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Event photos Nothing says love like, “Hey puppy, I made you this tutu.”


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Sharks, not attacking Juvenile shark research in Coral Bay

Eat this! Ridge to Reef delivers to St. Thomas

Owning the day Five women defying 9-to-5

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COVER: It’s all in the eyes. We told Gina that the word to think about was “ambition” while Ella waved her hands above the photographer’s head saying, “Look right here!” The wind kicked up at just the right time. The pic here was our first cover text, before Ella decided to go tamer. Concept: Ella Anderson

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Brooklyn-based, Chiara spends her free time at concerts, in classrooms, on planes, and playing competitive skee-ball.

Primarily a photographer, Laurence now lives in Boston with his wife and son.

Bill, a St. Johnian, splits his time between film and print, here and in Haiti.

Hayley lives in St. Thomas and owns, a website about the St. Thomas restaurant scene.

Lance just moved here from Atlanta. He is the divemaster at Caneel when he’s not shooting.


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nother season, coming to a close. It’s always bittersweet! Sure, we are all tired and ready for a break but I for one always feel like I could have done more: made more money, found better stories, took better photos. Usually it’s quickly followed by Oh, but what will I do NEXT season! And I give myself all of hurricane season to plot and plan. Next year will be different! Better! I say. Interviewing all the subjects for our cover story this issue, I was heartened to find that I’m not the only one who’s hard on myself as a businesswoman. Similar self-doubts coupled with a drive to be better/smarter/faster were expressed by most. For this photo story I really wanted to capture the unglamorous side of owning your own business; yes, it’s great to be able to close shop at will and go to the beach, but then again, small business owners never really slack off. Your business beckons and you must respond, even here in the Caribbean. As you’ll see, starting on page 14, we chose to show you the grittier realities of business ownership. An unfinished construction site, the transfer station, a parking lot, an equipment graveyard--not typically beautiful, but beautiful nonetheless, and symbolic. I was going for the inner badass. We took a different path with Saphia; we went more with her frenzied, hectic state of mind (she told us she was “OCD” about cleaning and straightening). The photographers deserve special

shoutouts--Lance and Bill, thanks for helping me play :) It was a dang lot of work. I am really proud of how this turned out and I hope you like it too! I can’t let this column close without saying happy 1st birthday to my little pumpkin Francis. You have watched him grow up in these pages. The best part about Francis? He’s full of love, 24/7. Worst part? No concept of guilt (“No bite!” I say. He says, “What did you say? I can’t hear you I’m too busy biting you!”), but with that face, who can be mad. Think about going to your local humane society and adopting one of your own today!! So sadly, this will be goodbye until next season. Go out and explore, be safe from storms, say nice things to people and be... always positive.

Stylin Gina

And keep up with us on our facebook site! May the magic of the islands be with you always,

Rising with the sun in Tulum

We took a vacation finally!

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Tropical Focus

Wagapalooza May 19, St. John

The VIs nuttiest dog show was, once again, a happy community event for people and pups alike. About 20k was raised help support operations at the Animal Care Center of St. John.



Dog Collars Leads 路 Toys 路Treats Holistic Pet Food And More!



Beach to Beach Power Swim May 27, St. John

Yelena Rogers

St. J ohn , W har f s ide V i l l a g e ( 3 4 0 ) 7 7 7 - 9 588 st j o h ni m a l s . c o m

Perfectly blue skies greeted swimmers in the early morning for the annual fundraiser hosted by the Friend of the VI National Park. Bryson Mays (1:10) and Brittney Iverson (1:17) were top finishers. An awards party at Oppenheimer capped the idyllic afternoon.


Sun Times Magazine


A little more


OMG Omega-3 (and a little Omega-6) The good fats your body needs


last Balance column was all about bad fats and how to avoid them. However, in order to maintain good health and balance, there are good fats that we should include in our diets. The American Heart Association recommends that fat should account for 30% of our total caloric intake and that fat should be balanced with approximately 37% monounsaturated fat, 30% saturated fat and 33% polyunsaturated fat. Omega-3s and omega-6s are a key family of polyunsaturated fats and are called essential fatty acids because researchers found that although we cannot make them internally, they are essential to healthy growth in young children and for maintaining optimum brain and nervous systems. The benefits were actually discovered in the 1970s by researchers studying the diet of Greenland’s Inuit people. They consumed large amounts of fat from fish but displayed almost no cardiovascular disease. The high levels of omega-3s they consumed seemed to reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Although they are from the same family of fatty acids, the chemical structures of omega-3s and omega-6s differ so they have different effects on the body. Every cell, tissue, gland, and organ in the body requires omega-3s. They reduce body stress and ward off all types of diseases and health problems including cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and stroke. Omega-6s may be good for you on one hand but on the other hand, too much can be bad for you. Unlike omega-3 fatty acids, you can go overboard on omega-6, so it’s important to obtain the correct balance of the two.

Many nutritionists believe that before we relied so heavily on processed foods humans consumed omega-3s and 6s in nearly equal amounts. A healthy balance of 6s to 3s is between the ratios 1:1 to 1:4. Now, scientists suggest that the typical American diet may have an omega-6 to omega-3 ratio that is as high as 40:1. Staggering. This dietary imbalance may explain the rise of diseases such as asthma, coronary heart disease, many forms of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, all of which are believed to stem from inflammation in the body. The imbalance may also contribute to depression, dyslexia, obesity and hyperactivity.

Mongoose Junction • Cruz Bay • St. John, USVI 00803 1.888.527.4473 •

All is not lost; correcting the balance may have a relieving effect on those problems. And since the only way to obtain these wonderful fats is to eat them in our diets, we are in control. Begin by boosting omega-3 levels with oily fish and other seafood, which as a rule are fantastic sources of omega-3s. Cold water fish such as wild salmon, sardines, herring and anchovies are particularly rich sources and as few as two portions of fish per week may be enough to have an impact. Walnuts, pecans, flaxseeds, chia seeds and dark leafy green veggies are tasty and nutritious options for strict vegetarians. There are also a number of foods fortified with omega-3s such as eggs. Just read the label to ensure that they do not also contain high levels of omega-6 too. Indulging in these foods is a good start but unfortunately that isn’t the whole answer.









Grande Bay ResoRt & Residence club S T. J O h N

STUDIO, ONE, TWO & ThREE BEDROOMS FROM $9,900 Remember that omega-6 isn’t the bad guy, we need it too, but studies have shown that it isn’t helpful just to increase your omega-3 intake without lowering high omega-6 intake. How? I hear you cry.


(340) 693-4668 •

cont’d on pg 28 J U LY-A U G U S T 2 0 1 2


_Ella Anderson

mer a nd t h e s um f o le d id p yo ur It ’s the m b a b ly b ur ning u , we ro I wa s yo u ’r e p t , r ig ht? h se ig n t a und the o f I sheet s n e AC ! T h b oxe r s y - cute have no x e s t c y are rfe a n t . T h e ide -t h e p e m r a h C up don’t r from Lo ht , t h ey g li ter ly ib ven bet e imp oss t e g they hate to up, a n d h in g s . I s got a w w e ey do (I h t t u b wit h a f 0 cost $1 0 g h) . In dulge nt? s ay t h ey ou imila r e B ay t h n o e l? Yep. S s e in u f m r e d n . Wo re the Proba bly ensive a r s by p x e s a e a n d n o t r d e r li n e n b ox f o r o o t o .c e y m ma d . O n E t s s e yo ur n e d i a Sa ndm to choo yo u g e t d n a 4 4 $ a nc y ! fa bric . F

A ft e r te st in g ma ny many perfum es that claimed to hav e beachy evocations, I’m ready to crown th e qu e e n . CB I Hate P erfume is th e comp a n y a n d At the Beach 19 66 sc e n t. It sm is the e ll s li k e Coppertone (old school Coppertone), warm skin a n d se a -s o a ke d sa n d . $13- 95 at cbih ateperfume. com, decante d samples $ 3 -1 4 (t h e b o m b !) a t theperfumed

I a m a nt icip going to w ating that lot s Consignment purchase of the month: these o f wo m e ant this li n a re p color (f -it ’s the p J. Crew shorts with sparkly fish for $20 on rom our c er over)summer. fect shimmer y co Poshmark. However, I feel guilty and have to ra S o we a s ked Puala l-y color for (the mak confess: I bought retail on my vacation last eup ar tis ni A rm s t t ) wh a t s rong o ur b ra n month. Busted! Just two things! So I didn’t make he us e d. d’s Moch “I us e d aberr y li Spice Ar it all year. But I did pretty well--eight months! ner (Sug tist a r a nd Entice glo r y) a ll over the Experiment officially over. lip with ss on top M AC .” , I met exico la st month When I was in M iddle M worked “in the this fellow who y more ant to answer an East” and didn’t w al and ..but he was jovi s. on ti es qu y m of n, and LifeProof. You ca had this cool toy: your d into the pool an he did, throw this ten to e. You can even lis iPhone will be fin to 6.6 o underwater (up de vi ke ta d an ic mus e never of the universe I’v feet). By the grace but it’s k, e into the drin dropped my phon e. $80 ld probably own on so possible, I shou Every now and then you get a @ whiff of something and it’s so crazy good you have to have it. I found this in my girlfriend Lisa’s shower and thought about it for weeks before I asked her “what was that soap!” I expected it to be expensive, knowing her, but it’s actually not. It’s made with olive oil and it has a citrus vanilla scent--not the cloying cookie vanilla, more the vanilMy la of Tahitian vanilla plantations. online, Olivella Bath and $10 ut Abo it. s band even like hus 8 Shower gel, vanilla.


N ow t h a t H se a s on is upon u s, I’m on t he lookout f or emerge ncy pro du c t s . The po we r t e nd s to go out a nd n o electricit y me a n s n o ce l l charge an d that me a ns no music no b log calls. Or d s and no family oes it? This little bugger is a so l a r p o wered USB phone ch a pencil th arger. You stick rough it. T hen sit it in the su n. Solio Bo lt, $65 @ outdoors olarstore .com


haven’t tried them on, but what a cool idea! As if the oversize aviators weren’t hip enough, these sunnies have chains instead of “arms” and the chains end in different pendants (diamonds, shells, stars). You can let them hang, or loop the chains behind your neck. So glam for the beach...or yacht! Why Gomer? The designers found a vintage pair, looked up the patent on them, and you guessed it--the patent owner was “Gomer,” and the name stuck. $150 @


Oceanside Dining Lunch 11am-4pm / Dinner 6-9pm Happy Hour (7 days) 4-6pm I thought it might be fun to list some of my saved searches on eBay: “boy + arrows” “one teaspoon” “camilla skovgaard” “dehoghton” “ligne st barth” “tank top xs white ribbed” “shopbop” “kerry cassill” “xs ella moss” “otter wax” “olivella products” “coach alisha”

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Tracking the sharks The blacktips in our backyard Oceanfront with spectacular sunset views

Come enjoy our Sunset Happy Hour, and then have dinner with us. We would love to have you as our guests for the evening!

Spyglass is a family friendly restaurant offering a creative American / Caribbean menu, a vegetarian menu and a Spykids menu. Lunch is 11am-3pm, Happy Hour is 3-6pm with a bar menu Dinner is 5:30 until ?, Brunch every Saturday and Sunday

Wharfside Village, 2nd floor Find us on Facebook

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Celebrating 14 years of providing exceptional property management & booking services to our clients! Want to list your home with VIVA? Call (888) 856-4601 for more details VIVA-we match your taste, style and budget!


all remember the Jaws phenomenon with the creepy music, an approaching fin and the sheer terror it provoked; yes, sharks often get a bad rap. Neither cute nor cuddly, they are not the first creatures that people are inspired to save. However, now threatened with species destruction worldwide due to overfishing and habitat destruction, there is renewed interest in understanding sharks. Understanding their habitat is the first step toward protecting the sharks. Two years ago, our friend Phil Strenger invited our son Gabriel (who was then only nine) on an expedition with visiting scientists. They were out all day and when the boat returned at dusk Gabriel was glowing with happiness. “It was incredible, Mom!!” They had spent the entire day catching juvenile blacktip and lemon sharks right around Coral Bay with a hand line. The researchers performed minor surgery to implant a transmitter for tracking the sharks with “acoustic telementry.” The transmitter gives off a ping that is picked up by receivers which are strategically placed around the bay. Through this technology the researchers can tell when the young sharks leave the bay, and when they return. And now, the “shark guys” are back. They are Bryan De Angelis, Bryan Legare, a grad student from UVI and Greg Skolmol. Greg has been featured on the Discovery channel’s popular Shark Week and he is currently tagging and tracking great white sharks off Cape Cod. He has also been studying basking sharks off Saudi Arabia. Bryan De Angelis and Greg travel from New England to perform the juvenile shark research right here every spring. These three have been observing and tagging the juvenile black tip and lemon sharks in Fish Bay and Coral Bay since 2000. They obviously love what they do and their enthusiasm is infectious. Gabe says helping them is “inspiring.”

According to De Angelis, not much is known about the black tip population in the Caribbean. It is known that the sharks are crucial for healthy coral reefs. Our local reefs are rich in biodiversity. As the top predators, the sharks help maintain the balance within this unique ecosystem. Juvenile sharks though, are in their most vulnerable stage of life; over 80% of these young sharks don’t make it past their first year due to natural predation. The blacktip and lemon sharks are slow to mature. It is 10-12 years before they can reproduce. These sharks have live births, only have a few pups at once, and at most once a year. Compare this to other fish which can spawn thousands of eggs at a time and are far quicker to mature and reproduce. For this reason fish are a much more renewable food source (although the black tips are not fished commercially here, no laws exist in the USVI for recreational shark fishing). What the Coral bay team is learning is that black tips are very particular about the location of their “nurseries.” They prefer well protected bays with a shallow sea grass bed near the mangroves. The water in Coral Bay is murky and full of sediment, and it seems the sharks prefer this for protection. Our sharks return to the same location every year; it is still unknown where they go from here, though one of the tagged black tips was caught off the Georgia coast. The sharks return in the late spring and so do the shark guys. The good news is that our juvenile shark population seems healthy-they tagged 23 black tips this year. If you haven’t met the shark guys, check out their annual talk next year. They love sharing their findings with the community and are grateful for the local support. _Colleen Kennedy-Brooker


Sun Times Magazine


Sizzling celestial summer A special season-ender from the Star Lady


the aftermath of intense cosmic dynamics in June, including the special historic dance of Venus across the Sun, we see this planetary queen in the morning sky, accompanied by Jupiter, the king. These two brightest planets preside over a domino effect of cascading news and events during the rest of the summer. Jupiter is newly in Gemini, a 12-month phase, inaugurating a great time for networking, sharing news and opening our minds to new possibilities. From July 15 to August 8, Mercury is in retrograde, backtracking to make sure we are listening to the wisdom of our hearts, not just our heads. We’ll feel a qualitative change in mid-August that requires change-up. What does this mean to your Sun sign?

CANCER [23 June - 23 July]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mer-People of the Zodiac! Now or in the next six years, you are in midst of a major transformational cycle. This can be just what you need, but don’t take anything for granted. Watch for growth opportunities. Pivotal dates are mid-July and mid-August. Review your financial picture. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, and don’t overly depend on other people. They may not be able to come through for you.

you close out certain situations and relationships, preparing for next steps in your life. The universe is promoting your welfare, bringing beneficial contacts, perspectives and surprises.

SCORPIO [24 October - 22 November]

LEO [24 July - 23 August]

A combination of career and financial issues claim your attention for review and re-evaluation. You tend to play your cards close, but now you need different input and support, so be open to new procedures that help you turn an important corner. Offer what you can for mutual benefit.

VIRGO [24 August - 23 September]

The parade of people in your life may look like a shifting kaleidoscope. Benefits come from a few special contacts. Do follow up. Personal and business relationships come, others go, as you are broadly re-evaluating the value of your time in relation to others.

Mercury is zooming in on you. This trickster planet has a booming laugh and can play tricks. Is that you? Enjoy the summer. Take a back seat during Mercury retrograde to re-evaluate your life path. Connect with friends or organizations that may have interesting news or information for you. After an extended winter re-set, opportunities in the career front mean you are out and about, busy as a bee. Pull back during Mercury’s retrograde cycle to analyze best potentials and craft a strategy with which to proceed. Take time out. You might even disappear on vacation for a few weeks.

LIBRA [24 September - 23 October]

With Saturn still in your sign until October, you continue to carefully weigh words and choices as

SAGITTARIUS [23 November - 22 December]

CAPRICORN [23 December - 19 January]

Changing circumstances in your daily life keep you on your toes. If you have been putting too much work time in, your body may be requesting time off. In any case, frequent breaks in routine, fresh input and new systems spice up any humdrum.

AQUARIUS [20 January - 19 February]

Are you having fun yet? I bet so! Your creative and social energy is at a high, so enjoy. Games and time-

out with children let your inner child play and splash about with delight. The Mercury reset button changes up your dance partners, in work, play or romance.

PISCES [20 February - 20 March]

You’re in a new, mysterious flow. Let the river of life move you along. Some change in your work situation stirs your creative juices. Don’t settle for anything less. You may bring people into your home, or change your space or decor for fuller satisfaction.

ARIES [21 March - 20 April]

You are in the buzz of new contacts, news-making and initiatives in your neighborhood, feeling a call of destiny to be involved. Don’t let a feeling of obligation blight your fresh sense of discovery. Offer the best of who you are with your bright ideas, and the courage to put it/them out there.

TAURUS [21 April - 21 May]

Venus is your planet. While in Gemini, a sign that likes variety, she may urge you to change it up a bit, be spontaneous. Follow a whim and see where it takes you.

GEMINI [22 May - 22 June]

You’re on a roll! Enjoy socializing, learning new things, making new contacts, meeting interesting people. Then see which potentials most appeal to you to take on. One downside: too much fun, or overdoing. You probably can’t do it all, and you’ll likely change your mind, so don’t make promises you can’t keep.

P.S. As reported in USA Today and on CNN, a panel of five well-regarded astrologers at an international conference over Memorial Day weekend all agreed that Barack Obama would win the 2012 presidential election. Your Sun Times astrologer was there. A similar panel in 2008 was 100% correct!

_Kelley Hunter

J U LY - A U G U S T 2 0 1 2


Perfect Xpressions Photo



design group,llc licensed architect AIA member • NCARB certified

professional design and development services

mongoose junction, po box 1772 st. john, us virgin islands 00831 tel (340) 693-7665, fax (340) 693-8411

Elizabeth Pfordresher LaPlace Goldsmith


walls in Elizabeth Pfordresher LaPlace’s home are adorned with wonderful watercolors painted by her father. It is his artistic talent that steered Elizabeth and her siblings into the world of the arts. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, a sixteenyear-old Elizabeth was encouraged to take a metalsmithing summer class by her art teacher. She found instant love. Later, at the Cleveland School of Art, Elizabeth experimented with a number of materials and produced a variety of items using different techniques. Jewellery though, has always been her niche. After graduating, Elizabeth spent nearly twenty years working for other jewellers, which enabled her to learn a variety of techniques and tricks of the trade and doing this, she believes, truly refined her talent. Irmela Norman of Irmela’s Jewel Studio eventually asked Elizabeth to relocate to St. Thomas. “I worked for her for a few years and then I met my husband and got stuck!” she laughed. She has been here for twenty-eight years and is still loving every minute. For 12 years now she has been flying solo, which was always her dream. St. Thomas is a huge influence and muse for Elizabeth and it’s reflected in her collection. She spends eight or nine hours a day designing and making her own collection, most of which is tropically themed, and often uses locally found objects such as coral, lobster horn (brought home by her fisherman husband) and Danish porcelain. The coral, found on our beaches, is one of Elizabeth’s favorite materials to use. She sands and polishes it, adds some fresh water pearls and puts it on sterling wire to create unique coral earrings. Elizabeth makes other pendants out of Danish porcelain she finds, dating back to the 1700s. She tries to keep the pendants close to the shape of the found shards to give them character and then she fabricates frames for them. Fun fact:


Sun Times Magazine

Danish porcelain is apparently also called “chiney” because young children would find it on the beach, round it off and use it as money. China + money = chiney. Many of her casting pieces are carved and waxed with sterling silver into tropical creatures, like dolphins and fish. Having a fisherman husband explains her love of creating fish pendants. She also has a range of fabricated work including flowers and a beautiful turtle, which were cut out of sheet sterling, hammered, formed and then shaped. Her three-dimensional items such as the seahorse, the mermaid and a fantastic humpback whale, are designed so that if worn down low, they can flip-flop and still look beautiful. These pieces are very time consuming because of the attention needed for small intricate details like the patterning of the seahorse’s ridged back and the mermaid’s long, flowing hair. Of the whale pendant, Elizabeth said: “it took twenty hours to carve the original piece, detailing the wrinkles of the humpback nose and the eye. I believe there are certain details in Mother Nature, in the animals, that you have to get just right.” And she has. Elizabeth strives to keep exploring materials and challenging herself, like her father did with his painting. She is developing a new line of sterling silver reef scenes laid onto mother of pearl, and farther into the future she wants to play around with enamel and big metal sculptures. She loves that there are always new techniques and materials to play with. “Jewellery is so much a part of me that I could never give it up. I tried. But I always come back to it. With artists I think there is something inside of you that you just can’t deny and you just have to let it out.” Elizabeth is part of a travelling roadshow of St. Thomas artists. They show their work three times a week: Iggies on Wednesdays, 6pm-9pm and Bluebeards Beach Club on Tuesdays 10am2pm and Fridays 5pm-7pm. Call (340) 776-0024 for more information.

_Hayley Andrews

Community Supported Agriculture A pirate’s booty of produce


often have you bought fruit or vegetables at a local grocery, only to have them spoil within 48 hours? Or, you buy something that looks good enough, but you bite into it and it’s either tasteless or mushy? Such are the problems in Paradise. We live on two mountainous islands with precious little flat land, and that makes farming nigh impossible. Ah, but St. Croix—St. Croix has farmland. The Ridge to Reef organization is the outreach arm of the Virgin Islands Sustainable Farm Institute, the area’s only USVI certified organic farm, and not only are they teaching, farming, and raising funds for the cause, they have recently created a CSA (community supported agriculture) program. Basically you buy a “share” for about $400 per 12-week season, and your dividend is paid out every week in the form of one big reusable plastic bag full of seasonal fruit and vegetables and herbs. They describe it as a shared risk business model as there are no guarantees about what or how much produce you might receive each week. But then again,

when was the last time your stocks paid any dividends at all, much less one that essentially returns your investment to you at the end of 12 weeks. The Sun Times joined the CSA at the beginning of the summer season (June, July, August) and so far the weekly shipments have met or exceeded the weekly cost of the investment (about $35) and, hello! It’s organic! It’s local! The eggs we’ve gotten are several different sizes and colors but they taste universally rich and—well, how does one describe a fresh egg versus a store bought egg, except to say that it just tastes better. We’ve gotten two types of bananas, two types of eggplant, okra, hot peppers, bell peppers, tamarind, passion fruit, basil, watercress, prepackaged mesclun, long beans, cucumber and some things we needed to investigate, like achiote (furry red balls, we had no clue what they were!). Fortunately, there’s a newsletter that explains some of the mysteries and provides some recipes to boot. Future shipments should include miracle fruit and chocolate sapote, two fruits you’re not likely to see in groceries because they don’t travel well. Nate Olive, the director of the program says miracle fruit

is one of his favorites because it makes sour things taste sweet and sweet things taste sour, so “lime juice in water tastes just like lemonade.” It’s so exciting to open the bag each week to see what small gems you’ll find.

Olive says that currently there are only 34 shares available because they are growing the program slowly. “We hope to get to 80 shares by the winter season and 100 eventually,” he says. Shares are divided about evenly between St. Thomas/St. John and St. Croix but “hundreds” are on the waiting list. So how does it work? You sign up on the website, pay your bill, then if you live on St. Thomas or St. John, every Thursday you pick up your bag of health and goodness at Barefoot Buddha in Havensight. (And yes, they are trying to get someone to bring the St. John shares over on the ferry in exchange for a free share.) Don’t have $400? They have another cool option: for $25 the VI Locally Grown program hooks you up with St. Croix farmers in a similar way, but you choose exactly what you want. The online market opens up every Sunday morning (Olive says, “Everyone is up early fighting over the eggs.”), and whatever you buy on Sunday gets delivered on Thursday to Havensight. Olive assures us that nothing is ever refrigerated for more than about 12 hours before getting to us. If you’re ready to join up, info about both programs can be accessed at or you can email _Ella Anderson

Owning the day Trading security for freedom

We interviewed five brave women who started their own businesses. We wanted to know what motivated them and a few excerpts are interwoven within the photoscapes. The full interviews can be found on our website.


ALEX EWALD, owner La Tapa restaurant, 16 years

What’s the best part about owning your own business? I am the boss. It’s a lot of work, but you get exactly what you have put into it. I can lead my business into the direction I want to take it. I can express my creativity through my employees, without having to do it all myself. Good delegation, respect and trust are the key. J U LY-A U G U S T 2 0 1 2


GINA FEDDERSEN, owner Isola Bella, 4 years

What was your lowest point and how did you get beyond it? When you’re first starting out, just trying to get shops to take you on as a new designer. Getting that courage to call people up. It’s a lot of rejection at first. And also the logistics of shipping to the states. I gave myself time and worked on my collections.

COLETTE DIEDE, owner 6-Paq Scuba, 12 years and Island Blues Bar and Grill, 7 months

What was your lowest point and how did you get beyond it? Island Blues was the first time I’d gone beyond what I knew I could do myself. I didn’t know how to run a kitchen! And well, I got by with a little help from my friends, from above, even from strangers sometimes. The right thing just happens at the right time. I’m not alone.

SAPHIA BOYNES, owner Beauty Lounge, 9 years and soon a second location in Havensight

What made you think you could do this alone? I’m determined! I’m a very hardworking person. I saw that there wasn’t a multicultural salon and I’d always wanted to do it. I never was a person who thought small. I have so much other stuff in store!

MARGARETTE MAJETTE, owner St. John Projects, 11 years

What made you think you could do this alone? I saw a need, and, maybe [had] some naivetÊ. I was confident in my abilities. I’m not sure I factored all of it, when I took the first step off the cliff, but you get the momentum going and you just catch up to it somehow. Every day is challenging and fun and different.

CALENDAR JULY/AUG Mondays EVENTS n Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Eco Tour of VI National Park 2pm-5pm. Caneel Bay dock. Reservations required. Call Virgin Islands Eco-Tour at (340) 779-2155. n July 9-15 Hairspray Pistarckle Theater. For more info (340) 775-7877 n July 9 - August 3 Environmental Eco-Camps at VIERS (340) 776-6721, n July 23 Hurricane Supplication Day A day to pray that we are spared from hurricanes n The Reef Bay Hike Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays From National Park Visitor’s Center, 9:153:30pm. $30 @Friends of the Park Store (340) 779-8700 MUSIC n July 2, 3, 4 Fatty Crab Joe Krown from New Orleans Cruz Bay, 9pm-midnight n Barefoot Cowboy Lounge T-Bird Cruz Bay, 7-9pm n Concordia Ben Marr - Open Mic Coral Bay, 3:30pm-5:30pm n High Tide Erin Hart Second and fourth Mondays Cruz Bay, 8pm-11pm n La Tapa Sambacombo Cruz Bay, 6:30pm-9:30pm

n Latitude 18 Untold Trouble with Mimi and Tom St. Thomas, 7:30-10:30pm n The Looney Bien Open Mic Night Frenchtown, 7-10pm

Tuesdays EVENTS n August 28, 29 and 30 40th ABT Boy Scout Tournament A fundraiser for the VI Council of Boy Scouts For info: (340) 775-9500, American Yacht Harbor, St. Thomas n Animal Care Center (ACC) Adoption Clinic The Marketplace, Cruz Bay, 11am-1pm n Tai Chi St. John School of the Arts Free Tai Chi session, open to all by Louis Vuitton, Yacht Haven Grande St. Thomas, 6pm n The Looney Bien Trivia with prizes and drink specials Frenchtown, St. Thomas, from 7pm MUSIC n July 3 Inner Visions High Tide First and third Wednesdays Cruz Bay, 9pm-midnight n July 3 and 31, Aug. 28 Slick Fiction Sugar Bay St. Thomas 7-10pm n High Tide Erin Hart Cruz Bay, 6pm-9pm n Barefoot Cowboy Lounge Mark Wallace and Friends

n ENVIRONMENTAL ECO-CAMPS AT VIERS St. John, July 9-August 3 An environmental summer learning experience for VI kids right in their own backyard! Six different camps held at VIERS in July and August cater to kids from 7-16. All camps are FREE for VI youth! Please contact VIERS for more information about individual camps and signing up, (340) 776-6721 or visit

Cruz Bay, 7-9pm n Iggies Beach Bar and Grill Donald Herbert, steel pan St. Thomas, 8pm n Island Blues Karaoke and Open Mic Coral Bay, 8pm-11pm n Latitude 18 Open Mic with Barefoot Davies St. Thomas, 7:30-10:30pm n Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove Tim West St. Thomas, 5-7pm n Morgan’s Mango Greg Kinslow Cruz Bay, 6pm-9:30pm n Ocean Grill Rascio on Steel Pan Cruz Bay, 6:30-9pm. n Spyglass T Bird Cruz Bay, 5pm-8pm

Cruzan Rum Carnival Extravaganza Buffet at 6:00pm, Music from 7:00pm Show starts at 8:00pm, (340) 775-1800 ext.2523 n Ocean Grill Wine Tasting Last Wednesday of each month. Taste 4-5 wines paired with appetizers. Tickets at the bar. $30 + $6 gratuity. Mongoose Junction. n Starfish Market Free Wine and Cheese Tasting Cruz Bay, 4-6pm MUSIC n July 4 Beach Bar Inner Visions on the Beach Bar stage and Rob Paper and Kurt Shindler playing on the floating Heineken barge in front of the bar. Cruz Bay, 7:30pm

Second and fourth Wednesdays Cruz Bay, 8pm-11pm n Latitude 18 Ebony and Ivory JAZZ St. Thomas, 7:30-10:30pm n Sun Dog Cafe Lauren and Mark host Music Jam Cruz Bay, 7:30-10:30pm n Tickles Dockside Pub Tim West, Open Mic and Karaoke Crown Bay, St. Thomas, 7-10pm n High Tide Chris Carsel First and third Wednesdays Cruz Bay, 8pm-11pm n High Tide Mikey P Second and fourth Wednesdays Cruz Bay, 8pm-11pm n Latitude 18 Ebony and Ivory JAZZ St. Thomas, 7:30-10:30pm n Sun Dog Cafe

Wednesdays EVENTS n July 4 Independence Day n July 4 St. John Carnival J’ouvert, Cruz Bay, 4am Festival Parade, starts at Nat’l Park ball field, 11am Festival Fireworks, Cruz Bay harbor, 9pm n July 4 Jouvert/4th of July Bash at High Tide Event Menu, Live Music and Fireworks. The FAM Band will be playing from 1-4pm and 6-9pm. Fireworks at 9pm Cruz Bay n July 4 Independence Day beach party The Cruzan Beach Club St. Thomas, call (340) 714-7874 n July 4 BBQ and Bubbles party With celebrity chef Govind Armstrong. $70 pp, and $30 more for Veuve Clicquot all night. (800) 346-4451 Peter Island Resort, BVI n July 25 Fatty’s Full frontal Fun Open Mic comedy night St. Thomas, 9pm n August 29 Fatty’s Full frontal Fun Open Mic comedy night St. Thomas, 9pm n Humane Society No-Flea Boutique This resale shop has new opening hours Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, Nadir Location, St. Thomas, 11am-3pm n Tai Chi Free Tai Chi session, open to all By Louis Vuitton, Yacht Haven Grande St. Thomas, 6pm n The Looney Bien Chuck a Chicken Competition Frenchtown, St. Thomas, from 7pm n Iggies Beach Bar and Grill

n This color denotes a paid listing. Call us if you would like to be listed here!

(340) 201-8700

n NORTHSIDE SPORTFISHING CLUB’S BASTILLE DAY KINGFISH TOURNAMENT Hull Bay, St. Thomas, July 15, all day While 300 anglers are expected this year, there will be drink, food and live music throughout the afternoon for the public too. The event benefits the Joseph Sibilly School, St. Thomas Rescue and Nana Baby Children’s Home and provides college scholarships. Fishing begins at 5.30am and ends at noon sharp. The party continues into the evening! Call (340) 998-0854 for more info. for details. n Aqua Bistro Rascio-Steel Band Coral Bay, 6-8pm. n Cruz Bay Prime n Sambacombo, Latin Jazz Cruz Bay, 7-10pm n Duffy’s Love Shack Chicks Rule Wednesday Ladies Drink Free Red Hook, 9pm-close n Havensight Café Tim West St. Thomas, 3-5pm n High Tide Chris Carsel First and third Wednesdays Cruz Bay, 8pm-11pm n High Tide Mikey P

Lauren and Mark host Music Jam Cruz Bay, 7:30-10:30pm n Tickles Dockside Pub Tim West, Open Mic and Karaoke Crown Bay, St. Thomas, 7-10pm

Thursdays EVENTS n Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Eco Tour of VI National Park 2pm-5pm. Caneel Bay dock. Reservations required. Call Virgin Islands Eco-Tour at (340) 779-2155. n July 19-22 U.S. Virgin Islands Lifestyle Festival VIP reception is 19th Health Awareness day, 21st July 10am-3pm, Tutu Park Mall Festival concert, 21st July

For more info visit n Starfish Market Free Wine and Cheese Tasting Cruz Bay, 4-6pm n Dog House Pub Ladies Night Havensight, 10pm-1am n Maho Bay Glass Studio Glass Blowing Demo Every Thursday and Friday 6:30pm-9:30pm n World Dance Class by Ananda Nilayam Jackson Complex of Antilles School 6-7:30pm, Call Jennie (340) 643-7758 MUSIC n Barefoot Cowboy Lounge Erin Hart 7-9pm n Banana Deck Lemuel Callwood, steel pan Cruz Bay, 6-9pm n Fatty’s Ines and Matt from Slick Fiction St. Thomas, 8-11pm n Iggies Beach Bar and Grill Jason Jones, guitar St. Thomas, 8pm n High Tide Inner Visions, Reggae Cruz Bay, 8-11pm n Latitude 18 Flipswitch with Rita and Nathan St. Thomas, 7:30-10:30pm n Miss Lucy’s Jazz with Rich and Gregg Coral Bay, 6-9pm n Morgan’s Mango Mark Wallace, guitar and vocals Cruz Bay, 6:30pm-9:30pm n Molly Malone’s Tim West Red Hook, St. Thomas, 7:30-10:30

Fridays EVENTS n July 13 and 27 Starfish Market Free Wine and Cheese Tasting With St. John Brewers Cruz Bay, 4-6pm n August 10 and 24 Starfish Market Free Wine and Cheese Tasting Cruz Bay, 4-6pm

n 28TH ANNUAL TEXAS SOCIETY CHILI COOK-OFF Brewer’s Beach, St. Thomas, August 19 A hugely popular event where restaurants and individuals cook up a storm in order to have their chili crowned the best in St. Thomas. Hordes of people attend, eager to join the judging panel. Food, drink, live music-fantastic! Open to the public at noon, winners are announced at 4.30pm. For more info call (340) 474-0019. n Cinnamon Bay Amphitheatre Cultural Evening in the Park Weekly changing showcase of cultural dance and music under the supervision of Dr. Eddie Bruce 7:30pm n Documentary and Prime Rib Night Maho Bay Camps 5:30pm for food, movie at 8pm n Donoe Bypass Italian Farmer’s Market Convergence of Skyline, Donoe Road and Donoe Bypass Road St. Thomas, 6pm n Gourmet Gallery Cheese and wine tasting St. Thomas, 5:30-8pm n Maho Bay Glass Studio Glass Blowing Demo Every Thursday and Friday 6:30pm-9:30pm MUSIC n Barefoot Cowboy Lounge Michael Beason Cruz Bay, 7-9pm

n Aqua Bistro Steve Sloan Coral Bay, 5:30-8:30pm Cinnamon Bay n Eddie Bruce, open drum circle 6.30pm-8pm n Iggies Beach Bar and Grill Slick Fiction St. Thomas, 8-11pm n Hull Bay Hideaway Web Fingors and Ian St. Thomas. 7pm n Johnny’s Bar in Barbel Plaza Tim West Karaoke St. Thomas, 8-11pm n Latitude 18 “JR” Jason Jones and Ryan Diehl St. Thomas, 7pm n Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove Tim West St. Thomas, 5-7pm n Morgan’s Mango Lauren Jones Cruz Bay, 6-9:30pm n Ocean Grill T Bird, guitar and vocals Cruz Bay, 6:30-9pm n Rhumb Lines Erin Hart Cruz Bay, 7-10pm n Sapphire Grill Danny Silber and Dennis Frett St. Thomas 7pm n Spyglass James Milne, guitar and vocals Cruz Bay, 5-8pm n Tamarind Inn Steel pan and island music Cruz Bay, 6-9pm

Saturdays n ST. JOHN FESTIVAL: THE GRAND FINALE! St. John, Cruz Bay, July 4, all day Festivities begin at 4am with J’ouvert, then at 11am the colorful Festival parade winds through downtown Cruz Bay and goes on for most of the day. End Carnival with a bang with the huge fireworks display at 9pm.

EVENTS n June 30, July 1 and 2 Virgin Islands Game Fishing Club 49th Annual July Open Billfish Tournament For more information visit n July 14 Bastille Day Celebrated in the Virgin Islands in

recognition of its rich French heritage n July 14 , Aug. 11 The Looney Bien Local jewelry and crafts for sale Frenchtown, St. Thomas, from 7pm n Last weekend in July If history repeats, the Puerto Rican Navy will invade Leverick Bay, BVI n July 28 & 29 Mahogany Run Golf Course The St. Thomas Open St. Thomas/St. John Golf Association 8:30am shotgun/stroke play Call (340) 777-6250 for more info n Frenchtown Fish Market Gustave Quetel Fish House St. Thomas, 5-8am n La Plancha del Mar Dinner and Movie Nights Four movie-themed courses for $44 Optional drink pairing for $20 Reservations (340) 777-7333 Cruz Bay, doors open 6:30pm, movie starts at 7pm n Saturday Farmer’s Market Western End of Main Street St. Thomas, 4-7:30am n ZUMBA! Free Zumba dance classes A great way to kick-start the weekend! Near Louis Vuitton, Yacht Haven Grande St. Thomas, 9-10am MUSIC n July 21 and August 18 Jazz Haven Live music on the lawn in Yacht Haven Grande 4:30pm student musical performance 6-9pm jazz artists from Puerto Rico with service from Fat Turtle and Grande Cru Yacht Haven Grande, St. Thomas n Amigos Dockside Cantina Tim West, karaoke with Antonio St. Thomas, 9pm-12am n Iggies Beach Bar and Grill Barefoot Davies St. Thomas, 8pm n Magen’s Point Resort Jazz Quartet St. Thomas, 8-11pm n Molly Malone’s Tim West Red Hook, St. Thomas, 7:30-10:30 n Morgan’s Mango Luba Cruz Bay, 6-9:30pm n Ocean Grill Rascio on Steel Pan Cruz Bay, 6:30pm-9.30pm n Rhumb Lines Lauren, guitar and vocals Cruz Bay, 7-10pm


EVENTS n Kayak, Hike & Snorkel Eco Tour of VI National Park 2pm-5pm. Caneel Bay dock. Reservations required. Call Virgin Islands EcoTour at (340) 779-2155. n July 1 Kids Open Tournament Organized by Virgin Islands Game Fishing Club American Yacht Harbor, St. Thomas For more info call (340) 775-9144 n July 1 and 2 Virgin Islands Game Fishing Club’s July Open Billfish Tournament benefits the Boys and Girls Club, of the USVI American Yacht Harbor,

around 8.30-4.30pm For more info call (340) 775-9144 n July 1 and 15 Yacht Haven Grande Farmer’s Market St. Thomas, 10am-2pm n July 8 Mahogany Run Golf Course VI Golf Federation Scramble 9am shotgun/scramble Call (340) 777-6250 for more info n July 8-14 French Heritage Week July 15 Bastille Day Kingfish Tournament Juniors and adults are welcome to compete in this popular tournament held at Hull Bay Hideaway St. Thomas, from 5.30am n July 29 Bordeaux Estate We Grow Food Inc. Farmer’s Market 10am-2pm n August 5 The Lumberyard St. John Farmer’s Market Cruz Bay, 10am-2pm n August 5 and 19 Yacht Haven Grande Farmer’s Market St. Thomas, 10am-2pm n August 19 28th Annual Texas Society Chili Cook-off Brewer’s Beach, St. Thomas Open to the public at noon, winners announced at 4:30pm n August 26 Mahogany Run Golf Course Almeric Christian Scholarship Fund The V.I. Bar Association 9am shotgun/scramble Call (340) 777-6250 for more information n August 26 Bordeaux Estate We Grow Food Inc. Farmer’s Market 10am-2pm MUSIC n July 1 St. John Carnival Festival Beach Jam Oppenheimer Beach, 1pm n Aqua Bistro Lauren Jones Coral Bay, 3:30pm-6:30pm n Cruz Bay Prime Mark Wallace, Guitar Cruz Bay, 7-10pm n Iggies Beach Bar and Grill Jason Jones and the SunKings St. Thomas, 8pm n Jack’s Bight Party on the Deck with Barefoot Davies St. Thomas, 5pm n Latitude 18 Varies Weekly St. Thomas, 7.30-10.30pm Miss Lucy’s jazz brunch Sambacombo 10am-2pm. Call first! (340) 693-5244 Ocean Grill David Laabs, classical guitar Cruz Bay, 6:30pm-9pm Rhumb Lines T Bird, guitar Cruz Bay, 7-10pm Sun Dog brunch Dave Laabs, classical guitar Cruz Bay, 11am-2pm

Do you have an event? Let us know by the 10th of every month to be included in the NEXT month’s events.

ST. JOHN RESTAURANT AMERICAN CONTINENTAL 420 to Center Baseball park classics like hot dogs, nachos and BLT sammies. 11am-2am every day. Wharfside village. Cruz Bay ( Aqua Bistro Mediterranean and Italian cuisine with a bar overlooking Coral Bay harbor. Brunch & dinner. Try the wings! Cocoloba Complex. Coral Bay (340) 776-5336 $$ Banana Deck American and tropical cuisine in a casual atmosphere overlooking Cruz Bay. Lunch & dinner. Cruz Bay (340) 693-5055 $$-$$$ The Beach Bar Harbor-side bar menu with salads, sandwiches, burgers and seafood specialties. Lunch & dinner, 11am-11pm. Wharfside Village. Cruz Bay (340) 777-4220 $$ Cafe Livin Open air dining and take out. Breakfast & lunch. Daily. Cruz Bay (340) 228-1977 $ Castaway’s NFL Sunday Ticket, 6 flat screens, bar menu, live music. Great Happy Hour 3-6. Dinner. Cruz Bay (340) 774-9960 $$ Deli Grotto A wide range of breakfast items, sandwiches, soups, salads and pastries. Breakfast & lunch. Opens M-F 7am. Sat & Sun 8am. Cash or check only. Mongoose Junction. Cruz Bay (340) 777-3061 $

High Tide Bar & Seafood Grill American cuisine with sandwiches, salads and nightly entrees. Lunch & dinner. Daily. Opens 11am. Wharfside Village. Cruz Bay (340) 714-6169 $$-$$$ Maho Bay Pavilion Daily changing specials with salad bar at dinner. Breakfast & dinner. Daily 7:309:30am & 5:30-7pm. Maho Bay Campground (340) 776-6226 $$ Mango Deli Sandwiches, Uno’s pizza and Starbucks coffee at the Westin. Breakfast, Lunch & dinner. Westin Resort (340) 693-8000 ext. 1850 $$ Sam and Jack’s Deli Gourmet comfort food, fresh pasta, homemade ice cream. Lunch & dinner take-out 10am7pm. The Marketplace. Cruz Bay (340) 714-3354 $-$$ Skinny Legs Famous charcoal grilled burgers, hot dogs, salads and sandwiches. Lunch & dinner. Coral Bay (340) 779-4982. $$ The Tap Room Pizzas, soft pretzels, daily specials and beer in St. John’s only brew pub. Casual atmosphere. Air conditioning, too! Lunch & Dinner. Cruz Bay (340) 715-7775 $ Tree Lizards Restaurant Diverse menu with sandwiches, salads, burgers and nightly meat and seafood entrees. Breakfast, lunch & dinner. Cinnamon Bay Campground (340) 776-6330. $$-$$$

Driftwood David’s American and Caribbean cuisine with a wine bar and live music nightly. Lunch & Dinner. The Lumberyard, Cruz Bay (340)777-4015 $$

The Tourist Trap Homemade tacos and sandwiches in a gorgeous lowkey setting. 11am-sundownish. Closed Sun & Mon. Salt Pond. Coral Bay (340) 774-0912 $$

The Fish Trap American seafood bistro in a casual patio setting and air conditioned bar. Closed Mondays. Dinner. Raintree Court. Cruz Bay (340) 693-9994 $$$$$$$

Woody’s Seafood Saloon Bar-style seafood, burgers and a famous happy hour. Lunch, dinner & late night (after 10pm). Cruz Bay (340) 779-4625. $$


Sun Times Magazine

CONTEMPORARY & INTERNATIONAL Café Concordia Variety of entrees including seafood, steaks, local organic greens and vegetables. Incredible views! Concordia Eco-resort above Salt Pond Bay. 4:308:30pm Happy Hour & Dinner. Coral Bay (340) 693-5855 $$. Cruz Bay Prime Inventive contemporary steak house cuisine in upscale open-air atmosphere. Dinner only, WedSun. Reservations rec. The Westin (340) 693-8000 $$$$$$$ The Equator Restaurant Caribbean fusion cuisine housed in a restored Sugar Mill. Dinner only. Caneel Bay Resort (340) 776-6111 $$$$ Inn at Tamarind Court Breakfast and different specialty nights like Greek and Mexican throughout the week. M-F. Bar only weekends. Cruz Bay (340) 776-6378 $$-$$$ La Plancha Del Mar Mediterranean cuisine in an intimate setting. Wine list and full bar. A/C. Dinner only, 5:30-9:30pm, movie nights on Saturdays. Closed Weds. Mongoose Junction. Cruz Bay (340) 777-7333 $$$-$$$$ La Tapa Mediterranean and Spanish inspired cuisine, top-notch service and a nightly changing menu. Dinner only. Cruz Bay (340) 693-7755 $$$-$$$$ The Lime Inn Fresh seafood and grilled items. Oyster Nite is Thurs. 3pm till they’re gone! 1/2 price happy hour 3-5:30. Lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Mon-Sat. Closed Sundays. Cruz Bay (340) 776-6425 $$$-$$$$ Miss Lucy’s Waterfront. International and West Indian cuisine, with a great selection of seafood. Lunch 113pm & Dinner 6-9pm, Tues-Sat. Sun Brunch, with live jazz, 10-2pm. Coral Bay (340) 693-5244 $$$

Morgan’s Mango South American and Caribbeaninspired cuisine, grilled steak and lobster nights. Dinner only. Daily 5:30pm. Next to Mongoose Junction. Cruz Bay (340) 693-8141 $$$-$$$$

Lucky Bamboo A wide selection of Chinese dishes and authentic Vietnamese Pho. Lunch and Dinner, 11am8pm. The Lumberyard Cruz Bay (340) 7 74-9900 $-$$

Ocean Grill Upscale California cuisine with island flavor, served in an openair courtyard. Serving Lunch & dinner. Mongoose Junction. Cruz Bay (340) 693-3304 $$$$

Rhumb Lines Pacific Rim cuisine in a casual chic outdoor atmosphere. Lunch & dinner, Sunday brunch. Closed Tuesday. Cruz Bay (340) 776-0303 $$$

Shipwreck Landing Eclectic cuisine with a focus on seafood specialties, overlooking Coral Bay. Lunch & dinner. Coral Bay (340) 693-5640 $$$

Zero Sushi St. John’s only sushi restaurant! Rolls, sashimi, Asian-inspired entrees. In the Marketplace, full bar. Cash only for now. Dinner only Mon-Fri, 5-10pm. Cruz Bay (340) 777-9376

Spyglass Family style restaurant with open air seating overlooking cruz bay with spectacular sunset views. Brunch, lunch, dinner & late night. Wharfside Village. Cruz Bay (340) 776-1100 $$-$$$$ Sun Dog Café Courtyard dining with an eclectic menu of seafood, salads, TexMex, and more. Lunch Daily 11-4:30pm. Dinner M-F 5:30-9pm. Mongoose Junction Cruz Bay (340)693-8340 $-$$ Terrace Restaurant Hot and cold buffet with eclectic offerings on Caneel Beach. Lunch & dinner. Caneel Bay Resort (340) 776-6111 $$$$ Waterfront Bistro Upscale, French Caribbean themed dining with inventive twists. Lunch & dinner nightly from 5:30-10pm. Wharfside Village. Cruz Bay (340) 777-7755 $$$$

ASIAN/FUSION Asolare Pan Asian cuisine with a panoramic sunset view overlooking Caneel Hill. Dinner only. Cruz Bay (340) 779-4747 $$$$ Fatty Crab Southeast Asian fusion with local ingredients incorporated. Tues-Sat, 5-10pm. Smoke-out Sun noon-10pm. Happy hour 5-7. Cruz Bay (340) 775-9951 $$$

BARBEQUE Barefoot Cowboy Lounge Mesquite smoked pork and brisket barbeque. The Lumberyard. M-F 11am-10pm. Cruz Bay (340) 244-8888 $ Candi’s Barbeque Classic barbeque dishes and daily specials. Ask for the Jerk Sauce! Lunch & dinner. Cash only. Near the Marketplace Cruz Bay (340) 779-1452 $ Uncle Joe’s Bar-B-Q Barbeque chicken, ribs and a variety of side dishes. Lunch & dinner. Cash only. Cruz Bay (340) 693-8806 $$

COFFEE, BREAKFAST & BAKERY Baked in the Sun Bakery serving breakfast and lunch sandwiches, eggs, salads and pastries. Breakfast and lunch. Closed Sundays. Cruz Bay (340) 693-8786 $ C&D Bakery Bakery serving pastries, ice cream, milkshakes and rolls. Breakfast & lunch. Cash only. The Lumberyard. Cruz Bay (340) 776-6675 $ Donkey Diner Full breakfast/brunch daily, 8am1pm. Hand-thrown pizzas Sun, Wed, Fri noon-8pm. Coral Bay (340) 693-5240. $-$$

DIRECTORY Every ‘Ting Coffee shop serving cappuccinos, lattes, pastries, bagels and island souvenirs. Full menu until 2pm, open ‘til 8pm. Gallows Point. Cruz Bay (340) 693-7730. $

Zozo’s Ristorante High-end Northern Italian menu with ocean views from the dining room and bar. Dinner only, closed Sundays. Gallows Point Resort. Cruz Bay (340) 693-9200 $$$$

Full Moon Cafe & Shop Swing into Coccoloba’s newest spot for espresso, mate, fresh juices, sandwiches and pastries. Coral Bay (340)774-9033 $


Jake’s Look down on Cruz Bay from this great spot for breakfast before noon, and sandwiches after. Open 7am-4am. The Lumberyard complex. Cruz Bay (340) 777-7115. $-$$ Papaya Cafe Coffee, beverages, pastries. The Marketplace. Cruz Bay (340) 779-2665 $

ITALIAN & PIZZA Café Roma Italian dining with wood-fired pizzas, pastas, salads and entrees. Dinner only. Daily 5pm. Cruz Bay (340) 776-6524 $$$ da Livio Authentic Italian cuisine in a modern setting. Dinner only. Nightly. Next to Conrad Sutton. Cruz Bay (340) 779-8900 $$$

Joe’s Rum Hut Great American fare and pizza served seaside, daily specials & homemade soup. Lunch and Dinner. Daily 11am-10pm Wharfside. Cruz Bay (340) 775-5200 $ Ronnie’s Pizza Pizza parlor with New York-style pizza and sandwiches for lunch and dinner. M-F 129pm, Sat 4-9pm, closed Sun. Delivery after 6pm. Boulon Center. Cruz Bay (340) 693-7700 $ Roaryal Abeba Health Food & Lounge All natural vegan dishes and Italian food choices. Daily, 12-9pm. Cruz Bay (340) 677-0497 $-$$

JJ’s Texas Toast Café Tex Mex fare, breakfast, burgers and sandwiches. Breakfast & lunch. Cruz Bay (340) 776-6908 $$ Lone Star Taqueria Fast take-out Mexican cuisine. Tacos, nachos and assorted plates. Breakfast & lunch. Cash only. The Marketplace. Cruz Bay (340) 714-Taco (8226). $ Margarita Phil’s Tex-Mex, seafood specialties and giant margaritas. Lunch & dinner. Cruz Bay (340) 693-8400. $$$

LOCAL WEST INDIAN Clean Plates @ Sputnicks Authentic Jamaican and local Caribbean flavors served along with fresh local fruit juices. Menu changes daily. Breakfast, lunch & dinner. Daily 8am-8pm. Coral Bay (340) 775-7373 $$ Forward to Your Roots Traditional, 100% vegetarian cuisine. Lunch. M-F. Base of Contant Point, past the basketball courts. Cruz Bay $

$ under $10 $$ $10 or more $$$ $20 or more $$$$ $30 or more

Hercules Pate Delight Traditional West Indian Pates, Open Daily 5am -until... Across from the Lumberyard, Cruz Bay (340) 344-2156 $ P&P Specializing in West Indian roti, this secluded restaurant also has a view of the water. Very reasonable prices. Lunch. Dinner by reservation only. Frank Bay $-$$ Sogo’s West Indian and American cuisines. Lunch and dinner. Mon-Sat. Cruz Bay (340) 779-4404 $$ Sweet Plantains West Indian, East Indian and Caribbean cuisine in a funky bistro atmosphere. Dinner only. Tues-Sat. Coral Bay (340) 777-4653 $$$$$$$ Vie’s Snack Shack Small West Indian menu: conch fritters, garlic fried chicken and beach access. Lunch only. TuesSat, 10-5pm. Cash only. Hansen Bay. East End (340) 693-5033 $$

Eat, drink...then take a taxi. Windy Level West Indian menu, by chef Carryn Powell, located just outside of Cruz bay. Mon-Sat 6:30 am to 10:30 p.m. Cash only. Route 10 (340) 715-2000 $-$$

ICE CREAM & SMOOTHIES Columbo’s Cafe A great selection of blended smoothies as well as hot dogs and beer. At the intersection of Centerline and North Shore Road. (340) 715-5227 $ Cool Desires Great ice cream and fresh made smoothies! Daily noon-10pm. Cash only. Near Mongoose. Cruz Bay (340) 643-5874 $ i scream! Ice cream parlor serving soft serve ice cream, shakes, sundaes, smoothies. Cruz Bay (340) 998-1217 $ Our Market Smoothie and ice cream stands across from the National Park Ferry dock. Cash only. Cruz Bay (340) 776-0111 $

GROCERY & SPECIALTY MARKETS 1st Stop Market Good selection of grocery items as well as rain ponchos, disposable cameras, and other non-food items. Open 7am-11pm. Raintree Court, Cruz Bay (340) 777-7867 Bayside Mini Market Small market well-stocked with grocery items. Often offering a selection of fresh local fruit. Open 7am-11pm Cruz Bay (340) 779-4011 Dolphin Market Supermarket. Open until 11pm. Cruz Bay (340) 776-5322. The Fish Trap Seafood Market A wide variety of fresh seafood and pre-made seafood specialties. Open 12-6pm. Cruz Bay (340) 693-9994. Lily’s Market Market selling fresh produce, specialty items, deli counter, ATM. Cocoloba Complex. Coral Bay (340) 777-3335. Love City Mini-Mart Supermarket selling fresh produce, grocery items. Cruz Bay and Coral Bay (340) 693-5790 Pine Peace Mini Mart Local produce, selection of wine and alcohol, as well as household needs and grocery items. South Shore Rd. Cruz Bay (340) 693-8725 St. John Spice Spice shop selling teas, hot sauces, spice mixes and souvenirs. Next to ferry dock. Cruz Bay (340) 693-7046 St. John Market Supermarket with good selection of ethnic, gourmet, and organic ingredients. 8am-10:30pm, daily. Greenleaf Commons, across from the Westin. Cruz Bay (340) 779-1808 Starfish Market & Gourmet Supermarket selling sandwiches, cold salads, hot food. Next door is the Gourmet market. Open ‘til 9pm. The Marketplace. Cruz Bay (340) 779-4949 J U LY/A U G U S T




ST. T H OM AS ReSTAuRAnT DI The Complete Health Care Solution EALTH ARE

skin scREEning Exam


Oceanfront with spectacular sunset views

to the Virgin Islands - For Men, Women & Children -

Come enjoy our Sunset Happy BISTRO Bistro Hour, and then have dinner with us. Epernay Wine and Champagne Bar We would love to have you as our Wine and Champagne A tiny, cozy grown-up bar thatBar Family Medicine • Coast Guard Drug Screens • Diabetes • HPV Testing Epernay guests for theLicensed evening! A tiny, cozy grown-up bar that excellent food too! MonWomen’s Healthcare • Dermatology CLIA LAB Services • Botox serves Collagen & Microdermabrasion • Sclerotherapy • Cryotherapy




Ph: 693-7444 • Fax: 693-9420 3rd Floor, Market Place



Ph: 776-8989 • Fax: 776-8384 Paragon Medical Bldg. Suite 203

Spyglass is a family friendly restaurant offering a creative American / Caribbean menu, a vegetarian menu and a Spykids menu. Lunch is 11am-3pm, Happy Hour is 3-6pm with a bar menu, Dinner is 5 until ? Late Night Happy Hour 9pm-12:06am, Brunch every Saturday and Sunday

Wharfside Village, 2nd floor above the casino

(340) 776-1100

serves excellent food774-5348. too! MonSat., open late. (340) Sat., open late. (340) 774-5348. $-$$ $-$$

XO Bistro A casual bistro and wine bar, chill Xo Bistro great lunch. Lunch atmosphere, A casual bistro and wineMonbar, chill served Mon– Sat., dinner atmosphere, great lunch. Lunch Sun. served Mon– Sat., dinner MonRed Hook (340) 779-2069 $-$$ Sun. red Hook (340) 779-2069 $-$$ Northside Bistro Expansive ocean view, an onsite brewery, many veg entrees and Northside Bistro live music nightly.dinner: MonExpansive ocean view, an onsite Sat. brewery, many entrees and Northside (340)veg 775-5098. $$ live music nightly.dinner: MonSat. CONTINENTAL/ Northside (340) 775-5098. $$


Blue Orchid CoNtiNENtal/ On the grounds of the St. amEriCaN Peter Greathouse, with a stunning mountaintop view. Classic American. Surprisingly Blue orchid reasonable! On the grounds the St. $$$ Northside (340)of 774-4999 Peter Greathouse, with a stunning mountaintop view. Frenchtown Deli Surprisingly Classic American. A long list of huge gourmet reasonable! sandwiches is the774-4999 draw at this Northside (340) $$$ quaint café/deli. Frenchtown sunset Grille Sunset NEW TheGrille newest offering from NEW The newest offering from well-known STT resto group Blue well-known STTone resto Blue Shore Grill, this is group seaside Shore Grill,Harbour this oneand is seaside at Secret serves at SecretAmerican Harbour and serves creative classics. creative American classics. Breakfast 7am-11am, Dinner Breakfast 5:30-10pm7am-11am, Dinner 5:30-10pm East End. $-$$$ East End. $-$$$ Old old Stone stone Farmhouse Special Night Out Central and #1 for St. Thomas on Tripadvisor. Fine dining, exotic meats (kangaroo?) steakhouse and seafood dinner only, closed Tuesdays. Mahogany mahogany Run run Golf Course (340) 777-6277. $$$ The Cellar the Cellar friendly spot we’d A boisterous, A boisterous, spot we’d describe as anfriendly upscale American describe asfeaturing an upscale American gastropub seafood and gastropub seafood and steaks, andfeaturing great small plates. steaks,nightly, and great small plates. dinner dinner nightly, Red Hook (340) 715-1442. $$red Hook (340) 715-1442. $$$$$ $$$

Jack’s Bight NEW Famous for their wings, Jack’s has relocated from Tillett to Point Pleasant. Waterfront. Always open! Sunday brunch. East End. (340) 776.9464 $

Thirteen Havana Blue Small and out of specializing the way A hip restaurant but recognized seafood for creativity, in Latin-tinged with excellence andsetting a greatatwine an oceanfront Thelist. call for hours marriott Frenchman’s reef Northside (340)$$$ 774-6800. $$ (340) 715-2583

Mafolie mafoliehigh above Charlotte Sitting Sitting high above Amalie harbor, it’s aCharlotte solid Amalie harbor, solid resto but peopleit’sgoafor the resto but sunset people go for the daily. fantastic fantastic sunset Downtown $$ daily. Downtown $$ Oceana Watch the seaplanes land as oceana you dine in the former Russian Watch theLovely! seaplanes land as Embassy. Eclectic you dine in the former Russian continental, Open for Dinner Embassy. Lovely! Eclectic Tues-Sun. continental,in Open for Dinner$$$ Waterfront Frenchtown Tues-Sun. Waterfront Frenchtown $$$ Room with in a View High on the hill at Bluebeard’s Castle, everyone goes for the room with View Happy Hour view and theasunset High on the hill at Bluebeard’s (5-7pm) at the bar with $5 apps Castle, everyone goes for the and wine. Mon-Sat. 5pm-12am view and the sunset Happy Hour Charlotte Amalie 340-774-2377. (5-7pm) at the bar with $5 apps $$ and wine. Mon-Sat. 5pm-12am Charlotte amalie 340-774-2377. The $$ Grille at Mahogany Run A sweet spot overlooking the golf course, you can dine inside or out. Lighter fare shines. Tuesthe Grille at mahogany run Sun. 11am-9pm, (340) 777-6250 A sweet spot overlooking the x1241 $-$$ golf course, you can dine inside or out. Lighter fare shines. TuesECLECTIC Sun. 11am-9pm, (340) 777-6250 x1241 $-$$ Craig and Sally’s Menu changes daily. Sit at the dark tapas bar and order EClECtiC everything from mac & cheese Craig and sally’s to eggplant cheesecake Lunch: Menu changes Sit at Closed Wed-Fri. Dinner:daily. Wed-Sun. the dark Mon. andtapas Tues bar and order everything from mac & cheese Frenchtown (340) 777-9949 $$ to eggplant cheesecake Lunch: Wed-Fri. Dinner: Wed-Sun. Closed Grand Cru Mon. and Tues Yacht Haven Grande’s most Frenchtown 777-9949 $$ upscale resto(340) in a chic waterfront setting. Amazing wine selection and interesting multi-culti Grand Cru entrees and small plates. lunch Yacht Haven Grande’s most and dinner daily upscale resto in a 0774 chic waterfront Havensight (340) -7263. setting. Amazing wine selection $-$$ and interesting multi-culti entrees and Havana Bluesmall plates. lunch and dinner daily specializing A hip restaurant Havensight (340) 0774 -7263. in Latin-tinged seafood with $-$$ an oceanfront setting at The Marriott Frenchman’s Reef (340) 715-2583 $$$


thirteen Small Le andCaribe out of the way Chez but recognized for creativity, NEW In the old Herve location, excellence and great wine list. and still a lot likea Herve, it seems call for hours (not a bad thing!). The warm Northside (340) 774-6800. spinach salad is still on the $$ menu. Lunch, Mon-Fri., dinner, Mon-Sat. 340-775-2439 $$$


NEW In the old Herve location, and still a lot like Herve, it seems Virgilio’s (not a bad thing!).surroundings, The warm Lavish, baroque spinach is still on the N. Italiansalad cuisine, impeccable menu. Lunch, Mon-Fri.,we dinner, service and a tiramisu hear is Mon-Sat. $$$ on par with340-775-2439 tiramisu anywhere. Mon-Sat 11:30am-10:30pm; Sun 5-10:30pm. Downtown (340) 776-4920 $$italiaN/Pizza $$$

Virgilio’s Trattoria Romano’s Lavish, baroque surroundings, and Art Gallery N. Italian cuisine, Authentic Northernimpeccable Italian, large service and a tiramisu we hear is portions, reasonable prices. Monon par with tiramisu anywhere. Sat, dinner only. Mon-Sat Sun East End 11:30am-10:30pm; (340) 775-0045 $$-$$$ 5-10:30pm. Downtown (340) 776-4920 $$LATIN/MEXICAN $$$ romano’s trattoria and art Looney Bien Eclectic Gallery Mexican with a $2 taco happy hour.Northern Wed-Mon 11am-10pm Authentic Italian, large Frenchtown 340-777-TACO. portions, reasonable prices. $MonSat, dinner only. East End (340) 775-0045 $$-$$$ Senor Frog’s The chain restaurant has a raucous rep (and a pool) but the food is solidly satisfying and not just Mexican. open daily 10am-1am Havensight (340) 7773764. $-$$

eat, drink... then take a taxi.

DIReCTORY Taco Hell Latin/Mexican

From a tiny roadside shack, they do tacos for $2 and $3, and drinks. Lunch Looney Bien and dinner, open till 3am. Eclectic Mexican with a $2 taco Red Hook 690-8202. happy hour.(340) Wed-Mon 11am-10pm Frenchtown 340-777-TACO. $


Senor Frog’s Caribbean Fish Market The restaurant has a NEWchain At the Elysian resort, raucous rep (and a pool)(duh). but the serving fresh seafood food is solidly Dinner nightly.satisfying and not just EastMexican. End $$ open daily 10am-1am Havensight (340) 777-3764. $-$$ Mim’s Known for her lobster, it’s right on the water. Near Bolongo/East taco Hell daily for lunch and End, open From dinner.a tiny roadside shack, they do tacos for $2 End and (340) $3, and Bolongo/East 775drinks. Lunch and dinner, 2081. $$-$$$$ open till 3am. Red FishHook Tails(340) 690-8202. Our favorite “wait for the ferry/ barge spot,” it serves up fresh SeaFood unpretentious seafood. Love the smoked fish spread! open daily 7am-10pm. caribbean Fish714-3188. Market $-$$ Red Hook (340) NEW At the Elysian resort, serving Pesce fresh seafood (duh). Dinner nightly. A new-ish upscale italian pasta east end $$ place in red hook. and seafood Open for lunch and dinner, Red Hook (340)714-7874. $$-$$$ Mim’s Known for her lobster, it’s right SUSHI/ASIAN on the water. Near Bolongo/East End, open daily for lunch and Beni Iguanas dinner. Sushi rolls andend they(340) have775one of Bolongo/east those neat conveyor belts. 2081. $$-$$$$ Mon-Sat 10:30am9:30pm(Havensight, Bld. 9. (340) 777-8744 $$-$$$

Fish Enkaitails Sushi Our favoritecreative “wait forsushi the ferry/ Amazingly rolls on barge spot,” it serves upWed-Fri. fresh the waterfront. Lunch: unpretentious seafood. Love the Dinner Tues-Sat. smoked fish spread! open daily Frenchtown. (340)-774-6254 7am-10pm. (MAKI) $$ Red Hook (340) 714-3188. $-$$ Great Bay Lounge/Ritz Pesce Carlton A new-ish upscale italian pasta The seafood sushi barplace is a tiny part of the and in red hook. resortfor butlunch worthand seeking Open dinner,out for the exceptional quality. $$-$$$ Red Hook (340)714-7874. Ritz Carlton $$-$$$ Peking Tokyo SuSHi/aSian

Chinese, always fresh and tasty, enkai Sushi and with humungous portions! Amazingly creative sushi rolls on Mon–Sat 11am - 10pm, Sun. the waterfront. Lunch: Wed-Fri. 5-10pm Dinner Tues-Sat. Red Hook (340) 779-733 $ Frenchtown. (340)-774-6254 (MAKI) $$ Chopstix Great Bay Lounge/RitzThe only NEW Thai/Vietnamese! carlton one on either island, we think. The sushi barMall, is a Open tiny part of the Vitraco Park daily resort but worth seeking out for 11am-10pm. the exceptional quality. Havensight. (340) 777-CHOP $ Ritz carlton $$-$$$ Coco Blue Creative island-inspired fare Peking includingtokyo sushi at American Chinese, always freshnightly. and Yacht Harbor. dinner tasty, and with Red Hook (340)humungous 774-7253. $-$$ portions! Mon–Sat 11am - 10pm, Sun. 5-10pm WEST INDIAN Red Hook (340) 779-733 $

Cuzzin’s Traditional West Indian, no chopstix fusion, no fuss. Lunch and NEW Thai/Vietnamese! The only dinner, closed Sunday. one on either island, we think. 340) 777-4711  $$-$$$. Vitraco Park Mall, Open daily 11am-10pm. Havensight. (340) 777-CHOP $ coco Blue

Cheap Sheet

by Sun Staff

$ - Entrees $10-19 $$ - $20-29 range $$$ - $30-39 range $$$$ - $40 and above

Creative island-inspired fare including sushi at American Yacht Harbor. dinner nightly. Red Hook (340) 774-7253. $-$$

This isn’t the most affordable rock in the sea, but there are some great deals around town and some really nice people behind them. The Sun Times is here to help you find them and to soothe your sticker shock. RestauRants RESTAURANTS LA PLANCHA IS PARADISIMO How do tHey do it all in tHat tiny sHack? From 5-6pm La Plancha has half priced appetizers Monday Cafe LivinFriday. is theThe a new breakfastwash and lunch spotdown in Cruz through $3 sangrias the apps in Bay “to go” style fare there are a few outdoor style.offering Mongoose Junction (340)(but 777-6363. tables for dining). And talk about deals! For $10 you can get Philly cheese steakCROSS pita wrap, a gyro pita wrap, or a WHYa DID THE CHICKEN THE ROAD? Greek hasofacourse. $5.50 BLT andbilla gets $5 breakfast Well tosalad. get toBreakfast Candi's BBQ A $10 you half sandwich eggs cheese onroadside a biscuit or English a chicken (two and fried a plate ofand sides at this diner just muffin). Oh,Marketplace. and those Check bloodyout Marys withjerk theflavored housebefore the the new infused and and the it house-pickled asparagus only sauce--itvodka has a kick is certified yum. It is hardare to beat six littleJoe's ones! (340) 228-1977. Uncle ribWharfside sauce,butVillage the chicken eaters favor Candi. Cruz Bay (340)is779-1452. la PlancHa PaRadisimo From 5-6pmOF LaJOE'S Plancha has half priced appetizers Monday SPEAKING through Friday. Therecently $3 sangrias wash the apps down in Uncle Joe's Bar-B-Q started full-service dining--like, style. Mongoose Junction (340) 777-6363. a waiter comes over with a menu and waits on you. I know! Crazy!did New reasonably-priced items on the menu too. It's wHy tHe cHicken cRoss tHe Road? sweet, check it out. Cruz Bay near the Post Office, (340) 693Well to get to Candi's BBQ of course. A $10 bill gets you half 8806. a chicken and a plate of sides at this roadside diner just before theTO Marketplace. Check out the new jerk flavored NOTHING PUPU sauce--it has a kick and it certifiedare yum. is hardto tomake beat Rhumb Lines’ pupu menu isportions big Itenough Uncle rib Spicy sauce,but thebowls, chicken favorfood Candi. a mealJoe's out of. noodle rollseaters and finger all Cruz (340) 779-1452. for $6Bay or under. Cruz Bay (340) 776-0303 sPeakinG oF Joe's HERCULES IS BACK! Uncle Joe's Bar-B-Q recently started full-service dining--like, For breakfast he has Johnny Cakes for $1. Pates of salt fish a waiter comes over with a menu and waits on you. I know! or beef for $3.50, and a small lunch plate is $7. Come on Crazy! New reasonably-priced items on the menu too. It's Thursday for lunch and get a large platter for only $6--a big sweet, check it out. Cruz Bay near the Post Office, (340) 693deal! Across from The Lumberyard. Open daily 5am until. 8806. (340) 344-2156. notHinG to PuPu RIB STICKIN’ Rhumb Lines’ pupu menu portions are big enough to make XO Bistro in Red Hook Plaza has a home cooking night on a meal out of. Spicy noodle bowls, rolls and finger food all Tuesdays and all entrees are $12. Red Hook, (340) 779-2069. for $6 or under. Cruz Bay (340) 776-0303 NOW THAT’S ITALIAN0! BaRGain Banana sPlits Pesce is good when you are…fishing for a bargain! Their New cream in theforSputnik complex nextand to happyice hour food stand is humongo $5. It’s also very good Donkey Diner. A big banana split cost just five bucks. If you very Italian. Red Hook, (340) 715-1442. are living the twelve volt lifestyle out in the harbor, that is just heaven! NEWabout WING KA-CHING Island Blues has chicken wings for a dollar on Wednesdays. HeRcules is Back! On the waterfront in Coral Bay (340) 776-6800. For breakfast he has Johnny Cakes for $1. Pates of salt fish orNEbeef for $3.50, a small lunch plate is $7. Come on W NEAR ZERO and SUSHI Thursday forapps lunchand andbargain get a large platter for only $6--aonly big Half priced drinks at the island’s deal! from5-6pm. The Lumberyard. Open daily 5am sushi Across place from LOVE the cold unfiltered sakiuntil. and (340) 344-2156.veggies! At the Marketplace mall, Cruz Bay, the tempura (340) 777-ZERO. NEW RiB stickin’ XONEW Bistro in RedGOOD Hook Plaza has a home cooking night on DOUBLE Tuesdays all entreesand arebar $12.420 Red to Hook, (340)(a779-2069. From newand restaurant Center baseball reference, what were YOU thinking?) we bring you The W NE now tHat’s italian0! Double Play: Two hot dogs and a beer for $6. Batter batter Pesce good from whenWharfside you are…fishing a bargain! Their SWING!isAcross plaza infor Cruz Bay. No phone happy hour food is humongo for $5. It’s also very good and at press time. very Italian. Red Hook, (340) 715-1442. HOWEVER YOU FEEL ABOUT THE “GIRLS” HoweVeR you Feel aBout tHe “GiRls” Over at Hooters, the food is good and on Monday nights it’s Over atcan Hooters, the food is good and on Monday nights it’s all you eat chicken wings for $9.99. Hooters, Havensight, all you can eat chicken wings for $9.99. Hooters, Havensight, St. Thomas. (340) 693-WING. St. Thomas. (340) 693-WING.

BaRs BARS tHe THE HaPPiest HAPPIEST oF OF HaPPy HAPPY HouRs HOURS Your $1 is not going to go much further than Woody's Seafood Saloon--join everybody else for a domestic beer or a well drink from 3-6p.m. If the sun bothers you, the deal is pretty much the same over at Castaways. High Tide is at sea level and has $2 Banks beer and $4 rum punch from 3-7pm. The Lime Inn does 1/2 price drinks from 3-5:30 and you can get the bar menu (starting at $2!) till 5pm. It’s $3 Margaritas and Cruzan drinks, $2 assorted beers, $1 wings and 2 for $5 tacos, all with a gorgeous elevated view of Pillsbury Sound at Spyglass from 3-6pm. Driftwood David’s has happy hour ALL day on Tuesday and Wednesday through Saturday from 3-6 with $2 beers, $3wells, and $4 frozen concoctions, it’s beckoning us all. They have great food specials to boot, like: $6 8oz burgers, $5 loaded hot dogs and ½ rack of baby back ribs for $6. Finally, the Gecko Gazebo starts their 2-for-1 happy at has Wine Down Wednesdays--$20 for hour all you NEW Motu 4:20 goes tilland 5:30 wine (weekdays). can and drinkit sangria from 5:50-7, plus some nibbles thrown Over in in St.too. Thomas in Red Hook, they are just as happy at Amigos Cantina. They have happy hour from Finally, the Dockside Gecko Gazebo starts their 2-for-1 happy hour at 3-6pm daily withtill $25:30 tacos and $4 margaritas. 4:20 and it goes (weekdays). Fatboys Hook) isinhappy every day 3-7pm $2 Over in (Red St. Thomas Red Hook, theyfrom are just aswith happy wells and appetizer at Amigos Docksidespecials. Cantina. They have happy hour from 3-6pm daily $2 tacos $4 margaritas. Fish Tails Barwith & Grill, also and in Red Hook, has a 2 for 1 happy hour 3-6pm. Fatboys (Red Hook) is happy every day from 3-7pm with $2 wells and appetizer specials. NEW Taco Hell has $2 tacos all the time, like open until 3am all the time. Fish Tails Bar & Grill, also in Red Hook, has a 2 for 1 happy hour 3-6pm. And it's always a good idea to eat while you drink, folks! Taco Hell779-4625, has $2 tacos all the time, open until woody's (340) castaways (340)like 715-3361, lime3am inn all the time. (340) 776-6425, spyglass (340) 776-1100, driftwood david’s (340) 777-4015 All are Cruz Bay. And it's alwaysGecko a good(340) idea693-8340. to eat while youindrink, folks! amigos cantina (340) 775-1270, Fatboys Woody'sdockside (340) 779-4625, Castaways (340) 715-3361, Lime(340) Inn 777-4275, Fish tails Bar &(340) Grill 340-714-3188. taco Hell (340) (340) 776-6425, Spyglass 776-1100, Driftwood David’s 690-8202. All are in Red Hook, St. Thomas. (340) 777-4015 Gecko (340) 693-8340. All are in Cruz Bay. Amigos Dockside Cantina (340) 775-1270, Fatboys (340) 7774275, Fish Tails Bar & Grill 340-714-3188. Taco Hell (340) 6908202. All are in Red Hook, St. Thomas.

Places to Go

FRee wiFi! national Park Playing Field - come watch the boats while you surf the web. Courtesy of Jason at Computer Express. FREE WIFI! aqua Bistro - Convenient location National Park Playing Field - come watchinthethe boats while hear t ofthe Cocoloba shopping center. you surf web. Courtesy of Jason at Computer Express. High High tideTide- Have Have aa cocktail cocktail while while you you catch catch up up on on all all your your emails. emails.


tap Tap RoomRoom- It’s It’s 45 45 minutes minutes free free in in the the AA /C but after that it’s $4 an hour. /C but after that it’s $4 an hour. But But it’s it’s aa fa fa st st connection! connection!




STAY HERE NEXT Local Villa Rentals AURORA Whether you’re planning a multi-family adventure or a romantic two-person retreat, this luxurious villa is the perfect choice. With two separate living/kitchen areas and three well-appointed bedroom suites, Aurora can accommodate your every desire. The beautifully renovated living/dining area is comfortable and spacious, and the gourmet kitchen is fully equipped. The broad decks and breezeways are framed by formal Grecian columns and incorporate a lovely pool, from which you can watch the sun sink into the azure waters of the Caribbean. Catered To Vacation Homes (800) 424-6641


ALTAGRACIA Every room in this gorgeous villa offers magnificent vistas of the sparkling turquoise waters of the Pillsbury Sound with St. Thomas in the distance. In addition to the spacious great room and kitchen area, this 4-bedroom, 4-bath home features an expansive outdoor living space with a large pool and hammocks, all commanding the same sweeping view as the house. Altagracia is situated in the private Waterclip Enclave on Contant Point, minutes from Cruz Bay. Catered To Vacation Homes (800) 424-6641


Perched on a hillside above Hawksnest Bay, this villa is situated in one of St. John’s most desirable locations. Located within a private enclave completely surrounded by the Virgin Islands National Park, Terrahawk puts you within walking distance of some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Prepare a quick meal in the kitchen or enjoy a dip in the ocean nearby. With sweeping North Shore views, this fully air-conditioned, two-bedroom, two-bath cottage offers a cozy, comfortable Caribbean retreat. Catered To Vacation Homes 1-800-424-6641

A picturesque red-roofed, stucco villa, Solaris boasts four bedrooms and five baths and is located high above Chocolate Hole, minutes from Cruz Bay. This ideal location not only provides stunning views, but also catches steady tradewinds that keep the house cool and comfortable. Surrounded by lush flower gardens, Solaris offers a cozy great room and privately situated suites. Watch the sunset while you dine on the terrace, or simply bid your cares adieu as you float serenely in the expansive pool. Catered To Vacation Homes (800) 424-6641



Overlooking the beautiful waters of Rendezvous Bay, this lovely four-bedroom, four-bath villa is ideal for your next Caribbean getaway. Enjoy breathtaking views from the expansive decks, which wrap around the pool and hot tub, or relax with your friends and family in the comfortable open-air great room. A short walk down the road leads you to Klein Bay’s coral beach for spectacular snorkeling, and 10-minute drive will put you at any of the fabulous white-sand beaches of St. John’s North Shore. Catered To Vacation Homes (800) 424-6641

Right on the water at Dever’s Bay, Sunset Beach offers not only unparalleled beach access but also beautiful accommodations and all the comforts of home. Let the Caribbean breezes lull you to sleep from any of the four equal bedroom suites, or watch the sun’s spectacular descent behind St. Thomas from the expansive decks. With a both a pool and a hot tub , you’ll have no trouble relaxing at home, after a day spent snorkeling from the beach in your backyard. Catered To Vacation Homes (800) 424-6641

Your Villa Rental Here Reach thousands of potential clients in the VI and Stateside. The Sun Times is distributed directly into the hands of guests by greeters and in over 80 locations in St John and St Thomas. See our full media kit at advertising or call (340)201-8700

HUMMINGBIRD HILL This charming three-bedroom, three-bath villa is located on Gifft Hill, overlooking Pillsbury Sound to St. Thomas. The classic, white stucco house is set back in a lush tropical garden and boasts a gated pool deck (perfect for families with young children), a comfortable great room, and a large shaded veranda, where you can enjoy the views and cool breezes. Hummingbird Hill is the perfect spot spend a week relaxing with friends and family in the most beautiful place on earth. Catered To Vacation Homes (800) 424-6641


Nestled high in the hills above Cinnamon Bay, Island Sun is a 4-bedroom luxury villa with stunning views of the Sir Francis Drake Channel up to the British Virgin Islands. The villa’s open design features a spacious great room, indoor and outdoor dining spaces, a fully equipped gourmet kitchen and a beautifully appointed master suite. The other bedroom suites are connected to the main house by sun-drenched decks, where you can work on your tan, between dips in the pool. Catered To Vacation Homes (800) 424-6641



Windspree Vacation Homes in peaceful Coral Bay, offers fully equipped 1-5 bedroom homes with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and British Virgin Islands, magnificent sunrises and starlit skies at night. Enjoy cool tropical breezes year round as you lounge in your own private pool or spa surrounded by tropical gardens. You’ll appreciate the affordable selection of villas and homes perfect for every budget. Windspree Vacation Homes | Coral Bay, St. John | 1-888-742-0357 (pictured: Maison Miele)

“The perfect place to feel human again.” Many honeymooners, families and couples seek St. John for their romantic getaway and wedding destination. Hillcrest Guest House has five (5) vacation rental suites with ocean views, complimentary menu, beach equipment, a/c and free Wi-Fi. For hot discounts & details: or call, 340-776-6774 or cell 340-998-8388.

ISLAND GETAWAYS We offer elegant upscale villas and classic Caribbean style homes, all with spectacular ocean views and private pools. Airport and water taxi service, jeep rentals, dockside greeting, chef, housekeeping and child care services all available. Island Getaways has been creating unforgettable vacations since 1996. For more information call Kathy McLaughlin at 340-693-7676 or 888693-7676 toll free, fax: 340-693-8923, email:, web: (pictured: Villa Tesori)

PRIVATE HOMES FOR PRIVATE VACATIONS Private homes fully equipped for comfortable weekly vacations, available for rent when owners are not in residence. Summer rates in effect April 12 - Dec 12. Call or write for brochure and availability (340) 776-6876 or email Mary-Phyllis Nogueira, 7605 Mamey Peak, St. John USVI 00830



This villa is perfect private retreat for couples or large families. There are 4 A/C bedrooms on 2 floors with 2 kitchens and 2 sets of washer/ dryers! Each bedroom has their own Satellite TV. There is a comfortable sofa bed in the lower level Great room. The lower floor has room for the villas ping-pong table! Pool and hot tub! For more information, toll free, (888) 643-6002, or local, (340) 779-4070. Visit our website: (pictured: Soul Island)

We offer two to five bedroom homes/ villas most with pools/jacuzzis. All have commanding ocean views! In-season rates from $2200 - $8600 / wk. Off-season rates from $1450/wk - $6000/wk. Call toll free 888-625-2963 or 340-776-6805 or visit - write Seaviewhomes P.O.B. 644 St. John VI 00831 (pictured: Villa Sanctuary)



Reach thousands of potential clients in the VI and stateside. The Sun Times is distributed directly into the hands of villa guests by “greeters” from all major rental companies on island, and the Sun Times is in over 65 locations (and growing) in St. John AND St. Thomas. The cost is $100 per month with additional discounts for prepayment. See our full media kit at or call (340) 201-8700.

Reach thousands of potential clients in the VI and stateside. The Sun Times is distributed directly into the hands of villa guests by “greeters” from all major rental companies on island, and the Sun Times is in over 65 locations (and growing) in St. John AND St. Thomas. The cost is $100 per month with additional discounts for prepayment. See our full media kit at or call (340) 201-8700.

cont’d from pg 7 First, reduce consumption of processed and fast food, which are full of cost-cutting, flavor-boosting cheap vegetable oils. Polyunsaturated vegetable oils are also commonly used in home cooking but they have sometimes shocking omega-6 to omerga-3 ratios--corn oil 46:1, canola 2:1, soybean 7:1 and sunflower oil contains no omega-3--so choose your oils wisely. Salad dressings, margarine, mayonnaise and other spreads often have soybean or vegetable oil-derived concoctions hiding in them so read the labels and if in doubt opt for something olive oil based instead. Fat free or low fat options are often low in omega-6s and fried foods, coated with a layer of omega-6s, are definitely out! Here are a couple of omega-3 boosting recipes to get on the road to the correct balance. Enjoy. Omega-3 rich fish with a bonus omega-3 crunchy walnut bite. Walnut-crusted tilapia Serves 6 > 1 cup toasted walnut halves > 1 tsp. salt > Ground pepper to taste > 1 tsp. curry powder > 6 (5oz.) tilapia fillets > 3 tbsp. canola oil 1. Combine walnuts, salt, pepper and curry in a food processor and pulse until finely chopped. Transfer to a wide shallow dish. Coat tilapia fillets with nut mixture, turning to coat both sides. 2. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat and in batches, place fillets in skillet and cook covered for 3-4 minutes. Carefully turn with a spatula and cook covered for 3-4 more minutes or until cooked through and flakes when pressed with the back of a fork. (From

Kickass Food & Bloody Marys! y Voted Best B’fast, Brunch & Pizza! DAILY B’FAST/BRUNCH: 8am - 1pm HAND-SPUN PIZZA: Sun, Wed & Fri 12pm-8pm CASH ONLY

Coral Bay, St. John, VI Tel: 340 693 5240

The oil and nuts in this salad provide a heart-healthy balance of omega-6 to omega-3 fats, a generous amount of antioxidants and a good supply of protein and fiber. Add apple or pear for a sweet crunch too! Super Salad with Toasted Walnuts Serves 4 > Walnut vinaigrette > 1 medium shallot, finely diced > 1 tbsp. red-wine vinegar > 1 tsp. Dijon mustard > 1/2 tsp. salt, or to taste > 1/4 cup walnut oil > Salad > 1/4 cup chopped walnuts > 4 cups mixed salad greens torn into bite-size pieces > 1 Belgian endive, cut crosswise into thin slices > 1 small fennel bulb, trimmed and cut into 2-inch slivers > 2 cups white mushrooms, cleaned and sliced To prepare walnut vinaigrette: Combine shallot, vinegar, mustard and salt in a small bowl. Let stand for 5 minutes, then whisk in oil.

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John E.Purpura,D.D.S. Sharon DuPree,R.D.H.

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Professional • Gentle • Courteous • Certified Dental Hygiene Services Child Friendly • Emergency Services • Se habla espanol ˜ 300-306 Boulon Center, Cruz Bay, St.John 00831


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To prepare salad: Toast walnuts in a small dry skillet over low heat, stirring constantly, until fragrant, 2 to 3 minutes. (Alternatively, toast in a toaster oven at 350ºF for about 6 minutes.) Transfer to a plate to cool. Just before serving, combine salad greens, endive, fennel and mushrooms. Drizzle with vinaigrette and toss to coat well. Sprinkle with walnuts and serve immediately. (From

_Hayley Andrews

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w e i v r e t n I s e m i T n u S e Th LEONA SMITH JUNE 13 via phone, Cruz Bay What are you doing today?

What is your secret skill?

Working on the Festival! And timesheets for my staff in between dealing with some technical inquiries from people who want to participate with the food fair, and they want to know who the bands are. And this morning I went to the naturalization ceremony for 23 new US citizens.

I’m a great bargain shopper especially this time of the year. And finding the best plane fares! Name three things, besides family and friends, that you really love. Lasagna, chocolate and wine.

What was the last thing that made you laugh? It varies. I laugh so much! The last thing today, well, here at work, someone punched in in the wrong area. It’s spur of the moment!

What is one thing you know for sure? Being respectful to people and helping others in the time of need comes naturally to me.

What was the last thing that made you irritated? Someone who vends here daily, just telling them this is the last time they should be here in the way of the tourists. When you spend money on yourself, on what do you splurge? Travel. I spend a lot of money on travel. My next real vacation is after hurricane season because when I travel I go so far I can’t get back in a day. If I go anywhere after Festival ends it’ll probably be somewhere close in, in case any hurricane arises and I can get back quickly.


The history of the Virgin Islands is complex, what would you like to see in the territory’s future? So much: Boat charters come back to St. John instead of going to the BVIs, more airline flights to the islands, more marketing dollars spent to get tourists here, a theme park in St. Croix because they have the land, a vocational school high school, and development money to make St. Thomas more attractive. Name something that should never change in the Virgin Islands

What attribute do you aspire to?

The beauty, in terms of the ocean and beaches; we don’t have that much pollution here, so I hope we keep the clean atmosphere.

To continue to work hard. On behalf of the people of St. John, I try to make sure recommendations are well taken and have everyone work in a cohesive manner. I’m just trying to make this place the best it can be.

Leona Smith is the city administrator for the island of St. John and the chairperson for the St. John Festival celebrations.

St. John Sun Times




Life on St. John is wonderful, and it can be even more so, if you understand one thing:

It all comes down to

St. Thomas Ferries leave every hour on the hour. From Cruz Bay to Red Hook Crossing takes 20 min. Allow for at least 60 min. via taxi to airport. Departing from Cruz Bay: hourly 6am-11pm Departing from Red Hook: 7:30am & then hourly from 8am-12am

From Cruz Bay to Charlotte Amalie Crossing is 45 minutes. Charlotte Amalie is 1 mile from the airport Departing from Cruz Bay: 8:45am, 11:15am, 3:45pm. Departing from Charlotte Amalie: 10am, 1pm, and 5:30pm.


Car barges go between Enighed Pond, Cruz Bay and Red Hook. From Cruz Bay Mon-Fri: A barge leaves every 30 minutes from 5:30am to 6pm. Exceptions: There is an extra boat at 6:15am, and there are no boats at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm. Sat: A barge leaves every 30 minutes from 6am to 6pm. Exceptions: There are no boats at 6:30am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm. Sun: A barge leaves every 30 minutes from 7am to 6pm. Exceptions: There are no boats at 8am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm. N.B.: St. John rental cars are not allowed on the barges to St. Thomas. There is limited AM service on holidays. From Monday to Friday “Mister B” and “the General” are more expensive than the other boats. Buying a round-trip ticket may be less expensive but you must return on that same barge. You will have to back your own car onto the barge.


You will need a passport if you are traveling to the BVIs. To Tortola

Returning from Tortola

Departing from St.John: 8:30am, 11:30am, 3:30pm - Sat.-Thurs. 8:30am, 11:30am, 5pm - Friday

9:15am, 12:15pm, 4:15pm Sat.-Thurs. 9:15am, 12:15pm, 5:30pm - Friday

Jost Van Dyke (Fri., Sat. & Sun. only) Departing from St. John 8:30am, 2:20pm Returning from Jost Van Dyke 9:15am, 3:00pm

Virgin Gorda

Anegada (MWF only)

(Thursday and Sunday only) Departing from STJ: 8:30am Returning from VG: 3:00pm

From Road Town, Tortola: 7am & 3:30pm To Road Town, Tortola: 8:30am & 5pm

Ferry Company Contact Info Inter-Island Boat Services: (340) 776-6597 Transportation Services of St. John (340) 776-6282 Varlack Ventures: (340) 776-6412 Native Son: (340) 775-7292 Smith Ferry Services: (340) 775-7292 Global Marine: (340) 779-1739


Respect for others’ state of mind

If you remember one thing, remember this: start every interaction with “good morning,” “good afternoon,” or “good evening.” It is culturally very very important here to have a brief personal interchange before requesting anything else. Try it! It can be hard to remember at first, but you’ll get the hang of it! You may even grow to like it.


Respect for the body

The island can be rather conservative, and it’s just not acceptable to wear your bathing suit in public places, or if you are a man, to be shirtless in public. Save it for the beach!


Respect for others’ sensibilities Maybe it offends you, maybe it doesn’t, but cursing in public is not generally acceptable here.


Respect for the environment

Very important: conserve water! We depend heavily on rainwater and we don’t always get enough, so turn water off and on when brushing teeth, washing dishes, and even taking showers in the dry season. Also, you can recycle aluminum cans (please crush and rinse) at the various bright green recycling bins around the island!


Respect for culture

Life is slower here and while things do get done, they may take a little longer than you’re used to. For true: getting upset makes things much worse.

And some helpful hints... Driving – We drive on the left here! Shoulder to shoulder. There’s no reason to drive faster than 20mph, but if you are enjoying the views and moving slowly, please make good use of the turnouts along the roadside. HITCHHIKING - We hitchhike with our index finger here, not our thumb! Food – The little blond ants are cute, but you don’t want their company every day. Do not leave any food out, and when in doubt, put it in the refrigerator (you’d be surprised what ants can get into!). Stomachaches –­ Most residents use bottled water or filter their water before drinking it. Cistern water is sketchy. Bathroom – Related to water conservation: flush only when you need to. We will leave it at that. Also, as the SEPTIC systems can be very sensitive–only flush toilet paper. And DO NOT flush if there is a power outage; this can cause big problems that you really don’t want to deal with on your vacation! Zoning Out – Our visitors sometimes wander into the road, blissed out by the beauty of St. John…. Enjoy yourself, obviously, but please be cognizant of cars trying to pass. If there’s a sidewalk or a path, please use it; if there’s no path, please be careful!




Sun Times Magazine July/Aug 2012  

The Sun Times is a bi-monthly Caribbean lifestyle magazine serving St. John and St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. We cover people, events...

Sun Times Magazine July/Aug 2012  

The Sun Times is a bi-monthly Caribbean lifestyle magazine serving St. John and St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. We cover people, events...