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Speaking Up October - December 2016



TM Rizvi Rasheed President

t is indeed my pleasure and privilege to write a message as the president of Abu Dhabi Toastmasters club, which is the mother of all the clubs in the UAE. We celebrated our 555th meeting on 1st of November 2016 in a grand way. The theme was “SUPERHEROES”. In fact our nine Past Presidents (OURSUPERHEROES ) delivered their project speeches making this milestone meeting wonderful, exciting and successful. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to our superheroes of our 555th meeting. They are the pillars on which Abu Dhabi Toastmasters club stands. We are very proud of them.

Our club is doing well in the Distinguished Club program(DCP). Our Toastmasters TM Jayakrishnan and TM Devi Narayana have achieved the Advance Communicator Bronze (ACB) Education Award and helped us receive two valuable points. TM Umakanth (VP-Education) has been doing a fantabulous job, along with members, to have a variety of quality meetings. Due to this, we were able to achieve President’s Distinguished Club status in January in 2017. I take this opportunity to thank our VP Education TM Umakanth and each and every member for their valuable contribution towards achieving DCP points. TM Jayakrihsnan (VP – Membership) has been doing a great job of converting our guests into members. As of now, 14 new members have joined our club since July 1st 2016. We were able to achieve 2 DCP points for new members by October 2016. TM Reena Althaf (VP-PR) has well captured the wonderful moments during the meeting, beautifully elaborated and updated our Club Facebook Group after every meeting. She also was able to release this wonderful and exciting second magazine through her hard work and dedication. I extend my gratitude to TM Mini Krishnan (Ex-Secretary), TM Oneal (Ex-Treasurer) and TM Sabin Satyapalan (Ex-Sergeant-at-Arms) for their wonderful contributions as club officers during the first six months of this Toastmaster year. Due to unforeseen reasons there were not able to continue for the rest of the term. I would like to warmly welcome our new club officers TM Elma (Secretary), TM Faiz (Treasurer) and TM Arjun (Sergeant-at-Arms). I wish them all the very best for their responsibilities. Last but not the least, I extend my sincere thanks to our members who have contributed to this magazine by sending in their articles. Enjoy Reading… 1

Speaking Up October - December 2016



TM Reena Althaf

Vice President Public Relations

don’t remember what I drew in my first drawing as a 5 year old but I do remember my mother’s smile as she put up that drawing on the refrigerator door in the kitchen. It was a proud moment for me to witness my work showcased on the refrigerator door but more than that, I was exhilarated to see the beautiful, tender smile on my mother’s face. Over the years, I drew numerous pictures. Not all those drawings got onto the door but the smile on my mother’s face was consistent. And that smile kept me going.

With the release of the First Club Newsletter for the year 2016-17, during the 555 Meeting I was motivated by the good feedback and encouragement I got from all the Members of Abu Dhabi Toastmasters. Their smiles and encouraging words, kept me going. In life we come across people who will inspire, encourage and set an example for you to emulate. In the present times, it is heartwarming to see women take up leadership roles and be a driving force for both men and women. It took almost 5 decades for Toastmasters to accept the first woman, Helen Blanchard as a member. She paved the way to creating women leaders in Toastmasters. Presently, Abu Dhabi Toastmasters can proudly boast of having dynamic, talented and creative Women Toastmasters, who continue to inspire and lead in various aspects of life, within and outside the Club. This Newsletter is dedicated to the Women Toastmasters of our Club. I would like to quote a very powerful message from Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.

“I want every little girl who’s told she’s bossy to be told instead that she has leadership skills.”


Speaking Up October - December 2016

The New Member Speaks T M ANNI BARSO UM

Seamless public speaking has been on my bucket list for a long time. In summer 2016, I discovered Abu Dhabi Toastmasters on Meetup. I liked the inclusive energy of the meeting I attended as a guest. Due to a busy summer, autumn and other excuses, I finally took the plunge and joined in November 2016. I find the Club to be welcoming, with the right mix of experienced toastmasters guiding and motivating the newcomers. Participation is strongly encouraged, and recognized. And the after meeting dinner is an opportunity for members to interact in an informal setting. I have been given roles to play, where I’ve already learned that listening attentively, with an open mind, is the first step to becoming a better speaker. Another insight is the amount of “ahs” and “ums” I use! It’s a sobering thought as I prepare for the project speeches..

Abu Dhabi Toastmasters club is a great experience. The toastmasters are warm and friendly, helping newcomers to instantly feel at ease. Toastmasters with their constant encouragement and appreciation eagerly partake in our journey of self-improvement. Be it watching the younger toastmasters enthusiastically take up roles, overcoming and stretching their limits or watching senior toastmasters skillfully crafting words and mesmerizing the audience, they are an inspiration. Besides that, the informative meetings are intertwined with fun events which make it all the more interesting and help bring out our creative side too. Overall, this experience has been enriching and has allowed me to believe in my potentials to become a better communicator and a leader.


Speaking Up October - December 2016

HELEN BLANCHARD The First Lady Toastmaster

At a time when society was still grappling with recognizing women’s rightful place in society, Helen Blanchard took the courage to blaze the trail for all the women who came after. Helen grew up in a small town in Nebraska. Her first job was teaching kids in a one room school house. Later she joined the U.S Navy Research Development Center in San Diego. Here she was required to teach Engineers how to collect and process data from the testing they were doing for the Navy. However, she felt uncomfortable making presentations to men who were far more qualified and educated than her. To build her confidence and leadership skills, she wanted to join Toastmasters. She was the first female to join Toastmasters in 1970. When a Club Leader submitted her membership application, her gender was disguised under the name of “Homer Blanchard”. Finally, in 1973, things started to change and Toastmasters officially started admitting women. Helen went on to become the first woman President of Toastmasters International in 1985. Helen Blanchard in her book, “Breaking the Ice” wrote, “I accepted challenges that made me reach far beyond my comfort zone.” No doubt, she has influenced many women to accept challenges and break barriers. She paved the way for women to recognize their leadership potential and embrace their unique perspectives. Women have come a long way. It’s been 40 years of Women in Toastmasters and are here to stay. As Helen Blanchard rightly quoted, “If you get out of Toastmasters all you can get out of Toastmasters, you’ll never get out of Toastmasters” 4

Speaking Up October - December 2016

It seemed like forever….

It was dusk with the moon taking its place for the night. The eeriness of the darkness was setting in. I faintly heard my husband’s voice in the background and could distinctly hear the dogs barking and the frogs croaking. I vaguely saw our car, at the very edge of the road and another one upside down by the side of the road. I tried to get up, but my head was spinning and my limbs were aching. What had happened? With fear building up, I realized that I had a close encounter with death. The fear I felt on that day is still vivid in my mind that many a time it haunts me in my sleep and I wake up very disturbed. No matter how much we plan, one tiny mistake, one moment of distraction or one hasty decision, can wipe it all out. 5

We hear about car accidents everywhere, every day, every time but we do not anticipate that such accidents can also happen to us. We take life for granted until it hits us hard. The incident happened to me in January 2009 in Chennai, a southern city in India. My husband and I along with another couple who were family friends had decided to travel to Tirupati, a major pilgrimage center. The hotel we stayed in Chennai arranged our transport to Tirupati. It was a 3-4 hours’ drive from Chennai to Tirupati. We started early and arrived at Tiruapati in the morning by 8.30 am. It was a beautiful day and we all were as happy as birds in the spring. We felt revived and relaxed after the much-awaited pilgrimage to the Temple. The rest of the day

was spent in sight-seeing. When the time came to return to Chennai, I aired my concern to my husband over the driver’s unruly behavior and rash driving on the road. He seemed to enjoy the thrill of the speeding and intimidating other drivers. My husband told me that the driver was experienced and knew the road well. He told me not to worry and enjoy the trip. But, throughout the return

Speaking Up October - December 2016

We have only a limited time, but what we do with this time between life and death is up to us.

journey I was nervous. So, I stayed awake to keep an eye on the driver. At many instances he was over speeding and overtaking on sharp curves. Whenever I warned him he would slow down, but in a couple of minutes he would do the same again. Suddenly, an ambassador car was heading towards us and we were on the wrong side. I felt like the end was near and in a split second my life seemed to flash in front of me. The next moment there was a loud bang and we were spinning in the air. Then everything went still. “Mini! Are you ok? Quick, get out fast!� is what I heard in my semi-conscious state. As I tried to open my eyes, my husband opened the door and pulled me out of the car. As I stumbled to the roadside, my head grew heavy and I scowled in pain

called hospital

as the wound on my knee started to swell. I feebly sat down on a patch of grass wondering where I was. My husband went back to help our friends. Residents from nearby houses came to help us and the nearest for an ambulance.

Slowly the events unfolded before me. The timely intervention of the other car driver reduced the impact of collision as he quickly twisted his car to the roadside ditch. Once the ambulance arrived, we were rushed to the hospital. The primary investigations & first aid was administered in a few hours.

value of each living moment on this planet. We have only a limited time, but what we do with this time between life and death is up to us. Be grateful for each day; believe in yourself count your blessings and never cease to say thank you for all the wonderful people in your life. Also, remember, while driving do not talk on your cell phones or send text messages, over speed or overtake impulsively. Lives can change in a blink of an eye, by our or others negligence and carelessness. So live with care and respect lives. Remember!!! Life is fragile and precious!!

This incident taught me the

TM Mini Krishnan


Speaking Up October - December 2016



Speaking Up October - December 2016

es Brown said Life has no limitations, except the ones you make. We all have our own goals and dreams! But what do we see when we look ahead? Barriers? Limitations? These barriers don’t allow us to do what we want to do, to be where we want to be and to achieve what we want to achieve. Hold on, do all the limitations and barriers in your life look like dad and mum? No! Because some limits are positive too! Does that sound surprising? Look around yourself!

essential, else this world will be chaos! But are all the limitations in your life these positive types? Or are they different? Do they underestimate your personality, hurt your self-esteem, lower your confidence, make you believe that you cannot reach there? We all have come across such limits, boundaries, walls, blocks whatever you wish to name them, in our own lives. They are created in our head. Joel Brown said it rightly, the only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that is actually possible.

The fact is every successful person had limitations, but they were not submissive to them! I used to complain about my limitations, sometimes even about the smallest things in life. But the stories of a lot of people forced me to change. Whenever I feel low by the challenges life throws at me I ask myself: If all those people continue to do what they are doing now, despite of all that they went through, why can’t I? In fact, each barrier can be a promise in disguise, an opportunity to discover a hidden talent, a signal to the

TM Devi explains how the impossible can be made possible simply by breaking barriers A mother does not allow her child to play in the rain, a teacher imposes certain rules on students, a doctor does not allow patients to have unhealthy food, the government imposes certain laws in the country. Cannot they be termed as limitations? Yes, indeed. As a child, I used to love burgers and junk food. I used to hog on them. Not surprisingly, by the age of ten, I weighed 50kg. My mom panicked. She made a rule: One burger per month. Guess what, it helped. I still weigh 50kg! In life, some restrictions are

We complain that our physical challenges, educational background, financial status etc. are limitations to the life that we desire to live. But we fail to realize that they are the barriers of our comfort zone and life begins only outside this zone. Is it not possible to break these barriers? Of course! A lot of people have done that. Nelson Mandela, Hellen Keller, Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Edison, the list is long. My uncle without a right palm struggled to become a successful lawyer, businessman, basketball player and an expert driver.

highway that you are destined to travel on. Nothing in this world, absolutely nothing can be a ‘real barrier ‘ unless we allow it to be. Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal and God help the man with the wrong mental attitude! As Carol Burnett said, only we can change our lives. No one can do it for us.

TM Devi Pillai


Speaking Up October - December 2016

SUPER 555 MEETING One fine evening on 1st of Nov. 2016, 9 superheroes of Abu Dhabi Toastmasters got together. Little did these 9 ex-presidents realize that this Super 555 Meeting would create history.

Super Party

The Masters of Ceremony were TM Reena Althaf And TM Jayakrishnan The Games were conducted by TM Mini and TM Elma TM Oneal entertained the audience with some foot tapping music and songs.

Speaking Up October - December 2016

TM Sanjay Vissa

TM Aby Hans

TM Sasikumar

TM Abraham Thomas

TM Ravi Rai

TM Sujatha

The Super Speeches Meeting 555 was a gathering of the Superheroes. Each of our 9 superheroes, TM Sanjay Vissa, TM Sasikumar, TM Aby Hans, TM Abraham Thomas, TM Salim Sayyid, TM Loyola Pinto, TM Ravi Rai, TM Sujatha Parthasarthy and TM Althaf M.S showcased their superpowers by presenting powerful speeches. The Speech by each of these eminent Toastmasters was motivating and fascinating. They enthralled the audience with their interesting stories and humor.

TM Salim Sayyid

TM Althaf Ahmed TM Loyola Pinto

Caution: Superheroes at Play

Meanwhile.... the Toastmasters posed for pictures in true superhero style.

Speaking Up October - December 2016



Speaking Up October - December 2016

uite often slogans on women empowerment are aimed towards the men in the society. There is always the protagonist and feminist talk about teaching and inculcating values only in boys to respect women but what about our girls? Respecting woman is not a rule but a responsibility and it is primarily the responsibility of a woman. Yes, women do respect other women if the relationship is a close one. Like the relationship of a mother and a daughter, sisters or friends. What about the Mother and daughterin-law relationships?

A year back my daughter who was 7 years old then proudly declared, “Mamma, I recited a poem in class perfectly. Farah was not so good and Azha forgot the words.” I explained to my daughter that she must talk positive about her friends and appreciate their efforts. It definitely, took her some time to understand but she has changed positively. A few days back she told me, “Mamma, Farah narrated the story well and Azha was good too but I was the best.” I am delighted to see her positive attitude towards her friends and respect for her efforts. Even at the work place, we find women using every kind of tactic to bring down other women. In fact, research indicates that most women are comfortable working for a male boss rather than a female boss. This just goes to show, how women are uncomfortable with their own species.

Respecting a woman is not a rule but a responsibility and it is primarily the responsibility of a woman.

Its irony that when the father-in-law looks after his wife and fulfils her wishes it is called love and care. But, if a son looks after his wife, he is termed as a “Hen pecked husband”. The mother in law gossiping and disrespecting her daughter-in-law is a kind of disrespect.

On the other hand, a daughter-in-law, considers her old mother-in-law as a burden. She doesn’t see the need to look after her and ends up shunning her in her old age. These household issues might sound menial and unimportant, but these are the issues that impact the world at large. As they say, charity begins from home, so should respecting women. Our daughters should be taught first to value all women.

Over the years, a lot of atrocities have been targeted at women and a lot has also been done to improve the status of the woman, but, as women if we do not stand up and support women then we are fighting a lost cause on women empowerment.

As women, we must change our perspective. Instead of expecting respect from men, let us first and foremost start respecting each other. Once, this has been achieved, the whole world will follow, i.e start respecting women.

TM Tabassum Kazi 12

Speaking Up October - December 2016

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I used to put gloves on.

Then I would put on another pair of gloves, so that my first pair of gloves don’t get dirty. I would put on two gloves not because I felt cold but because I was suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, also known as OCD. We all double check things quite often, we double check to see whether we have locked our baggage, we make sure the stove is turned off before leaving the house. But, people with obsessive-compulsive disorder feel the need to check things not once, not twice but many more times. With their unusual behavior people with OCD get noticed and at times can be the cause of a major embarrassment. What exactly is OCD? OCD is a disorder of brain and behavior. 13

At times frequent upsetting thoughts attack our brain and create obsessions. The obsession may create urges in a person to repeat certain behavior called compulsions. People with OCD cannot control their obsessions and compulsions and manifest them in their actions. Some of these are Counting - You would brush your teeth four times as opposed to two because four is your lucky number. You perform tasks in a numeric pattern like no matter how far the door is, you will take 9 steps to reach it. Compulsive hand-washingYou compulsively wash your hands due to fear of germs or making others sick. Even after dinner was served, my uncle used to go and wash his hands repeatedly irritating us.

Multiple Checking - Returning three, four, or even eight times to check if the front door is locked. This is one of the most common compulsions. Fear - At the time of my birth, my mother was admitted in the hospital on Tuesday the 13th. My grandmother called my father many times not to ask about her daughter’s health but her only worry was, that the child is not born on Tuesday the 13th, as if my father had the power to move the clock faster. My father and me always enjoyed recalling my granny’s attitude on my birth. Just for your information though, I was born on Wednesday the 14th. OCD is not a disease that bothers; it is a disease that tortures and can lead to major embarrassment as I found out once. My cousin came to visit

Speaking Up October - December 2016

us on holidays. I noticed him repeatedly touching things, I saw him touching the floor, doors, windows for no reason and the worse was when we were walking in a mall and by mistake his hand touched the gown of a lady walking next to us. This lad apologized and she excused him as it was unintentional. Then to my surprise he started chasing the lady and touched her gown the second time. I hurriedly followed him. She glared at him and as she would have slapped him, if I hadn’t pretended that it was me. I was not expecting such a behavior. On asking him why he did it, he felt ashamed and confessed that he had the habit and urge of touching things more than once. He felt very uneasy and anxious if he did not do it. Later he overcame his anxiety and today he is out of

OCD Zone. In my view each one of us has some element of OCD, the key is how strong it is and how we manage and control it. One good approach to tackle OCD is self- counseling. Start by spending at least 1 hour a day on the thoughts which cause you distress and gets in your daily life. Next convince yourself not to pay attention to these thoughts, stop all doubts and fears. Remember NO Fear = NO OCD; NO Doubts = NO OCD. If self- counseling is not working, try getting counseling from a close friend or relative. If these thoughts and compulsions are persistent you will need to see a doctor for Psychotherapy (e.g. cognitive behavior therapy, exposure and response prevention).

Basically the approach to cure is to teach the person different ways of thinking, behaving, and reacting to situations that help him or her feel less anxious or fearful without having obsessive thoughts or acting compulsively. The last time I bought myself a pair of gloves was a decade ago. I do not need them now. I just go ahead and wash my hands when they get dirty, and mind you I wash them only once. We must be aware of OCD and if you identify yourself with this condition, get rid of it before it manifests your daily life and becomes a source of concern to you and your family.

TM Saima Sheikh 14

Speaking Up October - December 2016

THE WONDER WOMAN An Interview with TM Sujatha

Speaking Up October - December 2016

“It hurts my ego to back off a commitment!” The first thing I am sure, all Toastmasters, would like to know is how do you manage to be so perfect in every role you take up? “Perception is projection”. This is an NLP lesson that allowed me to give a formidable label to what I would call “hoodwink” the audience. What you “perceive” of yourself is what other people see you in you. Believe in yourself, and you will make others believe in you.

What were the challenges you faced? Life is not exciting if it is not a challenge. When you look at a challenge in the eye, it shies away. The biggest challenge was “procrastination” and continues to be one. The one solution that worked out for me on that end, was to commit to a project delivery date. It hurts my ego to back off a commitment, so this would force me to prepare for the project.

You seem so much at ease up on that stage where many falter. What’s your secret? The answer to that is - I look at ease on stage only and only when I feel “at ease with myself”. I surely prepare for any role and run through it in my mind to the extent of visualising the scene. However, the clincher is in how I “present” myself on the “looks” front. I learnt from another Toastmaster long ago, that we need to spend a month’s salary on our physical grooming. That, trust me, works. If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you are confident and if you are confident, you can give the perception of being a “knowledgeable” person.

How has your impressive journey in Toastmasters helped you on both personal and professional level? Toastmasters has a very special corner in my heart. In fact, it has a special place in my family as well. My family takes pride in my achievements and that makes me happy. To me Toastmasters is a way of life. Hence the benefits I have derived out of it cannot be differentiated between personal and professional. Overall, it has helped me structure my thoughts with ease, enthrall the audience with purpose, and mark my presence with words.

How was your journey to becoming “The Distinguished Toastmaster”? Do you vote it as an achievement? It is not an easy course that Toastmasters has set up. It did take me a while to get there, and I had taken a break from TM for a few years. For me, the “achievement” is really in taking the path rather than the destination of getting a “DTM” pin. The only reason I achieved this is because of the faith that Abu Dhabi Toastmaster stalwarts had in me, as they handed me the position of Club leadership and Area leadership. I see myself to be very lucky to have this support. The biggest learning that I would share with every toastmaster eyeing to be a DTM is this, “Be sincere to every project that you deliver.”

You lead 2 gavel clubs, the Gulf Gaveliors and the Abu Dhabi Toastmaster Gavel Club. What are your views about the communication skills of the new generation? Today’s children have so much more information on hand than we had. I wonder at times if this is really necessary. Given that they have access to so much, they also are more prone to confusion. Communication skills, I would say, is also dependent on the environment that the child is exposed to. So I would not generalize or stereotype the children of Abu Dhabi/ UAE. Every skills has a need to be honed in the right manner. So every child, who has access to the language, also has the need to be honed in the technicality of right communication, thus the reason why Gavel clubs thrive. 16

Speaking Up October - December 2016

Speaking Up October - December 2016

‘A diamond is just a piece of coal that did really well under pressure’. Surely my journey at Toastmasters is a true synonym to that of a piece of coal on its way to sparkle. Indeed when I look back to the days when I was subjected to ‘that pressure’, I can surely say that I’ve come a long way. According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number 2!! That means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in TM Elma Rodrigues the casket than doing the eulogy! I enrolled for Toastmasters Gavel Club back in my early years when influencing and shaping a child’s thinking is the easiest. The sole aim was to learn the beautiful art of communication in addition to enhancing my listening and script writing skills, and like every other beginner, I too was in the process of ploughing my way through in this mesmerizing world of elocution and speech making. Fortunately, I had a strong backbone, my family and mentors, who led me and gave me all that push I needed at every step. With such support there was no looking back. I dearly miss my gavel club meets and acquaintances. In order to relive those moments again, and to complete the journey I once started, I was determined to join the Toastmasters Club. No one is a born orator. It is an art that needs to be practiced often in order to master it. The art of outlining, enunciating and delivering ones ideas were the key lessons learnt at Toastmasters. Apart from a regular member, I now hold the responsible post of the Secretary in the Executive Committee of the club. Handling multiple roles at an early age surely gives me the opportunity to train myself for the years ahead. With each meeting, there are numerous take away lessons and an opportunity to create some amazing memories. Cheers to Abu Dhabi Toastmasters!

TM Loyola, TM Akram, TM Rizvi and TM Sufiyan

TM Abu Bakar giving his Table Topic Speech

TM Ashraf and TM Arjun Sharing a light moment

A presentation by the Gulf Gavaliors

Our very own Santa Claus, TM Loyola

Abu Dhabi Toastmasters Meeting in progress

The Winners. TM Yogesh, TM Elma and TM Salim

A humorous skit by the Madam Toastmasters

THESE ARE OUR MOMENTS A Meeting filled with smiles

Good old friends. TM Salim and TM Althaf




20T H OCT 22ND NOV 1ST DEC 28T H DEC 30th Dec



Speaking Up October - December 2016

omen make up about 50% of the world population, it is troubling and unsettling to think that 50% of the population has been historically oppressed and muted thus not allowing them to reach their full potential. In the present modern society, we have progressed greatly in terms of gender equality and mutual respect between the genders. Eliminating gender biases opens many doors for the growth and success of many fields, mainly because the inclusion and utilization of women has allowed more and better minds to join the ranks that were usually only given to opposite gender.

as the wage gap between men and women in the work place. Even in countries that pride themselves on their progressive laws and liberal ways of living, in advanced countries, they still have underlying gender equality issues. In 2015 women working full time in super power countries, typically were paid just 80 percent of what men were paid, a gap of 20 percent for the same amount of work. One could make the argument that women are generally paid and hired less because they are very likely to bear children at some point in the future. They will then need to be given maternity leave and are not contributing to the company’s performance One of the fundamental for that period of time. societal movements From an economical and for removing gender Eliminating numerical perspective, biases from society is this argument does gender biases the propagation and of hold some weight, but education of both men opens many we must remember we and women. Men need to aren’t just a product or doors for the look at women with sense a function of numbers, of mutual respect and growth and we are complex ethical equality and allow them to and moral organism, success of be their own person in a one that thrives on non-submissive manner. many fields the acknowledgment And women need to and recognition of recognize that they are personhood and not lesser than men and humanity. Everyone in that they can achieve jobs this world has a mother, and goals that any man can. most have sisters or have a wife. Think about Currently, in our society, the works and the how you would want them to be treated in this preaching’s of prominent woman activists such chaotic restless world. We need the women of as Malala Yousafzai, has swept across the globe this society; we have needed them in the past in a big way. In showing that women in some and we will need them in the future. It will only parts of the world are still denied access to be better for our society if we preach gender education, it highlights the lack of fundamental equality and mutual respect towards both the rights for women in certain areas, which many genders. people around the world didn’t know was occurring. Malala is currently still fighting long and hard for what she truly believes in, that is equal rights for both men and women in her own country and in many developing nations. And according to her, equal rights start with being granted the fundamental right to an education. In countries that don’t deal with educational discrimination, they are still subjected to a different form of gender discrimination such

TM Elizabeth Vaz 22

I am not arguing..... I am simply explaining why I am right!!!!

LOOK WHO’S TALKING True friends don’t Judge each other.... They judge other people.... together!!!

Of course, I talk to myself... Sometimes I need expert advice

I am so funny... I can make myself laugh.




2. The best condition or highest extent of something. 4. Made up or imaginary 6. A person who just won’t stop talking. 11. A hunk of hair that sticks up, even when you comb it down. 12. To twist and tangle or weave together. 14. A type of song with a repetitive, monotonous structure. 15. To spread nasty stories about them, whether true or not.

1. Not giving up. 3. Someone trained to assist medical professionals. 5. To roll about in something. 7. To walk or run in an awkward, galloping way. 8. A drug that calms you down. 9. A newborn baby. 10. To be lazy. 13. Spotless, pure, and clean.


SOLUTIONS 2. Optimum 4. Fictitious 6. Garrulous 11. Cowlick 12. Entwine 14. Chant 15. Vilify

1. Perseverance 3. Paramedic 5. Wallow 7. Lollop 8. Sedative 9. Neonate 10. Slothful 13. Immaculate

Speaking Up October - December 2016


Meeting Date


Best Speaker


TM Elma Rodrigues

TM Salim Sayyid

TM Yogesh

15 Nov 2016

TM Ijaz Nazeer

TM Sanjay Vissa

TM Abraham Thomas

TM Reena Althaf

29 Nov 2016


TM Rajesh

13 Dec 2016


Best Table Topic Speaker

04 Oct 2016 18 Oct 2016


Best Evaluator

TM Yogesh

TM Sanjay Vissa

TM Abraham Thomas

TM Sanjay Vissa

TM Gbolahan

TM Abraham Thomas

TM Peter

Member's Progress Chart Sanjay Vissa Elizabeth Vaz Abraham Thomas Jayakrishnan Kunhikannan Thazathaduth Mohammed Sufiyan Gbolahan Babatunde Shodipo Salim Abdullah Sayyid Abdul Sattar Sabin Sathyapalan Elma Fay Rodrigues Mohammed Mohammed Rizvi Rasheed Manappetty Aravindakshan Rajesh Raveendra Rai Loyola N. Pinto Narayana Govinda Pillai Sujatha Parthasarathy Yogesh Uttamrao Pagar Tung Ngoc Guyen Mini Krishnan Neelakantan Ijaz Nazeer Devi Grishma Narayan Sasikumar Gopinathan Nair Mohamed Nadeer Mullappullikkad Hashim Mohamed Faiz Arunjith Lal John Praveen Kumar Arjun Gopa Kumar Tabassum Salim Kazi Mohammed Abubakker Kaderbatcha Saima Imran Aby Hans Ashraf Farouk Umakanth Devarajan Oneal Hector Dcunha Peter Usietan Damogbe Nidhi Praveen Bhandari Masood Abdullah Balkhair Reena Althaf Mohammed Akram Althaf Ahmed M.S Binsal Abdulkader Ashuthosh A 0








Speaking Up October - December 2016


Speaking Up October - December 2016

TM Tung

TM Elma

TM John

TM Farouk


TM Nidhi 27

TM Ijaz

TM Arunjithlal

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Speaking Up October - December 2016


MISSION OF THE CLUB We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which Members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.


We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.


Integrity Respect Service Excellence

SPEAKING UP Abu Dhabi Toastmasters:

We meet on alternate Tuesdays at Foodlands Restaurant on Airport Road Abu Dhabi, UAE at 8:00 pm http://ad1950.freetoasthost. info/


Reena Althaf +971507529896


Speaking Up Oct - Dec Issue  

Celebrating Women

Speaking Up Oct - Dec Issue  

Celebrating Women