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Looking back at your preliminary task what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

Cover Page As you can see there is a huge difference between my preliminary task and my final product. To start of with the cover lines are a lot more wordy and are not inline at then ends. Whereas my final product shows a more simplistic less wordy cover lines with borders that reflect the colour style. Another major difference is the image. In the preliminary task I stripped away the background by cropping it out and replaced it with a gradient overlay, which shows the fading grey. However in my final product I kept the background as I believe it looked a lot better as the background was slightly faded as the image was focused on the skater. Also on my preliminary task I put a stroke around the image, which I haven’t needed to do on my final product as the image fills the page. Finally my barcode is a lot less clearer on my final product which benefits the image whereas my preliminary tasks barcode is a lot clearer and bigger and ruins the magazine.

Contents Page There is a big difference between my preliminary task and my final product in terms of layout, text and images. Starting off with my title, on my preliminary task it is positioned at the top of the page whereas on my final product it is positioned on the centre of the page to make room for the image. On my preliminary task I did not include any images on my contents page, which is a massive flaw. This is why I’ve provided two images on my final product, one skating image and another music related to appeal to my TA and give them an insight on what to expect from the magazine. My contents themselves have been laid out a lot differently to my preliminary task. In my preliminary task I’ve placed the contents within a blue border going down along the centre of the page. However in my final product I placed all my contents in the bottom half of the page. I have chose this positioning as it works well with image placement and the contents can be read clearly. Another difference is that when putting the page number on the preliminary task I included the word page in front of the number. I chose not to do this on my final product as my readers would have enough common sense to know that the number means the page number.

Looking back at your preliminary task what do you feel you have learnt  

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