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Secure WAN Safeguarding the free flow of information

Enabling the safe, free flow of business intelligence The free flow of information is the lifeblood of any organisation and it’s your IT infrastructure that helps to keep this vital business intelligence moving. Redstone Managed Solutions understands that reliable communications are essential for a successful business, and it’s our job to make sure your message gets through safely and securely every time. Redstone’s Secure WAN service is a managed wide area network that

Operating our own core network enables Redstone to offer a range of business-class service features.

enables the safe, free flow of information across multiple sites. It relies on our own core network to provide best-in-class performance and reliability. On top of this we layer leading security solutions to safeguard the gateway to your WAN, prevent intrusion into the network and protect your endpoints from threats.

Why choose Secure WAN from Redstone? We operate our own core network and use the latest MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) technology to control network traffic and maintain the absolute privacy of all our clients. Operating our own core enables Redstone to offer a range of business-class service features such as Quality of Service, performance and availability guarantees. We work with trusted connectivity providers, broadband services and our own civil engineering teams to link your sites securely into the MPLS core. This flexible approach ensures that you get the best connectivity for each site, delivered by the right provider using the right access technology. Redstone manages and develops the network in line with your specific business requirements.

Key benefits of the Redstone Secure WAN: • L eading-edge MPLS technology for absolute privacy • Flexible, multiple-provider access •M  ultiple, next-generation access technologies • Best-of-breed security services •P  rovider independence for increased resilience • Full  Quality of Service with no added charges • Fully managed WAN •S  ervice Level Agreements for performance and availability •S  upport for network migrations, including project management, consultancy and professional services

Securing your network Your business relies on the free flow of information, but you also need to consider your vulnerability to leaks and attacks. Secure network access and the security of information passing across your WAN are both related to the underlying network. Redstone provides layered security products that complement and enhance our managed networks, safeguarding the integrity of your communications from day one. We call this our Secure WAN.

•R  edstone’s network monitoring solution Infrared

Endpoint Security

Managed Endpoint security ensures your devices are protected from web, mail & network borne threats Best of breed Intrusion Prevention detects network based threats and prevents access to critical information

Secure WAN Network IPS

Managed Firewall


The Gateway to your network via the internet is managed and maintained to ensure continous protection MPLS Virtual Private Networks provide cloud based private WAN’s to ensure network integrity

Safeguarding the integrity of your communications from day one.

Ethernet With flexible bandwidth rates over bearer circuits we offer throughputs from 2Mb to 10Gb, with guaranteed bandwidth for

You can be confident we will be using the best provider and the best access technology for each of your locations.

critical applications.

Leased line We can provide like-for-like 2Mb to 155Mb access circuits using legacy leased lines.

Broadband We use BT’s next-generation 21CN network to provide up to 20Mbps over broadband.

Network cloud Within your Wide Area Network we can provide Quality of Service, which will ensure that your key applications (such as voice) are prioritised across your network.

Built on a platform of industry-leading technology

Internet access and hosting

Our core network, or cloud, is at the heart of every Redstone Secure WAN.

Redstone is a true business ISP operating its own core network. We offer assuredrate internet access into the cloud for one, all or a combination of your sites,

It relies on the latest MPLS technology to establish a virtual private network (VPN) for each of our clients. MPLS maintains absolute privacy and separation between the traffic from multiple virtual networks operating across a common platform.

resulting in a flexible, reliable business

MPLS is the key enabler that allows us to offer client-specific features such as

internet service.

Quality of Service and Service Level Agreements to meet your organisation’s

We also offer hosting and colocation within the MPLS cloud. This reduces

individual business needs. For example, you may decide to give performancesensitive applications such as voice priority across your WAN.

bandwidth bottlenecks for distributed

An MPLS cloud also offers significant cost savings over traditional point-to-point

applications and systems and ensures that

networks. The cloud-based architecture means your access circuits only need

your critical systems are available when

to reach the cloud, rather than having to establish dedicated links between

you need them.

all the sites in your WAN. Internet links for each WAN site are also based in the cloud. As a virtual network operator, Redstone has the flexibility to offer the most appropriate links between you and the cloud. You can be confident we will be using the best provider and the best access technology for each of your locations.

Everyone in your organisation remains secure from web, email and network-based threats

Gateway security Redstone can provide complete gateway security with our managed firewalls. These ensure that all access to and from your network is in line with your corporate security policies. Gateway security also offers optional two-factor authentication for remote access and site-to-site VPNs for additional connectivity.

Network security With best-of-breed network intrusion and prevention services, Redstone ensures that network access is monitored, controlled and prevented

A trusted partner for security

if necessary.

Redstone has specialised in security and connectivity for over 10 years and we know that security shouldn’t be about add-ons and afterthoughts. That’s why we

Endpoint security

build it into our Secure WAN at every stage.

We combine leading-edge managed

MPLS virtual private networks

endpoint services with our industry experience to provide complete protection for the equipment you’re

MPLS VPNs provide separate private networks for each customer across our core platform.

using. We ensure that everyone in your organisation remains secure from web, email and networkbased threats.

Offices in Birmingham, Cambridge, London and Stoke-on-Trent t: 0845 201 0026

Secure Wide Area Network from Redstone - Enabling the safe, free flow of business intelligence  

Redstone's secure wide area network service enables the safe, free flow of information across multiple sites.

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