organization and focus on managing our clients’ projects.” If you’re thinking about a new home or renovation project — big or small — meet with Dallas, Mikhail, Lee, Keenan, Samuel and the Alair Homes team to see what they can do for you. Visit them online at to see their award-winning work. Make Alair Homes your choice — the Camerons are happy they did.

L-R lee Forsberg, Keenan george, dallas Willness, Mikhail Polischuk, Samuel Park

Alair Homes 545 9th Ave. Regina 306.992.6974



Tips for Transforming Your Bathroom into a

Spa OaSiS




Opposite Benjamin Moore Ballet White OC-9 Lower Anthropologie, Brass Makeup Brush Holder - $31.00 Left Formica Laminate, Jonathan Adler Collection 9499 White Malachite - Price Upon Request. Formica Laminate, 180fx 3460 Calacatta Marble - Price Upon Request Below Signature Hardware, Victorian Widespread Bathroom Faucet - Cross Handles - $186.95 Right Wayfair, French Beveled Mirror - $199.99

By Amanda Forrest

If you’re anything like me, the dream of unwinding after a hectic day of work, travel or just the usual ongoing balancing of family life with work is an idealistic fantasy. As much as we’d benefit from it, we are much too busy to sneak away for some pampering at the spa, and are lucky enough when we can grab a hot bath and nice glass of wine on the occasional evening.


his is why many homeowners are turning towards renovations to help create designer spa-like bathroom spaces that feel like an oasis. In recent decades, we have seen the functionality of the home bathroom change; it is no longer the space you come and go from as quickly as possible. Rather, it’s a destination experience created to help you relax and unwind within your own home. If you are lucky enough to be able to afford a full on renovation of your bathroom, there is no limit to what can be accomplished with material selections and floorplan configurations. However, for the majority of us looking for that much needed refresh that won’t break the bank, I have compiled six of my designer tips for transforming your existing bathroom into a spa-like oasis without having to fully renovate.

Tip No. 1: Create the feeling of space You may not be able to knock down the walls and steal space from the rooms of your kids who are away at college, but visually we can cheat it. Select a lighter neutral shade of paint for the walls, such as Benjamin Moore Ballet White and continue that colour onto the ceiling. Wrapping neutral shades around the room will visually expand the space and help you relax, as opposed to vibrant colours which overstimulate your senses and look best in powder rooms.



incorporate unconventional lighting choices in the bathroom. By selecting fixtures that might be more traditionally associated with dining rooms or even outdoor spaces, you can add a layer of unexpected elegance to the room.

Tip No. 6: accessorizing is key What good is a spa without fresh white towels? Use accessories to finish of your spa-like space and create a layer of cohesion between what you have updated and what you have left alone for now. Items such as monogrammed shower curtains not only add a hint customization at a fraction of the cost; they also detract from what might not be the prettiest shower behind them. Create a countertop vignette that is both functional and polished, and choose accessories that pull in the same metal tones as your lighting, mirrors and refreshed hardware. Now grab some time, a glass of wine and enjoy!

Tip No. 2: Update your counters Give your tired vanity tops a refresh by replacing them with natural stone surfaces. Because you will not require a large amount of stone, check local slab warehouses for remnant pieces from much larger jobs. Nothing says spa quite like marble, but if you’re working within a tight budget, check out some of the stunning new laminate products available on the market today that will be sure to impress. Also, take this opportunity to update your sinks and opt for an under-mounted version for a sleek contemporary look.

Tip No. 3: Mirror, mirror stuck to the wall Forego the builder basics and break a mirror or two in the process. You may have seven years of bad luck, but at least your bathroom will look fabulous. There is nothing I dislike more than seeing a plain old mirror glued to the wall; it always looks unfished and with the minimal costs of mirrors



today, it is a missed opportunity to have something special. Opt for a mirror with some character. Contrasting something with traditional detailing against more modern finishes is a great way to get that contemporary look with a designer’s edge.

Tip No. 4 : Update your hardware Just as in fashion, accessories complete your outfit, but it is your hardware finishes that make a statement in your washroom. Update your metal surfaces to give the room an overall refresh. Choose knobs, faucets and shower fixtures all within the same metal family, and remember “timeless” always trumps “trendy”; select items that will give you longevity.

Tip No. 5: Lighting Good lighting is key in a bathroom. Without having to rip your existing bathroom apart to create a new lighting plan, replace old fixtures and select the appropriate light bulbs to suit your needs. One designer trick I often like to use with clients is to


Top left Pottery Barn, Grand Embroidered Shower Curtain - $95.31 Above Restoration Hardware, Victorian Hotel Pendant - $1045.00

Expert Advice

Specialized Programs Give Canadian Students Writing SAT or ACT Entrance Exams a Boost


or Canadian students with dreams of heading to U.S. colleges, the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and American College Testing Program (ACT) tests are mandatory to gain admission to American colleges and universities. The SAT and ACT college entrance exams can be intimidating for some students who are not typically required to write time-based tests for university entrance. In the U.S., some students begin preparing to write the SAT and the ACT as early as middle school, while Canadian students often don’t begin working towards the SAT or ACT until their last years in high school. For Canadian students, finding SAT and ACT support has typically been challenging. However, with more and more Canadian universities recognizing the SAT or ACT in their admission process, and with the rising number of Canadian students heading south of the border for post-secondary education, there has been an increase in demand for SAT and ACT support programs in Canada. To secure a place at a U.S. college, students need an SAT/ACT score of at least 1550 out of a total of 2400 points. This score is considered to indicate college readiness, defined as a 65 per cent chance



of maintaining at least a B minus as a university freshman. Secondly, students need to keep up high school grades. When students are accepted to the college or university of their choice, they need to continue to maintain good grades. For time-crunched high school students, the stress of passing SAT/ACT tests can be overwhelming. Educational experts recommend 60 hours of prep time; for Canadian students this means extra prep time on top of regular schoolwork and exams.

Give Your SAT or ACT Entrance Exams A Boost

prep program to help students develop better learning abilities and test-taking skills that will benefit them well after the SAT or ACT results. Oxford Learning’s SAT and ACT programs focus on increasing subject comprehension and developing test-writing and time-management strategies. Students become familiar with the SAT/ACT testing format so they know what will be expected on the exam. Coupled with customized ACT and SAT pre-tests that help students identify the subject areas needing the most attention, students are able to maximize their SAT or ACT preparation time. If a sports or academic scholarship is in a student’s future, or if a student is considering post-secondary training in the U.S., Oxford Learning’s programs can help. For more information about SAT and ACT Programs for Canadian students, contact Shelley Jacobs at Oxford Learning Regina, 306.790.2000; Visit for Oxford Learning program information for students of all ages.

Most test-prep programs typically focus on helping students attain the high mark they need to get the acceptance letter to the school of their choice. Research from shows less than half of all students who write the SATs are adequately prepared for college. Skills such as time management, organization, note taking, active listening, daily reviewing and self-editing should be in place well before a student leaves for college. These are the skills that will not only help students write the entrance exams, but will continue to help the student throughout his or her college career. Oxford Learning has recently launched the redesigned SAT program and the ACT test-


Shelley Jacobs

Education Director

Oxford Learning Regina 203-2595 Quance St East 306.790.2000




3418 Hill Ave. Regina



Call ToDaY


Creative Professionals for summer project!

You Can Trust

With the warmer weather upon us, it’s only natural to spend more time outdoors. If your yard needs some work (or a lot of work), your time outdoors may be limited to many hours working on backbreaking projects just so you can enjoy spending time in it later. 126




ather than expending time over the spring and summer months working in your yard, spend time relaxing in your very own backyard retreat. Rock Hammer Industries will design a custom outdoor space that will suit your lifestyle. “I’m really all about creativity,” says Kevin Jordens, owner. “I love creating landscapes with beautiful lines directing your eye to focal points and other unique features.” When it comes to creating something stunning for you to enjoy, Kevin and his team at Rock Hammer are the ones to call. While Rock Hammer Industries encourages you to bring forth your own designs for your yard, they are ready and able to walk through and brainstorm with you as well. Through this collaboration, your backyard will soon become the splendor of the neighbourhood. “When we combine our experience and creativity with that of our customers, we know we will produce something amazing,” comments Kevin. After your free estimate, the team will work with you to accommodate your lifestyle and budget. Rock Hammer Industries offers a wide range of services such as paving stone driveways,

paths and patios, raised flower beds, fireplaces, pergolas and more. They also create stunning fences, decks, water features and outdoor kitchens. The process starts with ensuring proper grade to eliminate drainage issues. It then continues with construction of your outdoor dreams upon that foundation, including all finishing touches such as sod and irrigation. With such an array of services available, your yard will be the natural beauty you’ve always wanted! One of the ways Kevin achieves such high quality designs is by working with top of the line materials. Working with only the best supplies means your yard will maintain its beauty and longevity. At Rock Hammer Industries, your satisfaction is their priority. “I run a straightforward business. I like to be open and honest with my customers because in the end, it’s really about building a solid relationship,” says Kevin. Trustworthiness is a priority; Kevin understands how important it is for homeowners to feel comfortable throughout the entire process. This is done by explaining in detail the steps involved in the construction process. Strong communication and good rapport with clients are key elements to making each job

a truly outstanding success. You can expect regular updates from Rock Hammer Industries, as Kevin intentionally makes himself available and approachable in case you have any questions or concerns. Upon project completion, the Rock Hammer Industries team will offer advice on proper care of your new investment. They understand a professionally landscaped yard will increase the value of your property, just as proper maintenance will ensure its beauty and functionality. Rock Hammer Industries’ mission is to increase the joy you experience outdoors in your leisure time. They want to create your dream. Whether it’s an entertainment area to enjoy with family and friends or an oasis of quiet solitude, it can and will become a reality to enjoy this summer and for many years to come. Rock Hammer Industries White City, SK 306.535.3564

Left Kevin & Jaime Jordens, owners. Photo courtesy Ali Lauren Creative Services REFINEDLIFESTYLES


What our customers are saying Superior has worked with many great businesses over the years, and it is now time to feature work completed for one of them — Warner Industries Our resilient polyaspartic floor coating system has been installed in several of Warner’s locations and still looks like new in all of them. The wear and tear of the heavy commercial trucking industry is no match for a Superior Coating. If you are considering treating, covering or coating your concrete in either a commercial, industrial or residential setting, consider Superior Garage. We are the best in the business — our customers tell us so!

“Warner Industries and Superior Garage have been working together for the past seven years. Superior has always gone out of their way to exceed my expectations in quality and service. I highly recommend Superior Garage and their crew to complete any coating as they have continually delivered quality workmanship within deadlines, on budget and with excellent service.” —Graham Warner, Warner Industries

306 205 7900 Featuring superior FD coatings & FD contracting

907 Winnipeg Street Regina | Entrance in Back

NEW YEAR. NEW DREAMS. NEW HOME. Own your next home with our exclusive home finder.

Your Guide to Better Living In today’s hectic world, it can be challenging and frustrating to search for a house. When the demands of your family, your job and your lifestyle prevent ever finding the time necessary to devote looking for a new house, then the challenge becomes even greater. You may be unsure of where to begin, where to look, what to afford, who to consult; it's all part of the often stressful task of looking for a new house.

Let Kelly be your guide.




By Ken A. Beattie, NPD, Ph.D.


Developing and maintaining a garden should not here is much buzz about pollinators lately By Ken — A.and Beattie, NPD,cause. Ph.D.Populations of be overwhelming; rather, it should be an exercise with good in outdoor movement, observation, diligence and, many common Canadian pollinators Developing and maintaining a garden should not is muchatbuzz about pollinators of course, patience. The first step is to get past the are here shrinking remarkable rates lately be overwhelming; rather, shouldYou be an exercise — and with good cause. Populations of for a number of reasons. As with many global fear or reticence of actually making theitgarden. intooutdoor observation, Canadian pollinators tragedies, themany issuescommon seem overwhelming, the don’t have have themovement, most expensive or trendiestdiligence and, of course, Thproject. e first step is to get past the predictions austere and for many,atI assume a sense rates are shrinking remarkable bits and pieces to havepatience. a successful Use clean of for hopelessness prevails. What canAsbewith done many by the global containers, a prepared media a number of reasons. fear or reticence of(bagged actuallysoil-less makingmix) the garden. You individual Canadian? What possible difference can and gooddon’t plantshave or seed tragedies, the issues seem overwhelming, the to stock. have the most expensive or trendiest one household austere make? Th e truth is that each of us a sense predictions and for many, I assume bits and pieces to have a successful project. Use clean Land is not crucial; just a corner of the balcony or can make a world of difference with very little effort of hopelessness prevails. What can be done by the containers, a prepared media (bagged soil-less mix) patio is sufficient. This is perhaps the biggest mental and expense; it’s just knowing how.


individual Canadian? What possible difference can one household make? The truth is that each of us can make a world of difference with very little effort and expense; it’s just knowing how.




and good plants or seed stock.

Land is not crucial; just a corner of the balcony or patio is sufficient. This is perhaps the biggest mental

barrier. If everyone in your region simply planted one pollinator-friendly plant on their balcony, the results would be amazing. Butterflies, hummingbirds and a many less distinguishable species would have food and shelter even on the 20th floor! When selecting a location, keep in mind a protected area is far more desirable than a windswept stretch or corner in the blazing hot sun. The recipe for success includes heaping doses of common sense. An often-overlooked consideration when developing a space for pollinators is that the garden needs to supply benefits for three seasons. Remembering our elementary school science, we can likely connect the dots that honey bees collect nectar from flowers and in doing so, their fuzzy bodies get covered with pollen. This pollen is then transferred to other flowers and presto — cross pollination! Honey bees also mix some of this pollen with the sweet nectar from the flower to form “bee bread,” a protein- rich substance they feed to the larvae. Understanding not everyone welcomes honey bees to their home, garden or balcony, bees are just one excellent example of Canadian pollinators. One in every three bites of food we eat in Canada is a result of some sort of pollination. Butterflies are typically a more acceptable family of pollinators than bees and they add great beauty to any garden. The Monarch butterfly has been in the news for some time now as a species in peril, with populations reaching very dangerous levels. These migrating butterflies require specific food plants for their larval stage, but are not as precise for adult food. Various species of milkweed (Asclepias spp) are their favoured larvae food, but because this plant has been labelled as a noxious weed for many years, the Monarch’s habitat has been reduced significantly over time. Only now are regions of Canada allowing this plant to be grown with many conservation charities providing seed and instruction to increase the Monarch’s food source. There are many other butterflies and moths you can attract to your garden such as the Swallowtails, the Admirals, Hairstreaks and, of course, moths. Rather than continue with a step-by-step process for developing your pollinator garden, I offer some excellent plant suggestions below to entice a variety of butterflies to your garden or balcony space. This selection of plants offers colour for the entire season, as well as nectar and pollen. Keep in mind perennial plants grown in containers will most likely require overwintering indoors with the exception of Canada’s mildest climates. Ensure there is a water source for the butterflies to drink from; a simple clay saucer with a few pebbles scattered in will be sufficient. Fresh water daily

is important. Home Depot stores across Canada will be carrying a selection of perennial plants for pollinators suitable for every region. The Canadian Wildlife Federation endorses these kits with a portion of the proceeds going to the Federation for conservation education programming. Milkweed Echinacea Rough Stemmed Goldenrod Evening Primrose Rough Avens Coreopsis Autumn Joy Stonecrop Prairie Blazing Star Obedient plant New England Aster My final words are to create, observe and maintain this space with a young person. There is nothing quite like the wonder and excitement of a child experiencing nature. Ken Beattie is the Horticulture Education Manager for the prestigious Canadian Wildlife Federation.

Opposite Echinacea Above New England Aster Top Right Goldenrod




where is all the water GoiNG? It’s a critical question—asked while working to direct water to where it’s needed and keeping it away from where it can cause problems in our yards and neighbourhoods. It’s a concern if you have a basement and have dealt with a flooded subterranean level. It’s what we think when we get our water bills and yet our yards still look dry. The good news is the increasing number of creative options for surfacing that offer environmental sustainability and won’t break the bank.



Permeable is the New GreeN


ne fast growing trend in many urban centres is creating permeable surfaces in places where concrete or asphalt would have been used. Where in-fill is increasingly common (such as in Saskatoon’s older, core neighbourhoods) trees planted roadside and other landscape plants can struggle to get enough water when lawns and gardens are converted into driveways for a new dwelling. One innovative approach finding its way here from Europe uses grids of permeable, interlocking pavers such as the Purus line of recycled plastic products from Germany. These surprisingly strong systems are easily installed as driveways, parking pads, patios, pool decks (even commercial surfaces) and can be configured for a variety of looks and attributes. Styles can include a plastic frame for multi-coloured blocks (aka Bloxx™) made from recycled rubber as well as grids of smaller squares that can be filled with microgreens or hearty grasses for a truly green surface. These grids can also be filled with pea gravel and rubber paved to create a smooth, durable and permeable custom surface. Rubber paving can also restore paths and surfaces made of stepping stones and permeable bricks while allowing water to pass right through. The goal of these permeable systems is to have as much water as possible enter the ground close to where it lands from rainfall or snowmelt. Many notable urban centres (most recently Toronto) have mandated drain spouts be disconnected from city drains and sewer lines, and other regions have begun large scale initiatives to combat the effects of urban density. Jared Green of the American Society of Landscape Architects, who recently studied the trend, noted “paved, impermeable surfaces like streets and parking lots can easily cover 40 per cent of our cities.” He recommends the increased use of permeable surfaces as an

alternative that, “offers environmental benefits and also creates beautiful public spaces that help build communities.” The even better news for developers and homeowners is these options can often cost less than traditional options, with increased life span in addition to the ability to modify and repair small sections. Recent advances in technology have worked inversely with rising costs of traditional building materials to bolster the booming green economy where innovative products created from recycled rubber and plastic save money while saving the planet.

DoN’t ForGet the olD-school solutioNs Even if a new surface isn’t in your budget or plans for the next season or two, everyone can do the simple things to better manage water usage. A rain barrel is still a fantastic way to store and redirect water that would otherwise need to be funnelled away from foundations and into civic water systems. It’s a perfect example of the positive impact of a perspective that sees a resource to be managed instead of a problem to be solved, and that’s what environmental sustainability is all about. Kevin Hall works within Saskatchewan’s recycling sector for Shercom Industries, a manufacturer and supplier of recycled rubber and plastic products.




Satisfaction GUARANTEED When you make the important decision to buy or sell a home, I am committed to going the extra mile to ensure your needs are successfully met in a professional and honest manner. I am dedicated to selling your home or finding you that dream home you are searching for. For service and commitment, let me help guide you with your next purchase or sale.

Buying a home? Buying a home is the usually the largest financial decision a person can make. Let my expertise help guide you in making the right

decision for you. My marketing strategy exposes your home to a wide array of qualified buyers, allowing your home to be sold in a fast and painless process.

Selling your home? Using comparable data from your area, along with my expertise in home market trends, I can accurately price your home for top dollar and fast sale.

Your satisfaction is my


Remax Joyce Tourney Realty


A Solid Reputation for

Quality and Service Your trustEd tEam of concrEtE spEcialists By Tobie Hainstock

Mustang Construction has been a leader in the concrete construction industry. Owned and operated by Martin Meggeson, this company has maintained its solid reputation for customer service excellence and is an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau.

Photos DeAnne Bell

Excavation ExpErts


whatever level of involvement the client is happy with. No matter which end of the spectrum you are at, Mustang Construction will keep you well informed so that you always have a good idea of what’s happening.

The team at Mustang Construction work very hard to ensure that everything is done to the client’s specifications. They are completely comfortable with

Meggeson explains that the team hauls away all the gumbo and does a complete clean up when the job is done. “We are able to get in and dig everything up so that the work can be done properly and put everything back to as close to its original form as possible,” he comments. This can save the customer potentially costly landscaping fees.

hether building new, adding on or doing repairs Mustang Construction offers the latest in excavating equipment and services. “We do about 99 per cent of the work ourselves so you can be confident that you’re dealing with someone who will be on the job throughout the entire process,” states Meggeson.

Above The staff at Mustang Construction




sErvicEs offErEd Foundation Replacement & Foundation Repair Dampproofing/waterproofing; Wall straightening/ bracing; Cracked foundation repairs; Underpinning; Telepost adjustments; Sump pits; Knee walls/Pony walls; Grade beams; Piles BEFORE

Concrete Driveways; Sidewalks; Patios; Exposed aggregate; Basement floors; Garage pads Concrete Grinding/Scarifying Residential/Commercial; Warehouse floor restoration; Shop floor restoration; Scarifying; Fixing uneven areas Demolition Concrete structures; Wood structures; Asbestos removal; Mould and mildew removal


People you can Trust When it comes time to build, add on or repair; you can trust Mustang Construction to give you impeccable service, honest advice and top quality workmanship.

concrEtE Building and rEstoration

Mustang Construction also offers a wide range of concrete-related construction services from cosmetic work to crucial foundational work. and all of their plans are backed by engineers. Concrete finishing work is also listed among the many services that Mustang Construction is well known for. These services include pouring new driveways, sidewalks, patios and basement flooring. When doing an excavation job, Mustang Construction will even restore your existing driveway and give it that brand new lustre. This is a timesaver for customers since they won’t have to hire a second company to come and do the finishing for them. Nothing is more frustrating for homeowners than foundation problems. From C-channels and bracing to waterproofing, Mustang Construction can take care of whatever issues may arise. They are even equipped to install a new foundation underneath your existing home.


With Mustang Construction, your concrete work is always in good hands. Whether you need a new garage floor, your driveway refinished, or even a whole new basement, Mustang Construction can take care of all your concrete finishing needs. Homeowners can be assured that all of Mustang Constructions plans are backed by engineers and follow building and safety codes. Mustang Construction 306.530.5150

inTERiOR DAmp pROOFing

Expert Advice


re you planning to renovate, upgrade or redesign your home this summer? Whether you are updating your home's exterior, getting a new furnace, changing the windows or getting the shingles replaced, you're changing the way your home performs. These changes can create unwanted side effects. We often get called in to troubleshoot problems that have occurred after a recent renovation. These renovations have changed the building envelope of the home. Most often, we see problems regarding heat loss, humidity and ventilation. These are all systems and can very



easily become unbalanced. The consequences range from mold, mildew and water staining to structural damage. Depending on when your home was built, the quality of the building materials used in its construction will vary. Regardless of any changes made before, along with what you are planning now, we can help ensure a smooth project. Remember — people don't plan to fail, but often fail to plan. Be sure to plan ahead to ensure your renovation, upgrade or redesign project has positive outcomes. Call us today.


Plan Ahead for Successful Renovation Projects

“The ultimate team gave me a full thermal imaging report and made recommendations that helped my roof repairs go smoothly, so we were able to get to the root of the problem. I'm so glad I called before we started.” —Pamela M. Wade & Joel Murray owners

Ultimate Insulation – The Attic Experts 1322 Elliott Street, Regina 306.205.7366


Natural Rock t Water Features t Slates


Large Selection of Beautiful Solid Marble Garden Furniture. Plus Accents Sculptured by Mother Nature.

Visit our Showroom at 1515 Toronto St. 306.789.2043




Spring Cleaning: Clear, Clean and

Gain BaCk

TimE By Rowena List

Ah — spring is in the air. Isn’t it uplifting? Spring can be a great time for renewal and what better way to renew your space and how you feel than with a thorough home “clear ‘n clean.” Of course, clearing and cleaning are two totally different things. Clearing means getting items out of your home and paring down. As we all know, cleaning is getting the grime off of your home.





ould you believe it takes 40 per cent less time to clean a clutter-free and well organized home? How’s that for motivation? Is your home full of stuff you no longer need or use? Are you storing others’ belongings? Or maybe everything is simply out and all over the place, instead of things being in their place. Do you have systems to help corral your clutter? Take advantage of the extra bounce in your step this season and try my 6 simple organizing steps to clear and clean your home this spring. Tip 1: What is it costing you to store other people’s belongings or stuff that you’re not using? Insurance, stuck energy and aggravation can all add to stress. You are no longer a storage locker for other people’s stuff. This means your grown kids get to come over and claim whatever belongings they have you looking after. Give them a time limit when you would like their items gone. Has your garage become a storage area for your late grandparents’ furniture? Now is the time to get ruthless and ask yourself: “what is the purpose of storing these things”? If there is a valid reason and you have the space, then fine. But if not, it’s time to find a new home for them. Sell or donate them to someone who actually needs them. Tip 2: Make arrangements for your local donation company to come by for a pickup of your household items and clothing that are clean and still in good condition. Having a deadline will encourage you to get started and keep going. Tip 3: Decide which area of your home is bugging you the most. Start with that area by taking one box or bag at a time and dealing with the contents. Don’t get sidetracked. For example, if there are tools in one of those boxes and they need to go to the garage, simply place them in the garage and leave. Do not stick around the garage and start decluttering it. That can be done another day. Take

it takes 40 per cent less time to clean a clutter-free and well organized home



another chunk of time and work on your clothes. Start with your t-shirts. Keep the ones you love and donate the ones that no longer fit, are out of style or toss any that look worn. Take the 15 minute-to-freedom challenge by setting the timer and going through your linen closet. Pull out all the old sheets and blankets that you no longer use or need. Don’t keep them “just in case.” These items are very welcomed by those in need. If the sheets and blankets are really old and in rough condition, they can be donated to the local SPCA. Set the timer again and go through your kids’ toys. What have they outgrown? Do the same for books and so forth. Tip 4: Once you have purged your whole house, you can now look at setting up systems. Do you need clear bins to store seasonal clothing? Do you need hooks or shoe racks in your front hall closet? Do you need drawer organizers in your kitchen? Tip 5: Spring cleaning time. Will you do this yourself or treat yourself to a professional cleaning service? Either way, make a list of what needs doing — drapes, carpets, windows, inside the oven and fridge, walls washed, mattress cover and duvet or blankets, outside of kitchen cupboards, tile grout and more. Could your place use a fresh coat of paint? What




about the outside of your home? Make up a schedule for when each of the areas can be tackled — whether it’s you and your family doing it or you’re hiring out. Tip 6: Reward yourself. Now that you have purged, cleared out the clutter, set up systems and your spring cleaning is done, it’s time to sit back and relax. Treat yourself to a massage, lunch out with a friend, an outing with your kids or whatever makes you happy. You deserve it! Moving forward, you will have that extra 40 per cent more time. How will you spend it? Rowena List is a coach, professional organizer and speaker based in British Columbia. Learn more at

open up your living space Disappear into a recessed housing until you need them, restoring your views

Delivers protection from the sun and bugs with a wide variety of mesh options

For the cottage

Custom-made and professionally installed using quality materials for lasting operation and peace of mind

For the city

Can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button or with home automation systems

Indoors or outdoors? Enjoy the best of both worlds and truly live large in the Okanagan! Enjoyventilation insect-freeand ventilation and the shade thetouch sun at touch of a button with Executive motorized Enjoy insect-free shade from sunfrom at the ofthe a button retractable screens by Phantom. Featuring remote control technology by Somfy® Executive screens — with Executive motorized retractable screens by Phantom. Featuring remote the ultimate in convenience and simplicity. Custom-made and professionally installed. Executive screens ® control technology by Somfy Executive screens are the ultimate in are perfect for opening up your living space. Find out how to expand your space today! convenience and simplicity. Custom-made and professionally installed, Executive screens are perfect for opening up your living space.

Building Building Bui

Re-Roof & New Homes | AspHAlt sHiNgles Re-Roof & New Homes | AspHAlt sHiNgles Re-Roof & New Homes | Member AspHAlt sHiNgles 5” CoNtiNuous eAvestRougH 5” CoNtiNuous eAvestRougH Regina & Region Regina & Region 5” CoNtiNuous eAvestRougH Home Builders’ Regina & Region Home Builders’ soffit & fAsCiA | iNsuRANCe ClAims Mutually Beneficial| Relationships, soffit & fAsCiA iNsuRANCe ClAims Association Home Builders’ Association Re-Roof & New Homes | AspHAltClAims sHiNgles soffit & fAsCiA | iNsuRANCe Mutually Beneficial Relationships, Association Member liCeNsed & iNsuRed | fRee estimAtes liCeNsed & iNsuRed | fRee estimAtes One ROOf At A time liCeNsed & iNsuRedeAvestRougH | fRee estimAtes 5” CoNtiNuous Regina & Region Member


(250) 762-7592 Home Builders’ Association


soffit & fAsCiA | iNsuRANCe ClAims liCeNsed & iNsuRed | fRee estimAtes


Mutually Benefi

One ROOf At A time One RO Mutually Beneficial Relationships,

Expert Advice

Top 10 Reasons to Create a Cleaning Schedule 6. When followed, home cleaning schedules will allow your home to be more comfortable for all family members. 7. Safety in your home will increase when there is less junk and clutter laying around. A clean home keeps everyone safe from accidents and is also a healthier place to live. 8. You become proactive instead of reactive. 9. A cleaning schedule allows you to enjoy your home and family without worrying you should be cleaning instead. 10. A schedule for cleaning house allows you to get the housework done, and then have more fun! No one likes to clean their home all day. Cleaning is a means to an end, so you are able to have a nice home to live in and relax.


CalEndar Daily Every Morning Make beds Declutter bedrooms & bathrooms Every Evening Declutter living areas Quick sweep or mop kitchen Wipe down kitchen counters & table Do the dishes Take out the trash Weekly Monday: Dust Tuesday: Vacuum/mop floors Wednesday: Deep clean kitchen Thursday: Clean bathrooms Friday: Laundry Saturday: Catch up Sunday: RELAX

Yearly January: Wipe down inside of kitchen cabinets February: Organize closets/pantry March: Wipe down inside of bathroom cabinets April: Clean garage May: Clean outside of house June: Wash walls, mouldings, doors July: Shampoo carpet August: Clean windows/window sills September: Blinds & window treatments October: Move refrigerator/oven November: Move beds & dressers to clean behind December: Clean inside refrigerator & oven




he thought of the time it takes us to clean our homes can be overwhelming. We want to live in a healthy relaxed environment, but it can become very stressful just thinking about the time it takes to get our houses organized and cleaned. If we can create a schedule that does not overwhelm us and look at the process as a step-by-step system, it is certainly achievable to get the grime out of your home. Below are the top 10 reasons to have a cleaning schedule for your home.

If you still do not have the time to complete the cleaning chores to help you live in a healthy home, call The Tidy Time Saver today!

1. Making a home cleaning schedule gives you the time to sit down and prioritize what really needs to be cleaned. 2. A written schedule allows everyone in the home to be assigned a task or two and participate in the cleaning. Once a schedule is in place, everyone knows their expectations and can assist in the cleaning chores. 3. You will not have to do any more marathon cleaning sessions. If you follow a schedule, you will only do a little at a time, but it will all get done and you won’t have to spend a whole day cleaning. 4. You won’t have to do a mad dash when visitors come unexpectedly, or feel embarrassed if they see your home without warning. 5. Everything in your home will stay at least reasonably clean most of the time.


Sharla Shaw owner

The Tidy Time Saver Professional Cleaning Service Regina 306.546.1505 Saskatoon 306.664.0072

Proud partner of

Tidy Time Saver is a Proud Partner of

CLEANING FOR A REASON Tidy Time Saver has been a proud partner of Cleaning for A Reason for more than seven years. We are proud to offer this service free of charge to deserving women in both Regina and Saskatoon. Being able to help these women and their families by taking care of their cleaning needs during such a difficult time of their lives brings a sense of satisfaction to the staff at The Tidy Time Saver.

About Cleaning for a Reason

Cleaning for a Reason is a non-profit organization that serves the United States and Canada. Our mission is to give the gift of free house cleaning for women undergoing treatment for any type of cancer. Our goal is to let these brave and strong women focus on their health and treatment while we focus on and take away the worry and work of, cleaning their homes — free of charge. We have recruited more than 1,200 maid services to donate free housecleaning to women who are undergoing cancer treatment. Since 2006, our partner maid services have volunteered their time to clean for more than 20,500 women — valued at over $5,600,000.

If you know of a friend or family member who could benefit from this program, please contact

Cleaning for a Reason has been such a support for our family during this very difficult and challenging time of cancer treatments. It gives us one less thing to worry about and takes away the stress on myself and my family while I am recovering from my cancer. Tidy Time Saver cleaners has provided amazing service for our family for over five years. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. —Andrea S.

Sharla Shaw

owner The Tidy Time Saver

Homes that Stand the

TeST of Time By Brook Thalgott Photos Shawn Fulton

By Brook Thalgott Photos Shawn Fulton

hen it comes to building a house, everyone wants the same thing — quality, value and comfort — because a house isn’t just a house; it’s a home — your home.


business that understands the importance of quality, value and functionality in a new home,” says Wade Weber, owner. “Our hands-on approach and attention to detail throughout your home build shows our commitment to these values.”

Regina’s Birchwood Builders understands how important a home is to a family, and they make sure every client they work with gets the quality home they deserve. “We’re a local, family owned

With the market changing over the past few years, Birchwood has been able to carve out a niche between the production and custom builders. They couple good value with the




ability to personalize a standard Birchwood plan. Customers get a competitively priced home with their own custom touches. The company’s history shows the quality of their work and how their homes stand the test of time. Birchwood Builders has been building homes in Regina and area for 45 years. “In the construction industry, success can largely be defined by one’s longevity, and that’s a direct

reflection of our commitment to excellent customer service, quality workmanship and unmatched value,” says Wade. “We’ve built our business around these principles and firmly believe they have been the reason for our long lasting success.” Because of their longevity as a homebuilder in the city, Birchwood Builders have also created long-standing relationships with many suppliers. Some relationships span more than 25 years, and are a key element in designing the homes they build. No matter what style of home you’re looking for, Birchwood can work with you and your budget to design the home you have always wanted. They offer a variety of home models for every lifestyle. Their in-house design team can accommodate growing families, empty nesters and everyone in between. Birchwood’s tight knit team — with their years of experience and commitment to the highest standards — ensure each new home meets your expectation for quality, value and fine craftsmanship. Plus, you can customize one of Birchwood’s standard plans any way you see fit, making your home truly yours. “We offer production builder pricing with custom builder flexibility,” says Wade. “We blend the latest technology in design and construction with the finest craftsmen to produce a home you will be passionate about for years to come.”

What Our Customers Say “My husband and I purchased a Birchwood home last July. We walked into the house and quickly knew it was the one. The beautiful finishes and structural upgrades, like piles and steel beams, sold us. We have also been pleased with Birchwood’s after-sales service. Any issues we had were solved quickly and well. We recommend Birchwood Builders to anyone looking for a new home.” —Tammy Taylor

“After 26 years, we are completely satisfied living in our Birchwood home. It has weathered the test of time. When we were building, our friends recommended Birchwood for quality and affordability. Because of that quality, it’s remained affordable. A home is where you build memories. Thanks for all the great memories, Birchwood!” —Wayne and Gabriella UnRuh

The company is also a member of the Progressive New Home Warranty Program, which underpins each new home they build. The program offers the most complete end to end warranty in the business. “We believe the program’s philosophy and approach best align with our core business principles and expectations,” says Wade. Is there a new home in your future? See their work in person at the Birchwood Builders show home, located at 5134 Canuck Crescent in Harbour Landing. Make an appointment with Wade and the Birchwood Builders team and learn what they can build for you. OVER 45 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE

Birchwood Builders Regina 306.789.2747 /Birchwood-Builders |



Home Grown WHY CHOOSE CORE REAL ESTATE IN YORKTON? Core Real Estate Inc is home grown.

Committed to making Yorkton the best city it can be thru community involvement and sponsorship.

A Company built for Yorkton by Yorkton.

National exposure thru MLS®, and Social media.

Local people with local knowledge.

Independent Brokerage spending advertising dollars representing local clients & local properties.

A family atmosphere office.

...just a few good reasons to get behind Core.

The Art of Life—Photography by Mitch

Invested in downtown revitalization.

Gavin Konkel

Carma Gramyk

Corey Werner

Deanne Arnold

Brooke Niezgoda Lloyd Seymour



5 Third Ave N

Yorkton SK


S3N 1C1









Financial Advice that Keeps You Plugged In

What do your clients say about you and your business? What do they like about you? The team has a genuine interest in our clients’ lives and helping them achieve their financial goals. We encourage clients to call the office to speak to Sheldon or Tyler about whatever might be on their mind. The world has gone mobile and many professionals are spending more and more time away from the office. The advantage of being in the chair is the ability to remain “plugged in” to the market. We are “old school” like that.

How did you get started in your business and when?


heldon entered the business 18 years ago as a wealth advisor at ScotiaMcLeod after a long tenure in various capacities in the financial services sector. Tyler Taylor joined Sheldon in 2007 after completing his BA in Economics at the University of Regina. Since then, Stephanie and Shelley have joined the team to complement our total wealth offering. What products/services do you specialize in? We are a discretionary portfolio management team. The vast majority of advisor/client relationships in this industry are nondiscretionary, meaning any position change has to be discussed before any trades are executed. The discretionary platform allows clients, if they choose, to hand the day to day management of their portfolio to our team. We develop an investment policy statement with the client that outlines the goals for the portfolio. This will include the investment mix, risk tolerance, and unique preference, if any. The investment policy statement (document) formalizes the informal trust between the investing client and the advisor — and aims to give that client peace of mind. What is the benefit of clients choosing to have their portfolios managed on a discretionary basis?

Many of our clients are sophisticated enough to manage their own assets, but are too busy in their day to day lives. These clients are looking for a competent team to think and act on their behalf. Our breadth of research, product knowledge, and ability to block trade large positions gives us an advantage over the doit-yourself route. The days of leaving many cell phone messages and waiting for returned calls to execute a trade could be over.

This is for information purposes only. It is recommended that individuals consult with their financial advisor before acting on any information contained in this article. The opinions stated are those of the author and not necessarily those of Scotia Capital Inc. or The Bank of Nova Scotia. ScotiaMcLeod is a division of Scotia Capital Inc., Member Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

How would you describe your typical client/ target market? We manage assets for affluent households from all walks of life. We also have corporate accounts that are strictly positioned in fixed income. What sets you apart from your competitors? What do you do differently/better? The discretionary platform is definitely a unique offering. The Gray Team was among some of the first teams in Saskatchewan to obtain this license (based on experience, funds managed and a clean compliance record). Another advantage of our team is that Sheldon and Tyler are both news sponges; they both read news sources from Canada and the US. This is critical during our investment meetings because we are able to offer more than one opinion. We execute with conviction. The Gray Team was among the first ScotiaMcLeod advisor teams in Canada to have our own proprietor (branded) model portfolios.


Sheldon Gray, CIM, CFP Director, Wealth Management Portfolio Manager

ScotiaMcLeod 305-3303 Hillsdale Street, Regina 306.761.6512



Leading Small BuSineSS

By Jill Poulton, ACCP

There is a difference between those who start a business and those who grow a business. For many, the dream of entrepreneurship is born while in the throngs of employment for someone else — doing work they love while wanting greater autonomy and potential for greater pay. ENTERPRISE


oing the job and running a business that supports the fulfillment of the job are two different sets of skills. The differences can be summarized as one of a specialist and the other as leadership. The specialist typically has training and experience in a particular area such as hairstylist, carpenter, chef or engineer. As a business owner, the specialist needs to transform into a leader because to achieve anything of significance requires the help of others. To quote Kevin Kruse, “Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.”

An entrepreneur may also be someone who identifies a gap in the market, and moves quickly to exploit the opportunity. They see needs and understand how to meet them in a way that produces a profit. Not all of them are good with people, however. And being first is not the same as leadership. They could be brilliant, but that’s not leadership — you have to care. Initially, a business starts so the owner can produce an income. However, if the business remains in this mindset, they become another “me-too” establishment and will slowly fade out. Those who have staying power have grander ambitions of serving others with what they have to offer. Vision is foundational to leadership and to sustained success. Entrepreneurs need a well thought out vision that reaches beyond start-up — one that is inspiring, strategic and practical. Vision ignites passion and invites others to join in on the pursuit. The opportunity then becomes getting your team




members and employees to buy in to where you want to go and then working relentlessly to move that vision forward. When it comes to actually getting things done and making progress in the areas that matter, it’s important to develop systems that support the achievement of business goals, and then follow them! As an entrepreneur, your goal is to build a successful business. Your system is your processes for sales, marketing, fulfillment and operations. Having a system matters because committing to the process is what makes the difference. Hire the right people. You have to grow your business. It is a misnomer to think people cost money. A lack of production and failure to grow your business can cost far more. Your business is as successful as the people working in it. Take your time, be discerning and purposeful with who you recruit. If you do make a hiring mistake, don’t wait to correct it. When it comes to decision making, Brent Gleeson says, “Business leaders must master the ability to make good decisions quickly to keep the business moving forward. The best leaders, however, know when they need input from the team. Good leaders surround themselves with trusted advisors and subject matter experts, so they can access a constant flow of data to make better decisions.” Once a team is in place, it’s crucial to communicate well and often. Two-way communication builds relationships and trust which then lends to higher



performance, loyalty and sharing of innovative ideas. Great leaders are able to convey their vision in a compelling way, not just once, and not just with some words on a wall. It’s expressed and demonstrated continuously in a variety of ways, particularly in a way that each team member sees themselves in the vision. If you want to grow your business further, develop your people. According to HR Magazine, leaders who cultivate an environment conducive to growth and learning opportunities generate 24 per cent higher profits than those who don’t. Investing in development also includes the leader. People do what people see. When team members see the leader’s passion and commitment to going the extra mile, they will be more likely to do the same. When a leader cares for people, they are willing to lend a helping hand and are inspired to achieve the desired results. This attitude also manifests in customer experience and loyalty. When you’re in business, regardless of what type, you are in the people business. Learning to work with and through people is essential to long term success. When leadership gets better, business grows and life gets better. Jill Poulton is a Certified Executive Coach and Founding Partner with The John Maxwell Team. She specializes in leadership and small business. Questions and comments can be directed to


Building a legacy Accelerating Growth and Innovation

May 12 & 13 | Conexus Arts Centre, Regina

Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan is proud to announce our 2015 Annual Business Conference: “Honouring the Past & Celebrating the Future”. This dynamic event will empower and educate with inspiring keynotes, practical tools, offer tips for innovation and success, while providing valuable networking and mentorship opportunities. Women entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan inc. presents its annual conference, an event for women in business to further develop their leadership Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan is proud to announce our 2015 Annual Business Conference: “Honouring the Past & Celebrating the capacity, learn new strategies, gain inspiration and establish new connections grow their business. event will empower and educate Future”. This dynamic event will empower and educate with inspiring keynotes,topractical tools, offerThis tipsdynamic for innovation and success, while with inspiring keynotes, practical tools, offeropportunities. tips for innovation and success while providing valuable networking and mentorship opportunities. providing valuable networking and mentorship

2016 Keynote SpeaKerS:

Christine Hrudka

Owner of Pharmacy First “Roadmap of an Entrepreneur – Murad Al-Katib What is Your Next Opportunity?” President & ceO, agT Food and ingredients inc. Owner of Pharmacy First

Tammy Cook-Searson

Christine Hrudka

chief of lac la Ronge indian Band President, Kitsaki Management limited Partnership also hear from:

“Roadmap of an Entrepreneur – What is Your Next Opportunity?”

Aimee Schulhauser, Owner & ceO of evolution catering and Fine Foods., Tangerine: the food bar and Schoolhaus culinary arts Crystal Spooner, Owner of Orange Tree living “The Gems of Saskatchewan” panel returns with some new faces and inspiring stories

ConFerenCe at a GLanCe: Thursday, May 12 5:00 pm 5:30 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm 8:20 pm

annual general Meeting Registration & networking-appetizers & cash Bar Welcome/Opening Remarks Keynote Speaker closing Remarks Don’t miss out! Register now to reserve your spot. Attendance is limited. Please visit

Don’t miss out! Register now to reserve your spot. Attendance is limited. Please visit

Friday, May 13 8:00 am Breakfast & networking 8:30 am Keynote Speaker 9:50 am nutritional Break 10:10 am Panel discussion-“gems of Saskatchewan” 11:30 am lunch 12:30 pm afternoon Workshop Conference Presented 1:50 pm nutritional Break in partnership with: 2:10 pm afternoon Workshop 3:30 pm closing Remarks

don’t miss Presented out! Register now to reserve your spot. Conference limited. Please visit in attendance partnershipiswith:

Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan Inc. is a non-profit membership organization supported by Western Economic Diversification Canada Women entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan inc. is a non-profit membership organization supported by Western economic diversification canada that works with that works with women who are considering starting a business, purchasing a business, or who are operating an existing business. women who are considering starting a business, purchasing a business, or who are operating an existing business.

FOUND SOMETHING YOU LIKE? Have it shipped by bus! STC ships to over 250 communities in the province. It’s fast, reliable, and affordable!

Focused on showcasing tasteful, local living that serves the Regina and area market, we deliver content that performs. Refined Lifestyles Magazine @Refinedyqr Refined_Lifestyles_Magazine Refined Lifestyles Magazine

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When is Group Long Term Disability Insurance Not Enough? • If you don’t want your benefit to be reduced by other income or benefits. Reductions in benefits due to CPP, SGI and deferred income payments are unwelcome surprises. • If your career includes more than one employer. Career paths aren’t linear anymore. Contrary to our parents’ beliefs, changing occupations is now viewed as a positive improvement by both employees and employers. The ability to adapt to new environments, not lifetime loyalty, is the new road to success and employees are more mobile than ever before. Owning and controlling your contingency plan is critical to guaranteeing financial success.

If you are 35 today, you have a 33 per cent chance of becoming disabled and unable to work for three months or more before age 65.


or most of us, our ability to earn an income is our most valuable asset. We rely on our earned income to fulfill our financial goals (otherwise we’d be retired). For most, being without an income for a few weeks is inconvenient, but after a few months or years, financial disaster sets in. Not to mention the emotional and relationship toll of becoming financially and physically dependent on others. This is why having adequate long-term disability insurance (LTD) to protect your income is as essential as insuring your life or your home. Most people assume they are insured through their employer, but there are many instances when Group LTD is not sufficient. When should you consider adding personally owned LTD insurance to your contingency plan? • If you are an employee or are a selfemployed and have no access to group LTD.

• If you are a business owner and drawing compensation in the form of dividends instead of salary. Often, dividends are not insured through a group benefit plan. • If commissions, bonuses or overtime form a significant part of your income, and the definition of salary under your group LTD does not include them. Many people depend on income beyond their base salary to afford their lifestyle. Not including these incomes can leave a significant gap in the contingency plan.

Long-term disability insurance is part of the continuum of health insurance, along with health care insurance, critical illness insurance and long-term care insurance. As a certified financial planner, I can help you select the coverage you require as part of your overall financial plan.

• If the benefit plan is your spouse’s. Unlike medical and dental benefits, only the employee has LTD, not the spouse. • If your group benefit amount is not adequate. Group plans have a maximum benefit and/or a maximum percentage of income. If your plan offers 60 per cent up to $5000, and your income is $150,000, your income is not fully protected. • If your occupation is specialized and you want retraining to be optional. Mandatory rehabilitation is not necessarily mandatory. • If you don’t want to be forced to change occupations or to work for a lesser income. The typical benefit period is two years if you can’t work at your “own” or “regular” occupation, then to age 65 if you can’t work at “any” occupation.” Some plans give consideration to previous experience, education and income. Some don’t.

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Protect Yourself from Stock Market Declines


want to consider adjusting. As you know, minor adjustments can often lead to major improvements down the road. Either way, I will make myself available and ensure this is a great investment of your time.


n October 2015, I wrote about the stock market being overdue for a major downturn. Then in November, I wrote about investing in silver.

As I write this column, the major indexes are getting pounded. The first 12 days of trading in 2016 were the worst ever based on records stretching all the way back to 1897.* I believe the stock market decline is only just starting. On another note, precious metals are among the top performers in 2016. 2008 proved diversifying your risk away does not work, yet this tends to be the most utilized method to protect from the downside. If you have a 50 per cent stock market exposure and the stock market falls by half, you will likely lose close to 25 per cent. This is not effective. There are strategies that protect you from market drops in a manner similar to how house insurance protects you from a loss resulting from a fire. These do not rely on diversifying, and I have examples that show the success of this strategy. http://j ohnb arab ages/enoug hretirement-income directs you to an article on sustainable retirement income. Under the drop-down menu, select “solutions” to find other topics such as protecting your principle,



inflation and estate planning. There is much more information on my website, so feel free to browse around while you are there. With today’s near-zero interest rates, many are struggling to create income from their nest egg. I specialize in solutions for sustaining income while protecting yourself as much as possible from the dramatic downside potential of the stock market. I will also shed light on the opportunity this decline creates.


John Barabe is a Senior Financial Planning Advisor with Assante Financial Management Ltd. Please contact him at 306.757.9915 or visit to discuss your particular circumstances prior to acting on the information above. The opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of Assante Financial Management Ltd.

This also extends to safely growing your capital. In the time you have left before retirement, do you have time to expose yourself to downside that could burn up the next four or five years just to recover. I would like to offer you a value-add service for taking the time to read my article. I will make myself available to act as a sounding board. Please understand, you do not need to become a client to take advantage of this service. I do this because I became a financial advisor to help people make informed decisions with their financial future. It’s very fulfilling.

CFP, CLU, CIM Level 1 CFA Senior Financial Planning Advisor

One of two things typically occurs when going through this process; either I validate for you that your current approach is fundamentally solid, or I reveal a few minor flaws you might

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RobeRt GaRdikiotis: Remembering Regina Downtown’s Visionary

By Tobie Hainstock Photos courtesy Robert Gardikiotis family



Robert & Ann Gardikiotis


arm-hearted, hardworking, generous, entrepreneurial, friendly — however you described him, Robert Gardikiotis touched the lives of everyone who lived, worked and shopped downtown. It’s been more than five decades since Robert and his bride, Ann, first opened the doors to their business. Since that time, the Copper Kettle has become a downtown destination for patrons of all ages and backgrounds. The success of the business has added more than just economic



achievement to the downtown area; it’s added charm. According to Robert’s daughter, Anna Gardikiotis, it was her father’s vision to see the downtown core develop into a sociable neighbourhood square. “His vision was about life in Victoria Park, about people and families spending time enjoying the park, just like in his home country of Greece where they have a central square. There’s a line of restaurants and cafes, and people come out and socialize as they go from one place to another. It’s just part of the café lifestyle of Europe.”


Robert never strayed from that dream. Even during the 1980s when mortgage rates were up about 20 per cent, his positive attitude and determination never wavered. He stayed open in the evenings to serve customers long after his neighbouring businesses closed at 5 p.m. Anna describes her father as a visionary who saw opportunity where others didn’t. “My dad put his blood, sweat, tears and investment into the business at a time when most people wouldn’t. In 2000, when he completely redid the building, he was almost 70 years old. How many people do

that?” Even though many were still closing up shop at 5 p.m., Robert encouraged other businesses to open up downtown. He saw it as a real opportunity. “He would say, ‘Let’s get this hub going. Let’s bring people downtown who don’t normally come downtown,’ ” recalls Anna. Growing up with the examples Ann and Robert set for their children, Anna and her siblings developed a strong work ethic which has resulted in all of them being successful in their chosen careers. As children, they started helping out in the restaurant once they reached the age of 12. “We all have

a work ethic like no other. We see things through the eyes of an owner and take on that kind of accountability in our jobs even though some of us are salaried employees.” Living and working the lives of business owners, the Gardikiotis children learned many valuable life lessons over the years. Anna notes that watching how her father interacted with people was a special lesson indeed. Being downtown means meeting a mix of people from all walks of life, and Robert saw the good in everyone, treating each and every individual with kindness and warmth.

As a family, the Gardikiotis’ stuck together through thick and thin. They faced adversity together. United, this strong family — guided by the wisdom of their parents — learned they could overcome huge obstacles even when it didn’t seem possible. Robert’s family plans to continue his legacy by remaining involved in the growth and development of Regina’s downtown. Although this bright spirit has left us, Robert Gardikiotis’ vision for a vibrant downtown lives on in the lives of everyone he touched.



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When structured properly, life insurance is not only a riskmitigation tool, but also a versatile financial instrument which can provide significant benefits during lifetime.

ver the past three decades, the Canadian insurance marketplace has changed dramatically. There was a time that life insurance was acquired primarily by the family breadwinner to provide a financial cushion for their family or to pay off debts and pay for funeral expenses. However, over the years, other types of needs have arisen which require life insurance. Some examples are the payment of capital gains tax, estate equalization and charitable bequests. On the corporate side, it is to provide funding for buysells, share redemption, key person insurance, CDA maximization, insurance to cover loans and a few other strategies which can be extremely beneficial to the corporate business owners and incorporated professionals. Consequently, the types of insurance policies



2016 - An Important Year to Revisit Your Life Insurance Portfolio

now available have multiplied, along with their attributes. Today, depending on needs, the consumer can choose from a wide array of products. At the same time, the level of complexity of these policies has risen considerably. Many Canadians are using life insurance policies as wealth enhancement vehicles in addition to the traditional investments. Currently, the Income Tax Act relating to the taxation of life insurance policies allow substantial accumulation of funds in a taxsheltered environment within permanent policies. However, these exempt test rules have been in place since 1982. In the 2012 Federal Budget, it was announced the Department of Finance was planning to make changes to update the exempt test rules. After extensive negotiations with the life insurance


industry, Bill C-43 was passed into law in December, 2014 with an effective date of January 1, 2017. This move by the Department of Finance was initiated to reflect the more recent actuarial assumptions and to ensure consistency across all insurance companies and products. There will be a number of negative consequences for consumers because of these new rules. The good news is all existing policies and policies issued and settled before January 1, 2017 will be grandfathered. However, in certain circumstances this grandfathering can be lost on existing policies, so policy owners should seek expert advice before making any changes to their policies. Universal life policies with Level Cost of Insurance (face plus funds) designs will be the most adversely affected under the new rules.

implement the above mentioned strategy and want to use Level Cost Universal Life policies (see Graph 2). Also affected would be prescribed annuities. Currently, the taxable portion of payments from a prescribed annuity is lower, but going into the next year they will be higher, thus reducing the net yield. Some popular strategies such as the Insured Annuity will become less attractive. However, the taxable portion will be less, which will be a huge plus for substandard annuities. In summary, 2016 is an important year to revisit your insurance portfolio. With proper advice, clients can avail the benefits of existing rules to make their estate, corporate or individual insurance plans more tax-efficient before the new rules kick in. At Parwez Financial Group, we take pride in designing and providing unique, innovative and tax-efficient insurance solutions for our clients in collaboration with their legal and tax advisors. Our focus is strictly on the analysis, audit and implementation of appropriate strategies involving risk management products from top rated insurance carriers in Canada for our clients’ personal and corporate needs. We work in collaboration with our seasoned associates who specialize in their respective fields of financial and investment planning.

Under the new exempt test regime: • Single premium policies will be a thing of the past. Minimum period to prepay policy premiums will be eight years. • The permitted room for policy cash values to grow on a tax-sheltered basis will be a bit higher initially, but significantly less in the long term. • The cost to acquire this product will be higher. For corporate owned policies: • The greatest impact will be on the Capital Dividend Account (CDA) credit. The CDA is a notional account available to private corporations through which death benefit proceeds as well as certain other tax-free amounts received by the corporation can be distributed to the shareholders as tax-free capital dividends. The death benefit proceeds are paid out tax free to the corporation on the policy of which it is the beneficiary; however, the credit to the CDA is the death benefit less the policy’s adjusted cost basis. Therefore, a

lower ACB means a higher CDA credit. As of 2017, the ACBs of almost all types of policies will be higher, which would mean a lower CDA credit (see Graph 1). It would also take a longer time for the ACB grind down. • In cases of collateral term deduction, where policies are assigned to financial institutions to cover business loans, the deduction available will be lower. While active business income (up to $500,000) in an incorporated business (CCPC) or a professional corporation is taxed at the small business rate, invested retained earnings and surplus are treated as passive income and are taxed at the highest marginal tax rate. Some incorporated professionals and business owners are effectively using corporateowned life permanent life insurance policies for taxsheltering a portion of their corporation’s retained earnings and surplus. There are a number of ways to access the cash out of the policies, in some cases tax-free via leveraging. Once the new rules come into effect, the contribution room will be drastically reduced for incorporated clients who would like to

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A Truly

Continental ExpEriEncE


he Lincoln name has been synonymous with luxury ever since the inception of the brand. Renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright heralded the first Lincoln Continental, which was produced in 1939, as the most beautiful car of all time. Released as a concept car in 2015, the newest addition



of the Continental legacy will be available this year after a 14-year hiatus. Gleaming in rhapsody blue, Lincoln Continental’s signature colour, the Continental concept provides a glimpse into the refined luxury connoisseurs can expect from the automaker’s 2017 Continental model. “Luxury at its best is about simplifying and quietly exceeding


By Trina Annand

expectations, rather than being the loudest statement on the road,” says Mark Fields, president and CEO of the Ford Motor Company. “The Continental concept showcases the promise of quiet luxury from Lincoln going forward. It’s also a strong indication of what’s to come next year as we introduce our new Lincoln Continental full-size luxury sedan.”

Driving the Continental is not without its pleasures, with a top speed of 249 km/h and an acceleration of zero to 97 km in a mere six seconds. The 3.0 Litre V6 EcoBoost® Engine allows for three different driving modes — normal, sport and comfort. With Lincoln’s 30-way adjustable seats, comfort never looked so good. The seats offer heated and cooled massaging and feature adjustments for each leg independently. “The Lincoln Continental name is associated with iconic beauty and elegance,” says David Woodhouse, Lincoln design director. “Capturing those qualities and building upon them drove us as we crafted this thoroughly modern sedan concept.” The car features Lincoln’s signature approach detection technology, which senses your approach and lights up inside and out. The sedan features a thoroughly modern silhouette that still connects with its past, but heralds a new world of travel for both driver and passenger. The interior of the Lincoln Continental is an immersive experience, with lush shearling wool carpet, Venetian leather details and soft gold LED lighting. Designed as a moving sanctuary, the rear seating even offers a champagne chiller. With the goal of creating a first class travel experience, passengers enjoy luxuries such as the chauffeur’s button, which adjusts the front passenger seat forward to allow the rear seat to fully recline for superior comfort, and a console full of gadgets to control everything from the Revel Ultima sound system to the SPD Smart Glass® tinted sunroof, which creates a personalized ambiance while blocking 99 per cent of UV rays and providing a spectacular view.

Starting at a projected $99,700, the 2017 Lincoln Continental will undoubtedly surpass design expectations while providing all the safety and tech savvy features drivers have come to expect from the manufacturer. “The Lincoln Continental concept is everything we know about cars, and everything we understand about people. And when you bring the two together, you understand why they should never really be apart,” says Fields.



It’s More Rewarding to Do it Yourself

Tired of not getting that project started, let alone finished? AT OLYMPIC, we have a wide variety of preferred quality products. Over the years, we have learned the meaning of quality and which products stand the test of time. We will not put anything in your yard that we wouldn’t put in ours. Whether you want to install your patio, fence, driveway, flowerbed or retaining wall, the team at Olympic is dedicated to helping you get that project completed. We will be holding separate workshops on fence and pavingstone — covering the installation process step by step to give you the confidence to tackle your projects and get them done. Contractors will charge you as much as $55 per running ft. for fence and $22 per sq. ft. to install pavingstone. Our workshops will give you the power to say when to start your project while saving you a lot of money — allowing you to make your project more elaborate or use those savings for that long-awaited vacation.


WORKSHOPS Pavingstone trade workshop $75 per customer PVC fence trade workshop $75 per customer Proceeds from the workshop will act as a gift certificate. $50 from the original $75 will allow the customer to apply this amount to his/her project supplies.


Pavingstone accents a home like nothing else. Select from a wide variety of choices for that special entrance to your home. Pavingstone starting at $6 – $9.50 per sq. ft. Crusher dust • 32 roadbase • River rock competitive pricing Pick up or delivery


PVC fence is for a lifetime, no maintenance. Gain the privacy you need to relax at the end of the day. PVC fence starting at $15 – $23 per running ft. Ranch style 6 ft. privacy • Variety of styles Custom routing available

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Refined Lifestyles Regina Vol1 Iss1 2016