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For this individual project we were given a week to entirely design a household product which can be easily stored. However the brief stated that we must include at least 1 live hinge.

Concept Generation

Once i finished ideation i created a low-fidelity model of the dish drying rack. Using this model I was able to visualise the product in use, and see the scale and key functions of the dish rack.

How It Works

Firstly the user will wash their dishes, removing all soap suds.

The user will then place their plates in the slot holders, and if they washed any cups they will place it at the top of the drying rack.

Lastly, once the dishes are dry, the user can store the dry dishes in their cupboard. The user can also fold the dish drying rack and store it in the same place if they need the space.

Collapsible Dish Rack

Final visualisation of the dish drying rack. The product will be made from blue PP. It is easy to clean, and it can be stored within a cupboard fairly easily, thus taking up less room.


The design and Manufacturing Module gave us a task to create in groups a promotional widget which can be handed out. We had to entirely manufacture the mould, and inject the polumer inside ourselves. UNIQLO has no association with the design


Refining engineering drawings and mould flow analysis

The CNC milling machine was used to create the logo as it was an intricate detail

Creating the location pins on the Centre Lathe

Milling and Dimensioning the blocks to size

Injecting the mould with HDPE to fill the cavity

The Surface Grinder was used to remove minute dimensions that the milling machine couldn’t

mass Production

Mass Production Proposal

13toWeeks mass produce

3,744,000 Widgets created 4 Seconds cycle time

Hours 160production time

per week

We changed the layout so we have double the amount of cavities than we have currently.

In Use

The final visualisation of this project is to the right. The idea is that when people are shopping at UNIQLO, they are given a free widget- the door hook. The hook will allow for coats and other items to be held up for a reasonable period of time.

ENFRIADO The brief for this Group Project was to hack and redesign an existing product. Using Arduino Uno boards to programme electrical components, and creating a working model, we aimed to help the life of our visually impaired persona Nico.


“A great chef is an artist that i truly respect”

Nico Mura

Age: 31 Occupation: Food Podcaster Status: Married Location: Barnes, South West London

Goals 1. Achieve a wider listening of his podcast and enhance people’s diets 2. To eat a wider range of fruits and vegetables 3. To be able to set himself goals, which he can complete himself

Frustrations 1. His husband always puts fruit and veg in the wrong place 2. Has to rely on his husband to sometimes complete tasks 3. isn’t always able to express his creativity clearly

Problem: To inform those like Nico who have partial visual impairment or full loss of sight; if fruits have rotten. Providing independence and reducing the potential of food poisoning.

Mock Up

The doors are tactical easy slide down for visually impaired.

Inside of the fridge there are different compartments which allow for the user to distinguish the different variety of fruit and vegetables, which will also enhance the accuracy of the gas sensors.

When the user presses the rubber button, the red or yellow led will flash to indicate the ripeness of the fruit or vegetable in that section. A jingle will then also sound according to the ripeness.


This project allowed us to explore prototyping in various different ways. We were able to make a medium-low fidelity model, which was also a working model. The model was made using cardboard, styrofoam and paint. Using an Arduino Uno board, I programmed the gas sensor and the LEDs to correspond with the actions of the user. From this prototype we gathered insightful information on the dimensions of the fridge and how user interaction can be improved.


Design an Internet of Things device to allow people with diabetes to accurately monitor their glucose and prevent hypo attacks. (ON GOING)

Problems and Insights

1 in every 16 people have diabetes in the UK

Diabetes is currently the 5th most common reason for death in the world

Around 10% of the NHS yearly budget is contributed to the treatment of diabetes


To redesign the idea of a toaster. Do toasters need to have the same generic form? and What other items can be toasted?

Inspiration And Ideation

As this project looked predominantly at form vs function, i used existing natural forms to find a range of shapes that I could incorporate into the design process. A big issue i came across was being able to design something that did not resemble a toaster at all.


The user will either use pre-Sliced bread, or the user will slice their own bread in preparation.

Using a pointer finger, the user can swipe across the touchscreen interface to set the temperature of the toaster. Then the user will wait 2-4 minutes.

Using the rubber handle at the top of the toaster, the user will then pull forward the door to open the toaster. And then insert a slice of bread.

After waiting the required time, the toasted bread will slide out of the toaster.

The user will then plug the toaster into the wall, using a three pin UK plug.

The user will enjoy in their desired way.

Exploded View

Rubber Handle Glass Screen

Heating Element (Nichrome Wire and Tray)

Stainless Steel Chrome Die Casted Shell

PP Hinges Rubber Plug/Cable

Stainless Steel Black Chrome Die Casted Shell

Aluminium Springs/ Electromagnet PCB Silicon

                               

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             ­€‚ƒ ­ €       „   … †   †     ­€‡ƒ ­€‚ „ˆ‰Š ‹ ‰ˆ  „  € „ˆ‰ŠƒˆŒ  ‰     Ž  ­€­ƒ ­€‡  ‰   ‹ ‘ˆ ˆ ŒŽ‰ ’


         

  ‰ ‹

  ­€˜ƒˆ ™š ˆ 


†   ­€˜ƒ  ­€˜ “   –…  —  ­€”           ‰“‰‰ ˆ   ‰    ­€€ƒ ­€” •                    

Richardson Reecia

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Profile for Reecia Richardson

Reecia Richardson Portfolio- Industrial Design  

Second year Industrial Design and Technology student at Loughborough University seeking a placement 2019/2020.

Reecia Richardson Portfolio- Industrial Design  

Second year Industrial Design and Technology student at Loughborough University seeking a placement 2019/2020.