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New Structure See whats changed in Redstar Aviation

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© Redstar Aviation - MAGAZINE #JUNE-2016

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Gulf Helicopters Company Qatar, Doha


Redstar is now a subsidary of Gulf Helicopters Company whıch is based in qatar, Doha. Cechk out whats changed and have an ınsıde for the future of Redstar Avıatıon.


07 06

New Website

We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new website, designed to give our current and potential partners a better sense of the services we offer and examples of our work.

What Changed in Redstar

Get some details what changed within in the company. And have an insight for the future.

Medical Escort Service


Interested in Medıcal Escort missions? Perhaps we mıght be able to support you wıth your next case.


04 08

New Company Structure In case you’ve missed our anncouncement about the new structure of Redstar Aviation.

Air Ambulance Services

Look into our capabilities and feel free to contact us for further questions.

WELCOME Buhara Demır Key Account Manager - Edıtor


‘m super excited to be finally living out my dream - to publish a magazine which is the first in the history of Redstar. I am very proud to be a part of it and may I say it’s super cool but also very hard to create one. Howsoever, enough of me. Let’s get started with a brief intro about this and the upcoming issues.


n each issue you will find, case studies, Interesting stories on a wide variety of subjects of broad interest to the medical aviation community, company news and updates regarding air medical services that will educate, inform, challenge, and inspire you. And because of our frequent evacuation out of “War Torn Areas” we gathered over the past years a lot of stuff that we want to share with you! Along with this we also published our brand new website, a brochure and flyers for your review.





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Sbisque nostint volupta veror as alicilibus, tenditate periat Enis sitatenis aut.


sincerely hope you enjoy our first online issue and that you’ll continue to follow us. We will publish regularly new magazines and keep you updated about Redstar and it’s activities.






The power to do more

NEW STRUCTRE Redstar ıs now completley owned by Gulf Helıcopters Company

Gulf helıcopters Company


ince March of 2014, Redstar is a subsidiary of Gulf Helicopters Company (GHC) which is located in Doha, Qatar. Incorporated in 1970, to meet the demands of the Oil & Gas Industry of Qatar, GHC has grown exponentially, becoming a major Regional and International Aviation Provider. GHC including its subsidiaries, affiliates and joint ventures is one of the largest helicopter providers of Commercial transportation and vertical lift services to industries within the Middle East Region and select international markets. Its activities includes all facets of helicopter flight services and contract helicopter maintenance, as well as contract training services and other helicopterrelated activities.


Gulf Helicopters Company is one of the most renowned Commercial Helicopter Operators and stands tall amongst its peers. The Company holds an Air Operator Certificate issued by Qatar CAA, whose regulations are based on the stringent EASA / JAR regulations. GHC is dedicated to excellence and progressive expansion. The company leaves no stone unturned to deliver clients with efficient and safe services at all times. Offering commercial helicopter transportation services in global scale


Besides Qatar GHC is also active in Libya Yemen, Malta, India and Saudi Arabia. With it’s position in Turkey, GHC will be able to provide all it’s services not only in the Middle East buy also in Caucasus, Balkans and Central Asia.

to serve the needs of International and Domestic Oil and Gas Companies and its support Industry. In addition to the primary offshore services, they offer a wide range of on-shore services to include Executive Transportation, Aerial Photography, Helicopter Emergency Medical Services, Aerial Advertising, Seismic Support, Load Lifting and Tourist Flights. Redstar and GHC will shape the future of air medical services in this region and provide excellent service to its international clientele.

WHAT CHANGED? With its new strategy and management approach Redstar promises a high quality service with the best prices for its clients’s needs.

Redstar is adding in the next upcoming weeks a new aircraft into it’s fleet. The new air ambulance aircraft will be fully dedicated as the Learjet 45 with an ICU Unit and will have extra space for two co-travellers besides the medical crew.







Redstar’s 24/7 Alarm Center is the heart of all its operations. Powered by a hand-picked staff of medical doctors, flight nurses and operational personnel, able to communicate in different languages, Redstar’s Alarm Center & Mission Control is ready to answer all your questions and needs, at all times.

Always focusing to provide the best, and being always its clients disposal as their onestop-shop, Redstar provides also secondary services such as ground ambulance, hospital referrals and all organizational services to complement its core air ambulance - medical escort operations.





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Besides the current operational area Redstar will be able to support it’s clients much further into South-East & Central Asia, Africa and Middle East due to it’s proximity and extensive expierence in remote areas.

What do you think have changed in Redstar - What is your expierenice with redstar and do you have any positive or constructive feedback? Just send us an e-mail to:





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Key Changes


Compatible for mobıle devıces quick quote request optıon quıck contact button

New design Linked LIVE with social media Blog & News

We wanted our website to better reflect who we are as a company. Our main goals were for it to be user friendly, modern, informative without being too overwhelming and different from other provıders. We think we succeeded.


Aır AMbulance servıce Dedicated Air Ambulance Aircraft Learjet 45 based in Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen International Airport


You need to evacutae a patıent out of a hostıle area - just contact our ops department and a specıalıst wıll answer all your questıons & come back to you wıth a quote.


e improved our business and set new guidelines for air medical services in our country and globally. With our International Team we are able to accomplish every mission successfully. Redstar specializes in air ambulance (air medical) and emergency medical services. Founded in 1989, we have taken quite a long journey up to this point. Since the first days of providing emergency medical services, we have continuously grown to become a leader in the skies in our region. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, this strategic position is the bridge between Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Proximity to growing regions, such as the Middle East, the Balkans and the Caspian Region, adds a new dimension to the opportunities. We are the leading air ambulance provider in Turkey, operating under international guidelines.

24 / 7 / 365

Feel free to contact us at any tıme we are always at your dısposal

R Learjet 45 TC-CMN #Frankfurt,Germany

edstar understands the needs of Medical Evacuation and Repatriation, especially in difficult and unstable political situations, which some countries in North Africa and the Middle East are currently facing. Redstar has the knowledge and experience of operating in war-torn countries. In the last couple of years, we’ve conducted several missions in politically unstable regions. With every mission performed, valuable experience is gained to ensure successful patient transfers from these unstable areas. With its multi-lingual medical and technical professionals, the Redstar Alarm-Center, is ready to provide 24/7 assistance. The alarm center is comprised over 25 staff members, including physicians, nurses, social workers, mechanics, pilots, logistical experts, communication specialists and support personnel, in order to render assistance services of the highest quality.

With an approximate range of 1700nm, direct coverage for Middle East, Europe, North Africa and Caucasus. Lear jet 45 will provide you the best solution for long range missions in and out of our region. Dual ICU stretchers and additional seats for companions will offer cost-effective solutions for your needs.

Learjet 45 TC-CMB #Vienna,Austria

medıcal Escort Servıces Medical Escorts of Redstar are based in Istanbul, Turkey. One - Stop -Shop for cost effective patient transportation

© Redstar - Medical Escort CFN Ahmet Denizler

cost effective Transportation Redstar provides since 1989 Air Medical Services and is one of the most reliable service provider in its region. We are 24/7/365 at your disposal and would be delighted to support you with your Case.


ur medical team has visa-free access to 182 countries over the globe. We are your one-stop-shop for medical escort services to and from these 182 countries with our services starting from the very first step of the process; obtaining medical information, fitness-to-fly assessment, visa arrangements for patients, airline ticketing, airline medical clearance and arrangement of any medical/non-medical ground transportation throughout the entire journey home. Based in Istanbul, Turkey, we possess a geographical advantage and the benefit of access to several major airlines with hundreds of direct-flight destinations. Among them, we have established a great relationship over the decades with Turkish Airlines—currently flying to most

destinations in the world-- is one and only special benefit that our clients can take advantage of while planning the repatriation of their members. The basic details for Turkish Airlines coverage is as following: The continents with most destinations outside Turkey are Europe with 106, Asia with 63, Africa with 42 and the Americas with 13.

ANY SPEcıfıc Route

In case you require a quote from Thailand to UK or from Australia to Netherlands. Just send us your request and we will reply with an quote as soon as possible

Medical Escort Transportation via Commercial Airline

o Post By Buhara Demir JUN

Outside Turkey, the countries with the largest number of airports served by the carrier are Germany with 14, Italy and Russia with 10, the United States with 8, Iran, France and Saudi Arabia with 7, Spain and Ukraine with 6, Algeria, Iraq and the United Kingdom with 5 each. We utilize this benefit to the patient’s best advantage to calculate the best possible flight time with minimum number of flight legs possible for quickest and safest repatriation. Our location also allows our medical escorts to be patient-side at the departure location in under 8 hours of mission activation in over 50 countries. With an experience of over 1000 successful medical escort missions since our establishment in 1989, it would be our pleasure to share this expertise with you in any of your medical escort needs.

business class seats

Full Flat Business Seats

24 / 7 /365

Our Alarm Centre with its multi-lÄąngual staff is 24/7/365 active. Send an e-mail to and one of our operations specialist will contact you.

What we do!

Once we receive a medical escort request, our medical department will assess the medical status of patient. In the meanwhile an operations specialist will prepare a quotation for the flight it self. Every request has its unique cost due to its circumstances and requirments. This cost includes the flight tickets for the patient and medical escort(s) (also for relatives if any), Ground Ambulance or Basic Ground Transpor-

tation cost on both ends and Medical Equipment. Once the quotation is apporved. A fit to fly document will be issued (in case treating hospital is not able to porvide such document) by our Medical Department. The medical clearance for the airlines will be obtained by our ops team (oxygen, wheelchair, or any additional need will be also arranged by Redstar), and our escort will transfer you back home.

Š Redstar Aviation - MAGAZINE #MAY-2016


Kurtkoy Mah. Baskale Sokak No:2/4 34912 Pendik, Kurtkoy / Istanbul +90 216 560 07 72 +90 216 560 07 70

Redstar Magazine | May 2016  

We produce our own magazine, published three four times a year regarding air medical services and news about redstar aviation.

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