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You might be surprised to learn that online lead generation has changed as much in the past year as anything else related to the internet. Today, leads are coming from cell phones, iPhones, smart phones, iPads, and more. There are now hundreds of ways to get leads for your website, all through online promotions and marketing activities. Here are five tips for online lead generation that have either emerged or gained importance during the last year or so. Some will require some research and training. But if these five tips have not yet been included in your online lead generation plan, they should be included soon. 1. Video. Video has quickly become one of the most effective ways to attract the attention of an audience. It is almost as important today as search in online lead generation. Video does not need to be professionally produced, but the better the video, the better the outcome. And, keep in mind that a good online video will also travel via Facebook and phone. 2. Social Media. Social media has become a very effective way to build a group of followers and product evangelists. Don't try to use them all. Find the two or three that are most likely to reach your target audience, and start being social. In addition to online lead generation, these are also a very effective way to build links back to your site. Finally, live social media activity is being picked up in search results by at least one of the leading search engines. 3. PPC Sponsored Listings. Sponsored listings on the results pages of the search engines are regaining importance. With search now including all of the chatter on the social networks, it is becoming more difficult to attain top ten ranking in organic search. This might again be the best option for appearing on page 1, which is essential for online lead generation. 4. Optimized Content. Everybody needs to be adding content to their site regularly. That content also needs to be promoted and shared in other ways on the web to help you with online lead generation. Articles should be submitted to directories; press releases should be distributed online and sent to local media. Product and service descriptions should be spiced up and optimized. Everything you post anywhere online, including your blog, should be optimized and linked back to your site. 5. Automation. With a little effort, you can find a program or service that can automate almost everything you need to do for online lead generation. From lead management solutions to content production assistance, pre-planned auto-responder programs and much more can be found with just a little effort. Don't be afraid to take advantage of it after checking it out. It will save huge amounts of time. Incorporating these five tips for online lead generation into your marketing plans will help you stay

on top of the latest developments and maximize your efforts and your expenditures.

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==== ==== Lead Generation Review Get Leads 3x Faster New FREE Lead Generator = 3X More Every Day! ==== ====

Five Tips For Online Lead Generation  

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