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Life with Lucas How a Mosquito Bite Turned Richard Lucas into a Super Agent


Writ t e n By M ark Le ire n-yo u ng y first encounter with future Canadian super agent

dent reviewer is Last Call, the professional debut of Morris Panych and Ken

Richard Lucas was in 1981, when I attended a play he’d

MacDonald, who’ve gone on to become two of Canada’s most acclaimed

directed at the University of British Columbia. Lucas

theatre creators. I remember thinking Panych and MacDonald were going

was a seasoned Master’s student delivering his thesis

places. I thought Lucas was too. I expected him to graduate to a major

production - a modernized take on Moliere’s classic

Canadian theatre company.

comedy, The Misanthrope. I was a smart-assed undergrad reviewing for the

Instead, I didn’t see him again until just after Expo 86. He wasn’t direct-

campus paper. Over thirty years later I can still conjure flashes of the show

ing anymore, he was an agent running his own small talent company out

Lucas staged in the Dorothy Somerset Studio. It was colourful, vibrant and

of an office in Gastown.

funny and I have vague memories of the upbeat, energetic, musical score.

In July, 2014, his not-so-small company took-over JR Talent and Muse,

I was delighted and terrified to discover my review for The Ubyssey now

Lucas moved to Victoria (although he’s still working with his company

exists online - until I saw that I began by saying what a shame it was

every day) and agent Eric Edwards took over as Lucas Talent’s leading

that more people wouldn’t get to see the show I described as a,” dynamic

man (his official title is president). “It seems like we’re the second largest

comedy with a lot of style and a lot of flair.” The review went on to use the

agency in Canada now,” says Lucas. “I think Characters in Toronto is a little

word “fun” a half dozen times.

bit bigger than us.”

The only other production I still remember from my brief stint as a stu-


I knew Lucas was one of Canada’s top agents, I knew his clients loved

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