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Welcome! Hi readers, and welcome to this, the first issue of Ferocious! A brand new South African based wildlife magazine... The initial ideas of Ferocious began as I took my fourth visit in my life to South Africa in October of last year, and collected a great amount of interesting information and great pieces of wildlife photography. So in this, the debut edition of Ferocious the material centres on my time spent in Africa documents the time I spent there. Included in this issue is a detailed article on the poaching crisis in South Africa, and the works of Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Limpopo and also Khamai Reptile Park. This article contains the facts, figures and statistics on the severity of the crisis and will definitely inform you on all the important details – plus some stuff you may not be aware of at all, and also insight and information from the conservationists based at both establishments. Also included in this issue, a more personal piece of work, a travel log of my own individual experience of South Africa – such as my time spent in the bush at Kruger National Park, the traditional South African food, and my personal experiences of Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and Khamai Reptile Park. And finally, included in this issue is a whole host of wildlife photography – including animals from Kruger Park and various marine creatures, plus all the fact files about the animals to accompany them. I thoroughly hope you enjoy reading through the debut edition of Ferocious magazine!  

Reece Hardisty Writer, Photographer & Senior Editor

May 2014

Contents May’s Ferocious Photographic Feature The Wonders of the Aquatic World - Pages 2-5 The Dark Truth of the Lives of the Black Rhino & African Elephant - Animal Conservation and the works of Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre - Pages 6-11 Travel Log - My Time in South Africa - Pages 1213 Conservation of the Cold Blooded - What there is to know about Khamai Reptile Park - Pages 14-15 South Africa’s Animal Fact Files - What there is to know about the interesting animals we met for our first issue - Pages 16-19

May 2014