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Today more than ever, people require expertise, individual attention and a trusted advisor who understands both the challenges and opportunities that come with personal wealth. That’s the kind of financial consultants you’ll find at REDW Stanley. With the in-depth knowledge, experience and sophistication of a large institution, REDW Stanley and our team of skilled professional advisors also offer the flexibility and hands-on approach you deserve. Above all, we are financial advisors you can trust and who put your best interests first. Why choose us? We listen – and consider – your individual situation. We learn your investment objectives, how much risk you’re comfortable with, how much time you have to accomplish your goals, and more. Then, our expert team of advisors structures a plan tailored to you. We are fee-only advisors. We do not sell you anything nor do we receive commissions. Our recommendations and advice are based entirely on your needs and goals. When you’re successful, we are, too. Our expertise is broad and deep. For years, we’ve been helping families and individuals in the Southwest to build, enjoy and preserve their assets. Our team of experienced CPAs, Personal Financial Specialists, Certified Financial Planners™ and Chartered Financial Analyst ® charterholders are experts at turning complex situations into solid financial plans.

SERVING YOU WITH A WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE From our experience helping clients develop effective wealth management strategies, REDW Stanley understands what it takes to help you reach your goals. Our personalized services to help you achieve them include: •  Private Wealth

Services – Individuals and families with a high net worth want to safeguard

their assets while also putting them to good use. We can help you with a personal plan enabling you to protect and manage your assets and lifestyle, manage risk, increase the effectiveness of your charitable gifts, and preserve family harmony through thoughtful estate planning. •  Investment

Management & Consulting – Maintaining investment returns while also

controlling risk requires a wealth advisor who understands your priorities, analyzes your investments and identifies the best vehicles for you. REDW Stanley is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. We strictly observe fiduciary standards and we do not earn commissions or sell investment products. •  Tax

and Estate Planning – We can help you evaluate your estate plan to ensure it protects

your assets, complies with federal and state regulations, and – if needed – work with you to update it in case of future changes in the tax laws or your circumstances. •

Retirement Planning – REDW Stanley wealth planning advisors can help you deal with

a broad array of retirement considerations, ranging from long-term care planning and other health-related expenses to the tax impact on investment gains. Our experienced professionals can help you make smart decisions that will benefit you down the retirement road. •  Company

Retirement Plan Investment Advisory Services – When employers, ERISA plan

administrators or human resources personnel are the fiduciaries to employee benefit plans, it’s wise to have investment advisors who adhere to solid fiduciary principles. REDW Stanley’s investment advisory practice follows the highest standards established by the Center for Fiduciary Standards. •  Eldercare

Services – Our eldercare specialists and family office administrators can help in

many ways, from tax preparation and investment management to appropriate titling of assets, estate administration, as well as housing and geriatric referrals. •  Family

Office Administration – When you lack the time or expertise, managing a family

office or your aging parents’ estate is a task best handled by professionals. REDW Stanley’s Family Office Administration Services Group offers a trustworthy option for bill paying, trusteeships and conservatorships, financial statement preparation and much more. •  Specialized

Services – REDW Stanley is a full-service wealth management firm offering

a range of services that extend well beyond those of conventional firms. Services to individuals include: divorce or separation planning, mediation and collaboration; expert witness testimony in a wide range of areas; structured settlement consultation to achieve tax-advantaged settlements; and stock option cash flow planning. Services to organizations include fiduciary reviews, audits and consulting and financial education for employees.



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All mentions of REDW Stanley refer interchangeably to REDW Stanley offices in Arizona and in New Mexico. In Arizona, REDW Stanley operates as REDW Stanley Wealth Advisors, LLC, an SEC-registered affiliate of REDWLLC. In New Mexico, REDW Stanley operates as REDW Stanley Financial Advisors LLC, an SEC-registered firm subsidiary of REDWLLC.

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