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AUGUST 八月 2017

The Best of Qingdao

Home Brewing, Craft Beer, Beer Juries and So-Maek Chinese Names and Where to Find Them

Italian Qingdao Double Issue

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Food & Drink 07

City 06 Spotlight:

X-Water Jump

The Donkey Meat Sandwich

Don’t miss out on the most entertaining activity of the summer season.

Daredevils step forward and try your luck!


Italian in Qingdao Vika Pesenti tells us where to get a slice of la dolce vita.

09 Joypolis The arcade – step into a world you thought long extinct.

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Features 14

If you’re interested in becoming one of Qingdao’s home brewing craftsmen, look no further. Daniel Daugherty will tell you how to join the club.

Cover Image © Kate Rybachuk

28 Creative 100 Industry Park, Room 403 Building 3, 100 Nanjing Lu, Qingdao 266071 青岛市南京路100号 创意100产业园3-403

Something’s Brewing in Qingdao

What’s in a Name? Unsure of how to go about choosing a Chinese name? Name researcher Yun Seng unravels the mystery behind the process of acquiring a ‘good’ name.

Travel 18

Like so-maek for the S(e)oul Travel across the Yellow Sea and learn how to drink Seoul-style.

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Plans For China’s First ‘Forest City’ Are Underway

Beijing’s New Western Investments

The futuristic city under construction in Liuzhou, Guangxi Province, will use renewable energy for self-sufficiency and will also be one of the world’s largest man-made carbon sinks. The city will be blanketed in almost 1 million plants and 40,000 trees, which will absorb nearly 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

Using economic incentives and massive infrastructure spending, the Chinese government has persuaded millions of people to migrate to the country’s most far-flung provinces. An $81 billion infrastructure project has been planned to improve transport in Tibet and similar projects have been planned in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, with the aim of increasing economic growth in these areas.

Stunning Views From Hunan’s Glass Bottom Skywalk

Chinese Man Wins Forced Gay Conversion Therapy Lawsuit

Suspended more than 120 metres above a mountain valley, the world's longest cantilevered glass skywalk is both delighting and terrifying visitors in China. The structure at the Ordovician park in Wansheng is certified by Guinness World Records as being the longest of its type anywhere on the planet.


Despite homosexuality being officially removed as a mental illness more than 15 years ago, a psychiatric hospital unlawfully held a 38 year old man diagnosed with ‘sexual preference disorder’. A court in Henan has ordered the hospital to apologize to the man and pay 5,000 Yuan in compensation.

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100 meters A 100 meter wide ancient alter has been excavated in northwest China, indicating a connection between the region’s east and west was strong even before the Silk Road. Archeologists believe that it suggests a strong cultural link between nomadic regions and ancient Chinese ruling dynasties.

Waves 海浪 Yu Yang 于洋 Canon 5D2 70-200

$5.5 trillion Chinese consumers are leapfrogging credit cards and going straight from cash to mobile payments. Last year alone, China spent over $5.5 trillion dollars over payment apps such as Alipay and WeChat pay, whhich together command 90% of the mobile payment market.

Send your photos to david@redstarworks. com and if yours is chosen, you’ll win a 200 元 voucher for The Diner. 上传您的图片到, 一经选用即可获得 Diner 餐厅的 200 元代金券。


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SPOTLIGHT U KITCHEN prides itself on delivering nutritious ‘world cuisine’, gathering internationally-renowned ingredients from every continent. You can find a range of dishes including Middle Eastern hummus, Vietnamese summer rolls, American mac 'n' cheese, and Caribbean salad, to name just a few. The menu also introduces local delicacies, with a variety of fresh seafood featured in many of the dishes. There is also a selection of Chinese dishes, which range between 50-68RMB.


It is definitely worth a visit if you’re craving familiar foods from outside of Asia, as there are very few restaurants in Qingdao that serve such a diverse range of dishes. Whilst the Western menu prices run slightly higher than most restaurants (between 50RMB-120RMB), portion sizes are generous, the food is beautifully presented, the waiting staff are extremely welcoming and (most importantly!) cocktails are relatively cheap, at about 30RMB each. Restaurant opening times: 7am-9:30pm Lounge times: 9:30pm-1am Address: C17, 58 Donghai Dong Lu. 东海东路 58 号 C17 Phone: 8889-0089


The only drawback is the price, all games combined will set you back 288RMB for 2.5 hours whilst individual hour long activities run at around 80-120RMB. Although the activity is quite pricey, it is the only water park of its kind in the region. For such a unique experience and for the quality time spent with friends, this is well worth the price and certainly won’t disappoint! Age requirements: • The water jump attenders must be between 10 to 50 years old • Kids must be at least 140m high.

The chances are you’ve never stood on a giant surfboard alongside 10 other people. Nor have you ever surfed in Qingdao, battled friends in the sea, or jumped onto a giant cushion suspended over open water - well, not all in one day anyway! If this sounds like your idea of fun, you must head to X WaterJump, an extreme water sports centre which is already proving to be the


most exciting feature to arrive in Qingdao this summer. The intense summer heat can leave us all feeling tired and lethargic so this adrenaline fuelled day of fun is just what many of us need. In 30+ degree heat there is no better feeling than plunging into the satisfyingly cold sea, whilst enjoying the fresh air with family and friends.

Ticket prices: • All games (board, water-jump, battle mat) 288RMB for 2.5 hours • Floating mat 80RMB for 1 hour • Small board 120RMB for 1 hour Opening hours: From 9am to 5pm (last entrance is at 4pm) Address: Olympic Sailing Center, Aomen Lu 奥帆基地情人坝附近

Phone: 186 1110-0513

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In Heaven there is Dragon Meat, on Earth There is Donkey Meat

REDSTAR senior editor, Vincent, tends to judge a country by its local street food. Covered by a health insurance that includes potential food poisoning, he sat down to try a Hejian-style donkey meat sandwich.


ocated on one of the small streets near the Qingdao Railway station, finding this tiny restaurant was somewhat of a fluke. On the outside, this inconspicuous eatery fails to stand out between the hodgepodge of shops which can be found in the station area. Served in a greasy flat bread with some green peppers, the chopped donkey meat does not strike one as appetizing at first

glance. However, after a conflicting first bite, the rich meaty flavour expels the doubt cast by the restaurant setting. Salty and meaty, the only thing missing is a spicy kick, which can be easily remedied with the dried chillies that are on the table. Any initial hesitation was quickly thrown to the wind and two extra sandwiches were ordered. Perhaps not the most refined thing in Chinese cuisine but as far as street food

goes it is a recommendation for all who are looking for "exoticism for beginners". Basic sandwich 8 RMB. Fuyou Donkey Meat Huoshao 福友驴肉火烧 Address 地址 : 38 Hubei Rd, ZhongShan Lu ShangQuan 中山路商圈 湖北路 38 号


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While on holiday we went to a nightclub next door to our hostel. Somehow I managed to get lost and ended up a mile from where we were staying. I rang my friends in the UK to ask how to get home. Unsurprisingly, they could not help and I racked up a £40 phone bill in the process, oops.

Luke Editor in REDSTAR, Qingdao

We went out for my birthday and I drank so much that I crashed at a friend’s house. Before bed I felt sick so I rushed to the toilet. I could not face moving so I decided to hug the toilet and sleep there. When I woke up and saw the pictures my friends took. I was so embarrassed!


Jennifer Intern, UK

For my birthday I hosted a party. When my friend arrived, she tripped over. Her boyfriend tried to catch her but she hit her teeth on his beer bottle, chipping half her front tooth off! I felt so bad for her but it was hilarious. We took selfies showing off her toothless grin before she called a taxi to a dentist!

Adam Intern, UK

My friend is always rude when he’s drunk. He usually gets away with it but one night he was put in his place. He swore at an old Jamaican lady and she was having none of it. She gave him a clip round the ear and made him apologise for his behaviour in front of the whole bar. It was amazing.

Charmaine Student, UK

I got so drunk at my own party that I locked myself in the bathroom and passed out. My friends called my parents who came home, kicked open the door and dragged my limp body through the house to get me into my bed.

Naomi Student, UK

I lost my phone, passport and credit card the day before I was supposed to fly home. Possibly the most stressful day of my life!

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Enter the technicolor world of the arcade with Augusto Barbaran. Play some games, ride the rollercoaster or let a simulator encapsulate an exciting new experience for you – whatever your heart desires!


hat to do when you’re bored of exploring new places and alleyways around the city and you want to mix things up? Or what to do when you have an intense craving to play an arcade game but the arcades around you aren’t worth it? What to do when you have an exciting date coming up and a boring dinner + movie combo just won’t cut it? I have the perfect solution: Joypolis. Joypolis is a huge arcade located on the 4th floor and 5th floor of the MixC, the equallyhuge mall in Shinan, and when I found it, it was a surprise I didn’t know I wanted. If you’re missing the feel of a cool big arcade from the days of yore, Joypolis is the place to be. Two floors of games and attractions say it all. The entrance is located on the 5th floor and you are given a wristband to follow your gaming heart’s desires. As you walk through the entrance, there’s a tea and snack place (D-Lounge Drinks) to your left and the entrance line to a rollercoaster ride! Yes, there’s a rollercoaster (called


JOYPOLIS by Augusto Barbaran

Lightning Riders) inside the arcade/mall and it actually goes pretty fast. It goes through some of the 5th floor and the top of the 4th floor (the 4th and 5th floor are connected through open space and escalators). There are various attractions throughout the arcade with most of them containing some type of virtual reality. There’s a Sonic spinning ride (Sonic Tropical Resort), a dinosaur-ride simulator (Jurassic Adventures), bumper cars (Sonic star race), an Olympic gamesstyle racing simulator (Sonic Athletics), and a Transformers-themed shooter simulator (Transformers Human Alliance Special) that literally spins you around in your seat. For horror fans, there’s a haunted house (Mad Hospital) and a horror virtual reality story walkthrough (if you’re scared of dolls, heads up) that will provide some scares. On top of all this, the arcade has typical games such as racing games, shooting games, crane games, and games to win tickets for prizes.

tired from routine, come here instead and play some games. Or if you’re just really bored one day and you’ve done absolutely everything, go play some games! Seriously, this is the place to visit when you want to let go in a different way. Address: the MixC, 4th and 5th floor Phone: 021 6256-9108 WeChat ID: Joypolis (Mini-program)

Poem of the Month

So forget dinner and a movie and take your date here. Or if you’re getting a bit


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ITALIAN FOR A DAY – IN Every month, we at REDSTAR will allow you to travel the globe without ever leaving the city. This month we're in Italy


taly is one of the only countries where delicious food is a daily tradition. Every meal is a small celebration to be enjoyed with the whole family. From all over Italy, cooks prepare delicacies on a daily basis and export them to every corner of the world, including Qingdao. Both terroni and polentoni will agree, food is a way of life in Italy and every cook has their own character, philosophy and theories.


Interested in how this applies to Italian chefs in China, I went out to discover a slice of la dolce vita in Qingdao. I spoke to Italian cooks about their personal experiences and learned that most began honing their skills while still at home in la bella Italia, long before they arrived on the shores of Qingdao.

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QINGDAO with events manager Vittoria Pesenti.

Giovanni, J1 Europe Restaurant The eccentric chef from Milan, Giovanni, works and owns J1 Europe Restaurant near the airport, in Chengyang. He calls his restaurant a “crazy trattoria”. Nevertheless, once you try it, you will probably be convinced that J1 is more like a typical rustic trattoria with a dynamic heart and futuristic soul. It is exactly this contrast between traditionalism and modernism that will amaze you. For example, the bean soup, something every Italian grandmother makes, is served in a well decorated wine glass. This modern spin on the Italian classic, lifts the dish from its rural beginnings to a stylish entrée without losing its traditional flavour. Due to his diverse experiences while travelling the globe, Giovanni developed his own culinary philosophy. This philosophy brings many different flavours together in a wonderfully harmonious ensemble.

like to get a soft start in the dynamic Chinese world. Upon entering the restaurant, I am greeted by Giorgio and his wife. They graciously seat me at their table and treat me some interesting stories of life in China. Meanwhile their cook, Gianni, makes sure everything is meticulously prepared. Being at La Dolce Vita feels like being at my nonna's and the grigliata di carne is a worthy alternative to Chinese street barbecue. Address: 337 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang Cecilia, Cecilias’s Sweets Venician baker Cecilia is the living example that making a business out of your hobby is possible. Although founding "Cecilia’s Sweets" was certainly a challenge, both Cecilia and her loyal customers agree that is was well worth the effort.

Address: 307 Xingyang Lu, ChengYang District Claudio, Milano Restaurant Also hailing from Milan is Claudio, chef and owner of “Milano”. He is known throughout the Chinese and expat community as much for his friendly personality, as for the dishes he creates. Pizza, pasta and other famous Italian dishes are represented on the menu. Claudio expressively differentiates between traditional and "Western" flavours, his signature pasta alla carbonara will dazzle your senses. After seven years in China, Claudio remains convinced that his guests need to be carefully and caringly guided in their discovery of Italian cuisine. He therefore aims to adapt himself to his guests cultural needs and preferences, while still retaining his own cultural and culinary identity. Address: 30 Minjiang 2nd Lu, Shinan District Giorgio, La Dolce Vita In Asia since 1993, the Trieste native, Giorgio, immediately fell in love with Qingdao and it is here that he started his family and restaurant: La dolce vita. The restaurant is located near the airport and is therefore strategically placed for any new arrivals who would

You can find her at Déja Vu Coffee in Laoshan District. There you can taste her absolutely amazing cupcakes, her highly recommended red velvet cake or the typical Italian mille foglie. Being the only traditional Italian pastry chef in Qingdao, she will make sure you get all the cookies, cupcakes and coffee you need. Address: 3 YunLing Lu, Laoshan District Jacopo, La Buena Pizza As the name of this restaurant might suggest , “la Buena Pizza” is a Spanish-Italian joint venture. The owner of the restaurant, Jacopo, informs us that he aims to, “bring pizza to every social level". Given his competitive prices and impeccable quality, he's sure to be a success. La Buena Pizza already delivers frozen pizzas to many bars in Qingdao and Jacopo offers anyone who is interested in his frozen pizzas to do a taste test. He says that his pizza, even when frozen, preserves its original flavor. “My clients never recognize which one was the frozen one and which was the freshly made one”, Jacopo assures me proudly. And it is not just his pizza that is amazing. The tiramisu is to die for, resurrect and die for again!


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by Liliana Acevedo Callejas

Lily and her beer drinking pals gather together to form a down-to-earth, nonsense jury ready to divulge their expert opinion on the local brews.

I organized a beer tasting a few weeks ago, hoping to give Qingdao dwellers a taste of what is in store in town. About an hour before the tasting was supposed to begin I realized that while I had been anticipating the gathering, I had managed to forget one very important detail… I had not bought a single can of beer. In a panic, I rushed to the convenience shops nearby, a Kehao and a Youke, and grabbed a can of every variety of beer I could find chilling in the fridge.


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Qingdao White: White had a nice scent and it was very refreshing. Despite being a bit watery, it had a nice fruity and fizzy quality to it, making it a nice beer to drink in the summer. The aftertaste, on the other hand, was a bit on the sour side and kind of strong- oddly enough- so you might want to take some gum with you.

Laoshan: On the lighter side, Laoshan beer did not have much flavor to it. Someone even claimed it tasted like water, though another “reviewer” commented they would choose it over Heineken. For summer though, Laoshan is still a decent choice, as it is also very fizzy and cool. The upside, if there is no taste there is no bad.

Qingdao Draft: Voted as “the worst” by a few people, the taste of this beer is rather non-descript, bordering on non-existent, and also kind of watery. On the other hand, it goes down pretty easily and does not make you feel too heavy afterwards. As a friend put it, “this beer is perfect if you don’t like beer but want to drink it just to be cool”.

Qingdao Stout: Or, as we came to refer to it, the coffee beer. Things took a turn for the darker and deeper here. Like many stouts, this beer has a rich taste and full body. At the same time, quite a few people found it too bitter- agreed- and did not seem too keen on its “coffee like” flavor, which I personally quite enjoyed. This stout would be good to enjoy after lunch, as a kind of dessert perhaps, but it is not equipped for very warm weather.

Qingdao Gold: Gold was a lot stronger than the other non-stouts with a very distinctive smell. In terms of its flavor, it was not too light and not too dark. Unlike other beers, we felt this one is better if enjoyed on its own. That is, you should drink it when you are only drinking and only drinking beer. The taste is really good and it does not leave much of an aftertaste, so your palate should be focused solely on it when enjoying it.

Qingdao Red: The flavor was quite generic and not too strong. This is more of an “anytime” kind of beer, meaning it is not something you would particularly look for but rather something you could enjoy if it happens to be what you are given. That is all, it just tastes like… generic beer.

Finally, we drank some standard Qingdao beer, more for the sake of drinking than tasting, and we decided that there is a reason why this is the common variety. The taste is also somewhat nondescript but quite enjoyable and it can be consumed on its own as well as with snacks or even a good meal.

you should check where it was actually produced. Why? Is it not all the same beer? Well, according to my friend most local companies have factories in cities other than Qingdao. While the beer actually made in Qingdao uses water from mount Laoshan, thus giving it a special taste, other cities use their own water from different sources, hence the taste will not be the same. Not very related to the topic at hand, but in case you are one of those people who care about “the real deal”.

Anyways, hope you find our insights useful next time you need to run to the convenience shop for a last minute selection.

On a different note, I recently learned from a friend that if you want good Qingdao – the place not the brand- beer,

PS: I am listing the beers in the same order we drank them- no other implication to the order. In the photo you can find the cans sorted from lighter to darker as well, including the nonlocal beers that were not included.


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Cloak-and-dagger narratives, clandestine meetings, and secret recipes are not what Qingdao's home brewing scene is all about. Daniel Daugherty is welcomed with open arms into the inner circle of beer craftsmen by the city's home brewing experts.


t’s August in Qingdao, and you know what that means. Everyone has an extra hop in their step – har! – in anticipation of the city’s world-famous beer festival. That’s all fine and dandy, but perhaps, like me, you enjoy beer all the year ‘round. You don’t want to wait for some annual corporate event to sample strange suds from soulless beer conglomerates.

is you might want to check out the Qingdao Homebrewing Society. Unlike those Scientologists I talked to last week, these guys will probably have answers for you.

If you’ve ever thought about making your own beer, or just wondered how difficult it

Don’t just assume these guys are a drinking fraternity. QDHBS, which has existed


“We’re a mix of Chinese and foreigners, all united by our interest in brewing and drinking good beer,” said Committee Chairman Christopher Liptau.

officially since 2013, does more than just sit around getting drunk once a month. While they do hold regular meetings and tasting sessions, they also tour breweries and attend exhibitions as a group, as well as help each other with various phases of the brewing and bottling process. Recently, QDHBS has gone through some changes – the ol’ expat musical chairs – and they’re looking to grow the organization and continue their mission

广告 • 特辑

of spreading knowledge and expertise among homebrewers. To that end, they’re trying a new monthly meeting format, whereby individual members will take turns researching and then presenting various topics to other club members. At the meeting I attended, I met both awardwinning brewers and guys still trying to perfect their first recipes, so there’s definitely knowledge to share and people who want it. Indeed, one member, Han Gao, sells brewing sanitation equipment

and is an internationally certified beer judge through the BJCP program. Members also brew more than just beer. Mead and cider were discussed, and one brewer has experience making Korean makgeolli in his kitchen. The meeting ended with members presenting their own creations, as well as any unusual bottles and brands they found at supermarkets.


Liptau says there’s one other good reason to be a member: “Members join our group buys of grain and other ingredients, so it's even cheaper to brew.“ Liptau says people should know that getting started in brewing is “not that difficult.” With its mix of industry insiders and DIY tinkerers, it seems like QDHBS could make it even easier.

Along with knowledge and fellowship,


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While on a recent beer pilgrimage through South China, Johnny Ng discovered two of Shenzhen's most creatively thirst-quenching watering holes. Drink up!


ne of the great things about travelling is trying out the local flavors. While the world is supposedly globalized, every place has a unique cultural flair, history, and taste. On a recent trip to Shenzhen, I treated myself to one of the growing scenes in local flavor: craft beer. The two breweries I made myself a guest at, are to be found a few blocks from Baishizhou Station exit A on Shenzhen’s metro line 1. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that both tap rooms are located right next to each other. Luckily, the owners and their breweries coincide harmoniously – guests can easily bounce between both bars, no hard feelings incurred. Peko Brewing has been one of the earliest craft breweries in Shenzhen. Hoss, the owner and brewer, hails from Southern


California, but made it to Shenzhen years ago. While he’s been making beer since 1986, he didn’t start selling his beer until 2012, when he took the initiative to create Peko. Peko has various brews that cater to different palates, whether you’re new to beer, would like something sweet, or a hop-a-holic, Hoss has what you want. I highly recommend the Hossgaarden wheat beer, which is full-bodied with a nice sweetness to it. Bionic Brew has a cult following in Shenzhen. While they have moved around a few times, their devoted locals tend to move heaven and earth just to make it there for some good brews. What is great about Bionic’s beers is that while they have some great variety of styles, they also use ingredients from different regions. For example, one of my favorites

from this brewery was the Disputed Waters Gose, which uses a sour plum that originates from South East Asia. Additionally, they have enthusiastic bartenders (Briana and Sasa) who care a lot about good beer. If you’re worried that you’re going to get smashed with these two great bars right next to each other, you’re likely right. However, you can soak up some of the alcohol with local Chinese street food around every corner or you can order Western food from the kitchen attached to Bionic (the jalapeno poppers are to die for). So, if you’re wondering where to travel to this summer or for your next break and could use something other than Tsingtao beer, find your way to Peko and Bionic in Shenzhen. Your liver will thank (hate) you.

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Crossing the Yellow Sea to visit South Korea’s capital, Risa learns not only how to drink Seoul-style but a few words of Konglish as well.

by Risa Suhmitta


arrived in Seoul shortly before July 12th, the date on which Korea celebrates the hottest day of the year. Directly after my friend picked me up at the airport, I realised that the only way we were going to survive, was by ensuring that 90% of my body mass would be ice cold beer. As it turns out, there really is “nothing new under the (sweltering hot South Korean) sun” and I was not the first person to come up with this plan. It seems that once the sun sets and the city’s inhabitants are able to ooze through the streets, they head straight for the nearest bar and guzzle down their weight in beer. The amount of people I´ve seen passed out on the streets at 11pm while their tottering friends drag them around in a desperate attempt to reach the nearest subway station before the last train departs is simply astounding! I would have liked to snap a couple of pictures but that would have gone against my principles. I do not take pictures of passed out drunk people. Saying “no” to drunk shaming is definitely a wise choice. Especially, when I consider the amount of times I´ve woken up in the morning grateful that everyone else had also been too drunk to take pictures of me. But now, let me begin my tale of alcohol tourism in Seoul by introducing the traditional South Korean drink equivalent to traditional European beer: makgeolli. Although it is often described as rice wine by Europeans, I find that,


广告 • 旅游

due to the fizziness and relatively low alcohol content (about 6-8%), it has more similarities to beer then wine. The taste and color of makgeolli has a wide scope and can range from sour to sweet or red to white. This depends on where in South Korea it was brewed and what kind of extras have been added. Chestnut flavoured makgeolli turned out to be my favourite. One thing that all forms of makgeolli do have in common, however, is the horrendous hangover one suffers the next day. The most common type obtainable in Seoul is milky-white, slightly sweet and sold in half-litre plastic bottles for the price of about 1500 Won (165 KRW = 1 CNY). From what I´ve seen so far, this is drunk mainly by homeless people and clueless tourists. Your standard beer, is the drink preferred by Seoul’s young, hip crowd. A very popular way to consume beer is to buy it in a convenience store and enjoy it outdoors. Either on a bench near the Hang River, in front of a the convenience store itself or in a hidden corner on university grounds. In most of these convenience stores you can find a variety of canned beers from various countries. These generally cost between

3000 and 4000 Won per can and most stores offer a 4 for 10000 Won discount. Korean beer however is most often sold in larger glass or plastic bottles- “Hite” and “Cass” are the most common brands. I imagine this is because, and the same goes for food, South Koreans generally share drinks. In a restaurant you will never see a group of South Koreans order a beer each for themselves. Rather, they will get beer for the table and each person gets a glass, which is likely to be refilled countless times before the meal is over. Having mentioned that beer is usually drunk out of a glass, reminds me of an alcoholic beverage very unique to South Korea: so-maek. A combination of the words soju (rice liquor) and maekju (beer), so-maek is exactly that. A shot of soju is added to a glass of beer and then “stomped” with the thick end of a chopstick. 007 would have been at his wit’s end if asked for his preference in so-maek, as the drink is neither shaken nor stirred. It might sound disgusting to some but I find it actually quite enjoyable. Probably due to the fact that soju is basically tasteless and, let’s face it, so is South Korean beer. So it´s really just drinking a cold, slightly bubbly drink that´ll get you in a very foolish mood


rather quickly. No taste buds necessary. For those who do enjoy the fine taste of a well-brewed beer, don´t despair, craft beer has become quite the craze in the past decade. With craft bars popping up all over Seoul’s most popular drinking areas, Itaewon, Gangnam and Hongdae, it is possible to find something to suit everyone’s fancy. Although, with prices ranging from 7000 to 17000 Won, you might not be able afford these “works of art” on a daily basis. Regardless of what, where, or when you drink, one thing that is important to all Koreans when drinking, is that food must also be involved. The choice of food depends on the choice of drink, or vice versa. Haemul pajeon (seafood and spring onion pancake) is a typical snack whilst drinking makgeolli and chicken goes so well with beer the Koreans even came up with a name for that as well: chimaek (chicken & maekju). Another word, which hasn´t quite made it into the Korean vocabulary yet but is still trying it´s best to do so, is pi-maek (pizza & maekju). If, however, you are perfectly content with being cheap and drinking a beer in front of a 7eleven, a bag of chips or dried squid will do.


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Qingdao Beizhan



Yongping Lu 永平路

Zhenhua Lu 青岛北站

LICANG DISTRICT 李沧区 Junfeng Lu 君峰路

Licun 李村

Yan'an 3 Lu Station

Wannianquan Lu 万年泉路



Urban explorers Jennifer Thorpe and Jasper Zhai ride the subway to unknown destinations, stopping almost at random, they explore the surrounding area of any given station. This month, they disembarked at Yan'an 3 Lu Station. Here is what they discovered.

Hai’er Lu 海尔路


Ditie Dasha



Changsha Lu 长沙路

Shuangshan 双山


Qingjiang Lu



Cuobuling 错埠岭

Dunhua Lu 敦化路

Ningxia Lu 宁夏路

Jiangxi Lu 江西路

Renming Huitang 人民会堂


Zhongshan Gongyuan 中山公园

Wusi Guangchang

Qingdao Zhan 青岛站

Yan’an 3 Lu

Huiquan Guangchang



Taipingjiao Gongyuan 太平角公园

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Tian Shou Fan Dian Located a short distance away from Yan’an 3 Lu Station, Tian Shou Fan Dian 天手饭店 is an understated yet homely restaurant, serving Northeastern Chinese and Korean dishes. The restaurant is small but has a separate room with floor seating, creating a comfortable environment which is perfect for large groups. In keeping with the homely feel, the owner, who is of Korean descent, incorporates North Korean cuisine into his menu, inspired by his family’s home-cooked food. As such, classic Korean ingredients feature in this menu, including a flavourful kimchi and tofu soup pot.


The best dish however is the specialty mushrooms. The oyster mushrooms, deep fried in tempura batter, are deliciously fresh and taste incredible when dipped in the seasoned herbs that accompany them. This restaurant ticks all the boxes in regard to quality, portion size and value for money. A slight issue to consider is that there are no English menus provided. Therefore, if you’re not a strong Chinese speaker, inviting someone with stronger language abilities is a must, or at the very least, be sure to bring an online translator!

Tian Shou Fan Dian 天手饭店 Address: 4 Xiuzhan Yi Lu. 秀湛一路 4 号

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Zhan Shan Temple Built in 1945, Zhan Shan Temple 湛山 寺 is a stunning Buddhist sanctuary comprising of several temples, a museum, library, school and a bookshop. The temple is of great cultural significance to the people of Qingdao, having once been the home of prominent Buddhist monks and is currently the site of Qingdao’s only Buddhist school. As you wander through its large open courtyards, your senses

are overwhelmed by the colourful temples, stunning gold statues and sweet, smoky fragrance of incense. Once you have explored this stunning site, you can take a stroll along the lakeside, surrounded by trees, flowers and religious sculptures. In the heat, nothing is more peaceful than finding a shaded bench along this beautiful waterside, where you can rest and take in the spectacular view.

HNA Mall Having fallen into the shadow of the new MixC Mall near Wusi Guangchang, HNA mall feels dated and in decline. The shopping centre is eerily quiet, with walls lined with unused shop space and drab clothing stores. However, despite its dull appearance, HNA Mall is worth a visit for one specific reason…

only with the main dishes but also by the large selection of drinks and desserts on offer. This restaurant is perfect for groups of any size, particularly for those with varied tastes and dietary requirements. Whether you’re looking for a perfect spot for a first date, or planning a family celebration, Xin Chao Shan Buffet suits every occasion.

Chosen as one of our weekly Editor’s Pick, Xin Chao Shan Buffet, located on the top floor, is a spacious and stylish restaurant offering one of the widest selections of food in the city. Whether you’d like hot pot, seafood, noodles, sushi or BBQ, this buffet has it all. You are truly spoilt for choice, not

Xin Chao Shan International Buffet 新潮膳国际自助餐厅

Price: 129RMB/person Address: 4F, HNA Mansion, 234 Yan'an San Lu. 延安三路 234 号海航万邦中心 4 层 Phone: 8289-5959

Next Stop is … Jiangxi Lu 下一站:江西路


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2017 August 周二











Music by Joe Hisaishi in Miyazaki Hayao's Movies (concert) 7:30pm Grand Theatre

The White Rave international Electronic Music Festival 2017 6pm-10pm Grand Theatre of Olympic Sailing Center

《久石让宫崎骏动漫 视听—中国电影乐团音 乐会》 青岛大剧院



2017白色浪潮国际音 乐节 青岛奥帆中心大剧院





Duanjin (drama) 7:30pm Grand Theatre

Duanjin (drama) 7:30pm Grand Theatre

Jiang Ming& Kongshan Band(ballad) 8:30pm Downtown Bar

Class With the Master 2:30pm Grand Theatre

话剧《断金》 青岛大剧院

话剧《断金》 青岛大剧院

崂山艺术讲堂与大师约课 青岛大剧院

蒋明与空山乐队(民谣) 裆烫吧






Concert of Picture Books (concert) 7:30pm Grand Theatre

Xin Jiuzhou Philharmonic's Audio Visual Concert(concert) 7:30pm Grand Theatre

Music Carnival of Toys(concert) 7:30pm Grand Theatre

Devon Community Sesame Cake Cross Talk Show 7:30pm Grand Theatre

Baroque Concert(concert) 2:30pm Grand Theatre

《故事王国奇遇记•绘本 音乐会》 青岛大剧院

《新九州爱乐乐团视听 音乐会》 青岛大剧院

Xian Ma (ballad&rock) 9pm Downtown Bar 苋麻乐队(民谣摇滚) 裆烫吧

《玩具音乐狂欢节》波波 波尔斯卡 青岛大剧院

德云社烧饼相声专场 青岛大剧院

Qingdao City Super League Red Lions VS. Kun Peng 3pm No.2 Stadium 青岛城市超级联赛 红狮vs鲲鹏 青岛第二体育场



Institutional Concert by Wang Jiyan (concert) 7:30pm Grand Theatre

Fondant(Rock) 8:30pm Downtown Bar

翻糖乐队(摇滚) 裆烫吧

《王纪宴讲解式音乐会》 青岛大剧院

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CALENDAR! 把你的活 动放 到日历上 !


巴洛克音乐会 青岛大剧院

Magic Show-The Secret that cannot be told(Magic) 7:30pm Grand Theatre

《不能说的秘密——世界 著名近台魔术大师展演》 青岛大剧院

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the night away to live Latin music with old and new friends whilst enjoying some of the 40 different wines that are on offer.

3rd German Wine Festival in Qingdao

The Saturday is a more relaxed affair, offering the opportunity to relax on a sailing trip with a good glass of wine or join in with the Skat card game tournament. Kids can participate in lots of activities at the playground and children’s card games are also provided. In the evening the party starts again, with more live music and refreshing wine and food.

8-10 September // Olympic Marina

On the final day, lean back and enjoy a jazz brunch on the seaside with friends and family. Take a break and reflect upon the weekend’s fun-filled activities while taking in the stunning views of Qingdao’s coast. The German Wine Festival is a three day outdoor event dedicated to German wine, food and culture. Each year the festival attracts over 2,000 visitors from abroad who come to enjoy the classic Germanic delicacies, live music, boat cruise, market

stalls and children’s activities. The festival organisers have arranged a three day programme, beginning on Friday, where visitors can meet and connect at a Latin-themed dance night. You can dance

Location: Qingdao Olympic Marina Party Tent near gate no.2 Opening times: Friday: 5pm-12am, Saturday: 10am-12am, Sunday: 10am-6pm

REDSTAR Game of Thrones Night

Concert “ Hello Strangers”

Every Monday//8:00pm//Mix 419

11 August // 9 pm // Downtown Bar

Who in the world doesn’t love the Game of Thrones series? After six seasons, the battle for the Seven Kingdoms is finally upon us and we just can’t help sharing our excitement with you all. Who will sit on the throne and who will last to the end, are the questions we die-hard fans constantly ask ourselves. If you are interested in watching the series unfold with us and hashing out the endless possible scenarios prior and post-viewing, just come around to the Mix 419 café every Monday at 8:00pm. We have everything you need: a cozy sofa, a humongous screen and lovely friends. The event is FREE for everyone, the only condition being, that you buy one drink when you get here. The walk-in size refrigerator offers a wide selection of beer, wine and soft drinks. For more information, please call Jasper Zhai at 18660221510, which is also his WeChat account.

Jiang Ming is a folk music singer and writer who was born in Shanxi. His representative albums in-clude “Goodbye North”, “Infinite Temple” and “Empty Mountain”. His songs emulate poetry. His music focuses on exploring the musical expression in arts. He’s not only a musician but also a poet. His songs can not only been sung but also been read as poems. He describes his music with the words, “ I just put my poems into songs”. Jiang Ming and his band “Empty Mountain” will tour through China this year and there will be 26 per-formances in total. In Qingdao, the concert’s is titled “Hello Strangers”. The name of the concert ex-presses the feeling a band experiences while on tour. The experience of meeting strange people in unfamiliar places. For the audience, the concert is a place in which time and space is shared with other strangers.


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Chinese paper-cut classes 22 August // 2pm // XMandarin

Entry fee is 80RMB/person. Contact: Email: Tel:158 1072-6263 WeChat: july0718

Paper-cut is an artistic process and a significant feature of Chinese culture. Dating back to the second Century C.E. or earlier, this skill has been passed down through generations as an affordable yet creative art form, commonly used as decoration. Paper-cutting takes images of daily life and translates their knowledge and perception of life onto paper. Art is represented through figures, animals and other shapes cut into paper, creating images and patterns. The final work produced is beautifully delicate, and takes a steady hand to create the intricate patterns. XMandarin is holding a Chinese paper-cut class and teaching traditional techniques used in creating artwork. Participants will also learn the meaning behind symbols and figures that are created in the process of paper-cut.

REDSTAR Animal Adoption We at REDSTAR are introducing a new column for animals needing new homes in Qingdao. Kirby is 2 months old, potty trained and has all her required injections. She is a sweet, playful puppy and is also well trained for her age. If you are willing to give her your love and take good care of her, scan Dan’s QR code: If you have a pet up for adoption, we are happy to feature them in our magazine to ensure that they find a good home. For more information or to list your pet in our magazine, contact Jasper at: 186 6022-1510 (WeChat and phone number)


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2017.08.15 China 中国 Stars : ★★★ THE ADVENTURES 侠盗联盟

2017.08.11 China 中国 Stars : ★★★


2017.08.11 China 中国 Stars : ★★★


2017.08.11 China 中国 Stars: ★★★


汽车总动员 3

2017.08.04 // CHINA // Stars: ★★★★★

2017.08.22 // USA // Stars: ★★★★★

When the immortal Bai Qian( 白浅 ) finally meets her intended husband, the heir to the Sky Throne( 九重天太子 ), she considers herself in luck——until an old enemy returns to threaten everything she holds dear……

Blindsided by a new generation of blazingfast racers, the legendary Lightning McQueen is suddenly pushed out of the sport he loves. To get back in the game, he will need the help of an eager young race technician, Cruz Ramirez, with her own plan to win, plus inspiration from the late Fabulous Hudson Hornet and a few unexpected turns. Proving that #95 isn’t through yet, will test the heart of a champion on Piston Cup Racing’s biggest stage!

Spanning a thousand years of tangled lives, the Sky Kingdom is a story of epic battles,passion,evil and magic.In its journey across worlds and time, it delves into the powerful forces that drive mortals and gods alike toward re-venge,loyalty and love.


2017.08.25 China 中国 Stars : ★★★ ON FALLEN WINGS 蝴蝶公墓

2017.08.28 China 中国 Stars : ★★★


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早上好(Good morning)

苏慕哲 (AnGie)

Angie Schmidt aka Lǚ shǔ shǔ learns about the art of acquiring a Chinese name.


pon arriving in China, I was both curious about and eager to find myself a Chinese name. The complexity and beauty of Chinese characters has always held a fascination for me and I finally wanted to be part of it. During my first week in Qingdao I made friends with a student from Mexico. He told me his Chinese name was ‘big elephant’. Somewhat of an overstatement, I thought, amused. “You know, that’s not really a name, right?”, my Chinese teacher made sure I understood, as we gossiped about him. “But it doesn’t matter”, she continued, “because he is a foreigner and foreigners can choose any ‘name’ they want.” Delighted by this news, I decided then


and there that I too would choose my Chinese name. My nickname back ‘at home’ is Lemming. “How do you say that in Chinese?”, I wanted to know. A blank stare, deep shoulder shrug, and finally a flurried consultation of an onlinetranslator, followed by numerous images of furry rodents and cliffs, were the answer. Lǚ shǔ, or travelling mouse, was the Chinese equivalent, we learned. The next day at a dinner I was introduced to a new Chinese friend, I decided it was time to take the plunge: “Hi, I’m Lǚ shǔ shǔ !”, I announced proudly. Absolute confusion and did I detect a slight Fremdschämen? I tried a different

pronounciation. Then, the online-translator. A polite smile, that only slightly masked the terror at meeting a madwoman, spread slowly across the face in front of me. A smile, that stayed firmly in place throughout the rest of the evening. Not one to give up easily, I tried my name out on various people during the following week. More confusion, silence, laughter, bemused head-shaking and finally the outright refusal to acknowledge Lu Shu Shu as a name, were the responses. It was time to seek professional help. “I know someone who runs a business giving foreigners appropriate Chinese names”, a friend of mine told me, when

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I came to him with my tale of woe. “You can make a living out of that?”, my surprise took him by surprise. He assured me that China was the land of invention and reinvention, that you could make a business out of anything. I knew I had to meet this wily businessman, this ingenious namesmith. A meeting was arranged and took place, over WeChat, of course. My conversation with Yun Seng, the namewhisperer, went something like this: Lǚ shǔ shǔ: Tell me a bit about yourself? Yun Seng: I am an independent name researcher, and have turned my passion into my job. I work with many Mandarin training schools to provide naming services for foreigners. Some of China's name-giving companies and websites, that amongst consultancy services


also provide customers with names. Lǚ shǔ shǔ: How important is a name? Yun Seng: In China, the name is not just a pronunciation of symbols, but represents the Chinese people's historical and cultural traditions and values. For foreigners who come to China to work or do business in China, it is equally important to have a suitable Chinese name. It is important to have a very authentic sounding Chinese as a way of showing respect for the Chinese language and cultural identity. Nowadays many top CEOs, foreign ambassadors and even foreign leaders have authentic Chinese names. A name allows people to decide whether or not to trust you, do business or make friends with you. Lǚ shǔ shǔ: In which way is a person connected to their name?

Yun Seng Professional name researcher Yun Seng works in Shanghai, as a consultant and researcher for individuals and companies. On a daily basis he is on the lookout for Mandarin names, fitting to the person and with a positive ‘vibe’ to it that will appeal to Chinese counterparts. Email: Wechat: chinesenames


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Yun Seng: In China, a name is condensed history, the shortest poetry, a person’s autobiography. My research shows that each Chinese name corresponds to a mental image, a photo. Is the person fat or thin, tall or short, into which social class was he or she born, and what are his or her moral values, world view and hopes for the future. I like to think of a person as the visualization of a name. Lǚ shǔ shǔ: What are the key elements or criteria when finding a name? Yun Seng: Even for the Chinese people, a good name is a difficult thing. A Chinese name is composed of three parts, pronunciation, figure and meaning. If the three parts are good, in harmony, then it’s a good name. By ‘good’ I mean, the pronunciation should be pleasant to hear, there should be a sense of rhythm, no ambiguity. The characters must form a beautiful figure, the strokes simple yet elegant. The most important part, of course, lies in the meaning and should be in line with the Chinese people's historical traditions, cultural traditions and values. Lǚ shǔ shǔ: Is there anything one should avoid when choosing a name? Yun Seng: A ‘bad’ name does not follow the three-point composition I mentioned. For example a pure transliteration does not come across well. Furthermore, if a Chinese name is too arbitrary, it


looks like a nickname or a joke. For example: 金小鱼 (Aventurina King), 唐 伯虎 (Annie) 朱力安 (Julien Gaudfroy). Lǚ shǔ shǔ: Can you give me some examples of a successfully chosen name? Yun Seng: CEO of Nestle Peter Brabeck Letmathe( 包必达 ), CEO of the Chairman Blackstone Group Stephen Allen Schwarzman( 苏世民 ) and president of SIEMENS China Richard Hausmann ( 郝睿强 ). Most ambassadors to China have excellently chosen names, for example the German ambassador Michael Clauss ( 柯慕贤 ), the English ambassador Sebastian Wood ( 吴思田 ) or Italy's ambassador Massimo Iannucci Attilio ( 严农祺 ). NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer ( 夏侯雅 伯 ) is another example of a good name. I now, of course, am determined to count myself amongst these illustrious ranks and ask Yun Seng to help me discover my Chinese name. He asks me for my name. Angie Schmidt, I tell him and mention my worry that my Surname might be difficult to pronounce. He dismisses my worry and assures me that ‘Schmidt’ does not sound strange in Chinese. As it turns out, a former German Chancellor was lucky enough to share my surname and he did just fine: 赫尔穆特 • 施密特 or, Helmut Heinrich Waldemar Schmidt.

Yun Seng then takes an hour or two to think before getting back to me. He presents me with my new Chinese name, 苏慕哲 . 苏 (sū )is a common surname in China. 慕 (mù) means ‘like’ and ‘love’. 哲 (zhē) means wisdom, philosophy. “The name means a wise man”, he explains, “but this is a poetic expression”. As long as the name also can be translated to ‘ wise woman’ then I’m okay with, flattered, really and secretly surprised at what I consider a very apt portrayal of my character. “Show it to your Chinese friends and get their opinion”, Yun Seng suggests. I do. “Oh that’s pretty, from a piece of poetry”, one of my friend’s exclaims, “but also quite a mouthful”. “Why not just use Angie?” 安 ān 吉 jí, she writes. She’s right, that is easier. But I don’t want to lose my beautifully poetic name or my nickname, so I just keep them all. I call up my mom and authoritatively inform her that I changed my name, from now on any messages she sends me are to be addressed to 安吉 • 苏慕哲 aka 旅鼠鼠 .

For more by Lǚ shǔ shǔ check out her blog at

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Alberto, Mexico Elephant

Ian, UK Foreign Doctor




dà xiàng

yáng bó shì

qiū tiān měi

When I got the name, I had already been searching for a Chinese name for 5 looong months. One time we were watching a documentary film about schools in China, and a very cool guy stated his English name was "Elephant". Jokingly, I turned to my brother and told him, dude, that's a cool name, from now on I am going to be called elephant in Chinese. He took it way too seriously, raised his hand and told the teacher about my new decision. She gladly translated it for us and started to call me 大象 (DaXiang). At some point there was no way back, so I just accepted it and with time I learned to love it.

Kalebe, Brazil Cola 可乐

kě lè My Chinese teacher gave me this name after hearing my real name. She assumed it’s kind of similar. I think it sounds cool.

I did not actually choose my Chinese name, 杨博士 (Yang Boshi) but rather it was given to me within the first minutes of my arrival in China. My Chinese colleague said it sounded like my English name, Ian Burns. 博士 (Boshi) means doctor and 杨 (Yang) is a traditional Chinese surname. 杨 and 洋 sound the same and 洋 means foreign. So now I’m Foreign Doctor and everyone thinks it’s quite funny.

Lisa, Germany Smile 笑笑

xiào xiao While travelling through East Asia, I realized that people often mispronounced my name. Lisa had become Risa. Risa means ‘smile’ in Spanish. When I told my Chinese friend this, she decided that this would be my Chinese name: 微笑 (Wēixiào). She then immediately changed it to 笑笑 (Xiào xiao) because it’s cuter and looks just like two people smiling.

Adina, Romania Beautiful Autumn

While studying in the UK, after having lived for a year and a half in China, I became fascinated by one of the female characters in a Chinese soap-opera ( 夏家三千金 ). Her name was 天美 (Tianmei) and she was always happy and optimistic. I immediately decided what my Chinese name would be: 天美 . However, I quickly realized that if I wanted to immerse myself more in the Chinese culture, I also needed a family name. Tianmei's partner in the soap-opera was played by 邱泽 . I looked up the family name 邱 (Qiu), it was a Chinese family name, but not very popular, and it was rather similar with my real family name. It was perfect! My new Chinese name was: 邱天美 (QiuTianmei). Even though I didn't realize what the name meant when I chose it, when I came back to China, I realized that many Chinese friends really liked my name because it sounds like "Beautiful Autumn". Was it luck or simply fate that made me choose this name?


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QIBA Corporate Member –ReSource Pro


rom this edition, QIBA will introduce REDSTAR readers to the organisation’s corporate members. Today we will first look at the story of two of our founding members: Matthew Bruno and Christopher Watkins. In 2002, a young American quit his first job as an insurance analyst and moved to Qingdao to become an English teacher. When he went back to the United States, he met with his former employer, who was frustrated by the high cost of transferring 10,000 insurance policies to a new system. He proposed setting up a back office in Qingdao and provided an analysis of the


English-speaking skills and operational costs in the city. That young man was Matt. Starting from an apartment office, he officially registered ReSource Pro as a foreign invested company in Qingdao in 2004. Soon later, Chris Watkins, who helped ReSource solved a number of key network challenges during his college, moved to Qingdao and started to lead the company’s technology developments. Ten years later, ReSource Pro, the company has become the leading insurance

operational solutions and services provider in China and the US. During that time, Bruno married a Chinese girl he met the first year he came to Qingdao and the couple has two beautiful daughters. Matt and Chris were also QIBA’s founding members. They and the other members brought up the idea of cocktail party and made QIBA a very attractive social networking opportunity for expats and locals. Despite ReSource Pro not having a market presence in China, it contributes to the local community with jobs and volunteer

广告 • 商务


services organized by their employees. On the other hand, they help their clients, the US insurance organizations, increase operational efficiency greatly so that they could grow and benefit more insurance buyers back in the US. Today ReSource Pro is no longer a simple outsourcing provider. It provides strategic operational services including operations advisory, business process management, talent development and data analytics. In 2016, Matt moved back to the US to helm the company’s global operations. It added two offices in Bangalore, India and Lincoln in the US in the last two years and increased its market from the US to Canada and the UK. Still, there are about ten expats at ReSource Pro in Qingdao. Both Matt and Chris continue to offer insights and help for QIBA.



Beijing 京味 Quan Ju De Beijing Roasted Duck (quán jùdéběi jīng kǎo yādiàn) 1-2F, Bldg. A, Fenghe Square, 12 Xianggang Zhong Lu (66777308) 全聚德北京烤鸭店 香港中路12号丰合广 场A区1-2层

TOP 100 This guide represents our readers’ and editors’ top 100 picks and includes some REDSTAR advertisers. Want to have a say in picking the best of Qingdao? To voice your opinion, send the name and location of your favourite place, as well as your review, to our REDSTAR WeChat account (redstarqd or scan the QR code below).

Cantonese & Dim Sum 粤菜 & 甜品

Din Tai Fung (dǐng tài fēng) Din Tai Fung specialises in delicious gourmet steamed dumplings. Stylishly upmarket with a touch of class, it’s a great place to take important out of town visitors or that special someone. You can even view the kitchen staff making dumplings through a transparent window. 118, Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (6606-1319) 鼎泰丰 澳门路88号奥帆 中心百丽广场118

Dumplings 水饺 Chuange Fish Dumplings (chuān gē yǘ shǔi jiǎo) 57 Minjiang Er Lu (8077-8001) 船歌鱼水饺闽 江二路57号

San He Yuan Dumplings (sān héyuán shuĭjiăo) 39 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8593-2008) 三合园 水饺 漳州二路39号

Hotpot 火锅 Delicious Hotpot (qiān wèi shuàn) L470, MIXc, 10 Shandong Lu (5557-5982) 千味涮 山东路10号 万象城L470

Doulao Fang Hotpot (dòu lāo fǎng huǒguō) B1, Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (8261-7777) 豆捞坊 火锅 澳门路88号 百丽广场负1层

岛城百佳餐厅 红星TOP100汇集了红星编辑 的热心推荐、红星的固定广 告商、以及最重要的,红星的 忠实读者们的想法!想让你心 仪的餐厅上榜,就为它写推荐 吧!请将您的餐厅酒吧推荐信 息(餐厅名、餐厅地址及推荐 理由)发送至红星微信平台, 助你心爱的餐厅上榜吧!(扫 二维码轻松关注红星微信)

Huangjihuang (huáng jìhuáng chuàng yìsān zhī huǒ guō) 107 Jiangxi Lu (8596-9555) 黄记煌创 意三汁火锅 江西路107号

Kao Xi Yu Fang (kǎo xī yú fāng) 107 Jiangxi Lu (8596-9555) 烤昔鱼坊 江西路107号 Weishuwu (wèi shǔwú) L557, MixC, 10 Shandong Lu (137 0895-9828) 味蜀吾 山东路10 号万象城L557

Café Mokka (mòkǎ kāfēi) 38-7 Daming Lu (Taidong Pedestrian Square) (8380-7317, 83807318) 莫卡咖啡 大名路38-7 210 2/F, West Area, Marina City, 86 Ao’men Lu (6606-1178) 澳门路86号 百丽广场西区2楼210

C’est la vie (sāi lā wēi kā fēi) 177 Chongyang Lu, Chengyang District (156-1005-5066) 塞拉威咖啡 城阳区崇阳路177号

CAFE T • C • W (fēi gōng chǎng) 100m East from the intersection of Meiling Dong Lu and Songling Lu (185 5328-1929) 啡工场精品咖啡生活馆 梅岭东 路与松岭路交叉口向东100米

Coffee Land (lǐng dìkāfū) Tucked away in the maze outside Marina City, Coffee Land is a spacious café that has an open loft like layout. They serve quality hand-dripped coffee and little cakes and tarts to go with it. No dishes here, it’s a dessert style café. 1-193, West area, Marina City, 86 Ao’men Lu (8289-1768) 领地咖夫 澳门路百丽 广场西区193号

Dreamgas Coffee (cuī mèng wǎ sī zhǔ tí kā fēi tǐ yàn guǎn) 59 Zhangzhou Lu (83950202) 催梦瓦

斯主题咖啡体验馆 漳州路59号

JINNS Cafe(jǐn shí cān tīng)115C, 1F Wanda, 178 Jufeng Lu (6770-6500) 锦时餐厅 李沧万达 店 巨峰路178号万达广场一层115C 31 Jining Lu (8280-8544) 锦时餐厅 济宁路店 济宁路31号 Joo Coffee (zhī wū kā fēi) 46 Maidao Zhi Lu (132 1082-1150) 知屋咖啡 麦岛支路46号 Malèna Belgian Beer Bar (mǎ lián nà bǐ lì shí pí jiǔ cān tīng) Tower B, 2F, Haiqing Hotel, 11 Donghai Zhong Lu (6678-0099) This homey pub and restaurant boasts the best selection of beers and some of the greatest European dishes Qingdao has to offer. 玛莲娜比利时啤酒餐厅 东海中路11号 海

贝斯特1998音乐餐厅 崂山区香港东路195号乙金 狮广场L1-61

Café Roland (lǎng yuán jiǔbā) This café is set in the grounds of what could well be an old manor house. Sit outside in the summer and enjoy a delicious sandwich while watching the beach goers come and go. 6 Zhanshan Wu Lu (8387-5734) 朗园 湛山五路6号87 (Jia) Zhangzhou Lu (85775398) 漳州路87号甲 Déjà Vu Perhaps the most popular spot on the east side of the city, Deja Vu is the perfect homestyle restaurant to enjoy a variety of delicious choices, such as burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and spaghetti. Their menu also includes a list of coffee, juices, cocktails, wine and draft beer. 10-3 Yunling Lu, near Sophia Hotel (188 66268950) 云岭路10-3 Korona Grill House (kěluójiā xī cāntīng) 5 Zhanghua Lu (8589-9721, 8589-9280) 可罗嘉西餐 厅 彰化路5号

KiWi Café (qíyì kāfēitīng) Owner, chef and barista Danny Qian has 15 years experience in New Zealand and a strong passion for cooking and pleasing his customers with the best brunches and homemade desserts imported from New Zealand or Australia. 127 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8588-9986, 151 9201-6559) 奇异咖啡厅 漳州二路127号 La Moda (lā mò dá) 5F, phase 2, Hisense Plaza, Aomen Lu. (6678-8655) 拉莫达 澳门路海信广场


Zhou Quan Zhou Dao (zhōu quán zhōu dào) 149 Minjiang Lu (8577-1568) 粥全粥到 闽江路149 号111 Yanji Lu (8501-6818) 延吉路111号97

Luka Garden Coffee (lùguò huāyuán kāfēi) 5 Hengshan Lu (185 0024-2420) 路过花园咖啡衡



MAAN Coffee (qīng dǎo màn kāfēi) A spacious cafe that provides solid breakfast and brunch options. 129 Aomen Lu (8170-7355) 青岛漫 咖啡 澳门路129号

Namu (sēn kā fēi) 91-1 Changcheng Lu, Chengyang District (8096-1516) 森咖啡 城阳区长

Teahouses 茶室


Sense Courtyard (xiāng bǎi cǎo táng) Located in the middle of the Binhai Dadao (Coastal Highway) (8861-1677) 香柏草堂 崂山区滨海大道

Pinecone Dessert (sōng guǒ tián pǐn) Rm103, Yi 40, Daxue Lu (185 5325-6939) 松果甜品 大学路

万象 山东路10号万象城1层

Wo Tu Chun Shan (wò tǔ chūn shān) 2 Poyang Hu Lu (151 9269-6801) 沃土春山 鄱阳湖路2号


TRAST ( TRAST yáng tái ba) This homely café is not your run of the mill place. TRAST is very minimalist, seeming more like a living room environment than a shop. They make their own flavoured ice cream from fruit and do the best milkshakes in QD. AEON Supermarket, B1, Marina City (6606-1387) TRAST阳台吧 百丽负一层永 旺超市

LUCCA Restaurant & Café (lú kǎ xī cān tīng) 60 Xianggang Dong Lu (8889-1377, 8866-3376) 卢 Qingdao University International Cuisine & Lounge (qīngdǎo dàxué guójì xī cāntīng) The first Floor, Bldg Minxing, Qingdao University (8871-0080) 青岛大学国际西餐厅 青岛大学西院 敏行楼一层

Sauce Kitchen 117 Yanji Lu (181 5320-6160) 延吉 路117号-30-2网点(锦绣华城徐州路入口旁)

Sunset Café (rìluò kāfēi) 21 Guanxiang Er Lu (186 6394-2253) 日落咖啡 观象二路21号 The Diner | Spark Brewcafe (dān níměi shì cāntīng | SPARK kāfēi héniàng jiǔfāng) 35 Donghai Xi Lu (8577-2051) 丹尼美式餐厅| SPARK 咖啡和酿酒坊 东海西路35号

The Diner 22 (èr shíèr hào kāfēi tīng) 19 Zhangzhou Er Lu (Central Plaza) (8577-1222) 贰拾 贰号咖啡厅 漳州二路19号 (中环广场)

The Diner Marina (dān ná băi lì) Rm205, 2F, West Area, Marina City (8577-2011) 丹拿百丽 百丽 广场西侧205室(靠汉堡王二楼)

VENU+ Lounge Bar 21F, Block B, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Aomen Lu (85799898) VENU+ Lounge 澳门路98号海尔洲际酒

Yunnan 云南菜

ZOO Coffee (dòng wù yuán kā fēi) L305, Mixc, 10 Shandong Lu (5557-5177) 动物园咖啡 山东路10

Impression (yìn xiàng fēng shàng yún nán cài) 3F, CBD Wanda, 112 Yanji Lu (5556-3631, 5556-3632) 印象风尚云南菜 延吉路112号青岛


Bakery 面包坊



BARA Room 101, Area C, Futai Square, no. 18 Xianggang Middle Lu (139 1016-7136) 香港中路18

Brunch 早午餐


号 福泰广场C座101室

Hanbur German Bakery (hàn bǎi mài xiāng). Supermaket, B1, Hisense Plaza, 50 Donghai Xi Lu (8572-6865) 汉柏麦香 东海西路50号 海信广场 负1层超市


Wagas G138 & G175, MixC Mall, 6 Shandong Lu (5557-5738) 山东路6号 华润中心万象城

The Brunch Club Room GD, Guoxin Stadium, 3 Yinchuan Dong Lu (8889-5517) 早午餐俱乐部 银 川东路3号国信体育场GD室 (如是书店附近)

French 法餐 Eiffell (āi fēi ěr fǎ guó liào lǐ kā fēi) French restaurant with great wine and breathtaking

Cafés 咖啡

Xianggang Dong Lu, Laoshan District (5571-6398)


Tea Lab (yī jiān wàn xiàng) An artisanal teahouse in MixCity Mall that serves cute cakes and nibbles with its drinks. Also occasionally hosts painting classes. 1F, Mixc, 10 Shandong Lu (5566-7919) 一间


种西式料理,晚9点之后,这里还会供应台湾特 色宵夜。另外,贝斯特1998音乐餐厅供应一系列 精致鸡尾酒及高档洋酒、葡萄酒、香槟等。每晚 乌克兰乐队现场驻唱演出。 L1-61 Lion Mall, 195



Find ALL of Qingdao’s restaurants, bars & clubs online at our WeChat account! 关注红星微信账号,轻松在线查询 岛城餐厅、酒吧及夜生活资讯!



Best 1998 (bèi sī tè 1998yīn lè cān tīng) Serving a wide range of Western favourites, the Taiwanese chef at Best 1998 impresses guests with Spanish tapas and amazing late nite bites after 9pm, including some Taiwanese specialties. Best 1998’s extensive drink menu includes many unique cocktails, top shelf liquor, and fine wines and champagnes. Best 1998的台湾主厨精通各

LANG Café (làng kāfēi) West of Bar Street, Polar Ocean World, 60 Donghai Dong Lu (89091839) 浪咖啡 东海东路60号极地海洋世界酒吧


星号为2016吃饭大奖的上榜 * 餐厅

7 Senses Located in the popular Tai Gu Square, 7 Senses is a modern three story bakery that actively tries to make café dining in Qingdao a classy experience. Their baked goods stand out from the standard fare. 136 Zhangzhou Lu (82838283) 漳州路136号 B1 Hisense PLaza (8282-0088)

Casual Western 西式简餐 Bagan Café (púgān) 9F, Unit2, Donghai Shijia, 41 Donghai Xi Lu (8572-8285) 蒲甘 东海西路41号东

情大酒店 B塔2楼

Grandma’s Home (wài pó jiā) L515, MixC, 10 Shandong Lu (5557-5377) 外婆家 山东路10号万



China Gongshe (zhōngguó gōngshè) 8 Minjiang San Lu (8077-6776) 中国公社 闽江三


Means winner of a 2016 Chifan award!

餐厅 秦岭路18号 丽达广场东区负一层

25+ (25+ kā fēi) 26F, Hisense Mansion, 17 Donghai Xi Lu (185 6067-3483) 25+咖啡 东海西路17号海

7 Senses 136 Zhangzhou Lu (8283-8283) 漳州 路136号 B1 Hisense PLaza (8282-0088)海信广 场B1层

Shandong 鲁菜

Shanghai & Regions


138 Art (138 yìshù xī cāntīng) B1, East wing of Lida Mall, 18 Qinling Lu (5878-2652) 138艺术西

=english menu

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广告 panoramic views of the city. 23F, Tower A, Kaiyue Building, 43 Donghai Xi Lu (139 6427-2005) 埃菲尔

Marian City, 88 Aomen Lu. (186 6020-3169) 披萨递 意大利餐厅 澳门路88号百丽广场西区167号

法国料理咖啡 东海西路43号凯越大厦 A座23层

Italiano DOC. Swish place with a proud menu and great selection of wines inside the InterContinental Hotel. 98 Aomen Lu 澳门路98号

La Villa (lāwéilā) Unique spot in Qingdao, French food (and so much more) hosted in an old German style villa. Also Strong Ale Works brewery on-site. 300m West of the Shangri-La. 5 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-6833) 拉维拉法国餐 厅 香港中路5号

German 德餐 U & I Cafe (yōu ài kā fēi ) Relocated and newly opened at 20 Hunan Road since spring of 2014, U & I Café & Restaurant keeps its home taste of German food and cozy to-be-at-home environment. Homemade pizza, Australian beef steak, a list of salads and pasta gives more choices to customers. Every Thursday, U & I mid-night Kitchen opens till 24:00, it offers special dishes different from the menu. Special discount for grill of Pork neck and plate of sausages from Dianping. 20 Hu’nan Lu (8286-9209)优爱咖啡 湖南路20号 Zur Bierstube (bǎi sītú) 10-1 Yunling Lu (8889-7600) 柏斯图 云岭路10-1号2 Guantao Lu (8283-3002) 馆陶路2号

Global Cuisine 无国籍料理 Asia Table (yàzhōu tǔdì) L422, MixC, 10 Shandong Lu (5557-5077) 亚洲土地 山东路10号 万象城L422

Le Living (lè zī shēng huó) L456, MixC, 10 Shandong Lu (5557-5699) 乐姿生活西餐厅 山东路 10号万象城L456

Happy Valley (xiǎo quèxìng) Seaview branch, Rm.2102, 1 Unit, Donghai Shijia, 41 Donghai Xi Lu (0532 8573-9008) 小确幸(海景店) 东海西路41号东 海世家一单元2102室

Shangjing (jīng shàng jǐng) 2F, Daling Harbor, Olympic Marina,1 Yan’erdao Lu (6867-8839, 68678699) 尚井 燕儿岛路1号奥帆基地内心海广场2层 Tampa (tǎn pà) Tampa offers daily fresh vegetable salad, nutritious soup, pizza, fettuccine, spaghetti, beef, chicken, pork, seafood and home made dessert. You will be entitled to enjoy the half price for the second beer. 坦帕供应每日新鲜沙拉、 营养汤品、披萨、意大利宽面条、意面、牛肉、鸡 肉、猪肉、海鲜及自制甜点等。现店内第二杯啤酒 半价优惠。158 (wu) Jiangxi Lu, next to LPG (85870772) 坦帕 江西路158号戊(靠近老菲酒吧)

Wangpin Taisu Steak (wáng pǐn tái sùniúpái) LG123, MIXc, 10 Shandong Lu (5576-8606) 王品 台塑牛排山东路10号万象城LG123

Indian 印度菜 Fatema (fădìmă yìndù cāntīng) 10 Gutian Lu (137 3099-4178) 法蒂玛印度餐厅 古田路10号丁 Ganges Indian Restaurant (gān jí sī zhèngzōng yìndù gālí liàolǐ ) 4F, Rock City, 1 Xiazhuang Lu 甘吉斯正宗印度咖喱料理 夏庄路1 号伟东乐客城4层

• 青岛黄页 // QINGDAO LISTINGS / 8388-2269

Trattoria Verde (běi lǜdǎo xī cāntīng) Trattoria Verde produces what is arguably the best authentic Italian food in town. Although a little pricier than other restaurants, the food quality is second to none. They also have an impressive selection of imported wines to choose from. 67 (Jia) Zhangzhou Lu (8589-8530) 北绿岛西餐厅 漳 州路67号甲

Japanese 日本料理 Isari Sushi (yú shòusī ) Some of the best sushi in Qingdao. 2F, Darling Harbour in the Olympic Marina 2F, Darling Harbour, Olympic Sailing Centre, 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6867-8570) 渔寿司 燕儿岛 路1号奥帆中心心海广场2层

Shotamuni (jiāng tài wú èr) Unit 453, 4F, MixC, 10 Shandong Lu (5557-5522) 将太无二 山东路10号 万象城4楼453号商铺

Tairyo (dàyútiěbǎn shāo quán guólián suǒcān tīng) 201, Bldg. E, 58 Donghai Dong Lu (66889366, 6688-9368) 大渔铁板烧 东海东路58号E座 201极地金岸娱乐港

Yoshimune (Jízōng) Convenient place to grab a late night meal when everything else is closed and you don’t feel like street BBQ. Serving a wide range of Japanese food including sashimi and noodles. Their beer is always frosty cold and refreshing. 25 Datian Lu (6688-9922) 吉宗 大田路 25号 / 65 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6688-9921) 香港 中路65号 / 2 Yuexiu Lu(8077-8333) 越秀路2号

Korean 韩国料理 Bonga (běn jiā) Unit 413 4F, MixC, 10 Shandong Lu (83951111) 本家山东路10号万象城4楼413号 Chunchuan Tiebanji (chūn chuān tiě bǎn jī ) 2-6 Miaoling Lu,(8889-6839) 春川铁板鸡料理店( 崂山老店)苗岭路2-6号

Neolithic Barbecue (xīn shíqìkǎo ròu) B246, MIXc, 10 Shandong Lu (5576-8720) 新石器烤肉 山 东路10号万象城B246

Xin Mapu (xīn má pú) 55 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8592-7222) 新麻蒲 漳州二路55号

Pizza 披萨 Luigi Pizza (lùyìjī pīsà) The first place to get a decent pizza in Qingdao, Luigi started in 2002 from humble beginnings and is now a must-eat spot on the Western dining scene. Friday and Saturdays they offer an all-you-can-eat buffet for a set price, with a good selection of pizza and toppings. 20-3 Yan’erdao Lu (8062-8999) 路易基披 萨 燕儿岛路20-3号

Sorrento Pizza (sà lái duō bǐ sà) 216 Changcheng Lu, Chengyang District (8772-4221) 萨来多比萨 城阳区长城路216号

Italian 意大利菜 Casanova 5F, Hisense Plaza, 117 Aomen Lu (6678-8558) Casanova意大利餐厅 澳门路117号

Turkish 土耳其


Milano Italian Restaurant (mǐlán nuò yìdàlì xī cāntīng) A cosy spot filled with red and white checked tablecloths, Milano represents the homemade side of Italian restaurants in Qingdao. Here Italian Chef Claudio always knows how to surprise you with recipes that taste like home. 舒 适的环境和红白格子的餐布,会让米兰诺给你一 种家般的温暖。这里的意大利主厨Claudio会用他 特制的家庭配方给你带来一场意式美食之旅。30 Minjiang Er Lu (8577-0058) 米兰诺意大利西餐厅 闽江二路30号 Inside Villeinn, 2 Donghai Xi Lu 东海 西路2号天林花园21号美墅假期酒店内

La Cantina Italian Restaurant ( jīn xiàng yìdàlì xī cāntīng) Hidden behind green trees, this restaurant is an exquisite spot to taste the most authentic Italian recipes, meticulously prepared by the skilled hands of Chef Romano. Indulge in the pleasure of their pesto pasta or their creamy tiramisu’. 138 Xianggang Dong Lu (8062-5678) 金 橡意大利西餐厅 香港东路138号

La Luna Rossa Italian Restaurant (La luō nà yìdàlì cāntīng) 46 Shanghang Lu (6688-9957) 啦 罗纳意大利餐厅 上杭路46号

ISTANBUL Turkish Restaurant (yī sī tǎn bù ěr chú fáng tǔ ěr qí cān tīng) We bring to Qingdao a delightful authentic delicacies of Turkish cuisine with an impressive menu of traditional and regional dishes from right across Turkey. 69 (Yi) Zhangzhou Lu (backside of Zhonghuan Mansion) (8086-0063, 186 6190-7890) 伊斯坦布 尔厨房土耳其餐厅 漳州路69号乙 (中环国际广场 背面裙楼1层)

Pizza Di (pī sà dì yì dà lì cān tīng) 167 West Wing,

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/ QINGDAO LISTINGS // 广告 • 青岛黄页 Thai 泰国菜 Mango Tree (mángguǒ shù) L356, MixC, 10 Shandong Lu (5557-5676) 芒果树 山东路10号 万象城L356

Thai Me Up Authentic dishes such as Pad Thai, Spring Rolls and Green Curry (vegetarian version also available) plus Thai Singha bottled beer and Tsingtao on tap. Nice duplex interior and decent service. Located across the street from Trattoria Verde. 20-6, Yan’erdao Lu (8503-8579) Thai Me Up 泰国餐厅 燕儿岛路20-6号

Vietnamese 越南菜 AnNam (ān nán) L312, MixC, 6 Shandong Lu (5576-8625) 安南 山东路6号万象城L312


酒吧 & 夜生活

Find ALL of Qingdao’s bars & clubs online on our WeChat account! Below are those with the highest reader rating. 关注红星微信账号,轻松在线查询岛 城酒吧及夜生活资讯!以下是排名最 靠前的酒吧一览。 Always Beer Garden (ào wéi sī pí jiǔ huā yuán) Always is perfect for a relaxed evening meal; sinking into their soft chairs, around one of the warm, wooden tables is like being in the cosy interior of a Swiss ski chalet, making you feels a world away from the uproar of Qingdao’s busy roads. The food is mouthwatering, heartily satisfying Western fare. It also hosts a proud collection of ice-cold Belgian beers and boasts a great live music stage. 88 Aomen Lu (6606-1828) 奥维斯啤酒花园 澳门路88号 Angelina’s (ānjílìnà kāfēi jiǔba) Looking for a late night feed of authentic Western food? Come to Angelina’s at the main gate of Yandao Mansion on Aomen Lu, Shinan District where food is served until 3am. 136 Ao’men Lu (6872-7999) 安吉丽娜咖 啡酒吧 澳门路136号

Bar Rouge (yān zhī jiǔ guǎn) 3F, Block F, Zhonglian Plaza, Nanjing Lu (8825-9898) 胭脂酒馆 南京路中联广场F栋3层

Cape 3/One Way Ticket 2 well established Qingdao bars that have recently merged and opened just opposite Book City. Live music every night.65-6 Xianggang Zhong Lu (186 6399-7807) 香港中路65-6

Charlie’s Bar (chálǐsī jiǔba) 167 Jiangxi Lu (8589-7919) 查理斯酒吧 江西路167号 Club New York (niŭyuēbā) Perhaps Qingdao’s longest running live music venue, with houseband performing all your favourite tunes every night. 2F, Overseas Chinese Hotel, 41 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8573-9199) 纽约吧 香港中路41号华侨 国际饭店2层

billington’s Holidays at billington’s the bar : If you are not sure where to go for that relaxed space and avoid the madness of the holiday period, come see the best new bar in town. Best music and now best drinks and specials:

·· Draught beers from 10RMB/glass. ·· All top shelf bottles 10% off (not in addition to B card discount)  ·· Pinocaladas and mojito jugs @100rmb ·· Top selection of single malts in QD (Genuine) ·· New range of bar sized pizzas and croissant bites

So come along and have some fun. B1, J&D Hotel, 35 Zhangzhou Lu (139 2388-1567) 漳 州路35号杰克丹尼酒店B1

Club UNITT (dān yuán jù lè bù) CLUB UNITT is an Underground Dance Club based in Qingdao with international connections all over the world. The club mainly features Minimal/Techno and House music, creating its renowned reputation in the underground scene. UNITT also produces cross-discipline art works, as well as experimental sound projects. Introducing you each week to new visual/sound artists and DJS from China and across the globe, UNITT is equipped with FUNKTION-ONE audio systems to bring you a fantastic sound experience at every party. OPEN TIME: FRIDAY/ SATURDAY 21:00-LATE. North side Guoxin stadium B2 Underground car park, Tong’an Road, Laoshan


Distric. (186 6955-9976) 单元俱乐部 崂山区同安路 国信体育场北侧易乐广场B2地下停车场 Downtown Bar Deserving a medal for bringing the best of China’s music scene to our own fair city. Check the REDSTAR events calendar for details. 1-6 Sangzi Lu, Shibei District (186 6170-6950) 裆烫吧

Tsingtao1903 Pub (qīng pí shè qū kè tīng) Room104, 213 Nanjing Lu (137 9199-9189) TSINGTAO1903社区客厅(汇富广场店)市北区南 京路213号网点104室

Wharf Caffee Bar Club (bā hào mǎ tóu jiǔ ba) 4 Yan'an Er Lu. (186 6393-5127) 8号码头酒吧 延



Follow Bar (fāng ba) 43 Minjiang Er Lu.(159


5324-7183) 芳吧 闽江二路 43号

Freeman (zìyóu rén kāfēi) One of Qingdao’s very best bars-centrally located, with well-made, strong cocktails and a very cool, laid back atmosphere. They’ve got a stage with electric drums and live music set up, and big screen too. Try the Hendrick’s & Tonic. 163 Jiangxi Lu (158 5321-1877) 自由人酒吧 江西路163号

雅酒店品牌代表着一种生活时尚,力求设计与功能 的完美结合,提供最佳私密空间和精致服务。青岛 证大喜玛拉雅酒店位于青岛崂山区CBD中心,紧邻 石老人海水浴场,是证大喜玛拉雅酒店品牌在中国 的第一家酒店,也是青岛首家时尚生活酒店。880

Tong’an Lu (6672-9999) www.himalayashotels. com 青岛证大喜玛拉雅酒店 同安路880号


China Mobile Service Hotline (yí dòng tōng xùn fú wù diàn huà) (10086) 移动通讯服务电话

Joy’s (juésè jiǔbā) Opposite Fanhai Mingren Square, 25 Minjiang Er Lu (6688-6667) 爵色酒吧闽

China Telecom (diàn xìn zōng hé fú wù diàn huà) (10000) 电信综合服务电话


China Unicom Service Hotline (lián tōng zōng hé fú wù diàn huà) (10010) 联通综合服务电话

Little LPG (xiǎo LPG jiǔbā) This neighbourhood, Western-style bar broadcasts live sporting events and serves awesome bar food from 5pm to 1am daily, as well as a wide selection of beer and cocktails. 81 Zhangzhou Lu (66001907) 小LPG酒吧 漳州路81号 Loft Bar Always playing the best music from around the world, expect good beats, cheap drinks, dancing and table football. A hot-spot for foreigners and a great place to meet new friends, this is the place to be if you want to let your hair down. Zhangzhou Lu (133 5686-8822) Loft Bar 漳州路35号

Loong Bar

21 Donghai Xi Lu (8386-2667)

Himalayas Qingdao Hotel (qīng dǎo zhèng dà xǐ mǎ lā yǎ jiǔ diàn) Hotels & Communities is a deluxe lifestyle hospitality brand that blends a contemporary vision and traditional Chinese culture within integrated urban communities. The first landmark hotel in the Himalayas Hotel portfolio is Himalayas Qingdao Hotel. 证大喜玛拉

China Post Service (zhōng guó yóu zhèng kè hù fú wù) (11185) 中国邮政客户服务 Directory Inquiries (diàn huà hào mǎ chá xún) (114/116114) 电话号码查询 Electricity Help (gòng diàn jí xiū) (8008601188) 供电急修 Fire (huǒ jǐng) (119) 火警

Holiday Inn Qingdao Parkview (qīng dǎo jǐng 306 Xingyang Lu (8096yuán jià rì jiǔ diàn) 6888) 青岛景园假日酒店 兴阳路306号

Holiday Inn Qingdao City Centre (qīng dǎo zhōng xīn jiǎ rì jiǔ diàn) 1 Xuzhou Lu (66708888) 青岛中心假日酒店 徐州路1号

Hyatt Regency Qingdao (qīng dǎo lǔ shāng kǎi yuè jiǔ diàn) 88 Donghai Dong Lu (86121234) 青岛鲁商 凯悦酒店 东海东路88号

First Aid Centre (jí jiù zhōng xīn) (120) 急救中心 Labour security policy advice (láo dòng bǎo zhàng zī xún) (12333) 劳动保障咨询

InterContinental Qingdao (qīng dǎo hǎi ěr 98 Ao’men Lu (6656-6666) 青岛海尔洲际酒店 澳

zhōu jì jiǔ diàn)

Loong Bar 东海西路21号

Police (bào jǐng) (110) 报警

Macau Street (ào mén jiē) Building F, Zhonglian Plaza, 122 Nanjing Lu (8566-9898) 澳门街 南京路

Publice Service Hotline (gōng yòng fú wù rè xiàn) (12319) 24 hour. Including water, gas, heating etc 公用服务热线


Qingdao Cable Networking (qīng dăo yŏu xiàn diàn shì) (96566) 青岛有线电视

Le Meridien Qingdao (qīng dǎo wàn dá ài měi jiǔ diàn) 112 Yanji Lu (5556-3888) www. 青岛万达艾美酒店 延


Muse (Muse jiǔbā) A constant in Qingdao’s ever-changing nightlife scene, Muse offers a great clubbing atmosphere with dancing stages, incredible decorations (including a huge chandelier and massive waterfall) and performances throughout the night. Definitely the place to start or end a night out. 89 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6886-0888) Muse酒吧 香港中路89号 Mix Club (hún hé tǐ jiǔ ba) 117 Liaoning Lu, Behind EGO Digital Market, 混合体酒吧,市北区 辽宁路117号,颐高数码后侧颐中银街下沉式广场 MAST俱乐部内

Old Jack’s (lăo jiékè jiǔbā) One of Qingdao’s oldest bars, this legendary bolt-hole is opposite Crowne Plaza / Book City. Old Jack’s never disappoints, especially if Jack himself is in the house. Yan’erdao Lu, opposite Book City (85781207) 老杰克酒吧 燕儿岛路 (书城对面) Panda Brew Qingdao (xióng māo jīng niàng) 18 Polar Ocean World Bar Street (5571-9911) 熊猫精酿 极地海洋世界酒吧街18号

ssLPG (lǎofēi jiǔbā) Perfect spot for when you have a sudden late night craving for some good quality bar food. There you can indulge in a game of foosball while listening to music. Their fajitas are particularly nice and sizzling hot on a cold night. It also has won the 2015 REDSTAR Chifan Awards, which shows its popularity amongst bar animals. 162 Jiangxi Lu (0532 85936566) 老菲酒吧 江西路162号 T’9 Beer Supermarket (T’9 pí jiǔ chāo shì) A beer supermarket-style bar with a special offer for REDSTAR readers: 8 bottles of Hoegaarden for ¥100. 25 Zhangzhou Lu (8572-8989) T'9啤酒超市 漳州 路25号

The Garden (tīng hǎi huā yuán chuàng yì cān tīng jiǔ ba) West Gate of InterContinental, 98 Aomen Lu (5872-6199) 听海花园创意餐厅酒吧 澳

Red Cross (hóng shí zì huì) (95598) 红十字会 车投诉

Taxi Reservation Hotline (chū zū chē yù yuē rè xiàn) (9600-9797) 出租车预约热线 Traffic Accidents (jiāo tōng shì gù) (122) 交 通事故



球主题酒吧 太湖路20号乙

The King’s Head English Pub (guówáng tóu xiàng yīnggélán bā) Although a little out of the way from everything, this bar provides a homey environment, a pool table, and a good selection of cocktails and drinks on tap. They occasionally have acoustic open mic nights. 11 Xinyi Lu (8583-9898) 国王头像英格兰吧 新沂

Ocean Spring Resort (Qingdao) (gǎng zhōng lǚ hǎi quán wān dù jiǎ qū) Aoshan Bay Jimo (8906-8888) 港中旅(青岛)海泉湾度假区 即墨鳌 山湾蓝色硅谷核心区

Pullman Qingdao Ziyue (qīng dǎo zǐ yuè bó ěr màn jiǔ diàn) 277 Chongqing Bei Lu, Chengyang District (5866-9777) 青岛紫玥铂尔曼 酒店 城阳区重庆北路277号

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Qingdao Farglory Residence (qīng dǎo yuǎn xióng yuè lái jiǔ diàn gōng yù) 26 Xianggang Zhong Lu (5571-7177)青岛远雄悦来酒店公寓 香 港中路26号

Qingdao Holiday Inn Expo (qīng dǎo shì yuán jiǎ rì jiǔ diàn) 2 Tianshui Lu, Laoshan District (6675-7888) 青岛世园假日酒

5 Star 五星

店 崂山区天水路2号

Crowne Plaza Qingdao (qīng dǎo yí zhōng huáng guàn jià rì jiŭ diàn) 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888) 青 岛颐中皇冠假日酒店 香港中路76号

Sea View Garden Hotel (hǎi jǐng huā yuán dà jiǔ diàn) 2 Zhanghua Lu (8587-5777) 海景花 园大酒店 彰化路2号

Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, Chengyang (qīng dǎo chéng yáng fú péng xǐ lái dēng jiǔ diàn) 271 Wenyang Lu, Chengyang District (6696-8888) 青岛城阳宝龙福朋喜来登酒 店 城阳区文阳路271号

Shangri-La Hotel Qingdao (qīng dǎo xiāng 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-3838) 青岛香格里拉大

gé lǐ lā dà jiǔ diàn) 酒店 香港中路9号


The Green Club (lǜ yīn huì jìng cǎi zú qiú zhǔ tí jiǔ ba) Yi 20 Taihu Lu (8968-6808) 绿茵荟竞彩足


Taxi Help (chū zū chē tóu sù) (12328) 出租

Grand Mercure Qingdao Nanshan Resort (qīng dǎo nán shān měi jué dù jiǎ jiǔ diàn) 46 Wenquan Lu, BinhaiLu, Jimo (8505-6888) 青 岛南山美爵度假酒店 滨海大道温泉二路46号

Sheraton Qingdao Licang Hotel (qīng dǎo lǐ cāng lǜ chéng xǐ lái dēng jiǔ diàn) 678 Jinshui Lu (close to Yanchuan Lu), Licang District (8813-8888) 青岛李沧绿城喜来登酒店 李沧区金水 路678号(靠近延川路)

Grand Regency Hotel (lì jīng dà jiǔ diàn) 110 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8588-1818) 丽晶大酒店 香港中路110号


Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel (qīng dǎo jiāo zhōu lǜ chéng xǐ lái dēng jiǔ diàn) 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou New Distinct (8228-9999) 青岛胶州绿城喜来登酒店 胶州新城 区北京东路271号

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Boutique Hotels 艺术酒店 Laozhuancun China Community Art and

The Westin Qingdao (qīng dǎo wēi sī tīng jiǔ diàn) 8 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6777-1888) 青岛威斯汀酒店 香 港中路8号

Wyndham Qingdao (qīng dǎo xīn jiāng wēn 220 Heilongjiang Zhong Lu, dě mǔ jiú diìn) Chengyang District (8098-8888) 青岛鑫江温德姆酒 店 黑龙江中路220号

The Castle Boutique Hotel (qīng dǎo yí bǎo jīng pǐn jiǔ diàn) 26 Longshan Lu (8869-1111) 青岛 怡堡精品酒店 龙山路26号 德国总督府院内

Resorts 度假村

4 Star 四星 Ariva Qingdao Hotel & Serviced Apartments

(qīng dǎo ài lì huá jiǔ diàn jí fú wù gōng yù) 135 Yan’an San Lu (8197-8777) 青 岛艾丽华酒店及服务公寓 延安三路135号

Copthorne Hotel Qingdao (qīng dǎo guó dūn dà jiǔ diàn) 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (86681688) 青岛国敦大酒店 香港中路28号

Hai Qing Hotel (hǎi qíng dà jiǔ diàn) 11 Donghai Zhong Lu (8596-9888) 海情大酒店 东 海中路11号

Economy Hotel 经济型酒店 Fuxin Mansion (fǔ xīn dà shà) 5 Minjiang Lu (8591-1009) 府新大厦 闽江路5号 Grand Mercure Qingdao Airport (qīng dǎo kuài tōng yǎ gāo měi jué jiǔ diàn) 89 Minhang Lu, Chengyang District (8471-6777) 青岛快通雅高美 爵酒店 城阳区民航路89号

Jinjiang Inn (jǐn jiāng zhī xīng) 100 Nanjing Lu (8310-7999) 锦江之星 南京路100号 Overseas Chinese International Hotel (huá qiáo guó jì fàn diàn) 41 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8572-5666) 华侨国际饭店 香港中路41号 Orange Hotel (jú zi jīng xuǎn jiǔ diàn) 32 Donghai Xi Lu (8573-6161) 桔子精选酒店 东海 西路32号

Shanglin River View Hotel (shàng lín háo jǐng shāng wù jiǔ diàn) 228 Yan’an San Lu (8090-3333) 上林濠景商务酒店 延安三路228号

Hostels 青年旅馆 YHA Old Observatory (qīng dǎo ào bó wéi tè guó jì qīng nián lǚ shè) A popular hostel with an incredible cafe on the rooftop, on top of the world, enjoys unbeatable skyline view. Great venue for private events. 广受欢迎的青年旅舍,楼 顶有俯视老城的咖啡厅。特别适合包场办私人派 对。这里有各国背包客和本地的时尚达人。Hostel: 0532 8282 2626, Cafe: 188 5429 2236 青岛奥博维 特国际青年旅舍 观象二路21号

Big Brother Guest House (bēn zhī lǚ qīng nián lǚ guǎn) Two locations in Qingdao - all mod cons for budget or mid range travellers. www. 31 Jiangxi Lu (82873888) 奔之旅青年旅馆 江西路31号 6 Baoding Lu (8280-2212) 10 mins walk from train station. Cosy, clean and affordable. 奔之旅青年旅馆 保定路6号 Nordic Osheania Youth Hostel (cháo chéng qīng nián lǚ shè) 28 Guantao Lu (8282-5198) 巢城 青年旅舍 馆陶路28号 Qingdao Kaiyue Youth Hostel (qīng dǎo kǎi yuè guó jì qīng nián lǚ guǎn) 31 Jining Lu (82845450) 青岛凯越国际青年 旅馆 济宁路31号 Qingdao 960 Youth Hostel (qīng dǎo jiǔ liù líng qīng nián lǚ shě) May Fourth Square Branch, 32 Donghai Xi Lu (6667-9733) 青岛960青年旅舍 五四广场店 东海西路32号 Badaguan Auditorium Building Branch, 49 Rongcheng Lu, The Youth Hostel is on the east side of Badaguan Auditorium Building (6667-9733) 青岛960青年旅舍八大关写 生基地店 荣城路49号 八大关小礼堂东侧

Apartel 复式/酒店公寓 Thumb Plaza Apartel Qingdao Sunland (qīng dǎo dà mǔ zhǐ guǎng chǎng shēn lán fù shì gōng yù) Building No. 1, Sunland, 880 Tongan Lu (156-1005-6188) 青岛大拇指广场深蓝复式公寓 同 安路880号深蓝公寓1号楼

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Culture Hotel (lǎo zhuàn cūn china gōng shè wén huà yì shù jiǔ diàn) 8 Minjiang San Lu (8576-8776) 老转村China公社文化艺术酒店 闽 江三路8号

Ariva Qingdao Hot Spring Resort (chéng tóu • ài lì huá wēn quán dù jià jiǔ diàn) 2997 Datian Lu, Jimo (8656-1058) 城投·艾丽华温泉度假酒店 即墨大田路2997号

Kunlun Gloria Seaview Resort Qingdao (qīng dǎo kūn lún kǎi lái hǎi jǐng dù jià jiǔ diàn) 6 Jinwan Lu (6656-6868) 青岛崑崙凯莱海景度假酒 店 金湾路6号

Latour Laguens International Resort Hotel (lā tú lā gān guó jì dù jià jiǔ diàn) 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (8896-6969) 拉图拉甘国际度假酒店 香 港东路316号

Q&X Hot Spring Resort (xiāng gēn wēn quán dù jiǎ jiǔ diàn) 377 Laiqing Lu, Wenquan Town, Jimo (6802-0333) 香根温泉度假酒店 即墨市温泉 镇莱青路377号

Sound of Ocean Hotel (tīng hǎi shí guāng jiǔ diàn) Wanggezhuang Community, Laoshan District (8791-9789) 听海时光酒店 崂山区王哥庄 会场社区

TenTimes Golf & Hotspring Resort (tiān tài wēn quán gāo ěr fū jù lè bù) Hot spring Resort Village, Jimo (8657-9888) 天泰温泉高尔夫俱乐部 即墨市温泉旅游度假区

SIGHTS 景点 Beaches 海水浴场 No. 1 Bathing Beach (dì yī hǎi shuǐ yù chǎng) 14 Nanhai Lu (8286-6305) 第一海水浴场 南海 路14号

No. 2 Bathing Beach (dì èr hǎi shuǐ yù chǎng) Inside Taiping Bay (East of Huiquan Bay) 第二海水 浴场 汇泉湾东侧太平湾内

No. 3 Bathing Beach (dì sān hǎi shuǐ yù chǎng) 6 Taiping Jiao Lu 第三海水浴场 太平角 路6号

Shilaoren Beach (shí lǎo rén hǎi shuǐ yù chǎng) Haikou Lu 石老人海水浴场 海口路

Churches 教堂 Lutheran Church (jī dū jiào táng) 15 Jiangsu Lu (8286-5970) 基督教堂 江苏路15号 St. Michael’s Cathedral (tiān zhǔ jiào táng) 15 Zhejiang Lu (8286-5960) 天主教堂 浙江路15号

Museums 博物馆 Haier Technology Musemun( hăi’ěr kē jì guăn) 10 Miao Ling Lu 海尔科技馆 崂山区苗岭路10号 Laoshan Tea Culture Museum (láo shān chá wén huà bó wù guǎn) Xiaowang Living Area, Wanggezhuang Street Scene, Laoshan District (8791-5676) 崂山茶文化博物馆 崂山区王哥庄街 道晓望社区

Qingdao German-style Prison Site Museum (qīng dǎo dé guó jiān yù jiù zhǐ bó wù guǎn) 21 Changzhou Lu (8286-8820) 青岛德国监狱旧址博 物馆 常州路21号

Qingdao Library (qīng dǎo shì tú shū guǎn) 109 Yanji Lu (8501-2112) 青岛市图书馆 延吉路 109号

Qingdao Municipal Gallery (qīng dǎo shì měi shù guǎn) 7 Daxue Lu (8288-9996) 青岛市美术 馆 大学路7号 Qingdao Municipal Museum (qīng dǎo shì bó wù guǎn) 51 Meiling Dong Lu (8889-6286) 青岛市 博物馆 梅岭东路51号 Qingdao Sculpture Museum (qīng dǎo shì diāo sù yì shù guǎn) 66 Donghai Dong Lu (86783547) 青岛市雕塑艺术馆 东海东路66号

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special to this day for its unique blend of Eastern and Western influences. Wushengguan Lu 八大 关 武胜关路

Fantawild Dreamland (qīng dǎo fāng tè mèng huàn wáng guó) Theme Park/Amusement Park. Huaqiang Cultural Industrial Base, Hongdao Street, Aodong Nan Lu, Chengyang District 青岛方特 梦幻王国 城阳区红岛街道岙东南路华强文化产 业基地内 Haiyun Taoist Temple of Qingdao (qīng dǎo hǎi yún ān) Historic temple where you can admire Ginko trees which are over 400 years old. 1 Haiyun Street, Sifang District (0532 8373-8617) 青岛海云庵 青岛四方区海云街1号

Hua Shi Villa (huā shí lóu) A Russian mansion in the Badaguan area. 18 Huanghai Lu (8387-2168) 花 石楼 黄海路18号

Sheraton Huangdao Hotel 黄岛泰成喜来登酒店

Wyndham Qingdao 青岛鑫江温德姆酒店

Outdoor BBQ Festival View the Tangdao Bay, taste the BBQ! Such a great choice in this hot summer. Until end of September, Feast Restaurant prepares fresh pork, lamb, beef fillet, squid, oysters, prawns and organic vegetables. Come try the Western style BBQ, pizza, fried steak and don’t miss the roasted Tomahawk steak and draft beer.

BEER and BBQ Carnival in Garden Experience the ultimate Garden BBQ, which fires up the grills in the beautiful Garden Restaurant. Wyndham Qingdao covers an area near 50,000 square meters and is surrounded by Europeanstyle gardens. In these gardens the Summer BBQ and BEER Festival will be celebrated. Unlimited supply of more than hundred cuisines and free flow of beer and soft drinks.

Summer special offer: Lunch Buffet (Monday to Friday): 118 RMB Dinner buffet (Monday to Friday) & Weekend buffet: 168 RMB BOOKINGS 预订电话:8090-8888 ext. 8685

Authentic Qingdao BBQ | International Beer Festival | Philippine Live Band Time: Daily 17:30-23:30 BOOKINGS 预订电话:8098-8888

Laoshan Scenic Area (láo shān fēng jǐng míng shèng qū) Scenic national park located in the east of Qingdao with beautiful monasteries, great fields of green tea and a picturesque view over the city and the sea. (8889-5695) 崂山风景名胜区 Little Qingdao Island (xiăo qīng dǎo) The pleasant little peninsular is also called Lute Island and features a little park, a few small cafés and a white lighthouse. Enjoy a spectacular night view when the lights are all lit after dusk. 26 Qinyu Lu (8286-3944) 小青岛 琴屿路26号 May 4th Square (wǔ sì guǎng chǎng) As a symbol of Qingdao, it got its name in memory of China’s historical May 4th Movement. The spiral sculpture is entitled “Wind of May”. Fountains are scattered across the square, providing it with some magnificent decoration. 35 Donghai Xi Lu 五 四广场 东海西路35号

Music Square (yīn yuè guǎng chǎng) A seaside park adjacent to the May 4th Square, featuring a bunch of statues including ones of Beethoven and Nie Er, the composer of the PRC national anthem. Ao’men Lu 音乐广场 澳门路 Old International Club (guó jì jù lè bù jiù zhǐ) Amazingly preserved German international club, with original furniture, tiles and fireplaces. Serves German food and coffee. 1 Zhongshan Lu 国际聚乐 部旧址 中山路1号

Qingdao Century Park (qīng dǎo shì jì gōng yuán) A spacious clean park for a refreshing morning walk. 318 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (8775-7733) 青岛世纪公园 城阳区兴阳

Crowne Plaza Qingdao 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店 BBQ Festival Comes! Cafe Asian professional chef selects seasonal fresh ingredients to make high quality tender BBQ using microwave. Plus free flow of Tsingtao beer! Also, there is steamed seafood, delicious wonton and organic vegetables. Come taste the delicious barbecue buffet dinner @ Cafe Asian. Date 17:30 - 21:30 (15 July - 20 Aug) Price: 199 RMB per person Special offer: Buy 10 coupons gets 6 free ones BOOKINGS 预订电话:8571-8888 ext. 8600

Tianhou Palace (tiān hòu gōng) 19 Taiping Lu (8287-7656) 天后宫 太平路19号 Tsingtao Brewery Museum (qīng dǎo pí jiǔ bó wù guǎn) 56 Dengzhou Lu (8383-3437) 青岛啤酒 博物馆 登州路56号

Parks & Gardens 公园

Himalayas Qingdao Hotel 青岛证大喜玛拉雅酒店 Z1 Restaurant Buffet Coupons All-day Z1 Restaurant surprises guests with gourmet local and international cuisines. In the dining area, the long vertical crystal droplights, French Le Creuset pots and the open kitchen ensure you have a tasty night out. Z1 Restaurant provides a modern décor where guests can indulge in a delicious feast. Buy ten dinner buffet coupons for just RMB1280 (Z1 dinner buffet coupon: RMB198 net per person) and enjoy a delicious dinner buffet with your family and friends. BOOKINGS 预订电话:6672-9999 ext. Z1Restaurant (8286-8479) 鲁迅公园 琴屿路1号 Shilaoren Sightseeing Garden (shí lǎo rén guān guāng yuán) 1 Laoshan Lu (8883-2599) 石老 人观光园 崂山路1号

Signal Hill (xìn hào shān gōng yuán) 18 Longshan Lu (8279-4141) 信号山公园 龙山路18号

Baihua Park (bǎi huā yuàn) 11 Jingshan Lu (8286-0584) 百花苑 京山路11号

Zhong Shan Park (zhōng shān gōng yuán) 28 Wendeng Lu (8287-0564) 中山公园 文登路28号

Botanical Park (zhí wù yuán) 33 Yunyang Lu (8386-1179) 植物园 郧阳路33号

Various Attractions

Little Fish Hill Park (xiǎo yú shān gōng yuán) 24 Fushan Zhi Lu 小鱼山公园 福山支路24号 Lu Xun Park (lǔ xùn gōng yuán) 1 Qinyu Lu



Badaguan (bā dà guān) A historical mansion area located near the coastline and a popular destination for wedding photography. It remains

桥 太平路12号



Archery 射箭 Thousand Feathers Archery (qiān yǔ shè jiàn guǎn) 20 Donghai Yi Lu 千羽射箭馆 东海一路20号

Art 艺术展览 138 Warehouse (138 yì shù shēng huó guǎn) 138 Xianggang Dong Lu (6869-1888) 138艺术生活 馆 香港东路138号

Van Gogh Paint Café (fàn gāo yì huì kā fēi) 5 Juxian Lu (185 5322-6953) 梵高艺绘咖啡 莒县路5 号 (近邮电博物馆旁斜上坡)

Sculpture Art Museum (diāo sù yì shù guǎn) Donghai Dong Lu (8287-0471) 雕塑艺术馆 崂山 区东海东路

ZAN Art Museum (zàn yī měi shù guǎn) 1F,bldg.3, 100 Nanjing Lu (8310-1989) 赞一美术馆 南京路100号创意100产业园3号楼1层

Baseball 棒球 Enoch International Baseball Club (yǐ nuò guó jì bàng qiú jù lè bù) 6888-0333 以诺国际棒球俱乐部 青岛中心篮球场

Climbing 攀岩 Elite Climbing Club (jīng yīng pān yán jù lè bù) 2F, Yisan Chacheng (Shandong Lu Carrefour), 136 Shandong Lu 菁英攀岩俱乐部 山东路136号壹叁 陆茶城二楼

Tian Tai Sports Centre (tiān tài ·yùn dòng gōng chǎng) Heilongjiang Zhong Lu (136 8765-2382) 天 泰·运动工场 黑龙江中路 28 号天泰奥林匹克大 厦

Dancing Clubs 舞蹈 Dance Kungfu Crew (wǔ gōng táng jiē wǔ jù lè bù) 18 Xinqi Lu (186-7861-2561) 舞功堂街舞俱乐部 新沂路18号(安利大厦后侧200米) Salsa Life Club (sà ěr sà shēng huó jù lè bù) 102, Bulg.3, Creative100, 100 Nanjing Lu (137-30931972) 萨尔萨生活俱乐部 南京路100号创意100产 业园, 3号楼102室


Fitness 健身

Qingdao Guest House (qīng dǎo yíng bīn guǎn) Situated on the southern slope of the picturesque Signal Hill, it is a German style castle with European regal features. 26 Longshan Lu (8288-9888) 青岛迎宾馆 龙山路26号

Aishang Fitness (ài shàng jiàn shēn) 151 Wuxing Lu (8566-0178) 爱尚健身 吴兴路151号 14 Taizhou Lu (6666-7756) 爱尚健身 泰州路14号

Qingdao Polar Ocean World (qīng dǎo jí dì hǎi yáng shì jiè) It holds a large ocean theater which

Impulse Total Fitness (yīng pài sī jiàn shēn jù lè bù) 26 Fuzhou Nan Lu (8578-1388) 英派斯健 身俱乐部 福州南路26号 67 Xianggang Dong Lu (8801-0199) 香港东路67号

can accommodate 2,800 spectators. Whales, dolphins, sea lions and walruses give their best performances there every day. 60 Donghai Dong Lu (8590-9999) 青岛极地海洋世界 东海东路60号

New Power Johnson Fitness (xīn lì qiáo shān jiàn shēn huì suǒ) Room 001, 4th Floor, Qingdao

Qingdao TV Tower (qīng dǎo diàn shì tǎ) A 232 metres tall television tower with an observation deck situated on the top of the 116 metres high Taiping Hill. In the basement, there is a museum of the 2008 Summer Olympics sailing events. 1 Taiping Shan Lu (8365-4020) 青岛电视塔 太平

Qingdao Beihai Fitness Club (qīng dǎo běi hǎi jiàn shēn huì suǒ) 7 Xianggang Zhong Lu (west of Beihai Hotel) (5566-1999) 青岛北海健身会所 香


Qingdao Underwater World (qīng dǎo hǎi dǐ shì jiè) The distinctive Aquarium offers a breathtaking view of a marine world. It combines the Qingdao Aquarium, Specimen Hall and Freshwater Fish Center, becoming a hot spot for marine ecotourism. 1 Laiyang Lu (8287-8218) 青岛海底世 界 莱阳路1号

Seashore Sidewalk (bīn hǎi bù xíng dào) The route runs from Tuandao (Old Town) via Badaguan to Shilaoren in the east. 滨海步行道 从太平路 到东海路

Tian Mu City (tiān mù chéng) A cool indoor city near Beer Street with replicas of various famous and historic locations around the globe. Between Dengzhou Lu and Liaoning Lu 天幕城 登州路和 辽宁路间

Zhan Qiao Pier (zhàn qiáo) A historic symbol of Qingdao built in 1893. It is 400 meters long with the Huilange Pavilion at its tail-end, sometimes holding exhibitions. 12 Taiping Lu (8286-8575) 栈

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Centre Plaza, 8 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6777-1088) 新力乔山健身会所 香港中路8号青岛中心广场A 塔4层001


Fishing 钓鱼 CHN Expert of Angler Society (míng diào huì diào yú jù lè bù) 69 Ao Men Lu (8260-0000) 名钓会钓鱼俱乐部 澳门路 69号(大公海岸)

For Kids 儿童 Bojia Robot Club (bó jiā jī qì rén jù lè bù ) 2F, Leader Shopping Plaza, Laoshan District (80952200) 博佳机器人俱乐部 崂山区丽达购物中心二 楼 3F, Book City, 67 Xianggang Zhong Lu, Shinan District (8588-5068) 香港中路67号书城三层 Fun Club (fēng wán ér ér tóng jù lè bù) 60 Donghai Dong Lu (189-5321-9258) 峰玩儿儿童俱 乐部 东海东路60号 极地海洋世界内 Family Box ( jiā hé zi) L476, MICX, 10 Shandong Lu (5557-5673) 家盒子 山东路10号万象城L476 The Little Gym (xiǎo xiǎo yùn dòng guǎn) L402, MICX, 10 Shandong Lu 小小运动馆 山东路10号 万象城L402

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广告 The Play Kids Cafe 5F, INZONE Mall, 31 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6600-9858) 儿童主题餐厅


香港中路31号 青岛银座中心5层

Swimming 游泳

Football 足球

Yinhai Spa and Sports (yín hǎi jiàn kāng xiū xián huì guăn) 30 Donghai Zhong Lu (8593-9000)

Great Football United (wěi dà zú qiú lián méng),, Phone:158 6307-0867 伟大足球联盟 The Green Football Club (qīng dǎo lǜ yīn zú qiú jù lè bù) 6 Donghai Xi Lu (8389-1522) 青岛绿茵

足球俱乐部 东海西路6号

Tsingtao United FC (qīng dǎo guó jì lián duì), website: http:// 青岛国际联队

Gymnastics 体操 Almighty (qīng dǎo ào mài tǐ tǐ cāo yùn dòng jù lè bù) F1, District D, Qingdao International Trade Mall, 555 Dunhua Lu.(6698-2829) 青岛奥迈体体操 运动俱乐部 敦化路555号 青岛外贸城D区一层

Golf 高尔夫 Big5 (dà wǔ gāo ěr fū liàn xí chǎng) 123 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8588-2075, 8588-7075) 大伍高尔 夫练习场 漳州二路123号

Huashan International Country Club (huá shān guó jì xiāng cūn jù lè bù) Huashan Township, Jimo City (8456-0888) drew_821132@ 华山国际乡村俱乐部 即墨市华山 镇烟青路

Jinling Golf Practice Course (jīn lǐng tè gāo ěr fū liàn xí chǎng) Jinling New Village, Yinchuan Dong Lu (8899-7307) 金岭高尔夫练习场 银川东 路金岭新村

Qingdao International Golf Club (qīng dǎo guó jì gāo ěr fū jù lè bù) Hi-Tech Industrial Park, 118 Songling Lu (8896-0001) cn 青岛国际高尔夫俱乐部 松岭路118号 高科技 工业园

Tiantai Hot Spring Golf Club (tiān tài jià rì wēn quán gāo ěr fū jù lè bù) Inside Jimo Hot Springs Tourist Resort (8657-9888) 天泰温泉高尔 夫俱乐部 即墨温泉旅游度假区内

Jiu-Jitsu 柔术 Gracie Jiu-jitsu Qingdao (gé léi xī bā xī róu shù) 295 Xianggang Dong Lu (187 5391-0000 Egnlish, 185 6151-7933 Mandarin) 格雷西巴西柔 术 香港东路295号路口轮库向北直行1公里处崂 山云雾茶场3楼

Sailing 航海 Flyingfish Sailing Club (fēi yú fān chuán jù lè bù) 3F, West Area, Marina City, 86 Aomen Lu (6885-3611) 飞鱼(青岛)帆船俱乐部 奥帆中心百 丽广场西区3层

Qingdao Furi Yacht And Marina Club (qīng dăo fú rì yóu tĭng jù lè bù) 1 Yan’er Dao Lu (Olympic Sailing Centre) (5555-5555/5566-3333) 青岛福日游 艇俱乐部 燕儿岛路1号(青岛奥帆中心)

Qingdao Jida Sailing Club (qīng dǎo jì dá háng hǎi jù lè bù) 18 Nanhai Lu (137 89867525) 青岛际达航海俱乐部 南海路18号 Qingdao International Yacht Club (Qingdao Olympic Marina) (qīng dǎo guó jì yóu tǐng jù lè bù) 1 Jinhai Lu (6656-0061) 青岛国际游艇俱乐部 金海路1号 (奥帆中心内媒体中心)

Qingdao Olympic Sailing Centre (qīng dǎo ào lín pǐ kè fān chuán zhōng xīn) 1 Yan’erdao Lu (8309-2020) 青岛奥林匹克帆船中心 燕儿岛路1号 Qingdao Sinan Sailing Club (qīng dǎo sī nán fān chuán jù lè bù) 1 Jinwan Lu (152 8898-7909) 青岛司南帆船俱乐部 金湾路1号

Scuba Diving 潜水 Global Dive Adventures and Training (quán qiú qián shuǐ tàn xiǎn hé péi xùn gōng sī) 40 Ningxia Lu (158 6422-7383 150 9200-0062) 全球潜 水探险和培训公司 宁夏路40号

Qingdao Qin Hai Diving Club (qīng dǎo qín hǎi qián shuĭ jù lè bù) 1-6 Wendeng Lu (8388-1170) 青岛琴海潜水俱乐部 文登路1-6号

Squash 壁球 Impulse Total Fitness Squash Court (yīng pài sī jiàn shēn jù lè bù bì qiú shì) 67 Xianggang Dong Lu (8801-0199) 英派斯健身俱乐部壁球室 香

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银海健康休闲会馆 东海中路30号

Wushu 武术 Qingdao Bright Mountain Wushu Club (bèi méng tè wǔ guǎn) 55 Hunan Lu (8286-9566) 贝蒙 特武馆 湖南路55号

Yoga 瑜伽 Daniel 42 Degree Hot Yoga & Massage (sì shí èr dù rè yú jiā zú liáo) 74 Minjiang Lu (89090977) 42度热瑜伽&足疗 闽江路74号 Dinghui Yoga Studio (dìng huì yú gā lǐ liáo gōng zuò shì) Rm305,Building2,69Haimen Lu(130 7082-6906) 定慧瑜伽理疗工作室 海门路69号瑞纳 康都B座305室

Han Xiang Yi Yoga (hán xiāng yí) Rm. 102, Bldg. 1, Changhai Garden, 9 Qingyuan Lu (8572-2257) 涵 香怡 清远路9号 畅海园1单元102

Jingyue Yoga & Crossfit (jìng yuè yú jiā) 1F, Bldg. 6, Pacific Centre, 35 Donghai Xi Lu (138 8496-6312) 静悦瑜伽 东海西路35号太平洋中心 6号楼1层

Jinzhu Yoga & Crossfit (jīn zhū yú jiā jiàn kāng huì suǒ) Hainiu Xincun, 6 Yinchuan Xi Lu (155 5320-8781) 金珠瑜伽健康会所 银川西路6号 内海牛新村 Pilates & Personal Training (159 5480-0102)



Cinemas 影院 1907 (guāng yǐng jù lè bù) A breathtaking restaurant and music hall inside the well-preserved German Sailor’s Club, that also claims to be the first cinema screening venue in China. Gorgeous private cinema rooms for rent on the top floor. 17 Hubei Lu (8285-1907) 光 影聚乐部 湖北路17号

Broadway Cinemas (bǎi lǎo huì) 3F Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (6606-1155) 百老 汇 澳门路88号百丽广场3层

CGV Cinema (xīng jù huì yǐng chéng) L529, Mixc, 10 Shandong Lu (5556-5757) 星聚汇影城 山 东路10号万象城L529

Huachen Cineplex (huá chén yǐng chéng) 8F, MYKAL, 69 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6670-0700) 华臣影城 香港中路69号 麦凯 乐8层

Huacheng Cinema International (qīng dǎo huá chéng guó jì yǐng chéng) 18 Qinling Lu, Laoshan District (8909-8200) 青岛华诚国际影城 崂山区秦岭路18号

Wanda International Cinema City (wàn dá guó jì yǐng chéng) 4F, Wanda, Taidong San Lu (8362-5656) 万达国际影城4层 台东三路63号 3F, CBD Wanda, 116 Yanji Lu (5556-3939) 延吉路116 号万达广场3层

Music Halls 音乐厅 Qingdao Concert Hall (qīng dǎo yīn yuè tīng) 1 Lanshan Lu (8287-7050) 青岛音乐厅 兰山路1号 Qingdao People’s Auditorium (qīng dǎo shì rén mín huì táng) 9 Taiping Lu (8289-7229) 青岛市 人民会堂 太平路9号

Private Cinema 私人影院 Be Together Private Cinema (zài yī qǐ yǐng ba hōng pā guǎn) Rm 2301, Block C, Pengcheng Gardan, 16 Yanerdao Lu (151 5425-9314) 在一起影 吧轰趴馆 燕儿岛路16号鹏程花园C座2301. Rm 410, Leikedun Business Centre, 111 Yanji Lu (185 6256-5546) 延吉路111号雷克顿商务中心四楼410

Theatres 剧场 Qingdao Beijing Opera Theatre (qīng dǎo shì jīng jù yuàn) 76 Yan’an Yi Lu (8273-2612) 青岛市京 剧院 延安一路76号

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/ QINGDAO LISTINGS // 广告 • 青岛黄页 OK Korean food store (ōu kě hán guó shí pǐn pī fā líng shòu shāng diàn) Jia 8 Quanzhou Lu (8588-3644) 欧可韩国食品批发零售商店 泉州

Petdog Health and Well-Being (pài duō gé chǒng wù shēng huó huì guǎn) Rm.19 Hua Hao Yue Yuan,138 Shandong Lu (186 6198-8205/130 7087-7963) 派多格宠物生活会馆 山东路138号花

Qingdao Grand Theatre (qīng dǎo dà jù yuàn) 5 Yunling Lu (8066-5555) 青岛大剧院 云岭路5号

Marina City (bǎi lì guǎng chǎng) 88 Ao’men Lu (6606-1666) 百丽广场 澳门路88号

Qingdao Song and Dance Theatre (qīng dǎo shì gē wǔ jù yuàn) 15 Xing’an Lu (8271-4673) 青

Marks & Spencer (mǎ shā bǎi huò) 1F, Licang Wanda Plaza, 178 Jufeng Lu (6770-6026) 马莎百货

岛市歌舞剧院 兴安路15号

李沧区万达广场店 巨峰路178号大商业1层

Qingdao Olympic Centre (ào fān zhōng xīn dà jù chǎng) 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6656-8666) 奥帆中心大 剧场 燕儿岛路1号

MUJI (wú yìn liáng pǐn) F2-0203, Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (6606-1388) 无印良品 澳门路88号百 丽广场2楼0203

Sporting Goods 运动

Qinghua Theatre (qīng huà xiǎo jù chǎng) 12 Linqing Lu (8281-8181) 青话小剧场 临清路12号

MYKAL (mài kǎi lè) 69 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6670-0666) 麦凯乐 香港中路69号

Decathlon (dí kǎ nóng) 188 Liaoyang Xi Lu (Below Fuliao Overpass) (8561-7788) 迪卡侬 辽阳


Sunshine Department Store (yáng guāng bǎi huò) 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-7166) 阳光百 货 香港中路38号

Sanfo (sān fū hù wài) 52 Donghai Xi Lu (85786628) 三夫户外 东海西路52号

Antiques 古董

Food & Beverage 食品

Tailors 制衣

AEON (jiā shì kè) 72 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85719600) 永旺 香港中路72号 B1, Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (6606-1528) 澳门路88号百丽广场负1层

Honghong Tailor (hóng hóng zhì yī) 6 Xuzhou Lu (8580-2086) 红红制衣 徐州路6号

Antique Market (jiù huò gǔ dǒng shì chǎng) Wenhua Shichang, Changle Lu (8382-3513) 旧货古 董市场 昌乐路 文化市场

Sanshengyuan Artworks Shop (sān shēng yuán) 67 Aomen Lu (8579-7833) 三生缘 澳门 路67号

Art 艺术 Boya Art & Framing Gallery (bó yǎ huà láng) Art and Photos 52 Minjiang Er Lu (8577-5924) 博雅 画廊 闽江二路 52号

Qingdao Modern Artists Gallery (qīng dǎo dāng dài yì shù jiā huà láng) 3 Changle Lu (8380-2977) 青岛当代艺术家画廊 昌乐路3号 Yi Pin Tang (yì pǐn táng) 2-3 Changle Lu Culture Market (8381-5166) 逸品堂 昌乐路市场2-3号

Bookstores 书店 Fang Suo Commune (fāng suǒ) B-168, G-168, MIXC, 6 Jia Shandong L. (5566-7080) 方所 山东路6 号甲青岛华润万象城B-168、G-168

Momicafe (māo de tiān kōng zhī chéng) B151, MIXc, 10 Shandong Lu (5557-5360) 猫的天空之城 山东路10号万象城B151

Sobook (rú shì shū diàn) 1Floor, East Squire of Guoxin Stadium, 3 Yinchuan Dong Lu (8272-5567) 如是书店 银川东路3号 国信体育场东广场M区1层

SONO SPACE (bú shì shū diàn) 1F Bldg 3, Creative 100, 100 Nanjing Lu (8080-9565) 不是书店 南京路100号创意100产业园3号楼1层

Electronics 数码产品 Apple Store (pín guǒ qí jiàn diàn) MIXc Mall 10 Shandong Lu, Shinan District 青岛万象城 市南 区山东路10号

Computer City (diàn zǐ xìn xī chéng) 226 Liaoning Lu (8382-2536) 电子信息城 辽宁路226号

Abbica Coffee (qīng dǎo ā bì kǎ jìn chū kǒu yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 4 (Ding) Jingguo Er Lu (85712323) 青岛阿璧卡进出口有限公司 宁国二路4号丁 Carrefour Xinxing Store ( jiā lè fú xīn xìng diàn) 128 Shandong Lu (8508-9156) 家乐福新兴 店 山东路128号 Carrefour Mingda Store (jiā lè fú míng dá diàn) 21 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8584 -5026) 家乐福

名达店 香港中路21号

Casa-Mia Gourmet Shop (kă sà mĭ yà shí pĭn zhuān yíng diàn) 卡萨米亚食品专营店 Search on Tmall for卡萨米亚食品专营店 Daichi Farm (dà dì nóng chǎng) 67 Xianggang Dong Lu (8801-5151) 大地农场 香港东路67号 Debauve & Gallais (fǎ guó dài bǎo jiā lái) 501, Unit 2, Bldg.3, 51 Donghai Xi Lu (8597-1807) 法国黛 堡嘉莱 东海西路51号3号楼2单元501

DEFA Inside Hisense Plaza, 50 Donghai Xi Lu (8253-0686) 东海西路50号 海信广场内 Double espresso co.Ltd (qīng dǎo bèi nóng kā fēi yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 28 Xianggang Xi Lu (8386-6325, 156 0532-1652) beinongcoffee@126. com, 青岛贝浓咖啡有限 公司 香港西路28号

Hanbur German Bakery (hàn bǎi mài xiāng). Supermaket, B1, Hisense Plaza, 50 Donghai Xi Lu (8572-6865) 汉柏麦香 东海西路50号 海信广场 负1层超市

Maui International (máo yī guó jì) (8575-3390) 毛伊国际 Metro (mài dé lóng) 116 Chongqing Nan Lu (8566-8888, EN 8089-9880) 麦德龙 重庆南路 116号

Yongsheng Camera Store (yǒng shèng shè yǐng qì cái) 9 Tianjin Lu (8285-8859) 永盛摄影器

Fashion 时尚 Darling Harbour Qingdao (xīn hǎi guǎng chǎng) 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6656-7888) 心海广场 燕 Qingdao MIXc (qīng dǎo wàn xiàng chéng) 10 Shandong Lu, Shinan District 青岛万象城 市南区 iGo Mall (ài gòu shí shàng bǎi huò shāng chéng) 18 Gutian Lu (8118-0888) 爱购时尚百货商 城 古田路18号

Leader Plaza (lì dá gòu wù zhōng xīn) 18, Qinling Lu (6671-8018) 丽达购物中心 秦岭路18号 Lion Mall (jīn shī guǎng chǎng) Yi, 195 Xianggang Dong Lu (5572-5799) 金狮广场 香港东路195号乙 Longshan Underground Shopping Centre (lóng shān dì xià shāng chéng) 29 Jiangsu Lu (8286-8902) 龙山地下商城 江苏路29号 LOAFFER Shoe Room 802, Guolong Tangchao, 16 Gaoxiong Lu (155 8866-8877) LOFFER乐福鞋 高 雄路16号国隆唐巢1单元802

西路188号 (福辽立交桥下)

ORCAFFE Ltd (ōu kǎ kā fēi yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Set up in 2004, ORCAFFE has been devoting itself to promoting fine coffee and coffee related products. Tailored to meet the different needs from the clients for every occasions, services provided by ORCAFFE include planning, training, aftermarket together with world famous coffee products and equipments. 欧卡咖啡成立于 2004 年,创始至今一直致力于推广精品咖啡及相关产 品。针对不同用户在不同场所的使用,欧卡提供 专业严谨地规划、培训、售后服务,同时供应世 界知名品牌咖啡设备及原材料。100 meters east from the intersection of Meiling Dong Lu and Songling Lu. (400-600-5751) 欧卡咖啡 梅岭东路 与松岭路 交叉口向东100米 RT Mart (dà rùn fā) 162 Ningxia Lu (8578-0529) 大润发 宁夏路162号 SAW Strong Ale Works (qiáng mài pí jiǔ) 12 Daxue Lu (136 0896-4700) strongaleworks@gmail. com 强麦啤酒 大学路12号 Silver Garden Grocery Shop (yín dū huā yuán gòu wù shāng chǎng) 1A Cuibaige, Bldg. 12, Yindu Garden, 1 Zhanghua Lu (8589-7732) 银都花 园购物商场 彰化路1号 银都花园12号翠柏阁1A Swissmooh (ruì shì ruì mù shí pǐn) B1-37/38, Marina City, 99 Aomen Lu 瑞士瑞慕食品 澳门路88 号 百丽广场B1-37/38

Watsons (qū chén shì) 1F, Sunshine Department Store, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-7166) 屈臣氏 香港中路38号 阳光百货1层 1F, Gome, 37 Taidong Yi Lu 台东一路37号国美大卖场1层 21 Xianggang Dong Lu 香港东路21号

Home Goods 家居 B&Q (bǎi ān jū) 38 Shandong Lu (8580-6611) 百安 居 山东路38号 188 Liaoyang Xi Lu (8566-1000) 辽 阳西路188号 138 jia Haier Lu (8891-6611) 百安居 海尔路138号甲

Pure Inc. (chún jìng yuán guó jì shāng mào yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Rm 808, 19 Bldg C, Zhonghuan Plaza, Zhangzhou Er Lu (80860615) Email: 纯净源国际商贸(


Jimo Lu Market (jí mò lù xiǎo shāng pǐn pī fā shì chǎng) Jimo Lu 即墨路小商品批发市场 即墨路

Qingdao Free Cat Adoption (137 9198-7701),

Haibo Furniture Market (hǎi bó jiā jū chāo shì) 28 Dunhua Lu (8308-5739) 海博家居超市 敦 化路28号




BM Ultra Top quality mattress with affordable price (English - Cathy 132 5555-6553, Korean Song 186 7890-0384, Chinese - Lee 156 0542-6234)

材 天津路9号

Hisense Plaza (hǎi xìn guǎng chǎng) 50 Donghai Xi Lu (6678-8888) 海信广场 东海西路


青岛)有限公司 漳州二路19号中环国际C座808

Mission Coffee Roasting (mài sēn kā fēi) The professional coffee roaster and coffee equipment supplier. Gourmet coffee, roasted fresh in Qingdao. Ten years of coffee roasting experience, professional coffee technology training and after-sales service have made us a unique brand in Qingdao. 专业咖 啡豆烘焙厂及咖啡设备销售商。10年的咖啡豆烘 焙经验,专业的咖啡技术培训、售后维护团队, 造就了岛城著名的咖啡品牌。Exclusive store: 49 Donghai Xi Lu (8572-8539) 迈森咖啡 专卖店 东海 西路49号 Taste: 5#102, Fanhai Mingren, Minjiang Er Lu (8090-2281) 体验店 闽江二路泛海名人广 场5#102 Factory: 35 Zhangzhou Yi Lu (139 53253732) 工厂 漳州一路35号

My Glow Juice (měi kē) 220, 2nd floor, West Area, Marina City, 88 Aomen Lu (close to bank of China) (6606-1089) 美棵 澳门路88号 百丽广场西 区2层220甲

Westin Shop (wēi sī tīng shāng diàn) 1F, The Westin Qingdao, 8 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6777-1866) 威斯汀商店 香港中路8号青岛威斯 汀酒店1层

Musical Instruments 乐器 Baldwin Musical Instruments (bào dé wēn gāng qín zhuān mài diàn) 91 (Yi) Jiangxi Lu (8573-4599) 鲍德温钢琴专卖店 江西路91号乙 Guitar For you (jí tā zhuān mài) (139 6396 -1061) 吉他专卖 Guitar Square (jí tā píng fāng) 28 Huangshan Lu (8272-6977) 吉他平方 黄山路28号

Pets 宠物

Wine 葡萄酒 Buller Wines (ào dà lì yà bù lè jiǔ zhuāng) Rm.603, 63 Xianggang Xi Lu (189 5329-2706) 澳大 利亚布乐酒庄 香港西路63号603室

Dong Zhou Fu Long World Wines (dōng zhōu fù lóng jiǔ yè) 2 Yuexiu Lu (6656-7999, 66568888) 东洲富隆酒业 越秀路2号 France Bacchus Bldg 9, 3 Xuzhou Lu (85898830) 徐州路3号9号楼 La Cave a Didier (dí jié jiǔ zhuāng) 135 Marina City West Zone, 86 Ao‘men lu (6606-1059) 狄杰酒 庄 澳门路86号 百丽广场西区135号

Latour Laguens World Fine Wine Cellar (lā tú lā gān guó jì jiǔ jiào) Unit 2, 31 Yan’an Yi Lu (6669-1111, 8325-3333) 拉图拉甘国际酒窖 延安 一路31号

Pentagon Enterprise Co., Ltd (pài dá gé jìn chū kǒu yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Room 401, Bldg. 2, Jianshan Dijing Mansion, 10 Shandong Lu (80795257) 青岛派格达进出口 有限公司 山东路10号 江山帝景2号楼401

Qingdao Wine Culture Street (qīng dǎo hóng jiǔ jiē) Yan’an Yi Lu 青岛红酒街 延安一路 Sunshinry Wine Cellar (lǎng yí jiǔ háng) 43 Minjiang Er Lu (6677-6999) 朗怡酒行 闽江二路 43号

Wine529 Provider of fine Austrian and German wines from small, mostly family-run wineries. No store address: go to (or call 158 6308-4160) 德国及奥地利原装葡萄酒 WinItaly Room 2557, Zhongshang Mansion, 100 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8592-6326) 香港中路 100 号中商大厦2557 

BEAUTY 美容美体 Spas 美容养生 Ming Yu International Beauty Studio (míng yú guó jì měi yán gōng zuò shì) 10 Shandong Lu (186 6165-1377) 铭妤国际美颜工作室 山东路10号 Sleeping Lotus SPA (shuì lián yǎng shēng měi róng guǎn) A3, 26 Donghai Zhong Lu (inside Langqin Garden) (8593-6007/08) 睡莲养生美容馆 东海中路26号A3 (浪琴园内) Tian Bei’s Beauty & Health Care Salon (tián bèi měi róng bǎo jiàn huì suǒ) 203 Minjiang Lu (8077-7792) 田蓓美容保健会所 闽江路203号

Hairdressers 美发 FRANCK PROVOST (ruì shì ruì mù shí pǐn) L320, MixC, 10 Shangdong Lu (5576-8528) 梵珀巴黎法式 发艺 山东路10号万象城L320

Leekaja Hair Biz (lǐ jiā zǐ xíng xiàng shè jì zhōng xīn) 1 (Jia) Xianxia Ling Lu 李嘉子形象设计 中心 仙霞岭路1号甲

ME (ME měi fā) 5F, The Westin Qingdao, 8 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8611-1885) ME美发 香港中 路8号青岛威斯汀酒店5层

Angora (ān gē lǔ chǒng wù diāo zhuān mài diàn) 32 Nanjing Lu (150-6616-7688) 安哥鲁宠物

貂专卖店 南京路32号


Jin Yuan Zhi Yi (jīn yuán zhì yī) 2F, 1-118 Chuandai Da Shijie, 86 Taidong San Lu (8907-0172) 金源制衣 台东三路86号穿戴大世界二楼1-118号

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Pleasantress Ladies Hair Salon (bó fēi sī nǚ zǐ měi fà huì suǒ) 30, Donghai Zhong Lu (East gate of Yinhai Yacht Club) (8592-6188) 柏飞丝女子美发

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广告 会所 东海中路30号-银海游艇俱乐部东门内

校 城阳区天河路1号

Steve is ‘The Hair Doctor,’ a British hairstylist with over 28 years of experience in all aspects of hairstyling, offering a full range of professional hairstyling services. By appointment only; high quality and personalised hairstyling service. Full nail services by ‘The Nail Nurse.’ For appointments call 136 8145-3740

Qingdao No.1 International School of Shandong Province (shān dōng shěng qīng dǎo dì yī guó jì xué xiào) Accepting students from pre-K to grade 12 (5-17 years of age), QISS utilizes a US curriculum (Common Core), and is WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accredited. In addition, Advanced Placement courses are available on-site in  13  subjects. We offer AP Studio Art, Chemistry, Biology,Environmental Science, Economics, World History, Comparative Government, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, Chinese, Language Arts, Human Geography. The school is licensed by Qingdao Bureau of Education. 232 Songling Lu (6889-8888) 山东省青岛第一国际

DONG Hairdressing (DONG měi fā shā lóng) 6F, 12 Xinhui Lu (5897-5222) DONG美发沙龙 新会 路12号 中航翔通游艇会6层

TouchHair (yí zūn měi fà) Vidal Sassoon Academy graduate, student of Japanese hair stylist Kawasaki -An expert in hair treatment. 颐尊美发 师从日本发艺巨匠川崎大师,进修于沙宣美发学 院。主修专业:经典剪裁。3F Le Meridien Qingdao


学校 松岭路232号

Hotel, 112 Yanji Lu (5557-0403 Suki 186 6028-9276) 延吉路112号 青岛万达艾美酒店3层

Massage 按摩 LiShui Tang (lì shuǐ táng) 1 Xinzhu Lu (159 0899-2971) 丽水堂 新竹路1号

Shu Yuan Massage Parlour (shū yuàn àn mō) 50m south of the intersection of Jiangxi Lu and Minjiang Yi Lu (6601-7323) 江西路和闽江二路路 口南50米

Traditional Chinese Medical Massage (chuán tǒng zhōng yī àn mó) Is there anything more relieving than getting a rub down from a professional masseur? We can’t think of anything, and this place comes recommended for delivering truly salubrious as well as relaxing massages. 没有 什么比按摩能更好的舒缓压力。建议来此享受一 下真正有益健康的放松按摩。Get rid of suffering.

Home visit service provided (150 9229-7893) 传统中医按摩

EDUCATION 教育 International Schools 国际学校 Tel: 0532 8699 5551 Yew Chung International School of Qingdao (qīng dǎo yào zhōng guó jì xué xiào) YCIS accepts students in the Kindergarten to Year 13 (3 – 18 years old) age range and follows an international curriculum based on the schemes of work and framework of the National Curriculum for England. YCIS aims to provide students a unique opportunity to embrace bilingual learning, leading to proficiency in the world’s main languages and entry in to some of the world’s top universities. Huangdao campus, 72 Taihangshan Lu (8699-5551) 青岛耀中国际学校 黄岛区太行山路72号

Guokai International School (guó kāi zhōng xué guó jì bù) 1 Tianhe Lu, Chengyang District (8471-6288, 137 9323-3392, 187 6425-8880) www. Wechat 官方微信:guokaiguojibu 国 开中学国际部 城阳区天河路1号

International Department of Qingdao Galaxy School (qīng dǎo yín hé xué xiào guó jì bù) 47 Tongchuan Lu, Licang District (8880-8315) 青岛银河学校国际部 李沧区铜川路47号

International School of Qingdao (mti) (qīng dǎo MTI guó jì xué xiào) Starting at pre-school and rising to grade 12 (2-18 years of age), ISQ follows a US based curriculum, is WASC and NCCT accredited and offers an extensive range AP courses. The school also offers honours courses in all core subjects. In addition, away from the classroom, ISQ has an extensive MUN program, Student Council and Leadership Development. Throughout, its educational focus is on university preparation. Baishan Compus, Dong Jiang, Sha Zi Kou, Laoshan District (8881-5668) www. isqchina. com 青岛MTI国际学校 崂山区沙子口东姜白珊

Chinese Language 汉语 Han Xing Chinese College (hàn xing shū yuàn) F11, Bldg 6, Software Park, 288 Ningxia Lu (136 5532-6948, 178 6421-5383) (Eng) WeChat: chaxiang_ yinyun 汉兴书院 宁夏路288号 市南软件园6号楼 11层(近宁德路门)

Goldencareer Training School (jīn qián chéng péi xùn xué xiào) Chinese training, English training, TOEIC, Translation outsourcing service. www.goldencareer. cn, 12F, Bldg. G5, 288 Ningxia Lu (8597-5725, 8597-5726, 8597-5728) 金前程培训学校 宁夏路 288号G5楼12层


Korean International School of Qingdao (qīng dǎo hán guó guó jì xué xiào) 16 Haiqing Lu, Laoshan District (8801-5765) 青岛韩国国际学 校 崂山区海青路16号

Qingdao Amerasia International School (qīng dǎo měi yà guó jì xué xiào) Catering to the needs of international learners from Toddler through Grade 12, QAIS is the first IB World School in Shandong Province and is the first school in Asia to be accredited by the American Montessori Society. Their commitment to holistic, inquiry-based education is unique in preparing students for the challenges of our century, creating internationalminded citizens who work for peace. The IB Diploma Program, offered at QAIS, is the highest international standard for pre-university education, and opens doors to universities and careers around the world. 68 Shandongtou Lu (8388-9900) info@ QingdaoAmerasia. org, 青岛美亚国际学校 山东头路68号

Qingdao Chungwoon Korean School (qīng dǎo qīng yún hán guó xué xiào) 1 Tianhe Lu, Chengyang District (6696-8686) 青岛青云韩国学

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Chinese Language Centre - XMandarin (xīn huán qiú hàn yǔ) Mandarin Chinese training, IPA/PAT Chinese Language Teacher Training Programs XMandarin Chinese Language Centre provides a wide variety of courses (small group/ private) and best customer service (student visa, introducing jobs, relocation) for international students who are going to learn Mandarin Chinese during their Qingdao residence. 汉语言培训,IPA/ PAT国际注册汉语教师培训。www.0532study. com, Rm. 1605, Bldg A, Central International (Zhonghuan) Plaza, 19 Zhangzhou Er Lu (Bank of China’s upstairs) (8807-8385, 135 8927-8775) 新环球汉语 漳州二路19号中环国际广 场A座1605室

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每周餐厅以及酒吧促销活动 Every Monday 每周一

Every Thursday 每周四

Korona Grill House Ribs Night

138 Art Mexican Night

Pork ribs dinner only ¥79/person. 青岛可罗嘉西餐厅 猪排之夜 猪排只需79元/位

Lucca Restaurant Steak Day Steak meal only ¥68/person. 卢卡西餐厅 牛排日 牛排套餐只需68元

Every Wednesday 每周三 Angelinas Angels Night All ladies can enjoy free cocktails from 8pm till 1am. 安吉丽娜 天使之夜 8点到凌晨1点,女士可畅饮精选鸡 尾酒。

Best 1998 Ladies Night Free select cocktails available all night for ladies. Gentleman can enjoy the same promotion for ¥110. 贝斯特1998音乐餐厅女士之夜 女士当晚特选鸡尾酒畅饮,男士则仅需 110元畅饮。

Club New York Ladies’ Night All ladies can enjoy free selected cocktails (sexy on the beach, vodka orange juice, green earth) from 9pm to 12am. 纽约吧 女士之夜 晚9点至凌晨12点,所有到场女士均可免 费畅饮制定鸡尾酒(性感沙滩、伏特橙汁、 绿地球)。

Every Thursday from 5:30 to 9:30pm enjoy an all-you-can-eat Mexican Buffet for only ¥59. 138艺术餐厅 墨西哥自助晚餐 下午5点半至晚9点半,墨西哥自助餐仅需 59元/位。

Little LPG’s Quiz Night Bring a team or join one at the bar. Free with prizes. For dinner, ¥50 Chicken Parma with a free Carlsberg draught beer. 小LPG 知识竞答之夜 自己组队前来应战或者现场加入其它小 组,赢取免费奖品。晚餐特惠:帕玛鸡肉+ 一杯嘉士伯扎啤,仅需50元。

小LPG 血腥玛丽日 血腥玛丽当天仅售20元/杯

Daily 每日促销活动 Lobby Lounge, 5F, The Westin Qingdao 青岛威斯汀酒店大堂吧 5F

Q bar

• Pure Refreshment

Beer package RMB 300net 12 bottles (Shangri-la qingdao beer , Heineken ,Budweiser,qingdao premium beer)and one piece of Q bar snack

Revitalize and energize with Westin Fresh by The Juicery, an assortment of nourishing, healthy juices and smoothies. Curated in partnership with the experts at The Juicery, each of these custom blends packs a punch of refreshing goodness.

• 威斯汀鲜活饮38元/杯

Sunset Café BBQ Hamburger Special

• Constellation Cocktails 18:00-19:00 21:00-22:00

Angelinas Demons Night

Early summer time of passion bursting 12 constellation cocktails, Heat and coldness blended perfectly unique the cool summer experience.

纽约吧 威士忌可乐、朗姆可乐、金汤力及螺丝 刀,每日买一送一。

Every Friday 每周五 日落咖啡 烧烤汉堡特惠

Gentlemen who dress to impress will be eligible for one free drink and one free surprise gift.

• 十二星座鸡尾酒

安吉丽娜 男士之夜 当晚所有到场的男士,只要穿着得体时 尚,即可以享用免费酒水一杯及惊喜礼物 一个。

18:00-19:00 21:00-22:00 激情初夏时光迸发12星座魅力之饮,冰眼 与火热完美融为一体,享受与众不同的盛 夏清凉体验。

Best 1998 Office Night

• Passionate Drinks Bursting With Vitality 18:00-19:00 21:00-22:00

Give the bartender your business card and select drinks are buy-one-get-one-free.

Any alcoholic drinks buy one get one free.

• 激情畅饮活力无限

Free tango lessons. Buy-one-get-onefree glasses of wine or Efes beer.

Every Saturday 每周六

• Cheer Up With Tsingtao Beer

米兰诺 探戈&畅饮之夜 免费教授探戈;葡萄酒及艾菲斯啤酒 买一赠一。

Every Saturday 8-9pm belly dancers perform at Istanbul restaurant.

Ladies enjoy 5 varieties of free cocktails available until midnight. 炫吧 女士之夜 女士可畅饮5款免费鸡尾酒直到午夜。

Loong Bar Ladies Night Free select drinks for ladies from 10:30pm to 3am. Gin, Vodka, Rum and selected beers are buy-one-get-onefree. Loong Bar 女士之夜 晚10点半至凌晨3点,女士可免费畅饮 特选鸡尾酒。金酒、伏特加、朗姆及特 选啤酒买一赠一。 Nichibi Foreign Language School of Qingdao (rì měi wài yǔ zhuān xiū xué xiào) Rm.1206, F12, Bldg. A, Zhonghuan Plaza, 19 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8570-8571, English: 8570-8130) info@, URL: 日 美外语专修学校 漳州二路19号 中环国际广场A 座12层1206

Qing Zhi Zijin Chinese Language Training Centre (qīng zhī zǐ jīn hàn yǔ péi xùn zhōng xīn) Rm.1112, Bldg.A, Hongkong Garden, Quanzhou Lu (135 8322-4253) Conversational course, HSK--all levels, Traditional culture &poem, University


Every afternoon, Americano Coffee RMB10

Club New York

18:00-19:00 21:00-22:00 所有酒精饮品买一送一

Q Bar Ladies Night


威斯汀鲜活饮包含多种及其滋养、有益 健康的果汁和冰沙。均由威斯汀与The Juicery专家合作打造,每一款都能够为你 带来充沛活力。

贝斯特1998音乐餐厅商务之夜 向酒保出示你的名片,便可享受酒水买一 赠一。

Milano Tango & Drinks Special

14:00-17:00 人民币98元/两位 享受悠闲时光,更可用知己好友分享 — 活力下午茶,威斯汀明星厨师用信 封上经典茶点直选和现代创意美味, 精彩无限。

Istanbul Turkish Belly Dancing Night 伊斯坦布尔肚皮舞之夜 每周六晚8-9点,伊斯坦布尔会有肚皮舞 表演。

Best 1998 Student and Teacher’s Night Present your student or teacher ID at the bar and get unlimited select drinks all night for only ¥60. 贝斯特1998音乐餐厅师生之夜 向酒保出示你的教师资格证或者学生证, 便可60元畅饮特选酒水。

Every Sunday 每周日 Little LPG Bloody Mary

Optional four kinds of Qingdao Beer with snacks only RMB 98/person The Westin Qingdao exquisitely prepared many different kinds of Tsingtao Beer, invite you to enjoy the cool summer.

• 欢畅青岛啤酒 任选四款青岛啤酒含精致小食仅需98元/位 青岛威斯汀酒店大堂吧精心准备了不同种 类的青岛啤酒,邀您畅饮整个盛夏。

• Afternoon Tea 14:00-17:00 RMB 98/2persons

• 活力下午茶

literature entrance works, Business course. Promise education! 青之子衿汉语


培训中心 泉州路3号香港花园A座1112室

English Language 英语 Gnlight of Mine English Training (qīng dǎo lù guāng měi yīn wài yǔ péi xùn xué xiào) 3F, Xutai Garden4, 20 Yan’er Dao Lu http://www.glmine. com/ (400 6018-133/6677-5122) 青岛绿光美音外语 培训学校 燕儿岛路20号旭泰花园4号楼3层

Joy Children’s English School (jiā yīn yīng yǔ) F1-2, 130 Zhangzhou Lu

cn (8571-5991, 8572-6752) 佳音英语 漳州路130 New Channel·International Education for Young Learners (xīn háng dào ·qīng shǎo nián guó jì jiāo yù xué ) 19th Floor, Flagship Building, Sunshine Department Store (8667-8833) 新航道· 青少年国际教育学院 阳光百货旗舰大厦19层

Qingdao International Language Institute (Global IELTS) (qīng dǎo guó jiāo wài yǔ péi xùn xué xiào (huán qiú yǎ sī)) Bldg.6, 35 Jiangxi Lu (8581-9871) 青岛国交外语培训学校(环球雅 思)江西路35号6号楼

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Loong Bar happy hour From 00:00-02:00, free flow beers, tequila shots and Kamikazes are only 100RMB/person. 欢乐时光 从晚上0点至凌晨2点,仅需100元,青 啤,龙舌兰,神风Shot畅饮。

Freeman All night long: Jager shots ¥10 and Moscow Mules 3 for 2. 自由人酒吧 野格短饮仅需10元,莫斯科骡子买2 得3。

Every Tuesday / Wednesday / Tursday / Friday 每周二、周三、周四、周五 11:30-16:00

ISTANBUL Turkish Special Lunch 20% off. Turkish EFES beers buy one get one free. All drinks 30 % discount.

Every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday 每周二、周三、周四

A time to sit comfortably or with your loved one to enjoy afternoon tea chosen from traditionally glamorous delicacies, modern twists on teatime treats and innovative tastes designed by our master chef.

¥20 Bloody Marys all day.

Every night buy-one-get-one-free Whisky Cola, Rum & Coke, Gin & Tonic and Vodka Orange.

T’9 Beer Supermarket All REDSTAR readers can enjoy 8 bottles of Hoegaarden for just ¥100.

T’9 啤酒超市 所有红星读者均可100元享用8瓶福 佳白啤酒。

Wall Street English (huá ěr jiē yīng yǔ) 2F, Golden Plaza, 20 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8502-5469 ) 华尔街英语 香港中路20号 黄金广场2层 Rm. 19, 1F, Zhonghuan Plaza, 79 Zhangzhou Lu (6677-5858) 华尔街英语 漳州路79号 中环国际 广场1层19号

French Language 法语 Alliance Francaise (qīng dǎo fǎ yǔ lián méng) 3F, Zone H, 23 Xianggang Dong Lu (Ocean Uni) (8590-6232) 青岛法语联盟 香港东路23号中国海洋大学H区3层

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广告 German Language 德语 Goethe-Sprachlernzentrum an der Qingdao Universität (qīng dǎo dà xué gē dé yǔ yán zhōng xīn) 5F, Bldg D (west), Qingdao University, 9 Xianggang Dong Lu (8595-0060) 青岛大学歌德 语言中心 香港西路青岛大学香港东路9号青岛大学 科技园D栋西楼5楼

Korean Language 韩语 Tianyan Korean Language Centre (tiān yán hán guó yǔ péi xùn) 20th Floor, Bldg A, Central International (Zhonghuan) Plaza, 19 Zhangzhou Er Lu (Bank of China’s upstairs) (8589-9336) 天言韩国语培训 漳州二路19 号 中环国际广场A座第20层

Music Schools 音乐学校 Baby Mozat Music School (xiǎo xiǎo mò zhā tè yīn lè guǎn) 109 Yanji Lu (8501-7918) 小小莫扎特 音乐馆 延吉路109号

Classic Guitar Training (gǔ diǎn jí tā péi xùn) 8 Zhangping Lu (139 6396-1061) 古典吉他培训 漳 平路8号

Jiawentang Guqin Club (jiā wén tang gǔ qín shè) Room.201, unit 2, bldg.1, Tianlin Gardan, 2 Donghai Xi Lu (8382-6339) 嘉文堂古琴社 东海西 路2号 天林花园1号楼2单元201室

Qing Dao GuYun Music Centre 162 Jiangxi Lu (8590-0377) 青岛鼓韵文化艺术培训学校 江西路 162号 84-9 Yan’an Lu (8272-2817) 青岛鼓韵文化艺 术培训学校 延安路84-9号

For Kids 幼教 Qingdao International Community Centre (qīng dǎo guó jì jiāo liú zhōng xīn ) South entrance at 16 Donghai Xi Lu, Floor 5 (8388-7176) 青 岛国际交流中心 东海西路16号南门5楼

Kindergartens 幼儿园


(co-author of the PYP-Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate). The program is implemented by teacher teams consisting of a qualified early childhood native speaker of English and a Chinese early childhood teacher. Training for teachers is provided on site by Dr. Lieblich. In our child friendly and supportive environment children learn through exploration, active-reflection, and creation. 22 Taipingjiao Yi Lu (8501-0777 185 60605201) 金色花国际幼儿园 太平角一路2 CHERIE HEARTS No.1 International Kindergarten of Qingdao (xīn jiā pō tóng xīn guó jì qīng dǎo dì yī yòu ér yuán tóng xīn guó jì) 232 Songling Lu, Laoshan District (Inside Qingdao Chengtou International Education Park) (6889-8555 / 8889) 新加坡童心国际青岛第一幼儿园童心国际 青岛市 崂山区 松岭路232号 青岛城投教育园

PKU College Qingdao Tianxi International Perschool (běi dà gōng xué qīng dǎo tiān xǐ guó jì yòu ér yuán) 1 Donghai Dong Lu ( 68062777) 北大公学青岛天玺国际幼儿园 东海东路1号 Qingdao WISBABY International Preschool (xī huá bǎo bèi yòu ér yuán) Qingdao WISBABY International Preschool is accepting applications now! Fully qualified teaching staff, 2 male international teachers and a choice of bilingual, international and school holiday programmes! Contact us to come and take a look! Be in quick to receive a special discount for our international class!青岛西华宝贝幼儿园现在招生了!我们拥有 资深教学团队,两名男性国际老师。另外还有双 语、国际以及假期项目可供选择!赶快联系我们 吧!早期报名者还可以享受国际课程优惠喔!87 Laoshan Lu (8801-9050, 155 5424-6662) 西华宝贝 幼儿园 崂山路87号

International Academy School 国际公学 Confucius International School Qingdao (niú jīn gōng xué) 232 Songling Lu (6889-8000) 青岛

孔裔(牛津)国际公学 松岭路232号

Okma International Academy Qingdao (qīng dǎo hàn měi gōng xué) 瀚美公学青岛 Campus Address: Crossing of Jialing Jiang Lu and Changjiang Lu, Huangdao. Admission Office: 44-A007, Wanbang Center, Qingdao. (8675-3277, 6602-7210) 学校地址:黄岛嘉陵江路和长江路路 口。办公室地址:青岛万邦中心44-A007

Malvern College Qingdao (qīng dǎo mò ěr wén zhōng xué ) 77 Tieqi Shan Lu, Chengyang District (5865-9999) 青岛墨尔文 中学 城阳区惜福镇铁骑山路77号

Montessori Children’s House at QAIS (qīng dǎo měi yà guó jì xué xiào méng tè suǒ lì ér tong zhī jiā) 68 Shandongtou Lu (8388-9900), www. 青岛美亚国际学校 蒙特梭

Pegasus California School, Qingdao (bó gé sī jiā zhōu xué xiào qīng dǎo) is a private, non-profit school with California credentialed teachers and a California curriculum. Their goal is to provide a world class California school experience where they challenge, engage, inspire, and support students as they prepare to go abroad for university. Qingdao National Science Park, High-tech Industrial Development Zone (6801-3933) 博格 思加州学校

利儿童之家 山东头路68号


Bright Start Early Childhood Center (qīng dǎo MTI guó jì xué xiào yòu jiāo zhōng xīn) 1st Floor, Building 15,Yamai Shan Cheng, Qingdasan Lu, Laoshan District (86 532) 6865 2268 admissions@ 青岛MTI国际学校幼教中心 崂山区

Qingdao Chaoyin International School Middle/ High School (qīng dǎo chāo yín guó jì xué xiào) Middle and High School, 16 Jinshan Lu (8579-6196) Primary School, 2 Zhenjiang Zhi Lu 青岛超银国际学

青大三路 亚麦山城15 号楼1层

校 初高中部 金沙路16号 小学部 镇江支路2号

Southlands Schools China (měi guó suǒ sī lán zhōng xué) 7 Longchuan Lu (6889-8998) 青岛索斯 兰学校 龙川路7号

Private Schools 私立学校 Baishan School (bái shān xué xiào) Dong Jiang, Sha Zi Kou, Laoshan District (88815851) 白珊学校 崂山区 沙子口东姜

Qingdao Laoshan New Century School (qīng dǎo láo shān xīn shì jì xué xiào) 232 Songling Lu (6889-8898) 青岛崂山新世纪学校 松岭路232 号 4 Xiaoyao San Lu (8592-0954) 逍遥三路4号 Yinhai School (yín hǎi xué xiào) 16 Donghai Dong Lu (8668-5819) 银海学校 东海东路16号 Champa Flower International Kindergarten (qīng dǎo jīn sè huā guó jì yòu ér yuán) CFIK accepts students for Kindergarten. The bilingual (English-Chinese), program, follows the Wonder~Discover~Create curriculum framework developed solely for CFIK by Dr. Paul Lieblich

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MEDICAL 医疗 Hospitals 医院 Bellaire Medical Centre (bèi lì ěr yī liáo zhōng

=parking Check for menu, images and more


/ QINGDAO LISTINGS // 广告 • 青岛黄页 xīn) Bldg. 49, Silver Garden, 1 Zhanghua Lu (85927119) 贝利尔医疗中心 彰化路1号 银都花园49号楼

Zhong Lu (8801-0022) 青岛诺德整形美容医院 青 岛崂山区香港东路69号凯旋山庄35栋

Cham Shan Int’l Medical Centre (zhàn shān guó jì yī liáo zhōng xīn) Always care for your

Qingdao Yongyuanhanmei Medical Group (qīng dǎo yǒng yuán hán měi zhěng xíng) 137 Xianggang Dong Lu, (6778-5190, Plastic Surgery ( 整形); 8077-8666, Dental(牙科) 青岛永缘韩美整形

health. 24h x 7days’ calling. Direct billing for oversea insurance.English Speaking Staff. Free pick up service. Family Doctor Pediatric. OB/GYN. Physical check-up. 一如既往地关注您的健康,为 您提供全年无休的电话咨询服务。在这里可以直 接使用海外保险。员工均可讲英文。提供免费接院 服务。医院配备家庭儿科医生及妇产科医生。另外 医院还提供体检。 Bldg.C, 25 Donghai 1 Lu (inside

Cham Shan Sanatorium) (131 6501-3251 EN/JP, 136 2639-9601) 湛山国际医疗中心 东海一路25号C楼 International Clinic of Qingdao Municipal Hospital (East) (shì lì yī yuàn dōng yuàn qū guó jì mén zhěn) Not open on Sundays, 5 Donghai Zhong Lu (8593-7690 ext.2266) 市立医院 东院区国际门诊 东海西路5号

Qingdao Women & Infants Hospital Int’l Medical Center (qīng dǎo fù yīng yī yuàn guó jì yī liáo zhōng xīn) 19 Zhongshan Lu (153 76796880) 青岛妇婴医院国际医疗中心 中山路19号 Qingdao United Family Hospital (qīng dǎo hé mù jiā yī yuàn) Shilaoren Community, 319 Hongkong East Road, Laoshan District (4008919191, www. Our hospital delivers comprehensive international-standard healthcare including Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Eye Clinic, and ENT services, as well as other specialties. Qingdao United Family Hospital is staffed by an international team of physicians who serve the city’s multinational patients with experience, compassion, and dedication. Our mission is to provide high-quality medical and healthcare services to the expatriate and Chinese populations throughout Qingdao and Shandong province. 设置全科、内科、外科、妇产科、儿科、 眼科、耳鼻喉科、口腔科等门诊及住院服务。经验 丰富的国际医护团队将为居住和工作在青岛的多元 文化患者提供悉心优质的医疗及保健服务。青岛和 睦家医院 崂山区香港东路319号石老人社区

Qi Lu Hospital (qí lǔ yī yuàn ) 758 Hefei Lu (96599) 齐鲁医院 合肥路758号 Waiter Medic (wéi tè ěr yī liáo) Rm.109, bldg.3, 63 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8577-1199) 维特尔医疗 香港中路63号3号楼109室

Dental Clinics 齿科 David Dental Clinic (dài wèi chĭ kē) Kaixuan Jiayuan, 1-20 Xianxialing Lu (Behind Beer City) (8896-0913) 戴卫齿科 仙霞岭路1-20号 凯旋家园 F3-1A Binhai Garden (May 4th Square) (8572-1822) 滨海花园F3-1A(五四广场内)

Fu-Jen Dental Group (qīng hé kǒu qiāng mén zhěn bù) 15 Jintai, 109 Shandong Lu (next to Ping-an Bank) (8091-3950) 青合口腔门诊部 山东 路109号璟台15号

Gentle Dental (zhēn zǐ chǐ kē) Specialising in joint pain/clicking, bite and bite related problems orthodontics and dental restorations. Dr. Olive Liao DDS. MS trained in Roth Williams (3 year course) Orthodontic Education Centre; Bioesthetics (2 year course) Education Centre; Korean Orthodontic Research Institute; Kygpook University, Korea. She has over ten years clinical experience. Fluent English, Basic Korean and Japanese. 提供头面部疼痛相关的正畸和牙齿修复 治疗。廖医生曾在多家口腔正畸培训中心和研究 机构学习培训,拥有十余年诊疗经验,英语流利, 韩语日语基本会话。3-10 Maidao Lu (8860-2820,

8588-1055, 138 5423-2410 EN) www.qddentist. com, 真予齿科 麦岛 路3-10号

Leaders Dental Clinic (ruì dé kǒu qiāng) 4 Donghai Zhong Lu, intersecting Yan’er Dao Lu (8069-0275/8077-8666) 瑞德口腔 东海中路4号(燕 儿岛路与东海中路交界) 聿明口腔国际部

Qingdao Yongyuanhanmei Medical Group (qīng dǎo yǒng yuán hán měi zhěng xíng) 137 Xianggang Dong Lu, 6778-5190, Plastic Surgery (整 形); 8077-8666, Dental (牙科) 青岛永缘韩美整形 崂山区香港东路137号

Surgery Clinics 医学美容 Evercare Qingdao Cosmetic Surgery Hospital


Tian Bei Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery (tián bèi měi róng yī xué zhōng xīn) 203 Minjiang Lu (8077-7792) 田蓓美容医学中心 闽江路203号

SERVICES 服务 Automotive Services 汽修 Grease Monkey (yóu hóu qì chē kuài xiū) 136 Yinchuan Xi Lu, Qingdao(8501-9111) 青岛市银川西 路136号 369 Hefei Lu, Qingdao(8598-1916) 青岛 市合肥路369号

Car Rental 租车 AVIS (ān fēi shì zū chē) Open time: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Arrival Gate 4, T2 Building, Liuting Airport (8378-9320) 安飞士租车 流亭机场T2 航站楼4号到达

Business 商务 ABMC Global Consulting Company People say next 100 years belongs to China.Our international consulting team are from Australia,Germany,Italy and China,can provide translation & consulting service,help you setting up business in China.Pleas call 15315327858,or China-Australia Chamber of Commerce-

Bohai Qingdao office (zhōng guó ào dà lì yà shāng huì bó hǎi fèn huì qīng dǎo bàn gōng shì) Rm502,Bldg2, 69 Haimen Lu (8163-9302) 中国 澳大利亚商会渤海分会青岛办公室 海门路69号瑞 纳康都B-502室 InternChina (guó jì shāng wù jiāo liú zhōng xīn) 16A, Bldg 3, Jindu Garden, 37 Donghai Xi Lu (8667-5167, 8667-5168) 国际商务交流中心 东海西 路37号金都花园C座16楼A室

Qingdao CCPIT (qīng dǎo shì mào yì cù jìn wěi yuán huì) Rm.403, 121 Yan An San Lu (8389-7995) 青岛市贸易促进委员会 延安三路121号403室 ReSource Pro (yōu chuàng (qīng dǎo) shù jù jì shù yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 1F, Bldg.12B, Qingdao Software Park, 288 Nanjing Lu (8666-7551) 优创( 青岛)数据技术有限公司 宁夏路288号 青岛软件园 12号楼B座1层

Consultancy 咨询 Dezan Shira & Associates (xié lì guǎn lǐ zī xún) Room 410, F4, 172 Minjiang Lu, qingdao@dezshira. com (8610-2237) 协力管理咨询 闽江路172号4 楼410室

JHT Business Consulting Co., Ltd (jīn huì tōng shāng wù zī xún yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 4F Crowne Plaza Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (66886599; 138 5325-6997 EN) 金汇通商务咨询有限公司 香港中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店404室

InternChina (guó jì shāng wù jiāo liú zhōng xīn) 16A, Bldg 3, Jindu Garden, 37 Donghai Xi Lu (8667-5167, 8667-5168) 国际商务交流中心 东海西 路37号金都花园C座16楼A室

Qingdao Expat Service Centre - One Stop Service We are providing 24 hours free hot line Service for Qingdao Expat! Call us if you need help or anything’s in Qingdao. Our services are below:√House Rent √Car and Vehicle Rent √Taxi Service √Orientation Service √Corporate service √Driver service√ School Search √Maid Service √Visa and work Permit service √Export and Import Tel:0532-80806832; Cell Phone:86-13687697428; Email: Website:www. Qingdao Continental Bridge For Educational Exchange Services (qīng dǎo zhōu qiáo guó jì wén huà jiāo liú fú wù yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Rm. 1209, Bldg. B, Hongkong Garden, 54 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8581-6081, 136 8761-1581)青岛洲桥国际文 化交流服务有限公司 漳州二路54号香港花园B 座1209 室

(qīng dǎo yī měi ěr zhěng xíng yī yuàn) 20 Xianggang Xi Lu (8378-6188) 青岛伊美尔整形医 院 香港西路20号

Qingdao Overseas Exit-Entry Services Centre (qīng dǎo hǎi wài chū rù jìng fú wù zhōng xīn) 12F, He’an Mansion, 117 Yan’an San Lu (8579-1888)

Qingdao LORD hospital (qīng dǎo nuò dé zhěng xíng měi róng yī yuàn) 69 Xianggang

青岛海外出入境服务中心 延安三路117号和安 大厦12层


Qingdao Overseas Investment Service Centre (qīng dǎo shì wài shāng tóu zī fú wù zhōng xīn) 19F, Huaren Int’l Mansion, 2 (Jia) Shandong Lu (8197-8622) 青岛市外商投资服务中心 山东路2号 甲 华人国际大厦19层

SEN-CONSULT (qīng dǎo sēn yì shāng wù zī xún yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Rm 2006, Bldg 1, Software Park, 288 Ningxia Lu (8502-8585) 青岛森奕商务咨 询有限公司 宁夏路288号软件园1号楼2006

Community 社交 Qingdao Global Bridge Cultural &

Educational Exchange Services (qīng dǎo huán yǔ qiáo guó jì wén huà jiào yù jiāo liú fúwù yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 30-E, Bldg. B, 37 Donghai Xi lu (8668-1224, 139 0642-3247) 青岛环宇桥国 际文化教育交流服务有限公司 东海西路37号 B 座30—E

Light Photography (guāng yìng xiàng shè yǐng gōng zuò shì) From film photography to darkroom lessons, Light Photography caters to all your photographic needs. For more information, please contact: Mr. Xin. 从胶片写真到暗房课程, 光映像摄影工作室满足你的所有摄影需求!更多 详情,请咨询辛先生。5 Yushan Zhi Lu, Shinan (138 6485-8671, WeChat ID: lightphotography) 光映像 摄影工作室,辛先生,市南区鱼山支路5号

Blue & Green Studio (bù lǔ gé lín) Blue & Green Studio focuses on PHOTOGRAPHY and PRODUCTION, Steven Hsiu and Kenneth Yao, founders of BGS and experts in the field of high-end commercial video production and photography, provides commercial photography, documentary and production for several important customers and international projects in the past eight years. 布鲁格林STUDIO专注影

青岛国际交流中心 东海西路16号南门5层

像制作,创始人Steven Hsiu和Kenneth Yao是 高端商用影像领域卓越的制片人和制作专家,在 过去的八年里持续为高端客户和多个国际项目提 供商业影像纪录、制作等服务。(183 5324-2445, 布鲁格林STUDIO

Jobs Available 招聘

Real Estate 房产

ReSource Pro (yōu chuàng qīng dǎo shù jù jì shù yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 1F, Block 12, 288 Ningxia Lu, Qingdao Software Park (8666-7410) 优创(青

Bencer Project Management Representative Office 10F, Sunshine Tower, 61 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8886-2931, 152 5324-9298 Fax: 8077-5012) 香港中路61号 阳光大厦10层

Qingdao International Community Centre (qīng dǎo guó jì jiāo liú zhōng xīn) South entrance at 16 Donghai Xi Lu, Floor 5 (8388-7176)

岛)数据技术有限公司 青岛市软件园宁夏路288 号12号楼B座1楼

Home Décor 装饰 Lehaosi Decoration Group (lè háo sī zhuāng shì jí tuán ) 887 Tongan Lu (400-6169-990)乐豪斯 装饰集团 同安路887号 Shangmeijia Interior Design (shàng měi jiā zhuāng shì shè jì) 60 Dayao San Lu (150 6309-9992) 青岛尚美嘉装饰设计工程有限公司 大 尧三路60号

Household Services 家政服务 Majesty Mansion Clean Company Providing 5 star hotel standard cleaning service for house, villa and office. (153-1532-7858, 153-1532-7858@ Qingdao DY Rainbow Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd (qīng dǎo dà yáng cǎi hóng huán bǎo kē jì yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Qingdao DY Rainbow company focus on cleaning home central air conditioner, reduce your indoor air pollution, pls contact 13792899997 for detail. Rm2407, 3-East unit, Long Hai Ming Zhu, 178-2,Haier Lu (185 6161-6051)青岛大洋彩虹环 保科技有限公司 海尔路178-2号龙海明珠 3-西 单元-2407

Legal 法律 Shandong Hsinten Law Firm (shān dōng xīng tián lǜ shī shì wù suǒ) 9F, New World Plaza, 9 Fuzhou Nan Lu (8587-8469) 山 东兴田律师事务所 福州南路9号新世界大厦9层

Allbright (jǐn tiān chéng) F22, Huaren Int’l Mansion, 2 Shandong Lu (8866-2999, 139 06484720) 锦天城 山东路2号华 仁国际大厦22层

Century 21 Ao Men Shop (21 shì jì bù dòng chǎn qīng dǎo jīn dū jiā méng diàn ào mén lù diàn) 136 Ao’men Lu 8080-3232, 135 0542-2099 21世纪不 动产青岛金都加盟店澳门路店 澳门路136号

J & M Realty (shèng jiā bù dòng chǎn) (83889232, 8591-9859) 139 5322-7352(English) 137 8069-5932 (Japanese) Email: 杰可不动产 香港中路6号 世贸中心B座204B

Jones Lang LaSalle Qingdao Office (zhòng liàng lián háng) Financial and professional commercial real estate services firm. Room 2308, Block A, Farglory Mansion , 61 Xianggang Zhong Lu (Tel 8579-5800 Fax 8579-5801) www. 仲量联行 香港中路61号 远洋大厦A座2308室

Majesty Mansion Real Estate Cell:153 15327858 My Home (Kichoo) Real Estate ( jí zhào bú dòng chǎn) Room 101.Building 18 Yindu Mansion,1 Zhanghua Lu and Unit 1, Building 2,16 Fuzhou Nan Lu. 130 6149-5870 (ENG) 136 68861547 (CHN) 彰化路1号银都花园18号楼101 福州南路16号甲 2号楼1单元

Teamwill Real Estate (zhì méng zhì yè yǒu xiàn gōng sī) (8080-6832, 136 8769-7428) 志盟 置业有限公司

Relocation 搬家 DBS Relocation Services, Qingdao “Moving expats, by expats”. Suite1313, Crown Plaza, No.76, Hong Kong Middle Road. (8909-5713 / 176 8576-9002 ENG) www.

Translation 翻译

Logistics 物流 Fedex Express (lián bāng kuài dì) Bldg. B, 171 Huaian Lu (Domestic hotline: +400-889-1888) 联

REDSTAR Works Rm.403, Bldg.3, Creative 100, 100 Nanjing Lu (8388-2269, 8097-0521) www. 红星时代文化传播有限公司 南

邦快递 淮安路171号B座

京路100号 创意100产业园3号楼403室

Nax Logistics (qīng dǎo guó shēng wù liú yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Rm. 1316, 220 Yan An San Lu (8389-0366) 青岛国升物流有限公司 延安三路220

Travel 旅游

号 邮政大厦1316室

Santa Fe Relocation Services, Qingdao (huá huī guó jì yùn shū fú wù yǒu xiàn gōng sī shān dōng fēn gōng sī) Rm.1304, Guangfa Financial Mansion, 40 Shandong Lu (8386-9455) www. 华辉国际运输服务有限公司 山东 路40号广发金融大厦1304室

SF Express (shùn fēng sù yùn) (95338) 顺丰速运

Photography 摄影 Ayan’s Photography We’re a team of professional, international photographers. We’ll take photos of anything—anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Contact us: WeChat: a87016587051 (Ayan) Ben Photography Studio (běn shè yǐng gōng zuò shì) Room 311, Bldg 3, Creative 100, 100 Nanjing Lu (8090-1578) 本摄影工作室 南京路100 号创意100产业园3号楼311

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China International Travel Service 5F, Bldg B, Wanda Plaza, 33 Lianyungang Lu (6606-7115 info@ 中国国旅 连云港路33号 万达广场商务楼B座5层

Corporate Traning 企业培训 Captivate Training and Consulting (kǎi tài ěr yīng guó péi xùn gōng sī) Website:; E-mail: training@; Rm 419, Bldg 2, Art & Technology Center, 63 Haier Lu (6869-1548) WeChat account: Captivatetraining 凯泰尔(英 国)企业培训公司 海尔路63号数码科技中心2 层419室

Web Design 网站设计 REDSTAR Works Rm.403, Bldg.3, Creative 100, 100 Nanjing Lu (8388-2269, 8097-0521) www. 红星时代文化传播有限公司 南 京路100号 创意100产业园3号楼403室

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渥太华 路

LU 香 江




to Golden Beach 金沙滩

路 江西


Tango Bay Coastal Park 唐岛湾滨海公园



雀 石

路 滩

山路 峨嵋

路 仑山

地 N) TIO 路 C U

TR 西 NS 漓江 CO LU R I DE X UN NG 3 ( IJ I A 1 L E LIN

线 号 13 铁



) 建 (在


Tunnel Entrance 隧道入口


Golden Beach 金沙滩



200 400 600 800 1000m

© REDSTAR Times Media



to Silver Sands Beach

Rio Carnival 海上嘉年华

岛路 DA








银沙 滩路



路 江




1号 AN 铁 GJI ) 地 AN


江西 路

江 53 东 路





路 里山



阿 LU






51 52



to Tunnel Entrance

LU 萧


路 中 江 长 56




LU 长

山 武夷

路 山






路 里山



南路 江山








(在 线 G




The top tourist attractions are without doubt Golden and Silver beaches, each with longer, sandier and less-spoilt stretches than any of those in Qingdao's downtown. For residents and visitors, Huangdao activity orbits Jusco and Mykal, both located at the very centre of Changjiang Zhong Lu. Both have a decent selection of consumables for Western and Eastern tastes.


环 岛 路



银 沙 滩 路 LU


53 54 55

51 52


53 54 55



Qingshuiwu Japanese Xiangyin Japanese AO ND UA Niuchang Japanese H Yicun Korean India-Thai Restaurant

53 54 55 56 57 58

Recreation 51 52

Huangdao Art Centre Shiyou Daxue Stadium


Rona Café


International Dining 52

Catch 22 Knuckles


环 岛路

闹中取静的黄岛拥有岛城最好的沙滩,近年来 也是忙碌、繁华、新兴的商业城市中一处不那么紧 要的安静角落。然而最近,随着城市基础设施的建 设,这一寂静的郊区正在逐渐迈入新纪元。 黄岛地区现在有了一座连接青岛市中心的海 底隧道,将旅途时间缩短了大约20多分钟,或多 或少取代了轮渡码头的地位。黄岛南通胶南,胶 南由世界上最长的跨海大桥(41.58.5公里,建成于 2011年6月)与东部的市中心相连。   当地最具吸引力的无疑是金沙滩景区和银沙滩 景区,这里沙质好、天然未经破坏、绵长延展,是 青岛市中心任何一个沙滩景区都无法比拟的。   对于当地居民和外来游客,黄岛的繁华区环 绕着坐落在长江中路的佳世客和麦凯乐。两座大 型购物中心充分满足了中西方人士的购物需求。

Dawanlai Porridge Jiuxianfang BBQ Donglaishun Haiyiyuan Lao Sichuan


The district now has a direct link to Qingdao's old town - the Jiaozhouwan tunnel has cut journey times to around 20 minutes and more or less put the old ferry terminal out of business. Jiaonan, to the north, is linked to the eastern municipality by the longest bridge in the world (41.58km, completed in June 2011).

Chinese Dining 52

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Silver Sands Beach 银沙滩 Bar & Nightlife Cafés


Despite boasting the best beaches in Qingdao Municipality, Huangdao has for recent years played a quiet second fiddle to the hustle, bustle and commercialism of the downtown area. Recently however, changes in the city's infrastructure are set to fling this sleepy suburb into the 21st century.


UAN DA OL U环 岛 路


交通旅游信息: 过桥费: 50元 (七座以下);过隧道: 10元 (七座以下) 乘坐公交2元 隧道公交1路: 山东科技大学黄岛校区到青医附院 (05:00-20:00) 隧道公交2路: 薛家岛公交枢纽站到天泰体育场 (薛家岛 05:30-21:00,天泰体育场 06:05-21:35) 隧道公交3路: 薛家岛公交枢纽站到利津路客运站 (薛家岛 06:20-21:30,利津路 05:50-21:00) 隧道公交4路: 薛家岛公交枢纽站到四方长途 汽车站(薛家岛 06:20-21:30,四方长途 汽车站05:50-21:00)

LU 银沙 滩路

InJoy Plaza Movie Metropolis 新城吾悦广场


to Wanda Oriental


滨 AO to Rizhao 日照 AD

Travel info: Bridge toll: ¥50. Tunnel toll ¥10 (or bus it for ¥2) (passenger car ≤7 seats)


道 海大


51 52










山路 峨嵋




山 紫金 LU




春 富



路 行山



江路 LU 三




江 浦 黄


LU 太




55 AN U




嘉 LU





E ME 江路


I LU 紫







N LU 庐











LU 榕





to Xuejiadao Ferry






I LU 嘉陵 江



LU 五

to The Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical College















to Metro Cash and Carry

香 G LU


路 上海


U江 山


山路 U 太行


/ CULTURE // 广告 • 文化

59 60

Howard Johnson Kangda Plaza Qingdao Wyndham Grand Qingdao Hilton Qingdao Golden Beach Jinjiang Inn Marco Polo Hotel Haidu Hotel Blue Horizon Golden Hotel Motel 8 Harvest Hotel Haixiang Hotel

51 52 53 54 55

Liqun Baililai Market Jusco Jiajiayuan Huacai Violin Studio





Hongyun Seaside Kitchen (hóng yùn hǎi biān chú fáng) 778-2 Jinshatan Lu (8670-8888) 宏运海 边厨房 金沙滩778-2号

Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, West Coast (qīng dǎo xī hǎi àn lóng hé fú péng xǐ lái dēng jiǔ diàn) 1288 Binhai Avenue, Huangdao New District (Jiaonan) (8819-7777) 青岛西海岸 隆和福朋喜来登酒店 黄岛新区(胶南) 滨海大道 1288号

Yue Lai Yue Xiang Cantonese Restaurant (yuè lái yuè xiāng) corner of Huangpujiang Lu and Jiuhuashan Lu (188-0642-8393) 粤来粤香 黄浦江 路与九华山路交叉口



Pizza Hut (bì shèng kè) 308 ZhangjiangZhong Lu JiajiayuanChaoshi 1st,2nd floor (8699-0338) 必胜客 长江中路308号家佳源超市一、二层

Subway (sài bǎi wèi) Zhangjiang Lu Jiajiayuan Guangchang 3rd floor (4504-9999) 赛百味 长江路 家佳源广场3楼

Sunshine Coast Western Restaurant (yáng guāng hǎi àn xī cān tīng ) 5F, Mykal, 228 Changjiang Zhong Lu (188-6622-0570) 阳光海岸 西餐厅 长江中路228号麦凯乐5层


Sugar Restaurant (shù guǒ xī cān tīng) 2F, Shangliuhui, 1 Wuyishan Lu (6897-2337) 树果西餐


Asian 亚洲餐饮

The Oriental Express 126 Lushan Lu (134 68299634) 庐山路126号

Intercity Hotel Qingdao 2 Honghe Lu, West Coast New District (8909-0888) 青岛施泰根博阁城

India-Thai Food (zǐ xiàng gé yìn tài cān tīng) 290 Wuyishan Lu (183-6395-9118) 子象阁印泰餐厅

Haidu Hotel (hǎi dōu dà jiǔ diàn) 218 Changjiang Zhong Lu (8699-9888) 海都大酒店 长

际酒店 西海岸新区中德生态园 红河路2号

Le Meridien Qingdao West Coast Resort 2688 Binhai Avenue, Huangdao New District (Jiaonan) (8716-9999) 青岛西海岸隆和艾美度假酒 店 黄岛新区(胶南)滨海大道 2688 号

Hilton Qingdao Golden Beach (qīng dǎo jīn shā tān xī ěr dùn jiǔ diàn ) 1 Jialingjiang Dong Lu (8315-0000) 青岛金沙滩希尔顿酒店 嘉 陵江东路1号


Gepeng Fushi Japanese (gē pēng fù shì) 279 Wuyi Shan Lu (8699-9916) 割烹富士 武夷山路 279号

Mingxiangge Korean Restaurant (míng xiāng gé hán guó liào lǐ) 216 Jialingjiang Xi Lu (6897-1234)名香阁韩国料理 嘉陵江西路216号长 江利群超市北

Qianyu Teppanyaki (qiān yú tiě bǎn shāo) F2 Waili International Plaza (8685-1616) 仟渔铁板烧

Howard Johnson Kangda Plaza Qingdao (qīng dǎo kāng dà háo shēng dà jiǔ diàn) 159 Changjiang Xi Lu (5571-0888) 青岛康大豪生大酒 店 长江西路159号

Sheraton Huangdao Hotel 1 Taihang Shan Lu (8090-8888) 黄岛区太行山路1号 黄岛泰成喜来

厅 武夷山路1号 上流汇2层

Zur Bierstube (bǎi sī tú dé guó cān tīng) 2F, Vanly Upper Class, 7 Wuyi Shan Lu (8098-6797) 柏斯图德 国餐厅(上流汇店) 武夷山路7号二层



Bar 18 18 Wuyishan Lu (2568-99549) (80658-8199) 武夷山路18号(海都大酒店南100米路东)


Catch 22 On the Bar Street, Behind Haidu Hotel (8699-9888) 海都酒店后酒吧街

Qingshuiwu Japanese (qīng shuǐ wū rì běn liào lǐ) 370 Wuyi Shan Lu (8697-3783) 清水屋日本

Camel Bar (luò tuó kā fēi jiǔ ba ) 1373 Zhujian Lu (8610-8798) 骆驼咖啡酒吧 珠江路1373号

料理 武夷山路370号

Comfort Zone ( jì niàn rì jiǔ ba) 192 Wuyi Shan Lu (138 6390-8683) 纪念日酒吧 武夷山路192号

Lvyan Korean Restaurant ( lǜ yuán hán guó liào lǐ ) 155-1 Lushan Lu (8688-2025) 绿园韩国料 理 庐山路155-1号

Daja Vu Bar 256 Wuyishan Lu (Behind Haidu Hotel) (159-6985-9139) 武夷山路256号


Super Beef Korean BBQ (yī pǐn niú hán shì kǎo ròu ) 169 Liugongdao Lu (8694-4899) 一品牛韩式

Wyndham Grand Qingdao (qīng dǎo yín shā tān wēn dé mǔ zhì zūn jiǔ diàn) 178 Yinshatan Lu (5888-6666) 青岛银沙滩温德姆至尊

烤肉 刘公岛路169号

Knuckles (lè kǒu sī) The go-to bar of Huangdao. 274-276 Wuyishan Lu (8610-6581 ) www. 乐口思 武夷山路274-276号

The Frypan (hán guó zhà jī pí jiǔ) 334 Zijinshan Lu (8080-5390) (6025-3328) 韩国炸鸡啤酒 紫金山

酒店 银沙滩路178号


Igloo (kù lè xī cān ba) Lijiangdadao inside Ocean Carnival (8383-9898) 酷乐西餐吧 漓江大道海上

Don Chicken (hán guó kǎo jī zhà jī quán qiú pí jiǔ) 279 Wuyishan Lu (8699-0021) 韩国烤鸡炸鸡全球啤 Primitive Tribe (yuán shǐ bù luò) 277 Changjiang Zhong Lu (6779-4393) 原始部落 长 江中路277号

酒 武夷山路279号(公交站牌后面)

Cafés 咖啡甜品茶馆 Cafe l'amore (ài mò ér kā fēi ) 124 Lushan Lu (8694-3002) 爱沫儿咖啡 庐山路124号



HUUI Coffee (huì kā fēi)2F, Shangliuhui, 1 Wuyishan Lu 汇咖啡 武夷山路1号上流汇2层

Dazhu Mountain Scenic Zone (dà zhū shān fēng jǐng qū ) 1km South of Binhai Lu (8412-3456) 大珠山风景区 滨海街道南1公里

Golden Beach (jīn shā tān ) Lijiang Lu 金沙

滩 漓江路

Huangdao Traditional Culture Museum (huáng dǎo qū mín sú zhǎn lǎn guǎn) 1001 Zhujiang Lu (8698-9029) 民俗展览馆 珠江路 1001号

Ling Mountain Resort (líng shān dǎo hǎi bīn fēng jǐng qū )灵山岛海滨风景区 胶州市区东部 Qingdao Animal Park (qīng dǎo sēn lín yě shēng dòng wù yuán) Linzhu Shan, inside of Xiaozhu Mountain (8683-5555) 青岛森林野生动物 园 灵珠山街道小珠山风景区

Silver Beach (yín shā tān) Southwest of Phoenix Island Tourism Resort (8698-8530) 银沙滩 凤凰岛 旅游度假区西南侧

Specimen of Animals Exhibition Hall 425 Jialingjiang Xi Lu (8315-0358) 世界动物标本艺术馆 嘉陵江西路425号

Tang Island (táng dǎo wān gōng yuán) South of Binhai Lu 唐岛湾公园 滨海大道南段



Infeel coffee (yīng lì kā fēi ) 236-17 Wuyishan Lu (151-9278-0521) 英力咖啡 武夷山路236-17号 Kenya Cafe (Kenya kā fēi) 96 Alishan Lu ( 86999217) Kenya咖啡 阿里山路96号 Kiev & bakery (jī fǔ miàn bāo fáng) 102 outlets, No.7, bldg.13, Lushan Lu (138 6486-7970) 基辅面包 房 庐山路102号13号楼7号网店

Starbucks Coffee (xīng bā kè kā fēi) 1F, Huangdao Jusco, 419 Changjiang Zhong Lu (8699-6530) 星巴克咖啡 长江中路419号 佳世客 1层 308 ZhangjiangZhong Lu Jiajiayuan 1st floor (8699-5733) (6776-9520) 星巴克 长江中路308号

Viva La Vida Coffee (wéi dì kā fēi ) South Gate 3, Tangdao Bay Garden (8173-6699) 唯地咖啡 黄 岛区唐岛湾公园南岸3号门内

Western 西式餐饮 Burger King (hàn bǎo wáng) Lijiangxi lu Carnival aolegouUquU1-1 (8693-4406) 汉堡王 漓江西路嘉 年华澳乐购U区U1-1

KFC (kěn dé jī) 308 ZhangjiangZhong Lu Jiajiayuan1st floor (00882-3823) 肯德基 长江中路 308号家佳源1楼

Igloo (kù lè xī cān ba) Lijiangdadao inside Ocean Carnival (8383-9898) 酷乐西餐吧 漓江大道海上 嘉年华内

Chuang Ge Yu Dumplings (chuán gē yú shuǐ jiǎo) 118 Wuyishan Lu (8688-2009) 船歌鱼水饺 武

Luigi’s (qīng dǎo lù yì jī yì shì cān ba (wǔ yí shān lù diàn )) 219 Wuyishan Lu (8699-6535) 青岛路易基 意式餐吧(武夷山路店) 武夷山路219号

Din Tai Fung RIO Carnival (dǐng tài fēng) A127, RIO Carnival, 1140 Lijiang Xi Lu (5877-3979) 鼎泰

McDonalds (mài dāng láo) 78 Economic and Technological Development Xiangjiang Lu (86897653) 麦当劳 经济技术开发区香江路78号


丰嘉年华店 漓江西路1140号海上嘉年华澳乐

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West Coast of the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical College (xī hǎi àn shān dà yī yuàn ) 916 Wutaishan Lu ( 8586-5810) 西海岸山大医院 五台山路916号

Chamshan Int'l Medica Centre Huangdao Branch (Julia Clinic) (zhàn shān guó jì yī liáo zhōng xīn huáng dǎo fèn bù) 7th Commercial Shop in south of Bay City,118 Wuyishan Lu (185 6397-9229 EN) 湛山国际医疗中心黄岛分部(朱丽娅 诊所) 武夷山路118号海湾新城南第七号网点



International Schools 国际学校

Yew Chung International School of Qingdao (qīng dǎo yào zhōng guó jì xué xiào) YCIS accepts students in the Kindergarten to Year 13 (3 – 18 years old) age range and follows an international curriculum based on the schemes of work and framework of the National Curriculum for England. YCIS aims to provide students a unique opportunity to embrace bilingual learning, leading to proficiency in the world’s main languages and entry in to some of the world’s top universities. Huangdao campus, 72 Taihangshan Lu (8699-5551) 青岛耀中国际学校 黄岛区太行山路72号

Kindergartens 幼儿园


The Oriental Saloon 217 Wuyishan Lu (86993073) 武夷山路217号



Golf Club (bó jué shān gāo ěr fū jù lè bù ) Changbaishan Lu (8689-0676) 伯爵山高尔夫俱乐 部 长白山路

Haiyun Haishang Paradise (hǎi yún hǎi shàng lè yuán) Binhai Lu (8972-7399) 海云海上乐园 滨 海大道 Yinxiang Golf (yìn xiàng gāo ěr fū) Room 202, Bldg 4, 4 Walking street, Tangdao Bay (182 66216266) 印象高尔夫 唐岛湾步行街4号楼202室




S.S Cafe (7miǎo kā fēi ) 228 Changjiang Zhong Lu (8694-5837) 7秒咖啡 长江中路228号

Mingliu Hairdressing (míng liú měi fā) 410 Zijinshan Lu (8697-6233) 名流美发 紫金山路410号

AEON (yǒng wàng) 419 Changjiang Zhong Lu (8699-0666) 永旺 长江中路419号

Yew Wah International Education Kindergarten (yào huá guó jì jiāo yù yòu ér yuán) Yew Wah is committed to educating students with the formation of a global view, the courage to explore and create, and the development of a sense of responsibility for society. 耀华国际教育将儿童培育为拥有国际视 野、勇于探索和创造、具备社会责任感的新世纪 社会栋梁。, 72 Taihangshan Lu (8699-5551) 耀华国际教育幼儿园 太行山路72号

Guomei Applicance Store (guó měi diàn qì) 22 Zijinshan Lu ( 8697-2080) 国美电器 紫金山路22号 Jiajiayuan (jiā jiā yuán ) 308 Changjiang Zhong Lu ( 8699-7119) 家佳源 长江中路308号 Metro (mài dé lóng) 1517 Wutaishan Lu (86028888) 麦德龙黄岛商场 五台山路1517号 Mykal (mài kǎi lè ) 228 Changjiang Zhong Lu (8670-2666) 麦凯乐 长江中路228号 RIO Carnival Outlets 1140 Lijiang Xi Lu (89605188) 海上嘉年华澳乐购 漓江西路1140号



Louisfeny SPA (lù yì fēn ní guó jì míng yuán SPAhuì guǎn) Rm. 1201-1203, Bldg. B, Trade Center 226 Changjiang Zhong Lu ( 6897-2647) 路 易芬尼国际名媛SPA会馆 长江中路226号国贸中 心B座1201-1203

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锐 薯 ē 桢帼魍蓀



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CLASSIFIEDS 分类信息 Send us your classified by the 10th of each month. cost just ¥15 per word. http:// or email to Advertise both in the magazine and online, enjoy a 40% discount! Payable online via paypal. 请于每月10日前发送分类信息到 info@redstarworks.com或登录http://自 助刊登。15元/单词。杂志与网站同时刊登享 受6折折扣,可使用paypal付款。

Drama teacher wanted: 1.能够全英文授课,并保证教学质量;

Can teach in English and ensure the quality of instruction. 2.热爱儿童和英语教育事业;

Loves children, and having an English 3.乐于接受全新的教育理念和教学模式;

Willing to accept new ideas of education and modes of teaching 4.性格开朗热情,活泼大方;

Warm and cheerful, lively and generous; 5.形象好,气质佳;

Good image and attitude;

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6.同时也欢迎愿意投身教育事业的优秀应届毕业 生加入我们!

We also welcome excellent graduates who are willing to apply themselves to an educational career. Please join us. Please send email to 1059827802@ or call on 88038052 for more information. Milano Italian Restaurant is looking for 2 waiters/ waitresses for a full time or part time position. Patience and sense of commitment are strongly required. No time-wasters. Contact 8577-0058. 米兰诺意大利西餐 厅现招聘两名服务生(男女不限),兼职、全职皆 可。需要有耐心和责任心。联系方式:8577-0058 English foreign teacher needed for private/ small training class during daily evening and weekend, Native English speaker required, rich teaching experience is preferred. Salary paid by day or week. Contact Frank via wechat or 18678911895 if you interest. REDSTAR is looking for design interns! If you

Visit for ezine sign up. REDSTAR Magazine online: myredstar. com/category/magazine/ Follow us on WeChat ID: redstarqd Facebook: Redstar Instagram: redstarqingdao Sina Weibo: REDSTAR红星 Douban: REDSTAR

REDSTAR helps you fulfill your business interests: - Reach your target clients - Exposure in the most trust-worthy bilingual magazine in Qingdao - Stay up-to-date with the most recent news & events in town



Jobs Available 招聘 Foreign English Partner and Teacher wanted: Native English Speaker required, TEFL or related certificate preferred, full time or part time available, teaching kids. Contact person: Jenny. Tel.: 13953287799 Email address: Wechat: 18953214799. Native speaker with strong social ability, who can speak basic Chinese, know how to make cocktail would be preferable. Working time from 9pm till late at Laoshan around Stadium. Pls Contact 186 6955-9976 for more details. Teachers wanted for The International Drama Class 青岛大剧院·国际舞台戏剧课程老师招聘

Every international drama class for children will have a complete teaching frame include warming the body and the brain, racticing the pronounciation, shaping the body and the rhythm, doing ad-libbing and situational dialogue, playing theatre games etc.

I have experience in teaching Australian, UK, US, and Korean students all of whom have found that they have improved their spoken Chinese considerably with only 10 hours tuition.You can contact me on: Tel :159 6691-3411 or Skype: showing88 Website: Looking for native private tutor: to learn English. Please contact 136 0639-0657 Mrs. Yang. Message would be preferable. The Alliance Française network has been spreading French language and Francophone culture for more than a century. The Alliance Française was created in 1883 in Paris. Today, it is the leading cultural network worldwide, with 850 establishments in 136 countries on all five continents. Each year, 500,000 people, of all ages, attend Alliances Françaises to learn French and more than 6 million people participate in their cultural activities. Alliance Française have 15 branches in China’s most important cities and have, for 15 years, been developing a high-flying program of partnerships. Backed by the most important Chinese universities, Alliance Française is well established in local networks and naturally close to companies, cultural organizations and culturerelated French and Chinese administrative units.

can use Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. and can speak English, then join the REDSTAR team! Contact email: 红星需要你,假如你能 使用Photoshop, IIIustrator 等软件,并且会用英 语简单交流,加入到红星的队伍吧!请发送邮件到。

Qingdao University of Science & Technology, Foreign Language College, Students Cultural Exchange Do you want to meet new Chinese friends? Every tuesday 2pm at Laoshan Campus of University of Science & Technology, Mingde Lou building, 239 classroom, we are waiting for you for a free cultural exchange. Join us! 青岛科技大

Part-time Chinese teacher wanted: XMandarin CLC is seeking part-time Chinese teachers, good command in English/Japanese, Chinese welleducated, available in weekend and work days evening. Contact 152 6623-6986, 2131625194@ 青岛新环球汉语培训学校招聘兼职汉语

学外国语学院国际交流会,想认识外国朋友吗? 每周二下午两点在科大崂山校区明德楼239教室 有免费的交流会。Contacts联系: Paolo Bellomo 保罗老师, Silvia Luo 罗老师 (English, Italiano, Chinese, Japanese) (0532) 8373-0349, QQ: 1275186604,

教师,要求教育程度高,熟练掌握英语,日语或中 文,周末及工作日晚上可以授课。联系152 66236986,。

Jobs Wanted 找工作 求职 Looking for Participating Partners Make Yourself Known... to real estate businesses in town!

to introduce myself, my name is Ruth and I am a professionaly qualified Mandarin Chinese teacher who specialises in both business and private Mandarin Chinese lessons.

10 years experience on Assistant/ Customer Relationship Management / Sales and Marketing/ Key Account management in SinoSilliker under Mérieux NutriSciences Group Currently I am seeking a part-time job on every working day afternoon, which can assist foreigners on administration, interpreter or translator etc. You can contact via Tel:18005326568, Email:13282894@ or WeChat: 18005326568. English Teacher Available: American and British English teacher available for your schools, as well as your private lessons (evenings and weekends). Simon holds a Master's degree in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second or Other Language). He can teach from kids to adults. Email: Qualified experienced Italian native teacher available for private tutoring, speaks fluently English and possess an intermediate level for the Chinese and Korean language. Contact (preferred) or +86 185 6173-4812.




Household Services 家政服务 Domestic Help Do you need one experienced a yi to help you out from the housework? I can recommend one for you. Pls email paris-chi@

Training 培训 Mandarin Tutor I am native Chinese. I have studied laws in university and been a lawyer for serval years. Since October 2013, I have taught foreigners Chinese and I have experiences to teach beginners and intermediates and advanced. Tel: 139 1708-1419 The bartender training 6 years in the bartender industry, the traditional British bartender training. 调酒饮料技术培训,传统英式调酒师培训。从上 百种材料里精挑细选加以调配,只为制作一杯正 宗的 “Cocktail” 。如果你喜欢这个行业,这里 可以教你怎样做好一名调酒师。调制正宗的鸡尾 酒,从选材料到完成。洋酒知识,威士忌知识, 鸡尾酒知识,啤酒知识,红酒知识,行业规范, 调酒师礼节,职责,法律常识,设计、吧台结构 与设置,吧台设备,用具的配备。及行业内国际 证书的咨询。Call 176 8579-8398, (0532) 6699 6292

New to China? Want to improve your Mandarin? Expert qualified Chinese teacher specializing in Chinese as a second language. Courses available (Qingdao or Huangdao). Survival Chinese, oral language development, written language development, HSK. Very reasonable prices for individual tuition, discounts available for groups. Joanna: 151 6602-3663, Skype: Joanna370282198912090041, Classic Guitar Training 古典吉他培训 Get on the professional guitar lessons. Indulge into the world of music. 踏上古典吉他学习之旅,开启音乐 世界之门。 Contact Mike (Chinese/English) 联系隗 老师:139 6396-1061



NOAH Education Charitable Foundation hosts regular charity events such as "Love from the World" to help under-privileged Children in Qingdao. If you are a foreigner and who loves and care the children, please contact me and join us. 136-5532-6948 1786421-5383 (Eng) wechat: chaxiang_yinyun Qingdao Hash House Harriers - They are active every Saturday and enjoy getting together for a run/walk, followed by drinks and dinner. Everyone is welcome to join. Hashers meet every Saturday in the lobby of the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 2pm unless otherwise specified. Contact qingdaohhh@ for more details. Qingdao International Business Association – Qingdao Expat Group , Qingdao Mama Group

Travelling 旅游 Completely Solution & More Travelling in Tsingtao Michael (156 6682-7862, timberlandni@

Relocation 搬家 DBS Relocation Services, Qingdao “Moving expats, by expats”. Suite1313, Crown Plaza, No.76, Hong Kong Middle Road. (8909-5713 / 176 8576-9002 ENG) www.



BRAND NEW DRUM KIT, Hayman (UK), black, complete with hardware - everything except stool and cymbals. ¥7,000 boxed. / 139 0639-0437




I’m lisa.chinese in qingdao. I want to find japanese friends .I can speak japanese and little english.I reckon that we can learn each other efficiently and also practise mandarin and japanese. hoping U voice~ WeChat : fisher_zh Expatriates New to China? Hello expatriates living in Qingdao. I would like


A Bazaar for Caring About Artistic Children @ Le Meridien Qingdao

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0532 8388-9900

Where will a love of learning take you?

Learn more about the IB Diploma Programme at QAIS

Students graduating with an International Baccalaureate Diploma enjoy the highest acceptance rates at the world’s top universities, typically along with substantial financial aid. On average, these students graduate university with a higher GPA than their peers, and receive higher starting salaries after graduation. QAIS is the first school in Shandong Province to offer the IB Diploma Programme. This course of study is as rewarding as it is rigorous, and it opens doors at the best universities around the globe. QAIS inspires a lifelong love of learning by offering programs and curricula that represent best practices for students’ intellectual, social, and emotional development. We enroll international students from Toddler to Grade 12. (+86 532) 8881-5668

Coming August 22nd!

Licang Campus

Integrated Service Center, Section C Bijia Shangliu Community, Licang District, Qingdao, Shandong 266041 PR China


中国 山东省 青岛市 李沧区 毕家上流社区C区综合服务中心 天水路26号266041

At ISQ, we know your children’s education is very important to you. Choosing the best fit can be difficult, but finding the right school environment can provide a strong foundation for holistic development. Let ISQ help guide your educational experience in Qingdao. We partner with families seeking a great education. ISQ has passionate, caring,

and qualified staff, who feel as excited as you do when your child succeeds academically, develops character, and leads a life that truly changes the world. Throughout our 21 years, our alumni have been accepted to 128 different universities around the world including, but not limited to: Harvard Law School, Seoul National University, the University of Edinburgh, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Chicago. ISQ alumni now work as doctors, engineers, graphic designers, UN workers, and more having been equipped at ISQ to be WORLD CHANGERS.

REDSTAR August 2017  

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