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How to get everyone's attention on your brand and more visitors to your stand Advertising opportunities and other marketing services guide book

YOU CAN ALWAYS DO MORE WITH AQUA-THERM! Exhibitor Marketing Manual contains important information that will make your participation in the exhibition as effective as possible. Full range of services for your success: • On-line advertising • On-site advertising (Out-door and in-door) • Advertising in Marketing Materials • Other marketing services

How is our company going to attract visitors during the exhibition? Well, we have a nice stand, but is it enough?

Ask for Advertising and Marketing services from your manager to take all the benefits during your participation in Aqua-Therm Moscow!

On-line advertising

Wide range of on-line products will attract interest from visitors during whole year prior to the show: • • • • • •

Banners on the main page of Aqua-Therm Moscow official web-site Click-through banners – no matter what page is being visited your company is always visible! Why not sort out your company with a flash banner heading above the list of exhibitors? New web tool to increase the visibility: peel-off banner Publish your news, products and services releases Convert 147 685 (2012) visitors of into your clients!

Generate leads and keep them warm and curious before they come to your booth

On-site advertising Aqua-Therm Moscow has very creative participants with big names and remarkable stands . All of you are great professionals and do your best at the exposition. Use the neutral area, right before visitors step into the bright HVAC fair!

In the street: Put your company information on out-door constructions Inside the Venue: Capture the attention in entry-halls and registration area with the help of in-door constructions

Advertising in

Marketing Materials • Official catalogue • Exhibition guide • CD - catalogue There are the official and main materials of the exhibition that every visitor and participant receives and uses during the show and throughout the year!

Highlight your company among the list of key market players!

Other Marketing Services We are always glad to offer more! • Seminars and training where you can present new products to vendors and distributors • Your events voice announcement during the show • Promoters official green-card (only organizers are authorized to allow the work of promoters in the venue area) • Visibility packages combine several advertising options and are a smart way to get the maximum effect

To order the services, please contact: Reed Elsevier Russia LLC, Reed Exhibitions Ekaterina Muzalevskaya, Sales manager Tel: + 7 495 937 68 61 ext. 145, Mobile: +7 926 900 7761 E-mail: Alexander Khoruzhiy, Sales manager Tel: +7 495 937 6861 ext. 161, Mobile: +7 926 520 26 47 E-mail:

The Marketing Manual contains all the details! Click to download

Marketing guide book