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Summer Style By Anna Ruck of

There’s something bittersweet about those first few fall mornings. When a cool and crisp autumn breeze replaces the humidity in the morning air. As summer slowly departs, it can be difficult to part with the fleeting season that many of us so eagerly look forward to year after year. Luckily, you don’t need to sever those summer ties completely, as there are a few ways you can continue to wear your favourite summer threads even as September approaches. With a few tweaks and additions, you can smoothly transition your favourite summer looks for the fall season. It’s as easy as adding a little pumpkin spice to your latte!

Shorts For All Seasons

You’ve been sporting those shorts all summer long and are dreading stuffing them away in your drawer as the temperatures drop. All too often, we consider shorts to be strictly summer attire, when in actuality they’re probably the sneakiest transition piece you’ve got in your wardrobe. A classic pair of black shorts is instantly fall-ready with the addition of opaque black tights. Shorts in black, blue or any dark hue can easily be paired with longer sleeves and knits, as long as you add tights to your look. If you love your patterned shorts and can’t bear to part with them, look for styles with darker colours and hues. Your warmth-adding hosiery will be perfectly complemented by the tones within the geometric or floral print.



Layered Up!

What’s more effortless than the casual summer frock? Quickly slipping into a simple summer dress is one of the joys of the season. It’s just so easy! Dresses can be worn year round, and fall is no exception. As the weather gets cooler it becomes increasingly important to layer your look so you’re comfortable in both the warm afternoon and cooler evenings. Layering a blazer or jacket over a summer dress is the perfect way to take your look from day to night as the temperatures drop. Next time you’re perusing the endless selection of easy-breezy summer dresses, consider which ones would painlessly pair with a structured blazer, or perhaps a faux or leather jacket. Keep it uncomplicated by adding a neutral tone, or opt for a bright bold colour that complements your favourite dress while saluting summer!

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