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Dual Layers • Double Protection • 1080HD • Seeking No-Compromise Results

“ Bonica’s Snapper HDDV 1080P Beautiful results match its impressive features. • 1440x1080P at 30 frames per second (sharpest picture on the largest TVs) • 1280x720P with full widescreen at 60 frames per second (best balance of high definition and natural motion) • 8 megapixel stills with a built-in LED flash • Auto focus lock remains in the same field despite a moving environment • Rated for 16GB SD & SDHC memory cards • A swappable lithium ion battery charges by an included adapter or a common mini USB computer cable • .MOV files allow efficient compression and easy editing • With the silicon skin alone, keep your camera clean and dry to 3.5m underwater or anywhere else. Also, the skin provides a great backup while inside the outer housing • The rugged polycarbonate outer housing will take your Bonica down 55m. • A compact remote tucked in the housing under the control pins, eliminates complexity, and ensures control of all functions

A few words from our customers... The HDDV is definitely easy to use. I can hand it to a student with only a few instructions, and they’re off and running. I love the idea of the rubber jacket around the camera. If it ever leaks, the camera is safe. Great concept. Al Audet Melbourne, FL USA

We have been using the Bonica camera for technique analysis for two years...The camera is working great for us and records crystal clear video of the swimmers from one end of the pool to the other. We are very happy! Carolyn Webber, Hampden, MA USA

The 1080 HDDV is user-friendly and lightweight. The images are wonderful to show those people who stay above water. The price is affordable and worth every penny. Michelle Jarrell, Tampa, FL USA

I am an Instructor with thousands of dives and years of using cameras. Inevitably, any camera/housing will flood. In the past, I have had to send the housing back to the manufacturer and had to pay for expensive insurance against flooding. No more with the Bonica. Last month, went down without checking the locks and found at 40ft, the housing filling with water - immediately went back to the boat. After the dive, opened the housing, and found that the camera was fine. The silicone skin protected the camera as designed. It worked perfectly! Stu Roy, Arcadia, CA USA

Reef Sports - authorized distributor of Bonica in New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands Printed in Hong Kong

True HD • The Possibilities are Endless

New Features Visor over the LCD view-finder Bayonet mount for wide-angle lens and Filters

With 1500 lumens of intense LEDs, good for about an hour on rechargeable AAs, you’ll illuminate the depths for the most colorful footage and stills ever.

Lenses, Filters & Accessories for Professional Results

From color filters to wide angle lenses and from suction cup stands to bicycle handlebar adapters, you’ll find exactly the piece of gear you need to better focus and hold your camera during your creative moment.


Perhaps the Best Video Dive Light

Depth rated to 55m. Continuous dimmer control from 10% to 100% Dispersion angle 60 degrees. Operates on 8 x AA NiMH rechargeable batteries

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