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Best Dining 岛城最佳餐厅

Teahouse Tour 饮茶时间 Watery Wonderlands 水浴迷城 So Long, Sochi! 索契,再见!


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h c r a M 8 1 Tuesday

Qingdao Education Portal - Redstar photography event captures raw talent. p.08

Josh Martin remembers when Monkey King reigned supreme p.44



Paul Finkbeiner experiences Harbin's frozen beauty. p.42

How to NOT be an English teacher any mor p.48



China’s Live Music Monitor -

PJ Galla ghEr

"Hil ario us... with an edgy energy." an K e it h F a r n

gy, “Pos se ss ed , of en er fo cu s, an d ta le n t” -H ot Pr es s

Tuesday 18 March 8:30pm, The Dubliner Zhonghang Xiangtong Yacht Club, 12 Xinhui Lu

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Stan ley

“B u rs ti n g w it h p lay fu l en ergy " -C ho rt le

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Watery Wonderlands 水浴迷城


Bare it all in Qingdao's best bathhouses 岛城最佳沐浴池


Teahouse Tour 饮茶时间

2014 Chi Fan Awards 2014吃饭大奖 Qingdao's best dining, according to Qingdao's best readers 岛城人民投出来的岛城最佳餐厅

26 So Long, Sochi!

Pu'er, tieguanyin, or the local brew? 喝普洱、铁观音,还是本地特产?



Winners, losers, and how to train for greatness 获胜者、落败者,还有如何百炼成金

52 Travel & Hotels 出行&酒店 60 Cafes & Bars 咖啡酒吧 55 Sights 旅游景点 62 Recreation 休闲娱乐 63 Shopping 购物 56 Dining 餐饮美食

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Turtle Comedy Productions Presents


ince I started writing for REDSTAR, I've been to get a lot of attention from the readers, which is great. People recognise me on the street and say hello. I am practically a star now; I feel like a million bucks. The other day, I was walking on Hong Kong Middle Road. A foreign couple came up to me and said, “Hi, can we get a photo please?” I was like, “Wow, OK.” Then the guy handed me the camera and said, “You just need to press this button, thank you.” 自从给《红星》杂志写稿以 来,我受到了很多读者的关注,这让 我很开心。走在街上,经常有很多人 认出我,和我打招呼。我现在基本上 算个明星了,这种感觉很爽。有一 天,我香港中路上碰到一对外国情 侣,他们走过来跟我说,“嗨,能拍

张照吗?”我感觉受宠若惊:“喔, 好吧。”于是那位男士把相机递给 我,说:“你摁一下这里的快门就行 了,谢谢。”


y wife and I have very different ideas about a perfect Valentine’s day. Hers is all about candlelit room, flower pedals spread on the bed, gentle music and 2 glasses of champagne. Mine is just 2 bottles of Qingdao beer and 3 movie tickets for her and her parents.

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Numb3rs 10

percentage drop in 2013 of household goods being moved into China, according to relocation firm Asian Tigers Mobility. Another expat services firm, UniGroup Relocation, had more customers in 2013 move from China to the United States (than from the US to China) for the first time since they started collecting the data four years ago.

2013年“亚虎”搬家货运公司(Asian Tigers Mobility,译者注) 往中国安家业务 的下降百分点。而根据另外一家国际安家 货运公司UniGroup Relocation过去四年 来的统计数据,从中国搬至美国的安家业 务量在2013年第一次超过了从美国到中国 的。


Kristy Guo Snowy Spring Festival 瑞雪兆丰年

什么是完美的情人节?我和我 的妻子有着完全不同的看法。对她 来说,房间里烛光烂漫,床上洒满 玫瑰花瓣,香槟伴着舒缓的音乐… 这才算是完美情人节。而我觉得 吧,只要喝上两瓶青岛啤酒,再买 上3张电影票给她和她父母,就算完 美的情人节了。

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Chang Says What?

Upload your photos to and if yours is chosen, you’ll win a 200元 voucher at The Diner 上传您的图片到myredstar. com/photo-of-the-month,一 经选用即可获得Diner餐厅的 200元代金券。



截止2013年,市值超过 10亿美元的中国网络公司的 数量。美籍华裔企业家盖博伟 (Bowei Gai,音译)在其最近 的《国际创业报告》中写道, 市值超10亿美元的中国网络公 司数量仅次于美国(87家), 而欧洲和澳大利亚的总量也不 过25家。

2 0 1 4 大年初一第 一分钟,新 浪微博发布 的条数。之 前的记录来 自于2014 元旦,新年 钟声敲响的 第一分钟之 内,就有高 达808298条 新浪微博被 发布。

Chinese internet firms valued at over $1 billion in 2013, according to Chinese-American entrepreneur Bowei Gai in his latest World Startup Report. China is second only to the United States (87) and has more than Europe and Australia combined (25).

posts made on Sina Weibo within the first minute of Chinese New Year 2014. The previous record was for the other 'new year' day – January 1, 2014 – when 808,298 posts were made on the social media site within the calendar year's first minute.


messages sent on Weixin within one minute on the eve of Chinese New Year 2014. The busiest (or chattiest) regions that night were Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Liaoning and Jiangsu provinces, which also collectively accounted for 42% of Weixin's total global activity.

2014除夕当晚一分钟之内的微信发出量。根据相关统计,北京、广 东、浙江、辽宁和江苏地区的用户最为活跃,这些地区的用户为微信全球 活跃度贡献了42%的力量。


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广告 • 城市

T H IG L T O P S ION H FAS Miriam Brito Cape Verde 23 years old Bag and Coat: Taidong market Scarf and Boots: Primark Sweater: H&M Leggings: Pull and Bear Necklace and Ring: SANFU 来自佛得角 23岁 衣服和包包:台东市场 围巾和靴子:Primark 毛衣:H&M 打底裤:Pull and Bear 项链和戒指:SANFU

I actually don’t have a specific style. I have a feminine style, but also very relaxing. I love fashion and try to make my look inspired by new trends, but never forgetting to give it my own touch; that makes a huge difference. I love combining strong colours that look good with my skin tone. For a day makeup, I normally choose only three items, like foundation, eyeliner and eyebrow, all combined with a neutral lipstick. For an evening look, I like to wear strong colours as make-up, to bring the look to life. I also love all kinds of accessories: earrings, necklaces, rings, scarves (my favourite). In this look, I chose a basic black piece, mixing with printed leggings for a cheerful touch – but I also like some basic jeans. Then, I chose some simple and comfortable boots and, to finish the ensemble, chose a nice black bag.


Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V

春晚直播过程中,不 少网友纷纷通过微博,大 晒父母看春晚看到睡觉的 照片,并发文吐槽。有网友说道:“我妈十几 年没这么早睡过觉了,谢春晚谢冯导。”

其实,我没有什么特定的 穿衣风格。我的衣服都比较女 性化,而且比较休闲。我喜欢 时尚,喜欢打扮得比较潮,但从不盲目跟 风。保持自己的穿衣风格很重要。 我喜欢比较能衬肤色的亮色系。日常 妆容,我一般只采用三种化妆品,粉底、 眼线和眉笔,再加上一支唇彩。晚妆我一 般采用深色眼影,看起来精神一些。我还 喜欢各种配饰:耳环、项链、戒指、围巾 等,围巾是我的最爱。 这套装扮,我选择了一件黑色毛衣 打底,搭配一条印花打底裤,看起来比较 活泼。——当然,我也喜欢一些基本款的 牛仔款。最后,我选了一双简单舒适的靴 子,配上了漂亮的黑色手袋。

Want to have this look?

想要这身行头? Black Sweater: H&M = $19.95 = 121 元; or C&A = 199元 黑色毛衣:H&M :19.95美元,合人 民币121元;或C&A同款毛衣 : 人民币 199元 Scarf: ZARA = 199元; or Tmall = 26 元7毛 围巾:Zara:199元;或天猫同款围 巾:26.70元 Coat: H&M = $59.95 = 364元; or C&A = 249元 大衣:H&M :59.95美元,合人民币 364元;或C&A同款大衣: 249元 Leggings: H&M = $24.95 = 152元 打底裤:H & M :24.95 美元,合人 民币 152元 Bag: MANGO = 459元 手袋:MANGO:人民币459元 Boots: ZARA = 299元; or Taobao = 118 – 138元 靴子:Zara:人民币299元;淘宝同 款靴子:人民币118-138元

// CITY /

如果将内地中国人和外籍华裔,以及港 澳台华人的婚姻也计算在内的话,跨国婚姻降 幅将更大,达到37%。那么,按照这种定义的 话,哪种结合方式最为普遍?答案是大陆女性 嫁给香港男性。而最少的类别是大陆人与海外 华人的联姻,不论嫁娶。

Laowai love is lost in China 跨国婚姻不再热

CCTV Snore Festival Gala 看春晚,睡大觉

Usually one of the highest-rated and mostwatched TV programmes of the year, the CCTV Spring Festival Gala this year just couldn't excite viewers – let alone keep them awake. Despite being hosted by Feng Xiaogang (director of last year's box-office hit Personal Tailor) with guest appearances from Jackie Chan and French singer Sophie Marceau, this year's gala had an unintended side-effect on family members. Far from being entertained, many viewers ended up falling asleep, which at least provided some free entertainment to those that stayed awake. One netizen complained tongue-in-cheek that their sister's complaints were too loud, saying “Can't you keep your voice down? Don't you see everyone is sleeping?”

According to data from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, marriages between Chinese citizens and foreigners fell by 11% between 2001 and 2010. Put together by the China Policy Institute blog of the University of Nottingham (UK), “foreigner” here is defined as someone who is not only a non-citizen of China, but also not of Chinese descent or from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. This latter group actually make up the largest group of Chinese-foreign marriages, which end up being more intra-Asian and cross-border in nature than international and cross-cultural. If marriages of mainland Chinese to foreignborn Chinese-descent partners and those from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan were included along with true laowai, the drop in foreign marriages widens to 37%. The most common foreign marriage in this broad category? Mainland Chinese female to Hong Kong male. The least common? Mainland Chinese to Overseas Chinese, regardless of gender.

Others went further with documenting proof of their parents trying to keep them company while watching the much beloved new year's show, to only fall asleep and become very peaceful looking internet stars in the process. One blogger posted, with appreciation, “My mum hasn't gone to sleep this early in years. Thanks to Feng and the gala.”

Tuhao origami 送她一束“有钱花”

Looking to impress your partner through a combination of crass materialism and artistic flair? Then look no further than a box of origami roses made from 100元 notes! One young potential suitor in Hangzhou, Xiao Chen, decided to take out five-years worth of savings (200,000元) and transform it into 999 paper roses made from 100元 notes to win the favour of his future mother-in-law. Often pressured to have a car, a house and good-paying job before talk of marriage can even begin, one can hardly blame Xiao Chen and countless other Chinese men for channeling their inner tuhao to get the girl of the dreams. 想给你的另一半送上一份惊喜?不妨试试 送她一盒人民币折纸玫瑰花吧,既不失浪漫, 又能给她“有钱花”,“随便花”。

作为一年一度的视听盛宴,央视春晚曾是 收视最高的节目之一。而今年的春晚却毫无新 意,让人看得昏昏欲睡。

为讨好准丈母娘,杭州一小伙小陈,用尽 自己五年的积蓄20万,折成999朵纸玫瑰献给 女友。

虽然由冯小刚(去年高票房影片《私人定 制》的导演)亲自操刀,还请来了成龙大哥和 法国女星苏菲·玛索(Sophie Marceau)助 阵,但春晚的催眠效果依然出奇的好。

根据民政部数据显示,2001年到2010年期 间,中外跨国婚姻的数量下降了11%。

也许是对冯氏春晚的期望过高,许多观众 都大失所望,看着看着就睡着了。虽说如此, 那些坚挺着的观众们,还是找到了一些其他乐 趣。一位网友爆料:春晚看到一半,其妹妹突 然大声说,冯导的春晚真难看,网友抱怨:“ 不能小声点吗?没看见大家都睡着了吗!”

根据英国诺丁汉大学对华政策研究所的博 客,广义上的“外国人”指的,不仅仅是非中 国国籍公民,还包括非中国血统或者港澳台的 公民。而其中,后者占了很大一部分比例,这 使得跨国婚姻更多的只是亚洲圈内的跨地域婚 姻,而不是国际范围内的跨文化婚姻。

不过小陈也是被逼无奈,如今有车有房, 外加一份高收入的工作已成为谈婚论嫁的首要 前提,还需要面对土豪们的前后夹击,想获得 女孩的芳心,不下血本怎行。


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A Stylish Conclusion to

Clever marketing scheme or epic fail? 百度翻译神器,你是来搞笑的吗?

The Chinese search engine giant Baidu recently unveiled a smartphone app that can identify and translate pictures – not text – into their Chinese and English meanings. While certainly a major undertaking that would benefit smartphone-happy locals and foreigners alike, there have been more hits than misses when in actual use. So while a picture of a Chinese male celebrity showed up as gaofushuai – literally, “tall, rich and handsome” – and a metal robot shows up as tiepi wanju and tin toy, other picture translates were a bit more... “creative.” Picture of steaks and kebabs on a grill? Obviously those are “Shuanglin Temple structures.” While General Jiang Jieshi (AKA Chang Kai-shek) has a cameo as “Elvis Presley,” and numerous other present-day headshots of people got turned into “Get into the bowl!” and “Have a baby immediately.”

THE REDSTAR PHOTOGRAPHY EVENT 重温那一定格 First Prize // 一等奖: Preben S. Kristensen (Dragon Project)

New Zealand, Sterling Falls (Waimanu Falls) in Milford Sound: Falling 155

广告 • 城市


EDSTAR’s Photography Competition concluded with a stylish evening event in the form of a photography exhibition held on the 22nd of February at the China Gongshe Hotel.

本次活动共收到130张照片,均来自参赛 者自己精选的作品,参赛者们有的是专业摄影 师,有的是高水平摄影爱好者。 参展照片的主题大相径庭,既有稀奇古怪 的(两只家蝇在繁衍后代的微距照片),又有 美丽动人的(一幅年轻姑娘的肖像画)。

The exhibition showcased over 130 entries and provided an opportunity for local photographers, from the professional to the talented amateur, to display a small but significant selection of their work.

During the evening, judges and attendants wandered amongst the collection, casting their votes for their favourite photographic choices. For those who were unable to attend, all entries can still be viewed online on REDSTAR’s website www.myredstar. com/top-photographer with the choice of ordering hardcopy prints of them with or without framing at an additional cost. Mark Lewis 本届“寻找顶级摄影师”摄影比 赛于上月22号晚,在CHINA公社文化 艺术酒店圆满落幕,大家在雅致愉快的 氛围中,度过了美好的一晚。

Second Prize // 二等奖: Rita Nielsen

Gyanste Carpet Factory Yarn Spinner

The prizes for these top photographers are 各奖项奖品包括 : 1. March issue cover. Photo journal in RS magazine. China Gongshe Hotel room stay, Taiji studio, 500RMB massage 2. China Gongshe Hotel room stay, Taiji studio 3. China Gongshe Hotel room stay 1. 作品登上《红星》杂志三月封面。 在《红星杂志》担任为期六个月的摄 影记者。CHINA公社文化艺术酒店 住宿券,太极拳课程及价值五百元的 按摩券。

牛排和烤肉怎么翻译?显然是“双林寺 结构”嘛。那蒋介石呢?好像是浮雕版的猫王 吧。还有不计其数的头像照应该怎么翻呢?这 还不简单,“快到碗里来!”或者“马上有宝 宝”。

如果错过了这次的展览,不用担心,你可 以通过《红星》的网站欣赏所有参赛作品。要 是相中了其中一幅,只需支付一定的费用,就 可以把该作品的相纸打印版本(有加边框和不 加边框两种选择)带回家。

Photographic subjects ranged from the bizarre (A macro shot of two house flies…making more flies) to the poignantly beautiful (A timeless portrait of a young girl’s face). Well over 100 people attended the event and were able to experience an evening of live entertainment while enjoying a sumptuous food and drink buffet.

中国搜索引擎巨头百度,最近推出了一款 适用于智能手机的实物翻译应用,只要随手拍 一张照片,就能给出相应的中英文翻译。对于 手机不离手的国人和老外来说,这款翻译神器 来得太是时候了,不过毕竟是机器翻译,在实 际使用中还是状况不断,让人大跌眼镜。比如 将某位男明星的照片翻译成高富帅,将机器人 翻译成铁皮玩具。如果说以上这些翻译还算凑 合的话,下面的翻译则更有“创意”。


尝着美酒佳肴,一边欣赏着画展,享受至极。 影展当晚,评委和选手们徘徊于一幅幅佳 作之间,为自己心仪作品投上了宝贵的一票。


The last laugh may be on all of us though as it hasn't stopped people from downloading the app or making websites dedicated to it like, as the education-turned-entertainment app still has people talking about (and using) Baidu's services.

估计最后一条翻译雷倒了所有人,但这仍 然无法阻挡大家下载该应用的热情,甚至还有 人专门构建了网站,来爆料百度的神翻译,比 如。这款寓教于 乐的应用真是太神奇了。

// CITY /

2. CHINA公社文化艺术酒店住宿券, 太极拳课程 3.CHINA公社文化艺术酒店住宿券

THIRD Prize // 三等奖: Chris Noseworthy

"Dignity" Jinan, 2012

All photos from the event can be viewed on


/ CITY // 广告 • 城市

Resolution Monthly Review 新年愿望 每月回顾

1. How has the progress on your resolution been going? What have you been doing? 你的新年愿望进展如何?最近怎么样?

2. Have you had any setbacks or failures? 有什么挫折坎坷么?

3. What are your plans for the next four months? 跟我们分享下接下来四个月的计划?

Maria Andréa Marques Pizzato 1. I spent 3 weeks

out of China. Wasn’t possible to have classes of course. But I keep trying to speak as much as I can and I think I had a nice learning experience in England. 2. Like I said, I couldn’t study with my teacher, but still think I had a nice result. I tried to speak as much as I can. England was a huge challenge for me (in a good way). 3. Keep studying with my Chinese teacher and keep practicing with family and friends. And try to not ask for help. 1. 实际上,我出国了三个星期,回了一趟 巴西,然后又去了英国和德国。就是想上课也 没法上。不过我还是利用这段时间说了不少英 语,特别是在英国时,好好练习了一把。 2. 刚刚说过,我没有办法上课。但可能是 因为我说得比较多的缘故,尤其是在英国的那 段时间,很具挑战性,这个月总得来说效果还 不错。 3. 继续跟中国老师上课,多与家人和朋友 用英语交流,尽量不靠翻译。

Geraldo Pizzato 1. Like my wife said,

I didn’t have time to study Chinese. We spent some days in Brazil and Europe and unlike her I couldn’t practice my 10

广告 • 地方

Chinese, of course. 2. I had a great time to have some rest, but my Chinese language suffered. Now I have to work hard to keep my 100 words a month. 3. Basically the same thing: keep studying and studying. Maybe this break can be a positive thing - I can use it in a good way to have more energy for the next months.

2. 体重有点反复。 3. 接下来的4个月,我会回归正常的训练 内容当中,坚持运动,减少甜腻还有油炸食物 的摄入。

1. 我妻子也提到了,这个月在巴西和欧洲 度假,没时间学汉语,她倒是可以借这次旅行 练习口语,而我却找不到说汉语的机会。 2. 这个月放松是放松了,但汉语方面没什 么进展。因此从现在开始,我必须重新打起精 神,争取每月学习100个汉语词语。 3. 和之前没什么两样:学习,学习,再学 习!这次回巴西以及在德国的休整,可以让我 精力充沛,让接下来的汉语学习动力十足。

been an unfortunate deviation from the resolution. The CNY and some holiday traveling cut into my routine and it was hard getting back on track, resorting mostly to home pump work outs. 2. There haven't been any major setbacks or failures aside from falling out of the routine. 3.The next four months will be about refocusing. Now I have changed my work situation and have a lot more free time to get to the gym and to get back on track with my eating schedule.

Chris Noseworthy 1. I completely

dropped the ball over the Chinese New Year. I'm very disappointed in myself. 2. I traveled to Beijing over the CNY, had a lot to drink one night, and smoked a bunch of cigarettes. I returned to Qingdao with too much free time, began smoking almost as much as I had before trying to quit. 3. I have begun marking my arm every time I smoke one (again). I plan to stay busy and excersise until my goal is realised. I look forward to reporting good news next month.

1. 第一个月的戒烟效果还不错,但春节期 间烟瘾又犯了,没忍住抽了一些,非常懊恼。 2. 春节期间我去了趟北京,有一晚喝了很 多,烟瘾大发。加上假期太闲不知如何打发时 间,我又回到了戒烟前的状态。 3. 我仍然打算把烟戒掉,现在开始在手 臂上每抽一根记一笔。尽量让自己忙起来,多 做锻炼。希望下次回访时,能给大家带来一些 惊喜。

Hao Mengjie “Dreamy” 1. I stopped working

out for a while as I went back home for the Spring Festival. 2. My weight has been a bit erratic lately. 3. I’ll get back to my regular training schedule for the next four months; keep working out as well as avoiding sweet and fried food. 1. 这个月因为新年放假的原因,回家了, 所以健身房停止了一段时间。

Ian Haynes 1. This last month has

1. 不好意思让各位失望了,这个月的目标 没能完成。春节期间应酬较多,还出去玩了几 趟,没办法像原先一样定期去健身房,只是在 家里做做俯卧撑。 2. 基本上没什么坎坷挫折吧。 3. 接下来的四个月里,我会回归之前的健 身计划。我现在的工作没有以前那么忙,所以 有更多的时间去健身房,还会严格按照制定的 饮食计划用餐。

Jieling Liu 1. Not so pleasing... 2. I went back to my

family in the Chinese New Year, my mum made gorgeous food, a lot of meat of course. I tried to explain to her what I was doing and why, but I failed. But I picked it up again when I came back. I’ve been climbing stairs doing most of my time and taking bus a little less. 3. I will try to go to sleep early and get up early for the bus. As for eating vegetables and climbing stairs, as long as I keep being tough on myself, it shouldn’t be too difficult. 1.不是很理想… 2. 春节回家时,妈妈给我做了很多好吃的 菜,其中很多都是肉。一开始,我尝试说服她 接受我现在吃素的想法,不过我失败了。不过 一回来青岛,我又恢复吃素了。爬楼梯其实也 还好,绝大部分时间我都在坚持。坐公交车不 是很顺利。 3. 剩下最后一个月,会尝试转变一下生活 习惯,争取12点上床睡觉,第二天早起赶公交 车。吃素和爬楼梯的话,对自己严格一点,应 该可以坚持下去。



Top 5 Qingdao Bathhouses Jesse Fletcher soaps up (and mans up) by diving headfirst into the ultimate winter retreat – bathhouses. 寒冬腊月,泡个热澡,蒸个桑拿再好不过了。勇气可嘉的Jesse Fletcher亲身体验岛城 澡堂文化。看看他怎么说。


ulture shock in China? Nothing ever struck me like a man in a speedo playing my bare backside in some bizarre soapy body massage handdrum rhythm. It was late, and the sound of the slippery slapping reverberated around the empty opulence of the bathhouse: bouncing between marble columns, in front of huge tile mosaics, over and through the steam of bubbling bath water and landing back on me. All while lying on my stomach on top of a plastic sheet laid over a body-scrubbing table of questionable hygienic provenance, of course. As the sharp echoes popped with the motion of the man’s hands on my back, I tried and failed to suppress my giggles. I had been in Qingdao for a few months by then, but not until that moment did I truly encounter culture shock, which felt like reality slapping me on the cheeks. The-place-I-am-is-verydifferent-from-where-I-came. Thankfully, this feeling was in no way negative; I was clean, naked and silly in the bathhouse. If I were to guess, dear reader, you are probably looking at me pretty funny right now. I understand: the practice of public

Not until that moment did I truly encounter culture shock, which felt like reality slapping me in the face. 那一刻,我才真正体会到了文 化冲突,被硬生生地拉回了现 实。 bathing (especially for North Americans) seems almost barbaric. Indeed, it's probably not ideal for the timid expat, but there is a real bit of nude-history to be lived in the bathhouse. Like many traditions in China, bathhouses have a long history, predating even the famous Roman baths. During those terrifying times when clean water was a rare commodity, a refreshing warm wash was paramount. Nudity in this context was completely accepted, even in extremely conservative cultural climates.

Modernity has changed the rules slightly, and currently the bathhouse exists in a sort of social gray area. Although it has changed to be much more recreational, it is still common to see families of three or more generations together inside enjoying the baths and communing in their pajamas. It isn't a singularly Chinese tradition either: living in Qingdao we have the privilege of enjoying a Korean influence in many of our bathhouses. Korean culture also continues to value trips to the bathhouse for rejuvenation with the whole family. American culture never had a similar tradition of public bathing and tends to reject any form of public nudity. This is probably why the bathhouse was where culture shock finally hit me. It's also for this reason that I am recommending you give it a shot. Once past the initial shock, I came to love the bathhouse as one of the few places in China where the goal is simply to breathe easy, kick back and relax. So let's say, hypothetically, the reader has decided to try out one of the recommended bathhouses. What is this unsuspecting fool getting into? Here’s the play by play. Arriving in the lobby, your first move will be to remove your footwear; this adventure will be a barefoot one. You trade your shoes with


/ PLACES // 广告 • 地方 a clerk for a keycard wristband: the I.D. of the bathhouse. Be sure to keep an eye on your wristband, it's how you pay for everything on the inside. Your kicks are swiftly placed in a deep underground vault to be held ransom should you have any trouble paying your bill. Now that you have your locker wristband, get your stinky feet into the bathing room appropriate to your gender (they do tend to be a bit strict about this). If you've happened to arrive at a popular bathhouse during the early evening or a weekend afternoon, you can expect to be around more exposure than you had probably hoped for. If you wish to avoid such a sight, select a less crowded bathhouse or time, all are 24/7. After you find your locker, its time to get natural! There are many towels available, but they tend to be small and not designed for modesty. So embrace it! Any bathhouse worth its soap is a marvel of watery excess. First, take a long luxurious shower then explore the different baths and pools. Swim some laps in the cool pool and you may find strange buttons that, when pressed, send ferocious torrents of water gushing out of strange spouts for you to pressure wash yourself. Get your sweat on in the wet or dry saunas and try to melt away all that deep winter freeze. Don’t forget, a complete experience requires that you be scrubbed ruthlessly by the bongo-man in the speedo. After you are pruned to satisfaction, step out of the showers and a clerk will quickly offer towels and the complimentary PJs (make sure to ask for free ones if they try to offer you the premium duds). Stop off to make use of the free beauty products if that’s your scene and revisit your locker to pick up any necessities: now begins the second, less naked, phase of your adventure. Explore the carpeted halls with your squeaky clean bare feet. The typical premises will offer a Korean or Chinese restaurant, several sweaty saunas and maybe one ice-room, gym equipment to exercise on if a pajama workout is what you desire, an internet bar full of children playing games, a sparse cafe with overpriced drinks and snacks, traditional tearoom pagodas, tiny sleeping capsules cutting into the walls and vast, dim sleeping rooms full of enormous armchairs where you can watch TV while being massaged or try to tune out the snores of your fellow patrons and get some sleep yourself. There may also be private rooms to rent for the night and perhaps more VIP massage options, but this author cannot personally vouch for anything past the business with the bongos in the showers. If any of these diversions strike your fancy, just brandish your locker wristband and the item in question will 12

广告 • 地方 be automatically added to your bill, which you settle at the front desk to reclaim your shoes. Pricing ranges, but you will always be charged an entrance fee and most places add a small late-night charge if you spend the night.

搓澡师傅在我背上像打鼓一样敲打 的那一刻,我惊呆了。

不过为时已晚,我只能像一 块揉好的面团,任由师傅拍打。硕大的浴池让 敲背声显得格外清脆,望着池边的大理石柱, 墙上的马赛克,感受着背上的搓澡水,还有肚 子底下铺着的那一层(不知道是否干净的)塑 料薄膜,我第一次如此强烈地体会到了文化冲 突。 我在青岛呆了已有好几个月了,本以为 自己的适应能力很强,不会受到文化差异的影 响,但现实真真切切地给我上了一堂课:这是 中国,小丫还以为在美国呢!(搓澡时咯咯傻 笑的情景,到现在仍记忆犹新)。虽说如此, 那种感觉其实也没那么糟,至少洗干净了,身 体光光也没什么大不了的。

Once past the initial shock, I came to love the bathhouse as one of the few places in China where the goal is simply to breathe easy, kick back and relax. 没有了之前的文化冲突感,我 渐渐爱上了这项休闲活动,又 找到了一个放松心情的好去 处。

我猜这会儿你们一定在笑话我吧。由于 从小受美国文化的影响,在我看来,去公共浴 池洗浴有点儿无法接受,其他一些外国朋友也 可能因为害羞,不太愿意尝试。而事实上,这 种“澡堂文化”还有一定的历史原因。 和其他中国传统一样,澡堂文化有着悠久 的历史,甚至比罗马洗浴兴起还要早。在那个 时期,干净的水源来之不易,能洗上一个热腾 腾的澡是一种至高的享受。在这样的前期下, 裸露当然可以被接受,即便文化再保守,也会 在这一点上做出让步。 随着文化的发展,人们观念的改变,以及 洗浴行业的鱼龙混杂,现代洗浴会所徘徊在了 社会的灰色地带边缘。虽然现在的娱乐选择比 以前多了不少,但你依然可以看到,祖孙三代 一起洗浴,穿上浴服聊天的场景。不过,澡堂

文化不只是中国的传统文化:由于青岛的韩国 人比较多,岛城的许多浴池都融进了韩式洗浴 元素,市民们不用去韩国就可以体验到韩式洗 浴。韩国人也同样喜欢一大家子一起去浴池泡 个澡,放松放松。不过,美国文化则从来没有 过类似的公共洗浴传统,任何形式的公共场合 裸体都不能被接受。这应该就是为什么我会有 那么强烈的文化冲突感。正因如此,我建议你 去洗浴会所,亲身体验一回。没有了之前的冲 突感,我渐渐爱上了这项休闲活动,又找到了 一个放松心情的好去处。

Should you decide to venture into the steam and mist, consider the following list of recommended Qingdao bathhouses:

movie theatre. Koreans and Chinese alike enjoy lounging throughout. It’s relatively new on the scene, and is slightly cheaper than New Star at 68元.



拿上手牌,进入相应的浴区(别以为是混 浴哦),洗浴之旅正式开始。如果赶上晚高峰 或者周末午高峰的话,千万要做好心理准备, 浴池里将是白花花的一片。所有的洗浴会所都 是24小时营业的,喜欢清静的话,不妨可以选 择相对人少的时段。 找到手牌对应的储物柜,开始脱光光吧! 浴池里免费提供毛巾,不过没浴巾那么大,要 是不够擦的话,就多用几块。既然来了,那就 尽情洗浴吧,可以先去淋浴区冲一下,然后在 不同的浴池中泡上会儿,还可以去冷水泳池呆 上片刻,泳池边上会有一些奇怪的按钮,当你 按下的时候,水流就会从身后的小孔中冲出 来,就像按摩浴缸一样。 还可以去桑拿间(湿蒸/干蒸两种选择) 蒸一下,出上一身汗,一扫冬季的寒冷。对 了,一定别忘了让搓澡师傅给你搓个背,刮个 痧什么的,要不都不好意思说自己去洗浴了。 最后,再去淋浴间冲一下就彻底洗干净了。走 出浴室,服务员会递上毛巾和睡衣(有免费和 收费两种,一定要问清楚),门口的镜台前, 还有免费的面霜、乳液、发胶之类让你臭美一 下。言归正传,换好睡衣,带上你的手机、平 板等,向休闲娱乐区进军。 踩着松软的地毯,我们来到了休闲娱乐 区,该区域通常设有韩式或者中式餐厅,四五 个韩式汗蒸房(有些还有冰雪房),健身器械 区(你可以试试穿睡衣健身),网吧(通常都 是小孩子在玩电脑游戏),咖啡休闲吧(价格 稍贵),古朴清新的茶室,分割成一小格一小 格的睡屋,还有休息大厅。你可以在休息大厅 的沙发上看电视(每张沙发都有独立的显示 屏),让技师给你按摩,或者干脆睡个大觉。 里面可能还有包间供你过夜,或者更多按 摩套餐供你选择,我刚从搓澡的经历中缓过神 来,这些只能靠你们自己去发掘了。任何服务 都只需先刷一下手牌,领鞋子的时候再一起结 算。洗浴会所的价格有高有低,不过都会收取 最基本的浴资门票费,凌晨一两点以后还会收 取少量过夜费。

café and sleeping rooms, Imperial is a very functional, enjoyable bathhouse that will also be less crowded than the other options. Entrance is 88元.

位于崂山区梅岭西路、啤酒节旧址对面 的沐青汤泉共有五层,营业面积在岛城数一数 二。沐青汤泉以韩式洗浴、汗蒸为主题,适合 一家大小一起去,这里还有电影院供你放松娱 乐。很多中国人和韩国人都喜欢来这里。浴资 门票:68元。

下面我将带领大家去洗浴会所一探究竟, 之后大家就可以轻车熟路地去那里放松放松 了。 走进大厅,第一件事情就是脱鞋,接下来 的时光都需要光着脚来享受。把鞋子交给服务 员后,他们会给你一个手牌,千万要保管好, 所有的服务都需要先用它来结算。不过,不必 担心你的鞋子,它们丢不了,要不你怎么还会 回来付钱呢。


3. Across the Water

1. New Star (GuoXin)

The top recommendation goes to the newest bathhouse. Set in the back of the Fushanhou and Laoshan districts, New Star (like most bathhouses in Qingdao) is a fusion of Korean and Chinese traditions. It is enormous and very accessible. It does tend to get a little crowded, so be forewarned. The bathing room is very well equipped with more than six baths and a swimming pool. All of New Star has a bright, welcoming atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation, which is of course the ultimate goal of the bathhouse game. Entrance is 78元.

Superior luxury is on display at this palatial bathhouse set right next to the bathing beaches in Badaguan. It is by far the most lavish of the bathhouses on this list, but sometimes the minimal modern style can come off as lifeless. The bathing room is simple, stark, and relatively small, save for the main event: a central, giant salt-water bath under a jumbo TV wall. If ‘Caesar taking a shower’ is what you are going for, this is the place to do it. There are no co-ed saunas, but it is the only bathhouse to offer full-size co-ed swimming pools (indoor and outdoor) in the summer. Overall this bathhouse has an adultfriendly vibe. Prices are high, so be prepared to pay premiums for the classy atmosphere. Entrance is 178元.

纽斯温泉洗浴 最值得一去是新开业的纽斯温泉洗浴。这 是一家中韩结合的洗浴会所,位于崂山区同安 路国信体育场附近,装修豪华,设施齐全,交 通便利。纽斯温泉洗浴有游泳馆、多功能健身 房、保健桑拿、以及火浴房和韩食馆等场所。 由于是新开的,所以环境卫生一流,服务也很 周到,因此尝鲜的人比较多,略微有点儿挤。 一定不能错过!浴资门票:78元。

2. MuQing

The next spot on the list is found in the new Laoshan downtown area across from the old Beer Festival field. MuQing is even bigger than New Star and probably the biggest bathhouse

英伯尔池典算是岛城的老牌洗浴会所,口 碑一直不错。它位于崂山区东海东路,可提供 海水洗浴、餐饮客房、养生保健及休闲娱乐。 由于沐青汤泉和纽斯的分流,英伯尔不算特别 拥挤,喜欢人少的话,不妨来这儿体验一下, 还可以从观景台,领略极地海洋的秀丽风光。 浴资门票:88元

5. ShouXi

Rounding out the list is Shouxi, by far the smallest bathhouse recommended here. Located in the Hong Kong Garden it scores big for convenience, but due to the limited size there are no swimming pools, no wet saunas, and less room in the pajama area. This is good for a quick refresh if you live nearby and dread making your way out to Laoshan. Shouxi is also brand new and squeaky clean. If you are a first-time bathhouse patron perhaps the smaller size will prove more accommodating. Entrance is 78元.

在水一方海滨俱乐部 该俱乐部位于市南区八大关,装修奢华, 设施齐全,可谓岛城最顶级的洗浴会所。美中 不足的是,淋浴区略微有些小,但硕大的盐水 浴池,一定会让你有种君临天下的感觉。虽然 没有桑拿间,但它是岛城少有的配有标准尺寸 游泳池的洗浴会所(室内室外均有一个)。会 所针对的主要是成年人,小孩子最好还是不要 去凑热闹了。当然消费水平也是一流的,最好 填饱荷包再去。浴资门票:178元。

4. Imperial

on the list. It is also family-friendly and boasts five floors of accommodations, including a


If there was an ‘old trusty’ bathhouse on this list, Imperial would be it. This Korean style bathhouse has been somewhat abandoned by the fickle crowds for the flashy newer options of MuQing and New Star. It is still quite beautiful to wake up on top of the ocean from Polar Ocean World where Imperial is located. With plenty of co-ed saunas, a restaurant,

首玺池典 位于青岛市市南区澄海一路的首玺池典交 通最为便利。由于营业面积相对较小(这次推 荐列表中最小的一个),所以没有游泳池,没 有湿蒸桑拿房,休闲区的韩式汗蒸屋也较少。 值得一提的是,首玺池典同样刚开业不久,设 施全新,干净明亮。如果想快节奏地体验,或 者从没体验过韩式洗浴,那么不妨先从规模较 小的开始。浴资门票:78元。


/ PLACES // 广告 • 地方

广告 • 地方


Chris Duncan Love Jinan And Be Kind 邓肯:爱济南, 信行善 Jieling Liu sits down and chats with Chris Duncan, GM of Hotel Sofitel Jinan Silver Plaza. She found him to be a kindred spirit in this traditional city, and an enthusiastic community supporter. Jieling跟济南索菲特银座大饭店的总经理邓肯坐下来聊了聊天。她发现,邓肯算是泉城的老朋友了,而且心肠还挺好。


inan is a traditional city, compared to a lot of other eastern cities in China. Therefore, there aren't that many expat residents there. When asked if he ever felt bored or homesick, Chris smiled, “I would go out and talk to the local people while I’m not working, it’s more like travelling and trying to understand the local culture this way.” He prefers Jinan over Beijing and Shanghai because Jinan, along with most of Shandong Province, has preserved its traditional aspects better than other municipalities. “People (in Jinan) are more down to earth, friendly and warm,” he said. Fascinated by the different culture and history, Chris has been a true traveller in China for the past eight years. Jinan, Ma’anshan, Xi’an, Chongqing, Lhasa; cities strectching from east to west. He admitted that the experience he got from working in the east, especially in places like Lhasa had made him a more humble person. He respects his staff and what they do more. Before coming to China in 2006, Chris had been working in the hospitality industry for 30 years, for such giants as Accor, Starwood, IHG and Rydges. His career has never faltered. “Enjoy your job 100%,” he offered, explaining why he will never tire of serving in the hospitality industry. Is such a profound dedication leading him to a bigger ambition? “Most hotels are more financially driven these days, because of the rising costs. The soul of a hotel, in my opinion, is in the service. Therefore, if I have a bigger ambition, then it would be to focus more strongly on the service, while keeping the bottom line [costs] low.” 14

In mid-February, Chris paid a visit to the Commercial Hospital of Qingdao for a patient who is deaf and suffering from leukemia. He donated a modest sum of money in the name of the hotel, which is also hiring eight deaf people for housekeeping work. Before the trip, the hotel also launched a fundraising event for the patient, with artwork created by the deaf association of Qingdao. Apart from giving, Chris also wants to send a message: the Hotel Sofitel Jinan Silver Plaza has just completed its Phase II of renovation, which includes the most exciting icon of Jinan – the Silver Sky revolving restaurant on the 49th floor. The new restaurant features international cuisines with local specialities in an all-day dining concept, against a 360-degree city skyline backdrop of the City of Springs! If you want to see a grand view of Jinan from one spot, this is the place.

许 多 东 部 城市相比,济 南算是比较传 统。因此,旅 居这座城市的外籍人士不多。问及邓肯是否会 偶尔感到无聊或思乡时,这位济南索菲特银座 大饭店的总经理笑了:“不用工作时,我通常 会出去逛逛,跟本地人聊上几句,这感觉就像 是在旅行,了解当地文化一样。”相对于北京 和上海,他更喜欢济南这座城市,包括整个山 东地区。对他而言,这里的传统文化保育得更 为完好,“(济南的)人们更加朴实,更友好

亲切。”他说。 为风情迥异的中国文化和历史所深深吸引 的邓肯,在过去8年之中像是一个行者。从济 南到马鞍山,再到西安、重庆、拉萨…从东部 一直行至西部。他承认,在东方行走工作的经 历,让他学到了许多,让他变得更谦微,他也 更加尊重员工和他们的职业。 零六年来华之前,邓肯已在酒店行业从事 达30年,包括雅高、喜达屋、洲际和雷洁斯等 国际酒店集团。他的职业生涯从未中断过。“ 百分百热爱你的工作,”他说,这是他为何一 直没有、现在,甚至以后也不会厌倦酒店行业 的原因。 如此多年尽心尽力的投入,可见邓肯对其 职业的热爱与忠诚。他是否有更大的目标?“ 现在很多酒店都在资金上小心翼翼,因为成本 水涨船高。我认为,一家酒店的灵魂在其服务 上。因此,如果一定要说我有更大的目标,那 么,我的目标就是在不突破成本底线的情况 下,更专注地提高我们服务水准。” 二月中旬时,邓肯赴青岛市商业职工医 院探望了一名不幸同时患有聋哑兼白血病的病 人。他以酒店的名义,向其捐赠了一笔物薄情 重的善款。而他的酒店也知行合一,支持并聘 请聋哑人士工作。而此行前,该酒店也协同青 岛聋协一起举办了一场慈善艺术展,以力助这 位病人。 力求行善之余,邓肯也想向读者传达一条 消息:济南索菲特银座大饭店刚刚完成其二期 装潢,其中包括位于49层能看到城市360°全 景的银顶旋转餐厅。该全日餐厅提供多元化、 中西结合的特色美食。如果想一眼望尽泉城广 袤美景,这里就是你不可错过的地方。


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Teahouse Tour 茗茶记

Jieling Liu and Sasha Letchinger travel from teahouse to teahouse – with frequent bathroom breaks, of course – sipping away several afternoons as they learn about tea and tea culture.


说实话,对于茶艺文化,我算是个 门外汉。在芝加哥那会儿,我最多只会 去特色茶餐厅连锁店Argo Tea买上一杯 冰茶。曾经有段时间我住在香港花园小 区,那时经常会路过一家看起来不错的 茶庄。终于有一天下班以后,他们招呼 我进去尝了一些不同的茶,还跟茶庄老 板以及刚好路过的邻居们聊了一会儿。 要是有机会的话,我一定还会去。


我们还去了一家装修朴实且颇具现代感 的茶艺馆:位于创意100园区内的无为茶堂。 该茶堂面积中等,窗明几净,暖意融融(有地 暖)。店内悠扬的古筝乐,给茶庄增添了一抹 怡然。主茶桌上放着一块茶板,还有几只动物 摆件。茶堂后部也有两个隔间,配有沙发或者 木椅,可接待六位茶友左右。接待我们是一位 年轻却经验丰富的女店主陈小姐,她耐心地介 绍茗茶礼仪,给我们倒了好几碗上等乌龙。女 店主还向我们展示了自己的茶道艺术,她的那 份气定神闲,给我们留下了很深的印象。

images ©Jieling Liu and Sasha Letchinger

Chuan Goo M.Y. Tea House 传古茗韵

Pu Yu Tea House

普毓茶庄 第一次听到可以上各家茶艺馆品茶 时,我激动得连咖啡都洒了出来。不过 激动归激动,当静下心来,和Jieling一 起商量具体安排时,我才意识到,这份 美差并非那么轻松,还是挺考验人的。

传古茗韵的普洱茶,让我第一次体验到 了“醉茶”的感觉,还不赖。伴随着宁静的音 乐,在柔和的灯光下,一杯一杯地品着茶,是 那么悠然自得。以前我一喝得太多,就会出 汗,还有一点儿头晕,但这次不同,我似乎没 有出汗的感觉,十分享受(不知道是茶的品质 不同,还是自己逐渐适应了茶)。

本期我们派出Jieling和Sasha,他们 花了好几个下午,走访了岛城多家茶 馆,上了无数趟洗手间,终于为大家 撰写了这篇茗茶游记,与大家一同分 享茶文化。

hen I first heard of this chance to dive deep into the dimly lit underworld of Qingdao teahouses, I leapt into the air, spilling my coffee all over the assembled REDSTAR staff. “To the tea-mobile!” I exclaimed. Once I had calmed down, Jieling and I discussed what a dangerously relaxing adventure awaited us. Honestly, my teahouse knowledge was scant; before coming to China, my closest brush with the world of cha was picking up iced teas at Argo Tea back in Chicago. When I lived in Hong Kong Gardens, I would often pass by a certain cozy tea shop; eventually, I was invited in for an after-work tea. I sipped and sampled the various teas and idly chatted with the owner and neighbours as they stopped by. I welcomed the opportunity to visit again.

感光滑的古船木镀铁茶几,上面放着一块木质 的茶板。我们惬意地坐着,热情的店员姜小姐 一边倒着茶,一边耐心地给我们讲解普洱茶。 传古茗韵有两个隔间,可以约上三五个好友聚 聚,不过每个单间都有一定的最低消费。很多 茶友都把自己的茶壶留在店内,每只茶壶只用 来沏固定的一种茶。


I visited my old tea haunt, Pu Yu Tea House on the intersection of Datian Lu and the HKG walking street. It’s a single room, shelves lined with Pu'er pancakes, tea paraphernalia, and more leaves than you could fill your refrigerator with (Laoshan Green Tea, for example, can stay fresh for about 18 months outside your icebox, and much longer in it) and a beautiful tea table carved out of Laoshan marble. We sat for a spell and enjoyed some mini-cups of Laoshan Green while an on-duty police officer waiting to go off-duty explained the difference between Sheng Pu'er and Shu Pu'er to Jieling. Pu Yu is homey and friendly, and their tea is very reasonably priced, as are the tchotchkes. It’s not a spendall-afternoon-there kind of place (unless you

are a police officer), more of a pop in, have-acup-or-five-and-buy-your-grandma-a-present kind of place. 这次品茶从位于大田路和香港花园步行街 路口的普毓茶庄开始。这是一家单间门面的茶 庄,架子上摆着普洱茶饼,全套茶具,各式各 样的茶叶(实在太多了,你家的冰箱估计也不 一定能装下,崂山绿茶在常温下的保质期为18 个月,这些茶不知道要喝到猴年马月),还有 一张用崂山大理石制成的茶几。我们在那儿坐 了一小会儿,尝了几小杯崂山绿茶,还有一位 等着下班的值班民警,在跟Jieling讲解生普洱 和熟普洱的区别。在普毓茶庄喝茶,有一种家 的亲切感,而且价格也十分公道,还有一些小 玩意儿出售。如果只是想小憩一会儿,喝上几 口茶舒缓一下,再顺便给家人捎上几个小摆设 的话,普毓茶庄是一个不错的选择。要是纯粹 想打发时间的话,别家可能会好些。

Literally across the street is Chuan Goo M.Y. Tea House. More than three times the size of Pu Yu, this spot is much more spacious and carefully decorated. A gnarly and glossy cast-iron table is the centrepiece to the main room, and on it sits a smooth wooden tea-board. We relaxed and enjoyed our host, Ms. Jiang’s patient pours and explanations of Pu'er. There are two private rooms suitable for a small tea-party, available if you spend a fixed minimum amount on tea. Many clients leave their personal teapots here, using them only for one type of tea. It was here in Chuan Goo M.Y. Tea House that I experienced my first enjoyable “teadrunkenness” (醉茶) off of Pu'er. A heady mix of peaceful music, soft lighting and intense focus on liquid consumption imparted an uplifting sense of calmness and deep introspection. I had felt the tea-sweats and dizziness before when I drank too much, but this time, perhaps due to the quality of the tea or my increased tea-tolerance, I seemed to transcend the sweats (still present) into a delightful calm euphoria. 接着我们又去了普毓茶庄对面的传古茗 韵茶艺馆。这家茶艺馆很大,普毓的三倍还不 止,装修精致,宽敞舒适。大厅中央有一张质

Lotus Pagoda Tea House Wuwei Tea House 无为茶堂

Wuwei Tea House is a simple and modern tea-house in the center of Creative 100. A theme of glass and warm wood permeates the medium sized space. Seven-string zither music floats through the room. On the main tea table rests a simple yet graceful tea-board, adorned with cute non-mythical animals. The rear of the shop also has two private rooms with clean whitewashed walls, with sofas or seating for about six. The young tea-mistress Chen Pinting is an experienced and patient host. She talked of tea etiquette and poured us many bowls of excellent oolong. A peaceful demeanor and studied, confident movements characterised her Way of Tea.


Located on the corner of Minjiang Er Lu and Minjiang Lu, Lotus Pagoda Tea House is one of the largest on 'Coffee & Tea Street,' and by far the biggest I have ever been in. Red lanterns, green potted plants and a classy sampan pleasure boat crowd the large central public area. Early afternoon light pours a warm sheen onto the burnished wood and white walls. Tea-time in the Lotus Pagoda is busy; a medium-strength murmur of burbling water and afternoon business talk mingle with the peaceful Chinese flute piped through hidden speakers. The choices begin from the moment you are ushered in by a red-clad tea-attendant. Private room (50, 80 or 120元) or public table? Sit in


/ FEATURES // 广告 • 特辑 the sampan (addl. 30元) or stare longingly at the sampan (free)? Then, of course, the ultimate choice: which tea will you drink? The prices run from 68元 for a pot of Huangjingui to 680元 for a pot of Cansai King’s Tieguanyin. You can also buy a share, which will last many pots and many visits. The waiters are uniformly beautiful young women, identically clad in red and black. The private rooms are not identical, however. They vary in size, of course, but also in atmosphere and furniture. The larger rooms would be great for a tea-fueled family gathering, with seating for around 10. Most have small flat-screen TVs, and at least one swanky room had a recessed bed for tea drinking and tea napping. My favourite room on the second floor has a small balcony overlooking the interior. For certain clearheaded businesspeople, afternoon tea has taken the place of afternoon alcohol.

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How to Make Kungfu Tea

Step 1: Rinse the pot (glass or clay) 步骤一:“醒”茶壶(玻璃壶或者砂壶)

Step 2: Scoop an appropriate amount of tea into the pot (using a bamboo or wooden spoon) 步骤二:用木勺取适量茶叶于壶中。

迄今为止我去过最大的茶艺馆,当属莲花阁了。 莲花阁茶艺馆位于闽江二路和闽江路路口,大红灯 笼,翠绿盆景,潺潺流水,以及一楼中央的古船,让 人仿佛置身于世外桃源。午后的阳光,透过窗户照在 光亮的木质桌椅上,令喝茶的客人倍感温暖。每到喝 茶的时段,莲花阁都十分繁忙,既有水烧开时发出的 咕咕声,又有客人们的聊天声,还有艺人们演奏的民 乐声,大家谈笑风生,其乐融融。

Step 3: Heat the water to a temperature specific to your tea 步骤三:根据茶叶种类,将水烧至相应 温度。

进门之后首先是选择位置,有包间(50元,80 元,120元三种价位),舢板内的桌子(30元),普 通桌子(不收费)供挑选。然后就该点茶了,既有68 元一壶的黄金桂,也有680元一壶的参赛铁观音, 还可 以点大份的茶,可以泡好多壶,喝不完可以存起来, 下次再喝。 服务员是清一色的年轻姑娘,身穿红黑两种颜 色的统一服装。莲花阁内设有包房,大小不一,各具 特色。大一点儿的房间可容纳10人左右,可供家人团 聚,共享天伦之乐。大多数房间都配有平板电视,至 少有一间豪华房内有睡床,困了可以躺一会儿。我最 喜欢的一间房有一个小阳台,从阳台可以俯瞰整个一 楼大厅。对于部分商务人士来说,莲花阁成为了他们 谈生意的首选。


Step 4: “Wash the tea;” the first rinse is poured out into the teacups and then dumped into the mysterious recesses of the teaboard. 步骤四:“洗茶”。第一遍的茶水通常 被用来冲洗茶杯,然后从茶板上的小孔 流走。


Step 5: Refill the teapot, let brew for 10-30 seconds. Pour out into the cups. 步骤五:重新加热水,闷上10至30秒。 然后将茶倒入茶杯。

Step 6: Drink the tea. Notice the colour, texture and flavour. Subsequent steeps will tend towards a peak of nuanced flavour and richness. Repeat step 5, adding time to the brew for each infusion. Any good tea will produce at least 3 rounds, possibly up to ten. 步骤六:品茶。注意茶水的色泽和口感, 细细品味。然后重复步骤五,继续品茶。 茶的口味和醇厚度会随着冲泡次数而变 淡,一般来说,好茶可以至少泡三遍,其 中也不乏冲泡十遍仍有余香的上等茶。

Over the course of our hands-on (teacup) research, I found a great respect for those who pursue the art of tea. Their knowledge is deep, yet the Way is long; slowly unlocking the essence from pour to pour, like a seasoned pot growing more fragrant with each steep. 经过这次品茶之旅,我对茶道艺人 的敬意油然而生。他们按照自己对茶的理 解,慢慢地释放大自然赋予茶叶的灵气, 一次次的冲泡让茶壶也透着一股清香。


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Six Delectable Chinese Teas to Please Your Pallet 六种珍茶为您 杯盏添香

By Jordon Shinn

1. Silver Needle 白毫银针

Silver Needle white tea from Fuding in Fujian Province is the most mythical and mysterious tea of the Camellia sinensis plant. Unlike its green and black tea cousins, white tea is made from young white-haired tea buds plucked with fingertips and minimally processed. White tea boasts the most antioxidants and potential health benefits. 白毫银针,原 产自福建省福鼎市, 茶树品种为福鼎大白 茶,是最神秘也最具传奇色 彩的茶树(福鼎大白茶原产于福鼎的太姥山, 太姥山产茶历史悠久,陆羽《茶经》中所截“ 永嘉县东三百里有白茶山”,就指的是福鼎太 姥山。清代周亮工《闽小记》中曾提到福鼎太 姥山古时有“绿雪芽”名茶,“今呼白毫”。 如此推来,福鼎大白茶品种和用其芽制成的白 毫银针,历史相当久远矣。译者注)。与绿茶 和红茶不同,白茶是由人工采摘的茶芽运用传 统工艺精制而成,抗氧化性极强,对身体十分 有益。

2. Laoshan Green Tea 崂山绿茶

Grown on the slopes of Qingdao's largest tourist attraction, Laoshan green tea is the local 20

tea of choice. Its high-altitude environment, watered with rain from the Yellow Sea, produces thick and nutritious tea leaves. The desired brew is light and fresh. Certainly there is no better place to drink a cup of Laoshan tea than in its hometown. 崂山绿茶生长在青岛最大 的风景区——崂山的山坡上,是 本地绿茶的首选。崂山海拔高, 气候湿润,山上生长的茶树树叶 茂密,营养价值高。好的绿茶味 道清爽,沁人心脾。要喝崂山绿 茶,当然还是得在青岛喝才正 宗。

3. Dianhong 滇红

Dianhong is a popular black tea from Yunnan province, second in fame only to Pu'er tea. In Chinese, dian is a nickname for Yunnan and hong means red. Dianhong differs from other black teas in that is has more "golden tips" or fine leaf buds. It has a bright red brew, mild fragrance and a sweet taste. 滇 红 茶 是仅次于普洱茶 的云南第二大茶。 在汉语里,“滇”是 云南的简称。和其他的红茶不同,滇红茶冲泡 后汤色红鲜明亮,金圈突出,香气鲜爽,滋味 清甜。

发酵而成熟茶。然而,自上世纪70年代起, 茶 厂开始运用现代工艺,将发酵时间大大缩短, 能在一年内发酵出熟茶。

5. Tieguanyin 铁观音

Literally translated as "Iron Goddess of Mercy," Tieguanyin is from Anxi in Fujian province. Legend says the goddess appeared to a poor farmer in a dream, telling him of treasure in a cave. The farmer found a single tea plant, which he cultivated, becoming rich. A highend oolong tea, Tieguanyin requires complex, eight-step processing. It is desired for its sweetness and fruity aroma.

6. Zhengshan Xiaozhong 正山小种

A specialty of Yunnan province, Pu'er is a fermented dark tea. It comes in two basic forms, sheng meaning raw and shu meaning ripe. The traditional raw Pu'er takes 20-30 years to fully age. Ripe Pu'er, however, is made using a modern process of accelerated fermentation developed by tea factories in the '70s to imitate aged raw Pu'er within just one year. 普洱是 云南的特色 发酵红茶。 普洱茶有生 茶和熟茶两 种。传统的生 茶需要20-30年

正山小种是福建特产的红茶,非常受欢 迎。正山小种的字面意思是“正宗的山上的小 叶子”。西方人叫它“拉普山小种"。出口的各 种正山小种都难敌国内的正宗茶味。正山小种 茶叶是用松针或松柴熏制而成, 有着非常浓烈 的香味。因为熏制的原因,茶叶呈黑色,但茶 汤为深红色。


the 2014 ChiFan awards

铁观音 原产自福建 安溪县。传 说,有一 天观音菩萨 托梦给当地 的一个农民, 告诉他山洞里有宝 藏。他去寻找梦里的山 洞,结果在洞里发现了一株 茶树。他细心地培育了这棵茶树,靠卖茶叶变 得十分富有。“铁观音”这一名字由此而来。 铁观音甘中带甜,果香浓郁。上好的铁观音, 需要八道工序泡制而成。

Zhengshan Xiaozhong is a much soughtafter black tea grown exclusively in Fujian province. The modern Chinese name for this tea literally means "authentic mountain small leaf." Known in the West as "Lapsong souchong (literally ‘sub-variety from Lapu Mountain’)" the exported varieties cannot match the authentic flavour of the domestic product. Treated with fire and smoke, it produces a clear, burgundy liquor distinctive for its scent of pine smoke.

4. (Shu) Pu'er



fter several months of intense competition the votes are in and the time is nigh to announce the winners of the annual REDSTAR Chifan Awards. As always, it’s a great opportunity for local Qingdao residents and devoted foodies to voice their opinions about which eateries, cafes, restaurants, lounges and bars are their favourites and why they deserve to receive the praise and acclamation of the dining community.

Similar to last year, this year’s competition has been fiercely contested between the old and deliciously familiar flavoured favourites defending their position against the newer leaner and, dare we say, hungrier culinary competition. So with eating implements firmly in hand, sit back, relax and feast your eyes on the inspiring winners.

2014红星吃饭大奖 经过几个月紧张活跃的投票活动后,红星吃饭大奖终 于有了结果。现在,是时候公布实力出众兼幸运胜出的餐厅 了!

跟去年一样,今年的评选获得了非常多的投票,评选热 度相当火爆。新开张的餐厅和老字号排在一起一分高下,经 典味道和新风味一起比拼?谁更能揽得美食信众的心意?

一如既往,红星吃饭大奖是岛城人民和吃货们贡献他们意 见、评选出自己心目中最好的咖啡/餐厅/酒吧等等的绝佳机会。

想知道你心目中最棒的餐厅上榜了吗?现在结果终于出 来了,一起来看看吧!


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The Winners // 最佳餐厅 Best Chinese 1. Din Tai Fung 2. Donghai 88 3. Qin

Best Western over 100 1. Trattoria Verde 2. Sitting Bull 3. Wildfire Steakhouse & Grill

最佳中餐厅 1. 鼎泰丰 2. 东海88风味餐厅 3. 秦·中餐厅

百元以上最佳西餐厅 1. 北绿岛意大利餐厅 2. 毅牛烤排馆 3. 明焰西餐厅

Best Non-Chinese 1. Aoyagi Kaiseki 2. Hanjiang Korean Restaurant 3. Thai Me Up

Best Place to Take a Date 1. The Sunset Lounge 2. Da Vinci 3. La Villa

最佳亚洲风味餐厅 1. 青柳怀石日本料理 2. 汉江韩国料理 3. Thai Me Up泰国餐厅

最佳约会餐厅 1. 日落咖啡(奥博维特青年旅舍内) 2. 达芬奇意大利餐厅 3. 拉维拉法国餐厅

Best Western under 100 1. THEDINER22 2. The Sunset Lounge 3. Lisa’s Pizzeria

Best Late Night Food 1. ssLPG 2. Lao Zhuan Cun 3. Lennon Bar

百元以下最佳西餐厅 1. 贰拾贰号咖啡餐厅 2. 日落咖啡(奥博维特青年旅舍内) 3. 力萨比萨地中海餐厅

最佳宵夜餐厅 1. 老菲酒吧 2. 老转村 3. 列侬吧

Best Wine Selection 1. THEDINER SPARK CAFE & BREWERY 2. Da Vinci Restaurant 3. Wildfire Steakhouse & Grill

Best Hotel Buffet 1. Café Yum & Market Café 2. Café JOT 3. Ocean Café

最佳酒水餐厅 1. 丹尼美式餐厅|SPARK咖啡和酿 酒坊 2. 达芬奇意大利餐厅 3. 明焰西餐厅

最佳自助餐厅 1. 一品堂&咖啡厅全日自助餐厅 2. 味咖啡厅 3. 碧海咖啡厅

Best Décor 1. Canvas 2. China Gongshe Hotel 3. La Villa

Best Chinese Din Tai Fung 最佳中餐厅:鼎泰丰 From its modest beginnings in Taipei, Din Tai Fung has grown to capture even the attention of the New York Times which named it ‘One of the Top Ten Restaurants in the World’ and has been featured in film and print media alike around the globe. Specialising in unique pork and seafood dishes, such as Alaskan crab leg and cuttlefish, this Westao long 22

Best New Restaurant 1. Happy Valley 2. Southeast Asian Cuisine 3. La Café Paris

bao joint leaves nothing to be desired. 从台北谦卑发家至今, 鼎泰丰走过了从创立品牌到蓬 勃发展的辉煌历程,先后在日 本、美国、香港、新加坡、中 国等地均开有分店,甚至被《 纽约时报》评选为“世界十大 美食餐厅之一”,各种影视作 品和电视报刊媒体上也诸见其 靓丽的身影。

Marina City, 118 Aomen Lu 6606-1319 百丽广场,澳门路118号

最佳装潢餐厅 1. Canvas美式餐厅 2. CHINA公社山东菜馆 3. 拉维拉法国餐厅

百元以下最佳西餐厅: 贰拾贰号咖啡餐厅

百元以上最佳西餐厅: 北绿岛意大利餐厅

67 Zhangzhou Lu 8577-1222 漳州路67号 中环广场


最佳亚洲风味餐厅: 青柳怀石日本料理

最佳酒水餐厅:丹尼美式餐 |SPARK咖啡和酿酒坊

If you still haven’t experienced Kaiseki dining then now is your chance to try it here in Qingdao. As the most traditional (and in some instances expensive) style of Japanese cuisine, Kaiseki is a veritable art form with multicourse banquets incorporating seasonal ingredients in combination with the aesthetics of the plates to provide an all encompassing, holistic and spiritual dining experience.

Formerly known as Coffee Spark, THEDINER丨SPARK CAFE & BREWERY is a spacious lounge equipped with its own microbrewery, long benches for large groups and small two-person tables for a more intimate meeting. Located at May 4th Square, it has additional outdoor seating allowing diners to make the most of the all-too-short summer weather where you can enjoy a glass of wine from its comprehensively stocked cellar.

2F, Overseas Chinese Hotel, 41 Xianggang Zhong Lu 8573-9196 香港中路41号 华侨国际饭店2层

BestWesternover100-Trattoria Verde

贰拾贰号咖啡厅是岛城少数的正宗美式餐 厅。可口的汉堡、美味的三明治和充满爱心的意 大利面,美味的食物在这放松的环境中更能体现 出新的风味。贰拾贰号咖啡厅的装潢设计,出自 于上海沃歌斯休闲西餐厅也同时聘请的一家设计 公司的手笔。这里的环境时尚,充满现代风范, 但又不过于抢眼。贰拾贰号咖啡厅的美式菜肴, 会让人有一种轻松愉快的就餐体验。

最佳新开餐厅 1. 小确幸 2. 越饫轩东南亚料理 3. La Café Paris

心愉悦的用餐体验,是一种名副其 实的艺术形式。

Best Western under 100 THEDINER22

THEDINER22 is without doubt the place to go for a taste of American food. Delicious burgers, tasty subs and hearty pastas can be savoured in a stylishly casual atmosphere. Designed by the same company that did the interiors for Shanghai’s Wagas Restaurants, THEDINER22 is stylish and modern without being too flashy and provides an enjoyable dining experience, serving only the best of what American cuisine has to offer.

Best nonChinese Asian - Aoyagi Kaiseki

如果你还没尝过这 种被誉为“日本烹调技术精髓”的 怀石料理的话,这里就是你开始的 最佳地点。作为最传统也最昂贵高 档的日本料理,怀石料理极端讲究 烹饪及摆放的精致度、食材的新鲜 度、季节感和盛装食物的器皿,充 分利用食材的原味。这种料理方式 常为多道膳肴相结合,将食之美学 充分表达出来,以提供给食客全身


该餐厅以前也叫Coffee Spark, 是一个空间宽敞的咖啡吧,并配备有 一个小型的酿酒坊。餐厅内及有适合 一群朋友聚会之用的长板木桌,也有 适合两人亲密聚会的小桌子。餐厅坐 落在视野开阔的五四广场之内,其户 外用餐区域无疑是食客在炎炎夏日也 能享受广场美景的一处清凉之地。 再倒上一杯从酒窖里刚取出来的美 酒,赞!

35 Donghai Xi Lu (inside May 4th Square) 8577-2051 东海西路35号(五四广场内)

Since its founding six years ago, Trattoria Verde has delivered simple yet supremely satisfying meals and as reflected by voters; is Qingdao locals top choice for Italian cuisine. Intimate, rustic and full of charm, Trattoria Verde features an open kitchen with a built-in pizza kiln, where diners can watch expert chefs prepare exquisite meals.

开业六年以来,北绿岛意大利餐厅一直 以其简约而精致美味的菜式吸引着岛城的新老 食客。这从历届吃饭大奖中的投票状况也可窥 见一斑。这是岛城意大利风味美食的最佳就餐 地。餐厅环境气氛暖意满满,融和且雅致,其 开放式厨房内还有一个嵌入式的比萨烤炉,就 餐者可以亲眼看到美食由生鲜至香熟的经过。

67 (Jia) Zhangzhou Lu 8589-8530 漳州路67号甲,中环广场


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广告 • 特辑


Best Late Night Food - ssLPG 最佳宵夜餐厅:老菲酒吧 A popular after hours night spot for Qingdao’s expat crowd, this bar is excellent for when you have a sudden late night craving for some quality bar food. While there you can also indulge in a game of fooseball while listening to music that alternates between house to classics from the noughties.

Best Place to Take a Date The Sunset Lounge 最佳约会餐厅:日落咖啡 (奥博维特青年旅舍内)

Best Décor The Canvas 最佳装潢餐厅: Canvas美式餐厅 The interior of The Canvas is simply stunning. One of the main reasons for this is due to the creative genius of Kim Hak Seok, a New York based restaurant designer who conceptualised and redesigned everything from the logo, through to the woody interior to the paper that is wrapped around the burgers. Clean and spacious, The Canvas exudes an atmosphere of relaxation while providing delicious comfort food and no-nonsense drinks for their loyal clientele.

Best Hotel Buffet - Café Yum & Market Cafe 最佳自助餐厅:一 品堂&咖啡厅全日 自助餐厅 As a testament to the close competition, both Café Yum and the Market Cafe have tied for first place for the Best Hotel Buffet category. 由于投票数目不相伯 仲,一品堂和咖啡厅全 日自助餐厅均被当选成 为了本年度的最佳自助 餐厅。


Canvas美式餐厅的内 部装潢,一词蔽之,那就 是“惊艳”。这多得了金学 石这位驻纽约的韩国天才设 计师。他专攻餐厅设计。从 logo开始,至餐厅全方位的 木料装潢,再到用来包装餐 厅出品的汉堡的食品纸,都 是他一手创作完成的。干 净、宽敞,Canvas美式餐 厅在供应味道一流的美式佳 肴的同时,其环境也给食客 提供了一种放松之感。饮料 更是正宗到毋用多说。

No. 63B Zhangzhou Lu 8565-5688 漳州路63号B (太古步行街)

Café Yum 一品堂 Café Yum offers all day dining with either a la carte or a great international buffet with open-cooking stations. Seafood, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Western selections are available along with fresh salads and tempting desserts. 一品堂拥有宽敞的开放 式厨房,你既可以选择单点菜 式,亦可以选择精心烹制多种 国际美食的自助餐。各类海 鲜、本地特色美食、日韩料 理、新鲜的沙拉及精美的甜 品,肯定有一款可以满足你的 胃口。

1F, Shangri-La Hotel 9 XiangGang Zhong Lu 香格里拉大饭店1层, 香港中 路9号

The Sunset Lounge is situated in a hilltop park of the German concession and overlooks the skyline of the old town. The building itself is heritage listed and was home to one of China’s first Astrological Observatories. Described by the Lonely Planet Guide as ‘one of the best locales with an unbeatable view’ it is the ideal place to take that special someone.

一家在岛城外籍人士圈中非常受欢迎的深夜玩乐酒吧。玩乐模式开 至夜深,突然渴望想吃点东西补充能量?这里就是你应该来的地方。不 用担心,老菲酒吧是一家风格多样、人人皆能融入其中的酒吧。一间桌 式足球室,一箩筐风格迥异的音乐——经典、淘气、House,你要来哪 种?

162 Jiangxi Lu 8593-6566 江西路162号

日落咖啡位于德国老城区的一个幽静的山头公 园。在这里,你可以俯瞰全城的天际线。该咖啡厅 坐落在一座曾为中国首个现代天文台的保护建筑之 内。《孤独星球》旅行指南将这里誉为是全城观景 最佳之处。无敌的景色围绕在你左近,这里绝对是 约会最佳之地。

21 Guanxiang Er Lu 8282-2626 观象二路21号

Best New Place - Happy Valley 最佳新开餐厅:小确幸 Despite its simple menu, Happy Valley has quickly become a popular choice for diners because of its authentic, rich and old fashioned "Mama's taste" cuisine. Happy Valley has since opened two restaurants in Qingdao both of which are chefed by Peter Zhao, who was previously the Executive Sous Chef at the Hilton Al Ain in Saudi Arabia. The first Happy Valley is a small boutique restaurant located in a 110-year-old German mansion in the Old Town, while the second was recently opened at the end of 2013, in downtown Qingdao. With an amazing sea view, this venue focuses more on delicate French cuisine.

小确幸一共有两家餐厅,两家店均由 曾任阿联酋希尔顿行政副总厨的PETER监 制菜品并亲自主理。一家是位于青岛老城 区一间110年历史的德式老房子里的迷你 西餐馆——小确幸食堂,于2013年3月份 开业,菜单短小,却以地道、饱满、浓郁 的“妈妈的味道”火速蹿红,深受食客好 评。2013年年底,小确幸海景店开张,位 于东部写字楼21层,拥有浪漫海景,制作 正宗法餐。

Old Town Branch: 22 (jia) Hunan Lu 8288-0708 老城区店 湖南路22号甲(安徽路与湖南路交叉口东 走60米) Seaview Branch: Rm. 2102, , 1 Unit, Donghai Shijia, 41 Donghai Xi Lu 8573-9008 海景店 东海西路41号东海世家A座2102室(近阳 光百货)

Market Café 咖啡厅全日自助餐厅 This unique all-day-dining restaurant features four interactive open kitchens and serves Seasonal world cuisine as an extravagant buffet spread plus an a la carte menu during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Trimmed in white marble and natural woods, the interior of the Market Café features soaring 15-metre ceilings and steps out to an oceanfront dining deck with access to the beach. 这是一间具有挑高空间格局的时尚全日餐 厅,提供经典的国际性自助美食以及本地特色 美馔。这里拥有四间风格迥异的开放式美食厨 房,新鲜的时令蔬食就在你眼前烹调制成。高 达15米的天花板给你提供格外开阔的视野和海 岸美景,几步之遥就是大海和沙滩。

88 DongHai Dong Lu 8612-1234 ext. 6323 东海东路88号


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广告 • 特辑

Hopefuls that Hit the Mark

USA // Meryl Davis & Charlie White

Leading up to the Sochi Olympics, Shaun White was the great hope for American snowboarding due to his previous successes in the last two Winter Olympics, making him one of the biggest names in the games. However, White pulled out of the competitions early this year due to an injury on a particularly harsh course. The athletes that really shined for Team USA were Meryl Davis and Charlie White (no relation to Shaun). The figure skating duo won the gold for ice dancing on February 17, setting new records in both the short and free dance programs. This also made them America’s first Olympic champions in ice dancing. Meryl and Charlie have been skating together since they were ten-year-olds in 1997. These 17 years spent cutting the ice together have made them

Jordan Eckenrode gives you a tour of the winter wonderland that was the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Jordan带你回味这个冬天最美妙的奇观——2014索契冬奥会。


he 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are over. The medals have been handed out and athletes have returned to their home countries either empty-handed or a hero. The games also left us with some iconic memories like the red ring that represents the Americas of the Olympic logo malfunctioning during the opening ceremony, it being the most expensive winter games to date, and the anti-gay policy that forbid openly gay players from participating. So with our memory of the games and their impact still fresh in our mind, here are some athletes that made a name for themselves during the games.

2014索契冬奥会已经结束,比赛结果 尘埃落定。有人欢笑有人落寞,或是两手 空空,或是载誉而归,运动员们都回到了 他们的祖国。这次盛会留给我们太多标志 性的记忆,比如奥运五环中代表美洲的一 环在开幕式上出现故障;比如这是迄今为 止最昂贵的一届冬奥会;比如该国的反对 同性恋政策禁止公开同性身份的运动员参 加比赛,等等等等。 所以,趁比赛的记忆在此刻依然鲜活, 让我们一同回忆在本届冬奥会中名垂 青史的英雄运动员们。


the longest-lasting American ice dance team.


in 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics 冰雪赛场上的明星


Since they won a gold medal in a sport that is normally dominated by Russia and Canada, it was a big deal that they won on Russian ice. The couple has previously won the World Figure Skating Championship in 2011 and 2013. Having lived just ten minutes away from each other growing up, and their parents being best friends, they have long had a close relationship. 鉴于肖恩·怀特在前两届冬奥会中取得的优异成绩, 他曾被视为这次冬奥会上单板滑雪的夺冠热门。然而由于 伤病,怀特在今年年初就退出了奥运金牌的竞争。 真正为美国队争得荣誉的运动员,是梅丽尔·戴维斯 和查理·怀特(和肖恩·怀特没有关系)。2月17日,他们 赢得了双人花样滑冰的金牌,同时创下了短节目和自由滑 的新记录,成为美国历史上第一个冰上舞蹈的奥运冠军。 梅丽尔和查理从10岁(1997年)开始一起滑冰,在冰上一 同起舞的这17年,让他们成为美国历史上持续时间最长的 冰上舞蹈搭档。 由于花样滑冰通常是被俄罗斯和加拿大垄断的运动, 这次他们在俄罗斯的冰场上夺冠,意义重大。这对选手曾 在2011年和2013年赢得了世界花样滑冰锦标赛的冠军。他 们住的地方离彼此步程仅十分钟,他们的父母也一直是非 常要好的朋友。不难想象,他们早就拥有了非常紧密的关 系。

When the Chinese Olympic team sets their sight on gold they become a force to be reckoned with. Australia // Torah Bright

当中国代表团将金牌锁定为目标之时,他们也就 成为了一股冲击冠军的强大力量。


China // Li Jianrou

competitor) claims she knows she got lucky, but still felt honoured for her hard work.

When the Chinese Olympic team sets their sight on gold they become a force to be reckoned with.

当中国代表团将金牌锁定为目标之时,他 们也就成为了一股冲击冠军的强大力量。


This year the ice speed skating team hit the hardest, winning a handful of medals. The athlete that stood out at this year’s games was Li Jianrou of the women’s short track ice speed skating team. She won gold in the 500-metre race, but not without a bit of controversy. The Jilin local was behind in the fast-paced race. As is the nature of ice speed skating, one mistake can cost a skater the race. The lead racer slipped while cutting a corner and fell into another skater causing a two person crash on the ice. With the two racers down this gave Li an opening to slide past them for an easy, but deserving win. Li (always the

在索契冬奥会中,中国短道速滑队成为 了整个代表团的最大赢家,将众多奖牌收括囊 中。 中国女子短道速滑队的李坚柔表现出色, 在500米短道速滑比赛中,毫无争议地夺得了 冠军。李坚柔在比赛开始时曾落后于对手。但 就像在短道速滑比赛中经常发生的那样,一个 小小的过失就能断送运动员夺冠的机会。领头 的运动员在弯道试图抄近道时滑倒,牵连另一 名运动员,结果两个人在冰上撞到了一起。这 给了李坚柔超越她们的机会,并使她最终一马 当先赢得了冠军。李坚柔是幸运的,不过她也 实至名归。她表示,“或许这是奇迹,但只有 努力了才会出现奇迹。”

Nothing is hotter than a girl that likes to live on the edge and who is really into extreme sports. Not only is Torah Bright beautiful, but she can also shred it on the slopes. Going into the Sochi Olympics, she was the one to watch out of the whole Australian team of 60 athletes, which was the largest contingent the country has ever sent to the winter games. Bright trains and lives in the United States in Salt Lake City, Utah, but is originally from Cooma in New South Wales. Despite high expectations in the media, she didn’t win the gold, but got sliver in the women’s halfpipe event instead. Despite this, she still made Winter Olympic history by becoming the first athlete to qualify in three different snowboarding events: slopestyle, halfpipe and snowboard cross. 一个喜欢刺激的极限运动的姑娘再性感不过了。特拉·布莱 特不仅人长得美,还能在单板滑雪的斜坡上肆意纵横。在索契冬 奥会上,她同时还是由60名运动员组成的澳大利亚代表团(史上 人数最多)的总负责人。 布莱特在美国犹他州的盐湖城生活并接受训练,不过她实际 上来自澳大利亚新南威尔士的库马。媒体对她的期望很高,不过 最终她仅抱憾获得了一枚女子单板滑雪U型池银牌。尽管如此, 她仍然创造了冬奥会的历史,成为第一个参加过花式滑雪、U型 池、越野赛三种不同的单板滑雪比赛的运动员。

Russia // Evgeni Plushenko


The spotlight athlete from Russia is Evgeni Plushenko, who is an excellent figure skater. Also worth mentioning is Russia’s ice hockey team because of its star-studded lineup. Before the games, Russia’s team looked pretty strong with professional athletes like the NHL's Alexander Ovechkin, the top goal scorer in the league, making up their roster. Also featured on the Russian team were Pavel Datsyuk of the Detroit Red Wings and Evgeni Malkin of the Pittsburgh Penguins.


/ FEATURES // 广告 • 特辑 Evgeni Plushenko, a long time veteran of the Olympic games, is one of the best figure skaters to come out of Russia. At this year's games – his fourth trip to the Winter Olympics - the 31-year-old won the gold in figure skating at the team trophy event.

Alexandre Bilodeau stood out during the games, winning a gold medal in freestyle skiing in the Men’s Moguls event. Mogul skiing is when skiers race down a bumpy slope showing off tricks and jumps, while aggressively making sharp turns. This isn’t Alex’s first gold medal, however. At the Vancouver games he was the first Canadian to win a gold medal on Canadian soil.

俄罗斯受关注度最高的运动员是叶甫根 尼·普鲁申科,他是一名出色的花样滑冰运动 员。同样值得关注的,还有俄罗斯群星璀璨的 冰球队。俄罗斯冰球队的阵容非常强大,有来 自国家冰球队的最佳得分球员亚历山大·奥 维契金,来自底特律红翼队的帕维尔·达丘 克和来自匹兹堡企鹅队的叶甫根尼·马尔钦。 叶甫根尼·普鲁申科是俄罗斯最棒的花样 滑冰运动员之一。今年,在他的第四次冬奥之 旅上,这位31岁的老将获得了花样滑冰团体赛 冠军。

Canada // Alexandre Bilodeau


When it comes to winter sports, nobody takes it more seriously than the friendly people of the Great White North. This year Canada did especially well in the freestyle skiing events, winning a handful of medals.

说起冬季运动,友好 的加拿大人民对待它再认真 不过了。今年加拿大在自由 式滑雪项目中表现得尤为出 色,赢得了不少奖牌。 在自由式滑雪男子雪上技巧比赛中,亚 历山大·比洛多脱颖而出,赢得一枚金牌。 雪上技巧比赛要求滑雪者飞速冲下一段崎岖 不平的斜坡,在展示跳跃技巧的同时,做出 急剧的转弯。这并不是亚历山大的第一枚金 牌,在温哥华冬奥会上,他亦成为了在本国 主场上获得金牌的第一人。

Germany // Felix Loch


Germany did quite well at this year's winter games, winning a slew of gold medals and a hefty load of silver and bronze medals. The events that Germany has been spanking the competition is in luge and numerous skiing events. Luge expert Felix Loch won Germany's first gold medal of the Sochi Olympics in the Men’s Single Luge. During the last Winter Olympics in 2010, Loch – at the young age of 21 – became the youngest Olympian to win a gold medal in the luge. 在今年的冬奥会上,德国表现出色,赢得 了不少奖牌。德国在雪橇项目和滑雪项目上 的高超技术推动着这些运动的持续发展。 雪橇运动强将菲利克斯·洛赫在男子单 人雪橇比赛中为德国赢得了索契冬奥会 的第一枚金牌。在上届温哥华冬奥会 中,时年仅21岁的洛克成为奥运历 史上雪橇项目最年轻的金牌获得 者。 28

Norway // Tora Berger


Biathlon, a winter sport that combines cross-country skiing with rifle marksmanship, is one of the more uncommon sports in the winter games. This sport originates from an exercise Norwegians participated in as an alternative for military training. Since Norway is the birthplace of the mutli-disciplinary sport, their athletes often have a natural advantage. Going into 2014 Tora Berger was one of the main hopefuls in biathlon because she has been on the Norwegian team since 1999, and won the gold in biathlon at

the Vancouver games in 2010. This year, however, she brought home the silver in the women’s pursuit event. Nevertheless, Norway still won two gold medals in biathlon this year. 冬季两项,是一项结合了越野滑雪和来 福枪射击的冬季运动,被视为是冬奥会最独 特的运动之一。这项运动起源于挪威人的军 事训练。因为挪威是多项目运动的发源地, 挪威的运动员常常有一种天生的优势。 图拉·伯杰曾是2014年索契冬奥会最 有希望夺冠的冬季两项选手之一,因为她 从1999年就加入了挪威国家队,并赢得了 2010年温哥华冬奥会的冬季两项金牌。不过 今年她在女子比赛中屈居亚军。尽管如此, 挪威队仍然收获了该项目的两枚金牌。

/ FEATURES // 广告 • 特辑

广告 • 特辑

Figure skating

Freestyle skiing



I have to admit I'm not the greatest fan of figure skating, however I have a great respect for those athletes. Imagine falling on your hip after spinning four times in the air and hitting the ground with the force three to four times greater that we “earthlings” usually are exposed to, especially pair figure skating. Women are getting thrown several feet in the air and don't think they just learn how to land straight away! Mistakes and falls are what make their performance so exciting and unforgettable in the end. Flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy, and most importantly leg strength is crucial for not only during explosive jumps, but even more so for safe landings.

Train Like a Sochi Olympian

Luge This is the first time in history that this sport has been included in the Winter Olympics, and it might have just become my favourite. What you presume to be a “quadruple backflip seven twenty” for a physicist is a total nightmare and even more fun for a CrossFit head. The power, strength, speed, balance, accuracy and coordination that are involved in this sport just leave me with two words to describe it: ‘Figure Skiing’. They both share the same characteristics, the only difference is the longevity of the effort: in figure skating we have a relatively longer time of effort, whereas Freestyle Skiing is more of a short time, high power 'routine'.

百炼生肌 From the infamous triple lutz in figure skating to sliding down a luge track at 140 km per hour, Winter Olympians display impressive amounts of unusual physical fitness. How does each of these sports performed on snow and ice shape the body and mind of an athlete? REDSTAR's Jieling Liu interviews CrossFit trainer Fil Wojtynski to find out.

Curling 冰壶

相信收看过索契冬奥会的观众,一定不 会忘记那些精彩的瞬间,运动员们用自 己的那份执着,创造了一个又一个奇 迹,比如高难度的勾手三周跳,无舵雪 橇竞赛的时速高达140公里等等。你不 禁要问,他们的身体到底经过何种 训练才变得如此矫健;思维如何才 变得如此坚韧不拔、愈挫愈勇, 充满竞技精神?带着这些疑 问,Jieling采访了专业健身 教练Fil。

Curling is a sport where balance and accuracy play a crucial role. There is no real power involved apart from the initial take-off to send the kettle on its way, while staying in a one-legged lunge position. As for the Sweeper, while its not hard to sweep the ice, its not easy when you're moving at around running speed and you don't want to fall over in front of all the people at the venue and in front of their TVs. How would you train to increase those skills? Onelegged lifting of weights that involve core rotation training. One-legged deadlifts; one-legged rows with kettlebells, one-legged squat and so on.



双脚在空中旋转4圈后落地时所需承受的 力,是我们这些“凡人”所无法想象的。尤其 是双人滑冰,女选手不仅会被搭档抛至空中, 还要在落地前做各种旋转,让人眼花缭乱。失 误和摔倒在花滑比赛中也是家常便饭,但即使 并不完美,观众们也会为其鼓掌,向其致敬。 花滑除了追求柔韧性,力量、速度、协调性、 灵活性、平衡性和精准度也很讲究,最重要的 是腿部力量,要保证跳跃的质量和落地的稳定 性。

冰壶是一项对平衡性及精准 度要求极高的运动。冰壶比赛对选 手没有太高的力量要求,因为只有 掷壶以及之前的蹬冰才需要适当加 力。至于刷冰,它本身并不难,难 点在于如何在保持一定速度的前提 下,一边刷一边滑,既不碰到别的 壶,又能随时刹住。那他们是如何 训练才能达到这么高水准的呢?Fil 解释,冰壶运动员们一般都需进行 涉及身体旋转的单腿提踵,以及单 腿硬拉训练,也就是手提壶铃,用 一条腿支撑身体,另一条向后伸 展,保持平衡。

对于物理学家来说,向后翻腾四周转体 720°是一个近乎恐怖的动作,但对于自由式 滑雪运动员们来说,这只会让他们的肾上腺素 增加。该项运动集力量、速度、平衡性、精准 度和协调性于一体,看这一项目,各种纷繁复 杂的动作会令你眼花缭乱,甚至连吸口气的时 间都腾不出来。虽然自由式滑雪和花样滑冰的 技术特点相同,但两者在赛场上所付出的努力 和精力却长短不一。花样滑冰的比赛时间相对 更长,自由式滑雪则是“速战速决”。

Ski jumping 跳台滑雪

Probably this is one of the most interesting categories. You have to be light to stay in the air as long as possible, crazy physics are involved here: the angle of the athletes’ arms and hands (in order to create maximum draft so the body is actually acting as a huge kite), as well as skis that are often quite a few feet longer than the jumper himself! Similarly to Luge you start from a rowing position so upper body strength will be an advantage


You start in a rowing position, your back, arm and shoulder strength needs to be paired with immense ‘core’ power. Imagine how quick your reflexes have to be to be able to respond to the track while going at around 90mph!, yes, almost one hundred and fifty kilometers per hour. Making those turns will push you into that tiny sled with a humongous force that's sometimes more than five times the force of gravity. Full body strength and all the characteristics from the sports above are extremely important here to shave off every hundredth of a second to win.

无舵雪橇是一项需要在超高引力作用下, 合理分配背部、手臂和肩部力量来行进的运 动。雪橇以150多公里的时速前进,因此运动 员们必须在极短的时间内,根据赛道情况做出 相应调整。有时,运动员们甚至需要使出超过 地球重力5倍的力量,才能使雪橇拐弯前进。 用力如此之大,他们有时甚至感觉整个身体都 在往狭窄的雪橇里钻。全身各部位的力量,以 及上述所有运动的技术要领对雪橇运动来说都 是至关重要的,冠亚军的差距可能仅在毫厘之 间。

but most important is the explosive power to jump out of the gate and get as much air as possible. 跳台滑雪可以算是冬季运动中最具观赏 性和挑战性的项目之一。运动员们各个身轻如 燕,尽最大努力让自己在空中“飞”:两手和 臂通常紧贴在身体两侧,使身体沿自然抛物线 滑翔,以此获得最大的空气升力,就连滑板通 常也要比运动员的身体更长几尺。和无舵雪橇 相似,跳台滑雪也需要运动员有较强的上肢力 量,不过最关键要看选手飞出跳台瞬间的爆发 力,爆发力越好,获得的空气助力也越大。

Fil is a qualified CrossFit and kettlebell trainer that works out at the He Yoga & CrossFit. Fil是一名专业认证CrossFit及壶铃健身教练,他常去合瑜伽健身锻炼。



EVENTS 活动 “The Poseidon’s Secret” book signing 2-4pm REDSTAR office

St Patrick’s Day Party Dubliner Bar

01 02

《海神号的秘密》 签书会 红星办公室






Guan Yaliang’s Folk Live 9pm Downtown Bar

Stage Drama: Teahouse 7:30pm Grand Theatre

Stage Drama: Teahouse 7:30pm Grand Theatre






Ajinai Mongolia Band 9pm, Downtown Bar




Hangover Punk Band 9pm, Downtown Bar

03 04 05 06 07 08 09 宿醉乐队巡演

Hash Jinan Run 8am (Gathering at train station)


Live Stand up Comedy: All Irish Show 8:30pm Dubliner Bar

Hats Party 9pm Downtown Bar

17 18 19 20 21 22


Musical: Wang Er’s Long March 7:30pm Grand Theatre

帽子派对 戴帽子入场者获免费饮 品一杯

红星脱口秀:爱尔兰 专场 都柏林酒吧


音乐剧《王二的长征》 青岛大剧院






Techno night by DJ Jackie 9pm Downtown Bar

Drama: The Murder in Sky Garden 7:30pm Grand Theatre

24 25 26 27 28 29 30 孟京辉戏剧 《空中花园谋杀案》 青岛大剧院

HASH济南郊游跑 火车站集合

Clipper Race Qingdao

Indian Gourmet Festival Cafe Asia Crowne Plaza

Hash Annual Staircase Run 2pm Crowne Plaza

Blue Steel Band 9pm Downtown Bar

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 克利勃帆船赛青岛站

印度美食节开幕 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店 亚洲咖啡

HASH 年度慈善楼梯跑 青岛颐中皇冠酒店


Musical: Wang Er’s Long March 7:30pm Grand Theatre


音乐剧《王二的长征》 青岛大剧院

REDSTAR Chifan 2014 Awards Ceremony 红星2014吃饭大奖 颁奖派对 March 15th 7-11pm REDSTAR office

3月15日 // 晚7-11点 红星办公室


o celebrate the conclusion of this year’s Chifan Awards, REDSTAR will be hosting an Official Awards Ceremony on March 15 from 7pm to 11pm at REDSTAR office for award winners, nominees, and the local community of Qingdao food critics and diners whose votes made it all possible. The evening will be done in style, with music and entertainment followed by the presentation of awards for each of the different Chifan categories to the winners.


Chifan award nominees will be able to enjoy free food and delicious drinks during the night. While other gourmands, food critics, and miscellaneous attendees can partake in this feast for the modest sum of 50 RMB. For catering purposes please RSVP to REDSTAR at rosanne@redstarworks. com. We look forward to seeing you there! 今年的吃饭大奖终 于落下帷幕,花落多家 优秀餐厅。吃货们又有好 地儿去了!红星也将在3月 15日晚上7点至11点,在 位于创意一百产业园的办公室举办一 场颁奖及庆祝派对,诚意邀请获胜的 餐厅、提名餐厅及所有给大奖投票的 读者和吃货们前来参加。 当晚派对将逐一宣布获奖餐厅, 届时亦会有音乐、饮料及美食相伴。 代表提名餐厅参加者,可免费享受饮 料小吃;读者、吃货以及所有关注支 持红星吃饭大奖者也只需付50元。 想合作赞助提供饮料食物者欢迎 发送电邮至rosanne@redstarworks. com联系我们。

Musical Monkeys 音乐精灵

March 14th 9:30am-10:30pm YCIS Shazikou Camus

3月14日 // 上午9点半-晚上10点半 青岛耀中国际学校沙子口校区


usical Monkeys meets twice a month to sing songs, play games and enjoy some bonding time with other children. Supported by YCIS Qingdao, this group allows children from 1-2 years old to experience and take part in live music, while providing the chance for parents to meet and discuss... well, whatever it is that parents discuss.

“音乐精灵”每两个月定期举办 儿童唱歌、玩游戏等活动。活动由青 岛耀中国际学校大力支持,参加活动 不仅仅可以让1-2岁的孩子体验并参与 现场音乐,同时还可以给家长们提供 一个聚会的机会。 本次“音乐精灵”活动将于3月14 日举办,自上午9点半开始,至晚上10 点半结束。届时青岛耀中国际学校会 提供从市区到其沙子口校区的班车。

Got an event to promote? Get it on this calendar! 把你的活动放到日历上!


M Tuesday 18 Comedy show back to Qingdao! Come and celebrate St.Patrick’s day with a very special ALL IRISH comedy night at The Dubliner on Tuesday 18th March. Following a hilarious sell-out

Address: Building 7, Haowangjiao, 36 Laoshan Lu. Please contact: for more info.

show in January, we are bringing out THREE Irish com-

校区地址:崂山路36号 好望角7号楼 如果有兴趣,请发送电 邮至enquiry@qd.ycef. com获取更多信息。

here: http://www.myredstar.

ics to entertain you as only funny Irishmen can! ‘Early Bird’ tickets are now on sale at The Dubliner, REDSTAR and Old Jack’s, or save yourself a trip and buy online com/irish-comedy-march/.

The next gathering will be on March 14, running from 9:30am - 10:30pm. Buses will be provided from areas throughout Qingdao to transport to the YCIS campus in Shazikou.


/ EVENTS // 广告 • 活动

广告 • 活动


Vinyl Soldier Brings You the Raw Beauty of Techno Techno DJ玩转黑胶 March 29th // 9pm Downtown Bar 3月29日 // 晚9点

Something’s Brewing 自酿啤酒

与其他DJ最与别不同的是,Jackie玩的都 是黑胶唱片,加上他放的歌曲大多数只截取其 中最重要最律动的部分,因此,在他的现场, 你看到的他肯定不是在电脑后僵站着,而是忙 碌着在不同唱片之间切换。


nlike most other DJs, Jackie uses vinyl records. He prefers to pick only the most rhythmic part in the piece of songs. Hence you won’t see people getting bored, or yourself getting bored, and you won’t see him just standing behind the computer. He’s moving all the time, changing records. From a relatively young age, Jackie started to expose himself to all sorts of music. He was also a drummer in a band. Occasionally, he got to know how to play a turntable, which initiated his interest to become a DJ and collect vinyl records. So far, he’s one of the very few DJs in China that still put their heads into traditional Techno/House music. While digital music is still the mainstream, Jackie prefers

to use vinyl records because they are more original and raw. Usually he plays up to 30 songs in an hour, because, in his words: “you gotta work real hard to bring the real thing to the people. ” Like Kay C, the DJ we introduced two months ago, Jackie is also one of the popular icons in Lantern club, one of Beijing’s most important spots for electronic music & parties. But while Kay C is from Hong Kong, which is more versatile in the culture and musical scene, Jackie is the real local chic. It’s pretty rare to see local musicians getting so into Techno/House music. His show in Downtown Bar this month is absolutely a must-see. Free entrance, too. Jieling Liu

Blue Steel 蓝铁

March 16th 9pm Downtown Bar 3月16日 // 晚9点 34

Jackie从小开始接触大量各种类型的 音乐。他亦曾经担任乐队鼓手,在偶然接触 到Turntable后,开始DJ生涯,并收集大量 黑胶。他是国内如今少有的依然坚持在传统 Techno/House领域的DJ。当下,数码音色无 疑才是主流;而Jackie更偏好黑胶唱片粗糙古 老的质感和原汁原味的音乐。他一小时内一般 会放30首左右的歌曲,因此,在他的现场, 你肯定不会觉得单调和疲乏。用他的话来说 是:“你得卯足了劲去工作,去带给台下一些 货真价实的东西。” 跟上次介绍过的DJ Kay C一样,他现在也 是北京电子音乐及派对领域的重要根据地—— 灯笼俱乐部的宠儿。不同的是,Kay C毕竟在 文化背景更多元、音乐潮流也更丰富的香港出 生成长,而Jackie是名正言顺的本土DJ,对 House/Techno音乐玩得如此熟稔的本土DJ, 实在是非常少有。他在裆烫吧的这次现场绝对 值得一看。入场免费。


ew to the local scene, Blue Steel Band is a fresh folk-rock group formed last April in the neighbouring seaside city of Weihai. The group favours sentimental rock ballads, featuring singer Zhang Hengyuan who belts out full-hearted vocals, with lead guitarist Ah Zheng shredding it on his electric axe. The most talented member of the five-piece group, Ah also composes the music and writes the lyrics. Blue Steel


ired of drinking the same old Tsingtao beer all the time? Ever dreamed of having fruity pale ales, hoppy IPAs, roasty porters or crisp bitters? Or, are you just curious how beer is made? The Qingdao Homebrewing Society is here to help. Through our monthly meetings and special events anyone can learn the brewing process, share tips on where to find equipment and ingredients or just hang out with other people who enjoy great beer. With the help of experienced brewers you can even quickly brew up a tasty beer in your own home. So far the QDHBS has held two collaborative brewing events with the help of John Herrington from Strong Ale Works. At each event a collaborative wort (unfermented beer) was made and each member took home a fermenter (~20 litres) to ferment at home and make their own adjustments. Follow up events teach newcomers how to bottle their beer. The group then meets again to share

Band comes to Downtown Bar this month celebrating the release of its first album, Next Intersection, and a long road trip. Qingdao is only the third stop in a national 20-concert tour scheduled for these Shandong natives. Expect plenty of bluesy electric guitar solos, heartfelt singing and acoustic rhythm guitar. For those with a broken heart, Blue Steel Band will sooth your bruised soul as you light another cigarette. And by the end of the show, you’ll be scratching out the tattoo of your last lover’s name with the edge of a switchblade.

their final products, and discuss the differences caused by various yeast strains and hop / adjunct additions. To get started brewing your own beer you will not need much equipment, and how much you spend will depend on how fancy you want to get. Joining the club is free. Everybody is welcome to join and everything can be explained in English and Chinese. Log on to www. to find out more information, or email Piers and Chris at info@ if you want to join the next round of brewing. Piers Matthews 青岛啤酒固然好,但也是时候换换口味 了。不妨来一杯带有果味的爱尔兰啤酒,或 者让人沉醉的印式淡麦芽啤酒,还可以体验一 回波特黑啤的焙焦麦芽香,或者苦味啤酒的干 涩。如果你对酿酒感兴趣的话,欢迎加入青岛 自酿啤酒社团。 青岛自酿啤酒社团,是一个供广大自酿啤

岛城人民也许对蓝铁乐队比较陌生。这 是一支去年四月份在威海成立的新民谣摇滚乐 队,以演唱抒情摇滚民谣为主。主唱张恒源的 嗓音浑厚,演唱情感充沛;主吉他手阿正用 吉他演绎摇滚激情。作为五人中最有才华的成 员,阿正同时也担当着为乐队写歌和填词的重 要任务。 本月,蓝铁乐队将来到Downtown吧,宣 传他们的第一张专辑《下一个路口》。乐队计 划在全国举行20场巡回音乐会,其中有三场献 给山东老乡。

酒爱好者相互交流和学习的平台。社团每月都 会举办交流会和酿酒活动,为大家讲解酿酒的 流程,小窍门,以及去哪儿购买设备和原料, 让爱好者们相互交流心得。在资深酿酒师的帮 助下,你很快就能够喝上自己酿造的啤酒了。 在强麦啤酒坊酿酒师John的带领下,我 们成功举办了两次自酿啤酒活动。每次活动结 束后,社团成员都可以把未发酵的麦汁带回家 自行发酵(建议自带一个20公升以下,密封性 好的桶),就可以根据自己的喜好酿出不同口 感的啤酒了。下期活动我们将给新手们讲讲如 何将啤酒装瓶,学会以后,便可带上自己的成 品,在下次交流会上同大家一起品尝,分享不 同酵母和啤酒花等赋予啤酒的美妙风味了。 初级酿酒需要的设备不多,成本投入主要 取决于自己对品质的要求。 参加酿酒活动无需任何费用,欢迎大家 踊跃报名,社团的中外成员会给新人们耐心讲 解。详情请访问www.qingdaohomebrewing. com。有意参加下期酿酒活动的朋友可以发送 电邮至info@qingdaohomebrewing.com联系 Piers和Chris进行报名。

青岛是此次巡回音乐会的第三站。届 时,蓝铁乐队将带来伤感的电吉他独奏和深 情的歌曲演唱,带领大家感受吉他的动人魅 力。失恋的朋友们不必伤心,蓝铁乐队会用 他们的音乐抚平你受伤的心灵。听完他们的 音乐会,保准你连前男(女)友的名字都想 从记忆里抹去。

Jordon Shinn


/ EVENTS // 广告 • 活动

广告 • 活动

Intellectual Property Rights for Managers

总经理知识产权课堂 Qingdao International Business Association March 26th // 6-9pm // InterContinental Qingdao ¥150 (free for annual members) 青岛国际商会 3月26日 // 晚6-9点 // 青岛海尔洲际酒店 入场费用:150元(会员免费)


ntellectual property strategies are often developed from a company’s headquarters. If this isn’t in China, there can often be things that are missed simply because the country is far away, culturally different, or simply inaccessible. “What do GMs need to know about IPR in China?” is the result of numerous meetings and interviews Emanuela Verrecchia has had with General Managers in their China plants and offices, and is specifically designed to help you understand what you must do in order to make your IPR (Intellecutal Property Rights) a profitable, healthy asset, rather than a black hole. Ms. Verrecchia is an Italian lawyer and qualified Italian and European Trademark Attorney, based in Rouse’s Shanghai office,

How to Get an Education While at College 领略美国艺术教 育的魅力 March 23rd, 3-7pm Shangri-La Qingdao Function Room 31 RSVP 报名电话 at 187 0532-9300

3月23日,下午3点 青岛香格里拉大酒店三楼多 功能厅31#厅 36

where she assists clients in designing and implementing IPR enforcement strategies in China and SE Asia. After practising intellectual property in Italy for ten years, she moved to Asia in 2007, believing - as most people do - that it was just for a few months. Before joining Rouse in 2010, Ms. Verrecchia worked for Allen & Overy and two leading Italian IP firms. She has also worked as a visiting lawyer in several firms in Europe, specialising in IP and entertainment law.

对于一家企业来说,其产品的知识产权策 略往往是总部才能制订的。如果策略不是在中 国制订的话,可能会难以落实,相关细节可能 也会被忽略,因为中国与总部可能有地理位置 遥远、文化差异显著这些缺点,也有时候就是 没法落实。 企业总经理对知识产权在中国的状况了 解如何?这个问题,是意大利律师Emanuela 在跟众多在华设有分部的企业总经理交流多 次以后,提出来的问题。要保护自己的知识 产权,并保持知识产权作为公司的其中一部 分资产的价值,而不是一个难以下手解决的 黑洞,企业家和读者们需要正确认识和回答 上面这个问题。 美兰(Emanuela Verrecchia)是一名来 自意大利的资深律师及欧洲商标代理人,她 常驻罗思咨询公司的上海分部。她的职责是 辅助中国和东南亚的客户设计并实施知识产 权策略。 在意大利从事了十年的知识产权业务 后,她于2007年来到了亚洲,当时,跟大多 数人一样,她以为只要几个月就可以搞定那 笔业务了。 2010年加入罗思咨询公司之前,美兰曾为 英国安理国际律师事务所及两家顶尖的意大利 知识产权事务所工作。此前她也曾以访问律师 的身份,为欧洲多家专注知识产权及娱乐法的 事务所工作过。

If you haven’t already joined Qingdao International Business Association, now is the time! Annual membership for 2014 costs only ¥800, and includes Qingdao’s best monthly networking event and presentations from experts. Email to sign up, or look for them on LinkedIn.

如果你还不是青岛国际商会的一员,那就 赶紧加入吧。只需800元的年费,就可参与每 月的顶级社交活动及专家的演讲。报名请发送 电邮至,或在LinkedIn 找到该商会进行报名或咨询。


如果你打算去美国上大学,别错过这场由 美国其中一所文理学院的校长为大家带来的美 国教育讲座。

f you’re thinking about attending university in the US, don’t miss this free lecture from the President of one of America’s most acclaimed, student-focused colleges! Many of America’s most influential leaders, in every profession, have instead come from the nation’s liberal arts colleges. Liberal arts colleges are typically smaller schools which focus on developing the student’s ability in their major field, along with a broad range of intellectual capabilities. This orientation differs from the strongly vocational, technical offering of a large research university. This approach can provide students with a much richer learning experience. Sarah Lawrence College, in New York state, is a shining example of the liberal arts tradition, with graduates ranging from Rahm Emanuel (Mayor of Chicago) to J.J. Abrams (creator of Lost, director of recent Star Trek and forthcoming Star Wars films), and even . College President Karen Lawrence will speak on the value of liberal arts education at Shangri-La Qingdao. Reservations are recommended.


也许你以为业界精英们都来自哈佛耶鲁等 名校,但事实上,他们中有许多都毕业于美国 文理学院。在许多美国人心中,文理学院往往 象征着着经典、小规模、高质量的本科教育。 与相比只提供单一学科知识或职业技能的一般 综合性高校,文理学院除了使学生获得渊博的 知识储备外,还注重培养良好的身体素质、道 德观念、思辨能力、领导气质等品质,使其成 为一个高素质,有教养的文化人。正是这种以 学生为中心的教学模式,使得文理学院的学生 能够接受更全面,更深层次的教育。 莎拉劳伦斯学院位于美国纽约州,是一所 极具盛名的文理学院。近几十年在各行各业都有 成功的SLC毕业生,例如Rahm Emanuel(现芝 加哥市长)和J.J. Abrams(导演,剧作家兼制片 人,作品有《碟中谍》和《星际迷航》等)。本 月23日下午,在青岛香格里拉大酒店,莎拉劳伦 斯学院的校长凯伦·劳伦斯将与来宾畅谈人文艺 术教育的价值。建议提前报名。

Crowne Plaza Staircase Run

颐中皇冠酒店楼梯跑 March 15th // 2pm // Crowne Plaza 3月15日 // 下午2点 // 青岛颐中皇冠酒店 Cost: 50元


es we know we announced this event last month, but we would like to give it another boost, for charity’s sake. The Crowne Plaza Staircase Run is one of Qingdao’s most exciting (and exhausting) charity events starting in the basement and finishing on the 41st floor. The fastest runner will be given a free night in one of Crowne Plaza’s luxurious rooms to collapse and recover in, while other runners will have a chance to win prizes in additional race categories including “slowest runner”, “youngest runner” and “best dressed runner”. The money that is collected will be donated to the Qingdao Expat Charity Group to help the children and elderly of Qingdao. For more information please email 我们知道上个月已经报道过这个活动,不过现在还想再吆喝吆喝, 毕竟这也是个慈善性质的活动。又到了岛城最刺激也最累人的体育/慈善 活动举办的季节了!一如既往,每年一度的楼梯跑活动将从青岛颐中皇 冠酒店地下一层开始,一直跑到楼顶41层结束。楼梯跑的冠军得主将获 得由青岛颐中皇冠酒店提供的豪华标间住宿一晚,以舒缓疲劳;其他人 则有机会赢得“最龟速跑友”、“最小跑友”以及“最时尚跑友”光荣 称号。 活动募得的所有善款将全数捐赠给青岛外籍慈善组织,以帮助青岛 的老人和儿童。 想了解更多信息,请电邮。


渥太华 路



路 江

to Tunnel Entrance 隧道入口

路 江西 U漓

to Golden Beach 金沙滩





雀 石

路 滩

Qingdao 青岛





路 西 江 漓


Huangdao 黄岛

200 400 600 800 1000m

Golden Beach 金沙滩

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山路 峨嵋




Tunnel Entrance 隧道入口




山路 昆仑


to Rizhao

to Silver Sands Beach










银沙 滩路


江西 路





For residents and visitors, Huangdao activity orbits Jusco and Mykal, both located at the very centre of Changjiang Zhong Lu. Both have a decent selection of consumables for Western and Eastern tastes.



银 沙 滩 路 LU YIN SH AT AN

51 52 53 54 55

Dawanlai Porridge Jiuxianfang BBQ Donglaishun Haiyiyuan Lao Sichuan

51 52 53 54 55

Catch 22 Kaili’s Club The Oriental Saloon Sailing Bar Knuckles

International Dining


54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61

Qingshuiwu Japanese Hotels 51 Haixiang Hotel Xiangyin Japanese AO 52 Harvest Hotel Niuchang Japanese ND A HU 53 Haidu Hotel Yicun Korean 54 Jinjiang Inn Luigi's Pizza 55 Marco Polo Hotel Big Pizza 56 Hotel Ibis Flavors 57 Blue Horizon Golden Hotel The Oriental Express 58 Motel 8 Henri's Pizzeria&Bakery 59 Wyndham Grand Qingdao Carme Rino 60 H India-Thai Restaurant  oward Johnson Kangda Plaza Qingdao (Openging Soon) 环 岛路



Rona Café

Shopping 51 52 53 54



LU 银沙 滩路



闹中取静的黄岛拥有岛城最好的沙滩,近年来 也是忙碌、繁华、新兴的商业城市中一处不那么紧 要的安静角落。然而最近,随着城市基础设施的建 设,这一寂静的郊区正在逐渐迈入新纪元。 黄岛地区现在有了一座连接青岛市中心的海 底隧道,将旅途时间缩短了大约20多分钟,或多 或少取代了轮渡码头的地位。黄岛南通胶南,胶 南由世界上最长的跨海大桥(41.58.5公里,建成于 2011年6月)与东部的市中心相连。   当地最具吸引力的无疑是金沙滩景区和银沙滩 景区,这里沙质好、天然未经破坏、绵长延展,是 青岛市中心任何一个沙滩景区都无法比拟的。   对于当地居民和外来游客,黄岛的繁华区环 绕着坐落在长江中路的佳世客和麦凯乐。两座大 型购物中心充分满足了中西方人士的购物需求。

Help us improve this map, send your listings to

Silver Sands Beach Bar & Nightlife 银沙滩 Cafés

Chinese Dining

UAN DA OL U环 岛 路

The top tourist attractions are without doubt Golden and Silver beaches, each with longer, sandier and less-spoilt stretches than any of those in Qingdao's downtown.



The district now has a direct link to Qingdao's old town - the Jiaozhouwan tunnel has cut journey times to around 20 minutes and more or less put the old ferry terminal out of business. Jiaonan, to the north, is linked to the eastern municipality by the longest bridge in the world (41.58km, completed in June 2011).

交通旅游信息: 过桥费: ¥50 (七座以下);过隧道: 20元 (七座以下) 乘坐公交2元 隧道公交1路: 山东科技大学黄岛校区到青医附院 (05:00-20:00) 隧道公交2路: 薛家岛公交枢纽站到天泰体育场 (薛家岛 05:30-21:00,天泰体育场 06:05-21:35) 隧道公交3路: 薛家岛公交枢纽站到利津路客运站 (薛家岛 06:20-21:30,利津路 05:50-21:00) 隧道公交4路: 薛家岛公交枢纽站到四方长途 汽车站(薛家岛 06:20-21:30,四方长途 汽车站05:50-21:00)

环 岛 路

Travel info: Bridge toll: ¥50, tunnel toll ¥20 (or bus it for ¥2) (passenger car ≤7 seats)

Despite boasting the best beaches in Qingdao Municipality, Huangdao has for recent years played a quiet second fiddle to the hustle, bustle and commercialism of the downtown area. Recently however, changes in the city's infrastructure are set to fling this sleepy suburb into the 21st century.

江 东 路


L IJ 江

东 路






路 里山




阿 LU

51 5552 55 53 53


路 山





LU 萧




路 中 江 53 长 U



路 里山

山 武夷








51 52



南路 江山



江路 U三







56 53





山 紫金 LU





路 行山




春 富


LU 井冈




60 GL

江 浦 黄


山路 峨嵋 江路





55 AN U




55 52



金山支 路


N LU 庐



I LU 紫



G LU 钱


LU 北 江路









LU 榕

LU 香 江




青岛大学医学院附属医院 QIA NTAN



LU 五

to The Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical College




to Metro Cash and Carry





XI L U 嘉 陵 江

LU 漓


to Xuejiadao Ferry


LU 香




嘉陵 江









路 上海






U江 山


山路 U 太行

江东 路



Sponsored by YCIS Huangdao Campus


Liqun Baililai Market Jusco Jiajiayuan Huacai Violin Studio

Recreation 51 52

Huangdao Art Centre Shiyou Daxue Stadium

QICC contact: 72 Tai Hang Shan Lu Huang Dao Qu 经济技术开发区太行山路72号

路 东

/ TRAVEL // 广告 • 旅游

广告 • 旅游

Harbin - A Cold, Steely Beauty 冰山美人哈尔滨 Paul Finkbeiner and his friend Azkhat spend three days in the Manchurian metropolis, warding off tigers, price-gouging taxis and hypothermia. 在朋友Azkhat的陪伴下,Paul在满洲大都会哈尔滨游玩了3天,他们成功躲开了凶猛的西伯利亚 虎,漫天要价的计程车司机和滴水成冰的严寒天气。


t first, it seems like just another city in China. A metropolis with more than 10 million residents and construction projects sprouting throughout the city. But then you walk outside into the cold - a cold that gnaws your exposed skin and invades your lungs.

frenzy, sculptors from Russia, Mongolia, China, Singapore, and North America produce their creations from snow blocks the size of refrigerators. One of the workers told us that over 10,000 people visit the expo during the first week of Chinese New Year. I was glad we had come a week later.

The people of Harbin embrace the cold. They walk across the frozen Songhua River, they swim in it and they play on it. Pairs of German Shepherd dogs transport people on a sleigh, couples slide across the ice on school chairs welded onto a sledge, and children skate gingerly around an enclosed rink.

With its horse theme there was an array of horse-related sculptures, the most striking of which depicted eight horses galloping with flared nostrils and windswept hair. Others sported an eclectic mix of animals, humans, and some other mind-boggling creations.

Azkhat and I were excited to visit this ice city, and after a 12-hour train ride from Qingdao to Harbin, we booked a room at Yanda Hotel where we planned our itinerary for the week. Day 1 - Sun Island Snow Sculpture Expo, Ice and Snow World

I used to think the snowmen I made as a child were admirable creations until I went to the Sun Island Expo. In a three-day artistic


Our next stop was the Ice and Snow World that specialises in two things: neon lights and ice. I felt like I had traveled the world that night after seeing the Coliseum encased in ice, walking through a Japanese torii and ascending a medieval castle. After we saw all the sculptures, we went indoors for some hot chocolate, a welcome change from the -30°C temperature outside. Day 2 - Siberian Tiger Park, Ice Swimmers

On Tuesday our first stop was the Siberian Tiger Park. These massive cats weigh 180kg, and some have been measured over 300 cm long from head to tail. When we arrived, I saw a sign suggesting different animals you can

feed the tigers for a price: Chicken (60元), Duck (120元), Sheep (800元), Cow (2800元). I wanted to give the tiger a cow, but my wallet was at least 1,000元 short of the fee. After purchasing tickets, we walked onto a bus seating 20 people and featuring iron bars over the windows, which I later appreciated. The bus driver took us through part of the tiger refuge, which let us see the tigers in their natural habitat. Most of them would stare impassively at us in the bus. I believe they were plotting how to eat each and every one of us, but I wasn't going to let that happen. After visiting the tiger park, Azkhat and I went to see the ice swimmers. For 50元, you can watch middle-aged men, and some women too, dive into an Olympic-sized pool cut from the ice. Some would call them insane and delusional. I call them gutsy superhumans who model Harbin's hardy spirit.

Day 3 - Ice skating, Zhongyang Dajie

Since we had spent over 2,000元 on food, transportation and tourist sites, Azkhat and I decided Wednesday was going to be a free day. After visiting the sobering Japanese Germ Warfare Museum and looking at fur hats in the Chinese-Russian Market, I decided to ice skate at a park near Zhongyang Dajie, a cobblestoned walking street and relic of Harbin's Jewish past. After a 15-minute ride, the taxi driver charged me 100元. I said, "bushi! budui!" He then said 30元 was fine, which I thought was much more reasonable. After putting on my skates, I skated several laps around the ice rink, enjoying the brisk air and cold beauty of Harbin. The sun had begun to set, casting a pale glow on this ice world. After my hands began to feel like ice, I walked back to Zhongyang Dajie and passed by the historical buildings and ice figurines. The warm yellow lights from the buildings contrasted with the cool blues and greens emitted from the ice figurines. As I walked back to my hotel, I reflected on Harbin - a gritty city defined by its bitter cold. She is a cold beauty, with ice and snow sculptures that take your breath away and arctic weather that can take your life away. And her people are a fierce people - both in their nationalistic pride and loyalty. She is a cold beauty and a steel sword.


平均重达180公斤,有些从头到尾长达3米。到 公园的时侯,我看到公告牌上写着喂老虎的各 种动物的标价,鸡60元;鸭120元;羊800元; 牛2800元。我本打算买只牛喂老虎的,可惜囊 中羞涩。

哈尔滨的人们享受着寒冷的天气。他们在 冰封的松花江上漫步,在上面溜冰玩耍,在江 里冬泳。几只德国牧羊犬拖着雪橇在雪地里奔 跑,雪橇上坐着出来约会的情侣们。孩子们在 圈出来的溜冰场里小心翼翼地溜着冰。

买完门票,我们坐上了一辆20人的游览 车。这辆游览车的窗户上都焊着铁条,这着实 让我安心了不少。游览车司机带着我们穿过老 虎聚集区,让我们可以近距离观看到老虎的日 常生活。有些老虎冷冷地看着游览车里的我 们,估计想着怎么样一个一个的吃掉我们。不 过,我是绝对不会让这种事情发生的。

开始,哈尔滨看起来和其他的中 国城市并没有什么不同。这座大 都市拥有一千万人口,高楼大厦 鳞次栉比,车辆川流不息。然 而,走在哈尔滨的冰天雪地里,你会发现,这 里的寒风仿佛能够穿透你裸露的肌肤,侵入到 你的肺里。

我跟Azkhat想把这座城市所有的冰雕雪雕 都看个遍。经过12个小时的火车之旅,我们终 于从青岛赶到了哈尔滨,在之前订好的燕达宾 馆住下。接下来这周都安顿在此了。

第一天:太阳岛雪博会和冰雪大世界一日游 以前我觉得自己小时候堆的雪人已经挺了 不起了,去了太阳岛雪雕博览会,才知道自己 不过是小巫见大巫。在为期三天的国际雪雕比 赛上,来自俄罗斯、蒙古、中国、新加坡和北 美的雪雕艺术家们,在冰箱大小的雪堆上创作 他们的作品。一名雪博会工作者告诉我们,仅 农历大年初一,来雪博会游玩的游客就超过了 1万人。我很庆幸我们是年后这一周来的。 马年大吉,雪博园的许多雪雕自然也跟 马打上了交道。最令人眼前一亮的,是雪雕版 的“八骏图”。其他的雪雕也是五花八门,各 有千秋:有的雪雕是母熊怀抱着小熊,十分暖 心;有的雪雕是功夫熊猫造型的,别致可爱。 还有一些雪雕样子十分古怪:有个雪雕是男孩 抱着乌鸦脖子,还有个雪雕是女人坐在畸形鱼 上,鱼的牙齿参差不齐,舌头还是叉子的形 状。 下一站我们来到了霓虹灯绚丽多彩、冰 雕艺术纷繁耀目的冰雪大世界。那晚,我觉得 自己仿佛走遍了世界。在一夜之间,我们看了 冰封的大剧场,穿过了日本神社大牌坊,还爬 过中世纪的城堡。之后,我们去买了热巧克力 喝。在零下30度的室外待久了,谁不想回到暖 烘烘的室内来杯热饮?

第二天:西伯利亚虎公园和冬泳勇士 周二,我们旅途的第二站是西伯利亚虎公 园。这里的老虎可是世界上最大的老虎。每只

逛完老虎园,艾孜盖特和我去了看冬泳。 只需50元,你就可以看到中年男人,还有些女 人,跳进破了冰的奥林匹克标准泳池里。有人 也许会觉得他们不是疯了就是傻了,但我觉得 他们是勇气可嘉的超人。

第三天:溜冰,逛中央大街 在花了超过两千元吃喝玩乐后,我和Azkhat决定第三天要精打细算。我们先去参观了 侵华日军第七三一部队罪证陈列馆,里面的一 切提醒着我们要牢记战争的恐怖。接着去了 逛中俄民贸大市场,那里专卖毡帽等俄罗斯产 品。逛完市场,我们决定去中央大街边上的公 园溜冰。中央大街是曾居住在哈尔滨的犹太人 的智慧结晶,走道由鹅卵石铺设而成。 坐了15分钟计程车到公园,司机竟然开 价100元。我说:“不是!不对!”他随后改 口说30元就可以了,我觉得这价格还算公道。 溜冰时,我深切感受到了哈尔滨冰冷切肤的空 气和纤尘不染的雪白美景。转眼,夕阳开始西 沉,给这冰雪世界洒上了一抹淡淡的余晖。 没过多久,我的手就冻得跟冰似的了。我 走回中央大街,走过宏伟的历史建筑和冰雕。 商店内温暖的灯光和外面冷峻的冰雕形成了鲜 明的对比。 在回宾馆的路上,我回想了这几天在哈尔 滨看到的一切。这是一座耐得住严寒的钢铁之 城。哈尔滨就像一位冰山美人。她的冰雕和雪 雕美得令人惊叹,而严寒的天气却冷得让人窒 息。生活在这里的人们有着坚强的品格,他们 热爱这座城市,以身为哈尔滨人而骄傲。哈尔 滨这座城,美丽又危险。


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Monkeying Around with the Classics

新悟空PK旧大圣 本期,Josh Martin将为大家介绍一对中国动画界的传奇兄弟,正是 这对兄弟,开创了中国美术动画片的先河,给我们留下了像《大闹天 宫》这样的经典作品。

着豪华巨制魔幻片《大闹天宫》一 月份的热映,人们再次重温了齐天 大圣的故事。不过新版的场景过于 嘈杂,剧情也缺乏新意。真人版《 大闹天宫》历时4年完成,据说在上映前几周还 遭遇了不小的麻烦。由于新版《大闹天宫》在 海报宣传以及预告片中所使用的“大闹天宫” 美术字体,与上世纪六十年代上海美术电影厂 版本采用的字体相同(该美术字体由严定宪创 作,版权归上海美影厂所有),后者将其告上 法庭。虽然该消息一度被传得沸沸扬扬,但不 久便不了了之。这不 免让人怀疑,上海美 影厂借机炒作,以此 来增加老版《大闹天 宫》的曝光率。


To some extent, Uproar in Heaven doesn't need the publicity. Its place in Chinese film history is secure: the most famous film by the country's most famous animators, the Wan brothers. There were four Wan brothers, all of whom worked in animation, but the term usually refers to the twins Wan Laiming (19001997) and Wan Guchan (1900-1995). The 44

young Wans were obsessed with traditional shadow puppetry and studied both Chinese and Western painting. In 1919 they were hired by Shanghai's booming Commercial Press, but focused on animation after viewing imported American cartoons. The Wans weren't the first Chinese animators, but they scored an impressive series of other firsts: China's first animated advertisement (a 1925 spot for the Commercial Press), China's first live action/animation hybrid (Uproar in the Studio, 1926), China's first sound cartoon (The Camel's Dance, 1935), and Asia's first animated feature (Princess Iron Fan, 1941). The last film - derived from an episode in Journey to the West - was inspired by the success of Disney's feature debut Snow White, but proved influential in its own right. It was quickly exported to Japan, where it made a powerful impression on the teenaged Osamu Tezuka, the father of postwar Japanese manga and anime. The brothers hoped to follow this success with a second Journey-based feature, depicting the Monkey King's origin story. Unfortunately,

之父),也因该片开始了自己的动画生涯。 借着《铁扇公主》的东风,万氏兄弟很 快便着手创作第二部《西游记》题材动画,可 惜的是,由于战乱时期的萧条,以及在香港事 业的停滞,该计划只好搁浅。二十世纪五十年 代,万氏兄弟回到了大陆,让一度消沉的中国 动画业焕发出了新的生机。万氏兄弟制作了中 国首部彩色动画片,即1956年的《乌鸦为什么 是黑的》,并于重组后的上海美影厂就职,和 来自全国各地的顶尖动画大师们共事。有了政 府的支持,《大闹天 宫》的制作被重新提 上日程,影片于1961 年顺利完成。

When they returned to the mainland in the midfifties, it heralded a renaissance for Chinese animation.

Josh Martin retells the story of the Chinese brothers that animated the classic tale Journey to the West and defined Chinese animation.

he Monkey King (released in January) was a loud, expensive, and not too bright retelling of the early parts of Journey to the West, about the Monkey King/Sun Wukong's origins and his revolt against heaven. After four years in the works, the film hit an unusual snag just a few weeks ahead of release. Shanghai Animation Film Studio - owners of Uproar in Heaven, the classic 1960s cartoon version of the same story - threatened a lawsuit, on the grounds that The Monkey King ripped off its title logo from the older film. (The two have the same title in Chinese.) The dispute vanished from the news soon thereafter, with cynics suggesting that Shanghai Animation Film Studio was merely drumming up publicity for their old catalog title.


their careers were stalled by the deteriorating wartime economy and an unfruitful stay in Hong Kong. When they returned to the mainland in the mid-fifties, it heralded a renaissance for Chinese animation. The Wans produced China's first colour cartoon (Why Is the Crow Black-Coated, 1956) and joined the newly-formed Shanghai Animation Film Studio, which brought the country's top animators into a single state-run enterprise. Now with government backing, the longdelayed Uproar in Heaven entered production in 1961. The story of Sun Wukong's revolt against heaven is a massive challenge even for those not bound by the limits of live-action filmmaking. The creators were up to the task, and synthesised a variety of influences. Character designs drew on decorative painting and the Wans' beloved shadow puppetry; the sleek, rounded design of Sun Wukong is probably the most famous visual interpretation of the character. The backgrounds were inspired by the landscapes in temple murals. Compositions hewed closer to the flattened look of traditional Chinese

art than the perspective-heavy Western style. The artists couldn't match Disney's extravagant "full animation," but then they didn't try. Instead, Uproar in Heaven consists of passages of stillness that flow into smooth, unusually languid motion. These deliberate movements are a far cry from the realistic Disney style, the zippy Warner Bros. style and the limited TV-cartoon style, but they're instantly familiar to viewers of Chinese opera. The opera influence is underscored by the characters' facial features and the percussive cymbals-and-drums music. Nobody could mistake Uproar in Heaven for anything but a Chinese animation. Uproar in Heaven ended up so long (for a Chinese cartoon) that it was released in two parts, in 1964 and 1965. The finished product made some divergences from the original story, most strikingly with the ending. In the novel, Wukong's revolt ends when a giant Buddha takes the monkey in hand and imprisons him

如何诠释孙悟空 大闹天宫的场景,对 事实上,上海 于真人电影来说都非 美影厂完全没必要如 易事,更别说用动画 此大费周折,老版《 来展现了。动画大师 大闹天宫》早已深入 们克服重重难关,结 人心,它在中国影史 合多种艺术元素,包 上的地位永远无法被 括水彩画和皮影等, 取代,该片创作者万 孙悟空的形象诠释 氏兄弟的名字也将总 二十世纪五十年代,万氏兄弟 把 得淋漓尽致。影片中 载史册。万氏兄弟为 背景的灵感则来自于 四 人 , 他 们 均 为 中 国 回到了大陆,让一度消沉的中 寺庙中的壁画。《大 美 术 片 的 开 拓 者 。 不 国动画业焕发出了新的生机。 闹天宫》凸显了中国 过,现在提及万氏 传统艺术的简练,不 兄弟,多指万籁鸣 像西方动画片那样浓 (1900-1997)和万 墨重彩。 古蟾(1900-1995) 这对孪生兄弟。兄弟俩十分着迷中国的皮影艺 由于迪士尼风格的全动作动画制作,工程 术,而且中西绘画功底深厚。他俩于1919年进 入上海商务印书馆工作,在看完进口美国动画 量庞大,中国动画大师们只好放弃了动作的精 片后,深受启发,进而开始从事动画方面的研 准度,影片效果也因此略显迟缓,过于简洁。 虽然这种动画与迪士尼出品的有天壤之别,也 究。 比不了电视上的卡通片,但对于喜欢戏剧的中 虽然万氏兄弟并非中国动画片第一人,但 国人来说,更熟悉,更合胃口。片中的角色大 他们创下了多项中国第一:中国首部动画广告 多画着脸谱妆,配乐中也加入了锣鼓声,戏曲 片(1925年为商务印书馆制作),中国首部以 味儿十足,是一部地地道道的中国动画片。 真人与动画相结合方式制作的动画片(1926 对比同时期的其他动画片,《大闹天宫》 年的《大闹画室》),中国首部有声动画片 (1935年的《骆驼献舞》),以及塑造了亚洲 可以算是一部长篇巨制,它分为上下两部,分 首个知名动画人物(1941年的《铁扇公主》) 别于1964年和1965年上映。同时,《大闹天 。“铁扇公主”来自《西游记》中“三借芭蕉 宫》在剧情方面与原著也有不少出入,特别是 扇”的片段,受到“白雪公主”(迪士尼出品 最后的结局。孙悟空并没有被压在五指山,而 的首个动画人物)的启发,万氏兄弟决定把她 是在猴孙们的欢呼声中回到花果山。这样的剧 搬上银幕,从此“白雪公主”不再独霸影坛。 情改动虽然颠覆了原著,但还是被大多数人所 《铁扇公主》很快便传到了日本,当时只有十 认可,也符合当时的思想观念。毛主席曾于 多岁的手冢治虫(被誉为日本现代漫画和动画 1957年赞赏过孙悟空的反教条主义精神,1964


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广告 • 教育


Ch Lea in rn es e

猴年 马月 hóu nián mǎ yuè No specific date or deadline for an ongoing matter


t is said that Tiger became the king of all beasts because he so effectively dominated the mountain and all the other animals. Other beasts would try to avoid Tiger the moment they saw him. Tiger was quite proud of himself for this, but somehow, he also felt lonely.

beneath a mountain. In the Wans' version, the Buddha seems otherwise occupied, since it ends with a triumphant Wukong basking in his fellow monkeys' acclaim. His revolt wasn't doomed to failure after all - significant change, but in keeping with the ideological tenor of the times. In 1958, Mao Zedong praised the troublesome monkey for his "antidogmatism"; in 1964, he compared Wukong to China itself, with the Soviet "revisionists" as the arrogant forces of Heaven. Sun Wukong had been officially rehabilitated as a fearless role model instead of a selfish pest. Little wonder that the Wans gave him a happy (and somewhat unnerving) ending. The film was a success in China, and part one received a special prize at Czechoslovakia's Karlovy Vary Film Festival. But as in the forties, events halted the Wans' momentum: during the Cultural Revolution, while bands of Red Guards likened themselves to Sun Wukong, Shanghai Animation Film Studio was closed. By the time it reopened, the Wans were ready to pass the baton to a new generation of Chinese animators, and they never directed another feature. Still, Uproar in Heaven remained a favourite with local audiences, and from the late '70s on, it received wide international exposure. It was honoured at film festivals, broadcast on the BBC, and dubbed into a variety of languages. Abroad, it remains the most well-known work of Chinese animation. Unfortunately, today's Shanghai Animation Film Studio seems more eager to protect trademarks than the Wans' original vision. 46

A 2012 "restoration" expanded the compositions to the modern widescreen format, redubbed all the voices with contemporary celebrities, replaced the original score with a rearranged orchestral version, reduced the running time by twenty minutes and converted the whole thing to 3D. The unaltered, uncut original has never been released on DVD, much less Blu-ray. Thankfully, a 114-minute fan restoration reassembled the entire film as it was seen in the 1960s, and

The finished product made some divergences from the original story, most strikingly with the ending. 《大闹天宫》在剧情方面与原 著也有不少出入,特别是最后 的结局。 can easily be found on torrent and streaming video sites. The odds that anyone would lavish similar treatment on the new Monkey King in fifty years' time? Well, I wouldn't put any money on it.

年时更是将中国自诩为悟空,将苏联 修正主义比作是天庭的强权。齐天大 圣也因此成为了斗士的化身,而不是 自私的泼猴。万氏结尾的用意也应该 是出于这一点吧。 影片在上映后大受好评,上半 部还获得了捷克斯洛伐克卡罗维发利 国际电影节的短片特别奖。也许是造 化弄人,文化大革命期间,由于“孙 悟空”们(红卫兵)的冲击,上海美 影厂被迫关闭。而当上海美影厂重整 旗鼓的时候,万氏兄弟已近暮年,之 后再没创作过新的人物,中国动画业 的明天也只能靠新一代动画人去创造 了! 虽然经历了种种磨难,《大闹 天宫》依然有着强大的粉丝团,从上 世纪七十年代起,足迹遍布世界各 地,在各大电影节频频亮相,登上英 国BBC电视台,还有多国语言配音版 本。令人惋惜的是,上海美影厂似乎 更在乎版权问题,而非电影本身。 2012年,上海美影厂将这一经典 用3D的形式搬上银幕,把原来的窄屏 换成了宽屏,时长也减掉了20分钟, 还请来各路明星重新配音。配乐方 面,除保留了戏曲元素之外还添加了 西洋乐器。旧版《大闹天宫》从未以 DVD或蓝光光盘的形式发行过,好在 一些铁杆粉丝通过科技手段重现了影 片的原貌,很容易就能从网上找到该 片的下载种子。让人费解的是,都已 经过去了五十年,新版《大闹天宫》 依然如此烧钱?反正我觉得老版就已 经够经典了。

One day, Tiger accidentally fell into a hunter's net. Just as he was struggling down in the hole trying to get out of the net, Monkey walked by. He helped him out of the dangerous net, but Tiger was worried that the Monkey would tell the public about the rescue and it might damage his prestige as the king of all beasts. He thought of killing the monkey, but then he said to himself: "If I kill Monkey, I would lose the only friend I've just made." Tiger told Monkey that he would return the favour in the future. Later, when the King of Heaven chose zodiac animals, tiger was chosen naturally because he was the king of all beasts. Monkey asked if Tiger could endorse him to the King of Heaven as well. To return the favour, Tiger was able to help get Monkey included on the list of zodiac animals.

传说,老虎以镇山制兽之威名,当上 了百兽之王,山中百兽见了都会立即回避, 老虎为此感到得意的同时,也不免有些孤 独。 一天,老虎不幸落入了猎人的网中, 此时猴子恰好路过,连忙解开网绳,救出了

老虎。老虎脱险后,担心猴子把此事宣扬出 去,有损自己的威望,决定杀掉猴子。可是 转念一想,如果杀掉猴子,就连一个朋友也 没有了。于是老虎告诉猴子,今天的救命之 恩,今后一定报答。 许多年之后,玉帝开始选生肖。身为 百兽之王的老虎理所当然地当上了生肖。于 是猴子请老虎向玉帝求情。老虎对玉帝讲猴 子聪明机智,自己不在时,猴子也有镇山功 劳,最终玉帝将猴子也列入了生肖之中。

A common idiom for zodiac animal monkey: 十二生肖“猴”的常用成语:

hóu nián mǎ yuè 猴年马月

This idiom means there is no specific date or deadline for an on-going matter. It also indicates that something is unlikely to be accomplished. It is of no clue where or how this idiom was created, some people believe that it’s derived from 何年嘛月 (hé nián mà yuè), which literally mean “what year (and) what month,” an expression in the Tianjin dialect. 该成语意在表达一件还未能确定结束 或实现日期的事情。有时这也喻指一些没法 结束或实现的事。该成语的成因和出处,目 前还没找到统一的说法,不过有人相信,这 是从天津方言中的“何年嘛月”演变而成 的。

白云苍狗 bái yún cāng gǒu

A piece of white cloud at one moment may look like a gray dog the next moment


his idiom is used to refer to enormous and sudden changes in life - mostly changes declining your life quality.

In Tang Dynasty China, poet Wang Jiyou Wang's wife left him because she couldn’t handle the poor life with him -he made a living by selling straw sandals. Yet rumour had it that it was because he was having an affair. His good friend Du Fu, also a famous poet (whose poetry has made a profound impact on Japanese literature), wrote a poem titled A Lament (ketan, 可叹) to clarify his reputation and show sympathy for him - “A piece of white cloud at one moment may look like a gray dog in the next moment. Things in life can change in a most unpredictable manner. It is but the natural course of life.” This was where the idiom baiyun canggou originated from. “White clouds” and “gray dogs” are simply two things that don’t cross paths in almost any reasonable circumstance, yet they do from time to time. How things in life can change in a most unpredictable manner!

该成语用来比喻事物变化无常,通常尤指意 义消极、令人感慨的事物变化。

Example 例句: I only have two hours to study Chinese every week, “hóu nián mǎ yuè” can I communicate with others in fluent Chinese? “我每星期只有两个小时学习汉语,猴年马月才能流利地用汉语跟人交流呢?” wǒ měi xīng qī zhǐ yǒu liǎng gè xiǎo shí xué xí hàn yǔ, hóu nián mǎ yuè cái néng liú lì de yòng hàn yǔ gēn rén jiāo liú ne? Tianyan Chinese Language Centre International & Professional 135 8927-8775 See listings for address

唐朝诗人王季友出身贫苦,曾靠编织草鞋去 卖而赚钱营生。妻子嫌他穷困,离开了他另谋高 就。但许多人却谣传这是因为王季友有外遇。为 了安抚伤心难过的他,好友兼诗人杜甫为他撰写 了一首《可叹》,诗中一句“天上浮云似白衣, 斯须改变如苍狗。”逐渐演变成现在的这个成 语:白云苍狗。 白云和灰狗本来是风牛马不相及的两件事 物,然而在这里他们居然也有了交集。这说明, 世事变幻实在是变幻莫测!


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Ways to Get Out of the English Teaching Game James McTavish has some tips and pointers for those in the Chinese job market.


et’s face it, most foreigners in Qingdao are English teachers. Furthermore if you check on any expat forum in China you will see blog posts from laowai asking “how can I find a non-teaching job?” I first visited Qingdao in 2004, and since then I have spent a lot of time looking for jobs in China. Hopefully these tips will be useful if you’re a foreigner (or even a local) looking for a job in Qingdao or anywhere else in China.


Register on LinkedIn and use it regularly Over 200 million professionals now use LinkedIn, with the number of Chinese users increasing every month. On LinkedIn you can find the name and contact details of numerous Human Resource Managers and General Managers in Qingdao. If you are proactive, and contact them directly showing that you can add value to their company, you may get lucky. Fortune favours the brave! When we moved back to Qingdao in 2012, I helped my wife find a job through one of the Qingdao groups on LinkedIn.


Get an internship A great way to obtain work experience in China and better understand the Chinese business culture is to carry out an internship. You can contact companies directly, search on LinkedIn or ask people in your network. Alternatively, you can use a firm such as Intern China, who provide a very professional service. Our company currently has a few foreign interns who have done a fantastic job. Once you are in China, have some knowledge of the business culture and a valid visa, you can improve your Chinese and look for a full-time position.


A great way to obtain work experience in China and better understand the Chinese business culture is to carry out an internship. 想在中国获得工作经验并充分 了解中国的商业文化,实习不 失为一个很好的方法。


Study Chinese in a university or language school

There are three main benefits: a) improve your language skills, b) get a six-month visa to stay in China and c) have plenty of time to network, meet lots of people and look for a job. A win, win, win situation! There are plenty of universities and language schools in Qingdao where you can study Chinese. I hear that Qingdao University and Ocean University are two of the best.


Go to your home country, work a few years and expatriate back The best way for a foreigner to earn a high salary in China is to work for a company in your home country, prove yourself, and try to get transferred to China. In this way expatriates will often receive the same salary in China that they earned in the West with several other perks. Experienced executives with several years experience or unique skills can sometimes benefit from a full expatriate package including a car, driver, international

school for their children, healthcare insurance, free accommodation etc. These kinds of opportunities are sometimes available in Qingdao, but obviously more common in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.


Use online recruitment websites and keep your profile up-to-date There are obviously a plethora of job-hunting websites out there. The leading Chinese recruitment websites are, 51job. com, and The vast majority of the job advertisements are clearly looking for Chinese candidates, but occasionally you can find positions for foreigners.

You can also find 20-30 high-level job vacancies for positions in Qingdao on, including one or two aimed at expatriates. I found my last job as a Business Development Director – Asia in HK online. I kept my resume up-to-date on job boards like, and by chance, an American company found my CV and gave me a call.


Contact companies from your home country that have a branch office in Qingdao A good strategy to find a job is to contact companies from your home country that have an office in Qingdao. For example if you are German you could use the German Chamber of Commerce website to identify all the German companies in Qingdao. Most Chambers of Commerce have a directory or database of all their members in China. The French community are very active in Qingdao and I know the Cercle Francophone Qingdao often have job and internship opportunities on their website. You can also try the website of the China British Business Council.


Network and meet as many people as you can Get business cards printed in English and Chinese and attend as many networking and social events as you can. Qingdao International Business Association (QIBA) have monthly networking events usually on the last Wednesday of every month. Attend other events and social functions such as Qingdao Toastmasters or the Qingdao Hash House Harriers - the drinking club with a running problem!

The leading Chinese recruitment sites are zhaopin. com,, and 在中国,比较领先的 招聘网站主要有智联 招聘、前程无忧、中 华英才网以及我的工 作网。


Try working for a Chinese company As more and more Chinese companies in Qingdao and China are investing overseas they sometimes wish to recruit foreigners for their expertise or to help them win new clients. I know some international trade companies in Qingdao that employ foreign staff to help build up their client base overseas. Good luck and Happy Year of the Horse!

James McTavish is the Managing Director and Lead Trainer at Captivate Training & Consulting. If you’re interested in more about non-teaching jobs, email James at:


八种方法助你摆脱 外教工作 想找份好工作,摆脱当外教的命 运?James给你支几招。

先我们要面对的一个现实是:在青岛,大 多数外国人都从事英语教学工作。此外, 查看任何一个外国人的论坛,你一定会发 现有老外发帖子问:“怎样才能找到非外 教类的工作”。 我第一次来青岛是在2004年。自那时开始,我前 后花了好多时间找工作。如果你恰好是一位正在青岛 或中国其他城市找工作的外国人,希望我提出的以下8 个技巧会对你有实际帮助。

的招聘网站主要有智联招聘、前程无忧、中华 英才网以及我的工作网。当然这些网站的招聘 信息大多是招中国雇员的,不过偶尔也会有招 聘外籍雇员的职位。

1.注册一个LinkedIn(账号 并经常使用 现在已经有超过两亿的专业人士在使用 LinkedIn,而且其中国用户每个月都在增长。在 LinkedIn网站上,你可以找到很多青岛公司的总经理 和人力资源经理的姓名及联系方式。如果主动联系他 们并直接展示你能为他们公司提供的价值,你就有可 能会成为幸运儿。天佑勇者!2012年回到青岛的时 候,我就曾通过LinkedIn.com的一个朋友圈,帮我太 太找了一份好工作。

我的上一份工作是在香港做亚洲商务发展 主管。当时我就是把我的信息放在了几家类似 于Monster这样的招聘网站上,一家美国公司 偶然在Monster上发现了我的简历。就这样, 我顺利地在香港找到了一份工作。

2. 找一份实习 想在中国获得工作经验并充分了解中国的商业文 化,实习不失为一个很好的方法。你可以直接联系公 司、在linkedin搜索或者是询问自己社交圈内的人,来 获得实习的资讯。另外,你还可以借助一些像Intern China(这样的专业网站,他 们可以给你提供非常专业的服务。我们公司目前就有 几个通过Intern China找到的外国实习生,工作表现 都相当出色。既然你是在中国,那么,在了解一定的 商业文化并持有有效签证的前提下,通过实习来提升 你的中文水平并进而找到一份满意的全职工作并非难 事。 3. 去大学或者语言学校学习中文 这样做的主要好处有三:1)提升你的语言技 巧;2)得到可以在中国居留六个月的签证;3)有足 够的时间去建立交际圈,认识不同的人以及找一份工 作。这完全是一石三鸟的举措! 在青岛有相当多的大学和语言学校可供你报名学 习中文。据我所知,中国海洋大学和青岛大学是其中 两所最好的学校。 4. 回到自己的国家,工作几年之后再移民到青岛 对外国人来说,在中国赚到高工资的最好方法就 是:在自己的国家找家公司工作几年,证明你的能力 之后,再找机会将自己派遣到中国。这个方法可以使 外国雇员在中国得到跟在自己国家同等的薪资及福利 待遇。有丰富工作经验的高管或者有技能的人,可能 会因此得到一整套的外国雇员专属的打包福利待遇: 可能包括专车、司机、孩子入读国际学校、医疗保 险,以及免费住宿等等。 这样的机会在青岛也会有,不过显然在上海、北 京和香港这样的大城市更加普遍。

在Linkedin( 上,你也可以找到青岛地区大概20-30个高层 职位空缺,其中可能有一两个会针对外籍人 士。

6. 查找你的国家在青岛设有分部的公司,联系 他们 还有一个找工作的好策略,那就是找到 你的国家在青岛有办事处的公司。比方说你是 个德国人,那么你可以通过德国商会的网站, 找到所有在青岛有办事处的德国公司。一般来 说,大多数的商会都会针对他们在中国的成员 建立名录或者数据库。 在青岛,法国团体通常很活跃。据我 所知,青岛法语圈(Cercle Francophone Qingdao)经常会在其网站上发布一些工作或 实习机会。另外,你也可以去英中贸易协会 (China British Business Council)的网站试 一下。 7. 参与社交活动,认识尽可能多的人 给自己做一份中英双语名片,尽可能多建 立社交关系,参加聚会和社交活动。青岛国际 商务协会(QIBA)通常会在每月的最后一个周 三组织商务社交活动。详细信息可以参考协会 网站。另外也可以参加 一些其他的活动或社交聚会,比如,青岛国际 演讲会(Qingdao Toastmasters),还有跑步 俱乐部Hash House Harriers——“一群跑步成 习的酒友!” 8. 尝试为中国公司工作 今天,越来越多青岛乃至全中国的公司都 在进行海外投资。有时他们可能会需要招募外 籍雇员来帮助其提升专业技能,或者争取新的 海外客户。据我了解,在青岛确实有一些国际 贸易公司会雇用外籍员工来帮助其建立海外客 户群体。 祝您事业有成,马年大吉!

James是青岛凯泰尔(英国)培训咨询管理有 限公司的执行及培训总监。如果你对本文话题 有更多想法,不妨发送电邮至businessenglish88@hotmail.com与James一起讨论。

5. 使用各大招聘网站并时刻刷新你的个人资料和简历 招聘找工作的网站四周皆是。在中国,比较领先


Hotels in March Sheraton Qingdao Licang Hotel 青岛李沧绿城喜来登酒店

The iconic Sheraton brand has arrived in Qingdao. The Sheraton Qingdao Licang Hotel is situated in the emerging business and residential area of Licang. With this upscale and trendy area positioned at the foot of the Laoshan Mountains and adjacent to the World Horticultural Expo site, the Sheraton Qingdao Licang Hotel is designed to appeal to both business and leisure travellers alike. The hotel offers a vibrant and open environment with distinct natural elements inspired by the surrounding tranquil garden and lake setting. 全球标识性品牌“喜来登”进驻青 岛——青岛李沧绿城喜来登酒店位于新锐 时尚的李沧区,坐落于秀美的崂山脚下, 毗邻世界园艺博览会景区,无论商务出行 还是休闲旅行,集湖光山色和城市活力于 一身的青岛李沧绿城喜来登酒店都是宾客 的不二之选。

Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, Chengyang 青岛城阳福朋喜来登酒店

Won The BEST100 Award Presented By Mice China Magazine MICE CHINA magazine is the first Chinese language publication for the meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions market in China. BEST 100 awards only go to hotels which can provide all facilities and services required for holding an important meeting, which clearly shows an excellent reputation for Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, Chengyang in the hotel industry. BEST 100 MICE China是全球会议奖励旅游行 业第一本中文媒体。BEST 100的奖励对 象为会议设施齐备、能提供相应会议服 务、积极开展市场行销活动、在会议业界 广为认知的会议型酒店及会议场地。 青 岛城阳宝龙福朋酒店能够获得此殊荣也充 分表明了其卓越表现得到了业内人士的认 可与推崇。

Bookings 预订电话 6696-8888

Holiday Inn Qingdao City Centre 青岛中心假日酒店

Bookings 预订电话 6807-9328

Le Meridien Qingdao

Shangri-La Hotel Qingdao

Crowne Plaza Qingdao



Lucky Horses From now to March 15, all guests who were born in the year of the horse are entitled to 50% off their buffet lunch in Café Yum, after confirming your birth year with a form of ID on Monday and Thursday. An all-day dining restaurant, Café Yum located at level one of Valley Wing in Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao, it offers a la carte options and a magnificent international buffet spread with open cooking stations. Café Yum serves fresh seafood, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Western dishes as well as fresh salads and tempting desserts. Interact with the friendly and skillful chefs as they prepare their dishes live and in-person. Book advance. 马上有禧 即日起至3月15日,在一品堂凡马年 出生的客人,凭身份证可享周一和周四自 助午餐半价优惠。位于青岛香格里拉大酒 店盛世阁一层的一品堂自助餐厅提供琳琅 满目的国际自助餐。一品堂设有开放式厨 房,提供零点佳肴及豪华国际自助餐。并 为您精心烹制鲜活海鲜、本地特色美食、 日韩料理、西式佳肴和新鲜的沙拉及诱人 的甜品。一品堂的厨师们热情友好,技艺 娴熟,现场为您烹饪菜肴,您可与其互 动。请提前预订,

Bookings 预订电话 8388-3838 ext. 转6008


Westin Qingdao 青岛威斯汀酒店

“Home Alone” Brunch Come and bring your kids to Latest Recipe’s “Home Alone” weekend brunch buffet! With various delicious foods from different countries, fresh seafood, mouth-watering BBQ, colourful vegetables, yummy desserts and kids’ favourite – ice-cream! You will definitely find something to enjoy at this perfect weekend meal with your families. There’s also a “Children Paradise” section, where kids can play games under adult supervision. Children under 12 years old are free, as long as they are accompanied by at least one paying guest.

Qingdao Fu Cai Nursing Home Visiting At the end of January 2014, the management team of Holiday Inn Qingdao City Centre came to Qingdao Fu Cai Nursing Home to visit with their residents. The General Manager - Mr. Eddy Li - delivered the characteristic Chinese Spring Festival character of ‘Fu’ in person to the nursing home residents. Hotel leaders also visited their living environment, personally attending to each peron's bed out of thoughtful consideration.

儿童盛宴 小鬼当家 新食谱餐厅周末“小鬼当家”主题自助 早午餐,畅享琳琅满目的国际自助美食, 应时的鲜活海味儿珍品,肆意飘香的烤肉 餐档、赏心悦目的健康时蔬、目不暇接的 甜品蛋糕、点心蛋挞,还有让孩子们欣喜若 狂的各色冰激淋。在享受美味的同时,您的 小朋友也会在新食谱儿童乐园里得到悉心的 照料,各种精美的玩具、精彩的游戏项目, 定会让小朋友们尽情玩耍,惊喜连连。12周 岁以下儿童免费用餐。每位儿童享用优惠 时需至少一位付费客人陪同。

走访福彩养老院 2014年元月底,青岛中心假日酒店 管理层一行数人来到了青岛市南福彩养老 院,看望了在这里生活的老人们。酒店将 精心准备的生活用品一一送到老人手中, 总经理李子华先生将代表中国春节特色 的“福”字亲自送给了老人。酒店领导还 在工作人员的引领下参观了养老院的生活 环境,亲自走到老人的病床身边嘘寒问 暖。青岛中心假日酒店开业两年多以来一 直持续关注社会责任和企业责任,对社会 上的老年群体或弱势群体给予力所能及的 各种帮助。

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广告 • 黄页 // listings / 三月酒店促销

Westin Weddings On March 23, The Westin Qingdao will hold a wedding fair titled “Dream Realized Westin Weddings.” Guests can enjoy a “Dream Garden Theme” wedding show during the day to experience romantic Westin Weddings. It also includes different kinds of interactive Westin brand activities throughout the whole day, such as a photo competition with “Heavenly bed sleeping beauty,” “Heavenly Spa by Westin” and “SuperfoodsRxTM Mini-Class.” More information - Sina weibo account @青岛威 斯汀酒店, or 威斯汀婚礼 青岛威斯汀酒店将于今年3月23日举 办“美梦成真”威斯汀婚庆展。届时,将 会推出“美梦成真”主题婚礼秀,宾客可 现场体验焕新浪漫的威斯汀婚礼。同时, 婚庆展当天酒店将以游园会形式,提供互 动性的威斯汀品牌活动,如:天梦之床 睡美人拍照大比拼、威斯汀天梦水疗婚前 小课堂,以及活力食品SuperfoodsRx TM 大厨学堂。更多信息请关注新浪微博@ 青岛威斯汀酒店,或发送邮件至westin.。

DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao - Chengyang 青岛鑫江希尔顿逸林酒店

任命唐泽雨宁女士为市场销售总监 青岛鲁商凯悦酒店任命唐泽雨宁女 士为市场销售总监。唐泽雨宁女士拥有十 余年的酒店管理以及丰富的市场销售经 验,曾在广州、上海、重庆等地任职于多 家国际知名酒店品牌,如万豪、雅高集团 等。在加入青岛鲁商凯悦酒店之前,她曾 在上海佘山索菲特酒店担任市场销售总监 一职。

Buy 2 Get 1 Free! Featuring a buffet option with 5 interactive open kitchens, Café Asia offers a fine fusion of Western, Asian and Indian food. From now on, guests could enjoy buy 2 get 1 free for buffet lunch and dinner. 自助餐券买二赠一! 亚洲咖啡5个开放式厨房,现场烹制欧 陆、亚洲及印度美食。与美食同行,与亲 朋共享。即日起,享亚洲咖啡自助午、晚 餐餐券买二赠一。

Bookings 预订电话 8571-8888 ext. 转8600

InterContinental Qingdao 青岛海尔洲际酒店

As one of the Top 25 luxury hotels in China at 2014 TRIPADVISOR Travellers’ Choice Awards InterContinental Qingdao recently received a TripAdvisor 2014 Travellers’ Choice Award. The hotel has been named to the Top 25 Luxury Hotels in China category. It is such an honour to receive the TripAdvisor 2014 Travellers’ Choice Award, as millions of reviews and opinions from worldwide travellers on the most trusted travel site is truly a significant testimony of our hard work, regarding facilities and services at every level. Since 2008, InterContinental Qingdao has provided tailor-made experiences for each of our guests. To be in the same list with hotels like The Peninsula Hong Kong, Conrad Macao Cotai Central, Shangri-La China World Summit Wing Beijing, Fairmont Peace Hotel Shanghai, makes InterContinental Qingdao a true winner. 荣膺2014 TRIPADVISOR 到到网 “中国排名前25位的奢华酒店”大奖 青岛海尔洲际酒店近日喜获TripAdvisor 到到网2014年度旅行者之选“中国排名前 25位的奢华酒店”大奖!TripAdvsior到到 网每年的酒店类“旅行者之选”都是酒店 行业内的重要奖项,入选酒店均基于上一 年度全球数百万真实旅行者贡献的点评, 综合了多个考评度而产生的口碑排名。能 够获得这一奖项的酒店,无论从酒店的硬 件还是软件方面,都获得了世界全球用户 的至高肯定。自2008年开业以来,青岛 海尔洲际酒店为来自世界各地的客人提供 了美好的旅行体验。此次酒店跻身香港半 岛酒店、上海费尔蒙和平饭店、北京国贸 大酒店等大中华地区声名远扬的奢华酒店 之列,入选为“中国排名前25位的奢华酒 店”可以说是实至名归。

Bookings 预订电话 6656-6666

brands such as Marriott and Accor. Prior to joining Hyatt Regency Qingdao she took on the role of director of sales and marketing at Sofitel Oriental Shanghai.

Bookings 预订电话 8612-1234

Thumb Plaza Apartel Qingdao Sunland Patrick Liu as General Manager The appointment of Patrick Liu as General Manager for DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao – Chengyang has been announced by Hilton Worldwide. Patrick Liu brings with him 25 years of hospitality experience. Prior to joining Hilton Worldwide, he had been with InterContinental Hotels Group for 22 years. Having worked in properties across China, mainly under the Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn brands, Patrick also oversaw two hotel openings during that time. With outstanding leadership, proactive management and extensive expertise encompassing hotel operations, pre-opening and business development, Patrick Liu will lead the success of DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao – Chengyang from good to great. 刘志成先生任青岛鑫江希尔顿逸林酒店 总经理 希尔顿全球宣布任命刘志成先生为青 岛鑫江希尔顿逸林酒店总经理。刘志成先 生拥有25年丰富的酒店管理经验,其广 博的酒店专业知识涵盖多个营运及管理领 域,尤其是在筹备开业酒店及拓展客源方 面经验丰富见解独树一帜。在加入希尔顿 全球之前,他曾服务于著名的洲际酒店集 团达二十二年之久,管理涉及皇冠假日及 假日品牌的酒店,并任两家开业酒店的总 经理。 凭借其卓越的领导风格及前瞻性的 酒店运营管理,专业的酒店筹开能力及丰 富的业务拓展经验,刘志成先生将带领青 岛鑫江希尔顿逸林酒店从优异走向卓越。

Bookings 预订电话 8098-8888

Hyatt Regency Qingdao 青岛鲁商凯悦酒店


Mountain, where Confucius birth cave is located. Other than that, guests will be able to enjoy a sumptuous buffet breakfast and international buffet dinner at Cafe Kong, and the acclaimed Kong Family Cuisine at Shang Palace. A hotel limousine will be provided to and from the high-speed train station and the sites. Admission to the sites and the tour guide fee are also included in the package. The package is priced from ¥3,200 per person and ¥4,000 for two persons.

them to come China and this wonderful city, Qingdao. Therefore, if you are going to have the opportunity to listen to the most popular European & American music, with authentic R&B and classic Chinese songs, you shouldn't miss out on their performance. Furthermore, the three girls in the group are keen to dancing Latin, Cha-Cha and Rumba. With their passion and beautiful voices, Paulaner Bräuhaus will bring you an unforgettable and charming night.

曲阜香格里拉大酒店推出轻松家庭度假 计划 2013年8月全新开业的曲阜香格里拉 大酒店整合地区资源,为家庭游客打造轻 松之旅。既放松又紧凑的游览计划,不再 为琐事所烦恼,体会的尽是孔子故里的悠 久文化和香格里拉的细致周到。轻松家庭 包价包括两日豪华客房住宿,三个曲阜主 要景点的游览,即三孔、孔子研究院和尼 山夫子洞。除此之外,宾客还将在孔咖啡 厅享用国际自助早餐和晚间丰盛的自助晚 餐,在香宫中餐厅品味孔府佳肴之文化大 餐。酒店还将安排豪华轿车为宾客提供高铁 站的接送和酒店与景区间的交通。景区门票 和三孔导游费也包括在此计划中。此包价每 人人民币3200元起,双人4000元起。

5th Dimension 驻唱普拉那啤酒坊餐厅 “5 th Dimension”乐队是来自菲律 宾的四人组合,激情驻唱青岛银沙滩温德 姆至尊酒店普拉那啤酒坊餐厅。在东南亚 演出多场的5 th Dimension乐队首次来到 中国,来到青岛,给您带来当下最流行的 欧美音乐,质朴的德式曲风以及经典的华 语乐曲,乐队三位女成员更是擅长各种伦 巴、恰恰、拉丁等舞蹈。在激情澎湃的表 演及优美的歌声中,普拉那啤酒坊餐厅带 您走进难忘,抑或热力四射的魅力之夜!

Sofitel Jinan Silver Plaza 济南索菲特银座大饭店

Bookings 预订电话 (86 537) 505-8866 Thumb Plaza Apartel Qingdao Sunland For business people looking for a convenient location in the east of Qingdao, the Thumb Plaza Apartel Qingdao Sunland managed by HH&C, They are offering comfort at a great price. With cosy apartments and stylish furnishings right next to Thumb Plaza, shopping and getting a quick or fine meal has never been easier! You will feel at home yet have all the conveniences of a hotel room. 善待真我——青岛大拇指广场深蓝复式 公寓 对于商务人士来说,找到地理位置便 利的商务住所无疑是最为重要的。青岛大 拇指广场深蓝复式公寓位于青岛崂山区同 安路上,非常方便到达是深谙性价比之道 的人士首选。 青岛大拇指广场深蓝复式公寓,由证 大喜玛拉雅酒店管理,是青岛目前唯一一 家以全Loft复式户型的高档服务式公寓, 更是一座集商务、度假于一体的复式公 寓。环境舒适温馨,装潢时尚大方,毗邻 大拇指广场,稍移玉步,即可享受时尚的 购物和美食体验,优越的地理位置造就了 黄金时尚生活圈。

Bookings 预订电话 6672-9999

Shangri-la Hotel Qufu 曲阜香格里拉大酒店

Holiday Inn Qingdao Parkview 青岛景园假日酒店

Holiday Inn Qindao Parkview has been entitled one of the Top 25 Best Bargain Hotels In China. A great and exciting news from Tripadvisor that Holiday Inn Qindao Parkview has been entitled one of the Top 25 Best Bargain Hotels In China. Thanks for your sincerely support! Cheers! 青岛景园假日酒店荣膺中国最物超所值 酒店 青岛景园假日酒店荣膺2013年 Tripadvisor网站评选的中国最佳25家物超 所值酒店之一。入选酒店均基于上一年度 全球数百万真实旅行者贡献的点评,综合 了多个考评度而产生的口碑排名。真实的 服务赢得真实的赞誉,千百个赞誉让我们 荣膺这个特别的奖项。感谢大家长期以来 对青岛景园假日酒店的关注与支持!2014 年,愿能为您带来更舒适的服务与体验。 祝愿大家新的一年龙马精神,万事如意!

Bookings 预订电话 8096-6888

Wyndham Grand Qingdao 青岛银沙滩温德姆至尊酒店

Amane Karazawa, Director of Sales and Marketing Hyatt Regency Qingdao has announced the appointment of Ms. Amane Karazawa as director of sales and marketing. Ms. Karazawa has worked in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Chongqing, and brings to Hyatt Regency Qingdao more than ten years of hospitality sales and marketing experience with globally renowned hotel

Bookings 预订电话 5888-6666 ext. 转2331

Offers Stress-Free Family Getaway Package In The Hometown Of Confucius Newly opened in August 2013, ShangriLa Hotel, Qufu has collected relevant resources to provide family tourists a stress-free experience to make their trips more enjoyable and fruitful at a reasonable price. The Stress-Free Family Package includes a two-night accommodation in the hotel’s deluxe room and three must-see sightseeing sites, namely, The Three Kongs, Confucius Research Institute and Nishan

5th Dimension 5th Dimension, organised by four Filipinos, will give a passionate performance at Paulaner Bräuhaus in Wyndham Grand Qingdao. The band has rich experience in performing live music. It is the first time for

Sofitel Jinan Pursues Charitable Causes In order to help leukemia patient Qinghu Zhang, who’s deaf-mute, Sofitel Jinan together with Mrs Li Zhang, Chairman of Shangdong Deaf Association, held a twoweek New Year-themed art exhibition for charity at the lobby of Sofitel Jinan. Most of the artwork comes from deaf artist Li Zhang, Hongbo Qu, Feng Lu, Wen Lu and many others. All pieces of art were donated by these artists, meanwhile, all funds raised by selling the art went to Qinghu Zhang. On February 2, 2014, Mr. Duncan, General manager of Sofitel Jinan, acting as representative of the entire staff, visited Qinghu Zhang at room 609 in the Qingdao Commercial Staff Hospital. There, he handed ¥10,000 to the leukemia patient, which was donated with the help of all the staff at Sofitel Jinan. Mrs. Li Zhang (Chairman of Shangdong Deaf Association), Mr. Hongbo Qu (Chairman of Qingdao Deaf Association), Mr. Xuelang Chen (Chief of Qingdao Deaf Fellowship) as well as other chairmen from different districts, also visited Zhang on that day, accompanying Mr. Duncan. 济南索菲特银座大饭店力行慈善 为帮助患白血病的聋哑人张庆虎,济 南索菲特银座大饭店和山东省聋人协会主 席张莉女士在酒店大堂共同举办了为期两 周的《2014索菲特贺年会慈善艺术展》 。作品主要来自以张莉、曲洪波、卢峰、 卢文为主的山东省聋人协会和无声世界的 艺术家,并且所有作品都以义卖的形式出 售,所得善款捐赠予这位聋哑病人。2014 年2月11日,在山东省聋人协会主席张莉 女士,青岛市聋人协会主席曲洪波、青岛 市聋人联谊会陈学良会长及各区聋协会主 席的陪同下,济南索菲特银座大饭店总经 理邓肯先生来到青岛市商业职工医院6楼 609号病房,探望了白血病患者兼聋哑病 人张庆虎,代表酒店全体员工向他捐赠了 10,000元善款。

Bookings 预订电话 (86 531) 8606-8888




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Maidao Area 麦岛区

岛 路















江 西 路

燕儿 岛

YAN ’AN 延 安 一 路



路 海







贵 州路




阳 U莱 GL AN Y I A







学 EL U大










路 东 U山 GL

LU 太平

May 4 Square & Olympic Sailing Centre Area 五四广场 & 奥帆中心区






Downtown Area 市中心区

Hong Kong Garden Area

REDSTAR Area 红星区





Uptown Area 北城区



县路 德

路 川



Old Town Area 老城区 Zhongshan Park & Ba Daguan U 四 Area 中山公园 & 八大关区



颜色块 :地区












路 南 济








LU 南

此地图主要用于标示商铺的大概位 置,便于大家找地方吃喝玩乐!



登州 路





This map is to showcase a rough location of each shop or restaurant so that you can have a better idea of where you are/going to.

台 东 路



OU NA N LU 福州 南路

For better eating, drinking and fun in Qingdao!



路 头


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西路 东海 I LU





麦 岛

G LU 东海中路


Fushan Area 浮山区 Laoshan Area 崂山区 Huangdao Area 黄岛区 Up Town Area 市北&城阳区

Coming & Going 时刻表 Air 航班 Qingdao to Beijing




07:35 07:45 07:55 08:55 10:00 11:05 11:40 15:50 15:55 17:00 18:15 19:00 19:00 20:00 21:15

08:55 09:00 09:20 10:15 11:10 12:25 12:50 17:10 17:25 18:20 18:45 20:15 20:20 21:30 22:40

SC4651 CA5195 CA1526 CA4653 CA1572 CA1560 MU744 CA1570 MU5193 SC4655 MU536 MU526 SC4657 CA4659 CA1576

Beijing to Qingdao





06:40 08:05 08:45 08:50 09:55 10:00 11:15 13:55 15:15 16:40 18:15 20:35 21:10 21:20 21:20 22:20 23:25

08:05 09:30 10:05 10:05 11:15 11:15 12:35 15:10 16:45 18:00 19:35 21:55 22:25 22:35 22:40 23:30 00:35

CA1569 SC1569 MU535 CA1559 SC4652 MU525 SC4654 CA1575 MU743 CA1571 MU5194 CA1525 CA4658 MU5196 SC4658 SC4656 CA4660

Qingdao to Shanghai Hongqiao (Puxi)




07:45 08:20 09:10 09:55 12:20 13:05 14:20 15:35 15:50 16:15 17:05 19:45 20:05 22:20

09:00 09:40 10:30 11:15 13:35 14:25 15:40 16:55 17:10 17:40 18:25 21:10 21:25 23:30

SC4661 CZ5514 MU5516 HO1196 SC4663 CA4669 MU5520 FM9170 SC4665 CA1535 CA4667 FM9196 FM9170 9C8854

Qingdao to Shanghai Pudong




07:40 09:40 10:55 16:55 18:10 21:05 22:45

09:05 11:05 12:10 18:10 19:25 22:20 23:45

MU5512 CA4601 MU5526 CZ6225 HO1116 SC4603 HO1242

Qingdao to Seoul Incheon (Local Time)




10:00 10:30 10:35 09:45 12:10 13:45 14:50 16:10 18:20 19:00

12:15 12:50 13:00 12:10 14:25 15:50 17:20 18:40 20:40 21:10

MU2033 CA127 OZ318 KE846 CA4081 MU559 KE842 OZ320 KE5870 CA133

Seoul Incheon to Qingdao (Local Time)







08:30 08:45 08:10 13:15 13:15 14:30 16:40 13:15 14:00

09:00 09:00 08:40 13:40 13:25 14:55 17:00 13:25 14:20

MU2044 CA134 MU8359 MU8361 MU2034 OZ319 MU560 CA4082 CA128

Rail 列车 Qingdao to Beijing South

Type Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day Day

Day Day Day

Day Day Day

Day Day Day

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Type Day Day Day Day




07:03 08:12 10:26 12:26 14:30 17:24 07:32 08:04 11:37 12:08 13:27 16:03

12:34 13:53 16:00 17:24 19:40 22:10 11:55 12:45 16:10 16:41 17:59 20:28

D332 D334 D336 D338 D340 D342 G186 G188 G190 G192 G194 G196

~5.5 ~5.5 ~5.5 ~5.0 ~5.0 ~5.0 ~4.5 ~4.5 ~4.5 ~4.5 ~4.5 ~4.5





07:10 08:23 10:30 11:24 17:31 07:30 12:33 12:59 13:18 16:37 17:16

12:25 14:10 15:44 16:59 22:38 12:10 17:20 17:48 18:00 21:11 22:04

D331 D333 D335 D337 D341 G185 G187 G189 G191 G195 G197

~5.0 ~5.5 ~5.5 ~5.5 ~5.0 ~4.5 ~4.5 ~4.5 ~4.5 ~4.5 ~5.0

Depart Arrive 06:56 09:26 13:55 16:35

13:35 16:12 20:27 23:11



G224 G232 G228 G236

~6.5 ~6.5 ~6.5 ~6.5

Shanghai Hongqiao to Qingdao

Type Day Day Day Day


Beijing South to Qingdao

Type Day Day Day Day Day

Qingdao to Shanghai Hongqiao

Depart Arrive 07:05 09:39 14:05 16:31

13:30 16:14 21:02 23:03



G222 G230 G226 G234

~6.5 ~6.5 ~7.0 ~6.5

Essential Numbers 必备号码 China Mobile Service Hotline (yí dòng tōng xùn fú wù diàn huà) (10086) 移动通讯服务电话 China Telecom (diàn xìn zōng hé fú wù diàn huà) (10000) 电信综合服务电话 China Unicom Service Hotline (lián tōng zōng hé fú wù diàn huà) (10010) 联通综合服务电话 China Post Service (zhōng guó yóu zhèng kè hù fú wù) (11185) 中国邮政客户服务 Directory Inquiries (diàn huà hào mǎ chá xún) (114/116114) 电话号码查询 Electricity Help (gòng diàn jí xiū) (800-8601188) 供电急修 Fire (huǒ jǐng) (119) 火警 First Aid Centre (jí jiù zhōng xīn) (120) 急救中心 Forest Fire (sēn lín huǒ jǐng) (95119) 森林火警 Industry and commerce complaints hotline (gōng shāng tóu sù rè xiàn) (12315) 工商投诉 热线 Labor security policy advice (láo dòng bǎo zhàng zī xún) (12333) 劳动保障咨询 Police (bào jǐng) (110) 报警

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Publice Service Hotline (gōng yòng fú wù rè xiàn) (12319) 24 hour. Including water, gas, heating etc 公用服务热线 Qingdao Cable Networking (qīng dăo yŏu xiàn diàn shì) (96566) 青岛有线电视 Red Cross (hóng shí zì huì) (95598) 红十字会 Taxi Help (chū zū chē tóu sù) (8281-7777) 出 租车投诉 Taxi Reservation Hotline (chū zū chē yù yuē rè xiàn) (9600-9797) 出租车预约热线 Tourist Help (lǚ yóu tóu sù zhōng xīn) (85912000) 旅游投诉中心 Traffic Accidents (jiāo tōng shì gù) (122) 交 通事故 Wanneng Locksmith Services (qīng dǎo shì wàn néng kāi suǒ zhōng xīn) (8868-7772) 青岛市万 能开锁中心

Getting Around 出行 Air 航空 All Ways Air Tourist Agency (quán chéng háng kōng lǚ yóu fú wù yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Rm. 307, 17 Nanjing Lu (8577-9035) 全程航空旅游服务有限 公司 南京路17号307室 Asiana Airlines (hán yà háng kōng) 6F, Crowne Plaza, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8597-7171) 韩亚航 空 香港中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店6层 CAAC Air Tickets Booking office (qīng dǎo mín háng chéng shì hòu jī lóu shòu piào zhōng xīn) 1F, Minhang Mansion, 30 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8210-0000 for international flights, 8581-5858 for domestic flights) 青岛民航城市候机楼售票中心 香港中路30号民航大厦1层 Dragonair (gǎng lóng háng kōng) 1F, Copthorne Hotel Qingdao, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8577-6302) 港龙航空 香港中路28号 青 岛国敦大酒店大堂 =english menu

Qingdao International Airport (qīng dǎo guó jì fēi jī chǎng) 8471-1877, 96567 青岛国际飞机场 · 40 minutes drive from CBD (¥80-100) · 13 international destinations · 7.87 million passengers p.a. · 116,000 tons of cargo p.a.

Rail 铁路 Train Tickets Agency (huǒ chē piào dài shòu diǎn) 33 Nanjing Lu (inside Fushan Bay Hotel) (80690077) 火车票代售点 南京路33号(浮山湾宾馆 内) 5元 booking fee per ticket. Qingdao Railway Station (qīng dǎo huǒ chē zhàn) 2 Tai An Lu (9510-5175) 青岛火车站 泰 安路2号

Road 公路 Huangdao Long Distance Bus Station (huáng dǎo cháng tú qì chē zhàn) 2 Changjiang Xi Lu, Huangdao District (8688-9217) 黄岛长途汽车站 黄岛区长江西路2号 Qingdao Long Distance Bus Station (qīng dǎo cháng tú qì chē zhàn) 2 Wenzhou Lu (8371-8060) 青岛长途汽车站 温州路2号 163 Shenzhen Lu 深 圳路163号 513 Chongqing Zhong Lu (8765-6379) 重庆中路513号 59 Chongqing Bei Lu (6691-1234) 重庆北路59号 1 Danxian Zhi Lu (8371-8901) 单 县支路1号

Sea 轮渡 Huangdao Ferry (huáng dǎo lún dù) Liugong Island (8685-6949) 黄岛轮渡 刘公岛 Qingdao Ferry (qīng dǎo lún dù) 21 Sichuan Lu (8261-9279) 青岛轮渡 四川路21号 30 Donghai Zhong Lu (6688-9177) 东海中路30号 Xuejiadao Ferry (xuē jiā dǎo lún dù) Xuejia Island Travel Dock (8670-5247) 薛家岛轮渡 薛家岛旅 游码头

Where to Stay 住宿 5 Star 五星 Crowne Plaza Qingdao (qīng dǎo yí zhōng huáng guàn jià rì jiŭ diàn) 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888) 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店 香港中 路76号 DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao (qīng dǎo xīn jiāng xī ěr dùn yì lín jiǔ diàn) 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang District (8098-8888) www. 青岛鑫江希尔顿逸林酒 店 青岛308国道城阳段220号 Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, Chengyang (qīng dǎo chéng yáng fú péng xǐ lái dēng jiǔ diàn) 271 Wenyang Lu, Chengyang District (66968888) 青岛城阳福朋喜来登酒店 (喜来登集团管 理) 城阳区文阳路271号 Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, Huangdao

(qīng dǎo huáng dǎo fú péng xǐ lái dēng jiǔ diàn)

1288 Binhai Dadao, Huangdao District (8819-7777) 青岛黄岛福朋喜来登酒店 黄岛区滨海大道 1288号 Grand Regency Hotel (lì jīng dà jiǔ diàn) 110 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8588-1818) 丽晶大酒店 香 港中路110号 Himalayas Qingdao Hotel (qīng dǎo zhèng dà xǐ mǎ lā yǎ jiǔ diàn) 880 Tong'an Lu (6672-9999) 青 岛证大喜玛拉雅酒店 崂山区同安路880号 Holiday Inn Qingdao City Centre (qīng dǎo zhōng xīn jiǎ rì jiǔ diàn) 1 Xuzhou Lu (6670-8888) 青岛中心假日酒店 徐州路1号 Holiday Inn Parkview Qingdao (qīng dǎo jǐng yuán jià rì jiǔ diàn) 306 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (8096-6888) 青岛景园假日酒 店 城阳区兴阳路306号 Housing International Hotel (háo sēn fǔ dǐ guó jì jiǔ diàn) Top Yihe Building, 1 0 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8503-0909) 豪森府邸国际酒店 香港中路10 号 颐和国际

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Huiquan Dynasty Hotel (huì quán wáng cháo dà jiǔ diàn) 9 Nanhai Lu (8299-9888) 汇泉王朝大 酒店 南海路9号 Hyatt Regency Qingdao (qīng dǎo lǔ shāng kǎi yuè jiǔ diàn) 88 Donghai Dong Lu (8612-1234) 青岛鲁商凯悦酒店 东海东路88号 InterContinental Qingdao (qīng dǎo hǎi ěr zhōu jì jiǔ diàn) 98 Ao'men Lu (6656-6666) 青岛海尔 洲际酒店 澳门路98号 Kilin Crown Hotel (Best Western) (qí lín huáng 197 Xianggang Dong Lu (8889-1888) 麒麟皇冠大酒店 香港东路197号

guàn dà jiǔ diàn)

Le Meridien Qingdao (qīng dǎo wàn dá ài měi jiǔ diàn) Ideally located in the heart of Qingdao, Le Meridien Qingdao offers ample meeting space, an array of world-class cuisine options and Le Méridien’s signature programs designed to offer a journey of discovery in Qingdao. Only 30 minutes from the airport, the hotel is part of the Wanda Plaza hosting a department store, supermarket, cinema, restaurants, offices and apartments, only a few minutes away to other business, entertainment and shopping areas and close proximity to sightseeing landmarks such as Beer Street, Olympic Sailing Centre and beaches. The hotel houses 348 elegantly designed guest rooms and suites which offer spaciousness with a size of minimum 40sqm and equipped with everything for the sophisticated travellers. 地处青岛城市中心,隶属于喜达屋酒 店与度假村国际集团的青岛万达艾美酒店以宽 敞时尚的客房及会议空间、世界级美食以及独 具特色的艾美服务,在青岛开启了创意无限的 探索之旅。酒店距离青岛流亭国际机场仅30 分钟车程,距青岛著名景点、海滩等仅10分 钟车程。酒店所座落的万达广场,配备百货、 超市、电影院、餐厅等设施,为酒店客人提 供了无与伦比的便捷。酒店拥有348间别致高 雅的客房及套房,最小的客房面积达40平方 米,并为品味不俗的客人配备一切应有的现代 设施。112 Yanji Lu (5556-3888) 青岛万达艾美酒 店 延吉路112号


香 LU

路 港东

/ listings // 广告 • 黄页 Sea View Garden Hotel (hǎi jǐng huā yuán dà jiǔ diàn) 2 Zhanghua Lu (8587-5777) 海景花 园大酒店 彰化路2号 Shangri-La Hotel Qingdao (qīng dǎo xiāng gé lǐ lā dà jiǔ diàn) 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (83883838) 青岛香格里拉大酒店 香港中路9号 Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel (qīng dǎo jiāo zhōu lǜ chéng xǐ lái dēng jiǔ diàn) 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou New Distinct (82289999) 青岛胶州绿城喜来登酒店 胶州新城区 北京东路271号 Sheraton Qingdao Licang Hotel (qīng dǎo lǐ cāng lǜ chéng xǐ lái dēng jiǔ diàn) 678 Jinshui Lu (close to Yanchuan Lu), Licang District (6807-9328) 青岛李沧绿城喜来登酒店 李沧区金水路678 号(靠近延川路)

广告 • 黄页 4 Star 四星

Sanfod Hotel (shān fú dà jiǔ diàn) 96 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8399-3888) 山孚大酒店 香港中路96号

Ariva Qingdao Hotel & Serviced Apartments (qīng dǎo ài lì huá jiǔ diàn jí fú wù gōng yù) 135 Yan’an San Lu (8197-8777) 青岛艾丽华酒店及服务公寓 延安三路135号

3 Star 三星

Blue Horizon Hotel Qingdao (lán hǎi dà fàn diàn) 18 Qinling Lu (West of Municipal Exhibition Centre) (8899-6666) 蓝海大饭店 秦岭路18号 (会展中心西邻) Copthorne Hotel Qingdao (qīng dǎo guó dūn dà jiǔ diàn) 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8668-1688) 青岛 国敦大酒店 香港中路28号 Danube International Hotel (duō nǎo hé guó jì jiǔ diàn) 717 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (66967777) 多瑙河国际酒店 城阳区兴阳路717号

Fuxin Mansion (fǔ xīn dà shà) 5 Minjiang Lu (8591-1009) 府新大厦 闽江路5号 Hotel Ibis (yí bì sī jiǔ diàn) 178 Changjiang Lu, Huangdao District (8698-9888) 宜必思酒店 黄岛 区长江路178号 IZunco Inn (ài zūn kè lián suǒ jiǔ diàn) 12 Fuzhou Nan Lu (8601-8888) 爱尊客连锁酒店 福州南路 12号 108 Xianggang Zhong Lu 爱尊客连锁酒店 香港中路108号 Jinjiang Inn (jǐn jiāng zhī xīng) 438 Jinggang Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8682-8999) 锦江之星 黄岛 区井冈山路438号 100 Nanjing Lu (8310-7999) 南 京路100号

huà yì shù jiǔ diàn) 8 Minjiang San Lu (8576-8776)

老转村China公社文化艺术酒店 闽江三路8号 Pearl Harbor Grand Hotel (míngzhū hǎigǎng dà jiǔdiàn) 76 Hunan Lu (8288-7777) 明珠海港大酒 店 湖南路76号 Studio 52 (wǔ shí èr píng fāng guó jì gōng yù) 10 Haifeng Lu (8667-8818 ext.157, 8325-3975) 52平 方国际公寓 海丰路10号 The Castle Boutique Hotel (qīng dǎo yí bǎo jīng pǐn jiǔ diàn) 26 Longshan Lu (8869-1111) 青岛怡堡 精品酒店 龙山路26号 德国总督府院内 Walk Inn (guó jì xīn wén zhōng xīn) 4F, International News Centre, 50 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8077-9757) 国际新闻中心 香港中路50号 青岛 国际新闻中心4楼

Qingdao Grand Metropark Hotel (qīng dǎo hǎi quán wān wéi jǐng guó jì dà jiǔ diàn) 2 Heshan Dong Lu, Aoshanwei Town, Jimo (89068888) 青岛海泉湾维景国际大酒店 即墨鳌山 卫镇 鹤山东路2号

Gloria Plaza Airport Hotel Qingdao (qīng dǎo kǎi lái jī chǎng jiǔ diàn) 217 Chongqing Bei Lu, Chengyang District (5555-3999) 青岛凯莱机场酒店 城阳区重庆北路217号

Westin Qingdao (qīng dǎo wēi sī tīng jiǔ diàn) 8 Xianggang Zhong Lu 青岛威斯汀酒店

tōng yǎ gāo měi jué jiǔ diàn)


Grand Mercure Qingdao Airport (qīng dǎo kuài 89 Minhang Lu, Chengyang District (8471-6777) 青岛快通雅高美爵 酒店 城阳区民航路89号

Orange Hotel (jú zi jīng xuǎn jiǔ diàn) 32 Donghai Xi Lu (8573-6161)桔子精选酒店 东海 西路32号

Asana Executive Apartments (qīng dǎo jiā shàng huī tíng xíng zhèng gōng yù). 15 (Yi)

Wyndham Grand Qingdao (qīngdǎo yín shā Escape tān wēn dé mǔ zhì zūn jiǔ diàn)

Hai Qing Hotel (hǎi qíng dà jiǔ diàn) 11 Donghai Zhong Lu (8596-9888) 海情大酒店 东海中路11号

the cold in the winter, Wyndham Grand Qingdao is your warmest home to stay! From Jan 1st, 2014 till Feb 28th, 2014, with only RMB628(net), you can enjoy a Deluxe Sea View Room. Also include complimentary breakfasts for two and a cash coupon in Paulaner Brauhaus worth for RMB50! 寒冷萧瑟的冬日,青岛银沙滩温德姆至尊酒 店是您最温暖的港湾!温暖舒适的豪华海景 房仅需人民币628元/每房晚净价,同时还有 热辣的美食为您的冬季增添无限的温暖与喜 悦。客房促销包含两份元素西餐厅自助早 餐,另可获赠普拉那啤酒坊餐厅50元现金 代金券一张!活动时间:2014年1月1日至 2014年2月28日。178 Yinshatan Lu, Huangdao District (5888-6666) 青岛银沙滩温德姆至尊酒 店 黄岛区银沙滩路178号

Haidu Hotel (hǎi dū dà jiǔ diàn) 218 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao District (8699-9888) 海都大酒 店 黄岛区长江中路218号

Qingdao Farglory Hotel (qīng dǎo yuǎn xióng yuè lái jiǔ diàn) 26 Xianggang Zhong Lu (55717199)青岛远雄悦来酒店 香港中路26号

Donghai Xi Lu (The Sail @ Olympic Bay Apartment B) (8091-5151) 青岛嘉尚辉庭行政公寓 东海西路 15号乙 (东海路9号B栋)

Harvest Hotel (shì jì hǎi fēng dà jiǔ diàn) 459 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao District (8699-6666) 世纪海丰大酒店 黄岛区长江中路459号 Milan Fashion Hotel (mǐ lán fēng shàng jiǔ diàn) 18 Anqing Lu (8099-0888) 米兰风尚酒店 安庆路18号 Oceanwide Elite Hotel (fàn hǎi míng rén jiǔ diàn) 29 Taiping Lu (8299-6699) 泛海名人酒店 太平路 29号 Qingdao Sea View Garden Hotel (qīng dǎo hǎi jǐng huā yuán dà jiǔ diàn) 2 Zhanghua Lu (85087238) 青岛海景花园大酒店 市南区彰化路2号 Oriental Hotel (dōng fāng fàn diàn) 4 Daxue Lu (8286-5888) 东方饭店 大学路4号

Overseas Chinese International Hotel (huá qiáo guó jì fàn diàn) 41 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85725666) 华侨国际饭店 香港中路41号

Qingdao City Home Business Hotel (qīng dǎo chéng shì jiā shāng wù jiǔ diàn) 7 Xianxia Ling

Resort 度假村 Ariva Qingdao Hot Spring Resort (chéng tóu • ài lì huá wēn quán dù jià jiǔ diàn) 2997 Datian Lu, Jimo (8656-1058) 城投·艾丽华温泉度假酒店 即墨大田路2997号

Baden Village (bā dōng xiǎo zhèn) Located in Jimo (8657-9997) 芭东小镇 即墨市

Lu (8870-0888) 青岛城市家园商务酒店 仙霞 岭路7号

Kunlun Gloria Seaview Resort Qingdao (qīng dǎo kūn lún kǎi lái hǎi jǐng dù jià jiǔ diàn) 6 Jinwan

Qingdao Hotel (qīng dǎo fàn diàn) 66 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8578-1888) 青岛饭店 香港中路66号

Lu (6656-6868) 青岛崑崙凯莱海景度假酒店 金 湾路6号

Qingdao Renjia Business Hotel (qīng dăo rén jiā shāng wù jiǔ diàn) 99 Nanjing Lu (8610-2222) 青岛人家商务酒店 南京路99号

Latour Laguens International Resort Hotel (lā tú lā gān guó jì dù jià jiǔ diàn) 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (8896-6969) 拉图拉甘国际度假酒店 香 港东路316号

Shanglin River View Hotel (shàng lín háo jǐng shāng wù jiǔ diàn) 228 Yan’an San Lu (8090-3333) 上林濠景商务酒店 延安三路228号

Boutique Hotel 艺术酒店 Laozhuancun China Community Art and Culture Hotel (lǎo zhuàn cūn china gōng shè wén

TenTimes Golf & Hotspring Resort Hotspring Resort Village, Jimo (8656-0000) 青岛市即墨温泉地区 青岛天泰温泉高尔夫发 展有限公司

Apartel 复式公寓 Thumb Plaza Apartel Qingdao Sunland (qīng dǎo dà mǔ zhǐ guǎng chǎng shēn lán fù shì gōng yù) Located in one of the prime neighbourhoods in Laoshan-brand new Zendai Plaza/Thumb Plaza/ Damuzhi Guangchang – these duplex holiday apartments offer a unique 5-star hotel butler service providing an excruciatingly comfortable experience. The apartments are delicately designed with wellfurnished guest rooms,flexible office areas and more importantly,a sense of relaxation that you can only get at home. 青岛大拇指广场深蓝复式公寓, 位于海尔路和同安路交汇处,距离青岛流亭国 际机场24KM,距离国家名胜区崂山18KM, 距离国际会展中心3KM。优越的地理位置造 就黄金生活圈,公寓紧邻青岛证大大拇指广 场,集大型超市、精品专卖店、特色美食、 娱乐休闲于一身,是青岛唯一一家全Loft户型 复式公寓, 配有24小时5星级管家式服务。 房间面积75平米以上,独立的中央空调,开 放式厨房,配备133升大容量冰箱,令您尽享 家的从容和极致。Building No. 1, Sunland, 880 Tongan Lu, Laoshan District (156-1005-6188) 青岛 大拇指广场深蓝复式公寓 崂山区同安路880 号深蓝公寓1号楼

Hostels 青年旅馆 Big Brother Guest House (bēn zhī lǚ qīng nián lǚ guǎn) Two locations in Qingdao - all mod cons for budget or mid range travellers. www. 31 Jiangxi Lu (82873888) 奔之旅青年旅馆 江西路31号 6 Baoding Lu (8280-2212) 10 mins walk from train station. Cosy, clean and affordable. 奔之旅青年旅馆 保定路6号

Museums 博物馆 Chengyang Buddhism Culture Museum (chéng yáng qū fó jiào wén huà yì shù zhǎn lǎn guǎn) Yuantou Community, Xiazhuang Street, Chengyang District 城阳区佛教文化艺术展览馆 夏庄街道 源头社区 Haier Technology Musemun( hăi'ěr kē jì guăn) 10 Miao Ling Lu 海尔科技馆 崂山区苗岭路10号 Huangdao Traditional Culture Museum (huáng dǎo qū mín sú zhǎn lǎn guǎn) 1001 Zhujiang Lu, Huangdao District (8698-9029) 黄岛区民俗展览 馆 珠江路1001号 Laoshan Tea Culture Museum (láo shān chá wén huà bó wù guǎn) Xiaowang Living Area, Wanggezhuang Street Scene, Laoshan District (8791-5676) 崂山茶文化博物馆 崂山区王哥庄 街道晓望社区 Qingdao German-style Prison Site Museum

(qīng dǎo dé guó jiān yù jiù zhǐ bó wù guǎn) 21

Changzhou Lu (8286-8820) 青岛德国监狱旧址博 物馆 常州路21号 Qingdao Library (qīng dǎo shì tú shū guǎn) 109 Yanji Lu (8501-2112) 青岛市图书馆 延吉路109号 Qingdao Municipal Gallery (qīng dǎo shì měi shù guǎn) 7 Daxue Lu (8288-9996) 青岛市美术 馆 大学路7号 Qingdao Municipal Museum (qīng dǎo shì bó wù guǎn) 51 Meiling Dong Lu (8889-6286) 青岛市 博物馆 梅岭东路51号 Qingdao Sculpture Museum (qīng dǎo shì diāo sù yì shù guǎn) 66 Donghai Dong Lu (8678-3547) 青岛市雕塑艺术馆 东海东路66号 Tianhou Palace (tiān hòu gōng) 19 Taiping Lu (8287-7656) 天后宫 太平路19号 Tsingtao Brewery Museum (qīng dǎo pí jiǔ bó wù guǎn) 56 Dengzhou Lu (8383-3437) 青岛啤酒

Q&X Hot Spring Resort (xiāng gēn wēn quán dù jiǎ jiǔ diàn) 377 Laiqing Lu, Wenquan Town, Jimo (6802-0333) 香根温泉度假酒店 即墨市温泉镇 莱青路377号

Nordic Osheania Youth Hostel (cháo chéng qīng nián lǚ shè) 28 Guantao Lu (8282-5198) 巢城青年

SPR Resort (SPR nòng hǎi yuán jiǔ diàn) 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (8889-3422, 8889-0394) 青岛 SPR弄海园酒店 香港东路316号

Qingdao Kaiyue Youth Hostel (qīng dǎo kǎi yuè guó jì qīng nián lǚ guǎn) 31 Jining Lu (8284-5450) 青岛凯越国际青年旅馆 济宁路31号

Baihua Park (bǎi huā yuàn) 11 Jingshan Lu (82860584) 百花苑 京山路11号

Qingdao 960 Youth hostel (qīng dǎo jiǔ liù líng qīng nián lǚ shě) May Fourth Square Branch, 32 Donghai Xi Lu (6667-9733) 青岛960青年旅舍 五 四广场店 东海西路32号 Badaguan Auditorium Building Branch, 49 Rongcheng Lu, The Youth Hostel is on the east side of Badaguan Auditorium Building (6667-9733) 青岛960青年旅舍八大关写生基地 店 荣城路49号 八大关小礼堂东侧

Little Fish Hill Park (xiǎo yú shān gōng yuán) 24 Fushan Zhi Lu 小鱼山公园 福山支路24号

The Hidden Dawn (qī xiá xiǎo yǐn) 6(Yi) Qixia Lu (139 5324-6661) 栖霞小隐 栖霞路6号乙

Signal Hill (xìn hào shān gōng yuán) 18 Longshan Lu (8279-4141) 信号山公园 龙山路 18号

旅舍 馆陶路28号

YHA Old Observatory (qīng dǎo ào bó wéi tè guó jì qīng nián lǚ shè) 21 Guanxiang Er Lu (8282-2626) 青岛奥博维特国 际青年旅社 观象二路21号

Sights 景点 Beaches 海水浴场

博物馆 登州路56号

Parks & Gardens 公园 Botanical Park (zhí wù yuán) 33 Yunyang Lu (8386-1179) 植物园 郧阳路33号

Lu Xun Park (lǔ xùn gōng yuán) 1 Qinyu Lu (82868479) 鲁迅公园 琴屿路1号 Shilaoren Sightseeing Garden (shí lǎo rén guān guāng yuán) 1 Laoshan Lu (8883-2599) 石老 人观光园 崂山路1号

Zhong Shan Park (zhōng shān gōng yuán) 28 Wendeng Lu (8287-0564) 中山公园 文登路28号

Various Attractions 文化景点 1388 Culture Street (1388 wén huà jiē) Minjiang San Lu 1388文化街 闽江三路 Badaguan (bā dà guān) Wushengguan Lu 八大 关 武胜关路

No. 1 Bathing Beach (dì yī hǎi shuǐ yù chǎng) 14 Nanhai Lu (8286-6305) 第一海水浴场 南海 路14号

Haiyun Taoist Temple of Qingdao (qīng dǎo hǎi yún ān) 1 Haiyun Street, Sifang District (0532 8373-

No. 2 Bathing Beach (dì èr hǎi shuǐ yù chǎng) Inside Taiping Bay (East of Huiquan Bay) 第二海水 浴场 汇泉湾东侧太平湾内

Hua Shi Villa (huā shí lóu) 18 Huanghai Lu (83872168) 花石楼 黄海路18号

No. 3 Bathing Beach (dì sān hǎi shuǐ yù chǎng) 6 Taiping Jiao Lu 第三海水浴场 太平角路6号

Huadong Winery (huá dōng bǎi lì jiǔ zhuāng) Nan Long Kou (8881-7878) 华东百利酒庄 南龙口

Shilaoren Beach (shí lǎo rén hǎi shuǐ yù chǎng) Haikou Lu 石老人海水浴场 海口路

Laoshan Scenic Area (láo shān fēng jǐng míng shèng qū) (8889-5695) 崂山风景名胜区

Churches & Temples 教堂&寺庙 Lutheran Church (jī dū jiào táng) 15 Jiangsu Lu (8286-5970) 基督教堂 江苏路15号 St. Michael’s Cathedral (tiān zhǔ jiào táng) 15 Zhejiang Lu (8286-5960) 天主教堂 浙江路15号 Taiqing Palace (tài qīng gōng) Inside Laoshan (8288-9888) 太清宫 崂山内 Zhanshan Temple (zhàn shān sì) 2 Zhiquan Lu (8386-2038) 湛山寺 芝泉路2号

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8617) 青岛海云庵 青岛四方区海云街1号

Little Qingdao Island (xiăo qīng dǎo) 26 Qinyu Lu (8286-3944) 小青岛 琴屿路26号 May 4th Square (wǔ sì guǎng chǎng) 35 Donghai Xi Lu 五四广场 东海西路35号 Music Square (yīn yuè guǎng chǎng) Ao'men Lu 音乐广场 澳门路 Qingdao Guest House (qīng dǎo yíng bīn guǎn) 26 Longshan Lu (8288-9888) 青岛迎宾馆 龙山 路26号 Qingdao Polar Ocean World (qīng dǎo jí dì hǎi yáng shì jiè) 60 Donghai Dong Lu (8590-9999) 青 岛极地海洋世界 东海东路60号


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广告 • 黄页 Distinct (8228-9999 ext.6888) 采悦轩 胶州北京东 路271号 青岛胶州绿城喜来登酒店3层

Dumplings (jiaozi) 饺子 Chuange Fish Dumplings (chuān gē yǘ shǔi jiǎo) 57 Minjiang Er Lu (8077-8001) 船歌鱼水饺 闽 江二路57号 Da Qing Hua Dumplings (dà qīng huā jiǎo zi) 56 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8575-3697) 大清花饺子 香港中路56号 Laobian (lǎo biān jiǎo zi guǎn) 39 Nanjing Lu (8577-9938) 老边饺子馆 南京路39号 San He Yuan Dumplings (sān hé yuán shuĭ jiăo) 39 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8593-2008) 三合园水饺 漳州二路39号

Huaiyang 淮扬菜 Fu Gui Ren Sheng Restaurant (fù guì rén shēng dà jiǔ lóu) 135 Yan’an San Lu (8197-8877) 富 贵人生大酒楼 延安三路135号 Shang Palace (xiāng gōng) Lunch: 11:30 am – 3:00 pm, Dinner: 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm 1F, City Wing, Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-3838 ext.6459) 香宫 香港中路9号 香格里 拉大酒店 青香阁 1层

Homestyle 家常菜

Qingdao Underwater World (qīng dǎo hǎi dǐ shì jiè) 1 Laiyang Lu (8287-8218) 青岛海底世界 莱阳路1号 Qingdao Zoo (qīng dǎo dòng wù yuán) 102 Yan'an Yi Lu (8287-2970) 青岛动物园 延安一路 102号 Seashore Sidewalk (bīn hǎi bù xíng dào) The route runs from Tuandao (Old Town) via Badaguan to Shilaoren in the east. 滨海步行道 从太平路 到东海路 Tian Mu City (tiān mù chéng) Between Dengzhou Lu and Liaoning Lu 天幕城 登州路和辽宁路间 Zhan Qiao Pier (zhàn qiáo) 12 Taiping Lu (82868575) 栈桥 太平路12号

Dong Hai 88 Private Dining (dōng hǎi 88 sī fáng cài ) Open hours: Lunch: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, Dinner: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm. 2F, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (8612-1234 ext.6332) 东海88私房菜 东海东路88号 青岛鲁商凯悦 酒店2层 Harbor Seafood Chinese Restaurant (huá rùn 11:30 am – 9:00 pm 1F, DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang District (8098-8888 ext.2241) 华 润海港中餐厅 青岛308国道城阳段220号 青岛 鑫江希尔顿逸林酒店1层 hǎi gǎng zhōng cān tīng)

Chinese Dining 中式餐饮

Hirun Old Restaurant (hǎi rùn lăo fàn diàn) 43 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8597-8868) 海润港岛老 饭店 香港中路43号

BBQ 烧烤

Kowloon Tong (jiǔ lóng táng guǎng dōng cài guǎn) 116 Zhangzhou Lu (8578-0198) 九龙塘粥品

Handiyuan BBQ (hán dì yuán kǎo ròu) 20 Zijin Shan Zhi Lu, Huangdao District 韩帝园烤肉 黄岛 区紫金山支路20号 HBR (hǎi biān rén) 8 Haimen Lu (8388-8711) 海边人音乐厨房 海门路8号 2F, CBD Wanda, 185 Xuzhou Lu (5556-3871) 徐州路185号万达CBD广 场2层 41 Minjiang Er Lu (8571-4289) 闽江二路41 号 6 Jinwan Lu (8577-0997) 金湾路6号 Jiuxianfang BBQ (jiǔ xiān fāng) 316 Zijin Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8689-0377) 玖鲜坊 黄岛区 紫金山路316号

Beijing 北京 Ping’s Beijing Duck (xiǎo wáng fǔ fàn diàn) 20 Yan'erdao Lu (8575-0208) 小王府饭店 燕儿 岛路20号 Quan Ju De Beijing Roased Duck (quán jù dé běi jīng kǎo yā diàn) 1-2F, Bldg. A, Fenghe Square, 12 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6677-7308) 全聚德北京 烤鸭店 香港中路12号丰合广场A区1-2层


店 漳州路116号

Golden Sea Corner (jīn hǎi jiǎo dù jià cūn) 27 Taiping Jiao Yi Lu (8386-0188) 金海角度假村 太 平角一路27号 Guang Kai Seafood Restaurant (guǎng kāi hǎi wèi dà jiǔ diàn) 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (88896835) 广开海味大酒店 香港东路316号 Haidao Seafood Restaurant (hǎi dǎo yú cūn dà jiǔ diàn) 40 Yunxiao Lu (8572-0846) 海岛渔村 大酒店 云霄路40号 Haimuchang Crab (hǎi mù chǎng máo xiè) 2 Changcheng Lu, Chengyang District (133 25000211) 海牧场毛蟹 城阳区长城路2号 Harbor Seafood Chinese Restaurant (huá rùn 11:30 am – 9:00 pm 1F, DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang District (8098-8888 ext.2241) 华 润海港中餐厅 青岛308国道城阳段220号 青岛 鑫江希尔顿逸林酒店1层 hǎi gǎng zhōng cān tīng)

Le Tai Yuan (lè tài yuán kuài cān diàn) 45 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8588-7135) 乐泰园快餐店 漳 州二路45号

Yiqinglou (yí qíng lóu hǎi xiān) 80 Ningxia Lu (8582-5888) 怡情楼海鲜 宁夏路80号

Zhou Quan Zhou Dao (zhōu quán zhōu dào cài guăn) 120 Minjiang Lu (8577-8656) 粥全粥到 菜馆 闽江路120号

Hotpot 火锅 Donglaishun (dōng lái shùn) 400 Jinggang Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8689-9998) 东来顺 黄岛区井冈山路400号 Polar Ocean World, 60 Donghai Dong Lu (6688-9227) 东海东路60号极地 海底世界院内 Dou Lai Shun (dōu lái shùn fàn diàn) 232 Minjiang Lu (8571-7676) 都来顺饭店 闽江路 232号 Doulao Fang Hotpot (dòu lāo fǎng huǒ guō) B1, Marina City, 88 Ao'men Lu (8261-7777) 豆捞坊 火锅 澳门路88号 百丽广场负1层(溜冰场 旁)Zhonglian Plaza, 122 Nanjing Lu (8266-7777) 南京路122号中联广场A座 Haidilao Hotpot (hǎi dǐ lāo) 2F, Darling Habour, 1 Yan'erdao Lu (6867-8631)海底捞火锅 燕儿岛路 1号心海广场2楼 Tanyutou Hotpot (tán yú tóu huŏ guō) 14 Minjiang Lu (8582-1296) 谭鱼头火锅 闽江路14号 Yaoyao Hotpot (yáo yáo huǒ guō) 55 Furong Lu (8363-8118) 瑶瑶火锅 芙蓉路55号

Tang Palace (táng gōng zhōng cān tīng) 1F, Grand Mercure Qingdao Airport, 89 Minhang Lu, Changyang District (8471-6777 ext. 6777) 唐宫中 餐厅 城阳区民航路89号 青岛快通雅高美爵 酒店1层

Dawanlai Porridge (dà wǎn lái zhōu diàn) 344 Zijin Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8697-5888) 大碗 来粥店 黄岛区紫金山路344号

The Legendary (fēi hóng lóu zhōng cān tīng) 2F, Copthorne Hotel Qingdao, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8597-7997) 飞鸿楼中餐厅 香港中路28 号 青岛国敦大酒店2层

Four Season Restaurant (sì jì zhōng cān tīng) 26 Longshan Lu (8288-5308, 8288-5801) 四季中餐 厅 龙山路26号德国总督府院内

Yijinglou (yí jǐng lóu) 6 Taiwan Lu (8596-9111) 怡景楼 台湾路6号 90 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85929138) 香港中路90号

Le Mei (lè měi zhōng cān tīng) Lunch: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, Dinner: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm 2F, Le Meridien Qingdao, 112 Yanji Lu (5556-3888 ext. 0164) 乐美中餐厅 延吉路112号 青岛万达艾 美酒店2层

The Castle (yí bǎo zhōng cān tīng) 26 Longshan Lu (8288-5801) 怡堡中餐厅 龙山路26 号南门怡堡酒店(原德国总督府院内)

Dunhuang (dūn huáng hǎi xiān jiǔ lóu) 106 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8588-7556) 敦煌海鲜酒楼 香港中路106号

Ju Xiang Ju (jù xiāng jū jiā cháng cài guǎn) 10 Chenghai Yi Lu (8589-8217) 聚香居家常菜馆 澄 海一路10号

Yucong (yù cōng jiā cháng cài guăn) 147 Minjiang Lu (8577-0222) 毓聪家常菜馆 闽江路 147号

Chinese Restaurant (dà táng gōng tíng yàn) 2F, Wyndham Grand Qingdao, 178 Yinshatan Lu, Huangdao District (5875-8856) 大唐宫廷宴 黄 岛区银沙滩路178号 青岛银沙滩温德姆至尊 酒店2层

Lu (8571-8888 ext.8659) 阿一鲍鱼酒家 香港中路 76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店2层

Jinmeng Restaurant (jīn mèng dà jiǔ diàn) 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (oppo. Kilin Crown Hotel) (8889-0083) 金梦大酒店 香港东路316号

Tianhaixingyuan (tiān hǎi xīng yuán) 95 Fuchun Jiang Lu, Huangdao District (8688-5066) 天 海星源 黄岛区富春江路95号

Cantonese 粤菜

Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant (ā yī bào yú jiǔ jiā) 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong

8333) 风波庄酒家 金水路768号(近黑龙江路)

Feng Bo Zhuang Restaurant (fēng bō zhuāng jiǔ jiā) 768 Jinshui Lu, near Heilongjiang Lu (8768-

Qingdao TV Tower (qīng dǎo diàn shì tǎ) 1 Taiping Shan Lu (8365-4020) 青岛电视塔 太平 山路1号

Seafood 海鲜

Porridge 粥

Lao Man Ke (lǎo mǎn kè zhōu diàn) 43 Minjiang Lu (8576-8625) 老满客粥店 闽江路43号 San Bao (sān bǎo zhōu diàn) 158 Minjiang Lu (8577-0119) 三宝粥店 闽江路158号 Zhou Quan Zhou Dao (zhōu quán zhōu dào) 149 Minjiang Lu (8577-1568) 粥全粥到 闽江 路149号 111 Yanji Lu (8501-6818) 延吉路111号 97 Jiangxi Lu (8577-2056) 江西路97号

Yue (cǎi yuè xuān) 3F, Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel, 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou

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Yu Ma Tou Seafood Restaurant (yú mǎ tóu hǎi xiān fǎng) 24 Yunxiao Lu (8573-3583) 渔码头海鲜 舫 云霄路24号

Shandong 鲁菜 Characterised by the use of vinegar and strong aromatics, Shandong cuisine is one of China’s most famous varieties and is particularly prominent here in Qingdao. China Gongshe (zhōng guó gōng shè) 8 Minjiang San Lu (8077-6776) 中国公社 闽江三 路8号 China Spice (jù wèi xuān) 11:30 am – 2:00 pm, 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm 1F, Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, 271 Wenyang Lu, Chengyang District (6696-8888 ext. 6988) 聚味轩 城阳区文阳路271 号 青岛宝龙福朋酒店1层 Chinese Restaurant (dà táng gōng tíng yàn) 2F, Wyndham Grand Qingdao, 178 Yinshatan Lu, Huangdao District (5875-8856) 大唐宫廷宴 黄 岛区银沙滩路178号 青岛银沙滩温德姆至尊 酒店2层 Dong Hai 88 (dōng hǎi 88 fēng wèi cān tīng) Open hours: Lunch: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, Dinner: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm. Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (8612-1234 ext.6359) 东海88风味餐厅 东海东路 88号 青岛鲁商凯悦酒店1层 Dong Hai 88 Private Dining (dōng hǎi 88 sī fáng cài ) Open hours: Lunch: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, Dinner: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm. 2F, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (8612-1234 ext.6332) 东海88私房菜 东海东路88号 青岛鲁商凯悦 酒店2层 ESPN Restaurant & Bar (ESPN yùn dòng zhǔ tí cān bā) Bldg. E 103 Zhonglian Plaza, 122 Nanjing Lu (6965-8581) ESPN运动主题餐吧 南京路122号 中联广场内E栋103 Lao Zhuan Cun (lǎo zhuàn cūn shān dōng cài guǎn) 112 Minjiang Lu (8575-3776) 老转村山东菜 馆 闽江路112号 QIN (qín) 2F, Holiday Inn Parkview Qingdao, 306 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (8096-6888 ext.8226) 秦 城阳 区兴阳路306号 青岛景园假日酒店2层 Steven Gao’s Restaurant (gāo shì sī fáng 20 Zhuhai Lu (8589-3899) 高氏私房菜 珠 海路20号


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Tang Palace (táng gōng zhōng cān tīng) 1F, Grand Mercure Qingdao Airport, 89 Minhang Lu, Chengyang District (8471-6777 ext. 6777) 唐宫 中餐厅 城阳区民航路89号 青岛快通雅高美 爵酒店1层 Tian Xia Yi Pin Chinese Restaurant

(tiān xià yī pǐn shàng shàn míng fāng zhōng cān tīng ) 2F, InterContinental Qingdao,

98 Ao'men Lu (6656-6666 ext.1588) 天下一品尚 膳·茗坊中餐厅 澳门路98号 青岛海尔洲际 酒店2层 Yuansheng Haigang Haorizi (yuán shèng hǎi gǎng hǎo rì zǐ fàn diàn) 5 Yunxiao Lu (85732-6135) 源盛海港好日子饭店 云霄路5号 Yue (cǎi yuè xuān) 3F, Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel, 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou Distinct (8228-9999 ext.6888) 采悦轩 青岛市胶 州新城区北京东路271号 青岛胶州绿城喜来 登酒店3层

Sichuan 川菜

Fatty Q (táng gé xī cān tīng) 191 Marina City West Zone, 86 Ao'men Lu (6606-1789)唐阁西餐厅 澳门路86号 百丽广场西区191号 Feast (shèng yàn xī cān tīng) 1F, Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou New District (8228-9999 ext ) 盛宴西餐 厅 胶州新城区北京东路271号 青岛胶州绿城 喜来登酒店1层 Flavours (pǐn xiāng yuàn) 3F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Ao'men Lu (6656-6666 ext.1555) 品香苑 澳门路98号 青岛海尔洲际 酒店3层 Hong Kong 97 VIP (xiāng gǎng jiǔ qī VIP) 1-2F, Huanhai Apartment, 22 Yan'erdao Lu (85971112) 香港97VIP店 燕儿岛路22号 环海公寓 1-2层 Liang You Catering (liáng yǒu guó yàn chú fáng) 18 Ninghai Lu (Beer Street) (8380-9888) 良友 国宴厨房 宁海路18号

Boiling Fish Township (fèi téng yú xiāng) 1F, C Tower, World Trade Centre, 6 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8591-9917) 沸腾鱼乡 香港中路6号世贸中 心C座1层 Du Yuan (dōu yuán jiǔdiàn) 636 Jinggang Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8689-7777) 都源酒店 黄岛 区井冈山路636号 Lao Sichuan (lǎo sì chuān jiǔ jiā) 105 Zijin Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8688-9667) 老四川酒家 黄 岛区紫金山路105号 Lao Zhuan Cun (lǎo zhuàn cūn) 158 Minjiang Lu (8577-2776) 老转村 闽江 路158号 Qin Ji (qín jì xiāng là shí fǔ) 228 Minjiang Lu (8575-7599) 秦记香辣食府 闽江路228号 Shan Cheng Chilli Pepper (shān chéng hóng là jiāo) 109 Minjiang Lu (8578-5049) 山城红辣椒 闽江路109号 South Beauty (qiào jiāng nán) 2F, Darling Habour, 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6867-8555) 俏江南 燕儿岛 路1号心海广场2层 Tian Lu Yuan (tiān lù yuán dà jiǔ diàn) 20-24 Yan'erdao Lu (8577-9879) 天禄园大酒店 燕儿岛 路20-24号 Youmayoula (yòu má yòu là) 158 (Jia) Minjiang Lu (8577-6789) 诱麻诱辣 闽江路158号甲 4F, Rock City, 1 Xiazhuang Lu, Licang District 李沧区夏 庄路1号乐客城4层

Taiwan 台湾 Autumn Town (qiū tiān xiǎo zhèn) 27 Dayao Er Lu (8578-8349) 秋天小镇 大尧二路27号 Din Tai Fung (dǐng tài fēng) 118, Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (6606-1319) 鼎 泰丰 澳门路88号 奥帆中心百丽广场118 Xianghetong (dǐng tài fēng) 5 Minjiang Er Lu (8577-9515) 祥和通台湾小吃 闽江二路5号

Vegetarian 素食 Crystal Lotus Vegetarian Diet & Tea House (qīng shuǐ lián sù shàn míng fāng) 6 Yan'erdao Lu (8077-9116) 清水莲素膳茗坊 燕儿岛路6号

Yunnan 云南 Impression (yìn xiàng fēng shàng yún nán cài) Rm. 307, 3F, Bldg. A, Top Yihe, 10 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8502-8706, 8502-8708) 印象风尚云南 菜 香港中路10号颐和国际A座3层307 3F, CBD Wanda, 112 Yanji Lu (5556-3631, 5556-3632) 延吉 路112号青岛CBD万达广场3层 Jingyan (jīng yàn fēng shàng yún nán cài) 3F, Thumb Plaza, 880 Tong’an Lu (6778-6822) 京焰风 尚云南菜 同安路880号大拇指广场3层

Asian Dining 亚洲餐饮 Fusion 无国界料理 Cafe Asia (yà zhōu kā fēi) 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85718888) 亚洲咖啡 香港中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠 假日酒店2层 Café Yum (yī pǐn táng zì zhù cān tīng) 6:00 am – 11:00 pm 1F, Valley Wing, Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu(8388-3838 =english menu

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ext. 6008) 一品堂自助餐厅 香港中路9号 香格 里拉大酒店 盛世阁1层

Market Café (kā fēi tīng) all-daydining restaurant, Lower Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (86121234 ext. 6323) 咖啡厅全日自助餐厅 东海东路 88号 青岛鲁商凯悦酒店底层大堂 No. 1 Zhongshan Road International Gourmet (zhōng shān lù yī hào guó jì měi shí) 1 Zhongshan Lu (8296-0001) 中山路壹号国际美 食 中山路1号 Party 9 Asian dining & cafe bar (Party9 wú guó jí liào lǐ) Zhangzhou Lu 132 (6656-0673) Party9 无国籍料理 漳州路132号(近太古百货北门) Shanging Restaurant Restaurant (shàng jǐng jīng zhì liào lǐ) Our unique Shanging Restaurant

is located at the 1st floor of the Darling Harbor Building in midway of the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Centre. We will surprise you with the freshest Sea – Food in Qingdao. Salmon from Norway, Tuna in Sushi quality and many other delicacies crest our Sushi and Sashimi. Beef and lamb from New Zealand freshly finished, completed with freshest vegetables of the season, waiting for you. Enjoy in a magnificent environment a wonderful culinary adventure among familiar faces. Our Restaurant offers also many separate rooms for more private atmosphere and unforgettable moments for you and your business partners. Our international experienced Chef and his team would be glad to welcome you for a memorable event. Let pampering you a little bit, we would be happy to heartily welcome you soon. 全国顶 级料理集团--尚井精致料理,位于岛城最优 美的海岸线奥帆中心,用餐环境优雅而浪漫; 生鲜和肉类天天世界各地空运:挪威三文鱼、 金枪鱼、澳大利亚九孔鲍鱼、澳洲紫海胆、新 西兰羊排、牛排.....台湾著名御厨团队驻店主 理;尚井是岛城餐饮界的航母,是尊贵、健 康、时尚的最佳选择! 2F, Darling Harbor, Olympic Marina, 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6867-8839, 6867-8699 ) 尚 井精致料理 燕儿岛路1号 奥帆基地内 心海 广场2层

Indian 印度 Cafe Asia (yà zhōu kā fēi) 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85718888) 亚洲咖啡 香港中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠 假日酒店2层 Fatema Indian Restaurant (fă dì mă yìn dù cān tīng) 10 Gutian Lu (137 3099-4178) 法蒂玛印 度餐厅 古田路10号丁

理 香港中路41号 华侨国际饭店2层 Azile (ā zī lè xīn gài niàn rì běn liào lǐ) 26 Longshan Lu (8288-5690) 阿兹乐新概念日本料理 龙山路26号 (德国总督府官邸院内) AKAKARA (chì táng guō) 14 Gutian Lu (85877708) 赤唐锅 古田路14号 Akebono (shǔ rì běn cān tīng) Lunch: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm, Dinner: 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm 2F, Le Meridien Qingdao, 112 Yanji Lu (5556-3888 ext.0166) 曙日本餐厅 延吉路112号 青岛万达 艾美酒店2层 Daochuan/Inagawa (dào chuān rì běn liào lǐ)10 (Jia) Gutian Lu (8589-5418) 稻川日本料理 古 田路10号甲 Dozo Gourmet Food Gallery (dozo liào lǐ měi shù guǎn) Polar Ocean World Venue: 60 Donghai Dong Lu (8909-5999) dozo料理美术馆 极地店:东 海东路60号 Hisense Venue: 052, B1 Hisense Plaza, Ao’men Lu (6678-8008) 海信店:澳门路海信广场 负一层052 Fuegoo (rè yàn) Rm303, F4, Wanda Shopping Plaza, 178 Jufeng Lu (8766-8822) 热焰 李沧区巨峰 路178号万达购物广场4层303室 Gepeng Fushi Japanese (gē pēng fù shì) 296 Wuyi Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8699-9916) 割烹 富士 黄岛区武夷山路296号

Feast (shèng yàn xī cān tīng) 1F, Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou New District (8228-9999 ext ) 盛宴西餐 厅 胶州新城区北京东路271号 青岛胶州绿城 喜来登酒店1层

Hideyoshi (xiù jí jū jiǔ wū) 94 Changcheng Lu, Chengyang District (5556-5657)秀吉居酒屋 城阳 区长城路94号

Flavors Pizza & Cafe (měi wèi kā fēi xī cān tīng) No. 10, Bldg. 29, Tiantai Apartments, Lushan Lu,

Hong Ye Japanese Dining (hóng yè rì bĕn liào lĭ) 283 Wu Yi Shan Lu, E&T Development Zone

Huangdao District (8699-9140) 美味咖啡西餐厅 黄岛区庐山路 天泰小区29座

Japanese 日本 Ajisen Noodle (wèi qiān lā miàn) 1F, Carrefour, 21 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8580-6375) 味 千拉面 香港中路21号 家乐福1层 2F, Jusco, 72 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8597-3351) 香港中路72号 佳世客2层 Aoyagi Kaiseki (qīng liǔ huái shí rì běn liào lǐ) 2F, Overseas Chinese Hotel, 41

Niuchang Japanese (niú chǎng rì běn liào lǐ) 192 Wuyi Shan Lu, Huangdao District 牛场日本料 理 黄岛区武夷山路192号 Niu Dao (niú dào) 2F, Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (6606-1729) 新快牛道红花牛馆 澳门路88号百 丽广场2层 Noburo Barbeque (shēng jiā tàn shāo jì) G106A Zhonglian Plaza, 122 Nanjing Lu (138 53223397, 6865-8688) 昇家炭烧季 南京路122号中 联广场G106A Qian Shi (qiān shí) 7 Taiwan Lu (8590-0966) 千 石 台湾路7号 Qingshuiwu Japanese (qīng shuǐ wū rì běn liào lǐ) 370 Wuyi Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8697-3783) 清水屋日本料理 黄岛区武夷山路370号 Shengshan Japanese Restaurant (shèng shān rì běn liào lǐ) 6 Chenghai San Lu 胜山日本料 理 澄海三路6号 Sumo and Sushi/Tamakairiki (yù hǎi lì) 12 Gutian Lu (8587-6001) 玉海力 古田路12号 Tairyo (dà yú tiě bǎn shāo quán guó lián suǒ cān tīng) 201, Bldg. E, 58 Donghai Dong Lu (66889366, 6688-9368) 大渔铁板烧 东海东路58号E座 201极地金岸娱乐港 1F, Darling Harbour Qingdao, 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6867-8585, 6867-8586) 燕儿岛路1 号奥帆中心心海广场1层 Takewaga Japanese Restaurant (zhú ruò 4F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext. 8680) 竹若 日本料理 香港中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日 酒店4层 rì běn liào lǐ)

(8699-0573) 红葉日本料理 青岛开发区武夷山 路283号

Tuna Mingjia (míng jiā dú dǎo jīn qiāng yú liào lǐ) (8776-6447) 315 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District

Honghua Village (hóng huā xiāng gǔ) 2F, Copthorne Hotel Qingdao, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8668-1688 ext. 8700) 红花香谷 香港中路28号 青岛国敦大酒店2层

名家独岛金枪鱼料理 城阳区兴阳路315号 A-12, Qingdao Polar Ocean Park, Donghai Dong Lu 东海东路60号极地海洋世界A-12号

Isari Sushi (yú shòu sī) Some of the best sushi in Qingdao. 2F, Darling Harbour in the Olympic Marina 2F, Darling Harbour, Olympic Sailing Centre, 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6867-8570) 渔寿司 燕儿岛路1号 奥帆中心心海广场2层

Walk Inn Garden Japanese Restaurant (huā yuán rì běn liào lǐ zhuān mén diàn) 4F, International News Centre, 50 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8077-9757) 花园日本料理专门店 香港中路50 号青岛国际新闻中心4层

Xianggang Zhong Lu (8573-9196) 青柳怀石日本料

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广告 • 黄页 Yinshui Japanese Restaurant (yín shuǐ rì běn liào lǐ) 279 Wuyi Shan Lu, Huangdao District (86999050) 银水日本料理 黄岛区武夷山路279号 Yu Quan Qi We Teppanyaki (yù quán qī wèi tiě bǎn shāo) Bldg. 5, 58 Donghai Dong Lu (5571-9377) 御泉七味铁板烧 东海东路58号5号楼

Korean 韩国 With up to 100,000 Koreans calling Qingdao home, Korean restaurants abound throughout Hong Kong Garden and other neighbourhoods. Some great dishes include: •p  ào cài 泡菜 (kimchi) - spicy pickled vegetables, often an appetizer (v) • t ǔ dòu bǐng 土豆饼 - potato pancake with onion •b  àn fàn 拌饭 (bebimbap) - bowl of rice with vegetables, egg and usually meat • hán guó shāo kǎo 韩国烧烤 - Korean barbecue An Shi Stove (ān shì huǒ lú) 82 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8593-6869) 安氏火炉 漳州二路82号 165 Minjiang Lu (8575-9429) 二店 闽江路165号 199 Zhongcheng Lu (8786-0355) 中城路199号 Dabo Huolu (dà bó huǒ lú ) Rm 307, East Gate of Renheju Living Area, Changcheng Lu, Chengyang District (6679-4525) 大舶火炉 城阳区长城路 仁 和居东小区东门网点307号

Southeast Asian Cuisine (yuè yù xuān dōng nán yà liào lǐ) 68 Zhangzhou Er Lu 越饫轩东南亚料理,漳州二路68号 Jusco Pedestrian street (8077-2259) 越饫轩东南亚 料理 佳世客步行街

Western Dining 西式餐饮 American 美国 Canvas 63 B, Zhangzhou Lu (8565-5688) 漳州 路63号B Deja Vu 10-3 Yunling Lu, near Sophia Hotel (188 6626-8950) 云岭路10-3 Happy Valley (xiǎo què xìng shí táng) 22 (jia) Hunan Lu (0532 8288-0708) 小确 幸食堂 湖南路22号甲(安徽路与湖南路交叉 口东走60米) Korona Grill House (kě luó jiā xī cān tīng) 5 Zhanghua Lu (8589-9721, 8589-9280) 可罗嘉西餐 厅 彰化路5号 Lisa’s Pizzeria (lì sà bǐ sà) (8577-7723) 澳门路69号

Don Korea (dōng gǔ lái) 87 Donghai Dong Lu (8097-8899) 东古来 东海东路87号

Luigi’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar (Luigi bǐ sà tǐ yù jiǔ bā) 20 Yan’erdao San Lu (136 0532-8413)

田路10号 Hanjiang Korean Restaurant (hàn 11:00 am – 9:30 pm 2F, DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang District (8098-8888 ext.2283) 汉江韩国料理 青岛308国道城阳段 220号 青岛鑫江希尔顿逸林酒店2层 jiāng hán guó liào lǐ)

Hengbo Restaurant (hēng bó míng jiā) 12 Jianfei Garden, 87 Xianggang Dong Lu (8801-1080) 亨伯名家 香港东路87号 建飞花园12号 1 Yingbin Lu, Liuting Airport, Chengyang District (6800-1888) 城阳区 流亭国际机场 迎宾路1号 Huo Lu Qing Charcoal BBQ House (huǒ lú qíng tàn huǒ shāo kǎo wū) 14 Gutian Lu (85886773) 火炉情炭火烧烤屋 古田路14号 Jingfugong (jǐng fú gōng) 43 Xianggang Xi Lu (8386-2449) 景福宫 香港西路43号 KR - Fine Korean & Japanese Cuisine (hán 2F, Holiday Inn Parkview Qingdao, 306 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (8096-6888 ext.8218) 韩餐厅 城阳区兴阳路306号 青岛景 园假日酒店2层 cān tīng)

Meiyi Hui Guan (meĭ yì huì guǎn) 7(Bing) Jilong Lu (8587-3281) 美益会馆 基隆路7号丙 Meng Family Korean Restaurant (mèng jiā hán guó cān tīng) 1F, Kaixuan Garden, 1-4 Xianxia Ling Lu (8896-3382) 孟家韩国餐厅 仙霞岭路 1-4 凯旋家园 Qing Song Guan (qīng sōng guǎn) 2F, Jusco, 72 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8575-9986) 青松馆 香港中 路72号佳世客2层 Shike Mingjia (shí kè míng jiā) 332 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (6691-6888) 食客名家 城阳 区兴阳路332号 Xiao Ben Jia (xiǎo běn jiā) 58 Shanghang Lu (8596-8752) 小本家 上杭路58号 49 Zhangzhou Er Lu (6887-2728) 漳州二路49号 198 Lushan Lu, Huangdao District (8688-0160) 黄岛区庐山 路198号

69 Ao‘men Lu

Luigi比萨·体育酒吧 燕儿岛三路20号 LUIGI’S (qīng dǎo lù yì jī yì shì cān bā) 21 Wu Yi Shan Lu, E&T Development Zone (8699-6535) 青岛 路易基意式餐吧 青岛开发区武夷山路219号 THEDINER丨SPARK CAFE & BREWERY (dān ní měi shì cān tīng 丨SPARK kā fēi hé niàng jiǔ fāng) 35 1F, Tsingtao Mansion, Donghai Xi Lu (8577-2051) 丹尼 美式餐厅丨SPARK咖啡和酿酒坊 东海路35号 青岛啤酒大厦1层 TheDiner 22 (èr shí èr hào kā fēi tīng) 19 Zhangzhou Er Lu (Central Plaza) (8577-1222) 贰拾贰号咖啡厅 漳州二路19号( 中环广场) TheDiner Marina (dān ná băi lì) Rm205, 2F, West Area, Marina City (8577-2011) 丹拿百丽 百丽 广场西侧205室(靠汉堡王二楼)

Brazilian 巴西 Cafe Asia (yà zhōu kā fēi) 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85718888) 亚洲咖啡 香港中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠 假日酒店2层

Delivery 外送 Angelinas Coffee & Pub (ān jí lì nà kā fēi jiǔ ba) Simple and vintage decor in the café area + Western and Retro decor in the pub area. All our draft beer is German-imported, including a selection of Munich & Guinness stout and Hoegaarden weiss. Unique in Qingdao! Also try our unique formula-made cocktail and special-made vodka! We use Slayer - the best coffee machine - the first and only in Qingdao! Come and try the delicious coffee! 一层是欧美复 古风格的酒吧,一层是简约田园风格的咖啡 厅。纯德国进口扎啤,岛城独家!还有慕尼黑 和健力士两款黑啤,以及福佳白白啤和艾丁 格白啤酒。独特的鸡尾酒配方,特制的伏特 加,口味独特!全岛城独家使用斯莱尔品牌咖 啡机——咖啡机中的劳斯莱斯!咖啡香浓醇 厚。136 Ao’men Lu (6872-7999) 安吉丽娜咖啡酒 吧 澳门路136号

Yicun Korean (yì cūn cān tīng) 1325 Zhujiang Lu, Huangdao District (8699-0199) 艺村餐厅 黄岛 区珠江路1325号

Fatema Indian Restaurant (fă dì mă yìn dù cān tīng) 10 Gutian Lu (137 3099-4178) 法蒂玛印

Zheng Yi Pin Korean Restaurant (zhèng yī pǐn hán shì tàn huǒ shāo kǎo) 80 Wenyang Lu,

JJ Pizza (dì dì bǐ sà) 10 Gutian Lu (85923033) 帝帝比萨(市南店) 古田路10号 52 Yanji Lu (8501-8833) 帝帝比萨(市北店) 延吉路52号

Chengyang District (8908-5231)正一品韩式炭火 烧烤 城阳区文阳路80号

Thai 泰国 Banana Leaf (jiāo yè) 107, Zhonglian Plaza, 122 Nanjing Lu (6865-8836) 蕉叶 南京路122号中联 广场107 Thai Me Up 20-6, Yan’erdao Lu (8503-8579) Thai Me Up泰国餐厅 燕儿岛路20-6号

Pho88 B1, Hisense Plaza (6678-8888) 海信广 场负一层

Deoksugung (dé shòu gōng hán guó liào lǐ) 102 Changcheng Lu, Chengyang District (87766577) 德寿宫韩国料理 城阳区长城路102号

Hamheaung Korean Cold Noodles (zhèng ān yī wèi) 10 Gutian Lu (8589-2055) 正安一味 古


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度餐厅 古田路10号丁

KFC 4008 823 823 Lisa’s Pizzeria (lì sà bǐ sà) Besides the delicious pizza offered, extensive western options available include steak and lamb kebabs, mini burritos, burgers, whole roast chicken, grilled mackerel, and occasional Spanish food promotions. 8 Chenghai Yi Lu (8588-8839) 力萨比 萨 澄海一路8号

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Luigi’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar (Luigi bǐ sà tǐ yù jiǔ bā) 20 Yan’erdao San Lu (136 0532-8413) Luigi比萨·体育酒吧 燕儿岛三路20号 LUIGI’S (qīng dǎo lù yì jī yì shì cān bā) 219 Wu Yi Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8699-6535) 青岛路易 基意式餐吧 青岛开发区武夷山路219号 Pizza Hut (bì shèng kè) 1F, 63 Taidong San Lu (8367-2988) 必胜客 台东三路63号1层 B1, Yihe Mansion, 10 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8503-0088) 香港中路10号 颐和国际B座1层 Papa John's Pizza 棒约翰 400 888-7272 Sorrento Pizza (sà lái duō bǐ sà) 216 Changcheng Lu, Chengyang District (8772-4221) 萨 来多比萨 城阳区长城路216号

Fast Food 快餐 Burger King (hàn bǎo wáng) West Area, Marina City, 86 Ao’men Lu (0532 6606-1959) 汉堡王 澳门 路86号百丽广场西区 Kebab (kāng bǎo wáng) 1F, Carrefour, 21 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6885-6221) 康堡王 香港中 路21号 家乐福1层 Subway (sài bǎi wèi) MD_118A, Carrefour, 21 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8079-0800) 赛百味 香港中 路21号家乐福1层MD_118A Rm.151, 1F, CBD Wanda Plaza, 116 Yanji Lu (5566-2621) 延吉路116 号万达广场购物中心1层151商铺

French 法国 Happy Valley (xiǎo què xìng) Seaview branch, Rm.2102, 1 Unit, Donghai Shijia, 41 Donghai Xi Lu (0532 8573-9008) 小确幸(海景 店)东海西路41号东海世家一单元2102室 La Café Paris (bā lí kā fēi xī cān tīng) West Area, Marina City, 86 Ao’men Lu (0532 6606-1128) 巴黎咖啡西餐厅 百丽广 场西区 La Villa (lā wéi lā) Previously known as ‘The Music Kitchen’ before the name was unashamedly appropriated by at least 2 other joints around town), also the home of the original Redstar office. 5 Xianggang Zhong Lu (83886833) 拉维拉法国餐厅 香港中路5号

Fusion 无国界料理 Aegean (ài qín hǎi xī cān tīng) 1F, Grand Mercure Qingdao Airport, 89 Minhang Lu (84716777 ext. 6777) 爱琴海西餐厅 青岛城阳区民航 路89号 青岛快通雅高美爵酒店1层 Blacksun (bù lái sēn) 397 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (oppo. North Gate of Century Park) (6679-9325) 布莱森咖啡 城阳区兴阳路397 号(世纪公园北门对面) Cafe Asia (yà zhōu kā fēi) 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85718888) 亚洲咖啡 香港中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠 假日酒店2层 Café JOT (wèi) 2F, Holiday Inn Parkview Qingdao, 306 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (8096-6888 ext.8215) 味 城阳 区兴阳路306号 青岛景园假日酒店2层 Cafe Roland (lǎng yuán jiǔ bā) 6 Zhanshan Wu Lu (8387-5734) 朗园 湛山五路6号 Café Yum (yī pǐn táng zì zhù cān tīng) 1F, Valley Wing, Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-3838 ext. 6008) 一 品堂自助餐厅 香港中路9号 香格里拉大酒店 盛世阁1层 Central Grill (CG xī cān tīng) 1F, Copthorne Hotel Qingdao, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8668-1688 ext. 8300) CG西餐厅 香港中路28号 青岛国敦大酒店1层 Elements Restaurant (yuán sù xī cān tīng) 1F, Wyndham Grand Qingdao, 178 Yinshatan Lu, Huangdao District (5888-6666 ext. 2366) 元素西 餐厅 黄岛银沙滩路178号 青岛银沙滩温德姆 至尊酒店1层 Feast (shèng yàn) 1F, Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel, 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou District 8228-9999 ext.6866) 盛宴 胶州新城区北 京东路271号 青岛胶州绿城喜来登酒店1层 Flavours All Day Dining (pǐn xiāng yuàn quán rì cān tīng)

3F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Aomen Lu (6656-6666 ext.1555) 品香苑全日餐厅 澳门路98号 青岛海 尔洲际酒店3层

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Iona Café (ài nà kā fēi) (8589-0768) 158 Jiangxi Lu, Shinan District 江西路158号 HOLIDAY Western-style Food & Coffee (jià rì xī cān tīng) 218 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao District (8699-8127/9888/9909) 假日西餐厅 青岛 经济技术开发区长江中路218号 Luigi’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar (Luigi bǐ sà tǐ yù jiǔ bā) 20 Yan‘erdao San Lu (136 0532-8413) Luigi比萨·体育酒吧 燕儿岛三路20号 LUIGI’S (qīng dǎo lù yì jī yì shì cān bā) 219 Wu Yi Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8699-6535) 青岛路 易基意式餐吧 青岛开发区武夷山路219号 Market Café (kā fēi tīng) All-daydining restaurant, Lower Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (86121234 ext. 6323) 咖啡厅全日自助餐厅 东海东路 88号 青岛鲁商凯悦酒店底层大堂 La Description du Monde (jiàn wén lù) 16-10 Gutian Lu (inside Hong Kong Garden) (8588-7989) 见闻录 古田路16-10 (香港花园内) Latest Recipe (xīn shí pǔ cān tīng) 1F, Le Meridien Qingdao, 112 Yanji Lu (5557-0162) 新食谱餐厅 延吉路112号 青岛万 达艾美酒店1层 Ocean Café (bì hǎi kā fēi tīng) 1F, Holiday Inn Qingdao City Centre, 1 Xuzhou Lu (6809-0311) 碧海咖啡厅 徐州路1号 青岛中 心假日酒店1层 Pizza Loves Donburi (bǐ sà ài gài fàn) No.52B, Zhangzhou Er Lu (8591-9836) 比萨爱盖饭 漳州二 路52号乙 (麦凯乐东侧) Rain Café (yǔ dǎo kā fēi) 512 Chuncheng Lu, Chengyang District (Near Wedding Street) (66735761) 雨岛咖啡 城阳区小北曲婚纱街春城 路512号 Riverside Café (shuǐ qīng kā fēi yuàn) 6:00 am – 10:30 pm 1F, DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang District (8098-8888 ext.2269) 水青咖啡苑 青岛 308国道城阳段220号 青岛鑫江希尔顿逸林 酒店1层 San Marco 2F, Haiqing Hotel, 11 (Jia) Donghai Zhong Lu (8589-0526) 东海中路11号甲 青岛海 情大酒店2层 Sitting Bull Restaurant (yì niú kǎo pái guǎn) 138 Zhangzhou Lu (8571-7103) 毅牛烤排馆 漳州路138号 Sunshine Grill (yáng guāng xī cān tīng) 2F, Sunshine Dept. Store, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-7190) 阳光西餐厅 香港中路38号 阳光 百货2层 Sweden House (ruì diǎn fēng qíng) 2F, East Area, Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (6656-0066) 瑞典 风情 澳门路88号百丽广场东区2层 Taste Music Restaurant (mù zĭ yōu pǐn) 8 Ao‘men Qi Lu (8381-1111) 木子优品 澳门七路8号 The Eatery (yí kè lè quán rì cān tīng) 6:30 am – 9:00 pm 1F, Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, 271 Wenyang Lu, Chengyang District (6696-8888 ext. 6966) 宜客乐全日餐厅 城阳区文阳路271号 青岛宝龙福朋酒店1层 The Oriental Express 126 Lushan Lu, Huangdao District (134 6829-9634) 黄岛庐山路126号 Todai Restaurant (dū tài měi shí chéng) 201, Bldg. E, Coast Leisure Street, 58 Donghai Dong Lu (6606-6788) 都太美食城 东海东路58号E座 201极地金岸娱乐港内 Yongli Spring (yǒng lì fǎ ěr chūn tiān zhǔ liú cān bā) 8 Minjiang Lu (8580-8889) 勇丽法尔春天 主流餐吧 闽江路8号

German 德国 No.1 Zhongshan Road Yummy Restaurant (zhōng shān lù yī hào YUMMY guó jì cān tīng) 1 Zhongshan Lu (8289-0001) 中山路壹号YUMMY 国际餐厅 中山路1号 Paulaner Bräuhaus (pǔ lā nà pí jiǔ fāng) 1F, Wyndham Grand Qingdao, 178 Yinshatan Lu, Huangdao District (5888-6666 ext. 2333) 普拉那啤 酒坊 黄岛区银沙滩路178号 青岛银沙滩温德 姆至尊酒店1层 Rats Keller restaurant (ā zī kǎi 26 Longshan Lu (8869-1111转8853) 阿兹凯乐西餐厅 龙山路26 号迎宾馆一层 lè xī cān tīng)

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/ listings // 广告 • 黄页 Zur Bierstube For German cuisine, there is only one option in Qingdao: Zur Bierstube. Their massive portions of meaty dishes (including the hugely popular, 1kg pork knuckle (for sharing!) and Qingdao's only ), great beer on tap and by bottle, live sports on TV and homely atmosphere have proved so popular that a second venue opened in July. 说到德国菜,青岛只有一个地方可以吃得 到:Zur Bierstube。那里所有的肉类菜品都 是超大份 (包括最适合聚餐分享的1公斤份德 国烤猪肘,以及青岛独一无二的费城芝士牛 排)。餐厅装修充满了家庭氛围,加上非常正 宗的扎啤和瓶装啤酒,实时转播的体育频道赛 事,这些都为餐厅揽足了回头客。餐厅第二 家分店正在筹备中,预计在下个月与大家见 面。1-A2-1 San You Building, 10 Yunling Lu (88897600) 云岭路10号三友公寓1-A2-1

Italian 意大利 Da Vinci Restaurant & Lounge (dá fēn qí yì dà lì cān tīng) 3F, Valley Wing, Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong lu (8388-3838 ext. 6900) 达芬奇意大利餐厅 香港中 路9号 香格里拉大酒店 盛世阁3层 Milano Italian Restaurant (mǐ lán nuò yì dà lì xī cān tīng) Centrally located on Minjiang 2 Lu, Milano Italian Restaurant sets itself apart with its intimate dining area set back from the entrance, excellent pizzas and manager Claudio’s own homemade rose liquor and limoncello. A fine range of mains and imported meats and cheeses, as well as exquisite desserts round out the authentic Italian dining experience. 坐落在闽江二路的米兰诺意 大利餐厅在店内布置了可供私密就餐的区域。 不仅有美味的披萨,还有经理Claudio专属的 自制玫瑰利口酒和柠檬酒。口味上佳的主菜, 进口肉类,芝士,还有精致的甜点,让你感 受完美的意大利餐饮之旅。30 Minjiang Er Lu (8577-0058 / 186-6168-1819) 米兰诺意大利西餐 厅 闽江二路30号 Murano’s (mèng lā nuò) 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext. 8650) 梦拉诺 香港中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店2层 Pizza Vito E Meo Cafe Italia Specialita Italiana (wéi duō yì dà lì cān tīng) 19 Minjiang Er Lu (8575-4089) 维多意大利餐厅 闽江二路19号 San Marco (yì dà lì cān tīng) 2F, Haiqing Hotel, 11 (Jia) Donghai Zhong Lu (8589-0526) 意大利餐厅 东海中路11号甲 青岛海情大酒店2层 Trattoria Verde (běi lǜ dăo yì dà lì míng cài cān tīng) 67(Jia) Zhangzhou Lu (8589-8530) 北绿岛意大利名菜餐厅 漳州 路67号甲 Wildfire Steakhouse & Grill Restaurant (míng yàn xī cān tīng) 1F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Ao’men Lu (66566666 ext.1566) 明焰西餐厅 澳门路98号 青岛海 尔洲际酒店1层

Turkish 土耳其 Istanbul Restaurant (yī sī tǎn bǎo cān tīng) 7F, Mykal (155 8981-3174) 伊斯 坦堡餐厅 麦凯乐7层 Street 33 Zhangzhou Yi Lu, opposite of Taigu Entrance 漳州路太古广场33号咖啡厅

Cafés etc. 咖啡甜品茶馆 Cafés 咖啡 Abbica Coffee (ā bì kǎ kā fēi) 4 (Ding) Ningguo Er Lu (8571-2323) 阿璧卡咖啡 宁国二路4号丁 Abika cafe (ā bì kǎ kā fēi) C2, 308 Xianggang Dong Lu (8896-7653) 阿碧卡咖啡 香港 东路308号C2 Alexander Coffee (yà lì shān dà kā fēi) 36 Daming Lu (Weihai Lu Pedestrian Area) 亚历山 大咖啡 大名路36号 (威海路步行街)

广告 • 黄页 & Guinness stout and Hoegaarden weiss. Unique in Qingdao! Also try our unique formula-made cocktail and special-made vodka! We use Slayer - the best coffee machine - the first and only in Qingdao! Come and try the delicious coffee! 一层是欧美复 古风格的酒吧,一层是简约田园风格的咖啡 厅。纯德国进口扎啤,岛城独家!还有慕尼黑 和健力士两款黑啤,以及福佳白白啤和艾丁 格白啤酒。独特的鸡尾酒配方,特制的伏特 加,口味独特!全岛城独家使用斯莱尔品牌咖 啡机——咖啡机中的劳斯莱斯!咖啡香浓醇 厚。136, Ao’men Lu (6872-7999) 安吉丽娜咖啡酒 吧 澳门路136号 Bagan Cafe (pú gān) 9F, Unit2, Donghai Shijia, 41 Donghai Xi Lu (8572-8285) 蒲甘 东海西路41号 东海世家2单元9层 Bay Lounge (guān hǎi jiǔ láng) Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (86121234 ext.6331) 观海酒廊 东海东路88号 青岛鲁 商凯悦酒店大堂

Four Seasons Café (sì jì kā fēi tīng) 5F, Sunnyworld Cyberport (entrance next to HaagenDasz), 40 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-8297) 四季咖 啡厅 香港中路40号 数码港旗航5层 Happyday Coffee (měi rì kā fēi) 9 Aomen Lu (8597-1179) 美日咖啡 VIP会所 澳门路9号 Hausbrandt Italian Café (hào shì kā fēi) 31 Minjiang Er Lu (8571-6861) 浩世咖啡 闽江二 路31号 Java Café (zhuā wū kā fēi) 1F, 30 (Jia) Minjiang Er Lu (8578-2773) 爪哇咖啡 闽江二路 30号甲

Caffe Ccino Living House (xiān nuò kā fēi shēng huó guǎn) B1, Mykal, 69 Xianggang Zhong

Cafe Mingjia (kā fēi míng jiā) 55 Minjiang Er Lu (8577-5152) 咖啡明家 闽江二路55号 Cafe Mokka (mò kǎ kā fēi) 38-7 Daming Lu (Taidong Pedestrian Square) (8380-7317, 83807318) 莫卡咖啡 大名路38-7 210 2/F, West Area, Marina City, 86 Ao'men Lu (6606-1178) 澳门路86 号百丽广场西区2楼210 Cafe Roland (lǎng yuán jiǔ bā) 6 Zhanshan Wu Lu (8387-5734) 朗园 湛山五路6号 87 (Jia) Zhangzhou Lu (8577-5398) 漳州路87号甲 Caffe Bene (kā fēi péi nǐ) 1-116, West Area, Marina City, 86 Aomen Lu (6606-1213) 咖啡陪你 澳 门路86号百丽广场西区1号楼116 33 Minjiang Er Lu (8576-8711) 闽江二路33号 Caffe ESSO 2F, 148 Zhangzhou Lu (139 69619596) 漳州二路148号2层

KiWi Café (qí yì kā fēi tīng) Owner, chef and barista Danny Qian has 15 years experience in New Zealand and a strong passion for cooking and pleasing his customers with the best brunches and homemade desserts (eggs Benedict, paninis, burgers, beef lasagna, cake). Also beer, wine and ice cream imported from New Zealand or Australia. 来自新西兰,有十五年新西兰工作经 验的店主、厨师和咖啡师丹尼用他对厨艺的热 情和对顾客的爱,精心做出岛城最好的早午餐 和自制甜品,像是火腿煎荷包蛋、意大利帕尼 尼三明治、汉堡、牛肉意面、蛋糕等。并且提 供来自钮、澳的啤酒,葡萄酒和原产新西兰 的冰淇淋。127 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8588-9986, 151 9201-6559) 奇异咖啡厅 漳州二路127号 Köfee and Social (sū shè jīng pǐn kā fēi) inside Jusco, Marina City, 86 Ao’men Lu (186 6185-5700) 苏社精品咖啡 澳门路88号负一层永旺佳世 客内 La Café Paris (bā lí kā fēi xī cān tīng) West Area, Marina City, 86 Ao’men Lu (0532 6606-1128) 巴黎 咖啡西餐厅 百丽广场西区

Cisco Coffee Club (xī kě kā fēi) 1F, Lobby, Qingdao University International Centre for Academic Exchanges (8589-5220 ext. 8077) 西可咖 啡 青岛大学国际学术交流中心1层大堂

Laan Coffee (lán kā fēi) 117 Yanji Lu (0532 55662777) 蓝咖啡 延吉路117号(万达广场南门对面)

Citta Espresso Club (xiǎng kā kā fēi jù lè bù) 33 Haikou Lu (south gate of Maidao Jiayuan) (68888887) 享咖咖啡俱乐部 海口路33号

Lagom (lè huó jiā) Fu Run Shan Zhuang, 3 Hailong Lu, Laoshan District (8870-7039) 乐活家 崂 山区海龙路3号福润山庄

Coffee Hunter (kā fēi hēng tè)13 Zhangzhou Er Lu (5568-3050) 咖啡亨特 漳州二路13号

LANG CAFE (làng kā fēi) West of Bar Street, Polar Ocean World, 60 Donghai Dong Lu (8909-1839) 浪 咖啡 东海东路60号 极地海洋世界酒吧街西侧

Coffee of Dream (jiā bèi dòu lín) 295 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (8776-6188) 珈琲豆林 城阳 区 兴阳路295号 (景园假日酒店斜对面) Coffee Land (lǐng dì kā fū) 1-193, West area, Marina City, 86 Ao’men Lu (8289-1768) 领地咖夫 澳门路百丽广场西区193号 Coffee Manyu (màn yù kā fēi) 395 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (oppo. North Gate of Century Park) (6895-5686) 曼域咖啡 城阳区兴阳路395号 Coffee Plus (pú jiā kā fēi) 117 Yanji Lu (55672459) 蒲伽咖啡 延吉路117号-19 Coffee Space (kā fēi kōng jiān) 14 Daxue Lu (8286-8215) 咖啡空间 大学路14号 Corner Coffee (jiǎo luò kā fēi) 153 Minjiang Lu (8575-8560) 角落咖啡 闽江路153号

Dio Coffee (dī ōu kā fēi) 636 Jinggang Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8098-5500) 迪欧咖啡 黄岛 区井冈山路636号 154 Zhengyang Lu, Chengyang District (6679-3129) 城阳区正阳路154号

徐州路185号万达CBD广场步行街337铺 B1, Supermarket, Hisense Plaza, 50 Donghai Xi Lu (157 2639-0913) 东海西路50号海信广场负1层超市 内 3F, Tesco, 269 Renmin Lu 人民路269号乐购3 层超市入口处

Menu (mù lù) 8 Yunling Lu (8896-8500) 目录 云 岭路8号

Kiev & bakery (jī fǔ miàn bāo fáng) 102 outlets, No.7, bldg.13, Lushan Lu, Huangdao District(138 6486-7970) 基辅面包房 黄岛区庐山路102号13 号楼7号网店

Ming Tien Coffee Language (míng diǎn kā fēi yǔ chá) 22 Minjiang Er Lu (8577-0317) 名典咖 啡语茶 闽江二路22号 376 Jinggang Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8688-0000) 黄岛区井冈山 路376号 Mo'r Cafe (mó'ěr gē fěi) 48 Nanjing Lu (150 92136769) 摩尔歌斐 南京路48号 Narcissus Coffee (nà kā suǒ sī kā fēi) B1, Ruina Kangdu, 69 Haimen Lu 那喀索斯咖啡 海门路69 号瑞纳康都负1层 No.15 cafe (15 hào kā fēi) 15 Zhangzhou Yi Lu (8578-8381) 15号咖啡 漳州一路15号 (近闽 江二路)

LEGO Café (jī mù kā fēi) Shop 171, West Area, Marina City, 86 Ao’men Lu (6606-1171) 积木咖啡 澳门路86号百丽广场西区一层171 Lees Café (lì shī kā fēi) 43 Zhangzhou Lu (85718365) 丽诗咖啡 漳州路43号 Lobby Bar (dà táng ba) 1F, Grand Mercure Qingdao Airport, 89 Minghang Lu, Chengyang Distric (8471-6777 ext. 6777) 大堂吧 青岛城阳区 民航路89号 快通雅高美爵酒店1层 Lobby Lounge (dà táng ba) 1F, Wyndham Grand Qingdao, 178 Yinshatan Lu, Huangdao District (5888-6666 ext. 2399) 大堂吧 黄岛区银沙滩路 178号 青岛银沙滩温德姆至尊酒店1层 Lobby Lounge (dà táng jiǔ láng) 8:00 am – 1:00 am 1F, City Wing, Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-3838 ext.6419) 大堂酒 廊 香港中路9号 香格里拉大酒店 青香阁1层 Loft Coffee (lóu shàng kā fēi) 27 Zhangzhou Yi Lu (6656-0686) 海蓝楼上咖啡 漳州一路27号

Double Cafe 43-3 Minjiang Er Lu (8966-9666) 闽 江二路43-3号

Lumaca Coffee (lú mǎ kǎ kā fēi) 385 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (oppo. North Gate of Century Park) (6673-6678) 卢玛卡咖啡 城阳区兴阳路385 号(世纪公园北门对面)

Dutch City (dá xī xī tí) Floor 2, 138 Zhangzhou Lu (8571-7103) 达熹西缇 市南区漳州路138号

Luna Café (lú nà kā fēi) 26 Minjiang Er Lu (85731555) 卢娜咖啡 闽江二路26号

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Kola Fondant Cake & Art (kè lā fān táng yì shù dàn gāo) 克拉翻糖艺术蛋糕 (135 0639-3199) 自 主品牌,全部采用进口材料,精细的手工,可 口的蛋糕。全面接受个人定制预订。只有想不 到,没有做不到。 For customised cakes, please add wechat ID/微信号: kolacake Loco Roko (lè kè lè kè mó huàn dàn gāo fāng) 17, Daming Lu (8383-5651) 乐克乐克魔幻蛋 糕坊 大名路17号 198, Yan’an San Lu (8800-6030) 延安三路198号 B1 Leader Plaza, Qinling Lu (66718092) 秦岭路丽达百货负1层

kā fēi diàn)

Praline (jīng diǎn fāng) 1F, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu, Shangri-La Hotel (8388-3838 ext.6800) 精点坊 香港中路9号 青岛香格里拉大酒店1层

Red & Black Coffee Club (hóng yǔ hēi kā fēi guǎn) 223 Haikou Lu (8588-6916) 红与黑咖啡馆 海口路223号

Uncle Hsitsun’s Bakery (xī cūn shū shū de diàn) 1F, Wu Kuang Building, 32 Xianggang Zhong Lu (400-633-6997) 西村叔叔的店 香港中路32 号五矿大厦1楼 1/F, Bao Door Apartment, 19 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8090-0850) 漳州二路19号宝 门公寓1层

Rona Café (luó nà kā fēi) 25F Chuang Ye Building, 458 Jiangshan Nan Lu, Huangdao District (158 6688-7958) 罗纳咖啡 开发区江山南路 458号 普加大厦(近信息软件园) Bldg. 2, Pacific Office Building, 35 Donghai Xi Lu (6677-6797) 东海 西路35号太平洋中心2号楼

Lu (157 2532-7810) 仙诺咖啡生活馆 香港中路 69号 麦凯乐负一层 No. 6U3-101, 51 Donghai Xi Lu (8382-8699) 东海西路51号华青园6号楼 3单元101 Café Kona (kā fēi kòu nà) 21 (Jia) Minjiang Er Lu (8573-5300) 咖啡蔻纳 闽江二路 21号 (甲) Beijiushui, Laoshan District (8705-3257) 崂山北九水

Mamahuhu Café (mǎ mǎ hǔ hǔ kā fēi) 21 Guanxiang Er Lu (located in an observatory, inside of Guanxiangshan Park) (82822626) 马马虎虎咖啡 观象二路21号 (观象山 天文台内)

Pandora (pān duō lā • chéng shì xíng dòng 1F, Leader Plaza, 18 Qinling Lu, Laoshan District (8395-1577) 潘多拉·城市行 动咖啡店 崂山区秦岭路18号丽达购物广场 正门连廊

Cafe Bachata (bā qià tǎ kā fēi) 69-8 Ao'men Lu (6656-8599) 芭恰塔咖啡 澳门路69-8 百丽 广场斜对面

Almond Cafe (xìng rén kā fēi) Rm.101, Creative 100, 100 Nanjing Lu (138-6485-3857) 杏仁咖啡 南 京路100创意100产业园101

Feeling Coffee (fēi lín) 60 Zhangzhou Er Lu  (152 6621-1234) 啡林 漳州二路60号

Bossanova (bā sà nuò wǎ) 45 Minjiang Er Lu  (6688-6656) 巴萨诺瓦 闽江二路45号

Amico Café (6699-6889) Shop Unit 7-13, Qingdao Lushang Mansion, 7 Yan’erdao Lu燕儿岛路7号鲁 商首府珠海路7-13商铺


Enjoy Time Tea House 322 zijinshanlu, Huangdao District (150 2005-1717) 黄岛区 紫金 山路322号

Bossa Coffee (bā sà kā fēi) 177 Minjiang Lu (6665-799) 巴萨咖啡 闽江路177号

Cream Coffee (kè lì mǎ kā fēi tīng) 8 Zijin Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8689-0666 ext. 8868) 客利玛咖啡厅 黄岛区紫金山路8号

Angelinas Coffee & Pub (ān jí lì nà kā fēi jiǔ ba) Simple and vintage decor in the café area + Western and Retro decor in the pub area. All our draft beer is German-imported, including a selection of Munich


Shangpin Coffee Terrain (shàng pǐn kā fēi) 149 Minjiang Lu (8578-5626) 尚品咖啡 闽江路 149号 Snail Coffee Bar (wō niú kā fēi bā) 22 Dagu lu, near zhongshan Lu (8280-7215) 蜗牛咖啡吧 大沽 路 22号(中山路旁边) THEDINER丨SPARK CAFE & BREWERY (dān ní měi shì cān tīng 丨SPARK kā fēi hé niàng jiǔ fāng) 35 1F, Tsingtao Mansion, Donghai Xi Lu (8577-2051) 丹尼 美式餐厅丨SPARK咖啡和酿酒坊 东海路35号 青岛啤酒大厦1层 SPR COFFEE (yē shì kā fēi) 1-2F, Qindao Xing, Surf Plaza, 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (8889-0352) 耶 士咖啡 香港东路316号弄海园 琴岛星1-2层 Starbucks Coffee (xīng bā kè kā 1B, Hisense Plaza Shopping Centre, 50 Donghai Xi Lu 星巴克咖啡 东海西路50号 海信 广场负1层 1F Sunshine Plaza, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-8766) 香港中路38号 阳光百货1层 1F, Jusco, 72 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8575-2991) 香港 中路72号 佳世客1层 Rm.102, 1F, Top Yihe, 10 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8502-7500) 香港中路10号 颐和国际1层102铺 Rm.161, 1F, CBD Wanda, 112 Yanji Lu (5556-3681) 延吉路112号万达CBD广 场1层161铺 1F, Huangdao Jusco, 419 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao District (8699-6530) 黄岛区长 江中路419号 佳世客1层


Street 33 Café & Restaurant (8571-7780) 61 Zhangzhou Lu 漳州路61号 The Lounge (quán láng) 1F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Ao'men Lu (6656 6666 ext. 1560) 泉廊 澳门路98号 青岛海尔洲 际酒店1层 The Third Wave Coffee Club (dì sān bō kā fēi jù lè bù) coffee section of AEON Supermarket, Marina City, 86 Ao'men Lu ( 第三波咖啡俱 乐部 澳门路86号百丽广场永旺超市咖啡区 TRASTEVERE (tè wéi léi yáng tái ba) Near Seaside, 257 West area, Marina City, 86 Aomen Lu (6606-1387) 特韦雷阳台吧 百丽广场西区257 靠海大楼梯 U&I Café (yōu ài kā fēi) 22 Daxue Lu (8286-9209) 优爱咖啡 大学路22号 UBC Coffee (shàng dăo kā fēi) 158 Minjiang Lu (8577-9106) 上岛咖啡 闽江路158号

Confections 甜品 Amy’s Bakery (ài mì ér dàn gāo diàn) 38-10 Daming Lu (8381-6356) 艾蜜儿蛋糕 店 大名路38-10号 200 Minjiang Lu (8588-3613) 闽江路200号 42 Shanghang Lu (8588-5015) 上 杭路42号 1F, Hisense Mansion, 17 Donghai Xi Lu (8087-7050) 东海西路17号海信大厦1层 Rm.337, CBD Wanda walk street, 185 Xuzhou Lu (5556-3968)

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Ice Cream Shops 冰淇淋

Bars & Nightlife 酒吧 9+ Wine Bar (dōng zhōu èr hào hóng jiǔ jiā pú táo jiǔ fāng) 17 Zhangzhou Yi Lu (150 9223-0939) 东洲二号红酒佳葡萄酒坊 漳州一路17号 Angel Bar & Club (tiān shǐ jiǔ bā jù lè bù) 18 Ao'men Lu (west of May 4th Square) (8385-9898) 天 使酒吧俱乐部 澳门路18号 (五四广场西侧) Angelinas Coffee & Pub (ān jí lì nà kā fēi jiǔ ba) Simple and vintage decor in the café area + Western and Retro decor in the pub area. All our draft beer is German-imported, including a selection of Munich & Guinness stout and Hoegaarden weiss. Unique in Qingdao! Also try our unique formula-made cocktail and special-made vodka! We use Slayer - the best coffee machine - the first and only in Qingdao! Come and try the delicious coffee! 一层是欧美复 古风格的酒吧,一层是简约田园风格的咖啡 厅。纯德国进口扎啤,岛城独家!还有慕尼黑 和健力士两款黑啤,以及福佳白白啤和艾丁 格白啤酒。独特的鸡尾酒配方,特制的伏特 加,口味独特!全岛城独家使用斯莱尔品牌咖 啡机——咖啡机中的劳斯莱斯!咖啡香浓醇 厚。136 Ao’men Lu (6872-7999) 安吉丽娜咖啡酒 吧 澳门路136号 bar@central.qd (dà táng jiǔ bā) 1F, Copthorne Hotel Qingdao, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8668-1688 ext.8400) 大堂酒吧 香港中路28号 青 岛国敦大酒店1层 BLUES Bar 25 Yan'erdao Lu (186 53262012) 燕儿岛路26号

吧 澳门路136号

Bund No.1 (wài tān yī hào jiǔ bā) 71 Xianggang Zhong Lu (150 5323-5751) 外滩一号酒吧 香港中 路71号 (恒丰银行东侧)

Dairy Queen (DQ bīng xuě huáng hòu) Rm.145, CBD Wanda Plaza, 116 Yanji Lu

Cafe Roland (lǎng yuán jiǔ bā) 6 Zhanshan Wu Lu (8387-5734) 朗园 湛山五路6号

(5557-0908) DQ冰雪皇后 延吉路116号万达广 场145号 Unit 78, B1, Marina City, 88 Ao'men Lu (6606-7678) 澳门路88号百丽广场负1层78单 元 F1, Leader Plaza, 18 Qinling Lu, Laoshan District (6671-7056) 崂山区秦岭路18号丽达广场北区1 层 Rm.3, Wanda Plaza, 63 Taidong Yi Lu 台东一路 63号万达广场3号商铺 1F, Jusco, 72 Xianggang Zhong Lu 香港中路72号佳世客1层 Carrefour, 128 Shandong Lu 山东路128号家乐福 1F, Jia Jia Yuan, 308 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao District 黄岛区长江中路308号家佳源1层 F1-W03, Area B, Bldg 1, Powerlong, 269 Wenyang Lu, Chengyang District 城阳区文阳路269号宝龙广场1号楼B区 1层F1-W03 1F, Wanda Plaza, 178 Jufeng Lu, Licang District 李沧区巨峰路178号万达广场1层

Cafe Solo (suǒ lún kā fēi) 51 Donghai Xi Lu, Building 1, 1-101 (8577-8000) 索伦咖啡 东海西路 51号1号搂1单元101室

Angelinas Coffee & Pub (ān jí lì nà kā fēi jiǔ ba) 136, Ao’men Lu (6872-7999) 安吉丽娜咖啡酒

Haagen-Dazs (hā gēn dá sī) 1F, UnitB1, Sunshine Dept. Store, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-7230) 哈根达斯 香港中路38号 阳光百 货1层B1单元 B1, Hisense Plaza, 50, Donghai Xi Lu ( 6678-8050) 东海西路50号 海信广场负1层 1F-10, Darling Harbour, 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6867-8866) 燕儿岛路1号 心海广场1层10铺 19 Qinling Lu, Laoshan District (6671-8018) 崂山区秦岭路18号 Iceason (ài xī xī lǐ bīng qí lín) No.T103, B1, Marina City, 88 Ao'men Lu (6606-1003) 爱茜茜里 冰淇淋 澳门路88号百丽广场负1层T103区 1F, Jusco, 72 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8575-6933) 香港中 路72号佳世客1楼 TRASTEVERE (tè wéi léi yáng tái ba) 2F, Coffee Land, 257 West area, Marina City, 86 Aomen Lu (6606-1387) 特韦雷阳台吧 百丽广场西区257 领地咖夫2层 Toscani Eiscafe (tuō sī kǎ ní bīng qí lín kā fēi guăn) B1, Darling Harbour, 1 Yan'erdao Lu 燕儿岛 路1号心海广场B1层

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Cape 3 (hǎi jiǎo sān hào) 1 Bar Street, Polar Ocean World (8090-4645) 海角3号 东海东路59号 极地海洋世界院内酒吧街1号 Catch 22 On the Bar Street, Behind Haidu Hotel, Huangdao District (8699-9888) 黄岛区 海都酒店 后酒吧街 Charlie’s Bar (chá lǐ sī jiǔ ba) 167 Jiangxi Lu (8589-7919) 查理斯酒吧 江西路167号 Club New York (niŭ yuē bā) 2F, Overseas Chinese Hotel, 41 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8573-9199) 纽约吧 香港中路41号 华侨国际饭店2层 Downtown Room 105, Building C, Creative 100, 100 Nanjing Lu (186 6170-6950) Downtown酒吧 南京路100号创意100产业园3号楼105 Dubliner Irish Pub (dū bó lín ài ěr lán jiǔ bā) 1F, Zhonghang Xiangtong Youting Hui, Olympic Marina, 12 Xinhui Lu (8909-8176) 都柏林爱尔兰酒吧 新 会路12号 奥帆中心 中航翔通游艇会1层 ESPN Restaurant & Bar (ESPN yùn dòng zhǔ tí cān bā) 103 Zhonglian Plaza, 122 Nanjing Lu (6965-8581) ESPN运动主题餐吧 南京路122号 中联广场内E栋103 Etcetera (xiù bā) Lobby, Holiday Inn Parkview Qingdao, 306 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (8096-6888 ext.8221) 秀吧 城阳区兴阳路 306号 青岛景园假日酒店大堂 Lennon Bar (liè nóng jiǔ bā) 20 Zhuhai Lu (8589-3899) 列侬酒吧 珠 海路20号

Yogorino (yōu gǔ lì nuò) F1-72 Wanda Plaza,63 Taidong San Lu (8363-2780) 优古利诺 台东三路 63号台东万达广场1楼72号

Tea Houses 茶馆 Imperial Tea House (chá huáng huì) 35 Minjiang Yi Lu (8570-0888) 茶皇会 闽江一路35号 Lobby Tea Room (dà táng chá shì) Bldg. B, Qingdao Hai Qing Hotel, 11(jia) Donghai Zhong Lu (8596-9888) 大堂茶室 青岛海情大酒店B栋 市南 区东海中路11号甲(珠海支路口) San Sheng Yuan (sān shēng yuán) 67 Ao Men Lu (8579-7833) 三生缘 澳门路67号(近五四广场) Windy Teahouse (rú fēng chá xí) 60 Dong Hai Dong Lu (8288-0011) 如风茶席 东海东路60号 华 客度假酒店 Zijinlian Tea House (zǐ jīn lián chá yì guǎn) 98 Jiangxi Lu (8578-1993) 紫金莲茶艺馆 江西 路98号 =english menu

Freeman (zì yóu rén kā fēi) One of Qingdao’s very best bars - centrally located, with well-made, strong, strong cocktails and a very cool, laid back atmosphere. They’ve got a stage with electric drums

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/ listings // 广告 • 黄页 and live music set up, and big screen too. Try the lychee kamikaze. 岛城数一数二的酒吧。位于 市中心,酷酷的店内装饰,休闲的氛围,外 在提供超赞的鸡尾酒。配有电鼓、现场音乐 设施的舞台,更有大屏可转播各类赛事。推 荐尝试lychee kamikaze。163 Jiangxi Lu (158 5321-1877) 自由人咖啡 江西路163号 Garden View Lounge (mù huá jiǔ láng) 1F, DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang (8098-8888 ext. 2265) 木华酒廊 青岛308国道城阳段220号 青岛鑫江希尔顿逸 林酒店大堂 Holiday KTV (hǎo lè dí) 71 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8589-1777) 好乐迪 香港中路71号 Joy’s (jué sè jiǔ bā) Opposite Fanhai Mingren Square, 25 Minjiang Er Lu (6688-6667) 爵色酒吧 闽 江二路25号 泛海名人广场对面 Knuckles Sports Bar and Restaurant 274-276 Wuyishan Lu, Huangdao District (8610-6581) 黄岛 区武夷山路274-276号 Kaili’s Club (shēng huó jǐ hé xiū xián bā) On the Bar Street, Behind Haidu Hotel, Huangdao District (132 1082-9846) 生活几何休闲吧 黄岛区海都酒 店后面酒吧街 Kaiyue Old Church Lounge (qīng dǎo kǎi yuè jiǔ bā) 31 Jining Lu (8280-8544) 青岛凯越酒吧 济宁路31号

广告 • 黄页 choice for post-work drinks in the CBD area. Located on Donghai Lu just west of the Shandong Lu intersection, it's also close enough to the beaches to make a good end to a day's sightseeing. 岛城新开 的LOONG BAR 提供一系列进口啤酒、各种 威士忌,还有丰富的鸡尾酒单,绝对是白日繁 忙的商业白领们下班放松的好去处。酒吧位于 东海西路,距音乐广场仅数步之遥,海湾美 景近在眼前。G/F, Building 1, Tian Sheng Yuan, 21 Donghai Xi Lu, Shinan (8386-2667) 东海西路21号 1号楼 辛号网点 天晟苑 LPG Bar & Cafe (lǎo fēi jiǔ bā) 162 Jiangxi Lu (8593-6566) 老菲酒吧 江西 路162号 Luigi’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar (Luigi bǐ sà tǐ yù jiǔ bā) 20 Yan'erdao San Lu (136 0532-8413) Luigi比萨·体育酒吧 燕儿岛三路20号 Muse Club (Muse jiǔ bā) 89 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6886-0888) Muse酒吧 香港中路89号 Nordic Osheania Bar (cháo chéng běi yáng guǎn jiǔ bā) 28 Guantao Lu (8282-5198) 巢城北洋 馆酒吧 馆陶路28号 Paulaner Bräuhaus (pǔ lā nà pí jiǔ fāng) 1F, Wyndham Grand Qingdao, 178 Yinshatan Lu, Huangdao District (5888-6666 ext. 2333) 普拉那啤 酒坊 黄岛区银沙滩路178号 青岛银沙滩温德 姆至尊酒店1层

Kings Bar (guó wáng bā) (139 6398-1069) 国王吧 威海路慧嘉商务酒店后100米(山贺电 子城北门)

情大酒店2层 Scotland Bar (sū gé lán jiǔ bā) 9F, Killin Crown Hotel, 197 Xianggang Dong Lu (8889-1888) 苏格兰酒吧 香港东路197号 麒麟皇冠大酒 店9层 THEDINER丨SPARK CAFE & BREWERY (dān ní měi shì cān tīng 丨SPARK kā fēi hé niàng jiǔ fāng) 35 1F, Tsingtao Mansion, Donghai Xi Lu (8577-2051) 丹尼 美式餐厅丨SPARK咖啡和酿酒坊 东海路35号 青岛啤酒大厦1层 Sweden House (ruì diǎn fēng qíng) 2F, East Area, Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (6656-0066) 瑞典 风情 澳门路88号百丽广场东区2层 The King’s Head English Pub (guó wáng tóu xiàng yīng gé lán bā) 11 Xinyi Lu (8583-9898) 国王头像英格兰吧 新沂路11号 The Lounge (dà táng ba) 10:00 am 12:00 am 1F, Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, 271 Wenyang Lu, Chengyang District (6696-8888) 大堂 吧 城阳区文阳路271号 青岛宝龙福朋酒店1层 The Oriental Saloon (xī shì jiŭ bā) 217 Wu Yi Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8699-3073) 西式酒吧 青岛黄岛区武夷山路217号

Art 艺术&展览

Lobby Lounge (dà táng ba) 1F, Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel, 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou New Distinct, Jiaozhou (8228-9999 ext. 6832) 大堂吧 青岛市胶州新城区北京东路271 号 青岛胶州绿城喜来登酒店1层

Q Bar (xuàn bā) 5:30 pm – 1:00 am, Sunday to Thursday (until 2am on weekends) 1F, City Wing, Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-3838 ext. 6468) 炫吧 香港中路9号 香格里 拉大酒店 青香阁1层 Rain Wine Club (fēi jiǔ huì) 21F, Bldg A, InterContinental Qingdao (183 6621-6655) 霏酒汇 青岛海尔洲际酒店A座21层 Richael CEO Club (lì chí qīng dǎo CEO huì suǒ) Unit 1, Bldg.81, 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (Behind SPR Whitehouse) (8897-3888) 丽池 (青岛) CEO会所 香港东路316号81号楼1单元 Rocky Bar (luò qí jiǔ ba) 53 Minjiang Er Lu (85778817) 洛奇酒吧 闽江二路53号 Room Lounge 1F, Haihua Building, Binhai Garden, 1 Shandong Lu (185 5329-9666) 入目有你 山东路1号 滨海花园海华楼1层 Rumba (lún bā) 1F, Intercontinental Qingdao, 98 Ao‘men Lu (6656-6666 ext.1577) 伦吧 澳门路98号 青岛海尔洲际酒店1层 Safari Pub (fēi zhōu bā) 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext. 8670) 非洲吧 香港中路76号 颐中皇冠假日酒店2层 Sailing Bar (xī hǎi guó jì jù lè bù) Resident Square, Huangdao District (159 5409-8300) 西海国 际俱乐部 黄岛区市民广场

LOONG BAR With imported beers, a decent range of whiskies and a surprisingly extensive cocktail menu, brand-new Loong Bar is a great


SalsaQ Latin Dance Club (shā shā qīng dǎo) 132 Zhang Zhou Lu (8077-0187) 莎莎青岛 漳州 路132号 San Marco 2F, Haiqing Hotel, 11 (Jia) Donghai Zhong Lu (8589-0526) 东海中路11号甲 青岛海

Crowne Plaza Health Club (qīng dǎo yí zhōng huáng guàn jià rì jiǔ diàn jiàn shēn zhōng xīn) 2B, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext. 8268) 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店健 身中心 香港中路76号 酒店负2层 Health Club (jiàn shēn zhōng xīn) B1, DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Lu, Chengyang District (8098-8888 ext. 2708) 健身中 心 青岛308国道城阳段220号 青岛鑫江希尔顿 逸林酒店负1层 Hyatt Regency Qingdao Fitness Centre (qīng dǎo lǔ shāng kǎi yuè jiǔ diàn jiàn shēn zhōng xīn) Lower Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (8612-1234 ext.6733/6732) 青岛 鲁商凯悦酒店健身中心 东海东路88号 Impulse Total Fitness (yīng pài sī jiàn shēn jù lè bù) 26 Fuzhou Nan Lu (8578-1388) 英派斯健

Master Fit (Da Kang) Gymnasium (qīng dǎo dà kāng jiàn shēn huì suǒ) 4 Jijong Lu (8889-8858)

138 Warehouse (138 yì shù shēng huó guǎn) 138 Xianggang Dong Lu (6869-1888) 138艺术生 活馆 香港东路138号

Liberum (lí àn) Rum & Cokes, Screwdrivers, Jack & Cokes, Gin & Tonics, all 15yuan from 12:30 everyday, from noon. 每天中午12点半起,朗 姆可乐,伏特加橙汁,威士忌可乐,金汤 力,整日促销15元。11 Zengcheng Lu, opposite Qingdao East Municipal Hospital (8588-9898) 离 岸 增城路11号

Xianggang Zhong Lu (8668-1688 ext. 8900) 青岛 国敦大酒店健身中心 香港中路28号4层

Vegas Disco (lán dié huì su) 37 Donghai (85971212) 蓝蝶会所 东海西路37号

Recreation 休闲娱乐

Old Jack’s Bar (lăo jié kè jiǔ bā) Old Jack’s is a long-lived institution, and the favoured drinking hole (it’s a bar, despite what the name claims) of the middle-aged expat. Old Jack speaks English, and his accommodating customer service rubs off on his staff. New Happy Hour promotions on beer, wine and the famous gin tonics, between 4-7pm everyday. 开店已久的老杰克受到众多中年外籍 人士的欢迎,老板老杰克不仅会说英语,他对 顾客的服务态度也感染着其他店员。新增欢乐 时光,每天下午4点到傍晚7点,啤酒、红酒 和著名的金汤力均享优惠活动。Yan'erdao Lu, opposite Book City (8578-1207) 老杰克酒吧 燕儿 岛路 (书城对面)

Copthorne Hotel Fitness Central (guó dūn dà jiǔ diàn jiàn shēn zhōng xīn) 4F, Copthorne Hotel, 28

身俱乐部 福州南路26号 67 Xianggang Dong Lu (8801-0199) 香港东路67号 12 Haikou Lu (88900990) 海口路12号

Yechao (Night-Trend) (yè cháo) 2F, Bldg.E, Zhonglian Square, 122 Nanjing Lu (8280-1111) 夜 潮 南京路122号中联创意广场E栋2层

Latitude 36 (běi wěi 36 dà táng jiǔ láng) 10:00 am – 1:00 am 1F, Le Meridien Qingdao, 112 Yanji Lu (5556-3888 ext.0159) 北纬36大堂酒廊 延 吉路112号 青岛万达艾美酒店1层

Yandao Int’l Apartment Square, 7 Zengcheng Lu (8506-3880) 西达代尔健康会所 增城路7号 海 信燕岛国际公寓广场下沉式中庭南侧

酒馆 登州路56号

Tsingtao Brewery Bar (qīng dǎo pí jiǔ pǐn jiǔ guǎn) 56 Dengzhou Lu (8383-3437) 青岛啤酒品

Vivi Bar (vivi jiǔ bā) Bldg G, Zhonglian Plaza, 112 Nanjing Lu (8365-9898) Vivi酒吧 南京路112 号 中联创意广场G座

La Villa (lā wéi lā) Previously known as ‘The Music Kitchen’ before the name was unashamedly appropriated by at least 2 other joints around town), also the home of the original Redstar office and VENUE FOR THE REDSTAR PARTY ON 19 OCT. 5 Xianggang Zhong Lu (83886833) 拉维拉法国餐厅 香港中路5号

huì suǒ) South of the Sunken atrium of the Hisense

Sculpture Art Museum (diāo sù yì shù guǎn) Donghai Dong Lu (8287-0471) 雕塑艺术馆 崂山 区东海东路

Ballet 芭蕾 Qingdao Little Lotus Dancing Training School (qīng dǎo xiǎo hé huā wǔ dǎo péi xùn xué xiào) F2, Beihai Fitness Leisure Museum, 7 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8996-9975, 133 2501-5299) 青岛小荷花舞蹈培训学校 香港 中路7号 (北海健身会所2层)

Billiards 台球 Poker Celebrity Billiard Club (Changchun Road Branch) (bó kè míng liú tái qiú jù lè bù (zhǎng chūn lù diàn) 71 Changchun Lu (8373-8789) 博克 名流台球俱乐部 (长春路店) 长春路71号甲旁

Bowling 保龄球 Crowne Plaza Hotel Bowling (qīng dǎo yí zhōng huáng guàn jià rì jiǔ diàn bǎo líng qiú zhōng xīn) 2B, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext.8268) 青岛颐中皇冠假 日酒店保龄球中心 香港中路76号 青岛颐中皇 冠假日酒店负2层 Grand Regency Hotel Qingdao (lì jīng bǎo líng qiú guǎn) 110 Xianggang Zhong Lu (near Taiwan Lu) (8588-1818) 丽晶保龄球馆 香 港中路110号 丽晶大酒店内

Cycling 自行车 Giant (jié ān tè) 158 (Jia) Jiangxi Lu (8587-2858) 捷安特 青岛大有乐骑户外运动俱乐部 江西 路158号甲

Fitness 健身 Aqua Health Centre (Aqua jiàn shēn zhōng xīn) In the Park, Holiday Inn Parkview Qingdao, 306 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (8096-6888 ext.6001) Aqua健身中心 城阳区兴阳路306号 青岛景园假日酒店花园内 CEDARDALE Health Club (xī dá dài ěr jiàn kāng

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青岛大康健身会所 基隆路4号14-1 Taizhou Lu (8581-1117) 泰州路14-1号 38 Ninghua Lu (83711117) 四方区宁化路38号 Qingdao Beihai Fitness Club (qīng dǎo běi hǎi jiàn shēn huì suǒ) 7 Xianggang Zhong Lu (west of Beihai Hotel) (5566-1999) 青岛北海健身会所 香 港中路7号(北海宾馆西侧) Shangri-La Health Club (xiāng gé lǐ lā jiàn tǐ zhōng xīn) 3F, Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-3838 ext.6631) 香格里拉健体中 心 香港中路9号 香格里拉大酒店3层 Sheraton Fitness Centre (xǐ lái dēng jiàn shēn zhōng xīn) B1, Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou District (8228-9999 ext 6959) 青岛胶州绿城喜来登酒店-喜来登健 身中心 北京东路271号B1层 Tera Wellness Club (yī zhào wéi dé jiàn shēn) 8F, Mykal, 69 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6670-0800) 一 兆韦德健身 香港中路69号麦凯乐8层 4F, CBD Wanda Plaza, 112 Yanji Lu (5556-3999) 延吉路112 号万达广场时尚楼4层 Vanke Charm City, 417 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (6679-9638) 城阳 区兴阳路417号万科魅力之城

Fishing 钓鱼 CHN Expert of Angler Society (míng diào huì diào yú jù lè bù) 69 Ao Men Lu (8260-0000) 名钓会钓鱼俱乐部 澳门 路69号(大公海岸)

For Kids 儿童 Baby One Club Natatorium (guàn jūn bǎo bèi 0-4 suì yóu yǒng guǎn) 127-18 Ningxia Lu (near Amway) (8079-6005) 冠军宝贝游泳馆 宁夏路 127-18号 Children’s Club (ér tóng jù lè bù) Every Sat & Sun and public holidays has children’s club activities. 周六周日和公共假日有儿童俱乐部活动。1F (Inside Café Yum), Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-3838 ext.6008) 儿童俱乐部 香港 中路9号 香格里拉大酒店1层 一品堂内

KTV 练歌房 Holiday KTV (Hongkong Garden Branch) (hǎo lè dí liàng fàn shì KTV) 71 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8589-1777) 好乐迪量贩式KTV(香港花园店) 市南区香港中路71号香港花园 Xin Dong Fang (xīn dōng fāng) 44 Xianggang Xi Lu (8389-2222, 8387-5555) 馨东方量贩式KTV 香 港西路44号

Golf 高尔夫 Big5 (dà wǔ gāo ěr fū liàn xí chǎng) 123 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8588-2075, 8588-7075) 大伍高 尔夫练习场 漳州二路123号 Four Seasons Riverside Golf & Resort (táo yuán jiāng jǐng gāo ěr fū jù lè bù) 204 National Road, Chengyang District (8115-0010) 桃源江景高尔夫 俱乐部 城阳区204国道段

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Golf Driving Range (xīn jiāng gāo ěr fū jù lè bù) DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang District (8098-8888 ext.2719) 鑫 江高尔夫俱乐部 青岛308国道城阳段220号 青 岛鑫江希尔顿逸林酒店 Huashan International Country Club (huá shān guó jì xiāng cūn jù lè bù) Huashan Township, Jimo City (8456-0888) 华山国际乡村俱乐部 即墨市华山镇烟青路 Jinling Golf Practice Course (jīn lǐng tè gāo ěr fū liàn xí chǎng) Jinling New Village, Yinchuan Dong Lu (8899-7307) 金岭高尔夫练习场 银川 东路金岭新村 Master Korea (mǎ sī tè gāo'ěr fū jù lè bù) D1Area, Taigu Shopping Plaza, 63-A Xianggang Zhong Lu (6865-6890) 玛思特高尔夫俱乐部 香港中路 63号甲太古购物中心D1区 Qingdao International Golf Club (qīng dǎo guó jì gāo ěr fū jù lè bù) Hi-Tech Industrial Park, 118 Songling Lu (8896-0001) cn 青岛国际高尔夫俱乐部 松岭路118号 高 科技工业园 Tiantai Hot Spring Golf Club (tiān tài jià rì wēn quán gāo ěr fū jù lè bù) Inside Jimo Hot Springs Tourist Resort (8657-9888) 天泰温泉高尔夫俱乐 部 即墨温泉旅游度假区内

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敦大酒店4层 Crowne Plaza Health Club (qīng dǎo yí zhōng huáng guàn jià rì jiǔ diàn jiàn shēn zhōng xīn) 2B, Crowne Plaza Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext. 8268) 香港中路76号 青岛颐中 皇冠假日酒店负2层 Gym and Swimming Pool (jiàn shēn yóu yǒng zhōng xīn) 1F, Haiqing Hotel, 11 Donghai Zhong Lu (8596-9888 ext 7255) opening hour 6:30am-0am 健 身游泳中心 东海中路11号 海情大酒店1层 Health Club (jiàn shēn zhōng xīn) B1, DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang (8098-8888 ext. 2708) 健身中心 青 岛308国道城阳段220号 青岛鑫江希尔顿逸 林酒店负1层 Hyatt Regency Qingdao Swimming Pool (qīng dǎo lǔ shāng kǎi yuè jiǔ diàn yóu yǒng chí) Lower Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (8612-1234 ext. 6733/6732.) 青岛鲁商凯 悦酒店游泳池 东海东路88号 青岛鲁商凯悦 酒店底层大堂 Le Meridien Fitness Central (qīng dǎo wàn dá ài měi jiǔ diàn jiàn shēn zhōng xīn) 3F, Le Meridien Qingdao, 112 Yanji Lu (5556-3888 ext. 0021) 青岛 万达艾美酒店健身中心 延吉路112号 Open-air/Indoor Sea-water Swimming Pool

(shì wài /shì nèi hǎi shuǐ yǒng chí) Seaview

Outdoor Pursuits 户外 Aotai Outdoor Store (ào tài hù wài) 44 Zhangzhou Lu (8888-5628/6688-6998) 奥太户外 漳州路44号

Sailing 航海 Qingdao Furi Yacht And Marina Club (qīng dăo fú rì yóu tĭng jù lè bù) 1 Yan’er Dao Lu (Olympic Sailing Centre) (5555-5555/5566-3333) 青岛福日 游艇俱乐部 燕儿岛路1号(青岛奥帆中心) Qingdao Jida Sailing Club (qīng dǎo jì dá háng hǎi jù lè bù) 18 Nanhai Lu (137 8986-7525) 青岛 际达航海俱乐部 南海路18号 Qingdao International Yacht Club (Qingdao Olympic Marina) (qīng dǎo guó jì yóu tǐng jù lè bù) 1 Jinhai Lu (6656-0061) 青岛国际游艇俱乐部 金海路1号 (奥林匹克帆船中心内媒体中心) Qingdao Olympic Sailing Centre (qīng dǎo ào lín pǐ kè fān chuán zhōng xīn) 1 Yan'erdao Lu (8309-2020) 青岛奥林匹克帆船中心 燕儿 岛路1号 Qingdao Sinan Sailing Club (qīng dǎo sī nán fān chuán jù lè bù) 1 Jinwan Lu (152 8898-7909) 青岛 司南帆船俱乐部 金湾路1号 Yinhai International Yacht Club (yín hǎi guó jì yóu tĭng jù lè bù) 30 Donghai Zhong Lu (85886666) 银海国际游艇俱乐部 东海中路30号

Scuba Diving 潜水 Global Dive Adventures and Training (quán qiú qián shuǐ tàn xiǎn hé péi xùn gōng sī) 40 Ningxia Lu (158 6422-7383 150 9200-0062)全球潜水探险 和培训公司 宁夏路40号 Qingdao Qin Hai Diving Club (qīng dǎo qín hǎi qián shuĭ jù lè bù) 1-6 Wendeng Lu (8388-1170) 青岛琴海潜水俱乐部 文登路1-6号

Squash 壁球 Grand Regency Hotel Squash Court (lì jīng dà jiŭ diàn bì qiú shì) 3F, Grand Regncy Hotel, 110 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8588-1818) 丽晶大酒店壁 球室 香港中路110号 丽晶大酒店3层

Garden Hotel, 2 Zhanghua Lu (8587-5777 ext. 6317) opening hour 10:00am-10:00pm 室外/室内海水泳 池 彰化路2号 海景花园大酒店 Sheraton Fitness Centre Programmed by Core Performance (xǐ lái dēng jiàn shēn zhōng xīn) B1, Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou New District (8228-9999 ext. 6959) 青 岛胶州绿城喜来登酒店-喜来登健身中心 青岛 胶州新城区 北京东路271号 负1层 Swimming Pool (yóu yǒng chí) 2F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Ao’men Lu (66566666 ext.1682) 游泳池 澳门路98号 青岛海尔 洲际酒店2层 Yinhai Spa and Sports (yín hǎi jiàn kāng xiū xián huì guăn) 30 Donghai Zhong Lu (8593-9000) 银海健康休闲会馆 东海中路30号

Wushu 武术 Qingdao Bright Mountain Wushu Club (bèi méng tè wǔ guǎn) 55 Hunan Lu (8286-9566) 贝蒙 特武馆 湖南路55号

Yoga 瑜伽 Daniel 42 Degree Hot Yoga & Massage (sì shí èr dù rè yú jiā zú liáo) 74 Minjiang Lu (8909-0977) 42度热瑜伽&足疗 闽江路74号

Auditorium (jiē tī lǐ táng) 3F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Ao‘menLu (6656-6666) 阶梯礼堂 澳 门路98号 青岛海尔洲际酒店3层

Jingyue Yoga & Crossfit (jìng yuè yú jiā) 1F, Bldg. 6, Pacific Centre, 35 Donghai Xi Lu (138 8496-6312) 静悦瑜伽 东海西路35号太平洋中心6号楼1层

Qingdao Concert Hall (qīng dǎo yīn yuè tīng) 1 Lanshan Lu (8287-7050) 青岛音乐厅 兰山路1号

Jinzhu Yoga & Crossfit (jīn zhū yú jiā jiàn kāng huì suǒ) Hainiu Xincun, 6 Yinchuan Xi Lu (155 5320-8781) 金珠瑜伽健康会所 银川西路6号 内海牛新村 Pilates & Personal Training (159 5480-0102)

Stage & Screen 演出场所 Cinemas 影院 Broadway Cinemas (bǎi lǎo huì) 3F Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (6606-1155) 百老汇 澳门路88号百 丽广场3层

Health Club (jiàn shēn zhōng xīn) B1, DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang District (8098-8888 ext.2708) 健身中 心 青岛308国道城阳段220号 青岛鑫江希尔顿 逸林酒店负1层

Huachen Cineplex (huá chén yǐng chéng) 8F, MYKAL, 69 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6670-0700) www. 华臣影城 香港中路69号 麦凯乐8层

Swimming 游泳 Copthorne Hotel Fitness Central (guó dūn dà jiǔ diàn jiàn shēn zhōng xīn) 4F, Copthorne Hotel, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8668-1688 ext. 8900) 青 岛国敦大酒店健身中心 香港中路28号 青岛国 =english menu

Music Hall 音乐厅

Han Xiang Yi Yoga (hán xiāng yí) Rm. 102, Bldg. 1, Changhai Garden, 9 Qingyuan Lu (8572-2257) 涵香 怡 清远路9号 畅海园1单元102

Hai Qing Hotel (hǎi qíng dà jiǔ diàn) 11 Donghai Zhong Lu (8596-9888) 海情大酒店 东海中路 11号

Impulse Total Fitness Squash Court (yīng pài sī jiàn shēn jù lè bù bì qiú shì) 67 Xianggang Dong Lu (8801-0199) 英派斯健身俱乐部壁球室 香港东路67号

guó jì yǐng chéng) 4F, Wanda, Taidong San Lu (8362-5656) 万达国际影城4层 台东三路63号 3F, CBD Wanda, 116 Yanji Lu (5556-3939) 延吉路 116号万达广场3层 3F, Wanda Plaza, 178 Jufeng Lu, Licang District (5571-8588) 李沧区巨峰路178 号万达广场3层

Huacheng Cinema International (qīng dǎo huá chéng guó jì yǐng chéng) 18 Qinling Lu, Laoshan District (8909-8200) 青岛华诚国际影城 崂山区 秦岭路18号 Hui Quan Cinema (huì quán diàn yǐng chéng) 15 Nanhai Lu (8286-7219) 汇泉电影城 南海路15号

Qingdao People’s Auditorium (qīng dǎo shì rén mín huì táng) 9 Taiping Lu (8289-7229) 青岛市人 民会堂 太平路9号

Theatres 剧场 Qingdao Beijing Opera Theatre (qīng dǎo shì jīng jù yuàn) 76 Yan’an Yi Lu (8273-2612) 青岛市京 剧院 延安一路76号 Qingdao Grand Theatre (qīng dǎo dà jù yuàn) 5 Yunling Lu (8066-5555) 青岛大剧院 云岭路5号 Qingdao Song and Dance Theatre (qīng dǎo shì gē wǔ jù yuàn) 15 Xing’an Lu (8271-4673) 青岛市

Art 艺术 Boya Art & Framing Gallery (bó yǎ huà láng) Art and Photos 52 Minjiang Er Lu (8577-5924) 博雅画 廊 闽江二路 52号 Qingdao Modern Artists Gallery

(qīng dǎo dāng dài yì shù jiā huà láng) 3 Changle

Lu (8380-2977) 青岛当代艺术家画廊 昌乐路3号 Yi Pin Tang (yì pǐn táng) 2-3 Changle Lu Culture Market (8381-5166) 逸品堂 昌乐路文化市场 2-3号

Books 书籍 Hao Xue You Book Market (hǎo xué yǒu tú shū cài shì) 10 Quanzhou Lu 好学友图书菜市 泉州 路10号 Xinhua Bookstore/Book City (xīn huá shū chéng) 40 Gaomi Lu(8281-3237) 新华书城 高密 路40号 Xue Yuan Bookstore (xué yuàn shū diàn) 22 Quanzhou Lu (8592-7703) 学苑书店 泉州路22号

Electronics 数码产品

歌舞剧院 兴安路15号

3C4U Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (6606-1878) 澳门 路88号百丽广场

Qingdao Olympic Centre (ào fān zhōng xīn dà jù chǎng) 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6656-8666) 奥帆中心大剧 场 燕儿岛路1号

Apple Store (pín guǒ qí jiàn diàn) 36B Ningxia Lu (Zhenjiang Lu intersection) (8366-9605) 苹果旗舰 店 宁夏路36B (镇江路交叉口处)

Qinghua Theatre (qīng huà xiǎo jù chǎng) 12 Linqing Lu (8281-8181) 青话小剧场 临清路12号

Computer City (diàn zǐ xìn xī chéng) 226 Liaoning Lu (8382-2536) 电子信息城 辽宁路 226号

Shopping 购物 Antiques 古董 Antique Market (jiù huò gǔ dǒng shì chǎng) Wenhua Shichang, Changle Lu (8382-3513) 旧货古 董市场 昌乐路 文化市场

Jinyi Cinemas (jīn yì yǐng chéng) Fudu Mansion, 8 Nanjing Lu (8097-2077) 金逸影城 南京路8号 府 都大厦 5F, Life Space, 269 Renmin Lu (6606-9600) 人民路269号 乐都汇5层

Sanshengyuan Artworks Shop (sān shēng yuán) 67 Aomen Lu (8579-7833) 三生缘 澳门

Wanda International Cinema City (wàn dá


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Guomei Appliance Store (guó měi diàn qì shāng chéng) 80 Nanjing Lu (8580-5870) 国美电器商城 南京路80号 Su Ning Appliance Store (sū níng diàn qì) 3 Nanjing Lu (8362-2666) 苏宁电器 南京路3号 Yongsheng Camera Store (yǒng shèng shè yǐng qì cái) 9 Tianjin Lu (8285-8859) 永盛摄影器材 天 津路9号

Fashions 时尚


/ listings // 广告 • 黄页 0532Cons (0532 zhèng pǐn zá huò pù) 1F, IGo Shopping Centre, 18 Gutian Lu (186 5327-3003) 0532正品杂货铺 古 田路18号爱购一层 Beauty Centre (liàng cǎi fēng shàng) 39 Minjiang Er Lu (8576-6110) 靓彩风尚 闽江二路39号 Creen Mart 10-4 Yunling Lu (8889-6672) 云岭 路10-4 Darling Harbour Qingdao (xīn hǎi guǎng chǎng) 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6656-7888) 心海广场 燕儿岛 路1号 Folli Follie F1-57, Marina City Folli Follie (130 1253-9863) 百丽广场一楼中庭F1-57 新浪微 博:FolliFollie青岛 Godsend Golf (gāo shì dēng gāo ěr fū yòng pǐn diàn) 28 Changcheng Lu, Chengyang District (80963300) 高仕登高尔夫用品店 城阳区长城路28号 H & M 1F, Marina City, 88 Ao'men Lu (6885-3141) 澳 门路88号百丽广场1层 Zendai Plaza, 880 Tong’an Lu H&M 证大大拇指广场 同安路880号 Hisense Plaza (hǎi xìn guǎng chǎng) 50 Donghai Xi Lu (6678-8888) 海信广场 东海西路50号 iGo Mall (ài gòu shí shàng bǎi huò shāng chéng) 18 Gutian Lu (8118-0888) 爱购时尚百货商城 古 田路18号 Jimo Lu Market (jí mò lù xiǎo shāng pǐn pī fā shì chǎng) Jimo Lu 即墨路小商品批发市场 即 墨路 Leader Plaza (lì dá gòu wù zhōng xīn) 18, Qinling Lu (6671-8018) 丽达购物中心 秦岭路18号 Lexon Design (lè shàng shè jì) Leader Plaza, 18 Qinling Lu (6671-8018) 秦岭路18号 丽达广场 4F, Mykal, 69 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6670-0666) www. 香港中路69号 麦凯乐4楼 Longshan Underground Shopping Centre (lóng shān dì xià shāng chéng) 29 Jiangsu Lu (82868902) 龙山地下商城 江苏路29号 Marina City (bǎi lì guǎng chǎng) 88 Ao'men Lu (6606-1666) 百丽广场 澳门路88号 Marks & Spencer (mǎ shā bǎi huò) 1F, Licang Wanda Plaza, 178 Jufeng Lu (6770-6026) 马莎百货 李沧区万达广场店 巨峰路178号大商业1层

广告 • 黄页 MUJI (wú yìn liáng pǐn) F2-0203, Marina City, 88 Ao'men Lu (6606-1388) 无印良品 澳门路88号百 丽广场2楼0203 MYKAL (mài kǎi lè) 69 Xianggang Zhong Lu (66700666) 麦凯乐 香港中路69号 Porsche Design Qingdao (bǎo shí jié shè jì) F1-05 Marina City, 88 Ao'men Lu (6606-1911) www. 保时捷设计 澳门路88号百 丽广场F1-05 Printemps Mall (bā lí chūn tiān guǎng chǎng) 9 Shandong Lu (8581-1588) 巴黎春天广场 山 东路9号 Second Hand Clothing Street (èr shǒu fú shì shì chǎng) Licun Lu 二手服饰市场 李村路 Sky (tiān kōng) 11 Zhangzhou Yi Lu (8577-1276) 天空 漳州一路11号 Sunshine Department Store (yáng guāng bǎi huò) 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-7166) 阳光百 货 香港中路38号 Uniqlo (yōu yī kù) 2F, Marina City, 88 Aomen Lu (6606-1060) 优衣库 澳门路88号百丽广场2 层 1F, Xinye Plaza, 100 Liaoyang Xi Lu (8091-7301) 辽阳西路100号新业广场1层 Zendai Plaza, 88 Tong’an Lu 同安路88号 证大大拇指广场 Vestal by Jung Hyejin (hán guó jìng jié hūn shā) F2, 78-B Minjiang Lu (8573-5440) 韩国净洁婚纱 闽江路78号乙二楼 Wanda Shopping Centre (wàn dá gòu wù guǎng chǎng) 63 Taidong San Lu (8362-3288) 万 达购物广场 台东三路63号 CBD Wanda, 116 Yanji Lu (5557-0777) CBD万达广场 延吉路116 号 Licang Wanda, 178 Jufeng Lu (8079-1111) 万达 广场李沧店 巨峰路178号 Xinye Plaza (xīn yè guǎng chǎng) 100 Liaoyang Xi Lu (8562-9000) 新业广场 辽阳西路100号 Yajiamei Fashion Shop (yǎ jiā měi jīng pǐn fú shì) 38 Jiangxi Lu / x-47, 51 Jiangxi Lu (135 7321-6316) 雅嘉美精品服饰 江西路38号/江西路51号 x-47 Zara 1F, Marina City, 88 Ao'men Lu (6606-1020) 澳 门路88号百丽广场1层 Zhongshan Commerce City (zhōng shān shāng chéng) 113 Zhongshan Lu 中山商城 中山路 113号

Food & Beverage 食品 Abbica Coffee (qīng dǎo ā bì kǎ jìn chū kǒu yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 4 (Ding) Jingguo Er Lu (8571-2323) 青岛阿璧卡进出口有限公司 宁国二路4号丁 Carrefour (jiā lè fú) 21 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8582-6666) 家乐福 香港中路21号 128 Shandong Lu (8508-9999) 家乐福 山东路128号 Casa-Mia Gourmet Shop (kă sà mĭ yà shí pĭn zhuān yíng diàn) 卡萨米亚食品 专营店 Search on Tmall for卡萨米亚食 品专营店 Daichi Farm (dà dì nóng chǎng) 67 Xianggang Dong Lu (8801-5151) 大地农场 香港东路67号 Debauve & Gallais (fǎ guó dài bǎo jiā lái) 501, Unit 2, Bldg.3, 51 Donghai Xi Lu (8597-1807) 法国 黛堡嘉莱 东海西路51号3号楼2单元501

Silver Garden Grocery Shop (yín dū huā yuán gòu wù shāng chǎng) 1A Cuibaige, Bldg. 12, Yindu Garden, 1 Zhanghua Lu (8589-7732) 银都花园购 物商场 彰化路1号 银都花园12号翠柏阁1A Watsons (qū chén shì) 1F, Sunshine Department Store, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-7166) 屈臣 氏 香港中路38号 阳光百货1层 1F, Sunshine Department Store, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85719600) 香港中路38号阳光百货1层 1F, Gome, 37 Taidong Yi Lu 台东一路37号国美大卖场1层 21 Xianggang Dong Lu 香港东路21号 B1, Parkson, 44-60 Zhongshan Lu (8202-1076) 中山路44-60号 百盛负1层 B1, Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (66061888) 澳门路88号百丽广场2F, Area A, Zendai Plaza, 880 Tong’an Lu 同安路880号证大大拇指 广场A区2层 Lida Plaza, 18 Qinling Lu (6671-8018) 秦岭路18号丽达购物中心 1F, Lotte Mart, 36 Shandong Lu 山东路36号乐天玛特负1层

DEFA Inside Hisense Plaza, 50 Donghai Xi Lu (82530686) 东海西路50号 海信广场内

Lagom (lè huó jiā) Fu Run Shan Zhuang, 3 Hailong Lu, Laoshan District (8870-7039) 乐活家 崂山区海 龙路3号福润山庄 Maqui Berry (Fruit) (8965-3697) 马基莓水果 Marks & Spencer (mǎ shā bǎi huò) 1F, Licang Wanda Plaza, 178 Jufeng Lu (6770-6026) 马莎百货 李沧区万达广场店 巨峰路178号大商业1层 Maui International (máo yī guó jì) (8575-3390) 毛伊国际 Metro (mài dé lóng) 116 Chongqing Nan Lu (85668888, EN 8089-9880) 麦德龙 重庆南路116号 1517 Wutaishan Lu, Huangdao District (8602-8888) 麦德龙黄岛商场 黄岛区五台山路1517号

ORCAFFE Ltd (ōu kǎ kā fēi yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Started operations in Qingdao in 2004. Devoted to quality, speciality coffees, Orcaffe is among the industry leaders in bean roasting and distribution, and supplies beans to a large network of catering shops, coffee shops, 4 and 5 star hotels, bakery chains, car showrooms, estate agencies and multinational company offices, including more than 300 organisations worldwide. 欧卡咖啡公司2004 年创立于青岛,创始至今一直致力于推广精品 咖啡、潮流饮品及相关产品。凭着对咖啡、饮 品行业的执着与热情,欧卡咖啡公司的产品在 质量和销量一直处于行业领先位置。至2012 年,公司服务的对象已涵盖了餐饮店、咖啡 厅、星级酒店、烘焙连锁、汽车展厅、房地 产商、跨国公司办事处等三百多家机构。No. 12U3-201, 51 Donghai Xi Lu (8380-1399) orcaffe@ 欧卡咖啡有限公司 东海西路51号 华青园12号楼3单元201

For Kids 儿童


MICRO SCOOTERS The award winning Micro Scooters are now available in China. We offer Mini for 3-5 year old kids, Maxi for 6 to 12 years and cool MICRO Scooters for teens and adults. Check out more details about the products here:, 139 1024-6949 or email us at

Sunshinry Wine Cellar (lǎng yí jiǔ háng) 43 Minjiang Er Lu (6677-6999) 朗怡酒行 闽江二 路43号

Guifute Gift (guì fù tè lǐ pǐn) 141 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6661-1099) 贵富特礼品 香港中路 141号附近 Ou Jin Jiang Silver Ornaments (ōu jīn jiàng yín shì) A6, 51 Donghai Xi Lu (134 5520-8855) 欧金匠 银饰 东海西路51号A6座 Plaza (lè huó shì jí) 72 Boshan Lu (8285-7171) 乐 活市集 博山路72号 Secret Garden (mì yuán huā yì guǎn) 62 Shanghang Lu (139 6988-0404) 秘园花艺馆 上 杭路62号

Home Goods 家居 B&Q (bǎi ān jū) 38 Shandong Lu (8580-6611) 百安 居 山东路38号 188 Liaoyang Xi Lu (8566-1000) 辽 阳西路188号 138 jia Haier Lu (8891-6611) 百安 居 海尔路138号甲 BM Ultra Top quality mattress with affordable price (English - Cathy 132 5555-6553, Korean - Song 186 7890-0384, Chinese - Lee 156 0542-6234) www.

RT Mart (dà rùn fā) 162 Ningxia Lu (8578-0529) 大润发 宁夏路162号 Saeco (xǐ kè) 446 Nanjing Lu (8502-3637, 85022676) 喜客 南京路446号

France Bacchus Bldg 9, 3 Xuzhou Lu (85898830) 徐州路3号9号楼

SAW Strong Ale Works (qiáng mài pí jiǔ) 12 Daxue Lu (136 0896-4700) strongaleworks@gmail. com 强麦啤酒 大学路12号

Gourmet passion (186 6022-5559)

Rolling Stone Instruments (gǔn shí qín háng) 38-5 Daming Lu (8383-1385) 滚石琴行 大名路 38-5号 Xin Yi Zhou Instruments (xīn yì zhōu qín háng) 74 Yan An San Lu (8365-4582) 馨艺洲琴行 延安 三路74号

Pets 宠物 Petdog Health and Well-Being (pài duō gé chǒng wù shēng huó huì guǎn) Rm.19 Hua Hao Yue Yuan,138 Shandong Lu (186 6198-8205/130 7087-7963) 派多格宠物生活会馆 山东路138号 花好月圆19号网点 Qingdao Free Cat Adoption (137 9198-7701), True Friend Animal Hospital (zhēn péng yǒu dòng wù yī yuàn) 65 Xianggang Zhong Lu (west of Book City) (8578-0365) 真朋友动物医院 香港中 路65号(书城西侧)

Sporting Goods 运动 Decathlon (dí kǎ nóng) 188 Liaoyang Xi Lu (Below Fuliao Overpass) (8561-7788) 迪卡侬 辽阳 西路188号 (福辽立交桥下) Sanfo (sān fū hù wài) 52 Donghai Xi Lu (85786628) 三夫户外 东海西路52号

Honghong Tailor (hóng hóng zhì yī) 6 Xuzhou Lu (8580-2086) 红红制衣 徐州路6号

Tailors 制衣 Jin Jian Tailor Shop (jīn jiǎn shí zhuāng diàn) 2F, Taidong San Lu (8907-0165) 金剪时装店 台东三 路利群对面2层 Jin Yuan Zhi Yi (jīn yuán zhì yī) 2F, 1-118 Chuandai Da Shijie, 86 Taidong San Lu (8907-0172) 金源制衣 台东三路86号穿戴大世界二楼1 -118号 Tangsong (táng sòng) B-222, -1, Taigu Shopping Centre, Xianggang Zhong Lu (opp. Jusco, near underground parking area) (150 6426-3058) vip. 唐颂 香港中路太古百 货-1B区222号 Yongzheng Tailor Shop (yǒng zhèng cái féng diàn) 1F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext. 8961) 永正裁缝店 香港中路 76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒1层

IQ Air (IQ Air hǎi xìn guǎng chǎng tǐ yàn diàn), 4F, Hisense Plaza, 117 Aomen Lu (153 1424-1690) IQ Air海信广场体验店 澳门路117号海信广场4层 Leo’s Antique Furniture (lì ōu gǔ diǎn jiā jù) (139 6988-7788) 立欧古典家具 Plus Tree (qīng dǎo mù zhī jiā shāng mào yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 1-1 Hai’an Lu, Laoshan District (8870-7512) 青岛木之家商贸有限公司 崂山区 海安路1-1

Beauty 美容美体 Beauty Centres 美容养生 Kapok Spa & Wellness (mù mián shuǐ liáo) 2F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Ao‘men Lu (66566666 ext.1686) 木棉水疗 澳门路98号 青岛海尔 洲际酒店2层 Qingdao Ou Rui Jia Beautyland (qīng dǎo ōu ruì jiā lì yán táng) Rm. 804, Bldg.5, Fanhai Mingren, 19 Fuzhou Nan Lu (8578-7508, 136 0896-6500 EN) 青岛欧瑞嘉丽颜堂 福州南路19号泛海名人5

Henke Trading 504, Bldg A, Hong Kong

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Guitar Square (jí tā píng fāng) 28 Huangshan Lu (8272-6977) 吉他平方 黄 山路28号

Haibo Furniture Market (hǎi bó jiā jū chāo shì) 28 Dunhua Lu (8308-5739) 海博家居超市 敦化 路28号

Peek-a-Boo (bǔ kāng fù yù yīng zhuān mài diàn) 31 Yan'erdao Lu (8593-1283) 哺康富育婴专 卖店 燕儿岛路31号

Wine 葡萄酒

Musical Instruments 乐器 Baldwin Musical Instruments (bào dé wēn gāng qín zhuān mài diàn) 91 (Yi) Jiangxi Lu (8573-4599) 鲍德温钢琴专卖店 江西路91号乙

Tan Lu Zhe (tàn lù zhě) 66 Yanji Lu (8302-9006) 探 路者 延吉路66号

Mikkaworks (MikMik yǒu jī bǎo bǎo) 97 Bing Nanjing Lu (8587-5751) MikMik有机宝宝 南京 路97号丙

Buller Wines (ào dà lì yà bù lè jiǔ zhuāng) Rm.603, 63 Xianggang Xi Lu (189 5329-2706) 澳大 利亚布乐酒庄 香港西路63号603室

Vog Mask (400 6501-253) Email:; website:

Fit -all natural, antibacterial, fruit & vegetable cleaner (shuǐ guǒ shū cài qīng jié jì) (159 0071-5180) Fit-水果蔬菜清洁剂 tryfitchina@

MIHO Mart (ér tóng lè yuán) 2F, Weifeng Supermarket, Fuqing Lu (8866-5638) 儿童乐园 福 清路味丰超市2层

Dong Zhou Fu Long World Wines (dōng zhōu fù lóng jiǔ yè) 2 Yuexiu Lu (6656-7999, 6656-8888) 东 洲富隆酒业 越秀路2号

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Qingdao Wine Culture Street (qīng dǎo hóng jiǔ jiē) Yan’an Yi Lu 青岛红酒街 延安一路

Gifts & Accessories 礼品

Xinkuai (xīn kuài) 10 Xianggang Zhong Lu (83892941) 新快 香港中路10号 71 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8592-1729) 香港中路71号

Qingdao Zhongtang Import & Export Co. Ltd. (zhōng táng jìn chū kǒu shāng mào) 81 Xuzhou Lu (8581-8719) 中糖进出口商贸 徐州路81号

Pentagon Enterprise Co., Ltd (pài dá gé jìn chū kǒu yǒu xiàn gōng sī) B-2302, Guohua Bldg, 2 Minjiang Lu (8079-5256) 派达格进出口有限公司 闽江路2号国华大厦B-2302

WinItaly Room 2557, Zhongshang Mansion, 100 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8592-6326) 香港中路 100 号中商大厦2557 

Walmart (wò ěr mǎ) 63 Taidong San Lu (83675600) 沃尔玛 台东三路63号

Mission Coffee Roasting (mài sēn kā fēi) The professional coffee roaster and coffee equipment supplier. Gourmet coffee, roasted fresh in Qingdao. Ten years of coffee roasting experience, professional coffee technology training and after-sales service have made us a unique brand in Qingdao. 专业咖 啡豆烘焙厂及咖啡设备销售商。10年的咖啡 豆烘焙经验,专业的咖啡技术培训、售后维护 团队,造就了岛城著名的咖啡品牌。Exclusive store: 49 Donghai Xi Lu (8572-8539) 迈森咖啡 专卖店 东海西路49号 Taste: 5#102, Fanhai Mingren, Minjiang Er Lu (8090-2281) 体验店 闽江 二路泛海名人广场5#102 Factory: 35 Zhangzhou Yi Lu (139 5325-3732) 工厂 漳州一路35号

Latour Laguens World Fine Wine Cellar (lā tú lā gān guó jì jiǔ jiào) Unit 2, 31 Yan’an Yi Lu (6669-1111, 8325-3333) 拉图拉甘国际酒窖 延 安一路31号

Wine World (wàn wò dé jiǔ yè) 1F, Holiday Inn Parkview Qingdao, 308 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (5556-5556) 万沃得酒业 城阳区兴阳路 308号 青岛景园假日酒店1层

Hanbur German Bakery (hàn bǎi mài xiāng). Supermaket, B1, Hisense Plaza, 50 Donghai Xi Lu (8572-6865) 汉柏麦香 东海西路50号 海信广 场负1层超市 JUSCO (jiā shì kè) 72 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85719600) 佳世客 香港中路72号 B1, CBD Wanda, 116 Yanji Lu (6606-7878) 佳世客 延吉路116号 万达CBD广场负1层 419 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao District (8699-0666) 佳世客 黄岛区长 江中路419号 B1, Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (66061528) 澳门路88号百丽广场负1层

La Cave a Didier (dí jié jiǔ zhuāng) 135 Marina City West Zone, 86 Ao‘men lu (6606-1059) 狄杰酒庄 澳 门路86号 百丽广场西区135号

Trader Zhou’s B-16, Carrefour Underpass, Xianggang Zhong Lu (156 6652-6100) 家乐福地下 步行街 B-16

Double espresso co.Ltd (qīng dǎo bèi nóng kā fēi yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 28 Xianggang Xi Lu (83866325, 156 0532-1652), 青岛贝浓咖啡有限公司 香港西路28号

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Gardens, 3 Quanzhou Lu (8589-7696) 泉州路3号 香港花园A座504

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号楼804室 Qing SPA (qīng shuǐ liáo) Lower Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (8612-1234 ext. 6733) 清水疗 东海东路 88号 青岛鲁商凯悦 酒店底层大堂 Runjiang SPA (rùn jiāng shuǐ huì) 1F, DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang District (8098-8888 ext.2766) 润江水 会 青岛308国道城阳段220号 青岛鑫江希尔 顿逸林酒店1层 Shine Spa (xuàn yì shuǐ liáo) 1F, Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel, 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou District (8228-9999) 炫逸水疗 胶州 新城区北京东路271号 青岛胶州绿城喜来登 酒店1层 Sleeping Lotus SPA (shuì lián yǎng shēng měi róng guǎn) A3, 26 Donghai Zhong Lu (inside Langqin Garden) (8593-6007/08) 睡莲养生美容馆 东海中路26号A3 (浪琴园内) The Spa at Shangri-La Hotel (xiāng gé lǐ lā dà jiǔ diàn shuǐ liáo zhōng xīn) 4F, Valley Wing, ShangriLa Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-3838 ext.6050) 香格里拉大酒店水疗中心 香港中路9 号 香格里拉大酒店 盛世阁4层

Steve is ‘The Hair Doctor,’ a British hairstylist with over 28 years of experience in all aspects of hairstyling, offering a full range of professional hairstyling services. By appointment only; high quality and personalised hairstyling service. Full nail services by ‘The Nail Nurse.’ For appointments call 136 8145-3740 TONI & GUY Hairdressing (tāng ní yīng gài měi fà shā lóng) 6F, 12 Xinhui Lu (5897-5222) 汤尼英 盖美发沙龙 新会路12号 中航翔通游艇会6层 TouchHair (yí zūn měi fà) Vidal Sassoon Academy graduate, student of Japanese hair stylist Kawasaki -An expert in hair treatment. 3F Le Meridien Qingdao Hotel, 112 Yanji Lu (5557-0403 Suki 186 6028-9276) 颐尊美发 师从日本发艺巨匠川崎大 师,进修于沙宣美发学院。主修专业:经典剪 裁。 延吉路112号 青岛万达艾美酒店3层 Vogue (wò gé) 2F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Ao’men Lu (6656 6666 ext.1673) 沃格 澳门路98号 青岛海尔洲际酒店2层

Nails 美甲

7792) 田蓓美容保健会所 闽江路203号

Lovely Nails (ài shǒu ài jiǎo měi jiǎ huì suǒ). 36 Silver Garden, 1 Zhanghua Lu (Opposite Seaview Garden Hotel) (8588-7871) 爱手爱脚美甲会所 彰 化路1号 银都花园36号

Touch SPA Qingdao (yí zūn shuǐ liáo) 3F, Le Meridien, 112 Yanji Lu (5556-3888 ext. 0401/0402) 颐尊水疗 延吉路112号 青岛万达艾美酒店3层

Nail Care Treatment. D008, 2F, iGo Mall, 18 Gutian Lu (behind Mykal shopping mall) (150 9226-4373) 爱购时尚百货商城2层D008

Tian Bei’s Beauty & Health Care Salon (tián bèi měi róng bǎo jiàn huì suǒ) 203 Minjiang Lu (8077-

Hairdressers 美发 Leekaja Hair Biz (lǐ jiā zǐ xíng xiàng shè jì zhōng xīn) 1 (Jia) Xianxia Ling Lu 李嘉子形象设 计中心 仙霞岭路1号甲 Pleasantress Ladies Hair Salon (bó fēi sī nǚ zǐ měi fà huì suǒ) 30, Donghai Zhong Lu (East gate of Yinhai Yacht Club) (8592-6188) 柏飞丝女子美发会 所 东海中路30号-银海游艇俱乐部东门内 Pure Hair (chún xiù měi měi fà diàn) 119 (Yi) Zhangzhou Er Lu (8587-6719) 纯秀美美发店 漳州 二路119乙 (香港花园对面座上客旁边)

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What Women Want (3W gāo jí měi jiǎ shā lóng) 4F Crowne Plaza Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6688-6599; 138 5325-6997 EN) 3W高级美甲沙龙 香港中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店404室

Massage 按摩 Good Massage for Treatment (shàn ruò shuĭ jīng luò tuī ná kāng fù gōng zuò shì) Relax

and healthy, good massage for children. Rm. 101, Unit 1, Bldg. 3, Tianjia Gardon, Jintian Lu (Lydia: 135 7386-7998, QQ: 807771444) 善若水经络推拿康复


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广告 • 黄页 工作室 金田路田家花园3号楼1单元101室 LiShui Tang (lì shuǐ táng) Dr. Jack Jin, TCM practitioner, family inherited. Herbal formulas, acupuncture, acupressure and moxibustion. 金中 医处方、针灸、指压、温灸。1 Xinzhu Lu (159 0899-2971) 丽水堂 新竹路1号 Renming Foot Massage Centre (rén míng zú bù bǎo jiàn zhōng xīn) 5 Xianggang Zhong Lu (opp. World Trade Centre) (8387-9188) 人名足部保健中 心 香港中路5号(世贸中心对面) Taiyuan Massage and SPA (tiān yùn shuǐ liáo huì suǒ) 1F, Grand Mercure Qingdao Airport, 89 Minghang Lu (8471-6777) 天韵水疗会所 青岛民 航路89号 青岛快通雅高美爵酒店1层

curriculum, diploma, and university preparation. The school is also an official SAT & AP Test Centre. 68 Shandongtou Lu (8388-9900) info@ QingdaoAmerasia. org, 青岛美亚国际学校 山东头路68号 Qingdao Chungwoon Korean School (qīng dǎo qīng yún hán guó xué xiào) 1 Tianhe Lu, Chengyang District (0532 6696-8686) 青岛青云韩 国学校 城阳区天河路1号 Qingdao Galaxy International School (qīng dǎo yín hé xué xiào) 47 Tongchuan Lu (8766-8087) 青 岛银河学校 铜川路47号

more relieving than getting a rub down from a professional masseur? We can’t think of anything, and this place comes recommended for delivering truly salubrious as well as relaxing massages. 没有 什么比按摩能更好的舒缓压力。建议来此享 受一下真正有益健康的放松按摩。Get rid of suffering. Home visit service provided (139 69748576) 传统中医按摩

Qingdao No.1 International School of Shandong Province (shān dōng shěng qīng dǎo dì yī guó jì xué xiào) Accepting students from pre-K to grade 12 (3-17 years of age), QISS utilises a US curriculum (Common Core), and is WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accredited. In addition, Advanced Placement courses are available on-site in 8 subjects, and all AP classes are available online through QISS’s partnership with K12 International Academy, APID. The school is licensed by Qingdao Bureau of Education. 232 Songling Lu (6889-8888) 山东省青岛第一国 际学校 松岭路232号

Zaishuiyifang Seashore Club (zài shuǐ yī fāng xĭ yù zhōng xīn) 9 Huanghai Lu (8388-6886) 在水 一方洗浴中心 黄海路9号

Qingdao Oxford International College (niú jīn gōng xué) 232 Songling Lu (6889-8000) 牛津公学 松岭路232号

Traditional Chinese Medical Massage

(chuán tǒng zhōng yī àn mó) Is there anything

Education 教育 International Schools 国际学校 Baishan School (bái shān xué xiào) Dong Jiang, Sha Zi Kou, Laoshan District (88815851) 白珊学校 崂山区 沙子口东姜 Guokai International Department (guó kāi zhōng xué guó jì bù) 1 Tianhe Lu, Chengyang District (8471-6288, 137 9323-3392, 187 6425-8880) Wechat 官方微 信:guokaiguojibu 国开中学国际部 城阳区天 河路1号 International Department of Qingdao Galaxy School (qīng dǎo yín hé xué xiào guó jì bù) 47 Tongchuan Lu, Licang District (8880-8315) 青岛银 河学校国际部 青岛市李沧区铜川路47号 International School of Qingdao (mti) (qīng dǎo MTI guó jì xué xiào) Starting at pre-school and rising to grade 12 (2-18 years of age), ISQ follows a US based curriculum, is WASC and NCCT accredited and offers an extensive range AP courses. The school also offers honours courses in all core subjects. In addition, away from the classroom, ISQ has an extensive MUN program, Student Council and Leadership Development. Throughout, its educational focus is on university preparation. Baishan Compus, Dong Jiang, Sha Zi Kou, Laoshan District (8881-5668) www. 青岛MTI 国际学校 崂山区沙子口东姜白珊校园内 Korean International School of Qingdao (qīng dǎo hán guó guó jì xué xiào) 16 Haiqing Lu, Laoshan District (8801-5765) 青岛韩国国际学校 崂山区海青路16号 Malvern College Qingdao (qīng dǎo mò ěr wén zhōng xué ) 77 Tieqi Shan Lu, Xifu Town, Chengyang District (5865-9999) 青岛 墨尔文中学 青岛城阳区惜福镇铁骑山路77号

Xinshiji School (xīn shì jì xué xiào) 4 Xiaoyao San Lu (8592-0954) 新世纪学校 逍遥三路4号 Yew Chung International School of Qingdao (qīng dǎo yào zhōng guó jì xué xiào) YCIS accepts students in the Kindergarten to Year 13 (2-18 years old) age range and follows an international curriculum based on the schemes of work and framework of the National Curriculum for England. Students progress towards IGCSE and A Level external examinations. Within this framework, the school aims to provide students a unique opportunity to embrace bi-lingual learning, leading to proficiency in the world’s main languages and entry in to some of the world’s top universities. Huangdao Campus, 72 Taihangshan Lu, Huangdao District (8699-5551) 青 岛耀中国际学校 青岛经济技术开发区太行山 路72号 Admission Office, Bldg.7, 36 Laoshan Lu, Laoshan District (8880-0003) 青岛招生办公室 青 岛市崂山区崂山路36号好望角7号楼

zhōng xīn - qīng dǎo xīn huán qiú xué xiào)

Mandarin Chinese training, Korean training. 汉语言 培训,韩国语培训等。Rm.1606, Bldg.A, Central International (Zhonghuan) Plaza, 19 Zhangzhou Er Lu (Bank of China’s upstairs) (135 8927-8775) 天言汉语言中心-青岛新 环球学校 漳州二路19号中环国际广场A座 1606室 Goldencareer Training School (jīn qián chéng péi xùn xué xiào) Chinese training, English training, TOEIC, Translation outsourcing service., 12F, Bldg. G5, 288 Ningxia Lu (8597-5725, 8597-5726, 8597-5728) 金前程培训学 校 宁夏路288号G5楼12层 Haiyuan International Language School (hǎi yuán guó jì yǔ yán xué xiào) 1 Donghai Dong Lu (8593-5066) 海源国际语言学校 东海东路1号 Qingdao Continental Bridge For Educational

Exchange Services (qīng dǎo zhōu qiáo guó jì wén huà jiāo liú fú wù yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Rm.

1209, Bldg. B, Hongkong Garden, 54 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8581-6081, 136 8761-1581) ACI International Registered Chinese Teacher Shandong Exam Centre 青岛洲桥国际文化交流服务有限公司 漳州二 路54号香港花园B座1209 室 ACI 国际注册汉 语教师山东省考务中心 Qingdao Huaxing Chinese Language School (qīng dǎo huá xīng zhōng guó yǔ xué xiào) 13F, Wangjiao Mansion, 73 Xianggang Zhong Lu (CHN: 15063008971, ENG: 13061212779) 青岛华兴中国 语学校 香港中路73号 旺角大厦13层 HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) / BCT (Business Chinese Test) / YCT (Youth Chinese Test) Training & Test Centre (hàn yǔ kǎo shì péi xùn kǎo wù jī dì) 2 Zhenjiang Zhi Lu, Qingdao Chaoyin Primary School (HSK/BCT/YCT) 汉语考试培训考务 基地 镇江支路2号 超银小学内 IPA- International Professional Certification Association Training and Exam Centre for CLT -Chinese Language Teacher (IPA guó jì zhù cè hàn yǔ jiào shī zī gé zhèng péi xùn kǎo wù jī dì) 2 Zhenjiang Zhi Lu (8502-7797) IPA国际注册汉语教 师资格证培训考务基地 镇江支路2号

Yinhai School (yín hǎi xué xiào) 16 Donghai Dong Lu (8668-5819) 银海学校 东海东路16号

Park 12 Culture Media Co. Ltd (pà kè yé wén huà chuán méi yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 504, Bldg 1, Bobo

OK! Language Training College (OK! yǔ yán péi xùn xué yuàn) Learn authentic language with their experienced teacher! Arrange your own class schedule as you wish. Flexible and fun-learning! Provides HSK Course, Oral Chinese Course, Special Chinese Course, English Course, Korean Centre, Japanese Course and Managed Classes. 教师经验丰 富,根据个人情况安排课程。授课灵活有趣! 提供HSK课程,中文口语班,中文特别班,英 语速成,韩语中心,日语课程,以及多语种 托管班等。Rm. 301, Unit 1, Bldg.3, 66 Xianggang Dong Lu (8090-4049, 133 5687-9239) OK!语言培训 学院 香港东路66号3号楼1单元301室 Qing Zhi Zijin Chinese Language Training Centre (qīng zhī zǐ jīn hàn yǔ péi xùn zhōng xīn) Rm.1112, Bldg.A, Hongkong Garden, Quanzhou Lu (135 8322-4253) Conversational course, HSK--all levels, Traditional culture &poem, University literature entrance works, Business course. Promise education! 青之子衿汉语 培训中心 泉州路3号香港花园A座1112室

English Language 英语 Qingdao Amerasia International School (qīng dǎo měi yà guó jì xué xiào) Catering to the needs of early childhood education through to Grade 12, QAIS is an IB World School Candidate and an American Montessori Society Member. Their approach to learning is inquiry- based, student-centred education and follows American


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Chaoyin Foreign Language & Culture Training School (English GESE Training and Exam Centre) (chāo yín wài guó yǔ wén huà péi xùn xué xiào - yīng guó shèng sān yī kǒu yǔ péi xùn kǎo wù jī dì) 2 ZhenJiang Zhi Lu (Chaoyin Primary School) (8582-2632) 超银外国语文化培训学校 ( 英国圣三一口语培训考务基地) 镇江支路2号 Chinese Language Centre - Qingdao New Global School (Tianyan) (tiān yán hàn yǔ yán

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CHERIE HEARTS No.1 International

Gentle Dental (zhēn zǐ chǐ kē) Specialising in joint pain/clicking, bite and bite related problems orthodontics and dental restorations. Dr. Olive Liao DDS. MS trained in Roth Williams (3 year course) Orthodontic Education Centre; Bioesthetics (2 year course) Education Centre; Korean Orthodontic Research Institute; Kygpook University, Korea. She has over ten years clinical experience. Fluent English, Basic Korean and Japanese. 提供头面部疼痛相关的正 畸和牙齿修复治疗。廖医生曾在多家口腔正畸 培训中心和研究机构学习培训,拥有十余年诊 疗经验,英语流利,韩语日语基本会话。3-10 Maidao Lu (8860-2820, 8588-1055, 138 5423-2410 EN), 真予 齿科 麦岛路3-10号

Kindergarten OF Qingdao (xīn jiā pō tóng xīn guó jì qīng dǎo dì yī yòu ér yuán tóng xīn guó jì) 232 Songling Lu, Laoshan District (Inside Qingdao Chengtou International Education Park) (6889-8555 / 8889) 新加坡童心 国际青岛第一幼儿园童心国际 青岛市崂山区 松岭路232号 青岛城投教育园 Joy Children’s Language School (jiā yīn yīng yǔ) 130 Zhangzhou Lu (8572-6752, 138 6425-4050) 佳 音英语 漳州路130号

Lvy English School (cháng chūn téng yīng yŭ) 18 ShuangYuan Lu, Zhuoyue Weilan Archipelago, Chengyang District (139 6964-0564) 常春藤英语学 校 青岛城阳双元路18号卓越蔚蓝群岛

Little Harvard Bilingual Kindergarten (xiǎo hā fó shuāng yǔ yòu ér yuán) 7 Yangkou Lu (8386-

Qingdao Chaoyin Weekend Singapore Bilingual Education Elective Course (G7,G8) (qīng dǎo chāo yín zhōu mò shuāng yǔ xìng qù bān) 2 Zhenjiang Zhi Lu (inside Chaoyin Primary School) (8563-0332) 青岛超银周末双语兴趣班 (G7,G8)镇江支路2号(超银小学内)

Montessori Children’s House at QAIS (qīng dǎo měi yà guó jì xué xiào méng tè suǒ lì ér tong zhī jiā) 68 Shandongtou Lu (8388-9900) Info@, www.QingdaoAmerasia. org 青岛美亚国际学校 蒙特梭利儿童之家 山 东头路68号

Qingdao International Language Institute (Global IELTS) (qīng dǎo guó jiāo wài yǔ péi xùn xué xiào (huán qiú yǎ sī)) Bldg.6, 35 Jiangxi Lu (8581-9871) 青岛国交外语培训学校(环球雅 思)江西路35号6号楼

PKU College Qingdao Tianxi International Perschool (běi dà gōng xué qīng dǎo tiān xǐ guó jì yòu ér yuán) 1 Donghai Dong Lu (400-609-2598) 北大公学青岛天玺国际幼儿园 东海东路1号

Wall Street English (huá ěr jiē yīng yǔ) 2F, Golden Plaza, 20 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8502-5469 ) 华尔 街英语 香港中路20号 黄金广场2层 Rm. 19, 1F, Zhonghuan Plaza, 79 Zhangzhou Lu (6677-5858) 华 尔街英语 漳州路79号 中环国际广场1层19号 \French Language 法语 Alliance Francaise (qīng dǎo fǎ yǔ lián méng) 3F, Zone H, 23 Xianggang Dong Lu (Ocean Uni) (85906232) 青岛法语联盟 香港 东路23号中国海洋大学H区3层 Qingdao New Global School (qīng dǎo xīn huán qiú xué xiào fǎ yǔ bù) Rm. 1606, Bldg. A, 19 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8589-9336) 青岛新环球学校法语部 漳州二路19号A座 1606室

0526) 小哈佛双语幼儿园 仰口路7号

Qingdao Huguang Shanse Kindergarten (qīng dǎo hú guāng shān sè yòu ér yuán) 49 Tongle San Lu (Inside Huguang Shanse Residental Area) (8878-6611, 8979-5799) 青岛湖光山色幼儿园 同 乐三路49号 湖光山色小区内 Qingdao Ivy Kindergarten (qīng dǎo cháng chūn téng yòu ér yuán) 3 Hailong Lu (inside Jianfei Garden) (8870-8997, 8277-6908) 青岛常春藤幼儿 园 海龙路3号建飞花园内

Medical 医疗 Dental Clinics 齿科

Tooth Home Dental Clinic (yí shì jiā chǐ kē) 34 Minjiang Lu (8583-7506) 宜世家齿科 闽江路34号 Leaders Dental Clinic (ruì dé kǒu qiāng) 4 Donghai Zhong Lu, intersecting Yan’er Dao Lu ( 8069-0275/8077-8666) 瑞德口腔 东海中路4号 (燕儿岛路与东海中路交界) 聿明口腔国际部 Rm.319, Bldg.4, 151 Zhengyang Lu, Chengyang District (6696-0275) 城阳区正阳路151号银发大 厦4号楼319

David Dental Clinic (dài wèi chĭ kē) Kaixuan

For Kids 幼教

Apt Complex, 115 Jiangxi Lu (8577-5987) 帕克爷 文化传媒有限公司 江西路115号Bobo公寓1 号楼504

Chaoyin Foreign Language & Culture Training School (Practical Chinese/HSK/BCT/YCT) (chāo yín wài guó yǔ wén huà péi xùn xué xiào) 2 Zhenjiang Zhi Lu, Qingdao Chaoyin Primary School 超银外国语文化培训学校 (实用汉语/HSK/ BCT/YCT) 镇江支路2号 超银小学内

Joy Children’s English School (jiā yīn yīng yǔ) F1-2, 130 Zhangzhou Lu (8571-5991, 8572-6752) 佳音英语 漳州路130 号1-2层

Jiayuan, 1-20 Xianxialing Lu (Behind Beer City) (8896-0913) 戴卫齿科 仙霞岭路1-20号 凯旋 家园 F3-1A Binhai Garden (May 4th Square) (85721822) 滨海花园F3-1A(五四广场内)

German Language 德语

Music Schools 音乐学校

Akiyama Chinese Classroom (qiū shān zhōng guó yǔ jiāo shì) Basic Chinese, Oral Chinese, HSK and Chinese Culture Rm. 2404, Bldg. 1, Maidao Jiayuan, 33 Haikou Lu (158 6309-0439) 秋山中国语 教室 海口路33号麦岛家园1号楼2404室

Gnlight of Mine English Training (qīng dǎo lù guāng měi yīn wài yǔ péi xùn xué xiào) 3F, Xutai Garden4, 20 Yan’er Dao Lu (400 6018-133/6677-5122) 青岛绿光美音外语 培训学校 青岛市市南区燕儿岛路20号旭泰花 园4号楼3层

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分园:长江西路名嘉城小区内 Licang branch: inside Fulin Yuan, 618 Qingshan Lu (8762-2500) 李 沧分园:青山路618号福林苑小区内 Licang branch: inside Fulin Wanjia, 265 Qingshan Lu (87971222) 李沧分园:青山路265号福林万家小区内

Goethe Sprachlernzentrum an der Qingdao Universität (qīng dǎo dà xué gē dé yǔ yán zhōng xīn) 1F, Minxing Building, Qingdao University, 308 Ningxia Lu (8378-0778) 青 岛大学歌德语言中心 宁夏路308号青岛大学 敏行楼一层

Classic Guitar Training (gǔ diǎn jí tā péi xùn) 8 Zhangping Lu (139 6396-1061) 古典吉他培训 漳 平路8号

Chinese Language 汉语

indoor playground.中心配备室内游乐场。www. 3rd Floor, SEAO International Tower-A, 63 Xianggang Zhong Lu (5567-1322) 琳 达博士英语早教中心 香港中路30号甲 世奥 国际大厦3层

Dr.Linda American Education Academy (Lín dá bó shì yīng yŭ zăo jiào zhōng xīn) Facilitated with =english menu

Dr.Linda American Education Academy (Lín dá bó shì yīng yŭ zăo jiào zhōng xīn) Facilitated with indoor playground.中心配备室内游乐场。www. 3rd Floor, SEAO International Tower-A, 63 Xianggang Zhong Lu (5567-1322) 琳 达博士英语早教中心 香港中路30号甲 世奥 国际大厦3层 Gymboree (jīn bǎo bèi) 2F, Century Tower, 39 Donghai Xi Lu (8907-0606) 金宝贝 东海西路39号世纪大厦2层 Kindyroo International Early Childhood Development Academy KindyROO (qīn qīn daì shǔ guó jì zǎo jìao zhōng xīn) 7F Mykal, 69 Xianggang Zhong Lu ( 6670-0788) 亲亲袋鼠国际 早教中心 香港中路69号麦凯乐7层 My Gym Qingdao Center (meǐ jí mǔ zǎo jìao zhōng xīn) 8 Nanjing Lu (400 029-0997 ext. 6238) 青岛美吉姆早教中心 南京路8号 Teletubbies (tiān xiàn bǎo bǎo) Jinxiu Huacheng, 117 Yanji Lu (0532 5567-2877) 天线宝宝 延吉路 117号锦绣华城裙楼

Kindergartens 幼儿园 Aixin Kindergarten (ài xīn yòu ér yuán) 6 Chenghai San Lu (8588-3933) 爱心幼儿园 澄海 三路6号 Big Apple Sino-America Bilingual Preschool (zhōng měi hé zuò qīng dǎo dà pín guǒ shuāng yǔ yòu ér yuán) 中美合作青岛大苹果双语幼儿 园 Laoshan branch: inside Yihe Xingyuan, 87 (Geng) Laoshan Lu (8801-6811) 崂山分园:崂山路87 号庚颐和星苑小区内 Huangdao branch: inside Mingjia Cheng, Changjiang Xi Lu (8699-3527) 黄岛

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/ listings // 广告 • 黄页 Qingdao Stomatological Hospital (qīng dǎo shì kǒu qiāng yī yuàn) 17 Dexian Lu (8282-1870) International Clinic 青岛市口腔 医院 德县路17号

Hospitals 医院 Bellaire Medical Centre (bèi lì ěr yī liáo zhōng xīn) Bldg. 49, Silver Garden, 1 Zhanghua Lu (8111-7118) 贝利尔医疗中心 彰化路1号 银都 花园49座 Cham Shan Int’l Medical Centre (zhàn shān guó jì yī liáo zhōng xīn) Rm.103, Bldg.10, 25 Donghai 1 Lu (inside Cham Shan Sanatorium) (8598-7341, 131 6501-3251 EN) 湛山国际医疗中心 东海一路25 号10号楼103室 International Clinic of Qingdao Municipal Hospital (East) (shì lì yī yuàn dōng yuàn qū guó jì mén zhěn) Not open on Sundays, 5 Donghai Zhong Lu (8593-7690 ext.2266) 市立医院东院区 国际门诊 东海西路5号 Qingdao Municipal Hospital (qīng dǎo shì lì yī yuàn) 1 Jiaozhou Lu (8282-6313) 青岛市立医 院 胶州路1号 The Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical College (qīng dǎo dà xué yī xué yuàn fù shǔ yī yuàn) 16 Jiangsu Lu (8291-1847) 青岛大 学医学院附属医院 江苏路16号 Waiter Medic (wéi tè ěr yī liáo) Rm.109, bldg.3, 63 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8577-1199) 维特尔医疗 香 港中路63号3号楼109室

Surgery Clinics 医学美容 Evercare Qingdao Cosmetic Surgery Hospital (qīng dǎo yī měi ěr zhěng xíng yī yuàn) 20 Xianggang Xi Lu (8378-6188) 青岛伊美尔整形医 院 香港西路20号 Sino-kor (International) Medical Aesthetic Hospital (qīng dǎo huá hán zhěng xíng yī yuàn) 101 Yan'an San Lu (6888-8899; 400-7089-500) 青岛 华韩整形医院 延安三路101号 Tian Bei Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery (tián bèi měi róng yī xué zhōng xīn) 203 Minjiang Lu (80777792) 田蓓美容医学中心 闽江路203号

广告 • 黄页 Hua Xia Bank (huá xià yín háng) (95577) 华夏银行

Services 服务

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (zhōng guó gōng shāng yín háng) (95588) 中 国工商银行

Automotive Services 汽修 Grease Monkey (yóu hóu qì chē kuài xiū) 136 Yinchuan Xi Lu, Qingdao(8501-9111) 青岛市银 川西路136号 369 Hefei Lu, Qingdao(8598-1916) 青岛市合肥路369号 Haibin Nan Lu, Economic development area, Weihai (0631-5967686) 威海 市经济开发区海滨南路 Guanhai Lu (opp.Jusco), Laishan District, Yantai (0535-6883711) 烟台市莱山 区观海路(佳世客对面)

Banking 银行 Agricultural Bank of China (nóng yè yín háng) (95599) 农业银行 Bank of China (zhōng guó yín háng) (95566) 中国银行 Bank of Communications (jiāo tōng yín háng) (95559) 交通银行 Bank of East Asia (dōng yà yín háng) (800 8303811) 东亚银行 China Everbright Bank (zhōng guó guāng dà yín háng) (95595) 中国光大银行 China Citic Bank (zhōng xìn yín háng) (95558) 中信银行 Citi Bank (huā qí yín háng) (800 830-1880) 花旗银行 Construction Bank of China (zhōng guó jiàn shè yín háng) (95533) 中国建设银行

Merchants Bank of China (zhāo shāng yín háng) (95555) 招商银行 Standard Chartered Bank (zhā dǎ yín háng) (800 820-8088) 渣打银行 1F, Crowne Plaza Qingdao (8097-3118, 8092-7138) 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒 店首层商铺区域F1 A-D, F-H, 35F, Sunnyworld Cyberport, 40 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-8666, 8677-2766) 香港中路40号数码港旗舰大厦35层 A-D, F-H Rm.105, 10 Xianggang Zhong Lu (66707388, 6670-7399) 香港中路10号105户

Business 商务 InternChina (guó jì shāng wù jiāo liú zhōng xīn) 16A, Bldg 3, Jindu Garden, 37 Donghai Xi Lu (86675167, 8667-5168) 国际商务交流中心 东海西路 37号金都花园C座16楼A室

Qingdao International Community Centre (qīng dǎo guó jì jiāo liú zhōng xīn) South entrance at 16 Donghai Xi Lu, Floor 5 (8388-7176) 青岛国际 交流中心 东海西路16号南门5楼

Domestic Help 家政 SINO (HK) Business Service (xìn nuò shāng wù xiāng gǎng fú wù) (150 6486 4997) QQ: 116249205 信诺商务(香港) 服务

Decoration 装饰 Crystal Creation Decoration (jīng chéng zhuāng shì) 19F, Fulin Mansion, 87 Fuzhou Nan Lu (8210-7089) 晶城装饰 福州南路87号 福林 大厦19层 New York Parties and Flowers 6F, Crowne Plaza, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (188 6390-8126) 香港中路 76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店6层

Photography 摄影

HSBC (huì fēng yín háng) (800 830-2880) 汇丰银 行 8F, Crowne Plaza Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8578-2828) 香港中路76号颐中皇冠假日酒店 8层 1F, 46 Nanjing Lu (8097-6688) 南京路46号1层 1F, 87 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8097-3888) 香港中路 87号1层 1F, Fortune Plaza, 18-1 Qinling Lu (80976555) 秦岭路18-1号 财富中心1层 Rm.103, 104, 203, 204, 216 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao District (8097-6677) 黄岛开发区长江中路216号 103 104 203 204室

Qingtai Law Firm (shān dōng qīng tài lǜ shī shì wù suǒ) Qingtai Law Firm is one of the largest law firms in Shandong. With over 100 lawyers and legal professionals, we are capable of providing comprehensive legal services to meet the diverse needs of clients worldwide. Our main practice area covers: Corporation (Merge & Acquisition, Foreign Direct Investment, bankruptcy, labor and employment), International Trade and Debt Collection, Outbound Investment, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection, Real Estate, Dispute Resolution (litigation and arbitration). Free legal consultancy is available! 8F Kaixuan Business Centre, 256 Haikou Lu (8897-9717/158-6687-9695, Lawyer Zhang Qing/ www. 山东清泰律师事务所 青岛市海 口路265号凯旋商务中心8层 Shandong Hsinten Law Firm (shān dōng xīng tián lǜ shī shì wù suǒ) 9F, New World Plaza, 9

Qingdao CCPIT (qīng dǎo shì mào yì cù jìn wěi yuán huì) Rm.403, 121 Yan An San Lu (8389-7995) 青岛市贸易促进委员会 延安三路121号403室

Fuzhou Nan Lu (8587-8469) 山东 兴田律师事务所 福州南路9号新世界大厦9层

ReSource Pro (yōu chuàng (qīng dǎo) shù jù jì shù yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 1F, Bldg.12B, Qingdao

You Hua Law Firm (shān dōng yǒu huá lǜ shī shì wù suǒ) 2F, Ruina Kangdu, 69 Haimen Lu (Beside

Software Park, 288 Nanjing Lu (8666-7551) 优创(青 岛)数据技术有限公司 宁夏路288号 青岛软件 园12号楼B座1层

Shangri-La Hotel) (8866-2999, 139 0648-4720) 山东友华律师事务所 海 门路69号瑞纳康都2层

Organisations 组织

Consultancy 咨询

Guangdong Development Bank (guǎng dōng fā zhǎn yín háng) (95508) 广东发展银行

QILU (Qingdao) Law Firm (qí lǔ lǜ shī shì wù suǒ) Bldg. 6, 87 Donghai Dong Lu (8162-7762) qiluqd@ 齐鲁(青岛)律师事务所 东海东 路87号6号楼

Qingdao International Christian Fellowship Intercontinental Hotel, 3rd Floor, Auditorium, 98 Ao'men Lu, Near the Olympic Sailing Centre,

Dezan Shira & Associates (xié lì guǎn lǐ zī xún) Rm 2307, 23F Bldg A, Central International Plaza, 19 Zhangzhou Er Lu (6677-5461) qingdao@dezshira. com 协力管理咨询 漳州二路19号 中环国际广 场A座23层2307房间 GER-LIN Consulting (gé lín zī xún qīng dǎo yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Rm. 612, 6F, Jinguang Mansion, 56 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8597-9039) 格林咨询青岛有 限公司 香港中路56号 金光大厦6层612 JHT Business Consulting Co., Ltd (jīn huì tōng shāng wù zī xún yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 4F Crowne Plaza Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6688-6599; 138 5325-6997 EN) 金汇通商务咨询有限公司 香 港中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店404室 HANRONG Consulting (hàn róng zī xún), www.chinahanrong. com 汉荣咨询有限公司 InternChina (guó jì shāng wù jiāo liú zhōng xīn) 16A, Bldg 3, Jindu Garden, 37 Donghai Xi Lu (86675167, 8667-5168) 国际商务交流中心 东海西路 37号金都花园C座16楼A室 Qingdao Continental Bridge For Educational Exchange Services (qīng dǎo zhōu qiáo guó jì wén huà jiāo liú fú wù yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Rm. 1209, Bldg. B, Hongkong Garden, 54 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8581-6081, 136 8761-1581)青岛洲桥国际文化 交流服务有限公司 漳州二路54号香港花园B 座1209 室

Blue & Green Studio (bù lǔ gé lín) Blue & Green Studio focuses on PHOTOGRAPHY and PRODUCTION, Steven Hsiu and Kenneth Yao, founders of BGS and experts in the field of high-end commercial video production and photography, provides commercial photography, documentary and production for several important customers and international projects in the past eight years. 183 5324-2445, 布鲁格林 STUDIO专注影像制作,创始人Steven Hsiu和 Kenneth Yao是高端商用影像领域卓越的制片 人和制作专家,在过去的八年里持续为高端客 户和多个国际项目提供商业影像纪录、制作等 服务。布鲁格林STUDIO

Postal 邮递 Fedex Express (lián bāng kuài dì) Bldg. B, 171 Huaian Lu (International hotline: +800-988-1888, Domestic hotline: +400-889-1888) 联邦快递 淮安 路171号B座

Logistics 物流

Nax Logistics (qīng dǎo guó shēng wù liú yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Rm. 1316, 220 Yan An San Lu (83890366) 青岛国升物流有限公司 延安三路220号 邮政大厦1316室 Relo China worldwide mover Personal effects specialist, member of world moving organization. Rm. 2815, Parkson Office Building, Zhongshan Lu (139 0408-9994) relochinamoving@139.com大连 蓝宝货运代理有限公司 中山路百盛商务楼 2815室 Santa Fe Relocation Services, Qingdao (huá huī guó jì yùn shū fú wù yǒu xiàn gōng sī shān dōng fēn gōng sī) Rm.1304, Guangfa Financial Mansion, 40 Shandong Lu (8386-9455) 华辉国际运输服务有限公司山东分公司 山东 路40号广发金融大厦1304室

Cargo Competence International Logistics Co., Ltd (qīng dǎo huá shì dá guó jì wù liú yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Cargo Competence International is one of the pioneers in China that are dedicated to providing integrated international and domestic moving services for household goods ,personal effects, and commercial products, including export, import, air and sea, headquartered in Qingdao, Shanghai, Beijing, and other ports of China. 华世达 国际物流有限公司是物流企业的佼佼者,致力 于提供全方位的国际和国内物流服务,居家 用品、个人物品和商业物品的搬迁服务,可 提供进出口、空运以及海运服务,在青岛、 上海、北京等国内其他港口城市都设有办公 室。Rm. 601-602, Zuoyue Mansion, 16 Fencheng Lu tel: (0532) 8508-2906 Frank Wang: 136 9869-8037 Tracy Sun: 139 6488-2307 frank@cargocompetence. 青岛华 世达国际物流有限公司 凤城路16号卓越大厦 601-602室 DSL Qingdao Worldwide Mover (dà xīng wù liú) Rm. 1101, Bldg. 8, 21 Haier Lu (Paul Paik: 133 2500-7300) 大星物流 海尔路21号世纪华庭8 号楼1101室

Printing 打印 Zhengda Printers (zhèng dá shù mǎ yìn shuā) Bldg 2, Creative 100 (8097-0532) 正达数码印刷 创 意100产业园2号楼

Real Estate 房产 Bencer Project Management Representative Office 10F, Sunshine Tower, 61 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8886-2931, 152 5324-9298 Fax: 8077-5012) www. 香港中路61号 阳光大厦10层 Century 21 Ao Men Shop (21 shì jì bù dòng chǎn qīng dǎo jīn dū jiā méng diàn ào mén lù diàn) 136 Ao'men Lu 8080-3232, 135 0542-2099 21世纪不动 产青岛金都加盟店澳门路店 澳门路136号 J & M Realty (shèng jiā bù dòng chǎn). Bldg. B, 204B, World Trade Centre, 6 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-9232, 8591-9859) 盛嘉 不动产 香港中路6号 世贸中心B座204B Jones Lang LaSalle Qingdao Office (zhòng liàng lián háng) Financial and professional commercial real estate services firm. Suite 22A, Qingdao International Finance Centre, 59 Xianggang Zhong Lu (Tel 8579-5800 Fax 8579-5801) www. 仲量联行 香港中路59号 青岛国际金融中心22A

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Maggie Expat’s Real Estate Bldg 1, Silver Garden, 1 Zhanghua Lu (135 8325-0736) 彰化路1号 银都 花园1号楼 Teamwill Real Estate (zhì méng zhì yè yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Bldg. 5, Innovation Centre, 57 Haier Lu (6671-6758, 136 8769-7428) 志盟置业有限公司 海尔路57号创业中心5号楼

Translation 翻译 REDSTAR Times Media Co. Ltd (hóng xīng shí dài wén huà chuán bō yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Rm.401, Bldg.3, Creative 100, 100 Nanjing Lu (8388-2269, 8097-0521) www.myredstar. net 红星时代文化传播有限公司 南京路100号 创意100产业园3号楼401室

Trading 贸易 Appex International (HK) Ltd (ài pǔ guó jì xiāng gǎng yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Rm. 2-404, Bldg 10, 3 Xuzhou Lu (8501-7163) 艾普国际( 香港)有限公司 徐州路3号10号楼2-404 Qingdao ZXIA Apparel Co (qīng dǎo zhǎn xiá mào yì yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Rm3-501, Bldg.6, 755 Jinshui Lu ,; www.zxiaapparel. com (0532 8767-0863) 青岛展霞贸易有限公司 金水路755号6号楼3单元501 Rider Glass Company Limited (qīng dǎo qí shì bō li yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 22F, Yingdelong Tower, 15 Donghai Xi Lu (8387-3000) 青岛骑士玻璃有限公 司 东海西路15号英德隆大厦22层

Travel 旅游 China Travel Service Head Office (Qingdao) Co., Ltd (zhōng guó lǚ xíng shè zǒng shè (qīng dǎo) yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 4F, 12 Donghai Xi Lu (400600-2777) 中国旅行社总社(青岛)有限公司 东 海西路12号4层

Web Design 网站设计

Beautiful Web Design by

Qingdao Overseas Investment Service Centre (qīng dǎo shì wài shāng tóu zī fú wù zhōng xīn) 19F, Huaren Int’l Mansion, 2 (Jia) Shandong Lu (8197-8622) 青岛市外商投资服务中心 山东路2 号甲 华人国际大厦19层 SEN-CONSULT (qīng dǎo sēn yì shāng wù zī xún yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Rm 2006, Bldg 1, Software Park, 288 Ningxia Lu (8502-8585) 青岛森奕商务咨询有 限公司 宁夏路288号软件园1号楼2006 SucceedOverseas (sài xī zī xún yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 203, Building 3, Fanhai Mingren Guangcheng, Minjiang Er Lu 188 6662-0660 赛西咨询有限公司 闽江二路泛海名人广场1单元3号楼203室

Community 社交 Qingdao Global Bridge Cultural & Educational Exchange Services (qīng dǎo huán yǔ qiáo guó jì wén huà jiào yù jiāo liú fúwù yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 30-E, Bldg. B, 37 Donghai Xi lu (8668-1224, 139 0642-3247) 青岛环宇桥国际文化教育交流服务 有限公司 东海西路37号 B座30—E


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Qingdao Overseas Exit-Entry Services Centre (qīng dǎo hǎi wài chū rù jìng fú wù zhōng xīn) 12F, He’an Mansion, 117 Yan’an San Lu (8579-1888) 青 岛海外出入境服务中心 延安三路117号和安 大厦12层

REDSTAR Times Media Co. Ltd (hóng xīng shí dài wén huà chuán bō yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Rm.401, Bldg.3, Creative 100, 100 Nanjing Lu (8388-2269, 8097-0521) www.myredstar. net 红星时代文化传播有限公司 南京路100号 创意100产业园3号楼401室

Legal 法律 Guan Baokui (186 6021-6678) Attorney-at-law Experienced in the incorporation of WFOE in Qingdao, legal consultant of many foreign-invested companies, authorized legal translator for different judicial organs and the site interpreter for court hearings. Speciality: Corporate Issues, Foreign Investment, Labor Issues, Certified Legal English Translator.

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Valentine's Day @ Sheraton Qingdao Licang Hotel

Traditional dances with lions @Holiday Inn Qingdao parkview

Tournament ACAMIS first annual Math Quest S QIS @ ion petit Com e Cub and Rubic's

Get your face in the redstar, send photos to by 15 March! 请于3月15日前发送照片到

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Redstar Alerts 红星推广 Don’s miss your printed copy of Redstar magazine each month! 200元 gets you a 12 month subscription, covering postage to your home or office address. Visit, fill out this form and we'll set it up. We can even come and collect payment - what could be easier? Visit for ezine sign up. REDSTAR Magazine online: category/magazine/ Follow us on Facebook: Redstar Instagram: redstarqingdao Sina Weibo: REDSTAR红星 Douban: REDSTAR

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Looking for Participating Partners Make Yourself Known... to real estate businesses in town! REDSTAR helps you fulfill your business interests: - Reach your target clients - Exposure in the most trust-worthy bilingual magazine in Qingdao - Stay up-to-date with the most recent news & events in town

Job Market 工作 Jobs Available* 招聘 PHP Developer Needed: REDSTAR is looking for a full time or intern PHP Developer.. If you have the skills requires and if you are looking for a fast paced, international and fun environment where you can develop and grow with the team then REDSTAR is the place for you. Experience needed: At least 1 year professional code writing Software Skills: - PHP - MySQL - HTML / HTML5 / CSS - AJAX, JavaScript and jQuery - Magento, Open cart, Wordpress - The ability to convert a photoshop design into efficient and clean HTML - Experience with a MVC application - Experience working with a team using SVN / Git - SEO experience (not essential) - Graphic design experience is an advantage Personal qualities: Highly competent, professional manner, good thinking and problem solving skills, good working in a team. 招聘PHP开发工程师 红星时代文化传播有限公司现招聘全职或实习 PHP工程师1名。渴望在国际化、快节奏、工 作环境愉悦的公司工作吗?那就加入我们, 与红星团队共同成长!有意者请发简历至 hr@。 经验要求:1年以上专业编程经验 技能要求: - PHP - MySQL - HTML / HTML5 / CSS - AJAX、JavaScript和jQuery - Magento、Open cart、 Wordpress


- 将photoshop设计编写成简洁HTML语言 - 有使用MVC架构的经验 - 有与团队使用SVN / Git的经验 - 有搜索引擎优化经验者优先考虑 - 有平面设计经验者优先考虑 我们希望你:称职能干、态度专业、积极思 考、有解决问题的能力和团队合作的精神。

Qingdao very well. I’m nice and like to make friends. Bruce Wang: 135 7322-8123.

Qingdao SIS.L Photo Agency is now seeking an assistant for post production, basic knowledge of fashion preferred. Please send a portfolio to

English Tutor Available American English teacher available for private lessons (evenings or weekends)! Lindsay has a Master's degree in TESOL (teaching English as a second or other language) and CELTA. Email:

Looking for A New Opportunity? So Are We! Are you a recent graduate or a student? Are you motivated, enthusiastic and creative, looking for work experience with an international company? our interns come away with experience in the fields of Graphic Design, Web Design, Programming, English Writing, Event Planning, Photography, Marketing and so much more, depending on their interests. Fill out this form http://www.myredstar. com/internship-application-form/ today! 你是应届或在校学生吗?想在国际公司积累工 作经验吗?我们可以提供平面设计、网页设 计、编程、翻译、活动及文案策划、摄影、 市场营销等实习岗位。即刻登录http://www. 完成在线申请! Part-time Chinese teacher wanted: Tianyan CLC is seeking part-time Chinese (native/female) teachers, good command in English/Japanese, Chinese well-educated, available in weekend and work days evening. Contact 135 8927-8775, 青岛天言汉语培训学校招聘兼职汉语教师,要 求教育程度高,熟练掌握英语,日语或中 文,周末及工作日晚上可以授课。联系135 8927-8775,。 Course Advisor, to be responsible for Chinese course sales. Female preferred, age 25-34, must be fluent English speker, with IELTs 7/ TEM-8 or above, good ability in interpersonal communication and customer maintenance. Good appearance and temperament, Enjoy challenging works. Contact 135 8927-8775, Experienced Supply Teacher needed for International School in Qingdao. We are looking for Qualified Teacher for Kindergarten or Primary who is willing to have flexible working hours and can motivate and inspire children. Have the ability to work with energy and enthusiasm demonstrating excellent interpersonal skills and have a good understanding of the needs of bilingual children and their parents. We can offer you an exciting, well organized and vibrant environment, a fantastic community of parents and children and high quality support. This isn't a full time position. Only experienced teachers need to apply. Please send your detailed CV to

Good nanny looking for a job. 41 years old, can do cooking, cleaning, ironing, babysitting and shopping. She had also worked for American and Swedish families before. Contact Mary at or 138 6989-7504.

Chinese Lessons 1-1 or 1-group (Daily Chinese and Business Chinese) Local lady, experienced chinese teacher for all levels with reasonable charge. Wanna enhance your Chinese this holiday? Don't hesitate! Amy Wang: 156 1572-9233. Professionally CELTA qualified Business English Teacher available in Qingdao. Several years Business English teaching experience in China. Clients include: Fortune 500, State-owned, International Trade companies etc. Native English speaker but also fluent in Chinese. Contact: James188 5329-7962 QQ: 1400966264. 来自英国的资深商务英语和企 业英语外教,获得CELTA(剑桥大学)资格 认证。多年的商务英语和企业英语经验。包括 多家全球500强公司,大型国企,知名贸易公 司等。同时能说流利的中文。联系: 安泰 188 5329-7962 QQ: 1400966264。 Looking for an accounting job Frank, professionally certified accountant, has a degree of MBA, with relevant experience in book keeping, tax filing, financial statements preparation, corporate registration etc, for foreign company rep. office in Qingdao, now has the available time to offer accounting service for your business in Qingdao. 139 6962-6821. Personal Cicerone of Qingdao Interested in getting to know the city from different aspects?

Well, call Shane Mavarice at 158 5428 8391 if you are planning on a visit here. I would love to make arrangements for your entire trip as specific as to your desire. Or if you just prefer to have a company during your stay, please feel free to call me as I am always glad to be of help. Qualified experienced Italian native teacher available for private tutoring, speaks fluently English and possess an intermediate level for the Chinese and Korean language. Contact chiheunglau@gmail. com (preferred) or +86 185 6173-4812.

Language Exchange 语言交流 Teach English and get free Chinese lessons! Ms. Yang, an experienced Chinese teacher for international students, is looking for native English speakers to teach young kids in her Chinese school. In return, she can teach you Chinese for free. Her school is on Zhangzhou Yi Lu. Contact her at 185 5323-2752. Open minded 26-year old Qingdao girl and graduated from Melbourne Institute of Finance and Management teaching Chinese to foreigners with 3+ experiences. Lessons can be tailored to suit your Chinese level and learning objectives. Study time is flexible. Contact: 138 5422-4587, 254492102@ QQ.COM Attorney Raymond is a local that works as an attorney and wants to find a language exchange partner. If you want to practice your Chinese, as well as know more about Qingdao, Chinese law and other topics, please contact him on his mobile: 186 6188-6678. Anyone from Greece? Allen, a local guy wants to learn Greek. In return, offers to teach you Mandarin Chinese with the local Qingdao dialect. Email me at

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Jobs Wanted 求职 Professional accountant, good at English speaking and writing. Can help you with bookkeeping, tax declaration, financial report and other financial advice both in English and Chinese. Please call Jolin at 157 2624-2665 or email: Preston Bu’s goal is to make you speak Chinese as he does! He is an experienced teachers offering interactive indoor lessons combined with practice outdoors. Provides Spoken Chinese course, business Chinese course, systematical Chinese and HSK course. Call Preston at 158 5325-3676 or email Professional accountant, good at English speaking and writing can help you with book keeping, tax declaration, financial report and other financial advice. Please call Jolin at 157 2624-2665, or email: Yann Carpentier is taking aerial photography for companies such as wine yards, luxurious hotels, or any opened areas. Contact him at carpentieryann@ or 134 7544-4482. I’m looking for a job that does driving (I have a car), cooking, cleaning and Chinese teaching for foreigners who speak English. I used to be an English tour guide in Qingdao hence I know

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Send us your classified by the 10th of each month. Categories marked with ‘*’ cost just ¥600 for 20 words. or email to One month in the mag and online available for ¥900, payable online via paypal. 请于每月10日前发送分类信息到 info@myredstar.com或登录http://myredstar. com/classifieds/place-ad/自助刊登。仅标 注*的栏目收费,600元20个单词。杂志与网 站同时刊登仅需900元,可使用paypal付款。

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Aegean Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant Ajisen AKAKARA Aka-Noren Akebono Autumn Town Banana Leaf Blacksun Boiling Fish Township Cafe Asia Café Yum Central Grill China Gongshe China Spice Chinese Restaurant Dabo Huolu Da Niang Da Qing Hua Dumplings Da Vinci Restaurant & Lounge Deoksugung Din Tai Fung Dong Hai 88 Dong Hai 88 Private Dining Dou Lai Shun Doulao Fang Dunhuang Elements Restaurant Fatema Indian Restaurant Feast Flavours Golden Hans Golden Hans Buffet Golden Sea Corner Guang Kai Seafood Restaurant Haidao Seafood Restaurant Haimuchang Crab Hamheaung Korean Happy Valley Harbor Seafood Chinese Restaurant Hengbo Restaurant Hideyoshi HOLIDAY Western-style Food & Coffee Hong Kong 97 VIP Hong Kong Old Restaurant Huo Lu Qing Charcoal BBQ Isari Sushi Italiano DOC Jingfugong Jinmeng Restaurant Jin Shan Restaurant Kowloon Tong KR - Fine Korean & Japanese Cuisine Kuji Kuji KumsuKangsan La Description du Monde Laobian Lao Man Ke Lao Zhuan Cun Latest Recipe La Villa Le Mei Le Tai Yuan Liang You Catering Lisa’s Pizzeria Lotus Luigi’s Luigi’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar Market Café Meiyi Hui Guan Meng Family Niu Dao No. 1 Zhongshan Road Int'l Gourmet Paulaner Bräuhaus Pho88 Ping’s Beijing Pizza Hut Pizza JJ Pizza loves donburi QIN Qingdao Restaurant Qing Song Guan Qin Ji Rain Café Rats Keller restaurant San Bao San He Yuan Shan Cheng Chilli Shang Palace Shike Mingjia Sorrento South Beauty Steven Gao’s Sumo and Sushi Tairyo Tang Palace Tanyutou Taste Music The castle The Diner TheDiner TheDiner Marina The Eatery The Legendary Tian Lu Yuan Tian Xia Yi Pin Todai Trattoria Tuna Mingjia Wildfire Steakhous & Grill Restaurant Xiao Ben Jia Yamazen Yaoyao Hotpot Yijinglou Yiqinglou Yongli Spring Yuansheng Haigang Yucong Yue Yu Ma Tou Seafood Restaurant Yu Quan Qi We Teppanyaki Zheng Yi Pin Zhou Quan Zhou Dao Zur Bierstube

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Classifieds An outgoing, open-minded local businessman is looking forward to meeting foreigners from English-speaking countries for friends to exchange languages, culture and etc. Contact Charles at: 158 0656-5179 or Qingdao University of Science & Technology, Foreign Language College, Students Cultural Exchange Do you want to meet new Chinese friends? Every tuesday 2pm at Laoshan Campus of University of Science & Technology, Mingde Lou building, 239 classroom, we are waiting for you for a free cultural exchange. Join us! 青岛科技大学外国语学院国际交流会 想认识外国朋友吗?每周二下午两点在科大崂 山校区明德楼239教室有免费的交流会。 Contacts联系: Paolo Bellomo 保罗老 师, Silvia Luo 罗老师 (English, Italiano, Chinese, Japanese) (0532) 8373-0349, QQ: 1275186604, Learn Chinese with Nicole What do you say after "Ni Hao"? Can you hold your own speaking Chinese at the market, in the board room? My name is Nicole. As an experienced Mandarin trainer, I am qualified to help those from all walk of life learn Chinese. My teaching style can be suited for either one-to-one or group lessons. Whether you are seeking to improve your Spoken, Writing, HSK or Business Chinese, I am 100% confident in my abilities to help you. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. We can plan out a road map on your way to Chinese fluency. E-mail: nicolewang0916@

Community 社交信息 Badminton Partner Wanted! Hello sporty people, The winter is somehow too cold to go kite-surfing for an almost 40 year old German, but I need to stay fit so plan B: Badminton. If you like to play 2 times a week, I am flexible on the day and the location. My Level is advanced - I am not a beginner but certainly far away from Asian Champion. Contact Frank at 152 5324-9298. Culture Salon: Tea Ceremonial (Tea culture), Chinese Calligraphy & paintings, Chinese Cuisine, Traditional paper cutting. Please feel free to contact Aspire: 8667-5227, 138 5322-5119. MA Reading Specialist provides remedial English reading to all ages. Share the gift of literacy with someone you love! I'll show you how. Email Pilates&Personal Training Feeling tired? Want to get fit or simply lose weight? Pilates, a body conditioning routine for all ages and levels helps to build flexibility and strength for your whole body. I am a licensed trainer and offer group and private classes tailored to your individual needs. Contact Cynthia for a free trial lesson, 159 54800102, Chinese corner: Having difficulty in Learning Chinese?Wanna practice more? Come join us! We organize meet-ups for foreigners to improve their Chinese, exchange experience and get to know more about China every week, regular location will be at Coffee street (minjiang er lu), each meet-up contains an interesting 30mins-lesson from our teacher, anyone can join but we only speak Chinese. Feel free to contact 158 5325-3676 Preston for more

details or visit Local bassist looking for musicians to start an original alternative rock band. Also looking for people who can sing. I'M NOT INTERESTED in starting a cover band. No Hotel California, no Jon Denver, and definitely no Bon Jovi. If you're of a like mind, then please email me at: mark_cudjoe@

Service* 服务 Household service 家政服务 Domestic Help Do you need one experienced a yi to help you out from the housework? I can recommend one for you. Pls email

Training 培训 New to China? Want to improve your Mandarin? Expert qualified Chinese teacher specializing in Chinese as a second language. Courses available (Qingdao or Huangdao). Survival Chinese, oral language development, written language development, HSK. Very reasonable prices for individual tuition, discounts available for groups. Joanna: 151 6602-3663, Skype: Joanna370282198912090041, Chinese Training Teachers: Experienced Chinese Teachers with certificate of IPA (International Profession Association). Majored in Chinese Language and Literature. Some teachers are hired from Qingdao Ocean University. Course: Basic Chinese, Business Chinese, Chinese Conversation, HSK preparation class. Advantage: Small group (at most 3 persons) or one-to-one class. Experienced teaching high-profile individuals with specific language needs. We are stable company which can issue receipt. Central Qingdao. Aspire: 8667-5227, 138 5322-5119. Want to learn piano? Try Miss Li’s piano class! 5 years at China Central Conservatory of Music - Has professional experience and is patient - Speaks fluent English - Accepts all ages and levels. For more info 186 6021-9505. Classic Guitar Training 古典吉他培训 Supplying professional guitar, piano, and violin etc music related traning classes. Leave your music footprint here. Contact Bird Kui 139 6396-1061. 提 供专业吉他、钢琴、小提琴等音乐类培训课 程。咨询电话(隗老师) 139 6396-1061。 Looking for Some Sailing Friends Good day! Looking for some sailing friends coming along this summer, learn to sail or advanced sailers welcome. I'm in the range of intermediate. There is a sailing club in Liuqing He Beach of Laoshan, quite nice and private. We do windsurfing board and boat sailing over there for fun, of course most essentially beach BBQ. Anyone who enjoys sailing, don't hesitate to give me a ring or email. Contact Tony at 186 6398-2626 or

Business & Consulting 商业&咨询 Dealing with car licences & car matters For assistance with car licences, changing a foreign licence to a chinese licence, annual checks, or applying for a new licence. We supply assistance and translation services for all your automobile needs.

分类信息 Tel: 130 7081-7324 qq: 2080624112 Email: HANRONG Business Structuring, Incorporation Registrations / Cancellations, Financial Services, Location Sourcing. SEN-CONSULT A German-invested consulting firm provides hi-quality services for investment, HR, design and business cooperation. Please check, inquire via or call +86-532-85028585. Rm 2006, Bldg 1, Software Park, 288 Ningxia Lu. Qinghui Information Consulting co.,ltd We are a professional consulting and foreigner services company, for tasks such as visa application and extension, work permits, expert certificates and driver's licenses; payment is only required upon successful completion. Please contact us at 186 6986-8863, address: Rm711, zhongxin bank, No.7 Beijing Road, Eco&Tech Development Zone. Executive Coaching - Be ALL YOU CAN BE: Achieve your goals in life and business and lead a more happy and healthy life. 136 9146-2708 Gregory Nicola.

logistics 物流服务 Cargo Competence International Logistics supplies the following service: •• Family, household goods international & domestic relocation services •• Freight forwarding for import & export, by sea or air, with professional packing services •• Inbound/Outbound customs clearance •• International, domestic and local moving services •• Office move •• Fine arts moving services •• Insurance coverage based on door-to-door international transport. No matter it is household goods or commercial goods import/export; no matter you need in-land, ocean or air transportation; no matter you need full container or partial shipment, CCI will always assist you with professional customs regulations, procedures and door to door moving services. Frank Wang: 136 9869-8037 Tracy Sun: 139 6488-2307

For Sale * 出售 Burns London electric guitars, the finest in British musical engineering, are now available in China. Prices range from RMB 2,900 to 5,900 see www.burnsguitars. cn for full details. Contact / 139 0639- 0437 to try one in Qingdao. Burns London电吉他,英国最优秀的乐器专 家登陆中国。售价从人民币2900元到5900 元不等。欲获取详细信息请登陆官网 www. 发送电子邮件到 info@ 或拨打电话 139 0639-0437 即可在青岛当地试琴。 Micro Scooters For Sale: The world-famous 3-wheel Swiss-made 'Micro' scooters for children are now available in Qingdao, 699 RMB up. Also 'Monster' scooters for adults 2299 RMB with big chunky 'all-terrain' wheels. 139 6974-7911.

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