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Should we build a wall?

The Wall Should We Build It?


By: Reece Efird

Border wall between Mexico and the U.S.A


On the U.S and Mexican border president Trump is building a border wall. Trump is building the wall because he thinks that the Mexicans are taking American’s jobs but that isn’t true and if they did the solution is not to build a 1,000 mile long wall that costs more than 8 billion dollars and he also thinks that it will help us be more safe but he is assuming that everyone in Mexico is a murderer, terrorist, or drug dealer, but that is like assuming since one person in Texas robbed a gas station, that everyone in Texas is a robber. Trump even admitted some parts of it are more of a fence then a wall. The fence could be easily broken or not even stop people from coming to the U.S and that would be a waste of more than 8 billion dollars. It is already affecting people’s lives since he already started to build, if he raises taxes to finish it, it will affect people even more! We shouldn’t build the wall because of the cost, it is not foolproof, Trump shut down the government because of it and because we need all those immigrants that are coming in.

The Cost Is Unreasonable

The cost is unreasonable because he needs 8 BILLION (or more!) dollars for the wall! On the gofundme page for the wall he said “If each Trump supporter gave 80 dollars then we would have enough”. 80 dollars is enough to buy 800 chicken nuggets from burger king! That would help solve world hunger which is another big problem across the world! Also Trump could heighten taxes to build which would be a crisis for people who already struggled with taxes.

The Wall Is Not Foolproof

One way it is not foolproof is that you can fly over it! The people in the border patrol fly over it all the time while they patrol. Also if you live close to the ocean you could boat or swim around it and you can just walk through unfinished parts! Also they could bomb it! Also all those immigrants coming in aren’t as bad as Trump says.

Trump Shut Down The Government Because Of It

Trump shut down the government because they were arguing about it, but if there is no wall then there is nothing to argue about or if he gets impeached then he couldn’t shut down the government! The government shutting down is proof itself but also many museums and zoos including the Bronx zoo had to shut down (All smithsonian museums and national zoos had to shut down to be specific). Since he shut down the government people lost jobs, money, and it was pretty chaotic. The government was shut down for a record breaking ​35​ days!

​We need all those immigrants

Also we need all those immigrants because they are willing to do the construction that lots of Americans don’t want to do and they need us because they make a lot more money here than in their homes country. Did you know that One in seven Mexican workers earn the average minimum wage of 65.58 pesos($5.10) a day or less and the average hourly wage in Mexico - home to Carlos Slim, one of the world's richest men - is 31.3 pesos($2.43). But the average Builder salary in USA is$42,875 per year or $21.99 per hour. That is about a ​20​ dollar difference per DAY and a ​7,300 ​ dollar difference per YEAR! 7,300 dollars is enough to a used car!


While the wall could help with some things overall it is just not worth it because of the cost, it isn’t foolproof , Trump shut down the government because of it and we need all the immigrants that are coming in.

- ​Reece Efird

Special Thanks to:James Remsen, Cameron Williams and Thomas Holmes

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