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When I started my real estate career, I knew I wanted to be different. I tried the traditional methods of cold-calling Expireds & FSBOs, door-knocking, and emailing people, but none of that felt right to me. My very first clients, Davey and Vanessa Davis, allowed me to throw a Housewarming Party for them about 45 days after closing. As you can expect, it was A LOT of fun and the atmosphere was so HAPPY! To top it off, I got 11 Referrals from this party — I had simply planned it, invited their friends, family, and neighbors, ordered pizza, and showed up. If I had read THIS ISSUE of REFERRALS MAGAZINE, I would have received twice as many. This Housewarming Party Issue headlined by Virginia Realtor® Shannon Gilmore is filled with many valuable nuggets of information and an awesome, done-for-you system that will make you look like a rock star… turn the page, go to the next level, go for it Ambassadors! Do it now. Love ya. REFERRALS 1



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Referrals Round Table


Be Referable


How I Got 11 Referrals from My Very First Client!


What Will Your Clients Say?

by O’Beria Seats featuring Quincy Morris

Loan Officer Plans Parties


Housewarming Parties are Simply Smart


by O’Beria Seats featuring Sandy Krestan

An Attendee’s Perspective

by O’Beria Seats featuring Danielle Green

The Key to a Knockout Housewarming Party


Beat the Bridge (Part 2)


From Fine to First-Rate


by Ashley Alt featuring Shannon Gilmore

by Michael Hauge

A Realtor’s Top Tips for Terrific Housewarming Parties! featuring Chris Anderson

Party Your Way to Success Go From Flop to FANTASTIC!


featuring Darla Evanoff

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The Ultimate Housewarming Party Guide



Referrals Round Table... PARTY with PARTNERS! How would you ask your partners (i.e., mortgage, title, inspection) if they would like to participate in the Housewarming Party? — Sharon Sloper Great question! Your conversation should go a bit like this… Thank you so much for being such an important part of the (names) getting their home! As part of our services to Clients we throw them a Housewarm our VIP ing Party 30 to 45 days after closing. The se are fun and productive events. Wo like to be involved? uld you Answer: YES! Great, let’s do a quick call. Call me tod ay

when you have 5 minutes. (CALLS YOU): You answer and disc uss: Here’s the scoop. I’d love to par tner with you on this. I’d like for you cost. It’s $500 to throw the event. Can to share the you do $250? My team and I will coo rdinate, invite, organize, confirm, sen yous, and do the whole ordering and d thankorganizing. How’s that sound? Probably YES! but if MAYBE add… As an additional benefit here, we get refe rrals from these parties, and my promis is that when you partner with me on e to you this, every single referral from this par ty will use your services as long as I can make it possible. How does that sound? humanly

Go from none to FUN! VEDA WOOD: I have a wonderful client/family closing, and I’d like to do a Housewarming Party for them. The thing is, they are moving here from Illinois and don’t have a “Christmas list” of local friends or family. Do I still give them a party? Who do I invite? This is a great question! Housewarming Parties aren’t always the answer, but most of the time they are. In this case, there is a great alternative solution: a Block Party! Check out what some of our coaches and clients have to say about this: SAM: How about inviting the neighbors? Invite neighbors on her street, the neighbors behind them and their boss if they are moving for work reasons.


SHERI: Yes! Neighbors! Establishing those connections with your clients makes all the difference! And remember their new co-workers as well. NANCY: Why not start by inviting the people they interacted with during the transaction: Escrow officer, lender, home inspector, etc. Do you have past clients who share something in common with them? For instance, if the buyer is a teacher, invite a couple of teachers you know.


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Be Referable What Will Your Clients Say?

by O’Beria Seats

Think back for a second on how you felt when you closed on your first home. Were you excited, eager, grateful, or maybe even a little scared? It was both a surreal and rewarding moment for Navy man Eric Brown and local school secretary Denisha Brown as they conquered a major milestone: homeownership. It’s what most renters crave, and most owners appreciate. Florida Realtor® Wilbert Quincy Morris helped make this military family’s American dream a reality. Morris was more than just an agent to the Browns; he was considered family. Prior to Morris’ career in the housing industry, he served in the Navy alongside Eric Brown. Now he serves as a relentless real estate professional for Watson Realty Corp. in Jacksonville. Morris, known by his clients as the realtor with the great smile, said it’s important that his clients are satisfied. “Customers are first and foremost. I’m not thinking about my own gain. My reward will come later,” he said. Morris’ giving nature was reinforced by Michael J. Maher’s (7L) Seven Levels of Communication. Morris purchased the best-seller on audio CD and listened to it six times. It got him thinking about his communication skills and other interesting concepts. “Giving is something we do daily but don’t think about. You don’t have to have money or food to give, but you could also give ideas and simple stuff,” Morris said. Morris went on to attend referral classes and workshops, and also became a Certified Referral Trainer so that he can coach others. He uses the referral concepts he learned on his clients. One concept in particular—Housewarming Parties—is a great way for agents to get referrals. It’s sort of like killing two birds with one stone. The client collects gifts for the home, and the agent racks up on referrals. Both parties benefit.

The happy homebuyers, Denisha & Eric Brown Morris suggested to the Browns they should have a Housewarming Party, and agreed to help them host it. But the Browns had intended on throwing a party anyway, and sent an invite to their beloved Realtor®. The turnout was a success. According to Mrs. Brown, they received a lot of gifts — most of what was on their registry. And the Browns bragged about Morris to family members, friends, and co-workers, making introductions easier. REFERRALS 7

Mrs. Brown gives her account of the fun, festive event: “It felt more like a family reunion with a country feel [instead of a housewarming]. It was very kid-friendly. The kids played games in my husband’s man cave. There was beer pong, cards and cocktails [for the adults]. It was catered by 4 Rivers Smokehouse in Orange Park. We had barbeque and dessert table.” When Morris was asked how many referrals he received from the party, he said, “A dozen connections but not clients yet. I’m working on a few of them now.” Morris also did a raffle for guests who were interested in finding more information about buying a home. Mrs. Brown describes her home-buying experience with Morris as truly awesome. “He asked us what we were looking for, and he made sure we had everything we wanted in a home. He never forgot about the half-bath I wanted downstairs,” she said. “Morris is included at all our home gatherings. We have more than a professional relationship …we’ve developed a bond,” Mrs. Brown says. But the icing on the cake was how Morris had shown his appreciation for the Browns. Mrs. Brown said, “Quincy bought us a Bon Voyage cruise vacation for two. This was his gift to us for closing on the home. The only thing we had to pay was the taxes.” Morris had a pleasurable experience working 8 REFERRALS

We have more than a professional relationship… we’ve developed a bond. with the Browns. “I didn’t have any issues with them. I gave them advice on what they needed to do, and they were cooperative. [Mr. Brown] was deployed overseas at the time, but she [Mrs. Brown] was on it,” said Morris. Denisha Brown is currently employed with the Clay County School District as a secretary and Eric is enlisted in the United States Navy. “We are so excited and happy to have purchased our first home with Quincy Morris. He turned our dream into a reality! Special thanks to you Quincy.” R ■ EDITOR’S NOTE:

Interested in that “raffle” form for your Housewarming Party guests? Flip to page HWP13 for the Door Prize Entry Form! QUINCY MORRIS served as an airframe aviation mechanic for 8 years in the US Navy before finding his passion as a Realtor® for Watson Realty Corporation. Quincy, aka Agent Q, joined the Generosity Generation in 2018 and has since structured his business plan around Michael Maher’s (7L) System. Find out more at http://quincymorris.watsonrealtycorp.com. O’BERIA SEATS is a freelance writer, copywriter, and content creator who develops written content for entrepreneurs and businesses. For more info: www.OberiaSeats.com.

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referral strategies

Loan Officer Plans Parties She’s a lender… why Housewarming Parties?

by O’Beria Seats

Most people might assume that a Housewarming Party falls outside of the job description for loan officers, but some of us are willing to go above and beyond.

Krestan and her team are generous. “We bring the food and drinks,” she says. “Everything except alcohol.” She then stays and assists with the cleanup afterward.

Sandy Krestan, a mortgage professional since 1984, has a lot of experience when it comes to Housewarming Parties.

She says she and the real estate agent always get referrals or make connections while attending the parties. “We use a drawing form with questions” created by Michael J. Maher, she says. “And something is usually given away.”

Krestan, a loan officer at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. in Phoenix, says it’s better to help give her clients a Housewarming Party than to simply give them a gift card. She recommends that new homeowners have their housewarming about 30 days after purchasing the home. She tells her clients to invite the neighbors so they can get to know them. Krestan partners with the real estate agent to plan the party. A sponsor is chosen, as well as other contributors to help with the event.

Give your clients a Housewarming Party rather than a gift card.


Housewarmings have proven to be advantageous for all the parties involved: the new homeowners, the real estate agent and even the lender. “It’s all about having fun, and adding value to our clients,” Krestan says. “For the real estate partner, it’s about having fun and meeting and connecting with R new people.” ■ SANDY KRESTAN, Certified Mortgage Planner, has based her 34 year career on the philosophy of doing business the right way. Sandy’s reason is that she loves working with clients to help them achieve their dream of owning their own home. Find out more at http://thegengen.com/crt/view/sandy-krestan O’BERIA SEATS is a freelance writer, copywriter, and content creator who develops written content for entrepreneurs and businesses. For more info: www.OberiaSeats.com.

referral strategies

Housewarming Parties are Simply Smart by O’Beria Seats

An Attendee’s Perspective There’s always more than one side to a story. In this case, however, there is a fourth side. It is not the homeowner’s, the Realtor’s nor the lender’s perspective. This is an attendee’s side of the story on Housewarming Parties as a relational strategy. Independent contractor Danielle Green of The Plains, Virginia, works as a representative for furniture manufacturers. Green covers five states and routinely opens up new dealers in the retail, interior design and architectural spaces. Bob and Kathy Holcomb invited Green to their new home in Paris, Virginia, as their housewarming guest. Green, who was working for a window-treatment manufacturer at the time, had added woven shades and plantation shutters to the homeowners’ windows. She arrived at the carefully catered event with a congratulatory gift of wine. She looked forward to forming new relationships with people she had yet to meet. One relationship in particular that has proved to be rewarding is with Shannon Gilmore, who was the Holcombs’ Realtor®. Kathy Holcomb introduced Green to Gilmore at the party, and the two professionals quickly became friends.

Green also met the Holcombs’ neighbors and friends. And she got a few leads for window treatments. Green’s Realtor® did not suggest throwing a Housewarming Party when she purchased her own home 13 years ago, she says. Now that more and more Realtors are becoming actively involved in their clients’ Housewarming Parties, Green says, the events are a great meeting hub for relationship-building strategies.

It was awesome because I’ve been able to give out Shannon’s cards. And Shannon has given mine out! “For me and for my business, I thought it was a fantastic networking idea,” she says. “It was awesome because I got Shannon’s cards and I’ve been able to give them out. And Shannon has given mine out. We connected on social media, and we’re going to build our business and our relationships that way as well. I also introduced Shannon to a few other people in my group R of friends who I think can help her.” ■

“The homeowner had already told both of us about each other,” Green says. “When I walked in, she [Mrs. Holcomb] said, ‘I have to introduce you to Shannon.’ We hit it off, and we found out we have a lot in common and know a lot of the same people.” DANIELLE GREEN is an outside sales rep in the Home Furnishings Industry. With 21 years experience, she calls on wholesale dealers, retailers and design trade professionals in DC, MD, VA, DE, and WV for Charleston Forge, The MT Company, Eastern Accents as well as other manufacturers. Danielle resides in The Plains, VA with her husband Jeff and daughter Madelyn. When she is not working she spends time helping her husband with rescue flights for organizations like Pilots N Paws and Fauquier SPCA. O’BERIA SEATS is a freelance writer, copywriter, and content creator who develops written content for entrepreneurs and businesses. For more info: www.OberiaSeats.com.


the influential zone

Shannon Gilmore Holds the Key to a Knock-Out Housewarming Party The real estate agent Shannon Gilmore is an advocate for the old-school way of conducting business, and is proving her worth through the understated craft of authenticity—by way of Housewarming Parties.

Having been in the real estate business for more than 16 years, Shannon Gilmore has seen the market go through many changes and challenges. But she is determined to keep the industry booming by doing what she does best: creating meaningful relationships with her clients — something that exploded when she began implementing the (7L) System into her daily routine. Having to start her business over from scratch multiple times - moving from Massachusetts to Virginia, Florida and then back to Virginia, plus finding out she needed a hip replacement at an unusually young age — sidelined her business big time. Luckily, because she cares so deeply about the work relationships she has developed over the years, things are panning out well for her in a business all about relationships. Speaking with her on the reality of modern-day real estate, I quickly found out (and was relieved to hear) that Shannon, a real estate agent and


part of an elite group that makes up only 3 percent of Realtors® in the world, believes referral-based businesses will never go under, even when the competition is state-of-the-art technology that consumers are continually craving and equally fascinated by. Her goal in the pursuit of real estate success? To provide unprecedented service and build referrals based on trust, education and experience.

From Zero to Hero

Getting in contact with Michael Maher after reading both The Seven Levels of Communication and The Miracle Morning books, as well as participating in the 30 Mornings class, CRT training and Accelerate — not to mention a handful of other seminars — Shannon said nothing spoke to her the way the (7L) System had. “It happened organically,” Shannon stated on immersing herself in the Generosity Generation. “I was already doing things that were advised, like handwritten notes, but tweaking them

the influential zone

the way 7L suggested changed everything.” Shannon was frank and upfront about her early-stage realtor struggles, saying while she doesn’t have a huge network of people to turn to, she really takes care of her ambassadors and A-plus people — which has led to talking to more people and attending more networking events; thus, more referrals and more business. “Suddenly, I went from convincing people to trust me to just having honest conversations with people. It felt better to not be selling myself.” She remarked the morning ritual is a “huge deal” to her, stating among the affirmations, the S.A.A.V.E.R.S. and everything

else taught through that method, that doing just one of the things you are called to do makes such a difference in how you begin and carry out the rest of your day.

growth, then, of course, is that it’s time-consuming, but like anything you put your whole heart and effort into, it pays off in the long run, significantly.

Running her real estate business through the guidance of the (7L) System for a year and a half now, Shannon tells me she’s learning the perks and challenges of operating a referrals-based business, making it clear the process is without a doubt worth it.

“The great thing is that I’m working with people who want to work with me,” Shannon said gratifyingly. “Your clients are now friends who you keep in touch with because you want to, not because you feel like you have to.”

“It takes longer for sure,” she said of making the transition from traditional advertising to referrals. “But that’s what is expected out of the idea. It is a relationship business, after all. You aren’t just selling to your client and then ignoring them.” The downside of building organic

Quality Over Quantity

She received the highest designation someone can get in the real estate industry — which only 3 percent of people are eligible for — the Residential Real Estate Council (formerly known as the Certified Residential Specialists). Shannon is no stranger to hard REFERRALS 13

FOUR MONTHS OF COACHING IN ONE MONTH! “I did Accelerate for the month of December and was super busy as a result. Referrals flooded in...was like a spring market in the winter!” -Jan Brito “Just received my weekly goal for incoming referrals today!!! I have also helped 3 others find the people they need. Love referrals!” -Sarah Ramsey


the influential zone

work, holding a monumental amount of volume and sales throughout her career. She carries her head-down work ethic by never compromising her first priority in growing her business: her clients. “I like what Michael taught me about building relationships,” she said of her primary focus of the business. “Real estate takes up so much of your life that if you don’t like the people you’re working with, you won’t last. And you won’t last if you don’t care about your people.” One of the implementations she loves most about (7L) is the Housewarming Parties, which she describes as win-win situations, no matter how many people show up.

Use festive stamps on your invitations & thank you notes.

Know Thy Client

If you’re looking for a foolproof way to keep in touch with your clients, throw them a Housewarming Party. In Shannon Gilmore’s case, that Housewarming Party can come 30 to 60 days after the client closes on a house, after a remodel of the home or, really, whenever they feel like having one. “It’s about knowing the client,” Shannon told me. “People get bogged down by the idea of ‘I have to throw a party?’ and it isn’t about marketing and it isn’t even about the party. It’s about getting to know people.”

Custom cookies provide an extra special touch.

Shannon acknowledges there was a learning curve for her to “get it.” In the beginning, she says, you really just need to be creative and “roll with it.” Not knowing if people would accept the Housewarming Party idea when she was first tossing it around, Shannon initially offered it as an added service to clients, to which they readily agreed. “Housewarming Parties keep you in that influential zone you need to be in to get those crucial one-on-one interactions,” she said. “You can be in front of 10 real people who actually want to talk to you, whereas with today’s consumer, you’re advertising to people who don’t know you. It’s kind of like car shopping. You don’t know what will work, and if something does

Bring fresh flowers.


the influential zone

“I usually put a name tag and an apron on and set up camp in the kitchen,” Shannon said of kicking off the party. “Not letting people know who I was (by name tag) was a mistake I made at first. Now I know you do everything to make it easier on the guests.”

Provide the food your clients want. work that way, it probably won’t be effective, and it definitely won’t last long.” Catering to her clients’ personalities and what they like and how they want things done, as opposed to the Realtor® doing all the planning, is the No. 1 thing Shannon says makes a Housewarming Party successful. How many parties she hosts depends on if she’s working with buyers or sellers; lately it has been the latter. She holds three to five events per year on average.

I think Hosting Housewarming Parties is the best thing ever. “I think it’s the best thing ever,” she says about hosting parties. “I like to surprise my clients with things they like.” One of her clients was moving to a farmhouse, called “The Shire,” where Shannon took pictures of the location and had her baker make cookies that looked just like the farm sign. She also had a doormat made with the client’s name on it and a “Welcome To The Shire” insignia, proving to her clients they were her priority.

What Does a Shannon–style Housewarming Party Look Like?

After the buyers close, the parties come. She asks for some dates and a list of names, and she gets to work. Putting Michael’s Great Retrace into place, Shannon likes to do a formal invitation, touching base with people before the party — not doing any marketing — to determine what kind of food they want, what kind of theme they are going for, etc. 16 REFERRALS

Inviting buyers, lenders and previous clients, Shannon confirms she is there to “serve and socialize,” sometimes providing a house tour for the owners so they can relax and mingle. “It’s really about hanging out, talking to people and connecting,” she stated. “I keep in touch with people by sending pictures of the party via email or social media, and I write everyone a thank-you note as a follow-up.” Perhaps the most important (and relieving) factor in the realm of Housewarming Parties is the fact that you get to be yourself. You’re not selling. It’s about meeting people, making connections and following up. “It’s kind of cool to see your clients relaxed in their own environment,” Shannon said. “You get to see them in a whole new way, where they are more comfortable talking among their friends, so then I get to build on that new relationship.” Shannon’s advice on throwing an unforgettable house party? Make it unique to the client. She says you don’t have to be an expert at throwing parties or even an established agent, stating if you’re new to real estate, it’s a perfect way to explain to people who you are and what you want to do. “If you make it special to your client, you as the Realtor® will enjoy it, too. I flat out ask them, ‘How do you envision your party?’ and let them tell me what they want, get feedback and go with it. If they want sandwiches, beer and wine, that’s what they’ll get.” Taking into consideration the age of the clients, their interests and also what kind of house and neighborhood they are in, some people might like open houses more, she tells me. So for a condo, it might be an “unpacked pizza

the influential zone

party,” or a townhouse might consist of a casual backyard BBQ. Shannon also shares that being flexible about everything makes it way easier. Not getting hung up on a specific deadline to host, for example. “All the work is on me with it,” Shannon remarked. “You just have to show up and have some fun. My advice would be to differentiate yourself by not having a one-size-fits-all party.”

Consider creating a custom welcome mat.


Shannon listed the many things she is grateful for regarding the real estate realm, including working with positive and supportive people, learning new takeaways from the (7L) System each time she goes over it, and possessing the ability to one day scale her business by way of referrals only. The best thing about being involved with Michael and the rest of the REFERCO/ Generosity Generation team, according to Shannon, is the friendships she has made along the way. “I now have a group of friends and fellow professionals who share ideas with one another. We talk over the phone about what’s going on in our days, and we are constantly sending each other referrals and sharing resources,” Shannon expressed. “It is truly a blessing to be part of all of this and to have a nice group of like-minded givers who will be friends for life. I am grateful.”

It is truly a blessing to be part of all of this. Because she is an avid equestrian and nature lover (her house sits on a farm property where she gets to name horses as her pets), Shannon frequently works with country properties that showcase the sincere beauty that makes Virginia so green and grand.

Thankful furthermore that her professional and personal interests meld together, Shannon specializes in farm homes as well as luxury and single-family homes, where she provides that honest, expert advice that clients can get only from an experienced, down-to-earth real estate agent. Shannon makes it clear she is committed to providing her clients with professional services that she has based on her nearly two decades of experience, wealth of industry knowledge and top-tier skills. “My clients are so important to me,” Shannon stated. They are my friends. The 7 Levels of Communication is a handbook to remind me how I can improve and grow, and it just feels right. Michael’s system complements your own ideas and your personality. It’s much more organic and much more my style.” Planning for the future, Shannon hopes to host more parties for clients in her area and is even starting a book club. Speaking on behalf of the not-so-glamorous side of real estate, as well as putting in the effort to see things pay off for the long haul, R she sums things up: “It’s not that easy, but it’s very rewarding.” ■ EDITOR’S NOTE:

Sticking to the Generosity Generation’s #GiveBack spirit, Shannon graciously shares her systems, tips and tricks in our Ultimate Housewarming Party Download starting on page 27. SHANNON GILMORE is well known for her “client first” approach to real estate. She is the real estate agent of choice in Virginia for those who want a great experience buying or selling a home. Find out more at www.ReWithShannonGilmore.com ASHLEY ALT is a professional writer specializing in topics of career, style, health and wellness. For more info: www.AshleyAlt.com. REFERRALS 17

feed your soul

Beat the Bridge

by Michael Hauge


Continued from our last issue. Michael had just told his wife, Sheri, and son, Max, goodbye and gotten back on the course at Mile 10. That’s when he began to notice how many people were running past him… Quite a few runners had passed me in those first six miles. But they were sprinters ­— professional runners and highly trained athletes — so it was to be expected.

“What are you going to do?” Sheri asked, looking worried.

Around Mile 7, I had seen some of the regular runners moving by me as well. But it was sporadic, or maybe I just didn’t notice it because of the crowds and the pain I was in.

“I’m not going to answer that,” she said.

But by then it had become apparent that I was falling drastically behind. I saw uniformed Marines run by in combat boots, carrying 40-pound backpacks. I saw children go by. A 70-year-old woman ran past me, then an 80-year-old man. But all I could do was keep shuffling along; pretty sure I wouldn’t make it to the bridge. I figured about 10,000 people had passed me by the time I reached Mile 16. That’s when I heard my son cheering, “Go, Daddy! Go, Daddy!” But with every fiber of his being, Daddy just wanted to stop. I stumbled up to Max and Sheri. I could tell by my wife’s expression that I wasn’t looking good. Then I took off my sock and saw that it was a bloody mess. 18 REFERRALS

“What do you think I should do?”

I knew she was right: I had to decide for myself. So I turned both my socks inside out, put them back on and strapped on my shoes. “I don’t think I’ll beat the bridge,” I told her. “So you might as well meet me there.” “Michael,” she said. “I’ve been carrying Max all day. I’m going to the finish line. I’ll meet you there, however you get there. If you’re on the bus, you’re on the bus.” From this point forward, with 4 miles to go to beat the bridge, I was in full body breakdown. I tried counting to myself to take my mind off everything. I figured out how to run on the different parts of my feet to ease the pain: inside heel … backside … outside heel … toe … inside instep … inside heel. But the limited training, the stress, the lost sleep, the pinched nerve and the dehydration — everything had slowed me to a shuffle. And to top it all off, my amazing, expensive watch quit. The battery had died. So I had no idea how long I’d been running or how far I had left to go.

feed your soul

As I struggled forward, the questions in my head got louder: Why are you doing this? If you die, you’re of no value to your wife and child. So why are you here? Yet I kept putting one foot in front of the other. I just had to keep going. Then, as I hobbled past the crowds at the National Mall, I saw them. Police cars. Six of them, one after another. No lights or sirens, but all moved past me. And right behind them, a giant yellow school bus. The Slacker Bus. It said so, right on the side of it. And it headed to the bridge. Then came the next slacker bus … and the next … and the next. They were going to be loading all the people who didn’t beat the bridge — the ones who wouldn’t get to finish the race. I turned the corner and knew I was at Mile 19. I had 1 mile to pass those buses or my day was done.

Thousands of people were now lining each side of the road to the bridge. They were all cheering, “Beat the bridge! Beat the bridge!” There was even a guy with a boom box playing the Chariots of Fire theme. And in the distance I saw a guy holding a giant spinner pointing at the bridge next to him. And something in me kicked in. I was up on my toes, and was running. I was literally running. I’m sure some people would have called it shuffling, but for me it was a sprint. I was not getting on that slacker bus. I was totally out of breath, was getting passed left and right, and almost fell — twice. I could barely look up to see the man holding the giant spinner. But I kept going, until I was right next to him. “You’ve got it,” he said. “You beat the bridge.” I looked up, and there it was. I stepped onto the Washington Bridge. Then I stopped, nearly falling down with exhaustion. I had done it.

I figure about 10,000 people have passed me by the time I reach Mile 16. That’s when I hear my son cheering, “Go daddy! Go daddy!”


feed your soul As I finally started to move, only five or six runners were on the bridge as well, far in front of me. After all the racers, and the thousands of cheering crowds, I was walking in solitude. I stopped to text my wife. TELL JAMES THAT I MADE IT. At least that’s what I thought I was texting. When Sheri showed me the text later, it read TLE JZUXS INAS OT. I hadn’t been able to see the letters on my phone because I had broken down crying. From there I walked and shuffled through Mile 24, where I began the final stretch of the race. It’s known as The Mount of Iwo Jima, because it’s straight uphill. But somehow I managed to jog it, until I crossed the finish line. Waiting for me there was a Marine, who draped a very big, very shiny medal over my head. Then I spotted Sheri and Max. I gave them as big a hug as I could muster, and we headed home. It was over. When you work in real estate and in business, they give you trophies for almost anything. So I’ve got quite a few. But of all my awards in all my trophy cases, the one I’m most proud of is the one that Marine gave me at the end of the Marine Corps Marathon. Because finishing that race was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. About 9,000 people didn’t finish the marathon that day. And out of 27,000 who did, more than 26,000 of them passed me. But I finished it. That’s all I did. And even today, thinking and talking about that race makes me tear up, because I had never overcome such mental and physical challenges in my life. I’m repeatedly asked why I did it. Why did I endure so much just to complete a race? Why didn’t I just quit? I’m not certain I’ll ever be able to answer that question completely. But here’s what I think kept me going: 20 REFERRALS

It’s in those moments that we have to keep going, to keep putting one foot in front of the other, no matter what.

feed your soul We all go through times of pain and difficulty and struggle in our lives — times where we just want to give up. But it’s in those moments that we have to keep going, to keep putting one foot in front of the other, no matter what. No matter what, we have to beat the bridge. Because that is where we’ll find the person we truly want to be. For that entire race, every time I was tempted to quit, I remember thinking, “If I give up, what kind of message am I giving my son? If I stop now, what am I teaching Max?” But I knew that if I could just keep putting one foot in front of the other, I’d have a story to tell him about something he was a part of. I could show him that even if it hurts, it’s important to keep going.

What Is Your Bridge?

So what is the race you’re running right now? What is the bridge in your life? Whatever it is, just keep going. You’re going to have suffering. You’re going to be exhausted. You’re going to get passed by 26,000 others. You’re going to keep asking yourself, “Why the heck am I doing this?” And you’re going to want to quit. But you can’t. You have to keep going, even if it hurts a bit. You’ve got to take personal inventory and ask yourself, “What will it mean if I give up now?” Then just keep putting one foot in front of the other until you beat the bridge.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other until you beat the bridge. It’s been more than six years since that Marine Marathon. But just recently, Sheri and I were asking Max some survey questions from some article about family communication. One of the questions was, “What does your mom always tell you?” “She always says, ‘I love you,’” Max replied. The next question was, “What does your dad always say?” Now remember, at the time of the race Max was only 2. So he can’t possibly remember it consciously. But his answer was, “Daddy always says, ‘Never give up.’ ” I don’t remember ever saying those words to Max. But somehow, maybe from stories, and maybe from seeing my medal from the race, or maybe from dozens of other things I’ve said or done, he sees me as someone who never gives up. R And knowing that makes me feel blessed. ■

MICHAEL J. MAHER: From living in a shack in small-town Kansas to a near-death experience, Maher, the best-selling author of The Seven Levels of Communication: Go From Relationships to Referrals, has used the challenges in his life to build a community of loyal followers known as The Generosity Generation. Find out more at REFERCO.com. Contact Michael Maher at Michael@REFERCO.com. MICHAEL HAUGE has been one of Hollywood’s top story experts since 1985, and now works with business leaders who want to stand out from their competition, elevate their brands and multiply their revenue by telling powerful, persuasive and inspiring stories. He is the best-selling author of Storytelling Made Easy: Persuade and Transform Your Audiences, Buyers and Clients — Simply, Quickly and Profitably. For a breakdown on how Michael Hauge used his Six Step Success Story approach to create Michael Maher’s story, just go to www.StoryMastery.com/6SSS for a free e-Book. REFERRALS 21

referral strategies

with Chris Anderson

From Fine to First-Rate A Realtor’s Top Tips for Terrific Housewarming Parties

“What ever you are, be a good one.” – a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln and San Diego Realtor® of 29 years, Chris Anderson’s favorite words of wisdom. This really comes as no surprise. Chris is the former President of the Greater San Diego Association of Realtors®, 2001 REALTOR of the Year, 2005 SDAR Volunteer of the Year, Risk Management Specialist and graduate of the Realtor® Institute. She has been featured on San Diego’s ABC news, SDAR’s “The Scoop”, Good Morning San Diego, and KUSI News. But, one of the things Chris is most known for is her Annual Client Appreciation Rodeo Event that she has been hosting for 25 years. After receiving such great feedback and results, her Rodeo event spurred (no pun intended) another great idea… Housewarming Parties! After watching several others host parties, Chris decided to take the leap and host her own. Three years later, Chris has developed a system and quite the surplus in party supplies. When asked about her secret to successful Housewarming Parties, Chris credited three things: 22 REFERRALS

referral strategies 1. Get the list early and make several touches to invite guests. “If I’m not getting a good response, I will encourage my buyers to do some calling as well,” Chris stated. She also shared that evites are the best way to communicate inexpensively and to make the RSVP list public to encourage others to sign-up when they see that their friends and family have registered. 2. “GO LOCAL” whenever possible – Chris is a huge supporter of her community and this is just another way that she can give back. “There is this great hard cider place here {for adult beverages} that even gives me a discount for buying in bulk!” she said. 3. Purchase reusable items when you can. Chris has slowly added items to her stock such as tables and chairs from Amazon and serving dishes from local discount home good stores. “I keep my wish list and just add to it,” she said. “I had a party recently that was a combined birthday party for my buyers’ child and picked up some great cupcake holders that I could reuse.”

Go local whenever possible to support your community.

Chris has been able to put her party items to use in more ways than one by hosting her kids’ sports teams and other get-togethers. “All of these events help me connect and meet people – it’s great!” she exclaimed. To make things easier, Chris tries to drop off supplies the night before when possible and always ducks out before her bedtime – even if that means going back to gather the supplies the next day. Chris will enlist friends and her husband from time to time to help with the parties, but she stated that she genuinely enjoys putting them together and hosting them. In her typical Chris Anderson fashion, she has a signature closing gift that always gets great reviews – nested and personalized popcorn bowls filled with microwave popcorn, candy, and thank-you notes for the buyers that say “Thank you for popping by”.

Always a huge hit: a dessert table or “Candy Bar”

When asked why she continued to host Housewarming Parties, Chris stated, “The payoff doesn’t always happen overnight, but when they are ready to buy or sell you will be the first on their mind plus you will grow a beautiful friendship. For my client to say “Remember her? You met her at my Housewarming Party.” just reaffirms who I am. Some of my clients say it’s the best party they have ever had. I am referred all the time. I track my referrals and the last one was from a sale 25 years ago. They now live in Montana with a next door neighbor who has property in my area and need to sell it. You know, you do this one thing to promote your business and it throws you R into so many other great things that you didn’t even expect!” ■ CHRIS ANDERSON has been a licensed REALTOR since 1989. Growing up, she moved over 10 times in 19 years, as her dad was a commander in the Navy. She lived in Turkey and Italy and says moving so much gave her a broad perspective of the world and helped her to be more confident and engaging with people from all walks of life. She loves helping people realize the dream of homeownership. Find out more at www.realestatechris.com ®

For evening events: serpentine tables covered in white spandex linen with lights that glow REFERRALS 23

CATALYST* Connection



CATALYST* Connection

Go From Flop to FANTASTIC! CATALYST* member Darla Evanoff, a new Certified Referral Trainer, shares how important it is to run the (7L) Housewarming System Darla actually held her first Housewarming Party from an idea with a lender in a networking group who volunteered to sponsor with her. “It went well,” said Darla, “But I considered it a fail. I made everything by scratch and didn’t use the door-prize entry forms that Michael recommends.” From the outside looking in, it was a great party, but she spent way too much money and didn’t get a single referral. Then Darla noticed that more and more people in the CATALYST* program were having Housewarming Parties using the (7L) System. She jumped on board, ran with the system, used the door-prize entry forms, and had great success! “I received two immediate referrals during the parties and had about 6 to 7 people contact me after, saying “Wow! I’ve never seen a Realtor® do this!” After hosting around eight Housewarming Parties the (7L) way, Darla was able to give us a few great pointers on what she thinks has contributed to her success. Darla always uses the door-prize entry form that is in the (7L) Housewarming System. DARLA EVANOFF is a full-time, full-service real estate professional. Her personal goal is to make each transaction a smooth and seamless transition for the client. She is a multi-million dollar producer. Find out more at www.DarlaEvanoffRealtor.com.

Along with that, she always has four or five door-prizes at each event. Some of her most successful door-prizes have been ice cream makers, Amazon Alexa, and local sports team packages. She has even done children’s door-prizes for the kid friendly events.

Darla recommends always giving the client a gift on top of the Housewarming Party. Darla recommends always giving the client a gift on top of the Housewarming Party. She always gives a branded item and a personalized item. One of her clients loves to grill, so she personalized a cutting board for him and gifted it along with a nice knife that was branded with her company info. Darla also recommends always having food done for you. “I wasted so much of my time during the first event making everything by hand when I could have just gone out and bought it,” Darla said. In closing, we asked Darla one piece of information that she would offer to anyone who is on the fence about doing a Housewarming Party. “If you’ve never done events before and are hesitant, I understand that … it’s an investment. But the return is priceless. You spent $300 to $400 on a party and even one referral that leads to a closed transaction will give you tenfold to twentyfold in return. I spend significantly less each time I throw a party. It’s totally worth the time and energy put upfront the first time. Then, you can replicate ways to do it where you aren’t investing a ton of time after that.” Darla has about eight more Housewarming Parties in her near future, and we know that each one will continue to get R better and bring more referrals! ■ EDITOR’S NOTE:

If we can take one thing from Darla, it is to STICK TO THE SYSTEM! For the system on how to throw a fantastic Housewarming Party, turn to “The Ultimate Housewarming Party Guide” on page 27. REFERRALS 25

It’s not about getting up early; it’s about getting up BETTER! EXPERT INSTRUCTION! With Michael J. Maher’s Certified Morning Coaches LIVE DAILY COACHING! Coached for 30 Straight Days! Membership to private Facebook group. This is a POWERFUL COMMUNITY where other members share their wins and struggles and support each other through the 30 day challenge. Custom 30Mornings Journal The journal will guide you step-by-step towards your goals.

Referable Reads…


If you want to win in business… Michael J. Maher will show you how. — Dave Ramsey

This book uses a brilliantly simple and charming story to teach listeners how to define vision, learn what a customer really wants, institute effective systems, and make Raving Fan Service a constant feature—not just another program of the month.

Michael Gerber dispels the myths surrounding starting your own business and shows how commonplace assumptions can get in the way of running a business. There is a difference between working ON your business and working IN your business!

In this simple introduction to the philosophy and practice of sermonbased small groups, Osborne wants to help churches “close the back door” — as churches often fail to integrate visitors and new members into the life and ministry of the church.




• Michael J. Maher • Chris Smith • Nick Santonostasso • Aaron Ludin

The R.A.I.N. Event

09.25.18 Rosen Plaza Hotel

CODE: lastchance

“Bringing the RAIN to ORLANDO!”

R A eferrals


I N nternet




The Ultimate Housewarming Party Guide FREE DOWNLOAD


2 3 4 5 6 10 12 13 14 15 16




Introduce the party as part of your process from the beginning of working with a new client.


Your next closing may or may not want a party. Best place to start is at your next consultation


What type of food makes the most sense for you? What style makes the most sense? Is there a theme?


Let your partners know you are now providing this service. Great differentiator!


Who on your team is going to own the Housewarming Party System?



✓ Notify sponsors of party date ✓ Create RSVP list* and send evite ✓ Order food 2 to 3 weeks out ✓ Put out directional signs prior to party ✓ Bring SOLD sign and camera ✓ Send THANK-YOU’s after


• Usually clients invite 20–30 guests • (40-60 people total). And usually ½ of those will come. • Be sure to have registration slips, the entry box, pens and plenty of business cards. •Touch base with all potential guests who have not RSVP’d about three days prior to the party to establish RSVP and to answer potential questions.



* Parties are 30-60 days after closing on a Friday or Saturday * Invitations will be mailed out 3 to 4 weeks before the party to allow time for guests to RSVP. Be sure to include a magnet with the invitation (that way they HWP3 will hang the invitation on the fridge).




Photo Credit: Shannon Gilmore and Tara Carter

the influential zone


They say there are three things you should never mess with in a person’s life: their home, their family and their money. Well, those factors are categorically what Realtor® Tara Carter, a Certified Referral Trainer, impinges on, simultaneously, every single day. It’s no wonder, then, why she refers to herself as a matchmaker instead of a salesperson, owning her title as a premier real estate concierge. Tara specializes in Housewarming Parties and other client events, following in the footsteps of her mom and uncle (real estate partners of Great Florida Homes) by working for the family business as well as operating her own real estate venture focused on showings, Housewarming Parties and, of course, referrals. Tara could perhaps best be described as an ultimate connector — the go-to guru who knows the ins and outs of everything hot around town. Which in her case is Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. From introducing people to the best painters and architects to their new homes, to snagging last-minute reservations at the city’s chicest restaurants, Tara has everyone in her circle well taken care of. Wanting to learn how she got to be so connected, both in the real estate industry and beyond, we spoke with Tara on why she was destined to be a crucial part of the business of real estate, the challenges the field brings, and the one thing she tells herself every morning to keep grounded, and to keep and on her toes.


From Classrooms to Nightclubs to Penthouses Born and raised in the sunshine state, Tara Carter never envisioned herself working in the real estate industry, even though she grew up smack in the middle of it with her mom and uncle’s business, the South Florida real estate resource, Great Florida Homes. With a degree in early-childhood education and a background in event planning and management, she fell into the Realtor® life partly because her family has been in the business for more than three decades and partly because she was urged to do so by Mauricio Umansky, husband of Beverly Hills housewife Kyle Richards and recent buyer of the Playboy Mansion. During her previous position as The Restaurant People’s marketing director, Umansky persuaded Tara she had what it took to be a real estate rock star. She was hesitant at first, but he persuaded her to stop managing restaurants and start attracting real estate clients. Heeding his advice and taking a leap of faith, she landed her first sale within a matter of weeks: a $9.2 million penthouse. After forgoing her six-year prekindergarten teaching stint and quitting her successful eightyear career directing and managing luxury restaurants and nightclubs, Tara confirms it was unquestionably the right decision, which she validated by stating she has never looked back.

the influential zone “This is absolutely where I belong,” she remarked of being a Realtor®. “It’s in my blood. I love being able to help people and families reach their goals.” Now, after working for herself for four years, Tara is well aware of why she loves what she does, which she realized long before jumping on the real estate train. Operating a successful real estate business is no different than what she was doing before, as her professional path never wavered from one major theme: Helping people in a people’s business. Real estate, much like education and hospitality, is built on a foundation dependent on people with a certain degree of grit. And not everyone possesses that level of patience, the mental stamina it takes to be told no, and that overall unearthing fire inside. Tara has all of that and more. Operating her own client business as 80 percent referrals and 20 percent social media marketing, the real estate go-getter has never paid for a single advertisement.

Getting and Giving Referrals in Style Branding herself as a literal flamingo wasn’t just due to the fact she’s from Florida. In addition to her home pride and love of the color pink, it was finding out what the flamingo bird represented upon making that permanent decision. The flamingo represents someone who is confident and someone who lives a vibrant and social life. People with the flamingo spirit are said to be powerful healers, able to pinpoint and create healing in others’ hearts and emotions — all spot-on characteristics and traits Tara naturally carries. Flamingos are also known to draw out people’s emotions — yet another distinguishing aspect of why the bird resonated with Tara and everything she stands for. And so, the flamingo brand was born. It has aided in many successful transactions and partnerships, as the elegant bird is showcased on her social media accounts and business cards.

“The flamingo represents someone who is confident and someone who lives a vibrant and social life.”


the influential zone Flamingling aside, the ultimate goal of Tara’s real estate business is to receive referrals, which she says she is always on the hunt for. In conjunction with why the matchmaker title is more fitting than the salesperson persona, Tara says she views her role as representative of a “premier real estate concierge.” “I am in the business to connect anyone as a real estate agent,” she tells us. “If they need the best contractor in town, or are looking to dine at a popular restaurant that they’re having trouble getting into, I’m the one who ensures they get what they want. It’s all about delivering that VIP experience.” She conducts open houses every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, sprinkling in Housewarming Parties when she can. While Housewarming Parties are Tara’s signature “icing on the cake” to providing families with homes they adore, she states she doesn’t give a party to every single buyer. Those specialty celebrations are reserved for buyers whom she and her team feel are the best fits. Taking a moment to reminisce on her favorite housewarming memory — of a son who traveled overseas to surprise his mom on Mother’s Day — she made it clear that such events can have a powerful impact on her clients’ lives. Tara and her team attend every party they plan, providing the food, drinks and entertainment for those select buyers, also throwing in decor and raffle items. She encourages lenders, sponsors and neighbors to attend each one, in addition to the invite list provided by the buyers. “At every party I host, I’m still a real estate agent,” Tara assured us. “But I’m there first to celebrate the fact that a couple or a family have just purchased a home they fell in love with.”

It’s All About the Mind-Set She confessed that dealing with irrational people is a struggle that she is customarily “fascinated” by. “I have taken the word ‘overwhelmed’ out of my vocabulary,” Tara said with a laugh. In addition to interactions involving those “irrational people” that real estate professionals are all too familiar with, Tara says another challenge she deals with has to do with scheduling, particularly sticking to a schedule in a business where timing is everything, pressure persisting. “It is a daily pushback to stick to a schedule,” she tells us. “You wake up unemployed every day. Every day you’re starting over. Learning how to handle that is everything.” To that end, getting your mind right first thing in the morning could be the difference between having an incredible day or a horrible day, making a lucrative sale or an average sale. Tara claims the book The Miracle Morning: The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8 a.m., helps keep her mind straight and her brain sharp. Her advice for keeping on-task?


the influential zone “Surround yourself with the right types of people as much as possible. Check who is in your circle often, and take as many courses as you can that help with mind-set.” “Ninety percent of success is mindset,” Tara continued. “I learn something new every time I read the same book or take the same course.” The first time people experience something, she says, they’re, really just experiencing it and nothing more. The second, third, fourth and fifth times, though — that’s when you begin to see a shift in growth and perspective. In turn we get the ability to then change our habits and production. “In order to master something, you have to continue to tweak it,” Tara advises. Like many other real estate tycoons, she incorporates the “(7L) System” into her everyday life, teaching it to those she mentors. She says that being part of the Generosity Generation keeps her level-headed and humble. When asked about how she keeps sane and prevents burnout (she’s on the clock six days a week), she provided a pleasant, unexpected answer. “I intend to stick to a regimented schedule, but my family and my personal time come first. So I schedule that time before anything involving work.”

Final Words of Wisdom

What advice does the real estate whiz have on getting and giving referrals? One word kept coming up throughout our conversation, especially when discussing how to get referrals in an authentic, non-salesy way: contribution. “I can’t stress coming from a place of contribution enough,” she emphasized. “The more you give, the more you will receive. However, this way of conducting business only works when you expect nothing in return. Being yourself, being authentic and showing people how much you care all R come back to you.” ■

TARA CARTER is outgoing, professional and passionate about helping others. She sees herself as a “matchmaker”, introducing people to homes they fall in love with. Then she becomes their wedding planner and connector. Find out more at GreatFloridaHomes.com. ASHLEY ALT is a professional writer specializing in topics of career, style, health and wellness. For more info: www.AshleyAlt.com.

“Being yourself, being authentic and showing people how much you care all come back to you!”




2 X Tables

3 Spoon Rests__________

2 X Linens

4 X LG Tongs

2 X LG White Coolers

2 X LG Serving Spoons

1 Cooler (Drinking Ice)

2 X SM Spoons

1 X Champagne

120 Cups


80 LBS Ice

4 X Vases/Flowers___

# _____LG Plates

4 X Tall Cylinder Vases

# _____SM Plates

Floating Candles

Dessert Stand

Citronella Candles/Torches

Buffet Risers - needed?

Wine Key / Bottle Opener

# _____Napkins

# _____Wire Racks

Napkin/Silverware Holders

# _____Deep Full Pans

150 Forks

# _____Top Full Pans

100 Knives

# _____Half Pans


# _____X Stenos Match

Helium Tank

Stick Lighter


2 Large White Bowls

String for Balloons

Med White Bowl

Emergency Kit




❑ Scissors


❑ Tape


❑ Vases/Mason Jars


❑ Gallon Ziplock Bags



❑ Photo Back Drop


❑ Photo Stand

❑ Photo Props

❑ 2 water dispensers

❑ Punch mix for water dispenser NOTES

❑ Screws for photo props ❑ 1 table


❑ Slice lemon to have it float ____

❑ 2 black linens rectangular

❑ Label adult punch

❑ # _____Chairs ___________

❑ Label coolers (beer, water, soda)

❑ Wine & Spirits

❑ Mixers for drinks


❑ Bounce House

❑ Music/Speaker

❑ ❑ *If you are using a catering service, most if not all, of these supplies are part of their service. Always confirm what they provide and what you need to provide.



Photo Credit: Tara Carter


DON’T SHOW UP EMPTY HANDED! Make sure you have door prizes and closing gifts in hand!

Photo Credit: Shannon Gilmore

THE “F” WORD Follow Up…

Don't miss your opportunity to follow up with referrals from the door prize entry forms and your conversations! Follow up with Referrals by calling Source, then Referral, then Source again to confirm you contacted Referral. Call and thank all attendees. Call homeowner and let them know what you’ve done to thank their family and friends.







Referral Source



Jane Doe 123.4567


City, ST

Diaz HWP 01/24/18

Bob Smith

456.7890 bob@email.com

John Paul 567.8965


City, ST

Diaz HWP 01/24/18

Kim Carter 987.6543 kimc@email.com


Left Jane a msg 01/26/18 Listing appt 02/15/18!!!




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FOUR MONTHS OF COACHING IN ONE MONTH! “I did Accelerate for the month of December and was super busy as a result. Referrals flooded in...was like a spring market in the winter!” -Jan Brito “Just received my weekly goal for incoming referrals today!!! I have also helped 3 others find the people they need. Love referrals!” -Sarah Ramsey





The Ultimate Housewarming Party Issue - The Easiest Referral Ever  

This Housewarming Party Issue headlined by Virginia Realtor® Shannon Gilmore is filled with many valuable nuggets of information and an awes...

The Ultimate Housewarming Party Issue - The Easiest Referral Ever  

This Housewarming Party Issue headlined by Virginia Realtor® Shannon Gilmore is filled with many valuable nuggets of information and an awes...