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Secure Access to Business Intelligence Uncompromising Information Security

Unlock your business potential – with uncompromising security Your IT infrastructure underpins the achievement of business objectives such as improving customer service and productivity, reducing costs, managing risk and gaining competitive advantage. Leading the field will be those organisations that correctly define their security needs in line with both their business objectives and the nature in which the business needs to work, operate and communicate with its many stakeholders. In essence they will map security needs onto business goals and work to balance risk and reward. Redstone’s solutions enable organisations to manage risk through a clear analysis of their vulnerabilities, allowing them to unlock areas currently too tightly secured to allow effective business practices to flourish. This in turn gives them the ability to work and collaborate in a secure, flexible and reliable manner across multiple locations and devices and take advantage of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, virtualisation and web 2.0.

Redstone Managed Solutions With expertise in connectivity, security and managed services – Redstone offers solutions that complement the entire IT infrastructure, and incorporate a company’s overall business strategy. Following a risk assessment of an organisation’s entire infrastructure, Redstone offers implementation, ongoing management, support and staff training. Our approach involves embedding a managed security service at all levels of a customer’s network including desktop, LAN and WAN.

Secure Access to Business Intelligence Business intelligence is tomorrow’s intellectual capital. It builds on your existing technology investment enabling employees to gain access to accurate up-to-date information for better, more relevant decision-making. It offers a broad category of

Our solutions enable organisations to manage risk through a clear analysis of their vulnerabilities – allowing them to unlock areas currently too tightly secured to allow effective business practices to flourish.

applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analysing and providing access to data to help users make more informed business decisions. With the adoption of new working practices, such as remote and mobile working, it is becoming increasingly important to have secure, reliable and flexible access to business intelligence irrespective of location or device. It is important that employees can continue to have access to all of the information and applications they need to work effectively, using a variety of devices wherever they are. By providing the support, infrastructure, security and connectivity, Redstone can help organisations to unlock their business potential via mobile working and the need for anywhere collaboration; as well as changes in application delivery such as the trend towards cloud services. As a provider of IT security, connectivity and cloud products and services, Redstone is able to support customers with efficient access to business intelligence in a secure environment.

Endpoint Encryption DLP

Network Network Encryption IAM

IDS/IPS Network Forensics Data Protection



Data Loss Prevention

Redstone Data Centres Cloud Hosting / IaaS

AV / HIPS / NAC Managed Firewall UTM

Managed Server / Virtualisation Secure WAN


Deskside Support

Business Delivery Platform

Secure Applications Information Integrity


Email & Web Filtering IDS/IPS

Mobile Device Security & Authentication Power Management


Infrared | monitor, manage, report

Identity Access Management Network Optimisation


Cloud Apps /SaaS

Cloud Security

Internet Solutions

Cloud Services Security | Infrastructure | Application | Unified Comms



• Anti-Virus

• Intrusion Detection and Prevention

• Anti-Spyware

• Application Firewalls

• Desktop Firewall and HIPS

• Vulnerability Assessment

• Network Access Control

• Network and Application Performance Management

• Port / Device Control • Encryption Technologies (Disk, File and Folder)

• Unified Threat Management • Network Access Control • Firewall Management • SSL VPN

Many of today’s endpoint devices differ greatly from the traditional PC desktop. An increasingly mobile and home-based workforce demand different types of devices to make their jobs easier and enable secure interaction between end users and business applications. Endpoint devices such as servers, notebooks, smartphones, PDAs and even USB drives are the access point to business intelligence, and must be securely managed to protect valuable company data. Cost effectiveness, whilst maintaining security, is a big driver. Redstone’s strategy in working with major security vendors enables its customers to be safe in the knowledge that their endpoint devices are secure and their business intelligence protected.

As the delivery mechanism for business applications, the network infrastructure is the catalyst for the future growth and support of emerging technologies. Endpoint security alone cannot protect the network from unmanaged or third party connected devices bringing unwanted or malicious traffic onto the network. Redstone’s broad expertise in network security and performance management solutions offers industry-leading protection to every business, providing control over network traffic, end-user security, applications and data.


Cloud Services

• Email Security

• Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware

• Web Security

• Email Security

• Data Loss Prevention

• Web Security

• Managed Web and Email Security

• Data Loss Prevention • Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

The web remains one of the largest threats

• Policy Management and Auditing

to businesses today. Over 70% of malware hosting sites are trusted brands. At the same time, employees are demanding more access to social networking sites and the majority of external email is now HTML-based. Threats spread through email attachments and links have always been prevalent, but became a very serious issue in 2009. It is arguable that many users are not conscious or concerned about the threat of malicious emails and too often trust unknown senders. Businesses must look for a way to allow employees to use the internet and collaborate safely without constraining their business processes, but also re-educate their users around potential threats and their responsibilities as users. Redstone’s scalable gateway security solutions provide flexibility to ensure businesses are protected from both malware and potential misuse, without sacrificing the freedom required to transact business unhindered; in the office, on the move or working remotely.

Businesses must re-educate their users around potential threats and their responsibilities as users.

Businesses are under increasing pressure to achieve efficiency savings whilst maintaining or enhancing service delivery, which is why technologies that take away the need to manage and administer on-premise devices and applications are attracting such interest. Changes in application delivery, centralisation of resources and OPEX over CAPEX offer financial predictability and a degree of flexibility that is missing in the traditional annual licence model. Hosted or “cloud” based services provide the benefit of a lower total cost of ownership together with many operational advantages; ease of deployment and management, support of scalability and growth, freeing up internal resources and providing quality of support services. Businesses that are struggling for data centre space or power are also turning to service providers to host their applications or databases at remote locations. Redstone works with its customers to ensure the integrity of their applications and data wherever they are stored. In partnership with leading security vendors, Redstone delivers its expertise through managed services or Software as a Service (SaaS) to gives its customers optimum flexibility.

Redstone offers solutions that complement the entire IT infrastructure, and incorporate a company’s overall business strategy.

Risk and Compliance True information security is a strategy, not a product, and needs to be • Network Security Monitoring

built around the requirements of the business. The strategy should manage

• Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

risk sensibly without creating unnecessary work or hampering business

• Policy Management and Auditing

As a part of managing risk, businesses are being driven towards

processes or employee productivity.

compliance in order to prove that processes and procedures that protect the company are in place; which in itself is a time consuming and worrying task for many businesses. It is important to have the systems in place to monitor and manage information, ensuring an effective view of compliant and non-compliant systems in order to protect the business and its assets. Managing risk and continually assessing compliance across your systems and networks is fundamental to combating ongoing security threats. Our work with key industry bodies allows us to keep abreast of changes and help customers towards becoming compliant.

Services Redstone’s specialised security team provides consultancy, training and • Consultative Risk Assessment

support to enable its customers to concentrate on their business objectives

• Network Security and Penetration Testing

safe in the knowledge their network infrastructure and business intelligence

• Deployment of Vendor Independent Solutions

is assured.

• Ongoing Management and Support


• Technical Training

Redstone Managed Solutions has a wealth of knowledge of the IT industry. Our consultancy service is designed to be flexible so we can adapt to the individual needs of your company. We offer consultancy at many levels ranging from simple advice to design and implementation of a complete solution. Combined with our other services, such as network security and penetration testing, we can create a package tailored to suit your needs.

Training Our education program has been built over 10 years and delivers both classroom and onsite training. All the course material has been developed by our own security and network consultants based on real world experience, ensuring that you are equipped not only with the required level of product knowledge but also advice enabling you to effectively manage your infrastructure whilst protecting your investment in technology.

Vendor Independent Redstone Managed Solutions partners with leading IT providers, allowing us to design and deliver integrated end-to-end solutions.

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