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Adjustable Rate Mortgage(ARM) - A mortgage where the interest rate is not fixed, but changes during the life of the loan in line with movements in an index rate. Adverse Mortgage - Also referred to as Bad or poor credit mortgages. For those with a poor credit history, CCJ's, defaults on loan payments etc. Agent - Agent The person who is acting on behalf of the principal or client. Amortization - The reduction of a debt by regular, usually monthly, instalments of principal and interest. Application - The method by which a mortgage is applied for. The initial statement of personal and financial information which is required to approve your loan Application Fee - A Fee that is paid upon mortgage application. Appraisal - A fee charged by an appraiser to render an opinion of market value as of a specific date. Appraised Value - An estimate of the market value of the home and property that the borrower pledges as security for the mortgage. Assets - The things of value that you own, such as your home, car or summer home. Borrower - A person who has been approved to receive a loan and is then obligated to repay it and any additional fees according to the loan terms. Bridging Finance - A short term loan meant to bridge a financing gap, such as when you may face a delay receiving an agreed mortgage and you may need to pay the deposit on a property to secure it. Broker - The person who brings both borrower and Lender parties together and assists in negotiating contracts between them. Cap - The maximum allowable increase, for either payment or interest rate, for a specified amount of time on an adjustable rate mortgage. Commercial Mortgage - A mortgage specifically for commercial properties such as shops, factories, pubs, restaurants etc.

Credit Report - A report outlining an individuals credit history, public records and credit worthiness. A history of an individuals ability to pay their bills on time as well as any other relevant public records. Default - The failure of a borrower to comply with the terms of a mortgage. Deposit - A sum of cash that must be paid to the vendor by the purchaser. Equity - The difference between the fair market value (appraised value) of your home and your outstanding mortgage balance. Fixed Rate Mortgage - A mortgage loan with an interest rate that does not change during the entire loan term. Foreclosure - The legal process by which property that is mortgaged as security for a loan may be sold to pay a defaulting borrower's loan. Interest Rate - A charge for a loan usually a percentage of the amount loaned. Lender - An individual or company that offers to lend money for an agreed period of time. Loan - Money borrowed that is usually repaid with interest. Loan To Value (LTV) - A ratio determined by dividing the sales price or appraised value into the loan amount, expressed as a percentage. Mortgage - A legal document that pledges property to a lender as security for the repayment of the loan. Principal - The amount of the loan on which interest is calculated. Rate (interest) - The annual percentage amount charged in return for borrowing funds. Refinance or Refinancing - When an existing mortgage is replaced by a new mortgage. Repayment Mortgage - You pay interest and part of the capital each month to pay off your mortgage completely at the end of the mortgage term. Security - Property, or assets, offered as backing for a loan.

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==== ==== Get Loan Offers! Mortgage Calculator Mortgage Glossary Debt Reduction Fair Housing Act ==== ====

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