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December 2012





December 2012



News: Eco Wins 2012 HOBI Award


December 2012

News Eco Building Products Wins

2012 HOBI Award for Best New Product Eco Red Shield™ takes home the annual Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut title

Along with partner Interstate + Lakeland Lumber, Eco Building Products was recently awarded the annual HOBI Award for Best New Product for their flagship product, Eco Red Shield™. The HOBI Awards is the state of Connecticut’s most prestigious program in the housing sector, recognizing industry excellence in construction, land development, sales and marketing, and home financing. Eco President and CEO Steve Conboy flew out to personally receive the honor at the 19th annual HOBI Awards dinner in late November. Dozens of submissions for the 2012 HOBI Awards


News: Eco Wins 2012 HOBI Award were collected from builders and suppliers throughout the state. A panel of expert judges, representing many different branches of the building sector, spent weeks touring various sites to determine the winner. Interstate and Lakeland Lumber, one of the region’s most established and trusted building companies, introduced Eco Red Shield™ to the panel earlier this year. “Each week we are making presentations to our builders, who seem very enthused about the properties Eco Red Shield™ brings to their framing package,” said Interstate + Lakeland Lumber’s President Shelly Kahan in an interview with Connecticut Builder. “We are very pleased to already be supplying this great product in New York and Connecticut.” With the HOBI Award bolstering Eco’s already growing presence in markets along the East Coast, Conboy is confident that more builders and consumers will choose to build with the Shield™ as word of the coatings’ unparalleled protection spreads. “When you apply Eco Red Shield™ coatings, you get a superior product,” adds Conboy. 7

December 2012



News: Little Stud

News Introducing

Little Stud Eco building products’ newest mascot hit the national airwaves last month Eco Building Products has undertaken a strong media campaign to educate homeowners and builders about the dangers of mold, wood rot, and termite damage, and to show how the company’s flagship product, Eco Red Shield™, can help. Leading the way is Eco’s newest cartoon mascot, Little Stud. In a commercial that aired during an episode of the Suzanne Show that featured Eco President and CEO Steve Conboy, Little Stud walked consumers through the basics behind Eco Red Shield™ protection, emphasizing the dangers of today’s lumber. Standing with his dad, Little Stud covers everything from the products environmentally friendly makeup to its GREENGUARD certification and telltale RedBorn logo.


News: Little Stud

With his debut performance, Little Stud is helping spread the brochures, interviews, and videos in the months to come. To see m Shield™ protection for lumber, visit



December 2012


e word about Eco Red Shield™ lumber, and is set to appear in more more of the tiny timber spokesman, and learn more about Eco Red



News: FDNY Helps Spread the Word

The FDNY Helps Spread the Word

about Lumber Protection 13

December 2012


Eco’s fire-resistant technology is winning support from firefighters


News: FDNY Helps Spread the Word


December 2012

News While hundreds of emergency workers were out helping victims of Hurricane Sandy, dozens of firefighters within the FDNY were unknowingly losing their homes to fires raging through residential neighborhoods in Breezy Point. A firestorm ignited by failing electrical systems reduced over 100 homes to ash, while countless others sank below the rising flood waters. Steve Cassidy, President of the Uniformed Firefighters Association of Fire Department New York, saw the devastation first hand, and was immediately crusading for ways to get his men and women back into their homes. That’s when Cassidy heard about Eco Red ShieldTM, Eco Building Products’ flagship fire, mold, termite, and wood rot resistant lumber coating. A few days later, Cassidy was on a plane to California to tour the company’s headquarters and coating facilities. Cassidy and Steve Conboy, President and CEO of Eco Building Products, were both raised in the


News: FDNY Helps Spread the Word New York area, and have joined together to help bring the best building technologies back East to help with the restoration in areas affected by floods and fires from the storm. With limited and stalling government assistance, Cassidy knew he had to get the private sector involved to help his community and the firefighters he represented back on their feet. “We have the technology to ensure that future storms like Sandy don’t cause the kind of devastation we are seeing along the East Coast, but insurance companies, contractors, and government agencies are lagging behind,” says Conboy. “It looks like its going to take two Irishmen from Brooklyn to get this done.” It was Eco Red ShieldTM’s unprecedented fire rating, though, that first captured Cassidy’s attention. Eco Red ShieldTM was recently awarded the first Class ‘A’ fire rating for topical lumber protection, and in burn demonstrations was shown to significantly reduce ignition time, burn speed and smoke index all of which are crucial to protective the lives of residences and emergency personnel in the event of a fire. One of the biggest dangers for firefighters at the scene of a residential fire is roof and floor collapse. As the flames advance and the heat increases, structural integrity in roof trusses and 17

December 2012



News: FDNY Helps Spread the Word

I-joists is quickly compromised, leading to dangerous cave-ins as firefighters attempt a rescue or work to vent the roof of smoke and heat. Protected lumber significantly prolongs wood fiber strength in fire conditions, keeping firefighters safe as they work to save lives and property. With the industry slow to embrace these new technologies, firefighters are rallying behind products like Eco Red ShieldTM to 19

December 2012

help spread awareness about the potentially life-saving properties of lumber protection. “We’re trying to change the way the world builds,” says Conboy. “If we can save the life of just one firefigther or homeowner, then all our effort to build momentum for a paradigm shift in lumber technology will have been worthwhile. It’s time to build with better, safer materials.”


News: Sandy Town Hall

Rebuilding it right The Red Shield Foundation hosts A Town Hall meeting todiscuss new technologies for Sandy victims


December 2012


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, one of the most destructive storms to ever impact the United States, thousands of families and homeowners are facing the daunting process of rebuilding their homes and their lives. The storm revealed in heartbreaking clarity, however, that current building practices in the North East are no longer adequate to handle a changing climate and increasingly severe weather patterns. New technologies and industry standards, developed within the last few decades, are still waiting to be embraced by contractors, government agencies, and consumers, but the unwillingness of the building sector to move forward is causing untold monetary damages and personal grief for those caught up in natural disasters like Sandy. To combat this, the Red Shield Foundation has launched a mass education campaign to help inform affected communities about advanced building products available for the rebuild effort that could help their properties survive the next super storm.


News: Sandy Town Hall On December 18th, the Red Shield Foundation hosted a Town Hall meeting in Woodbridge, New Jersey, to help educate residents on the new technologies available for rebuilding and repair efforts in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Chris Michael’s Steak House donated more than 1,200 meals for the event, in which Red Shield Foundation Chairman Steve Conboy led the audience through some of the problems and solutions to current industry practices. Conboy and many others, including New York City Mayor Bloomberg, are adamant that insurance companies and contractors rebuild with the newest available technologies. “Let me be clear: we are not going to abandon the waterfront,” said Bloomberg in a speech earlier this month. “We are not going to leave the Rockaways or Coney Island or Staten Island’s South Shore. But we cannot just rebuild what was there and hope for the best. We have to build smarter, stronger and more sustainable.” One of way to meet this goal, Conboy explained at the Town Hall, is through protected lumber, which preserves wood fiber strength against mold, wood rot, termites, and fire - allowing buildings to survive extreme weather conditions 23

December 2012


“we cannot just rebuild what was there and hope for the best. We have to build smarter, stronger and more sustainable.” - NYC MAYOR MICHAEL BLOOMBERG


News: Sandy Town Hall


December 2012

News like high winds, flooding, and more. Thousands of homes affected by flood waters in along the East Coast have been red tagged by authorities, meaning the lumber structure has been compromised by mold and rot and must be torn down and replaced. With protected lumber, the structural components can remain intact in the event of a flood. Another innovation showcased at the Town Hall was Eco’s Hurricane Breakaway Structural technology, which elevates a home on pier-like supports encased in panels designed to blow out in the event of floodwaters. This not only keeps water out of the home, but minimizes the stresses on the homes strutural components, helping it better survive extreme conditions and even allowing families to remain in their homes during weather events. The Red Shield Foundation is also holding a raffle for Sandy victims and offering five Eco Red ShieldTM structural packages to those who don’t have enough insurance to rebuild. Every family in attendance at the Town Hall meeting with a ‘red ticket’ home - property requiring a full demo and rebuild - was given a raffle ticket, with others available for purchase for $100 to help families in need. “We’re honored to be a part of the rebuild


News: Sandy Town Hall


December 2012

News The Red Shield Foundation would like to thank the following oraganizations and individuals for making the Town Hall possible:

Chris Michael’s Steak House

NBC Television

The Home Depot Foundation

Joe Battiatto

Vector Engineering

Calvert GluLam Beams

Steve Cassidy

Morris/Duffy & Faley

Peter Kuhn

Chardon Capital

Simpson Strong-Tie

Reborn International


News: 2012 - A Restrospective

2012 - a retr

the Biggest stories of the last year from the red

ESR ICC Certification Earlier this year, Eco Red Shield™ earned an Engineering Services Report (ESR #3255) granted by the International Code Council Evaluation Services, securing its place in the building code as an eco-friendly alternative to pressure-treated lumber. The evaluation was based on a new platform developed for topical protective coatings, AC433, which helped confirm the product’s wood rot, mold, termite, and corrosivity resistance, as well as preservation of wood fiber strength. 29

December 2012



d shield foundation

QAI Listing Eco Red Shield™ also earned QAI listing B1053-1, making it the first topical coating ever to achieve a Class “A” rating for structural performance. Eco Red Shield™ is now equivalent to alternative fire retardant lumber. The extended thirty-minute test showed the product met or surpassed the burn performance of traditional pressure treated lumber while preserving 22

News: A Year in Review GREENGUARD Certification Adding to its growing list of accolades, Eco Red Shield™ was also awarded GREENGUARD® Children and Schools certification, the highest industry standard for indoor air quality. In fact, Eco Red Shield™ was shown to emit fewer volatile organic compounds than even raw lumber. Now, consumers can enjoy the structural benefits of protected lumber without worrying about harmful chemicals or off-gassing.

The Suzanne Show Eco Building Products President and CEO Steve Conboy was featured on The Suzanne Show with Suzanne Somers, highlighting the in-home dangers of mold and 3131

December 2012 2012 November

News fire. Somers, who lost her home to fire in 2007, is all too aware of the importance of residential fire prevention, and with her forcus on wellness strongly supports Eco’s environmentally friendly approach.

Burn Demo With the help of Oceanside’s fire department, Eco Building PLAY Products set up a burn of two structures, one built with raw lumber and the other with Eco Red Shield™. The demo was a spectacular success, with the Eco Red Shield™ structure putting the flames out after just a few minutes, while the raw lumber building burned to the ground in less than ten minutes.

The Pledge2Vets Campaign Part of the Red Shield Foundation, Pledge2Vets is an outreach program directed towards veterans of the United States military, with 32 32

News: A Year in Review

a focus on providing job opportunities and home improvements. With several major projects completed and dozens of companies pledging support to the cause, Pledge2Vets is rallying Americans to help returning veterans in need at

ECOB University Eco Building Products’ educational platform aimed at contractors and consumers alike, ECOB University provides a comprehensive overview of major issues within the building industry, explaining pervasive problems like wood rot, mold, termite damage, and fire susceptibility. From forestry to the building code, ECOB University’s curriculum is free to the public at

33 33

December 2012 November 2012


LUMBER Building Supply AND



No matter what you’re building, whether it’s a house, room addition, re-roof, patio or deck – start with protected lumber that will stand the test of time.

BUILD RIGHT. Eco Red Shield™ Protected Lumber is now available factory direct with inventory in Vista. There’s no need to build with raw lumber again. Our complete building supply store also features eco-friendly and sustainable products specifically designed to withstand the elements including doors and windows from Jeld-Wen, vinyl fences, gates and exterior trim from SUV, as well as Class A roofing from Decra®.

Now Available Direct!





34 909 W. Vista Way, Vista, CA (760) 732-5826

Features: Building it Safer

Building It Safer Consumer concern for health and toxicity in building products is rising 37

December 2012



Features: Building it Safer Over the past few decades, awareness has spread throughout the building community about harmful processes and chemicals used in some elements of construction. From the outspoken dangers of asbestos and pressure treated lumber, to the groundswell of concern for indoor mold and off-gassing, the industry is experiencing a gradual consumer revolution as the focus shifts away from price-oriented materials to ones that ensure safety and health throughout the life of a building. The green movement has undoubtedly helped spark and sustain this trend, with organizations like the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) helping establish universal guidelines for building safer, health conscious, and environmentally friendly structures. While much of this change has happened at the level of government contracting and state building code changes, there is strong evidence showing consumers are beginning to demand higher levels of excellence as well. In a recent report released by global independent safety science firm UL, over 1200 consumers and 1100 manufacturers were surveyed in China, India, Germany, and the United States to determine trends with the building products industry, and the results showed significant increases in consumer interest in the 39

December 2012



Features: Building it Safer health and safety records of current and upcoming products in the industry. The study found that 38 percent of consumers were most concerned about toxic emissions in building materials. More than 23 percent of consumers listed structural safety as their number one priority, followed by 15 percent for flammability, 13 percent for ability to withstand the elements, and 11 percent for mold.


December 2012

Features Researchers also found that a full 75 percent of consumers do not believe that adequate steps have been taken by building manufacturers to ensure environmentally friendly procedures are followed. Nearly 70 percent don’t believe building products have improved in the last five years, and 72 percent are unconvinced that enough product testing is conducted before bringing products to market.


News: ECOB University

These findings show that consumers are primarily concerned with toxicity and structural safety in building products, and that awareness for other issues, including mold and fire susceptibility, is rising quickly. Over 60 percent of those surveyed, however, stated difficulty finding safety information for products, and the majority are dissatisfied with the industry’s current steps 43

December 2012


towards creating healthier, more environmentally sustainable materials. With reports like these, it’s easy to see a growing demand within the building sector for top quality, green, and health conscious materials - a demand that Eco Building products has been working hard to meet.


Features: Raw Lumber

Rebuilding with

Raw lumber? Insurance companies are still neglecting the new industry standard 47

December 2012



Features: Features: Raw Raw Lumber Lumber


was a landmark year for natural disasters. Hurricane Sandy, an unprecedented superstorm in the the northeast United States, caused more than $20 billion in damage and left thousands of homeowners with no choice but to raze their properties to the ground and build again. Fires in western states tore through dozens of communities, with Colorado experiencing its most destructive single blaze in its history. With climate change on the horizon, many are left wondering if these catastrophes are becoming the new normal. 49

December 2012

Features News

These disasters mean major losses for insurance companies swamped with large numbers of claims from homeowners needing to repair or rebuild. And yet, in areas like Waldo Canyon, Colorado and throughout the flooded areas left behind from Hurricane Sandy, insurance companies are still financing contractors using raw lumber, despite the major advances in wood protection in the last few years. “Building with raw lumber is like building with firewood,” says Red Shield Foundation chairman Steve Conboy. “It’s unbelievable


Features: Raw Lumber that with this much money at stake, with lives and families’ lifelong possessions on the line, the building industry is still stuck in an outdated mindset. When insurance companies finally understand the value of protected lumber, I don’t think we’ll see a single raw rebuild.” Protective coatings like Eco Red Shield not only reduce the ignition times and smoke index of residential fires, but also prevent mold - a crucial flaw in raw lumber construction that results in inevitable tear-downs following flooding events like hurricanes and other storms. Protected lumber also maintains wood fiber strength throughout the lifetime of the structure, unlike raw lumber which is susceptible to wood rot and termite damage that can reduce wood integrity by 80 percent or more. With wood fiber strength closer to engineered specifications, more 51

December 2012

Features Features 52 52

Features: Raw Lumber


December 2012

Features buildings will survive the lateral loads of severe weather and earthquakes. The construction industry is notoriously slow to adopt new technologies and adapt to evolving safety standards. Insurance companies, however, have a strong incentive to protect assets with the most innovative standards available, as they are left holding the bill when structural failures or flooding and mold contamination occur. If nothing else, perhaps the destructive events experienced this year will serve as a wake up call to the industry to get serious about lumber protection, and help save property and lives in the years to come.


Features: I-Joist Collapse



December 2012



Features: I-Joist Collapse

The I-joist

, or engineered wood joist, was a breakthrough for the building industry upon its arrival in 1969. Traditional wood-framed buildings often suffered warping, bowing, or splitting in long spans for roofing and multiple floors, and changing forestry practices meant that fewer and fewer high quality pieces of adequate length were available. The I-joist solved these problems through intelligent engineering. A web sandwiched between a top and bottom flange provided unprecedented strength and durability, and gave the structural component its characteristic ‘I’ shape. I-joists allowed 57

November 2012


builders and architects to span greater areas than ever before, enabling new floor plans and designs and ensuring structural soundness throughout the building’s lifetime. One major flaw in incorporating I-joists, however, is a severe increase in fire risk. Most I-joists today are made of OSB, which is bonded by extremely flammable glues and resins. Less surface area also means faster burn times, and it is a wellknown fact in the industry that I-joists are prone to relatively quick collapse in the event of a structural fire, endangering the lives of occupants, fire fighters, and other rescue personnel. A


Features: I-Joist Collapse recent report by Underwriters Laboratories shows that typical floor structures often collapse in as little as 13 minutes from the start of a fire. The 2012 IRC building code has been updated to address this fire safety issue. Section 501.3 was added this year, restricting open basement or open ceilings on I-joist components and mandating a fire rating equivalent to a 2X10 beam. As traditional beam replacements for I-joists increasingly rare and expensive, this means that most contractors will opt for drywall encasement, which adds significant cost and labor to building projects. One alternative solution is intumescent fireresistant coating, which swells in the presence of heat and slows the advance of the flames, and was proposed to the ICC Evaluation Services under AC450. Intumescent coatings, however, are fairly expensive, as they require licensed applicators and third party inspection. To achieve adequate mill thickness, often three or more 59

December 2012




Features: I-Joist Collapse applications of the coating are required, adding to the overall cost. Additionally, a major weakness in intumescent coatings is that in fire conditions, off-gassing within the coated lumber often leads to much of the protective material being ejected, rendering its protection useless. Major changes like this to the building code will add significant costs to residential construction, and so far no genuine market solution has been successfully brought forward. The Red Shield foundation is working hard to generate awareness and action to help the building code catch up to new advances in lumber protection technology, so homes can be built safer while remaining affordable.


December 2012



Builder Spotlight


December 2012

Builder Spotlight




Builder Spotlight: Mike St. John

Remembering mike

Longtime passes aw

Michael S irreplaceabl Mike was we Mike was in revolution Pacific Woo until the day a year. Rece Australia, Du As Mike friendships consulted as Mike’s ge would want u in the memo 67

December 2012

st. john (1946-2012)

e friend and colleague of eco building products way at the age of 66

St. John, 66, of Boise passed away on Thursday, November 29. His le presence will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved him. ell known for his quick sense of humor and his love of a good joke. s an icon in the engineered lumber business, and he played a key role nizing the American lumber industry. In 1999, Mike helped to found odtech and served as Vice President and Director of the company y he died. His unstoppable work ethic saw him travelling 300 days ently he had been developing new markets for engineered lumber in ubai, China, and many other countries. developed markets, he also developed friends; he had many in the industry that stretched back decades, and he was often s a trusted advisor. enerosity and spirit were incomparable. Rather than be mourned, he us to do our best and remember to enjoy life. Mike will live on forever ories of each of us.


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November 2012




December 2012



December 2012


Rebuilding Homes,

Rebuilding Lives

Pledge2Vets workers pull long hours to restore properties of two veterans affected by Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy, possibly the most destructive natural disaster in the history of the United States, caused more than $60 billion in damages along the East Coast. New York and New Jersey, two areas that suffered the brunt of the storm’s fury, saw devastating flooding and house fires that has left thousands of residents homeless. The Eco Red Shield Foundation mobilized quickly to provide lumber and education for families forced to rebuild, and through Pledge2Vets singled out two veterans to receive a full restoration package to help these families back on their feet in time for the holidays. The properties, one in Freeport, New Jersey and one in Massapequa, New York were both severely damaged in the


Outreach: Pledge2Vets Sandy Rebuild storm, with heavy flooding compromising the lower levels and basements. Pledge2Vets sent an initial team to survey the scenes and go over rebuilding plans with homeowners Lyn and DiPaula in Massapqua, as well as Gary and Marion in Freeport. Working with other companies and foundations like the Home Depot Foundation, the team secured materials and tools and then began the restoration process. Nathaniel Bruce, a Marine veteran and ex-firefighter, helped lead the team’s efforts, which first involved removing belongings and mucking out the floodwaters and sediment to stop the mold growth. Crews demoed the entire first floor up to the waterline, which was about four feet off the floor, while dealing with vermiculite insulation and damaged components. Once the home was clear and dried, the team used Eco Building Products’ proprietary biocide - and ingredient in Eco Red Shield™ protection coating - to kill growing mold spores. “It looked like black mold had been growing for years” commented Nathaniel Bruce. “When we applied the biocide, it looked like applying hydrogen peroxide to a wound. You could immediately see and smell the difference.” The crew wore respirators during the cleanup process to 75

December 2012



Outreach: Pledge2Vets Sandy Rebuild prevent the inhalation of dangerous microtoxins from the mold that was growing along the affected structural components, like studs, timber, and wall cavities. Many homes affected by the flooding contain crawl spaces beneath the house with appliances like water heaters, and in these areas the mold growth following water contamination can be extremely heavy. With biocide and the installation of Eco Red Shield™ floor paneling, the crews neutralized the mold problem and improved air quality. As walls and flooring were rebuilt, crews also reworked the electrical systems, all within less than 24 hours. To stay on schedule for their short work windows, the Pledge2Vets team pulled long hours, often working to three or four in the morning


December 2012

Outreach and sleeping in an R.V. parked outside. “Seeing dump trucks caravanning down the highway was a humbling experience,” said Bruce. “In each was the remains of homes, possessions, and memories of so many families. What was almost worse was the truckloads of raw lumber coming into the city to rebuild, and knowing that in future storms they will have to go through the same thing.” The Pledge2Vets team was often approached by cleanup contractors, neighbors, and others who took note of the red lumber. “It’s amazing how little people know about these new technologies,” added Bruce, “even among those charged with leading the rebuild effort here. These area need more education on the advances in protected lumber.”




The application of this coating on Eco drywall in basements and around plum house is the best mold prevention t

INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR WATER • Protects Behind All Pumbing Fixtu • Protects Against Mold & Rot Insid • Extends the Life of Your Roof • Class A Fire Resistant • Easy to Apply


INHIBITS FIRE & MOLD Insures Easy Cleanup After a Flood When Applied Over RedSheild™ Lumber or Drywall.


o RedShield™ protected lumber and mbing wet walls throughout the whole the Building Industry has ever seen.

RPROOFING ures & Sills de Your Home

Outreach: Home Depot Foundation Ranch


December 2012


The Home depot foundation

supports pledge2vets

The organization’s $10,000 gift will go to help in the relief effort for Hurricane Sandy victims The Home Depot Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Home Depot Corporation, recently pledged $10,000 in funds for the Red Shield Foundation’s efforts in the Hurricane Sandy rebuild through Pledge2Vets. The Home Depot Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit with its own board of directors, and is responsible for tens of millions in charitable donations throughout the United States. In April of 2011, the Home Depot Foundation pledged $30 million in funds to various charitable organizations to over the course of three years. In less than 18 months, the Foundation had reached its goal. Now, the organization has pledged an additional $50 million to help fund projects all over the country over the next three years.


Outreach: Home Depot Foundation “We just wrapped up our 2012 Celebration of Service Campaign,” says Tyrene Hodge, the Foundation’s Field Manager. “In a two month period from 9/11 to 11/11, we coordinated among our associates to serve in their communities to help benefit the veteran population.” With over 12,000 associates and 2,200 stores nationwide, the Foundation’s impact was substantial.” Over 350 projects and $3 million in funding resulted from the campaign alone. “Our Team Depot volunteer program leaves lasting physical impacts on communities all over the United States, and we’re proud to support other organizations doing the same,” added Hodge. The Foundation committed $1 million to support Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, helping fund more than 60 non-profits in the region. One of those organizations is Pledge2Vets, which is helping veterans clear 83

December 2012

away the storms destructive remains and rebuild homes in time for the holidays. The $10,000 in funding will directly help these families in need. “We are deeply grateful for the Home Depot Foundation’s contribution, as it will allow us to better serve those who have been affected by this terrible storm,� said Steve Conboy, President and CEO of Eco Building Products. Overall, the Foundation has invested more than $300 million in funds to help build and renovate homes for deserving families, transform local parks and playgrounds, and repair community facilities. With funds coming from a large donor base, the Foundation encourages Home Depot customers and others interested in helping to support the organizations found in its list of partners at, including Habitat for Humanity, U.S. Vets, and Volunteers of America.


Outreach: Helping the Homeless

helping the homeless

REBORN OUTREACH aims to provide job opportunities to those in need REBORN OUTREACH, the non-profit of Eco Building Products’ associate and partner Jimmy Sherlock, has been building and operating orphanages, schools, and kitchens in some of the world’s neediest areas, such as Haiti, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic. Now, REBORN is focusing its efforts on another population a little closer to home. The number of homeless men, women, and children in the United States alone number more than 650,000 according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, with nearly 85

December 2012



Outreach: Helping the Homeless


December 2012

Builder Spotlight one and a half million people living in emergency shelters or transitional housing from 2008 to 2009. In addition to the struggle for adequate food and shelter, the homeless population has traditionally suffered from hard to find employment. Jimmy Sherlock’s newest venture aims to combat unemployment among the homeless while also providing increased funds for better housing, nourishment, and other programs. The concept involves employing homeless persons in auto dealerships across the country to serve as contracted representatives of REBORN Glass Repair, offering REBORN NuClear technology to car owners. This proprietary nanoparticle coating not only protects vehicles from the elements, but dramatically improves aerodynamics, reducing fuel consumption and increasing gas efficiency. The unique material also acts as a preventative filler for windshield cracks, preventing their spread and reducing the need for future window replacements. “Window replacements are often done


Outreach: Helping the Homeless


December 2012

Outreach incorrectly, leaving a high risk of injury or damage during an accident,” says Sherlock. “This material has been proven in NASA-run wind tunnels to improve fuel efficiency and speed, and can be used on everything from aircraft to boats and vehicles.” Certified REBORN technicians, made up of eligible homeless men and women who have passed mental health and drug tests, will be offering the product at more than 400 retailers, thanks to a deal with some of the nation’s leading auto dealerships. Much of the profits will go into programs aimed at helping other homeless individuals, and the hope is that with a steady income, many participants will be able to soon afford housing. “Many dealerships are eager to get involved, as this is a smart and simple way to help our homeless brothers and sisters back on their feet,” said Sherlock. After experiencing a roller coaster of success and bankruptcy in the late 1980’s, Sherlock underwent a spiritual transformation that had him move to the West coast and begin a new organization he called REBORN. “I committed my profits to helping others, and since then I’ve been blessed to bring blessings to others all over the world,” adds Sherlock. “I can’t be more excited about this latest venture aimed at combatting homelessness in America.”


Investor Relations



E the m prop protec

B traded

The OTCBB is a regulated electronic trading service offer Securities Dealers (NASD) that shows real time quotes, last-sa for over-the-counter (OTC) equity securities. Companies listed on current financial statements with the Securities For


December 2012

Eco Building Products, Inc. (ECOB) is manufacturer of Eco Red Shield™ - a prietary, eco-friendly chemistry that cts lumber against mold, wood rot, termites and fire. Based in Vista, California, Eco Building Products, Inc. is a publicly d company (OTCBB) with the ticker symbol ECOB.OB

red by the National Association of ale prices and volume information n this exchange are required to file and Exchange Commission (SEC). more information please contact: Arthur Douglas & Associates, Inc. Arthur Batson 407.478.1120


The Shield - December 2012  
The Shield - December 2012  

The December Issue of The Shield, the monthly publication of The Red Shield Foundation