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Delayed Completion Case Study By Reena Malra Queen of Options Reena is the UKs Leading Authority on creative property strategies. Through her mentorship program she teaches how to use delayed completions, property lease options and instalment contracts to acquire property. This is a case study of how she helped one of her mentees, Vidas Balciunas, secure a property in the prime location of Muswell Hill, London and gain ÂŁ435 per month cash flow.

The Vidas Balciunas Case Study Vidas had been on severa l property lease option type courses but had not been getting any results so he came on my mentorship program in order to actually take action and profit from what he has learnt. The first thing I teach is how to market for potential deals successfully. One of my methods is using the ad website Gumtree, which can be very powerful if used in the right way. It was through Gumtree that my mentee came across a possible deal just a few weeks into his mentorship. He had received a call from a man who was very distressed as he was days away from his mortgage lender repossessing his property.

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The Vidas Balciunas Case Study The property was a 1 bed flat in a house which had been converted to 4 flats. The owner also had a share of the Freehold. The property was valued at £250,000 and one of his reasons for distress was the fact that he had almost sold the property twice which would have solved his problems, however each time the sale fell through and now he was running out of time. He was now desperate and did not know what to do. I often hear that people say that you cannot get property deals in London. This is not the case, I'm not saying it's easy but there are deals if you know how to find them. The property in question here was in the prime location of Muswell Hill, London. It transpired that it was in a high demand rental area as it had excellent amenities and was close to the station. It was currently generating £1150 per month in rental income. I always tell my mentees to record every call they make regarding possible deals and I will explain why. Firstly I need to hear what is actually being said by the potential seller and the language they use. Listening carefully you can read between the lines and quickly pick up on the signals showing that they could be very motivated. Secondly, I like to evaluate on how my mentees are doing – What are they saying to the caller? Do they build a rapport? Are they saying too much or not asking the right questions?

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The Vidas Balciunas Case Study This is an important part of my mentorship as feedback is vital if they are to develop and gain experience so that they can one day do deals all on their own.


Having only just started on my mentorship program, Vidas called me in a panic as he did not know what to do next. He was excited that he had generated a lead but his inexperience caused him to almost freeze up. I listened to his recording of the call and due of the urgent nature of this lead, I decided to ‘babysit’ the deal. I usually teach what their next steps should be but through my extensive experience in dealing with distressed and motivated sellers it was evident that action was needed to be taken immediately by someone with experience. It was not a deal to cut your teeth on. The seller was a professional gentleman who had owned the property for a number of years – it was his prize possession. However a few years ago he had set up his own business practice which had not gone as well as he had hoped due to the property market downturn. He was currently in mortgage arrears of £8k and the outstanding mortgage was £217k so there was equity in the property. The property was currently rented out at £1150 per month on a 2 year contract and his monthly mortgage payments were £713.

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The Vidas Balciunas Case Study The seller had been in arrears twice before but had managed to clear these in the past. He had an emotional attachment to the flat and had been desperately trying to keep it but everything he had tried had failed. He was now in the situation where the Lender was going to repossess the property in a few days time. This can be typical of many of the motivated sellers that I come across. People do try their best to hang on to their property but there comes a time when they run out of ideas and options and feel that their backs are against the wall. It is not uncommon for me to speak to such people who are just 24 hours away from repossession! Mortgage Lenders are notoriously difficult to deal with and seem inflexible to the average person. However, if you have the necessary skills it is possible to negotiate with them. The bottom line is that Lenders are reluctant to go down the repossession route – they are not Estate Agents after all and the cost to them of such proceedings is an additional expense they don’t want. There were 3 options available to my mentee Vidas– a property lease option, an instalment contract or a delayed completion, which was my chosen solution. Because time was against us due to the repossession issue, there was no time to complete the usual standard Letter of Authority. I quickly arranged a three way conference call with myself, the seller and the Lender, who was a High Street Lender. It transpired that the Lender’s main issue was with the outstanding £8k arrears. By skilfully managing the relationship between the Lender and the seller I was able to secure an agreement which was a win-win situation for all.

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The Vidas Balciunas Case Study The result was that my mentee acquired the property at the current market price of £250k on a delayed completion. The mortgage interest rate was kept at 4% and the new mortgage term was 29 years. Instead of having to put down a 25% deposit, which in this case would have been £62,500, the Lender agreed to my mentee simply clearing the arrears of £8k and maintaining the mortgage payments. So in essence Vidas only had to put £8k into the deal instead of the usual £62,500 deposit. This a massive difference, on top of that Vidas had a monthly cash flow of £435 from the rental monies. He did not have to take the mortgage out in his name nor have any credit checks done. These type of creative property strategies are a fantastic way for anyone who has poor credit or only small funds available to acquire property and the power of this should not be under estimated. It was also a great deal for the seller, who was able to walk away from the property without going through repossession proceedings and having his credit history blighted even further.

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The Vidas Balciunas Case Study When Vidas completes, the seller would also receive cash from the property as opposed to getting nothing if repossession had taken place. Another bonus was that the seller would not have to pay any hefty Estate Agent’s fees, which in this case would be have been in the region of £7k+ If you would like to find out more on creative property strategies or details of my mentorship programs, then please call me on 0203 397 7030 or Arrange A Call Back I hope that you enjoyed reading this Case Study. To see others I have done why not visit my blog

Property lease option expert Reena Malra specialises in helping people get into property via non traditional methods such as property lease option, instalment options and various other strategies that work for both the seller and buyer. She has mentored hundreds of property investors, empowering investors to structure profitable property portfolios. She offers a range of creative deals that you may not even be aware of. If you would like to discuss property lease options as an investment strategy, give Reena a call on 0203 397 7030 or visit Reena’s Blog site at

Delayed Completion Case Study  

By Reena Malra, Queen of Options, is the UKs Leading Authority on creative property strategies. Through her mentorship program she teaches h...

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