SAAT beta Tester Manual

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S.A.A.T Beta Test Manual

Introduction & Disclaimer Hello, Please read the following carefully as it is important you understand what’s required to be a beta tester. You have requested or offered to be considered to do the Beta test of the SAAT auto bot.

You do this at your own risk & cost. In beta testing you risk losses and we take no responsibility for that as S.A.A.T is an auto trader that users Margin Call alerts and as such carries no guarantees. This is NOT financial advice and you use the bot at your own risk. There is no “one2one� support with the free SAAT, but there is a Discord channel and users will be encouraged to place experiences on each labelled server to assist other SAAT Beta users. I have been testing the Bot for stability not profit just to weed out little bugs and small changes for those that are beta testing.

I would ask that you use the affiliate link to create a new ByBit account, as much for your protection as testing the link works, I would advise you only put $50 in bitcoin in the trading account. The amount you stake is only 10% of that $50 ($5) then the leverage set in site is added, that allows for a error in alert or code that will only cost $5, This beta should only be for 7 to 14 days then you will be able do back calculations on the figures to see what you need to risk to get your desired return.

You will also need a Discord invite and then know how to get your Discord token to enter into SAAT, all that is explained in this manual. Given that many users don’t use two screens in their set ups

I was going to call SAAT “escargot” as it’s a slow build, it works on compound, so in your calculation and plans you need a time frame and I would suggest you base those in months not days or weeks. Use this compound calculator to build you exit plan https:// and maybe sign up to their email to support them (you could use the one you used to open your new ByBit account).

I am starting with a written instruction manual that can be printed off or viewed on screen and you will be the canaries in the coal mine, and your experiences need to be logged on the discord please.

By having a separate account it reduces risk of total loss due to a hack or error on or in the code.

First I will list what you need to do to set up SAAT and the hardware needed with instructions to the point of starting SAAT trading. “The quickest way to lose money quickly in trades is to try and make it quickly in trades, patience & knowledge will win over chance and greed every time” James

I’m not saying it will be right first time, I’ll be chuffed if it is, but if it’s not I would expect you to post it on discord so I or others there can put it right, so here we go…….. 1. Hardware you will need (Please don’t ask if you can load to

VPS it defeats objective). a.

Raspberry Pi 3 (only tested on Pi 3,

feel free to try your luck with other Pi editions and report on discord your result).

b. Power supply (look on the Pi web site for recommended, google it!)

c. 32 GB micro sd. (speed 10 minimum)

d. A Pi case (not compulsory but keeps the dust off)

e. An Ethernet cable to connect the Pi to your router.

2. Online stuff; a. Please use this link to open new ByBit account;

b. Send the requested information to (copy and paste 1,2,3,4 to your email & fill in the requested details after the : )

1. Your Discord Name: 2. Your New Bybit User Uid: 3. The e-mail you used to register your new Bybit : 4. Your Tradingview User id:

3. You will receive an email back with a link to download the Raspberry Pi image. 4. You will now need some software to write image to card (if you don’t already have it)

a. You will need Belena Etcher, get it here b. This video will show you how to load the Raspian SAAT image we send you (don’t download any other files to load to SD just the one from us) c. You may need to format your SD if Balena doesnt. d. You will have the image to load from the email received from Margin Call you saved to your computer. e. Follow the instructions on the video to load to SD.

5. You are now at the build, connect & power up stage. a. Put your micro SD in the Pi 3. b. Put the Pi in the case. c. Connect to your router. d. Power up.

6. Open any browser on your computer and enter http://saat.local:3000 in the navigation bar you should see this

7. You will see the SAAT home page. a. You are going to need your APi keys from ByBit (just google how to get APi keys from ByBit), you need to save both public and private keys to enter into the config page, use notepad (you may want to delete the note pad once done as that is access to the account). b. And you will need a Token from discord to allow the SAAT to contact Discord. You need to go to pages 8-9-10-11 in this manual to get that token and the Discord SAAT bot invite c. Once you have those keys you can go to Config tab in SAAT & enter your Bybit APi’s and your Discord Token.

8. Start to trade: a. Pick your Time frame, 15 min should average out at 5/6 trades a day, the lower time frames have proven to be to choppy to get good results but your call. b. The base settings are the ones that have performed well for us but feel free to adjust to what you wish it’s your test. Each time you change your settings you need to hit the change buttons and the you need to refresh your page (the set up trade will return to base settings but your trade settings are set go to live SAAT and start trade) You will see lists when you have history

Once you hit start SAAT

c. Go to Live SAAT, if you have history you will see “Market Watchers! And “Strat Runners” with a list of previous trades, it will tell you the state of SAAT. d. If nothing is running then hit the “Start a new live S.A.A.T!” and SAAT is live. e. Now go about your daily business and let SAAT do its thing for at least 2 days. 9. As you are the Beta testers the Discord is the place for settings and experience, not all will be good, and those experiences are as valuable as the great experiences and good settings reports.

Ok this is how to set up your Discord Bot for S.A.A.T Sign in to your discord in a browser on your computer. Open a new browser window and enter this developers/applications/ You should see this.

Click on “New Application.

You should see this

Open OAuth2

Tick the Bot option.

And check these boxes

Send the URL invite generated to “�

copy invite url & send to with discord invite in subject of email. Now go back to this address click on the Bot in index. Click add bot

You should get this

Click generate or regenerate and you will see token for BOT

Copy that token into the config in Bot and refresh the bot page and you will be connected. You can save that with your Api’s in a file but I would make that a password protected file on a usb stick of line.

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