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How to build a Toaster

Ryan Reesman

Reverse Engineering

The first up was to reverse engineer the toaster! Breaking it down into its components. Which is different type of metals the Steel (Iron ore) Copper Nickel Mika Plastics.

Now how do you get these components without biome off-the-shelf??

Iron ore Where does Steel come from? Steel comes from a mind comes the ground as iron ore. iron ore is not very useful to us.

To transform the iron ore to steal you for see you have to do is smelting. After you get the smelting done then you can start forming the steel into the shape.


Mica is found in between the heating element wires. Mika is a good thermal and electrical insulator.


The plastic was used for the outside cover and the plug outlet. For here he he melted down recycled plastic.

The mold for the plastic cover.


The copper is necessary for the for wire. We get copy copper or mines or or copper will come up into rivers and some rivers will have deposits of copper. In the book he finds a river for copper. And he also molds it to shape that he needs it.

Nickel Nickel is used for the heating element of the toaster. Which is nickel was very important in the toaster.

Mitchell comes from a a mine. In the book he was not fortunate to get nickel from a mine. He was not close enough to nickel mind. He had to meltdown nickel coins to get the nickel he needed for the heating element.


Components that he was actually been able to make: 3 bits of iron internal toaster structure 4 iron grill bars 1 iron toast-raising lever 3 sheets of mica 1 top part of the plastic case 1 bottom part of the plastic case 1 top part of the plastic plug 1 bottom part of the plastic plug 1 short length of nickel-copper wire 3 copper pins for the electrical plug 3 copper wires for the electrical cord


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