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CMF launches InnovaTV Catalina Briceño. “After meeting in Toronto in January 2013 to pool our knowledge and share our experiences, we all expressed an interest in pursuing these exchanges using an online tool. InnovaTV is the end result.” Subject areas include t-commerce (transactional interfaces related to digital TV content) and the influence of social networks on television consumption. The CMF invites creators, producers and broadcasters to submit content and ideas to the editorial committee at

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The Canada Media Fund (CMF), in collaboration with Konrad Group, has launched a new online resource on emerging technologies. Using video interviews and short blog articles, InnovaTV ( helps producers and broadcasters share ways of using the latest technologies to make digital content. “This new platform is the result of an industry initiative led by people working in television production and broadcasting on a daily basis,” said CMF Director of Industry and Market Trends,

Emmanuelle Vaugier Actor This busy actor has built a career in film and TV on both sides of the border. Her feature work includes American horror movie Mirrors 2 and Saskatchawan-shot Dolan’s Cadillac, and on TV she’s played Charlie Sheen’s ex-fiancee on the CBS comedy Two and a Half Men and a detective on three seasons of CSI: NY. Most recently Vaugier reprised her role of sociopath The Morrigan on supernatural drama Lost Girl, which premiered its fourth season on Showcase in November. She also guest-starred on an episode of the CBC series Republic of Doyle and shot the movie Teen Lust in Winnipeg. Hometown: I was born and raised in Vancouver and I moved to Los Angeles in 1997. Start date: The first time I did a play in second grade I loved performing. I loved being on stage, I loved every aspect of it. I started doing extra work and commercials and then I got scouted in a mall for a modeling agency. When I was 16 I went away on my first modeling contract and after modeling for a few years I decided I was going to stay in Vancouver for awhile and focus on my passion which is film and

Nerd Corps producing Slugterra Movie Vancouver-based Nerd Corps Entertainment is making a one hour TV movie based on their Slugterra sci-fi comedy kid series which airs on Disney XD. Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond is slated for a spring 2014 release and will take Eli Shane on a new adventure to save Slugterra. “We’re very excited to present the next chapter in the world of Slugterra, both as licensed global property and a narrative,” said Nerd Corps’ Ken Faier. “It brings new opportunities for distribution and sales, unique product tie-ins and promotions for licensees, which we are currently working on with our partners.” The growing brand also includes two new Slugterra Flash games and two new iOS games launching over the next year. Reel West November / December 2013

television. My first break as an actress was a 1995 NBC movie of the week, A Family Divided, with Faye Dunaway, Stephen Collins, and Cameron Bancroft. That was my first speaking role. Then my big break was a Showtime movie of the week called The Halfback of Notre Dame. Larry Sugar was producing. That was my first lead role in a movie. Most memorable working experience: I have been lucky to work with some amazing teams of people on all the shows I have been involved with and I have made many good friends along the way. I still keep in touch with people from Smallville and CSI: NY. All these shows have brought new people into my life and people that stayed in my life, which is rare. When that happens, it is really special. Latest projects: It’s my fourth season on Lost Girl. What I enjoy most is the way they write for me. I get to have a lot of fun. They don’t get in our way too much in the sense of ‘you can’t do this.’ They let us explore creatively. They wind us up and let us go which is a lot of fun. I recently shot a movie in Winnipeg, Teen Lust. It’s about a group of satan worshippers… It’s a teen comedy… I will throw that in there. This was my third time shooting in Winnipeg and I was happy it wasn’t winter. But we were shooting nights so I didn’t see more than the inside of a hotel and the inside of a trailer, but I had my dogs with me to keep me company. I also worked on the Republic of Doyle in Newfoundland. I have been travelling around quite a bit. It keeps life interesting. Would I love to shoot something in LA and come home to my own bed every night? Absolutely. But I wouldn’t trade anything for this job where I can travel and see different places and meet new people all the time. It’s fantastic. I love it. Future Ambitions: I would love to do a movie with Meryl Streep… but that is out of my hands…. I love that I have jumped between comedy and drama and not been pinned to one, but I would love to do more comedy.



November December 2013: Reel West Magazine  
November December 2013: Reel West Magazine  

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