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SPEAKING UP The Newsletter of Abu Dhabi Toastmasters, 1950 Area 2, Division H, District 20 July - September 2016 Issue 1



Speaking Up July-September 2016

Our Club is the first club in UAE and has a long history. We have members from different professions and from different countries. We can proudly say that we have ten active and inspiring ex-presidents who are a source of strength and motivation to all our members.


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We always strive to have a variety of speakers and evaluators to ensure a productive and great meeting. Every member is provided equal opportunity to improve their communication and leadership skills in our club. Everyone has the ability, opportunity and responsibility to support this wonderful club. We had a wonderful first four months in our toastmaster year. Four of our Toastmasters achieved the education and leadership awards, TM Elma Fay Rodrigues - Competent Communicator, TM Mini Krishnan Neelakantan - Competent Communicator, and both father and daughter duo of TM Narayana Govinda Pillai and TM Devi Grishma Narayan who achieved the Competent Leader award. Moreover, our talented TM Althaf Ahmed is Area Director of our Area 2 this year. I take this opportunity to congratulate all the Leaders on their achievements. I am sure this will inspire and motivate us to achieve our goals and produce better communicators and leaders. We have been working together as a team for each and every activity. We take the responsibilities towards our Club very seriously, which will ensure taking thisClub to the next level. Today, the 1st of November is another milestone for the club, as we are celebrating our 555th meeting. I earnestly request everyone to strive to improve their communication and leadership skills seeking guidance and support from their mentors to scale greater height.

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Speaking Up July-September 2016

Life isn’t about finding yourself but rather creating yourself. You wanted to sing but realized that you don’t really have the voice, so you danced instead and discovered a talent. You wanted to excel in Math but were unable to work with numbers, so, you wrote instead and developed a love with writing. Thus, creating yourself in the process of learning what you really are good at doing.




When I joined Toastmasters, I didn’t really know what to expect. I am not an introvert but at the same time I do not have the natural flair to start an interesting conversation with people I meet. But, here at the Abu Dhabi Toastmasters, the members put me at ease with their friendly demeanor and passion to motivate. I thought Toastmasters was all about learning to speak in front of an audience, but I was wrong. Toastmasters is a lot more, it includes listening, motivating, caring, sharing apart from Speaking Up. I am glad to be a part of this Club and I am learning much more than what i asked for. So, not only am I gradually creating myself as a Toastmaster but also am becoming a better person. Compiling this Newsletter was a totally new learning experience. The task though may have been daunting sometimes but once completed, the pleasure is immeasurable. With the completion of 555 Meetings by the Club, I hope to create ripples of inspiration with this Newsletter and spread the message that, “This Journey won’t be easy but it’ll be worth it.”

About The Cover Page SPEAKING UP The Newsletter of Abu Dhabi Chapter 1950 Area 2, Division H, District 20 July - September 2016 Issue 1


SMILE is an acronym for Speak, Motivate, Involve, Listen, Encourage. Communication is the basic foundation on which Toast Masters Club was built. Effective communication can happen only in a Club that functions as one team with equal attention to Speaking and Listening. Abu Dhabi Toast Masters goes beyond that with our 9 past presidents taking active part in guiding the Club, moreover with and hence the active participation, involvement, support, cooperation, encouragement of each and every member is what makes Abu Dhabi Toastmasters very special. Keep the Smile, the world will look better.


Speaking Up July-September 2016

Meet Our EXCOM for the year 2016 - 2017






VP Education

VP Membership

VP Public Relations

Rizvi Rasheed works for Etisalat and is an Internal Auditor. He has been in UAE for more than15 years and is involved in social and sport activities. He gives first preference to family and believes that, “Hard work definitely gives better result”.He has been a Toastmaster for the past seven years

Umakanth is working as the Head of Telecommunications in NPCC. He loves to travel and is obsessed with cars. He has found a new passion for Public speaking, with humor being his forte. Even his WhatsApp status says “Keep Smiling”.

Jayakrishnan is working in NPCC, Abu Dhabi since July 1993 and as Senior Construction Manager (Electrical and instrumentation). His strength, he is a good listener and brings out the best from the people around him. He is passionate about Cricket and his role model is the captain of the Indian Cricket team MS Dhoni.

Reena aspires to do several things simultaneously. She is an easygoing person and shares a special bond with close friends and family. She believes that life goes so fast that sometimes we don’t notice how fleeting it is. So she tries to grab on to every moment and experience life in all its form.

Favorite quote: “Whatever you do, work hard and within no time you will achieve success”


Favorite quote: Nothing is hard. Hard Work makes it Nothing.

Favorite quote: It’s not what happens to you that matters, it is how you respond positively to what happens to you that makes the difference.

Favorite quote: If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.

Speaking Up July-September 2016







Sergeant at Arms

Immediate Ex-

Mini works in AECOM, Abu Dhabi as an Associate Director. She is an achiever and believes that there is no short cut to success. If you want to succeed in life, you have got to put in hard work and dedication. She is a progressive thinker and enjoys life to the fullest.

Oneal has been in the UAE for over 25 years and works as the General Manager with G4S. He enjoys travelling, reading, music and interacting with people. Being a family man, he believes that a family is the greatest gift one can have.

Sabin has lived all his life in UAE. As a kid, he was shy and an introvert. He has been a member of Abu Dhabi Toastmasters for four years and now is a dynamic member of the Club. His take on life is to live and let live.

Sasikumar works as Head of Internal Audit at ADSB. He is in UAE since 2005. Sasi believes hard work alone will not fetch you success but you need to have good soft skills as well to be successful. He loves his family and believes that family is the best support system in life. Sasi likes travelling, reading and photography.

Favorite quote:

Favorite quote:

Favorite quote:

Favorite quote:

God has a master plan that only He understands.

A smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.

Failure is not the opposite of success but rather a part of it.

Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.



Speaking Up July-September 2016

You may be heading for trouble if you are



Speaking Up July-September 2016


t's an irony that one can feel lonely despite a life full of activities, destinations and tasks. Unfortunately, it's a reality for many people. There are moments in everyone’s life, when we feel lonely. Loneliness is a universal human emotion, yet it is both complex and unique to each individual. It is a state of mind and makes people feel empty, alone and unwanted. • The World Health Organization has rated “Loneliness” as a higher risk to health than smoking and as great a risk as obesity. • In a survey by Mental Health Foundation, more than one third of people surveyed had felt depressed as a result of loneliness.

to feel emotionally connected. It is the lack of emotional connection that creates the feeling of loneliness. A few years back, my colleague’s neighbor was found dead in his apartment. According to the doctor’s report, he died on a Thursday night but no one realized it until Sunday noon when the HR from his office enquired about his absence. My colleague, used to meet his neighbour almost every day on his way to office, but they never shared anything beyond a “Hello”. During those last hours, the neighbour was alone with no one to even hold his hand. We hardly ever find time to know our neighbours or to spend some wonderful moments with our dear ones. We are too engaged with work and busy on social media. It is good to be in touch “ We hardly ever find time to know with our friends abroad our neighbors or to spend some over the social network, wonderful moments with our dear but it can’t replace the more intimate face-toones.” face relationship. It is psychologically established A friend of mine was overwhelmed that, if a person is left alone in by her loneliness. She used isolation for seven days, he to cling on to me. I welcomed keeps himself engaged by talking her home and provided all the to himself, after seven days he support I could. But cultural starts whispering. After twenty- differences, made it difficult for one days he goes insane; talking me to be with her all the time. to walls and roofs, trying to find When I suggested a nice decent some relationship. If he cannot dinner out, she wanted to go to find it in reality, he will create a the pub. She liked to spend late hallucination. nights outside whereas I usually go to sleep by 9.00 p.m. Why do we feel lonely? Being away from home, family Over time she gained some problems, divorce or loss of dear friends through online sites and ones can be a few reasons. One I thought she was settling down. can also feel emotionally cut off or But one day, I came to know feel lonely because of the inability that she was having mental to share problems. At times one health problems and was in a can feel lonely amidst family and huge debt. When I went to visit her I was taken aback by her friends. We are social animals and we need apartment. The whole apartment

was filled with stuff that she had purchased online. Some of these packages were not even opened. Due to her loneliness she had developed a ‘compulsive buying disorder syndrome’. Loneliness had made her depressed, hyper maniac and easily vulnerable to external influences. At some point of our life we do tend to feel lonely. We must adopt appropriate ways to deal with it. • Recognize that loneliness is a sign that something needs to change in your life style. • According to a psychiatrist, the healing of loneliness should begin within the family rather than outside. Be mindful, that loneliness can make you more vulnerable to external influences, which may harm you in the long run. • Focus on developing genuine relationships with people having good attitudes, interests and values. • Don’t become too dependent on online communities, balance this with relationships within the family and the community you live in. Remember true intimacy and feelings of connection are much more about the quality of our relationships than the quantity.

TM Mini Krishnan


Speaking Up July-September 2016

Making a Difference


Speaking Up July-September 2016


n life, making a Difference does not have to be a mega change but can be small yet meaningful changes and these could eventually become major changes for the world and humanity that we live in. Which means we are not looking at major differences but some small yet tangible differences. Can we really make a difference in this world? Given our own clout or stature in the society at this age and stage of our lives, can we make any substantial impact. My immediate answer will be “NO”. Especially, when we see life from two important perspectives of the time line and the space that we live in? Let’s explore more.

is a tiny dot compared to the entire galaxy. Aren’t we a small speck and can we make a difference? Let’s be Optimistic Look at the lives of the leaders of the world like Aristotle, Plato, Da Vinci, Galileo, Freud, Einstein, Gandhi, Lincoln, Karl Marx, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks and many more. No matter how enormous both

Making a difference does not mean making a revolutionary changes.


The world has existed for millions of years and known history is around 10,000 years. We have read about the Ice age, Iron age, Bronze age, Egyptians, Indus valley civilizations, Mayan civilization and seen the difference these civilizations have made. Can we make a difference if we haven’t done anything as yet?


The universe is a massive creation. There are thousands of stars, sun, moon, planets. Earth being one of the planets,

time and space have been, they have made significant differences, be it in the religious, political, social, science or economic field. These men and women have had large spheres of influence. The world that we live in today is, due to the historical contribution of some of these great leaders in all spheres of life. Making a difference does not mean making revolutionary change. There is still a lot we can do. There have been some small ideas that were started a few years ago such as Earth Hour and we know the impact that

it has had around the world. It started 9 years ago and today 7000 cities and towns switch off electricity for an hour, making a positive impact on the environment. One such initiative I would recommend is avoiding food wastage. As we are aware the amount of food that is wasted around the world can feed a billion people. Which means 700 million people are going hungry each day and the food that is wasted can feed a billion people and if we had to feed all the 700 million there will be in excess of 300 million food plates available. In Dubai alone, 1000 tons of food goes to the landfills while in Abu Dhabi 33% of the food is wasted. I do not recommend that we go very far. Let’s look closely on how own situation at Toastmasters meetings. We normally waste 2-3 plates of food per meeting. And with various Clubs all across UAE we cannot begin to imagine the food wasted. Let us address this issue, adopt the best practice and take the message forward. I am sure there are several others issues that we can look at but what’s important is to take the first step. That makes all the difference.

TM Oneal D Cunha


Speaking Up July-September 2016 8. How many vowel sounds are there?

ion t a c i n u m m o l C l i K r Skill o


you get. o d r o s r e lk ooth Ta A re you Sm Take our 5-minut e quiz ? g skills. in t a ic Tongue T ied n u m m your co r e v o c is d d n a 1. Do you smile when you talk? a) Only when I'm happy. (3 pts) b) Never. (1 Pt) c) Always. (5 pts) 2. Do people look at you when you talk? a) Always. (5 pts) b) Sometimes. (3 pts) c) Never. (1 Pt) 3. Do people yawn when you talk? a) Sometimes. (3 pts) b) T hey wouldn’t dare!! (5 pts) c) Yes. (1 Pt) 4. How many times in a day do people say ‘pardon’ and ask you to repeat what you have just said? a) 0-3 times. (5 pts) b) 4-5 times. (3 pts) c) Lots of times. (1 Pt)

5. If you had to change career which of the following would be closest to your ideal choice? a) Film Star. (5 pts) b) Shop Assistant. (1 Pt) c) Accountant. (3 pts) 6. How would you describe a tree? a) Green. (1 Pt) b) Brown and Green. (3 pts) c) Grows outside, tall, green leaves and brown trunk. (5 pts) 7. Do you have a favourite word or phrase which you often repeat such as ‘okay’ or ‘alright’? a) Yes - but it’s only a short word. (3 pts) b) Yes - a complete sentence. (1 Pt) c) No. (5 pts) 10

a) 26. (5 pts) b) 5. (3 pts) c) 11. (1 Pt) 9. When you say ‘thimble’ does: a) Your teeth touch the top of your mouth. (3 pts) b) Your tongue touch your teeth. (5 pts) c) Your teeth touch the inside of your lips. (1 Pt) 10. Do you wear sunglasses when you speak to people? a) If it’s sunny. (3 pts) b) Never. (5 pts) c) Always. (1 Pt)

So How Did You Score? 40 - 50 very good communication skills 30 - 39 good communication skills 18 - 29 room for improvement Under 18 attend Toastmasters Meetings frequently!

Speaking Up July-September 2016














Speaking Up July-September 2016


Speaking Up July-September 2016


ife is all about taking the correct decision at the correct time. Joining Toastmasters was the perfect decision of my life.

So when I got the next invitation from my colleague TM Srinivasan to join Abu Dhabi Toastmasters, I immediately accepted and joined the Club.

The first time I came across the Toastmasters badge, was in my colleague TM Loyola Pinto’s office. At that time he explained what Toastmaster’s was, but I didn’t really understand how important it would be in my life. After few years, two incidents changed my perception about public speaking.

On 12th March, 2013, an “Icebreakers day” was arranged. During this special meeting all the new members were asked to give their Icebreaker speech. My speech was liked by all and I was selected as the best Icebreaker of the day. That’s when I started to believe in myself and began to enjoy my journey.

I am an active member of my college, MIT Alumni Association, Emirates Chapter. In 2009, we had organized a felicitation function for our University Vice Chancellor and I was asked to deliver a welcome speech. I couldn’t prepare the welcome speech, so I had taken the help of my good friend TM Sanjay Vissa and managed it very nicely. But, at the back of my mind, I wasn’t feeling too good about not being able to prepare a simple speech. The second incident, took place 6 years back. A colleague from my department was leaving the company and so a farewell function was organized for him. As my boss was on leave, I was asked to handover a memento to him. I was of course very happy to do that, until someone asked me to speak a few words in his honor. I have given many technical seminars in past, but at that particular time, I was totally zapped. I was tongue tied and with great difficulty I managed to speak a few words. These two incidents convinced me that I needed to do something about my public speaking skills.

very fortunate to attend, TM Shurooq Al Banna’s speech in Abu Dhabi, on “Constructing the Winning Speech”. She won the 2nd runner up of Toastmaster’s World Championship 2013. She gave some good suggestions and ideas on ‘Story Telling’ and adding humor in a speech.

After listening to 2014 To a s t m a s t e r ’ s World Championship winner TM Dananjaya J. Hettiarachchi’s speech “‘I see something in you’, 2015 Toastmaster’s World Championship speech by 2nd The first time I runnerup TM Manoj Vasudevan “We can fix it”, 1st runnerup TM came across the Toastmasters badge, was Aditya Mahadevan speech’s in my colleague TM Loyola “Scratch” and Mohammed Qahtani’s winning speech Pinto’s office. At that time he “The Power of Words”, I explained what Toastmaster’s strongly believe that public was but I didn’t really speaking is not limited to proficiency in English, it is more understand how important about innovative ideas and how it would be in my life smartly they are packaged and Another game changing event delivered in efficient manner. was, during one particular Toastmasters is not a certification meeting, I got a table topic, body. Here, it is not about which was to explain a recent winning or failing. It is about interesting incident in my life. I discovering and learning. explained the real and interesting Toastmaster’s journey paves incident of my visit to Ferrari the way to a world of new world, and my experience with experiences, acquire innovative Formula Rossa, the fastest skills which brings in a new roller coaster ride in the planet. level of confidence in members. Immediately, TM Loyola pinto “Effective Communication” suggested I convert this topic to a and “Taking up ownership of humorous speech and requested whatever you do” are the two me to participate in the Club sides of the LEADERSHIP contest. I Won 2nd place in the coin. After taking active roles in Club humorous contest and went Abu Dhabi Toastmasters 500th on to participate in the Area level meeting, taking up roles as VP contest. This journey was an Membership (2014-15) and VP entirely new experience. Education (2016-17), I strongly My journey led me to gain believe that, “Leadership is not a knowledge and know more position, it is continuous action”. about giving speeches. I was

TM Umakanth


Speaking Up July-September 2016

OLYMPICS: A tale of friendship beyond boundaries


n August 2016 all roads led to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil the venue of Summer Olympics. With a total of 28 medals, American swimmer, Michael Phelps became the “Most Decorated Olympian of all times”. Usain Bolt won the men’s 100 meters gold medal with a time of 9.81 seconds. With this win, he became the first athlete to win the event three times at the Olympic Games. Athletes/Sportspersons who win are made heroes by the public and media. Beyond games, Olympics is also a venue where everlasting friendships are born. One such incident is the tale of Jesse Owens & Luz Long. In 1936, Jesse Owens arrived in Berlin to compete for the United States at the Summer Olympics. The 5-foot-10, 165 – pound Owens won his first final in the 100 meters by edging out teammate team mate Ralph Metcalfe. The following day, Owens was nearly out of the long jump competition after qualifying began. He fouled on his first two attempts. One of the jumps was a practice run, but officials counted it as an attempt. With just one jump remaining, Luz Long a German long jumper who was Owens’ toughest competition, introduced himself. Long had the blonde hair and the blue-eyed look that Adolf Hitler espoused. Long offered a suggestion to Owens. “To play it safe, make your mark several inches before the take off board


and jump from there”. Owens used the advice and qualified on his last jump. Later that afternoon, Long’s fifth jump matched Owens’ 25–10 in the finals. But Owens won the gold medal with a final jump of

the 24-karat friendship I felt for Luz Long at that moment. Hitler must have gone crazy watching us embrace. The sad part of the story is I never saw Long again. He was killed in World War II”. Just like the Olympics, I believe

From left: Luz Long & Jesse Owens

26–5½ on his last jump. The first to congratulate Owens was Long. Owens added to his gold medal count with wins in the 200 meters and the 4X100 meter relay. The German crowd at the stadium, some 110,000 strong at times, cheered his accomplishments and sought his autograph in the streets during the games. Jesse Owens’ inspirational sports story captured newspaper headlines across the world. In his short story “My Greatest Olympic Prize” Jesse Owens remarked “It took a lot of courage for him to befriend me in front of Hitler... You can melt down all the gold medals and cups I have and they wouldn't be a plating on

that each of our journey at Toastmaster’s begins with a bit of mentoring to achieve the best. Like Jesse Owens, I have found Luz Long in each of my fellow Club members. They have always encouraged me to bring out the best in me and I hope I have met their expectations every time I have presented a speech.

TM Sabin Sathyapalan

Speaking Up July-September 2016

MTG THEME: Superheroes DATE: 1st November, 2016 LOCATION: Foodlands Hall PRESIDENT: Rizvi Rasheed MTG THEME: Flying High DATE: 23rd September, 2014 LOCATION: The Millennium Hotel PRESIDENT: Aby Hans

MTG THEME: Passion To Be DATE: 23rd November, 2010 LOCATION: Al Rimal Club PRESIDENT: Sujatha MTG HIGHLIGHTS: Reminiscences From Past Presidents DATE: 2nd February, 2007 LOCATION: Hilton Hotel PRESIDENT: SK. Balasubramanya MTG HIGHLIGHTS: Down The Memory Lane DATE: 25th March, 2003 LOCATION: Grand Continental PRESIDENT: Abraham Thomas FIRST MAJOR MILESTONE DATE: 6th July, 1999 LOCATION: Foodlands Guest House PRESIDENT: George Ambooken BIRTH OF TOASTMASTERS IN UAE DATE: 2nd August1995 LOCATION: Foodlands Guest House PRESIDENT: M. Vijayan


Speaking Up July-September 2016



Speaking Up July-September 2016

TOASTMAS TERS INTE Abu Dhabi RNATIONA Chapter-1 L 950, Area Meeting No -2, Div "H", Dist-79 .40 0 23rd Nove mber 2010 A G

Passion to be



7½-min Projec t # 03- "Wo nderful Wo 7½-min Projec rld of Art" t # 13- "Jo

4-min 4-min

Speech Eval 08:50

Guest of Hon our DTM Mohd. Murad-







Imm. Past Int'l Director ji - Guest Of Honour

TM Devkusum Datta TM Krishnan Subramanian

Mr. Sultan AlHaj


3½-min Eva luator 3½-min Eva luator

“Going Dow 09:00

urney or Des tination"

ief Guest &




MTM Sujath a Parthasar athy TM Abraham Thomas TM Pravin Kum ar





Project Spee ch Address of Ch




TIME ITEM 1-min Me eting Call to Order-Sgt at 5-min Op arms ening Cerem ony 5-min Pre sident's We lcome addres 5-min Toa s stmaster of the day 1-min Tho ught of the Evening



n Memory La

ne - Past Pr esi

” 3-min Vij ayan Manik oth 3-min Abd ul Aleem Al Attas 3-min Loy ola Pinto 3-min Rav i Rai 3-min Bha rat Mehta 3-min Sud hir Menon 3-min San jay Vissa






TM Bhojraj Mane TM D.A. Rao


Keynote Ad

dress by TM Sh

ridhar Sam 30-min "Le path ad with the Power of Ho Felicitations pe & Life" 10:00 4-min DT M Uma Rad hakrishnan 3-min DT - District Go M Dr. Nasef vernor Dhafari - Ass 3-min TM t Divn "H" Go Shoukath Ali vernor - Divn.'B" Go 3-min TM vernor Sasi Kumar Divn.'J" Go 3-min TM vernor Marwan Al Shayea - Are Recognitions a 2 Governor & Closing Ce remony 10:15 2-min Clo sing Addres s of TM 2-min Rel ease of Com 10:20 me morative Issu 8-min Pre e of "Speak sident's Clo ing Up" sing Addres Dinner & s 09:30

Chit Chat

Greet Maste r Videography Timer

Role Player s

TM Abraham Thomas TM Althaf Ahm ed MTM Sujath a Parthasar athy

MTM Espera nce Mendo nca TM Usman Mufti TM Aby Han s




Speaking Up July-September 2016


Club Meeting No.

Meeting Date

Best Speaker

Best Evaluator Best Table Topic Speaker


12 July 2016

TM Mini Krishnan

TM Sanjay Vissa

TM Abdul Sattar Khan


26 July 2016

TM Aby Hans

TM Sanjay Vissa

TM Abraham Thomas


9 Aug 2016

TM Oneal Dcunha

TM Abraham Thomas

TM Ashutosh


23 Aug 2016

TM Ashraf Farouk

TM Binsal Abdulkader

TM Sujatha


6 Sept 2016

TM Sanjay Vissa

TM Abraham Thomas

TM Sujatha


21 Sept 2016

TM Tabassum

TM Abraham Thomas

TM Yogesh

Forthcoming Meetings Meeting No. 553 - 4th Oct Meeting No. 554 - 18th Oct Meeting No. 555 - 1st Nov (Special Meeting) Meeting No. 556 - 15th Nov Meeting No. 557 - 29th Nov Meeting No. 558 - 6th Dec Meeting No. 559 - 20th Dec 18

Speaking Up July-September 2016


Speaking Up July-September 2016




ro Far


ab MS


TM John and TM Oneal


TM Abraham


at Suj

Speaking Up July-September 2016

Althaf Ahmed : 8th July Devi Narayan: 9th August Faiz Hashim: 13th July John Praveen: 6th July Narayan Pillai: 1st August One al Dcunha: 3rd July Ravi Rai: 29th August Sasikumar: 6th September Umak anth: 28th August

Alt h af Ahme d : 22n d A ug us t Ar u n ji t hla l : 4 t h Ju ly Fa iz H a sh im : 18t h S e p te m b e r Mo h d . Ak ram : 15t h A ug us t O ne a l Dc u nh a : 24 t h A ug us t R av i R a i : 22n d A ug us t S u jat h a : 27t h A ug us t


Speaking Up July-September 2016

Toastmasters In Action

TM Rajesh

TM Mini krishnan

TM Devi Narayanan 22




Speaking Up July-September 2016

ABOUT US MISSION OF THE Club We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which Members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

THE TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL MISSION We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.


Integrity Respect Service Excellence

SPEAKING UP Abu Dhabi Toastmasters: SMILE

Speak,Motivate,Involve,Listen, Encourage We meet on alternate Tuesdays at Foodlands Restaurant on Airport Road Abu Dhabi, UAE at 8:00 pm

EDITOR Reena Althaf +971507529896 23

Speaking Up July-September 2016


Speaking up July - September 2016  

Abu Dhabi Toastmasters Newsletter

Speaking up July - September 2016  

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