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1 _ Demarcate _ Organic Structure 2 _ Loubeyre Collection _ Cycling Development 3 _ Altbox _ Private Residence 4 _ Rwanda Physio Centre_ Outreach 5 _ Sifton ES _ Grade School 6 _ Exploration _ Sculpture

1 _ Demarcate _ Organic Structure

vertical farming


module production

restaurant food waste

hybrid material

evolution of Demarcate

Demarcate _ Organic Structure Oringinally an infill project based on a construction of modules, hundreds of years later, an artifact discovered. At the time of conception, food waste was at an all tme high and global starvation was quickly becoming an epidemic. Food waste was turned into refuse or at its best, compost. A hybrid material was invented that allowed buildings to be construced with food waste. The material was easiest to work with as a mold or module construction. The first project constructed with this new material was Demarcate.

building section


module views

discovery of artifact

Demarcate was a restaurant that served as an educational space, restaurant, lecture hall and housing for the under served population. Demarcate at that time, was revealing the contrast of the site context, economics and quality of living. Currently, Demarcate allows us to draw connections to the regeneration of a cycle. The incpetion, rise and fall of societies due to the lack of forward thinking in infrastructure and societal issues.

The discovery of the Demarcate artifact has the capacity to act as the foundation to regenerate the cycle of society or breed a neo-agrarian society. The building attempts to mark the generation of a new cycle within humanity.

2 _ Loubeyre Collection _ Cycling Development

Loubeyre Collection _ Cycling Development A mixed-use, mixed-income, buliding was developed with a common interest concept. Cycling is a form of transportation, sport, hobby and for some a political stance. Loubeyre Collection brings together cyclists from around the city of Portland to live, learn and create a hub for the cycling culture. Jean Loubeyre invented the bicylce derailluer, which changed the course of cycling, allowingbicycles to travel faster and further distances. The building acts as a derailluer to the PDX Green Loop that currently encompasses the city of Portland from Tilikum Crossing to the Broadway Bridge. Loubeyre acts as the main hub to the chain of cycling transportation on the Green Loop. The museum (Loubeyre Collection) and the bike shop (Cadence) supplement the low-income housing in the building. The two program elements also allow the residents and public in need of training to learn and gain skills in regards to the cycling industry. Cross-pollination is a fundamental piece of the building program to force benefitial interaction of all users.

site location along the PDX Green Loop







massing diagram

program diagrams

cycling loop derailluer

bicycle shop

pedestrian bridge

outdoor patios

public courtyards

cycling museum


office space

other retail

isometric from West

courtyard perspective

housing units

bicycle shop

broadway street greenloop

cycle entrance & public courtyard

loubeyre collection cycling museum

East section

4 _ Rwanda Physio Centre_ Outreach

Rwanda Physio Centre _ Outreach The Physio Rehabilitation Centre in Rwanda provides a safe and comfortable space for children overcoming physical disabilities. The Physio Centre is a new construction project on a plantation the provides the much anticipated spaces for the client’s needs. The building provides housing for in-patients, out-patients and care takers as well as; gyms, play areas and a dining hall.

roof eave

floor plan

custom sliding screen

screen at column

gym perspective

3 _ Altbox _ Private Residence

concept diagram



Altbox _ Private Residence Altbox is a 1,500 square foot residence located in North East Portland. Once a farming area, saltbox structures were abundant surrounding the site. The building is a contemporary redesign of the historical structure into contortion of a saltbox for modern living. The spaces created by the alteration of the structure improve the interior spaces on all sides of the plan. To maintain ease of construction, the building footprint remains orthogonal and the interior spaces mimc the complexities of the roof structure. Sight lines through the building enhance the feeling of large open spaces and connect to user to the site. The building opens up on the North elevation to give every space large windows for natural light and views.

space planning

3d printed model - abs plastic









10 2


floor plan













master bed


master bath


guest bed


guest bath


master closet



south elevation

north elevation

6 _ Sifton ES _ Grade School

Sifton ES _ Grade School Sifton Elementary is a new construction replacement of the existing Sifton Elementary in Vancouver, Washington. The 62,000 square foot buildng will serve 550 students and was designed to be an enjoyable, durable, safe and healthy space for learning. The curriculum has environmental and ecological concepts designed into it, which helped develop the program and concept of the building. The ‘Mountain’, located in the center ofthe building, is the main stair and seating component binding all of the spaces together. The ‘Learning Streams’ are the collaborative learning halls that all flow from the ‘Mountain’ to the individual ‘Pools’ or classrooms. The building opens up on three major sides to connect the inside with the outside and utilize the outdoor learning courtyards as visual education opportunities. Sifton is scheduled to begin construction Spring 2020, with a $30,000,000 budget.

concept diagram

space planning

3d birds eye view

media perspective

commons perspective

massing studies

entry perspective

7 _ Exploration _ Sculpture

Polished Raw soapstone sculpture

Revealing Void alabaster stone sculpture

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Monte Reed _ Selected Works _ 19  

Architecture works portfolio

Monte Reed _ Selected Works _ 19  

Architecture works portfolio