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WHAT TO DO NEXT Thank you very much for completing our application & questionnaire. Animal Wellness Magazine welcomes you as an Ambassador, all subscriptions purchased using AWA021 will be credited directly to your organization. Our magazine is a natural part of the entire process.


STEPS TO TAKE FACEBOOK Please Like us so we can “tag” you when posting your events and announcements. I have attached a great post for your Facebook page – simply save this image and post on your facebook page – have all your team share it! Copy and paste the text below onto Facebook and upload the “Help more animals!” image included in the email. Lifeline Animal Project has partnered with Animal Wellness Magazine to help raise funds for our cause. 40% of every subscription purchased using our promo code AWAxxx, will be donated directly to our organization. Click here to learn more about natural pet health and support our cause.





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Send out the fundraising letter (attached to the email) to all your supporters, and add it into your regular posted and emailed newsletter. Please add my email address to your E-newsletters –

Please install on your homepage the “Button” attached to the email – AWAxxx – with a hyperlink of 40% of every subscription purchased will be donated directly to your cause.

TWITTER Copy and paste the below text into your Twitter feed: “Help More Animals @AW_Magazine is donating 40% of every subscription to us when you use our promo code AWAxxx ”

YOUR NEXT EVENT Tell us so we can spread the word and send you an Event Day Kit to help. Provide us with the date, time and place, as well as your logo for the event. Also, please remember to send us photos after your event to post on our website, facebook & twitter pages!

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