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Speaking Up January - March 2017

President Speaks asheed R i v z i TM R ent



is indeed my pleasure to write a message as the President of Abu Dhabi Toastmasters Club, mother to all the Clubs in the UAE.We had a lot of activities during the first quarter of this year. It was a very busy quarter. We had our club competition in the month of February, I am sure judges had a hard time judging our contest. In our area club competition, TM Loyola, TM Elma, TM Sanjay Vissa and TM Devi Narayan performed well and brought honor to our Club. I take this opportunity to extend my congratulations to all the winners. The club organized an exciting family picnic and conducted some team building activities for all members with their families. We all had a wonderful time and got to know the extended Toastmasters family. Again, our Club is doing exceptionally well in the Distinguished Club Program (DCP). Abu Dhabi Toastmaster Club is the first Club to achieve 9 out of 10 points and achieve the status of President’s Distinguished Club in our Division. We have been achieving this status for 15 years continuously. On the membership front 18 new members have joined since 1st July 2016. We have produced wonderful magazines and flyers. All this is due to the dedicated efforts of our Executive Committee. I am sure our Executive committee members have not only learnt from the footprints of our Club predecessors but have also left a mark of their own. I would like to thank our member DTM Sujatha Parthasarathy and TM Reena Althaf for successfully conducting Interpersonal and Communication skills program for Gaveliors during the winter school break. This program was conducted first time in Abu Dhabi in coordination with IDEA. Lastly request you to attend the upcoming Division Contest and enroll for DTAC 2017 to not only cheer our Club Members but also to learn from such conferences. Enjoy Reading


Speaking Up January - March 2017

Editor Writes


ena TM Re

Public sident


Vice Pr




few years from now, as I sit on my favorite rocking chair, resting my ancient creaky bones, surrounded by grandchildren or may be great grandchildren, for sure one of my favorite life stories I would be sharing with them will definitely be my memorable moments being a Toastmaster. Everything about Toastmasters enthralls me. The banging of the gavel, the timing device, the interesting speeches, especially the Ice Breakers, the evaluation of the speeches, the dreaded Table Topics sessions and of course the bonding of Toastmasters over dinner. As another year unfolds, Abu Dhabi Toastmasters has got stronger. With a strength of over 50, our Club surely boasts of very talented members. This year has been quite memorable for me. Not only did I learn but I can truly say that being the VPPR, I have been inspired and encouraged by my EXCOM team as well as my Club Members. The last couple of months have been truly hectic and challenging, but then it is by overcoming these challenges that we manage to leave a mark. A mark to motivate others who follow us and as years pass by to be remembered fondly. As a Toastmaster, I have gained confidence and have developed my Leadership and Communication skill but as a VPPR, compiling this newsletter has given me the chance to have a personal interaction with my fellow Toastmasters and develop a close friendship with them. I have been certainly impressed by the enthusiasm shown by them to help me compile this newsletter. Abu Dhabi Toastmasters, the mother club of the Toastmasters Club in the UAE, has a rich history that continues to enrich the future too. As proud Toastmasters of this Club we continue to add our experiences and achievements to the Club’s history. So, let’s all leave our mark and take forward this treasure. “History is written by the Winners” - Napolean


Speaking Up January - March 2017

TM GBOLAHAN How do you calm your nerves before delivering a speech? When nervous, prior to my speech, I drink water, tap my feet and take regular & patterned deep breaths. One hilarious moment in your Toastmasters journey? The most hilarious moment was the skit enacted by our Madam Taostmaster during the 559th Club Meeting. Your reaction to Table Topics, you have no idea about? Clenched fist, a false smile and a locked face at the same time. Your mantra to unwind? Listen to good music and having quiet time alone.

TM ABY HANS How do you calm your nerves before delivering a speech? Take deep breath and drink some water to cool the nerves. One hilarious moment in your Toastmasters journey? The first day in Toastmasters meeting while entering the Hall TME of that day TM Althaf made his Signature salutation GOOD EVENING and I thought someone was shouting at me and stepped back. However a familiar face Salim Sayyid, then President, welcomed me back to the hall saying everything was normal. Your reaction to Table Topics, you have no idea about? A good and long salutation followed by repeating the topic and then agree or disagree. Again repeat the topic in different words. . Your mantra to unwind? A short picnic or outing with family and friends, a bowling session, play cards or go for a movie.

TM LOYOLA PINTO How do you calm your nerves before delivering a speech? I take a deep breath, hold it for sometime and then release it. This I do a few times. One hilarious moment in your Toastmasters journey? We once had a couple who came as guests, and after the meeting the lady tells us that she wants to address our executive committee to suggest improvements! We were suprised as she had no clue about Toastmasters.. Your reaction to Table Topics, you have no idea about? The first topic I received when I joined as a member was “The road to heaven is paved, what do you say?� What could I say, neither I had an answer that day, nor I have an answer today. But I continue in Toastmasters still trying to find an answer. Your mantra to unwind? Ballroom dancing. I am a member of the Abu Dhabi Filipino dance club and I go for dance classes every week.


Speaking Up January - March 2017

TM SUFIYAN MOHAMMED How do you calm your nerves before delivering a speech? I take in a deep breath, visualise the audience as my friends and begin to speak. One hilarious moment in your Toastmasters journey? Being the Emcee at the area contest. Everything that I had prepared, went in vain. Just had to come up with stuff on the stage. Terrifying yet satisfying. Your reaction to Table Topics, you have no idea about? Just start talking randomly. Even if it has no connection to the topic for 60 seconds. Try to say something funny to get done with it. Your mantra to unwind? Two complete opposites. Either sit at home and read or go out with friends and chill. No in betweens.

KNOW OUR MEMBERS TM PETER How do you calm your nerves before delivering a speech? I say to myself, “Others have once passed this stage and I can do it as well.� One hilarious moment in your Toastmasters journey? I find every Table Topic session hilarious as most of them literally hide from the Table Topic Master to avoid speaking. Your reaction to Table Topics, you have no idea about? I just say something even if I am lost or have no idea. Your mantra to unwind? Reading and Listening to news on TV.


Speaking Up January - March 2017

TM ALTHAF M.S How do you calm your nerves before delivering a speech? I have a pretty good look at the audience and I try to elevate myself mentally thus boosting my confidence . One hilarious moment in your Toastmasters journey? When I enter our Club Meetings, I usually greet with a loud and confident “Good Evening”. Once during Club officers Training Program which was during day time, I absent mindedly greeted everyone “Good Evening”. A lady seated closer to the door, exclaimed, “You seem to be pretty early”. Your reaction to Table Topics, you have no idea about? I start with what I understand. My brain would be split up with one part keeping the talk rolling and the other part thinking further on the topic. Your mantra to unwind? Watching a movie at home with the family.

KNOW OUR MEMBERS TM MINI How do you calm your nerves before delivering a speech? Breathe in ... breathe out... I convince myself, this is just a speech not an exam. One hilarious moment in your Toastmasters journey? When I was chosen to speak on a Table Topic on how to add a helipad to a two storey residence. I went blank to the extent that I forgot I am an architect. Your reaction to Table Topics, you have no idea about? Same feeling as in the exam hall, when you realize the subject you prepared is different from the actual exam paper. Your mantra to unwind? Sing along my favorite song.


Speaking Up January - March 2017

TM SANJAY VISSA How do you calm your nerves before delivering a speech? I try not to think too much about it. After all it will conclude in few minutes. One hilarious moment in your Toastmasters journey? A guest member not knowing what the feed back slips are meant for wrote you will look better closing your jacket buttons. Your reaction to Table Topics, you have no idea about? I speak whatever comes to my mind. Cautious though that i should not offend anyone intentionally or otherwise.. Your mantra to unwind? A quality Toastmasters Meeting.

TM SAIMA How do you calm your nerves before delivering a speech? One thing which gives me confidence before speech deliveryis that I try to smile more to make myself feel comfortable. One hilarious moment in your Toastmasters journey? During my debut performance as TME, I brought milkshake to the meeting and said there will be no handshake with the TME only milkshake for you. The Toastmasters roared with laughter. Your reaction to Table Topics, you have no idea about? OOps.... why me... Not again....!!!! Your mantra to unwind? Smile and laugh as much as possible.

TM ARUNJITHLAL How do you calm your nerves before delivering a speech? I will look at the audience and convince myself that they are as nervous as me. One hilarious moment in your Toastmasters journey? The most hilarious moments were during the 559 Meeting, when TM Loyola Pinto dressed up as Santa Claus and handed out gifts. Your reaction to Table Topics, you have no idea about? I try my level best to attempt the question and at the same time keep the audience interested. Its a difficult task, but then I try to convince myself that it isn’t impossible. Your mantra to unwind? Relaxing with family and friends.


Speaking Up January - March 2017


Speaking Up January - March 2017

The key is to have a destination, a flight plan, and a compass. Destination here means vision, to envision the future.


uccessful people are off track 90 percent of the time. The key is that they have a sense of destination; they know exactly what the “track� looks like. And they keep coming back to it time and time again. It’s like the flight of an airplane. Before the plane takes off, the pilots have a flight plan. They know where they are going and start off in accordance with their plan. But during the course of the flight, wind, rain, turbulence, air traffic, human error, and other factors act upon that plane. They maneuver it slightly in different directions so most of the time the plane may not be on the prescribed flight path. How does this happen?? During the flight, the pilots receive constant feedback. They receive information from instruments that read the environment, from control towers, from other airplanes and based on this feedback, they make adjustments so as to reach the final destination. The hope lies not in the deviations but in the vision, the plan, and the ability to get back on track. Whatever the situation and inspite of numerous difficulties, there is always hope as long as you are moving toward your destination.

It is important to have your final destination in mind. It is also essential that you share your destination with those close to you. This ensures support and assistance from those who matter to you the most. How many families were scattered, how many teenagers were lost because there was no clear vision! When your destination is clear, you can keep coming back to the flight plan and tweak it as and when required . It is vital that you have a flight plan based on the principles that will enable you to arrive at your destination. But we have to understand that a plan may undergo challenges, and of course we should be able to respond to these challenges. Sometimes new challenges require you to respond in a new way as the old method may no longer work. So we must be open minded and take on every challenge effectively. Ethics and principles are the compass needed to ensure that you stay on track as you move towards your destination. It is a challenge to retain your principles in this ever changing world. Living by your principles and following the right ethics, this is the only tool needed to keep your life stable even in the face of a turbulence. Your destination - your goal, a flight plan - your preparation and effort to reach the goal and a compass - your support and mentors, are the three things needed in life to help you stay on the track.

TM Ashraf Farouk


Speaking Up January - March 2017

Our Area 2 Contest


Speaking Up January - March 2017


he Area 2 contest was held on 17th March, 2017 at ISC. The attendance from Abu Dhabi Toastmasters Club was the highest and as usual the members of our Club stole the show at the event. Our Area Director and Club member TM Althaf M.S, along with TM Sasi Kumar the Conference Chair and well supported by TM Reena Althaf managed the whole contest. The Emcees TM Sufiyan and TM Ramona entertained the audience with their humour.

Our Club members won five positions at the contest. Humorous Speech Contest First Place: TM Loyola Pinto Evaluation Speech Contest Second Place: TM Sanjay Vissa International Speech Contest First Place: TM Loyola Pinto Second Place: TM Elma Fay Rodrigues

Our past and current Members namely TM Yogesh Pagar, TM Aby Hans, TM Mohammed Akram, TM. Joseph Roy (Past Member) and TM Prakash Mehta (AD ICAI Toastmasters Club) supported the event with their contributions thus helping us conduct this event successfully.

Table Topic Speech Contest Second Place: TM Devi Narayan



Speaking Up January - March 2017

ow many of us are stressed in our life? Causes can be many, job, family, friends, money and so on.

I am sure most of us already have our own coping mechanisms. To meet friends and talk about it, to watch a movie and forget about it, to shout out loud in an empty room, to meditate, do yoga or excercise, to take a long walk or to go for a relaxing drive. First of all we have to understand that emotional and mental stress is just that ­it’s mental. It’s all in our heads. So we can train our minds to avoid stress. Let me share with you some of the tricks. Though they are not foolproof methods, I do hope that some of you will find it useful and would be able to incorporate these methods in your lives.

at our receding hairline and our increasing waistline. There is no need to stress about the fact that the famous Indian cricketer MS Dhoni retired from captaincy. No need to stress if you fail in an exam. It is not the end of the world. You are still alive and still need the same amount of calories to survive as you needed before you saw the results. There will be a next time, and now you have a chance to try harder and get a better overall score. If you stop and think with a clear mind, any number of solutions can be found out. You don’t need a detailed plan to go on a trip, all you need is a checklist. While in college, after returning to my room from an exam I couldn’t find my wallet. So I searched everywhere and still couldn’t find it. It could have been stolen or it could be in the

Mantras for a Stress­free life

First of all, Don’t watch the news. In this world of sensationalism, majority of news causes shock or grief. You don’t need that right before you start the day. Of course you will need your weather updates. Read the news in the evening and stick to the headlines only. Read in depth only the positive news. News can be replaced with the term negativity. So avoid negativity and embrace positivity in your life. Secondly, “Take it easy”. Most of us are at a stage that we don’t have to worry about our survival like animals do. But then we worry and stress over every little thing. We are stressed 11

college, but the college was already closed. So I called the bank and cancelled my debit card. Although I had to apply for a new card, I was at peace in the night knowing no one could misuse my card if it was stolen. Thankfully, the next day I found it in the college lost and found. Thirdly, Stop complaining. When we see something we don’t like we all like to complain about it. Be it to the authorities or just to your friends or your partner. Complaining has become a way to extend conversations. What can you do instead? Change your perspective. Instead of complaining about a negative, look at the positives that you may

Speaking Up January - March 2017

have missed. Instead of complaining about a problem, do something about it. If you have to complain, it should be the last and final resort. All problems have one thing in common, they all have solutions. If you can’t find one, then find someone who can help. Don’t sit and cry over spilled milk. Stop reacting and start responding. At a restaurant, a cockroach suddenly flew from somewhere and sat on a lady. She started screaming out of fear. With a panic­stricken face and trembling voice, she started jumping, with both her hands desperately trying to get rid of the cockroach. Her reaction was contagious, as everyone in her group also got panicky. The lady finally managed to push the cockroach away but it landed on another lady in the group. Now, it

was the turn for the other lady in the group to continue the drama. The waiter rushed forward to their rescue. In the relay of throwing, the cockroach next fell upon the waiter. The waiter stood firm, composed himself and observed the movement of the cockroach on his shirt. At the opportune juncture, he grabbed it with his fingers and threw it out of the restaurant. The ladies reacted, while the waiter responded. Reaction causes stress, maybe to yourself or to the person you are reacting to. So think twice before you jump.

And finally, be comfortable. Do not wear clothes to impress others, but to impress yourself, and be comfy while doing it. I think the easiest little example I can point out is the 3 inch pointed heels women wear. It is so uncomfortable, that any stress is multiplied while wearing it. Comfort can be extended to all parts of your life. We should strive to find comfort in work, comfort in our home and comfort in the people we surround ourselves with. Be relaxed. Life is fleeting. Most of the things we stress about are inconsequential. We are but a speck in the world and nothing compared to this universe. Take care of your needs and don’t worry about your wants. If you desire something, you will find a way, or as Paulo Coelho said, ‘When you desire something with your heart, all the

universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ The weight of a glass of water increases the more you hold it. If held for a minute, it is insignificant. If held for an hour, our arm aches. If held for a whole day, our arms would be paralyzed in pain. The glass of water is a metaphor for stress. So friends, remember to put down your glass.

TM Ijaz Nazeer 12

Speaking Up January - March 2017


Club Meeting No. 560 561 562 563 564 565

Meeting Date 10 Jan 2017

Best Speaker TM Abubakkar

24 Jan 2017

TM Devi Narayan

07 Feb 2017

Best Evaluator TM Sanjay Vissa

TM Abraham Thomas

Best Table Topic Speaker TM Devi Narayan TM Williams


21 Feb 2017

07 March 2017 21 March 2017

TM Mohd. Nadeer

TM Anwar Shareef

TM Loyola Pinto

TM Abraham Thomas

TM Riyas TM Loyola Pinto

TOASTMASTER QUIZ 1. Who is responsible for sending out the monthly schedule to all members? A. President B. VP Education C. VP Membership D. VP Public Relations E. Treasurer 2. If you have a question about what to do as a functionary, where would you find the answer? A. Just wait until the day of the meeting and “wing-it” off the cheat sheet B. Ask your mentor C. Read your CC and CL books D. Check out the functionary description links on the Toastmaster’s website E. B, C, and D 3. If you want to volunteer to speak or serve as a functionary, who you gonna’ call? A. The Toastmaster for that week B. Your mentor C. The VP of Education D. Ghostbusters E. A, B, or C 4. What is the best way to really build your confidence and ability in Toastmasters? A. Serve as a functionary whenever possible B. Give speeches C. Use your mentor as much as possible D. Volunteer to be a club officer E. All of the above Source :

ANSWERS: 1. B 2. E 3. E 4. E


Speaking Up January - March 2017


Source :


Speaking Up January - March 2017

First Executive Committee 1995-1996

Moments That Have Left A Mark

Valentine’s day celebration 1999 Executive Committee 2001-2002

Executive Committee 1998-1999

Officers Installation 2008-2009

Some of the founder members of Abu Dhabi Chapter

Abu Dhabi Chapter 25th Meeting 1st YLP Dec 1998


Past Presidents of Abu Dhabi Chapter with our Patron Dr. B. R. Shetty.

Executive Committee 1999-2000

Speaking Up January - March 2017



Happy Anniversary TM TM TM TM


18th JAN 23rd JAN 24th FEB 24th MAR



Speaking Up January - March 2017



Speaking Up January - March 2017

f we ask anyone whether

the same time we must put in efforts to

their life, the most common

tend to think that obstacles and limitations

they want to succeed in

answer would be “Why not,

thats what I want”. We can

hardly find anyone who thinks otherwise. The next question

we encounter would be, “What is Success and how is it defined?”. In simple terms, success is the

overcome obstacles in our lives. Most of us are one of the same. But, it is not. In

reality limits are few whereas obstacles are many. What we need to do is, identify our

limits and differentiate them with obstacles and start out our journey towards success. The second aspect is to have a proper plan to

achievement of


something that

obstacles and

we intend. For

some people success means achieving

whatever they dream. For many it is name,

“Failures are the pillars of success.”

fame, ego, power, social acceptance and money.

achieve success.

The plan has to

be developed based

on our strengths

and the nature of our

goal. During this stage,

having a strong belief in

We all are big dreamers-fighting dreamers.

our capabilities would bring us closer to

them may come true and some won’t. We

and execute our plan. We should also be

We grow with various dreams. Some of

have failed many times while achieving our dreams but should we give up? As children

we have fallen many times before we could walk on our own. Therefore, never regret failing in life. we must always be positive and try to achieve success in life.

success. We must build this self-confidence able to identify and predict the possible interruptions that we are bound to face

during our journey. To be able to achieve success these issues should be accepted with intelligence, learn from them and emerge as a better individual.

A motto which I live by is, “Failures are the

As the famous singer Rihanna croones,

we have wasted our time, infact it means

to shine.But what we all fail to understand

pillars of success.” Failure doesn’t mean that that we have a reason to start over. It

means that we need to be more committed committed to achieve success.

To be successful in life, we have to satisfy certain key aspects. First and foremost,

we should be aware of our limitations at

“shine bright like a diamond”, we all want

is that to shine like a diamond we must also be cut and carved out like a diamond.

TM Arjun Gopakumar Sergeant at Arms


Speaking Up January - March 2017



Speaking Up January - March 2017

If nothing goes right.... Go left.

Just because I can’t sing.... doesn’t mean I won’t sing.

I Am “Wonder Woman” I wonder where I left my keys, I wonder where I put my purse, I wonder where my money went.


Sometimes when I close my eyes.... I cannot see.


Speaking Up January - March 2017

It was last November, when I got a phone call from my home town. My nephew had met with an accident and was taken to hospital. It wasn’t clear whether his injury was serious. I tried to call him but couldn’t connect, so I called my mom. Her voice sounded low and sad. She told me that my nephew has been admitted in ICU and was in a critical condition. Just 16 years young and studying commerce in the 11th grade, it was hard to believe, something like this could happen to him. As I was regularly updated about his condition my heart began to sink. Finally, the doctors decided to go in for surgery. Our whole family prayed and hoped against hope for his recovery. The surgery gave no assurance for success, yet we did not give up hoping. After the major surgery, for weeks my nephew remained unconscious. And then finally he started to respond and opened his eyes. It took him another few weeks to move his body and then one day he came back home. He now leads a normal life and does all the activities a teenager loves to do. Our family went through a lot during those days but we firmly believed that he would survive, despite the doctors suggesting us not to hope and build expectations. We believed strongly in a positive outcome and kept praying. I learnt a lot during this ordeal. Once a negative thought enters your mind, you must be aware of it and endeavor to replace it with a constructive one. If the negative thought returns, replace it again with a positive one. It is like having two pictures in front of you. You must choose to look at one of them, and disregard the other. Persistence will eventually teach your mind to think positively, and to ignore negative thoughts. Most of us have had bitter experiences in our life. It’s at these testing times, we must build our inner resistance to succumb to difficulties and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Sometimes we might lose our control and start to panic, but we need to keep reminding ourselves to keep calm. A few years back when I had bought a new car, we decided to travel to Ras Al Khaimah. While returning home late that night we were trapped amidst a dense fog. As I was a novice driver, I initially panicked but kept driving slowly. Gradually, the fog cleared and we reached home safely. To tackle difficulties, we firstly need to be patient and let the bad time pass. We must remember that the only thing constant is that the sun will rise each morning and a new day brings new hope. Secondly, we must consider the good things in life and feel blessed for what we have rather than what we don’t have. Never give up hope. Every situation, no matter how upsetting or massively out of control it may seem, has an end. It may not be immediate, but somewhere along the line, it will shift, change shape and turn into something better. That’s just the way the world works

TM Mohd. Nadeer


Speaking Up January - March 2017


With many talented speakers, our Club Contest is one of the toughest event and provides a challenging platform for all members. Its therefore not surprising that most of the times, the winners of our Club Contests win at Area and Division contests, thus representing the Division at the District Contest(DTAC). As always, even this year due to the large number of contestants, the 4 contests were held on two separate meeting days. Humorous and Evaluation Speech Contests on 7th February, 2017 and the Table Topics and International Speech Contests were held on 21st February 2017. The Winners of the Club Contest are listed below. Wishing all the participants and the winners the best in their Toastmasters Journey. Humorous Speech Contest First Place: TM Loyola Pinto Second Place: TM Ashraf Farouk Third Place: TM Jayakrishnan T.K. Evaluation Speech Contest First Place: TM Binsal Abdulkader Second Place: TM Sanjay Vissa Third Place: TM Aby Hans International Speech Contest First Place: TM Loyola Pinto Second Place: TM Elma Fay Third Place: TM Reena Althaf Table Topic Speech Contest First Place: TM Devi Narayan Second Place: TM Abraham Thomas Third Place: TM Sanjay Vissa


Speaking Up January - March 2017

ABU DHABI TOASTMASTERS PICNIC Never ever understimate the importance of having fun.... so we at Abu Dhabi Toastmasters decided to hold a Family Picnic. The Picnic was held on Friday, 27th January 2017 at KFC garden, Abu Dhabi. There was loads of fun filled games and delicious food. All the Toastmasters had a wonderful time.... the pictures say it all !!!!!


Speaking Up January - March 2017


Speaking Up January - March 2017



Speaking Up January - March 2017

ur dynamic Toastmaster DTM Ravi Rai who is the VP-HR of NMC, was one of the panel speaker on “Real – Time Performance Appraisal” at the Global Talent Summit 2016 “Getting You Prepared for 2020 and Beyond” organized by The Institute of Indian Chartered Accountants of India UAE Dubai Chapter on 8th October 2016 . We present below his take on the subject. Real Time Performance appraisal Today we are operating in a knowledge based economy

organization in terms of opportunities lost. A more frequent performance managing and monitoring is certainly the need of the hour. I feel it is completely driven by the nature of the industry. For example, a financial security company needs managing and monitoring performance on an hourly basis where as a ship building yard may need to do this on a quarterly basis. The approach depends on continuous dialogue and shared accountability, rather than a formal once a year review. Manager and their direct reports hold regular

Toastmasters Leave a Mark where the focus is on deep specialization and working as a team. The change in the external environment and its speed is impacting organizational sustainability and profitability, Intangibles are creating more value than tangibles. Under the circumstances, performance appraisal philosophy has to be redefined, we are calling it now performance management. The philosophy of performance management in an organization is twofold.

informal touch points, they set priorities based on customer needs. Development is forward looking and ongoing, Manager coach the employees, suggestions can come from anyone in an employee’s network.

Advantages: 1. It brings a sense of inclusiveness of an employee in addressing the day to day business challenge. 2. Real time discussions helps in making the year end discussions more meaningful and future 1. Performance alignment with external environment focused. to ensure organization sustainability. 3. Employees perceive value as they have 2. Performance improvement for organizational more clarity and transparency with supervisors profitability. on managing their expectation. 4. It is flexible, Managers and their direct reports This philosophy, whether appraisal once a year or acting together have sufficient maneuverability to is done on real time basis, remains unchanged. design their own process within the overall set up. We certainly need to move away from yearly to a more real time performance analysis and feedback to The club wishes him higher echelons of keep up with the speed of change in the economic, success in all his future endeavors. technology, political scenario. A one year lag might prove too costly and sometimes detrimental to the 26

TOASTMASTERS IN ACTION Speaking Up January - March 2017










Speaking Up January - March 2017




We provi de a supporti ve and positive learning experien ce in which Me mbers ar e empowere d to dev elop communic ation an d leadersh ip skill s, resultin g in gre ater self-con fidence a nd personal growth.


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MASTERS T S A O T THE MISSION L A N O I T INTERNA wer We empo uals to e individ effectiv e r o m e becom nd ators a c i n u m m co . leaders RS STMASTE A O T E H T VALUES L A N O I T INTERNA rity • Integ ct • Respe ce • Servi lence • Excel



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Jan march issue 2017  

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Jan march issue 2017  

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