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Yummy Traditional Mild Japanese Curry – Made in Brisbane

Hello reader! Are you for some Traditional Mild Japanese Curry or the Teriyaki Chicken both served with rice? Sounds fantastic? I know it is because this is my favorite food these days in Brisbane city. I love the food from this restaurant – Red Rock Noodle Bar. These are the Asian food restaurants which you can find on 10 Brisbane locations. They are located all over the city and I know that more stores coming soon. Great! Let’s talk about food. Food is simply wonderful. Not short on flavor which is one of the most important reasons why I like the Japanese Curry served in rice. It tastes excellent with perfect combo of freshest ingredients and vegetables. It is $10 only and that’s because it is a current promotion. You can always find some nice promotion there such as Corey Parker’s favorites, Winter Warmer Soup, Turning Japanese and much more. I am sure that I woke up your curiosity and now you want to see the menu and what’s cooking these days in Red Rock. So, go ahead and click here to go on Red Rock Noodle Bar website where you can also read all the nutrition information.

Yummy traditional mild japanese curry  
Yummy traditional mild japanese curry  

Red Rock Noodle Bar is an exciting concept where quick and fresh Asian style dishes are prepared in a very convenient and ultra-friendly cus...