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Precious items from Al Awadhi family Reem Alawadhi 201110133

Important letters in an old toffee box The letters originally belong to Ibrahim Al Awadhi my 5th great grandfather, the letters are approximately 200 years old. The letters are not important anymore because its sent for the aim of business I think. The toffee box, I guess because it made of metal and its very stiff and will not squeeze the letters. I am planning to give it to my oldest son Ahmad to keep it and on it goes to further generations. The letters are written with pure Arabic “fus’ha�, as the hand writing is very beautiful and written with black ink. I have no Idea exactly who the letters where sent to, but some words are faded of how old it is.

The Arabic calligraphy and hand writing is just beautiful; the font is just wonderful and very artistically written.

The lady is wearing old makeup and the style is just very vintage. You can by looking at the packaging estimate and know eventually how old it is by just looking at the lady.

The back of the box looks so old and rusty The letters were nicely and neatly put inside the box

This beautiful lady with that vintage touch makes everything just perfect

I researched the name of the toffee box and I found out that its manufactured in Srilanka and originally from UK. So i guess my great grandfather used to trade with Srilanka o the UK.

Ruth means 3 things: •  A book of the Bible telling the story of Ruth. •  Ruth, Babe (1895–1948), U.S. baseball player. •  A feeling of pity, distress, or grief.

Zooming into the vintage box

Old Egyptian Telephone The telephone was another antique that I basically adored. The colour of it is just so modern that you feel will suite anywhere you place it as a dĂŠcor in your house. The weight of the telephone makes you feel how precious and valuable it is. The story was told from my dad, the story was told in a way that this telephone was bought by a person that would take care of it and care about it like my father did.

This wire shows that this telephone can still work

This wheel is turned a full turn for dialing one number

Here the date of the manufacture was written but because its so old it faded

Precious items from Al Awadhi family  
Precious items from Al Awadhi family  

Two of the precious items from Al Awadhi family