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Concepts Presents The 14th annual “Fast & Fierce” Runway show, with partners BC Children’s Hospital

Reece Branion Group G

Show Overview 5 W’S– M CONCEPTS will be hosting their 14th annual fashion runway show, in partner with and proceeds going to BC Children’s hospital. The show will take place at the exclusive club District 319 located in Vancouver BC at 319 Main street. The show will start at exactly 9 P.M on Friday June, 14 2013, please be there on time. The event will showcase our new S/S 2013 line and will please the palate of women age 20-50. The ready to wear clothing will consist of a variety of every day clothing as well as fancy yet elegant eveningwear. It will be broken down into 4 main looks all inspired by automotive vehicles, such as Ferrari(exotic) Toyota(hybrid) BMW(luxurious) JEEP(off road). We do this Show every year not only to give you the clients what you need, but also for the generous donations and proceeds that go to BC’s Children’s hospital after the show is completed. Last year we managed to raise 50,000 dollars for Children’s, this year we plan to double that and donate 100,000 dollars to them! Celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, David Beckham, Hedi Klum to name a few will as well be attending.

MUSIC- Opening song- Chingy, Right Thurr Shake Ya Tailfeather, P.Diddy International Love, Pitbull Right Here, Justin Bieber&Drake Save the World, Swedish house Mafia Closing songHot in Here, Nelly

4:10 Min 5:44 Min 4:09 Min 3:24 Min 5:30 Min 3:29 Min


1st look: Ferrari (Exotic)- lots of red, extravagant make up, unique and beautiful clothing. 2nd look: Toyota (Hybrid)- water based colors, lots of blue and white. As well as nature green looks. 3rd look: BMW (luxurious)- lots of gold silver and bronze colors, beautiful silk and precious materials. 4th look: JEEP (off road)- very grungy looking clothing, lots of browns and gray colors.

VENUE&RUNWAY DETAILS- District 319 is a 6,000 square foot state of the art private event and multimedia facility located in the cities urban core. Carefully transformed from its abandoned Asian movie house state to its contemporary revitalized form, District 319 offers and exacting and fun event experience. 300 people max, Bathrooms and wet bar available; as well as free parking in the back and a bus stop in front of the club. (See attached paper for floor plan)

MODELS- 1st LOOK                                                                  


MODELS 3RD LOOK                                                                                

MODELS 4TH LOOK                                                                                        

HAIR AND MAKE UPAll make up will be provided by MAC, as well as hair products provided by “AG hair solutions”

1st Look (Exotic)

2nd look (Hybrid)                                        

3rd look (Luxury)                                      

4th look (off-road)                                                                                  




EVENT TICKETS-                

14th annual runway show in partner with BC children’s Hospital.


PUBLICITY PLANAdvertising for this show will start 3 months in advance. M CONCEPTS Face book page will remind all of its friends and followers when the show plans to start, as well as twitter and Insta-gram being used in full force to spread awareness of the 14th annual runway show. Tickets will go on sale a month before the show and the price will be precisely 350 dollars a ticket; celebrities and sponsorships create publicity for the event and therefore will be free of charge.                    



SHOW INTROAt 7:00 P.M press will show up, including photographers and television. Interviews will be concluding with celebrities and CEO of M CONCEPTS at 7:45 P.M. Guests will start to arrive at 8:30 P.M, plenty of time to get there seating arrangements figured out. Owner and CEO of M CONCEPTS as well as the president of BC Children’s hospital will say a few words before the runway show starts and then at exactly 9:00 P.M, opening music will start and the first look (exotic) will be presented. There will be a total of 4 looks; each look being presented will be approximately 10 minuets long for a total of about an hour run way show.

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