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Reduce Lag which is Destroying Your Online Fun Lag, delays, and regional filters can kill your online experience. Whether it is playing online games, trying to watch streaming videos, or accessing sites restricted by your ISP of a localization filter it is extremely frustrating. You can reduce lag and avoid all of these problems with innovative ideas. Optimized Network Access through a VPN One of the most effective ways to avoid excess lag is to completely re-route your traffic. Often the lag has nothing to do with your local ISP. It can be issues with how the routing is happening from your PC, to your ISP, and then out through their set of routing rules. A VPN connection can help you bypass the bottlenecks and unusual routing rules imposed by your ISP’s up-line services. An intelligent VPN service takes this a step further. It monitors your connection and watches for latency and lag. It then searches for more efficient routes to give you the highest performing connection possible. This can be the difference between playing games at full throttle and being blown to pieces before your character reacts due to lag times. Getting Around Localization Filters While You Reduce Lag The second big advantage is getting around filters which may be blocking you from using popular online services. A few examples would be:   

Apple’s American iTunes Store Google Voice features. Streaming movies and television from Hulu and other services.

Those are just few of the examples of companies which have limited their access to USA and Canadian residents. With a VPN service or proxy service you can bypass these limitations and access all of their great features. Reduce Lag to Improve Voice Quality Lag does not only affect games but can dramatically affect the quality of VOIP calls made on the internet. With an optimized VPN service you reduce lag time and call clarity increases. Have you ever used Skype, Google Voice, or another VOIP service and heard the tremendous delays between each end? This is the result of lag. When you use an optimized VPN connection your voice calls

become clear, fast, and enjoyable even over long distances. Even downloading software can be much faster. This includes downloads from popular download sites and even using P2P programs. No matter what issues you have been facing with lag and poor routing of your packets there is a good chance they can be solved with a well designed VPN connection. Keeping Your Data and Business Secure with Encryption One annoying fact of internet access is your ISP can easily setup a sniffer or capture packets and observe what you are doing. Not when you are using an encrypted VPN. All traffic from your PC to the VPN endpoint is fully encrypted and hidden from prying eyes. If you are concerned about security, need to bypass localization blocks, or want higher quality a VPN is the right solution. Even if your main activity is game play a VPN will amaze you. Reduce lag time and game play becomes fantastic, not a miserable war of waiting.

Reduce Lag which is Destroying Your Online Fun  

A lower ping is critical in Online Gaming. But Lag isn't present only in games. Our packages fix lag on the Internet by re-Routing and Prior...

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