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TwentyTwenty Eight Eight TwentyDecor Eight Decor Decor Save the weekend — Christmas in October,


Darlene Hetherington, own

October 26 - 29, 2017 Join us for hors d'oeuvres and beverages 3 2 8 M A I N S T R E E T N M O O S E J AW








Suncoast Enclosures Brand

Attention Homeowners: Imagine a durable, versatile and attractive patio cover, one that delivers shade on hot days, protects your family from harmful UV rays and keeps your deck and outdoor furniture dry during a rainstorm. Suncoast Enclosures will custom build your louvered roof as an addition to your home/business or as its own free-standing patio cover. Our built-in guttering system effectively channels away rain runoff to prevent flooding and structural damage. The louvers are charged by an efficient solar panel and are operated by a hand-held remote. Open the louvers slightly or up to a full 180 degrees to increase ventilation and control the amount of sunlight or shade on your patio. Suncoast Enclosures offers a screened-in outdoor area that allows you to enjoy your deck, pool, spa or patio without the sense of being enclosed in an indoor space.

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NEW LOCATION! 3401 Pasqua St. Regina

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Fall 2017, Vol 1 Iss 3 elcome to Refined REGINA&AREA Moose Jaw Women of Editor Sherry Lee Achievement! It has been a real pleasure Design REGINA&AREA working on this issue and getting to Amber Moon know the five amazing women gracing Cover REG the cover: Photographer Jared Robinson, Nebulus Entertainment Volume 1 Issue 3 2016 hat is full colour, Location Fifth Avenue Collection, Moose Jaw • Charmaine Franken, glossy and “owns” Editor Clothing Cranberry Rose, Moose Jaw OLiV Tasting Room Moose Jaw By SHERRY LEE,Sherry Associate Editor Lee the coffee table? REG Photography Volume 6, Issue 2, 2015 • Jillian Bilawchuk, REFINED magazine! elcome our Best of the Best AndytoHamilton Design Associate Editor Volume 1 Issue 3 2016 hat Elements is full colour, Fine Homes issue! Regina and Sherry Lee Jillian’s Design Calvin Fehr Amber Moon area is simply brimming with Editor Art Direction And why does itglossy own theand coffee“owns” table? Jared Robinson, Nebulus Entertainment businesses to help with your Lisa Redden, Associate By SHERRY LEE,Photography Associate Editor • Liz Craigen, Sherry Lee the coffee table? restoring, relocating, Justin Reves This unique publication captures the building, renovating, Design Volume 6, IssueGodnitz 2, 2015 Henry Arthurneeds, Ward Cranberry Rose design and decorating and inside you Molson Coors Candace Deanne Bell, REFINED magazine! elcome to our Best of the Best Design heart and soul of the community, will find some ofCalvin Associate Editor RaeHaiko, Graham the Homes best.Fehr Moffitt, Shanna Joudrey Fine issue! Regina and of WordsGhislaine Saskatchewan Festival Sherry Lee Amber Moon • Vicki Watson, profiling local businesses, events and One of these businesses Chris Graham Photography area is simply brimming with is Frametech, which StaffRegina Writers Symphony Orchestra Art Direction Tourism Moose Jaw And why does it own the coffee table? Courtney Tait, Henny Buffinga, Kevin Hall, Melanie Furlo to help with your our cover. Based out of Estevan, DeAnne Bell Fulton peopleWrapture Spa & Boutique who reflect what Regina and you will find on businesses Lisa Shawn Redden, Associate Photography Tobie Hainstock, Tonya Lambert, Tori Stafford, Trina An Frametech excels in steel frame construction, building, renovating, restoring, relocating, This unique publication captures the WOW Factor Media Dorothy Law Design Arthur Ward Henry Godnitz area• are about — growth, prosperity the next revolution in building. Their story isneeds, another example of Cover Photography Contributing design and decorating andWriters inside you Yvette Moore, Candace Haiko, Deanne Bell, heart and soul of the community, Saskatchewan entrepreneurial ingenuity and innovation, this time in by M2D2 Photography Calvin Fehr Rae Graham will find some of the best. Brook Thalgott Ghislaine Moffitt, Shanna Joudrey and innovation. Daring and caring Contributing Frametech Systems the adaptation ofand light-gauge steel framing technology forWriters all types of Yvette Moore Art Gallery profiling localresonate businesses, events Regina Symphony Orchestra Chris Graham Photography One ofspin these businesses is Frametech, StaffBrad Writers L-R & Tenille owners Carter Haydu construction. The earth-friendly makes it even more intriguing.which people who with a unique Erin LeggWilhelm, Amanda Forrest Courtney Tait, Henny Buffinga, Kevin Hall, Melanie Furlo you will find on our cover. Based out of Estevan, Shawn Fulton DeAnne Bell people who reflect what Regina and Courtney Tait The beautiful front cover wasyouaFrametech Once again, we bring engaging editorials, some of the most Poulton Brook TobieJill Hainstock, Tonya Lambert, Tori Stafford, Trina An Photography resilient Prairie spirit; people who excels inincluding steelThalgott frame construction, Dorothy Law WOW Factor Media beautiful condos in fun, theinworld, high tech and the fashionable, Adjile and Amira Homes Ltd., Blum Canada, Calvin Fehr, Erin Legg areacollaboration aretoabout — growth, prosperity the next revolution building. Theirbathrooms, story is Haydu another example of of work ideas and Cover Photography Carter Laurissa Kainz adhere a strong ethic, yet Currey & Company, DeAnne Bell, DuPont Evan Joseph functional and fabulous world of kitchen countertops and cabinetry. We Saskatchewan entrepreneurial ingenuityJenn and innovation, this time in by M2D2 Photography Sharp and innovation. Daring and caring Compass, Harrods Estates Henry Godnitz, Kohler, Courtney Tait Libertee & Lecina (she and her) culminating in a photo session held all love the finer things of life, and fine accessories add a special touch Contributing Writers Frametech Systems the adaptation of light-gauge steel framing technology for all types of understand the civility of taking M2D2 Photography, Michaelowners Lasko, Richard Sibbald, She Lionel Hughes to your surroundings. Then, therespin is the ever-changing technology L-R Brad & Tenille Wilhelm, Tobie Hainstock Damon Bennett construction. The earth-friendly makes it even more our people who resonate with a unique Amanda Forrest Erin Legg outside on a rather chilly autumn Industries, Southerby’s International Realty, The Designe the time to say, “Hello” and smart “Good increasingly homes. Rebecca Spinner Thom Filicia, TroyEurope Landscape Lighting Tommy Dr. JulieThalgott Zepp Once again, we bring editorials, including someRutledge of the most Brook Jill Poulton Photography resilient Prairie spirit;HGTV’s people whoyou engaging day. You really get to know each other Scott McGillivray brings great advice on maximizing the ROI of morning.” The sheer friendliness Sarah Moore beautiful condos in the world, high tech bathrooms, and the fashionable, Adjile and Amira Homes Ltd., Blum Canada, Calvin Fehr Laurissa Kainz Carter Contributing Writers your appliances. Ken Beattie weighs in with some ofHaydu this topcabinetry. for We the adhere a strong work ethic, yet Currey & Company, DeAnne Bell, DuPont Evan Joseph when you’re trying to stay warm and functional and what fabulous world of kitchen countertops and Tourism Moose Jaw Distribution &picks Subscriptions and richtocommunity spirit is Apolline Lucyk, Brook Thalgott, Beattie, Kevin coolest plants of 2015 and we learn moreaccessories about decking. Compass, Harrods HenryKen Godnitz, Kohler, Libertee &Estates Lecina (she and her)Hall, Courtney Tait all love the finer things of life, and fine add a special touch understand the civility of taking Subi Vaid beautiful at the same time! Special thanks go out to Liz Craigen of Cranberry Rose M2D2 Photography, Michael Lasko, Richard Sibbald, She captivates and holds Spring, from topeople your summer surroundings. Then, thereseasons is the ever-changing technology in our and fall are busy for movingBennett and for building or Damon Tobie Hainstock Industries, Southerby’s International Realty, The Design Distribution & Subscriptions the time to and say, keeps “Hello” andour “Good increasingly smart homes. Marketing Consultants upgrading homes. Enjoy the season and keep this Zepp issue handy as you for providing the luxurious clothing, to Fifth Avenue Collection for the use of their Thom Filicia, TroyEurope Landscape Lighting other places others coming Dr. Julie Rutledge Tommy continue to make your home surroundings the best! Marketing Consultants HGTV’s Scott McGillivray brings great advice on maximizing the ROI of morning.” The sheer friendliness charming gazebo, and to Jared Robinson of Nebulus Entertainment for his patience back for more. Contributing finemags Writers @finemags appliances. Ken Beattie weighs in with some of this top picks for the Distribution & Subscriptions and rich community your spirit is ofwhat Apolline Lucyk, Brook Thalgott, Ken Beattie, Kevin Hall, and creative genius. Yvette and Sarah Moore provided a warm bowl of soup and coolest plants 2015 and we learn more about decking. Subi Vaid Brooke Ward Ward captivates holdson people from Spring, summer and fall are busy seasons for moving and Brooke for building or delicious lunch at the Yvette Moore Art Gallery after we wrapped up the session that At REFINED, this is what we strive to captureand in print, our website Distribution & Subscriptions upgrading our homes. Enjoy the season and keep this handy as you other places and keeps others coming day. Teamwork always makes things easier, and once again, I completely enjoyed and through social media. By keeping our finger on the pulse of the continue to make your home surroundingsMarketing the best! 306.551.4789 Consultants 306.551.4789 for more. spending time with the friendly folks in Moose Jaw. finemags @finemags community heartbeat, we aim to back provide content that performs. Visit Blair ArnWard, upload a story on BE OUR GUEST and get engaged. Meagan O’Flanagan Brooke That wasn’t my only trip to Moose Jaw last month (did I already say that I love your At REFINED, this is what we strive to capture in print, on our website Fine Homes Regina is published by the Group of Fine Magazines Ltd. Fine Ma city?). I was also fortunate to attend the One Horse Town concert, getting caught andthis through social media. keeping ouroffinger the pulse of& the ADVERTISING 306.539.1027 is independently owned. Opinions expressed in Fine Magazines are those In issue, our cover storyByprofiles state the artonOmNI Surgery + 306.485.9464 306.551.4789 ADVERTISING CONSULTANTS authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or advertise SALES MANAGER up in the pride and elation that September evening. The stage nestled in the middle community heartbeat, we aim to provide content that performs. Visit Magazines does not assume liability for content. Anti-Aging Centre in Regina. We also bring you a feature on Christmas of the city’s historic downtown was the perfect location for a memorable event. All rights reserved. Fine Magazines Ltd. Reproduction in whole or in part w Rachel UnRuh Blair Arn, story on BE OUR GUEST and get engaged. in October in moose upload Jaw, anaevent to schedule into your calendar now. Randy Glascock permission is prohibited. For reproduction requests, please call 306.540.3320 Congratulations again, Moose Jaw! Canada Post Publication Agreement undeliverables Fine Homes Regina is published by #41818060. the Group ofReturn Fine Magazines Ltd. to Fine3440 Ma Our feature on the Rm of Emerald Park may be an eye-opener. Amidst Grove, Regina, Sk, S4V 1H1 Opinions expressed in Fine Magazines are those 306.535.6311 ADVERTISING & 306.539.1027 is independently owned. In this issue,developments our cover story profiles of the the city, art OmNI + ADVERTISING CONSULTANTS 306.526.4957 Last issue, we started with 75 things we love about the Moose Jaw area. Inside, you’ll authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or advertise the amazing taking placestate east of theSALES RmSurgery is playing MANAGER Magazines does not assume liability for content. in Regina. also bringtoyou feature onZielinski Christmas Trevor Folgering see the other 75 to reach a total that honours “Canada 150. ”a Our nation’s special year aAnti-Aging major role Centre in working with itsWe neighbours create moreSandy options where Brooke Watson Randy Glascock Jason Randy Glascock All rights reserved. Fine Magazines Ltd. Reproduction in whole or in part Heistad Randy in October in moose Jaw, an event to schedule into your calendar now. Glascock permission is prohibited. For reproduction requests, please call 306.540.3320 is winding down, but we’re going to celebrate right to the end. people can work, live and play. 306.563.7815 306.551.4789 306.526.4957 306.580.4214 Canada Post Publication Agreement #41818060. Return undeliverables to 3440 Our feature on the Rm of Emerald Park may be an eye-opener. Amidst 306.526.4957 Grove, Regina, Sk, S4V 1H1 306.533.0879 306.526.4957 Have a wonderful autumn and holiday season. We’ll see you in the new year! the amazing east ofleaves! the city, the Rm is playing Wishing you developments many peacefultaking walks place in autumn Zielinski where Brooke Watson Randy Glascock Trevor Folgering a major role in working with its neighbours to create moreSandy options Distribution & Subscriptions Heistad Jason people can work, live and play. 306.563.7815 306.551.4789 306.526.4957 306.580.4214









Wishing you many peaceful walks in autumn leaves!

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32 Christmas in October



Amber moon Design Amber is an award winning Canadian designer. Specializing in print design, she has over 17 years of experience in the agency world, and has designed everything from package creative and store signage, athletic performance gear to wallpaper and everything in between. She has truly seen and done it all.

Amber moon Design Amber is an award winning Canadian designer. Specializing in print design, she has over 17 years of experience in the agency world, and has designed everything from package creative and store signage, athletic performance gear to wallpaper and everything in between. She has truly seen and done it all.

brook brook THAlgoTT THALgoTT Writer Writer

A nerd for the written word, Sarah received her BA in English from the University of Regina. Returning to Moose Jaw as creative director of Yvette Moore Gallery and The Gallery Café, Sarah keeps her creative addiction challenged writing, creating menus, designing events and sharing her love for all things art.

Brook Brook is is aa freelance freelance writer writer and and consultant consultant with with 15 15 years’ years’ experience experience in in communications communications and and marketing. marketing. A A graduate graduate of of the the School School of of Communication at Simon Fraser University Communication at Simon Fraser University in in B.C., B.C., she she has has been been writing writing for for various various companies companies and and publications publications since since 2012. 2012.

Rebecca is delighted to be writing for REFINED. An experienced writer, editor and broadcast editor, Rebecca holds a degree from Dalhousie University. She describes herself as: “Accomplished writer. Constant communicator. Traveller, theatre geek, film buff, bookworm.”


than 20 music award AWith nerdmore for the written word,industry Sarah received nominations, Jared has received five her BA in English from the University of nominations in design and has been awarded Regina. Returning to Moose Jaw as creative an Independent Music Award for photography. director ofproduced Yvette Moore Gallery and Jared has a multi-genre listThe of artists Gallery Café, Sarah keeps her creative and has composed many orchestral scores addiction challenged writing,and creating for television commercials more.menus, designing events and sharing her love for all things art.

sArAH moore Writer

rebeCCA sPinner Writer


JAred robinson Photography SArAH moore Writer

CAndACe FoXWriter Writer CourTneym.TAiT Candace freelance writing Courtneystarted holds her a BA in Creative Writing career while co-owner of Couture Business and Journalism from the University Development Inc.,She a marketing public of Victoria, B.C. writes andand edits relations firm. During the past five years, content for magazines, online media andshe has been a contributing writer, freelance small businesses. On her blog,ashe shares copywriter blogger. She hastravel, a passion for reflections and on life, interviews, books, writing about arts culture and lifestyles. relationships and and the creative process.

Andy HAmilTon Photography

erin legg Writer

Andy Hamilton is known for capturing the fine line between fine art and commercial photography, resulting in images that are true to life yet remarkably enhanced. Andy has worked with clients across Canada including Phoenix Group, TD Waterhouse, Globe and Mail, Jim Cuddy and Dentsu Bos.

Erin is a freelance writer with a background in creative media, government and non-profit organizations. Her writing has appeared in a variety of newspapers, magazines, blogs and academic publications. When she’s not storytelling, Erin likes spending time with her family, cooking and exploring new places.

Committed to Your HealtHY Hair

We Specialize

in Beauty GET MORE

610 2nd Ave  NE, Moose Jaw 306.693.2331

Experienced, professional service with over 30 years of experience. We are a full service hair salon specializing in the unique art of body sugaring, reflexology, and lash and brow tinting.

Our fun, dynamic stylists are highly trained and ready to help you achieve your hair goals! From cuts to colour to fades and event styling, we love doing creative colours while also staying educated on men’s cuts and barbering techniques. We are dedicated to making you happy and prioritizing hair health. Check us out and receive $5 off your next service!

655 Fairford St. W.


Moose Jaw Takes CenTre sTage as Canada’s Top

By Sarah Moore PhotoS courteSy MolSon coorS

For a “one horse town,” Moose Jaw sure can make a lot of noise.




or the third year in a row, Coors Banquet launched a nationwide contest to name Canada’s top One Horse Town. Teaming up with CMT Canada, the winning town would enjoy an epic concert featuring multi-platinum Grammy winner, Darius Rucker; winner of the 2017 ACM New Male Vocalist of the Year, Jon Pardi; Saskatchewan native, Juno Award winner and three-time CCMA Female Artist of the Year, Jess Moskaluke; and a hot new act, James Barker Band. Coors Banquet is brewed exclusively in Golden, Colorado — a town of only 20,000 residents. Knowing the ethic and spirit of a small town, they wanted to reward the often-overlooked “little guys on the map” and offer a reward of legendary entertainment to the town that embodied the true dynamic of small town pride. The premise was simple and the competition was tough. The contest called out to towns across Canada with populations of 50,000 and less to nominate themselves. The response was overwhelming and 2,500 towns were put into the initial running.

And Then There Were Six. A big little town with a comically renowned name made the final cut — and the citizens of Moose Jaw spoke up. Daily votes online would choose the victor, and Moose Jaw got to work. With local businesses, the City of Moose Jaw and the mayor, resident celebrities and spirited locals making their voices heard, the entire town rallied together. The harmony of pride echoed loudly, and Moose Jaw was named the winning One Horse Town. Jessica Teixeira, manager of brand public relations for Molson Coors recognizes the fighting spirit of Moose Jaw. “Hometown pride was exemplified ten-fold,” she says. The concept of the contest at its heart was what set Moose Jaw apart, and it did not



go unnoticed. “That’s all we can hope for is that our vision actually aligns with what’s going to happen and who is going to enjoy it, and Moose Jaw has shown us that every single day,” says Teixeira. The trucks rolled in by the dozens, the stage and the lights transformed Main Street, and the anticipation built to a fever pitch. With iconic City Hall as the backdrop, and Main Street and Fairford Street rolling out the red carpet, the city was set to host the greatest event in entertainment that Moose Jaw had ever seen. Those bringing the colossal event to Moose Jaw echoed the excitement. Not only would Moose Jaw be hosting some of the biggest names in country music, the entire country would be watching. CMT Canada will be featuring the event — and Moose Jaw — in November of this year. “When I first heard about Moose Jaw winning, I got very excited as a filmmaker because I knew how beautiful Main Street was and how if we put the stage there — with all these historic buildings around it — that it would be a very epic television show, which is what I am here to do,” says CMT filmmaker, Joel Stewart. Having visited Moose Jaw several times before, Stewart was beyond pleased to return: “I love it here.” “The hospitality we have seen from the town — the enthusiasm, the spirit — has been more than we could ever hope for Coors Banquet One Horse Town. We’re so excited to bring this home to Moose Jaw,” says Teixeira. On September 15, Moose Jaw pulsated with excitement and pride. This first-class show will go down in entertainment history — and this “one horse town” showcased the exact spirit and fanfare that brought it all here.




The Foundation to a


BEautiful, Confident

You believe firmly in the idea that a proper foundation can have a significant impact on a woman’s physical appearance, as well as her inner happiness. If you know you look great, you will also feel great. Subsequently, if you know you feel great, you will, in turn, radiate.

Buy 1 Set & Get 2 S ets


Let me give you an example. Suppose you purchase an expensive shirt. If your bra is unsupportive, the wrong size or just generally unhealthy for your body, that expensive shirt will not look good. However, if you are wearing a bra that fits properly and has been designed for your health and happiness, even a $5 tee will look runway ready. I am the owner of Romensa, a specialty undergarment boutique in Moose Jaw that helps women achieve a proper foundation. The Romensa wireless bra was developed in Taiwan in 2000. I myself began wearing this bra two years ago, and felt immediate relief from some common issues I was experiencing because of my previous unsupportive and unhealthy bras. Romensa undergarments are all wireless, moulded with 3D technology and incorporate lightweight foam cups for a comfortable, flattering feel. There are many benefits to wearing a Romensa bra: • These bras are non-binding and lightweight. Being wireless, women report an immediate improvement in comfort. Wires can impede your circulation, increasing discomfort even more. • Romensa bras are designed to augment a woman’s breast naturally. The 3D moulded design prevents sagging, which is reported by women of every age. Sagging can lead to other issues, such as disconnected breast tissue or even back pain.

• The lightweight cups of a Romensa bra address the issue of uneven breast size. A woman who wears Romensa undergarments will notice this issue corrects itself over time.

Romensa is a wireless, push up bra designed for comfort, style and health. I invite you into my boutique for a proper fitting, free of charge, and to see firsthand what a great bra can do for you. Sizes range from 30A to 48G (with nursing bras also available). We also sell breathable, comfortable men's underwear - BUY 1, GET 2 FREE.

• These undergarments are made of breathable material, meaning women will no longer feel overheated or experience perspiration in the chest area. This also reduces the occurrence of itchiness and general discomfort. The design of the Romensa bra system keeps a woman’s breasts in the right spot. What this means is many women are surprised to learn they have a different size in Romensa undergarments than they do with other brands. Furthermore, being properly fitted with a high quality undergarment designed for health and comfort often means a woman appears slimmer and younger! Please take a look at the photos here and see how different the same woman can look when wearing a Romensa bra rather than her old brand. I will properly measure and fit each woman in the shop, as well as provide guidance on how to wash and dry your new Romensa bras.

Judy Wu owner

Romensa 329 Main Street N. Moose Jaw 306.313.6698 |



Daily D Living aiDs

. & D. Quality Care has been a local, family-run business in Moose Jaw for the past 14 years. Debbie Pidwerbeski, a registered nurse, started D. & D. Quality Care in 2003. Cher Duckworth-Hajosi took over the business in 2009 and has been working to provide the best medical equipment and patient recovery supplies to the citizens of Moose Jaw and surrounding areas.

ProviDeD with Care & serviCe

photos Jared robinson, nebulus entertainment

Cher and her friendly staff always offer remarkable customer service with a smile, making their customers feel comfortable and happy in the store’s environment. D. & D. Quality Care has custom and certified fitters that specialize in all sizing and fitting needs. The store offers exceptional products at honest and cost-effective prices to benefit clients of all ages. Referrals from doctors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and pharmacists have helped determine the diverse array of products you can find at D. & D. Quality Care. “I work closely with doctors and physiotherapists and pay attention to what they need, and what I need to be carrying for them,” says Cher, who also offers Healthy Leg Clinics in rural communities, focusing on compression socks. “A lot of the girls in care homes aren’t sure how to put the socks on, or they were taught a different way (that may not be right for them).”

Financing available ______ House calls & Deliveries available 12



cerTiFieD FiTTers

extensive, including knee, thigh, pantyhose and m at e r n it y stockings, along with arm/hand sleeves, shorts and more.

The benefits of compression socks are endless; wearing a pair is the equivalent to having your legs up for eight hours a day. D. & D. Quality Care stocks everything from thin nylon compression stockings to sport socks. Most of the products available at D. & D. Quality Care are covered by medical insurance; a doctor’s prescription is necessary for coverage. The following list covers just a few of the wide range of products the company carries: mobility aids such as scooters, power chairs, lift chairs, walkers, hospital beds, ramps and more. Aids to daily living products include tub lifts, tub assists, bath/shower benches, raised toilet seats, commodes, safety rails, canes and Australian sheepskins. The compression garment line at D. & D. Quality Care is also

The store specializes in maste c tomy products (prosthesis, brassieres, wraps and accessories), along with support and sport bracing. Included in the brace product lineup are foot, ankle, knee, back, wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, pediatric and maternity supports, along with hernia trusses, abdominal binders and cast boots. A rental service includes wheeled and non-wheeled walkers, knee walkers, peddle bikes, crutches and cooling units. Qualified staff members take the time to research the best quality and affordable products for their customers. Finding suitable merchandise for each customer is a matter of pride for staff. The company also offers zero per cent financing for three months on amounts up to $15,000. Customers can apply online at ddqualitycare. ca or in-store with identification. D. & D. Quality Care is also approved by SGI, WCB, DVA, S.A.I.L. and Supplementary Health.

Sigvaris Compression Garment Benefits: • • • • • • • • •

Graduated compression OTC and medical grade Increases circulation Prevents varicose and spider veins Prevents DVT Controls edema Prevents shin splints Fights aching, tired, restless legs Use during pregnancy, traveling and sports


D. & D. Quality Care 11 Hochelaga St. W. Moose Jaw Open 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. P: 306.691.0300 F: 306.693.0740 After hours appointments are available; call during regular business hours to book.

above Cher and her daughter, Cassie



The sasKaTCheWan fesTival of a SMORGASBORD of CanaDian CreaTiviTy

he Saskatchewan Festival of Words is one of the “summer blockbusters” of the Canadian literary scene. Its celebrations are multiday in scope (2017’s festival ran July 13 through 16), encompassing multiple Moose Jaw venues, and offering a plethora of events and performances. If you live in the Prairies and have a literary bent, it’s an unrivalled opportunity to pick August’s beach and patio books. I chatted with the festival’s operation coordinator, Amanda Farnel, on September 5. I felt lucky that she was so generous with her time, given that, following a break after 2017’s festival, the office reopened that very day. And, as Farnel admitted, “there’s a lot you miss in a month!” The team isn’t just catching up on things; preliminary arrangements for 2018’s festival have already begun, reveals Farnel. But the substantial annual groundwork for the Festival of Words appears to be a labour of love for virtually everyone involved. Aside from a trio of interns each summer, and two permanent employees (including Farnel),




By ReBecca SpinneR photoS couRteSy the SaSkatchewan FeStival oF woRdS

“The fesTival is for everyone. iT’s goT a liTTle biT of everyThing.” —amanda farnel, operations coordinator

opposite top Harold Johnson signs a young fan's book bottom Jael Richardson, Rosanna Deerchild, Bruce Walsh and Angie Abdou talk about the Future of Arts in Canada below Angie Abdou moderates a panel on Science and Religion in Storytelling with Yann Martel and Alanna Mitchell

the festival is the handiwork of a brigade of volunteers. (During the summertime high season, their numbers reach about 100.) Canada’s literary “crème de la crème” regularly show up at the festival: the peerless Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid’s Tale, Alias Grace) was a guest in 2006. This year’s writers included Life of Pi author Yann Martel (whose The High Mountains of Portugal came out last year); he made several appearances across the 2017 festival’s multi-day run. Since its founding in the mid-90s, the Festival of Words has learned to brilliantly balance torchbearer Can-con wordsmiths like Atwood and Martel with writers still approaching the pinnacle of their fame. Guests are frequently showcased as duos: “We pair writers based on who we think will work well together,” Farnel explains, noting this can be based on varying factors, such as authors’ relative fame or the nature of their work. The Thursday evening “Readception” (held at the Mosaic Place Conference Center) exemplified the festival weekend’s collaborative tone. It afforded not just two, but several, writers an opportunity to share a few minutes of work. This provided “a taste of what was to come in the festival,” Farnel says, noting that “it was one of our audience’s favourite events this year.” Given the festival’s “the more, the merrier”-esque underpinnings, it seems appropriate that the two books which Thistledown Press launched at 2017’s Festival of Words — Glass Beads (by Dawn Dumont) and the Wanderlust Anthology (by multiple authors) — were short story collections. It also seems natural that throughout our interview Farnel emphasizes “diversity” as a festival touchstone. “We try to bring a really diverse lineup... to give our audience a taste of everything that’s out there. Canada is such a diverse place,” she explains. Since, as Farnel says, the festival strives to include writers from all Canadian provinces, Francophone voices are obviously a focus. So too are people of colour, LGBT writers, and writers with disabilities. In 2018, says Farnel, “we’re hoping to continue to bring diversity to the festival.” The Festival of Words’ approach to what constitutes “writing” is exceptionally open-minded. For ambitious guests, the weekend is potentially a thrilling crash course on wordsmithing’s various guises. “To be literary is not just about books,” Farnel says, specifically mentioning graphic novels, lyrics and scripts as alternate vehicles.

“These are really important, interesting ways of looking at writing.” Scanning 2017’s itinerary proves that festival programmers are truly committed to variety: the festival included a “trivia night,” a screening of 2016’s Maud Lewis biopic Maudie, a “dramatic reading” (the Saskatchewan Playwrights Centre paired with the festival on that one, Farnel says), a free French-language show by La Troupe du Jour, and a Link Union concert. Perhaps most intriguingly, a slam poetry contest is now an annual festival attraction. “It’s always a really great event, because there’s a lot of audience participation,” says Farnel. “Members of the audience are picked as judges... it’s a really fun evening.” Winning and runner-up poets, she notes, received a (paying) opportunity to perform for festival attendees. Until next year’s Festival of Words rolls around, festival personnel will have their noses to the grindstone with planning: not just 2018’s festival, but also off-season events, such as Performer’s Café open mic nights and Cineview film screenings. Come summer, the team will doubtless ensure that downtown Moose Jaw once again hosts a smorgasbord celebration of Canadian creativity. “The festival is for everyone,” Farnel says. “It’s got a little bit of everything. Just come and see it.”




BY Jenn Sharp

Women of

Achievement Women’s contributions over the past 150 years in Canada’s history have helped shape this nation into a vibrant and democratic place. Recognizing the accomplishments of women who came before us is a source of inspiration to work towards our own achievements, and to positively influence society.


t was all thanks to Nellie McClung and her four Alberta friends (The Famous Five) that women were recognized as people. In 1927, they launched the Persons Case with the Supreme Court of Canada, stating that women could be “qualified persons” eligible to sit in the Senate.

Aboriginal women’s contributions to Canada have been vast; we can look to documentary filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin; Anna Mae Aquash, an activist who dedicated her life to helping First Nations people; Elsie Knott, the first woman in Canada to be elected as Chief of a First Nation in 1954; and Susan Aglukark, a talented singer-songwriter from the Arctic. Ethel Catherwood, was part of the Matchless 6 at the 1928 Olympics, the first year women were allowed to compete. Ethel won a gold medal in the high jump. Scaling the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies is no small feat today, but imagine doing it without modern rock climbing equipment. Phyllis Munday and her friend Annette Buck became the first women to reach the summit of Mount Robson in 1924. At a time when women were just starting to gain recognition as individuals (and not only as daughters and wives), Maria Morris Miller, became Nova Scotia’s first professional female artist. In 1867, her Wild Flowers of North America was published and shown at a Paris exhibition. Saskatoon’s Betty-Ann Heggie is no stranger to reaching the top in her career. She was the senior vice-president of PotashCorp until her retirement in 2007. She was twice named the top investor relations person in Canada, and inducted into Canada’s Top 100 Women Hall of Fame.

the first female captain, and later corporate pilot, in Canada. Some, like Kathleen “Kit” Coleman, used the power of the pen to make an impact. In 1898, she became the world’s first female war correspondent when she covered the Spanish American War in Cuba. Saskatchewan’s Buffy Sainte-Marie is famous for using her voice as a singer-songwriter, musician, artist, educator and social activist to focus on indigenous peoples’ issues. Sylvia Olga Fedoruk helped develop the first cobalt radiation, which was used as a chemotherapy treatment for cancer. The nuclear medical researcher became the first female chancellor at the University of Saskatchewan, along with Saskatchewan’s first Lieutenant Governor in 1988. We can’t overlook the accomplishments of everyday pioneer women in Saskatchewan, many of whom sought freedom in Canada to escape persecution overseas. During the Great Depression, it was these prairie women who stretched the last of limited food supplies into meals, found industrious ways to save money, and held their families together for the better times ahead. Whether out in the marketplace, at home or both, Canadian women today “stand on the shoulders of giants” and continue to step out, take risks, achieve goals and contribute to their communities — continuing to raise the bar for others. In the pages that follow, read about five of these inspiring local women, who Refined Regina is honoured to call “Women of Achievement.”

From 1992 to 1999, Barbara Stymiest was the first executive vice president and later chief financial officer at BMO Nesbitt Burns. During that time, she also became the first woman to be governor, and then president, of the Toronto Stock Exchange. Women haven’t just accomplished great feats on the ground; some took to the skies like — Molly Reilly. In 1959, she became



Women of Achievement

Courtesy of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Maria F. Morris Miller Country Harbour, Nova Scotia, 1810 - 1875, Halifax, Nova Scotia Pale Laurel and Lamb Kill, 1866 Hand coloured lithograph on paper 35.5 x 27.7 cm Collection of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Gift of John and Norma Oyler, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1995 1995.95



Yvette Moore



By Sarah Moore photoS Jared roBinSon, neBuluS entertainMent

It all began with a paintbrush and a passion. More than four decades ago, Yvette Moore made an unprecedented decision that many may not have had the courage to make. Rather than take the conventional route of a safe career, Yvette followed her passion instead.


he choice to pursue a full-time career as an artist was not without its challenges. With a young family at home, the possibility of failure was not an option. Yvette was determined to make a name for herself — and that she did.

Spending weekends on the road attending art and craft shows, participating in countless gallery showings, and selling artwork from her home, Moore dreamt of her own business. Dreams became reality when Cranberry Rose Gallery and Boutique was opened with business partner, Liz Craigen. It was not long until the business required expansion. In 1999, Yvette purchased the 1910 Land

Titles Building and armed with the force and support of family and friends, Yvette Moore Gallery came into being. The historical gem was the perfect canvas for Yvette to showcase her art alongside the many talented works of local artisans. Yvette continues to be amazed by the growth and capacity of Moose Jaw, and cherishes her place within it. “Creating a business in a landmark heritage building that is part of Moose Jaw’s attractions in our downtown core that brings visitors from around the world has been indescribably rewarding. We have restored this beautiful building to last another 100 above Yvette Moore photo by Playhouse Studios



Women of Achievement

years and built a business within it to evolve along with time.” With countless accomplishments along the way, Yvette still envisions what is possible for the future and continued growth and success of what she has created — a true legacy. Though the path to success may not have always been simple, Yvette lives by this mantra: “If it needs to be done, then it has to be done.” Creating a business and becoming a household name has been a long but incredibly satisfying road for Yvette. Every day of running a business offers a new challenge and new possibilities. Yvette believes it is “the ability to create every day — and not just a painting — but all the different aspects of running a business. It takes creativity.” It was Yvette’s unique creative ability that started it all — and it is her unwavering capacity to create in art and business that fosters continued accomplishment. Yvette has graciously accepted countless business awards and accolades. She has humbly celebrated numerous artistic triumphs. Some of her greatest accomplishments include serving as Honorary Colonel for 15 Wing Moose Jaw, winning the Canadian literary prize - Mr. Christie’s Book Award for Illustration, being recognized by the Moose Jaw Chamber of Commerce as Business Leader of the Year, and being awarded the Saskatchewan Order of Merit. Throughout the years of honour and recognition beyond her wildest dreams, Yvette acknowledges the opportunity that took her from being an artist working from home to a celebrated artist and entrepreneur. “My greatest accomplishment has been the publication of the book, A Prairie Alphabet with my great friend and author, Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet that was launched 25 years ago this fall. Neither one of us could have predicted the outcome and immense acclaim that a children’s book for all ages could bring. It has sold almost half a million copies, and has found its way onto bookshelves around the world.” Opportunity exists along the path to accomplishment.Yvette graciously recognizes the opportunities, coupled with a steadfast work ethic and the incomparable support of family, friends and community that have granted her privileges in the artistic and business world. Yvette Moore Gallery 76 Fairford Street W. Moose Jaw 306.693.7600








Women of Achievement


illian began her entrepreneurial journey following convocation from the University of Alberta, when she made the move back to her hometown of Moose Jaw. Saskatchewan was on the verge of economic change, and Jillian’s entrepreneurial spirit sensed the potential.

They have worked harder than anyone I know, and provided and sacrificed for me my entire life. They are my rock, my best friends, and my volunteer business partners.”

Along with her triumphs, Jillian has also faced tragedy. “After losing my brother, Jordan, to brain cancer when he was 25, I became more aware of how fragile andHainstock precious life can be. He taught me to live life Testing the market, Jillian began as an independent Lampe Berger Pariscolour consultant By Tobie Create was a uniqueto ambiance to the fullest, to follow my dreams, and to treasure every moment — and interior decorator. Her dream open a home décor in your home, office, vehicle he Christmas season can be a stressful time of year with in Moose Jaw’s beautiful historical downtown big or small. I changed my career boutique, believing it was something she you would or wherever desire do later in lifeso ocated much to do and so many decisions to make. Let the plan and took the risk of opening my with exquisite fragrances district, Jillian’s Design Elements offers a unique own business of him.that His legacy lives through me every day once she had a “regular” career and had raised her family — but lovely ladies at Jillian’ s Designbecause Elements eliminate from Lampe Berger. With shopping experience. This lovely home décor and with their experience and expertise. They canwith help you shop as the to look at the world optimism and hope and to truly appreciate the beckoning potential of Moose lamps Jaw’sas beautiful growing economystress brought gift boutique exudes a welcoming ambiance that aromas they decant and for that perfect item for everyone on your list, and in the meantime, encourages visitors from near and far to feel at home. what each day brings. My brother is my hero.” the dream to reality. At the buddingavailable age ofonly 23, she launched Jillian’s in select provide some inspiration on how to make your home shine for the locations, Lampe Berger has Design Elements Inc. holiday season. Jillian’ s features a broad array of high quality one-of-a-kind fits ” Jillian admits. “It’s like one of your established an international “Owning a business isitems notthat easy,


reputation of excellence.

every style and every budget. “We have suppliers from all over the world

Jillian’s Barb Design Elementschildren. exhibits onlyThere the finest for you out at the end of the day. There is is”accessories no owner, checking Jillian gained early lessons from her childhood dance teacher, who offer beautiful and unique items for your home, states Jillian and your home. From gorgeous fashion accessories, such as jewellery, worry, dreaming and work — 24/7. Especially in the age of Jackman. At a young age, she learned the importance ofBilawchuk. dedication, She explains theconsistent store focuses on top quality Canadian-made purses and scarves, to the ideal centrepiece for your table, they have furniture pieces. Van Gogh Designs work ethic and discipline, fostering her desire to succeed as for a everyonetechnology, Caldrea something on this year’s you’re shoppingalways list. Addswitched to your on, day and night. People often say When art and Caldrea wascomfort foundedcome on a together, simple you get beautifully designed shopping listers theresidential most adorable baby gift s, Lampe Berger users and Jillian’ s also and off and work commercial design services. Whether they from home. Idiff work from phone.” young woman in the business world. She credits the support furniture that fitsidea your—lifestyle. Vanfor Gogh furniture is crafted from and powerful that caring even locally handmade pens and Secrid Wallets the man you’re looking for a full design throughout your for home or offiince,your or kinencouragement dried hardwoods and high density making them as lovely our homes and ourselves should befoams, of other local businesswomen in Moose Jaw who to relax on as they are to look at. is Jillian’s has paid off. The recipient of two life. Th uniqueproject, gifts are just what you’re for. and looking atese a smaller Jillian’ s canperseverance create alooking comfortable anddedication stunning a beautiful experience. Caldrea inspired herchoosing to take the leap. “Moose Jaw has a large presence of passionate about the most environment for you. MJBEX Awards and an ABEX nominee for Young Entrepreneur of Jillian’s Design Elements is owned and operated by Jillian Bilawchuk, potent andentrepreneurs responsible ingredients female who have always inspired and encouraged me, ” raisedthe Year, Jillian is proof that achievement is about more than years whomiss wasout born in Moose Jaw and is now raisingOctober her family that are incredibly effective, yet Don’t onand the Christmas in October festivities! From 20 she says. “I believe Moose female safe and gentle. This hand soap and Jaw’s downtown, largely made up inofher hometown. By shopping this season, you are to 23, Jillian’ s Design Elements will belocal kicking offholiday of experience; ittheisChristmas also theshopping amount of heart and work you put into it. lotion makes the perfect gift and the keeping earned in your community, in featuring turn, making the entrepreneurs, has been successful because each business offers season. Th edollars store will be donned with Christmasand décor, specials Now with a beautiful downtown boutique in Moose Jaw, a dedicated community sustainable and more prosperous. and throughout the weekend. Thursday evening is Customer something different and unique; we complement each other. ”giveaways stronger, team and a successful portfolio of design projects, Jillian’s Design Appreciation, and the staff encourages you to drop in and enjoy treats Shopping local just makes sense, and Jillian’s Design Elements makes it

and refreshments as you shop. As part of this annual Jillian’ hasspecial paved theevent, fors young entrepreneurs who are willing As the mother of two young children, Jillian acknowledges easy. Withthe exclusive linesElements and unique items, the inventory isway constantly pleased to extend their hours to remain open Sunday, October 23. to takeproducts a chance their dreams. challenges of being an entrepreneur. “Although the work/islife balance changing as new and interesting arriveon weekly. Lana, Marcie and Jillianthe will you with a shopping no other e friendly andprovide accommodating staff willexperience help makelike your visit can be difficult at times, it is counterbalanced with Th having is proof that have it all — just the way she designed it. — andspecial leave you feelingJillian festive and joyous during thiscan holiday season. a truly shopping experience. Come beyou inspired at Jillian’s flexibility to make my own schedule and being able to be there for my HappyElements. holidays! Design children when they need me,” she says. “My family and my children 621 Main St. N. Moose Jaw inspire me every day.” 306.693.0673 Be sure to follow Jillian on Instagram and Facebook

Giftware Family has been crucial to Jillian’s achievements. “My parents are my Whether you are hosting a role models. They have always been my biggest source of inspiration. party, arriving with that extra special hostess gift or giving the perfect present, there are many items that will take centre stage. From gorgeous hand-blown glass stemware to gorgeous metallic coffee mugs — and even wood pate knives and cutting boards — they have it all.

above Vicki Watson

Jillian’s Jillian’s Design Design Elements Elements 621 621 Main Main St. St. N. N. Moose Moose Jaw Jaw 306.693.0673 306.693.0673




ChARMAine FRAnken

Making a Difference through

TasTe By Courtney tait Photos Jared roBinson, neBulus entertainment

Businesswoman. Mentor. “Popcorn lady.” All three of these titles apply to Charmaine Franken who, as the owner of OLiV Tasting Room Moose Jaw, combines her marketing and people skills with a passion for healthy living.




pened in 2011, OLiV Moose Jaw was the first store in what has grown to be an international corporation. The unique tasting room features 31 flavours of extra virgin olive oil, all of them produced on an award-winning farm in South Africa. Charmaine helped founders Awie and Isabeau Du Toit develop the company’s brand, and in 2015 she bought the flagship franchise. “My motivation is my love of people,” says Charmaine. “I’m giving people a healthy option, and it’s making a difference in their lives.” Most days Charmaine can be found at the Tasting Room, working alongside her team to give tasting tours, cooking inspiration and an opportunity to sample the products. Along with high-quality olive oils, OLiV features more than 50 balsamic vinegars. The quality and health benefits of OLiV products inspire Charmaine to educate others, giving them flavourful options (from sweet to savoury to spicy) they won’t find elsewhere. “We control the quality of our olive oil from farm to table,” says Charmaine. “It’s a great anti- inflammatory and good for heart disease and high cholesterol. You don’t have to give up flavour to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Women of Achievement

Charmaine Franken

Prior to OLiV, Charmaine worked in marketing and sales at Johnson & Johnson for 17 years. She considers the company a mentor, and has applied aspects of its culture to her own business. “I like to inspire my team to come up with ideas, creating a culture that’s innovative,” she says. “I don’t micromanage — I want people to grow into their potential. Some of my staff members have big dreams, and if I can help them get closer to their dream, I feel I’ve done something right.” Charmaine inspires kids to eat healthier by visiting local schools, where she is known as “the popcorn lady.” She educates students on the difference between good and bad fats and shows them how they can change the taste of popcorn with different-flavoured olive oils. “Kids have cravings, and this allows them to have healthier options for those cravings,” says Charmaine. “I would like to expand our school program and continue to inspire the younger generation.” OLiV Moose Jaw also sponsors the Moose Jaw Atom AA Warriors. Charmaine

hopes to get the message across to the young players that they can enjoy great flavours and still be healthy. “Together we make a great team,” she says. Charmaine credits her husband, Jan, and 10-year-old daughter, Jodi, for being a big part of her business journey. Jan is an OLiV Moose Jaw board member and can also be spotted helping out at the tasting room. Jodi has grown up in the business and these days, she enjoys giving out popcorn to OLiV customers. “You go into business with your family behind you,” says Charmaine. “If my family didn’t share and support my passion, I wouldn’t be able to do it.” With new people discovering OLiV Tasting Room each day, Charmaine says she’s always learning new things. She encourages her customers to share flavour and recipe ideas, and is dedicated to keeping the business an inspiring place to visit. “My biggest reward,” she says, “is seeing the delight on our customer’s faces.”

OLiV Tasting Room 401 Main St. N. Moose Jaw 306.972.3542 OLiVMooseJaw








wo years after opening the Moose Jaw boutique Cranberry Rose, Liz Craigen met a woman who shared some meaningful words of wisdom. “One of my staff came to my office and said, ‘there’s a woman out here who wants to meet you,’ ” says Liz. The woman was Frances Olsen, one of Canada’s first female realtors. The two became fast friends, and in a later conversation discussing life and business, Frances said, “What you think and dream about, you can bring about.”

The words stayed with Liz while growing her business over the last two decades. “I’ve been in a tough spot sometimes, and I’ll think, ‘what should I do?’ Then I’ll think about what my vision is and what I want the end result to be, and those words stick with me,” Liz adds. Located downtown in the Hammond Building, Cranberry Rose features women’s fashion, home decor and gifts. With high ceilings and antique display pieces, the boutique has an old world elegance that customers love. Prior to opening the business in 1996, Liz worked in an office for several years. But she found the job repetitious, and



Women of Achievement

Corwik, Carre Noir, Jag Jeans and Canadian designers Frank Lyman and Joseph Ribkoff. The boutique caters to a range of ages and styles. “The brands I’ve stuck with are very versatile, with whole lines for different demographics.” says Liz. With everything from jeans and career wear to attire for mothers of the bride, Cranberry Rose is a one-stop shop for many loyal customers. Casual wear, sweaters and t-shirts can all be found, along with jackets, purses, jewellery and footwear. “When I go on a buying trip, my inspiration is finding what people want,” says Liz. “Satisfaction is when a customer says, ‘I love that and have to have it.’ ”

Liz Craigen

had always had an interest in women’s retail. When the opportunity came to go into a partnership to open Cranberry Rose, she took it. (She became the sole owner in 1999.) “I love to shop, and this gave me an opportunity to shop and make a living,” she says. Cranberry Rose is filled with designer clothing including the brands Group

The same can be said of her customers. Liz spends part of each work day engaging with her clientele, finding out what they like and helping with special orders. “My main focus in making our customers happy,” she says. “We’ve had incredible customers over the years. Some have passed on and I miss them like a family member.” Liz feels it’s an accomplishment to be in business for more than 20 years and still enjoy it. “If you’re passionate about something, you should do it,” she says. “At the end of the day, you’ll have no regrets. I hope Cranberry Rose will have a fabulous continuation for many years.”

An active community member, Liz has supported Moose Jaw Shriners Burn Unit and been involved with dinner and fashion show events that raise funds for Dr. F.H. Wigmore Regional Hospital. She has also supported The Festival of Trees and the Concert of Hope, and was on the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre board for several years. Cranberry Rose has five staff members, and Liz says it’s always been important to her to meet the needs of her team. “Most have children or other obligations, and we always make it work,” she says. “My staff always seems to become friends.”

Cranberry Rose 316 Main St. N. Moose Jaw 693.7779









on’t say whoa in a mud puddle.” This advice was given to Vicki Watson by her entrepreneur father, and as a businesswoman for nearly 20 years, it has served her well. Vicki opened Wrapture Spa and Boutique in downtown Moose Jaw in 1998. Originally called Wrapture Health and Wellness, Vicki says the spa was considered “pretty new age-y at the time.” “A lot of people thought I was crazy to open it in Moose Jaw,” she says. But spas were on the cusp of a growth trend, and Vicki saw potential in her hometown as the place where she could accomplish her dreams. Taking her father’s advice, she forged ahead. “If you stop moving when things are tough, it’s going to be real tough to get started again,” she says. “You just have to keep going and push through.’’ As a registered massage therapist, Vicki is passionate about understanding the human body. While her role at the spa encompasses everything from managing staff to marketing to sourcing products for the boutique, she devotes much of her time to massage treatment. “I get a lot of joy from it, and our guests enjoy the therapeutic-based treatments,” she says. “I appreciate that every customer is unique in how they experience and respond to treatment. We customize each treatment to meet their specific needs.” Along with massage therapy, Wrapture offers facials, hand and foot treatments, nail enhancements, make-up application, waxing, and body scrubs and wraps. The spa’s boutique is Canada’s leading supplier of Eminence Organic Skin Care, and Vicki and her staff continually develop their knowledge through education and training. “That’s been

above Vicki Watson



Women of Achievement

a huge passion for us,” says Vicki. “It’s so much fun to learn about the skin.” The boutique also features giftware, with a focus on high-quality handmade products and ethically-minded brands. (Some items have been spotted on Oprah Winfrey’s annual Favourite Things list.) Vicki supports Canadian companies as much as possible, carrying brands such as Hillberg & Berk jewellery and veganfriendly handbags by Pixie Mood. “We work with people who are doing good things for the planet,” she says. Vicki’s husband Greg operates Wrapture’s limousine rental service and airport shuttle. While the couple’s busy schedules mean they are sometimes like “two ships in the night,” Vicki says, they always make time for each other. She credits the Wrapture team for helping her balance her work with her personal life. ”It’s important not to try and do it all,” she says. “I have the right people doing the right things at the right time.” Vicki believes tourism is important for the success of Moose Jaw businesses,

and was active with Tourism Moose Jaw - Moose Jaw & District Chamber of Commerce for a decade. She is currently part of a committee working on a downtown Moose Jaw revitalization project. Wrapture Spa and Boutique has been a key sponsor of the PRISM Awards put on by the Business Women of Moose Jaw, which recognizes the contributions of women in the community. Proceeds of the gala event go to the Moose Jaw Transition House. While Vicki finds many aspects of her career rewarding, what fulfills her most is the people. “Coming to work every day and loving who you work with — that’s the name of the game,” she says. “I love my team and I love our customers.”

Wrapture Spa, Boutique & Limousine 311 Main St. N. Moose Jaw 306.692.4341

It’s Canada 150, and we’re celebrating our communities. We gave you the first “75 Things” in our last issue. While the list is endless, our goal was 150. Here we present…






1 Find the artful Mosaic Turtle at Wakamow Valley. 2 Try the Whiskey Sour at Cask 82 while you’re listening to live, local music. 3 Have the thrill of a lifetime with Sky Dive South Sask; book a solo or tandem jump! 4 Take the team or the kids to Prairie Storm Paintball, and have a blast on their indoor or outdoor course. 5 Check out Sir Viver’s Virtual Reality Experience! 6 Want the best steak in the city? Hit up the Crushed Can Sports Bar & Nightclub. It’s legendary! 7 Get up close and personal with the Snowbirds, at the 360 Snowbirds Gallery in the Western Development Museum. 8 Visit a compelling and comprehensive display about the 1954 Moose Jaw Air Disaster, inside the Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery. 9 Dive into a real, honest to goodness book at Moose Jaw’s historic Public Library. 10 Dig into the best nachos in the city at the Cornerstone Bar & Grill, and check out their secret authentic tunnel! 11 Take a quiet moment of reflection when you visit Vanier Collegiate’s Labyrinth of Peace. 12 Drive the 30 minutes to try unique and chef created creole inspired food at Little Red Market in Mortlach.

13 Participate in one of the many Fransaskois events hosted by the Association Communautaire Fransaskoise de Moose Jaw! 14 See for yourself why You Gotta Eat Here filmed an episode about Deja Vu’s wings! 15 Enjoy the beautiful gardens at Providence Place’s Healing Garden.

16 Take in a rodeo, trade show and other events at the Moose Jaw Exhibition Grounds. 17 Be a part of the action when the Moose Jaw Warriors hit the ice! 18 Experience the talents of burgeoning artist, Laura Hamilton. 19 Watch history come alive when you go underground at the Tunnels of Moose Jaw. 20 Get your hands on some handmade pottery with Parson Dietrich Pottery, or by the Moose Jaw Mud Pie Girls. 21 Visit the beautiful Yvette Moore Gallery building, and find the perfect piece of art or handmade item to take home with you! 22 See if Irish eyes are smiling when you spoil yourself with a facial from Sandra or a therapeutic massage with Rebecca at Celtic Heart Health & Beauty Day Spa. 23 Get out your clubs at any of the three beautiful golf courses: Deer Ridge, The Lynbrook or The Hillcrest. 24 Take a walk around the track at Yara Centre, the top notch field house and walking track. 25 Taste some honey mead at Prairie Bee Meadery. 26 Get your sushi on at Aurora Sushi! 27 Say hi to the moose and try the Loaded Baked Potato Soup at Rosie’s on River.

28 Get your fill, and fill your growler, at Rock Creek Tap and Grill. 29 Visit the 48 murals that adorn this beautiful prairie city. 30 Check out Pizza Week in October! Tourism Moose Jaw’s first annual Pizza celebration & competition. 31 Visit the Moose Jaw Art Guild and Moose Jaw Camera Club displays at the Visitor’s Centre. 32 Book a bus or walking tour featuring Gord Johnson, the local expert on all things Moose Jaw. 33 Take in the Moose Jaw Homegrown Farmer’s Market on Langdon Crescents, every Saturday until Thanksgiving. 34 See what the Mae Wilson Theatre has coming up at the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre. 35 Visit the Yara Community Centre gardens, and check out their Pumpkin Harvest Festival. 36 You can't miss Moose Jaw’s oldest shoe store; Gemmel’s Shoes has been in business since 1952! 37 Rent canoes, kayaks and snowshoes from Boh’s Cycle & Sports and Moose Jaw River Adventure Tours! 38 Go Antiquing! The Antique Yard will keep you busy for hours!



39 Did someone say fudge? Or how about gelato? Either way, visit the Chocolate Moose Fudge Factory to satisfy your sweet tooth! 40 Step out in style with amazing ladies' clothing shops in beautiful Downtown Moose Jaw! 41 Spoil yourself with a Balinese Massage from Sahara Spa, in the historic CN train station. 42 Moosgaw Arts & Gifts is a First Nations inspired gift store that you just can’t miss!

52 Nothing beats the smell of new and old books! Check out both at Post Horizon Booksellers. 53 You’ll have an uplifting experience at Bra Necessities, on High Street. 54 The Claybank Historical Site is a marvellous example of early 20th century industrialism. This national historic site remains virtually unchanged since 1912. 55 A Gin Fizz can really, really brighten your day! Give one a try in the elegant lounge at the Grant Hall Hotel.

43 Dress up in old time clothing and get your photo take at Past Times Photography. 44 Tantalize your taste buds with olive oil and balsamic pairings at OLiV. 45 Sip on a cup of tea, or just browse the shop at the Simplicitea Organic Loose Leaf Tea shop. 46 Get a custom made souvenir of your time in Moose Jaw at The Shop or Souvenirs - The Shop. 47 Forget your worries when you take the waters or a treatment at Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa. 48 You will truly score the perfect find, when you visit The Perfect Find in charming Downtown Moose Jaw. 49 See what adaptive historical design looks like, while enjoying a cocktail at Browns Social House. 50 Experience a taste of heaven with the custom baking and fresh coffee at Common Cafe + Bakery. 51 Get a latte with your picture printed on the foam. We’re not kidding! Visit Espresso Joe’s!

56 A taste of Japan is waiting for you at Mitsu Sweet Cafe. 57 Take a tour of the beautiful old churches, many dating back to the early 1900s. 58 A fascinating look at Craik’s Eco Village and Solar Garden is just a short drive away. 59 Authentic coconut lime leaves will wow you at Nit’s Thai Food. 60 Drop in to the Cosmo’s Seniors Centre to see what kind of antics the whist players are into! 61 Take a swim in the Kinsmen Sportsplex pool & waterslide to your heart’s content! 62 Tour the avenues and stop by some of the most glorious residential architecture the Prairies have to offer! 63 Sign up for a class with Dream Drop Designs, and create your own one-of-a-kind succulent bowl. 64 Stop by Chrysalis Coffee Roasters to pick up a decadent treat, and walk to Crescent Park to enjoy a picnic in the fall colours.



65 Take a 15 minute drive to Nicolle Flats at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park. Beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife await! 66 Book a tour at Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery. This worldwide company was built right here in Moose Jaw! 67 Drop into RuBarb Productions to see what wonders of the theatre they are working on! 68 Plan your very own walking tour of the many heritage buildings in downtown Moose Jaw. 69 Find a copy of one of Bruce Fairman’s historical (and sometimes scary!) books, claim a park bench at one of our beautiful parks and enjoy a perfect afternoon! 70 If you aren’t able to see the Snowbirds flying today, stop by Tourism Moose Jaw to get an up close look at an authentic decommissioned Tutor Jet!

71 You’re going to get some arguments about the best French fries in this city, but we’d put our money on the fresh cut fries at Veroba’s Family Restaurant! 72 Moose Jaw is on Treaty 4 land, so you will find a lot of history here surrounding our First Nations people! 73 If you love mountain biking, you’ll find almost a hundred kilometres of trails in and around Moose Jaw! 74 Fall in Moose Jaw means Christmas! Christmas in October lights up downtown Moose Jaw starting October 26. 75 When you go walking in Crescent Park, make sure you find the awe inspiring tree carvings!

March 30 to april 9 Southern Dandy 75 The Refinery

october 21 Moosetletoe Artist Studio Tour Moose Jaw, various locations october 21 Haunted Ghost Town 2017 Sukanen Museum october 25 Laila Bali Concert Downtown Assiniboia

events Moose Jaw & area

october 26-29 Christmas in October Downtown Moose Jaw oct 27-28 Whistlestop Craft Sale Moose Jaw Convention Centre NoveMber 18 Festival of Trees Heritage Inn NoveMber 19 Festival of Trees Brunch Heritage Inn NoveMber 19 Sundae with Santa Heritage Inn NoveMber 25 Kids’ Secret Shopping Day/ Shortwave to Santa Western Development Museum DeceMber 5 CPR Holiday Train Featuring Dallas Smith and Odds 3 Manitoba St. W. (West of CP Station) DeceMber 31 First Night Kinsmen Sportsplex Find more events at

Moose Jaw presents


By Sarah Moore

It is the most wonderful time of the year — and in Moose Jaw, it comes early!


hristmas in October is the shopping extravaganza that has become a yearly tradition for many. The highly anticipated event returns to the Friendly City and invites guests to engage in the holiday season before the real commotion begins. The lights go up, the trees get trimmed, and the city is abuzz with the sights, sounds, flavours and merriment of the holiday season. For years, Moose Jaw has gotten a head start on the holiday season with a weekend full of festivities and fun. The event offers a holiday experience that leaves visitors impressed and nostalgic for the convenience and simplicity of the joys of the holiday season — while offering unparalleled quality and distinctive style.



Put the fun back into Christmas shopping and take the time to enjoy what the city has to offer. Wander through picturesque Downtown Moose Jaw and from one door to the next, discover this year’s seasonal best. Unique boutiques, world-class spas, exquisite shops, and delectable restaurants and cafes will draw you in every direction of holiday delight. Make a holiday of it! Book into one of Moose Jaw’s uniquely alluring hotels and plan the ultimate Christmas shopping event. Walk and shop and enjoy the experience before the weather outside becomes frightful. When it is almost time to drop with all those bags, take the time to relax. Indulge yourself and soak up one of the many rejuvenating offers Moose Jaw’s incomparable spas have to offer. Take a load off and sip and savour

Christmas in October

in one of Moose Jaw’s eclectic dining choices — sure to satisfy any appetite. Kick back and enjoy a nightcap in one of the local charming pubs or elegant lounges. Whatever your fancy, Moose Jaw’s Christmas in October is the perfect opportunity to kick-start your season in grand style. During Christmas in October in Moose Jaw, history and contemporary style combine to inspire your holidays. Be amazed with Moose Jaw’s lavish and exclusive selections against the beautiful background of history and architecture — all decked out for the holidays. Offering the trendiest in fashion, décor, art, handcrafted gifts, eats, sweets, and so much more, you are sure to find something for everyone. Find all those perfect gifts — or spoil yourself perfectly. Before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season starts, take the time to enjoy holiday shopping and check off your list early. Inspire your holidays and set up the season to have the time for what really matters. Come and see what makes this holiday event one that can’t be missed. Wrap up your holiday shopping early during Christmas in October. It all begins October 26 and the countdown is on.








or Jillian’s Design Elements, Christmas in October is always a special event, with customers flocking to the boutique to discover holiday decor and gift ideas. But this year, the kickoff evening of Thursday, October 26 will double as a celebration. This fall marks the business’ 10 year anniversary, and the team is thanking their clientele with a Customer Appreciation evening from 6 to 9 p.m. “We have such a loyal clientele, both from the design and boutique perspectives,” says Jillian. “I really feel our customers have become our friendsByin theHainstock last 10 years.” Tobie

he Christmas season can be a stressful time of year with Jillian first opened the boutique and design firm in 2007 in Moose ocated in Moose Jaw’s beautiful historical downtown so much to do and so many decisions to make. Let the WalteroffScott After outgrowing the space district, Jaw’s Jillian’shistoric Design Elements ers a building. unique lovely ladies at Jillian’s Design Elements eliminate that shopping experience. Th is lovely home décor andthe Artistic Hair School building three later, she with their experience andyears expertise. They canpurchased help you shop gift boutique with exudesher a welcoming ambiance thatit an extensive renovation. Today, family’s gave at perfect item for and, everyone on your list, and in help, the meantime, ges visitors from near and far to feel at home. de some inspirationthe on how to make your home shine for the is home to an ever-changing beautiful two-storey space yatures season. a broad arrayselection of high quality one-of-a-kind items that fi of home and giftware, tsfashion accessories and furniture. le and every budget. “We have suppliers from all over the world s Design Elements“We exhibits only the finest accessories for you and new for people to see and be always have something fresh r beautiful and unique items for your home,” states owner, Jillian our home. From gorgeous fashion accessories, such as jewellery, by,on” says Jillian. uk. She explains theinspired store focuses top quality Canadian-made s and scarves, to the ideal centrepiece for your table, they have pieces. hing for everyoneFor on this year’s shopping list. Add to the your boutique will feature a variety Christmas in October, ingoff listers theresidential most adorable baby gifts, Lampe Berger diffusers and lso commercial services. Whether ofand themes to design inspire your holiday decorating, from traditional ocally handmade pens and Secrid Wallets the man ooking for a full design throughout your for home or offiince,your or toalooking glitz and to rustic. The team at Jillian’s Design These uniqueproject, gifts areChristmas just what for. glam at a smaller Jillian’ s can you’re create comfortable and stunning Elements goes above and beyond to provide a one-of-a-kind ment for you. s Design Elements is owned and operated by Jillian Bilawchuk, experience, so you can20find the perfect item for everyone was born raisedshopping in Moose Jaw and is now From raising her family ss out onand the Christmas in October festivities! October onwill your list.thisoffholiday hometown. By shopping season,shopping you are an’ s Design Elements belocal kicking the Christmas ngedollars earned in your community, in featuring turn, making the Th store will be donned with Christmasand décor, specials At weekend. theand boutique’s Customer Appreciation evening, you can enjoy munity sustainable more prosperous. aways stronger, throughout the Thursday evening is Customer draws and refreshments. ation, and the staffdiscounts, encourages you to drop in and enjoy treats “It’s a big honour to have been ing local just makes sense, and Jillian’s Design Elements makes it shments as you shop. As part of thisthis special annualsays event,Jillian. Jillian’s With exclusive linesin andbusiness unique items, thelong” inventory is constantly “It’s taken a lot of perseverance d to extend their hours to remain open Sunday, October 23. ing as new and interesting products arriveand weekly. Marcie and dedication, weLana, want to thank our customers for their lian will you with a friendship shopping like no other ndly andprovide accommodating staff willexperience help make your visit loyalty, and support. ” dspecial leave you feeling festive and joyous during this holiday season. shopping experience. Come be inspired at Jillian’s yElements. holidays!

621 Main St. N. Moose Jaw 306.693.0673


Jillian’s Jillian’s Design Design Elements Elements 621 621 Main Main St. St. N. N. Moose Moose Jaw Jaw 306.693.0673 306.693.0673 REFINEDMOOSE JAW

Lampe Berger Paris e a unique ambiance home, office, vehicle wherever you desire exquisite fragrances Lampe Berger. With s as beautiful as the mas they decant and ailable only in select s, Lampe Berger has hed an international tation of excellence.

signed from s lovely

Giftware Whether you are hosting a arty, arriving with that extra cial hostess gift or giving the fect present, there are many s that will take centre stage. gorgeous hand-blown glass mware to gorgeous metallic


By Tobie Hainstock

he Christmas season can be a stressful time of year with ocated in Moose Jaw’s beautiful historical downtown so much to do and so many decisions to make. Let the district, Jillian’s Design Elements offers a unique lovely ladies at Jillian’s Design Elements eliminate that shopping experience. This lovely home décor and stress with their experience and expertise. They can help you shop gift boutique exudes a welcoming ambiance that for that perfect item for everyone on your list, and in the meantime, encourages visitors from near and far to feel at home. provide some inspiration on how to make your home shine for the holiday season. Jillian’ s features a broad array of high quality one-of-a-kind items that fits every style and every budget. “We have suppliers from all over the world Jillian’s Design Elements exhibits only the finest accessories for you who offer beautiful and unique items for your home,” states owner, Jillian and your home. From gorgeous fashion accessories, such as jewellery, Bilawchuk. She explains the store focuses on top quality Canadian-made purses and scarves, to the ideal centrepiece for your table, they have furniture pieces. something for everyone on this year’s shopping list. Add to your shopping listers theresidential most adorable baby gifts, Lampe diffusers and Jillian’ s also off and commercial designBerger services. Whether evenlooking locally handmade pens and Secrid Wallets the man you’re for a full design throughout your for home or offiince,your or life. Th uniqueproject, gifts areJillian’ just what for. and stunning looking atese a smaller s can you’re create alooking comfortable environment for you. Jillian’s Design Elements is owned and operated by Jillian Bilawchuk, whomiss wasout born raised in Moose Jaw and is now From raisingOctober her family Don’t onand the Christmas in October festivities! 20 in her hometown. By shopping this season,shopping you are to 23, Jillian’ s Design Elements will belocal kicking offholiday the Christmas keeping earned in your community, in featuring turn, making the season. Thedollars store will be donned with Christmasand décor, specials community sustainable and more prosperous. and giveaways stronger, throughout the weekend. Thursday evening is Customer Appreciation, and the staff encourages you to drop in and enjoy treats Shopping local just makes sense, and Jillian’s Design Elements makes it and refreshments as you shop. As part of this special annual event, Jillian’s easy. With exclusive lines and unique items, the inventory is constantly is pleased to extend their hours to remain open Sunday, October 23. changing as new and interesting products arrive weekly. Lana, Marcie Jillian will you with a shopping no other Thand e friendly andprovide accommodating staff willexperience help makelike your visit — andspecial leave you feeling festive and joyous during this holiday season. a truly shopping experience. Come be inspired at Jillian’s HappyElements. holidays! Design

BY MENTIONING THIS AD Valid from 25/Oct/2017 to 29/Oct/2017. Limit of one discount per transaction per customer. Valid on regular priced merchandise only. No cash value. Void if expired. Jillian’s Jillian’s Design Design Elements Elements 621 621 Main Main St. St. N. N. Moose Moose Jaw Jaw



Transmission & Automotive

Complete Automotive Repairs

✓ All Work Guaranteed ✓ Latest Technology ✓ Environmentally Friendly ✓ Oil Changes ✓ Brakes

✓ Shocks ✓ Struts ✓ Clutches ✓ Transmissions ✓ Transfer Cases ✓ Differentials ✓ Computerized Diagnostics

Automotive wise, we’re wise! 429 High Street W, Moose Jaw



Join us for refreshments and draws for unique items. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26 9:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27 9:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29 12 – 5 p.m.

Cranberry Rose 316 Main Street North, Moose Jaw | 306.693.7779


STORIES By Lionel Hughes Photos Justin Reves




He knew what the wind was doing to them, where it was taking them, to all the secret places that were never so secret again in life. — Ray Bradbury, Something Wicked This Way Comes



n the heart of Regina sits a medieval castle. Its resident and builder waits by the door, inviting visitors onto the elaborate stage he has created. “I’m going to take what Mr. Darke started and finish it.” We will get to the particular Mr. Darke to whom castle-builder Jason Hall refers momentarily. First, we must wrestle with context — the context for a 16th-century castle arriving virtually ex nihilo on a major Regina thoroughfare, College Avenue at Cornwall Street. To say that the castle appeared on College Avenue out of nothing is an injustice to the 13 years and millions of dollars Hall has spent importing 1,000-year-old Greek stone and widely varied original art from centuries past. The castle, incidentally, cleverly bears its builder’s name: Stone Hall Castle. The building has carried other significant names in its past. The first iteration of this structure was called the Darke residence, also after its builder, Francis Nicholson Darke. A former mayor of Regina, Darke underwrote the creation of the University of Regina and is remembered by the always impressive Darke Hall on the university’s campus.

The dozens of candles that light every room in the castle are handmade by owner Jason Hall and his staff.

Darke died in 1940 and his wife, Annie in 1964. The house was sold and Helmsing Funeral Home occupied the structure from the 1970s until Hall bought the building in 2003. Another diversion before we seek to understand Hall’s ambition to complete the work that Francis Darke began.



I was probably 12 years old one particularly wholesome autumn when the pumpkins had matured with unusual orangeness and maple leaves had scattered heavily on waning grass. Grass and leaf smoke censed my neighbourhood. That is where I met the Mr. Dark of Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes. The fictional Dark is the mephistophelian director of an autumn carnival that visits a small town, enticing its residents into inescapable shadows using each person’s deepest longings to work its evil enchantment. I read Dark’s antagonisms with a mix of horror and preadolescent fascination. Not long after, I became absorbed in the complex person of Abraham Van Helsing, Bram Stoker’s somewhat ambiguous hero in the seminal vampire tale Dracula. Helsing, of course, is phonologically very similar to Helmsing. Van Helsing’s complexity, on one level at least, is that he sees through the fictions presented by the evil count and is caught between an impossible occult reality and the mythologies held by the count’s victims. You are probably seeing where I’m going with this. Somewhere in my teens I travailed over the adventures of Don Quixote. I admit that as an adolescent I found Quixote’s odd adventures less compelling than those of Mr. Dark or Van Helsing. Medieval landscapes and cultural practice were somehow less accessible. But the blurry lines between reality and fiction and where the two can intersect to reveal truth was plain enough. At the very least, I learned to




be cautious when calling someone’s actions Quixotic as that can have unintended implications. So then, I have to admit that on first meeting Jason Hall in the elaborate dining room immediately to the right of his castle’s entrance, I thought of Don Quixote. Hall was, after all, framed beneath a gorgeously carved stone balcony and ornate candle holders draped in melted beeswax. Around him stood authentic, full suits of armour from the late medieval period and overhead hung an elaborate family crest dated 1723. The former professional hockey player turned Regina real estate investor managed an interview and relentless alerts from his phone without really answering the burning question that his castle provokes: why? A dozen years in Europe would instill a love of medieval architecture and art in almost anyone, but would it drive a man to exert 13 years of labour and spend millions of dollars to recreate the period with astonishing accuracy as far from its origins as you could possibly get? Hall’s references to Darke, the building’s original owner, and the almost too elaborate connection to Dracula that Helmsing Funeral Home suggested made me wonder seriously if the whole thing was meticulously premeditated. Could it be possible that these insinuations from the world of literature are merely accidents? The answer to that takes us back, finally, to Francis Darke and his beloved wife Annie. What exactly was the work that Darke began with his elaborate home on College Avenue? The house

was for Annie. It was, in large part, a stage on which she could live in manageable tension with her fears. Because of the devastation caused by the cyclone that tore through Regina in 1912, she was terrified of tornados. Annie’s fear of another violent storm is said to have compelled Darke to build a house of such mass and substance that Annie could live unafraid of wind and weather. “I believe when the home was built it was a compromise of a married couple,” says Hall. “I think he did the outside for himself and he did the inside for her. The interior finishing was plain and mundane. Nothing Gothic like some of the Albert Street homes.” So Francis Darke undertook to create a space for Annie, or more specifically, a space for Annie and her phobia. That was a very loving gesture. Mr. Darke’s counterpart, Ray Bradbury’s Mr. Dark, creates a similar theatre but with a diabolical twist. “Funerals, bad marriages, lost loves, lonely beds,” he says maliciously. “That is our diet. We suck that misery and find it sweet. We search for more always. We can smell young boys ulcerating to be men a thousand miles off. And hear a middleaged fool like yourself groaning with midnight despairs from halfway around the world.” opposite The stone fireplace in the Stone Hall Castle library was carved in Greece. The bear’s origin is not specifically known but adds a decidedly medieval feel



The exterior of the castle convincingly resembles a facade from an Italian village. Former professional hockey player and castle builder Jason Hall seems very at home in the medieval surroundings of his Stone Hall Castle. 28 | Summer 2016

To be transparent about it, Hall’s reference to Darke’s work had, I think, to do with the heft of the building. “It was already built like a fortress,” he says. “We just took it to another level.” But the castle is a theatre, not just a bulwark against heavy wind. There are fictions, many fictions, already built into Stone Hall Castle and the visitor has to contend with that right from the front entrance. “I tell visitors three different stories when I start my tours about how the castle came to be here,” says Hall. One of the stories is outright fiction. The second blends a bit of fact and fiction. And the third is as true as stories get. Throughout, Hall teases visitors to see if they can guess at the actual truth. If they have memories of Helmsing Funeral Home, he urges them to see if they can remember Grecian stone in the original. If they are afraid of ghosts, he offers them the 10,000 bodies that populated the several decades of a funeral parlour’s past. “This is a hands-on experience,” insists Hall as he opens and closes doors, or asks guests to, and extinguishes candles as he exits rooms into labyrinthine halls, or asks guests to snuff out flames as they follow. “Would you,” he asks, “like a picture on the bearskin rug by the fire?” Let me be very plain on this: I do not think Hall is Quixotic. I do not think he tilts at windmills, to misappropriate the Cervantes



reference. But, my goodness, he is theatrical, and I think he’s on to something. Bradbury’s Mr. Dark, Abraham Van Helsing, and Don Quixote all existed in the spaces between fiction and reality, between mythology and mathematical fact. Dark’s carnival or a mundane Midwestern town: which is true? Europe’s entrenched folk cosmos or Van Helsing’s occult alter-reality: on which depends life and death? Don Quixote’s hilariously inaccurate perceptions or the paradoxes of medieval Spanish society: in which is there real nobility? So then, the indisputably real world of a medieval castle or the anti-romance of a busy Regina street: on which canvas do we choose to express our story, to articulate what is real about ourselves? This is what the castle asks. One thing is for certain. Hall wants stories to accumulate around Stone Hall Castle. “You step in,” he says, “take away the iPhones, change your clothes, and you’re in a movie set. But it’s real. I see the castle attracting people from everywhere, even if they’re world travellers.” To that end, the castle is available for overnight stays as well as the tours Hall leads several times a week. The rooms are appointed with serving staff provocatively identified as wenches, an abundance of fragrant beeswax candles, and enough atmosphere to bring out the medieval in anyone.


The building is already saturated in story. Hall’s intuition, I’d boldly guess, is that his iteration of the building will add to that inventory of story. There are many, many physical things about the castle that could be listed — there have been a few identified here. To document them all would make a very long list, but not an infinite one. The infinite one is the list of what Aristotle called accidental properties attributable to an object, in this case a medieval castle on the prairie. It is the fireplace carved by a Greek mason that begins to smoke while you listen to the barely audible traffic through the castle’s stone walls. Then it’s the pleasant inhalation of candle vapour and oregano in the dimly lit upstairs suite kitchen. Or maybe it’s the sudden and irrepressible impulse to actually consider the passage of 10,000 bodies through the building as you stare at a centuries-old Dutch painting of longdeceased peasants. Perhaps it’s the crossing of two paths at a fountain during a business conference and the conversation that the stone idol observes. The castle is a stage where fact and fiction can move freely for Hall the host and for his guests. It is a theatre that waits for actors. Tours of the castle are available and the facility can be rented for special occasions. For information, visit www.stonehallcastle. com or call 306.539.3170.

above: Former p player and castle seems very at ho surroundings of Castle.

Expert Advice


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Wade Wade & & Joel Joel Murray Murray Wade & Joel Murray owners owners owners

Ultimate UltimateInsulation Insulation–––The TheAttic AtticExperts Experts Ultimate Insulation The Attic Experts 306.205.7366 306.205.7366 306.205.7366




that Works for Your space & Budget By Brook ThalgoTT PhoTos andy hamilTon PhoTograPhy


oose Jaw’s Floors Now just celebrated its second anniversary, providing the city and area with stylish, quality flooring for residential and commercial customers. “We’re so happy to be helping Moose Jaw find the right flooring,” says owner Dave O’Bright. With many years of experience in flooring and renovation, O’Bright saw an opportunity in the area two years ago. “I had been working as a flooring manager when a chance to work with Floors Now became available. I jumped at the chance, found a property, and here we are starting our third year,” says O’Bright. Floors Now is your destination for flooring and tile. They offer everything including carpet, hardwood, ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate and more. Their High Street West showroom is packed with samples ready for you to select the right floor for your project. You’ll also find all kinds of flooring accessories such as felt pads, runners and transitions. “Whatever your project, we can supply what you need and install it,” assures O’Bright. The staff at Floors Now will take the time to walk you through all of the choices, making sure you find something that will look great. There are so many choices for flooring in today’s market. Floors Now has brought in an impressive

selection from all of the top brands. Vinyl planking and tiling are becoming very popular. Durable, beautiful and easy to install, it looks great and can take a beating. “Our goal is to provide our customers with the flooring that works the best for their space and budget. We always ask questions to ensure we’re recommending the best product for your needs,” says O’Bright. Once you’ve made your choice, Floors Now can install it for you. Commercial or residential, their team of experienced installers are ready to take on any project. Whether it’s the smallest of rooms or the entire project, your floors will be installed with pride and quality of workmanship. If you’re in the market for flooring, be sure to visit Dave and the team at Floors Now. The showroom is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 44



what our clients are saying “Dave and Terry did an awesome job helping us pick out our new floors. They were very patient with us because we were pretty particular. They have a fantastic selection, excellent product knowledge and are more than happy to find any product you may want. I can't say enough about Mike, the installer. He did an incredible, clean installation, all on time and on budget. Two thumbs up guys! Awesome work!” —Mike McRitchie “Selecting the perfect finishes for your dream home can seem like a daunting task. When we started looking for flooring, we were searching for the “wow factor” to tie together a pretty unique design. He wasn’t afraid to make some strong suggestions. He brought out something that wasn’t even on our radar — and it was absolutely perfect! The price was in our budget, and it was the ideal anchor to our design. I trusted him again for our backsplash, and we ended up with his very first suggestion. The finished product was stunning. Great prices are important, and we definitely were thrilled with the bottom line. However, when you are designing your forever home, having this kind of patience, ability to listen and expertise was critical. Installation was a dream, and our home is even more amazing than we had ever hoped for. We will recommend Floors Now to everyone!” —Jacki L’Heureux & Martin Mason

Floors Now 850 High Street West Moose Jaw 306.972.7700



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Granite & Quartz By Brook ThalgoTT phoTos Calvin Fehr


hese days, the go-to for countertops and backsplashes are granite and quartz and with good reason. Both stones provide a stylish, timeless touch to kitchens, bathrooms and more. CNG Stone Products is the city’s best place to find gorgeous granite and quartz perfect for any room in your home. “We pride ourselves in having the best selection of stone,” says owner Scott Tresek. “Our slab warehouse is something to be seen in person.” CNG Stone is home to 110 different colours of granite and 500 different colours of quartz; combined, there are endless possibilities to choose from. There’s literally a slab and colour for every style you might have in mind. “Our selection is fantastic with so many choices,” says Scott. “Whatever you need, we have it in stock or can order it.” The CNG Stone team has the expertise to ensure you pick the slab that will best suit your project, and are always happy to help you decide. Shelley Schmalenberg can attest to the selection and quality at CNG Stone. The Schmalenbergs were renovating their new condominium, and needed a countertop that would work with their oak cabinetry. “I shopped around for granite, and CNG Stone was the best by far,” says Shelley. “Susan and Ashley were so friendly, helpful and accommodating as I decided what would work best for our kitchen.” Shelley was especially impressed when she was able to use cupboard door samples provided by CNG Stone to see what slab would work for her home. “Not only did they have door samples, but they also have a template so you can select what part of the slab will look the best for your space,” says Shelley. “I was so impressed.”




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we were interested in, so we cou great for a long time,” says Karen. “The lighter granite with its sparkle what it would like in our kitchen created a gorgeous look for our fireplace.” Installation was easy, and was a breeze, with three CNG Sto “W the CNG Stone team had the fireplace finished in three doing days.the“We’re job. We love our new c and recommend for so happy with it, and we’d recommend CNG Stone, and snap stone, toCNG Stone kit market for granite. CN anyone,” says Karen. —Renee and Rob Manz

great for a long time,” says Karen. “The lighter granite with its sparkle


spa CNG still does what they” Installation do best — created aStone gorgeous look for our fireplace. wasprovide easy, and gorgeous granite “We needed new countertops fo the CNG Stone team had the fireplace finished in three days. “We’re an and quartz for renovations and new construction — both residential kitchen and bathrooms and we so happy with it, and we’d recommend CNG Stone, and snap stone, to s and commercial. withIt 400 CNG Stone. was a fabulousaexp anyone, ” says Karen. They carry 110 different colours of granite, from the start. I had picked out ana slabs to browse. You’ll find a slab and colour for any project. “We’re sparkly slab that Susan said was CNG Stone still does what they do best — provide gorgeous granite I ha proud offorthe selection we carry, ” says—Scott. “We have and it or we can would cost more overall. Sh and quartz renovations and new construction both residential CNG Stone. “The second time was as Nicola Shirkey echoes Shelley’s kit get it.” Once They you’ve yourcolours choice, the CNG Stone team theslab, and it wor a similarhas in-stock and commercial. carrymade 110 different of granite, good as the with first,”400 says Michelle. “Susan sentiments about CNG Stone. The and cost less. Installation was als slabs to browse. You’ll find a slab and colour for any project. “We’re the expertise install it with the care and it deserves. wasattention great. She helped pick out the slabs company was to recommended to Nicola

proud of the selection we carry,” says Scott. “We have it or we can It w that would work ” island, and CNG Stone by get herit.”interior designer Nicolathe CNG kitchen m Once you’ve madewhen your choice, Stone team has with the my style. Stone Products is an innovator in the Regina’s home renovation CN wasCNG looking for quartz countertops the countertop was cut perfectly expertise to install it with the care and attentionOpen it deserves. Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 It was a great experience workin market. them make your next from project come alive. forand her construction home. “I was looking forLet new eve p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., CNG counters Stone Products is an innovator in the Regina’s home renovation CNG team and I would recomme kitchen for my home, and the Open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 — CNG Stone Products help you find and construction market. Let them make your next project come alive. can everyone looking for countertop designer suggested CNG Stone asProducts the the perfect stone for your project. Visit a.m. to 1 p.m., CNG Stone can find the perfect stone for your Open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 to help you find the perfect stoneValfor CNG Stone isn’t done once you’ve — Tammy place to says Stone Nicola. “It was afind thethem atstone 1445 Scarth Street or online a.m.Stone to 1look,” p.m., CNG can perfect for your project. Visit them atProducts Scarth or online atthem picked your slab and had it1445 installed. your Visit at 1445 Scarthat to help youStreet find the project. perfect stone for CNG isn’t done once you’ve fantastic recommendation. CNG Stone project. Visit them at 1445 Scarth Street or online at them 1445 Scarth picked yourisslab andthe had beginning it installed. ofyour “O Th e sale just theproject. Visit Street oratonline at “Our newly renovated kitchen n had what I neededofand Street or online at The exactly sale is just the beginning the provided relationship. Whether you bought relationship. you to bought countertops, and CNG Stonecou wa great serviceWhether from start finish.” your countertop last or week or last year, your countertop last week last year, recommended to us by our cabi rec the CNG teamteam is always availableher Michelle Downton enjoyed CNG the CNGStone Stone is always available We had also heard of CNG Stone We for any questions you may have. Stone experience so much the firsthave. time of their excellent reputation. We for any questions you may “We offer a one-year workmanship offin great experience from start to that she went back warranty again aonyear later. “We offer aa 20-year one-year workmanship warranty and helped us pick the perfect slab t gre stainingStone on and everything we sell,”warranty says “CNG dida the granite countertops CNG Stone Products warranty 20-year on CNG Stone Products Scott. “We believe in our products and 1445 Scarth St. Regina cabinetry and flooring, and mad in my kitchen in 2016, ” says Michelle. he 1445 Scarth Street, Regina staining we sell,” says CNG Stone 306.585.9876 our service,on andeverything we’re here whenever hadProducts something that would work CNG Products CNGStone Stone Products 306.585.9876 “I had shopped around they | Scott. “We believe ourthen, products you need us. We’re just ain phone call or and and 1445 Scarth St.Scarth Regina cab kitchen island. The installation w 1445 St. 1445 Scarth Street, Regina emailservice, away. were the ”bestand in we’re price here and service. ”A 306.585.9876 our whenever our countertops haW Reginalook beautiful. 306.585.9876 | things about CNG year later, Michelle more granite you us.toWe’re just call or enough great 306.585.9876 Openneed Monday Fridaywanted froma8phone a.m. kit in master bedroom to her 5 p.m. and ”Saturday from 9closet a.m. to and there —Lisa and Daryl Boehm email away. ou 1 p.m., CNG Stone Products is ready was only one place for her to check — en Open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to — 1 p.m., CNG Stone Products is ready REFINEDMOOSE JAW 47

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Grow Your Business with refinedseo By Laurissa Kainz






is seo?

SEO or search engine optimization is the language that allows web content to communicate with search engines. In a nutshell, the goal of SEO is to improve search engine rankings.

How does it work?

Search engines are like phone books or web directories. They list websites so that people can easily find a related website when they are looking for a product or service. But, out of two billion websites online, which one will come up in the top results? To answer this question and deliver better content and services to search engine users, modern search engines started considering various factors to determine the ranking of a website. For any search engine, better understanding, relevance, performance, social connectivity, mobility and security means a higher ranking.

why do you need it?

Eighty-nine per cent of consumers use search engines to make a purchase decision, and any business can use SEO to reach these consumers with their products and services. Most businesses have fantastic websites, but they aren’t always showing up in search results. It’s like buying a Lamborghini or Ferrari, but keeping it in your garage where no one can see it! Since 97 per cent of users never go to the second page of a search engine, your website must be on the first page for most users to visit it.

inTeresTinG fACTs ABouT seo • People think their website will show up as number one when doing an online search, when it’s usually not even in the top 100.

• Every second, Google™ handles over 30,000 searches. To make the process faster, Google™ stores your search history, which significantly impacts the results you see when you’re not clearing your browser cache and browsing history. • If you want to see your true ranking in Google™: + Open your browser + Click on File + Click on New Incognito Window or New Private Window + Go to or and search by key words and location (i.e. Restaurant in Saskatoon) + Now see where you rank on Google™

wHY refinedseo?

There are over 200 different things you can do to improve a website’s ranking, but to do this successfully, you need a strong team with proper training and experience. RefinedSEO has a skilled and motivated team with years of experience in SEO, including several certifications from Google™ and Stanford University. RefinedSEO has experience working with small businesses to large international corporations.

what results are people seeing? Ninety per cent of clients get to the first page of Google™ within three weeks to three months, and usually rank in the top three within six months. “After working with RefinedSEO, we’ve definitely noticed that we’re getting way better traction, more inquiries and our sales team is being run off their feet,” says Dustin Halvorson, Director of Sales and Business Development with Altern Properties and Deveraux Homes. “Prior to working with RefinedSEO, we were on the second page of Google, and now we’re consistently in the top three. They’ll help you with making sure your website doesn’t just look pretty to everybody who’s finding it, but also that the back end is communicating with Google properly.”


achieve their goals. Providing people with a positive experience is what motivates me to work hard and keeps me going forward.

What kind of education/experience do you have with SEO? I’m a software engineer with a Ph.D. from the University of Regina. I was awarded with the most prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (worth $150,000), and I was the first student from the University of Regina to receive this award in the Science and Technology category for my quality of work in the software engineering field.

Why do you like working with SEO? I understand the importance of Google™ in today’s business world. It is a challenge for me how I can beat the search engines by using their guidelines and businesses growing faster by ranking higher. SEO is not just a business for me, it is a way of helping people.

Kazi Mamun, SEO expert

I have been in the web industry for more than 15 years, and I have seen, experienced and worked along with the changes search engines made in their search algorithms over the years. I have worked with many companies and helped them grow across the globe.

Kazi Mamun from RefinedSEO with his dog, Leo



What motivates you? I like technology, innovation and creating new products for the web world to make people’s lives easier. I love seeing my products, my techniques and my algorithms being used to help people

Tell me a bit about yourself. I am a workaholic, but at the same time I like travelling. I have travelled throughout North America and a few other countries. I am a selfproclaimed foodie; I like trying different kinds of food from different cultures and parts of the world. I also like being around nature and animals. Right now, my wife and I have a five-year-old Maltipoo named Leo. He was a tiny baby when we got him, but since then he has grown to be an intelligent, loyal and compassionate dog. After a busy day at work, the unconditional love I get from him cheers me up and helps me work for a few extra hours.


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