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If you are really struggling to monetize your blog and make a success of your online business endeavors then please read this very carefully. If you do not build an email optin list now, you will continue to struggle. If you are promoting affiliate products and services directly or building downlines for other online businesses, you are promoting everybody else and nobody is going to know who you are. No branding, no credibility, no authority. It is time to promote yourself. Look, there is nothing wrong with promoting affiliate links, I still do, but promote them through your optin list. Build your list by giving away free gifts such as special reports, software, ebooks, or special offers. If you do wonder why the pro bloggers are so successful in running multiple highly profitable blogs, it is because they all use this overlooked list building strategy and build an email optin list. If you do not learn from this and emulate them, it is tantamount to letting your blog commit suicide. A blog with no list actually cuts your profit potential by more than half. Think about it, with a healthy list of subscribers, you can automatically, via an autoresponder, keep them informed and updated through your newsletters, broadcasts, special offers and product promotions. This, in turn, generates repeat visits to your blog. Also think about this. If your subscribers have subscribers and they share your newsletters and content with them, their subscribers will also visit your blog generating even more traffic and potentially further optin subscribers. It is much easier and definitely much more profitable to promote your own products or affiliate products when you can email a large list of subscribers about them. You must build an email optin list with a blog. Opt-in is KEY. The way you achieve that successfully is by offering them a giveaway "item" in exchange for their name and email address, and you always use a "double" opt-in system. Why? Because you need to protect yourself from fake spam accusations and build high-quality lists. Each time someone is happy to take 2 steps to join your list, instead of one, you are sure that subscriber is one of a higher-quality.

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==== ==== Building Optin Lists for Profit The List Building Academy ==== ====

Build An Email Optin List With A Blog  

Building Optin Lists for Profit-The List Building Academy

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