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repatrıatıon from malé to dubai

meet us ın november 2016 ın germany

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Content CASE sTORY


Malé, Maldives


By ground, By sea, By Air; our aır ambulance crew managed to transfer a patıent from malé to dubai in less than 24 hours despite a lot of challenges

Berlin, Branderbuger Gate


Redstar wıll attend ıtıc global thıs november 2016 ın berlın. check ıt out and vısıt us at our booth

Operatıonal matters

Busıness Related

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recently flown ınterestıng routes We’ve listed some of the most interesting flight routes that we have flown over the past months. Have a look!

medevac out of lıbya We performed several flights over the past months out of Libya and evacuted multiple patients.

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servıces We listed our core services for your review let us know if you have any further questions.


Buhara Demır Key Account Manager - Edıtor

Since the release of our last and actually first online magazine, many things have happened in Redstar. We are very much looking to share evolvement of our operations and new capabilities that have been recently developed by our team. I sincerely hope that the 2nd version of our Magazine will give you some idea about our journey and recent achievements. The months of July, August & September were very busy and interesting full of with challenging Air Ambulance and Medical Escort missions. The summer season of 2016, despite the lowered number of tourists to Turkey and our territory, was flooded with extraordinary requests to Redstar across the globe which our team have accomplished successfully. We are very happy and motivated by the outcome achieved on the first year of our ambulance jet operations! Every single mission has its own story, however we are happy to present a unique one to the attention of our readers at Page 6 which we called “By Ground, By Sea, By Air” where almost every means of transporation have been smoohtly utilized which turned out to be a succesful medical evacuation for our patient. In November, Redstar will be present at Booth #4 during ITIC GLOBAL, Berlin. I will be happy to meet you there in person together with our Business Development Manager and Medical Director. I would highly encourage you to stop by our booth and spare us some time which you will not regret. You can find more details about our ITIC GLOBAL BERLIN plans at Page 3. Furthermore; we have developed another special section for our esteemed readers which is named as “Destinaton Review”. This section will offer you a unique insight about certain critical destinations which are not easy to operate in and out. In this issue, we have tried to share our experience and knowledge about #evacuations out of #Libya! I must pass my sincere thanks and apprecition to whole Redstar team, but especially to the ones that are doing the real job on the front line. Thanks to efficient and professional services of our flight, operations and medical team; we have lately received quite a number of awesome feedbacks from our corporate clients, patients flown and their families. For instance, our TEAM have well deserved to be on the cover of this issue with one of their stylish selfie taken in Goose Bay, Canada after delivering a patient to his home. We expect them to keep up their good work! I hope you liked our first edition and the second will also be an interest to you. Hoping to receive your feedback.



we invite you to visit us at the ınternational travel and health ınsurance conference in berlin.

booth no.: 4 - registration area the four-day conference program brings together air ambulance & assistance companies, ınsurances and hospitals to discuss the key challenges and opportunities in travel & health ınsurance ındustry!


o Post By Buhara Demir September 12, 2016


e attend for the last couple of years to the “International Travel and Health Insurance Conference (ITIC) and were are very impressed with the organisation and level of attendance at the ITIC Global. The excellent quality and quantity of visitors at the conference has confirmed it as the right place to promote our business to a wide and varying audience, ranging from International Insurance to Assistance companies, from Ground Ambulance providers to Hospitals. At our booth we also had a huge number of visitors keen to get more details regarding our air medical services and were delighted that so many existing happy customers called in as well. Thanks “ITIC Team” for making the conference possible and so worthwhile.’


This picture was taken by Redstar Crew after performing a wing to wing mission in Canada, Goose Bay with our colleagues from Sky Service Air Ambulance.


The entire mission started in

Istanbul,Turkey and ended in Knoxville TN, US. Another W2W was successfully completed.

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Dear Valued Business Partners, It is our pleasure to inform you that Redstar Aviation will officially use following new telephone numbers with effect from October 10, 2016.

Main Hotline (24h) 0090 216 709 1 772 (RSA)



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Kindly update the contact information and download our updated “credentials form”. We look forward to serving you as usual with this new contact details. Taking this opportunity, we would like to convey our best wishes & sincere thanks to the support that you have so generously bestowed upon our company over the years. We remain sincerely yours in providing you with reliable services in pursuit of building a mutually prosperous business relation. Sincerely, Redstar Team

o Post By Dr.Joseph Choi

Repatriatıon from Malé

October 17, 2016

CAse STory Air Ambulance Flight from Malé to Dubai.. Some details have been intentionally left out due to patient/client confidentiality.

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By Ground, Sea, AIr A French citizen was enjoying a family holiday on the sandy beaches of Maldives with his wife and children. He was an otherwise healthy male in his mid-40s, without any known pre-existing conditions or chronic medications. The family was several days into their holidays when the patient went scuba diving to depths of around 25 feet for about an hour under professional supervision. Two days afterwards, he began to develop nausea, vomiting, fever, generalized weakness, rashes, numbness of extremities and involuntary muscle spasms over ten times which led him to seek medical care at a private hospital in Maldives. All immediate differentials were worked up, with decompression sickness and rhabdomyolysis eliminated from among the probable diagnoses. A Neurosurgery consultation revealed a very minor subarachnoid hemorrhage which according to the Neurosurgeon, did not require surgical intervention. Three days into his supportive care and broad spectrum anti-


IRPORT Malé International Airport is

3.480 nm far way from our base Sabiha Gökcen International Airport.

# Maldives - Malé International Airport

Considering the geopolitical conditions in some of the countries involved, it was a big challenge to obtain the overflight and landing permits ın such short notıce. it was also difficult even to reach the correct person in charge. biotic treatment at the facility, the patient was lacking a definitive diagnosis, and his condition had quickly deteriorated into MODS (Multi Organ Dysfunction Syndrome) due to unknown etiology, was now admitted in the ICU, intubated and dependent on mechanical ventilation under inotrope (medication to assist heart functions) support and daily hemodialysis requirement. He also was having continuous left-sided seizures and an unexplained thrombocytopenia (decreased amount of blood cells that assist in clotting). The patient’s assistance company which was diligently following up the case recommended an immediate evacuation to the nearest center of excellence—which in this case was Dubai.


t was at this point that we received the request for an air ambulance evacuation out of Male, Maldives to Dubai, UAE. A draft plan of action was relayed to the client. Until this case, our operational expertise and experience to the East of our base in Istanbul extended up until the Central Asian countries and GCC countries. It was therefore, a new chapter for both our Operations and Flight crew to venture into these ‘new waters’ of India and beyond. Thanks to the quick responsiveness and ‘can-do’ attitude of our teams, all overflight and landing permits were applied for and obtained within just hours of client activation. “Considering the geopolitical conditions in some of the countries involved, it was a big challenge for us to obtain the overflight and landing permits in time,

especially because in places at times, it was difficult even to reach the correct person in charge.”— says our Operations Manager, Adnan Bölükbaş. This however, still did not mean that we could fly the best ‘as-the-crow-flies’ distance from Istanbul to Male, as the ever-changing political climate of the Middle East required us to fly zigzag across the area, slaloming and evading past hot zones, as well as maintaining several different flight levels to stay clear of do-not-fly-below altitudes. Further to complicate things, unexpected weather conditions during the prepositioning flight led to delayed prepositioning of our aircraft in Male. Once finally landed in Male International Airport, our medical crew headed straight to the hospital for an update from the TD (Treating Doctor) and firsthand evaluation of the patient’s latest status.


pon arrival at the hospital in Male, our medical crew were evaluated the patient who was relatively in the same condition that was reported to us several hours back upon mission activation. This may seem like a nobrainer but it was very much appreciated, especially because in the geography we operate in, serious discrepancies are not rare between true patient condition and is being reported prior to mission start. After a thorough discussion with the TD and our medical crew’s preflight assessment, we cleared the patient for transport as there was an obvious need for evacuation to a higher and more comprehesive level of care. Immediately follow-

Boat transfer

This was a first in Redstar Aviations history that a patient was transferred by three different modes of transportation; by ground, by sea and by air and to have successfully performed this feat far from -our comfort- zone in a new environment ing the assessment, our flight medical crew briefed the family members who spent the past few nights without rest and were eager to move to Dubai as soon as possible. Our flight medical crew explained the situation, that the patient’s condition is critical and they should hope for the best and be prepared for the worst, and that we must respect the minimum rest times of our pilots before taking off to a safe operation. Under the circumstances, the family were very understanding of the situation, even with the added difficulty and frustration of being so far from home in a foreign land and language.


ake-off time needed revision from what was initially informed to the client through the draft plan of action due to mission activation time and weather delay to observe the minimum rest period for our pilots. Following the minimum rest period and with our crew ready to go, the challenge now was to move the patient safely from the main island where the hospital was located, to the adjacent island where the airport was located. A short 10-minute journey to the island docks was performed by the hospital’s ground ambulance service. Once at the docks, due to the lack of dedicated sea ambulances, the stretcher had to be manually boarded and held stationary during the 20 minute journey on board an empty inter-island passenger boat along with all the medical equipment including a ventilator, monitor, two infusion pumps and an oxygen tank. A total of 14 pairs of helpful hands held and carried the patient throughout this journey, and the patient was finally safely airside

after passing customs within an hour of leaving the hospital.


nce airside with the patient and his wife, business was as usual for our mission crew. The patient was transferred swiftly onto our stretcher, and after stabilization of all equipment in their correct places and the final pre-flight patient assessment to ensure good adaptation to this new environment, our pilots requested take-off clearance from the tower. The patient’s condition and treatment were continuously monitored throughout the two-leg flight to Dubai with a fuel stop in Mumbai, and the patient was handed over in his relatively stable state to the receiving doctor in a fully equipped private hospital in Dubai after a journey that lasted just shy of 10 hours from bed to bed.


wo weeks into the patient’s hospitalization at the hospital in Dubai, he had regained full consciousness and orientation and was once again able to communicate with his loved ones.

This was as a first in Redstar Aviation’s history that a patient was transferred by three different modes of transportation; by ground, by sea and by air and to have successfully performed this feat far from our ‘comfort zone’ in a new environment—the entire mission organization was a valuable and meaningful experience for us. On behalf of all of us at Redstar, we sincerely wish the patient and his family all the best and a quick return to full health and to one day finish their Maldives holiday from where they left off.”



o Post By Adnan Bölükbaş September 23, 2016

Redstar Aviation

here are the latest ınterstıng mıssıon routes that our team accomplıshed over the past month! ●

Tallinn, Estonia

Happy Valley, Canada





Hanoi, Veitnam

n ssio i M Double Crew

Berlin, Germany

Knoxville, USA Medina, KSA

Hyderabad, India



multıple patıent transfer out of lıbya! our crew evacuated on the 8th of Sep -2- ıcu patıents out of mısurata to ıstanbul. both patıents had severe injuries.

we are flying frequently ınto Mısurata and Trıpolı. Tobruk and labraq requıeres always a pre check due to THE unstable sıtuatıon!

Other CountRIes We are evacuating non - stop

patients out of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Yemen and Syria are still countries were you can’t fly in due to political & security reasons.


receıvıng permıts ın 24hrs ground tıme max 4 hrs


overnıght no Libya

patıent pıck up only tarmac NIGHT Operatıons no

FLOWN cıtıes

Ground ambulance optıon lımıted/none



Trıpolı mısurata tobRUK

Language arabıc


6,202 million [2013]

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