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QÊÕÌL>ÊëÀi`°°°ÊR Ventus Performance

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The Chevy Camaro Concept, aka “the meanest, scrappiest, street-fighting dog,” bares its teeth and hounds the


Ford Mustang.

Cover Photo by Marc Urbano





All-wheel drive and the performance sedan—traction-packed fun enhancer or cornering killjoy? We find out—By Mike Monticello



SUPERFORMANCE COUPE Designer Pete Brock rolls up his sleeves and takes a second crack at the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe...and gets it very right—By Kim Wolfkill


JAGUAR XK COUPE & CONVERTIBLE A decade’s worth of progress here, with less weight, higher performance and a modern, if not quite as elegant, look—By Peter Egan



TOYOTA FJ CRUISER This 4Runner-based machine captures the essence of the 1960s’ FJ40, and is Baja-capable yet decently polished—By Kim Wolfkill


AUDI S8 With its Autobahn-ready V-10, air suspension and discreet sheet metal, the S8 is an understated overachiever—By Jonathan Elfalan


LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO SPYDER Wind-in-the-hair thrills, a dramatic new look and 20 extra horsepower for Lamborghini’s all-wheel-drive baby exotic—By Douglas Kott


ROAD TO SHANGRI-LA Into thin air, courtesy of Maranello—a seven-day tour of China in a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, from Lanzhou to Lhasa—By Patrick Hong


JONATHAN THOMPSON, 1935–2005 Artist, writer, dear friend and expert on Ferraris and military aircraft, Jonathan Thompson will be sorely missed—By Dennis Simanaitis


DARPA IN THE DESERT It’s one thing to have Roomba vacuum your carpet; quite another to have a robot drive a car through Mojave—By Paul Van Valkenburgh


LONG-TERM TEST Quirks, anomalies, observations, conundrums, kudos and gripes concerning the SRT8, CTS-V, RX-8, Prius and Phaeton—By Shaun Bailey



AUTOMOTIVE SAFETY Safety, while not sexy, not only sells but saves lives. Here’s a look at what’s currently out there, and what’s to come—By Dennis Simanaitis



25 HOURS OF THUNDERHILL Twice around the clock, a collective 1193 laps and 3579 miles later, the Civic Si medals, the Miata…finishes—By Andrew Bornhop & Kim Wolfkill

Adventure IN CHINA: Driving a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in a strange and wonderful land is an unforgettable experience.




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THE NEW RX 350. EVEN MORE POWERFUL. Your commute just got significantly shorter. Introducing the 2007 Lexus RX 350, the latest in the revolutionary RX series. Harnessing a new 3.5-liter V6 engine with 270 horsepower* and dual VVT-i, it has the uncanny ability to transform any route you’re on into the shortest one. And the most luxurious one, as you’ll find the kinds of features that have become synonymous with Lexus. Such as an available backup camera, heated seats and rear-seat entertainment system. Experience the RX 350. And see what it’s like to arrive in style a few minutes early.

*Ratings achieved using the required premium unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 91 or higher. If premium fuel is not used, performance will decrease. ©2005 Lexus.

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ON THE ROAD: MAZDA MIATA SWEEPSTAKES Win a free Miata, courtesy of Mazda and Road & Track. Better odds than Power Ball, less grief, more fun—By Thos L. Bryant


AMPERSAND: NEW CHEVROLET CAMARO 1960s’ Camaro meets F-22 Raptor for this new iteration, and Lamborghini revives an icon of its own—Edited by Mike Monticello


SIDE GLANCES: CRAZY MIXED-UP HOT-ROD SPEED JUNKIES “I could go ape for you, Baby” and other memorable lines from late 1950s’ hot-rod movies that are so bad they’re good—By Peter Egan


TECH TIDBITS: THINK OF IT AS RUDOLF’S PERSONAL M5 Diesels—they’re not just for truckers anymore. Plus a wee bit on urea injection, and R&T’s new steering ratio—By Dennis Simanaitis


SPORT: CHAMP CAR’S REMARKABLE TURNAROUND The newly revitalized Champ Car series is looking like the veritable phoenix rising from the ashes, says Gordon Kirby—Edited by Kim Wolfkill


POLE POSITION: TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS The adage, “Speed costs money; how fast do you want to go?” as it applies to race drivers looking for the perfect ride—By Joe Rusz


W e b


roadandtrack com

We put a bevy of all-wheel-drive sports sedans (Audi A4 2.0 T Quattro S-Line, BMW 325xi, Infiniti G35x, Lexus IS 250 AWD, Mazdaspeed6, Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT spec.B and Volvo S40 T5 AWD) to the test—lapping an autocross course in both dry conditions and in the wet—to find out which one puts the “sport” in sports sedan.

Tokyo Auto Salon “It’s the SEMA Show of Japan,” says International Editor Sam Mitani of the Tokyo Auto Salon. Check out Sam’s report on the latest aftermarket and manufacturer goings-on from this year’s show.


Chevrolet Camaro concept Last month, we featured an exclusive look at the Dodge Challenger concept. Now we have exclusive video footage of the awesome Chevrolet Camaro. Long live the new era of American muscle cars!


Check it out:


R O A D & T R A C K


Photo galleries of the redesigned Jaguar XK, the outrageous Toyota FJ Cruiser and a daily diary from Senior Technical Editor Patrick Hong’s Ferrari in China adventure.

E x c l u s i v e s


All-Wheel-Drive Action


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180 mph for 24 hours. which one is the machine: car or driver ?

There is no doubt that Rolex 24 At Daytona is one of the most grueling events in sport. Twenty-four consecutive hours at speeds in excess of 180 mph take their toll on man and machine. Fatigue challenges the concentration and reaction time of every driver. Every year, the limits are pushed. By man, by machine and by speed. ROLEX 24 AT DAYTONA.



new york

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Lawrence Taylor Š 2005 Villazon & Co. Inc

SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Tobacco Smoke Increases The Risk Of Lung Cancer YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support And Heart Disease, Even In Nonsmokers.

Fearless. Peerless. Intensely Punch. True to its name.




E D I TO R - I N - C H I E F

Much Better than the Lottery is our Mazda Miata Sweepstakes


Each time I read or hear about some “lucky stiff ” winning

amenities. But the feature I love most, the slick-shifting gearbox, remains a highlight of the new MX-5. If you recall our road test of the new MX-5 (October 2005 issue), we mentioned how “…the Miata is perfectly happy to hum to the limit as you snap through its crisp gearbox.” We also talked about how the new car zips from zero to 60 in a mere 7.0 seconds, and runs through our slalom test with satisfying agility. For the sports-car lover, this is a car to treasure. To enter the sweepstakes, log on to and register to win the MX-5 Miata ® Touring plus an all-expense-paid trip to the 2006 U.S. Sports Car Invitational at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Travel and accommodations will be provided for the winner and one guest, and the Miata Touring will also be yours to drive throughout the weekend if you’re the winner. And be sure to plan to come and join us at Laguna Seca May 4–7, as we enjoy sports-car gatherings, the innaugural race of the new SCCA Mazda MX-5 Cup series and the  Grand Am Road & Track 250 main event on Sunday.


the Power Ball Lottery and picking up 60 or 80 million bucks, I feel sorry for them. Now they have to find an attorney, and an accountant, and probably a bodyguard to fend off overeager friends and family members who figure they deserve a piece of the pot. What a hassle…who needs it? But, our “Ultimate Zoom-Zoom Giveaway” in conjunction with Mazda USA provides plenty of excitement and anticipation for the onset of spring and warmer weather. It’s tied in with the U.S. Sports Car Invitational gathering at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca near Monterey, California, one of the most beautiful and exciting racing tracks anywhere in the world. Last year we were there to watch some fabulous racing among the Grand American Road Racing crowd. And we gave away a Mazdaspeed MX-5 to Kelly Morgan, while two years ago we were there to hand over a Mazda RX-8 to the Michael Leddy family. This year it’s the all-new MX-5 Miata Touring, with more interior room, more horsepower, more performance and some nicer

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M E E T T H E N E W B O S S Its authority is absolute. The new Cadillac DTS rules its class with the most powerful engine.* And it commands the road with available Magnetic Ride Control, the world’s fastest-reacting suspension system. Grasp the reins of power. The new 2006 Cadillac DTS, starting at $ 41,990.#

A year of OnStar safety, on every Cadillac.† Details at #MSRP.

As shown $51,285 MSRP. DTS with Performance Package. Tax, title, license, dealer fees and other optional equipment extra. *Based on 2005 AutoPacific Large Luxury Car class.

YYePGvaries Proudly Presents, Thx for Support †Standard one-year OnStar service by model. Call 1 888 4ONSTAR (1 888 466 7827) or visit for system limitations and details.

©2006 GM Corp. All rights reserved. Break Through® Cadillac® Cadillac badge® DTS® Magnetic Ride Control™ OnStar®



THE SCENES To travel 15,000 miles throughout China in two Ferrari 612 Scagliettis takes two months and a support crew of at least 10 people, followed by two Fiat Palio wagons and three Iveco trucks (one with camouflage) carrying spare parts. Ferrari veteran Luigino Barp (above), known affectionately to the group as “Gigi,” leads the entire team. His motto “Go! Go! Go!” was often barked loudly through the radios at different stops, exactly what was needed to keep the entire Ferrari caravan on schedule. On R&T’s 1500-mile leg of this amazing tour from Lanzhou to Lhasa, Senior Technical Editor Patrick Hong and globe-trekking photographer/Editor-at-Large John Lamm enjoyed days of spectacular scenery and friendly smiles from the locals. Enduring brutal road conditions and questionable lodging at times, the Road & Trackers savored a once-ina-lifetime adventure. “It certainly wasn’t the easiest, most luxurious, best-tasting, sir-might-I-help-with-your-bags trip, but it might have been the most interesting, educational and eye-opening journey I’ve made. I wouldn’t have missed it,” noted Lamm. Hong felt more at ease on the trip because of his Chinese heritage. He can’t wait to go back for another excellent adventure. See pages 96–101 for the full story.

Editorial Staff

VICE PRESIDENT, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Thos L. Bryant Design Director Richard M. Baron

Engineering Editor Dennis Simanaitis Executive Editor Douglas Kott Senior Technical Editor Patrick Hong Feature Editor Mike Monticello Assistant Road Test Editor Shaun Bailey Editorial Assistant Donna George European Editor Paul Frère Associate Art Director Robert W. Swift Photo Services Manager Brian Blades Art Editor Emeritus Wm A. Motta

Assistant Art Director Marla L. Santos Photo Staff Jeff Allen, Jay K. McNally, Marc Urbano

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Detroit Editor Matt DeLorenzo International Editor Sam Mitani Managing Editor Ellida Maki Editor, R&T Specials Andrew Bornhop Senior Editor Kim Wolfkill Online Editor Jim Hall Copy Editor Jerilyn Jeffery Production Editor Cheryl Cooper Road Test Assistant Jonathan Elfalan Librarian Jane Barrett Editors-at-Large Peter Egan, John Lamm, Joe Rusz










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R O A D & T R A C K











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Edited by Mike Monticello

Ampersand Chevy

Camaro Concept » Suddenly, it’s 1969—not!


The Ford Mustang is proof positive that a good idea never dies—that of rear-drive, 2-door sporty coupes with V-8 engines. Chevy has decided that it can’t stand idly by and let Ford dominate the segment, or watch Dodge dust off the Challenger for another go. While the Mustang and Challenger are fairly faithful modern interpretations of their respective forebears, Tom Peters (designer of the C6 Corvette) decided he wanted to pick up cues from the ’69 Camaro but use them on a car that is edgier and more modern than retro.

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support R O A D & T R A C K



M Concept

sharply creased character lines in the power-dome hood and down the side of the car are offset by convex curved sheet metal that gives the car a fuselage look. The roof features a double-bubble inspired by the Corvette, while planar rocker panels sweep into bulging rear fenders to give the Camaro its muscle. The rear end is a fresh look with twin square openings filled by roundish taillamps. Inside, designer Jeff Perkins reinterprets the classic muscle-car interior.

“Those cars were always kind of mysterious, kind of dark with deeply hidden instruments,” Perkins said. “I wanted to pick up those cues but do it in a new way.” His vision is to keep things simple, with minimal use of buttons, switches and read-outs. Two instruments dominate the dash— the tach and speedometer—and use the recurring theme of round aluminum faces set into square bezels. Rather than having a cockpit with the console joining the dash, the two are sepa-


“My charge to the design team was for them to do the meanest, scrappiest, streetfighting dog they could sketch,” Peters said, adding that he wanted to incorporate the sheer surfaces found in jet fighters like the F-22 Raptor, a plane which also influenced his Corvette work. While the front-end graphic of a single opening flanked by headlamps is pure Camaro, the sheet metal has a decided point to its nose and the anodized grille in that opening has an even sharper beak. The



rate; the dash is one piece from door to door, while the console—which extends into the rear seat—ends just ahead of the large shifter with its baseball-sized knob. The reborn Camaro rides on GM’s global rear-drive Zeta platform, which means that rumors of that architecture’s death for the North American market have been greatly exaggerated. Beneath the hood is a 6.0liter LS2 400-bhp V-8 mated to a Tremec T-56 6speed manual gearbox. Riding on a 110.5-in. wheelbase,

the Camaro measures 186.2 in. in overall length and has a fully independent suspension with 4-wheel 15.0-in. disc brakes. The alloy wheels measure 20 in. at the front and 21 in. at the rear. Because the Camaro shares the same basic underpinnings as the Pontiac GTO, all indications are that this Chevy variant could join the lineup following the Pontiac’s total redesign in 2008. Which means the Camaro could be a go for the 2009 model year. —Matt DeLorenzo

see video action + more photos:


roadandtrack com


Perhaps tired of seeing the Mustang and the Challenger get all the attention, Chevrolet introduced this new Camaro concept at the Los Angeles and Detroit shows. We like what we see, a shape evocative of the 1969 Camaro but with modern touches. Power comes from—what else?—a pushrod small-block V-8, a 6.0-liter with 400 bhp.

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» 21



We care about you. Ride safely, respectfully and within the limits of the law and your abilities. Always wear a helmet, proper eyewear and protective clothing, and insist your passenger does too. Never ride while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Know your Harley ® motorcycle and read and understand your owner’s manual from cover to cover. Bike shown in optional Black Denim paint. ©2005 H-D. Harley, Harley-Davidson, and the Bar & Shield logo are among the trademarks of H-D Michigan, Inc.


Here's some sculpture that doesn't require a bunch of fancy interpretation. The two-fists-in-the-wind new FXDBI Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob. This is old school custom Milwaukee iron as clean as it comes. Raked front end. Factory ape hangers. Mid-mount foot controls. Flat Black Denim paint. All powered by a beefy Twin Cam 88 motor with the new 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission. There's an art to badass. See the 2006 Dyna motorcycles at your dealer. 1-800-443-2153 or IT’S TIME TO RIDE. ™


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M-Concept Âť

20 0


The “Mâ€? here most certainly stands for Miura, and this remake, penned by Lamborghini design head Walter de’Silva, echoes the ďŹ endishly lowslung, Bertone-designed original of the 1960s, right down to its skyward-peering headlights, rearwindow slats and intakes in the rocker panels and B-pillars. Speculation here, but Audi’s parts bins contain the 6.0liter W-12 engine that would work well in the historically correct “sidewinderâ€? mid-engine location, coupled to a paddle-shifted twin-clutch DSG transmission, perhaps. This time around, you can bet the transmission won’t share the engine’s oil supply! The ofďŹ cial word is that the neo-Miura is not productionapproved. But we’re sure Lamborghini is closely studying the success of the Ford GT, a similarly resurrected performance icon.


IT AUTO SHO O W TR While much of the

InďŹ niti

excitement generated at

Coupe Concept

the North American International Auto Show centered around the debut of the

Dodge Challenger and Chevy Camaro concepts,

there were also two very signiďŹ cant trends taking hold:

í˘ą the emergence of car-based crossover vehicles that eventually may replace midsize truck SUVs and

í˘˛ renewed focus on car offerings, especially among those targeted at entry-level buyers. It may be two or three years before we actually see the Challenger or Camaro in show-


The next version of InďŹ niti’s G35 Coupe thankfully doesn’t look dramatically different from the current car, which we feel is one of the more beautiful cars on the road. The Coupe Concept, which was designed at the Nissan Technical Center in Atsugi, Japan, has a pointy nose and large projector LED head- and taillights, while its body shows off a more muscular form. Neat touches include a fulllength glass panel roof and touch-to-open door handles; compact cameras replace traditional outside mirrors, the images appearing on screens inside the car.

rooms, but many of the other concepts on display in Detroit are good to go over the next year.

—By Matt DeLorenzo and Mike Monticello




YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support M A R C H 2 0 0 6



INTRODUCING THE ALL-NEW 2006 SUZUKI GRAND VITARA If you refuse to wait for the weekend to have a life, your ride is here. The STARTING AT $19,594 MSRP 2006 Grand Vitara. It’ll blow off the daily grind with a standard 2.7L V6, available full-time, Four-Mode 4WD and tough construction, including a unibody chassis with a built-in ladder frame for true off-road capability. But once you’re inside, we see no need to rough it. There’s automatic climate control, 7-speaker CD with changer if you choose, and an available SmartPass™ Keyless System so you can open the door and start up without using the key. And since safety is in our DNA, you get front-side and side-curtain airbags, our Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) 2 and a long list of safety features. With America’s #1 Warranty3, you also get peace of mind for seven years or 100,000 miles. The new Grand Vitara. If you view the workplace as just a momentary lull in the action, this is one impressive new way to make tracks outta there. 1

(1) 2006 Grand Vitara 4WD with Luxury Package MSRP as shown $24,994. MSRPs include freight, but exclude govt. fees and dealer charges. (2) ESP® is a registered trademark of DaimlerChrysler AG. (3) All new Suzukis come standard with a 100,000-mile/7-year powertrain limited warranty. See dealer for complete warranty details. SUVs handle differently than ordinary passenger cars. Federal law cautions to avoid sharp turns and abrupt maneuvers. Always wear your seatbelt. For specific details, please read your Owner’s Manual. © American Suzuki Motor Corporation 2006. Suzuki, the “S” logo, and Suzuki model names are Suzuki trademarks or ®. YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support

Official vehicle of ELAN/DOLOMITE ski equipment.


20 0 6 D



Design Concept »

What do you get when you combine the styling of Volvo’s Safety Concept Car (SSC) and the P1800ES? The look of the upcoming C30, the production version of which will be unveiled at the Paris auto show this September. The C30’s target? “Young urbanites with accelerating careers and intensive, active lifestyles,” according to Volvo. The 4-seat, 3-door hatchback is 9.0 in. shorter than an S40 sedan, yet 0.3 in. wider. It is powered by a 2.4-liter turbocharged inline-5 with 260 bhp and 268 lb.-ft. of torque, put to the front wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission. The C30 will hit the U.S. market in the summer of 2007.

Mazda Kabura


Kabura is a Japanese term, which loosely means “the first arrow into battle.” In this case, the Kabura concept exemplifies several fresh ideas that might appear on future Mazdas. While the Kabura’s front-engine/ rear-drive layout isn’t new, its 3+1 seating arrangement is. By removing the glovebox and minimizing the dash, designers shifted the front passenger 6 in. ahead of the driver, with the second passenger behind in tandem. The uppermost glass panel of the 2-piece hatch serves as a roof spoiler, an air vent and gives extra head room to the rear jump seat. The Kabura uses a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder and mostly MX-5 chassis components; dimensions fall between the MX-5 and RX-8. There are no plans for a production version.

Hyundai HCD9



The HCD9 Talus, designed at Hyundai’s Irvine, California, design center, is a rear-drive 2+2 coupe with a ride height that not only offers ample ground clearance but also a great view of the road ahead. The idea behind the Talus concept, says Hyundai, is to create a versatile all-road car that “excites the inner passions of customers who haven’t been able to justify parking a sports car in their garage.” With a 4-cam 4.6-liter V-8 underhood, the Talus might be able to do just that, aided by optional awd. The exterior styling, particularly that of the nose, is influenced by the all-new 2007 Santa Fe, Hyundai’s midsize SUV.—Andrew Bornhop

Mitsubishi Concept-CT


The idea behind the Concept-CT is to showcase a car that combines fuel efficiency and reduced emissions without sacrificing driving performance or fun. This small 4-door hatchback uses a Mitsubishi In-wheel Electric Vehicle (MIEV) hybrid powertrain, employing a midships 1.0-liter 3-cylinder gasoline engine along with an electric motor at each wheel (thus providing all-wheel drive). The total combined power is 134 bhp. The interior features a flat floor and “floating” seats for four. A MIEV Lancer Evolution is currently being tested in Japan; Mitsubishi is hoping to have a MIEV model on the market by 2010.







Lincoln MKS


Based on the platform used for the Ford Five Hundred/Mercury Montego, the new Lincoln MKS adds all-wheel drive and a 315-bhp 4.6-liter V-8. While intended to replace the LS as a bridge between the Zephyr (likely to be renamed MKZ under the new Lincoln nomenclature) and the Town Car, the MKS is more attuned to the frontdrive Continental (dropped several years ago) than the Euro-inspired rear-drive LS. YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support MARCH 2006


YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support



Chrysler Imperial


Based on a stretched 300C, the Chrysler Imperial picks up some styling cues from the Rolls-Royce Phantom, but in a package affordable by mere mortals. The Imperial rides on a 123.0-in. wheelbase, is 6.0 in. taller than a standard 300C and has a 214.0-in. overall length. The vehicle features the Phantom’s slab-sided, upright look right down to the suicide doors. The Imperial’s more pointy nose makes it look more aggressive, though. It rides on massive 22in. wheels, while power comes from a 345-bhp 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 that will cruise in 4-cylinder mode to save fuel.




A handsome concept of Acura’s entry-level crossover was shown last year and although Acura characterizes this year’s version as a prototype, it is a thinly disguised production model. Based on the next-generation Honda CR-V platform, the RDX boasts 240 bhp and 260 lb.-ft. of torque thanks to a turbocharged 2.3-liter four, the first use of forced induction on a production Acura. The RDX features such amenities as a sequential-shift 5-speed automatic with columnmounted paddles and the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system introduced on the RL sedan. The RDX goes on sale this summer.



Santa Fe



MKX and Ford Edge



Originally designated the Aviator, Lincoln’s new crossover SUV will now be called the MKX as part of a new naming system that emphasizes MK, as in Mark. Whatever the name, the new 5-passenger SUV and its Ford Edge stablemate are based on the Mazda6 platform that underpins the Ford Fusion/ Mercury Milan/Lincoln Zephyr. Power comes from a new 3.5-liter V-6, rated at 255 bhp. The MKX and Edge will be offered in a choice of front- or all-wheel drive.


The Sentra will no longer be Nissan’s entry-level car, those duties being assumed by the forthcoming Versa. As a result of that model being added to Nissan’s line, the Sentra underwent a last-minute styling change to make it look less like the hatchback Versa and more like the midsize Altima. A 135-bhp 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox or an optional CVT powers base models. The Sentra is slated for a fall 2006 launch.

The 2007 model of the Santa Fe is a total makeover of Hyundai’s car-based SUV. Growing 7.0 in. longer and with a 2.9-in.-wider track, the Santa Fe now has three seating rows accommodating as many as seven passengers. The base engine is a 180-bhp 2.7-liter V-6 mated to a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic, while a 230-bhp 3.3-liter V-6 with a 5-speed automatic is optional. In addition to the larger overall package, the Santa Fe sports new styling that, in profile, is not unlike that of the Subaru B9 Tribeca.



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Although the L.A. Auto Show was upstaged yet again by the Detroit show, the organizers can

feel smug knowing that the L.A. show will occur twice

in 2006. The permanent November slot will once and for

Mazda CX-7

all distance L.A. from Detroit, while its dates won’t over-


Billed by Mazda as “a crossover SUV with the soul of a sports car,” the 5-seat CX-7 was designed and engineered specifically for the U.S. market. Its styling hints at other Mazdas, such as the RX-8, with bulbous front fenders and A-pillars rooted at the body’s leading edge. The CX-7 is powered by a direct-injection turbocharged 2.3-liter 4-cylinder shared with the Mazdaspeed6. In CX-7 form, it produces 244 bhp and 258 lb.-ft. of torque fed through a 6-speed automatic transmission to front- or all-wheel drive. The CX-7 will arrive in the spring as a 2007 model.

Pontiac Solstice


lap with any holidays, either. Its “international” status will be recognized with a new title.—MM


As we reported in our January issue, the Solstice Turbo is for real. Except it will be called the Solstice GXP when it hits the market in the fall with an estimated 260 bhp and 260 lb.-ft. of torque. The 2.0-liter Ecotec 4-cylinder features direct injection, GM’s first North American application of the technology. The GXP will come standard with GM’s StabiliTrak yaw-control system.

Porsche Cayenne


Turbo S

Despite the recent trend toward smaller, more fuel-efficient crossovers in the U.S., Porsche is figuring its buyers still want more power—hence, the 520-bhp Cayenne Turbo S. The extra 70 bhp over the stock Cayenne Turbo comes via revised throttle mapping, larger intercoolers and increased boost (now up to 27.5 psi absolute). Torque jumps to 530 lb.-ft., which helps the Cayenne hit 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds (according to Porsche) and a 167-mph top speed. Modified suspension components and larger brakes complete the package, which retails for $111,600.

Volkswagen GX3


Outrageous, you say? Believe it or not, Volkswagen is seriously considering building this new-millenium trike — if there’s enough positive feedback from L.A. showgoers. Features include dual-chain drive, single-sided swing arm, a 125-bhp 1.6-liter engine from the German-market Lupo GTI and a mammoth 315-series rear tire. Tested at several California racetracks, the GX3 has virtually no body roll and a 59/41 front/rear weight balance, making it attractive to enthusiast drivers. Its low $17,000 sticker price and estimated city fuel economy of 46 mpg should make it attractive to every mildclimate driver.—Jim Hall

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Fun. Now available in the variety pack. Introducing the Fun Collection from Hertz, because your rental car should be as much fun as your vacation. Wouldn’t it be great if the cars you dreamed about were also the cars you rented on vacation? Introducing the Fun Collection from Hertz. Reserve the specific brand and model you want, like the Mustang Convertible, PT Cruiser, Nissan 350Z, or HUMMER H3, and lots of other cars that can only be described as, well, fun. Fun for your ears, too, with SIRIUS ® Satellite Radio. Every Fun Collection car comes equipped with SIRIUS Satellite Radio — over 120 channels of digital entertainment including 100% commercial-free music. Plus world-class sports, news, and entertainment channels, too. For our lowest rates, go to or call 1-800-654-3131. Are we having fun yet?

Fun Collection

Hertz rents Fords and other fine cars.

® Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. © 2006 Hertz System, Inc.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Brand and model of choice available on several vehicles at major airports in popular vacation locations. Restrictions apply. Not all vehicles available at all locations. SIRIUS not available in Hawaii and Alaska. SIRIUS is a registered trademark of Sirius Satellite Radio,YYePG Inc. Proudly Presents, Thx for Support



New 928, Small SUV On The Way


Just when it seemed Porsche couldn’t possibly come out with any more models, we heard rumors of an all-new 928. This photo illustration shows what the car may look like when it hits the market in 2010: a very low, flat coupe that looks pretty much like a modern 928. It will use a shorter version of the upcoming Panamera’s platform, with rear drive standard and all-wheel drive an option. The V-8s will benefit from direct injection (turbos on the top version), while the new V-6 from the next-generation Cayenne is possible, though doubtful as that might steal 911 sales. Power will range from 350 bhp for the base car to as much as 550. Maybe even more of a reach than a new 928 is a small Porsche SUV, shown in this photo illustration as a 3-door. If Porsche decides to build a mini Cayenne, it will cooperate with Audi and its future Q5, just as Porsche did with Volkswagen and the Touareg. Sizewise, the new SUV will be about 8 in. shorter than the current Cayenne. Don’t expect it before 2008.—MM







LE MANS RACER After five dominant victories at La Sarthe, Audi is taking a whole new approach to winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans—competing with a diesel-powered sports prototype. Completely new from the ground up, the revolutionary R10 is built around the latest Le Mans Prototype 1 (LMP1) regulations with an eye toward improved fuel economy, higher top speed and a significant power in-

crease over the outgoing R8. Central to this mission is a 5.5-liter all-aluminum V-12 diesel engine with twin turbochargers (and dual particulate filters). Good for 650 bhp and a staggering 811 lb.-ft. of torque, the R10’s engine operates at a relatively sedate 3000–5000 rpm, extremely low for a modern racing engine. To cope with the R10’s unique power delivery, the

transmission, clutch, driveshafts and Michelin tires were all specifically developed to handle high torque loads. The R10 will first see action at the 12 Hours of Sebring in preparation for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. —Kim Wolfkill

AUDI R8 IS ON The car formerly known as the Le Mans Quattro concept (first seen at the 2003 Frankfurt show) will officially be called the Audi R8. This Lamborghini Gallardo-based mid-engine supercar will be developed and built by Audi’s subsidiary, Quattro GmbH, in Neckarsulm. No doubt about it, Audi will be rely-


ing heavily on the past motorsports success at Le Mans and in the ALMS of its R8 prototype race cars to market the new street car, hence the name R8. Though Audi wouldn’t say, a good bet is the R8 will be powered by a twin-turbo V-8. The R8 will be ready for launch by the second quarter of 2007.—MM

Tom Kristensen, seven-time Le Mans winner, with the YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support diesel-powered R10 in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Dirt has never been moved in a more artful way. Endeavor. A potent 3.8-liter V6 and available all-wheel drive give you the power and handling to conquer mountains and winding roads alike. Add in a 5-star side impact safety rating* and ABS. Upgrades include optional 7-speaker, 315-watt Infinity® premium audio, rear DVD entertainment system and leather trimmed seats. Endeavor, starting at $26,599 MSRP.† It’s a masterpiece of steel and rubber.

Introducing the new 2006 Endeavor.

*Government star ratings are part of the 2005 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) New Car Assessment Program ( †2006 Endeavor LS 2WD starting at $26,599 MSRP. 2006 Endeavor Limited 2WD shown starting at $30,799 MSRP. Prices exclude $595 ($720 Alaska) destination/handling charge, tax, title license, optional equipment, etc. Actual prices set by retailer, and retailer terms and conditions may vary. See retailer or visit for details.

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Give up nothing.

Incredibly well equipped for $ 27,495. Never has the idea of not settling been so artfully crafted. Introducing the all-new Azera with an abundance of features that leave no room for compromise including a 263-horsepower V6, 8 airbags, Electronic Stability Control, more interior space than a BMW 760i, and America’s Best Warranty. See, you can have it all.

A H y u n d a i l i k e y o u ’ v e n e v e r s e e n b e f o r e.

Safety belts should always be worn. Hyundai Advantage.™ See dealer for LIMITED WARRANTY details.Presents, 2006 Azera Limited Model shown with available Ultimate Package priced higher. MSRP includes freight YYePG Proudly Thx shown. for Support but excludes taxes, title, license, and options. Dealer price may vary. Hyundai and Hyundai model names are registered trademarks of Hyundai Motor America. All rights reserved. ©2006 Hyundai Motor America.

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Dissecting Bugs THE BUGATTI VEYRON… Nice article on the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 by Patrick Hong (January 2006). Please clarify the term “metric horsepower” used to describe the car’s power [“987 bhp or 1001 metric horsepower”]. Are you suggesting the European DIN method for measuring power and usually reported in kW versus the SAE method of bhp subscribed to here in the U.S.A.? Mark Eckstein MIDLAND, MICHIGAN

Metric horsepower, PS, German: Pferdestärke, is different from bhp DIN or bhp SAE (the latter two specifying measurement techniques). As cited in the Bosch Automotive Handbook, 1 PS = 1.0139 horsepower of British or American units. Thus the Veyron’s 987 bhp is 1000.7 PS, rounded to 1001.—Ed. The Bugatti Veyron is the perfect sports car to park in the driveway next to your Hummer. John M. Warwick

Interesting that you should run a piece on the new “Bugatti.” I use quotes because we all know that the real Bugs died in the early 1950s. Buying the rights to a respected name doesn’t bring the real ones back from the dead, you know. So what do we have here? The world’s fastest ugly car, or the world’s ugliest fast car? Either is appropriate. However, there’s no equivocating over the Veyron’s utter uselessness. Never to my knowledge has so much effort and expense been devoted to the creation of something so completely pointless. Don Vorderman STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT

Vorderman was Editor of the fine publication, Automobile Quarterly and also automotive editor of Town & Country.—Ed. Yes, the Bugatti’s engineering is impressive. I know there is some incredible hardware under there

somewhere, but where? I see design features I would find on any modern sports sedan. A Bugatti should showcase its technology and craftsmanship, and there should be no shortage of either for $1.2 million. Jeff Lannigan

Gordon Murray’s analysis of the Bugatti Veyron was one of the most interesting articles I’ve read in R&T in a long time. I’m looking forward to reading more from him. Gary Berger BELLEROSE, NEW YORK


…AND GORDON MURRAY Wow, wow, wow! That’s all I can say about Gordon Murray contributing to Road & Track. I’m a mechanical engineer and I absolutely loved Mr. Murray’s article on the new Bugatti Veyron 16.4 (“Anatomy of a Supercar,” January 2006). I wish he’d written much more. I designed and built a midengined kit car called the Willow in 1980, so I can really relate to his comments. It was a very honest piece. Great work. Eric Seltzer SPARKS, NEVADA


Gordon Murray is a monarch in the automotive world and he should be proud of what he accomplished with the F1 supercar, but I would hate to see his articles degrade into commentaries on the F1’s superiority against any car. Mark Craddock BONAIRE, GEORGIA

Gordon Murray’s critique of the Veyron was one of the most insightful pieces I have ever read. His article has also expanded my vocabulary to include “gordtastic” and “grotesgatti.” Please give us more! Oh, and wouldn’t it be fun to give the Veyron’s head designer a chance to critique the McLaren F1? Jason Leuschen OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA

SHELBY GT500 Just finished the article on the drop-top Shelby GT500 Convertible (January) and noticed that there wasn’t a single “Shelby” logo to be seen on the car. What’s the deal? This isn’t the first time either, as a recent piece featuring the hardtop was also sans Shelby badges. I know I saw a rather prominent logo on the rear deck of a show car. Tell me Ford isn’t going to blow

“I’ll make this short: The article by

Gordon Murray on the Bugatti was brilliant!” Drewe Zanki, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


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Does the 2007 Shelby GT500 Convertible sound noticeably better than the stock V-8 Mustang? It sure looks meaner. And if it sounds meaner, I’m getting one (in white with blue stripes)! Michael Taylor TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA

sions characteristics of combustion generally favor an undersquare design (i.e., bore less than stroke).—Ed. The article concludes by stating that Ford plans to build 10,000 vehicles per year. Does that figure include coupes or just ragtops? Ford dealers say they plan to get only two to three Shelbys in total. Who’s telling the truth? Fraser League GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA

Essentially, the Ford Shelby GT500 replaces the SVT Mustang Cobra, which had a production allocation of about 10,000 units for coupes and convertibles. The same estimate holds for the new version, and I believe Ford is estimating either a 50/50 or 60/40 split, convertibles to coupes. The final number will depend on demand. Ford has 4000 or so dealers, so the two to three cars, on average, sounds right. Keep in mind that this car is no longer an SVT exclusive, so all dealers will be able to sell the car. —Matt DeLorenzo



It’s always interesting to hear from Carroll Shelby (“5 Questions” sidebar), but if I could ask him one question, it would be on Ford’s turnaround on its bore-vs.-stroke philosophy. For years Ford installed short-stroke, large-bore 5.0 V-8s not only in lighter-weight Mustangs but also in countless full-size cars, trucks and vans. Now Ford is putting the 5.6 with a bore smaller than the 2.3 four’s and a stroke longer than the truck-only 4.9 sixes in the GT and GT500. I guess it’s whatever gets results, but it is the opposite of what I learned in auto shop. Karl Katterfeld WEST HILLS, CALIFORNIA

Bore/stroke ratio encompasses many tradeoffs. In particular, emis-


the marketing opportunity of the decade. It ain’t a Shelby if it doesn’t say Shelby. My deposit is still in, but I’m beginning to worry that other “deletions” might be in the works. Hank Desjardins

Was I asleep at the wheel and didn’t see that the new generation of American sports cars just passed a new landmark? The new Shelby convertible has now passed the 4000-lb. weight limit. Am I wrong to think this is a sports tank and not a real sports car? Where did all that new technology go that was going to make cars stronger and lighter to handle better? I’ve noticed that when a new vehicle comes out and is a success, the first thing the manufacturer does is replace it with a bigger, heavier model. American manufacturers are making trucks out of today’s sports cars (the exception being the new Corvette). Bruce Bruegger TAMPA, FLORIDA

DOESN’T ANYBODY LIKE THE CHARGER? I am sorry to say that I find the January road test article a thinly

veiled attempt to “sell” the new Dodge Charger R/T to those who remember the old Hemi-powered monster as a true 2-door muscle car. I am certain that 40 years of automotive advancements make this new car a very capable sedan. However, anyone who is concerned with an optional rear-seat DVD player has completely missed the point of the Dodge Charger. Seeing the new incarnation photographed alongside Carl Beyer’s ’69 Charger, I am even more convinced that Dodge completely missed the point. This new Charger is more like “your Uncle Jesse’s Charger” than the hot rod that Bo and Luke would be straightenin’ the curves in. Frank Lorr JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA

The Charger R/T’s acceleration is similar to that of a Honda Accord V-6 with an automatic transmission. In braking, skidpad and slalom, the numbers for the Accord are better. The Honda also costs less, uses much less gas and probably is more reliable. So perhaps the Charger should be renamed after another American classic: The Great Pretender. Gary Blobel PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA


Never in a million years did I think Chrysler could come up with

Road & Track® accepts letters by õ mail at 1499 Monrovia Ave., Newport Beach, Calif. 92663; ∆ fax (949) 631-2757; ø e-mail

a car even uglier than the 300 until I saw your spread on the Charger. Alas, Road & Track made the grievous error of photographing the car alongside the classic ’69, a car with lines so beautiful it actually makes my heart ache at how great Detroit design used to be. A.J. Buttacavoli OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA

HOLE THEORY Re: the new Buick Lucerne (First Drive, January issue): Portholes? Portholes? If it is a Buick, they are ventiports, Scenicruiser ventiports. Fred Hirschenfang FORT LEE, NEW JERSEY

HEY, HEY! Man, oh, man! Never was I so thrilled or linked to the article in the January 2006 issue as Peter Egan’s “Extinguishing the Midnight Oil” (Side Glances). Brilliant! Faced with the prospect of bringing back from the dead a classic automobile, all of us baby boomers now think twice. Often when looking at a collectible vehicle, I will say “too much work” and walk away. Thanks for the insight and wisdom of getting older. “Hey, hey, who woulda thunk it?” You did, and your readers are, I’m sure, happy that you did. George Wilberg SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA

Include your full name, city, state and daytime telephone number for verification. We cannot answer every inquiry and we reserve the right to edit letters. Editorial contributions are considered only if guaranteed exclusive. Materials are subject to Road & Track® standard terms, and the vendor must retain a copy. Photographs should be released for publication by the source. Road & Track® is not responsible for unsolicited materials.

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Pedal Path: It’s named the “Pike to Bike Trail,” and it’s a bicyclist’s dream. Eight miles of Bedford County’s Pennsylvania Turnpike was supplanted by a new route, and a local conservancy took it over as a bikes-only superhighway. The car-free stretch even includes some spooky but enjoyable two-lane tunnels. High Road: These Carlsbad, California, children love their new after-school program. After it turned out that van transportation would cost $125 per month per child, the Boys and Girls Club director found a better rate; $90 a month to ride in an $82,000, 35-ft. Ford Excursion super-stretch limousine. The kids enjoy plenty of room, adjustable music, an alcoholfree bar, and mood lighting. One third-grader confessed, “I feel like a movie star.” Barely Pedaling: About 100 naked British bicyclists swept by the U.S. Embassy in London as part of a six-mile ride protesting rampant oil dependency in the West. One erudite banner read, “Oil is not a bare necessity but a crude obsession.” The riders continued past Big Ben and Piccadilly Circus, then stopped to

Top of the World

»Niles Nakaoka’s latest watercolor rendering, done in his trademark swirling style, depicts 2005 Formula 1 World Champion Fernando Alonso in the Renault R25. deliver their sentiments to reporters, including their theme: “Pollution…stinks in London…we use too much fossil fuel.”

Fuel Whisperer: How

about 12,666.30 miles per gallon? Comparative gallons, that is. The hydrogen-fueled PAC-Car was designed and built by 20 engineering students at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Many other organizations con-

tributed, and the car incorporated disciplines from a broad range of technologies. The 66-lb. vehicle used a fuel cell to drive two electric motors. The PAC-Car’s record run took place at Michelin’s test track in France.

police found that the rear-seat passenger—tightly strapped to the bike operator—was a murder victim. The rider apparently had been heading toward a secret disposal site when he lost control.

Artful Dodgers: The crime was grievous—a safe had been stolen from a local hospital—and the small Greek town of Patras commanded its four squad cars to apprehend the thieves. The hour-long chase through ancient, narrow streets and alleys was extraordinary, with some observers later describing the whole operation as unbelievable. When the officers finally chased their quarry into a dead end and captured them, the two boys, 13 and 15, still had the safe in the back of their donkey cart.

Gothic Tale: It’s a grim

story, says The Associated Press, but true. A motorcycle hurrying through Tijuana, Mexico, skidded into an accident and investigating

Convenience: Be aware that in Saudi Arabia women are forbidden to drive automobiles, and that Saudi men can marry up to four women. Those two rules, says Al-Watan newspaper, brought four women teachers from Al-Baha province together in wedlock with their driver, simply because he lived closer to the school. The women have agreed to pay their new husband a portion of their monthly salaries. PHIL FRANK



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Travel Tips: The New Electric Paper warns its Singapore readers to be aware that the majority of roads in Tasmania, Australia, are single-lane, and that in Thailand elephants are considered vehicles.


® ®

Moist Skoal Pouches are easy to put in, easy to take out and easy to enjoy just about anywhere.


®Trademark of U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. or an affiliate. ©2005 U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co.

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many German Autobahnen permit unlimited driving speeds, their use for racing is definitely prohibited. However, enforcement has required development of a quick-reaction task force using very special 190-mph Porsche 997 Carrera S pursuit cars. In their first month of successful operation, the green and silver vehicles caught more than 100 Britons believed to be part of an illegal racing group.

Prerogative: The Queen of

England confines most of her driving to the royal estates, but maintains a lively interest in automotive technological advances. Recently she has had satellite navigation systems installed in her stable of vehicles, which includes three Rolls-Royces, two Bentleys and three Daimlers.

Frank & Troise



Counterattack: Though

Watchcat: It was the deep nighttime roaring in the garage that bothered Jesus Teixeira’s neighbors most. Jesus had kept his pet—a lion he called Baby—when he sold a circus 15 years before and moved to Rio de Janeiro. After police told him he must move Baby out, Teixeira lamented, “I’m upset...he never attacked anyone. He grew up with my kids.”

Synthesis: The Scottish Daily

Record reports a survey finding by Britain’s RAC Foundation that the happiest composite driver you’d see would be a young woman “driving a green Volkswagen on a sunny day while listening to Bob Marley, chewing sugar-free gum and looking forward to her next date.”

Long Jaunt: The retired German astronomy professor’s wheelchair could rev up to 6 mph, and he figured that would be enough to complete his 110-mile trip home to Vechta. The problem? He was on the A43 motorway, near cars going over 100 mph. Investigating officers

found him fully competent, escorted him to a less-traveled road, and sent him forth to continue his 18-hour journey.

Out of Town: Their son lived

just down the road, and the elderly German couple—both in their 80s—drove over for a visit. Returning, they took a wrong turn, lost their way and drove 300 miles in the wrong direction. An enormous queue of traffic grew behind them as they vainly sought familiar street signs. When finally stopped, the lost travelers asked, “Are we still in Germany?” Police called the son, who came and escorted them home.


Janos Wimpffen has selected some 500 motor racing photographs, thoughtfully annotated each one, and assembled them all in a beautifully executed, large-format (11 x 13 in.) 400-page book. And the amazing thing is that hardly any of these photos, to my ken, has ever been published before. During 1953 to 1961, the Carrera Panamericana flourished, the Sebring 12-hour grew in international stature, the Le Mans 24-hour rebounded from its 1955 disaster and the Mille Miglia suffered its ultimate demise. Younger enthusiasts would be astonished by the diversity of competition cars in that era (the twin-boom Nardi, the Boano-bodied Abarth), by the

Publisher: David Bull Publishing;

variety of venues—and by the utter nonchalance of crowd control. Wimpffen, an evident scholar of the period’s motorsports, does an excellent job of putting it all in perspective. Among talented sources represented are past and present members of the R&T family, including Dean Batchelor, Bernard Cahier, Jim Sitz and Bill Warner. The presentation of photos is excellent, hampered only by a few images offered a bit larger than their resolution might warrant. Also, there’s no index, which means I’m left leafing through to find a particular photo again. But what fun, the leafing through.—Dennis Simanaitis

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WHAT DRIVES BOSE ? The Problem: Since the start of Hi-Fi in 1948, hobbyists and engineers have worked to assemble components that would produce “better sound.” The question is, what does “better” mean? To the hobbyist, it generally means that he likes it better. To the engineer, it means that it measures better. However, research has clearly shown that what people initially like is heavily dependent upon what they have become accustomed to, be it a radio or live concerts. As for measurements, they are far from being able to characterize human perception. As a consequence, even some of the most expensive music systems today, although they may sound flashy and exciting at first, often lose their attraction within the first year of ownership. Our Solution: Through our early research at MIT and all our continuing research at BOSE, we have learned that music systems that most accurately reproduce the sound of the live performance grow on people with time.There is a very clear reason for this. Namely, music is composed and performed by artists who have learned to touch our emotions through their art. It would indeed be unlikely that hobbyists or engineers could produce equipment that could improve upon this art. Our unique solution to this problem is to have research teams composed of experts in physical acoustics, psychoacoustics and electronics working with artists who produce live music to continually learn how to come closer to reproducing the live performance. And we fund this effort by plowing back 100% of our earnings into the company every year. Each year, as we come closer to reproducing the sounds of live music, we pass the results along through the products we design for your home, your car, your airplane trips and public places. The results are as exciting for us as they are for you!

©2005 Bose Corporation.

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Sweet artistry Patty Oliverio’s friends call her the cookie artist, and for good reason. Her company (and evident labor of love) Celebrate specializes in emblems, badges and logos that are also good

One of the car world’s great treasures is Automobile Year, the annual book devoted to the automobile, covering its worldwide industry, racing championships and heroes. Now under the ownership and care of longtime enthusiast Christian Philippsen, this enormously useful publication is available in the U.S. for $79.95 plus shipping from shop.

Steam Vent: Auto rancor activists can find rich, unrestrained release at a free-for-all website named

Renunciation: The problem

was that the Sunday-school Bibles were heavy and the nearest parking area in Edinburgh’s West End was 400 yards away. So the Christian Centre Ministry pastor stopped in a “No Loading” zone and went inside the church for volunteers. Within three minutes he had both a £30


$3.50 each (from an image), or $5 each for hand-decorated originals. “I really like Formula 1,” Patty says. A high point was being able to present Jarno Trulli with an edible image of his 2004 Monaco GP podium. Details: Celebrate, (510) 541-6289.—Dennis Simanaitis ticket and a mounting sense of outrage. The pastor is calling it all “a public relations disaster [bereft of] common sense” and is demanding full financial forgiveness from the city council.

Verdicts: The International Ex-

press records that Richard Porter, a British writer, has produced a book named Crap Cars, listing his nominations for the worst cars ever made. He includes the 1985 Yugo GV, the 1974 Ford Mustang II, and the 1945–1979 VW Beetle, saying the heater of the last was so pathetic, “you’d be better off setting fire to your hair.” 

Overkill: Tyrone, the little girl’s toy tiger, soared up and away through the car’s sunroof into heavy traffic on Great Britain’s M11 roadway. The dad assuaged the child’s grief by reporting the loss to the police. Soon, rolling roadblocks sprang up in the area and, after a half-hour, Tyrone was found and rehabilitated. The dad said he was stunned. The stalled motorists’ comments have not been published.

Years Ago

Automotive comparison tests are such a marvelous way to serve up information to our readers in a wide variety of formats. Our first comparison test was really only one car. Rather, it was one car—an MG TD—tested in two guises: absolutely stock and with a Laystall-Lucas cylinder head installed. The claims of improved performance by Laystall Engineering Company, Ltd. were validated, and R&T never looked back. Finding an interesting hook on which to hang a comparison leads to some stimulating concepts. And our editors get a chance to drive fun, exotic or sporty cars in different parts of the world and hang out with some well-known names in the racing world. Examples? Our March 1992 issue featured Danny Sullivan driving 10 sports cars at the Streets of Willow Springs; in the July 1998 magazine we asked Steve Millen to choose “The Best All-Around Sports Car.” The June 1999 story, “The Best Handling Cars in America” with Mario Andretti, was a technologyladen trip around Buttonwillow’s East Loop. Yet another variation was the July 1999 “All-Wheel-Drive Sports Cars” that included the Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster, the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 and the Nissan Skyline GT-R. This month we have lined up seven (here comes the hook) affordable all-wheel-drive sports sedans to fling around an autocross course on wet and dry pavement. —Jerilyn Jeffery

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Automobile Year



to eat. These artfully iced sugar cookies are


High performance, yes. Power cord, no.

With its breakthrough cordless design, virtual elimination of false alarms, and sophisticated alert system that keeps you informed instead of annoyed, Solo S2 is the first radar and laser detector that’s a joy to use, instead of a pain in, well, you know. After a two-month evaluation of nine high-end detectors, AutoWeek Magazine concluded, “When all was said and done, one unit emerged as the favorite: Solo S2.” If you’re ready to try the ultimate in radar and laser detection, call us today. Toll Free 1-888-8 ESCORT (1-888-837-2678 • Dept. 200136) or SOLO S2 • $329.95 – includes carry case, batteries and windshield mount.

©2006 Escort Inc.

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E D I T O R - AT- L A R G E

Crazy Mixed-Up Hot-Rod Speed Junkies on Wheels




trait of a young Jack Nicholson looming behind the image of a ’34 Ford 5-window coupe with big rear slicks lighting up at a drag strip. The word “Wild” had speed lines coming off it, as you can well imagine it should. What we had here were four late ’50s and early ’60s’ hotrod films. B-movies, in black and white. They were essentially outdoor movie fare left over from the heyday of that wonderful American institution, intended to provide background light for teenagers who were (a) making out like crazy, or (b) wondering if they should, and too deranged by that particular form of tension to pay much attention to the movie. How can you concentrate on dramatic content when someone has cute knees? And why would you want to? Anyway, these movies were made on low budgets with a specific DAVE DEAL

It’s become a tradition we don’t even question any more; every summer, like clockwork, Barb and I go to Road America for the BRIC (Brian Redman International Challenge), our favorite vintage race. I can’t imagine what would keep us away, unless I got my leg caught in a bear trap or was abducted by aliens with heads shaped like almonds and poor lower body development, as so often happens here in rural Wisconsin. And another routine within that tradition is a lengthy cruise through the “vendor tents” at the track, where I generally abuse my Visa card by stocking up on armloads of car books and videos. They’re usually about Formula 1 or sports cars, but this year something a little different caught my eye. It was a DVD called Born to be Wild. The cover touted “4 High Octane Movies” and showed a por-

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support R O A D & T R A C K

I N T H E E Y E S O F T H E O P T I M I S T, T H E TA N K I S A L W AY S H A L F F U L L . Introducing the all-new 2006 Lincoln Zephyr. An open road. An open mind. The possibilities are endless. Lincoln Zephyr. With DVD-based navigation * and class-exclusive six-speed automatic transmission.** Adventure is at your fingertips.

Starting at $29,660.*** *Available feature. **Based on Medium Premium Car class. 2005–2006 class competitors. ***As shown: 2006 Lincoln Zephyr with available equipment. MSRP $32,650. Prices exclude tax, title and license fees.

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audience in mind. And I would have been exactly that audience, had I been just a little older. But I didn’t yet have a car or driver’s license in that era, and it was pretty hard to persuade my dad to load the family in our Buick to go see Hot Rod Girl, The Wild Ride, T-Bird Gang or The Choppers at the local outdoor, so I didn’t see any of these movies when they came out. I was too young. But what is adulthood except a delayed end run around our parents’ better judgment? So I naturally bought this DVD and dragged it right home. One evening, I made a big batch of popcorn and sat back to watch. Up first: Hot Rod Girl, a movie whose only known actor was Chuck Connors. Barb had her doubts about dedicating an entire evening to these films, but I said, convincingly, “They have REAL HOT RODS in them from the late ’50s! How bad can they be?” We soon found out. Barb watched Hot Rod Girl for about three minutes and then went off into another room to water plants or wrap baby shower gifts, or whatever it is women do when you’re watching the really good stuff on TV. Okay, the dialog in this movie turned out to be a little slow, and the acting was pretty wooden. And the plot was that predictable chain of events from many of the boys’ car books I read in school: The town aristocracy wants to close down the drag strip, but a sympathetic cop (Chuck Connors, in this case) thinks it’s a great way to keep would-be juvenile delinquents all in one place and channel their energy toward Good. Contrasts are drawn between real hot-rodders, who turn a mean wrench and understand their carburetors, and troublemakers who race on the street but are too morally lax to win at the drag strip. Gauntlets are thrown down; trouble ensues, tires screech and cars tip over. Square citizens are scandalized (also run off the road), the kid brother is killed, and the rodders finally learn their lesson. They grow up. So Hot Rod Girl is not a really great movie, but it does open with period racing footage from the San Fernando Drag Strip, and you get to see the world’s most interminable quarter-mile run between a white 1955 T-Bird and a white Jaguar XK-120. The T-Bird, unaccountably, wins (driven by our heroine, Lori Nelson), turning in a terminal speed of 98.94 mph. The movie also features a young Frank Gorshin, throwing in one of his classic “you dirty rat” James Cagney imitations. The second movie, T-Bird Gang, is a crime movie with very few cars in it, except for another white Thunderbird, a ’56 this time. The cops drive black 1957 Fords, and the opening warehouse heist is so cinema noir you can’t tell if they’re robbing a warehouse or looking for a flashlight. The one familiar face in this film belongs to Ed Nelson, who has been in hundreds of TV shows and movies. He plays a crime ring leader who oversees burglaries from the cockpit of his TBird, apparently on the theory that no one will notice a sinister guy sitting in a white Thunderbird with the top down. Good cover. The best part of this movie is a superbly nervous jazz soundtrack by Shelly Manne and His Men. Cool in the extreme. Our third feature, The Choppers, has a few more cars in it, and is livelier. Written and produced by a very young Arch Hall Jr. (who is also in it, as a gang member), it’s about a group of young thieves who drive around in a poultry truck and strip cars that run out of gas along the highway in California. All of these cars seem to be 1959 or 1960 Buicks. Maybe they got bad gas mileage. The spoiled rich kid in their group drives a roadster said to be worth $5000, and the cops drive 1959 Chevys. When not stripping

cars, the kids say things like, “I could go ape for you, Baby,” and “Grease this palm, Daddy-O, peel off those cabbage leaves.” This movie is kind of fun, and filled with idiosyncratic performances, but its main appeal to car buffs will be seeing California roads with hardly any traffic on them. A lost planet. By the time I got to the fourth movie, Barb had inexplicably gone to bed. Or maybe run off with a guy who had better taste. I wasn’t sure. Nevertheless, I nuked myself a cup of leftover morning coffee and plugged in The Wild Ride. Now we’re talking. This is actually a fairly good movie, cult-wise, and it stars a very young Jack Nicholson, in only his third film role. He plays Johnny Varron, the amoral and existential top dog in a hot-rod gang. In the first few minutes of the film, he runs a motorcycle cop off the road at night with his ’57 Ford convertible, and then joins a beer party, unfazed. Johnny is also a part-time race-car driver, and we get to see some pretty good dirt-track footage from a dusty Contra Costa Speedway. He runs his main competitor off the track, of course, to win. He doesn’t care about anyone. He’s Top Man. A rejected girlfriend comes up to Nicholson at a bar and says, anxiously, “Hi, Johnny…” Nicholson looks down his nose at her, and his eyelids grow heavy. “Gimme a 10-spot,” he snarls. She digs it out of her purse and he goes off to place a bet. Brando couldn’t have done it better. Jack was only 23 when this movie was made, but the whole Nicholson persona is in place. A sidelight to this film is that Georgianna Carter, who plays the square “nice girl” in the movie, was Nicholson’s girlfriend at the time, when they were both struggling young acting students. A fun movie, with quite a few cars and fairly authentic-sounding beatnik dialog, unlike the others, whose scripts sound as if your high school guidance counselor wrote them. But when the evening was over and the popcorn was gone, I couldn’t help but notice that there had been quite a few similarities in all these movies. First, they all have jazzy soundtrack music with lots of staccato bongo drums. The music is bleak and nervous. People are always snapping their fingers, and will dance at the drop of a hat, wherever they are. Even on the beach in broad daylight, which no guy I’ve ever known will do. Second, they’re all misunderstood kids, with indulgent but absentee parents whose neglect is behind all this juvenile delinquency. You never see the parents on camera. They are mythical beasts. Third, the “teenagers” in these films appear to range in age from about 21 to 37. Also, no one seems to have a job. They just hang out, drive neat cars, play imaginary bongo drums on the countertop at the malt shop and say things like, “Hey, Baby, let’s me and you cut a rug to this crazy jive!” while hopped-up sax music wails off the jukebox. I mentioned this to my friend Tim Onosko (a connoisseur of Bmovies and a documentary filmmaker himself), and he said, “Well, that was the California youth dream, wasn’t it? Your wealthy parents bought you a car and all you did was drive around and have beach parties with your friends. No responsibilities, no job.” Yes indeed. Unfortunately my own parents would never let me buy a car, even with my own money, and they made me work most evenings, weekends and summers in our family business. Also we had winter in Wisconsin and the beach was pretty much frozen. No wonder I liked these movies. Or would have, if I could have seen them.  At the outdoor, you needed a car to see the car movies.

“No one seems to have a job. They just hang out, drive neat cars, play imaginary bongo drums…”


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For as long as the S-Class has existed, it has been the standard-bearer. And this year, we introduce the ninth and most revolutionary generation yet: the 2007 Mercedes-Benz S-Class. In design, it is a commanding vehicle. Its

of safety. A culmination of all we have pioneered in over


9 T H G E N E R AT I O N S-C L A S S .

muscular stance creates an altogether striking presence. Inside, a world of true beauty awaits. An abundance of hand-crafted natural surfaces makes the interior of your

a century, the 2007 S-Class is a moving library of patents. An intelligent safety system coordinates a vast series of components to work together to help protect

driver and passengers before, during and after an accident. There is even a night vision system available. And the new S-Class offers a driving experience second

S-Class a product of masterful artisanship. Leathers,

to none. The car’s Airmatic Suspension complements

woods and metals of only the most refined grades are

its copious power to produce a ride which is at once

selected. Soft ambient lighting helps create a comforting

ultra-smooth and positively spellbinding.

glow in the cabin.

You’ll soon see the new S-Class on the road. Given its

The Mercedes-Benz COMAND System places a world of

captivating beauty, it will be impossible to miss. Should

technological wonder at your fingertips. Yet as sophisticated

you wish to view an S-Class up close, simply look in the

as this system is, it is refreshingly simple and intuitive. And perhaps no car boasts more attention to the concept

same place each of its predecessors has been found: at the top.

Unlike any other.

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support Model shown 2007 S 550. For more information, call 1-800-FOR-MERCEDES, or visit






JAGUAR XK More sport, less GT



CAN IT REALLY HAVE BEEN 10 years since the svelte and lovely Jaguar XK8 hit our shores? Ancient documents in the R&T library show this to be the case. The old car has aged gracefully, but “aged” is not a word that sits well in this highly competitive class, so Coventry has brought on the next-generation XK, with all-aluminum construction, an 52

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support R O A D & T R A C K

upgraded drivetrain and decidedly more aggressive styling. Jaguar invited us to Arizona in mid-winter to drive the car on dry desert roads, and then we flew on to England (where the weather was still pretty mild, despite all the Christmas lights and pubs flowing with holiday cheer) to talk to the factory engineers and interview designer Ian Cal-

lum, who also styled the Aston Martin DB7 and Vanquish. First of all, why just plain XK? Why not XK9 or XK150 (the new car’s internal design number)? Vehicle engineer Peter Matkin explained that the old car was called an XK8 because it had a V-8 engine, and this one does too. So, rather than confuse the issue with higher numbers—or the suggestion of added cylinders—they just decided to call it the XK. Fair enough. This is the same basic 4.2-liter alloy 4-cam V-8 found in last year’s XK8, but fuel injection refinement has added 6 bhp and 7 lb.-ft. of torque, for an output of 300 bhp and 310 lb.-ft. at 4100 rpm, while improving fuel economy and lowering emissions.

And the car it propels is lighter. The chassis is composed of aluminum castings and extrusions, bonded to its alloy body with a combination of rivets and heat-cured epoxy adhesives, reducing the convertible’s weight by 308 lb. and the coupe’s by 200 lb., down to 3605 lb. and 3516 lb., respectively. “It’s like losing the weight of a passenger, with luggage,” Matkin told me. Or, in my case, losing the weight of a passenger with two bottles of scotch in his dutyfree bag. Significant nevertheless. Weight loss has helped drop 0–60 times by 0.3 second, to 5.9 for the coupe and 6 sec. flat for the convertible (Jaguar’s times). With a standing quarter-mile

time of 14.4 sec., the new naturally aspirated car is only 0.5 sec. off the pace of the old supercharged XKR. (An R model of the new XK will be released later this year, as a 2007 model.) Performance—and fun—have also been boosted by a new ZF 6-speed automatic transmission with a standard Drive position and a Sport Auto gate for more responsive shift points. Both can be shifted manually with steering-wheel paddles. Yes, the old J-gate is gone. It worked well enough, but was a little clumsy in the heat of battle. Speaking of which, it was not blistering hot when we got to Arizona, but warmer than subzero Wisconsin, from whence I’d flown. Jaguar had brought over both a coupe and a convertible, so we took them off into the mountains on alternate days. Get behind the wheel and you find comfortable, highly adjustable seats with good lumbar support and more interior room in all directions. (Rear seats are good only for very small children, Chelsea girls or friends who must be driven home from bars.) The old car felt like a long metal cigar tube with a cutout for passengers; this one feels wider and shorter, even with slightly more overall length and the wheelbase lengthened 6.4 in. by moving the 18-in. wheels (or optional 19s) out to the corners. Wood trim on the dash and steering wheel come in traditional dark walnut as well as lightcolored poplar, or—for a more technical look—brushed aluminum. The instrument panel has a

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Aluminum-trimmed interior (top) can be specified in lieu of traditional wood. Details of the new XK are crisp, especially the turn-signal repeaters atop the side gills (below).


see more photos:


roadandtrack com


The new 2006 Jaguar XK accelerates into the 21st century, losing the J-gate shifter (“backward L-gate” doesn’t sound as cool) and gaining an interior that artfully blends tech and luxury.

central touch-screen for climate, 6-CD audio, GPS, etc., but most of the crucial, can’t-wait controls are simple round knobs. Overall, it’s pretty straightforward and non-irritating, menus and all. Push the big round button and the engine comes to life with a nice, mellow growl. Jaguar went to great lengths (as I would later learn at their sound lab in England) to tune exhaust and engine sounds for a more aggressive— but still euphonious—note. They actually have a small resonating yoke to tune driveline sound on the rear transmission mount, as well as a tube from the intake plenum to the cockpit—terminating in a small plastic resonator—to boost intake snarl on acceleration. In any case, it sounds good: more throaty and mean down low, and crisper on the upper end. Once in motion, the new XK leaps forth with a compliant, civilized ride that automatically stiffens up and resists roll if the car is driven aggressively. There’s no “sport” button for the suspension, but the car doesn’t seem to need one. It knows. Wind flow in the convertible is good with the top down, which uses a new three-layer insulated fabric that’s quieter and warmer—and thinner, for more trunk space. Top up, you can move a luggage partition forward for even more trunk room. On curving back roads, the XK 54

feels shorter-coupled, quickersteering and nimbler than the old car, more like a current sports GT car and less like the elegant grand old dame of the class. It’s beautifully balanced, and the brakes are superb and linear. Shifting is nice, too, and very quick. You can leave it in the no-brainer Drive position or go to full participation in the Sport slot, which raises shift points and allows you to use the paddles on the steering wheel. The paddles also work in normal Drive, when you want that little boost on a hill or in passing, but in Sport mode they hold the car in a specific gear until you hit redline. In England, we went to the Dunlop circuit of the famous MIRA test track with chief development driver Mike Cross—whom Jackie Stewart once described as “the world’s best driver who never raced”—and did about 45 minutes of hot laps. He demonstrated (beyond all doubt) that the transmission does beautiful, whooping smooth downshifts on corner entry. Also that the traction-control button can be clicked into a sport position for more yaw and drift in corners, or turned off for all the yaw you’d ever want. Especially before lunch at the nearby Cock Inn pub (built circa 1250). During this workout—and our road driving—there were no rattles or discernible flex in the chassis. It feels solid as a safe.

Jaguar designed the convertible first—and made it 50 percent stiffer than the old one—then added the coupe portion of the upper body and roofline, which is even stiffer and lighter. Both versions look properly stunning, but the styling is not without controversy. Gone is some of the elliptical delicacy of the old XK, but there is no doubt the car looks more muscular and aggressive, as was the intent. Designer Ian Callum walked me around the car at the Whitley tech and design center and pointed out that the front air dam is now in line with the rest of the nose (legally required for pedestrian safety), while the rear spoiler lip contains both the center brake light and the nav antenna. The side gills ahead of the doors are fully functional, removing engine heat while also breaking up the mass of the front quarter. Lower accent lines on the sides of the body follow the inner aluminum extrusions, and the deep inset of the roof and flaring out of body lines at the rear wheels accentuate the tradi-

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support R O A D & T R A C K

tional Jaguar feline “crouch.” “Essentially,” Callum said, “we stretched the skin over a set of points. It can’t be pulled in tighter anywhere. It’s a look that says ‘this is a high-performance car for two people and their luggage.’ ” And so it does. In the marketplace, the XK has to go up against the Mercedes-Benz SL and the BMW 6 Series—with some cross-over to the Porsche 911 and Cadillac XLR. Potent company, but Jaguar’s answer is a good one. The new XK is faster, lighter, roomier, quicker, betterhandling and civilized as ever on the open road. Still a great GT car, just sportier. And modern. Prices will be in the $75,000 to $85,000 range. 

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A blast from the past that’s as capable as it is cool BY KIM WOLFKILL


Not content to let those rugged, off-road memories fade into yesteryear, Toyota has built the FJ Cruiser, a thoroughly modern SUV with one foot in the past and the other firmly planted in the present. Based on the concept vehicle first shown at the 2003 North American International Auto Show, this new ute captures the off-road spirit (and capabilities) of its original FJ40 predecessors, while also delivering the on-road manners expected of a contemporary Toyota sport ute. Rather than reinvent the wheel, the FJ Cruiser’s engineers started with a proven platform borrowed from the venerable 4Runner. That means it uses a double A-arm front suspension with coil-over shocks and a 4-link rear suspension supporting a live rear axle. Available in rear- or 4wheel drive, both models feature standard 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS, engine-speed-sensitive power steering and Vehicle Stability Control. On-road handling feels slightly better than a similarly outfitted 4Runner, where the FJ Cruiser enjoys a The FJ Cruiser draws inspiration marginally more planted and stable cornering attitude. Offfrom the FJs of yesteryear, while road, short overhangs, an availoffering all the features of a able locking rear differential and modern SUV.


became the vehicle of choice for hauling kids and commuting to work, people actually got them dirty. Back in the era of the original Jeeps, Land Rovers, Broncos and Land Cruisers, it was offroad prowess that really mattered, not on-road comfort. But times have changed and along with them, consumer priorities. Today, the modern SUV is more about DVD players and third-row seats than serious all-terrain travails. A select few still excel in the rough stuff, but even they are rarely tested by the typical owner.


optional Active Traction Control (A-TRAC) make for surprisingly little drama even in the most severe conditions. Power also comes from the 4Runner (and Tacoma/Tundra) in the form of a dohc 4.0-liter V-6. Pumping out 239 bhp and 278 lb.-ft. of torque through a 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission, this freerevving V-6 is up to the task of moving the FJ down the road (or trail) with ease. Passing power is good for a midsize SUV and more than enough for all but the most acceleration-obsessed. And like any serious off-roader, all 4wd models come equipped with a 2-speed transfer case that proves invaluable in ultra-slow, rock-crawling climbs and steep, low-traction descents. As mechanically sound and off-road worthy as the FJ Cruiser may be, what really gets attention is its styling. Penned at Toyota’s Calty Studios in Southern California, the production FJ is the spitting image of the concept vehicle that wowed crowds in Detroit three years ago. Yet this fresh interpretation of the original FJ40 comes across as both fun and purposeful. Those familiar with the older FJs will im-

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support R O A D & T R A C K

mediately see the family resemblance—the round headlights and rectangular grille, white top and wraparound rear glass all hark back to the original. For the uninitiated, the FJ Cruiser could be seen as Toyota’s less slabsided version of a Hummer H2. While technically a 4-door, its pair of small Honda Elementesque suicide doors lends the FJ a 2-door’s personality. They make it relatively easy to get in the back seats, where space is better than it first appears. Like the exterior, the cabin exudes simplicity, echoing the feel of the earlier FJs with cloth seats, a body-colored radio surround and large, easy-to-operate controls. But it’s by no means Spartan; all models come with electric windows and door locks, air conditioning, and an AM/FM/CD stereo. And for those so inclined, options include everything from cruise control and keyless entry to a leather-covered steering wheel and park assist. So while it may look at first like a very basic, utilitarian rig, upon closer inspection, it has all the creature comforts that modern SUV buyers expect. Pricing hasn’t yet been set, but look for a nicely equipped FJ Cruiser to hit showrooms (in late March) for around $25,000. Judging from the positive public reaction received during our press introduction, those early FJs won’t sit around for long as off-roaders and suburbanites alike rush to try out Toyota’s  newest ute.

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THE GERMANS HAVE A DIFFERENT understanding of what makes an automobile attractive to the senses. Aesthetic understatement is usually a key factor, and visually the Audi S8 is quite faithful to that philosophy. No radically aggressive front splitters or sidesill ground effects; no fake highspeed gimmicks tacked on to its all-aluminum body. In fact, to an untrained eye, this is simply just another tastefully fabricated, slow tanker of a luxury sedan. That is, until you turn the key.


The S8’s 5.2-liter 450-bhp V-10, above, delivers 0–60 in less than 5 seconds, while its typically understated styling ensures that sports-car drivers will never know what hit them.






With great power comes great response ability BY JONATHAN ELFALAN

Depressing the throttle in the S8 is like discovering the fuse you just lit belongs to an M80, not a smoke bomb. Lightning-quick response from the electronic throttle coupled with 90 percent of maximum torque available at 2300 rpm is exhilarating, especially from an automaticequipped car, but can startle those underestimating its sub-5-second 0–60-mph potential. Possessing the throatiest growl in all of luxury sedan-dom, the 5.2-liter V-10—similar to the 5.0-liter powering the exotic Lamborghini Gallardo—is cutting edge with Audi’s signature FSI direct injection technology and hydraulic variable valve timing. The process starts as air is ducted through the two-stage magnesium intake manifold, adjusting the charge turbulence (via motorized tumbler flaps) and intake path length (from 675 to 307 mm) depending on engine speed and load. From here it enters the combustion chambers as a precise amount of atomized fuel is sprayed and compressed to its original volume. Exiting through four close-coupled catalytic converters and ultimately a fat quartet of exhaust tips, the engine’s sonorous advertisement

of 450 bhp and 398 lb.-ft. of torque seems more than credible. Audi’s Tiptronic-controlled 6-speed automatic transmission from the A8 has been reprogrammed with a sportier shift logic and operates in two different modes. For comfortable cruising around town, it is suggested you select the less aggressive “D” mode, which may still be a little sensitive for smoothly modulating the throttle. Upon reaching the curvy sections of a back road, “S” or Sport mode is a must, delivering power as quickly as your brain signals your throttle foot. The S8 is far beyond Lotus Elise-class mass, but in the company of its portly competition, falls to the, ahem, lightweight side of the spectrum at a claimed 4280 lb. Harnessing such a load in an efficient manner doesn’t come easily, yet Audi engineers have delivered with a four-mode, sport adaptive air suspension (with adjustable ride height) that’s available on the A8, recalibrated to provide a firmer ride with tuned air springs and shocks.

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support R O A D & T R A C K

With road conditions being transmitted by seven different sensors, the suspension actively adjusts to changing surface conditions and g-loads, ensuring that the 265/35R-20 Pirellis stay glued to the road. Bringing the beast to a halt are massive vented 15.2-in. front and 13.2-in. rear brake rotors. Audi has mentioned that the U.S. market may receive the optional ceramic rotors. Constructed from a carbon-fiber/silicon-carbide composite, these ceramic rotors are extremely resistant to fade, last four times as long as their steel counterparts and weigh half as much at 11 lb. per corner. “Yes, please!” The S8’s interior is as elegant as the outside. Adorned with highquality Valcona leather accented with carbon fiber and brushed aluminum, the S8 comes with many luxury amenities including the user-friendly Audi MMI (Multi Media Interface) with navigation, for under $100,000. For those looking for further indulgence, Audi offers a wide range of optional items, including a state-of-the-art 14-speaker premium sound system designed by Bang & Olufsen ($7800). Production for the S8 is set to start in August with U.S. models arriving around October. 

THERE’S MORE TO LIFE THAN HORSEPOWER. BUT WHAT KIND OF LIFE IS IT? Air. Food. Horsepower. A man with his priorities in order needs Castrol SYNTEC. No leading motor oil provides more horsepower.* SYNTEC’s unique formula reduces power-robbing deposit formation. Have you unlocked all your car’s power? Check out SYNTEC’s superior performance at

IT’S MORE THAN JUST OIL. IT’S LIQUID ENGINEERING. *10W-30 as tested vs. leading competitive 10W-30.

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The new Saab 9-5 Sedan. Saab was founded by 16 aircraft engineers and their spirit lives on. Introducing the new, redesigned 9-5 Sedan. with an EPA estimated highway fuel economy of 29 mpg. While inside, there’s a whole new class of ©2006 SAAB CARS USA, INC.

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support

Never fly coach again. With a sleek, aerodynamic exterior and a fuel-efficient, 260-hp turbocharged engine, it flies past gas stations, luxury features at your fingertips. After all, when you used to build jets, you don’t build just another car.

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1 800 SAAB USA







All-WheelDoes more grip equal less fun?








YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support ROAD & TRACK






L S-


v NE


M .B


5 32


s xv

. IN







s. xv





D AW 0 5

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GT s p CY 2 . 5

e c . B vs . VO LVO S

4 0 T 5 AW D

It seems there are more all-wheel-drive sports sedans on the market than we can ever remember. But what happens to the sporty driving dynamics when you change a rear- or front-drive car to all-wheel, especially considering the unfortunate added weight that comes with it? Sure, awd helps with traction in snowy areas, but what about those parts of the country that don’t get snow? Or what about the seven months out of the year that the Snowbelt states have clear roads? You want allwheel drive for traction, but you also want your sports sedan to be, well…sporting. The reasons for going the awd route are not the same for all the cars here. No doubt BMW, Infiniti and Lexus were of the mind to make the 3 Series, G35 and IS 250 rear-drivers more viable alternatives for those residing in snowy climes. But make no mistake; Mazda didn’t make the Mazdaspeed6 an all-wheel driver for going over the river and through the woods (in a foot of snow) to Grandmother’s house. Their goal was to contain 280 lb.-ft. of torque, which would have been a disaster if harnessed solely to the front wheels. The Volvo and Audi are front-drive-based awd cars that benefit from the added traction in winter, but also the rest of the year, as front-drive has certain dynamic limitations. And the Subaru? It comes only one way. Our goal: to find out which of these all-wheel-drive wonders keeps the “sport” in sports sedan. YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support M A R C H 2 0 0 6


VOLVO S40 T5 AWD 330.8 POINTS THE BIGGEST COP-OUT IN THE AUTOMOTIVE journalism world is to tell you “there are no losers in this test.” (Okay, so maybe it’s not the biggest cop-out, but it’s still lame.) The bottom line is that the Volvo was simply outclassed, outgunned and outmanned by the six other cars. But it did belong in this test, as it is a sports sedan with allwheel drive and a fairly peppy engine. The main problem with the S40 T5 AWD is in the communication department—it feels like there is a layer of fluff between the chassis and body, the suspension and the steering. Although it is the second lightest of the group with a 3480-lb. curb weight (the Subaru is the lightest, at 3390), and feels light, its steering and handling are vague, which left Senior Editor Kim Wolfkill “always a half step behind, and never sure how much the car wants to actually finish going around corners.” We would have ordered the S40 with the Dynamic Sport Suspension option, but the T5 AWD already comes with it. Which leaves the S40 with what we’ve now coined the “Scandinavian Float,” the Swedish version of the wallowy ride that affects so many American luxury cars. We were also disturbed stylistically by the S40’s ungainly ride height; maybe it’s good off-road? Where the Volvo doesn’t disappoint is in the engine department, its 2.5-liter turbocharged inline-5 producing 218 bhp and 236 lb.-ft. of torque, the latter from 1500 to 4800 rpm. This is coupled to a 6-speed manual gearbox whose linkage is a tad rubbery, though without the imprecise throw from 4th to 5th we’d found on previous examples. The power is put down through an electronically controlled all-wheel-drive system, but its front-drive roots (the platform is shared with the Mazda3 and Euro-


The S40 was dull compared with the established sports sedans in this test, but we were impressed with its willing turbo-5 and comfortable interior. We wish Volvo would make it into a more serious sporting machine.

pean Ford Focus) are felt as the car spins its inside front tire on hard corner exits. It can’t be denied the S40 is a genuinely good-looking piece, kind of a miniature S60. Our test car looked especially sporty with an optional exterior trim package, in some ways overpromising a bit. The interior of the car breaks new ground for the normally reserved Swedes, its floating center console looking like it’s straight out of a concept car. While the T-Tec material on the comfortable seats may feel strange, the grippy surface does a great job of holding you in place. That seat position gives an excellent view of the road ahead, and the steering wheel has

a nice, thick rim. The split/fold rear seat provides extra freedom to load large items. Redemption for the S40 came on the autocross course, where it finished fifth out of the seven, just barely behind the BMW and Infiniti. So is the S40 T5 AWD a bad car? No way. As a true sports sedan it was out of its element against this strong field. But buyers looking for Volvo safety along with a healthy dose of fun and all-weather traction will find the S40 works just fine.

Mike Monticello, FEATURE EDITOR

»It’s rare that one car possesses everything in a comparison test. But in this case the choice was easy: the only one of the seven that combines real power, corner-carving handling, a manual transmission and good looks to boot is the Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT spec.B. The fact it can do 4-wheel power-on drifts…yeah, that’s important too.


YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support R O A D & T R A C K


»For quality, comfort and overall driving experience, the Audi A4 gets my vote. The interior remains a benchmark of the class, while its road manners never fail to deliver. Yes, it can get pricey, but lose a couple of our tester’s option packages and it’s right on the money.

INFINITI G35x 345.4 POINTS OH, HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN! IT wasn’t very long ago (the July 2002 issue, to be exact) that the rear-drive version of the Infiniti G35 won our shootout of 11 sports sedans. Now, against many of the same competitors (except awd this time around), the G35x finished a lowly sixth. What gives? Simple. The competition has moved on and come out with significantly updated versions, while the Infiniti has stayed roughly the same. And rough is the key word here; rough around the edges, that is. What seemed a fairly polished, luxurious and powerful sports sedan four years ago now feels long in the tooth, raw and unrefined by comparison to this new crop of contenders. The editors were mixed on their reactions to the G35x; many were put off by its cheap-feeling interior materials and hardon-the-eyes yellow instruments. But we were thankful Infiniti kept the controls,

especially for the stereo and heat/vent/air conditioning, simple to find and decipher. And the reclining rear seats are a plus. We were also divided on the G35x’s driving dynamics. Its ATTESA E-TS (Advanced Total Traction Engineering System for All Electronic Torque Split) all-wheeldrive system is heavily rear-biased, on purpose by Infiniti, to give a rear-drive feel. And that it does. A few editors were irked by the car’s tail-happy antics, such as Associate Art Director Bert Swift who said, “I got out of the G35x every time thinking, ‘On to something better.’ ” Others found the rawness of the car thrilling: “In hard driving, the G35x is the reigning king of drop-throttle oversteer, and feels the most like a pure rear-driver,” said Executive Editor Douglas Kott. He went on to add, “It’s very predictable in the way it takes a cornering set, but bumps upset the rear suspension. Steering is rather crude in that it kicks back over sharp bumps, but its feel is honest and the ratio’s quickness

adds to the entertainment factor.” Also adding to the entertainment factor is the G35x’s 3.5-liter V-6, which churns out 280 bhp (the highest of the group) and 270 lb.-ft. of torque, mated to a 5-speed automatic that makes an attempt (but not a great one) at rev-matching downshifts in manual mode. Despite the highest curb weight of the seven (3710 lb.), it turned in the second best quarter mile—14.4 seconds at 96.5 mph, along with a 0–60-mph time of 5.9 sec. (tied for second with the Mazdaspeed6). The G35x was also impressive around our autocross course (fourth fastest, just 0.2 sec. behind the BMW), its willingness to change direction—via your right foot—helping it overcome its size and heft. The car’s strong brakes are diminished by an overly invasive ABS system. Although we love the VQ V-6’s snarl when given full wood, it does feel a bit coarse through the seat of your pants; nowhere near the velvety smoothness of the sixes in the BMW and Lexus. Certainly no ugly mutt, the G35’s once state-of-the-art styling looks dated compared to most of the cars here, especially the Lexus, Audi and Subaru. A redesign is coming soon, and we’re sure it will put Infiniti right back in the game.


If rear-drive cars are your thing, you’ll love the G35x. Its rear-biased awd makes it the oversteer king (read: fun), while its 280-bhp V-6 really goes. The car feels dated, though, and the interior, cheap.

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Despite finishing 5th, the Mazdaspeed6 is a good all-around car. We love the turbo-4’s power, but what’s up with those two-tone seats? Still, not bad for a first effort.

MAZDA MAZDASPEED6 351.4 POINTS WE FIGURED THE NEW MAZDASPEED6— with its big power and improved handling—would fare well in this test. So we were surprised when it finished only fifth. Our initial thought was the car had a weight handicap; but it’s actually the third lightest (if you can use that term for a compact car with a curb weight of 3590 lb.) of the bunch. So was it the engine? Unlikely, as its 2.3liter DISI (Direct Injection Spark Ignition) turbocharged 4-cylinder is second only to the G35x in horsepower (with 274) and tops in torque, 280 lb.-ft. at 3000 rpm. Just a hint of turbo lag shows itself with initial throttle application, but then the Mazdaspeed6 rushes forward as the revs rise (with the loudest intake noise of the group) in a most unMazda-like—read “really quickly”—fashion. Power seriously drops off at 5500 rpm, but the car isn’t lacking in acceleration: it tied the G35x for second to 60 mph (5.9

sec.) and was third through the quarter mile with a 14.8-sec. run at 86.4 mph. So maybe it was the handling that let the Mazdaspeed6 down? You’re getting warmer. Far stiffer suspension than the regular Mazda6, body reinforcements that account for 50 percent greater torsional rigidity and larger brakes (it achieved the shortest braking distances) helped it fare well in our performance testing, with the third-best slalom time and a tie with the Audi for second (behind the BMW) around the skidpad. But strangely it finished only sixth on the autocross, and was never a car that editors raved about on the road, despite a competent 6-speed manual and excellent turn-in. Most complained it handled too much like a fwd car, and they could always feel its frontheavy weight bias. In trying to understand his own indifference to the Mazdaspeed6, Wolfkill said this: “For whatever reason, I just couldn’t get excited about the Mazda. Not that it did anything wrong; but it simply didn’t do enough right for me.”


A couple of us were impressed by the car, its plentiful on-demand turbo power leading to bigger transitions in drop-throttle situations than most in the group, enabling understeer to be dialed out with your right foot. Unfortunately the chassis is at its limits, as wider wheels and tires will lead to rubbing of suspension pieces, according to Mazda. Strangely, the minor changes to the exterior drew harsh criticism. For instance, the normally objective Kott became so offended by the Mazdaspeed6’s new hood that he ranted: “Exterior styling will grow old quickly—especially the hood, a multitiered atrocity that reminds me of the movie Corvette Summer.” And none of us could understand the gigantic exhaust finishers over small tailpipes. Regardless of its faults, there is no denying the Mazdaspeed6 is a fine sports sedan; it has far superior performance to the car it was derived from and, as the least expensive car in this test ($33,425), has to be considered a relative bargain.

Andrew Bornhop, EDITOR, R&T SPECIALS

»Although I remain a staunch fan of rear drive, I was won over by the sporty, fuel-efficient Audi A4. The S-Line package does wonders for the car’s appearance, and the added grip helps the A4 carve through turns with nary a push, wet or dry. It’s cramped in back, but that’s not my problem!


YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support R O A D & T R A C K


»Ditch many of the Audi’s expensive options and it would’ve scored the price-dependent victory in the test as well. It tops my personal list, with its free-revving, no-lag engine and hooked-up handling. And the A4’s styling inside and out has a distinctly European pedigree, and will look good for decades.

LEXUS IS 250 AWD 357.6 POINTS WE CAME INTO THIS TEST PRETTY SURE THE IS 250 AWD would get walked all over, due to a measly 204 bhp trying to push a portly 3700 lb. As happens once every decade or so…we were wrong. Turns out the IS 250 is quite a competent road machine and, with its luxurious interior, one that you’re happy to spend a lot of time in. When we first heard of the IS 250, it seemed odd that Lexus would give the new car a smaller engine with less power than the outgoing model. Of course, the IS 350 offers over 300 bhp for those who need it. Odder still is that the awd version can be had only with the weakest engine. But that engine—a 2.5-liter V-6 with 204 bhp and 185 lb.-ft. of torque—is as sweet and smooth as they come; whisper quiet at idle yet delivering a pleasing rip as you paddleshift your way up the gears of the 6-speed automatic. Those large, easy-to-find steering-wheel-mounted paddles were a hit with most editors, though we found on the autocross course that the system wouldn’t allow a downshift to 1st at the tightest corner as you could with the manual-equipped cars. As sweet as the engine is, there’s no denying all the cars here give the IS a beatdown in pure acceleration: it was slowest of the group in both 0–60 mph (7.4 sec., 0.9 sec. behind the BMW, Audi and Volvo) and the quarter mile (15.5 sec. at 89.2 mph), turning in numbers that are fairly anemic for this price range—options ran the Lexus up to $42,343. The IS 250’s awd system defaults to a 30/70 front/rear torque split, though it will shift to 50/50 depending on wheel slip. We were impressed with the car’s handling, but its weight and lack of punch out of slow corners put it in last place on the autocross course. “The IS transitions quite smoothly,”

Kott said, “without that unsettled bobble you get with many other cars. Its steering is trademark Lexus-smooth, offering decent feedback while not quite as ‘alive’ as, say, the BMW’s or Infiniti’s.” The interior is absolutely first-rate in materials and styling, from the supple leather seats and terrific-feeling steering wheel to the superb wood trim and softtouch dash—the interior alone might be reason enough to buy the IS. The editors raved about the cutting-edge exterior as well, Swift saying, “The shapes


created with taut sheet metal, pulled tight around some surfaces like the taillights and doorsills, complement other areas like the front fender flares to create a very dynamic visual presence.” Kott agreed to some extent, but countered that he “misses the IS 300’s styling, which wasn’t simply a smaller clone of a larger car (GS 430) already in the lineup.” Wolfkill summed up the IS 250 AWD best when he said, “With another 50–70 horses and stickier rubber, there’s a chance the Lexus could be the most fun of the bunch.”

There’s lots to love about this underpowered heavyweight, such as its styling and top-notch interior; paddle shifters (right) for the 6-speed automatic are handy. Slightly underdamped Lexus chassis becomes fun when unleashed from VDIM.

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support


While not the sporting machine we expect of a BMW, the 325xi isn’t intended as such. It struggled with too little power and too much weight, which its superbly composed, rear-drive-biased chassis couldn’t make up for. The Bimmer’s iDrive-less interior isn’t as fashionable as some, but at least we can find all the controls easily; the sport seats and steering wheel are far and away the best of the group.

BMW 325xi 360.9 POINTS WE CAN PICTURE CRAIG WILLIAMS FROM the R&T mailroom lugging a container full of letters to our upstairs offices from enraged BMW owners, as they try to understand how we could possibly have tested the lower-horsepower 325xi instead of the 255-bhp 330xi. Simple—price. The 325’s $32,800 base was in the low thirties, right where we wanted all the cars to start. And as you can see from the Data Panel, our test car’s options (which we have no control over) ran the price up to $40,665, the third highest in the group. When was the last time a BMW not only didn’t finish in the top two points-wise, but didn’t capture our hearts and require us to call it a “scalpel” or “the sportiest of the bunch?” Turning a rear-drive car into an all-wheel-driver can have that effect.

No doubt the biggest contributor to our lack of enthusiasm for the awd Bimmer was the languid power. Its N52 magnesium/aluminum 3.0-liter inline-6 makes just 215 bhp along with a paltry 185 lb.-ft. of torque, though it is as silky-smooth an operator as they come. Combine that power (or lack thereof) with a curb weight of 3600 lb., and the 325xi ended up in a three-way tie for fourth (with the Volvo and Audi) from 0–60, with a 6.5-sec. clocking. Its power deficit was much more prevalent in the quarter mile, where its 15.0-sec., 91.4mph run ranked an embarrassing sixth! Handling is normally a BMW forte. But even with an xDrive awd system biased for rear-drive fun (which can steplessly transfer torque 100 percent to the front or rear axle, depending on wheel slip), this was the most un-BMW-like 3 Series we can remember driving. Luckily, a not-so-

brilliant 3 Series still manages to shine in this group. It struggled most on tight back roads (especially uphill sections), where its combination of extra heft and minimal power made it feel unresponsive. Drop throttle did little to squelch understeer, and possibly more than any other car in the test the BMW needed corners taken in a slowin, fast-out manner. It finished a lowly sixth of the group through the slalom but


»The Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT spec.B wins me over with its combination of utility and sheer driving excitement. While I feel its relatively dull looks do not add anything to the face value, the looks on people’s faces as you blow by them in this thing are priceless.


YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support ROAD & TRACK


»Good group of cars. My choice would be the Audi A4 2.0 T Quattro. Granted, its “S-Line” accessories added both performance (tires) and price to the package. But even without these additions, the engine, styling and dynamics represent the best blend of the group for this application.

took top honors at the skidpad; it managed a respectable third in the autocross. The 325xi exhibited the “right now” steering feel we expect from BMWs, and the faster we drove it, the better its well-composed suspension felt. “The BMW is vastly more fun when driving hard in fast 3rd-gear sweepers, getting fun slip angles at all four corners thanks to tuning that involves the

SUBARU LEGACY 2.5 GT 376.2 POINTS THE SUBARU LEGACY 2.5 GT SPEC.B MAY very well be the ultimate “sleeper” car. It would take a real Subaru aficionado to pick one out by its special silver paint or 18-in. 10-spoke alloy wheels. The only spec.B badge is found inside on the center console, where a plaque lists the build number (ours read 002/500, signifying the 500 limited to the U.S. for 2006). The main asset the spec.B brings is better suspension. It includes stiffer Bilstein shock absorbers while the front suspension gets replaced with an inverted-strut setup similar to the STI’s (including aluminum lower control arms). Aluminum bits replace cast-iron pieces on the multilink rear. Add to that the previously mentioned wheels shod with Bridgestone Potenza RE050A tires, size 215/45R-18. Otherwise, the car is a Legacy 2.5 GT, meaning it’s powered by a turbocharged 2.5-liter flat-4 producing 250 bhp and 250

rear suspension more than most,” said Kott. And most everything else about the 325xi reminds us why we love the brand: Strong brakes with a firm pedal, a precise-shifting 6-speed, super-thick steering wheel, sport seats with great lateral support and perfect pedal placement spell “serious driving machine.” But it wasn’t “the ultimate driving machine” in this test.

lb.-ft. of torque, fed through a smooth-shifting “antiquated” 5-speed manual gearbox. This surprisingly buttery engine is a pure delight, with just a hint of turbo lag followed by a ferocious, neck-wrenching midrange punch from 3000–6000 rpm. R&T Specials Editor Andy Bornhop said, “It’s got a great motor with a plateau of torque that makes shifting sometimes unnecessary.” All that power finds its way to the road via Subaru’s symmetrical all-wheel drive with a 50/50 front/rear torque split, transferred accordingly back and forth to the front and rear axles as wheels slip. Add the “specs” up, plus the lightest curb weight of the group, and you have one awesome-performing awd sports sedan. It completely demolished the other six in every outright speed contest, scampering to 60 mph in just 5.1 sec. (beating the secondfastest cars, the G35x and Mazdaspeed6, by 0.8 sec.) and covering the quarter in 13.7 sec. at 99.2 mph, topping the G35x by 0.7 sec. Wolfkill noted, “The engine pulls willingly from almost anywhere on the tach,



There’s an element of pragmatism in our analysis of these all-wheeldrive offerings. In each case, we asked the automaker to fit any available sports option, including the relevant tire. As you can see, this resulted in something of a mixed bag of rubber. Several retain the all-season M+S tires that are common with awd cars in our country; others include summer tires with the sports package. We considered running them all on the same tire, but a more relevant question is, “What about snow tires in the winter, and summer tires for the more clement times of year?” We’ve done two brand-specific analyses of this fairly recently (see “Atop the Mountain/Snowflake,” December 1999, and “Run-Flats for All Seasons,” November 2005). In each, the summer tire compared favorably with the all-season in warm weather, dry or wet. And the snow tire performed some 28–30 percent better than the all-season on snow. Two conclusions from this: First, our question gets answered in the affirmative: If your driving includes significant snowy conditions for part of the year, your car deserves specific summer and winter fitments. Pure and simple, all-season tires are a compromise in this regard. Second, and a related question, “Which is better, one of our awd competitors on all-season tires, or its front- or rear-drive counterpart on dedicated summer or winter rubber?” Summer is a close call; but winter isn’t. All-wheel drive has its benefits in the snow, but not the 28–30 percent offered by dedicated snow tires. And awd won’t help at all when it comes to stopping in snow. Of course, the best choice for wintry conditions is all-wheel drive and snow tires.—Dennis Simanaitis

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CONE-CRUNCHING MAYHEM! To properly pit these seven all-wheel drivers against one another in a safe environment, we set up a near-1-minute autocross course. Because these cars deliver better traction than a comparable 2-wheeldrive car (see sidebar on rear- vs. all-wheel drive, p. 75), we decided to Kink; trail-braking from speed; predictability?

High-speed esses; stability in transitions? Open sweeper; heaviest g-load; push? or loose? tossable into decreasing radius?


Tight gate; possible downshift if you’re really serious.

include a timed wet session after our morning dry running. Best-laid plans sometimes go awry. We quickly found out that the water truck couldn’t drop enough wet stuff to achieve standing water, compounded by the extremely abrasive surface of our former Marine Corps landing strip—picture gritty sandpaper. The grippy surface, combined with learning the track more and more as the day went on, resulted in faster times in the wet than in the dry. Maybe we’re just unusually gifted rain drivers.… Regardless, the autocross proved an excellent way to find the nuances of each car’s handling habits. Stability systems were turned off.


Autocross Results

Slalom; transient handling; agility, grip and balance?

– Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT spec.B — Audi A4 2.0 T Quattro S-Line ˜ BMW 325xi ™ Infiniti G35x š Volvo S40 T5 AWD › Mazda Mazdaspeed6 œ Lexus IS 250 AWD

Tight gate; heavy trail-braking; invoke ABS? turn-in?

54.9 sec. 55.2 sec. 56.0 sec. 56.2 sec. 56.3 sec. 56.7 sec. 56.8 sec.



The Subaru proved to be just about every editor’s fastest way around the course, ahead of the second-place Audi A4 by 0.3 sec. When watching the Subie round the cones, we were struck by how much dive, squat and roll the car exhibited. But that translated into a forgiving nature, important since it doesn’t have yaw or traction control. Its extremely potent engine provides tire-shredding thrust out of corners. And, if really provoked, the spec.B can rotate with drop throttle—not a usual trait for an awd’er. A few of us found that if we got the car to oversteer under braking heading into the big sweeper (see track map), it could be 4-wheel drifted under power all the way through. Fun stuff!



The Audi A4—like the Subaru and the Mazdaspeed6—had the advantage of summer tires, and in the Audi’s case they were also the widest of the group. What’s interesting here is the completely different manner in which the Audi goes about its business than, say, the Subaru. The A4’s sport suspension feels composed no matter what type of transition situation you put it in, but the car also has absolutely no inclination to oversteer. It simply claws and scratches for traction at all times, the counterpoint being that low-speed entry understeer is harder to alleviate than in the Subaru and Infiniti. Because of this nature, it’s not as “entertaining” as the Legacy or the G35x. But it sure gets the job done.


YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support R O A D & T R A C K

BMW 325xi


The BMW was possibly the biggest surprise at the autocross. Not because it didn’t win, but because it did so well (third) despite all-season tires and a lack of power compared to the Subie. Precise steering with great feedback helped, as did a superbly confident chassis that could occasionally be persuaded into oversteer, showing its rear-drive nature. The BMW’s predictable handling made the course so easy—aided by proper sport seats that hold you firmly in place—that it felt like you were driving slowly. Also interesting to note is that while the Bimmer finished third, the Infiniti and Volvo were nipping at its heels, just 0.2 and 0.3 sec. behind, respectively.



If you’re more concerned about having fun than posting top lap times, consider the G35x. Its awd system feels the most like a rear-driver of the group. It responds instantly to dropthrottle (a little more so than a few editors preferred) and is by far the easiest with which to invoke oversteer, powersliding its way through the big sweeper in an easy-to-control drift. The G35x can be steered with the throttle more than the others, but because of its size, weight and less crisp steering response, its times suffered. Which the big power from its V-6 (with a fearsome wail) just couldn’t make up.



While the Volvo seemed to be the odd man out for most of this test, it proved it has some abilities as a sports sedan with a very respectable finish in the autocross. This true test of a car’s handling showed the Volvo’s best traits are its smallfor-the-group size, forgiving handling that will never get you in trouble and a broad spread of power from its turbo-5. But numb steering and too much body roll meant the car became vague in the middle of corners, making it feel less like one piece than the others. The S40 is missing the proper sporting “edge” of cars like the BMW and Audi.



The manly version of the Mazda6 proves the saying that “power is nothing without control.” Yes, the Mazdaspeed6 has loads of power, but that means little around a tight autocross course where the emphasis is placed on handling. Under-tired for its weight, the Mazdaspeed6 also dives mightily under braking and feels like a larger car than it is. Turn-in is excellent, but there isn’t enough steering feel to let you know what’s going on after that, unusual for a company that’s been turning out cars with great steering of late. A few of us were bogged down by power-steering-pump issues as well, sporadically occuring throughout the day.



Despite Toyota’s claims to the opposite, we find its VDIM stability system to be, well, a real killjoy. What’s worse, there’s no switch to turn it off. So we completely defeated it via a special series of actions with both the brake pedal and the e-brake. Then we found the true nature of the car. Turns out, it’s quite fun to drive in this mode, exhibiting large doses of drop-throttle and power-on oversteer. Possibly because the car wasn’t designed to be driven with VDIM off, the IS 250’s tail-out attitude was not as controllable as the others. We did appreciate its good steering feel and solid structure, though it’s undertired, overweight and underpowered for autocrossing. YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support


»The Subaru Legacy spec.B is exceptional. It may not have the luxurious interior of the Audi or the VDIM system of the Lexus, but it makes up for that with great torque and predictable suspension. Driving it makes me look forward to snowstorms. The touch-screen and cool gauges help too.

producing a satisfying rush of acceleration that feels like a less frenetic STI. In fact, the whole car feels like an STI for grown-ups.” It can find its way around a track, too, despite moderate body roll and what feels like the least-stiff structure. The spec.B won the autocross outright, finished second in the slalom while it tied for fourth around the skidpad. The Subie shows initial, rather early understeer, but because the car is so light and the chassis so responsive, this can be cured by drop-throttle, or even some brake if necessary. The spec.B has

no onboard yaw or traction control, but the Subie is a very forgiving car; it’s easy to get in and immediately drive quickly. It seems like Subaru’s interiors improve with every new car, and Legacy owners need no longer be embarrassed by cheap-looking, cheap-feeling innards. Controls are logical, simple to use and give off a sense of quality, though still on the low end in this group. While we admit the spec.B is a bit of a “cheater car” since production is so limited, the suspension changes don’t dramatically affect the car; we think Subaru


should have been more aggressive with its tuning, actually. Point being that a regular (cheaper) 2.5 GT could easily be made into a better-handling spec.B by hitting the aftermarket, and would still end up thousands less than most of the cars in this test. True, the spec.B won only two subjective categories (the Audi won five), but it performed well in every test. And we deemed it to have the most driving excitement of the group, which says volumes about its character and what it’s like out on the open road—preferably a twisty one.

The Legacy was the outright performance king of the test, with ferocious straight-line speed and tossable handling. The interior is improved, but lags in quality compared with others; seats lack lateral support.

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Rear Drive

vs. All-Wheel


Rear-drive Infiniti G35.




For fun, we brought a reardrive Infiniti G35 to our autocross and compared it with its all-wheeldrive G35x brother, in both wet and dry conditions with VDC yaw control switched off. We assumed the reardriver would be quicker in the dry, given its ability to hang out its tail and help the driver tighten his line. But in the wet, we were confident the allwheel-driver would have a tremendous advantage, hooking up better out of turns. Here’s what we learned: Well, we were wrong on one front, right on the other. Based on group average times on the dry autocross, the awd G35x proved itself faster, surprising us with its rear-biased manners and lapping nearly a second (0.9 sec.) quicker than the rear-drive G35. In the wet the G35x fared even better, 1.3 sec. quicker than the reardrive G35. Credit goes to the electronically controlled awd system, which maintains a rear-drive bias while endowing the car with improved stability. Don’t get us wrong, the G35x still liked to hang its tail out, but the driver didn’t need to be quite so careful with the throttle to keep the car’s back end in check. In the rear-drive G35, the driver had to be far less aggressive with the throttle (and quicker with corrections) to post respectable times. Wet or dry, the awd G35x was far easier to drive quickly. The G35x’s center diff is responsible. From 0 to 10 mph, its electromagnetic wet clutch splits the torque 25 percent front/75 percent rear for good grip off the line; thereafter, the car is 100percent rear drive until rear-wheel slip is sensed. Then, the diff can send as much as 50 percent of the power forward. Although other awd systems will produce different results, the G35x proves that all-wheel drive, properly applied, can give you the best of both worlds.—Andrew Bornhop

AUDI A4 2.0 T QUATTRO 377.5 POINTS THOSE OF YOU PAYING CLOSE ATTENTION to our ratings section will note the Audi has the field covered (by 1.3 points over the Subaru Legacy) until price is factored in. But several options (such as the $3000 S-Line sport package that includes stiffer suspension and 235/40ZR-18 Dunlop Sport Maxx summer tires) drop the A4 into second place in price-dependent figurings, though we don’t count that in our Final Standings. A majority of the editors picked the Audi as their winner, and that says a lot about what it’s like to drive. And that man-

ner is complete and utter confidence. At all times. It finished second only to the Subaru (by 0.3 sec.) on the autocross, posted the fastest slalom time and tied with the Mazdaspeed6 for second-best skidpad. That it did all this with the third-highest curb weight (3690 lb.) is sheer magic on the part of Audi’s engineers. It also won the subjective section of our ratings, which tells the true story of a car’s overall performance. “It’s the S-Line suspension that helps the A4 tackle just about anything thrown its way,” enthused Wolfkill. “When pushed hard it still feels like an fwd-based system,” he continued. “But at the same time, you can feel the

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support M A R C H 2 0 0 6



rear tires working for you in a corner.” Bornhop called it “the sportiest of the bunch” and Swift called it “the most neutral.” If there’s a knock against the A4, it’s that it’s too easy to drive. While it has very high limits, once it gets into an understeering mood it’s not as easy to “bring it back” as some. This is very safe, but simply not as much fun as cars like the Subie and G35x that can exhibit a tail-out nature to change direction. It also rides a bit more stiffly than the Lexus and BMW. The Audi’s 2.0-liter direct-injected turbo-

charged 4-cylinder has quite the task ahead of it, and with 200 bhp and 207 lb.-ft. of torque it’s just barely up to it. It was fourth best to 60 mph and fifth best to the quarter mile. “Though the least powerful engine of the bunch, the A4’s turbo-4 still manages to feel more energetic than the similarly anemic BMW and Lexus,” said Wolfkill. We found the 6-speed manual gearbox to be on par with the BMW in precision, though a bit notchier. The new A4 interior continues to draw praise for quality and styling, but the


screen-based navigation/entertainment system requires more eyes-away-from-theroad time than it should. The front seats have minimal lateral support, but we appreciate the split/fold-down rears. The exterior has the body of a full-on hottie. We’ve grown accustomed to the new grille, while the car’s muscular shape (aided by S4 bumpers and side sills, part of the S-Line package) excites the senses like no other car here. Add in the pure joy of driving the A4, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

The Audi made up for its turbo-4’s power deficit with unflappable handling; if you go off the road with this car, chalk it up to “operator error.” We continue to be impressed with Audi’s interiors, and equally so with the A4’s sexy new body.

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see video action:


roadandtrack com





Performance points based on proportional scale (normalization).

0−60 mph time 0−¼ mile time Slalom Skidpad

30 pts

Braking, 60−0 mph Braking, 80−0 mph Fuel economy, EPA SUBTOTAL

30 pts

30 pts 30 pts

Audi A4 2.0 T Quattro

BMW 325xi

Infiniti G35x

Lexus IS 250 AWD

Mazda MazdaSpeed6

Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT spec.B

Volvo S40 T5 AWD

23.5 27.4 30.0

23.5 27.4 27.4 30.0

25.9 28.5 27.9

20.7 26.5 28.0

25.9 27.8 28.1

30.0 30.0 29.1

23.5 27.6 26.9

29.0 28.6 28.0 15.5 183.4

29.0 29.0 27.6 18.9 179.7

29.7 30.0 30.0

29.0 28.8 27.6 17.4 191.9

28.3 27.9 27.5 18.5 180.2

20 pts

29.7 29.8 29.6 20.0

200 pts


30 pts

30 pts

29.5 27.7 17.7 183.2

16.6 188.1

SUBJECTIVE Subjective ratings based on points awarded in each of 12 categories by editors and scored based on a proportional scale.

Driving excitement Engine Gearbox Steering

20 pts

Brakes Ride

20 pts

Handling Exterior styling Interior styling

20 pts

Seats Ergonomics/controls Luggage space

10 pts

20 pts 20 pts 20 pts

20 pts

15 pts 15 pts

10 pts

17.2 17.8 16.4

17.0 14.2 17.7

17.2 16.0 16.2

20.0 20.0 17.2

13.6 14.8 16.2


14.8 17.9

15.4 17.5

17.2 18.1

13.8 16.0

17.1 20.0 15.0

19.2 18.5 11.8

16.3 16.3 10.2

18.0 17.3 20.0

15.9 17.2 11.0

17.9 19.6 14.5

15.9 14.4 11.0

14.7 8.8 10.0

11.6 10.0

8.0 10.0

10.9 7.8 9.2

12.7 8.0 9.8

11.6 8.0 8.5

8.4 177.7

9.8 7.5 7.8 10.0 162.0

8.2 177.9

9.0 163.3

9.3 184.3

6.8 150.6







18.9 16.8 20.0 18.0 20.0


200 pts

8.2 187.5

TOTAL POINTS (Price independent)

400 pts


10 pts

Final Standings


Audi A4 2.0 T Quattro

15.7 14.8 18.3 20.0



BMW 325xi


Infiniti G35x

18.1 14.4 15.0





Lexus IS 250 AWD

Mazda MazdaSpeed6

Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT spec.B

Volvo S40 T5 AWD


STANDINGS, PRICE DEPENDENT Points based on a proportional scale; points range based on percentage of top price.

Price as tested

200 pts

Price-sensitive total points Price-sensitive standings

191.3 $40,785 568.8

191.5 $40,665 552.4

195.5 $37,250 540.9

189.5 $42,343 547.1

$33,425 551.4

198.6 $34,620 574.8

199.7 $33,720 530.5








YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support

This test came down to two cars—the Audi and Subaru—that distanced themselves from the others in the test. One, the Audi, took top honors overall, while the other, the Subaru, took solace in winning the price-dependent category. Also showing their parity was that the Subaru won the Performance division of our ratings, while the Audi dominated the Subjective section. Whether the A4 is better than the Legacy comes down to personal preference. If you really care about power, the choice is obvious— only the Subaru will do. If you crave the utmost in refinement and class in your awd sedan, and are willing to be smoked in a straight line, the Audi is the best choice. What was interesting to note was that of the seven editors, the four “old fogeys” chose the subdued, can-do-no-wrong Audi, while the three “young whippersnappers” chose the more playful Subie. So take your pick: Both cars are absolutely terrific sports sedans that just happen to possess year-round traction; we’d be thrilled to own either one. 

» M A R C H 2 0 0 6


Audi of America, Inc., 3800 Hamlin Rd., Auburn Hills, Mich. 48326;

Audi A4 2.0 T Quattro

BMW 325xi

Infiniti G35x

$29,740 $40,785 Price as tested incl std equip. (ABS, front, side airbags, yaw & traction control, awd, AM/FM/CD), S-Line pkg (sport suspension, 18-in. wheels & tires,) $3000, Audi Navigation Plus ($1950), premium pkg (auto. lights, heated & power seats) $1850, technology pkg (bi-xenon headlights, memory seats) $1775, sunroof pkg (sunroof, leather) $1400, XM radio ($350), dest charge ($720). 3690 lb 3880 lb

$32,800 $40,665 Price as tested incl std equip. (ABS, front, side airbags, yaw & traction control, awd, AM/FM/ CD) , premium package (leather, auto. lights, pwr seats w/memory) $2900, sport package (17-in. wheels and tires, front sports seats with side bolsters) $1200, premium audio ($1200), xenon headlights ($800), satellite radio ($595), metallic paint ($475), dest charge ($695).

$33,100 $37,250 Price as tested incl std equip. (ABS, front, side airbags, yaw & traction control, awd, AM/FM/ CD), premium package C (Bose audio, sunroof, auto. headlights, reclining rear seatbacks, memory seats) $3500, dest charge ($650).

3600 lb 3780 lb

57/43 104.3 in. 59.9 in./59.9 in. 180.6 in. 69.8 in. 56.2 in.

52/48 108.7 in. 59.1 in./59.6 in. 178.2 in. 71.5 in. 55.9 in.

$29,925 $33,425 Price as tested incl std equip. (ABS, front, side airbags, yaw & traction control, awd, AM/FM/CD), navigation system ($2000), sunroof ($700), California emissions ($100), alarm shock sensor upgrade ($60), wheel locks ($40), cargo net ($40), dest charge ($560).

$33,995 $34,620 Price as tested incl std equip. (ABS, front, side airbags, awd, AM/FM/ CD, navigation, climate control, heated & power seats, leather, 18-in. wheels, sport suspension, power moonroof, cruise control), dest charge ($625).

$28,390 $33,720 Price as tested incl std equip. (ABS, front, side airbags, awd, AM/ FM/CD), dynamic trim package (spoilers, side moldings & valance, 17in. alloy wheels) $1895, premium audio w/CD ($895), yaw & traction control ($695), climate package (heated front seats, rain sensor) $675, metallic paint ($475), dest charge ($695).

3710 lb 3890 lb

3700 lb 3890 lb

3590 lb 3780 lb

3390 lb 3580 lb

3480 lb 3660 lb

54/46 112.2 in. 59.3 in./59.3 in. 186.5 in. 69.0 in. 57.7 in.

54/46 107.5 in. 60.4 in./60.4 in. 180.1 in. 70.9 in. 56.7 in.

59/41 105.3 in. 60.6 in./60.6 in. 186.8 in. 70.1 in. 56.3 in.

57/43 105.1 in. 58.9 in./58.5 in. 186.2 in. 68.1 in. 56.5 in.

59/41 103.9 in. 60.4 in./60.3 in. 175.9 in. 69.7 in. 57.2 in.

dohc 4-valve/cyl I-4 turbo 2260 cc 87.4 x 94.0 mm 9.5:1 274 bhp @ 5500 rpm 280 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm 6700 rpm elect. sequential direct premium unleaded

dohc 4-valve/cyl F-4 turbo 2457 cc 99.5 x 79.0 mm 8.2:1 250 bhp @ 6000 rpm 250 lb-ft @ 3600 rpm 6500 rpm elect. sequential port premium unleaded

dohc 4-valve/cyl I-5 turbo 2521 cc 83.0 x 93.2 mm 9.0:1 218 bhp @ 5000 rpm 236 lb-ft @ 1500-4800 rpm 6500 rpm elect. sequential port premium unleaded

front engine/awd front engine/awd unit steel unit steel 12.6-in. vented discs/ 12.3-in. vented discs/ 1-piston sliding calipers 2-piston sliding calipers 12.4-in. discs/ 11.3-in. vented discs/ 1-piston sliding calipers; 1-piston sliding calipers; vac assist, ABS vac assist, ABS cast alloy, 18 x 7JJ cast alloy, 18 x 7JJ Bridgestone Potenza Bridgestone Potenza RE050A, 215/45R-18 93Y RE050A, 215/45R-18 89Y rack & pinion, rack & pinion, vari power assist vari power assist 14.8:1 15.2:1 2.6 2.6 upper and lower A-arms, MacPherson struts, lower coil springs, tube shocks, L-arms, coil springs, tube anti-roll bar/multilink, shocks, anti-roll bar/ coil springs, tube shocks, multilink, coil springs, anti-roll bar tube shocks, anti-roll bar

front engine/awd unit steel 11.8-in. vented discs/ 2-piston sliding calipers 11.0-in. discs/ 1-piston sliding calipers; vac assist, ABS cast alloy, 17 x 7 Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 XSE M+S, 205/50ZR-17 93V rack & pinion, vari power assist 15.4:1 2.9 MacPherson struts, coil springs, tube shocks, anti-roll bar/multilink, coil springs, tube shocks, anti-roll bar

5 38.5 in./35.0 in. 43.0 in. 24.0 in. 12.4 cu ft

5 39.5 in./34.5 in. 43.0 in. 24.5 in. 12.6 cu ft


front engine/awd unit steel 12.6-in. vented discs/ 1-piston sliding calipers 11.3-in. discs/ 1-piston sliding calipers; vac assist, ABS cast alloy, 18 x 8J Dunlop SP Sport Maxx, 235/40ZR-18 95Y rack & pinion, electric power assist 14.8:1 2.8 upper & lower A-arms, coil springs, tube shocks, anti-roll bar/multilink, coil springs, tube shocks, anti-roll bar

front engine/awd unit steel 11.8-in. vented discs/ 1-piston sliding calipers 11.8-in. vented discs/ 1-piston sliding calipers; vac assist, ABS cast alloy, 17 x 8 Bridgestone Turanza EL42 RFT, 225/45R-17 91H rack & pinion, vari power assist 18.9:1 3.3 MacPherson struts, double-pivot lower arms, coil springs, tube shocks, anti-roll bar/multilink, coil springs, tube shocks, anti-roll bar

front engine/awd unit steel 12.6-in. vented discs/ 1-piston sliding calipers 12.1-in. vented discs/ 1-piston sliding calipers; vac assist, ABS cast alloy, 17 x 7JJ Bridgestone Turanza EL42, P215/55R-17 93V rack & pinion, power assist 14.8:1 2.7 multilink, coil springs, tube shocks, anti-roll bar/ multilink, coil springs, tube shocks, anti-roll bar

5 37.5 in./34.5 in. 45.3 in. 22.0 in. 13.4 cu ft

5 38.0 in./35.3 in. 44.3 in. 24.0 in. 12.0 cu ft

5 37.8 in./35.3 in. 43.3 in. 26.0 in. 14.8 cu ft

Seating capacity Head room, f/r Front-seat leg room Rear-seat knee room Trunk space

Infiniti Division, Nissan North America Inc., P.O. Box 191, Gardena, Calif. 90248;

$34,285 $42,343 Price as tested incl std equip. (ABS, front, side airbags, yaw & traction control, awd, AM/FM/ CD) , navigation system w/Mark Levinson premium audio (300-watt DVD/CD) $3990, Lexus Pre-Collision System/ dynamic radar cruise control ($2850), park assist ($500), trunk mat ($69), cargo net ($59), dest charge ($590).


Layout Body/frame Brakes Front:

Steering ratio Turns lock to lock Suspension, f/r


Subaru Volvo Legacy 2.5 GT spec.B S40 T5 AWD

dohc 4-valve/cyl V-6 3498 cc 95.5 x 81.4 mm 10.3:1 280 bhp @ 6200 rpm 270 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm 6700 rpm elect. sequential port premium unleaded



Mazda Mazdaspeed6

dohc 4-valve/cyl I-4 turbo dohc 4-valve/cyl I-6 1984 cc 2996 cc 82.5 x 92.8 mm 85.0 x 88.0 mm 10.5:1 10.7:1 200 bhp @ 5100-6000 rpm 215 bhp @ 6250 rpm 207 lb-ft @ 1800-5000 rpm 185 lb-ft @ 2750 rpm 6800 rpm 7000 rpm elect. sequential direct elect. sequential port premium unleaded premium unleaded

Wheels Tires

BMW of North America, P.O. Box 1227, Westwood, N.J. 07675-1227;

Lexus IS250 AWD

Type Displacement Bore x stroke Compression ratio Horsepower (SAE) Torque Redline Fuel injection Rec fuel



2 0 0 6

A4 2.0 T Quattro


dohc 4-valve/cyl V-6 2499 cc 83.1 x 77.0 mm 12.0:1 204 bhp @ 6400 rpm 185 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm 6600 rpm elect. sequential direct premium unleaded


front engine/awd unit steel 11.7-in. vented discs/ 1-piston sliding calipers 11.5-in. discs/ 1-piston sliding calipers; vac assist, ABS cast alloy, 17 x 8 Bridgestone Potenza RE92, 225/45R-17 91V rack & pinion, electric power assist 15.4:1 3.0 upper and lower A-arms, coil springs, tube shocks, anti-roll bar/multilink, coil springs, tube shocks, anti-roll bar


5 37.0 in./35.0 in. 44.5 in. 21.3 in. 13.0 cu ft

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support

5 37.0 in./34.3 in. 43.0 in. 25.8 in. 11.4 cu ft


Curb weight Test weight Weight dist (w/ 180-lb driver), f/r, % Wheelbase Track, f/r Length Width Height

2 0 0 6

2 0 0 6


List price Price as tested



Mazda North American Operations, 7755 Irvine Center Dr., Irvine, Calif. 92618;

Audi A4 2.0 T Quattro

BMW 325xi

Infiniti G35x


Legacy 2.5 GT spec.B

Lexus IS250 AWD

Mazda Mazdaspeed6

Subaru Volvo Legacy 2.5 GT spec.B S40 T5 AWD

14.8 @ 86.4 mph

13.7 @ 99.2 mph

Subaru of America, Inc., Subaru Plaza Drive, P.O. Box 6000, Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034;

15.0 @ 91.4 mph

14.4 @ 96.5 mph

15.5 @ 89.2 mph

Time to speed

Audi A4 2.0 T

BMW 325xi

Infiniti G35x

Lexus Mazda Subaru Volvo IS 250 awd Mazdaspeed6 Legacy 2.5 GT S40 T5 AWD

0–120 mph







0–110 mph








0–100 mph








0–90 mph








0–80 mph








0–70 mph








0–60 mph









0–50 mph









0–40 mph









0–30 mph









0–20 mph









0–10 mph








')& '(& ''& '&& /& .& -&





V40 T5 AWD

Volvo Cars of North America, Inc., One Premier Place, Irvine, Calif. 92618;


Time to distance, seconds 0–1320 ft (¼ mile) 15.0 @ 93.3 mph

&J<: +


2 0 0 6


2 0 0 6

Lexus, Division of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. 19001 S. Western Ave., Torrance, Calif. 90509;

2 0 0 6

IS 250 AWD


2 0 0 6



Minimum stopping distance From 60 mph 122 ft From 80 mph 210 ft Total swept area 539 sq in. Swept area per ton 292 sq in.









denotes quarter mile

14.9 @ 93.6 mph

Test Notes: ACCELERATION Stability control was turned off on all vehicles. The Mazdaspeed6 felt a bit flat in its acceleration runs, perhaps because the car is designed to run on 93 octane; the best we get in California is 91. We also suspect the intercooler could benefit from better ducting. The Volvo proved fairly quick, edging out the Audi, BMW and Lexus through the quarter mile. T EST CO N D I TI O N S

Temperature Humidity Elevation Wind Location

85˚ F 32% 350 ft calm Irvine, California


123 ft 224 ft 464 sq in. 258 sq in.

127 ft 222 ft 444 sq in. 240 sq in.

125 ft 224 ft 419 sq in. 226 sq in.

Lateral accel * 0.86g Balance mild understeer Slalom speed** 69.2 mph Balance mild understeer *(200-ft skidpad); ** 700-ft slalom, 100-ft spacing.

0.87g moderate understeer 63.1 mph mild understeer

0.84g mild understeer 64.3 mph mild understeer

Transmission 6-speed manual Gear/Ratio/Overall/(Rpm) Mph 1st,:1 3.67/14.26/(6800) 35 2nd,:1 2.05/7.98/(6800) 63 3rd,:1 1.42/5.53/(6800) 90 4th,:1 1.03/4.01/(6800) 124 0.80/3.11/est (5500) 130* 5th,:1 0.66/2.56/est (4500) 130* 6th,:1 Final drive ratio 3.89:1 Engine rpm @ 60 mph in top gear 2100 rpm *Electronically limited.

6-speed manual

5-speed automatic

4.35/14.70/(7000) 34 2.50/8.45/(7000) 59 1.66/5.61/(7000) 89 1.23/4.16/(7000) 120

3.54/12.52/(6700) 38 2.26/8.01/(6700) 59 1.47/5.20/(6700) 91 1.00/3.54/(6700) 135

121 ft 207 ft 498 sq in. 277 sq in.

126 ft 225 ft 443 sq in. 261 sq in.

130 ft 226 ft 484 sq in. 278 sq in.

0.86g moderate understeer 64.9 mph mild understeer

0.84g moderate understeer 67.2 mph mild understeer

0.82g moderate understeer 62.0 mph mild understeer

6-speed automatic

6-speed manual

5-speed manual

6-speed manual

3.52/14.43/(6600) 34 2.04/8.37/(6600) 58 1.40/5.74/(6600) 84 1.00/4.10/(6600) 118

3.54/13.95/(6700) 36 2.24/8.83/(6700) 57 1.54/6.07/(6700) 83 1.17/4.61/(6700) 109

3.17/13.01/(6500) 38 1.88/7.74/(6500) 64 1.30/5.33/(6500) 93 0.97/3.99/(6500) 124

3.39/13.56/(6500) 34 1.91/7.64/(6500) 61 1.27/5.08/(6500) 91 0.95/3.80/(6500) 122


0.84g moderate understeer 64.5 mph mild understeer


1.00/3.38/est (6200) 130* 0.83/2.95/est (6200) 150* 0.72/2.94/est (5200) 130* 1.09/4.29/(6700) 117 0.85/2.87/est (5200) 130* 0.59/2.40/est (4300) 130* 0.85/3.35/est (6700) 149*

0.74/3.03/est (5400) 136* 0.78/3.12/est (6200) 143 0.65/2.60/est (5200) 143







2400 rpm

2550 rpm

2000 rpm

2650 rpm

2400 rpm

2200 rpm

19.2 mpg 19/25 mpg 286 miles 15.9 gal.

15.9 mpg 20/26 mpg 253 miles 16.9 gal.

18.8 mpg 20/29 mpg 269 miles 15.3 gal.

44 dBA 75 dBA 70 dBA 72 dBA

41 dBA 73 dBA 70 dBA 72 dBA

44 dBA 75 dBA 72 dBA 74 dBA


Our driving EPA city/highway Cruise range Fuel capacity

18.8 mpg 22/31 mpg 293 miles 16.6 gal.

16.7 mpg 19/28 mpg 249 miles 15.9 gal.

15.3 mpg 17/24 mpg 291 miles 20.0 gal.

Idle in neutral Maximum, 1st gear Constant 50 mph Constant 70 mph

43 dBA 71 dBA 67 dBA 70 dBA

43 dBA 73 dBA 65 dBA 71 dBA

46 dBA 74 dBA 67 dBA 72 dBA

17.5 mpg 22/28 mpg 282 miles 17.1 gal. INT E RIOR NOIS E

40 dBA 75 dBA 68 dBA 71 dBA

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support

Bose速 audio system with in-dash 6-CD

Alloy pedals ideally placed for performance driving 6-speed manual transmission

Navigation system with retractable 7" screen

Electroluminescent gauges

High-bolster front sport seats

HID headlights

Direct injection 274 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque

15.5 psi maximum boost

Turbocharged and intercooled all-aluminum 2.3-liter engine

Instant response electronic throttle

Forged steel crankshaft and connecting rods

Twin high-performance fuel pumps

Water-cooled power transfer differential Computer controlled Active Torque-Split All-Wheel Drive

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support

ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution

Lightweight 18" alloy wheels

Four-wheel disc brakes with large 12" rotors help ensure outstanding stopping power

Mazda Advanced Keyless Entry & Start System*

Front and rear side air curtains


Strengthened body structure with a 50% increase in torsional rigidity Dynamic stability control Rear limited-slip differential maximizes traction and cornering stability Sport-tuned dual outlet exhaust Track-tuned suspension Increased spring rates, stiffer shock absorbers, larger stabilizer bars Rear multilink suspension maximizes tire/road contact

Introducing the all-new 274-HP, AWD

. High-performance at the highest level.

From first glance to first gear. One drive and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll know the latest offering from the MAZDASPEED lineup goes way beyond merely meeting your needs. With its responsive 274-horsepower turbocharged engine, Active Torque-Split All-Wheel Drive and track-tuned suspension, the all-new MAZDASPEED6 delivers the perfect balance of everything you ever wanted in performance and sophistication. What more could you possibly want? YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support

MAZDASPEED6 Grand Touring model shown with optional navigation system and moonroof. *Grand Touring model only. Š2005 Mazda North American Operations







WITH ONLY SIX SHELBY DAYTONA COUPES EVER BUILT AND ALL FOR COMPETITION use, few lucky souls have ever driven one, let alone owned one for the street. Until now. Thanks to Superformance of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and original designer Peter Brock, the Daytona Coupe is back and better than ever. No mere bodyshell imitation of the original, this latest Coupe carefully blends the past with the present to produce a thoroughly modern, yet classically styled high-performance sports car. Designed from a clean sheet of paper, the Superformance Coupe is everything its predecessor should have been but never had the chance. It has the benefit of contemporary chassis design, modern manufacturing and lightweight materials. More important, from the very beginning it has had the hands-on involvement of two of the Daytona Coupe’s original creators— Brock and chassis engineer, the late Bob Negstad (others were Ken Miles, John Collins and Bob Holbert). Even Carroll Shel82

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support ROAD & TRACK

by, who initially objected to Superformance’s version of his Daytona Coupe, has since blessed this latest interpretation of the original. Not a replica in the traditional sense, the Coupe is an evolution of what Brock started more than 40 years ago. Beginning with the body, not a single panel exactly matches the original. Instead, Brock has taken the classic shape, stretched the wheelbase 3 in. (to the length the original was meant to have) and styled a skin that


Like driving an original Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe—only better BY KIM WOLFKILL

looks every bit a Daytona Coupe, only sexier. The proportions are more pleasing. Slightly longer, higher and wider than the original, its overall shape comes across as sensuous, yet serious; timeless without seeming at all dated. Under its flawless fiberglass skin, the Coupe rolls on a 21st century mild steel space frame. Designed by Negstad, who was also responsible for the original GT-40 and 427 Cobra suspensions, the Coupe’s tube chassis is as modern as the computers on which it was designed. Developed using the considerable resources of Roush Industries, where Negstad worked after leaving Ford, the chassis combines race-car capabilities with production-car driveability. Unlike the original, which placed occupants on top of the outside frame rails, the Coupe’s wider rails drop the seats between them, opening up 4 in. of additional head room and helping lower the center of gravity. The front end is suspended by unequal-length A-arms; the rear employs


a combination of upper A-arms and lower arms with trailing links. Longer-thanusual rear arms provide additional travel for in-town compliance and reduced camber change under load. Bilstein coil-over shock absorbers with H&R springs handle the bumps, while the brakes are PBR Corvette-spec rotors and calipers. In the case of our test car (Peter Brock’s daily driver), modern BRE-designed 18-in. forged alloy wheels with Kumho Ecsta V710 DOTlegal tires complete the setup. The result is no-compromise handling with impressively civil manners. Around town and at regular speeds, the suspension soaks up most everything thrown its way, exhibiting none of the harshness one might expect from a performance-tuned, tubechassis sports car. It stumbles slightly on square-edge bumps, where the tires’ short, stiff sidewalls don’t do your backside any favors, but overall, the Coupe delivers impressive ride quality, a testament to the rear suspension design and well-executed

tuning. Body rigidity over bumps is never an issue, with neither the chassis nor the cabin emitting so much as a squeak, rattle or groan throughout our entire test—this on Brock’s own chassis No. 73, with more than 15,000 miles on the clock. Dial up the speed and Negstad’s chassis wizardry quickly comes to the fore. Like any good race chassis, the Coupe’s comes alive the harder it’s pushed. Turn-in is instantaneous, followed by the car taking an immediate set once bent into the corner. As lateral loads build, the Coupe feels increasingly stable approaching its limits. Balanced and predictable throughout, once at the limit the rear breaks away just before the front, in a benign, predictable manner. A relatively low curb weight (2910 lb.) also helps, making quick direction changes a breeze. And while the Coupe doesn’t come equipped with any form of yaw control, given its well-sorted nature, it doesn’t really seem to need it. As our test numbers show (1.07g on

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The handsome rolling chassis gets an engine of your choice; here, an RDI-built 427 V-8. Suspension is classic track fare. Gauge indicates fuel pressure.

the skidpad and 76.6 mph through the slalom), the Coupe’s race-tuned chassis and ultra-sticky tires make for one tenacious handler. So grippy, in fact, that it set new Road & Track records for both skidpad and slalom performance. Impressive as the chassis is, fire up the Coupe and it’s hard to think of anything but its thundering V-8. Like all Superformance vehicles, which are delivered without engine and transmission, our Coupe’s drivetrain was chosen by its owner, Peter Brock himself. No stranger to high performance, Brock chose an RDI-built aluminum-block 427 with Edelbrock “Victor Jr.” heads and matching single-plane manifold, an 830-cfm Holley racing carburetor, titanium valves and Jessel rockers, a roller hydraulic cam and custom Burns Stainless headers with side-outlet exhausts. Output is 566 bhp and 563 lb.-ft. of torque managed through a Rockland Standard Gear-blueprinted Tremec T-56 6-speed transmission. Bolt this fire-breathing (literally) engine to the Coupe’s chassis and there are few premium sports cars that can run with it. Zero-to-60 mph takes just 3.5 seconds 84

and the quarter mile, 11.8 sec. at 122.4 mph. The 427’s power is simply explosive, each dip of the throttle spitting swaths of asphalt out behind the car. Shifting barely interrupts the onslaught of thrust as the engine pulls as ferociously in the next gear as it did the last. Helping matters are short, mechanical throws from the shifter, which make gearchanges not only easy but also pleasingly efficient.

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Accompanying all this joyous acceleration is the most aggressive exhaust note this side of 1964. Perhaps a little too raucous for everyday use (though Peter doesn’t seem to mind), there’s no mistaking this Coupe’s sound for any ordinary V-8. At idle, you can actually hear each individual cylinder firing. Get out on the open road, however, and all in-town quibbles are quickly forgotten as the intoxicating bel-

5 0 0 2



Superformance International Inc., 6 Autry, Irvine, Calif. 92618;


$63,800 w/o engine/trans $87,700

Price as tested incl std equip. (air conditioning), RDI-built 427-cu.-in. V-8 ($17,000), Tremec T-56 transmission ($2500), BRE forged alloy wheels ($4400). GEN ERA L DATA

Curb weight Test weight Weight dist (with 180-lb driver), f/r %

2910 lb 3100 lb 680 lb

805 lb



710 lb

905 lb

Wheelbase Track, f/r Length Width Height Ground clearance Trunk space

93.2 in. 56.5 in./58.3 in. 175.0 in. 73.6 in. 49.2 in. 5.0 in. 9.5 cu ft


Seating capacity Head room Seat width Leg room Seatback adjustment Seat travel

2 34.8 in. 2 x 16.5 in. 44.3 in. fixed 4.0 in.


240-mph speedometer, 8000-rpm tach, fuel level, coolant temp, oil temp, oil pressure, voltage SA F E T Y

3-point seatbelts WA RRANT Y

Basic warranty Powertrain Rust-through Body

1 year/unlimited miles 2 years/24,000 miles 1 year/unlimited miles lifetime



alum. block & heads, V-8/longitudinal ohv 2-valve/cyl, chain drive

Valvetrain Displacement Bore x stroke Compression ratio Horsepower (SAE) Bhp/liter Torque Redline Fuel delivery Recommended fuel

427 cu in./7009 cc 4.13 x 4.00 in./ 104.8 x 101.6 mm 10.5:1 566 bhp @ 5800 rpm 89.9 563 lb-ft @ 4900 rpm 6400 rpm 4-barrel carburetor premium unleaded


Transmission: 6-speed manual Gear Ratio Overall ratio (Rpm) Mph 1st 2.97:1 10.28:1 (6400) 51 2nd 2.04:1 7.06:1 (6400) 75 3rd 1.43:1 4.95:1 (6400) 107 4th 1.00:1 3.46:1 (6400) 152 5th 0.80:1 2.77:1 (6400) 190 6th 0.62:1 2.15:1 est (5300) 204 Final drive ratio 3.46:1 Engine rpm @ 60 mph in top gear 1550 CHASS IS & BODY

Layout Body/frame Brakes Front: Rear: Assist type Wheels Front: Rear: Tires Front: Rear: Spare tire Steering

front engine/rear drive fiberglass/steel space frame 12.8-in. vented discs/ 2-piston sliding calipers 12.0-in. vented discs/ 1-piston sliding calipers vacuum forged alloy, 18 x 8½ forged alloy, 18 x 11 Kumho Ecsta V710 245/35R-18 88W 315/35R-18 101W custom space saver rack & pinion, power assist

Steering ratio na Steering-wheel diameter na Turns, lock to lock 2.5 Turning circle 42.0 ft Suspension Front: unequal-length A-arms, coil springs, tube shocks, anti-roll bar Rear: unequal-length A-arms, coil springs, tube shocks, anti-roll bar


Time to distance 0–100 ft 0–500 ft 0–900 ft 0–1320 ft (¼ mile)

seconds 2.4 6.5 9.3 11.8 @ 122.4 mph Time to speed, sec


0–120 mph 11.4 0–110 mph 9.8 0–100 mph 8.4 0–90 mph 6.8 0–80 mph 5.8 0–70 mph 4.9 0–60 mph 3.5 0–50 mph 2.9 0–40 mph 1.9 0–30 mph 1.4 0–20 mph 0.9 0–10 mph 0.2

'(& ''& '&& /& .& -&

,& +& *& )& (& '&




List price Price as tested

&J<: +





Minimum stopping distance From 60 mph 126 ft From 80 mph 213 ft Total swept area 411 sq in. Swept area/ton 282 sq in.

0−60 mph

3.5 sec

0−¼ mile

11.8 sec

Top speed

est 204 mph




76.6 mph




Test Notes: ACCELERATION The launch: windows up, air conditioning off, hold engine rpm at 3500 and drop the clutch. The Kumho V710s have neck-wrenching grip and the big V-8 has loads of torque so it’s easy to run consistent 0–60 times of less than 4 seconds. Shifting isn’t difficult, each gear engaging quickly.


Lateral acceleration* 1.07g Balance mild understeer Slalom speed** 76.6 mph Balance mild understeer Lateral seat support very good *200-ft skidpad; **700-ft slalom, 100-ft spacing. F U E L ECONOM Y

Our driving EPA city/highway Cruise range Fuel capacity

est 16.0 mpg est 15/22 mpg est 320 miles 21.0 gal.


Idle in neutral Maximum in 1st gear Constant 50 mph Constant 70 mph

79 dBA 93 dBA 87 dBA 90 dBA


Temperature Humidity Elevation Wind YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support Location

94˚ F 74% 350 ft strong Irvine, California

Test Notes: BRAKING No ABS for brake stops, but the pedal feels powerful. Aggressive brake stops can result in lockup. Test Notes: HANDLING On the track, the coupe is light and nimble. The steering ratio is quick and doesn’t require large inputs.

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This example is Peter Brock’s personal car. The number coincides with chassis number as well as Brock’s old race number.

low of 566 race-tuned horses drowns out thoughts of anything but putting your foot to the mat and grabbing another gear. Anyone wondering about Superformance’s “replicar” build quality need not worry. Besides the aforementioned body/ chassis integrity, one look around the interior quickly squelches any concerns about this being some cobbled-together kit car. The cabin has something of a 1960s’ Cobra look, with chrome-rimmed Stewart Warner gauges and a three-spoke chrome steering wheel accompanied by leather sport seats and suede-like trim throughout. Simple in execution, yet perfectly suited to the Coupe’s character, the cockpit just feels right. A radio is optional and the windows are roll-down affairs, but air conditioning, thankfully, is standard.

Cost for the rolling chassis is $63,800. Adding a tricked-out powertrain like Peter Brock’s 427 puts the price tag somewhere just south of $90,000. Go for a little less exotic (but nearly as fast) 302 or 351 Windsor engine package and expect to pay closer to $80,000. That’s Dodge Viper Coupe territory, a car that can only dream of possessing the Coupe’s undeniable presence when it grows up. Inspired by a classic, but still very much its own car, the Superformance Coupe artfully brings the past and

The Dominator

The original Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe enjoyed a short, but impressive, racing career. Built for the 1964 racing season around a 289 Shelby Cobra chassis, the Coupe was America’s answer to Ferrari’s hugely successful 250 GTO. It was designed as a more aerodynamic version of its roadster counterpart, better suited for the longer European tracks where top speed mattered and the Ferraris thrived. Penned by young Californian Peter Brock, the design was a break from the Cobra, its sleek nose and truncated tail looking nothing like the roadster on which it was based. Unorthodox as it seemed at first, the design proved to be a huge success. In its first year of competition, the Daytona Coupe won the GT class and placed 4th overall at Le Mans with Bob Bondurant and Dan Gurney at the wheel. It proved so competitive against the all-conquering Ferrari 250 GTOs that Ferrari officials

present together in one, singular vehicle. Its performance challenges the fastest contemporary sports cars, while its ageless design stands alone. Some may regret never having experienced the original Daytona Coupe firsthand, but after a spin in Peter Brock’s latest coupe, those regrets will soon seem  like a distant memory.

managed to get the Monza, Italy, round cancelled rather than risk losing the race (and possibly the title) on the Scuderia’s home track. Consequently Ferrari claimed the 1964 FIA World Manufacturer’s Championship for GT cars by the narrowest of margins. The following year, Ferrari pulled its factory support from the GT program to concentrate on prototypes, paving the way for a Daytona Coupe walkover, the Alan Mann Racingcampaigned cars winning the title with ease. After the ’65 season, Ford and Shelby turned their attention to the GT-40 race car, and the Daytona Coupes disappeared from competition. The original six cars remained in Europe for a short time before eventually being shipped back to the U.S. Today, each of the six Shelby Daytona Coupes, in both restored and original condition, is worth millions.—KW

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87 1-800-33-Honda *Required XM subscription sold separately after three trial months. American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Thx for Support The XM name is a registered trademark of XM Satellite Radio Inc. ©2005 YYePG Proudly Presents,

XM Satellite Radio*, heated ®

leather seats and available navigation system. Feel free to show it Support off. The Accord EX V-6. YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for







Lamborghini Gallardo Airing out this compact Italian exotic BY DOUGLAS KOTT


T HE HUE IS QUINTESSENTIAL M IAMI , A powder blue/turquoise that could easily accent one of the trendy Art Deco hotels that line the city’s South Beach strip. Or morph into Sonny Crockett’s pastel sports coat in a cheesy scene straight out of Miami Vice, complete with pounding techno-pop score. But here it is gracing the powerful and tautly compact shape of Lamborghini’s V-10powered, aluminum-chassis Gallardo Spyder, the latest offering from Audi-owned Lamborghini. Coincidence? Editor-at-Large John Lamm and I ponder the question as we trundle through Coconut Grove in this exotic ragtop, past swank Cuban restaurants, artist bungalows and beneath a dense arcade of trees that suddenly part to reveal

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Miami’s shimmering skyline. Luc Donckerwolke, the Belgian designer who heads up Lamborghini’s Centro Stile studio alongside the factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese, first brought us the V-12 Murciélago and its open-top variant, the Roadster. Now he has artfully beheaded the Gallardo, yet unlike its exotic big brother, the Spyder’s top is a properly lined and insulated piece that stows or deploys noiselessly in just over 20 seconds, using electrohydraulic muscle from two actuators. (The Murciélago’s uses a fussy assemble-it-yourself frame with a fabric cover, not unlike the original Viper’s, that’s designed for occasional use.) Latching at the windshield header is automatic, and


SPYDER a glass rear window, which doubles as a wind blocker when the top is down, can be raised or lowered electrically depending on your airflow preferences. To accept the top, the enormous carbon-fiber rear deck tilts back clamshell fashion on cast-alloy hinges that are works of art unto themselves, but unfortunately the top’s well practically rests on (and obscures) the intake plenums of the midmounted 4961-cc aluminum V-10. Still, there are the throttle bodies, wrinkle-finish black airboxes and sickle-shaped intake snorkels on display. When closed, the lou-

vered lid cuts a subtle arc in profile, transitioning to a high, forward-sloping beltline that accentuates the Gallardo’s rake, and is reminiscent of the high cockpit sides of a Formula 1 car. It also makes the wheels-atthe-corners Spyder appear longer than it is, something of an illusion since it’s actually an inch shorter than a Porsche Boxster! As exotics go, the Gallardo Spyder is quite usable day to day. Conventionally opening doors and sills of only moderate width make ingress/egress simple, and although wheel arch intrusion cants the pedals toward the center of the car, it’s not that severe. For taller drivers, the Spyder is a mixed bag, as the design loses an inch or two of leg room over the coupe; but those tall of torso will more easily be able to see over the high engine

cover. Fortunately, outside rearview mirrors are large and well placed. Shifting couldn’t be simpler, as our car was fitted with what Lamborghini calls “e.gear,” a dry-clutch 6-speed with paddle shifters that snaps off gearchanges in just 0.22 second, or as quick as 0.17 sec. when the Sport button on the center console is pressed. And with electric motors twirling the twin throttle bodies’ butterflies, you get fantastic rev-matched downshifts that can be wickedly abrupt. In Sport mode, “blip” is entirely the wrong word; they’re felt more as distinct, ragged explosions as the V-10 erupts toward its 8100-rpm limit. A conventional 6-speed manual is the standard transmission, and some may prefer it as the e.gear can be fussy in its clutch actuation in low-speed situations, like maneuvering through a parking lot. With our VBOX test gear aboard and a suitably long stretch of Homestead-Miami Speedway’s infield road course ahead,


Homestead-Miami Speedway’s infield road course was ideal to probe the Spyder’s limits...and you have to push hard to overwhelm the sticky Pirelli P Zeros. The incredible induction wail is even better with the top stowed beneath the carbon-fiber decklid.

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A purposely tail-happy torque bias makes the Spyder handle like a rear-driver. Rear spoiler automatically rises at 50 mph; hidden hoops behind the seats pop up in a roll-over.

2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Price Curb weight Wheelbase Track, f/r Length Width Height Fuel capacity

$195,000 est 3590 lb 100.8 in. 63.9 in./62.7 in. 169.3 in 74.8 in. 46.6 in. 21.1 gal.


the Spyder’s 520 bhp make good on the exotic promise. (Incidentally, all 2006 Gallardos will have this 20-bhp-stronger engine and numerically higher gearbox ratios first seen on the SE model.) Revs to 4500, off the brake and on the throttle, and the Spyder’s viscous-coupling all-wheel-drive system lays four neat patches of Pirelli P Zero rubber. Tearing off a 4.0-sec. 0–60 and a 12.4-sec. quarter mile at 114.5 mph, the Spyder is nearly a match for the last Gallardo coupe we tested, despite its increased weight and drag. To offset the open car’s inevitable loss of rigidity, the aluminum space frame gets thicker-walled extrusions of a stronger alloy in the sill area and additional reinforcements to the A-pillar, changes that, along with the top itself, add 309 lb. to the curb weight. It’s structure well spent, as the Spyder hasn’t a hint of A-pillar shake, and the door closure sounds and feels as solid as ever. Between photo sessions we were able to lap the road course and probe the Spyder’s impressively high limits (with yaw control off, naturally). With torque normally apportioned 30/70 front/rear, the baby Lambo feels like a full-fledged rear-driver and can be throttle-steered out of tighter corners


R O A D & T R A C K

with enough speed. As rear-wheel slip increases, the viscous coupling seamlessly feeds more torque to the front tires, and by the time you’ve started to countersteer, the system is going quietly about its work, pulling the car straight and toward the next turn. Thanks to the undersquare V-10’s variable-volume intake plenums and variable timing on all four camshafts, low- and midrange pulling power is impressive for its displacement, but it comes fully, shriekingly alive at revs where ordinary cars hit their limiters. The steering ratio has been quickened for 2006, and Bilstein shocks tuned for slightly more compliance have replaced the Konis...emphasis on “slightly,” as the Spyder’s ride is firm and composed, as is the brake pedal sending its hydraulic commands to Brembo calipers, the 8-piston fronts so large they almost seem to burst out of the 19-in. wheels. Wi c k e d g o o d f u n , t h i s l a t e s t Lamborghini that’s due in showrooms by summer. Its base price that should weed out most of the riffraff—$195,000, which is about the same you’d pay for its arch rival, the Ferrari F430 Spider. Now there’s a tough choice that will have to remain  hypothetical for most of us!

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Type Displacement Bore x stroke Compression ratio Horsepower (DIN) Torque Fuel injection Transmission

dohc 4-valve/cyl V-10 4961 cc 82.5 x 92.8 mm 11.0:1 520 bhp @ 8000 rpm est 376 lb-ft @ 4600 rpm elect. sequential port 6-speed paddle-shift manual


Layout mid-engine/all-wheel drive Brakes Front: 14.4-in. vented & cross-drilled discs Rear: 13.2-in. vented & cross-drilled discs; ABS Steering rack & pinion, power assist Suspension Front: upper & lower A-arms, coil springs, tube shocks, antiroll bar Rear: upper & lower A-arms, coil springs, tube shocks, antiroll bar Wheels cast alloy; 19 x 8½ f, 19 x 11 r Tires Pirelli P Zero Rosso; 235/35ZR-19 f, 295/30ZR-19 r PE RFORM A NC E

0–60 mph 0–100 mph ¼ mile Top speed*

*Manufacturer’s estimate.

4.0 sec 9.7 sec 12.4 sec @ 114.5 mph 195 mph (roof up) 191 mph (roof down)

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support

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Road to

Shangri-La The prancing horse gallops on the top of the world BY PATRICK HONG



YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support R O A D & T R A C K

WE’RE CRUISING LEISURELY AT 65 MPH IN a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. The classic Eagles’ tune, “Hotel California,” fills the cockpit. And in the background, a continuous low hum can be heard from the race-bred V-12 engine. It’s about 6 p.m. and the outside temperature is on the cool side at about 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Inside, it’s a comfortable 70. A lonely two-lane highway leads far ahead to where the sky and the ground meet. There is absolutely nothing in sight for miles. A seemingly never-ending tundra fills the landscape, hemmed in by a barely visible mountain range. The sun is about to dip below the horizon. But in the last few minutes of daylight, the sun’s rays manage to pierce through a few low-flying clouds to light up a distant lake, making it shimmer. Witnessing this stunning sunset alone would make any road trip memorable. But what makes this one extraordinary is that Road & Track Editor-at-Large John Lamm and I are driving a Ferrari, in China, embarking on a fantastic journey to Shangri-La, the mysterious city of Lhasa in Tibet. We are taking part in one leg of the 15,000-mile Ferrari Tour of China, along with an Italian journalist and photographer in the other Ferrari. A caravan of two slightly modified 612 Scagliettis (raised ride height, extended-range fuel tank with filter, protective covering for headlights and underbody), two Fiat Palio wagons and three Iveco support trucks toured all over the Middle Kingdom (literal English translation of the Chinese word “China”). For two months, the Ferrari China Tour traveled from Shanghai to Beijing, southwest to Tibet, northwest to the Gobi Desert, and then finally turned east back to Shanghai through southern China. These are the highlights of our incredible seven-day, 1500mile leg from Lanzhou to Lhasa. Check out roadandtrack. com for more detailed daily blogs and photos from the trip.


Just a few hours’ drive west from Lanzhou on a beautifully paved highway, we arrive in Xining. It is the largest city in Qinghai Province in north central China. We travel to the mountains and visit the famous Ta’er Si monastery. The first temple within this large complex was built in 1560 in honor of Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelugpa (Yellow Hat) sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The well-known Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama have led the sect in more contemporary times. Upon entering the highly decorated gates to the lower courtyard, John and I find a series of large, round towers called Chortens that stand about 50 ft. tall. From the bottom, the square base represents earth, the dome symbolizes water, the ensuing steps and the parasol above denote fire and wind, and finally, a crown on top signifies the ethereal sphere. Many of these Chortens hold the ashes of Tibetan Buddhist teachers. YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support M A R C H 2 0 0 6


an The highway to Ta’erisSAi Tutibobetahn Buddhist monastery r cities, smooth. Outside majoape is the wide-open landsc th small dotted wi villages where yak herding is common. Teenlatsndofscaape nomadic tribe dot th Hu, China’s surrounding Qinghai largest lake.

As we inch our Ferrari 612 Scaglietti around the temple grounds for photos, many people gather and begin to take their own pictures of the cars. There are a few monks mixed in with many more local tourists, all very interested in the $270,000 (nearly $450,000 in China) Ferrari, peering through the windows to check out the interior. Everyone here is friendly, except for the few aggressive outdoor vendors pushing their souvenirs. Just saying no doesn’t work. You have to walk away—fast. Back on the highway going west, after about 90 miles we pass by the largest lake in China, Qinghai Hu. It covers more than 1740 square miles atop the Tibetan plateau at 10,500 ft. above sea level. Around the lakeside we see a nomadic tribe taking up temporary residence in white tents decorated with intricate patterns printed on the sides and roof. It appears that these nomads make their living by herding yak and sheep, as do many residents in the small towns along our route.



The city of Golmud is the second largest city in Qinghai Province, next to Xining. It sits at an elevation of 9845 ft., and is the only major city for several hundred miles. The Ferrari China Tour is staying in Golmud the next three nights. This is to help us get acclimated to the high elevation before we venture up to even higher levels on the Tibetan plateau. The town serves as a major transit point for those (like us) making the road trip to Lhasa. In the center of town, there is an open market that must span at least four square blocks. There are a few vendors selling freshly kneaded and baked Chinese pancakes. Next to them a long row of stands offers various fruits and vegetables. Keep walking and you’ll come upon hundreds more selling vegetables, tofu, spices, fish, pork, chicken. Whatever you want, it is here. Everything is fresh, and I am not talking about the nicely pre-packaged products we find in American grocery stores. This reminded me of when I was in second grade in

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Taiwan, riding on the back of my mom’s bicycle every day after school to shop for groceries for dinner. The vegetables and fruits smell like they have just been brought in from nearby farmlands. The fish are fresh, too. You point to the one you like swimming in the water tank, the vendor catches it, weighs it and scales it for you. The chickens and ducks nearby have a similar fate. Entire pigs hanging overhead are available for the butcher to cut out the exact slice of meat you want. There are many rows of vendors selling the same thing. I wonder, how would you know which is the best one?


This morning, the Ferrari convoy travels to an elementary school at the outskirts of Golmud. With just 20 minutes of drive time from our hotel in downtown, we arrive at a neighborhood that is drastically different. In contrast to the modern structures and the hustle of the city, the environment surrounding the elementary school is so rural you would think it is hundreds of miles away. Nevertheless, as we approach the school, we are met with much fanfare. At least a hundred schoolchildren line the roadside waving and holding up flags to welcome us. A rather good marching band plays as we enter the school ground. There, a pad about the size of three basketball

courts is filled with more children lined up perfectly in groups, smiling and clapping. Ferrari team leader Luigino Barp (we call him Gigi) presents textbooks and toys to the children. And the city mayor and the school principal thank him and Ferrari for their generosity. Soon after the official ceremony, the students mob everyone on the Ferrari Tour, asking for autographs. Some take our hands and lead us to their third-grade classroom. There must have been at least 50 kids crammed inside the small room, eager to ask questions about America and Italy. With my fourth-grade-level Chinese, I try my hardest to answer every question posed by these inquisitive third graders. “Do America and Italy have mountains?” “Do you have zoos in your country?” “Do you like Chinese food?” After 20 minutes of questions and answers, both my Italian colleague and I are mobbed once again for more autographs. Our laps are also filled with handmade flowers and crafts. On the way back to our cars for our return trip, one little boy about 7 or 8 years old comes up to me and asks, “Can you stay longer and play with us some more?” I politely explain that we must be on our way to Lhasa early in the morning. All of a sudden this little boy’s endearing face with its bright smile is filled with a genuine sadness—very, very heart-wrenching.

A feast for yo Golmud open ur senses is here at the fruit and spice market: Meat, vegetabl and all fresh. s are all out in the open es, tary school jusThe children at the elem irresistibly cha t outside of Golmud ar enThey treated urming and inquisitive. e rock stars. s like

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You think drivin than seven days g 1500 miles in less kneeling and pr is hard? Try walking, like a few Tibetaying the entire way The tallest pass an Buddhist pilgrims. highway to Lha on the world’s highest sa t 17,162 faeekte.s us up to N tude sickness fo r me, thankoghoigo h-altidness!

GOLMUD TO LHASA: WORLD’S HIGHEST HIGHWAY Driving on Tibet’s vast, flat plateau, we are treated to a wide-open landscape filled with greenery and marshlands. Hundreds of low-flying clouds (perhaps they appear closer because we are traveling at 13,000 ft.) dot a deep blue sky. The weather is damp, mist turning into light showers at times. The temperature hovers around the freezing point. The often very cold and wet climate in this region really plays havoc with the roadway. The continuous stream of heavy trucks pounding the pavement taking supplies to Lhasa creates many potholes on the road. Frequently, the cracked asphalt forces the Ferraris to inch along at a snail’s pace. Several times our 612 Scaglietti bottoms out, hitting its bump stops. The adverse road conditions continue for at least 100 miles, making the driving experience very tiresome. However, whenever possible on the essentially empty road, we find that driving in the opposing lane is much better. That’s because most of the trucks coming back from Lhasa are empty. With lighter loads the damage to the asphalt is less. Through it all, the Scaglietti performs flawlessly, delivering a supple ride and providing no noticeable drop in power even at these high elevations. At about 12:30 p.m., we stop at a PetroChina gas station for fuel in a very remote city called Tuotuohe. It is in the middle of nowhere, and I can practically count the number of buildings in the city. A few hours after that, we reach the Tanggulashan Pass, the highest pass of this journey from Golmud to Lhasa. The elevation is listed as 5231 meters, or 17,162 ft. To celebrate the occasion, but with no Dom Perignon on hand, John and I toast each other with a couple of Oreo cookies. We are glad that our fears of severe altitude sickness were never realized. Although as we take several photos, we need to keep reminding ourselves to move slowly. In fact, standing up too fast at this elevation will leave you gasping for air. With a one-night stop in the city of Nagqu, we continue on our way to Lhasa. En route on a long, deserted part of


the two-lane highway, we encounter two devout Tibetan Buddhists on the side of the road. They are repeating the kneeling-bowing-to-the-ground-then-getting-up praying ritual, painstakingly and slowly making their pilgrimage to Lhasa, still some 200 miles away. You can’t help but admire their courage, patience and determination.

LHASA: THE SHANGRI-LA Our first stop in Lhasa is at the famous Potala Palace that sits atop the city’s highest point, the Marpo hill. This 13-story-high grand structure with more than 1000 rooms was once the residence of Tibet’s spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama. The first building within this massive compound was constructed in 631 A.D. Later, the White Palace (built in 1645) and the Red Palace (built in 1693) were added to give the Potala its present look. For me, this palace is something you read about and see pictures of in books. It’s one of the most mystical locations in the world. I’d never thought that someday I would be standing in front of it. After many passes in the red 612 Scaglietti in front of the Potala Palace, we are led to the historical Barkhor district where the Jokhang Temple is located. This 639 A.D.-built temple is surrounded by an open market that runs alongside the Kora, or the holy route. And on both sides of this circular pilgrimage pathway are stalls selling everything from cowboy hats to prayer beads to bluejeans. Our next stop is the Drepung Monastery, high above the city of Lhasa, where we decide to park the cars and be tourists. We climb at least 200 steps to stroll through the vast compound. In one large, highly decorated room we find at least a hundred monks reading prayer books. Their continuous subdued monotone chanting gives a sense of calmness and peacefulness to the atmosphere. In its 17th-century heyday, this monastery was home to 10,000 monks. Today it is Tibet’s richest monastery with four colleges. In the afternoon, I am able to explore the city on my own. A local guide takes me to the Sera Monastery. This mon-

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astery, smaller than the Drepung, was once home to 5000 monks. And in a courtyard on the side, there are 50 or more monks engaged in a lively debate and discussion about the study of Buddhism. There is also a master monk teacher who strolls through the group to watch over his students. Dinner tonight is at a restaurant in the historical Barkhor area. Since Lhasa has become a popular tourist attraction, this eatery not only serves traditional Tibetan cuisine, it also has Chinese and Italian food listed on the English menu. In fact, the servers there spoke English surprisingly well. Of note, Lhasa, and Tibet in general, has its own local dialect that is much different from Chinese. In fact, its writing looks surprisingly like Sanskrit. On the way home in the taxi, many of us on the Ferrari China Tour recall our wonderful experiences of the past seven days. For me, this has been an eye-opening and inspirational experience. I’d never realized Chinese culture is so diverse, and that the difference between the eastern and western parts of China is so large. And no matter where we went, the people were always friendly and welcoming. If I had to pick one poignant moment of this journey that means the most to me, I would have to go back to our visit to the elementary school in Golmud…seeing all the children showing such energy and enthusiasm for learning despite the harsh living conditions and minimal resources. Their bright eyes and smiles will live with me forever. They are the future of China, and I wish them the best of luck. 

In Lhasa, Palace (othe famous Pota the Tibetan nce the residence la leader Da Buddhists’ spir for hill and ov lai Lama) sits at itual op a now tourist erlooks the f But step requented city. in town, an inside any monast peacefulne d the holiness an ery evident. ss of Buddhism d are


see more photos:


roadandtrack com

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Think of It as Rudolf’s Personal M5 I’ve been driving a car that accelerates to 60 mph in a scant

5.6 seconds and averages 25 mpg—even including the tank fill reflecting this track testing. Some sort of ultra-minimalist lightweight sports car? A highperformance hybrid? No. Think of it as Rudolf Diesel’s personal M5. The car is a European-spec BMW 535d, with innovative twinsequential turbocharging. Briefly, as described by Paul Frère in this column back in July 2004, its 3.0-liter inline-6 gets low-end quick response from a small turbo and high-rev stamina from a larger one. Clever plumbing and valving accomplish the transitions seamlessly. The result is 272 bhp at 4000 rpm and, amazingly, 412 lb.-ft. of torque available at a mere 2000 rpm. Robert Bosch Corp. U.S.A. fitted this particular car with BMW’s M Sport package, a European option matching the M5’s equipment but for powerplant. Thus, this frugal flyer has 245/40 Bridgestone Potenzas on 18-in. wheels and the M5’s suspension. In our temperate clime, the diesel fires up in the morning with nary a pre-heat pause. It’s recognizable as compression ignition, though not objectionably so from within the cabin. Once underway, the principal giveaway is the turbodiesel’s slightest delay in reacting to the accelerator. This certainly didn’t hamper Shaun Bailey at the track, where he posted that 5.6 sec. to 60 and quarter-mile results of 14.2 sec. at 98.7 mph. To put these numbers in perspective, they’re just a tick away from those of the BMW Z4 3.0i roadster (5.5 sec. and 14.1 sec. at 98.8 mph, respectively). By the way, we have the Z4 listed at 18.2 mpg.

THE DIESEL CONUNDRUM If our atmosphere weren’t 78 percent nitrogen, we wouldn’t have NOX problems. But it is, and we do. NOX output in combustion is directly related to temperature: The hotter the burn, the more NOX. What’s more, diesel combustion is a delicate balance between NOX control and that of particulates. A lower combustion temperature is good for NOX, bad for particulates; and vice versa. Our emissions regulations are gasoline/diesel-neutral. That is, limits on HC, CO and NOX must be met by either type of engine. By contrast, Europeans have separate standards for these two engine types. Euro 4 regulations allow diesels three times the NOX of gasoline engines; the latter, twice the CO of diesel counterparts. Hence, even if we had acceptable low-sulfur fuel (lacking at the moment, but coming), a Euro-spec diesel wouldn’t necessarily meet our NOX standard.

On Our Newly Characterized

Steering Ratio

We’ve changed our data panel and introduced some extra information, most of which is selfexplanatory. Some keen readers may have noticed that we’ve also changed “Steering overall ratio,” to just “Steering ratio.” This is because we will now be measuring it, instead of reporting a value from the manufacturer. Why? Because automakers seem to report it differently, which makes it hard to compare from one car to another. To determine our steering ratio value, we measure the aver-

age steering angle of a left and right tire for a full rotation of the steering wheel. If the left tire turns 26 degrees and the right turns 24, then we’d get 25 de-

grees. Thus 360 degrees, that is, one full steering wheel rotation, divided by 25 degrees results in a reported steering ratio of 14.4:1.—Shaun Bailey

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Urea, an ammonia-based compound, one source of which is mammal urine, is becoming controversial in diesel emissions control. Also known as SCR, selective catalytic reduction, urea injection into the exhaust promotes chemical reduction of NOX. European automakers are interested in SCR as a means of meeting their (and our) increasingly stringent NOX regulations. The EPA is usually technologically neutral; that is, it regulates standards rather than dictating means of reaching them. But now, EPA has a quandary. Urea injection works; it’s very cost-effective. But EPA is worried that owners won’t replenish on-board urea supplies, required perhaps every 12,000 miles. The lack of it has no effect on diesel performance—except  for spewing excessive NOX.




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YEARS AGO, I SUGGESTED THAT A MOST effective automotive safety device would be a 3-in. spike protruding from the center of the steering wheel. I hasten to add that I’ve since mellowed. Also, years ago, 1957 to be specific, Ford based its entire sales campaign on safety. And consumers positively stormed the Chevy showrooms. By contrast, these days, safety is in. Big. Chic. Automakers tout the stars in their crash testing, the airbags in their interiors, the electronic gizmos devised to protect us—even, occasionally, from ourselves. Thankfully, it’s a far cry indeed from that steering-wheel spike. What follows are tidbits of automotive safety, highlighting many of the features available in today’s cars, with others coming soon in tomorrow’s. I’ve arranged them, not completely arbitrarily, in the order of prevention, mitigation and, alas, rescue. P






SAFETY ing us— Protectcasionally, c even, o ourselves from NNIS BY DE




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Antilock braking, electronic brake-force distribution and electronic brake assist are welcome technologies enhancing our own ability to avoid an accident. Curiously, there are those who claim that ABS has made no measurable difference in automotive safety. If so, I suspect it’s a matter of education, not functionality: Provided you have the educated sense to “stomp and steer,” ABS offers optimal retardation with directional control, EBD balances this retardation fore and aft, and EBA responds to your quick pedal hit with full-force application. Another bit of active safety, traction control prevents excessive wheelspin and promotes progress on slippery surfaces. This, however, can be a mixed blessing. In helping you to gain speed, traction control cannot look down the road and see that next sharpish bend. What’s worse, even stability or yaw control may not be able to save matters, despite its optimal intervention of throttle, brakes and, in the newest setups, steering. That is, even the best systems cannot—and, from an enthusiast’s point of view, should not—replace competent driving. These systems provide enhancement, though. For example, I have come to appreciate a potential life-saver in backup monitoring, cameras using navigation-

system displays to give a wideangle view to the rear. These show something even the most careful driver cannot see: close-up coverage directly behind. Also exemplary are Volvo side mirrors with built-in sensors alerting a driver to vehicles in blind spots. Other elements of active safety include tire-pressure warning systems, smart cruise controls and lowspeed proximity sensors. From my point of view, these and other active bits are there to enhance my driving, not to supplant it. It cannot be overstressed: The most important element of active safety is an alert driver who is participating in the activity. (Cellphone drivers, please ponder this last sentence.)

ON THE HORIZON I’ve sampled several neat enhancing technologies. One is the idea of haptic warning, clear and easy-to-understand tactile messages through the steering wheel, accelerator, brake pedal or even the seat. For example, we already have a brake pedal’s ABS pulsation. Also being considered are artificially contrived vibrations of the accelerator just prior to invoking traction control and minute modifications of steering torque as front tires start to lose their grip. I think of these haptic warnings as amplifications of communication already sensed by skilled drivers. But we would all gain their benefits, all the time. A second idea is rather more complex: vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Honda, for example, has demonstrated such a system in its ASV3 Advanced Safety Vehicles. Vehicles send each other electronic signals of proximity and speed, say around blind corners or other sight-limited settings. Honda’s system is capable of interacting with as many as 120 vehicles within a distance of 200 meters. It gives


Night-vision technology uses infrared light to illuminate the view ahead; this, in any weather. Smart systems already in production analyze the scene as well. Dual light sensors give assessment of distance to objects. Pattern recognition separates people from buildings. The driver is alerted with audible and visual signals.

each vehicle an audible and visual alert to the presence of the other. System software could discriminate between clear sightlines, where no alert is necessary, and blind areas caused by traffic, weather, geography or other conditions. In fact, such systems could have cars relay appropriate alerts to those farther back in the traffic flow. Another ambitious goal is recognition of pedestrians in darkness, fog or other settings of restricted visibility. Nightvision technology has been around for several years, but so far hasn’t caught on. GM dropped its option; Toyota still has one; BMW and Mercedes-Benz have them coming. Some systems use active nearinfrared projection and cameras; others use passive far-infrared heat detection (though these aren’t always suitable in hot ambient conditions). In either case, an image is shown on the instrument panel or in a head-up display. A last theme of active safety is a general one: a cross-linking of today’s features. Enhanced functionality comes not simply through more stuff, but rather by having existing bits of hardware communicate with each other in meaningful ways. For instance, in time, pattern recognition and

haptic-warning schemes will eliminate the need for peering at an enhanced-vision display—itself a potential distraction.


By definition, accidents will happen, and this is where passive safety comes to the fore. Crashworthiness begins with front and rear fascia—bumpers, we used to call them. These are designed to withstand minor parking-lot encounters and the like, but initiate the complex process of energy dissipation in serious crashes. Together with front and rear crumple zones, in a very real sense these components sacrifice themselves to protect us. But crashworthiness makes sense only if we’re properly belted, if we’re where safety engineers expect us to be. (And, I suppose, I’m back to that 3-in. spike again. Unbelted motorists get no sympathy from me.) What’s more, in stressing that airbags are a supplement—not a replacement—for seatbelts, I recognize their importance in accident survivability. Car shoppers seem to agree, and automakers are responding with side and curtain bags too, increasingly as standard equipment. Many front airbags have dual-stage


Pedestrian/auto encounters are never pedestrian-friendly, but the scenerio below is less deadly than a blunt SUV hit. Honda’s Polar II crash dummy replicates knees’ anatomy and torso’s rib cage.

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activation depending on the severity of an accident. In fact, they’re triple-mode, in that they won’t deploy into an unoccupied position. And they’re getting even smarter: Increasingly, deployment is tailored to occupant size and seat location. Side and curtain bags must act particularly rapidly, as the available crush space is small. Also, they play important roles in secondary impacts, and hence are being designed to remain inflated a tad longer than front bags. (The latter inflate—and deflate—in the blink of an eye.)

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The latest in accident mitigation echoes the cross-linking theme already cited. On-board proximity sensors recognize when a collision is imminent, and the system automatically invokes a series of mitigation actions: With some systems, sunroof and windows close, seatbelt tensioners tighten the seatbelts, seats are shifted optimally for occupant survival, the brake system pre-pressurizes and, when the brake pedal is hit, ABS, EBD and EBA are invoked with full force. Acura’s Collision Mitigation Braking System takes a particularly active role. Like smart cruise, its millimeter-wave radar monitors the distance to the car ahead. If the rate of closure exceeds a predetermined value, CMBS alerts the driver audibly, visually and tactually. If driver response is appropriate, the system disengages. If not, it’ll apply the brakes—at nearly full force, if warranted. Note, these strategies aren’t intended to prevent an accident, but rather to lessen its severity and reduce injuries. Another trend, certainly less complex, offers good payoff as well. Increasingly, automakers are fitting laminated glass in side and rear applications. Traditionally used only in windshields, an intermediate layer of thin plastic film keeps fragments in place. As a benefit in less traumatic use, laminated glass blocks some ultraviolet light, decreases noise and improves theft resistance.


Annual auto-related deaths are comparable in Europe and the U.S., lamentably enough, at 40,000 and 42,000, respectively. However, pedestrians make up nearly a third of the European number, versus about 12 percent of ours. I suspect city layouts and traffic patterns are part of this. And whatever the reasons, the European Union has recently addressed the problem of pedestrian safety through vehicle regulations. One critical aspect is the shape of a car’s front end, in that it dictates dynamics in a pedestrian/car impact. Tall, blunt contours of a typical SUV are particularly problematic; “roo bars,” faux or otherwise, are even worse. Less deadly are lower rounded facias that deflect the pedestrian onto the

“Pedestrians make up

nearly a third of the European fatalities, versus about 12 percent of ours.”

car’s hood. Such an accident is deemed more survivable if the hood has ample clearance to hard points beneath or has a pop-up feature that absorbs energy in its subsequent downward deformation. Other things being adopted are softer covers for headlights and less obtrusive wiper mechanisms. Carmakers have until 2012 to bring all their products into E.U. compliance. Honda has done a lot of research and development in pedestrian safety. For instance, it has devised a crash dummy specialized for such research. Polar II’s torso has a rib cage and spinal column; its knees have meniscuses and collateral ligaments.


Already familiar are several on-board communication systems that alert police to an accident and its location. Perhaps less familiar, but also beneficial, are automatic disabling of fuel pump and other electrical hardware in response to airbag deployment. Prompt and accurate post-accident assessment can save lives. Being discussed are on-board systems that send information of vital signs—heart rate, for instance— along with their alert. Thus, emergency responders would have some idea of the severity of injuries even before they arrived on the scene.


In summary, we’ve come a long way in auto safety. Indeed, today’s automotive fatality rate is the lowest in our history. This is at least in part because of these safety features, and all the more impressive in light of increased traffic. Open questions remain. Among them, how can compatibility be achieved with the many elements interacting in vehicle safety? Where does privacy fit in with greater societal goals? To what degree should the infrastructure have control over personal mobility? Of course, the best strategy is avoiding the accident altogether, with driver skill and attention being paramount in this. It helps to be an automotive enthusiast. That is, generally, we’re a skewed segment of the driving population, in that we’re eager to accept an active role in it all. Smart highways? I’d rather be a smart driver. Nevertheless, a little help from hardware  doesn’t hurt.


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JONATHAN THOMPSON, LONGtime member of the Road & Track family, died November 19, 2005, after a long illness. A talented artist, writer and researcher, Jon was a highly regarded authority on automobiles, auto racing and airplanes, particularly Ferraris, Formula 1 and aircraft of the United States and of Italy. Jon was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on June 10, 1935. Like most boys, he enjoyed building and flying model airplanes. Unlike most, Jon built his with precision, attention to detail and consummate technical accuracy. After attending prep school in Michigan, Jon traveled west to enroll in Art Center School of Design, then in Los Angeles. There, he perfected a technical rendering style that was both artful and accurate. After graduation, Jon served in the U.S. Army at Fort Ord, Monterey, California, and Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas. Returning to California, Jon established a career in illustration and journalism, both automotive and aeronautical. By December 1965, his name appeared on the R&T masthead; his title, Editorial Research. Also in that issue, a continuing series of “Fundamentals of the Modern Automobile” first employed his carefully wrought illustrations in lieu of a previous mixed bag of press handouts. A year later, Jon was promoted to Associate Editor, an R&T position he occasionally interchanged with Contributing Editor for the rest of his life. Beginning at that time, Jon’s enthusiasm for F1 was exemplified each year in our pages with his annual survey of the previous Grand Prix season. These articles are remembered as archival, utterly complete and delightfully quirky. 108

From September 1983 through October 1988, Jon resided back across the masthead in his Associate Editor position. R&T articles of that period were often without byline, “staff written,” but plenty of road tests, comparison tests and other pieces reflected his fine analytical touch. His whimsy crept in as well A tribute to Road & Track’s from time to time. In fact, whimsy came renaissance man proudly flying/sailing in when we performed—and (Sample: Graham Hill won the champion- Jon wrote—our exclusive Comparison Test ship in 1968. But Denis Hulme drove the of two transatlantic liners, the British Air greatest distance that season, 2102.5 miles.) Concorde and the Cunard Queen Elizabeth Jon moved across the masthead to Con- 2. This was in 1988—April, of course. tributing Editor in January 1971. However, Later that year, Jon once more became he certainly wasn’t in any sense taking time Contributing Editor. Again, he turned to off. One product of this period was the book, book publishing, in time in partnership The Fabulous Porsche 917, written by Peter with his wife, Beverly Narkiewicz. Topics Hinsdale and published by Jonathan Thomp- included Vultee Aircraft, 1942–1947 (for son. Readers didn’t realize it, but Hinsdale which Jon did text and illustrations), Marand Thompson were one and the same per- tin Aircraft 1909–1960, Fairchild Aircraft son. Jon didn’t want the book’s perceived 1926–1987 and North American Aircraft worth compromised by an image of cottage- 1934–1998 Vol. 1. (A second volume of industry self publishing (though he recog- this last title was written by his son Kevin.) nized that this was very much the case). Hitherto an active person—a particuThis wasn’t Jon’s first book. A decade larly enthusiastic soccer player well into before, he wrote what turned out to be a his 60s—Jon suffered health setbacks in seminal aviation work, Italian Civil and the year 2000. Tragically, Beverly died Military Aircraft, 1930–1945, published by and Jon was injured in an auto accident in the highly respected Aero Publications. April 2002. His health deteriorated over Nor was it his last. Other books during the past several years. He is survived by his 40-year career included Racing Car Year children from his first marriage, son Kevin 1973; The Ferrari Formula 1 Cars, 1948– Thompson and daughter Lesley Esposito. 1976; revisions of Ferrari, The Sports and Jon will be remembered for his joy Gran Turismo Cars, originally written by found in music, the arts and popular culWarren W. Fitzgerald and Richard F. Mer- ture, his love of family, his whimsy, his ritt; Boxer, the Ferrari Flat-12 Racing and artistic flair and his enthusiasm for autoGT Cars; Ferrari Turbo and a three-volume mobiles, aircraft and noisy mechanical series, Ferrari Album. devices in general.—Dennis Simanaitis


Thompson 1935–2005

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Glass Treatment

Tech M500

195/55WR-15 $69 205/50WR-15 74 205/45WR-16XL 83 205/50WR-16 85 205/55WR-16 78 215/50WR-16 87 215/55WR-16 75 225/50WR-16 87 225/55WR-16 87 245/45WR-16 95 245/50WR-16 92 205/40WR-17 78 215/40WR-17 93 215/45WR-17 99 215/50WR-17 99 215/55WR-17 112 225/45WR-17XL 103 225/50WR-17 112 225/55WR-17 117 235/45WR-17 110 235/50WR-17 130 245/40WR-17 112 245/45WR-17 116 255/40WR-17 119 255/45WR-17 113 275/40WR-17 123 215/35WR-18 119 225/35WR-18 146 225/40WR-18 117 245/40WR-18 139 255/35WR-18 178 265/35WR-18 180 275/35WR-18 189 275/40WR-18 159 215/35WR-19 159 225/35WR-19 175 235/35WR-19 182 245/35WR-19 179 255/35WR-19 199

Tech R

Competition Tire 205/55ZR-14 $139 205/50ZR-15 149 225/45ZR-15 158 225/50ZR-16 160 225/45ZR-17 177 275/40ZR-17 194

Tech RA (Advanced)

Competition Tire 225/45ZR-15 $168 225/50ZR-16 170 225/45ZR-17 187 275/40ZR-17 213

• Improves vision • Repels rain, snow, and sleet • Lasts for months in normal conditions

Split Beam Click Torque Wrench Professional Quality. Ultimate Accuracy. All-steel construction.

205/55YR-17 $155 225/45YR-17 179 235/40YR-17 194 235/45YR-17 187 245/40YR-17 202 275/40YR-17 257 225/35YR-18XL 234 225/40YR-18XL 212 235/40YR-18N2 242 235/40YR-18XL 242 245/40YR-18 242 255/35YR-18XL 281 265/35YR-18XL 282 265/40YR-18XL 272 275/35YR-18 290 275/40YR-18 277 295/30YR-18N2 377 295/35YR-18 374 225/35YR-19XL 251 225/40YR-19XL 308 235/35YR-19 282 245/35YR-19XL 304 245/40YR-19XL 316 255/35YR-19XL 308 265/30YR-19XL 318 275/30YR-19XL 329 275/35YR-19XL 332 285/35YR-19 388 295/ 30YR-19XL/N1438 315/25YR-19XL 496 245/35YR-20XL 332 255/35YR-20XL 357 335/30YR-20NO 396 295/25YR-20XL 348 255/30YR-21XL 435

Pilot Sport Cup

Emergency Repair Tool Kit $ 69* Includes 10' jumper cables, flashlight, 250 psi air compressor and much more. All 57 pieces easily store in a compact bag.

*Plus Shipping and Handling

205/55WR-16 $80 215/55WR-16 86 225/50WR-16 91 225/55WR-16 94 245/50WR-16 96 205/45WR-17 108 205/50WR-17XL 103 215/45WR-17XL 106 215/50WR-17 107 215/55WR-17 115 225/45WR-17XL 104 225/50WR-17 119 235/45WR-17 110 235/50WR-17 132 245/45WR-17 118 275/40WR-17 127 225/40WR-18XL 120 225/45WR-18 132 245/40WR-18XL 133 245/45WR-18 135 275/40WR-18 155

Potenza RE750

195/50WR-15 $86 205/45WR-16 122 205/50WR-16 118 205/55WR-16 120 225/50WR-16 125 225/60WR-16 109 245/45WR-16 132 205/50WR-17 136 215/45WR-17 145 225/45WR-17 143 235/45WR-17 160 245/40WR-17 166 245/45WR-17 165 255/40WR-17 165 255/50WR-17 160 275/40WR-17 178 225/40WR-18 164 235/40WR-18 170 245/40WR-18 183 265/35WR-18 215 235/35WR-19 205 245/35WR-19XL 204 275/30WR-19XL 225 255/35WR-20 230

Potenza S-03 Pole Position

195/50WR-15 $114 205/50WR-15 139 205/55WR-16 160 225/50WR-16 174 245/45YR-16 202 215/40YR-17 206 215/45YR-17 180 225/45YR-17 191 235/40YR-17 215 235/45YR-17 199 245/40YR-17 224 255/40YR-17 238 225/40YR-18 205 235/40YR-18 216 235/50YR-18RF 211 245/40YR-18 231 245/45YR-18 234 255/35YR-18 255 255/40YR-18 241 255/45YR-18 234 265/35YR-18 277 275/35YR-18 285 275/40YR-18 287 285/30YR-18 296 245/35YR-19 272 245/40YR-19RF 293 245/45YR-19 292 275/30YR-19RF 294 275/35YR-19 292 285/30YR-19 321 245/35YR-20 308 275/30YR-20RF 324 255/35YR-20 314 285/30YR-20 330

Potenza RE950

P185/60HR-14 $73 P195/60HR-14 77 P195/65HR-14 80 P185/65HR-15 78 P195/60HR-15 82 P195/65HR-15 82 P205/60HR-15 86 P205/65HR-15 85 P215/60HR-15 92 205/40HR-16RF 119 205/55HR-16 108 P205/55VR-16 131 215/55HR-16 112 P225/50HR-16 126 P225/50VR-16 137 P225/55HR-16 123 P225/55VR-16 136 P225/60HR-16 101 P245/50HR-16 135 P245/50VR-16 145 205/40HR-17 147 205/40WR-17 164 P215/45HR-17 144 215/45WR-17 170 225/45WR-17 175 P235/45HR-17 153 235/45WR-17 183 245/45WR-17 195 225/40WR-18 185

Turanza LS-T

P175/70TR- 13 P185/70TR- 13 P175/65TR- 14 P185/65TR- 14 P185/70TR- 14 P195/70TR- 14 P205/70TR- 14 P185/65TR- 15 Potenza S-02 P195/60TR- 15 205/55WR-16 $164 P195/65TR- 15 225/50WR-16 177 P205/60TR- 15 N2 225/40ZR-18 216 P205/65TR- 15 285/30ZR-18N2 301 P205/70TR- 15 W Potenza S-02 A P205/70TR- 15 205/50ZR-17N4$170 P215/65TR- 15W P215/70TR15 N4 255/40ZR-17 227 P205/55TR- 16 225/40ZR- 18N3 211 P215/60TR- 16 215/65TR- 16 BT70s Call for sizes/prices P225/60TR- 16

$56 60 64 68 65 68 73 71 72 73 77 79 78 76 85 86 102 90 90 94

205/50YR-15 225/50YR-15 245/45YR-16 225/45YR-17 245/40YR-17 255/40YR-17 275/40YR-17 225/40YR-18 235/40YR-18 265/35YR-18 285/30YR-18 315/30YR-18 345/30YR-18 235/35YR-19 265/30YR-19

185/60HR-14 195/60HR-14 195/55VR-15 195/60HR-15 195/65HR-15 205/55VR-15 205/60HR-15 205/65HR-15 215/65HR-15 225/60VR-15 205/50VR-16 205/55HR-16 205/55VR-16 215/60HR-16 215/60VR-16 225/50VR-16 205/50VR-17 215/50HR-17 225/45HR-17 235/45HR-17

$75 80 121 87 84 107 89 91 90 115 154 113 154 107 112 139 161 146 159 169

Energy MXV4 Plus

185/65HR-15 $97 195/60VR-15 131 195/65HR-15 116 205/60HR-15 106 P205/60HR-15 106 205/65HR-15 121 P205/65HR-15 119 225/60HR-15 124 205/55HR-16 127 205/55HR-16BMW126 P205/60HR-16HY 132 P205/60VR-16LE 139 215/55HR-16 124 215/55VR-16 145 215/60HR-16 118 225/55HR-16 132 225/60HR-16 139 P225/60VR-16 141 P225/60HR-16OE 138 235/60HR-16 143 P235/60VR-16 152 225/55VR-17 172 P225/55HR-17 155 P235/55HR-17 148 255/55HR-18 178

$181 188 202 208 235 232 268 243 255 255 Energy MXV4 S8 292 195/65HR-15 $118 320 195/65VR-15 125 361 P215/60VR-16 149 270 P215/55VR-17 153 323

Pilot Sport

205/50ZR-17 $173 205/50ZR-17N2 176 225/45YR-17B 169 225/45ZR-17 179 235/40YR-17 189 245/45YR-17 228 335/35YR-17 352 215/45YR-18 285 225/40ZR-18N1 213 225/45ZR-18 232 225/45WR-18 207 235/50YR-18 231 245/40ZR-18 243 245/45WR-18 251 255/35YR-18 273 255/40ZR-18 263 255/40YR-18G1 263 255/40YR-18XL 263 255/45YR-18 249 265/35ZR-18 268 265/35ZR-18N1 268 275 35ZR-18 289 275/40ZR-18FERR321 275/40ZR-18MO 321 285/35WR-18 327 285/35ZR-18 327 285/35YR-18 327 315/30ZR-18NO 366 335/30ZR-18 368 225/40ZR-19 293 255/35ZR-19 307 BMW


Pilot Exalto PE2 195/45VR-15 $118 195/55VR-15 106 205/50VR-15 118 205/50WR-15 126 205/55WR-15 126 225/50WR-15 129 195/50VR-16 126 205/45WR-16 135 205/55WR-16 125 215/40WR-16XL 148 225/50WR-16 138 205/40WR-17XL 154 205/45WR-17XL 146 215/40WR-17XL 151 215/45WR-17XL 156 225/45WR-17XL 146

Pilot Sport A/S

205/55YR-16 $134 215/55WR-16 177 225/50YR-16 156 225/55WR-16 181 225/60WR-16 148 245/50WR-16 171 205/50YR-17 177 225/45YR-17 175 225/50WR-17 198 225/55WR-17 193 235/45ZR-17 191 235/50WR-17 202 235/55WR-17 197 245/40YR-17 199 245/45YR-17 222 245/45YR-17ZP 223 245/50WR-17 212 255/40YR-17 207 255/45YR-17 233 225/40YR-18 204 235/40YR-18 235 235/50YR-18 231 245/40YR-18 241 255/40YR-18 261 255/45YR-18 249 275/35YR-18 288 275/40YR-18 319 275/40YR-18ZP 320 285/35YR-18 329 245/35YR-19 303 255/40YR-19 324 285/30YR-19 389 255/35YR-20 355 295/25YR-20 388


P185/65TR-14 P185/70TR-14 P195/70TR-14 P185/65TR-15 P195/60TR-15 P195/65TR-15 P205/60TR-15 P205/65TR-15 P205/70TR-15 P215/60TR-15 P215/70TR-15 P205/55TR-16 P205/65TR-16 P215/55TR-16 Pilot Preceda Energy MXV4 GR-X 205/45WR-17 $150 P215/60TR-16 Pilot HX MXM4 215/65TR-16 225/60HR-15 $125 MX/MXV4, P225/60TR-16 P215/50HR-17 $152 RainForce MX4, P235/60TR-16 P225/45VR-18 219 Energy LX4 P215/60TR-17 P235/50HR-18 180 P215/65TR-16 $126 TRX, X-One, XH4 245/40HR-18XL 233 235/60TR-17 118 Call for sizes/prices P225/65TR-17


Hours: EST M-F 8am-8pm SAT 9am-4pm

Potenza RE050A ContiSport 205/55WR-16 $152 Contact 2

225/50WR-16 154 205/40YR- 17 173 205/45WR-17 162 205/50YR- 17 157 215/40YR- 17 178 225/45YR-17 180 235/45YR-17 171 225/40YR- 18 185 255/35YR- 18 244 P255/45VR-18 209 255/45YR- 18 214 265/35YR- 18 251 275/35YR- 18 268 285/30YR- 18 277 225/40YR- 19 260 235/40YR- 19 265 245/35WR-19XL 255 245/40WR-19 280 245/40WR-19RF 365 275/35WR-19RF 366 275/35YR- 19 276

Potenza G009

P185/60HR-14SL P195/60HR-14SL P185/65HR-15SL P195/50HR-15SL P195/60HR-15SL P195/65HR-15SL P205/50HR-15SL P205/55HR-15SL P205/60HR-15SL P205/65HR-15SL P215/60HR-15SL P215/65HR-15SL P225/60HR-15SL P205/50HR-16SL P205/55HR-16SL P205/60HR-16SL P215/55HR-16SL P215/60HR-16SL P225/50HR-16SL P225/55HR-16SL P225/60HR-16SL P245/50HR-16SL P205/40HR-17SL P215/45HR-17SL P215/50HR-17SL P225/45HR-17SL P235/45HR-17SL P245/45HR-17SL


Pilot Exalto A/S

Pilot Sport PS2

Funtions like a regular lug nut/bolt, but requires a key tool. Match your vehicle’s original lug nuts/bolts.

Tech M550 A/S

$88 85 88 99 103 98 109 107 103 113 104 113 113 118 117 112 117 123 126 131

195/55VR-15 205/40HR-16 205/55VR-16 215/40HR-16 225/50WR-16 225/60VR-16 245/50WR-16 205/40WR-17 215/40WR-17 215/45WR-17 215/50WR-17 225/45WR-17 235/40WR-17 235/45WR-17 245/40WR-17 245/45WR-17 255/45WR-17 275/40WR-17 215/35WR-18 225/35WR-18 225/40WR-18 235/40WR-18 245/40WR-18

HTR 200

$56 62 63 87 63 65 90 87 67 70 72 72 77 95 96 74 101 77 100 108 79 109 133 127 119 133 136 143

$59 57 65 62 77 59 81 63 82 79 74 83 85 87 89 91 97 105 109 118 95 99 102

175/50HR-13 $42 175/70HR-13 35 185/60HR-13 35 195/60HR-13 39 205/60HR-13 42 215/50HR-13 49 175/65HR-14 40 175/70HR-14 39 185/60HR-14 39 185/65HR-14 45 185/70HR-14 39 195/60HR-14 39 195/70HR-14 43 195/50HR-15 45 195/60HR-15 43 195/65HR-15 48 205/50HR-15 56 205/60HR-15 46 205/65HR-15 53 215/60HR-15 48 225/50HR-15 66


P175/65HR -14 $46 P185/65HR -14 47 P195/60HR -14 45 P195/65HR -14 49 P195/70HR -14 49 P195/60HR -15 49 P195/65HR -15 49 P215/60HR -15 53 P215/65HR -15 54 P205/55HR -16 69 P215/55HR -16 71 P215/60HR -16 56 P225/50HR -16 73 P225/55HR -16 72 P225/60HR -16 59 P235/55HR -16 74 P245/50HR -16 75

205/50ZR-17N2$143 255/40ZR-17 158 225/40ZR-18N2 158 265/35ZR- 18N2 216 295/30ZR- 18 N2 265 265/30ZR- 22 XL 319

ContiSport Contact

225/45WR-17BMW137 225/45ZR- 18 M3 151 255/40ZR- 18 182 225/40ZR- 19 227 255/35ZR- 19 225

Potenza RE050

215/45WR-17 $174 245/50WR-17RF 237 245/45YR- 18 219 245/45YR- 18XL 224 275/40YR- 18 274

ContiExtreme Contact P205/55VR-15 P205/65VR-15 P225/60VR-15 P205/55VR-16 P215/55VR-16 P215/60VR-16 P225/50VR-16 P225/55VR-16 P225/60VR-16 P245/50VR-16 P205/40WR-17 P215/40WR-17 P215/45WR-17 P215/50WR-17 P225/45WR-17 P235/45WR-17 P245/45WR-17 P255/40WR-17 P275/40WR-17 P215/35WR-18 P225/40WR-18 P235/40WR-18 P245/40WR-18 P245/45WR-18 P255/40WR-18 P275/40WR-18 P255/35WR-20

$77 84 91 81 95 88 108 105 95 109 92 104 112 120 115 125 130 130 145 120 125 143 156 161 165 175 218

ContiProContact Turanza EL42

P235/65TR-16 $79 P215/55VR-17 121 P235/45WR-17 170

Turanza EL400

215/65TR-16 $81

Potenza RE92

P205/65TR- 15 $57

Potenza RE92A

P225/55VR-17 $129


205/45WR-16 205/50WR-16 225/60WR-16 205/40WR-17 205/50WR-17 215/40WR-17 215/45WR-17 225/45WR-17 235/40WR-17 235/45WR-17 245/40WR-17 245/45ZR-17 255/40WR-17 255/45WR-17 275/40WR-17 225/40WR-18 235/40WR-18 245/40WR-18 255/45WR-18 265/35WR-18 275/40WR-18 285/30WR-18 285/35WR-18 235/35WR-19 245/35WR-20 255/35WR-20


195/50ZR-15 205/50WR-15 225/45WR-16 P225/50WR-16 225/55WR-16 245/45WR-16 P245/50WR-16 P255/50WR-16 205/50WR-17 215/45WR-17 225/45WR-17 235/45WR-17 245/40ZR- 17 245/45WR-17 255/40ZR- 17 255/45WR-17 P275/40ZR-17 315/35ZR- 17

$73 69 72 59 72 86 79 81 85 85 89 92 90 96 99 96 99 100 148 149 135 172 166 149 164 146

$48 52 68 64 72 74 71 78 60 64 63 74 72 69 78 71 88 110

185/65HR-15 195/60HR-15 205/60HR-15 205/65HR-15 205/55HR-16 225/60HR-16 235/60HR-16 205/50VR-17 215/50HR-17 225/45HR-17 225/55HR-17 245/40HR-18XL 245/45HR-18

$63 68 67 68 84 86 89 108 108 108 109 156 149

Assurance TripleTred

P185/70TR-14 P195/70TR-14 P195/60HR-15 P195/65HR-15 P205/60HR-15 P205/65HR-15 P205/70TR-15 P215/60TR-15 P215/65HR-15 P215/70TR-15 P205/55HR-16 P205/60HR-16 P215/60TR-16 P215/65TR-16 P225/50HR-16 P225/60HR-16 P215/60HR-17 P225/55HR-17

Eagle GT-HR

$79 82 98 93 103 96 91 101 101 95 114 105 107 103 125 110 126 142

Assurance ComforTred

P185/65TR-14 P185/70TR-14 P195/70TR-14 P205/75TR-14 P185/65TR-15 P195/60TR-15 P195/65TR-15 P205/60TR-15 P205/65TR-15 P205/70TR-15 P215/65TR-15 P215/70TR-15 P205/55HR-16 P205/60HR-16 P205/65TR-16 P215/55HR-16 P215/60TR-16 P215/65TR-16 P225/60TR-16 P235/60TR-16 P225/55TR-17 P225/60TR-17 P225/60HR-18

P195/60HR-14 $60 P195/50HR-15 64 P195/60HR-15 60 P195/65HR-15 64 P205/50HR-15 72 P205/55HR-15 73 P205/60HR-15 64 P205/65HR-15 62 P215/60HR-15 66 P215/65HR-15 66 P225/60HR-15 76 P205/55HR-16 85 P205/60HR-16 76 P215/55HR-16 83 P215/60HR-16 77 P225/50HR-16 101 P225/60HR-16 83 P235/55HR-16 83 P245/50HR-16 107

Eagle RS-A

P185/60TR-15 $79 P195/50VR-16 136 P205/55HR-16 93 P205/55HR-16TOYO 88 205/55HR-1691H 88 P215/55HR-16 105 P225/55ZR-16FORD 154 P225/60HR-16 111 P245/50ZR-16 204 205/50VR-17BMW 177 205/50VR-17RUNF238 P215/50VR-17 146 P215/50HR-17 139 215/55VR-17 166 225/45HR-17 145 P225/50VR-17 156 P235/65HR-17 135 P255/55HR-17 165 P275/60HR-17 158 P255/45WR-20RF339 P295/40HR-20 139

Eagle F1 GS-D3 Indy 500 195/50VR-15 $88 195/45VR-16XL 90 205/45WR-16 131 205/50YR-16 128 205/55WR-16 132 215/55WR-16SL 148 225/50ZR-16 155 225/55WR-16 140 225/55ZR-16 146 245/50YR-16 156 205/50WR-17XL 153 215/40YR- 17 138 215/45YR- 17XL 146 225/45YR- 17 165 225/45WR-17XL 155 225/50YR- 17 155 225/55WR-17XL 178 235/40YR- 17 168 235/45WR-17 171 235/50YR-17 175 245/35YR- 17 151 245/40YR- 17 196 245/45YR- 17 192 255/40YR- 17 205 255/45YR- 17 213 275/40YR- 17 206 285/40YR- 17 207 315/35YR- 17 277 225/35YR-18XL 188 225/40YR-18XL 192 235/40YR-18 201 235/50YR-18XL 189 245/35YR-18 214 245/40YR-18 229 245/45YR-18XL 214 245/50WR-18 207 255/35YR-18XL 226 255/45YR-18XL 212 265/35YR-18XL 258 275/35ZR-18XL 249 275/40ZR-18 277 285/35YR-18SL 255 235/35YR-19 214 245/40YR-19XL 298 255/35YR-19XL 209 255/40YR-19 287 265/30YR-19XL 219 275/35YR-19 271 245/35YR-21XL 248 285/30YR-21XL 261

$74 73 74 74 79 80 80 88 85 82 88 84 102 94 91 115 94 94 99 108 Eagle F1 GS 132 P275/40ZR-18 FO$262 122 P295/45WR-18 223 131 Eagle F1 GS EMT P245/45YR-17 $305 Eagle LS Eagle GT II P255/60SR-17RW $97 P275/40YR-18 382 P275/55SR-20 $123 OWL P275/60TR-17 99 Eagle F1GS-2 EMT Eagle ZR P275/45VR-20 119 P245/40ZR-18 $308 Gatorback P285/50HR-20 128 P285/35YR-19 353 245/45ZR-17 $152

SP Sport A2 Plus SP Sport Maxx

Exclaim UHP

P175/65HR-14 $52 205/55YR-16 $153 205/45WR-16 $58 P185/60HR-14 51 225/55YR-16 165 205/40WR-17XL 57 P185/65HR-14 53 205/50YR-17 155 215/40WR-17XL 70 P195/60HR-14 54 215/40YR-17XL 187 215/45WR-17 72 P195/65HR-14 55 215/45YR-17XL 158 P195/70HR-14 55 225/45YR-17XL 173 225/45WR-17 73 235/45WR-17 76 P205/60HR-14 61 P185/65HR-15 55 235/45YR-17 177 245/40WR-17 89 P195/60HR-15 56 245/40YR-17XL 207 245/45WR-17 79 225/40YR-18 200 P195/65HR-15 56 215/35YR-18XL 86 P205/50HR-15 67 235/40YR-18XL 210 225/40WR-18XL 86 P205/60HR-15 56 235/40ZR-18 219 P205/65HR-15 60 245/35ZR-18XL 217 235/40WR-18 97 P215/60HR-15 59 245/45YR-18XL 228 245/40WR-18 106 P215/65HR-15 61 255/35YR-18XL 239 245/45WR-18 136 P225/60HR-15 63 265/35YR-18XL 250 215/35WR-19XL 102 P205/55HR-16 74 XL 225/35YR- 19 XL 107 P205/60HR-16 72 225/35ZR-19XL 249 XL P215/55HR-16 79 235/35ZR-19 XL 249 235/35WR-19XL 121 P215/60HR-16 71 245/40YR-19XL 265 245/35WR-19XL 126 P225/50HR-16 84 255/30YR-19 291 265/30WR-19 136 P225/55HR-16 87 255/30ZR-19XL 282 275/30WR-19XL 150 P225/60HR-16 73 275/30YR-19XL 289 225/30WR-20XL 180 P245/50HR-16 88 275/35YR-19XL 288 255/35WR-20XL 146 P205/40HR-17 88 275/35YR-20XL 312 P215/45HR-17 94 P215/50HR-17 96 GT Qualifier T P225/55HR-17 102 P225/70TR- 14 $62 P195/50TR- 15 58 P195/60TR- 15 58 P205/50TR- 15 63 P205/60TR- 15 55 P215/60TR- 15 60 P215/65TR- 15 64 SP Sport 9000 P225/50TR- 15 60 215/55ZR- 16 $143 SP Sport 5000 P225/70TR- 15 62 P225/45ZR-17 155 P195/65VR-15 $77 P235/60TR- 15 67 235/45ZR- 17 173 P205/55WR-15 101 P245/60TR- 15 75 255/40YR-17 212 P205/60VR-15 84 P255/60TR- 15 73 225/40ZR- 18 197 P205/65VR-15 86 P265/50TR- 15 80 245/45ZR- 18MB 235 P215/50WR-15 122 255/45YR-18 206 P225/60WR-15 89 P195/50VR-16 127 275/35ZR- 18 279 P205/55WR-16 115 275/40YR-18 307 P225/50WR-16 120 285/50WR-18 268 P225/55WR-16 122 245/35ZR- 19 238 P225/60WR-16 104 P225/60HR-16 98 SP Spt 9000DSST P215/50VR-17 128 Direzza DZ101 205/45VR-17 $249 P225/55HR-17 142 P235/45WR-17 160 245/45WR -18$139 SP Sport 4000 A/S P245/45WR-17 161 255/35WR -18 166 P205/65HR-15 $61 P245/50WR-17 163 275/35WR -18 165 DSST 255/60HR-17 118 245/35WR -19 165 SP Spt 5000M P275/55VR-17 124 275/30WR -19 206 245/40ZR-18 $267

Radial T/A

P205/70SR- 14RWL$62 P215/60SR- 14RWL 61 P215/70SR- 14 RWL 64 P225/60SR- 14 RWL 66 P225/70SR- 14 RWL 68 P235/60SR- 14 RWL 72 P245/60SR- 14 RWL 75 P155/80SR- 15 RWL 57 P195/60SR- 15 RWL 58 P205/60SR- 15 RWL 59 P215/60SR- 15RWL 62 P215/65SR- 15RWL 70 P215/70SR- 15 RWL 64 P225/60SR- 15RWL 66 P225/70SR- 15RWL 67 P235/60SR- 15 RWL 72 P235/70SR- 15 RWL 71 P245/60SR- 15RWL 72 P255/60SR- 15RWL 75 P255/70SR- 15RWL 75 P275/50SR- 15 RWL105 P275/60SR- 15RWL 79 P285/70SR- 15RWL 87 P295/50SR- 15RWL104 P265/60TR- 16 87 P285/60TR- 16 112

Traction T/A T

P195/60TR-15 $62 P205/60TR-15 64 P205/55TR-16 105 P205/65TR-16 63

g-Force T/A KD 245/45YR-17 275/40YR-17 315/35YR-17 225/40YR-18 245/40YR-18 265/35YR-18 295/35YR-18

$209 241 253 194 216 257 307

g-Force T/A KDW 245/40YR-18 $157

P175/70SR13RWL $49 P185/60TR-14 58 P185/70SR-14RWL 56 P195/60TR-14 62 P195/70SR-14RWL 59 P205/70SR-14RWL 61 P215/60SR-14RWL 65 P215/70SR-14RWL 63 P225/70SR-14RWL 66 P235/60SR-14RWL 69 P195/50SR-15 67 P195/60TR-15 62 P205/50SR-15 70 P205/55TR-15 81 P205/60TR-15 63 P205/65TR-15 64 P215/65SR-15RWL 69 P215/70SR-15RWL 66 P225/60TR-15 68 P225/70SR-15RWL 66 P235/60SR-15RWL 72 P235/70SR-15RWL 69 P255/60SR-15RWL 77 P255/70SR-15RWL 75 P275/60SR-15RWL 79 P295/50SR-15RWL 99 P205/55TR-16 84 P235/55TR-16 93 P235/70SR-16RWL 74 P245/50TR-16 99 P245/70SR-16RWL 77 P255/70SR-16RWL 79 P265/70SR-16RWL 84 P265/70SR-17RWL 87 P275/60SR-17RWL 93

Firehawk Wide Oval

205/50WR-16 P205/55WR-16 P225/50WR-16 P225/55WR-16 P225/60WR-16 P245/50WR-16 205/40WR-17 215/45WR-17 235/50WR-17 245/45WR-17 P255/45WR-17 265/40WR-17 P275/40WR-17 P285/40WR-17 225/40WR-18 295/35WR-18 245/40WR-20 275/35WR-20

$92 94 105 108 89 115 118 114 133 141 145 152 156 165 134 199 196 203

Affinity LH30

P175/70HR-13 $48 P175/65HR-14 52 P185/65HR-14 62 P185/70HR-14 59 P195/70HR-14 61 P205/70HR-14 68 P215/70HR-14 67 P185/65HR-15 62 P195/60HR-15 66 P195/65HR-15 67 P205/60HR-15 69 P205/65HR-15 69 P205/70HR-15 71 P215/60HR-15 73 P215/65HR-15 66 P215/70HR-15 74 P205/55HR-16 95 P215/60HR-16 79 215/65HR-16 79 P225/60HR-16 82

Eagle F1 Supercar Firehawk GTA02 P245/45YR-17 P265/40ZR-17 P235/45YR-18 P275/40YR-18 P295/35YR-18 P315/40YR-19 245/45YR-20

$239 289 263 318 315 379 215

P195/55HR-16 P215/50VR-16 P215/55HR-16 P215/50WR-17 P265/55HR-17

$79 105 92 129 149

Firehawk GTA03

P205/55HR-16 $88

Firehawk Eagle F1 Supercar SZ50 EP RFT

EMT P245/45ZR-17 $276 P285/35YR-19 $425 P275/40ZR-18 344

Eagle NCT5


g-Force T/A KDW2

g-Force T/A Drag Radial

245/45WR-17 $240 P215/70SR-15 $67

205/50WR-15 $98 205/55WR-15 101 205/40WR-16XL 124 205/45WR-16XL 120 205/50WR-16 115 225/45WR-16 126 205/40YR-17RFT 120 205/45YR-17XL 114 205/50YR-17XL 125 215/40YR-17XL 107 215/45YR-17RFT125 215/50YR-17 148 225/45YR-17 125 235/40YR-17XL 139 245/40YR-17 152 255/40YR-17 148 215/35YR-18RFT159 215/40YR-18 129 225/35YR-18XL 173 225/40YR-18 143 225/45YR-18 156 235/35YR-18XL 191 235/40YR-18 157 235/50YR-18 184 245/35YR-18 184 245/40YR-18 167 245/45YR-18 165 255/35YR-18XL 179 255/40YR-18 163 255/45YR-18 161 255/55VR-18RFT123 265/35YR-18 194 275/35YR-18 201 285/30YR-18XL 258 285/40YR-18 229 285/60VR-18RFT131 295/35YR-18 229 215/35YR-19RFT177 225/35YR-19XL 207 235/35YR-19RFT168 245/35YR-19 223 245/40YR-19XL 241 255/35YR-19 251 275/30YR-19XL 241 275/35YR-19 247 295/35YR-19 285 225/30WR-20XL 258

P205/50 R- 14 P215/60 R- 14 P225/45 R- 14 P205/50 R- 15 P225/50 R- 15 P205/40 R- 17 P225/45 R- 17 P245/40 R- 18 P265/40 R- 18 P275/35 R- 18 P295/35 R- 18 P315/30 R- 18 P345/30 R- 18

$104 99 119 109 114 127 133 158 177 197 217 254 292

g-Force T/A Drag Radial 2

235/60 R- 15 P275/50 R- 15 P275/60 R- 15 P295/65 R- 15 P325/50 R- 15 P255/50 R- 16 P275/40 R- 17 P315/35 R- 17

$129 134 135 161 155 139 151 155

g-Force T/A KDW2 (Cont.) 245/30WR-20X 249 245/35WR-20RF 237 255/35WR-20XL 206 265/30WR-20XL 245 265/35WR-20XL 236 265/50VR-20XL 207 285/30YR-20XL 292 285/55VR-20RFT201 295/45VR-20RF 223 305/50VR-20RFT233 285/35WR-22RF 283 295/40VR-22XL 318 295/45WR-22RF251 305/40WR-22XL 319 325/55HR-22XL 548 305/35WR-24RF 462

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support


Pricing Effective February 1-28, 2006 Prices Subject to Change

©2006 The Tire Rack

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First Place in the 2005 High-Performance Tire Test

“2005 Overall Winner” and “Best Wet Tire”

December 2005

November 2005

Goodyear Eagle® F1 GS-D3 Is Making Quite An Impression On The Experts. The experts have spoken. Some of the industry’s most respected auto publications have chosen the Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 as their top high-performance tire. If the wet and dry traction and handling of the Eagle F1 GS-D3 is good enough to win over some of the harshest critics in the business, imagine what it can do for you. So join in the victory. Award yourself the Eagle F1 GS-D3, and experience the performance that earned the recognition. On the wings of Goodyear.

Available sizes for Eagle F1 GS-D3 15"



195/45VR-16XL 205/45WR-16 205/50YR-16 215/55WR-16SL 225/50ZR-16 225/55WR-16 225/55ZR-16 245/50YR-16


205/50WR-17XL 215/40YR-17 215/45YR-17XL 225/45YR-17 225/45WR-17XL 225/50YR-17 225/55WR-17XL 235/40YR-17 235/45WR-17


235/50YR-17 245/35YR-17 245/40YR-17 245/45YR-17 255/40YR-17 275/40YR-17 285/40YR-17 315/35YR-17

225/35YR-18XL 225/40YR-18XL 235/40YR-18 235/50YR-18XL 245/35YR-18 245/40YR-18 245/45YR-18XL

255/35YR-18XL 255/45YR-18XL 265/35YR-18XL 275/35ZR-18XL 275/40ZR-18 285/35YR-18SL


235/35YR-19 245/40YR-19XL 255/35YR-19XL 255/40YR-19 265/30YR-19XL 275/35YR-19


245/35YR-21XL 285/30YR-21XL

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support Hours: EST M-F 8am-8pm SAT 9am-4pm


©2006 The Tire Rack

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ADVAN Neova AD07

Avid H4s

Avid TRZ


185/60HR-14 $67 195/60HR-14 70 205/60HR-14 75 195/50VR- 15 59 195/55VR- 15 61 195/60HR-15 74 205/50VR- 15 75 205/55VR- 15 79 205/60HR-15 78 215/60VR- 15 83 225/50VR- 15 84 205/45WR-16 82 205/50WR-16 80 205/55WR-16 83 225/45WR-16 96 225/50WR-16 85 225/55WR-16 92 245/45WR-16 98 P245/50WR-16 98 205/40WR-17 89 205/45WR-17 99 205/50WR-17 100 215/40WR-17 102 215/45WR-17 102 215/50WR-17 115 225/45WR-17 113 235/40WR-17 111 235/45WR-17 118 245/40WR-17 113 245/45WR-17 118 255/40WR-17 118 P275/40WR-17 131 225/40WR-18 139 225/45WR-18 156 235/40WR-18XL 157 245/40WR-18 161 245/45WR-18 170 255/35WR-18 179 265/35WR-18 185 275/35WR-18 187

P185/60TR-14 $51 P185/60HR-14 $47 P185/65TR-14 50 P185/65HR-14 49 P195/70TR-14 51 P195/60HR-14 53 P185/60TR-15 53 P195/65HR-14 51 P195/60TR-15 54 P185/65HR-15 58 P195/65TR-15 59 P195/60HR-15 55 P205/60TR-15 57 P195/65HR-15 60 P205/65TR-15 62 P205/60HR-15 57 P205/70TR-15 55 P205/65HR-15 64 P215/60TR-15 59 P215/60HR-15 60 P215/65TR-15 66 P215/65HR-15 69 P215/70TR-15 58 P205/55TR-16 75 P205/40HR-16 68 P205/60TR-16 65 P205/45HR-16 79 P205/65TR-16 67 P205/60HR-16 64 P215/55TR-16 87 P215/60HR-16 68 P215/60TR-16 68 P205/40HR-17 81 P215/65TR-16 69 P215/40HR-17 91 P225/55TR-16 89 P215/45HR-17 98 P225/60TR-16 77 P225/45HR-17 98 P235/60TR-16 86 P225/55HR-17 111 ADVAN Sport P225/55TR-17 99 P235/45HR-17 105 235/40YR-18 $270 P225/60TR-17 88 P245/45HR-17 110 295/35YR-18 379 P255/40HR-17 116 Avid Touring P175/70SR-13 $38 P225/40HR-18 138 P185/70SR-13 42 P175/65SR-14 46 P185/65SR-14 47 P185/70SR-14 45 P185/75SR-14WW 45 Parada Spec-2 P195/70SR-14 50 205/40VR-16 $71 P195/75SR-14WW 48 205/45VR-16 82 P205/70SR-14 50 Avid V4s 205/40WR-17 85 P205/75SR-14WW 51 P205/55VR-15 $73 205/45WR-17 96 P215/70SR-14WW 53 P205/55VR-16 83 215/40WR-17 96 P195/60SR-15 50 P215/55VR-16 85 P205/60SR-15 52 215/35WR-18 145 P225/50VR-16 80 P205/65SR-15 53 215/40WR-18 147 P205/70SR-15 52 P225/55VR-16 88 225/35WR-18 168 WW P225/60VR-16 79 P205/70SR-15 53 225/40WR-18 153 P205/75SR-15WW 52 P235/60VR-16 85 215/35YR-19 172 P215/65SR-15 55 P245/50VR-16 97 S32A ADVAN A043 P215/70SR-15WW 56 215/45ZR-17 $188 185/55VR- 15 $94 P235/70SR-15WW 61 P225/50VR-16 129 205/50VR- 15 104 P235/75SR-15 60 P215/50VR-17 104 ADVAN A032R-S Competition Tire P215/60SR-16 60 Avid T4 ADVAN A046 175/60HR-13 $98 235/45WR-17 $244 P225/60SR-16 61 175/70TR-13 $41 205/50WR-17 $177 225/45WR-17 178 225/45WR-17 234 235/40WR-17 189 245/40WR-17 209 255/40WR-17 216 225/40WR-18 218 225/45WR-18 245 235/40WR-18 250 255/40WR-18 296 265/35WR-18 284 285/30WR-18 347 295/30WR-18 365


31x10.5 R- 15COWL $94 P225/75SR- 15OWL 75 P235/70SR- 15SLOWL 80 P235/75SR- 15OWL 80 P235/75 R- 15SLOWL 74 P265/70SR- 15OWL 87 OWL P215/70SR- 16 83 P215/85SR- 16EOWL 98 P225/70SR- 16SL 87 LT225/75 R- 16E 94 LT235/85 R- 16E 101 OWL P245/75SR- 16 86 P265/70SR- 16 92 P265/75SR- 16OWL 92 OWL LT265/75 R- 16D 114 OWL LT285/75 R- 16D 127 P265/70SR- 17SLOWL 104 33X12.5 R- 16.5DOWL 133

Radial Mud Rover 30x9.5 31x10.5 32x11.5 33x12.5 35x12.5 LT 245/75 LT 265/75 LT 255/85 LT 285/75 LT 305/70 LT 315/75 LT 265/70



Grandtrek ST20 215/65TR- 16SL

Destination LE

P225/70SR-14SLOWL P215/70SR-15SL P215/75SR-15SLOWL P225/70SR-15SLOWL P225/75SR-15SLOWL P235/70SR-15SLOWL LT 235/75SR-15COWL P235/75SR-15SLOWL P255/70SR-15SLOWL LT31x10.5 R-15COWL P225/70SR-16SLOWL P225/75SR- 16XL P235/70SR-16SLOWL P235/75SR-16SLOWL P245/70SR-16SLOWL P245/75SR-16SLOWL P255/70SR-16SLOWL P255/65SR-16SLOWL P265/70SR-16SLOWL LT265/75SR-16COWL P265/75SR-16SLOWL P235/65TR-17SLOWL P265/70SR-17SLOWL P275/60SR-17SL

$95 101 113 122 133 115 120 125 132 144 153 128 $80

$75 69 72 77 75 79 83 77 80 94 79 79 81 81 86 84 90 99 96 106 91 96 105 113

Transforce HT LT 215/85 LT 225/75 LT 225/75 LT 235/85 LT 245/75 LT 265/75 LT 8.75 LT 9.50


16E $105 16D 105 16E 111 16E 111 16E 112 16E 117 16.5E 111 16.5E 121

Transforce AT LT 235/75 LT 215/85 LT 225/75 LT 225/75 LT 235/85 LT 245/75 LT 265/75 LT 265/75 LT 235/80


15C 16E 16D 16E 16E 16E 16E 16EOWL 17

$89 121 108 119 125 124 128 134 134

LT 235/75 R- 15C LT30x9.5 R-15COWL LT31x10.5 R-15COWL LT33x12.5 R-15COWL LT 225/75 R- 16D LT 245/75 R- 16E LT 245/75 R- 16COWL LT 265/75 R- 16DOWL LT 285/75 R- 16DOWL LT 265/70QR- 17EOWL

$120 122 135 158 128 155 143 154 165 169

Destination M/T

Destination A/T P225/70SR-14OWL P205/75SR-15OWL P215/75SR-15OWL P225/70SR-15OWL P225/75SR-15OWL P235/70SR-15OWL LT235/75 R-15OWL P235/75SR-15OWL P235/75SR-15XL LT 30x9.5 R-15OWL LT 31x10.5 R-15OWL LT 33x12.5 R-15OWL P235/70SR-16OWL P235/75SR-16OWL P245/70SR-16OWL LT 245/75 R-16OWL P245/75SR-16OWL P255/70SR-16OWL P265/70SR-16OWL LT 265/75 R-16OWL P265/75SR-16OWL LT 285/75 R-16OWL LT 305/70 R-16OWL P245/65SR-17OWL P265/70SR-17OWL

Wilderness LE P265/70SR-16 P265/70SR-16OWL

Wilderness HT P225/70SR-15

P225/70SR-15OWL $115 P225/75SR-15OWL 106 P235/70SR-15OWL 118 P235/75SR-15OWL 111 LT235/75SR-156PLY/OWL 125 LT30x9.5 R-15OWL 128 LT31x10.5 R-15OWL 145 P265/70SR-15OWL 130 P265/70SR-16OWL 142 LT215/85 R-16D/OWL 132 LT215/85 R-16E/OWL 145 D/OWL LT225/75 R-16 142 E/OWL LT225/75 R-16 152 124 P235/70SR-16OWL LT235/85 R-16OWL 158 P245/70SR-16OWL 130 10PLY/OWL LT245/75 R-16 156 OWL LT245/75 R-16 151 P245/75SR-16OWL 121 P255/70SR-16OWL 134 LT265/75 R-1610PLY/OWL 175 6PLY/OWL LT265/75SR-16 155 OWL P265/75SR-16 130 P275/70SR-16OWL 151 LT285/75 R-16OWL 175 P265/65SR-17OWL 165 OWL P265/70SR-17 150

Dueler H/L Alenza

$79 73 75 84 81 87 92 86 87 91 99 119 89 89 95 113 94 99 105 119 103 132 145 114 115 $91 96 $74

Dueler H/T D687 235/60SR-16


Dueler H/T D840 P265/65SR-17SL


Hours: EST M-F 8am-8pm SAT 9am-4pm

$74 68 77 78 77 106 102 111 113 103 124 126 141 156 158 161 162 165 173 183 190 206

Avid S/T

P215/60TR-14OWL$50 P215/70TR-14OWL 51 P225/60TR-14OWL 52 P225/70TR-14OWL 54 P215/65TR-15OWL 58 P215/70TR-15OWL 52 P225/70TR-15OWL 55 P235/60TR-15OWL 52 P235/70TR-15OWL 61 P245/60TR-15OWL 63 P245/70TR-15OWL 65 P255/60TR-15OWL 64 P255/70TR-15OWL 68 P275/60TR-15OWL 68 P295/50TR-15OWL 89

P6 Four Seasons PZero Rosso Asimmetrico

P185/60HR-14 $61 P195/60HR-14 65 P185/65HR-15 66 P195/60HR-15 67 P195/65HR-15 72 205/60HR-15 68 205/65HR-15 76 P225/60HR-15 77 P205/50HR-16 78 205/55HR-16BMW 95 P215/55HR-16 88 P225/55HR-16 83 225/60HR-16 86 P225/45VR-17 141 P235/45VR-17 130 P255/40VR-19 209

225/45WR-17XL$158 235/45YR-17XL 170 245/40ZR- 17 167 255/40ZR- 17 198 225/40ZR-18 199 235/40ZR- 18 222 245/50ZR- 18 241 255/55YR-18 188 265/35ZR- 18N4 259 315/30ZR- 18 347 235/35ZR- 19XL 260 245/40YR- 19 284 245/45YR-19BM 214 255/40YR-19XL 280 275/45YR-19XL 235 305/25YR-19XL 444 305/30YR-19 420 245/40YR-20 XL 320 255/35YR-20 323 275/35YR-20 367 275/40YR-20 274 285/30YR-20 378 345/25YR-20 492 N3



PZero Nero (M&S)

P205/45WR-16 $91 P205/50WR-16 104 P205/55WR-16 108 P225/50WR-16 105 P225/55WR-16 116 P205/40WR-17 106 P215/40WR-17 114 P215/45WR-17SL 123 P225/45WR-17 131 P235/45WR-17SL 135 P235/55WR-17 106 P245/40WR-17SL 152 P245/45WR-17SL 144 P275/40WR-17SL 151 P215/35WR-18XL 141 P215/40WR-18 130 P225/40WR-18 135 P235/40WR-18SL 151 P245/40WR-18SL 159 P245/45WR-18SL 216 P255/35WR-18XL 175 P265/35WR-18 185 P275/35WR-18SL 193 P275/40WR-18SL 194 P285/40WR-18SL 201 P215/35WR-19XL 149 P255/35WR-20SL 263 P275/35WR-20SL 280

PZero Asimmetrico

225/50ZR-16 $138 225/45YR-17 158 205/45ZR-17 166 245/50ZR-17 255 225/40ZR-18 199 265/35ZR-18 260 275/40YR-18 320 285/30ZR- 18N3 320 295/30ZR-18 320 N3




P400 Touring

P185/65TR-14 $54 P185/70TR-14 52 P185/65TR-15 56 P195/60TR-15 60 P195/65TR-15 57 P205/60TR-15 63 P205/65TR-15 60 P225/60TR-16 75


205/60HR-15 $77 215/60WR-15N1 127


195/55VR-15 SL $65 205/50WR-15SL 60 205/55VR-15SL 66 205/60VR-15 52 195/50WR-16SL 65 205/40WR-16SL 77 205/45WR-16RFT 74 205/50WR-16SL 75 205/55WR-16SL 69 215/50WR-16SL 85 215/55WR-16SL 70 225/50WR-16SL 70 225/55WR-16SL 80 225/60VR-16 66 235/60VR-16 68 245/50WR-16SL 83 205/40WR-17SL 65 205/50WR-17SL 91 215/40WR-17SL 85 215/45WR-17SL 85 215/50WR-17SL 90 225/45WR-17SL 85 225/50WR-17 91 225/55WR-17 83 235/40WR-17SL 93 235/45WR-17SL 91 235/50WR-17 106 245/40WR-17SL 99 245/45WR-17SL 92 255/40WR-17SL 101 255/45WR-17SL 101 255/50WR-17SL 105 275/40WR-17SL 111 285/40WR-17SL 122 215/35WR-18RFT 98 225/40WR-18SL 87 235/40WR-18RFT113 235/50WR-18SL 117 245/40WR-18SL 126 255/35WR-18SL 161 255/45WR-18SL 127 265/35WR-18SL 165 275/35WR-18SL 164 275/40WR-18SL 152


$93 98 102 102 106 108 133 118 122 112 125 115 129 119 136 128 135 135 151 122 128 142 135 154 158 153 157 170 $99


ECSTA STX 275/60HR235/70HR255/55VR255/65VR275/70HR255/50VR265/60VR275/60VR255/55VR285/60VR295/45VR305/45VR305/50VR305/45VR325/40VR305/40VR305/35VR305/30VR-

15 16 16 16 16 17 17 17 18 18 20 20 20 22 22 23 24 26

$85 91 89 87 93 99 94 95 104 106 137 213 140 201 294 220 372 1183

Road Venture MT 834

LT27x8.5QR-14OWL LT235/75QR-15OWL LT30x9.5QR-15OWL LT31x10.5QR-15OWL LT31x11.5QR-15OWL LT32x11.5QR-15OWL LT33x12.5QR-15OWL LT35x12.5QR-15OWL LT235/85QR-16OWL LT285/75QR-16OWL LT33x12.5QR-16.5OWL

HTR Sport H/P 255/55HR- 18 285/60HR- 18 285/50HR- 20 P295/45HR- 20 305/50HR- 20 285/35HR- 22 305/40HR- 22 P305/45HR- 22

$77 88 93 98 106 110 118 137 103 120 126

$98 109 144 155 135 224 231 210

Geolandar H/T-S G051 P215/75QR- 15COWL $72 67 P235/75SR- 15 OWL LT30x9.5QR- 15 COWL 80 86 P265/70SR- 15 OWL OWL P215/70SR- 16 78 P225/70SR- 16 OWL 82 85 P225/75SR- 16 OWL P235/70SR- 16 OWL 85 83 P235/75SR- 16 OWL P245/70SR- 16 OWL 85 OWL P245/75SR- 16 88 OWL 99 P255/65SR- 16 OWL LT265/75QR- 16 D 101 P275/70SR- 16 OWL 114 P285/75QR- 16DOWL 114 P245/70SR- 17 103 P265/70SR- 17OWL 109 P275/65HR- 18 163 Geolandar H/T-S G052 235/65HR- 17 275/55HR- 17 255/55HR- 18 265/60HR- 18 285/60HR- 18 285/50HR- 20 305/50HR- 20

$121 145 145 127 153 139 139

Geolandar A/T Plus II

P235/75SR- 15 OWL LT 235/75SR- 15OWL LT 30X9.5SR- 15 C LT31X10.5SR-15C LT32X11.5SR-15C LT33X12.5SR-15C LT 235/85SR- 16 EOWL LT 245/75SR- 16 EOWL 245/75SR- 16 ESL P255/70SR- 16 P265/70SR- 16 OWL LT 265/75SR- 16DOWL P265/70SR- 17OWL

$80 82 86 93 107 113 106 100 88 90 99 103 109

Geolandar H/T Y816

P205/75SR- 15 OWL $63 P235/75SR- 15 OWL/SL 69

Geolandar M/T Plus 35X12.5QR- 15

Tech ST

255/55SR- 18 265/60SR- 18XL 275/45SR- 20XL 275/55SR- 20XL 275/60SR- 20XL 285/50SR- 20XL 305/50SR- 20XL 275/45VR- 22XL 305/40VR- 22XL 305/45VR- 22XL 295/35HR- 24XL 295/35VR- 24XL 305/35VR- 24XL XL

$109 111 135 142 144 150 149 235 245 248 445 448 449


Grabber UHP

265/70HR- 15 235/60HR- 16 255/65HR- 16 275/55VR- 17 275/45VR- 20 XL 275/55VR- 20 XL 285/50VR- 20 295/45VR- 20 XL 295/50VR- 20 XL 305/40VR- 23 XL 315/35VR- 24 XL


$81 71 73 111 106 108 126 129 130 277 401

$87 97 105 107 117 126 124 129 133 144 124 129 121 135 125 142 145 151 159 151 162 166 175 181 166 182 187 201 272 432 295 365

Mud-TerrainT/A KM

LT 215/75QR- 15CRWL $115 LT 235/75QR- 15CRWL 128 30x9.5 QR- 15CRWL 125 31x10.5QR- 15CRWL 137 32x11.5QR- 15CRWL 149 33x10.5QR- 15CRWL 149 35x12.5QR- 15CRWL 167 LT 325/60QR- 15CRWL 173 LT 235/85QR- 16ERWL 148 LT 245/75QR- 16ERWL 164 LT 255/70QR- 16DRWL 179 LT 255/85QR- 16DRWL 149 LT 265/75QR- 16DRWL 167 LT 285/75QR- 16DRWL 195 LT 305/70QR- 16DRWL 210 LT 315/75QR- 16DRWL 212 35x12.5QR- 16.5DRWL 191 LT 285/70QR- 17DRWL 201 35x12.5QR- 17DRWL 225

Rugged Trail T/A P265/75TR- 16


LT 275/65SR- 18E LT 275/70SR- 18E



185/60HR-14 $41 195/60HR-14 45 185/65HR-15 48 195/60HR-15 46 195/65HR-15 50 205/60HR-15 49 205/65HR-15 51 215/60HR-15 51 215/65HR-15 50 225/60HR-15 51 205/50HR-16 70 205/55HR-16 65 205/60HR-16 53 215/55HR-16 70 215/60HR-16 55 225/50HR-16 72 225/55HR-16 75 225/60HR-16 58 205/40HR-17 69 215/45HR-17 82 215/50HR-17 79 225/45HR-17 85 235/45HR-17 98 245/45HR-17 95


All-Terrain T/A KO

LT 27x8.5QR- 14CRWL LT 215/75QR- 15CRWL LT 235/75QR- 15CRWL LT 30x9.5QR- 15CRWL LT 31x10.5QR-15CRWL LT 32x11.5QR-15CRWL LT 33x9.5QR- 15CRWL LT 33x10.5QR-15CRWL LT 33x12.5QR-15CRWL LT 35x12.5QR-15CRWL LT 215/70 R- 16CRWL LT 225/70 R- 16CRWL LT 225/75SR- 16DRWL LT 235/70QR- 16CRWL LT 235/85SR- 16ERWL LT 245/70SR- 16DRWL LT 245/75SR- 16ERWL LT 255/70QR- 16DRWL LT 265/70SR- 16DRWL LT 265/75SR- 16DRWL LT 275/70SR- 16DRWL LT 285/75QR- 16DRWL LT 295/75QR- 16DRWL LT305/70QR- 16DRWL LT265/70QR- 17CRWL LT285/70QR- 17D LT285/70QR- 17DRWL LT315/70 R- 17D LT 37x12.5QR-17DRWL LT 37x12.5SR-20DRWL LT285/55SR- 20DRWL LT325/60SR- 20D


195/50HR-15 $54 195/50HR-15 $40 Competition Tire 195/55VR-15 64 205/50HR-15 47 215/50VR-13 $109 205/50VR-15 61 205/55VR-15 54 235/45VR-13 117 205/55VR-15 65 215/50HR-15 47 195/55VR-14 106 215/55HR-15 55 195/50WR-16 63 225/50HR-15 54 225/50WR-14 129 205/40WR-16XL 75 195/50HR-16 54 205/50ZR-15 133 225/45WR-15 131 205/45WR-16XL 74 205/50ZR-16 50 205/45VR- 16 138 205/50WR-16 77 215/55HR-16 66 225/50WR-16 148 205/55WR-16 68 225/50HR-16 59 225/45WR-17 148 XL 245/50HR-16 60 215/55WR-16 71 235/40WR-17 154 225/50WR-16 72 205/40HR-17 50 275/40WR-17 178 225/55WR-16XL 80 215/40HR-17 56 335/35WR-17 208 215/45HR-17 55 245/50WR-16 85 215/50HR-17 73 225/40WR-18 195 205/40YR-17 64 225/45HR-17 63 265/35WR-18 214 205/45WR-17XL 88 235/40HR-17 77 205/50WR-17 92 235/45HR-17 79 215/40WR-17 84 245/45HR-17 80 215/45WR-17XL 85 255/40HR-17 80 225/45YR-17XL 87 255/45HR-17 83 255/55HR-17 85 235/40YR-17XL 92 225/40WR-18 78 235/45WR-17XL 91 Victoracer V700 245/40YR-17 99 D.O.T. Legal 245/45WR-17 92 Competition Tire 255/40YR-17 101 185/60HR-14 $98 255/45WR-17 102 195/55VR-14 109 275/40WR-17 112 205/55VR-14 119 285/40WR-17 121 205/50ZR-15 136 215/35YR-18XL 100 Solus KH16 225/50ZR-15 129 215/40YR-18 106 P185/60HR-14 $40 225/50ZR-16 156 215/45YR-18 109 P185/65HR-14 45 245/45ZR-16 150 265/45ZR-16 153 225/40YR-18XL 87 Solus HP4 Plus 225/45YR-18 97 P195/55VR-15$122 225/45ZR-17 155 245/45ZR-17 151 235/40YR-18XL 114 255/40ZR-17 164 235/45WR-18 117 275/40ZR-17 188 235/50YR-18 123 315/35ZR-17 204 245/40YR-18 129 245/50WR-18 127 265/35YR-18 165 275/40WR-18 154 295/30YR-18 175 ECSTA V710 295/30YR-18XL 177 Competition Tire 235/35YR-19 136 205/50WR-15 $148 245/35YR-19 149 265/45WR-16 185 275/40WR-17 209 265/30YR-19 197 295/40WR-17 225 245/35YR-20 133 315/35WR-17 218 A3S05 & R3S04 225/35YR-20 140 335/35WR-17 217 Autocross / RoadRace 255/35YR-20 151 315/35WR-18 266 Call for sizes/prices


Dueler A/T REVO

P205/70TR- 15OWL P215/75TR- 15OWL P225/70TR- 15OWL P225/75TR- 15OWL P235/70TR- 15OWL P235/75TR- 15OWL P265/70HR- 15 P215/70TR- 16OWL P225/70TR- 16OWL P225/75TR- 16OWL P235/70HR- 16 P235/75TR- 16OWL P245/70HR- 16 P245/75TR- 16OWL 255/65HR- 16 P255/70TR- 16OWL P265/70TR- 16OWL P265/75HR- 16 P275/70HR- 16 225/65HR- 17 235/65HR- 17 P245/65HR- 17 P255/75TR- 17 P265/70HR- 17 275/55HR- 17 P275/60HR- 17 255/55HR- 18XL P285/60HR- 18


P195/65VR-15 P205/60VR-15 P205/65VR-15 P215/65VR-15 P225/60VR-15 205/55WR-16 P215/60VR-16 225/50WR-16 225/55WR-16 P225/60WR-16 P245/50WR-16 225/45WR-17 235/45WR-17 P245/45WR-17 255/40WR-17 255/45WR-17 275/40WR-17 225/40WR-18 235/40WR-18 245/40WR-18 255/45WR-18 275/35WR-18

195/50WR-15 $53 205/50WR-15 63 205/55WR-15 63 205/45WR-16 77 205/50WR-16 73 205/55WR-16 79 225/50WR-16 82 225/55WR-16 85 225/60WR-16 71 245/45WR-16 88 245/50WR-16 85 205/40WR-17 76 215/40WR-17 86 215/45WR-17 88 215/50WR-17 95 225/45WR-17 96 235/40WR-17 99 235/45WR-17 110 245/40WR-17 105 245/45WR-17 106 255/40WR-17 106 P255/45WR-17 108 255/50WR-17 108 275/40WR-17 119 215/35WR-18RF 119 225/40WR-18 113 235/40WR-18 121 245/40WR-18 135 265/35WR-18 171 285/60HR-18 120 225/35WR-19RF 145 235/35WR-19RF 155 245/35WR-19RF 167 275/30WR-19RF 207 255/35WR-20 208 265/50VR- 20 153

Cross Terrain SUV P225/70SR- 15OWL P225/75SR- 15OWL P235/70SR- 15OWL P235/75SR- 15OWL P265/70SR- 15OWL P225/70SR- 16OWL P225/75SR- 16OWL P235/70SR- 16 P235/70SR- 16OWL P245/70HR- 16 P245/70SR- 16OWL P245/75SR- 16OWL 255/65HR- 16OWL P255/70SR- 16OWL P265/70SR- 16 P265/70SR- 16OWL P265/70SR- 16TY P265/75SR- 16 P275/70SR- 16 P255/60SR- 17 P255/75SR- 17 P265/65SR- 17 P265/70HR- 17 P265/70SR- 17OWL P265/70SR- 17 275/55HR- 17 P275/60HR- 17 P275/60SR- 17OWL P275/65SR- 17 P255/70SR- 18 P265/70SR- 18 P275/55SR- 18

4X4 Diamaris 255/55VR-18 255/50VR-19 285/45VR-19 275/40WR-20 315/35WR-20

$214 227 242 298 342


LT265/75 R- 16E P255/65 HR-17


$113 116 114 118 131 137 144 143 130 135 135 142 149 145 148 145 148 165 154 152 166 167 164 169 169 182 189 168 169 163 179 123

$157 125

P225/70SR-15SL P235/75SR-15XLRWL LT225/75 R-16E LT235/85 R-16E LT265/75 R-16EOWL P255/70SR-17OBL P275/55TR-20OBL P275/60TR-20OBL


$99 112 157 155 171 162 199 198

4X4 Synchrone $109 205/80TR-16 XL $128

$154 109

215/65HR-16 235/70HR-16 255/65HR-16 225/55HR-17 235/65HR-17 255/55HR-18 XL 255/55HR-19

175 167 183 181 177 185 231

Fortera SilentArmor

P215/75TR- 15 OWL $104 P225/75TR- 15 OWL 116 P235/70TR- 15 OWL 122 P235/75TR- 15 OWL 119 P265/70TR- 15 OWL 136 P265/75TR- 15 OWL 138 LT31X10.5QR-15COWL 131 P215/70TR- 16 OWL 131 P225/75TR- 16 OWL 136 P235/70TR- 16 OWL 131 P245/70TR- 16 OWL 135 P245/75TR- 16 OWL 138 255/65HR- 16 152 P255/70TR- 16 OWL 139 P265/70TR- 16 OWL 144 OWL P265/75TR- 16 152 P275/70TR- 16 OWL 152 P235/65HR- 17 145 OWL 152 P245/65TR- 17 P255/75TR- 17 155 P265/70TR- 17 OWL 162 OWL P275/60TR- 17 167 P285/60HR- 18 182 185 285/50HR- 20 XL

Fortera TripleTred P235/70TR- 15 P235/75TR- 15 P225/70TR- 16 P235/70TR- 16 P245/70TR- 16 P245/75TR- 16 P255/70TR- 16 P265/70TR- 16 P265/75TR- 16 P275/70TR- 16 P265/70TR- 17 P275/60TR- 17

$120 119 134 138 137 142 145 152 162 155 177 171

P225/60SR- 17SL P245/65SR- 17 P245/65SR- 17 P245/60SR- 18

$125 131 134 150

Fortera HL Edition

Fortera SL

305/40HR- 22XL

Wrangler MT/R


LT 235/75 QR-15COWL $135 LT 30X9.5 QR-15COWL 136 LT 31X10.5 QR-15COWL 153 LT 32X11.5 QR-15COWL 168 37X12.5 R-15C 206 LT 235/85 PR-16EOWL 159 LT 245/75 PR-16E 145 LT 255/70 PR-16COWL 181 LT 265/75 PR-16DOWL 179 LT 285/75 PR-16DOWL 185 LT 40X13.5 R-17C 368

Wrangler SilentArmor

LT31X10.5R- 15C/OWL $135 LT215/85 R- 16C 141 146 P255/70TR- 17OWL LT275/70 R- 17C/OWL 177

Wrangler AT/S

P225/70SR- 14SL/OWL LT255/70 R- 16C/OWL LT265/70 R- 17C/OWL P265/70SR- 17SL/BSL LT275/70 R- 17C/OWL LT275/65SR- 20E

$94 137 148 135 155 214

Wrangler A/T Extreme LT315/70SR- 17D


Wrangler RT/S

P225/75SR- 15OWL $85 P235/75SR- 15 93 P235/75SR- 15FORD 81 GM 81 P235/75SR- 15 LT31x10.5R- 15COWL 102 P265/75 R- 15OWL 109 P255/70SR- 16SL/OWL/FORD 96 P265/70SR- 16OWL 121 P265/75HR- 16BSL 118 P265/75SR- 16OWL 116 SL/OWL P265/70SR- 17 121

Scorpion A/T

235/60TR- 18 XL


P275/55SR- 20 LT 325/45SR- 24 E

$129 574

P255/65HR- 15SL 255/55VR- 19 XL

$93 197

265/35WR-22 XL 295/30WR-22 XL 305/35WR-22 XL

$209 239 307

P205/70HR- 15SL 215/65VR- 16 P215/70HR- 16SL P235/70HR- 16SL P255/65HR- 16SL P255/60HR- 17SL 235/50HR- 18 255/55HR- 18XL P275/45VR- 20 P305/50HR- 20

$75 105 94 98 148 105 128 159 176 272

Scorpion ATR Scorpion Zero


You’ve made the decision to order from The Tire Rack on the phone or online...but how will you get your purchase can't do it yourself unless you ordered a tire and wheel package.

Installing Made Easy... We have a Recommended Installer Program that you can access either through your sales representative on the phone or online at You will be informed of Installers in your area and their installation cost, given their phone number, a contact person, location and hours of business. Many Installers can simplify the process further by accepting direct shipment of your purchase to their facility. We have a growing list of over 3,800 Recommended Installers across the U.S. who are qualified to install your tires and wheels. We have screened these Installers to ensure that they are properly equipped to mount and balance your purchase in the best ways possible.

Scorpion Zero Asim. Scorpion STR

Scorpion STR A

P235/75TR- 15XL OWL $89 P265/70HR- 15SL 98 P225/70HR- 16SL OWL 96 P265/70HR- 16SL OWL 110 SL P245/65HR- 17 111

ContiComfort Kit $ 75* • Comfortably seals typical tire punctures • Kit combines air compressor, pressure gauge and liquid tire sealant in a compact, lightwieght unit. • For complete details,

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support


Pricing Effective February 1-28, 2006 Prices Subject to Change

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DARPA in the It was a great race— with even greater implications BY PAUL VAN VALKENBURGH


Amazing: This Volkswagen Touareg in the lead photo is motoring at a good clip utterly under autonomous control. (An official’s vehicle follows it.) This Stanford/ VW entry earned first place—and $2 million.


IT WAS THE BEST RACE I’VE SEEN IN A LONG time! Three self-guided vehicles running within a few miles of each other for seven hours, with minute-by-minute vehicle GPS updates, plotted on a satellite image of the entire 132-mile desert course via the Internet. At that, officials had to occasionally halt vehicles remotely to keep them separated in hazardous terrain—except for the allowed pass for the lead at the 102-mile mark. The Stanford/Volkswagen team beat out the favored Carnegie/Hummer team by about 11 minutes, collecting a record $2 million winner-take-all prize—which will not have to be shared with any drivers. For auto and computer technologists, this was more exciting than Formula 1 and more meaningful than oval track or road racing. This was about learning how to save lives by using computers to supplement—or even replace—fallible and fragile humans. And the few spectators were of a different breed, discussing the advanced technical tradeoffs on each vehicle, and the small

community of techno-wizard mini-celebrities running them. This could be one of the most cost-effective government development programs ever, with the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency sponsoring the challenge for anyone to come up with a viable computer-guided vehicle. It was a great stimulus for innovation, in the spirit of the Sunrayce for solar power, the Kremer Prize for human-powered flight and the X-Prize for commercial space flight. It was also an amazing demonstration of what competitive independent humans— not just dedicated organizations—can accomplish. Yet when compared to popular science-fiction movie robots, like HAL in 2001, The Terminator and I, Robot, it has made some people wonder about the possibility of defense/protection robots running amok. DARPA heavily played up the application to combat rescue and supply or troop transport (which is currently the greatest cause of combat deaths in Iraq) neglecting to mention any applications to self-guided killing machines that could be used on the ground, as “smart bombs” are in the air. These may be the most electronically sophisticated race cars ever built. While most off-road races like this are considered mechanical challenges, in this case the

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support M A R C H 2 0 0 6






» 115

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support


A cargo area full of added hardware augments the Touareg’s GPS, throttle-by-wire and brake-by-wire. Shift lever, above, uses a straightforward actuator.

route was mostly desert and mountain trails that even a 2wheel-drive SUV could manage. However, without a human driver, Stanford lead engineer Mike Montemerlo said, “Early on, we realized that this was really a software competition. The key to success was tons of testing to find and fix software bugs.” Although there was a wide variety of custom off-road vehicles, from a riderless motorcycle to a 20-ton 6-wheel-drive truck, most everyone used the same offthe-shelf terrain sensors, as described in July 2004. Stanford’s artificial-intelligence-based software was actually selfadaptive, learning as it traveled, by comparing information from different sensors. Montemerlo described just how creative it was. “It handles a slalom by trying to squeeze around the outside of it.” And how dumb it was, “If a bird poops on a sensor, it will swerve to avoid it.” Teams are still doing post-race data analysis (think “debriefing a driver”) to study where things went wrong. Unlike any other form of racing, you can see published technical reports (which are nearly incomprehensible) from all the teams at challenge/techpapers.html. But is an electronic chauffeur in the near future? The industry has to query consumer demand for a revolutionary and potentially expensive self-guided passenger car. The cost of hardware, software and development required to win the DARPA prize had to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per vehicle. But in high volume production, there doesn’t seem to be any great cost obstacle. Stanford Professor Sebastian Thrun cited the already

existing content in passenger cars. The VW Touareg they used already had computers, GPS, inertial reference units, and both throttle-by-wire and brake-by-wire. The only new sensors added were a common 2-D digital camera and laser rangefinders, which are feasible considering future economies of scale. And the only new servo added was one for steering. Electronics, memory and software will always become less expensive. As Thrun says, “Wouldn’t you pay $4000 to recover lost commuting hours?” Or not? Some people may enjoy a 20-minute relaxing transition between work and home. Venture capital firms already see value in Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence research, and one company even contributed the overall management on this project. Volkswagen provided hardware assistance and promotion, in support of its somewhat similar European rally-car effort, but Thrun says he’s also getting a lot of calls from other auto executives. Is this merely the ultimate phase in a long history of driver assistance, from automatic transmissions to yaw control? But this may not happen soon, because an urban environment is a different planet from an empty desert. Thrun says, “A prototype that can cope with moving obstacles on public highways

might require only three times the code we wrote, but for a marketable safe product, it might be 20 times that.” I have no doubts about computer logic ultimately surpassing human logic in controlling an automobile, eliminating human factors such as personality and attitude— like road rage. However, computerized “common sense” may be in the distant future, although computer logic is generally free of human weaknesses like attention deficit and alcohol. Try to imagine nationalistic control computers with stereotypical Italian/French/British/German or American teenager personalities. In summing up these philosophical comments, I like to drive. If there’s no rush, it’s more relaxing to me than a walk in the park. Nowhere else in my life am I so pampered by seating comfort, sound systems, climate control and moving scenery. I don’t want someone else to drive for me, whether computer or human. Not to worry, however, as with all automotive accessories, we should always be able to “opt-out”  at any time.


The victorious VW crosses the finish line, its official minder still in tow. YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support M A R C H 2 0 0 6





What’s In Your Toolbox? 2006 CHRYSLER SRT8


HAVING A FLEET OF CARS GIVES EDITORS the ability to select a car as they would a tool for a chore. In the toolbox’s bottom drawer is the solution to all our transportation needs, a Chrysler SRT8. A 425-horsepower sledgehammer, the SRT8 is a great way to knock down a few thousand miles, get the family to church on time, or relieve some stress at a stoplight. It’s an all-around grin machine. For the first 10,000 miles we’ve encountered no problems other than one—the front end. It’s so low that drivers are forced to enter driveways at an angle and avoid any type of off-road excursion. We’ve replaced the front underbody once, but we fear it’s going to be a recurring theme. “I expected a lot from the long-term Jaguar XJ8 and Volkswagen Phaeton based on their suggested retail prices. In my estimation, the SRT8 out-delivers both of those vehicles, particularly when you factor in pricing. Nice work, Chrysler.” Matthew Miles

WELL, WE’VE NEUTERED OUR CTS-V and replaced its stock Goodyear Eagle F1 super-sticky summer tires with less expensive and more durable Goodyear RS-A’s. We’ve since noticed considerably less tire wear, but there is also an overall decrease in grip. The onboard g-meter that spiked at 1.25g with the Eagle F1 tires shows only 1.00g on the new rubber. While we can’t corner as hard, the balance and control of the CTS-V are still there. Throttle-on oversteer is more easily invoked, and the brutal wheel hop seems to have been softened. For everyday driving, the tires are quieter and provide a slightly softer ride. 2005 Cadillac Delivered price Total miles/miles since last report Maintenance costs to date Repair costs to date Average mpg to date

CTS-V $52,290 31,769/10,504 $5098 $393 15.1

“Very nice sedan—powerful, comfortable, distinctive. I find the lower thigh bolsters on the seats are a bit too tall and narrow for comfort. On a three-day drive, I noticed the sunroof rattles as well as slides closed while braking quickly. Otherwise, all in all a great car.” Bert Swift

“The Phaeton made the trip to Monterey and back a distinct pleasure. As much as I love sports cars, this car let me arrive refreshed instead of frazzled. It’s a lot easier to tolerate traffic when you’re being coddled in comfort.” Jerilyn Jeffery COPY EDITOR



“While it’s tempting to wax poetic about how great it is that Cadillac has built a sports sedan, we shouldn’t lose sight of this car’s competitors—BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, Infiniti. It may be fast and sound good, but in this company, speed is only part of the equation. To really compete, the CTS-V also needs refinement, poise, quality and a more up-market feel.” Kim Wolfkill SENIOR EDITOR

“Still smiling through the twisties!” Mike Monticello FEATURE EDITOR

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support ROAD & TRACK

A S MUCH AS OUR STAFF ENJOYS THE Phaeton, we’ve been puzzled since we received it as to why VW made it. It competes directly with its cousin, the Audi A8, with which it shares mechanicals. Sales of the Phaeton have been poor, and VW announced in November that 2006 will be the end of the model for the U.S. market.

“I continue to be impressed by the Phaeton’s composure—how well it cruises, how effortlessly it performs. If I had the chance to redesign the interior, I’d move the window switches, as they’re too far forward on the armrest.” Douglas Kott


2006 Chrysler SRT8 Delivered price $46,050 Total miles/miles since last report 10,025/3217 Maintenance costs to date $57 Repair costs to date $2239 Average mpg to date 15.5


2004 Volkswagen Phaeton Delivered price $66,515 Total miles/miles since last report 47,914/9832 Maintenance costs to date $1747 Repair costs to date $0 Average mpg to date 17.8

2004 MAZDA RX-8

AS A 4-DOOR COUPE THE RX-8 IS RARELY used to carry rear-seat passengers. With the drive-tunnel separating the rear seats, it’s not terribly convenient to carry luggage there either. Since the trunk is so small, to carry all necessary gear it’s common to have it stuffed in the rear seats. As a result our center tunnel is well worn from having things piled on it. As a compromise between a 4-door and a proper coupe, the RX-8 is pretty good, but it doesn’t satisfy completely. We like the RX-8 most on a back road with no




traffic, where its lack of low-end torque doesn’t bother us. In stop-and-go driving with four adults, it’s a bear. “A fun car and a good value; after 1100 miles in this car I have a love-hate feeling for it. The basic chassis is very good and the ride is superior to a Nissan 350Z’s. The steering is fairly direct and race-car like. Whipping through curvy sections is satisfying. Wankel engine is a conundrum—light, powerful, exciting, revvy, it’s also a torqueless slog at low rpm.” Tom Wilson CONTRIBUTING EDITOR

2004 Mazda RX-8 Delivered price $33,595 Total miles/miles since last report 46,187/6164 Maintenance costs to date $2570 Repair costs to date $0 Average mpg to date 17.5

2004 TOYOTA PRIUS A GOOD SELLING POINT OF THE TOYOTA Prius and Honda Civic Hybrids is that in Southern California they qualify for single occupancy in the commuter lanes. We got our stickers and Specials Editor Andrew Bornhop has been making it home early ever since. Aside from the addition of our car-pool lane stickers, someone added a curb nick to a rear wheel. Thankfully the alloys have plastic beauty rings that take the damage and are easily replaceable. “The Prius is an excellent choice for people who revere economy and ecological friendliness over engine performance and sporty handling. Based on the large number of Priuses (Prii?) I see, there are lots of those people out there.” Paul Dean CYCLE WORLD EDITORIAL DIRECTOR

2004 Toyota Delivered price Total miles/miles since last report Maintenance costs to date Repair costs to date Average mpg to date

44,000 2,125 30 16 1


Miles Traveled Energy Drinks Consumed Countries Visited Months of Driving K&N Lifetime Air Filter

Power and Efficiency

KNFILTERS.COM/RT3WORLD K&N was proud to sponsor the Drive Around the World Expedition and its drive to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease

Prius $25,939 49,432/6792 $1510 $0 41.0

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support


Available in Black, Tan or Grey YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support

Cargo Liner Ultimate Trunk and Cargo Area Protection.

Applications to Fit Cars, SUVs and Minivans

• Vehicle Specific, Custom Cargo Liners • Computer Designed to fit your vehicle • Raised lip helps contain spills and protect cargo area from wear and tear • Textured finish helps control load shifting • Remains pliable even in freezing conditions • Protect your investment

Proudly Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in the USA

Specialists in Original Equipment and Aftermarket Automotive Accessories

2435 Wisconsin Street • Downers Grove, IL 60515 630-769-1500 • fax YYePG• Proudly Presents, Thx 630-769-0300 for Support

©2005 MacNeil Automotive Products Limited

Automotive Accessories TM


Premium Rubber Mats WeatherTech® Classic™ Premium Rubber Floor Mats. All-Weather Natural Heavy-Duty Rubber Floor Mats. The best protection for your vehicle’s carpeting. Limited availability

Extreme-Duty FloorLiner™


Advantage Carpet Mats

Front Set plus $15 shipping

Classic™ Front Floor Black Mat Set

Classic™ Front & Rear Black Mat Set

Tan or Grey, add $5.00 plus $9 shipping 2nd set ships FREE*

Tan or Grey, add $10.00 plus $9 shipping Rear set ships FREE*


Cargo Liners From



Applications for virtually any vehicle!

Side Window Deflectors


Extreme-Duty Floor Protection. The FloorLiner™ accurately and completely lines the interior carpet giving “absolute interior protection” Deep channels carry fluids and debris to a lower reservoir, away from your feet!

Tan or Grey, add $10.00 plus $12 shipping FREE cargo liner shipping when you purchase floor mats*

Fresh air enjoyment with a Original Equipment look. Installs quickly and easily with No Exterior Tape. Precisionmachined to perfectly fit your vehicle. Side Window Deflector applications to fit over 600 vehicle models!

Applications to fit over 900 vehicle models!

Cargo Liners Complete car trunk, minivan and SUV cargo area protection. Computer designed to fit your vehicle. Remains pliable in all weather conditions, even freezing temperatures. Protect your investment!

Side Window Deflectors Front Set


Dark add $5.00 plus $9 shipping 2nd set ships FREE*

Side Window Deflectors Front & Rear Set


Dark add $5.00 plus $9 shipping Rear set ships FREE*

Dark tint available for most applications

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Easy-On Stone & Bug Deflector

Pet Barrier

A stylish addition to any car, SUV, truck, or minivan. Extremely scratch-resistant, mounts easily to your vehicle without the need for drilling. Helps protect against stone chips and bug stains.

The adjustable, expandable Pet Barrier, keeps pets safely in the rear of your vehicle. Easily installs without tools or drilling. Heavy-duty 5⁄8” diameter telescopic tubing.

Easy-On™ Stone & Bug Deflector


plus $15 shipping

Pet Barrier


Applications to fit over 200 minivans, SUV’s and trucks!



The Ultimate License Plate Cover! Made from EastmanDuraStar™ polymer. Easy-to-install! One piece design with built-in Multi-Flex® gasket seals out moisture!

ClearCover™ License Plate Cover From


plus $8 shipping 2nd Plate Cover ships FREE*

Clear Lens!

plus $9 shipping ™

The solid one-piece design is made from ABS Natural Platable Grade Plastic. This specific grade of ABS thermoplastic material is virtually indestructible, with optimum resistance to weathering. Marine grade 18-8 stainless steel screws and Click and Stay™ screw caps included.

Sunroof Wind Deflector Stainless Steel Screws and Click and Stay™ Screw Caps Included!


Available in many styles!


Sunroof Deflector

Durable water repellent polyester fabric stows away neatly in its own bag. Featuring swivel straps that mount to the crossbar or side rails of an existing roof rack and Roll and Wrap™ tabs to prevent flapping straps. Measures: 39" x 32" x 18"




plus $8 shipping 2nd Plate Frame ships FREE*

3 Colors!

The Sunroof Deflector reduces in-cabin wind noise and air turbulence! Crafted in Germany from 4mm thick, tinted cast acrylic, our Sunroof Deflector fits the sunroof opening precisely, and is held securely in place with the MagiClip™ vehicle specific fastening system. With a sleek sophisticated look, the Sunroof Deflector is a great addition to any vehicle.

No Drilling Required!

plus $12 shipping

Specialists in Original Equipment and Aftermarket Automotive Accessories

Swivel Straps


$99.95 800-441- 6287 2435 Wisconsin Street Downers Grove, IL 60515 630-769-1500 • fax 630-769-0300

plus $9 shipping

pay regular shipping within the 48 contiguous states, when shipped to the same address on additional sets of floor mats or a cargo liner when purchased in combination with a set of front floor mats; or additional sets of Side Window Deflectors when purchased in combination *withWea front set of Side Window Deflectors; or an additional ClearCover ; or an additional PlateFrame . WE GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION. If you are not satisfied with your order, call to return your unused product within 30 days for a complete refund, less shipping & packaging. ™

Prices subject to change without notice.

License Plate Frame From

Canadian customers please go to:

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With nearly 60 other competitors on track at the same time, there was plenty of action throughout the entire 25-hour race. A number of different classes ensured that there was a little of everything at Thunderhill, from Porsche 911s and BMW M3s to Honda Civics, Mazda Miatas and even a couple of purpose-built sports racers.




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ANYONE FAMILIAR WITH HONDA KNOWS it’s not a company to gamble on its motorsport endeavors, so the team assembled to campaign the 2006 Civic Si were neither strangers to racing nor to the all-new Si. Some had been part of the Acura TL team that won its class and finished 3rd overall at the 2004 25, while others were engineers on the Si production-car program. All involved in the race-car development (including a couple of the drivers) work at Honda R&D Americas in Ohio. Each of the Thunderhill cars, while flashy on the outside, is not all that different under the skin from a road-going Civic Si. To comply with NASA’s United States Touring Car Championship (USTCC) rules, there’s only so much that can be done (they run in this race’s E1 class as USTCC cars). Nothing outrageously expensive is allowed—no sequential transmissions, racing slicks or exotic engine modifications. That means speed must be found by reducing weight and optimizing handling, all without compromising reliability. To that end, each Si race car is devoid of interior trimmings save a rollcage, 6-point safety harness and Recaro racing seat. The suspension sports H&R springs, double-adjustable shocks and rear anti-roll bar. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires, size 225/45R17, roll on 17 x 7½-in. Volk Racing wheels,

JUST LIKE CLOCKWORK while the stock brake system gets Goodridge stainless-steel lines and Pagid racing pads. The engine remains largely untouched internally, but benefits from a freer-breathing AEM intake, DC Sports header/exhaust, Exedy lightweight flywheel/racing clutch and a proprietary Honda Racing ECU. A Traqmate data logger records driver/vehicle performance. Bodywork changes are limited to an APR carbon-fiber front splitter and rear wing. Curb weight is just under 2400 lb.; power, around 220 bhp. The defining characteristics of the race Si are balance, consistency and ease of use. Like any good endurance car, its handling behavior changes little over the course of a 1–2-hour driving stint. It’s easy on tires and can be driven on- or off-line with confidence. High-speed stability is excellent, while low- to medium-speed neutrality allows the front or rear to be drifted as needed. Power from the 2.0-liter four is solid in the lower rpm range, but really screams once into VTEC (from 5800 to 8000 rpm), where it pulls significantly harder. Gear changes are a breeze, the stock 6-speed delivering quick, positive shifts that stay consistent all race long. Thanks to exhaustive pre-race testing that ensured reliability as well as speed, setup of both Civics was nearly spot on from the moment they rolled off the trailer.


A couple of tire pressure and shock changes were all it took to get them dialed in for the race. In every timed session, the No. 06 and No. 20 cars were fastest in the E1 class, competing against everything from older Mazda RX-7s and Acura Integras to a Ford Mustang GT, a Porsche 924S and most notably (especially from the standpoint of manufacturer bragging rights), a pair of Mazdaspeed-backed 2006 MX-5s. That said, the weekend got off to a rocky start when a transponder hiccup in qualifying cost both cars their times, putting them at the back of the E1 field for the start (in 46th and 47th overall). This mattered little once the green flag waved, however, as starting drivers Chad Gilsinger (Honda R&D Americas, car No. 06) and John Sherk (Honda Canada, car No. 20) moved to the front of the class in the race’s opening hour. But then a 5-minute penalty for spilled gas during the first round of pitstops cost both cars 2 laps, sending them to the rear once again. Within a few hours, they’d climbed back up the order (1–2 in class), until yours truly was punted off-course while lapping a slower car. That excursion cost the No. 06 car 8 laps in the pits while a rear trailing arm was replaced. Many thanks to ace Honda fabricators Rob Fox and James Lucas for getting us back in the fray so quickly!

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The E1-class winning team of Chad Gilsinger, Lee Niffenegger, Kim Wolfkill and Matt Staal, enjoyed flawless performance from their ‘06 Civic Si, below, finishing just ahead of their team car, which crossed the line 2nd in class and 6th overall.

From that point on, the two Civic Si teams pursued slightly different programs. The No. 20 car of Sherk, Rich Hays (American Honda), Sage Marie (American Honda) and Tony Swan (Car and Driver) ran consistently at the front of the class, building its lead over the Mazdas, while the No. 06 cautiously upped the pace in an effort to regain its lost laps. Drivers Gilsinger, Lee Niffenegger (Honda R&D Americas), Matt Staal (Honda R&D Americas, Los Angeles) and I pounded around

throughout the night, slowly snatching laps back one at a time. By about the 18th hour, we’d reclaimed all but one, the two Civic Si’s running 1–2 in E1 just a lap apart. In the closing hours, with each car scheduled for a final brake pad change and two more gas stops, our calculations showed we might just catch them by the end. But an inter-team showdown never materialized as the No. 20 car’s brakes went away more suddenly than expected, necessitating an extended stop


that cost them the lead. From there, No. 06 drove a steady race to finish in front. After 25 hours and 645 laps of racing, Team Civic Si couldn’t have asked for a better result—1st and 2nd in the E1 class and 4th and 6th overall in a field of 58 cars. Mechanically, the new Civic Si’s delivered as promised, aided by excellent preparation, great pit work and consistent driving. It may not have been as glamorous as an IRL or F1 win, but for those involved, the result was just as sweet.



In the all-new MX-5’s competition debut, the car proved itself to be very much in the spirit of earlier Miatas, but with extra power and grip. For the upcoming 8-race pro series that begins in May, the new Miatas will run without the hardtop we used at Thunderhill.


WITH THE HEADLINE ABOVE, YOU MIGHT think we blasted around Thunderhill at sustained high speeds in the all-new MX-5 Miata. Well, for about seven hours, we did, leading the E1 class with a classic Miata mix of speed, fuel economy and being easy on brakes. Then, though, the 25 hours of Thunderhill became a day-long R&D session for the folks at Mazdaspeed. First, the differential on the No. 55 car I shared with Jeremy Barnes, Tim Buck, Jim Daniels and Scott Kaluza packed it in. A side oil seal, pounded into submission by frequent bottoming of the suspension, gave way, causing the diff to lose its oil and overheat. The bottoming issue clearly demonstrated that Mazdaspeed was still developing YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support

R O A D & T R A C K


the new Miata for racing, specifically the MX-5 Cup, a recently announced cost-controlled eight-race professional series that begins in May. The problem: At race time, only one set of correct shocks (double-adjustable coil-over Eibachs) existed for the new Miata, and the prototype set was back at the factory being replicated for production. Thus we had to run the stock Bilsteins of the MX-5’s Sport Package, which were overwhelmed by the heavy competition springing. The car bounced all over the place, making it loose, especially wicked in Thunderhill’s fast Turn 8. “It’s like a Spec Miata on the bump stops going around a very rough track,” summed up teammate Daniels (the founder of the popular Spec Miata class), who had

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even healthier push from the crew. Nevertheless, we managed to keep circulating, entertaining ourselves by whittling our lap times and occasionally passing the Japanese-market Honda Fit from Spoon Racing, which was slower but could gap us out of corners. Finally, at noon on Sunday, we crossed the line 25th out of 58 cars, proving that staying out on the track does reap benefits in endurance racing. So, what else did we learn in this 25hour R&D session? Well, the roomier new MX-5 has a strong clutch and a great engine. The twincam 2.0-liter has a flexible powerband, and even though our car didn’t have the header that’s part of Mazdaspeed’s MX-5 Cup prep package, it still produced 190 bhp, thanks to a cold-air intake and a cat-free exhaust. In full-race trim, with header, expect around 195 bhp. That’s pretty good for a car that weighs 2405 lb. and wears 225/45ZR-17 Hankook Ventus spec racing tires. Daniels, who will campaign six cars in the series, says a new Miata, properly tuned, is capable of a 2minute, 2-second lap. The current Spec Miata record at Thunderhill (using the bypass), for the record, is around a 2:08. Moreover, the spec rollcage of our MX5, from Racing Cages Inc. of Vista, California, offers door protection rivaling a NASCAR stocker. And its integrity was proven early

Sunday when Johnny Kanavas, in the No. 19 car, struck a Factory Five Racing Cobra replica that had inexplicably turned directly in front of him. The Miata launched into the air, rolled at least twice, and Kanavas walked away with only an injured thumb. There are areas of concern, as expected of any new car that goes racing for the first time. The new Miata could use a bit more negative camber in front to even the wear across its tires. And the shift forks, those cast-aluminum pieces that broke in the extreme environment of racing, will now be made of billet aluminum for the MX-5 Cup race series. And in a classic case of racing improving the breed, Mazda’s R&D and Quality boss, Robert Davis, checked in with the team periodically during the race via the Internet. What he learned, pro and con, he took with him to a meeting he had the very next day in Hiroshima with the MX-5’s chief engineer, Takao Kijima. For reasons such as that, I’m confident the new MX-5 will continue the long legacy of racing Miatas by being fully ready for the first MX-5 Cup race in May. Visit for in formation on the car and the series.



dialed-in our car by tweaking the front and rear bars, the alignment, ride heights and tire pressures. Our crew, led by Doug Peete, changed the smoking diff—not an easy thing, given its intense heat and multiple suspension links in the way—in only 42 minutes. A lap later, though, Daniels was back in, with suspected alternator woes. A new one (a 45-minute job) didn’t fix the problem, which was finally traced to a faulty killswitch connection. At this time, well into the dark, Ken Dobson (in the No. 19 Miata shared with Charles Espenlaub, Johnny Kanavas and Automobile’s Mark Gillies) also pitted, its gearbox stuck in 3rd due to a broken shift fork. Then, almost unbelievably, with mechanics still installing the one spare gearbox in No. 19, our car pitted, also stuck in 3rd. “Get back out and keep circulating,” ordered team boss Rick Weldon. That we did, and once No. 19 was racing again, our frantic crew installed its old gearbox—now locked in 4th—in our car. From then on, for the remaining 17 hours or so, conservation of momentum was king as we lapped though the night, routinely being blinded by the bazillion-candlepower lights of faster cars in our mirrors. The Miata lugged coming out of the tight Turn 12, but on faster parts of the course it was fairly competitive. And by the end of the night, our car was now somehow stuck in 6th gear, which meant we had to leave the pits with an


The Mazda crew kept incredibly busy all through the race, here changing our car’s differential that overheated after an oil seal failed— a problem related to the constant bottoming of the suspension. The smoking diff, top left, took only 42 minutes to change. YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support M A R C H 2 0 0 6


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CHAMP CAR’S TURNAROUND WAS THE STORY OF THE YEAR IN American auto racing in 2005 and it will be interesting to watch the growth of the series this year and next, especially when a new, slightly smaller, more cost-effective car is introduced for the 2007 season. Reborn from CART’s ashes in the winter of 2003/2004, the new Champ Car organization began catching people’s attention last year with successful new races, bigger crowds and an increasingly clear business plan from series owners Kevin Kalkhoven, Jerry Forsythe and Paul Gentilozzi.


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Big dogs Kalkhoven and Forsythe showed they were serious when they bought Cosworth from Ford in November 2004, thus solving the riddle of engine supply for the Champ Car World Series (CCWS), but also making a big commitment to motorsport as a whole, and to the wider world of high-performance engineering. The deal also included Pi Electronics, manufacturers of racing dashboard information and data-acquisition systems. Kalkhoven and Forsythe went a step further when they bought the Long Beach Grand Prix from Dover Downs Entertainment in May 2005, outmaneuvering Indianapolis Motor Speedway boss Tony

George as they had done 18 months previous, when George unsuccessfully tried to buy the bankrupt remains of CART. Then in October, they completed a deal to buy the successful 20-year-old, midsummer Toronto street race from Molson Coors Brewing Co. and rebranded it the Molson Toronto Champ Car Grand Prix. “It’s part of our strategy of being able to control the assets of the series,” Kalkhoven commented. “We’ve done that successfully with Cosworth and Pi, Long Beach, and now Toronto. When we have an opportunity to gain access to an asset like that, we’re going to jump all over it. The ability to control those assets gives us more flex-

ibility in our negotiations with other series and people. It gives us the flexibility that nobody can force us to do anything, and I think that’s quite a key thing in Toronto where there have been rumors of NASCAR and the IRL coming. If they want to go there, they’ve got to talk to us.” Kalkhoven emphasized that buying Cosworth, Pi and the Long Beach and Toronto races was good business and a good strategic move. “Things like Long Beach and Cosworth are investments and assets that are profitable and return money,” he said. “They’re also good business decisions. I would probably buy Cosworth even if I weren’t in motor racing because it’s a hell

of a good business. Cosworth is a worldwide brand that’s never really been exploited. We’ll be marketing tuner kits for Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi and others and we’ve just announced a new Cosworth motor oil. Cosworth is a brand that has significant legs, as well as being one of the world’s greatest engineering companies.” In October of last year, Champ Car also announced its technical package for 2007– 2009 with a new smaller, trimmer Panoz DP01 “spec” car replacing the venerable 2001-type Lola B2/00, which dominated Champ Car racing over the last four years. The new Panoz will be built at Elan Motorsports Technologies outside Atlanta.

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Starting in ‘07, Champ Car will switch to an all-new car, above, designed to deliver closer, more cost-effective racing. Built around a spec 2.6-liter 800-bhp Cosworth V-8, it’s slightly smaller than the current car, which should improve passing opportunities on road courses and tight street circuits.

“The development of the ’07 car was definitely part of what we wanted to do,” Kalkhoven remarked. “It has been specifically designed to take advantage of the format of urban motorsports entertainment that we’ve now got. It’s smaller, lighter, faster and cheaper.” The new car will continue to be powered by the familiar, traction control-free 2.6liter Ford/Cosworth XFE turbo V-8 with horsepower bumped up to more than 800. All the engines will continue to be supplied to the teams from a common pool. “We’ve put it in the hands of the drivers,” Kalkhoven noted. “We’re separating the drivers by their skill, not by technology. We’ve removed all the electronics and put it back in their hands.” And Champ Car has announced a new Formula Atlantic for 2006 to replace Toyota/Atlantic, which had an 18-year run. A new Swift chassis will be used, powered by 300-bhp 2.3-liter, 4-cylinder Cosworth/ Ford Focus engines. There will also be a $2 million prize for the champion to be spent on a Champ Car ride for the following year. Never in the 40-year history of the formula has any sanctioning body, least of all CART, properly embraced Formula Atlantic. But Kalkhoven and his group intend to firmly establish and promote the formula as the key steppingstone to the Champ Car World Series. “The lessons from the successful turbo XFE Champ Car spec-engine program are being applied to Formula Atlantic. Teams are not permitted to have spare cars or engines, and the Cosworth engines will be


This season, the Formula Atlantic series gets a total overhaul with the introduction of a completely revamped engine/chassis package, below. It utilizes an all-new Swift chassis powered by a 300-bhp 2.3-liter Cosworth four. Forty cars have already been ordered for ‘06. Also drawing teams to the series is a $2 million prize for the championship winner.

“A number of teams from other series

have approached us…” —Jerry Forsythe

run 2000 miles between rebuilds. Spare powerplants will be available from an engine pool in case of problems, and an engine may be replaced after 1600 miles if it’s shown to be down on power. “The rebuilding of the Atlantic series was critical to our plan,” Kalkhoven added. “That was always part of our original thinking because without a strong foundation it’s difficult for the upper series to grow. And that has gone beyond our wildest dreams. There are 40 cars ordered by 20 teams, and wondering how we’re going to fit everyone on the grid and in the paddock is a fascinating situation.” Born in Australia and raised in England, Kalkhoven started his business career working for IBM in London in the 1960s as a computer programmer and systems analyst. In the ’70s he began to show his entrepreneurial skills, beginning the first of many start-up companies before moving to the United States in 1984 to make his fortune in the ’90s in Silicon Valley and investment banking. Kalkhoven has impressed many with his aggressive approach, energy and sharp sense of humor. He and longtime CART team owner Jerry Forsythe appear to make a perfect combination with Kalkhoven publicly leading the charge and Forsythe quietly supporting him in the background, splitting their investments 50/50 not only on Champ Car, but other purchases such as Cosworth, and the Long Beach and Toronto street races. Forsythe was CART’s most YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support

persistent supporter, amassing the majority of the public company’s shares prior to its bankruptcy and never wavering in his refusal to race at Indianapolis after Tony George created the IRL in 1996. “I’m not surprised by the momentum,” Forsythe commented about Champ Car’s turnaround. “A number of teams from other series have approached us and I’m very confident that you’re going to see several teams join the Champ Car World Series for 2007.” Forsythe said he believes it’s probable the field will be back to full strength with 24 or more cars when the next-generation Champ car replaces the current car in ’07. Champ Car ran successful new races in 2005 in front of big crowds in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (200,000 over three days) and San Jose, California (160,000), with plans for ’06 and beyond to include new street races in Houston and possibly Philadelphia, as well as Ansan, South Korea; Beijing, China; and Otaru, Japan. Street racing, or “three-day urban festivals,” has become Champ Car’s mantra in a very clear differentiation from NASCAR and IRL. San Jose’s inaugural street race in the shadow of Silicon Valley replaced nearby Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on the Champ Car schedule. As rough and tight as the track may have been, the race itself generated plenty of Bay Area TV, radio and newspaper coverage, unlike anything the Laguna Seca race had seen. Dropping Laguna was sad, but the politics of American open-wheel racing and poor promotion took their toll on both the crowd and media

MAR '05


©2005. Paid for by the United States Army. All rights reserved.

JAN '04

Army training breeds selflessness. For Specialist Henry, that lesson didn’t take long to learn. His team only consists of five men. They do everything together, as one. Being a part of that team has given him more strength than he’s ever known. But more importantly, it’s given him something to fight for. Find your strength at YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support







coverage at the storied Monterey Peninsula road course. In contrast, Kalkhoven said no fewer than 71 Silicon Valley companies came to the race in San Jose. “If only 20 percent show an interest in sponsoring racing, we’ve made a good start,” he remarked. Kalkhoven was delighted with 2005 and believes the momentum will continue through the next few years. “It’s succeeded way beyond our expectations,” Kalkhoven observed. “We’re at least one year ahead of our plan. “In January ’04, we believed we had several strategies that were important,” he added. “One was obviously to validate the concept that open-wheel racing was not dead, that it needed to be reformatted and the three-day event was a good format. The other thing was that we didn’t have control of our assets. The speed with which we’ve been able to do that has been much faster than we originally thought.” Kalkhoven and Forsythe’s plan is to maintain a balance, running half the races in the United States and half in the rest of the world. With three successful races in Canada and two in Mexico, Champ Car’s broader international focus is on the Pacific Rim with South Korea, China and Japan as the primary targets. One or two more major urban events in the U.S. also are on the wish-list. “Clearly we need races in the Southeast and on the East Coast, no doubt about that at all,” Kalkhoven observed. “We’ve added a new event in Houston this year and we’re learning how to make these events work and we’re looking for the right venues to make additional events happen. I anticipate that over the next few years we’ll add one more race per year.” He believes that focusing on solving the problems created by CART’s failure has been the key to Champ Car’s early success. “We’ve concentrated on what we had to do rather than beating other series,” Kalk-

fans want to watch NASCAR. You can see from the other series that go oval racing that there’s not a lot of interest in it. Road racing has a different set of fans.” Ovals or not, Kalkhoven is excited about the next few years. “I’m absolutely sure that we’ll have new teams in 2007,” he said. “There’s a huge amount of interest in ’06 but there are so few Lolas around and they’re not going to build new cars for just one year. It’s just too expensive. So I don’t know that we’ll have any new teams in ’06 but I think there will be new teams placing orders for the ’07 car and they will start to build from June on. Then of course there are the Atlantic teams, two of which have already indicated they’re ready to move up in ’07.” The test for Champ Car will be whether the new Formula Atlantic delivers in ’06 and ’07 with exciting racing and the expected 30-car fields, and whether the new Champ Car formula can deliver in ’07 and ’08, attracting the anticipated 24-car grids. If both these things happen, Champ Car will be in a strong position once again to potentially rival Formula 1 in the worldwide TV market with a growing fan base, a global business plan and a proper ladder system focused on Formula Atlantic. “We’ve got to attract new teams and new sponsors,” Kalkhoven commented. “We’ve got to create new heroes and we’ve got to make them marketable commodities. Can you do that in 18 months? No, it’s just not going to happen. NASCAR’s been around for 50 years, and making our own heroes is going to take some time, but with some continuing solid steps forward, we can get there. Absolutely. “We’re lucky that we have a history and are not having to establish a new product. I think that’s key. There’s nothing more difficult than establishing a new product. That’s why sometimes doing turnarounds is a much better way to go. A product that needs evolving and refining like Champ Car already has 2 million fans. We’ll continue to build on that base.” The ’05 season was a big year for Champ Car, but the next two years will be even more important in shaping the organization’s future in both American and world wide motor racing.

If Champ Car has its way, there will be plenty to celebrate in the seasons to come as the series takes its three-day “festival” approach beyond the United States, Canada and Mexico. Current plans call for expansion into more urban settings as well as Japan, China and South Korea.

“Frankly, both series should be concentrating on what they need to do to continue to grow.


It’s as simple as that…” —Kevin Kalkhoven

hoven observed. “I think there was some significant distraction in previous years about beating other series. It never worried us. We had to do what we had to do and that’s what we’ve done. We’ve not focused on the IRL at all. I think that’s one of the reasons we’ve been successful. We’re not worried about them. They have their mission, their plan, their philosophy, and we’re doing our thing.” Kalkhoven had a variety of talks with Tony George during 2005, but seems to have put any ideas of getting together with the IRL behind him. “While there are advantages in reunification, it’s not necessary for the survival or growth of our series,” he said. “What’s really important is developing our product to the point where people really want to see it. That’s what we’ve put a lot of effort into and it’s working. Is reunification important? In the final analysis, no. “Frankly, both series should be concentrating on what they need to do to continue to grow. It’s as simple as that, and I’m really bored with the subject. I’d much rather talk about where the drivers are going and where the series is going, because that’s what I’m concentrating on.” Milwaukee in June will be the only oval race on Champ Car’s 2006 schedule and it looks increasingly likely that the series reluctantly will turn its back on ovals in 2007. “In my opinion if people want to watch oval racing they’re going to watch NASCAR,” Kalkhoven commented. “How do you compete with the spectacle of 40 stock cars charging around an oval track? It’s a spectacle, but it’s not a festival. “Ovals are part of the heritage of the series and I would personally hate to see them disappear,” he added. “What is clear at the moment, however, is that oval racing YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support

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E D I T O R - AT- L A R G E

Taking Care of Business Me and the boss had lunch the other day with Derek Hill,




son of America’s first Formula 1 World Champion Phil Hill. As the old saying goes, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” so it comes as no surprise that Derek decided years ago to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a race driver with hopes of some day competing in F1. But his lineage doesn’t guarantee success. It’s tough to land a good ride, and Derek talked to us about his attempts to put together a deal for the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona. When I got home that day, I mentioned our lunchtime discussion to my wife, the football geek, who said what if quarterback Matt Leinart or tailback Reggie Bush, the stars of the electrifying USC football team, never played a down in the NFL because they couldn’t put together a big enough sponsorship package for whatever team might draft them in April? The football world, she proclaimed, simply wouldn’t stand still for that. Yo u s e e , unlike most of auto racing, professional football and other stickand-ball sports take care of their ow n . T h e o n ly motorsports series that comes even close is NASCAR. While the Craftsman Truck or Busch winners aren’t guaranteed a Nextel ride, they stand a better chance of making it to The Show than, say, Atlantic or Indy Lights champions. NASCAR team owner Jack Roush, for example, plucked Carl Edwards (who was so poor he slept in his car at some of his early races) out of the truck series, and Edwards made the most of that chance, winning four Nextel Cup races in the 2005 season and backflipping his way into national prominence. Roush goes even further in promoting young talent with his annual Gong Show—an open test to choose new drivers for his truck team. Roush is a shining example of what American racing needs to do. But he and the few American open-wheel racing teams that are willing to back young talent are the exceptions because, when push comes to shove, it all boils down to big money. Although I always manage to work myself into a proper lather whenever I think about this subject, Derek Hill is more philo-




sophical about it. “It takes money to run these cars,” he says. “Especially if you crash ’em,” which he says is one reason many teams hire foreign drivers. “They have a good track record. They don’t crash cars. And they win.” But so does Derek, who began his career in karts, moved up to formula cars and ultimately won the 1997 Barber Dodge Pro Series championship. Joining the BMW factory team, he won his class at Daytona and Sebring, and did a stint in the 1998 Toyota Atlantic series before heading off to Europe to compete in the FIA International F3000 Championship. Frankly, I’d kind of lost track of Derek until he showed up for lunch and announced that he was back in the United States and trying to line up a Grand-Am ride at Daytona. But the key is money, the engine that seems to drive almost every form of racing and keeps many promising youngsters out of the driver’s seat, especially in our country. In Europe, it’s different. Corporations there will often band together to buy their favorite son a ride. Why? Because there is a nationalistic pride in backing one of your own. I wish I could say the same about American companies, and while it’s tr ue that many are willing to throw money a t NA S C A R and at a handful of big-ticket IRL and Champ Car teams, when it comes to funding up-and-coming drivers, we’re about as stingy as Ebenezer Scrooge. Hill thinks it’s

“Why does the richest nation in the world throw billions at ballplayers while tossing only

pennies to race drivers?”

because, with the exception of NASCAR and some forms of ovaltrack racing, today’s Indy and Champ cars—as well as sports cars— are perceived as foreign. “Anything that works in America,’’ he says, “has to be pretty much only American.” Okay, I get the picture. But I don’t like it. What I want to know is why does the richest nation in the world throw billions at ballplayers while tossing only pennies to race drivers who by extension represent  the very device that made this country great—the automobile?

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Our History


Maserati GranSport Quattroporte Maybach 571 Mazda MX-5 Miata RX-8 3s

$98,172 $103,522 V-8 $95,500 $105,350 V-8 $308,000 $315,500 V-12t $20,435 $27,610 I-4 $26,680 $33,100 R-2 $16,895 $18,305 I-4

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support

Braking from 80 mph, ft.

Skidpad, g

Slalom, mph

Our Fuel Mileage, mpg

117 126 132 123 133 127 133 107 138 120 129 127 119 117

215 224 235 210 237 215 231 197 246 215 227 219 216 204

0.91 0.86 0.83 0.87 0.78 0.86 na 0.96 0.71 0.86 0.84 0.82 0.87 0.85

65.8 65.1 67.1 65.8 64.0 64.5 65.5 68.6 61.7 65.5 61.6 65.5 67.2 68.7

18.42 19.04 22.32 21.04 24.32 11.5 12.04 17.6 25.04 17.92 19.3 13.92 18.04 12.2

11.5 10.8 12.0 9.5 9.2 14.5 16.9 12.7 12.8 15.1 18.9 11.4 15.2 15.9 9.8 8.8 16.2 13.8 11.5 14.4 12.2 14.9 8.7 9.3 6.6 8.1 9.2 10.2 8.8 13.5 15.7 16.8 13.8 14.2 13.3 21.1 15.2 9.1 8.7

13.1 @ 106.7 12.9 @ 110.2 13.4 @ 105.6 12.4 @ 115.8 12.4 @ 118.1 14.1 @ 98.8 14.9 @ 94.1 13.7 @ 104.0 13.7 @ 103.6 14.5 @ 98.6 15.0 @ 91.9 13.4 @ 109.0 14.3 @ 97.5 14.8 @ 96.8 12.8 @ 114.5 12.2 @ 120.7 14.9 @ 96.0 14.1 @ 101.1 13.3 @ 108.2 14.3 @ 99.8 13.6 @ 105.9 14.5 @ 98.4 12.1 @ 119.3 12.3 @ 118.3 11.1 @ 133.0 11.7 @120.1 12.3 @ 116.9 12.8 @ 115.4 12.2 @ 121.6 13.9 @ 101.4 14.8 @ 97.2 15.1 @ 94.6 13.9 @ 100.2 14.4 @ 100.6 13.8 @ 101.4 16.1 @ 87.7 14.5 @ 97.9 12.3 @ 117.4 12.0 @ 121.0

118 120 114 120 119 110 116 121 111 117 138 115 120 118 110 109 114 126 122 132 116 118 112 113 109 113 107 115 117 131 127 133 115 112 115 130 125 110 122

210 213 196 207 209 196 209 214 196 203 242 202 210 212 194 197 199 227 208 240 207 209 197 196 188 192 191 202 199 233 228 228 206 199 201 232 223 194 213

0.86 0.84 0.88 0.87 0.88 0.92 0.83 0.89 0.93 0.88 0.83 0.87 0.81 0.84 0.98 0.99 0.89 0.79 0.90 0.77 0.87 0.85 1.02 0.97 1.01 na 0.90 0.91 0.99 0.84 0.81 0.85 0.91 0.92 0.91 0.83 0.79 0.95 0.90

64.1 63.8 67.3 68.9 69.5 67.4 66.6 66.1 65.8 65.8 64.0 66.0 62.3 66.9 70.2 69.6 69.6 62.4 66.5 61.4 66.3 67.3 71.4 67.8 73.0 na 70.9 66.0 69.5 64.9 63.9 68.6 69.7 66.7 63.6 63.4 64.0 68.6 65.7

12.04 12.4 17.04 10.9 11.0 18.22 16.5 17.52 19.02,4 15.32 20.12 17.1 15.6 22.32 12.92 17.02,4 22.42 18.3 16.0 18.04 14.4 14.82 10.02 13.02,4 13.3 12.04 11.6 9.4 15.04 18.04 23.32 19.7 23.32 18.42 16.32 21.12 14.52 13.0 10.0

19.7 14.3 14.9 12.4

15.5 @ 90.8 14.2 @ 99.5 14.5 @ 98.6 13.3 @ 103.1

¼ mile, sec. @ mph

12.0 13.4 @ 105.9 175 16.5 15.1 @ 95.1 1305 16.6 15.0 @ 94.9 1305 15.9 14.8 @ 96.6 1475 19.5 15.9 @ 90.4 130 7.7 11.6 @ 125.0 231 11.0 13.2 @ 110.0 186 11.4 13.1 @ 107.9 175 16.8 14.9 @ 94.8 1305 17.5 14.9 @ 94.2 1305 17.4 15.2 @ 93.8 1305 15.4 14.8 @ 97.8 1305 13.4 13.8 @ 101.7 1555 14.2 14.1 @ 99.7 1555

0–100 mph, sec.

0–60 mph, sec.


Engine Type

Price as Tested3

List Price3

Issue 9-0510 12-04 9-03 10-05 8-04 7-04

Braking from 60 mph, ft.

TO ORDER Call 866-321-5321 Visit Mail check or money order to: Road & Track Dept. N, P.O. Box 1757 Newport Beach, CA 92658

3-02 $89,000 $91,368 V-6 290 5.0 Acura NSX RL1 1-05 $48,900 $49,470 V-6 300 6.7 RSX Type-S 9-05 $23,670 $24,240 I-4 210 6.7 TL 4-04 $32,650 $35,395 V-6 270 6.3 TSX 10-04 $26,490 $29,035 I-4 200 7.8 12-97 $890,000 $1,131,120 V-12 627 3.4 Ameritech McLaren F1 1 1-05 $155,000 $166,295 V-12 450 4.8 Aston Martin DB9 V8 Vantage 11-05 $110,000 $117,745 V-8 380 4.7 7-05 $26,140 $29,585 I-4t 200 6.4 Audi A3 2.0 T 8-05 $29,450 $35,995 I-4t 200 6.4 A4 2.0 T Quattro 1 A6 3.2 Quattro 4-05 $40,900 $45,370 V-6 255 7.0 5-05 $68,500 $73,570 V-8 330 6.5 A8 L1 10 S4 8-05 $46,100 $54,370 V-8 340 5.3 S4 Avant 11-05 $47,100 $55,795 V-8 340 5.7 Bentley Continental 1 8-05 $164,990 $171,190 W-12t 552 4.6 Flying Spur Continental GT1 9-04 $149,990 $161,587 W-12t 552 4.4 10 $47,300 $55,840 I-6 333 4.8 9-05 BMW M3 Comp Coupe M5 2-06 $81,200 $91,995 V-10 500 4.1 M6 2-06 $97,200 $106,095 V-10 500 4.1 Z4 3.0i 3-05 $40,900 $48,620 I-6 225 5.5 330i 8-05 $36,300 $42,865 I-6 255 6.2 6-05 $55,000 $62,620 V-8 325 5.2 545i1 1 645Ci 4-04 $69,995 $76,765 V-8 325 5.3 745Li1 5-05 $73,300 $84,020 V-8 325 6.1 1 6-04 $30,490 $43,880 V-6 255 6.6 Cadillac CTS CTS-V 2-04 $49,995 $50,690 V-8 400 5.0 8-04 $46,800 $63,590 V-8 320 5.9 STS1 9-05 $21,430 $23,910 I-4s 205 6.2 Chevrolet Cobalt SS Corvette Coupe 3-05 $43,445 $53,545 V-8 400 4.5 Corvette Z06 12-05 $65,000 $71,595 V-8 505 3.9 1-04 $33,620 $34,495 V-6 215 6.7 Chrysler Crossfire 1 300C 5-04 $32,370 $37,310 V-8 340 5.6 1 3-05 $39,370 $45,295 V-8 425 4.9 300C SRT-8 1 1-06 $29,320 $33,645 V-8 340 5.9 Dodge Charger R/T Magnum SRT81 11-05 $37,320 $43,035 V-8 425 5.2 SRT-4 9-04 $20,450 $21,780 I-4t 230 5.9 Viper SRT-10 3-05 $81,495 $84,495 V-10 500 4.0 Viper SRT10 Coupe 12-05 $83,145 $87,190 V-10 510 4.2 7-03 $643,330 $652,830 V-12 650 3.3 Ferrari Enzo F430 1-05 $171,000 $200,204 V-8 483 3.5 F430 Spider 9-0510 $195,000 $205,000 V-8 483 4.0 1 612 Scaglietti 9-05 $259,855 $269,829 V-12 532 4.6 12-03 $149,900 $150,525 V-8s 500 3.8 Ford GT Mustang GT 12-04 $24,370 $26,675 V-8 300 5.3 $25,900 $26,360 V-6 240 6.3 Honda Accord EX V-6 Coupe3-04 Civic Si 12-05 $19,999 $22,249 I-4 197 6.8 S2000 3-05 $32,950 $33,465 I-4 240 5.4 Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe 8-04 $32,450 $34,010 V-6 280 5.9 M45 Sport1 6-05 $49,550 $50,760 V-8 335 5.3 1 6-04 $41,850 $48,795 V-6 235 7.9 Jaguar S-Type XJ8 L1 5-05 $62,830 $65,795 V-8 294 6.1 3-04 $165,900 $183,905 V-10 5006 4.0 Lamborghini Gallardo Murciélago 5-02 $273,000 $290,805 V-12 580 3.6 Land Rover Range Rover 1-06 $69,750 $75,815 V-8s 390 7.2 Sport Supercharged1 6-05 $51,125 $61,180 V-8 300 5.7 Lexus GS 4301 1 IS 350 10-05 $36,000 $42,000 V-6 306 6.0 3-05 $39,985 $44,460 I-4 190 4.6 Lotus Elise

Top Speed, mph4

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Make & Model


195 1984 1555 1555 1555 1555 1305 1505 1495 1495 1495 163 1555 142 186 198 150 1265 1655 1265 170 1485 189 190 218 198 193 199 190 143 1305 129 156 1555 1455 1215 1215 192 205

1405 118 210 0.77 1495 126 219 0.85 1425 128 222 0.80 148 115 203 1.03

58.4 14.4 64.8 17.62 61.3 17.5 72.6 19.22

395 4.8 11.4 13.2 @ 109.2 180 115 199 0.88 72.2 394 5.1 12.8 13.6 @ 103.6 17 1 109 197 0.88 65.8 543 4.9 11.9 13.4 @ 106.4 1555 121 212 0.74 60.4 170 7.0 21.5 15.4 @ 88.7 1305 112 200 0.86 67.7 238 6.1 16.1 14.6 @ 95.6 1485 110 193 0.89 68.4 160 8.0 23.3 16.3 @ 86.7 1185 127 238 0.84 65.2

15.04 15.6 12.1 23.0 13.82 26.6


0â&#x20AC;&#x201C;60 mph, sec.

0â&#x20AC;&#x201C;100 mph, sec.

Âź mile, sec. @ mph

Top Speed, mph4

Braking from 60 mph, ft.

Braking from 80 mph, ft.

Skidpad, g

Slalom, mph

Our Fuel Mileage, mpg

$53,900 $60,525 $52,800 $61,195 $64,900 $72,300 $47,450 $50,360 $83,320 $91,325 $48,500 $59,015 $83,900 $86,530 $179,000 $186,870 $85,990 $98,365 $60,500 $68,075 $45,500 $50,150 $450,000 $455,750 $19,300 $22,350 $23,000 $26,895 $34,199 $35,594 $120,000 $124,450 $59,000 $64,779 $29,300 $30,680 $36,100 $38,640 $650,000 $680,000 $23,985 $28,270 $28,735 $31,850 $32,295 $33,690 $19,420 $23,095 $42,600 $50,840 $53,100 $67,520 $440,000 $460,400 $58,900 $74,945 $88,900 $94,980 $79,100 $91,560 $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $179,900 $187,724 $99,900 $118,250 $111,000 $118,365 $200,000 $216,880 $32,495 $33,120 $38,650 $40,412 $395,000 $400,900 $20,385 $21,755 $15,950 $19,374 $16,200 $26,811 $14,245 $16,871

V-8 362 V-8 302 V-8 302 V-6 221 V-8s 469 V-8 302 V-8 302 V-12t 604 V-8 302 V-8 355 V-6 268 V-8s 617 I-4s 163 V-6 263 I-4t 276 V-8 325 V-8 190 V-6 260 V-6 300 V-8 6004 V-6 240 V-8 303 V-8 400 I-4 177 F-6 225 F-6 280 V-10 605 F-6 295 V-8t 450 F-6 355 F-6t 600 F-6t 456 F-6 380 F-6t 415 F-6t 520 I-4t 210 I-4t 250 V-8 550 I-4s 205 I-4 160 I-4s 200 I-4 108

5.0 5.2 5.4 7.4 4.4 6.3 5.8 4.0 6.1 4.5 5.5 3.5 7.7 5.8 4.6 4.5 6.7 5.9 5.6 2.3 6.5 5.9 5.0 7.4 6.0 5.0 3.6 4.8 5.0 3.9 3.4 3.6 4.2 4.0 3.8 7.7 6.7 3.3 6.2 7.4 6.9 9.4

11.9 12.6 13.7 20.3 10.3 16.8 14.7 8.3 14.8 10.6 12.9 7.5 20.7 14.4 12.5 11.0 na 14.7 13.7 4.4 16.9 15.4 11.9 21.54 15.7 12.2 7.0 11.7 12.6 9.6 6.2 8.9 9.5 9.2 8.1 18.8 17.1 8.9 15.8 19.7 17.1 34.04

13.5 @ 106.6 13.7 @ 104.5 13.9 @ 100.9 15.8 @ 88.6 12.8 @ 112.4 14.8 @ 94.2 14.3 @ 98.9 12.0 @ 122.8 14.5 @ 98.7 12.9 @ 109.8 13.8 @ 103.9 11.5 @ 126.1 15.9 @ 89.3 14.4 @ 101.0 13.3 @ 105.9 13.0 @ 108.8 14.9 @ 91.1 14.5 @ 99.4 14.1 @ 101.8 9.3 @ 148.0 15.0 @ 95.7 14.4 @ 97.1 13.5 @ 107.1 15.8 @ 86.8 14.6 @ 96.5 13.4 @ 105.0 11.3 @ 131.6 13.3 @ 106.2 13.5 @ 103.3 12.3 @ 114.8 10.9 @ 139.5 11.9 @ 120.6 12.4 @ 113.8 12.4 @ 115.6 11.9 @ 122.7 15.6 @ 90.9 15.2 @ 94.4 11.8 @ 119.9 14.8 @ 97.1 15.6 @ 89.9 15.1 @ 94.0 17.1 @ 79.7

1555 1305 1555 1305 1555 1305 1305 1555 1555 1555 1555 207 1355 148 1555 160 130 1505 1555 181 1405 1475 1595 120 157 167 205 171 1655 182 174 195 190 190 212 146 150 220 144 127 1275 103

135 121 113 124 118 122 133 115 113 113 114 107 121 127 114 127 157 118 114 108 128 120 129 114 113 107 124 110 121 108 98 116 119 119 126 116 126 125 117 126 129 134

232 211 200 225 218 219 247 203 203 201 202 186 217 224 197 217 285 201 202 161 222 210 226 206 199 187 199 190 215 184 154 209 207 208 225 209 224 230 204 225 227 244

0.86 0.84 0.86 0.85 0.85 0.76 0.77 0.90 0.90 0.89 0.91 0.97 0.87 0.83 0.92 0.93 0.86 0.86 0.89 1.52 0.82 0.82 0.84 0.88 0.91 1.00 0.99 0.96 0.83 0.98 1.07 1.02 0.92 0.96 0.97 0.86 0.83 0.99 0.85 0.82 0.84 0.71

67.6 67.1 64.7 64.0 62.9 59.4 60.4 65.8 64.6 68.3 68.4 69.6 69.5 64.1 70.0 70.1 61.0 66.8 67.3 na 64.2 63.2 64.1 67.0 68.6 73.9 71.1 71.7 61.6 71.7 na 68.7 68.7 67.8 65.7 64.8 63.3 70.6 67.6 64.0 65.0 57.9

18.62 18.02,4 18.04 21.12 12.1 18.04 16.82 12.1 17.72 17.04 16.42 18.04 26.02,4 19.6 20.04 22.7 17.7 23.04 14.42 na 19.04 15.8 18.04 21.04 21.12 15.42 11.04 18.02 12.82 16.22 4.34 14.04 16.04 16.04 15.74 24.04 24.42 11.04 16.02 23.8 19.04 33.04

Engine Type

Price as Tested3

List Price3


Make & Model

Mercedes-Benz C55 AMG1 11-04 CLK5001 4-04 CLS5001 6-05 1 E320 6-04 1 E55 AMG Sport Wagon 11-05 1 7-05 ML500 S5001 5-05 1 SL65 AMG 1-05 1 9-03 SL500 1 SLK55 AMG 5-0510 SLK350 3-05 SLR McLaren1 7-05 1-03 Mini Cooper S 6-05 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Lancer Evolution VIII MR 5-0510 6-05 Morgan Aero 8 Plus 8 6-99 7-0510 Nissan Altima SE-R 350Z 35th Anniversary 3-05 Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S 4-02 2-06 Pontiac G6 GTP Grand Prix GXP1 1-0610 GTO 7-0510 Solstice 10-05 5-03 Porsche Boxster Boxster S 3-05 Carrera GT 6-04 Cayman S 11-05 1 Cayenne Turbo 11-03 911 Carrera S Coupe 3-05 911 GT1 9-98 911 GT2 8-01 911 GT3 1-04 911 Turbo 11-00 2-02 Ruf RTurbo 10-03 Saab 9-3 Vector 9-5 Aero 7-02 6-03 Saleen S7 Saturn Ion Red Line 9-04 2-05 Scion tC tC TRD Supercharged 1-0610 xB 8-0510 Subaru Impreza WRX 5-02 Sport Wagon1 Impreza WRX STi 6-03 Legacy GT Limited 10-04 1 2-03 Toyota Camry XLE 1 Camry Solara SE Sport 3-04 Celica GT-S 11-99 Prius1 5-01 Volkswagen New Beetle Turbo S 1-03 Jetta 2.51 5-05 1 5-05 Phaeton V8 R32 6-04 1 11-03 Touareg V8 8-05 Volvo S40 T5 AWD S60 R 8-0510 S60 T5 7-02 S80 T61 6-04 1 V40 5-02 XC90 AWD T61 12-02

$23,495 $31,000 $28,495 $25,405 $22,945 $23,300 $19,995

$26,036 $32,550 $29,070 $31,484 $24,514 $25,000 $20,450

F-4t F-4t F-4t V-6 V-6 I-4 I-4/Elec

227 300 250 192 225 180 70

6.8 18.1 15.2 @ 91.8 4.9 12.6 13.3 @ 103.0 5.6 15.5 14.3 @ 96.2 8.7 24.7 16.7 @ 84.0 6.6 17.2 15.0 @ 94.1 6.8 18.2 15.4 @ 91.5 11.6 na 18.4 @ 77.8

$23,400 $21,465 $64,600 $29,100 $40,700 $27,710 $37,735 $34,025 $44,525 $24,500 $39,975

$24,050 $26,740 $72,365 $30,625 $50,965 $31,965 $44,605 $37,950 $48,430 $26,975 $44,375

I-4t I-5 V-8 V-6 V-8 I-5t I-5t I-5t I-6t I-4t I-6t

180 150 335 240 310 218 300 247 268 160 268

7.6 21.8 9.8 28.44 6.6 16.5 5.8 14.4 7.2 18.5 6.8 18.4 5.9 15.0 7.0 17.9 6.7 16.7 7.9 21.0 8.8 24.4

15.8 @ 87.7 17.3 @ 81.4 14.9 @ 95.4 14.1 @ 99.2 15.4 @ 91.5 15.1 @ 92.6 14.4 @ 97.7 15.5 @ 95.0 15.1 @ 94.6 16.1 @ 86.5 16.6 @ 85.9

149 1475 137 1305 1305 134 110

146 265 0.76 62.1 20.02,4 111 193 0.88 68.4 20.12 135 238 0.79 64.9 20.02 127 225 0.75 62.1 21.92 123 223 0.76 61.8 20.42 130 212 0.86 63.6 24.72 154 266 0.72 57.5 40.32

1305 131 237 0.82 64.5 23.32 1295 128 228 0.80 64.9 21.1 1305 122 218 0.83 64.6 14.32 1305 111 196 0.85 66.1 19.1 1305 117 206 0.83 62.3 14.82 1305 129 230 0.82 64.9 17.82 1555 121 210 0.84 67.2 19.04 1305 138 241 0.82 61.8 24.52 1345 134 240 0.80 62.3 21.42 1345 145 256 0.71 62.4 25.82 1285 131 233 0.77 60.5 17.04

Data apply to the model at the time (issue date) of testing. Legend: For engine types, I is an inline design, F is a flat and R is a rotary. The number following the letter is the number of cylinders or rotor chambers. An additional letter, a â&#x20AC;&#x153;tâ&#x20AC;? or an â&#x20AC;&#x153;s,â&#x20AC;? designates turbo- or supercharging; boldface=extremes in that particular category, excluding nonproduction cars; red=newest entries; na=not available, na/U.S.; 1automatic transmission; 2comparison test; 3price at time of test, some estimated; 4estimated; 5 electronically limited; 6DIN bhp; 7from previous test; 8altitude-affected; 9aerodynamically limited; 10Road Test Update. Back issues: $8.95 each ($10.95 Canada; $15.95 other foreign) in U.S. funds. Send check or money order to Road & Track, Back Issues, P.O. Box 50191, Boulder, Colo. 80322-0191, telephone (800) 333-8546. INTERPRETING THE NUMBERS: Factors that affect test numbers include air temperature, barometric pressure, condition of track surface, tune of test car. When comparing carsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; performances, look for the Significant differences in each category, as listed below. This is the amount of difference that is meaningful. ACCELERATION numbers are obtained using drop-clutch starts and lift-throttle shifts. Significant difference: 0â&#x20AC;&#x201C;60 mph, 0.3 sec.; Âź mile, 0.5 sec. TOP SPEED is typically as reported by the manufacturer, but occasionally we measure it on a closed test track. Significant difference: 5.0 mph. BRAKING distances are initiated when the pedal is touched, and just enough effort is used to avoid wheel locking; on cars equipped with anti-lock braking systems, the ABS is fully invoked. Significant difference: 60â&#x20AC;&#x201C;0 mph, 10 ft.; 80â&#x20AC;&#x201C;0 mph, 15 ft. HANDLING is quantified two ways: The skidpad measures steady-speed cornering grip around a 200-ft.-diameter circle (run in both directions). The slalom, run through eight cones spaced at 100-ft. intervals, samples both controllability and grip during transient handling. Significant difference: Skidpad, 0.02g; slalom, 1.0 mph. OUR FUEL MILEAGE is measured largely during urban driving and basically falls between EPAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s city and highway estimates. Significant difference: 0.5 mpg.

YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support


3JEFT '*'5::&"34 0''03.6-" 0/#0"3%%7%







A Matter of Thrust ABOUT THAT STANDING MILE It seems far-reaching to me that an F-18 Hornet can reach 308.3 mph (493 kph) in just 1602 meters (“The Standing Mile: Thunder Road,” September 2005). Note that all the way toward the end of the run, the plane is close to the car in time, in spite of the fact that the table displays very different terminal speeds. At three-quarters of a mile, the Champ Car is traveling 196.2 mph and the aircraft 267.1 mph although only 0.7 seconds separate both! How come the plane is traveling so much faster? Antonio Camargo SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL

Ah, jet versus piston-power; the difference is the rate of acceleration. The car is much lighter and initially more responsive than the 18-ton F/A-18. But compared to the jet’s turbines, car engines are watch springs. The F/A-18’s jet thrust approximates something like 50,000 bhp, and a characteristic of jet engines is, up to a point far beyond our test parameters, they gain efficiency with speed (think ram air). So, at the end of the mile the car is all done, tongue hanging out and barely able to accelerate, whereas the Hornet is just starting to get very serious about gaining speed. At that point just a second or two make huge differences in speed/distance relationships. So, if it is a quarter-mile drag race, the jet will barely seem to have started by the time the car has finished, while a 2-mile contest wouldn’t be a contest at all, because the jet would be rocketing off in the distance at many hundreds of miles per hour and still accelerating while the car would be a half-mile back or so. (Had they put such questions in math books years ago instead of those two trains, I might have paid more attention.)

AUTO SHIFTING Here are three questions about automatic transmissions I hope you can answer: 1) Is it bad to control hill decent speed by downshifting with an automatic transmission? I’ve heard it’s bad by some but they could never explain why. 2) My owner’s manual says not to use overdrive when hauling heavy loads or trailers. Why is this? 3) Is there any difference in shift profiles when overdrive is disengaged? Does the transmission hold gears longer? David Pearcy BREA, CALIFORNIA

Dire predictions against manually shifting automatic transmissions are part of automotive lore, and the transmission experts we’ve talked to all wonder where they come from. As one tech from Trans Go put it, “Your elbow bends when you eat, so does your elbow wear out prematurely?” About the only blanket comment on manual shifting we heard is that it does wear the shift mechanism, but, like your elbow, that’s what it was designed to do. In some transmissions there is a band used only in 2nd for de-acceleration loads, so that would wear on downhills when the shifter is moved to 2nd. But again, like the elbow, that’s what it is there for. The admonition to avoid overdrive while hauling trailers is to reduce the load on the engine. It’s the same as downshifting a manual transmission from 5th to 4th while hill climbing. As for a change in shift profiles when overdrive is disengaged, some transmissions do that, such as the Chrysler 606 or many truck transmissions with a tow/haul mode. Many other transmissions don’t. Your owner’s manual should explain your specific case.


YOUNG MIND AT WORK I am a 14-year-old student, and I try to think of ideas that will increase a car’s engine performance. One night, I went to a restaurant with my family, and I noticed there was a fake air scoop on the side of a Mustang. Then it clicked for me. I thought about using an air scoop to get more free-flowing air to the engine; however, the placement of the scoop would be too far back on the body to be effective. Then I had the idea, why not use an air intake on the side of the car for a connection to the exhaust pipes. This would allow more air to flow and increase the horsepower of the engine. The system will create a vacuum for the exhaust. I know this is accurate because when a back door and a front door are both open in a house, suction is generated. This is why I would like to know if a similar system has been tried before. Cameron Frazer

I have a 1994 Honda with 91,000 miles on it. I change the oil every three months with regular premium oil. It runs and looks good. R&T’s Peter Egan once said to use synthetic oil if you want to make it a keeper. Honda and the place I have my oil changed say not to change to synthetic oil. What would you do? Kenneth McLellan HOUSTON, TEXAS

We’d keep right on with the inexpensive mineral oil and frequent changes. It’s worked so far. Plus, Hondas tend to use a fine mesh on their oil pump pickup screens; frequent oil changes greatly reduce the sludge formation that can clog the screen. 



Adding ram air into the exhaust pipe would work if the volume and velocity of the ram air were high enough and if the exhaust pipe was YYePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Support

R O A D & T R A C K

properly sized to match the increased flow. But in reality, there’s already tremendous energy inside the exhaust pipe, and the slow speeds cars travel at won’t come close to providing enough ram air to help. In your proposed layout, the exhaust gas would overpower the ram air from the side scoop, and exhaust would flow out the scoop. So, unsurprisingly, we’re unaware of any automotive application of the principle, but turning your idea around and using exhaust gas to improve airflow in a surrounding pipe has been used on several production air-cooled pistonengine aircraft. Called an augmenter, the conventional exhaust discharges into a large tube that’s open to the engine compartment at its front end and the atmosphere at the other. The idea is the hot, fast-moving exhaust gas energizes the flow of cooling air through the cowling. Obviously the higher-speed aircraft application enjoys much higher airflow—and reduced atmospheric pressures due to altitude—than the automotive application. But keep thinking; you obviously have a mind for physics.

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1998 FERRARI 355 SPIDER. Absolutely showroom new in red with Crema leather, black top, boot and rear Challenge Grill. 100% orig w/ 6-spd trans, Tubi exhaust, 18" factory alloy wheels w/ Pirelli P-Zero high speed radials, orig stereo system, books & tools. Fabulous, beautiful car w/ interesting history. 4,956 miles. $97,500. The Stable, Ltd. Gladstone, NJ 908 234-2055

1970 FERRARI 365 GT 2+2 COUPE. Blue Sera metallic w/ navy leather, 5-15" polished Boranni wire wheels. An orig U.S. delivery car we have known since 1973. A true luxury grand touring car w/ factory AC, power steering & windows, orig books & tools. 70,812 miles. $72,500. The Stable, Ltd. Gladstone, NJ 908 234-2055

1987 JAGUAR XJ-6 SERIES III SALOON. Gorgeous deep metallic Regency Red w/ Biscuit leather. Last year of production of the series, 1 owner car from Greenwich, CT. Immaculate condition w/ lovely burl walnut fascia & trim, beautiful orig leather, orig books & tools. Fully serviced by us, it has covered just 46,451 miles. $12,900. The Stable, Ltd. Gladstone, NJ 908 234-2055

2001 PORSCHE CARRERA CABRIOLET. A truly striking, literally unmarked convertible finished in Speed Yellow w/ black leather, carpets & top. A local car with a 6-spd tran, optional 18" alloy wheels, carbon fiber interior package, etc. Orig manuals & tools. 17,612 miles. $56,900. The Stable, Ltd. Gladstone, NJ 908 2342055

2003 BENTLEY ARNAGE TURBO SALOON. 1-owner car in Black Sapphire (deepest metallic blue) w/ Cotswold tan leather. Individually mirrored dark burl woodwork (incl rear picnic tables & companion mirrors) sunroof, front & rear seat lumbar support, 2-stage heating, luxury accessories. Bentley twin turbo, 6.75 litre "V-8" engine. 11,212 miles. $165,000. The Stable, Ltd. Gladstone, NJ 908 234-2055

1956 FORD THUNDERBIRD COUPE/ROADSTER. Orig Sunset Coral (one repaint '84) white hard & convert. tops, orig coral & white interior. Extremely orig w/ full history from new, just 53,622 miles. W/ optional 312 cu", V-8 3-spd w/overdrive, factory Continental kit, wire wheel covers, rear fender skirts, power seat, orig owners manual. $32,000. The Stable, Ltd. Gladstone, NJ 908-234-2055

1962 JAGUAR MK X SALOON. Great car we've known since delivery to local estate as new. Black w/ cinnamon leather, highly polished walnut fascia, trim & folding rear-seat picnic tables, Jag chrome wire wheels. 69,421 miles in 22 yrs by 1st owner, 14,660 add'l miles by 2nd owner. Featured in ads, fashion articles. 84,087 miles. $22,500. The Stable, Ltd. Gladstone, NJ 908-234-2055

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1997 PORSCHE CARRERA CABRIOLET. Unblemished white w/ beautiful orig navy blue leather, carpets, top & boot. Fitted w/ a 6-speed trans., 18" factory alloy wheels, climate & cruise controls, power: top, windows, seats, mirrors, locks, auto or manual rear wing. Full history from new. 47,170 miles. $43,900. The Stable, Ltd. Gladstone, NJ 908-234-2055

1974 JAGUAR XKE-V/12 ROADSTER. Multi show winner, an immaculate example of last year production of the E-Type. Orig red w/ black leather, rare factory hard top (red), convertible top, boot and tonneau cover (all black), 4-spd trans, factory a/c, chrome wire wheels. Driven 22,000 miles since full restoration by second owner. $64,000. The Stable, Ltd. Gladstone, NJ 908 234-2055

1972 PORSCHE 911-T TARGA. A rare, increasingly desirable 2.4 litre car ordered w/ 5-spd trans, factory a/c, Becker Europa AM-FM stereo, 15" Fuchs alloy wheels. White w/ tan interior, excellent original undercarriage, recent heat exchangers, all new brakes. A very tight and quick car! 113,990 miles. $19,500. The Stable, Ltd. Gladstone, NJ 908-2342055

1979 ASTON MARTIN "V-8" VOLANTE CONVERTIBLE. Rare chrome bumper car w/ 5-spd. Featured on the A.M. factory video & poster, also featured in Automobile Quarterly. Madagascar Brown w/ tan leather, brown piping, tan top & boot. One AMOC owner for last 16 years. Superb orig! 64,422 miles. $69,500. The Stable, Ltd. Gladstone, NJ 908-234-2055

2000 PORSCHE CARRERA COUPE. 1-owner, enthusiast-ordered, driven & maintained car absolutely new condition. Guards Red w/ black supple leather, loaded w/ factory options, 18" light alloy wheels, heated power seats w/ driver lumbar, digital sound, Porsche Stability Control, etc. Books, tools, orig sticker. 10,318 miles. $49,500. The Stable, Ltd. Gladstone, NJ 908-234-2055

2001 MERCEDES-BENZ SL-500R. Rare to find a "Panorama Roof" SL; even more rare it's near-new condition. Finished in Brilliant Silver w/ Black Nappa leather, silver hard top (tinted glass center), black convertible top, "Sport Package" w/ factory 18" AMG alloy wheels, stacking CD player, heated seats. 37,922 miles. $42,500. The Stable, Ltd. Gladstone, NJ 908 234-2055

1986 JAGUAR XJ-6 SERIES III SALOON. Purchased w/ 34,507 miles in '98 from the estate of orig local owner. Has been in the hands of local multiple Jag owners since. Beautiful 100% orig, British Racing Green w/ biscuit leather appears never sat upon, fab burl walnut fascia & trim Orig books & tools. 38,473 current miles. $14,500. The Stable, Ltd. Gladstone, NJ 908-234-2055

1974 JAGUAR XKE-V/12 ROADSTER. 4-spd trans, factory a/c, chrome wire wheels, finished in Olde English White with navy blue leather and cloth top. A fabulous car converted when new to the original purchaser's specifications including 6 twin Weber carburetors. 25,016 total miles. $62,500. The Stable, Ltd. Gladstone, NJ 908 234-2055

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REDEFINING THE SUPERCAR “With its handling, comfort, and devastating quickness, the Noble could be the finest driver’s car ever.” —The Robb Report Collection February 2004

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WINNER! Britain’s Best Driver’s Car —Auto Car August 2004

1G Racing offers the Noble M400 and M12 in the U.S. as a component vehicle rolling chassis without engine and transaxle. All Noble chassis sold in the U.S. are lefthand drive. The Noble is available to custom order and is subject to limited availability.



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1995 Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 retractable hardtop convertible. All wheel drive, twin turbo. #34 of 877 made. 2nd owner, light summer use since 2001 mileage now 14,500. Lightweight, strong SSR wheels; originals available. Standard features include Getrag 6 speed transmission, 4 wheel steering, excellent Infiniti sound system, power seats with lumbar and width adjustments. An original, rare, head turning, powerful, comfortable 4 seat GT in mint condition. $36,000. 203 877 9641 eves and weekends.

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March 10–12 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance, Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Amelia Island, Fla. March 18–19 Rallystory Rallye de Paris, Nevers Magny-Cours & Val-de-Vienne circuits, France March 30–April 2 Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction, South Florida Expo Center, Palm Beach, Fla. April 7–9 Toronto International Spring Classic Car Auction, International Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada May 7 Hillsborough Concours d'Elegance, Crocker Middle School, Hillsborough, Calif.⁄bmw The smartest BMW parts store on the worldwide web. Bavarian Autosport Portsmouth, NH

All dates and times are subject to last-minute changes at the discretion of the sanctioning organization.

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Distraught by her poor taste in hats and malfunctioning binoculars, Margi contemplates leaping from two Fiats.

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I do.

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I forever do.

Terence and Allyn Seese celebrated their 33rd anniversary with a gift of eternity.

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Contact us at 1-800-PORSCHE or ©2005 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times. Cayenne comes standard with 6-speed manual transmission. Specifications for comparison only.

Willpower is no match for horsepower. It’s the ultimate Cayenne. Exacting control. Unequaled performance. And under the hood, temptation perfectly disguised as 520 horsepower. Engineered for the select few who appreciate its infinite possibilities. If it’s calling your name, you already know there’s little point in resisting. Porsche Cayenne. There is no substitute.

The new 520-hp Cayenne Turbo S

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