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Additional advertising possibilities during RENEXPOÂŽ Poland 2017




7th International Trade Fair and Conferences for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

25.-27.10.2017, Warsaw Centrum EXPO XXI

Additional advertising will perfectly complement your communication and marketing strategy. Successful participation in the fair as a result of overlapping and interrelated marketing activities: -

the opportunity to establish direct contact with your target group effective support for your presence before, during and after the fair advertising measures blocks of advertising space PR additional advertising possibilities, for exhibitors and others

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Trade fair catalogue Invitations to the fair and entrance cards Floor plan and list of exhibitors RENEXPO® Poland trade fair programme RENEXPO® Poland website E-mail, Newsletter Distribution of advertising materials Conferences and forums Press Company trainings

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Consulting & Contact Małgorzata Bartkowski Project Manager Authorised officer Tel.: +48-22-266-02-16 Fax: +48-22-379-78-60

1. TRADE FAIR CATALOGUE With the appearance in the RENEXPO® Poland trade fair catalogues, you have a unique chance to present your products and services to a very wide audience in a relatively long-time perspective, reaching beyond the fair itself.



*net price

Number of copies: 500 pcs, in the form of a CD, year round on Distribution: CD at the fair, online download Advertisement in the catalogue: Format and price: U2 4C, Euroscala (120x215 mm): 500€*

U3 4C, Euroscala (120x215 mm): 500€*

U4 4C, Euroscala (135x225 mm): 1.000€* Logo in the catalogue: 4C: 80€*

Materials should be provided before 30.09.2017

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2. INVITATIONS AND ENTRANCE CARDS The best result with little effort: REECO supports its exhibitors and enables them to invite their customers and potential customers, or partners, to the fair. By distributing the entrance cards (and the link) with the name of your company as the inviting company, you will create a positive impression. The card itself may also serve as an additional form of advertising.

*net price Advertisement on the entrance ticket: Number of tickets: 40.000 printed tickets Format and price: 4C, Euroscala (83 x 97mm): 2.000â‚Ź*

Materials should be provided before 15.04.2017

5 ...........

3. FLOOR PLAN AND LIST OF EXHIBITORS Each visitor to RENEXPO® Poland receives a free floor plan before entering the fair. Each company registered as an exhibitor (before 10.10.2017) will be listed alphabetically in the floor plan (the list of exhibitors). Our exhibitors are given additional possibilities to attract the visitors‘ attention.


Logo on the floor plan:

Advertisement on the floor plan:

Number of copies: 4.000 pieces

Number of copies: 4.000 pieces

Format & price:

Format & price:

4C: 150€*

4C: 300€*

6 ...........

*net price

Materials should be provided before 10.10.2017


The fair programme is one of the most important informative materials of RENEXPO® Poland. Through inserts in the trade press, distribution by post and e-mail, we reach a total number of about 80,000 people.

Advertisement in the trade fair programme: Number of copies: 25.000 pieces Format: 4C: (99x210mm + 3mm) Price:: 1 page: 850€* 1/2 page: 425€*

*net price Materials should be provided before: 30.07.2017

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RENEXPO® Poland website offers a unique advertisement reaching a very wide audience.


Advertisement on RENEXPO® Poland website: Format and price: Homepage (Home): - 130x250px : 1.200€* Under the tab of your choice: - 130x250 px: 600€*

*net price

8 ...........



Banner in the RENEXPO® Poland Newsletter Number of recipients: approx. 40,000 Polish and 45,000 foreign addresses Format & price: Big banner (600x90 px): 250€*

Small banner (150x250 px): 125€*

9 ...........

*net price

7. DISTRIBUTION OF ADVERTISING MATERIALS Each of us is happy to receive something. Dear exhibitors, give your visitors something they will associate with your company - be it a brochure, a bag or a pen - positive response guaranteed.

Placing materials on the conference floor or at the press stand: Number of copies: maximally 300 pieces (delivered by the exhibitor) Price: 250€*

*net price

Company logo pens:

License for additional company

Number of copies: 1.000 pieces

promotion during RENEXPO® Poland

(delivered by the exhibitor)

300€* per day per person

Price: 150€*

*net price

*net price

10 ...........

8. CONFERENCES AND TRADE FORUMS There are a number of conferences and trade forums held within the framework of RENEXPO Poland. As ÂŽ

an exhibitor, you may deliver a presentation during a Forum or a conference (only selected conferences). Take advantage of this opportunity and combine the participation in the fair with a presentation. You can invite your clients and potential clients to this event.

Price: free of charge (for exhibitors), 200â‚Ź* for others or sponsorship packages *net price

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9. PRESS Your materials as inserts in folders for the press: Maximally: 100 pieces in Polish (delivered by the exhibitor) 10 pieces in English (delivered by the exhibitor) Format: A4 Price: 250€*

Delivery of press releases to our distribution list: Our distribution list includes approx. 900 addresses. Price: 250€* *net price

Consulting & Contact Małgorzata Bartkowski Project Manager Authorised officer Tel.: +48-22-266-02-16 Fax: +48-22-379-78-60

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10. COMPANY WORKSHOP Company workshop is a great opportunity to reach your target group help you to obtain important clients. During the trade fair RENEXPO® Poland you can invite your clients to train or inform them about technical questions of your company products. In order to take advantage of our offer it is not obligatory to be an exhibitor. How do we support you? • We book for you a room in the trade fair centre where you can held your workshop • We take care of the technical equipment. • We offer you a small buffet (finger food). • We help you to promote your event through our communication campaign. What have you to do? • You inform us about the date, time and number of expected participants. • You invite your clients/network to the training. • You assume the organizational responsibilities. Please note: we will not involve ourselves in the organization of the event. If you need any additional services, please let us know and we will recommend you the best service partner we work together or advice you what you have to do. Reach you goals with RENEXPO® Poland 2017! For 15-25 persons package includes • room rental • catering (finger food + beverages) • placement your training on the website as side event • registration possibility via our homepage Price: 900€* Exhibitors

1.300€* Others

13 ...........

*net price

10. COMPANY WORKSHOP For 40-50 persons package includes: • room rental + technical equipment • catering (finger food + beverages) • technician at your disposal • placement your training on the website as side event • registration possibility via our homepage Price: 1.600€* Exhibitors 2.100€* Others

*net price

You can also rent a room for meetings with your clients. If you are interested, please contact us

Consulting & Contact Małgorzata Bartkowski Project Manager Authorised officer Tel.: +48-22-266-02-16 Fax: +48-22-379-78-60

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