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Over the last decade, more than 500,000 people were tested by anthropologists to explore the role emotions play in daily living. They’ve learned how people see themselves vs. what others see, and have observed how various choices affect personal and professional success. Despite the growing focus on emotional intelligence (EQ), global deficit in understanding and managing emotions remain. Only 36 percent of the people tested are able to accurately identify their emotions as they happen.


Not education. Not experience. Not knowledge or intellectual horsepower. None of these serve as an adequate predictor as to why one person succeeds and another doesn’t. There’s something else going on that society doesn’t seem to account for. The answer almost always has to do with this concept called Emotional Intelligence. And while it is harder to identify and measure than IQ (intellectual intelligence) or experience, its power cannot be denied.

The Power of Emotional Intelligence Submitted by: Edward Mirza,

People have been talking about EmoSVP Franchise Operations tional Intelligence for a while, but somehow they haven’t been able to harness its power. After all, as a society we continue to focus most of our self-improvement energy in the pursuit of knowledge, experience, intelligence and education. This would be fine if we could honestly say we had a full understanding of our emotions, not to mention the emotions of others, and an understanding of how our emotions influence our lives so fundamentally every day. 


Leadership I think the reason for this gap between the popularity of emotional intelligence as a concept and its application in society is twofold. First, people just don’t understand it. They often mistake emotional intelligence for a form of charisma or gregariousness. Second, they don’t see it as something that can be improved. Either you have it or you don’t.” Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, and President of the Table Group has written the above introduction to “Emotional Intelligence” Book.

“By simply understanding our own emotions and the emotions of others... we learn about the four basic skills of Emotional Intelligence."


By understanding what emotional intelligence really is and how we can manage it in our lives, we can begin to leverage all of that intelligence, education and experience we’ve been storing up for all these years. By simply understanding our own emotions and the emotions of others (even if we don’t feel the same) we learn about the four basic skills of Emotional Intelligence: Self-Awareness; Self-management; Social Awareness and Relationships Management. Those skills not only heighten our sense of emotional awareness, but also equip us to manage our relationships with our family, friends, colleagues, and guests so much better that would make us feel good about the good we provide to others. That’s what “Providing a Positive Emotional Experience” all is about! Feel free to learn more about Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves, available on or any Book Store in your neck of the wood. OR, contact our Vice-President of Human Resources and Training, Leslie Fisher, for a Continuing Education class on Emotional Intelligence at 





Andy Alexander: One President, One Focus Reprinted from Hotel Management, November 2013


Andy Alexander: One President, One Focus



2012 Circle of Excellence Winners Honored at 2013 Brand Conference Submitted by Natalie Turner, PR & Marketing Coordinator

e of Excellence Award Winner l c r i C 2 1 s 20

Building the Roof (Talent Management) Award winner, Cory Zirwes, FGM.

District Performance winner, FOD Vickie Lam Franchise District 4

District Performance winner, VPO Mark Aston, District 15


Awards cle of Excellence Award Winners r i C 2 1 0 2


GSR COE winner, Amanda Obregon Inn #578, Clyde, OH

GSR COE winner, Barbara Strampe, Inn #45 Ann Arbor, MI

GSR COE winner, Michelle Ward, Inn #11 Grand Rapids, MI

GM Paul Patel accepts GSR COE award on behalf of Rosario Hernandez, Housekeeping GSR, Inn #658, Bowling Green, KY

Awards cle of Excellence Award Winners r i C 2 1 0 2

Online Travel Review winner, GM Cathy Wingler, Inn #195, Chicago Naperville, IL.

Operator of the Year winner, Owners Yogash & Patricia Kumar, Inn #530, Gallup, NM.

Operator of the Year winner, GM Mark Jurek, Inn #191, Detroit Aborn Hills/Rochester Hills, MI.


Awards cle of Excellence Award Winners r i C 2 1 0 2

Roof Top (Quality) winner, AGM Paige Albright, Inn #590, Orlando West – Ocoee, FL.

President’s Award winners, Owner Kyle Johnson & GM Stacy Patridge, Inn #647, Sioux Falls, SD.


Raise the Roof (Most Improved) winner, GM Ava Adediwura, Inns #71 & 78, Lansing, IL.

Awards cle of Excellence Award Winners r i C 2 1 0 2

Sales Executive of the Year winner, NAE Lynn Harris.

Sales Leadership Award winner, Owner/GM Kamini Patel, Inn #667, Lithonia, GA.

Through the Roof (Financial) winner, GM/IV Heidi Cordes, Inn #281, Chicago Downtown – Magnificent Mile, IL.


Awards cle of Excellence Award Winners r i C 2 1 0 2

Through the Roof (Financial) winners, Franchise Growth Award winner, Vinod & Parul Patel, Inn #704, Lake Manoj Chawla, Inns #750, 779, 765 & 774 Charles, LA.

Golden Shovel Award winners, GM Malhar Joshi & Owner Pramod Patel, Inn #655, Rancho Cordova, CA.


Golden Shovel Award winner, GM Terry Northam, Inn #025, Kalamazoo West, MI.

Good Will

Doing Some Good for Their Neighbors Submitted by Fouad Malouf, FOD

Red Roof Inn, #513, in Pittsburg, KY, recently received an “Exemplary Community Partner Award” from the Southeastern Kentucky Chapter of the American Red Cross. Inn #513 has been a valuable business partner of the Southeastern Kentucky Chapter and supports the efforts of the American Red Cross in their community. Furthermore, Inn #513 has had a direct bill account with the American Red Cross for several years, and a great relationship with the Southeastern Kentucky Chapter’s Director, too. Congratulations, Inn #513! As always, Red Roof encourages you and your staff to become involved in your local community!

“As always, Red Roof encourages you and your staff to become involved in your local community!"



A “Banner” Month for Marketing in September Submitted by Aaron Stenhoff, Director of eCommerce & Marketing

Red Roof is a pet-friendly hotel chain. Our slogan: “Pets stay free, you stay happy!” And that certainly seems to be resonating. Please take a look at the success of the Pets banner ads this past October. 





No of Nights




























Nicest Price








Pet Banner
















#1 Hotel Banner








Grand Total






$ 132.86


11% of our revenue comes from guests with pets. That 11% equates to $40 million dollars! It pays to have pets stay!


Open House & Openings Palm Coast Open House and Best Practices for Your Open House Submitted by Greg Miles, Franchise Sales Support Manager

On Wednesday, November 13, 2013, George Maples, Owner, Red Roof Inn Palm Coast, FL, hosted an Open House to let the local community know of all the improvements he has made to this property. The Inn was a former Sleep Inn that had a diminished reputation in the community. The hard work of George and his team has changed the clientele and brought praise from the local police and nearby business. Tommie Allred and Luanne Downing worked diligently on making this Open House a success. Along with hand written invitations, contacting and involving the Chamber of Commerce and hiring a consultant to handle the food, entertainment and set-up, these two were very active in communicating with all parties to assure all flowed smoothly. All of the staff at the Inn was involved to be sure the Inn was presented in a welcoming manner. The food and entertainment was top notch, sending a message to the local community this is a professional, wellrun Inn. Entertainment was a local high school steel drum band that set the tone for arriving guests. The refreshments were a hosted beer, wine & soda bar service. Featured were lobster and crab claws along with an assortment of olives, fruit kabobs and bruschetta. The event was well attended and featured a few key guests that were curious as to the improvements and the local buzz created. The competitive set number one and two hotels came by and welcomed the new Red Roof. They commented they were glad that Mr. Maples and his team have elevated the comp set. There were also local restaurant managers, business owners and community leaders. All the comments were very enthusiastic. An Open House is a great way to let the community know of the improvements you have made. If you would like to host your own Open House, there are a few things that should be done in the planning stage: • Contact your Chamber of Commerce. Secure a date (mid-week is best) • Plan on what you want to offer: Food & beverage • Make a list of companies and community leaders you want to invite • Work with Field Marketing to design your invite and related collateral • Work with Greg Miles, Franchise Sales Support Manger to help you plan a successful event If you have the chance, stop by the Red Roof Palm Coast, FL, located between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, FL. New photos will be coming out soon! 

From Left: Georgia Carter Turner, COC President; Luanne Downing, DOS; Larry Fontana, Red Roof ADOS; Tommie Allred, Owners Representative; George Maples, Owner; Jon Netts, Mayor of Palm Coast; Greg Miles, Franchise Sales Support Manager; Doreen Chase, Palm Coast COC; Heather Fraker Thompson, Palm Coast COC 13

Franchisee Closeup Franchise Spotlight: An Interview with Victor Patel, Inn #799 Submitted by Glenn Galbraith, FOD

The Red Roof Inn Williamsburg, Virginia opened on July 31, 2013. Glenn Galbraith, FOD, interviewed Mr. Patel on October 22, 2013 about his experiences with Red Roof Inn. GLENN GALBRAITH: Where did you get your experience in the hotel business? VICTOR PATEL: I learned the hotel business from my uncle and working with other brands. GLENN: What was your reason for joining the Red Roof brand? VICTOR: The hotel was a Red Roof Inn several years ago and many guests were coming back to the hotel because of this fact. Even though the property had become independently owned, the guests considered it Red Roof property. Even my competitors encouraged me to convert back to a Red Roof Inn. GLENN: How was your opening experience with Red Roof? VICTOR: It was hard, but with the way people responded, it became easy. The opening process took over several months and every department was quick in responding to my needs. GLENN: How was the Management in Training (MIT)?

Edward Mirza, SVP Franchise Operations and Victor Patel, owner Inn #799

VICTOR: MIT was great. I thought 2 weeks would be too much – I thought I knew everything about the hotel business. I learned a lot of new things. The trainers were very helpful. Housekeeping and maintenance were great. Until you go through this training, you do not know what you need to learn. Red Roof makes sure you learn something before you get your certificate. GLENN: How are things going now that you are opened? VICTOR: Business is currently way up over [from when it was] an independent property. GLENN: What is your long-term strategy for success? VICTOR: Great customer service and quality. If I take care of this, I will have customers at my door. It is also critical to have your staff involved. GLENN: Any other advice? VICTOR: Check reviews. Maintain brand standards. Give a hassle-free experience. Don’t give guests a reason to go to another brand.  14

From Your FODs

The Fab 4 Rock! Submitted by Jane Palumbo, VPO/FOD

As Red Roof Franchising continues to grow at a steady pace, let’s not forget the “Fab 4” who paved the way. Many thanks to Timothy Means, Glenn Galbraith, Fouad Malouf and Vickie Lam for their hard work, passion and dedication to growing the Red Roof brand. In addition, let’s welcome some new additions to the Franchise Operations Director team: Michelle Safley, Neil Scott, Jane Palumbo and Mark Aston. All of their knowledge is valuable, not only to the growth of Red Roof, but to Franchise owners, operators and general managers. Here’s to a successful 2014! 


Quality The Top 10 Best Red Roof New Year Resolutions Submitted by Vickie Lam, FOD

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called “opportunity” and its first chapter is New Year’s Day! Let’s all make sure our 2014 New Year resolutions in our personal and professional lives don’t get broken. Take a look at the list below and see how you can incorporate personal resolutions to garner professional success through higher guest satisfaction and healthy financial results. Cheers to a Happy New Year. 1. Get fit - Conduct regular GuestRedi inspections • Nothing will get you moving more than conducting a “Fast 5, Plus 1” on every new check out! (Carpet, Odor, Bed, Bath, Supplies and Energy). • AM and PM Room Racks. • Landscaping creates a sweat. Get ready to be the next Golden Shovel winner. 2. Don’t put it off – Give up Procrastination • Answer ALL Market Metrix Surveys and Guest Relations (Positive, Neutral, Negative) Cases within 48 hours (brand standard). • Give up as many OTAs as possible. Convert all OTA guests to and CRS guests by handing out 15% off OTA cards at every check-in. Brand Engagement Leader Sarah Kessler,, will be traveling to all Red Roof properties to assist in the conversion. • Give up poor TA reviews - Train staff how to solicit for positive posts. Work with Kevin Scholl,, and the Social Media team,, on proper responses on those more difficult responses 3. Learn something new – 20 Hours of Continuing Education • A brand standard requirement. You choose the classes that interest you and also could benefit your team. Remember GSRs can also participate, but only GMs and Owners will get recorded credit. 4. Get healthy – Provide your guests with “Positive Emotional Experiences” • 24/7 Rule. • Courtesy Calls. • Hassle Free Guarantee. • Be the “GUY” – Anthony Melchiorri (Red Roof Brand Conference, October 2013). 16

Quality 5. Be smarter about money – Do you know how to use all Red Roof Inn reports to boost your revenue? • PACE reports. • RediPortal. • Redvenue. • RediSales Force. • RevCaster. 6. Spend more time with family – Spend more time with Employees (to allow yourself more time with your family) • Conduct regular training sessions with employees. • Hold daily 10 minute motivational staff meetings. • Hold weekly or bi-weekly meetings with staff to share latest CS, TA, NR, revenue goals and results. 7. Travel to new places – Attend Red Roof Inn Meetings • Attend district meetings. • Attend regional sales and revenue meetings. • Network and visit other inns in market, city, state. 8. Stress less – Have a PLAN (Set Goals) • Do you keep a flat list of prospective companies? • Do you focus more on your past (STR Report) or the future (PACE Report) to make decisions? • Do you participate in promotions to benefit your inn? • Are your employees involved in your plan? Are your employee engaged and focused to help achieve the goals of the Inn?

“See how you can incorporate personal resolutions to garner professional success through higher guest satisfaction and healthy financial results."

9. Volunteer – Share your STRENGTHS with others • Are you proficient in Rate Management, RediStay, InnCompass, Trip Advisor, or Sales/Marketing? Share your strengths, let your FOD/VPO know of your interest to share your talents. • Mentor a new franchisee or recruit prospective new owners to join the Brand (there’s a bonus for you!). 10. Change your drinking habits – Drink Better • The body is made up of 60% water – hydrate on water for not only younger looking skin but for overall good health. • Share the spirit of good health with your guests – Enroll your guests to become a RediCard Member so they can get a free bottle of water at check in. 



Managers Quality Training Submitted by Brenna Worl, Franchise Field Trainer

The most recent Manager’s Quality Training-Your Inn Through The Lens Of The Guest (MQT class) was held November 20-21 at the Downtown Columbus Red Roof Inn. Attendees were made up of twenty-two owners and managers from franchise Inns. The class focuses on quality and service to help attendees improve their NR. Classes include presentations on Guest Redi inspections, Market Metrix, Trip Advisor, Coaching, Guest Service and Problem Resolution. While the focus of the class is quality and service, other topics that enhance professional development are included, as well. Presenters for the class included Brenna Worl-Franchise Field Trainer, Michelle Emmons-Manager of Field Training, Jane Palumbo-VPO, Michelle Safley-FOD, Neil Scott- Area Manager/Franchise Operations Director, and Joy Socha-Management Trainer. Watch the Continuing Education calendar for information about the next MQT in 2014.


Managers In Training

Meet the latest MIT graduates Submitted by Brenna Worl, Franchise Field Trainer

Attendees of the recent Manager in Training (MIT) classes included Managers and Owners from corporate to franchisee transfers, new Inns to the Brand, and new managers. We welcome all of the MIT attendees to the Red Roof Inn team and wish them lots of success!

August 2013 MIT Class Left to Right (front row): Brian Bernard, GM #019 Canton; Kimberly Wensil, GM #152 Hickory Left to Right (middle row): Kimberly Tomlinson, GM #511 Brunswick, GA; Ericha Lennon, AGM #158 West Monroe; Divyesh Patel, Owner #120 Tallahassee Left to Right (back row): Michael Stephens, GM #207 Akron; Daniel Day, GM #653 Wilmington, NC; Adanna Forde, AGM #266 Long Island; Bryan Robinson, GM #027 Harrisburg–Hershey

September 2013 MIT class Left to Right: Victor Patel, Owner/GM #799 Williamsburg; Tina Jackson, GM #078 Chicago–Lansing; Denise Aldaz, GM #791 Los Banos; Stephanie Anaya, GM #792 Arcata; Darrick Stopczynski, GM #712 Muskegon Heights

October 2013 MIT class Left to right (front row): Shelle’ah Louis, AGM #238 Boston–Woburn; Michelle Jefferson, GM #107 BWI–Parkway; Ami Tricomo, GM #011 Grand Rapids; Binal Patel, Owner #811 Houston; Ahmed Dhanani, GM #179 Atlanta–Kennesaw; Ricky Allen, AGM #209 Baltimore–Timonium Left to right (back row): Justin Schnettler, GM #180 Utica; Yoel Cajiga, GM #150 Meadowlands; Nilesh Champaneri, Owner/GM #058 Toledo–Holland; Paresh Patel, Owner/GM #795 Dillon; Juan Avila, AGM #224 Laredo

The MIT class covers many aspects of hotel operations including RediStay, Safety and Security, Guest Relations, and Franchise Accounting. The next scheduled MIT classes for 2014 are: January 20-31 February 17-28 and March 17-28. For more information on the MIT class or to sign-up for a future class, please contact Brenna Worl, Franchise Field Trainer,  19

Here's to a Prosperous New Year for all of our Franchisees and Associates.

Happy Holidays from Your Franchising Team!

One Brand. One Focus.



For more information or questions contact your Franchise Operations Director. Š 2013 Red Roof Inns

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