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Spring Fling to Street Style Blogger, Anna Ruck discusses How to Wear This Season’s Runway Trends

If you’re anything like me, you love yourself a hot-off-thepresses fashion magazine. Something about those glossy pages and bright bold colours gets me excited for spring blooms and sunshine. However, flipping through endless shots of runway models wearing upcoming trends can be somewhat problematic. Don’t get me wrong, they’re bursting with beauty and inspiration, but how creative does one need to be to translate those runway-worthy looks to comfortable and practical street wear? How do you incorporate spring trends realistically? Although it may be appropriate for the supermodel to sport earrings so big they pose a health hazard, or strut her stuff in a barely there bralette, it’s not easy to envision how one can stay on trend without looking like you just walked out of an art installation. So as I perused my favourite fashion magazines, it became immediately apparent to me which trends I found appealing and which I will be leaving behind for a fellow fashionista to embark upon.



Refined Kingston - Spring 2017  
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