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The Clean Air Act

The Clean Air Act was passed in 1970 under President Nixon. The act was created to improve the quality of the air around us, as well improve the health of the people in this nation. This law was a huge landmark for the quality of peoples lives. The air around us affects us more than many people think, and this law definitely is important to our standard of living. Without it, things would be dramatically different Some nations such as China have little to no regulations on the amount of pollutants that factories and other businesses can release into the air. This of course creates many problems for the citizens of those nations. The biggest problem that they face is the health problems that go along with poor air quality. Many people die at a young age because of the air quality in these nations. Others develop serious health issues such as Asthma and lung disease. Both of these two issues are very serious and potentially threatening. All of these problems essentially create other problems for the people of that nation. There is the cost of health care for the people with these problems. Health care isn’t cheap and many cannot afford it, so the government pays for their bills. The governments money comes from the tax payers. If these nations had something like the clean air act they would see their problems decrease. With the ratification of the Clean Air Act we attempt to prevent some of these problems. The act sets regulations on the amount of pollutants that companies can put into the air. This way there should be fewer health problems for the people of this nation. This also means that fewer people are feeling the effects of these health problems. Cleaner air benefits everyone. Not as many people are going to develop diseases that are related to air pollution. This means that we are limiting the effects of this externality. Limiting the amount of pollutants that are sent off into the air also effects the beauty of our nation. There is less smog in big cities, which also effects peoples health. You do not see the huge

plumes of black smoke coming out of factories as much. There is still smoke, but no where near the amounts as there would be without the act. I would also say there is less stinky fumes coming out from the mills. This is something that many long time Lincoln residents will tell you,iIn the past 20 years or so the smell in town is no where near as bad as it was before. The skylines of our towns are more scenic, which makes the towns themselves more attractive for new residents and businesses. People do not want to live in an area where pollution is so abundant that it is greatly noticeable. Not only does it effect their view but it effects their health. The clean air act not only protects peoples health and the beauty of our nations cities, it also protects the ozone layer. At the time this was passed the ozone hole was one of the largest problems facing the world. Just think what things would be like without the ozone layer. You would have to put on sunscreen when you went outdoors all the time because there would be a constant fear of getting burned. There are other issues, but this might be the biggest one concerning ozone depletion.This is also a very important aspect of the law when you are looking at peoples health. With a healthier ozone layer fewer harmful UV rays are able to reach the earth surface. This is a very good thing for the people of this world and their health. With fewer UV rays sun burns would be less of a worry. Damage from the sun accumulates and eventually can turn into skin cancer. Skin cancer and other sun related diseases pose a lot of problems to this nation and its people. Thanks to this act those risks are minimized by simply protecting the ozone layer. The Clean Air Act truly was an important bench mark in the quality of peoples lives as well as the air we breathe and skyline we love. The act protects the most basic of rights, the right to have clean breathe able air. Thanks to this law that was passed 41 years ago we do not have to worry about whether our air is safe, or about various diseases associated with polluted air.


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The Clean Air Act and Externalities  

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