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Curtis Reeser 10/14/2008 SAT Essay When a disgruntled person complains about a less than delightful day, the disgust that person is feeling is usually brought on by choices he or she has made. Choosing to be happy is not up to other people. People can find joy in all that they do with the right state of mind. The happiness people feel is a direct result of choices they make, and people tend to make decisions that will ultimately end up with their own satisfaction. To be optimistic in all that one participates in is next to impossible, but people find ways to be happy in the darkest of times. In the third installment of the invigorating Harry Potter series, Harry nearly has his soul drained which may cause displeasure for most people. Although he was having his soul sucked out, he had to find happiness within himself to conquer a spell necessary for obliterating the evil spirits. By doing this, he found happiness even in the face of death proving to all people that no matter the situation, joy can be found. Although having one’s soul drained is slightly depressing, being hurled into a prison with monstrous brutes who are twice one’s size does not sound like the ideal situation. This was the case for Paul Crewe in the movie The Longest Yard. Without friends in sight, Paul was repeatedly harassed by guards and prisoners alike. His sarcastic attitude and witty comments may have been the only things keeping him from going insane. Happiness was nowhere to be found, but Paul was given an opportunity to gather up a few guys to play the guards in a game of football. His situation went from horrific to exciting immediately. By leading this team, Paul Crewe found happiness in a prison where it did not seem feasible. Finding this ecstatic attitude in a place known for dreary and loathing personalities was only possible because of his optimism. People around the world choose to be happy in the lowest situations everyday. Life is not perfect all the time, so it is a struggle to be optimistic during dreadful times.

People must learn that life is what one makes of it. Finding happiness in everyday choices is essential in finding it throughout one’s life.