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I am sure you have heard "the money is in the list" many times if you have tried to make money online. Every time I turn around I hear that statement. "the money is in the list","the money is in the list", but no one ever tells me how hard it is to build one. After much time and money spent trying to make some money online, I have come to the conclusion that the people telling me to build an optin list of interested clients are correct. There is absolutely no way to get your offer to enough people online to make a reasonable income without a list. There are simply too many people offering products online for your offer to ever reach enough folks that will accept your message and act upon it without having a targeted group that want what you have to offer. I don't care how many offers you see that promise a new "secret" to online advertising, there are no secrets that can give the results you want. The world doesn't work that way. Business has tried to find the "secret" to advertising for years and no matter how smart or inventive the newer marketing crowd is they have not found a hidden method of reaching a large targeted audience either. The old tactics have changed some due to the advances in technology, internet, cell phones, Kindles, iPads, etc but the result is still very old-fashioned. "Find a large group of people who are interested in what you are offering and Market your product to them." That is why your optin list is so important, the people on it want and need your product. But building that optin list is not easy, in fact it is hard. Why? 1. IT TAKES FOREVER. The world has changed. Everything is instantaneous. Everyone wants faster cell phones, faster service, faster solutions to problems, faster internet. Building an optin list is not fast, it takes a long time and most people are not patient enough to see it through. 2. IT TAKES LABOR. This is something else that causes us a fearful reaction. Do any of these offers sound familiar? "Make a million in less than 24 hours with this secret program, Fastest way to make a million, Sit on the Beach while the money fills your bank account." We don't want to do the work to make things happen but we want the results and we want them NOW! 3. THERE IS SOME MONEY INVOLVED. Building an optin list does take some money and most of us are not interested in spending money or we do not have much money to spend. The Fact is you cannot build a list without a little money. You need a few programs to be able to carry out the task. You will need an auto responder, some advertising and a website and these require some cash outlay. The question is do you want to continue to spend money on the latest, greatest product to make money or would it be more to your benefit to spend that money on building your own golden optin list of buyers to MAKE money.

No one should be tricked into thinking that building an online business is easy, it isn't and building a good optin list is probably the hardest of all. If you are not willing to be patient, make the effort, and spend some money, making money online is not going to be profitable for you. I wish there was a "secret" easy way but there simply is not.

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==== ==== Building Optin Lists for Profit The List Building Academy ==== ====

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