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Catriona Millar and Endre Rรถder Exhibition

Catriona Millar was born in Milngavie, Glasgow in 1956. She studied at Grays School of Art, Aberdeen graduating in 2005. In a very short timescale Catriona Millar has established herself as one of Scotland’s most collectable artists. She produces bold, colourful art works. Often these are inspired by her own life experience combined with creative flair.The results are unique and highly recognisable figurative paintings which captivate and delight the many art collectors of her work. Catriona Millar paints in the rural isolation of the Scottish countryside. Surrounding her are portraits of relatives, teachers and neighbours - who are often the inspiration of her paintings. Catriona Millar does not use a paintbrush. She prefers to use a palette knife, which enables her to apply paint thickly, producing the textured effect that has become her trademark. Viewing Catriona Millar’s paintings it is tempting to reach out and touch the canvas and the tactile looking surface. This painting technique and the subtle nuances of narrative that she achieves using this method is what sets Catriona’s figurative work apart. The subject of Catriona Milllar’s paintings is almost exclusively people. Her fascination with faces and the sensuality of flesh dictate her muse, while her intensely layered application creates a story that unfolds with each stroke. It is perhaps this strong connection with her subject matter that art collectors have been drawn to providing Catriona with incredible and unexpected sucess. Talking about her sucess Catriona Millar says: “ Had I gone to art school in my 20s I might not have enjoyed the same success. I won a scholarship in the early 1970s in Harrogate but then moved back to Aberdeen so I didn’t complete it “. She continued to paint but, with two children to raise, family responsibilities took priority and art had to take a back seat. It wasn’t until the late 1990s when, dropping her now grown-up son off at Gray’s School of Art where he was a life model, that Catriona became intrigued by the art studio where first-year students were busily working away. That glimpse of budding young artists learning their craft spurred Catriona to apply, and by the time she was hanging her degree show in 2005 word had spread about her paintings - and even the lecturers were queuing up to buy her work. Today Catriona Millar is recognised as one of Scotland’s foremost figurative painters. She is listed in the 2012 edition of Who’s Who in Scotland. The Sunday Herald Newspaper has ranked her in the top five most collectable Scottish artists and her work is collected throughout Europe, the Far East and America. She has won the respect and acclaim of collectors, critics and leading galleries while her stunning works continue to enjoy a special place amongst the contemporary art buying public.

Cover Image - Cortez (detail) - Oil - 24 x 24 inches - £2250

Catriona Millar and Endre RÜder Exhibition 21 July – 5 August 2018

All work is for sale on receipt of this brochure Open every day from 10 am.

Red Rag Gallery 24 Brock Street Bath BA1 2LN t: 01225 332223 e:

Snowball Oil - 10 x 24 inches - ÂŁ1650


Cortez Oil - 24 x 24 inches - ÂŁ2250 5.

Sherlock Oil - 20 x 20 inches - ÂŁ1850


Gulliver Oil - 24 x 18 inches - ÂŁ1950 7.

Happy Too Oil - 24 x 24 inches - £2250 8.

Marmalade Oil - 12 x 12 inches - ÂŁ1250 Gabriel Oil - 16 x 12 inches - ÂŁ1500


Sophie’s Friend Oil - 24 x 24 inches - £2250 10.

Garden Belles Oil - 20 x 24 inches - ÂŁ1950


White Bird Oil - 8 x 11 inches - ÂŁ825

Darling Grace Oil - 16 x 12 inches - ÂŁ1500


Miranda Oil - 20 x 16 inches - ÂŁ1800

Babette Oil - 20 x 16 inches - ÂŁ1800


Endre Röder was born in Budapest in 1933. Spending much of his childhood in Malta he moved to the UK in 1949. After completing his secondary education at St John’s College in Portsmouth Endre completed his National Service in the army, serving in Egypt and Cyprus. In 1954 he trained as a cartographical draughtsman with the Ordnance Survey. Then in 1955 he studied architecture, before abandoning this to become an art student and qualifying in 1960. Endre taught art in secondary schools, polytechnics and colleges of further education before being appointed Education Services Curator with Sheffield City Art Galleries. He left this position in 1974 to lecture in art history at Bretton Hall (South Yorkshire) where he taught up to postgraduate level. Since 1988 he has worked as a highly successful full-time painter. Röder’s paintings are highly distinctive and readily recognisable. Various influences are evident in his work including his Hungarian origins and early life in Malta. Endre draws upon his wide knowledge and fundamental understanding of art, to create careful compositions with his trademark use of colour and sense of decoration. His paintings are always figurative. They are the result of skilful observation coupled with imagination of mostly of female figures set against wondrous interiors or landscape settings. Recurring themes in Endre’s paintings include a white horse or white doves.

Cover Image - Pretty Figurehead Model (detail) - Oil - 22 x 18 inches - £2100 14.

Spirenza Oil - 30 x 20 inches - ÂŁ2600 15.

Portrait Oil - 28 x 28 inches - ÂŁ3200 16.

Tattoo Revealed Oil - 30 x 20 inches - £2600

Balance Oil - 30 x 20 inches - £2600 17.

Two Flowers and an Apple Oil - 16 x 12 inches - £1800 Three Beauty Spots Oil - 19 x 16 inches - £1950


Friends Oil - 12 x 16 inches - ÂŁ1800

Ilona Oil - 30 x 20 inches - ÂŁ2600 19.

Looking Glass Oil - 18 x 24 inches - £2200

Sofonisba Oil - 30 x 20 inches - £2600 20.

Japanese Oil - 16 x 12 inches - ÂŁ1800

Fan and Garter Oil - 30 x 20 inches - ÂŁ2600 21.

Christina Oil - 24 x 18 inches - ÂŁ2200 22.

Ritual Dancers Oil - 20 x 30 inches - ÂŁ2600


Descending Moon Oil - 18 x 14 inches - ÂŁ1950 Platter Oil - 30 x 20 inches - ÂŁ2600 24.

Michele Oil - 30 x 20 inches - ÂŁ2600

Vase of Tall Flowers Oil - 30 x 20 inches - ÂŁ2600 25.

Katrine and Katie Oil - 28 x 30 inches - ÂŁ3450 26.

Natasha Oil - 14 x 10 inches - £1600

Still Life with painting Oil - 16 x 12 inches - £1800

Two Yellow Vases Oil - 16 x 16 inches - £1950


Painted Moon Oil - 18 x 24 inches - ÂŁ2200


We all Know Oil - 16 x 12 inches - ÂŁ1800 Pretty Figurehead Model Oil - 22 x 18 inches - ÂŁ2100


Figurehead Oil - 30 x 20 inches - ÂŁ2600 30.

Catriona Millar and Endre Roder Exhibition  

An exhibition of recent paintings from Catriona Millar and Endre Roder at Red Rag Gallery in Bath, UK.

Catriona Millar and Endre Roder Exhibition  

An exhibition of recent paintings from Catriona Millar and Endre Roder at Red Rag Gallery in Bath, UK.