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Regardless of the hype the tea (also known as "Oolong") has been given by the media, its use as a slimming agent has been around for several hundred years and it has been recommended by practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine for health benefits in prevention of heart attacks and cancer. In the North American society, as with many global societies food plays a central role not only as the substance that fuels the body but as a source of entertainment and social interaction. In each of these three areas we can lose control of what we eat and gain more weight than is good for us. Food is so important to us that bookstore and library shelves a filled with hundreds of cookbooks and cooking magazines. Being a terrific gourmet cook comes with an inherent level of prestige and we love to show off our culinary skills. Food is the unifying theme for many family and social events. Sharing meals is a way to have quality time with loved ones. A great dinner can mark the beginning of a wonderful friendship and romantic interlude. The advertising moguls constantly bombard us with advertisements for food. All these reminders of food make it tough to get it "out of mind" so it is wise to include natural remedies for weight loss in our diets when we struggle with eating more than our normal metabolisms can handle. Wu Yi tea can be incorporated into our daily living without upsetting the lifestyle to which we are accustomed. We can take the tea leaves with us wherever we go and make the beverage part of our meals and snacks. The idea of "food for fuel" is an important concept to consider when we are dieting. If you do your best to only put food in your mouth for this reason, no matter where you are and who you are with, you'll stand a good chance of keeping your weight within reason. Just like a car needs the proper mixture of gas and oil to run with optimum efficiency, your body needs the right combination of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins to be effective. You can satisfy your desire for a variety of flavors by eating different foods that give you a good nutritional balance. There is no need to deny yourself from having "treats" as long as you are able to partake of them in moderation and not fall into the "binging" trap. In social settings, try to lessen the focus on the food by engaging in meaning conversations with the people around you. Let food be an important part of your activities, but not more important than everything else in your life.

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==== ==== Metabolic Cooking | Fat Burning Diet | Top Fat Burning Foods ==== ====

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Metabolic Cooking | Fat Burning Diet | Top Fat Burning Foods Click Here To Add To Cart! From the kitchen of Karine Losier & Dave Ruel My nam...