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Stop renting and buy your own brand new Redrow home with a discount that you never have to pay back. At Redrow, we know how big that first step on the property ladder can be, especially if your local area is an expensive place to buy a home. That’s why we have introduced perpetuity plots, giving qualifying first-time buyers a huge discount on new homes at selected developments. If your household income is under the required threshold and you can demonstrate a need for the type of home you want to buy, such as starting a family, or taking a job in the area, then you could qualify for a substantial discount off the price of your own home.

What are perpetuity plots?

Being so close to my parents means we can be spontaneous. We frequently take advantage of our fantastic local babysitting service! Georgina and Alex Burford Canal View, Garstang


Perpetuity plots are designed to help first-time buyers, just like you, to move out of their parents home or rented accommodation and into their own home in popular locations, where you may not normally be able to afford to buy. These homes are offered with a discount off the market price for qualifying buyers. The scheme guarantees that there will always be homes that people can afford, ensuring that families and young professionals can continue to make their vibrant contribution to the local community.

What’s the catch? There’s no catch and you don’t even have to pay back the discount like you would with schemes such as Help to Buy. All we ask is that when you come to sell, you pass on the same discount on the current market value and that you only sell to another qualifying buyer. That way we keep these homes affordable for first-time buyers who really need them.

Find out more For full details of the required criteria and what discount is available, make an appointment or call one of our Sales Consultants today.* * Perpetuity plots are only available on selected developments.

We love having our own space! We’re always throwing dinner parties and cooking up a storm in the kitchen - and there’s nobody to tell us when to do the dishes! Kate and Steve Robbins Canal View, Garstang


Do / qualify? Naturally, we want our perpetuity plots to go to the people who really need them. You can get full details of the required criteria from our Sales Consultants.

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