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Dates : July 9 ( Wed ) – 11 ( Fri ) , 2014 Venue : Tokyo Big Sight, Japan Organised by : Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. All photos are from trade shows with the same concept organised by Reed Exhibitions.

WHAT is Live Entertainment & Eve A brand new trade show where all sorts of products and services related to live entertainment, performance & event gather under one roof! For all related companies, the show will be an ideal venue to find new business opportunities by directly meeting with the professionals from live/event organisers, event planning companies, media, event halls, theatres, etc. Held in Tokyo, Japan, a core of the Asia's entertainment market, the show will maximise your business potential in the growing Japanese and Asian markets.

WHY JAPAN? Japan is the world's leading live entertainment and event market. Every month, every day, various events are held throughout Japan; plenty of concerts, outdoor live music festivals, sports events, promotional events, trade shows, festivals, etc. In addition, towards the Tokyo Olympic Games to be held in 2020, the demand for the latest technologies, services and products related to events is rapidly increasing, and Japan's event related business is gaining momentum. Now is the best time to come to Japan, and build up your business in this highly potential and expanding market !

Japan Market - Key Numbers & Figures JPY 3,334 billion live entertainment market JPY 4,988 billion theme park/ amusement park market

49,315 music concerts held in 2013 57,228 stage performances in 2013 2020 Olympics bringing JPY 3 trillion economic ripple effect

Source : Digital Content White Paper 2013, Toyo Keizai

Strong revival of Japanese economy The Japanese economy shows a strong recovery with its average stock price jumped up by 56.7 % in one year (from 2012 year end to 2013 year end). Under the favourable situation, the number of events in Japan is rapidly increasing, and the market is on an upward trend. Consequently, the demand for related equipment, technologies and services is rising. ■ JAPAN’s


Nikkei 225 Index

■ The


number of visitors of live entertainment in Japan




14,000 2011

12,000 10,000


8,000 0 Jan. Mar.

May July Sep. Nov. Jan. Mar.

Source : Nekkei <>


May July Sep. Nov. (2012–2013)






Source : Digital Content White Paper 2013, Toyo Keizai



3,500 (million)

nt Expo?

WHY Live Entertainment & Event Expo? Live Entertainment & Event Expo is the best marketing vehicle for you to build up your business in Japan and Asia, because at this show...

1 You can meet with key industry professionals face to face

As the first and only large scale trade show of its kind in Japan, Live Entertainment & Event Expo will attract key industry professionals from all over Japan (expected visitor number: 15,000). There is no other opportunity in Japan to directly meet with such huge number of key decision makers in the industry in a short period of time.

2 You can find candidates for your agents/business partners

Finding a local agent, and/or a good business partner is one of the keys to success. At Live Entertainment & Event Expo, you can meet with candidates for your agents/business partners. Show Management will conduct special promotion, featuring international exhibitors in order to direct relevant professionals to international booths.

3 You can effectively introduce your brands/products

With expected 15,000 professional visitors and mass media, Live Entertainment & Event Expo is the best venue to introduce your brands/products most effectively. Especially, in the entertainment industry, your direct appeal by exposing your product to decision makers and media is more than anything. Make the most of the ideal stage!

OUR VISION in 5 Years… We aim to make Live & Entertainment Expo the world’s leading trade show having 700 exhibitors from all over the world in 5 years by 2018.


2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 0







700 (exhibitors)


WHO will be at Live Entertainment & Ev At Live Entertainment & Event Expo you can connect with key professionals you want to

Exhibitor Profile


Companies providing the following products/services t Event Planning & Production

t Sound/Lighting/Stage Effect

t Special Effect Staging

t Video Expression

t Sound/Lighting/Stage Equipment

t Event Hall/Venue Rental

t Present your latest te

t Real-time Distribution

t Promotional Goods

t Find agent/local part

t Sell your products/so

t Artist/Entertainer/Performer Casting Services

t Propose projects ins

t Promotion/Ticketing/Payment Services t Other Related Services


Exhibiting Zones Related Services Zone ‡ Travel Agencies ‡ PR Services ‡ Stage Sets ‡ Security Services ‡ Printing/Design Services

Goods Production Zone ‡ Promotional Goods

Live Delivery System Zone ‡ Distribution Services ‡ Delivery Systems/Equipment


Event Hall Zone ‡ Event Halls

‡ Stadiums/Live Houses

ent Expo? meet !

Visitor Profile





ide & outside of Japan

t Live Entertainment & Event Organiser ・ Event Organiser ・ Promoter ・ TV Station ・ Radio Station ・ Record Company ・ Sports Event Organiser ・ Ceremony Organiser

t Event Planning & Production Company t Event Management/Operation Company t Sound Technology Company/PA t Stage Lighting Company t Stage Art Production/Performance Company t Event Hall/Facility


Casting Zone ‡ Talent Agencies ‡ Management Services ‡ Stage Casting Services

Effects/Equipment Zone

Planning/Production Zone ‡ Event Planning/Production ‡ Event Operating

‡ Audio/PA Systems ‡ Projection Mapping ‡ Lighting ‡ Holographic Technologies ‡ Stage Art ‡ VR/AR Content Production ‡ Images ‡ Special Effects ‡ Equipment Rental Services

Tokyo Big Sight West Halls 3, 4 4

We will bring 15,000 * professionals by our intensive visitor promotion activities *Forecast

What will Show Management do to bring visitors to the show?


Extensive direct mailing


Special invitation to VIP guests


Telephone & visiting campaign


Strong media relations


Specialised seminars

600,000 invitation tickets will be sent to key industrial professionals whose data came from our thorough research. The invitation will also go to relevant professionals in our database of other related exhibitions.

Show Management will send a special VIP invitation to the top industry professionals to solicit their visits to the show. The latest show information will be sent to them regularly. We will conduct telephone & e-mail campaign to ensure their visits also.

An extensive telephone campaign to industry professionals will be conducted to solicit their visits. Show Management staff will also visit key industry professionals to explain show highlights, exhibitor profiles, etc., and urge them to visit the show.

Through our strong relation with domestic and overseas media, Show Management will extensively promote the show. By sending regular press releases and placing advertisements, we will maximise exposure of the 1st Live Entertainment & Event Expo.

To attract industry professionals, we will hold specialised seminars alongside the exhibition. The themes of the seminars include the industry trend, the latest technology, marketing, etc.

Extensive support services maximise your results Show Management fully support your business by providing the following services. Invitation tickets/Exclusive VIP customer registration system Free Exhibitors can request for free invitation tickets as many as you need to send out to customers . For your valued customers you can invite them as "VIP guests" with privileges.

) – 11 ( Fri ) , 2014 Dates : July 9 ( Wed Japan Venue : Tokyo Big Sight, td. LLtd. Exhibitions Japann Lt Organised by : Reed

REED LIGHT CO., LTD. President

Taro Yamada

Online show catalogue Free Exhibitors’ company name and products/services will be listed on our official website. Also, you can link your company website from the show website to effectively promote your company/products, and attract interested visitors to your booth.



PR service to press Free

Display your news release at exhibition press room

To maximise media coverage, Show Management will promote exhibitors and their exhibits to industry news papers/magazines, televisions, radio, websites, e-newsletters and other media.

You can put your own press releases at our press room to encourage press members to have interviews on your products/services.

Hotel discounts and other services

Exhibitor Manual Free

Exhibitors can get special discounted rates at an array of hotels in Tokyo, starting at approx. USD 80. Show Management will also help arrange business interpreting services, starting at approx. USD 220/day per bilingual service staff for your effective business discussions.

Besides above services, Show Management offers exhibitors rental display, shipping service, etc. Details are included in online Exhibitor Manual. (Image)

EXHIBITOR MANUAL CONTENTS Basic Information Advertisements Operation Guidelines Service Order Forms

Dates : July 9 ( Wed ) – 11 ( Fri ) , 2014 Venue : Tokyo Big Sight, Japan Organised by : Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.

To help you participate in Live Entertainment & Event Expo smoothly and most effectively, our Help Desk will assist you towards the show. Whenever you need help, you can contact us anytime!

Who are we? Reed Exhibitions Japan organises 110 large scale exhibitions annually. We will continue making full use of our experiences and expertise to develop Live Entertainment & Event Expo into another successful show. For more information and show schedule, visit

Examples among the 110 shows ■ CONTENTS TOKYO


Number of Exhibitors : 1,337

Number of Exhibitors : 1,599

Number of Visitors : 50,095

Number of Visitors : 68,803

Consist of : Production Companies Expo Content Solutions Expo LICENSING JAPAN Creators’ Expo

Exhibit Profile : Electronics design, R&D and manufacturing, etc.

(2013 Tokyo, Include concurrent shows)

■ Japan IT Week Spring

(2013 Tokyo, Include concurrent shows)

■ International Jewellery Tokyo

Number of Exhibitors : 1,298

Number of Exhibitors : 972

Number of Visitors : 84,534

Number of Visitors : 28,311

Exhibit Profile: All kinds of latest IT technologies/ solutions

Exhibit Profile: Jewellery products, related products etc.

(2013 Tokyo, Include concurrent shows)

(2013 Tokyo)


■ 3D & Virtual Reality Expo ■

Number of Exhibitors : 353

Number of Exhibitors : 1,930

Number of Visitors : 18,357

Number of Visitors : 76,701

Exhibit Profile: All kinds of equipment and materials for designing and manufacturing of LED/OLED lighting devices

Exhibit Profile: Next-generation 3D images/ broadcasting technology, etc.

(2013 Tokyo)


(2013 Tokyo, Include concurrent shows)

■ Educational IT Solutions Expo

Number of Exhibitors: 334

Number of Exhibitors: 565

Number of Visitors: 70,192*

Number of Visitors: 24,040

Exhibit Profile: SP & novelty products, anniversary gifts, premium gifts, product packages, corporate gifts, party & event items, etc.

Exhibit Profile: Educational contents/ technologies/ services for schools, etc.

(2013 Tokyo, *Include concurrent shows)

(2013 Tokyo)

Live Entertainment & Event Expo Show Management Exhibiting space is limited.

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Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. 18F Shinjuku-Nomura Bldg., 1-26-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0570, Japan TEL : +81-3-3349-8519 FAX: +81-3-3349-8530 E-mail:

1st Live Entertainment & Event Expo  
1st Live Entertainment & Event Expo