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Medsol Hospital Health Benefits of Jogging & Walking That Every One Must Know August 07, 2018

Health Benefits of Jogging & Walking

Jogging & Walking are the best activities that help us to stay t & Healthy. Jogging is a part of aerobic exercises, which keeps away from health issues. 30min of jogging & walking helps to burn fat 300 calories. Let's we discuss the most important health benefits of jogging & Walking.

Improves Mental Health Prevent Heart Problems Helps in Building Strong Muscles Improves Immune System Increase Life Span

Improves Mental Health :

Jogging & Walking are the major stress buster exercises. While jogging, our body releases a chemical known as endorphins, which has a calming effect on us. In our Body, some hormones make us keep in a peaceful state of mind. This jogging and walking exercises workout make us alert and active.

Prevent Heart Problems:

Jogging improves the blood circulation in our body that helps to keep the heart system in our body. Both walking & jogging are the good exercises workouts for strengthening the heart muscles. It also is helpful in controlling blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels. However, it is advisable for heart patients to seek expert advice before taking up jogging.

Helps in Building Strong Muscles:

By doing jogging & Walking the larger muscles and joints in our body get exercise properly that helps in strengthens muscles, especially in the lower body

Improves Immune System:

Regular walking & jogging helps to improve the immune system and help us to stay t & healthy. The immune system encourages power to fight against on bacteria cells & it improves the resistance power to defeat infectious diseases.

Increase Life Span :

By regular jogging, walking & exercise workouts 30 % of lifespan increases. A good jog for about 10 minutes a day can help in reducing health problems and add to the life expectancy of an active person.

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Medsol Hospital is one of the best health care hospitals in Bangalore with highly trained doctors & also providing world-class facilities.

Health Care Hospital in Bangalore  

Medsol Hospital is one of the best health care hospitals in Bangalore with highly trained doctors & also providing world-class facilities.